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  1. molokaipake

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    All the way from Texas to Molokai. Boat is made by a woman boat builder from start to finish. Engine was mounted at Bayside marine in Kaneohe and front and rear platforms were custom made at Island Metalworks. Boat can run in very skinny water and is the perfect flats fishing machine for...
  2. molokaipake

    The last supper!

    On the way back in from a flyfishing charter today, saw something floating and veered over to see what it was, as it looked weirdly like a huge fish. When I got close enough to see what it was, turned out to be a huge 60-70 pound Ulua floating dead with about a five pound O'io stuck in it's...
  3. molokaipake

    Fly rods for sale

    I have assorted fly rods for sale, most of them are eight weight and all are near new. I have Ross, 5 ocean 7 Seas, Albright, TFO and Echo, call me and I can tell you the exact models etc. 808-336-1870, mahalo
  4. molokaipake

    Fast and furious

    Received an impromptu call from a friend that he wanted me to come along with him on his 15 foot whaler to blast out to the closest fad to see if we could entice some Mahimahi into his fishbag, especially since the water and weather was so extraordinarily calm. I consented and within a half...
  5. molokaipake

    Caught dinner

    Yay finally got my fishing fix! So wanted fresh fish to eat Left at 4am, first fish on at 5:25. Fished for a coupla hours, caught 25 pieces of 6-8 lb shibi and was back in the harbor at 9:04 am. Blackened Ahi, sashimi, poke, and fried ahi all on the tabke at the same time! Yummy dinner
  6. molokaipake

    You never know!

    Had a flyfishing charter a few days ago and my client asked if we could catch ahi or mahi. I'm thinking, right, you gotta go way out to catch that kind of fish, but I thought, one never knows, so brought along my little 30 Tiagra's and instead of jamming down to flyfish, set out my three rods...
  7. molokaipake

    Molokai Wharf being closed down Saturday!

    This is not a fishing report exactly but tjought my fellow BDers would be interested to see how the state and feds are responding to a situation. The ENTIRE wharf is being closed down even the road to the wharf so a minincruise ship with 35 people aboard can dock. I have a commercial ramp...
  8. molokaipake

    Two Blue Day

    Whew, what an awesome fun filled day at sea! Took advantage of the respite in the wind, and went out with a friend, Ikaika Juario, to see what we could find. Actually we had Mahi on the brain, but as it turned out, that was a flop of an idea. We were checking out some lures and I told him to...
  9. molokaipake

    Fun day at the office!

    Had a chance to do a solo "dawn patrol" with my 15 foot flyfishing boat. Left at dawn to see what I could catch as I had the "drools" for some fresh fish. A friend had gone out the day prior with "nada" results, so the odds were against me, but all you fishermen know how it is, gotta try your...
  10. molokaipake

    Epic Molokai Marlin Day

    Whew, it's been ages since making a post but not many trolling trips as of late. Had a charter couple from South Carolina today that really wanted to catch a Marlin of any size. Awesome nice water today, especially for Molokai standards, which is usually rough, majority of the time. Long story...
  11. molokaipake

    2 Penn 80 VSW 2 speed reels for sale

    I have two Penn 80VSW reels for sale. Can send you pix if desired. Asking $1200 for them. Paypal can be arranged to make it easy for the transaction. Call 808-3361870, serious buyers only please.
  12. molokaipake

    Help! Lost my pushpole, fell off my boat

    Aloha BDers. Just in case anyone finds an eight foot black fiberglass Moonlighter pushpole floating somewhere off south of Molokai, would appreciate it being returned to me. I can be reached at 808-3361870. It fell off my boat on the way back to Kaunakakai a few days ago, mahalo, Capt Clay...
  13. molokaipake

    Another Boner Day!

    Although it was a very overcast day, we found a few cooperative fish that wanted to come and play with us. All released for another day of life, gosh, I love my job!
  14. molokaipake

    Blast from the past!

