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    Which rod to get?

    If the rod blank is perfectly serviceable, and it's just the tip and some guides' wrapping coming apart: new tip - $2.00 thread - $4.00 (1 spool primary color and 1 spool decorative metallic) Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish kit - $15.00 eZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper - $10.00 Harbor Freight heat gun...
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    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    If the shields can be popped off undamaged, do that, pack the bearings with blue marine grease, and put the shields back. Don't be too fastidious in wiping off the grease that oozes out when the shields go in; spread that well all over the bearings' exterior surfaces. If the shields will come...
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    Why no love for the original Albright knot?

    This. The more advantage you gain over "Murphy" and his "Law," the better 'cause he's always around. Otherwise, what knots being used to the left or right down the rail of you is irrelevant since it's only the line to your rod and reel that matters. Now excuse me while I go back out to the...
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    Can the spider hitch knot be use for reverse dropper loop?

    Rubber band the sinker.
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    Penn Reels Given to Me

    Given the interchangeability of the parts, the Baymaster 180 and Penn 27 are essentially the same reel. A few years ago, I contemplated getting an Avet SX 'cause that was the hot ticket at the time. Instead of drinking that Kool Aid, I chose to do this instead after a little thinking...
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    Rod for Full-day to 1.5 day

    Given you did not already have a stick in 30-60 for SF Bay fishing, it's likely you will not use it often up there once you have one. Can consider something like a Daiwa SLN70HF, Penn RAMBW3080C66, or Ugly Stik USTB3060C701 startiing at lower $$ MSRPs. You can always spend $$$ instead of $$...
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    Does anyone know anything about this rod?!?

    Scored a $25 Quantum Blue Runner Offshore years ago at San Diego Day at the Docks. Like it better than the Ugly Stick Tiger USTB2050S701 that got sold after two seasons. The Quantum has gone on 5-day and 8-day trips for light line duty since 2014; see no need to replace it unless the blank...
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    Rod for Full-day to 1.5 day

    Rod-wise you are on the light side; the "max" mid-range value of your heaviest stick, the Phenix, is 30lb. Have landed a 50+ lbs BFT on a 12-30 rod before (, and have no interest in repeating that...
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    Being on the "right" coast, does your shop stock Star Rods? The Paraflex Boat Spinning line has the SGB80H and the SGB80XH; 2" shorter and lighter specs. Could be a good starting point for your comparative analyses. I have a Quantum Cabo 120 with 100lb ProSpec Metered mounted on a Star Rods...
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    GRPCS82XH? Drago is right. 100lb max BRAID. Rule-of-thumb is to halve that number to get to max mono/fluoro...50lb, maybe 60lb, top shots. That fits with your 65lb braid main. 8'2'' is for throwing distance...and you did say "big poppers." Your guru appears to have did everything "by the book."...
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    Conventional Reel Newbie at your service

    If you are not in a rush, the "big auction site," Craigslist, etc. is your friend. A Daiwa 50H (or a 300H but it's harder to find). The 50H was Daiwa's equivalent to the Jigmaster except it is all metal. Can be had for $50 or just have to be patient. As with ANY used reel, it will...
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    Spinning setup with rubber band torpedo?

    With open bail, unless the sinker is sitting on the bottom, to stop the line from feeding out after getting to the desired depth, you'll have to either: hook the line enough with your index finger (like when casting) cup the hand not holding the rod around the spool use a Breakaway Cannon (will...
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    Spinning Reel Suggestions for Fiancee?

    A mass produced rod from Daiwa, Penn, or Okuma will work. So will an Ugly Stik Tiger; a USTB1230S701 for the BG4000; a USTB2050S70 for the BG5000
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    Spinning decision

    To simplify, with spinners: trying to winch in strong/heavy fish like a conventional is usually not an option due to the fundamental mechanical differences; resting on the rail is only to the sides and not directly down; and retrieving is short/long lifts up and cranking down fast short/long...
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    Spinning Reel Suggestions for Fiancee?

    If an 8-day can be done with just spinners, no reason why it wouldn't work for you.
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    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    The next question would be are the TAC 16's (5.2:1/3.1:1) 41"/22" and 20's (5.2:1/2.3:1) 46"/20" ratio and retrievals rates desirable or would you want something lower like (4.3:1/1.3:1) 39.2"/11.8"?
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    Reel suggestion for bluefin

    What line and how much of it are you expecting to fish the reel with?
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    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    This is the way to go to avoid overloading your palate on BFT in a short time frame.
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    Braid Dilemma

    Sorry, I'm not Alan...not even remotely close to his skill set and experience; just one of the very minor contributing members on his site and in his annual SOA charter group (fingers crossed for this year).
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    Braid Dilemma

    YMMV, but I've measured the yardage gain of solid vs. hollow here: The splice and top off to the Daiwa 170H which was about 1/8 in from being full took 100 yds of the 50lb hollow. Extrapolating this experience to your scenario leads me to expect...
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    Braid Dilemma

    Factory diameters: ProSpec Solid 100lb 0.50mm Berkley Big Game 25lb 0.48mm Berkley Big Game 30lb 0.55mm MK-20IISEA-MTBLK rating: 870/25 (0.48), 660/30 (0.55), 530/40 (0.60) Everything is pointing to 700yds+ of 100/130 Prospec if you do the transfer as you described. Since this is a reel to...
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    WTB Okuma handle wrench

    A crescent/adjustable wrench can be used on the top half of most Okuma star drag handle nuts...
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    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    For the Bryan Young's drag kits, he distributes via You might inquire about just the metal keyed and eared washers if you want to experiment with going to a 7-stack; thinner CF washers will be needed... ...for those, call up...
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    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    The factory stack had 3 thick, paper fiberboard (?) drag washers. By switching to greased carbontex/carbon fiber and thinner stainless steel, keyed washers, and a delrin under-gear washer, it is possible to go to a 5-stack, and hit the original factory max drag or higher with no "sticky" drag.
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    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    I put my money where my mouth is. My long-range conventional line up of 8 Daiwa Sealines starting front-left: SMF170, 300H, 300H (lugged), 350H, 400H, 400H, 600H, and 600H. All have drag stack and handle upgrades. Line classes accommodated are from 20lb on the lower end up to 100lb on the...
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    Catalina Island Bluefin rod and reel for $200?

    Under $50 Daiwa 400H/600H from the big auction site; something like this: These upgrades:
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    Discontinuing Cortez Line

    If it is a proxy indicator, the Rods section no longer has the "Cortez" checkbox; it's still there for Reels.
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    Looking for tutorial on Cortez series reels.

    Use that CZ55 tutorial. Had my CLR-203L handle side plate fully disassembled today. Would say aside from the obvious size differences, the CLR-203L's parts directly corresponded to the CZ55's design layout to a T. You can also see the similarities with the Okuma CLX-300L handle side in its...
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    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island Just find serviceable ones from pre-1898... You did say "...fancy..." so build a small variant of this: Anything "small" won't be a ship of the line but a well placed broadside will ruin someone's day if...
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    Need help with line specs

    Would never expect the rod to be stating what a reel can hold. Your top two are from your reel. The bottom one is from your rod. Post pics if EVERYTHING is from your rod. First, if you are fishing 15 lb test all the way to your terminal tackle, you've exceeded your max rod rating of 14 lbs...
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    Suggest A Levelwind for yoyo

    If you are mechanically inclined, see my response here: Instead of the 47H's 3.8:1, look for a 47SH which has a 5:1.
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    Level Wind vs Non LW, star vs lever drag for CA coastal Fishing

    If you are willing to put a little elbow grease, look at this: The 47H's are all-metal framed, something you will NOT find in most currently produced levelwinds that's anywhere near the $50 level...
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    Spinning rod for Begginners

    Giving the OP the benefit of the doubt that HE is a not a beginner, but his guest(s) are. The OP will be the one doing the connection, not his guest(s). Once the hollow connection is made, it will go smoother than any knot connection through the guides. Also reduces any snagging of a knot on...
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    Spinning rod for Begginners

    What he said...the USTB2050S701
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    Spinning rod for Begginners TRIO BF-65...$67.50 if still in stock. Spend another $15 to replace the felt washers with CF ones...and you're still ahead with a better reel than the Ceymar. Spool with 50lb braid...solid to hollow connection to...
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    What rod for an Okuma Andros 12iiA MK-C-601XH-HD $89.99...if there is still stock IMHO, fish as a 60lb setup.
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    What to do with my pointless calstar.

    Wouldn't expect much, if any, backbone from a slowpitch rod; the fight is in the drag of the reel and not the rod. The fish sets the hook when it turns with the jig in its mouth...similar idea to fishing with circles. Point the tip to the fish when It's on.
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    What to do with my pointless calstar. there sufficient action in the tip to try it out as a slow pitch rod?
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    Ancient Chinese saying...count your chickens,...BFT, YT, YFT, Wahoo, etc when you get the $$$ in your PayPal account.
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    As you said earlier, you didn't get any bites for $750 on BD, right? When you get the $850 or higher on the final eBay bid, then I'd say Mick was spot on.
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    "...You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need..." I'd trust Mick on this one.
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    Suspect that most, if not all, reels' factory braid ratings are for solid given the jump in cost for hollow. It's a different ballgame with the switch; here's my most recent spooling of hollow to a reel that had solid:
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    Fathom 25N Star drag best suited

    Stressing and focusing on the "best" are unnecessary; there is no such thing as "best" given there are so many variables involved with the reel, rod, line, and terminal tackle to realistically achieve "best." Expend that energy on setting up for adaptability instead. Technically, with a 495/50...
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    Single Speed Reels Only Charter

    Nothing new here. I have brought only star drags and spinners on every Alan Tani SOA Charter since the first one in 2014. Every star drag, par for the course, had been modded in some way to perform above factory spec so probably not as lopsided as it seems. 2018 ended up as "The all spinner...
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    How would you fish these penn setups for an 8 day

    The spinners would depend on whether you are spooling with solid or hollow's a capacity limitation, IMHO; both reels have plenty of drag. SLAIII6500 braid rating: 485/30 410/40 355/50 w/50lb solid - 40lb top shot w/50lb hollow - 40, 50lb topshot w/65lb hollow - 40, 50, 60lb topshot...
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    Question Penn 114h and setup for drop shot

    Going with a conservative 4-5 lbs of drag from each CF washer, a 7-stack has a calculated potential of 28-35lbs of drag...hence the initial "...28+lbs" With upgraded drag possibly hitting 10+ lbs over the original factory 22lb max drag rating, the corresponding SS gear sleeve and frame upgrades...
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    Brass vs SS

    Is that a SMF170 or SMF 250? The SMF170 can be fished as a 40lb reel; 50lb in a pinch. I fish mine as a 40lb; here are my tutorials for the 30H/170 right side plate and the 170 left plate and spool:
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    Question Penn 114h and setup for drop shot

    You're gonna have a blast with that. If you go with hollow core, it will hold more. Spooled my modded Penn Monofil 27 with hollow 50lb; it took 95+ yds more than the 325yd of 50lb solid that was on there before. If the OP mods his 114H, the reel's factory spec of 1250/65, 1075/80, and 925/100...
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    Question Penn 114h and setup for drop shot

    Does the reel have more than just pure functional value? Is $200 worth an extra 6+ lbs for 28+ drag? If yes, between now and Oct 2020, you do have time to drop these in as a project if you want to bump the reel up a "notch":
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    Budget Surf and trolling reel recommendations

    You answered your own question right there. The outcome from TWO different reels, rods, AND lines appropriate for the application will be more satisfactory than a universal setup with a lot of compromises. Recommendations: Disassemble your Bass Pro (the designated SURF reel) to the point where...
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    The type of braid makes a difference in capacity...from my recent respooling of a modded Penn Monofil 27 that held 325yds of 50lb solid:
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    50lb and 60lb reel

    Applying sensible rules when evaluating setups will probably yield better results than comments from the "peanut gallery." Here's what I follow for saltwater: Backing is rated higher than top shots until 50 lb or higher at which backing rating can = top shot rating. 1/4 - 1/3 of lightest line...
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    My Penn Reel Wont Let Line Go

    The other possibility is that the braid was not spooled on with sufficient tension and the line has dug in. With spinners with drag set, once the bail is open, there are not any reel parts moving when the line goes out.
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    $80 spinning reel recommendations

    For that purpose, Fin Nor Lethal or Daiwa BG in the size that you want, whichever one is found cheaper, at the time you are buying.
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    How often should I change top shot and backing

    Just food for thought...there is 72lb linen line from the early 20th century still catching tuna.
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    Travel Rods...

    I used the NTX-S703MH for 50lb on my last 8-day. Didn't need the second tip option of the NT-S-703M-MH which, in order to have, would have costed more than double what I paid for the Express model at the SD Charkbait liquidation. Charkbait's 2020 FRED HALL SHOW CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE is...
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    Did my first 6 day - now I'm hooked

    If you can also add a favorite group, one that consistently goes on group charters, it will be even much better.
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    Beginner Setup

    Yep. Gear-wise it's interesting how often the K.I.S.S. principle get violated for a beginner setup. The one "extra" measure to take is the "Alan Tani" pre-service maintenance. Making a newbie learn that reel maintenance comes with the sport (whether DIY or at a shop) is essential.
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    Setting up a Daiwa BG 8000.

    80lb braid main, 60lb top shots max, 18lbs max drag from top-of-spool. Trying to push to an 80lb application...1/3 rule is 26.6lbs drag; accounting for the drag imparted from rod and guides under load dials top-of-spool drag down to 24-25 lbs max...that's still out of my comfort zone for a...
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    Setting up a Daiwa BG 8000.

    Post title says "BG 8500" unless Daiwa had recent added an 8500 to the BG line-up will assume it's the BG 6500. My BG 6500 occupies the 40lb slot in my spinner line-up. Has 400+ yds of 65lb solid braid hollow core connected to 21'-28' (3x - 4x of a 7'rod ) of 40lb mono top shot. In a...
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    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    For the rods you already have, the TN12 and TN20; 30lb and 65lb braid mains, respectively. If wanting to go to spinners as well, here are some options: With the trip in April, you would have time to swap out the felt drag washers with...
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    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    The "C" indicates Conventional. A baitcaster or conventional reel for 15lbs or 20lb test for the lighter rod. A conventional for 30-40-50 on the heavier rod. What do you have in your current reel arsenal? For the second set of rods you can get the "S" models and go with spinners.
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    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    Was sensing a disturbance in the FORCE in your initial post that fit "overwhelming joy." Congratulations! IMHO, that is worthy, at the very least, for him to be on a Marlin Charter.
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    Taking family to the Florida Keys

    What are the exact model numbers? Those rods have either spinning guides or conventional casting guides so the corresponding reel type is already predetermined. Of course, no one here will stop you from mounting conventionals on spin rods or vice versa, fishing your spinners facing up and...
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    Sea World at it again

    51% controlling interest in Seaworld stock affords influence on every Seaworld action. Who's in? Anyone?
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    Avet EX 30 Reel Foot Use the picker... ...of course, if all else fails, black goes with everything.
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    Avet EX 30 Reel Foot

    IMHO, if swapping out the new EX foot is totally viable, just spend the extra $25 to buy the HX foot from Avet.
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    Spinner Conundrum

    For the hookup, there are dependencies on what's being thrown out. If bombs or iron jigs, yes, high retrieve is key. If a large kroc-style spoon (5 or 7 oz), a slightly slower retrieve may be more desirable due to the action of the spoon. Had a hookup on a wahoo stop in 2018 with a mac-pattern...
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    Spinner Conundrum

    If you are on the search for a rod, Fred Hall will have options. I, instead, chose something "right coast" and got a Star Rod Aerial EXJS66XH. Probably pushing my luck fishing it with the Cabo 120 as a 100lb setup but willing to take the gamble it will handle 23-30lbs of drag. Less of a gamble...
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    general tuna set up questions (60-80lb gear) Fourth post down...
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    Large Krocodile lures

    Use the following on the big auction site's search field: "7 oz" crocodile spoons "5 oz" crocodile spoons ...the knock offs you may be looking for.
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    What spectra for Trinidad 20a on a jig stick?

    There are so many factors that affect the capacity: line diameter line tension line lay (i.e., who spooled it) A rough calculation would be to look up another reel (as close in size) that Shimano has with ratings for the weight you want with one weight that is on the Trinidad. Get the ratios...
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    Reel advice

    The Daiwa 400H/450H will offer a better cost-benefit ratio: Take your time on the Craiglist, garage sales, and the big auction site to find the project reel at the best price.
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    Reel advice

    Hi Steve, If that 500 still has the Penn factory brass gear sleeve and you want to push it pass 8 lbs drag consistently, you may want to consider a stainless steel one: The reason is here...
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    Reel advice

    If the "bling-bling" of a new reel is not a factor, and you have some mechanical ability with access to tools, something like this can serve as a 40-50lb reel (not associated with the seller): The upgrade...
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    IMHO, anyone getting one of the discontinued Cedros should replace the oiled felt drag washers with greased carbon fiber ones. At the clearance price, the reel plus CF upgrade should still keep the total cost under a Benjamin.
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    South Korea - Shore jigging for Yellowtail in Busan city

    That's cool! How much was the boat ride to the island?
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    Spinner Conundrum

    I relied on Alan Hawk's review of the Quantum Cabos 100 and 120 to fill the 80lb and 100lb slots in my spinner line up. "Bob Sands" commented similar sentiments here: Though officially discontinued, new ones...
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    Spinner Conundrum

    Cool beans! Great to hear Shimano still stock parts. "...get a lot of shit for using a spinner..." is a badge of honor, IMHO. "...the one less traveled by..." per Robert Frost. Hoping to get at least 10 years out my Quantum Cabos 100 & 120...
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    Once it can't be seen against the water, time to switch to a setup with white or yellow braid.
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    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    At the shop, you should seat the reel in rod that you intend to match it up to and crank, switching between the two gears. It's all subjective from that point on until you hook up to the setup's first fish.
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    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    If you consider the MAK20 as a 100lb reel, it has been known to hold 700-800yds of 100lb hollow. MAK30's have been known in some cases to hold 1100 yds of 100lb; conservatively ratcheting down to a 130lb reel...may be in the vicinity of 650 yds of 130lb. Depends on who is spooling it and with...
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    Blue jb hollow braid

    Regardless of brand of hollow core or solid, for mid-October at the Ridge, once the sun comes down at around 3:30pm, the angle of the light causes the water to blend in with blue Spectra. Stealthiness will be from your top shot...
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    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    Personal preference here. A reasonable rule-of-thumb that mono and fluoro stretches around 20% with differences in elasticity and breakpoints; significant variations exist because each maker's polymer formulation is different. For my 80 and 100 setups, have had between 30' and 60', affording...
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    Most used size tuna hook?

