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    6-10 Wed. Pipe to the rigs

    Slow for Mark and I but we managed 30 bass-mostly sandies to 4 1/2 lbs. Headed back before the wind started and hit the Farm-nothing. Solid 3 1/2 lb REDS , then the 150 for some dinner. Solid 3 1/2 lb REDS on the JP jigs. Had the kids over tonight for dinner- they ate it all !!!
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    Izors to Shoe Thur.

    Took the ducky out with old friend Dave, lots of boat traffic at Davies at 5;45. Ran out to Izors-we are alone for almost an hour. A lot of boats at Nachos getting bait when we passed by. 2 1/2 hours for 2 sand bass was a little slow so we made our way up the line for a bass here and there. A...
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    Goodbye LOLA

    My girl of almost 14 years ran out of gas-had to put her down. A wonderful chocolate lab always willing to please Mom and Dad . Time to look for another companion !!
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    The Shoe Bassin 8th

    Took the Rubber Ducky out with Mark and Jay for some fishing Sat. Pretty calm seas but lots of cold FOG . Cleared about 10ish, the sun felt good !! Fishing was pretty slow even though we could see lots of fish on the finder. Total 15 calicos , 15 sand bass and 10 rockfish, all fish released ...
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    PV and Shoe 26 Jan

    Fished with an old friend-Bos and good bud Mark . A little drizzle in Cerritos but none at the beach. No wind today and a nice 4 ft long period swell. Ran up to PV and the bite was pretty goog with many doubles, all on plastics. Most all calicos but small. Half were legal and a few nive sand...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the private boaters !!! Good fishing and be safe .
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    Diving inside LB harbor

    I have some friends that are diving inside the harbor for bugs, is it legal and are the bugs safe to eat ??? Thanks
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    Local Bassin to TUNA

    Launched at Davies at 5:45 with Big Dave and my son Scott. Plan was to go to Cat maybe or RP. Was greeted with dence fog so Cat was out with no radar. Slowly worked our way up the breakwall to Pedro exit and out to the shoe-vis got better to 300 ft. A very slow pic on the bass with water 64...
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    9-4 on the Prime Time-TUNA

    Got an invite on a charter from Taxfree and Richard that he won at the FHS. The prime Time is a great boat with Capt Jake running things.It was nice to just fish and let someone else do all the work !! Left at 5am and out to the 302 area with lots of bait for YFT .Took an hour before we found a...
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    9-4 on the Prime Time-TUNA

    Got an invite on a charter from Taxfree and Richard that he won at the FHS. The prime Time is a great boat with Capt Jake running things.It was nice to just fish and let someone else do all the work !! Left at 5am and out to the 302 area with lots of bait for YFT .Took an hour before we found a...
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    Fishing on the Rubber Ducky- Sat

    Ran up the line to RP with Cory . Water at the palms was 59-61 at Vicente. Bell bouy was 64.5, not the 70 degree water that Rich had on Tues. Rippin current-6 nice rockfish and then zip for several hours. Calicos in shallow water and a few sandies.Started blown at 10 to 12-14 kts, fast drift...
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    Saturday Rubber Ducky Bassin

    Went out with Big Dave and headed up the line to Rocky Point. had to change plans because the water temps went to 61.5 at Pt Fermin-no thanks. Out to the outer w.shoe where temps were 65.5-a slow oic on calicos for an 1 1/2 hours. Talked to Taxfree and the had worse catching than us. Decided to...
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    Bassin at the Pipe

    Went out Sat with Big Dave on the Ducky. The ride down was good at 25 mph. No wind or swell in the morning. Started at the reef for nothing and moved up to the pipe. Very slow again with no current running.Finally a trickle of current about 800am. Small calicos but we had a fair bite. Tried...
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    Bassin on the Shoe Sat.

    Took out the improved rubber ducky to the Shoe with friend Mark.Late start at 6;00am, tide change at about 7;30 Low. At 7;45 the bite went off the charts-for almost 3 hours it was a Calico every cast up to 4 1/2 lbs. Many orange mouths -spawning mode is here !!! What a fun day on the water...
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    Bassin on the Shoe 6-4

    I got a ride with Rich on the 21 ft Taxfree with richard , Mark and me. Nice weather all day with little wind. Fished the upper shoe for a slow pic but had a few flurries of good bassin !! Water was getting clear but a little green with the temps going to 62 in the PM. Got some nice calicos 2-4...
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    PV Coastline 11-27 Thursday

    Ran up the coast with Tunaslam and my youngest son Scott on the rubber ducky . Air 49 and very cool , water was 58-59 all day and slightly green. The weather was forecast for 4-5 mph all day with a 1 ft swell. Sooooo wrong !!!! Blown 10 in the harbor til we left LA LIGHT, then a washing...
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    Beautiful day, slow bassin !!