    Aloha everyone, just thought I'd share an older segment of fishing aboard the Hallelujah Hou with a few friends. We were out trying to catch fish for my grandson's first birthday luau. The girl (Tammy) in the pix was her first time out fishing, so she had a lot of firsts that morning. Matt...
  15. molokaipake

    Flyfishing for Bones

    Since trolling has been really slow, decided to go to work on my charters. Had a client that said it was okay to fish with him, (don't usually fish when I have clients) so I brought out my new Hatch flyreel, which has been sitting on the shelf since July when I bought it. Got on some nice fish...
  16. molokaipake

    Mahi action with the brother in laws

    Had an opportunity to take out my two brother in laws, Ron and Troy out for a quick trip on Monday. One just moved to Molokai and the other is visiting for a few days. Started to catch a few fish when my wife calls to say we gotta get back in by 2 pm so the BIL that just moved can get some...
  17. molokaipake

    Finally got some fish!

    Whew, been a long winter with nothing fantastic to report or share with my fellow BD'ers. Had a couple of decent catches back to back on two consecutive trips out, so thought it was worth sharing, as they were the best in a looong time. Lat week Wednesday, had a great Mahi day in spite of...
  18. molokaipake

    little boy, big fish

    Okay, gotta share this cool "little" story. My five year old grandson that lives with me seems to have the fishing bug lately, which is a good thing as I've been watching all my grandkids to see which one has a natural bent for fishing. Anyway, Thursday morning he gets up and tells me, "Papa...
  19. molokaipake

    Bottom fishing reels for sale

    Henry Ching Reel with blood line for sale, $250. Call 808-3361870.
  20. molokaipake

    Fun morning chasing Bones

    Took an old timer out flyfishing yesterday. This guy has been flyfishing everywhere. Had a slow start as he had a few glitches and a lot of refusals, as the fish didn't like any of his fly offerings. As soon as he decided to try one of mine, the odds turned in his favor, as every fish he threw...
  21. molokaipake


    Had a great morning with my client Pete. He's an old timer as far as fishing goes, as he has fished literally everywhere. He had a slow start with a lot of glitches and fish refusing his offerings for the first several hours. Then he decided to try one of my flies, smart move, as then every fish...
  22. molokaipake

    Exceptional morning

  23. molokaipake

    Nice water, hungry fish

    Finally, the wind slowed down, at least for a few days. A friend asked me yesterday if I ever go out for tunas. I told him yes I did but hadn't in a long time as I was busy with all my charters. My big boat is on standby as I've sold the engines on it and waiting for the new ones to be shipped...
  24. molokaipake

    Bonefish setup for sale

    I have an Orvis Battenkill mid arbor IV reel in silver color mounted on a two piece nine foot Clearwater II rod. The rod and reel are eight weight and almost a year old. There is also floating Orvis flyline and backing on the reel. I want $250 for the entire setup whch is in excellent shape. I...
  25. molokaipake

    Boner morning!

    What an awesome morning of flyfishing. Well, actually not even a morning as it was really only about an hour duration. I went scouting for a new area, and saw some tailing Bones upon entering the area, so got as close as I could and dropped anchor so I could wade on the fish that I could see...
  26. molokaipake

    Boner Day

    Took a senior citizen out flyfishing today, he's 75, which proves age is not a factor if the heart is willing. Covered lots of water and flats with no love, then the wind picked up strong, like 25+. Not fun, but persevered and kept looking all the while praying for the wind to subside. Finally a...
  27. molokaipake

    Boner Day

    What a day! Bones were everywhere we fished. Started off hooking a fish for a client early as he couldn't quite get his fly in front of the fish or they didn't like what he was offering them, whatever the case, handed him my rod so he could feel the awesome, sheer strength of the first fierce...
  28. molokaipake

    Got wind?