    Take a line-up based on relative sizing rather than the hook package's labeled size; as state above, there is NO industry standard. Had Mustad 2/0 circles that were smaller than VMC 1/0 circles. Taking a broad line-up rather than just what was what was working last year is more prudent, IMHO...
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    Tern TX 300x Reel Foot

    If push comes to shove, you could possibly order a spare Andros 12 foot from Okuma and file/grind it down to the desired size. Will also involve repainting.
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    New okuma makaira 50wiisea

    IMHO, you could've gotten the job done with a 30, but 50 is what you have so in order of decreasing cost: fill with hollow 130 and top shot 130 mono/fluoro fill 1/2 spool with solid 130, splice remain 1/2 with hollow 130, and top shot 130 mono/fluoro fill spool with solid 130, use 6'-8' of...
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    Mak 30sae and Custom770xh w/rollers

    Not all "arrows" will be's up to the "indian" to adapt and adjust.
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    Mak 30sae and Custom770xh w/rollers

    130; straight or some combination of solid and hollow splice with 100lb top shot. Can do all of the above...and include BFT. Go fish. Will the 30SEA be an exact fit or a little big for a 100-150 fish? Probably the latter, but getting the line and hook out is your objective here. You can...
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    Holes in my Fathom

    Manufacturing defects...send me the reels, and they will be recycled properly...that's a promise.
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    Reel recommendations

    Daiwa 30SH or SMF 170H. Will be 5:1 only. Here's one with 1 bid placed: Your choice if you want to fight for it. If you win, here's my tutorial on it...
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    Eat my tackle equipment

    You just need to Google "eat my tackle"; some info on various sites. Could go to their brick-n-mortar in Destin, FL. Reels look like copies of the older Penn Internationals on the exterior. You can take your chances or apply your $$$ to actual, pre-owned Penn Internationals.
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    How do you mark your gear

    Don't need to. My sh*t's all old school and no one wants it.
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    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    If you fish the inline spider hitch with the hook on the loop, you can surgeons knot splice a short length of mono to the tag end that is less than the rating of your main line. Tie your sinker to this. It will be your breakaway if you snag on the bottom.
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    Spinning decision

    You're talking about the BG6500 and not the BG8000 that Alan hawk reviewed. He put in the caveat of "...the practical maximum drag of the BG SW 8000 is about 12 KG (26.5 lbs)" So with the BG6500 being slightly smaller, it is reasonable to drop that down a tad which would still have 20lbs in...
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    Spinning decision

    Mine has been to Guadelupe and the Ridge. Still functioning as if it just came out of the box. It occupies the 40lb slot (12lbs drag from top of spool (TOS)) in my spinner lineup with a 65lb braid main; it can fish 50lb (15lbs TOS) in a pinch. Following a general 2/3 of max rule of thumb for...
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    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    ...and they will get the job done just fine.
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    Need you to analyze my gear for Tuna...

    Would consider wheels of mono (as top shot/shock leader) as well as fluoro in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 80. No point in skimping considering the cost to go on the trip. 15 and 25 to better cover the lower end if conditions by September warrants it. Wait until just before the trip unless you find...
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    Need you to analyze my gear for Tuna...

    Now, you just need to work out your terminal tackle and lures...
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    Okuma ABF40b disassembly question

    So was it part 108 that was damaged beyond recovery or part 616? Are you able to get the reel was completely cleaned of sand? You can call Okuma to see it the damaged part is in stock. I've ordered parts from them before and had great luck; on occasion, they've even sent parts just for the cost...
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    You do understand that with all the aftermarket parts to hot rod a Squidder 146 or Surfmaster 100, you are looking at a $250 reel, do you not? That's as much or more than the Fathom's, Cortez's, and Metaloid's. My modded Penn Monofil 27 fishes up to 40 lb and has gone to Cedros, Guadalupe, and...
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    PM'd. Check your Inbox.
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    Okuma ABF40b disassembly question

    If 616 is a rubberized knob cap then it may pop off and allow 108 to come off. My Okuma CD65 doesn't have a 108-type cap but it does have a rubber knob cap that just pops on and off.
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    Transferring braid and topping off between reels?

    This or the out-and-in-the-hollow-core two times on each side. Nail knots on the hollow core tag ends and glue.
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    Okuma ABF40b disassembly question

    So part 108 is unable to slide over part 616?
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    Okuma Conventional for Surf?

    All of the new Okumas or Penns for surf AND tuna will have BEARINGS; any reel with BEARINGS is less ideal once saltwater AND sand is involved. Each time the reel is dunked in the surf you will need to clean out saltwater AND sand out of the reel AND bearings. Wouldn't trust any sealed bearings...
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    Transferring braid and topping off between reels?

    Can use a 60 lb or 80 lb hollow core connection for 65-60-50 or 65-80-50, respectively. In either case, the 50 lb braid will be your lightest line and the weak link in the connection.
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    Shimano 400 Service

    #1. Your workbench? Seems like a fairly straightforward reel to service. #2. Or contact Alan directly:
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    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    Is this an empty spot in your lineup or are you replacing a reel?
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    Lexa400HD seized drag

    Yep. Do not disagree it's some type of design flaw(s), but there are the guys that have YET to encounter the same issue. Suspect there may be a pattern to the fishing style for Muskies that seem to manifest in more consistent failures.
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    Okuma Cedros sweet spot

    Got the CJ-S-701Ha for this last season; applied the "halved" rule to the factory 65-150 braid rating for approximately 30-75 mono...willing to push it as 80lb rod given the toughness reputation of e-glass rods. The biggest fish it picked so far was about 40lbs; felt it could certainly handle...
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    Talica 20ii vs Makaira 16sea

    Mak 16
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    Lexa400HD seized drag

    Pics of the known issue: If the circumstances are just right...perfect storm.
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    100lb+ fish?

    If a big fish out of Pacific waters is not an absolute requirement nor keeping it after getting one to the boat, there's the PEI option.
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    100lb+ fish?

    x2 on PV. An operation like Marla's:
  116. A

    Recommendation for kids rockfish rod

    He's 4 and on a kayak...give less leverage to the fish: Daiwa AIRX661MHFS If 200' of water, short top shot of mono 1.5-2.0x rod length. For bait, consider inline circle hooks. Fluoro not needed for rockfish...
  117. A

    Difference between 12 and 12H Old School

    Don't have either but these links might hint at some possible insights:
  118. A

    Spin vs Conventional for my fishing style - looking for feedback

    My only BG is the 6500 and it is restricted to 40lb primary duty with 50lb in a pinch. Fin Nor LT100's designated for 50lb and 60lb Quantum CSP100PTSe for 80lb CSP120PTSe for 100lb modded Daiwa 400H's for 50lb and 60lb modded Daiwa 600H's for 80lb and 100lb If need be, the Makaira spinners can...
  119. A

    Spin vs Conventional for my fishing style - looking for feedback

    Yes, that is the review. Unfortunately, one can never rely on only 65lb fish or less biting. Once the line is sent out, it's all a gamble if something bigger decides to bite.
  120. A

    Spin vs Conventional for my fishing style - looking for feedback

    Spinner options are available for "larger" fish but they are fewer in number compared to conventional market; shouldn't let this be a deterrent if you want to go the spinner route. With the Daiwa BG8000 rated at 33 lbs max drag, 22-24 lbs of drag set from top-of-spool with 3-4 lbs drag from the...
  121. A

    Enature Braided Fishing Line

    PM'd. Check your inbox.
  122. A

    Penn 760 Slammer VS Shimano Spheros 14000FB

    Con: availability of spare parts going forward; time is against you with any older reel regardless if it is NIB. If you don't already service your current spinner(s), finding someone to service them may be just as difficult. If you proceed with either reel, you should take the effort to have...
  123. A

    Keep fishing or not ?

    Uh...yes you can:
  124. A

    Keep fishing or not ?

    You are cognizant that a significant number of fish spend their entire lifespan predating on other fish...they are being eaten ALIVE. Good luck on your new chosen path of veganism. Remember that it was a choice YOU embraced out of self-realization and FREE WILL and not one foisted on you by...
  125. A

    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    The "...change your bait every two minutes..." doesn't always apply to every stop. On my recent multi-days to Guadelupe and the Ridge, some of my best hookups have been on long soaks, and I was NOT alone in doing so. Made sure to eliminate the slack in the line and maintained contact with the...
  126. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Are you referring to the Thunnus? Haven't used it. Will defer to someone who has to comment on its rigidity. The current and previous Coronado gens are graphite; my blue-bodied CD65 and CD90 are designated as my loaner/travel spinners fished at factory specs; if lost or catastrophic failure...
  127. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    "Pot metal" would also be not a metal they make "pots" out of either. IMHO, it's merely a derogatory term for any metal not up to the task for SW fishing be it the main gear or the frame. Even within a specific model line-up, if variations existing in the metal used between manufacturing...
  128. A

    Tern reels

    If it ain't broke... There are mods that you can do to the Pro Gears to push their performance envelope up a notch or two. May even be able to upgrade ALL your Pro Gears for less than the price of ONE Tern. My entire conventional lineup on this year's 8-day with the price I paid for each reel...
  129. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    There are no absolutes (despite the volume of "...the best..." questions/responses on this site). The objective is to reduce the likelihood of breakage to as close to zero while fighting a fish. Hopefully, any reel that is intended for 40 lb line and would not be of pot metal.
  130. A

    Spinning setup

    Given the CDX'S frame flex experienced in the other spinner thread, start by looking at the previous gen Cedros High Speed -- 50% off as of 11/17/2019: If sticking with Okuma, next would be the standard Azores; then the...
  131. A

    Hollow, I know nothing about Hollow, Splicing???

    If you are JUST inserting mono/fluoro into the hollow, then you could survive without the needles for the time being. With a VISX20, will assume you are using 80, 100, or 130 topshots. Mono/fluoro at these weights are stiff enough to insert w/o needle. Minimal equipment list: emery board (to...
  132. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    The bottom line is if the reel's body is graphite there WILL be flex. IMHO, if using the 1/3 rule to set drags, a 30lb setup is the highest for an all-graphite reel body, 40lb setup for a graphite rotor & metal body, and anything above a 50lb setup would have an all-metal body. Live by what I...
  133. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    So it appears the new foot design has little if any improvement over the flex of the previous generation Coronado's...bummer.
  134. A

    Tranx 500 question

    Aye, 4.6:1 is still "high" compared to the old school reels of lower gearing. My Daiwa 47SH 5.1:1 was pulling up 3+' lings on my recent 8-day, and though workable, it was not as comfortable as my 4.0:1 Okuma Catalinas. A $500 TRX500 for bottom fishing is, as lazyfisherman points out, not the...
  135. A

    Daiwa Reel Conventional Saltist Levelwind Right Hand 6.1:1 STTLW30HA

    If the STTLW30HA is working for you then comments from us in the peanut gallery are irrelevant. Would the TRX500 outcast your STTLW30HA? That would depend completely on your rod and technique, and whether it's worth the $$$ for you find out. On this year's 8-day, my 5.1:1 Daiwa Sealine 47SH, an...
  136. A

    Thunnus vs Stella

    If this is a loaner, a Daiwa BG4500 or BG5000 (capacity equivalents to the Thunnus 8000 and 12000, respectively). Add a Daiwa Saltist STJ70MHF, and call it a day. I personally have the BG6500 as my 40lb spinner and have boated 20-40lb fish. Don't need the bait mode to flyline with a spinner...
  137. A

    Advice on Reels

    If conditions on the 3-5 day call for fishing a flatfall at night, would you want to do that with an 80lb setup or a 100lb setup? Something on the heavy end of your lineup may be worth consideration...
  138. A

    Making an sxj faster?

    Battery power drill with socket that fits the SXJ's handle nut... ...YMMV. A drill holster is less than $5 at HF...
  139. A

    mid size tuna casting reel?

    For spinner use on bigger fish with a harness and belt: Yes, you will need to do the "...lift up slowly, retrieve down fast..." and don't crank while the fish is running. Set drag to 1/3 of lightest line section on spool from top-of-spool with a scale, and let the drag do its job.
  140. A

    YFT / YT Gear Shakedown - Need Help!

    At the Ridge on this year's 8-day (10/15-10/23), these were my go-to setups (all with greased CF drags): Penn 970 (factory internals, power handle, 50lb braid) Daiwa SMF170 (factory internals, power handle, 50lb braid) Penn Monofil 27 (hot-rodded, power handle, 50lb braid) Daiwa BG6500...
  141. A

    VISXS 20 what would You spool it?

    Personally... FIRST CHOICE: If willing to have 600-ish yds of main line, 130 hollow core. If wanting to have 700-ish yds of main line, 100 hollow core. Mono top shots depend on how much abrasion resistance you want vs. bait size; a balancing act here depending on conditions. SECOND CHOICE...
  142. A

    ID on Clear Popper?

    These are similar but slightly smaller (120mm) and lighter (47g). Would swap out any factory split ring and treble hooks for 120lb+ split rings and beefier single hooks. YMMV...
  143. A

    Anyone interested in slow pitch jigging Morro Bay?

    If this was happening the 1st week of December...maybe. Have a "slower" and older Daiwa 47SH (5.1:1) that would be interesting to see if it will work for SPJ if on the right rod.
  144. A

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Used Okuma Catalina rods that have a roller stripper and tip on my recent 8-day; did not have a single incident of the 50, 65, 80, or 100 lb braid getting caught. YMMV...
  145. A

    Adjust baler flip resistance

    You will find that, as you examine SW spinners intended for heavier line classes, they will not have: Rotor clutch disengage switches; nor Auto bail close Both of those are Murphy's Law enablers. With bigger game fish, "less" [things to go wrong] is "more."
  146. A

    what would be a nice rod match

    Start by looking at this: Daiwa STJ70MHFS
  147. A

    Question for long range folks.

    Guadalupe is possible. The Ridge would mean 3 days of fishing.
  148. A

    2019 SOA Alan Tani 8-Day

    Fished the Ridge for four days with first two days outbound travel and last two days inbound with the latter having stops en-route based on making good time against winds and currents. At the Ridge, we were in the company of the American Angler, Independence (my bad, it was the INTREPID), Royal...
  149. IMG_20191020_143609182


  150. A

    Anyone sight casting for dorado?

    Didn't bother to sight cast on fourth day (10/20/2019) of SOA 8-day. WFO. Made one stop on paddy and had 126 dodos in less than 2 hours. A hit with almost every bait or lure cast.
  151. A

    Berkley pro spec braid

    Caveat: This was my first use of the Berkley ProSpec AND the Metered version at that. Bought a 1500 yd spool off of Amazon and will assume it's the real McCoy; slick waxy coating for each, color. Had it spooled on to three reels: Daiwa Sealine 600H: ~700 yds, 12ft Toro Tamer hollowcore splice...
  152. A

    Berkley pro spec braid

    Will let you know in about 8-9 days...en-route to the SOA right now for 10am (?) departure. Have the100lb metered ProSpec solid to 100lb hollow core connection to 100lb mono top shot. Nubs and nail knots securing the ends of the hollow core. Hope it gets to pull on something substantial...
  153. A

    Okuma Spinning Reel recommendations

    Coronado, on this page: No.
  154. A

    Why I’m so happy to fish my own boat

    There're charters where everyone's a "Tuna Shuffle" academy valedictorian, and then there're charters with too many who are "that guy" with two left feet, both lead ones at that.
  155. A

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Bookmark this: Might score you a sandwich meal somewhere for less...
  156. A

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Inflation. Renamed the "Thickburger" so they don't have to rename the next time the price goes up...
  157. A

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    Always read the fine print (i.e., the expiration date), young grasshopper...
  158. A

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    24 meals for your 2020 season, (could actually start with your next 2019 trip):
  159. A

    Reel advice

    An Okuma MK-8IISEA is not suitable?
  160. A

    Spinning rod suggestions

  161. A

    Okuma Big Surf for Albacore

    One common SoCal response to your question is "What's an albacore? Are those related to unicorns?" The other common SoCal responses will be the disdain from the conventional purists, so you can ignore all of those. What you are left with is a big spinner (the 8K model, right?) designed for...
  162. A

    Extra spinner

    Okuma CJ-S-701MHa, 50-100 braid rating translates to 25-50 mono...
  163. A

    Chew on this BD!!!

    Though I WILL not be forgetting my conventionals under the garage worktable like last year's 8-day, a lineup of SIX spinners will be going as well for this year's upcoming 8-day.
  164. A

    Chew on this BD!!!

    So roughly: a 20-50 lb rod, 33 lbs max drag reel, capacity rated with J-BRAID: 55/440, 70/330 Until details are identified, guessing conservatively: ~400-440 yds PE6 (65 lb) or PE5 (50 lb) braid, respectively; PE5 (50 lb) mono/fluoro top shot; 15-16 lbs drag from top of spool And add in a...
  165. A

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    It was 4:59 am when I hadn't kicked in yet.
  166. A

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    It's been over a month since your post. Which knot ended up as your go to? Would have suggested a hollow core connection, especially if you were casting the connection through your guides BUT this does require a needle, at least for the solid braid-to-hollow core end, and you were new to braid...
  167. A

    New spinner for wife, Saragosa or slammer

    Of your two "final" candidates, IMHO, go with the 'Gosa. If you decide to consider the Daiwa BG as well, Alan Hawk felt 26.5 lbs was the realistic drag for the 8000...about 80% of the 33 lbs factory rating. May want to apply this to the 4500 or 5000 which calculates to 17.66 lbs max drag vs...
  168. A

    Penn spinner recommendation

    That's why I fish the Fin Nor LT100's, Quantum Cabo's 100 and 120 as my spinner heavies...
  169. A

    Penn spinner recommendation

    You should have her try a TRQII5500S. ;) If she likes it, go here:
  170. A

    What’s your Yo-yo set up?

    Fin Nor Lethal 100 on Daiwa STJ70XHFS
  171. A

    15 lb test on 200 curado for YFT?

    Fill with 20 lb braid, use short 15 lb mono top shots, replace paddles with longer power handle, and use it when 5 lbs of drag is appropriate for the fish...
  172. A

    Help round out my quiver

    A MH PCH perhaps? Interesting to see on Okuma USA that there is only one PCH casting model showing with a "MH" classification.
  173. A

    okuma cedros jigging rods

    Both are new. Will be spooling with 100lb Berkley ProSpec metered, hoping to get 430+ yds on.
  174. A

    okuma cedros jigging rods

    Have a CJ-S-701Ha paired with a Quantum CSP100PTSe hanging in the garage. It's going on the 8-day in October.
  175. A

    Small vintage penn

    Marine grease internally and install Cal's greased carbontex washers for all factory washers. IMHO, a power handle replacement would be ideal.
  176. A

    Small vintage penn

    At this moment... If you are in Snow Camp, NC, then your best...
  177. A

    Okuma cedros 15

    Perhaps you were momentarily distracted by the food wench who was peeling you a grape?
  178. A


    Sorry, will be getting off of the 3/4-day 1/2 hour before you arrive.
  179. A

    Okuma cedros 15

    Hmm...out-of-production. NIB or used? If Cedros 15 star drag: (should be close enough) Otherwise there's a mix of info here that includes the lever drag...
  180. A

    Snell knot strength

    With the "traditional" Snell, there're two variants: (1) the main line forms the loop that coils around the tag end and shaft, and (2) the tag end forms the loop that coils around the main line and shaft. With either the tag and main line both pass through the eye. There was a link with photos...
  181. A

    Snell knot strength

    Where were your breaking points on the line?
  182. A

    Shimano Curado 300DSV drag capacity

    Are the belleville washers in ( ) config? Perhaps a new set if they appear flatter than expected... With the star backed off all the way, are there multiple turns of the star before the drag engages? If a new set of belleville doesn't reduce this gap enough and there is sufficient room, perhaps...
  183. A

    Yellow Tail Rod & Schoolie Tuna Rod/Reel Reccommendation

    Fixating on the W vs. E coast thing is akin, IMHO, to thinking in-a-box. Just because things are done one way regionally doesn't mean the same can't be done differently to achieve the same end game. Gear is gear. How effectively it is used is what matters. This past June did a head boat trip out...
  184. A

    New Rig suggestions

    A quick Google points to the 400TE being out-of-production. Were you planning to pick up a used one? What you need to keep in mind are spare parts in the future; Shimano has a history of not having parts for older reels. x2 on the Tranx if you are really considering a 400TE...a TRX400 for...
  185. A

    Reel decisions for a longer trip....

