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  1. Afry

    17" Logic project boat

    Hull is good to 75hp
  2. Afry

    17" Logic project boat

    Sold - Bought this a few years ago was told it had a dead cylinder with no compression. These motors are cheap and easy to fix but I lost interest when I bought a bigger boat. Boat is 2001 and includes the trailer. 70 HP Johnson, Bimini top, fishfinder and trolling motor. No battery, it needs...
  3. Afry

    south coronado islands.damd seals

    Paintball gun - bait em with Bonito. Pretty soon you will forget you are fishing.
  4. Afry

    Lost hoop net SD Bay - 10/21

    Lost one last night early on with the ripping incoming tide. Should have known better but had friends in town from Co. and took them out. Conical net with thick yellow rope and a float that looks like this:
  5. Afry

    1960s big boy BBQ grill

    My neck hurts
  6. Afry

    1978 BERTRAM 28

    Jeez, don't make it easy to check out your boat.. Edit: thanks for posting the pics instead of the link
  7. Afry

    Lost nets please help if possible

    You might also check Craigslist, if I find them the next morning in the bay I'll post them up there and here. I have lost enough of my own and know how it feels so I try and get them back to the owners.
  8. Afry

    Lost nets please help if possible

    A tide flow of 2 knots or higher will ruin your day unless you have proper setups although not much seems to help if a pile of kelp drags them off. We found 3 nets on opening Saturday night in SD bay that were floating on their own all together, all different floats. We left them hoping the...
  9. Afry

    San Diego Bay - Dense Fog - Lost Traps

    Yes please be careful, a few years ago same deal. As I was heading back to the launch ramp I came across 3 guys sitting in a tri hull without gps floating in the middle of the channel not realizing where they were. They followed me back just as the big car hauler came through.
  10. Afry


    1/4 tangles like a mofo.
  11. Afry

    Free desks, tables and 3 chairs

    I have a bunch of free desks, 3 chairs and a tables. Most in excellent condition and some new - come and get it. Just about done cleaning out the shop - Arnie @ 760-522-8111 (Ramona)
  12. Afry

    The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    Bummer for you to be on this trip but can't help think some may figure this is a little justice for LA taxpayers. I'm sure they love paying for everyone to go fishing on their dime as well as all the other notorious high jinx they get away with.
  13. Afry

    2000 Seaswirl Striper 2600 Limited Edition WAC for sale PRICE REDUCED

    Very nice! I've been on this boat and seller spares no expense taking care of her.
  14. Afry

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    Bottom cleaning every month about $1.50 per foot plus needed zincs and top cleaning every other week is $2 a foot per month. Haul and new paint every 3 years is a couple grand+. It's a harder life in the water and surfaces will rust must quicker in the salty environment. Also you will need to...
  15. Afry

    18' Westcoaster Bayrunner project

    **SOLD** I bought this to rebuild but lost interest and recently bought another boat. This was stored indoors but now I need the space. Suzuki 55 hp two stroke that was running perfectly before it went into storage but hasn't been started in at least 3 years. Yes the hull leaks and needs some...
  16. Afry

    34ft Bayliner Sport Fisher - Ready for Lobster Season

    That's one big ass hoop netting boat! For really really big bugs?
  17. Afry

    1993 Invader Reefrunner $10,500 OBO

    Maybe he just woke up from a long nap?
  18. Afry

    Furuno 16NM 1622 Radar - like new

    Display, 15" Radome, 10 Meter signal cable (no cuts or splices), mounting bracket, power cable, face cover, and manual. Perfect for smaller boats 15-30' $850 Arnie 760-522-8111
  19. Afry

    Davis Bahia 25 $ price $65k must go

    Put a for sale sign on it and I will drive it around from paddy to paddy. :D
  20. Afry

    23' Keywest CC --- sold to Arnie on BD--TY, BD

    Best part is this is when he's driving. :D
  21. Afry

    23' Keywest CC --- sold to Arnie on BD--TY, BD

    Just on the road?? How disappointing... Darn the luck, we have to drive down and fish Baja - Mike graciously offered to put us up at his place in Mulege - thanks!
  22. Afry