    Took Mark out today , started at the shoe for 8 bass and no signs of tails. Water was 64.2 and pretty clean. Ran up to Rocky Pt looking for yellows along with 4 other private boats but no love that we could see. Picked at the bass and tried some deeper water for rockfish but nobody home . Water...
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    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Its ben almost 3 weeks since we went fishing, lots of golf and lots of wind !! Launched at 6;15 and ran to Izors with friend Mark. First cast I get picked up and its taking lots of drag. Diawa 300 with 15 lb Izor xxx with 20 lb top shot of floro. Chased the fish for 15 minutes and finally...
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    PV Calicos 8-4

    Launched at 5;30 and ran up the line to the PV coastline with friend Mark. Some nice uphill current with the water a little cool at 65.5. Didnt matter as the bass were on the chew !! 95 % calicos 1-4 lbs , over half legals. Every cast til 9;30 was a calico, all on plastics. Ran off shore because...
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    7-14 Bassin up the line

    Took out Big Dave up to PV today. Stopped at a few spots on the way for 6 calicos. Turned the corner and water went to 71 with some uphill current. Got a few nice calicos to 5 lbs with most ly 2 lbs. No sign of yellows or cuda. Fished plastics and colt snipers for the larger fish. Pretty nice...
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    PV Coastline 6-21

    Took the rubber ducky up the coast with golfing bud Mark targeting bass and maybe a tail ? Water temps were steady all day at 64.5-65.1 .nice uo hill current but the fishing was very slow for us. Managed 20 calicos and 15 sandbass-all released. Largest fish was a nice 4 lb calico and I lost a...
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    Sat June 2nd-bassin

    Finally a nice day with some sun !! No swell today with water starting to clean up. Ran down to the pipe with Bos and Big Dave, with buzz a no show. 25 mph and were there pretty quick.. The bite was slow til 45 minutes after low tide, a nice flurry with bass up feeding on huge schools of bait...
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    Tuesday 4-10

    Ran out today with Cory-tunaslam on the Rubber Ducky. Launched from Davies at 5;30 and headed to Izors for a very slow pic. Not the quality we had last week so we ran down to the PIPE. Water temps increased 3 degrees to 61.5 and pretty clean. Still no current , so a slow pic at best. Most of...
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    Rocky Pt -Tues 3-20

    Launched at 5;30 from Davies with Mark onboard. Got a nice sunrise as we passed Pedro light and headed up the line. Some slop left over from Mon. but made 18 kts past Vicente.Found fish in various depths today 60 - 100 ft .Mark got 2 calicos over 4 lbs and I got a bunch between 3 and 3 1/2 lbs...
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    Wed 21 st Feb.

    Very rough day with a S swell at 4 ft-3 sec. and a W swell of 3-5 ft at 12 sec. A total washing machine effect Water dropped to 55 but still pretty clean . Cory and I only caught 9 bass so it was very slow fishing.Fished all over the shoe for not much love, came in at 12;30 -beating a dead horse...
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    2-1- 18 Thursday

    Took out the rubber Ducky after an oil and filter change . Ran up the coast with golfing bud Mark and old salt Tunaslam to fish bass. Clear and not too cold at 52 in the morning. Got to the palms area and drifted over some rocks-but no current. Pretty slow til some commotion a couple hundred...
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    1st Trip of the Year 2018

    Launched at 6;45 from Davies with friend Mark . A little foggy but not bad, ran up to Rocky Point to find some yellows !! Didnt buy squid so used swimbaits and Iron - trouble is that there were no bites on any boat we saw on yellows . Tried for 3 + hours for nothing. Enough of this bull, off...
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    Friday Bassin on the Ducky

    Late report-sorry but had a golf tournament Sat . Ran up the line with Mark in calm conditions. Fished at palms area fornot much so moved on to Rocky point area. Had some current and a steady pic on the calicos. We got 2 big ones over 5 lbs, 2 more over 4 , and 6 over 3lbs. Lots of 1-3 lbers...
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    !st Trip after the Pacemaker Thur12-7