    When you're done pretending, go Okuma for 60, 80, 100 for the upcoming 16-day. Depending on resulting satisfaction levels, for the next trip after that can switch the lighter models to Okuma, switch to Avet for the heavy models, or keep the Avet/Okuma mix... ...different strokes for different...
  186. A

    Okinawa Cortez 5 vs Seagate 20

    Either reel will still need an "Alan Tani" pre-service maintenance before ever being fished if nothing else than to ensure the drag washers are all greased carbon fiber. Personally, the Cortez 5 because of: adjustable Mag cast control bigger capacity "egg" handle knob
  187. A

    Question about finding Tuna

    Aisle water, light oil, or olive oil...chunk or solid.
  188. A


    You can even go with the newer Penn Rival series if the General Purpose line-up is being considered. Have you checked Craigslist OC? There are some possibilities there for $65 or less.
  189. A

    Okuma Slow Pitch & Popping Rods

    If they fit the needs, a line up of Hawaiian Customs will most likely be cheaper than a round-trip airline ticket and the fees to check the rods in on the return trip from Taiwan...assuming the rods don't get damaged en route.
  190. A

    Okuma Slow Pitch & Popping Rods

    That's not Okuma Fishing USA. It's Okuma TW (Taiwan). Click on "Contact Us" and it will be obvious. May need to go "over there" to buy. Sort of like the need to go to Japan for the best selection of "JDM."
  191. A

    Okuma cedros 15s reel cover!

  192. A

    Okuma cedros 15s reel cover!

    You should just keep the ARS-1 since sinking more $ in sending it back makes little sense. Eventually, you will add a reel to your lineup that it will fit...there's no turning back on the path to tackle ho-dom.
  193. A

    Jigmaster handles?

    It's a steep, slippery I went down willingly not with a Jigmaster but with a Monofil 27:
  194. A

    Cleaning reels

    The key is preventive internal prep BEFORE you even take the reel on a trip. This applies to NIB reels as well as any rebuilt, used reel. A pre-service lubrication on all internal surfaces with marine grease, Cal's for the drag system, for preventing any foothold by SW corrosion. The "Alan Tani...
  195. A

    Jigmaster handles?

    Realistically, this is a TWO parts replacement project: (1) the handle and (2) the gear sleeve (assuming you have the COURSE tooth one). Why? If the drag at top of spool is set above 8lbs (knowingly or unknowingly), the brass gear...
  196. A

    Yellowtail/ Tuna Reel Recommendations Under $200

    PM'd you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  197. A

    Penn Fathom 25N extra washer

    Start with the star completely backed off, how many turns of star before you can start feeling the drag?
  198. A

    So I was recommended to get a spinning outfit...

    If using hollow core with nubs and nail knots for the connection (had great results casting with 2-3 rod lengths of top shot), there is no knot to hit the guides going out. Also, make sure all the HT-100's are greased...preferably with Cal's.
  199. A

    Rock Wrasse Eatability

    This may have more eating of wrasses than less...
  200. A

    Rock Wrasse Eatability

    o_O Am I sensing a disturbance in the FORCE that this is from personal experience???
  201. A

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Here you go with a tutorial found for a bigger model; hopefully it will be close enough: About the same complexity of the Okuma CD65, CD90, and the Fin Nor FST60. Did successful rebuilds for each of these; I documented the one for the FST60...
  202. A

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Out of curiosity, which model?
  203. A

    Popper Set Up

    Hmm...did you drop a "P?" The PCHP-S-761-XH is classified as a Popping Rod here: omits this differentiation in their description. Otherwise, if staying with Okuma, there is the Okuma Cruz Popping Rod lineup. Can be...
  204. A

    Can these stickbait lures be salvaged?

    Looks like a perfect experiment with epoxy, wire, swivels, solid rings, and assist hooks...not necessarily in that order though.
  205. A

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    Depending on how much time in advance you arrive in SD, you could call ahead to Squidco and try to arrange with Joey to do an immediate tip replacement the moment you arrive at the shop.
  206. A

    YFT schoolie chunking setup?

    Hmm... Guessing you are not on the shrimp boat, and will be casting into that zone behind. "Best" is determined by how well you cast; those YFT will not care what reel you have. Since you are posting in the Penn forum, will assume that you are partial to a Penn although there are other options...
  207. A

    Gear advice

    The other end of the spectrum is to stay Right Coast/Florida style with spinners... ...there's some info here: Other spinning...
  208. A

    Which International for SF Bay King Salmon?

    Surprised no one chimed in with "50VISX with 130 lb hollow core braid and 200 lb top shot"...oh wait...never mind.
  209. A

    reel size fresh/salt and rod

    Hmm...something about what you posted brings up "Putting all your eggs in one basket." If you really must stick with ONE reel then buy a 2500 or 3000, then a spare spool in the other size. The bigger spool for saltwater. Also, something about the CI4+'s Magnumlite spool gives off vibes of...
  210. A

    Strike/Full Drag Ratings - Reel Capability

    You are aware that the 13 lbs at Strike and 20 lbs at Full are measurements from top-of-spool? As the amount of line on spool goes down (i.e., the radius to top-of-line on spool shortens), the drag will increase rather than stay constant--it's the law of levers. M 1 a = M 2 b a and b are the...
  211. A

    Liberty - 60 people at $160 ???

    If going with an average of $350/trip, that's in the ballpark of $2800 total. That's a long range trip. Classic scenario of quantity vs. quality...choose your poison. Personally, have gone with "quality" (one LR a year) since 2014 and haven't fished with any more than 25 other anglers. Have...
  212. A

    Can I Extend The Butt Section Of My rod?

    Yes. Here's what I did:
  213. A

    Torium 20 potential 50# reel?

    If this is regarding the "old" Torium 20 and not the HG or PG, here's a rabbit hole to go down if you really want to do this: Hmm...6.2:1...install the handle with the outermost hole to maximize the arm length for the most torque possible. Too lazy...
  214. A

    Price For Avet SXJ Raptor ??

    Reading the replies so far, it seems the discussion went sideways right off the bat about the reel's attributes instead of the "legit" part. $335 w/shipping is for sure $50.99 off Avet's MSRP. Noticed you left the vendor's name out. Whether it is because Avet follows a certain bicycle parts...
  215. A

    Spinning Reel 30-40 LB range

    I've had great luck with the lower tier Daiwa Saltist Boat/Jigging series: Daiwa STW70MHS (this one is my designated 40lb; fished long range since 2014) Daiwa STJ70XHFS This coming October, the following spin rods will be added to the lineup and put to the test: Okuma Cedros CJ-S-701Ha Okuma...
  216. A

    Surface iron discussion

    If you really want to do this, then the reel needs to be broken down completely and have the Alan Tani pre-service maintenance done. Check the drag washers. Have all non-carbon fiber drag washers replaced by Carbontex ones from greased with Cal's May need to go with closest...
  217. A

    Spinning Reel 30-40 LB range

    If shopping for a Saltist, IMHO, it would be better to chase down a NOS 2016 Saltist Heavy Action versus the new Saltist that has the Magseal roller and main shaft. If you can't obtain 3rd-party suitable ferro-fluid to do your own servcing, then Magseals can only be serviced by Daiwa...
  218. A

    Spinning Reel 30-40 LB range

    Been there, done that two years ago...Daiwa BG6500.
  219. A

    Alan Tani scores 93 pound bluefin on little Torque TRQ15LD2

    Looks like Alan's new post-retirement project is "Alan Tani's School of I'll-catch-what's-on-my-T-Shirt."
  220. A

    Line for my Stella 18000

    Will that be for surface, vertical, flat falls, or slow pitch? For the latter three, multi-color maybe a consideration to track depth. STL18000SWBHG: MONO 20/415,25/340,30/280 for BRAID 65/440 or 100/415. For you, does the extra 25yds of 65lb braid hold a significant advantage over a...
  221. A

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    You should really be asking "What is needed to fish in Mex waters?" or "Best way to connect fluoro/mono top shot to braid?"
  222. A

    Cold storage

    This maybe? Have to get the fish back up to Oregon too...
  223. A

    Looking for 65 lb solid Spectra In San Diego After 2nd paragraph...
  224. A

    Looking for 65 lb solid Spectra In San Diego

    How soon is "soon?" Charkbait SD's liquidation sale starts 7/17...may be if you get there on the first few days you might score a deal and get spooling done.
  225. A

    Tranx 500 PG - is there a way to up the gears/ratio easily?

    Unless other gear sets, besides the PG and HG ones, have been commercially produced, PG and HG are all you will have to work with unless someone found gear sets from a completely different reel model to work in the Tranx (IMHO, a very low probability). Otherwise, a custom set can be cut if you...
  226. A

    SoCal (Los Angeles/Ventura)

    You can probably get more than 350/50 on it, would venture 400/65...with a short 50 or 60 lb topshot max. 30lb doable for sure. YMMV.
  227. A

    TJ - Cabo - Las Barillas - gear opinion

    Keep in mind it's 4 reels and 4 rods max per person...more than that you may pay duty. That, IMHO, is "putting one's eggs all in one basket." I'd put the reels wrapped/tucked in clothes in separate luggage you check-in. Only if the reels are un-lined should one consider carry-on; with line on...
  228. A

    Spectacular Surface Iron Day has all the characteristics of a 2008 Stella SW. There are other large saltwater spinners that can do the same without needing to burning $1300 on a Stella if one is willing and looking to transcend out of the Left Coast "conventionals-only" thinking box.
  229. A

    Dementia linked to scopolamine

    Also, explains a lot about a sizable % of the clientele on open party boats. LOL
  230. A

    Poppers on “The Slide”?

    Last year, was going throw a popper as the Spirit was going into the slide but Evan said a iron/metal jig was going to be a better; took his tangles resulted.
  231. A

    TORQUE STAR DRAGS TO BE DISCONTINUED?? ...perhaps a momentary glitch on the website?
  232. A

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    "Right to LUDICROUS SPEED!"
  233. A

    Shimano Stella SW Bluefin Fight

    Here's a video of resting the spinning rod on the rail by turning the rod upside down but there's not much that can be done in that position (or either side) given the size of the fish:
  234. A

    Thoughts on Braid to braid?

    See what Alan Tani did (towards the bottom of his post):
  235. A

    Shimano Stella SW Bluefin Fight

    Lift and retrieve. When the fish is pulling line off the spool, do not crank...this retrieves no line and just introduces line twist. Doing it Florida-style is a lot more work but if you're up for the challenge... ...and sometimes, one is left with few options...
  236. A

    Shimano Stella SW Bluefin Fight

    Since the guides and line run along the "underside" of the rod, setting the rod down on the rail is not an option. Can do the left or right sides of the rod but those are "rest" positions since winching a big fish is not an viable option with a spinner. If there is sufficient rolling of the...
  237. A

    best STRONG circle hook for blue fin?

    Has it been factored in that the finicky BFT bite had forced the use of smaller hooks with lighter lines? These smaller hooks, with wire gauge that can only be so heavy for the size, were probably not expected for prolong fights with BFT. As things shift from the "norm" (i.e., normally larger...
  238. A

    the accurate tern!

    Uh Walt, it's ACCURATE not AVET...pun fully intended ;)
  239. A

    the accurate tern!

    The increase drag surface area means more friction is in effect with fewer turns of the star. Observed on all my star drags with the 3-stack factory drag washers, the drag curve progresses at lower angles until the star gets closer to the locked down position, and the drag curve then increases...
  240. A

    the accurate tern!

    Perhaps the best expectation is a less steep ramp up to the actual target drag setting (well under 33lbs). It doesn't seem prudent that anyone will apply the 1/3 rule and use a TX-500 as a 100lb (even or an 80lb) reel. Alan's 400/65 with a 60lb topshot at 20lb drag (18lb from reel + 2lb from...
  241. A


    Attempting to cranking in such situations probably has resulted in instances of snapped stems...
  242. A

    Lining my reel rod

    Knot strength is critical to this "equation"; a knot tied on that 12lb line will not be at 100% strength. The angles and turns of a knot stresses the structure of the line as the knot is cinched down and weakens the line. Hence you may hear a certain knot is a 60% or an 80% knot (and that is if...
  243. A

    Lining my reel rod

    No. There's rated and then there's IGFA/"tournament rated" lines. The line rating is the amount of weight to break the line in a direct lift/pull. To ensure that is the case, reputable line producers will bump the breaking point up (say, 10lb test will break at 12lbs) to avoid "false...
  244. A

    October 2day Outer limits charter

    Will shout "Ahoy!!!" from the Spirit of Adventure if we are in the same area for BFT.
  245. A


    All my SW gear is either old school Daiwa Sealines or heavy spinners... not the bling-bling reels people usually want. Rods are "good enough" factory wrapped...not top-of-the-line. Here are some options: paint your "mark" on your gear and clear coat it; DIY etch your name on the flat inner...
  246. A

    old skool mentality vs...

    Would certainly not pass up an opportunity to fish Zane Gray style as long as the likelihood of damaging the antique gear was minimal.
  247. A

    old skool mentality vs...

    Why are you casting your glowing fluorescent flat fall at night when the BFT are metering at 200'-300'?
  248. A

    old skool mentality vs...

    Those who are mechanically inclined with the knowledge can hot rod that 6/0 to have 40+ lbs drag and have 700+ yds of 100lb 6/0-class Daiwa 600H "heavy" setup is exactly "GUCCI bling" needed AND at a fraction of the GUCCI's $$$.
  249. A

    What to do with my Penn Fathom 40 Star Drag

    In comparison, the similar-sized, old, all metal Daiwa Sealine 300H/350H are 3.7:1...wouldn't be as low as a 2-spd low gear but certainly less of a workout than anything with 6.0:1 or higher.
  250. A

    Solid braid to solid braid?

    What Jay said above or hollow core with nubs and nail knots. I prefer the latter...YMMV
  251. A

    What to do with my Penn Fathom 40 Star Drag

    Were those with the "modern" star drags (such as the Penn FTH40)? They are 6.0:1 or higher...compared that to many old school star drags of the same size, it'll be 4.0:1 or lower. Apples to oranges. As for the OP's question of application, DEEP jigging is one. Once hooked up, it will be a...
  252. A

    What rods, reels, braid, and hooks should I use for bluefin 30-70 pounds?

    Yeah, what is it with guys these days fishing while wearing their LV man-purses???
  253. A

    50% off on Power Pro

    Too bad it doesn't include the 1500 yd spools of 100lb Depth Hunter.
  254. A

    What rods, reels, braid, and hooks should I use for bluefin 30-70 pounds?

    Did you watch this? All that old school gear will still catch fish; you can pick up used gear for 20, 25, 30, and even 40lb cheap on BD Classifieds, Craigslist, eBay, and even garage sales. Depending on your physical condition...
  255. A

    Casting spinning setups into foaming bluefin

    You can drop a gimbleless rod butt into the socket of most fighting belts (remove the bolt if need be). More critical is the rod rating. Had your rod been twice its rating, would that 50lb BFT still had taken you to school? Have to ask if it is the "Indian" or the "arrow" that was the...
  256. A


    Thanks Mark! I'll keep it in mind. After seeing "The Chief/Ron" lose one of Alan's Mak10/Phenix 700 setups overboard, I'm very cautious about Murphy's Law and borrowing gear. Two 10-days...that's :git:
  257. A

    Okuma pch spinning rod guide reversed?

    It's intentional. Found the same orientation on a Star Rods Aerial EXJS66XH; emailed Star Rods and was informed that for the stripper guide the side with the single foot is less prone to induce wind knots.
  258. A

    Reel for grinding balls

    Just because you take good care of your gear doesn't mean that the load you put on them isn't going to take a toll. Get quotes for local reel service as well as factory service. Otherwise, your only comparison would be the price of whole reels.
  259. A

    Reel for grinding balls

    Are the gear sets getting shredded? Those reels have steel gears...maybe the TLD has brass. Are the replacement gears too pricey?
  260. A


    If spin gear is in consideration...I took a Fin Nor LT100 (100lb braid, 10yd 80lb mono top shot) on a Daiwa STJ70XHFS on the 2018 Alan Tani 8-day. Ended up having someone else's Quantum CSP100PTsE (with same line setup) on it, and used it for live bait, yo-yo, and slinging spoons; would have...
  261. A

    Reel for grinding balls

    What are the reels that you've destroyed?
  262. A

    stun gun for halibut

    You probably by now realize you were going to violate the KISS Principle, pass Murphy's Law, and land well into Darwin Award candidacy. Go back two steps to the KISS Principle:
  263. A

    Educate me about braid

    I found this to work well all around, including time and materials:
  264. A

    Educate me about braid

    Do one reel with braid first to see if you like it; you don't want to do all your reels and find out you HATE braid. Choose either the 229 or the 332 as your test bed (obviously, the 229 will be the cheaper of the two to fill). With the 229 you can go 30lb or 40lb; the 332, 40lb or 50lb. The...
  265. A

    Educate me about braid

    What are your current reels, which would you be taking on your next trip, and which ONE reel do you anticipate as your go-to?
  266. A

    Fathom 15LD2 to Cal?

    That was the litmus test. After three years of service, would consider $95 as three years of delayed, but reasonable, heavy maintenance. As you have, the blueprinted reels I've handled in the past have been exceptional. If the drag washer flip doesn't help, would be worth it for Cal's to take it...
  267. A

    Fathom 15LD2 to Cal?

    $95+shipping to start...approaching 50% of Penn MSRP. Is yours out of warranty? If "No," perhaps have Penn have a crack at resolving the issue first?
  268. A

    SPJ Reel?

    If none of the local shops stock them, then who will be servicing them? Are you planning to ship to Shimano for service?
  269. A

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    That's a lot more calories than popcorn but it's only hit Page 2 after 27 hours...
  270. A

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Interesting to tell who are the economists/international trade specialists by profession and who are the arm-chair ones...
  271. A

    Tariffs and fishing tackle?

