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  1. winnawinna17

    Spinning setup with rubber band torpedo?

    Does anyone have any advice for using a spinning rod setup with these torpedo weight sinkers rubber band attatched? Mainly wondering if you should fish it with the bail open? Or drop down to an estimated fathom and close the bail? I see most reports of guys with 2 speeds and wonder if anyone...
  2. winnawinna17

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    This is rant about the crimeshare boat club. Huntington Beach chapter. They have horrible customer service. I was just inquiring about the fees and i get a random text. Hey check out these pics of our fleet... nothing sent only a text... ok. Hey i cant see your pics and a few questions...
  3. winnawinna17

    Chark Bait store SD closing sale

    Hi BD I went last week and will be out of town for the goods, so I thought I would pass along the deals to the people who started this thing... Chark Bait store in San Diego, California is closing. I think they are selling all of their wall mounts... But mainly, the whole store is ON SALE...
  4. winnawinna17

    New Hustler 6/30

    Reporting on an overnight trip from Hooks Landing 6/30. Departed 6/29 10pm full boat, but enough room that i did not get one bad tangle all day. (not to say that others did not). Plenty of room on the Bow to chuck jigs on this boat while most fish live bait at the stern. Bunks are free with...
  5. winnawinna17

    For Sale 1998 Nissan Sentra SE Auto Transmission

    Hello BD I am posting my car here first before I bring it to Craigslist. May 18, 2019. For sale I have a 1998 4 Door White Sentra SE 2.0L engine Automatic transmission. It has some minor dents and scratches but she is running fine. This model has a larger engine than any other model Nissan...
  6. winnawinna17

    SOLD Blue Fin Tuna Mount 38 inch long

    HI BD I am just gauging interest in this gorgeous Blue fin tuna mount / trophy. My cousin gave me this after he had to clear misc stuff out of his parents garage. please see image of mounted on wall. The hole trophy / mount is about 38 inch x 15 inches. asking obo Thanks SOLD Thanks BD
  7. winnawinna17

    For Sale Classic Daiwa J16 reels

    Hello I was recently passed on these 2 beautiful classic Daiwa Jupiter 16 reels (J16). Good beginners reel and fun reels to use. 40$ for both obo. Thanks
  8. winnawinna17

    SOLD BG 8000 power knob

    Hi Does anybody have a Daiwa BG8000 power knob/handle for sale. Thanks
  9. winnawinna17

    WTB Saltwater offshore MH-H spinning rod

    Hey BD I am in need of a offshore spinning rod. I just got a shimano stella and now i need to pair it with a great rod. I was thinking terez? Around 60-100 lb? MH or H? But im no expert, so im open to suggestions too. I am gonna use it with poppers and flat fall 250g to try n catch those BFT.
  10. winnawinna17

    WTB Stella or Twin power

    Hi BD I am fairly new to this forum. I am looking for a Larger spinning reel to go tuna fishing and tuna popping. Going out next weekend on a 1.5 day in SD and I need a backup or primary setup to catch them tuna. I prefer spinning reels so I am looking for stella 14k or twin power 14k. I...