    Its been 3 weeks since they installed a pacemaker to get a regular heart beat !!! what a difference , good to join the world again . Met up at my house with tunaslam and Mark and launched at Los Alamitos about 6;00am. Ran up to rocky point in glass conditions. Greated with little to no current...
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    Saturday before the rain

    Went out at 6;30 from Davies Sat for a short fix before the bad weather. Mark and I went out to Izors and fished for bass with plastics. Water was rough, 12-14 kts of wind at 7am.Strong uphill current . Could barely get to the bottom with 1 1/2 oz heads.Meter tons of bait and fish but not many...
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    Thursday Bassin on the Ducky

    Took Mark out with me to catch some calicos. Ran up to RP in flat calm conditions-30 mph all day. Slight uphill current produced a staedy pic on the bass and rockfish. Finished with 80 bass and 20 rockfish. Sand bass up to 6 1/2 lb and lots of calicos to 3 lb. The beer tasted good today !!!
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    Thursday Bassin on the Ducky

    Went out of Davies with golfin bud Mark . Ran up to Rocky Pt looking for some calicos and maybe a stray tail. Smooth as glass all day- ran 30 mph all day . Water was 66.3 in the morning and went up to 69.9 later !! Very clear water and a slight uphill current. The bite was steadywith lots of...
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    Local Bassin Sat 9-2

    Launched at Davies at 5am-not as bad as i Thought for weekend !!Big Dave and I went up the line to Rocky Pt area , passed Fermin at 64 , palms at 65 , golf course at 65 , Vicente at 65-COLD !!Rocky was 71 and the fish bit for awhile before tide change . Couple nice calicos over 5 lb with 10...
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    Yellow madness !!8-25 Friday

    Fished with big Dave today on the rubber ducky. Ran out to Nachos at 5:30 and got a very nice 1/2 scoop of cured dines. Went out to the outer rigs and drifted by and instant hookup-a small yellow of 5 lbs-released. second pass I get hammered and its a big one-couldnt stop him before it got to...
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    Long Ride for some Dorado

    Launched in Dana Point with Cory at 5;00am. Got a 1/2 scoop of very nice dines and headed out in the dark going 10 mph til light . Started about 15 miles out toward the 209 and headed South.. Ran the rubber ducky 87 miles zig zagging looking for patty,s. Only found 3 for the day with us both...
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    Bassin Monday 25th

    Got out with Big Dave and ran up to PV after we had a stellar day on Sat. Water had dropped 7 degrees to 64.9 and no current !!! Yikes Got a few here and there, then up to Rocky Pt. Water got up to 69 but still no current.Came back down the coast to the green bouy area. Trolled rapalas for 2...
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    Calico heaven !!! Sat.

    Ran up the line with friend Mark on the Ducky. No bait - just swimbaits . Started near White Point for lots of 1 lb calicos. Ran up to the golf course and it was wide open with fish to 5 + lbs. Lots of 3-5 lbers in full spawn colors-good fighters !!! The bite died about noon so came in early...
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    Bassin the Shoe to Izors Sunday 2nd.

    Started at the Shoe after a crap ride out with 10-12 kts of wind. Very fast drift , slow fishing with a few calicos and a sand bass. Decided to run to Izors , water was 67.6 and pretty clean. Started out at the deep end, near the Western Pride. They were chumming heavy and catching lots of just...
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    Sand Bass Today-Tuesday ???

    Went to Izors because of K-mans post-WFO !!! Lots of marks on the meter but they all had lockjaw !! Almost 2 hours for 1 sandy, 1 sculpin and 2 rockfish !!! Where did they go ! Didnt see anyone catch a fish !!! After being shut out we went down to the pipe . Still slow but managed to get 25...
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    Friday Wipeout !!!

    Went bass fishing with Mark today with a very chilli start -42 Air temp. Launched at 6an at Los Al with a few other boats. Ran down the line today to check conditions near Newport. First 4 casts were biters but only 12 in. SB. Moved to the reef area and it was wide open for 4 hours-water at...
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    Cold day of Bassin 1-26

    Since it was so cold, we decided to leave at bankers hours !! Mark came to my house in Cerritos at 8;00am and it was still 44 , Brrrrr. Launched at Davies st 8;45 and headed to Izors. Water was 56.7 and very dirty !!! First cast was a nice 2 lb sand bass and the bite kept goin !!!The fish were...
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    10-25 Tuesday Tuna