    Did you fire up the popcorn maker?
  272. A

    Need Advice on 2 Piece Tuna Rod

    FTN 40lb top shot? Why a 2-pc? With the Flambeau, you can do a 6' or 6'6" 1-pc.
  273. A

    How to thread needle

    You must be having the cheap sake...the stuff that comes in a plastic jug...akin to the CHEAP tequila that comes in a plastic jug. SHO CHIKU BAI NIGORI SAKE a Hefeweizen...very good served cold. After a couple of sips, and you achieve tranquility, retry the 80 into the 100...of...
  274. A

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    For the moment, since it's all an experiment to me, the line used is 100lb braid, so reasonable targets would probably be anything under...75lbs (?) that the braid would hopefully have a chance of surviving any chaffing in a "shorter" fight. 100lb was the heaviest I had at hand and was still...
  275. A

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    Top two rows, 7 oz spoons with 8/0 L2004U's; third row, 4 oz KM-style with 5/0 39950NP-BN's; fourth row, 3.5 oz KM-style with 5/0 39950NP-BN's; and bottom row, 2 oz KM-style with 3/0 39950NP-BN's
  276. IMG_20190531_094211881


    DIY Assist Circles
  277. A

    TICA or Shimano

    Perhaps you can outline what you are hoping to gain over your Penn 50SW? Are the two reels you are looking at available locally and don't need to be shipped from the mainland? Since you are fishing a 50-80 rod, 60lb is the mid-range. Is this your intended top shot?
  278. A

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    The "smaller" assist hooks I've been making and experimenting with have been 3/0 and 5/0 Mustad 39950NP-BN's. Have worked on the local 3/4-day fish, and so far all in the corner. Am not seeing any reason not to rig up some 6/0, 7/0, 8/0, 9/0, and 10/0 Eagle Claw L2004U's in the same way to jig...
  279. A

    Spinning rod for tuna poppers

    The key lines on Shimano USA's Terez Spinning page (2019-May-29) read: "The first ever fishing rod built to fish PowerPro...Both spinning and casting rods range from 15 lb to 100 lb top shots." IMHO, that is a dead giveaway that really says is "Divide the silk-screened rating by half, and it...
  280. A

    Line for Penn 6/0 (should be steel)
  281. A

    Saragosa 25K Spooling Recommendations

    Any of the major brand (Berkley, Daiwa, JB, Power Pro, etc.) braid in either 80 or 100 hollow or solid would do. Solid to top shot would be the lowest in $$$. The splice would be dependent on whether the knot will be going out with the cast. If "No," then connect however you want. If "yes,"...
  282. A

    'Memorial Day'

    Happy Birthday!!! May all BD "sarcasm" roll off your back like water off a duck. ;)
  283. A

    What’s a Penn 6/0 good for?

    Special project candidate:
  284. A

    New to offshore. Gear check and recommendations

    Sounds suitable; try it out and see if it works out. If you fish out of Dana Point, perhaps our paths may cross on a 3/4-day.
  285. A

    Line for Penn 6/0

    Upgraded drags are not the only factor for this potentially very complex component combination equation. Roughly, for 100 or 120lb braid main with: Full frame with upgraded internals, 80-100lb top shot Half frame with upgraded internals, 60-80lb top shot Posts with upgraded internals, 50-60lb...
  286. A

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    Sarcasm on FAKE NEWS!!! :rofl: BTW, the cheap Harbor Freight heat gun, even on low setting, will fuse/melt braid if not careful when heating the shrink tubing...from experience while making smaller assist hooks.
  287. A

    New to offshore. Gear check and recommendations

    So, if... HX - 50 lb, JX - 60 lb, HXW - 80 lb ...then "Yes," you're covered. What is the intended purpose of the straight 30lb mono setup? Max mono rating is 20/265, so with straight 30lb, you have maybe 200-ish yds? Might consider configuring as the other 12000D's with 65lb braid + 30lb top...
  288. A

    Spinning reel for YT, tunas

    I have the BG 6500 with 65# braid and 40#-50# top shots on a Daiwa STW70MHS. Have landed dodo's, YTF, and YT in the 20-40lb range on it. Can probably drop down to a BG 5000 and have similar results. As long as the "big ones" are not showing up in the mix within the vicinity of the Coronados...
  289. A

    Hollow braid connections

    Since it's that heavy, you can sand down the insertion end of the top shot to round off any sharp edges; you may then try insert without needles.
  290. A

    Hollow braid connections

    Yes. Have the Charkbait 16-needle set: Using this: Can't feel any of the connections going out the guides even when casting short (10 yds) 80lb and 100lb topshots from my...
  291. A

    cheap pacific halibut rod

    Okuma Celilo CE-C-561Ha
  292. A

    Overnight pricing

    The average daily $$$ of the 2019 October 8-day charter for the group I am a member of is a hair over $343/day including complaints here happy to pay it for what I get.
  293. A

    Yellowtail/Small Grade Tuna Gear

    Tady 45's are spec'd at 2.9-3.0 oz (81g+), so if you're already slinging 80g, 100g, or 130g Squishes, you should be OK.
  294. A

    Overnight pricing

    Didn't even consider taking my BFT gear on my last trip up to the Sierras...will keep it in mind for next time.
  295. A

    Penn 950ssm, Fin-Nor OF9500, Sargossa 18000f, Cabo 80 bait runner

    The Cabo Bait Teezers currently appear to be external to the US market. Are you willing to take gamble on state-side warranty, factory service, or parts support? The only Bait Teasers available in the US market are the graphite FIn Nors; since you retired your SSG and looking at mostly all-metal...
  296. A

    Which Circle Hooks for Bluefin???

    Here's a possibility if the OC is not too far from your daily area of operation: May contact the seller myself for some... If the real McCoy, would get 1 pack each of the "Nautilus Circle" in sz 1...
  297. A

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    Sorry to hear. Hope she recovers quickly. I'll be using a multi-piece travel rod that I modified to an acid configuration by rewrapping just two guides. Two reels: one with braid, the other straight mono for "just-in-case." Planning to jig with a range of flat falls from the starboard stern corner.
  298. A

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    Will be fishing the O.P. Full Day trip on June 22. What day are you going?
  299. A

    Best way to clean reels?

    Dunking a reel in fresh water has its use. If a reel has been submerged in saltwater and there's no time to service it shortly after a trip, soak it thoroughly in several batches of freshwater. This will dilute any saltwater inside the the reel to minimize any impacts from the salt. It will be a...
  300. A

    Terez rod and rusty wrapping

    Since the guides are not broken, and most likely you will not be able to remove any rust under the existing epoxy coat, you can strip them off and have a DIY project to rewrap them. It's actually not that hard unless you start adding complex aesthetic wraps; I have done four guide rewraps...
  301. A

    Blue azores 8k

    Specs on the web say 300/65 for the 14K. The CJ-S-701Ha would be the more suitable one of the two that have been discussed. Should find a shop that carries both the rods and reels and try out in person.
  302. A

    Blue azores 8k

    So it looks like 50lb braid max is appropriate, and the 8K still will have comparable capacity to the 5 and the 471. You looking at 30-40 lb top shots? The Cedros "A" Jigging CJ-S-701MHa and CJ-S-701Ha would be the first candidates to look at. CJ-S-701MHa is 50-100 braid so 25-50 mono...
  303. A

    Conventional Reel Recommendations

    Offshore in a kayak...the probability of a reel dunking is significantly higher. A reel with bushings, no bearings is better suited. "Close" to you is this CL posting: The Penn 500 Narrow would be very...
  304. A

    Blue azores 8k

    Hmm... has she fished live bait with a spinner before? is she ok with manual bail close? were you planning to spool with 50lb braid max?
  305. A

    Blue azores 8k

    What is your intended purpose for the 8K setup? Without specifics, have you looked at the Cedros "A" Jigging lineup? Something in the CS-J-xxxxxx group...
  306. A

    Spiral guides?

    Spiral direction is opposite to your crank side. If all your target conventional reels are left-handed, then those rods should spiral right. Standard right-handed reels, spiral left.
  307. A

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

    Does the Alan Tani 5/0 handle not work?
  308. A

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    Ok, nothing on Craigslist SD; there's a $20 Daiwa Sealine 50H that's a good rebuild candidate but in Corona del Mar, and you already have the 40lb covered with the 35.
  309. A

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    What region are you located in?
  310. A

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    1/4 -1/3 of your lowest line section rating, so if 50lb main to 40lb top shot then it's 10-13.333 lbs total drag. Since the rod under load with line running on the guides imparts 1-3 lbs drag (varies with rod), it's 7-12lbs from top of spool.
  311. A

    Rod for Penn Fathom 2 20 Level Wind

    Have you already spooled on the 65lb? If not consider, going with 50lb main for the bump in capacity. Make sure to not retrieve the line past the level wind guide; once out of sync, the increased lateral pressure from the line on the guide will cause excess wear and eventually premature...
  312. A

    Line size/drag for boat trip

    400+ yds 50 lb braid main - allows for 20, 25, 30, & 40 lb top shots 400+ yds 100lb braid main - allows for 50, 60, 80, and 100 lb top shots. <= 40lb no "need" for a 2-spd; >=50 lb a two speed is consideration. Budget? Are you mechanically inclined? This could lessen the impact on the budget...
  313. A

    Tuna King rod...

    If the price of bread was $0.60 in the late '60s and using $4.00 now, then about a $113 rod now...
  314. A

    Help with rod decision

    Take additional due diligence on the line ratings. Many manufacturers are listing ratings that are for BRAID but some don't call that out. My Cedros 65-150 CJ-S-701Ha is my 80lb [mono] spin rod. The Star Rods Aerial 50-200 EXJS66XH is my 100lb [mono] spin rod.
  315. A

    Quick change mono topshot question

    Hollow core loop if you're that concerned about a tied braid loop...
  316. A

    Help with rod decision

    See if the CEDROS "A" JIGGING series has anything that catches your eye. Star Rods's Aerial series also has some interesting options.
  317. A

    Tuna King rod...

    If you had savaged good guides from a rod with a broken blank, and was willing to do wrapping with minimal decorations (simple metallic rings at the ends of each guide wrap or NONE) then it may be an interesting project. There's a YouTube showing how to make a wrapping station from a cardboard...
  318. A

    Help with rod decision

    Hmm...could bump up the braid to 65 or 80 solid and still have decent capacity. Gives option of leaders between 30-60lb Make bimini twist loop or use a hollow core loop on main tag end. Use wind-on leaders to allow for "easy" switching between bottom and trolling w/o needing to cut and retie.
  319. A

    Help buy my next setup...

    Go up at least a 60-80 capable setup. If any of your trips end up at San Clemente Island doing flatfalls at night for may be in for a bad night with your current lineup. The Carnage 50-130 is a braid rating, if recollection is correct, so a 25-65 mono rod...
  320. A

    Rods??? How many

    Even on a 1/2 or 3/4 day, I have at least 2-4 rods (15-25 , 20-40, conventionals and/or spinners) and the DESCENDER. For an 8-day, six conventionals (30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100), AND five spinners (20, 40, 60, 80, 100). All the setups below 100 can go UP or DOWN at least one line class, and the...
  321. A

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    My bad, Steve, was mixing it up with the 60...
  322. A

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    At some point before 40 lbs, freespool will be gone. With Full at 25, Sunset will be about 30 lbs. 80/3 = 26.667 lbs max drag; this will be reached with 25 from top of spool and 1-2 lbs drag from the rod under load.
  323. A

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    From top of spool, set Strike to 12-13 lbs, Full to 25 lbs, and take advantage of the rail whenever possible. May consider having the lugs flipped up in case you hook up to a cow...if you are about to get spooled, the boat's backup setup can then be easily clipped on for you to send your rig...
  324. A

    Tackle suggestions for overnight and 1.5 day

    If your Tiger Stik has an upper rating of 60lb then you have a workable spread of setups: 40nld 50-80lbs top shots 30ld 30-50lb top shots 400 20-40lb top shots Might consider dropping the 400 down to 50lb braid for the gain in capacity. Would a lighter setup for 20-25lb be a nice-to-have? A...
  325. A

    Tackle suggestions for overnight and 1.5 day

    Can you provide the reel and rod models for the Fathoms and rods respectively? You also omitted saying what main line the Lexa is spooled with and what rod it is mounted on.
  326. A

    Rod size question and recommendation

    30-60... that the target line weights are in the mid-range. Beyond this initial rule-of-thumb, you need to take your reel to the shop where you want to try rods out, mount the reel on the rod candidates, and have the shop staff bend the tip down to simulate a fish on (you want them to do...
  327. A

    Braid and Talica 25

    Is the spooled line spongy when you squeeze it? If yes, then your line was not spooled on under tension. It will need to be transferred off and respooled back under 10-15lbs of tension. You will then need to splice on more 130 to fill to top if that was your intent. If rock hard, then the line...
  328. A

    Braid and Talica 25

    Can use Shimano's own specs on the Tac25 and Tac50 for a rough estimate: Tac50 100/150 ratio = 945/825 = 1.145454545 Tac25 100/150 ratio = 610/x = 1.145454545 x = 610/1.145454545 = 532.53968254 --> 532 conservatively Midway between 610 and 532 (i.e., between 100lb and 150lb test) is 571 since...
  329. A

    Spooling reels for LR fishing

    If fishing SoCal/SDLR... common. Have to consider that any mono that's been exposed to UV during the should be stripped off and replaced by next season. Remove 30yds (which was probably re-spliced multiple times during the season anyway but still have the majority--fingers crossed--of...
  330. A

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Would have been quite a bit of effort involved to use at 240'; more so down to 450'...
  331. A

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Nope, no such thing as "the silver bullet" as with many things in real life...
  332. A

    Aztec - Interesting Load Change

    One's first impression is usually correct...
  333. A

    New Reel Servicing

    Recalled that Alan Tani did this with an apparently new VISX 50: IMHO, would say opening up your 16 for a sanity check would be a good call just to confirm "everything" was lubed properly.
  334. A

    New to LP baitcasters, looking for recommendations

    If you decide to pull the trigger, read and DO the "pre-service" maintenance that John D. Tuttle shows... ...for the Lexa (ignore the corrosion removal sections...well, maybe just read as a cautionary tale): ...for the Tranx...
  335. A

    New to LP baitcasters, looking for recommendations

    Was fishing next to a guy with a Tranx 500 this last weekend. Looked at it and compared it to the Okuma Catalina CT-25L that I was fishing and the two were comparable in height profile; Tranx's width and depth were both longer...was NOT seeing the advantage from physical dimensions. Tranx...
  336. A

    Corrosion in Guides

    Get the little plastic cups for salsa from your favorite Mex restaurant (the slightly deeper ones are better for this). On a long enough, level, hard surface, position one cup under each guide you need to clean and place rod on top. Fill cups with enough vinegar to submerge each guide. Allow to...
  337. A

    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    The "upgrade" path is rarely about about making economic sense; it's more about being off the beaten path and having something different, which, BTW, was already achieved with the narrow JVariance parts. 1/3 of 40lb is 13.33lb; something that the factory internals can output. Setting the drag...
  338. A

    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    Here you go:
  339. A

    tyrnos 30 2 speed acceptable for large BFT?

    The number of the reel usually corresponds to the mid-rating of the reel for MONO where capacity, not drag, becomes a limiting factor. FTH25NLD2 330/20 305/25 245/30 FTH30LD2 440/20 330/30 255/40 FTH40NLD2 410/30 315/40 235/50 The 60 is the only exception to the pattern. FTH60LD2...
  340. A

    tyrnos 30 2 speed acceptable for large BFT?

    There are a group of tackle ho's here that are always on the lookout to hot rodding their reels for extra #'s in drag above factory spec where possible...:rolleyes:
  341. A

    tyrnos 30 2 speed acceptable for large BFT?

    Seller relisted:
  342. A

    Line counter or not ?

    Mechanically, it's one more thing that's subject to exposure and hence Murphy's law. If you really need it then that's that. Otherwise, is your fish finder sensitivity/resolution able to detect/display your terminal tackle as it descends? If "Yes," then you already have a solution...
  343. A

    tyrnos 30 2 speed acceptable for large BFT?

    Saw this on craigslist and comes with a rod, so it may be worth a trip up to Glendora: Googling resulted in this:
  344. A

    Popping for bluefin tuna.

    The last post before yours was dated Feb 21, 2017. Since then, the Makaira spinner has been released. The 30000 is capacity-wise rated same as the Stella 30000. Another choice is the Penn Torque TRQII9500, but the Torque is a drop in capacity. If ksong withholds recommending the Saragosa for...
  345. A

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Someone can tell you that "Method X" is the best, but until you try it, it's just hot air from the peanut gallery. That being said, if everyone on the boat is using dropper loop and squid and you the same, would you be getting any knowledge to convince you what is the "best?" If you choose to...
  346. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    Held the CDX65 in my hands today at Charkbait. The bail, more triangular stem, and gearbox are certainly beefier than the CD65's. The CDX's baitfeeder drag knob is recessed, unlike the old CD65's and CD90's which merely capped the end of the gearbox and can allow water to seep between the gap...
  347. A

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    Okuma USA site says "GR" for frame and side plates. Graphite is iffy for a cow reel....
  348. A

    Big bluefin reel bang for the buck

    If you are comfortable with a "project" and willing to take a gamble, this: -- or --...
  349. A

    Which low gear ratio star drag?

    If you are willing to consider Progear, will other old school reels be acceptable? The Daiwa Sealine 300H has 3.7:1 gearing and it is interchangeable with the 4.2:1 gearing of the Daiwa Sealine 50H. 300H's can be found for $30-$50 on a good day. Drill out the factory handle grip and install a...
  350. A

    Progear Albacore 540 Line Capacity? Braid and Mono

    Going by your last post, 100-150 yds 60lb mono backing to 500yds 50lb braid main to 40, 30, 25 lb fluoro/mono topshot...or some other mix as long as your strongest line is on the bottom and lightest on top. are in a situation where your tag end is subject to significant abrasion...
  351. A

    Circles on broomstick rods??