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    For those of you that have never driven a winged dirt car.....the rear axle is solid and like a jet ski the throttle must be down to turn either way. Also there is no neutral, so you cannot push in a clutch, you are either moving or not. Keep in mind 850 HP is a handful even at (fast) idle...
  23. Afry

    23' Keywest CC --- sold to Arnie on BD--TY, BD

    PM sent, Steve - your driving down with me if this works out.
  24. Afry

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    Well if you can't afford one follow the flying rats to the Cuda bite, might taste better but cannot confirm or deny.
  25. Afry

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    I don't know you but thank you.
  26. Afry

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    Who's Who of tree huggers
  27. Afry

    T-top storage

    Yeah I figured you retired when I saw Solar's stock shoot up! I'll stop by when I'm in the neighborhood - you to!
  28. Afry

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    Well mostly the right to fish and hunt our oceans and lands - these guys feed the Nature Conservancy as well as a few others that hate our sports.
  29. Afry

    T-top storage

    Hey Steve! Been working on the Med for the last couple weeks getting her back on track. Killed some fish two weeks ago on a buddies boat - how you been? I've been doing lots of this...but now even I can catch a fish this year! Hmmm looks like El Nino - I'd better get back to the boat...
  30. Afry

    T-top storage

    Like the OP? LOL If I was in your boat I'd be wearing them! :D
  31. Afry

    Just a note to the guys "Playing" the system by selling their fish or seats

    I don't require friends to pay but if they don't they can watch from the dock. In that case the first and last ride was free!
  32. Afry

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    This was on our windshield while parked in PB last Saturday. I have to ask how "Grassroots" it is when they recruit and pay their "Activists". **WARNING** the following web site taken from the below flyer may make you sick -
  33. Afry

    *Birthday fishing BD Tuna Jihad Style! 8/9/2014*

    Nice job Maggie and Happy Birthday! Sorry you couldn't find any better friends to fish with.....:D
  34. Afry

    Saltist LD30HSH Reel NIB

    New in box never used, color is red and in perfect condition. $200 or reasonable offer. Arnie 760-522-8111
  35. Afry

    Star Stangled Banner - updated

    This band sings an updated version... I was told Navy vet sings the lead I thought this was pretty cool - your mileage may vary.
  36. Afry

    T-Top recommendations

    X2 - bet there is another side to this.
  37. Afry

    Happy Birthday Tommy Gomes

    You smell like fish ...thanks for all the good stuff you do....oh and your an internet whore, I saw your dirty friends over at SD Adv Riders wishing you a HB day so I thought I'd be the first here.
  38. Afry

    Ever done a ham in crockpot?

    Worked out fantastic! Short version is, in the crock pot for 5 hours almost completely covered in cider and spices but next time I will just use spiced cider from Julan with orange peels and dash of vanilla extract. Cover it with maple syrup before dropping into pot...trim as needed to fit and...
  39. Afry

    Ever done a ham in crockpot?

    If so how was it? I wanna try this tomorrow. I have a cheap 9 pound ham, it's a butt, probably a city ham that has been boiled and it is water infused, nothing fancy. I plan on heating it on slow for 4 hours with apple cider, orange zest and spices like cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg maybe a...
  40. Afry


    Not sure what you mean but price dropped to 60k which is a steal even in this market.
  41. Afry


    Reduced 5k!
  42. Afry

    Very rare sight

    Bought one and caught one! But which is which??
  43. Afry

    Hey Saluki, is it gay?......

    Do they point into the rear of the van?
  44. Afry

    List of Gear that over-performed?

    Avet SX - the VW beetle of fishing reels. Browning fishing pliers - for guys that fish a lot and don't need bling Ace Line Hauler - don't leave home without it - but you can leave the other drunks home! Shimano Evair boots - Cushioned waterproof slippers
  45. Afry

    List of Gear that over-performed?