    Took the rubber ducky out with Taxfree in tow for one last shot at the YFT. 5-7 kts of wind in the early goin but still nice. Ran out to the 277 and all over that area.About 12 boats in the area, mostly looking at the porpoise schools. Only saw one time breaking fish for 30 seconds-no mas !! I...
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    Catalina Wed 24th

    Mark and I took the rubber ducky to Cat to try to get a few yellows. Local has not been too good since the water cooled off to 63. Got some nice dines from nachos , 4-7 in-most lived all day. Started at the West end lee side for some 4 lb bones -no yellows. Went around the corner to Eagle rock...
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    8-19 Friday 57 miles of cold water

    Went up the line today to look for a WSB. took some squid along just in case !! Got out of the harbor and it was 63 degrees-Yikes !!! When we reached Fermin it was 61.2 so I turned around and headed towards the Green Bouy.Tried some spots nearby but no goin !! Water was still 62.7 so went out...
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    Quest for Yellows Mon 8th

    Got some nice 5-6 in dines from Nacho and headed South with my son Scott.Slow trolled the Newpoet reef and the pipe for hours with only a few calicos to show for all the effort !! About 10 we ran back up the line to Horseshoe area-105 and drifted and slow trolled for nothing but barracuda ...
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    7-23 Sat Farnsworth

    Launched at Davies at 5:00 and got bait at Nachos-large sardines-half died by the time we got to Cat. Very foggy for 10 miles then clear-slow goin and watching all directions til the fog lifted-100 ft vis. The ride up to Farns was very bad , 6-8 ft swells at 4 sec. slow goin but finally got...
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    Rubber Ducky goes Long !! 18th Monday

    Started at 6 from Davies with friend Mark. Delay in getting bait-party boats first !!. Got a nice scoop of dines and headed to the 14 mile bank.Grease goin out with water temps goin up the further we went. 73 on the 14, crissed crossed 5 miles in every direction-no kelps !!Saw a Mola, porpoise...
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    Small Boat Trailer Tires

    I have 2 rims and tires for a trailer 12 in wheels--Both for $75
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    May 9th Monday Bassin

    Launched at 5;30 from Davies and ran up the line to PV area. Saw several gray whales with babies and a thresher crashing on bait . Got to our go to spot and found muddy brown water with acres of red crabs. Fished for 20 min without a bite so up to rocky pt area for more red crabs everywhere...
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    Sat 3-19 First Trip to Cat this Year

    Left Davies at 5:30 with Buzzy and Mark lookin for some big bass and maybe a tail . .Ran over at 21 mph without too much bump. Rounded the West end to see 10 boats there already, some fishing outside for rockfish and 5 inside looking for tails. Mark hooked up a flyline dine and Buzzy and I...
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    Thursday Bassin up the Coast

    Today we started late at 6am and ran up the coast. At fermin the thick fog moved in til we got up to the golf course. Got a few there and continued up to rocky pt. A strong SE wind at 15 kts was gona make a bad ride home.Caught lots of calicos with my best this year at 6 1/2 lbs. We worked our...
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    Sat. PV Bassin on the Ducky

    Launched at 5:30 from Davies with a 6-8 mph wind. Ran up the line til Big Dave and I reached our destination of PV. The wind was howling at 20 mph offshore , fishing wa very slow. I told Dave we would wait out slack tide and 1/2 hr later the bass went off. Slight up hill current but they were...
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    Sat 24th Rubber Ducky goes Long !!

    Decided to join the mad crowd and chase Wahoo Sat with a 16 year old fishing nut-Buzz. Ran out to Avalon Bank and started trolling. Orange marrader-2 pink Marlin lures and a wahoo bomb . Water was 73.4 and increased to 74.2 past the slide.Ran out 5 more miles and turned South towards the 277...
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    Wed on the Taxfree

    Since my boat , the Rubber Ducky is in the hospital-whole in pontoon- I rode with Rich and friend Richard. Ran up to Rocky Pt with some nice dines from Nacho. Looking for big yellows of the past 2 weeks but the water was UGLY GREEN and BROWN-no cvonditions ???A few bass and rockfish I told Rich...
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    4-25 Friday Inside OutsideI Inside

    Launched at 5;40 from Davies to try for local Tails. Got some nice dines from Nacho and headed to Izors. @ other boats there drifting but no fish. Drifted dines and threw plastics for bass waiting for the scream of the reel !! A few bonito and thats all, so ran to the 150 -lots of marks but they...
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    City of Long Beach 8-18