    General rule of thumb for mono is 20% stretch...estimate how much shock absorption you want accordingly.
  352. A

    Cedros CLD 10S At the very least, parts 17000050 and 17020149 for the 4.1:1 gear set. Note that all the other parts around the gear set(s) are identical. Whether Okuma...
  353. A

    Light weight squish jigs

    The Squishes are new to me as well. Confirmed today that the 160g Pink Ice with the factory assist hooks (with a bit of squid on each) will work for local 1/2-boat sculpin jigged just off of the bottom at 200'-240'. Looking forward to targeting pelagics with the Squishes later in the year.
  354. A

    Large spinning reel for sharks

    Were you one of the bidders fighting for the Cabo 120's offered by Simmons Sporting Goods?
  355. A

    Heavier rating

    This post may have the info you seek...go to down to post #5: Good luck with whatever you decide.
  356. A

    Tern or Tesoro

    Speed was not the point; the level of effort to retrieve under load was...
  357. A

    Tern or Tesoro

    If retrieving that YT at 6.4:1 was an acceptable experience then any of the 6+:1 star drags should be ok. If you HAD to drop to the lower gear, then that should be factored in big time. The Fathom 25N is a reasonable alternative that also has the option of a 4.8:1 gear set swap if you can get...
  358. A

    Large spinning reel for sharks

    Alan Hawk rated the Boca 100/120's with a "70." Before he removed the Cabo 100/120 from his list page, they were a "77" if I recall correctly. What the 7 point difference reflects is unknown since Alan has yet to post a full review of the Boca; can...
  359. A

    Tern or Tesoro

    The 12ii has a 4.7:1 high gear, yes? Your two reels candidates are 6:1 or higher...what was your biggest fish on your existing setup, and how was the experience of retrieving it in at 4.7:1?
  360. A

    Tern or Tesoro

    What are you expecting to gain over your existing reel for surface iron (assuming that that reel is NOT in disrepair)?
  361. A

    Info needed contura series 20&30 size

    2007-ish. These should almost, if not exactly, be the same: Servicing the handle side is similar between the...
  362. A

    Daiwa Catalina 500D repair

    Hope Fred or Keith come through for you.
  363. A

    Sell me a Rod/Reel combo for 8 day LR trip

    Hmmm...Bozeman, MT...transporting ONE 7' single piece rod to San Diego seems more of a hassle, so some out-of-the-box thinking may be in order. 1st, multi-piece travel rods will fish just fine. The Tennessee, Delta pilot member of our annual charter brought just his line-up of all Okuma...
  364. A

    Daiwa Catalina 500D repair

    Googling "Daiwa Catalina 500D" didn't pull up any matches. Is it a conventional or spinner? If it is a JDM spinner, these guys may be worth contacting: [email protected] (Fred, a.k.a., "foakes" on (Keith, a.k.a...
  365. A

    Salt Water jig casing rod and reel suggestions

    What gear do you already own?
  366. A

    Broken rod

    I am in the middle of snapped rod repair project. YMMV. Take both sections and go to Squidco and see if they have a ferrule set that will fit. If yes, you will most likely need to remove the guide from the broken upper section to install the corresponding ferrule half on it. It may be necessary...
  367. A

    Best travel rod?

    The "best" ones would be those with ferrules. Blank on blank ones will work, just a bit delicate than the ferrule ones. The usual suspects can be found here: Lesser known candidates...
  368. A

    Question about Hollowcore Braid

    x2 Since Fred Hall is coming up, even if you are not going, check what corresponding sales the local SD shops are having at their brick-n-mortar locations for the needle(s) and other hollowcore supplies you may want to have. The other factor is whether you want to have the remaining 1/3 of the...
  369. A

    Okuma Surf Rig vs Massive GT Strike!

    Booked for an October 8-day myself. Picked up a Cedros CJ-S-701Ha as my 60-80lb mono top shot setup that will be use for wahoo based on what I observed on last year's 8-day. If that seems to heavy for what your intended line is then drop down to the CJ-S-701MHa.
  370. A

    Roddy 2 Speed Spinning Reel

  371. A

    Roddy 2 Speed Spinning Reel

    Circles or J's?
  372. A

    Roddy 2 Speed Spinning Reel

    Knowing that your line was 80/60, you could have adjusted the drag after hook set. I did that on a YFT with a Fin Nor LT100 on a Daiwa STW70MHS with 100/50...the from-top-of-spool 15lbs of drag was not putting the hurt on the 40lb-ish YFT, but an additional 3/4 turn on the drag knob did the...
  373. A

    Roddy 2 Speed Spinning Reel

    Over the years, people have landed fish that a Barbie pole or a Zebco 33 was never expected to handle. This $58.67 Roddy appears to fall into that "unexpected surprise" category... LOL Do you recall what your drag setting was and did you notice any frame flexing?
  374. A

    which spinning rod for tuna
  375. A

    Which Fishing reel is better ?

    The current exception would be the Shimano Stella FJ: See the 21 January 2019 post...
  376. A

    Rod and Reel for 3/4 Boat Trips

    You will also need: Carbontex drag set Cal's Universal Drag Grease Blue marine grease of some kind (Penn blue grease will do too) CorrosionX, ReelX, or TSI321 Maybe bearings if the existing ones are corroded Looks like Squidco may have everything you need...
  377. A

    Rod and Reel for 3/4 Boat Trips

    Untrue. Did an 8-day last season fishing mostly spinners including the BG6500. Casting lures, live bait, and yoyo-ing irons. Certainly doable for a 3/4-day and have done so. It requires a different set of techniques...
  378. A

    What 30-50 (or so) reel to pair with a 7' Phenix for Rocks/Lings?

    There's a pattern of over-complication that seems to repeat whenever the question of "Which reel...?" is posted. Lots of "Kool-aid" around about what latest and greatest **bling-bling** gear one should have; I've resisted drinking from those buckets as much as possible and tried to follow the...
  379. A

    Higher test line at the end??

    If the end of the rig has a swivel-snap and the snap can be unlatched from the swivel, do so and take 20lb mono and tie the sinker to the swivel. Tie it as short as possible...this is now your breakaway if the sinker is snagged.
  380. A

    reel line up opinions

    If you don't already have the Fin Nor LT100, consider budgeting a little more and try for a Quantum Cabo CSP100PTSE on the big auction site. Simmons Sporting Goods of Alabama has been auctioning off 1 a week. Target $130-$150 based on the sold items history. I have both and though it only is...
  381. A

    Medium to light setup suggestions

    If you're are going to continue down the spinner route, then one more reel that's super budget friendly is the Daiwa BG 6500. Some budget rod options are: Daiwa STJ70XHFS Okuma CJ-S-701MHa The ratings for both rods are for braid. I've fished the...
  382. A

    Fishing in bad weather?

    If the bad weather includes RAIN over any urban area, the water will also be f'ck'd up with all the runoff during and after the storm. Waiting a couple of days before any contact with that water is prudent. If it's just high winds, game on unless casting directly into the wind.
  383. A

    What 30-50 (or so) reel to pair with a 7' Phenix for Rocks/Lings?

    First, you said rockfish and lingcod...$250, IMHO, is overkill. Then you said yellowfin. Okay...two different all metal reel to fit the bill. You can spend $250 or you can save $100-$150 to spend on hollowcore line + assorted tackle...
  384. A

    Bottom Fishing Rod Recommendation

    Have read good things about Star Rods over the years, and looking to get a couple of their spin models for next season. They have their Aerial Boat Conventionals EX528H and EX529H models that are 30-60 and 30-80 respectively. Your 50lb is in the midrange of both rods. Star Rods is based in...
  385. A

    Penn Fathom 40nLD2 set up question

    RAMJG50100C62 if going with the Rampage. It's also the Xmas shopping season; with the possibility of sales, should see if you can hunt down a CARBWII50130C66 Carnage on sale. You can also see if the BD Classifieds has something you need. You want the line weight you are fishing to be in the...
  386. A

    Reel advice needed.

    Taking Penn's own numbers, here's what one could be looking at: FTH40NLD2 MONO CAPACITY YD/LB 410/30 315/40 235/50 BRAID CAPACITY YD/LB 785/50 665/65 565/80 MAX DRAG LB 40lb | 18.1kg GEAR RATIO 5.0:1 / 2.5:1 RETRIEVE RATE 42/21 With 100lb braid, looking at about 500+ yds. Going with the 1/3...
  387. A

    Next year

    There's no point to dwell and second guess. This year, for those of us who commited to a trip for second week of October 2018 back at the end of 2017, was there anyone who could of then predicted Hurricane Sergio?
  388. A

    Reel advice needed.

    Depending on the rod you put the LT100 on, it can fish up to 80lb for sure. Can do yo-yo and bait too. One of mine was spooled with 100lb braid with 80 lb mono/flouro top shot/leaders, mounted on a Daiwa STJ70XHFS. The Fathom 40 can cover 100lb...
  389. A

    My first Tuna rod setup

    Regardless of what spinner you choose, see if it comes with a second, spare spool. If yes, then you can spool up the spare with a different weight of braid, heavier or lighter. If no, see if buying the spare spool makes economic sense. You should also have a spring scale for setting the drag...
  390. A

    My first Tuna rod setup

    My preference is 1.5 to 2.5 rod lengths of mono with my spin rods being 7'. Some prefer mono long enough so that the splice to braid doesn't go out with the cast; it is a trade off. Length of mono used is inversely related to length of cast.
  391. A

    What Spectra HXJ Raptor?

    It's not the line that's of primary concern...65lb line should handle 30lbs of drag...primary concern is the strength of your weakest knot.
  392. A

    My first Tuna rod setup

    Do not go with the KK; it's the wrong tool for the job. Having recently (though initially untentionally) done an 8-day charter mostly on spinners. Here're some recommendations There are much more appropriate rod options here: A...
  393. A

    Tribute 1.5 this past Friday

    Congrats! o_O The bottom photo screams "Get a room!!!"
  394. A

    Tiburon T60XN kits for 114h

    If you go down the upgrade path, it shouldn't and wouldn't be about the $$$. It's about you, the reel, and fishing it; nothing else matters.
  395. A

    Can this handle bigger grade tuna?

    2x Use your youth to your advantage. If you land a 100+ lb fish on it, that's one up on anyone who only fishes 2-spds.
  396. A

    Alan Tani 2018 SOA 8-day

    I felt the circuits snap back into place when I smacked myself on the forehead at the landing parking lot. :imdumb:
  397. A

    Alan Tani 2018 SOA 8-day

    Arrived at the landing on 10/9, found a parking spot, got a cart, and proceeded to unload my bags and rods when I realized that I did the "2014 Alan Tani Maneuver"...I had forgotten to put my main reel bag in the car. All my conventionals were nicely packed BUT sitting underneath my work table...
  398. A

    ProGear parts help please

    PM'd on
  399. A

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    x2 Don't need any thing fancy. KM's, Kroc, Megabaits, or similar knockoff metal jig/spoon from the big auction site will work...2 oz or smaller down to 3/4 oz.
  400. A

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    Aside from being new and shiny, what advantages are you expecting to gain with high ratio star drags for bottom fishing? IMHO, a cost-effective, old-school star drag with a lower 4:1 ratio or less gearing is a better tool for the job...
  401. A

    Ur thoughts about reel covers

    Great if your reels are in transit outside of a partitioned reel bag. They come off all other times.
  402. A

    wind on leader and fluorocarbon questions

    4. if it works and costs less than Uni-butter...different strokes for different folks.
  403. A

    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    Congrats! Standing by for the "long" version...
  404. A

    Sealine 20 or Fathom 12 for 25#

    Who knew that she was a man born in an injection plastic, out of proportion doll body? Ah the wonders of modern gender modification surgery...
  405. A

    Sealine 20 or Fathom 12 for 25#

    In the line class you want to fish (and if bumping up to 30lb), you are looking at only 5-9lbs drag from top of spool. Personal preference rather than technical need whether graphite or metal frame. The Daiwa will definitely need a pre-service maintenance unless Daiwa changed their production...
  406. A

    Thinking About Quitting

    Did my 18-year sentence in the Patch, and saw "The Great Escape" enough times to know what needed to happen after high school (BHS '85). You should log off BD and spend the time prepping your gear...splicing hollow core and what not. Log back in after the eight-day and share if your sentiments...
  407. A

    Super glue and knots

    Only to nail knots and nubs.
  408. A

    Need advice on my gear.

    IMHO, 50lb is the starting point for considering a 2-spd, and since you have the FTH25NLD2 already, the FTH30LD2 or FTH40NLD2 would fit the bill loaded with 65 or 80 lb braid for 50 and 60lb top shots. If a 2-spd is NOT an absolute necessity, and if you are mechanically inclined and not adverse...
  409. A

    Need advice on my gear.

    The next step up is a 50-60lb setup...
  410. A

    Blue FIn Reel? What can I get away with?

    Are your Daiwa 600H and Penn 114HL factory stock or do they have upgraded drag stacks? The two reels are fundamentally your "just-in-case" setups that may never leave the rack...but if the boat comes...
  411. A

    Recomendations for game reel

    Penn FTH40NLD2
  412. A

    Need help choosing reel

    IMHO, the first test would be if you can get the 4 rollers to roll smoothly. If you can't, then it's a relic as Gary said. Otherwise, Googling resulted in this page:'s a "SS191" row which points to the likelihood the rod is circa...
  413. A

    Need help choosing reel

    What is the rating silk-screened on the rod?
  414. A

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    Should see this time as an opportunity to (if you didn't already know) learn reel maintenance, or (if you did know) overhaul every one of your reels, adding any new upgrades along the way. Being in your man-cave, you will be immediately available when the words "It's time!!!" inevitably comes...
  415. A

    Which Fathoms?

    IMHO, 50lb would be the starting point to jump to 2-spd...but that WILL change as one gets older. For the time being, no point to assume "old fart" status prematurely...
  416. A

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    Dude...stay so DO NOT want this ace in her hand when you want to fish offshore in the future.
  417. A

    What rod (line weight) to buy???

    Did you read this post:
  418. A

    Heavy fluoro vs mono leader for jigging

    Mono...its stretch allows for shock absorption.
  419. A

    What rod (line weight) to buy???

    All right, if you feel your existing rod fishes OK for 30 then the 30-60 should be able to cover 40 and 50 with 60 in a pinch (since your main is 65 and the Lexa "can" handle the 18-19lbs of drag with 1-2 lbs coming from the rod and guides under load)...1st option IMHO. 30 is a toss up since it...
  420. A

    What rod (line weight) to buy???

    What is the reel you intend to match up to the new rod, and what are you spooling up with?
  421. A

    Slammer 5500 or 4500

    With either reel, could bump the capacity up with Maxcuarto...
  422. A

    Frozen Yellowtail

    Any long range fish in my freezer was processed, packed, and frozen by Five Star. Regardless of what it is, the fillets are milk marinated once they are more than three months old. May not be necessary but just in case.
  423. A

    Frozen Yellowtail

    Defrost slowly in fridge. Once defrosted, cut one corner off the vac bag (enough for a 1" wide hole) and drain out blood/liquid. After draining, pour in some milk enough to squish around and cover the fillets inside the bag. Place bag in a pan with corner folded up to keep liquid in bag and...
  424. A

    Head Boat Questions

    East Coast, GOM, Left Coast, or anywhere else, "old school" should still work assuming you still have the gear. If "no" on the Newells, then you have the option of going with smaller two-speed reels (IMHO, 50lb is a reason transition point to go from single to two-speed), and fishing braid main...
  425. A

    How much have you spent ?

    If you stay onshore, your chances are ZERO. If you ante up, your chances are more than ZERO (but the level varies) that you might encounter BFT and the probabilities start dropping from there. If you take the same $1500 and just buy tuna from Point Loma Seafoods, Mitsuwa, or even Costco, your...
  426. A

    Splicing a 150/200 yrd braid to an existing spool

    To buy: 25m spool of 80 or 100lb hollow core - $13 latch or loop needle - $13 To scrounge from your existing inventory if you already have: 2yds of 30lb solid braid for nail knots and nubs Super glue
  427. A

    How to choose the best fishing reel size (spin)

    Since you ID'd yourself as a "newbie," is this going to be your first setup?
  428. A

    In Need of Some Guidance

    Made my foray into saltwater fishing almost 20 years ago, and went through a lot of gear in the beginning that I wouldn‘t even give a second look today. With a bit of searching and elbow grease, you can score some quality used gear pretty cheaply in lieu of buying new. is a...
  429. A

    30 or 40lb setup?

    You can drop the 15LW to 40lb braid, and the 25N down to 50lb to bump up capacity and stay, respectively, 30lb and 40lb setups. The existing 50lb and 65lb braid can transfer to storage spools for future re-use.
  430. A

    Knot for spectra to swivel

    Bimini Twist Loop then Cat's Paw to swivel.
  431. A

    Cattle Boat Burger

    Some fast food breakfast sandwich specials (e.g., 2 for $4, etc.) bought enroute to landing or sub sandwiches brought the night before kept in a collapsible insulated lunch bag ( to get around the " no ice chests" restriction) are good for 1/2 and 3/4 day. MRE's are another option. Choose your...
  432. A

    Yellowtail Set Up

    Don't own one myself. Relied on pics from BD: Joseph, is yours a levelwind?
  433. A

    Yellowtail Set Up

    The TRX400 has more drag than either my Penn 27 or Daiwa 30H/SMF170. The mid-range for your rod is 25-30lb test, so set to 8-9lbs (respectively) of drag from top of spool. Estimating you will get at least 300+ yds of 40lb braid. My current preference is to fish with at least 300yds of main with...
  434. A

    Yellowtail Set Up

    So, what is your Ambassador 10K's currently spooled with, and what budget are you willing to commit to getting a suitable setup? Renting is a means to an end, but since the 10k is a levelwind reel you have in your possession, the rentals will most likely NOT be levelwind. Are you ok with...
  435. A

    Yellowtail Set Up

    For comparative analysis, I can say that I've successfully fished for 30+lb YT at Cedros and Guadalupe with these hotrodded old school reels: 40lb max mono top...
  436. A

    Biggest Best Reel For Terez XH and XXH

    Shimano's Terez web page has ratings for PowerPro...a reasonable rule of thumb is to multiply the numbers by 1/2 which gives the XH a possible optimistic mono rating of 30-100 and the XXH 40-100. Since you yourself have seen 150's landed, this seems to be in the ballpark. This would then point...
  437. A

    Best knot for braid to braid

    10'-12' of 130+ lb hollow core, insert 5'- 6‘ (respectively) of each solid, nail knots + nubs at transitions, and glue.
  438. A

    Tinkering with knots

    Reading loud and clear. Working with hollow core connections myself for the first time.
  439. A

    Tinkering with knots

    If this is for the 3-5' of fluoro that stays outside the rod tip, and your surgeons are consistently the size of the one in your photo, what more are you looking for? Just follow the KISS principle and focus on fishing time.
  440. A

    Daiwa vs. Penn

    Do a bit more looking around and you should be able to get a 50H for less than $40. Like this one: The missing screw should be way less than $10 to order from Daiwa.
  441. A

    Looking at New Reels

    Ok, there would have been a time that you could have gotten an all aluminum upgrade kit for the Sealine; not impossible now, but just much, much harder since you'll need to find someone to part with theirs. Otherwise, it doesn't appear you will be affected by the higher gearing new star drags...
  442. A

    Looking at New Reels

    What are your current reels?
  443. DSCF1406


  444. A

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    Are the bearings the only corrosion issue? If yes, then replace them. Prior to installation, perform pre-service maintenance on them. Pop the shields on all of them and degrease of any factory grease. Parts G42-7201 and G42-7701 (the spool ones) treat with TSI321. Parts G27-9601 and G52-3403...
  445. A

    20# Class Reel

    You already have the reel: your Newell 220. Do this: Degrease the bearings and do this: And if you really feel the need: 25 or 30 lb braid to maximize spool...
  446. A

    R&R spectra on my reels

    The transfer reel doesn't need to be a level wind, the OP's case, he'll be guiding a minimum of 1100 yds of braid line to "properly" reload one reel. IMHO, ease the pain with any reasonable means if possible... Of course there's always the option of paying someone else to do it. During...
  447. A

    R&R spectra on my reels

    80lb Maxcuatro is approximately 18lb mono dia, supposedly 25% thinner than most other 80lb braid. So 450 yds x 1.25 = 562.5 yds You could possibly R&R this yourself with a bit of elbow grease. Do you have a Penn 309? If not, new ones are $60. Maybe cheaper available on eBay used. Penn's...
  448. A

    R&R spectra on my reels

    What's the max amount of line you're looking to R&R?
  449. A

    Overnight Trip Setup Question

    Braid rating is 500/80...straight 80 lb mono will be significantly less. This setup is for the "bigger fish" right? IMHO, go 450/80 braid with the remaining capacity for the 80lb mono topshot...whatever will fill the spool to full. If the braid you chose allows you to go more than Avet's 500/80...
  450. A

    Basic maintenance (lube/grease) for reels

    As you can see, grasshopper, nothing here has deviated from what I told you before.
  451. A

    Overnight Trip Setup Question

    LH gets rarer as you get into heavier gear...may need to compromise. Your 50-80lb options: Rent the heavier rod as Robert said; Buy a 113H or 114H sized combo from Craigslist (there's one available at the moment in OC for $110). With any used gear, will need to service, so add $20 for new drag...
  452. A

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    That stand on the 155 starts off wider than the Penn stands on the 27 and the 970; both are tapered like your Daiwa SL30SH. Here're the Daiwa 350H, Penn 27, and Penn 970 stands:
  453. A

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Just checked the stands on my Penn 26 (has the 30-180s) and 970, Daiwa Sealine 30H, 50H, SMF 170H, 300H, and 350H, the taper ends are all starting at between 1/2" and 5/8" widening to 3/4". Suspecting that if your "Daiwa 30" fits, then the 30H, 30SH, 50H, SMF 170H, SMF 170SH, 300H, and 350H all...
  454. A

    Cheap travel rod reel seat issues

    Which "...old Penn...?" "...Sealine 30...," do you mean Sealine SL30SH or 30H? With the movable hood completely unscrewed to the max, what is the distance between the hoods?
  455. A

    Daiwa BG8000

    I have the Tsunami and the Daiwa STJ70XHFS. The Daiwa, price-wise, will be on par with the BG8000. Build quality-wise, the Daiwa is higher...the delivered Tsunami from Tackle Direct has the tip installed slightly turned to the left. Bought it on sale so was indifferent to shipping it back given...
  456. A

    20-30# and 40-50# star drag reel?

