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  1. Freedom Roc

    Kicker for 2320?

    I am looking to get a kicker for my 2320. I want to power it with a Yamaha 4 stroke. How much HP would you recommend. Looking at having a backup for my Yamaha 200 HP to limp back in if something goes wrong with the main motor while offshore.
  2. Freedom Roc

    Drifiting For Halibut SF Bay Question

    5/6ft long leader with 20lb flora carbon, #1 live bait hook and a #8 treble stinger hook and 4/5/6/8 oz weights will whack em...good luck!!!
  3. Freedom Roc

    Tanner's first butt.

    Nice bloody deck....hope you have a wash down hose!
  4. Freedom Roc

    Halibut in SF Bay

    Great job..sounds like it's on!
  5. Freedom Roc

    Thinking about Relocating From San diego to Rio Vista (age 55+) - Fishing Tips??

    Hell they caught a Wahoo outside the gates recently. Also, the albacore fishing can be really good and you have not seen that in SD for 4-5 years. Don;t get me wrong, I head to SD every year for a long range trip and there is nothing like a BFT pulling you to the rail. However, the delta, bay...
  6. Freedom Roc

    New bait tank for my parker 2320

    I have a Pacific Edge on my 2320 and it is fantastic. Highly recommend Pacific Edge bait tanks!!!
  7. Freedom Roc

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Captain al..If you go online there are videos that show how to fillet sturgeon and some great recipes. I bake them and they turn out fantastic!
  8. Freedom Roc

    info needed

    I go on an 8 day every year in June. Seems like bout 1/2 the trips make it to the Rocks. Always catch fish in June but could be the ridge or offshore chasing tuna. Pulling up to the Rocks at 8:00 am is always exciting! Good Luck
  9. Freedom Roc

    Long Range August 2017- 7-day Trip general questions?

    You will be in great hands on the Intrepid. Great crew, food and they will definitely put you on fish. I would have a couple wahoo jigs in my box. Kevin likes to mix it up and chase the exotics once the hole is full. 2 years ago, he took a chance and left the ridge to check out the rocks for...
  10. Freedom Roc

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Thanks for the update Austin. Good Luck...Report back
  11. Freedom Roc

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Sweet....Running into any logs? I hear SPB is biting but lots of debris
  12. Freedom Roc

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Sweet....Running into any logs? I hear SPB is biting but lots of debris
  13. Freedom Roc

    New woman is on her way

    Congratulations....Parkers are killer boats!!!
  14. Freedom Roc

    First Time Long(-ish) Range Trip - Shogun

    WSB would be a bonus. Heading out on Friday. Can't wait to turn the point!!!
  15. Freedom Roc

    Nerly lost my hall pass!

    Awesome. I'm on the Intrepid for 8 day leaving Friday. Maybe will see you at the docks. Good luck!!!
  16. Freedom Roc

    1 week from today Intrepid

    Jim. Looking forward to sharing the rail with you again!
  17. Freedom Roc

    1 week from today Intrepid

    This time next Friday, my son and 3 buddies will be rounding the point on the Intrepid on an 8 day heading for the promised land. Super excited to say the least. Going to be epic if it is anything close to last year. Great group, crew, and always crazy food starting off with prime rib. Looking...
  18. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Mexican waters from private boat

    I have Parker 2320 as well and have been thinking about doing the exact same thing. I fish in No. CA with my boat and have also been taking SD long range trips for last 10 years. I'm heading out next week on an 8 day with the Intrepid. I would love to get feedback on your trip to prepare for the...
  19. Freedom Roc

    Wire for Wahoo?