    Just learned from my tackle store that the main captain-Tyler has quit the boat on Monday-Probably heard the writing on the wall !!! That should solve a few problems .
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    7-29 Wed Local LA

    Took my son Brent out fishing today. First stop was Izors Reef for 1 rockfish and a smoking reel -came off after 50 yds of line ripping. Ran outside towards the 14 and found a nice patty. Tried for 1/2 hour but no bites. Came back inside to the shoe with 30 other boats around. The Cuda were...
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    Brought a Knife to a gun fight

    Ran down to Oceanside with 2 of my sons-Brent and Scott. Launched at 5:30 and got a bunch of hot dines at the bait barge. Took the Rubber Ducky up to the Domes about 10 miles out. Stopped to tie on some trolling gear and Brent throws out our lightest outfit-30 lb with a hot bait. Waiting for 5...
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    Dana Pt Thursday

    Had my son Brent and golfin bud Mark today on the rubber ducky. Launched at 5;30 and had 30 boats ahead of us to get bait !! WOW Doesnt anyone work anymore !!! Turns out the receiver was out of bait and it would be about 7 before the bait boat showed. Probabaly 2 hours more to get bait so we...
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    Fri. & Sat on the Ducky

    Ran up to Rocky Pt for lots of calicos until 9;30 when the bite died. Decided to run down to the 150 area to fish yellows.Saw a few fish and then they came up close by and Mark hooked up on 15 # and 4 in red flake swimbait. I had to chase it down as there wasnt much line left after the first...
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    Bassin up the line from Los Al.

    Ran up to Rocky Pt with golfing bud Mark to fish some bass !! Launched at 5;20 and ran at 20 mph all the way up the coast. A slow start but it turned on after 7;30am. I got 4 in a row all over 4 lbs with nice spawn colors on the calicos.The bite kept goin for over 3 hours with lots of reds...
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    Sat up the line3-14

    Ran up to Rocky Pt with Mark and Tunaslam at 6 am with some wind in the mix.Blew for 2 hours at 10-15 kts-very fast drift. Slow start but it got better as the morning continued. I get picked up on 30 3 with a 5 in red flake and its game on !! It took 100 yds of line without stoping and finally...
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    A Shot in the Dark !!! Sunday

    Launched at Davies at 5:30 and ran to Nachos for some nice dines and macks. Where should we go--150-Cat-Rocky Pt ?? How about a shot in the dark--14 mile bank looking for some tails.Only 24.5 miles with a 8-10 kts of wind. Tons of porpoise jumping everywhere, lots of birds, and lots of red crabs...
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    Calico bassin Wed 18th

    Ran up the line to Rocky Pt. with good friend Mark on the rubber ducky. The bite started as soon as we got there about 6:30. They were eating the small 4 in swimbaits every cast for 2 hours !! Most of the fish were 2-3 1/2 lbs and all released to fight another day. After high tide the bite died...
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    Sat 14th Bassin and Yellows again.

    Ran out to Izors for a few nice bass on our way to the 150 area. Got outside and found some marks but our yoyo iron didnt get bit. Cory and I tried for several hours to no avail !!! \ Decided to run up the line through the Shoe to PV. We got into a steady bite on calicos for several hours-all...
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    Calicos and Sandies Sat

    Bos called and wanted to go bass fishing-NOT tail chasing !! Left Ceritos at 5:15 and launched at Davies. Ran up the line to PV area, water was 61.8 and clean green . As soon as the sun came up it was game on for over 2 hours of a fish a cast. 2/3 calicos with most 2 lb range with a 4 lb calico...
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    Monday 150 area

    Big Dave went with me Monday to try for some Tails . Great bait from Nacho again , some wind in the am -10 kts. Dropper loop with a dine near the bottom and throwin plastics on a bass rod catching cods waiting for the tails to come by . Finally just before low tide Dave gets a good one , not...
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    Sat 150 on the Ducky

    Took Rich-Taxfree on the ducky today. A little cold at 41 this morning !! Ran out to Nachos for a 1/2 scoop of nice dines and off we went towards the 150 area. Crappy weather, 10-15 knots of wind.Tried lots of spots with a decent pic on the rockfish even though we were looking for tails !! Got...
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    Friday 12-19 awesome bass fishing

    Launched at 6:00 from Davies with bud Mark in tow. Ran up to PV area for some plastic fishing. Water was 63.6 and green-perfect bass water. First cast was a hookup and it continued for an 1 1/2 hours. All calicos in the 1 1/2 -3 lb range. 40 fish released and we just got started . Hit lots of...
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    Bass fishing11-28