    What are you looking for that the 2-spd’s are not able to offer? Different gear ratios?
  457. A

    Braid on a cheapo Pflueger Contender G30?

    The specs found on the web says that the G20 has 20 yds more 20lb mono capacity than the 30T. Assuming that this will be the case after the straight transfer over, will this leave you enough capacity for your preferred top shot? If no, then reduce the mono accordingly before the straight...
  458. A

    Diawa BG6500 vs Shimano Saragosa 10,000

    After seeing Alan Hawk stating he was comfortable with the BG8000 for up to 30kg fish. Subsequently (applying a bit of extrapolation)... ...I designated my BG6500 primarily as a 40lb spinner...bumping up to 50lb in a pinch. So far, it fits well in that role.
  459. A

    Quantum Cabo CSP80PTS

    What are the ratings silk screened on the spool? Unable to find specs for a 1st gen Cabo 80 posted on the web.
  460. A

    preferred sleeping position

  461. A

    Quantum Cabo CSP80PTS

    If going with 50lbs, do you really want to have 50lb braid to 50lb mono/fluoro top shot? Or would you feel better with 60 or 65 lb braid to 40 or 50 lb top shot? YMMV. Have not encountered any white Spectra that was better or worse on any of my spinners. Color coated spectra is a different...
  462. A

    Quantum Cabo CSP80PTS

    If there is no suffix after the "S," you may have the first generation Cabo. Since you yourself stated "...had it for a quite a while...," it seems to support the possibility. This 2009 post may be of assistance: If following a...
  463. A

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    For me it's a matter of what was on sale for the hook size I needed though I prefer inline since it is sportfishing...
  464. A

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    Follow KISS principle. Fluoro is overkill for rockfish. Short mono top shot...14' max (i.e. two rod lengths) is my preference. Provides abrasion resistance, sufficient reties before a new top shot is needed, and retains line sensitivity (which is lost with too much mono). Either inline or...
  465. A

    FTH 60ld2 as a "local" 80 lb reel?

    You may have your answer in the third post: If Steve has 80lb mono top shot to 100lb braid, then it's a done deal for the FTH60LD2.
  466. A

    Makaira spinner advice

    How long of a top shot are you planning to use? If very short so that the connection is past the rod tip, then the Breakaway is a logical solution, but finger wrap will also suffice. If your top shot is longer (I use 5-7 yds), the mono/fluoro makes it less of an issue on your finger but the...
  467. A

    Makaira spinner advice

    Will have to live with the weight of the 20k...the drawback with all large spinners.
  468. A

    Makaira spinner advice

    Held the 30K at Charkbait last week. Way more substantial than the Fin Nor LT100's I've pushed to up to 23lbs drag as an 80lbs setup. Have 300+ yds of 100lb braid with a short top shot. Capacity would be the highest consideration between the 10K and 20K. 50lbs is the mid-range of your rod, so...
  469. A

    80lb leader too light for PV tuna??

    Which Daiwa 6000? Current lineup has only 6500's...not seeing 6000 for the spinners suitable to be subjected to PV cows.
  470. A

    pimped out jigmaster vs. torium 20

    Frame and plates? For $125? That's a steal. Would have bought it for those parts alone...
  471. A

    Pawn shop catches

    Then the advice others have given so far is spot on. Pawn Shops are hit or miss depending on who pawned their stuff. Craigslist is also an option that hasn't been mentioned yet--have even seen Pawn Shops use it as well as garage sales. Perhaps your approach should be "What reels are ones that I...
  472. A

    Pawn shop catches

    What are you hoping to find and for what application?
  473. A

    Line help please (hollow vs solid)

    So you are switching out between short casting wind-ons and longer "regular" wind-ons. Either way, you're dealing with hollow core loops on the main line and wind-on for the loop-to-loop. Are you making your own wind-ons? If the hollow core used on your wind-on is the same weight as the leader...
  474. A

    Is my vacuum sealer the reason why my fish tastes "fishy"?

    Thaw fish in fridge. With paper towels, pat filets dry of as much blood as possible. Place filets in a pan and add enough milk to have the thickest piece sit flat at least 1/2 way deep in milk. Flip the filets over a few times to coat all sides. Then place pan of milk and fish in the fridge and...
  475. A

    Casio G-Shock choices

    Sometimes it's good to keep devices separated (and possibly more cost effective and offer more flexibility). The smartphone approach has lots of options: Then there's the "dedicated" GPS option to meet your compass, moon phase, tide, barometer...
  476. A

    Is the Titus II Gold a good reel?

    The Titus' were put on the market before Okuma, for all intents and purposes, adopted the Alan Tani Pre-Service Maintenance. The result can be seen if you open up a Makaira. The Titus should benefit greatly from the same treatment. From a parts perspective, the TG-10-2 and the TG-15-2 only have...
  477. A

    Air travel friendly Rod for fathom 40nld2

    If looking at a dedicated travel rod for a 50+ lbs setup, ones that are built with ferrules would probably be the way to go. Have used non-ferruled ones similar to these...
  478. A

    How many yards of 200# spectra on a Penn Int. 80ST

    How much tension when spooling and the brand of spectra will factor in. If all you want is a ballpark...then the closest current Penn is the INT70VIS rated at 685/80 mono or 630/200 braid. The 80ST is rated 750/80 mono so rough extrapolating would be at about 675/200 braid. If mogambosquid got...
  479. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    18 lbs of drag from top of spool plus 1 to 2 lbs of drag from the line running through the rod guides under load would get 19-20lbs of total drag. applying the 1/3 rule, this works out to a 60lb setup. IHMO, a full metal reel would be required. A 40lb or 50lb setup with 13lbs or 16lbs drag...
  480. A

    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    A reasonable rule of thumb is 2/3 of the factory rating is USABLE, sustained fighting drag. Subjecting a graphite frame to 27+ lbs of drag? YMMV and good luck with that.
  481. A

    30# rig - matching reels to rod

    Forgot to mention that all of them are in the SEALINE series.
  482. A

    30# rig - matching reels to rod

    Possible best bang for your buck are the Daiwa 30H, 30SH, 50H, SMF 170H, or 300H...all metal frames and spools, and all 30lbs+ capable. Here're my tutorials on the 30H and 170H: The 30H/30SH/170H are Penn...
  483. A

    30# rig - matching reels to rod

    So it sounds like your sold Pro Gears was not a decision bad enough to correct with the newer V's. Fair enough. The 15/30 is probably the better choice over a stock 500. The 500 will need a stainless steel gear sleeve to get pass the factory brass one‘s 8lb max drag limit. Mark's suggestion of...
  484. A

    30# rig - matching reels to rod

    15/30 and 500 are downgrades from the Pro Gears... no interest in the more recent Pro Gear Vxx models?
  485. A

    Okuma Coronado Baitfeeder Drag Problem

    No short cuts on this one. You will need to open the reel and clean it out. As I recall, the one area of challenge with my CD65 and CD90 was when reassembling the side plate to the frame and getting baitfeeder lever and mechanism back together.
  486. A

    Old Penn 50W

    Someone like Basil of who deals primarily with line could suggest a range of possible configurations.
  487. A

    Old Penn 50W

    50W factory-rated 800/50. Starting the guesstimate with 0.71mm dia for 50lb Big Game, it will be approximately 800+ yds of 200lb JB hollow core @ 0.69mm. 130lb BG is 1.11mm, so 600yds of 200lb JB will leave about 60-80 yds of capacity for 130lb mono...YMMV.
  488. A

    Old Penn 50W

    $300 is 1/3 to 1/2 of a new reel. You need to get new line regardless if it is the 50W or a new reel, so the line cost is a wash. Since it is a Cal Sheet conversion, the drag plate I would assume would have been blueprinted. Your 50W would appear to have good "bones" for the upgrades...spend...
  489. A

    Old Penn 50W

    Hmm...not that I have one, but if I did, this would be the approach I'd consider for this project: 1. Open up the reel and check if it has one of the these: OR ...some other carbon fiber upgrade...
  490. A

    How Bad is Gold ?

    Do the fish care?
  491. A

    wintertime reel service for everyone

    Alan, You're retired now...all kinds of time to chase down that part that went "boing." You're just in denial about that itch to open up a Makaira spinner...LOL Wai
  492. A

    Daiwa Sealine SL 175 question

    Those diagrams were drawn probably 30? 40? years ago and probably less than 100% accurate due to any mid-production tweeks. Sometimes the minutiae is lost, and it's the minutiae that's sometimes needed. Didn't use any of the Daiwa schematics when I wrote the Sealine 30H tutorial on
  493. A

    Daiwa Sealine SL 175 question

    Can you post a pic of the bridge plate? If the bridge doesn't have the post to attach the spring, then there is the possibility of a bridge plate screw. Also attach a pic of the internal side of the handle side plate... just in case.
  494. A

    First Offshore Rod and Reel

    My BG6500 is fished as a 40lb reel...maybe I'll push it up to 50lb in a pinch. With the 8000, 50lb would be my suggestion...60lb in a pinch with 18-19lbs of drag from top of spool. Daiwa says 33lbs BUT it's prudent to consider how much of that is fishable, sustained drag...2/3 of any factory...
  495. A

    Seaqualizer Maintenance

    After a trip, this is what is done to mine to purge out SW: Initial mid- to hi- flow FW flush under a typical faucet. Overnight soak in container of FW Second mid- to hi flow FW flush
  496. A

    Daiwa BG8000 quality

    Got my BG6500 from, and it definitely did NOT look like that.
  497. A

    POSEIDON Reel Reviews

    Egypt...hmm...the first thing that comes to mind is that there may be a low probability of a readily available spare parts source. Search for "Poseidon" on and follow as any tips on preventive maintenance. Removing any clicker is at least one tip according to this...
  498. A

    Penn 99 question

    8 lbs drag is about the limit of the factory brass 98-60 in a "stock" 99 A Tiburon P-16'd Penn 27 with a 13-200, 3+1 6-155 HT100's AND a 98-155AT stainless steel gear sleeve will output at least 12+ lbs drag buttoned down. Assuming yours is a...
  499. A

    What happens if you use a rod underrated for the line?

    Something like this but worst:
  500. A

    Fathom got dunked

    This is a gamble if you are UNABLE to have the rebuild done IMMEDIATELY: completely submerge the reel in a freshwater bath for 20-30 mins. Dump out the first bath and repeat with a new volume of freshwater. Repeat again at least one more time. The intent is to dilute/flush out as much saltwater...
  501. A

    Need a 2 pice spinning rod rated 50/80 pairing it up with a penn clash 8000 Though I don't have a any of the 2-piece Boat/Jigging rods, I like the one-piece TSTBS-J 701XH enough to give the former a try if the need arose.
  502. A

    Recommendations for Left Hand Reel

    It may be possible to upgrade the Senator (depending on your existing components (e.g., an aluminum spool vs. a steel one)) with a 7+1 drag stack, a 1-piece aluminum frame, stainless steel gear sleeve, main gear, and dog, and a power handle to get up to 45+ lbs of drag. If you're really into...
  503. A


    What offerings have you made to appease the "fishing gods?"
  504. A

    Which reels?

    The SXJ can cover 20-30lbs... The 113HLW could be upgraded to handle 20-25 lbs of drag for about $150--a possible backup to your 50 and 60lb primary setups. Pushing above that to 80lb may require a single piece frame that would push the total $$$ cost to about the price of a new Metaloid--not...
  505. A

    free line fishing on spinning set up

    When fishing irons, poppers, spoons, etc., the bail is closed and the fish are more than like to be striking at high if not full speed. With mono stretching 20-30 %, a length of top shot or shock leader will go a long way to absorb that impact. How much is a matter of preference, but, for...
  506. A

    free line fishing on spinning set up

    Standard spinner: Cast bait out. Once bait enters water, close bail Retrieve slack "gently" so as to not yank bait off of hook. Once slack is picked up, reopen bail. Cup the hand NOT holding rod lightly from under spool on line to regulate line coming off (what your thumb would do on a...
  507. A

    RP knot failure

    As Yoda said, "DO or DO NOT, there is no TRY." Always wet the line before cinching any knot.
  508. A

    Which reels?

    What reels besides the SXJ do you have now?
  509. A

    newbie free line question

    Your bait would be typically be sucked in/"inhaled" based on the way pelagic fish feed. If you felt "something" then "nothing" either the bait was snatched off your hook or the fish is swimming towards your boat. Regardless, put the reel in gear and retrieve; either you will need to re-bait or...
  510. A

    Of All the Penn Reels you own which is your Favorite

    Monofil 27...extensively modded, of course.
  511. A

    light setup for giant bluefin tuna

    Alternative considerations for the rods: Halibut: CE-C-561Ha (can pick up two--one as a spare--and save some $$ over the MK-C-701XH) Tuna: MK-TR-601XXH (heavier rating but probaby "light" if you hook up to a 400+lb tuna) The total $$$ should be less than your original choices. I looked at...
  512. A

    light setup for giant bluefin tuna

    Here are two links that have info that may be applicable to your objectives though the tunas of note are both at the lower end of your 400-1000lb range:
  513. A

    light setup for giant bluefin tuna

    You are already boating 500lb halibuts, and were planning to do 400-1000lb BFT...neither are exactly "small" so unclear how a size MK80 or MK130 is going to force your need for a "bigger boat.' No one here will fly to Sweden and interfere with whatever you want to attempt since it appears...
  514. A

    azores 55 problem

    Doubtful that your 65 and the OP's 55 were part of the same production run. Looking at the schematics, and with part no. differences in the major internal functional components (e.g., drive gear, transmission gear. etc.), it's more likely they are only cosmetically similar. The jump from the...
  515. A

    La Jolla Mako Release.

    Sure, makos can be good eating. Given the choice, however, should something that will take out seals and sea lions be released or be on my dinner plate? I've lost many a good yellowtail to seals and sea lions...I second the "We're not f&[email protected] with him." and vote for released. Karma will pay...
  516. A

    Need More Torque

    From what is shown on, yes (how much is based on your mechanical aptitude), given the addition of the 2nd spd mechanisms. Daiwa STTLD30-2SPD 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 Penn FTH25NLD2 5.5:1/2.7:1 Okuma Andros 12NSIIa 6.4:1/2.1:1 As you can see, there're all sorts of combinations for 2spd so...
  517. A

    azores 55 problem

    Alan Hawk liked both of these and had rated them higher that the Azores: Daiwa BG5000 or 6500 (economy choice, price compare with Quantum Cabo PTsE 60 (~ $157 after 15% off if you are new to Based on AH's review, I bought the...
  518. A

    Need More Torque

    x2. If you distinctively NEED both torque AND high speed, a 2spd is the solution. Pretty much any mod to a single speed is a compromise. For all metal, the Penn Fathoms are a good point to start your search for the ratios you want and expand the hunt from there if the Penn's are not a fit.
  519. A

    Need More Torque

  520. A

    Setting the drag

    Make sure it is the PINHEAD before you start telling... regardless, your gear may mysteriously go overboard during the night.
  521. A


    Close to the landing... Phil's BBQ Bull's Smokin BBQ
  522. A

    Least amount of rods for SoCal fishing

    Setups: "20lb," 40lb braid main, 15-40 (or similar) rated rod "30lb," 50lb braid main, 20-50 (or similar) rated rod "40lb," 65lb braid main, 30-60 (or similar) rated rod Three "dedicated" rods can cover at least 6 weight classes: 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, & 50 lbs. Select reels that are capable and...
  523. A

    Okuma Cortez 5 as a 30-40# reel??

    Okuma says 410/14 mono...which means you can get at least that with 50lb braid and have a 40lb top shot. 1/3 rule drag will push you close to the 15lb rated max drag.
  524. A

    Setting the drag

    If you need to go pass 1/3 the lightest weight section of your line, then you take your chances. It's the knots, manufacturing variations, and/or nicks/fraying that will mostly determine the breaking point until abrasion or teeth factor in. Even if you tie only "100%" knots...well, unless you...
  525. A

    Fishing in Phuket Thailand, Big Game??

    Seven years ago, I went with these guys here: Just make sure they remember to come pick you in the morning to get to the boat. If you're a member of, then you can read my report here...
  526. A

    Setting drag on Avet sx...

    Don't just take my word for it, get a spring scale and do the measurements yourself. Can't beat your own empirical evidence.
  527. A

    Setting drag on Avet sx...

    Once set with the rod, measure the drag straight off the reel. You'll probably find that it reads 6-7lbs. That's because the rod guides will impart drag on the line under load. If always using the same reel to the same rod this offset will be the same every time so you can use the lower number...
  528. A

    Saltist 25#...possibly 30#?

    The old style dry drag washer was unpredictable as to when it would release when pulled. This lead to the condition known as sticky drags where it took more pull than what was desired before the drag would give. You would not want to set your drags at 10lb but under real world conditions at...
  529. A

    Saltist 25#...possibly 30#?