    What are your thoughts on using a wire leader on Raider jigs for a wahoo bite. Do you think they will be line shy? I lost a couple jigs last year getting sawed off with 80 lb mono. Heading out in 2 weeks on 8 day trip and trying to prepare for possibility of wahoo on the rocks.
  20. Freedom Roc

    Showtime on the Star

    Thanks for making my evening an enjoyable trip with you on the Star!!!
  21. Freedom Roc

    the new ling cod king - hmb 5/10/2016

    Nice day of fishing! Looking forward to getting out myself.
  22. Freedom Roc

    April Hoo

    I will be ready in June with a pack of Raiders. Got some last year at the rocks. Looks like might have another shot at them this year!
  23. Freedom Roc

    Rocket Launchers for Parker 2320

    I am looking for rocket launchers to install on my pilot house. Would like to have about 7 launchers across the top. Any recommendations for a vendor? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  24. Freedom Roc

    10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    Sweet...sunrise, fish, good company, and killer steaks...can't beat that!!!
  25. Freedom Roc

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    Thanks for the tips...will try to drop a couple of crab pots and think about a rock fish trip in next couple weeks. And yes. safety first!!!
  26. Freedom Roc

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    James, thanks for the info. I hear there have been lots of crabs. Is it just pick a spot in 60-70 ft water or is there an area that need to drop them?
  27. Freedom Roc

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    Anyone catching anything outside the Golden Gates? Have a new 2320 Parker and itching to get the deck bloody. Fished lot in the delta but don't know the coast. Any rock fish spots willing to share?
  28. Freedom Roc

    Fish Report - Intrepid - 15 Day - Okuma/Soft Steel - 3/19-4/3

    Looks like you had a great time. Looking forward to my 8 day in June on Intrepid!
  29. Freedom Roc

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    I just bought the same boat and ordered a my tank from Pacific Edge. Should be here in 3 more weeks and can't wait to get on the BFT. Crazy that they are that close this early. Going on my annual 8 day trip in June to get to the fish. But sounds like we are going to hit them on the way down for...
  30. Freedom Roc

    Roll Call Intrepid 15 day ... Soft Steel/Okuma March 19

    The crew is fantastic. Aways cracking jokes.. On the June 8 day but going to retire soon and look forward to a 15 day!!!!
  31. Freedom Roc

    Gunnel height

    Yeah I think the boat sits high in the water so water coming over the gunnel is not likely.
  32. Freedom Roc

    Gunnel height

    I'm interested in a 23 or 25 foot Parker. I looked at a 25ft modified V and the gunnel was pretty low. I was concerned that water would come over the rail in choppy conditions. Has anyone had that problem? Does the deep V have a higher gunnel?
  33. Freedom Roc

    Fancy beer on multi day trips

    I bring it on board, store it in my room and put a couple in the galley cooler mid day. Then suck em on the upper deck after fishing. Crew is totally cool with that! Enjoy
  34. Freedom Roc

    Long Drift for 25-70lb fish on the Intrepid... 6-24 fish report

    I was on that trip and we killed tons of yellows, YFT and wahoo. Even hooked a Marlin. Long soak was 5 minutes. WFO
  35. Freedom Roc

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    Kurt.. See you on the dock when we turn on the 28th from our 8 day Intrepid. Hoping to have a butt load of fish. Good luck on your trip. Get some!
  36. Freedom Roc

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    Jim's Custom Rods on the Intrepid..8 day casting off on 18th!!!
  37. Freedom Roc

    New cook on the Intrepid

    Jeff is a great cook and even better man. Last couple years been on the Star. This year fishing on the Intrepid. Lucky me!!!!
  38. Freedom Roc

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Rocks last year on the Star!
  39. Freedom Roc

    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    Roy is a hoot.....remember when he served dinner in a black suit and tie..funny as hell.... and can see tuna from miles away! Have a great time and get some!
  40. Freedom Roc

    Glove advice needed

    Finger tape works well. Buy it at a feed store and save a ton of money. Ask for the horse leg wrap. Comes in lots of colors and is the same as expensive finger wrap at tackle shops!
  41. Freedom Roc

    Just booked first lr trip royal star here I come

    Been on that same 8 day the last two years. 2 years ago we slammed the BFT. 50-80 lbs. Limits of YT. Last year we killed the YT at the Rocks but tuna were not biting. Wind blew us off shore so didn't get a shot at the BFT. This year water seems to be warmer so may get a shot at wahoo. I would...
  42. Freedom Roc

    pics from January Intrepid trip

    Good Stuff. Can't wait for June on the Intrepid!
  43. Freedom Roc

    Wahoo at rocks in Jan - what's the chance?