    Ran up to PV with Mark today for some nice bass fishing. Havent been for several months because we been chasing yellows !! Up hill current , water was 63.8 , a little green !! Picked up 3 calicos on the first stone and no more bites, moved up the line. Dropped at whites pt. and get hammered...
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    11-15 Sat Ducky does the 150

    Took out Rich-Taxfree on the rubber ducky to the 150 area.We yoyoed deep for yellows for most of the morning for only a couple of bumps! Didnt see anyone hooked up on any boat . Decided to drop some plastics down and get some rockfish. We were rewarded with 10 reds to 4 lbs , 2 coopers at 2...
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    Ducky does the 150 11-9 Sunday

    Took big Dave today for some yellows-hoping they bite as good as Sat. Made some macks and great dines again also. Fog was not too bad-500 ft vis. Ran to the 150 area with 75 other hopefuls !! Nothing for anyone we saw til I get hooked up at 10;00am-takin lots of drag, nice fish 21 lbs. The...
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    Ducky hits the shoe !!11-6

    Launched at first light from Davies. Got to Nachos and tried to drop my Sabaki rig for some macks. NO bueno-doesnt work-bought some dines -very nice bait. Headed out towards the E shoe area. We were out there Tuesday but didnt git any tail-lots of Bones . Found some good marks so drifted for an...
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    10-20 Monday Horseshoe Yellows

    Went out to the shoe area at 6am with bud Mark loaded with some great sardines from Nacho. Pretty slow til after high tide at 8:10am. Got a nice one off a kelp in 155 ft of water-16 lbs.The sporties were running all over trying to find the fish, PV,green bouy, and outside in deep water ?? About...
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    Oceanside Dodos on the Ducky

    Didnt launch til 6:45 and got some very good bait-but pricy at the receiver. Planned to go South but the wind was blown 12-15 NW so slowly made our way N towards the 209 267 area. Hard to see pattys but found a few -nobody home. Finally a big one and its game on-2 yellows -5 lbs kept one for...
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    Horseshoe Wed 8th

    Started at 6 am out there for nothing30-40 boats out today looking in a3 mile area for fish. Saw one sporty get 4 about 9 and not much else. We got 7-8 bonito about 4-5 lbs all released. We slow trolled 40 lb and didnt get any bites. About 10;45 I put a hook on my bass rod with 20lb leader. A...
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    Rubber Ducky hits Dana 9-1

    Launched at 5am and got the best dines all year , 5-7 in hot baits. Suprise- as Cory and I cleared the breahwater it was blowing 15-18 out of the South. What a lousy ride for 2 1/2 hours out by the 209 and further West to the 181. Lots of boats running but didnt see anyone stopped on fish. We...
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    Rubbr Ducky hits Oceanside-Monday

    Got there at 4:30 and launched for $8 . Waited til 5;00 for the bait barge to open, got a scoop of mixed dines chovies, and macks!! Ran out slow til it got light towards the 209 with friends Mark and Bret. Water was 72 near the 209 so kept going-didnt see any kelps or life. Ran out past the 181...
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    Slow on the Ducky-209 area Friday

    Got to Dana Pt at 4;30 and it was crazy busy. Took my son Brent out today for a long ride. Long line for bait and they had NO SARDINES, only small chovies. Passed on bait and ran out and a little S. Found lots of Porpoise and trolled with them for 1/2 an hour for nada !! Colldnt find any paddys...
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    Rubber Ducky finds the right kind !!

    Left at 5;00 from Davies for a long ride to the 14 mile bank . $-6 other boats out there with the same luck , NO fish. Kept going out to the 277 area -much lower water temps-69,5 and no life . The wind started building so we headed foe the East end and back to the beach. Temps going up tp 74.5...
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    Local Bass and a 100 lber !!!