    Grease the drag washer.
  530. A

    Check out my 3 month old Lexa 400HD

    It is not a universal practice for reels manufacturers (since it's in THEIR favor for any factor to play out that causes you to NEED to buy another reel) to do internal preventive maintenance greasing (what many of us call the "Alan Tani" pre-service). Some ARE getting better about it. So, even...
  531. A

    VIP870 spinning setup. What #?

    Primarily 20-25-30 depending on the bite...40 in a pinch. 50 or 65lb braid main. YMMV
  532. A

    Spinfisher 6500ll vs 8500ll

    Are you going to fish it 50lb top shot served to 50lb braid? If you go 1/3 rule, about 16lb of drag with 290yds (less probably) for 100lb BFT seems under-gunned, IMHO, especially since there are no guarantees that the fish on will be 100lbs or less. If going with 450yd of 65lb braid, a short...
  533. A

    Setup Advice

    Setup 1: Shimano SGS-70MH 7' 14-30lbs fast action Avet SX 5.3:1 MC Fish as 15-25lb rig Braid: 40lb Short leader/top shot 15-30' Setup 2: Penn Bluewater Carnage CARBW700M 7' 20-50lbs mono 30-65lbs braid Penn Squall 30 Fish as 25-40lb rig; maybe 50lb in a pinch Braid:65 or 80lb Short leader/top...
  534. A

    Tranx Rust

    Don't have a Tranx, but the response is the same regardless. Apply CorrosionX on q-tips, remove the rust and salt, and repeat with a new q-tip until one comes off "clean." Then do the Alan Tani maintenance: If the full service is not your cup of tea...
  535. A

    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    It's too late for your 7/31 trip, but here're options for next time: An option in LA county: The full metal Daiwa.would be...
  536. A

    daiwa saltist 40 - the easiest drag upgrade ever

    Do you still have the old washers? If yes, stack them together then stack the three "extra" drag washers from the kit and compare. If the carbontex is SHORTER then some or all of the drag washers need to be double up to match. Take the installed carbontex washers out and add one at a time to the...
  537. A

    Do I need to bring an 80-100# setup on a 5 day trip in August: Polaris Supreme

    Took one on my June for August, I would definitely. Yes, it's a just-in-case setup, but if you rather not lug one all the way from MO, then call ahead and rent one from the landing.
  538. A

    New to the fishing game

    Hmm...If you are looking to do just shore fishing, a decent spinner setup can had for $50. Something in the 8-15 lb range. Spin reels I would buy new. If your inclinations start heading out to deeper waters, read my reply (15th one down) in this thread...
  539. A

    Cheap reel for sabiki rod?

    A Penn 9 with a Penn Type A power handle spooled with 25lb test (straight or topshot).
  540. A

    New to the fishing game

    If you are wanting to do saltwater, here's a place to start: If it is $20/ea, that's a good buy. If it is $20 for BOTH, that's a steal. Why look to buy used star drag reels? Star drag reels are usually simpler...
  541. A

    Line Reco for Spinning Reel

    Then Mark's suggestions of 40lb top shot and 50lb braid main is spot on as long as 40lb is in the mid-range of the Ugly Stik's rating.
  542. A

    Line Reco for Spinning Reel

    And what is your rod rating?
  543. A

    Help : Need tackle advice for a 1-1/2 day trip next week

    If the JX is "loaded" with 65lb braid then that's around 400yd and you can go up to a 60lb top shot with full drag set to 20lbs (~18lbs from top of spool with the remaining 2lb coming of the friction on the guides). Leave the top shot tag end untied so you can tie a San Diego Jam to a hook for...
  544. A

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    Are you looking to fish beyond piers and skiffs? If you still will fish piers, then I'd say upgrade (at the very least drags and handles) and retain your existing reels specifically for THAT purpose. For the skiffs and anything else, it will be your new, bling, bling reels.
  545. A

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    Both are good reels that can be made better with upgrades...any interest in doing that?
  546. A

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    What are your current reels?
  547. A

    'reel man' (jerry downie)

    Oh wow, so "reel man" was his call sign on BD. Was shooting the shit with him earlier on the ride down to Ensenada. Took a nap downstairs came back up on deck and found Jerry bandaged up by the crew in his chair to be off-loaded when the SOA docked for the check-in. Capt Mike got us word later...
  548. A

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    Tom's offer of a 50H (Daiwa's competitor to the Jigmaster) is a good option if it has been rebuilt in this way: The 50H/300H/350H Sealines (all of these 3 share the same factory drag stack, bridge, gear sleeve, and handle) will fish up to 50lb test...
  549. A

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    My first reply to this thread: ...has suggestions from 20lb up to 100lb setups. The lower rating rods and reels would fit your criteria for about $150 (spooled with braid) PER setup (shave $20 off if going straight...
  550. A

    Question on Seeker A 655XH-5 1/2 RS/RT Trolling Rod

    As Steve K said your 114 will continue to troll and dropper loop just fine especially if you are using straight mono. IMHO, if you want to go with braid + mono top shot, the 6/0 size is a bit big for a 50lb setup. I stand by my 400H/450H suggestion for star drag, but if you want the benefits of...
  551. A

    Question on Seeker A 655XH-5 1/2 RS/RT Trolling Rod

    x2 on the 50lb setup. A Daiwa 400H or 450H would be the least expensive all metal frame option: As of 6/29, "locally," a 450H can be had for $40 if you happen to be up in LA: Can also do a 5+1...
  552. A

    Jig/Popper setups

    TSI-321 bearing treatment and 5+1 kits are available the Newell conversion only if you can say to yourself: "...there is no way that this upgrade was anywhere near worth the time and expense that was required, but this was never about money, was it..."
  553. A

    fighting giant with spinning rods

    If nothing else, gotta try that at least once to strike it off the bucket list...
  554. A

    Jig/Popper setups

    I've set my LT100 to 22lbs of drag (1/4 rule for 100lb line) from top of spool (24-25 lbs total with the guides friction factored in). My spin rod (Daiwa STJ70XHFS) has a gimbal butt. Once hooked up, put rod butt into rod belt, and you form a "triangle" with arm, torso, and rod. When fish is...
  555. A

    Jig/Popper setups

    It's a personal challenge rather than a technical conventional vs. spinner thing. I've taken a line-up of both on my last four long-range trips...
  556. A

    Jig/Popper setups

    I've owned my first Fin Nor LT100's for almost three years and used one for poppers for over a year now before I found this bucket of "kool aid" yesterday: Didn't need to drink since it only reinforces my existing belief that Fin Nor/Quantum spinners offer a high benefit-to-cost ratio...fits...
  557. A

    Jig/Popper setups

    It looks like the latest Saltist 6500 has the Mag Seal bearings for the roller and main shaft. Daiwa will NOT sell you replacement mag fluid if you want to self maintain the reel--must send in to Daiwa to service. If this is not a deal breaker for you then the 6.2:1 ratio makes for a great...
  558. A

    Which reel for poppers

    If I was upgrading from my current Fin Nor LT100 popper reel, I'd go to the Quantum Cabo CSP100PTsE. I use one of these with a harness to compensate for the loss of laying on the rail:
  559. A

    Spectra for under 40#?

    The weight of thinner main line braid plus shorter polymer top shot will allow fly-lined bait to get out further while still offering shock absorption. Much lighter and less drag in the water than using straight polymer line. 5-30 yds of top shot, increasing in length as line gets heavier. Here...
  560. A

    New to fishing

    Yes, good reel but keep in mind that the Fathom SD's are 6.0:1 reels. OK for "smaller" fish/reels...not so much for "bigger" fish/reels. You can get aftermarket 4.8:1 gears:
  561. A

    New to fishing

    I am a proponent of "good enough" gear. For the consideration of any "budget-minded" individual looking to start out, the lists below are the components of my standard current 5-day (and maybe up to 8-day) line-up. All the reels are DIY-maintained old school star drags with power handles added...
  562. A

    How do you prevent getting sunburned from the neck up ???

    You're close to what I'm wearing except I have the broad brim hat with the back flap for additional barrier to complement the buff:
  563. A

    Need spinning reel gloves

    I avoid casting straight braid. Usually have 1.5x-2.0x rod length of mono shock leader/top shot RP knot connected to braid--no gloves/tape needed.
  564. A

    Popper Rig

    You're fine. Have same rod with a Fin Nor LT100. Was casting a 150gm Toro Tamer Popper with 14' of 80lb topshot with 80lb braid from the bow of the Spirit of Adventure while it was tied up on the east side of the shore-side bait receivers. Had to take real care not to hit the channel-side bait...
  565. A

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    Yes and we compared gold-colored spring scale used on Lauren's and my scale to be within 1/2 lb difference. David's ended up being bigger...
  566. A

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    The 65 lb YT was weighed at the landing curb and we questioned if the portable scale was properly calibrated. The second weighing at Five Star confirmed the first weighing was spot on. Even Five Star wanted photos with it:
  567. A

    Video-ing on LRs - GoPros, etc. ? GoPro 5?

    I used a knockoff. Each battery lasts about 40-45 mins only. The Fry's 6/21 promocode deal for looks like the same camera with a different label and larger LCD screen than mine. For $24.99 (limit 1 per household), get a couple of friends...
  568. A

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    I flylined sardines with 2/0 circles, 4/0 circles for dropper loop sardines, and used ringed 6/0 circles flylining and dropper loop salami macs. These and anything in between would seem reasonable IMHO. Anything smaller or bigger didn't seem appropriate for the bait we had or the fish we were...
  569. A

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    A bit of chaos several weeks prior to departure due to the great uncertainties about conditions, so Capt Mike offered to extend our 5-day to a 7-day by either leaving earlier or coming back later. Would have been nice but no can do given people's booked flights and/or schedules; it was highly...
  570. A

    Fish blood stains on clothes...???

    Fishing clothes is just that...for fishing. I don't make any special effort to wash it out. If it stains then it's an earned mark of battle.
  571. A

    Looking for my own gear

    If buying used from a private seller, then be prepared to completely breakdown and rebuild each reel. Losing a lifetime fish because of someone's say so of "Yeah, it's just been fully serviced and ready to fish..." is not worth the gamble. If not DIY, then factor in $30-$50 per reel to have...
  572. A

    Looking for my own gear

    From Okuma USA's website there's only two Makaira Spinning sizes: 20K and 30K with left and right hand versions. Were you only going to get just two? And the same for the Convertional Maks?
  573. A

    Long Rod Heaver

    Where's a stainless steel Delorean with Mr. Fusion when you need one...oh, right, it got smash by a train in Part III. C'est la vie...
  574. A

    Locking rings for spinning reel on deckhand grip?

    How about one of these:
  575. A

    Long Rod Heaver

    The 450H would have the capacity. Given Newell's reputation of free spinning, if Cubeye is willing to part his 454 at a reasonable price, do that before jumping into a 450H...
  576. A

    Long Rod Heaver

    The OP stated "4/0w" @ $90 in his original list...don't think a US113w can be had at $90...
  577. A

    Locking rings for spinning reel on deckhand grip?

    Did your spin rod have a gimbal and you used a rod belt with pin?
  578. A

    Locking rings for spinning reel on deckhand grip?

    Hmm...if the deckhand rod was wrapped for conventional reels then the guides and the spine will be configured for that...and would be opposite of what is needed for a spinning rod. If the rod was build from a deckhand rod BLANK that has...
  579. A

    Long Rod Heaver

    There is the all metal Daiwa 450H equivalent: If you are in SoCal, there is a CL listing to get one for $40: There's also the bigger 114 equivalent Daiwa 600H off of fleabay...
  580. A

    Barracuda Tackle/Gear...?

    x2 Ya, replacing any trebles with siwashes simplifies release significantly, and, if you can maintain bend on the rod, crimp the barb.
  581. A

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    Should establish this thread as a BD "tradition" It should be moved to the "Sticky" section, and someone will be tasked to kick it off at least annually before the start of the season if no one else had, say, by Memorial Day.
  582. A

    Today, right now S I ramp is closed?

    Good luck!
  583. A

    Just add white deck booties.......

    With the Shelter Island ramp closed, where have you been launching...or have you been totally preoccupied with color coordination?
  584. A

    Just add white deck booties.......

    Rusty, If you really need it spelled out...seriously and permanently encrust those boots with chum. fish blood, and scales...
  585. A

    40lb spinning setup

    For a 40lb spinner, a FULL METAL body would be highly desirable if not a "must." The immediate in-production options with the bait feeder are the Penn Fierce FRCII6000LL or FRCII8000LL and the Spinfisher SSV6500LL or SSV8500LL. Keep in mind that the 8000 and 8500 are gonna be BIG and HEAVY, so...
  586. A

    Putting together a setup for my son

    The "standard" surf fishing rod frequently suggested over at is the Shimano CLARUS STEELHEAD SPINNING series which will be on the long side but you did say "surf fishing." A bit over your budget but may be worth the extra $30...
  587. A

    8 day long range gear help ...

    If your buddy is looking to fishing poppers, then the Twin Power may be desirable unless the rental gear includes a poppers setup. If an iron/poppers setup is included, in all likelihood it will be with a conventional he able to cast with that? If not, the Twin Power is the path of...
  588. A

    Telescopic Surface Iron rod...?

    The Tady/Salas style 3+ oz light irons are a regional lure that is less common as you go farther away from the West Coast. The heaviest telescopic rods that I've found available are from Germany with most being produced by Balzer. In the lengths you are looking for, the Magna Magic Gold Tele 135...
  589. A

    Shimano Saragosa 6000 - Drag failing?

    Post the same video to the BD Shimano forum. Hopefully a Shimano rep or someone who's had the same issue responds definitively. Otherwise, it's process of elimination. Contact the shop you got it from and see if they'll let you test your spool on the Saragosa 6000 on display. If yes, then swap...
  590. A

    Shimano Saragosa 6000 - Drag failing?

    Does this happen when the drag is completely buttoned down? You also appear to be turning the drag knob counterclockwise...loosening it. Also, if you've only had it month, it should be still under warranty...
  591. A

    How would you set these up.

    Makaira ML (12-20) + Sealine 20 (25 or 30 lb braid main, 15lb mono topshot...20lb max in a pinch) Grafetech GIS80L (12-20 baitcasting) + Lexa 300 (25 or 30 lb braid main, 15lb mono topshot...20lb max in a pinch) Calstar 196-7 + Sealine 30 (30 or 40 lb braid main, 20lb mono topshot...25lb max in...
  592. A

    Looking for info on older Shimano 6500 Baitrunner spinning reel

    Tom Jr.'s 15#'s is in the right range. If your reel has the original factory config, pull out the old drag stack and you should find THREE felt drag washers. Rule of thumb is 5-6 usable #'s per washer. Should ditch the felt washers and replace with Carbontex greased with Cal's Universal...Smooth...
  593. A

    How many rods?

    So you got your Jigmaster rebuilt in time? How was your fish count?
  594. A

    Drag stack

    Reference for the delrins: Link to Bryan Young's 5+1 kit: And, I'm sure you already have this one, but just-in-case: I've...
  595. A

    Drag stack

    Now that you've gotten it completely apart, any thoughts of upgrading the following: replacing the undergear washer with a delrin one and adding one between the top metal washer and spacing sleeve...can order the delrins from Smooth Drag; the factory 3+1 to a 5+1 drag stack; and factory brass...
  596. A

    Does a saltist 50 have enough balls for these local bluefin?

    ...x2 Is yours the old Saltist 50H or BG Saltist? If it is the older one, then this will apply: IMHO, if your drags are still factory stock then the Smooth Drag upgrade is a must. With 25+ lbs max drag, 65lb braid with 60lb mono/fluoro topshot is...
  597. A

    So..Many..Options (Rods and Reels)!

    15 (20) 25 means line rating range 15-25lbs with the mid value of 20lbs being considered "optimal" by Seeker.
  598. A

    looking for recommendations on gear / tackle

    A search on Craigslist turned up these: The bigger 50H is Daiwa's full metal competitor to the Penn 500. The 30H is smaller but needs a handle upgrade IMHO. Both need their drags...
  599. A

    Guess where I would rather be

    :rofl: Before 7's a cranky, full suit of armor. You youngers dunna a good thing when you gots it. Back in the day, we walked 20 miles uphill, both ways to get to school, barefoot in the snow...and we liked it!!! And BTW, get off my lawn!!!
  600. A

    Guess where I would rather be

    If you were looking at a glass holding water to 50% of its capacity, is it "half empty" or "half full" to you? If that was the view from work then things can be a lot 100+ °F and looking at blowing sand and tumbleweeds. Lemonade from lemons...
  601. A

    Seriously, how?

    Logical adaptation of one's means. In the same way, I've shifted limited resources to have been able to fish in Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, and SD long BIG trip per year. Live long and proper, brother!
  602. A

    Trolling reel

    If you are OK with a star drag, take a look at the old school Daiwa Sealine 300H, 350H, 400H, and 450H. At this moment, there is a 450H off of CL available in Chino Hills: The maintenance and upgrade tutorial is here...
  603. A

    Seriously, how?

    The latest and greatest at FHS, IMHO, is bling. Do you NEED bling to fish? Unless you're going after cow tunas consistently...NO. All of my conventional gear is old school stuff that I've personally modified or's what I call "good-enough" gear. My "big" annual trip is on the Alan...
  604. A

    Okuma Solterra SLX

    25-28 lbs of drag had been the observed range at which graphite frames have be known to fail in the past (and this is probably optimistic...). Unless there's been advances in the formulation of current graphite that makes it much more stronger than before, it probably would be prudent to assume...
  605. A

    Cabo! Do You Take Your Own Gear?

    Took my own gear in 2014, was able to carry-on reels on return flight with line on...but sounds like things may have changed. The reels I took were two Okuma Coronados and a Daiwa 400H...essentially "good enough" and reliable old school gear, but not painful to replace if "something" did happen...
  606. A

    Opinions needed: Metaloid 12NII or Makaira 10SEA? Which Reel to KEEP?

    IMHO, the MAK10 has all the specs to serve as a 60lb reel. But as a "perfect" reel? That's highly subjective as you now can see from the responses, and with all things in real life, there's no such thing as "perfection" but "better" is always possible. Have I fished the MAK10 as a 60lb? No, but...
  607. A

    Rod for Squall 15LW

    Any lulls between fish can be edited out later but you have to HAVE the recording in order to take spare batteries...enough to record until the call to head back to the barn is made. You never know when that once in a lifetime fishing photo op will occur.
  608. A

    Good Combo?

    Hmm...not really...the rod's rated 20-50 while the reel (24lbs max drag) is 20/420, 25/340, 30/280 for mono and 50,710, 65/375, 80/310 for braid. Suppose you used 50lb or 65lb braid backing...25lb, 30lb, and even 40lb mono top shots will fit in the rod's midrange; the 1/3 rule drag settings...
  609. A

    Ocean City model 1581 Somewhere between 1958 and 1966...50+ years.
  610. A

    Opinions needed: Metaloid 12NII or Makaira 10SEA? Which Reel to KEEP?