    Baller...I was on the early June 8 day Star trip the last two years. Couldn't fit it in that early this year. Great boat/crew! Will be on the 8 day Intrepid - June 20th trip this year. Save some skinny's for us. Good Luck!
  44. Freedom Roc

    Wahoo at rocks in Jan - what's the chance?

    Wahoo are hitting the decks at the rocks which is not normal this time of year. Is this the year for a crazy WFO wahoo bite mid June at the rocks?
  45. Freedom Roc

    opinions please

    Can't go wrong with the Star
  46. Freedom Roc

    Sacramento Roll Call

    Living the dream in West Sacramento. Go on 8 day every year in June. This year will be Jims Custom Rod trip on Intrepid. 1st time on Intrepid. Lot's of killer brewery's in the area. Down for a cold one anytime!
  47. Freedom Roc

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    Had one in my neck. Just yanked hard!
  48. Freedom Roc

    Upcoming 8-Day Trips - What's the Scuttlebutt?

    Will also be on that trip. Last year we did well off shore on the BFT. Cedros was a bust. Yellows were there but wouldn't play. Never made it to the rocks. Hard to say. Been on an spring 8 day for the last 6 years and has been different each time. One thing for sure is we will catch fish, eat...
  49. Freedom Roc


    Heading out end of May on Royal Star 8 day and my buddy doesn't have a passport. Couple years ago it was a big deal but last year I don't recall it being a problem. Left a message with Royal Star. Anyone know for sure?
  50. Freedom Roc

    What's up with the Vagabond Inn, or is it just me?

    Dolphin has been great. Been staying there for the last couple years and they are very accomodating. Even stored our gear for an extra day at no charge.
  51. Freedom Roc

    Circle hooks

    Soda Pop is on the money! Use the same on 8 day trips. Good Luck
  52. Freedom Roc

    First String 5 day

    The crew should be there to make sure you are having the time of your life. A good crew can make all the difference in the world. I get that they want to put fish on the boat and can get frustrated when "you" lose a fish. However, it is their job to teach, assist and make you feel like part of...
  53. Freedom Roc

    Trying to narrow it down

    My vote would go to the RS...great crew,food and limited loads!
  54. Freedom Roc

    Come by the Blackhole booth number 504

    Jamie, I purchased a Black Hole spinning rod and the tip is bent at a 45 degree angle towards the the butt of the pole. Is that supposed to be bent like that. I have tried emailing the company and sent pictures but never got a response.
  55. Freedom Roc

    7-8 Day Help Info

    Have fished the RP, RR and Royal Star (sister to AA). All catch lots of fish but love the way Royal Star handles the fish. Incredible from the time the fish comes over the rail, to gutting, storage in RSW tank to slushy bins waiting at the dock. Food is great. Also, love the small loads. May...
  56. Freedom Roc

    Custom Rod Builder in L.A. Area?

    The Whopper Stopper in Riverside does outstanding wraps.
  57. Freedom Roc

    Independence 4 day july 10th - 14th

    Sweet...BFT has been off the hook this year!
  58. Freedom Roc

    Best Deck Hands!!

    Have had great crews on all the boats over the years but have to say the Royal Star crew this year was outstanding. I brought a newbie out and they stuck to him the whole trip to make sure he was successful. He is now hooked for life! Thanks Blake, Jimmy, Paul, Jeff, Drew and Brian for an...
  59. Freedom Roc


    Also switched to Dolphin!
  60. Freedom Roc

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    Could be epic...heading out Sat on RS!
  61. Freedom Roc

    BFG 8-Day on the RS - Roll Call?

    Be there with my buddies Paul and Alex. Looking forward to a great year! Game on
  62. Freedom Roc

    Indy gets a 100lb bluefin

    Sweet...on the AA Saturday!!!!
  63. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 4-13

    Great the RP
  64. Freedom Roc

    Bluefin on the Shogun! (almost)

    June 8th on AA...look out on!
  65. Freedom Roc

    Hotel recommendations - where to stay before a LR trip

    The Dolphin works for me. Clean, close and cheap! What more do you need?
  66. Freedom Roc

    Wax Wing - Best color?

    Chris....thanks for the info...Do the OTI Komodos come with hooks? Picture shows them without the hooks
  67. Freedom Roc

    Wax Wing - Best color?