    Took out Rich-Taxfree on the rubber ducky on Monday. Started for Catalina to find some tail .At 10 miles the wind and big swell said try again some other day, so we started at some deep stones on the shoe. The calicos wanted to play with our plastics with many biters up to 5 lb. moved...
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    Catalina Monday 21st

    Ran out to Catalina with Mark on the rubber ducky looking for a WSB. Got over to the West end about 6;45 and started at West cove drifting frozen squid. Threw plastics while we waited for a hookup on squid. Got lots of calicos to 3 1/2 lbs but no squid bites-used white banana head with squid-no...
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    Best Bass Day this Year

    Left Cerritos early to get the gray bite out at Izors with Mark. Launched the rubber ducky and got out of the harbor to see a great sunrise. Our first drop was instant hookup and lasted til 7:15, then nothing. Caught 25 fish , all 3-5 lb fat sandies . All fish were caught on plastics and were...
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    Cortez Bank 1 1/2 day

    Charter on the Toronado on Sunday was filled with lots of large bonito and many rock fish. Water was only 63-64 and green , NO tuna or tails around. The weather was flat, flat, flat !!
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    9-30 Monday 371 to the Hidden Bank

    Got a scoop of the best bait in years and headed South in the fog Monday morning at 4 am. started aroud the 371 for a few kelps with only 2 small yellows . As we got near the Hidden Bank we found very large paddys with a few holding fish. One was loaded with dodos all 4-7 lbs. Lots of fun on 15...
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    Seattle and Vancouver area

    Anyone hook 2 of us up for a 1/2 or 3/4 day trip June 26-July 2 ??
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    A Tanker for the first of the year !!!

    Left Huntington Harbor at first light with the Bos and BIG Dave-305 . Ran out to Izors and found a couple other boats there. Water was 62.3-nice WSB temps !! Ha Ha !! Dave got a sandy on the iron , a nice 3 lber. Rippin current in and up with 3-4 wind. Took at least a 1 oz head to get to the...
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    Bassin 2-12

    Went out Tuesday to Izors and did v ery well with friend Mark. Most fish were 2-3 lbs , all plastics and released to fight again Also had 2 mystery hookups with probably BSB-smokin drags and frayied line after a short fight . Highlight of the day was right after high tide at 10;15am I hook a big...
  89. T

    Oceanside 95 Stabbing Death ?

    I was out fishing bass Sunday with Ron and was monitoring Ch 16 . Heard the Coast Guard talking to the Capt of the Oceanside 95 about a stabbing death , passenger laying on the deck at 5 am bleeding out with stab wounds ?? Didnt hear any thing else later on but someone had a bad day !!
  90. T

    Tuna on the Salt Fever 13-15th

    Got the invite from Capt Ron for a fun 1st trip of the year. I got to bring 4 of my golfin buds and my youngest son Scott. Baited up with some suspect sardines , 1/2 rolled before we got there. Ran down the coast to 150 miles and found a paddy with several hundred yellowtal but they were only...
  91. T

    Tuesday 7-3

    Went out to the Nados with big Dave in sloppy conditions !!The bait was crap from EV-1/2 rolled before we got there. Slow trolled for 2 hrs without a bite using 30# flouro.Switched to 20# and instant hookup but couldnt stop the fish-Tooooo Big !! after 4 trys I got One on 25 flouro to gaff...
  92. T

    6-14 Thur WFO Bass

    Fished on the rubber ducky with a golfing bud today and the bass were on the chew. All caught on plastics and released to fight another day. Largest was a 4 1/2 lb calico and a 4 lb sandy-most fish were 2 lbs. Lots of fun at the flats -WFO for 3 hrs plus 5 barries on the tady 45 SE in 15...
  93. T

    Declaration DFG

    If we are coming back to Shelter Island from the Coranados with a Mex limit of yellowtail do we need to fill out a DFG declaration form-import to Calif ???
  94. T

    Wed 3-30 More Bassin

    Went solo today for a pretty good bite at the sandies. Started at Izors and fished South towards HB. Water was 58-59.6 with some FOG . Landed 27 bass up to 6 LB, and a short halibut. Just another great day on the rubber Ducky !!
  95. T

    Pres Day

    Leave Friday night , back Monday morning on the Senortuna trip on the Pac Star. Only $275 incl food. E-mail me for the spot.
  96. T

    10-10 Lower Hidden

    Took the rubber ducky down to find some tuna or tails but didnt find anything . Many very large paddys but no meter marks or life except molas !! Tunaslam rode along today, fog just past the islands on the way down. Traveled 139.6 miles. Slow trolled dines around the islands on the way back, 67...
  97. T

    Nados, 302,425,rockpile, SKR

    The bait today at EB was the worst we ever had, 1/2 was red to start and the rest was red by the time we got to the islands. Loaded with a bunch of anchovies too !! Good luck on Sat ???? We still managed 3 tails 15, 17, 20 on the rubber ducky !! Lots of seals !! Nothing offshore. Friday 8-14
  98. T

    Riches to Rags

    Went out Friday with Rich -aka-taxfree on the rubber ducky. Ran out to the shoe on some deep spots for very nice calicos. They only bit for 20 minutes then we had to wait til almost tide change. We moved to Izors by then and they went wide for 1 hour. Finished with 60 bass, 30 calicos-30...
  99. T

    Fred Hall Dock Party ??