    No point in handicapping yourself from the gate. Keep the Mak. If you really need to downgrade later, selling the Mak may get enough for a Metaloid + change. Going the other way around, you'll need to cough up the difference to upgrade from the Metaloid back to a Mak...
  611. A

    Wtb daiwa sealine 600gm

    Uhh...does that mean you have black-painted rhinestones glued to your Sealines??? :confused: Hotrod your Sealine HSD's, post the tutorials, and the card will probably be reinstated...just don't let the wife and daughter know when you get the replacement card.
  612. A

    Wtb daiwa sealine 600gm

    For all we know, it may be for his wife...can't expect everyone else to be satisfied with traditional Sealines' dark gray or silver the way we like 'em, Randy.'s JDM. Discontinued in 2008. Might be hard to find outside of Japan. Wai
  613. A

    Fluorocarbon Source?

    Did you need to have the stuff in advance because you need to prep wind-on leaders, etc.? Even if so, you have the outbound ride to do that. Make arrangement at the chosen store in SD to have the fluoro available for you to pick up before your boarding time and prep on the boat.
  614. A

    Spinning Gear for Rockfish

    If drifting and the bottom drops, you will need to adjust with a standard spinner by flipping the bail open to let line out. Very doable but not as convenient as flipping the free spool lever on a conventional. The middle ground is a baitfeeder/liveliner; engaging the function acts just like the...
  615. A

    WOW!! 632K for a BFT

    There was a level of freshness above even Sushi Ota in San Diego.
  616. A

    Long Range Fishing Questions

    The first two posts here have lists: The second posting is mine. Then again...our group is full of tackle ho's...
  617. A

    WOW!! 632K for a BFT

    I had sushi breakfast at that exact restaurant two years ago...$70 for three people. Was better than any sushi I've had state side.
  618. A

    Help Deciding

    Open up the reel and grease the drag washer. Lots of info here:
  619. A

    Help Deciding

    If you are after a "workhorse" reel that's easy to maintain then simplicity is the key. IMHO, an all metal star drag will fit the bill. Once the KISS Principle is exceeded, Murphy's Law is given more weight. If you don't mind a small project, have a look at this...
  620. A

    2 Speed for Pops

    That kit might be only for the star drags...
  621. A

    Polaris Supreme 3 day ??

    Put my money where my mouth is...just ordered a BG6500 and will be spooling it up with 50lb braid for up to 40lb top shots.
  622. A

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    The loop coming off the reel needs to be big enough for the spool of connecting line...or vice versa.
  623. A

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    Typically, I feed the loop through 3-6 times (depending on my inclination at the moment) before tightening. Your other option is to use a length of hollow core as a connection sleeve...a tad more involved.
  624. A

    Fish the bay tomorrow?

    How did Friday turn out, Rusty?
  625. A

    Best knot for solid spectra to spectra?

    Cut the uni-uni. For each of the connecting ends of the line, tie a bimini twist end loop. Connect the two end loops with the loop-to-loop as if you were using a wind-on leader.
  626. A

    Polaris Supreme 3 day ??

    If the Daiwa BG reels are already in your possession, go with your original plan. If not you have the other options as others have suggested. Hopefully, you don't have 8000's for the 20 and 30lb rigs, but rather BG5000, BG6500, and BG8000 for your planned 20, 30, and 40lb respectively. IF the...
  627. A

    Your favorite dungeness crab recipe that isn't cioppino

    Steamed plain or with some Old Bay. With the plain, dipping in fresh salsa rather than melted butter.
  628. A

    Top rated spinning reel in the 2500-3000 size ...

    There's a growing enthusiasm for the new Daiwa BG series.
  629. A

    Penn tuna stick 3955 RCS 5 1/2 40-100 lb

    Have you look at any of the Daiwa V.I.P Boat Rods? VIP6455XXH VIP6460XXH-AR Both rated 40-130.
  630. A

    Help deciding on 5th setup for 3 day

    Once you add the 20-25lb setup, you are covered for most 5-day trips out of SD. After Lexa and rod, If you feel the need to cover on the upper end, you should have more than enough to pick up a good or better condition, used Penn 114H or Daiwa 600H setup for the "just-in-case" 80lb...
  631. A

    Six foot spinner?

    Here're some:|/pc/104793480/c/104764680/sc/104542380/i/104113080/tsunami-tuff-tip-boat-spinning-rod/1432311.uts?destination=/catalog/browse/spinning/_/N-1104615/Ns-MIN_SALE_PRICE?WTz_stype=GNU...
  632. A

    Quantum Cabo 100 for surface irons and poppers?

    Re-read the Alan Hawk review... the "ceramic bearings" thing may be non-existent, marketing fluff. If it is not your everyday reel then the Cabo 100's size may not be an issue. Otherwise, you MUST realize that it is a BIG reel with corresponding weight to match; I have the more "delicate" Fin...
  633. A

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    Was anyone getting bit on 50' or 60'? If yes, you could have tried going up to a 50' or 60' top shot. If not, then 40lb was the highest you could go; a lower gear on a 2-speed would have reduced the strain on you but still would have been a 70lb YFT on 40lb test. 15lb drag is 37.5% of 40lb--took...
  634. A

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed? where in any post above did you state: what line setup or rating you had? what was your drag setting from top of spool? what techniques you used to retrieve? was a fighting belt or the rail used? George Mara brings up a good point about whether you were going old school. A 6.2:1 reel...
  635. A

    Graphite Frames One key is the drag setting (which you are well under the critical number at 10-15lbs). Width is the other factor with the graphite frame: wider = more potential frame twist => increased likelihood of failure.
  636. A

    San Diego to Rancho Leonaro driving advice

    If your route is going to along the East side of Baja, it is basically all desert. The one piece of advice from my wife's friends who lived 4 years in San Felipe is: "Don't drive at night."
  637. A

    Daiwa Sealine upgrade

    Typically, anyone considering a frame upgrade is probably looking beyond the $$ factor since several aftermarket parts can easily cost more than the original reel. Your apprehensions can be allayed if you thoroughly grease the drag stack with Cal's, grease all internal surfaces with marine...
  638. A

    PENN 209 Level Wind questions

    If you are mechanically inclined, you could defer the Squall purchase indefinitely with a modest investment: The parts: One 6-113 HT-100 washer modified to replace the under gear washer stainless steel gear sleeve...
  639. A

    What spectra to mono knot is this?

    Variant of the Alberto knot. The RP/John Collins is only 5 up and 5 down. I've used the RP exclusively for the last two seasons with no failures (as you've found, the leader breaks first).
  640. A

    Where to rent Bluefin appropriate tackle?

    Yeah, you're right, it would need at least a stainless steel gear sleeve to push it up to a 40-50. Too much of a project for next week trip if bob12201 hasn't done this before. This 114H should work better for $5 more than the 113:
  641. A

    Where to rent Bluefin appropriate tackle?

    Ok, fine...add another $20 for a 113 power handle: A 3.75" handle with molded plastic T-bar grip, the 2:1 ratio, and 15-16lbs drag setting (1/4 rule for 60lb test) should lessen...
  642. A

    Where to rent Bluefin appropriate tackle?

    If still available... ...the reel: ...the rod (get the 30-80): $100 total if you can't bargain down... ...and other $50 for line. Good luck.
  643. A

    Off Topic...Get to Qualcomm?

    X2 Using Uber/Lyft confines you to the traffic mess if you don't leave early. Unless the game is still a cliffhanger 1/2 way into the 4th quarter, leaving early on the trolley is also your best bet to avoid the Q's post-game trolley exodus crush.
  644. A

    Undergunned for these Tuna?

    Calibrate that spring scale and confirm it is accurate. Here's some older posts that may provide insight into the Tallus' qualities:
  645. A

    Thumb Dinger?

    Yes, it was spectra that made those holes.
  646. A

    Thumb Dinger?

    Had two. Lasted three? four? years before each developed a hole. Mixed bag.
  647. A

    Undergunned for these Tuna?

    Braid-rated only rods are a bit of a the 70H really "50-100?" or is that more equivalent to a "25-50" mono rated rod. If you went up to the 70XH, it goes up to "65-200"...200lbs?...really? Even with halving it for mono, "30-100?"...that also seems a little questionable. If you are...
  648. A

    Drag checking scales and technique

    And line pulling in the water imparts drag as well...hence letting a whole spool out behind the boat underway to re-sync a level-wind, retrieve and re-thumb a conventional spool evenly, or undo twist in the main line.
  649. A

    Drag checking scales and technique

    Test your spring scale with some known weights to see if the markings are accurate. If not, you at least have a sense of the offset needed. Do a drag setting with a fully spooled reel and the rod with the 45 degree method. Do several pulls and get the average. Leave drag as set, retrieve the...
  650. A

    Accurate ATD 12, Mod or Not

    Supposed you had spent a $220 on a recent model 6.0:1 star drag reel, and then you spent another $51 on an after market 4.8:1 gear set to bring it down to a more all-around speed. Ratio of upgrade cost to original reel cost is about 1 to 4. That's about what the $250 Cal's charge is to the ATD...
  651. A

    Need help with squeaky Curado 300EJ

    You may want to spray CorrosionX into the gaps between the roller bearing housing and the plate before tapping...may help loosen the bearing and reduce the amount of force needed to tap it out. Tap it out now, clean off as much corrosion as possible from the bearing housing and side plate's...
  652. A

    Need help with squeaky Curado 300EJ

    You've posted over on Alan Tani as well, so probably your best bet for a DIY is this: ...and subsequently this: You've also indicated you've done an almost complete rebuild as well with brown crud observed on...
  653. A

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    Was onboard the Spirit back in June at San Martin when a local Parker beelined towards us, ran across the stern lines, and killed the bite. Didn't hear what went on the radio, but the yelling from the Parker was "Get the f*ck outta here! These are our fish!"
  654. A

    Jigmaster for yoyo option...?

    A tanked 500 will get up to 20+ lbs of drag though one may not want to fish it that high. The other thing is that the components are going to cost as much as a new modem reel.
  655. A

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Groupon can be your "friends" with the things-to-do and eating aspects.
  656. A

    Safe drag setting for US senator 113?

    There's a wealth of knowledge over at about pushing reels above factory spec but what's there doesn't always specifcally cover EVERY reel available. I've modified a Penn Monofil 27 (with SS gear sleeve and Tib frame) to handle up to 40lb test (25lbs above original factory spec...
  657. A

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    For your smaller non-ringed hooks you can use split rings to make them "ringed" if you really, really, really need to... You may want to consider picking up the harder-to-find-in-NorCal hooks and maybe the lead down here in SD. Since the Ranger 85 isn't leaving port until 9PM, you'll probably...
  658. A

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    I've always fished with the hooks of MY choosing...and I don't recall ever taking 50 of each even on 5-day trips. 25 has been the most and only because that was what the "Pro Pack" contained.
  659. A


    I got jackpot a few times. Started out giving a quarter to the crew, then half, then 3/4, and, the last time, all of it. That last time was on a Tribute 1.5-day trip, $220. The crew was not expecting it by their surprised reactions, but they earned it with their high quality of service on the...
  660. A

    need a small reel for rock cods

    That will work too.
  661. A

    need a small reel for rock cods

    Unless I'm mistaken, the Ugly Stik Elite is a $$ can get away with a $$ reel as opposed to a $$$ reel. eBay is your are some suggestions: Penn 27, 26, 180; get a clean one; put in new, greased HT-100's or Carbontex and add a Jigmaster power handle. Stay under 8lbs of...
  662. A

    Clarity Through LR Fishing

    At sea there's little ambiguity about what is happening. Either the boat is underway or not. Whether you have a fish on or not. When the fish is gaffed on deck, it's final. If your line snaps or hook is thrown, that it's it--you start over. No one else's perceived righteousness is better another...
  663. A

    What size Gear for BFT

    The Epixor might be a bit of a gamble...what...slightly more than 300+ yds of 80lb braid...22lbs max rated drag...probably 20lb realistically? This is BFT we're talking about, but if the risks are acceptable, and you're a gambling man, go for it.
  664. A

    Deep water rock coding.

    It's never 100%. The SeaQualizer I've got maxes out at 150'. The 300' model might be better suited though I probably wouldn't have had either ready and rigged to the boat anchor. My hat's off to you for trying.
  665. A

    Fish the bay tomorrow?

    Can't this Scotland. May take you up on your offer if it is extended in the future. I might even have my own gear and know a knot or two...
  666. A

    Everything's Changed on Me?

    Technology advances, but staying "old school" is a personal choice, IMHO. Besides, the fish can't tell or care what you're holding in your hands.
  667. A

    Deep water rock coding.

    Fish descenders are available. Use one. May not be a 100% revival rate but much, much higher chances than the floaters...
  668. A

    Bit by bonito

    Not something that is listed on any personal gear list for long range I've seen, but a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide, tube of antibiotic ointment/cream, and bandages have been included in my gear bag for immediate application on line cuts and minor hook or fish fin spine...
  669. A

    Quantum Boca 80 PTSE vs. PTSD?

    Not that I've seen. The only saltwater Zebco family reels that I've seen are the Fin Nor high end...Charkbait. Big 5 had the Quantum round reels on special a couple of years ago. That's about it.
  670. A

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Thanks, Pauly. I picked up my 2nd one in January 2015. Have only subjected my two LT100's to the YT at Cedros and Benitos.
  671. A

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Do you recall when you bought the LT100?
  672. A

    Spirit of Adventure 2016

    The "talk" Capt. Brian gave us was that the BFT were out there but so was a lot of bait. Could burn time chasing BFT or hedge our bets for YT and get better counts. Capt. Brian went with the latter. Although our counts were not as high as the 2015 trip, he made the right choice IMHO.
  673. A

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Unless I'm mistaken, that is a Fin Nor LT100 on that spin rod. Did the angler land the BFT? Or did that reel later snapped? Can imagine smacking that reel under pressure on the rail would contribute to the frame failures...
  674. A

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    So the semi-good to use my TSTBS-J701XH at Cedros, Benitos, and San Martin. Used it for casting Laser Minnows and yo-yo-ed a scrambled egg heavy Candy Bar. Was paired with a 3-year old Fin Nor LT100 spooled with 80lb braid and a short 2" 60lb mono leader. The semi-bad news...didn't...
  675. A

    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Good info! I'll will take a look on Mon 6/20 before boarding the Spirit of Adventure at 9AM.
  676. A

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    Guess the term fell out of use... back in the day, "The Patch" was a demeaning nickname for Bakersfield. Looks like I tagged myself as the old fart that I'm becoming.
  677. A

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    Would have NOT expected any sporting goods store in the "Patch" would even carry SW gear...was probably too busy planning my escape after high school to notice.
  678. A

    Looking for budget jigging rod (don't laugh)

    I picked up one of the Tsunami TSTBS-J701XH Trophy Jigging Rods: With luck, I'll report back on how it performed on the my 5-day sometime after 6/25.
  679. A

    Van Staal VM275 Spinning Reel???

    The 80 is a different reel design from the 100. The 100/120 has the shaft supported at the end of the body (Alan Hawk has a photo of this in his review); the 80 doesn't have this. Capacity-wise, the order appears to be (ascending order): ISLA5000H Cabo 80 ISLA7000H Cabo 100 Power Pro 65lb...
  680. A

    [Need Help] Penn Long Beach

    The bridge or bridge screws may be slightly warped. Are the other bridge screws tight when attempting the last one? If so, loosen those a couple of turns each and then insert the last screw. Shift the bridge plate around until the last screw gets into place and then tighten all.
  681. A

    beginner popper setup

    Did you see what make was the reel?
  682. A

    Okuma Spinning Reel

    IMHO, there are few, if anyone, who will equivalate anything in Okuma's current spinner lineup to any of the reels you've listed above. The "closest" are what's being discussed here:
  683. A

    Safina Pro spinner for the popper?

    No, Keith. I've the Okuma Coronado CD65 and CD90 that were designed as saltwater spinners, and the Coronado's graphite frames have too much flex for my comfort for big game fish, especially if going for BFT. IMHO, difficult to see how the $47 Safina Pro would fare better than the heavier rated...
  684. A

    Newbie seeking advice for loading a reel

    You got the shiny new it. For future consideration under budget limitations, look at these: Find them on eBay or Craigslist, for $30 to $60. Invest another $20-$40 in new parts and upgrades each and you'll have a solid arsenal...
  685. A

    Rental Equipment Fisherman's Landing San Diego

    Do you have confirmation of what gear Fishermans's landing with rent you and what the boat will offer (suspecting just the trollers, but one never knows until one asks)? Once you have the list, then weigh in whether the rental cost is better spent on pre-owned gear off of Craigslist that will...
  686. A

    Newbie seeking advice for loading a reel

    Here's an example of what you can land with a 30lb top shot:
  687. A

    Newbie seeking advice for loading a reel

    One additional skill you may considering acquiring (since the RXA 80 is a star drag) is servicing your own reel. Go through this site: The pre-service maintenance is highly recommended before that reel ever sees saltwater. There are plenty of us on (including Alan...
  688. A

    Newbie seeking advice for loading a reel

    The RXA 80 spec says 20lb max drag. Were you planning to thumb the spool to get the additional 30lbs drag to consistently fish 50lbs tension? Good luck with doing that and have no frame flex with the post/plate style reel. Witnessed someone's Penn 140 Squidder pulled apart while fighting YFT in...
  689. A


    You can contact Alan Tani. Another possibility is Fred Foakes, a moderator on [email protected] Both in CA.
  690. A

    It got away. Next time ideas?

    1. Open up the XP-452L and inspect the drag washers. If they are not greased (Cal's Universal), carbon fiber, replace. ( 2. Get a spring scale and test against some known weights. Once "calibrated," set your drag to slightly less than 1/3 of the lightest test in your...
  691. A

    Welding Base of Reel to the Frame

    Aesthetically, it's tolerable. Functionally, I trust the repaired MA45DX exponentially more than my other MA45DX that still has the original factory rivets. I can still fish with the repaired MA45DX, but the other I am relegating to fish descender service until its rivets fail. For the OP's Pro...
  692. A

    Welding Base of Reel to the Frame

    Stainless button head bolts and nuts. Had an Okuma Magda Pro 45DX dating back to the days when Okuma's reputation was lower than whale sh*t. The four rivets had basically corroded all the way through and the reel separated from the foot while I was setting the drag by spring scale. Since it was...
  693. A

    Help choosing a rod

    I don't have the STJ70MHFS, but I do have the STW70MHFS and the STJ70XHFS. I've only yoyo-ed with them paired with Fin Nor LT100's at Cedros using Salas 6x and Sumo #6 jigs; I'm satisfied with the performance of both rods with that technique.
  694. A

    Can you eat Yellowtail eggs

    Had some in freezer from last season. Soaked in milk, floured, and pan-fried brown on both sides. Kind of like a grainy, fish-flavored version of an English banger.
  695. A

    Best spinner $200-300 max Thinking 6500ish

    I was the "Homer" :imdumb: whose LT100 handle securing bolt snapped on in mid-fight. It was spooled with 100lb braid with a 100lb mono top shot and set at 25lbs drag. The YT I'd eventually got on the boat was 30-35lbs. BUT...that LT100 was the newer of the TWO LT100's I had, and the older one...
  696. A

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    Upgraded Penn Monofil 27. Here're its parts:
  697. A

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    Upgraded Penn Monofil 27. Here're its parts: