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  1. Goosed10

    Spoiling HXW

    I have an HXW Raptor coming today and need help spooling it. I Also have 500yrds of 100# PS. That’s not gonna fill the spool. Should I go hollow on bottom? If so how much and what pound?
  2. Goosed10

    HX Raptor

    Going out friday on a day and a half for the blue fin. Will an HX Raptor suffice for my second spot with 100 braid and 80# Leader?
  3. Goosed10


    I have a 40FTH2LD that out of the box doesn't get freespool past 4# at strike. I've taken the reel apart and matched everything up to My 25n2LD. Everything is matched up (all washers,bearings,bevelle washers,etc...) My educated guess is maybe the spool spring, (on end of spool shaft) could be...
  4. Goosed10

    "Wobbly" drag after service.

    After servicing both my SX Raptors, i get a wobbly drag at low settings, but smooths out at higher drag settings. Any reason why it does this?
  5. Goosed10

    BF Question

    Going next week on 2.5 day. Are the BF's chewin rope right now?
  6. Goosed10

    2spd Question

    I bought my first two speed for a 2.5 day, (I know overkill). Is a two speed a learn as you go reel? Can someone help with the basics of a two speed when fighting a tuna?
  7. Goosed10

    Flouro make up?

    I was just asking a question on a another fishing site about the difference in a leader of flouro and main line flouro?One answer was different resin, and one was different crystals make up the materials.Which one is the right answer? What are crystals?
  8. Goosed10

    TD153 HSTA

    I fish the patty's around four times a year...use to use a penn 500. I took my 153 out and caught bass on it, hooked up to a bone and i purposelly broke it off, thinking i didn't have a strong enough reel.was i a wimp, or will this reel handle the bones and small yellows. Stock drags are at 8.8...