    Anyone know where the switch is to trun off the wind? Whew, its been a blowing like crazy. Gusts today to over 40+. Guess for once the weather guys are right. Still got out to fish even with the wind, and believe it or not, went flyfishing for two days in a row. Talk about make the most of...
  29. molokaipake

    Flyfishing Molokai

    Whew, the wind has been cranking the past week. Gusts to over 25-30 mph. Makes for some harsh conditions trying to get a fly on fish. In spite of it all, however, there were a few lulls in the wind and there were some nice fish to cooperate with us. Target is always Bonefish, but Trevally are a...
  30. molokaipake


    Made a late afternoon, solo run down the ledge at 2:45 pm yesterday, water looked nice and air felt warm. Was praying, "Lord, I just want one Mahi", didn't want to be greedy, ya know. Went down about eight miles down the ledge and bingo, a nice mahi strike on my little 30 Tiagra. Nice aerials...
  31. molokaipake

    Not a good day for this fish

    I had a client today that wanted to fish for Bones. It was a picture perfect day with almost no wind. Saw a bunch of fish everywhere too. After missing on a lot of opportunities, it finally happened, right when the sandwiches came out. A fish was bearing down on the boat at forty feet away. My...
  32. molokaipake

    Not a good day for this poor fish!

    Took a doctor out flyfishing today along with his wife. It was a picture perfect day with almost no wind, perfect for flyfishing the flats. Tide was perfect, saw a lot of fish too. Then it happened, right when the sandwiches came out, a fish closing fast on the boat. My client put the fly...
  33. molokaipake

    Molokai Boner

    Wow, thought yesterday was an awesome day of flyfishing and then today dawns as another beautiful, picture perfect day. There were a few times we got clouded over, but it was all good. This time we got several nice Bones, both at eight to nine pounds each. Reel screamers, jeesh, you shoulda been...
  34. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Had an awesome flyfishing day with clear skies and clean water. The big plus was the fish were cooperative to boot. Saw lots of nice Bones and also caught some too. All in all just a blessed day on the water doing what I love to do. My client was stoked to say the least. Gosh, I love my job...
  35. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Had an awesome day flyfishing with a client today, weather was fantastic, not a single cloud in the sky to spoil the view. The fish were cooperative, plentiful and saw some huge Bones. All in all just a blessed day on the water, I love my job.
  36. molokaipake

    Caught some Ulua today!

    Had some repeat customers today from Canada. One was celebrating his 50th B-day fishing with me on the Hallelujah Hou. Haven't done a lot of whipping for a long time now, but was fortunate to get a birthday fish for the birthday boy. Also broke off another fish on a double hook up and the...
  37. molokaipake


    What a beautiful day to celebrate a great man, mahalo Dr King for your sacrifices for humanity. Had a charter with some brothers and their wives from cold Minnesota. Right at the get-go, first drop to the bottom, bam, a solid screamer. After a ten minute battle, a fat 14 lb Uku makes its way...
  38. molokaipake

    Ta'ape Eradication

    What a great day, first tradewind weather in a long time. Took a bottomfishing charter out this morning to a spot that I haven't fished in a long time to see if anyone was home. It turned out that the fish were home and cooperative. Only thing frustrating was the wind and lack of current, as...
  39. molokaipake

    Caught fish!

    I took a young man that asked me for help in learning how to fish out this past weekend and finally did some trolling after a long hiatus. All the past three months have been spent working the bottomfishing and flyfishing on my charters We went to a buoy where there were fish being caught...
  40. molokaipake

    Gray Triggerfish?

    Wow, this is almost a first for me. I caught a bigger one last year but released it. How many of you have seen or caught a triggerfish like this in Hawaii before. This one was caught bottomfishng and went eight pounds, second biggest trigger I've ever caught, gnarly teeth too. Maybe it can...
  41. molokaipake

    Bonefish on a fly

    Been getting slammed with flyfishing charters lately, not that I'm complaining either, just being thankful. It's been one of those "fish every day" weeks for me. Just makes me tired as it's really labor intensive poling a boat around for 5-6 hours. Gee, makes me feel my age. My client caught a...
  42. molokaipake

    Bonefish on a fly

    Had a charter today and my client caught a nice eight pound Bonefish. His first saltwater fish and also first Bonefish. His dad also caught a Blue Finned Trevally.
  43. molokaipake

    Mahimahi Madness!

    Hi BD'ers, just a FYI, got a suggestion for a Christmas present to yourself. Just produced this dvd on catching Mahimahi. You can view it at: It can be purchased at: or at: Hope you like it...
  44. molokaipake

    Caught some fish today!

    Aloha, whew the wind finally broke today and was able to enjoy a nice late morning outing with a few friends. I trolled down to an area that I haven't fished in a while with no bites. Saw some fish, made a drop, caught some fish, went back and anchored and voila, caught some nice fish until a...
  45. molokaipake

    Mahimahi Madness!

    Okay all my friendly BDer's. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before you know it, Christmas is soon to be upon us too. Now I'm not trying to sound like someone begging for mercy here, but, I think I may have a good gift suggestion for that person/relative, freezing away in the mainand...
  46. molokaipake

    Akule for dinner tonight!

    Okay it's a new moon, no, not the movie, I don't watch eerie stuff like that, creeps me out. As everyone knows the makani has been singing its song for several weeks now with over 20 knots daily. I noticed the past few days it seemed to die down later in the evening, so off I went, to give the...
  47. molokaipake

    Fishing in the wind on Molokai

    Whew, just got back from one of the blusteriest days of fishing ever. Wind gusts of over 30 mph. It wasn't a real factor however, simply because of the kind of fishing that we were doing (bottomfishing) and the vessel (Hallelujah Hou) we were fishing on as a platform. Had a visit from...
  48. molokaipake

    Fat Island Jack

    Okay, just so we can all appreciate nice, flat water, at least before the storm hits. Took a guy out from the East Coast (Maryland) for a bottomfishing adventure yesterday. He caught the mother lode of Moano, like three at a time and of course the usual gamut of Hagi, three different kinds...
  49. molokaipake

    hand line spools

    Anyone know where to buy those heavy plastic hand line spools? They came in different diameters, Never seen them sold here in Hawaii, but I know they are out there somewhere, anyone got a link or idea who has them? Mahalo in advance...
  50. molokaipake

    Fishing by the light of the moon

    Okay, the offshore fishing is dead, unless you are extremely lucky. The moon is full so I can't do the Akule thing. What's a guy to do, but make use of what there is. So that's what I did last night, went fishing by the light of the moon. I haven't been out fishng for Menpachi for years, so I...
  51. molokaipake

    Fun fishing day with lots of hungry fish

    Had a trip out with some repeat customers this morning. Took them to one of my Ta'ape spots and loaded up on them. Almost filled up my 95 quart cooler. Also have a friend that has a family function and needed fish, so it was perfect to share the catch with him too. At least whatever my clients...
  52. molokaipake

    Why waste fuel, go catch Akule tonight!!

    Went out last night with my son in law who is out of a job at present. I made a deal where we take out operating expenses, bait, ice, fuel from what we make fishing, and then half the rest. Just thought it may be a way to not only teach him how to fish but also help in his self esteem etc...
  53. molokaipake

    Epic fishing day, Big fish, small boat

    Okay, since everyone has been getting blanked out lately, gotta share this epic fishing day with the BD'ers. I took my little 15 foot Osprey out with my son in law, drove to the East side of the island and launched off the beach and was soon heading out to a fad 15 miles offshore with another...
  54. molokaipake

    Mahi's everywhere

    Went solo this morning as a friend cancelled out late yesterday and because its a weekday, not everyone can go out with me. It was an awesome day, nice water everywhere. I found my dream, small log like five feet long but, WOW, as I came up to it, I was surrounded by mahi from all directions...
  55. molokaipake

    Molokai Ono

    Went out to try to find some fish for a friend and ohana that just lost their mom, funerals are always tough as all the family comes together and it amounts to lots of food, you guys know how it is in Hawaii, so much love. Well, the fish weren't tatally cooperative as I really wanted a Marlin so...
  56. molokaipake

    Molokai Flyfishing

    Sorry guys, I know its like the wrong place to put this as it isn't a deepsea fishing thing, but I just wanted to share it with all my BD friends that really appreciate just being out fishing, no matter what is being caught, enjoy. YouTube - Fly Fishing - Hawaii Fishing Action
  57. molokaipake

    Molokai flyfishing

    Just wanted to share this clip shot a few weeks ago, enjoy. YouTube - Fly Fishing - Hawaii Fishing Action