    I am going to try some popping this year and wanted some feedback on color selections for the wax wings. Also interested in other popping lures that will work on 8 day June trip. Thanks in advance for any help!
  68. Freedom Roc

    Royal Star WI FI?

    Rumor has that the Royal Star will have WI-FI soon. Anyone know if that is true and if so when it will be up and runnng?
  69. Freedom Roc

    Spinning rod for yellows

    Jamie - Plan to wear a belt. Thanks for the tips. I watched the jignpop videos and looks like will do the job and some!
  70. Freedom Roc

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    June 8th - 8 day Royal Star April - Nov: Delta/Sacramento river: Stripper, sturgeon, salmon on my boat
  71. Freedom Roc

    Spinning rod for yellows

    Well I am about to pull the trigger on the 350G 5'2" Black Hole Cape Cod Special spinning rod. Look forward to playing with it June 8th - on the 8 day with Royal Star. It will be a good break from the turn and burn salas. Little concerned about the short lenght but hear that is the way to go...
  72. Freedom Roc

    Spinning rod for yellows

    John...thanks for the info....just what I was looking for!
  73. Freedom Roc

    Spinning rod for yellows

    I am looking for a spinning rod to match a Penn Spinfisher 8500. Will be using it to butterfly yellows. Not interested in the Shimano set up. Any ideas?
  74. Freedom Roc

    Feedback on Lacrosse Boots

    3 seasons with them and absolutely love them...Rocking boots!
  75. Freedom Roc


    Frank is awesome. Treats you like family. And Roy is a fishing MF! Can't go wrong with them
  76. Freedom Roc


    My fishing partner has the Torium 16. I have nailed them with the Saltist 50, Avet LX and just bought a Avet JX. They are all good reels and will catch yellows. Most important you need to have a high speed reel. Turn and burn baby!!!!
  77. Freedom Roc

    Vagabond 5day Cedros/BFT 6/9

    See you on the deck!
  78. Freedom Roc

    What an eipic trip on the RP...

    Roy is fishing SOB. See you June 16th!
  79. Freedom Roc

    Rig reels

    Thinking about adding another set up for 8 day trip in June. Want to match a reel to 9 1/2 rod for yellows at the islands. What reel would you suggest. Thinking Avet, Saltist, Shimano
  80. Freedom Roc

    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    Here in Sac waiting for the salmon!
  81. Freedom Roc

    RP 5 day

    Blue and white salas at the islands has always killed the yellows for me. Crank em back with a high speed reel - 40lb as fast as possible and hang on. I will be on the RP 8 day leaving June 4th. Will be docking the day you leave. Hopefully we will have a pile of fish to get you jacked up. See...
  82. Freedom Roc

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Brother before he lost his fight. Rest in peace bro!
  83. Freedom Roc

    Alijos heating up

    Rocks are heating up....June 4th baby on the RP!
  84. Freedom Roc

    Captain Billy Santiago discusses, epic RP trip..

    The RP crew is awesome. They make you feel like family and are fishing fools. Congratulations....See you June 4th!
  85. Freedom Roc

    RP is going for the record of most over 300#

    Wow...what a trip! Going out on RP 6/4 for 8 days but needless to say won't see the cows. One of these days! Congratulations
  86. Freedom Roc

    Complete Noob to LR fishing, lots of questions.

    Vu, Pacific Extreme Sports is an awesome local resource. If you are looking for a variety trip you may want to consider the RP trip on June 4th. It is an 8 day trip that will take you to the rocks, islands and offshore. Possibility of hanging a 100+ yellowfin at the rocks. Lots of yellowtail...
  87. Freedom Roc

    16 day sundry items

    Well said..I love my chair!!
  88. Freedom Roc

    advice on 1st 3-4day trip?

    For the money take a look at the June 4th trip on the RP. You can't beat the price. It's an 8 day trip to the rocks! Fish the rocks, islands, and off shore. Awesome trip! Hope to see you there
  89. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Fort Meyer, FL in July? What's Up

    Thanks for the tips Steve!
  90. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Fort Meyer, FL in July? What's Up

    Thanks in advance for any help! Sister just moved to Fort Meyer and plan to visit in July. Want to fish while I am there and would like some advice. Looking to go off shore if possible.
  91. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Fort Meyer in July?

    Sister is moving to Fort Meyer and I plan to visit her in July. What is the fishing story during that time. Any boats, areas that I should hit. Looking to go offshore if possible. Can't get enough fishing!
  92. Freedom Roc

    Trip Report. American Angler 5/30 - 6/7

    Freaking awesome...going to be a killer season
  93. Freedom Roc

    Bloodydecks/Intrepid 3-day Trip Report

    Great report and pictures...Bloody Decks!
  94. Freedom Roc

    Offshore tuna

    Awesome reports....packing bags...10 more days heading out on RP
  95. Freedom Roc

    Raffle rod for my 8 day trip

    Beautiful rod with the Rocks!
  96. Freedom Roc

    Independence this weekend

    Sounds like the fish are going to be hungry. 15 more days to go....RP or bust! :drool:
  97. Freedom Roc

    On 7-8 day trips terminal tackle

    Heading out on RP 8 day June 18th and taking em all. Never know!
  98. Freedom Roc

    Saturday Berkeley Halis

    Passing the passion on to your daughter....Awesome....way to go DAD
  99. Freedom Roc

    ringed hooks vs reg circle on long range fish

    Paul....ringed hooks are going to help. Anything that improves your chances is well worth it. Can't wait for our trip!
  100. Freedom Roc

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    White Sea Bass with a mango salsa! Grubbing
  101. Freedom Roc

    G6470 or G6470H?

    I am looking at either the G6470 or G6470H to match with an Avet LX 2 speed. I plan on loading the LX with JB 60 lb and top shots of 40/30. Which rod would you match with this set up? Will be using the rod for casting dines.
  102. Freedom Roc

    RP/Shimano June 8 day

    Fishing, wine, spirits, great food and is good! Can't wait
  103. Freedom Roc

    The jig is up! killed them with those spinning rigs!
  104. Freedom Roc

    RP/Shimano June 8 day

    I will be on that trip with my good friend Paul. Looking forward to sharing the rail with you and hooking tails with the butterflies! Been on lot of boats but never the RP. Know they kill fish. Hoping for some 100+ yellowfin!
  105. Freedom Roc

    bigggg fish on the Royal Polaris

    Jumping on the 8 day RP June 18th trip. Cows would be ripping!
  106. Freedom Roc

    Advice Please? - Flying With Rods...

    My brother and I have flown with poles on many trips and never had a problem. I have a tube that was purchased but PVC has worked great for my brother. Go for it!
  107. Freedom Roc

    Bunk Layout - Royal Polaris

    Got number 16 June 18th. Lets kill some fish!
  108. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris 8 day trip

    I will be on that trip! Shimano will be hooking us up with the butterflies. Have knocked the shit out of yellowtail with butterflies at Cedros. Should be a great rip. Only negative is 35 on the boat.
  109. Freedom Roc

    LX 4.6.1 on 40 lb for a 6 dayer on Royal Polaris

    2 seed w/ 6465H will do the trick. I just pick up a Saltist 50 2 speed. Plan on killing fish on 8 day RP in June
  110. Freedom Roc


    Butterfly jigs kick ass on yellowtail! Blue and white. Will use them on the Royal Polaris Shimano trip
  111. Freedom Roc

    Saltist 50 2 speed

    Thinking about getting a Saltist 50 2 speed to crank on tuna and yellowtail. Any words of wisdom
  112. Freedom Roc

    Squid had his way with me!! LADY LUCK!!

    I was told to soak them in buttermilk overnight. Haven't tried it yet so don't know if it helps
  113. Freedom Roc

    Squid had his way with me!! LADY LUCK!!

    Sweet...Going squiding out of Bodega on 20th for the 1st time.
  114. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris Shimano Open 6/18/10

    I hear you David! Never had a bad trip. Always an adventure with lots of fish and great company. Never been out in June. Hoping for bloody decks!
  115. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris Shimano Open 6/18/10

    Looking forward to a great trip with the Shimano boys
  116. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris Shimano Open 6/18/10

    Anyone been on this Shimano 8 dayer? Never been on the Royal Polaris. Booked it with my buddy Hatch and wondering if they are going to catch fish and take care of us!