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  1. Freedom Roc

    Kicker for 2320?

    I am looking to get a kicker for my 2320. I want to power it with a Yamaha 4 stroke. How much HP would you recommend. Looking at having a backup for my Yamaha 200 HP to limp back in if something goes wrong with the main motor while offshore.
  2. Freedom Roc

    1 week from today Intrepid

    This time next Friday, my son and 3 buddies will be rounding the point on the Intrepid on an 8 day heading for the promised land. Super excited to say the least. Going to be epic if it is anything close to last year. Great group, crew, and always crazy food starting off with prime rib. Looking...
  3. Freedom Roc

    Wire for Wahoo?

    What are your thoughts on using a wire leader on Raider jigs for a wahoo bite. Do you think they will be line shy? I lost a couple jigs last year getting sawed off with 80 lb mono. Heading out in 2 weeks on 8 day trip and trying to prepare for possibility of wahoo on the rocks.
  4. Freedom Roc

    Rocket Launchers for Parker 2320

    I am looking for rocket launchers to install on my pilot house. Would like to have about 7 launchers across the top. Any recommendations for a vendor? Any help would be appreciated!!!
  5. Freedom Roc

    Outside the gates? New boat looking for fish

    Anyone catching anything outside the Golden Gates? Have a new 2320 Parker and itching to get the deck bloody. Fished lot in the delta but don't know the coast. Any rock fish spots willing to share?
  6. Freedom Roc

    Gunnel height

    I'm interested in a 23 or 25 foot Parker. I looked at a 25ft modified V and the gunnel was pretty low. I was concerned that water would come over the rail in choppy conditions. Has anyone had that problem? Does the deep V have a higher gunnel?
  7. Freedom Roc

    Wahoo at rocks in Jan - what's the chance?

    Wahoo are hitting the decks at the rocks which is not normal this time of year. Is this the year for a crazy WFO wahoo bite mid June at the rocks?
  8. Freedom Roc


    Heading out end of May on Royal Star 8 day and my buddy doesn't have a passport. Couple years ago it was a big deal but last year I don't recall it being a problem. Left a message with Royal Star. Anyone know for sure?
  9. Freedom Roc

    Wax Wing - Best color?

    I am going to try some popping this year and wanted some feedback on color selections for the wax wings. Also interested in other popping lures that will work on 8 day June trip. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Freedom Roc

    Royal Star WI FI?

    Rumor has that the Royal Star will have WI-FI soon. Anyone know if that is true and if so when it will be up and runnng?
  11. Freedom Roc

    Spinning rod for yellows

    I am looking for a spinning rod to match a Penn Spinfisher 8500. Will be using it to butterfly yellows. Not interested in the Shimano set up. Any ideas?
  12. Freedom Roc

    Rig reels

    Thinking about adding another set up for 8 day trip in June. Want to match a reel to 9 1/2 rod for yellows at the islands. What reel would you suggest. Thinking Avet, Saltist, Shimano
  13. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Fort Meyer, FL in July? What's Up

    Thanks in advance for any help! Sister just moved to Fort Meyer and plan to visit in July. Want to fish while I am there and would like some advice. Looking to go off shore if possible.
  14. Freedom Roc

    Fishing Fort Meyer in July?

    Sister is moving to Fort Meyer and I plan to visit her in July. What is the fishing story during that time. Any boats, areas that I should hit. Looking to go offshore if possible. Can't get enough fishing!
  15. Freedom Roc

    G6470 or G6470H?

    I am looking at either the G6470 or G6470H to match with an Avet LX 2 speed. I plan on loading the LX with JB 60 lb and top shots of 40/30. Which rod would you match with this set up? Will be using the rod for casting dines.
  16. Freedom Roc

    Saltist 50 2 speed

    Thinking about getting a Saltist 50 2 speed to crank on tuna and yellowtail. Any words of wisdom
  17. Freedom Roc

    Royal Polaris Shimano Open 6/18/10

    Anyone been on this Shimano 8 dayer? Never been on the Royal Polaris. Booked it with my buddy Hatch and wondering if they are going to catch fish and take care of us!