    Is there going to be a dock party this year and what boat ?? Always lots of fun , dont stop this tradition now !!!
  100. T

    371 area

    We will be out there Sat am., like to share info on 69 Tailman, Thanks
  101. T

    9-26 Wed. 371 Area

    Started at the 425 with 65 water so moved West to the 371 where it was 68.8 most of the day. Water got cooler as we went West towards the 390!! Troll fish-8-10 lb yft came unbuttoned at the boat. One patty Dodo , about 15-20 lb came unbuttoned at the boat. Lots of jumpin marlin all over the...
  102. T

    9-12 Dana Pt.

    Wind, Wind, and More Wind. Water rolled to 58 all the way to Barn Kelp. Not much biting !! Save your gas !!:imdumb:
  103. T

    Nados Monday 8-6

    Taxfree Rich and I went on the Rubber Ducky to the Nados and S.Kelp for 9 yellows, slow trolling dines on 20# test. All small 11-14 lb except the last one at Pucky Pt was 22#.Windy after 1:00pm. Water was 71.6
  104. T

    7-6 Catalina

    Fished with my son today at Cat around Long Point area for 10 bonito and 3 calicos, just not the same as yesterdays albacore bite-but still fun !!:imdumb:
  105. T

    7-5 albies 371

    Limits by noon of 20-24 lb chickens !! Water was 66.2 and beautiful !! Go Now if you want some-even the 302 kicked out some fish !!
  106. T

    7-2 Albacore Galore !!

    Went out with Serinity Now on his 30 ft rampage-nice ride !! We also had Taxfree-Rich and John,s friend Gary. Ran to the 390 and started there in typical nasty albie weather at 5:00am but about 8 am it layed down and was awesome out there !! About every 45 minutes we would get hit-small...
  107. T

    Oceanside 8-10 Dodos

    Went out from Oceanside with Big Dave today. Launched at 5:30 and got some weak bait and headed between the 181 and 182. Didn’t see a patty for 2 ½ hours !! Finally slide in with 6 other boats, not what I wanted but no lettece !! Saw 3 other boats hook-up , finally after 20 minutes we both go...
  108. T

    Oceanside 8-8 Dodos & Tails

    Went fishin out of Oceanside Tuesday with My old bud Hd. Picked him up at San Clemente and launched at 5:30 , got bait and out toward the 209 with 67 degree water and a 3-4 ft swell at 8 sec. Put some jigs out about 15 miles when the water went to 72.5 and warmed the further we went . Kept...
  109. T

    Catalina Sat 11-5

    Launched at 3:00 am with Taxfree-Rich and headed to Cat for some tail. No squid at the island so we ironed it for 2 hours at Satla Verde. Didnt see anyone land a yellow, just mud marlins !! Got a call from a pb they were leaving so they gave us some squid. Moved up to Johnson Rock area and...
  110. T

    Coronados 8-9 Tues.

    Big Dave and I hit the islands for 4 yellows 7-12 lbs slow trollin dines. Lots of breakin fish that wont hit iron or dines. Water was 69.5 and clear. The dogs got 5 of our fish so it could have been a better day had we landed all our hookups !! Using 15-20# line worked best for us today !
  111. T

    Sunday 10-3

    Worked down towards the 425 in 68.4 water for 3 Dodos, 2 yellows and 1 bonito. Kept 2 dodos 12 and 14 lb, didnt hear or see anyone hooked up all day !! No sun til we came in-about 100 miles today. Hope they are not gone yet ??
  112. T

    Rockpile Sat. 9-25

    Got down there about 6:30am and started slow trolling dines for a slow pic.Got 5 fish from 8-15 lb and then fished the bottom for 4 nice lings.Also hooked 4 bonies about 5 lbs. Moved up to S. island for zilch, then the middle grounds about 1:00.Got some tails boiling but they wouldnt bite ...
  113. T

    8-24 Tues-Rockpile

    Tried the islands early for nothing so got down to the pile about 8:30. They didnt start biting for another hour . Water was 68.9. Fish were smaller this week 8-14 lb. We got more than most, probably because we used 15 lb line.Caught 12 with 1/2 released. Also got some nice 3 lb Calicos, a 6#...