    I hope that was a new one he gave you.....
  46. Afry

    Go Get Em'

    That is pretty much the same information that has been posted here and fish dope. One advantage the sporty's have over the private boats is the ability to chum up the fish to the surface thereby increasing their success.
  47. Afry

    9, 178, 302, 371 Saturday

    How many knots does a 50 Cal do? Lol ...thanks for the good report
  48. Afry

    Muck 'Cikana' Fishing Boots

    Damn your a biggin!
  49. Afry

    Dorado off of la jolla!!! 8-15

    Nice catch, it's hard to belive only because soooo many other jokers have tried to BS in the past but it looks legit to me....hope you don't get a salmon (which is possible) this time or no one will ever believe you!
  50. Afry


    Boat is at Half Moon Marina (Humpries) on Shelter Island. Call ya bout noon.
  51. Afry

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    Nice find - while there is no perfect boat that has to be close. And no damn engine box to fish around!
  52. Afry

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    Big cost savings if you can store it on the hard during the off season....and work on it cheaper and easier...trailerable boats rock....that's why I want what you want. Next tip... the flybridge boats are hard on pops knees and a FB on that size boat is small. Plus they move the center of...
  53. Afry

    Davis Cortez 22 vs. Blackman Billfisher 26 vs Blackman Outerbanks 26 vs Bertram 28

    I would rethink that diesel only deal. Having had diesel's, outboards and I/O's I would not own another I/O and would really prefer a boat the size of your liking with outboards. Here are some points to ponder about a newer 4 stroke outboard(s). OB is completely out of the water in a slip with...
  54. Afry

    The difference between fishing communities

    Don't knock Matt for his lovely ladies signiture line - he did that as a favor for another BD'er that had to give them up - yup....Matt is a giver not a taker.... and I for one am glad he is.
  55. Afry

    A real Commander in Chief...

    Pretty cool - sorry if it's a repost but good for Bush on these serious mountain bike rides with wounded warriors.
  56. Afry

    Checking Drag

    Do they bait your hook for you to?
  57. Afry

    La Jolla thresher 8-12-11

    Good steakin size...ymmmmm. Did Poe go way?
  58. Afry


    Yes it is, I have turned down some low ball.offers recently. It is being shown to an interested weekend.
  59. Afry

    New to board. Need some dope

    North 9 mile is always good for makos or try off La Jolla for both.
  60. Afry

    Bowie Knife hand made in Japan

    Back at ya...
  61. Afry


    Back in the day (more than 4 years ) I used to fish twice a week solo and it seemed there was always this Wildcat guy out there sharing many a paddy or boil. Met him later when he did Fishdope and was at BD events...Godspeed Jim
  62. Afry

    Bowie Knife hand made in Japan

    You stop that nonsense....Jim Bowie is not dead!
  63. Afry

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Who's Maggie? Oh yeah....the paintball wizard!
  64. Afry

    Where should we retire?

    Court sales are for those that have resources to check for other liens before buying with cash at the steps. If you don't you may find that your good deal is not so good because of the senior loan you didn't know about.
  65. Afry

    Defiance follow through after the deal is closed.

    Now that's a good answer, good on you Bo!
  66. Afry

    Defiance follow through after the deal is closed.

    In all fairness there may be another side to this story but so far if I were you I would feel the same but would not be as nice about it. At minimun it sounds like no one is doing any quality control during the rigging GPS antenna??? And how about rinsing down your 62k boat...
  67. Afry

    Where should we retire?

    There are 249 homes (SFR detached) under 350k and less than 10 years old listed for sale in SD County as of today - there are 2,442 homes under 350k of all ages for sale. If you include condo's that number is 4,024 with 506 less than 10 years old. Most of these are on the north, east and...
  68. Afry

    Where should we retire?

    As the others said there are PLENTY of very nice homes in SD for 350 or less in nice neighborhoods. I've been selling real estate here for 24 years trust me on this. Not only do you have the bay and kelp beds to fish in a skiff you can hit one of the lakes for bass, crappie or trout. You can...
  69. Afry


    Oh boy...but I would save the asshole part for your 4th or 5th order....
  70. Afry

    31 American Heroes die

    20 from Seal team 6 which I believe is from Coronado were in that chopper. Godspeed warriors
  71. Afry

    If Casey Anthony reports for Parole

    Hope he got some frontier justice from her family
  72. Afry

    If Casey Anthony reports for Parole

    If that were my daughter I'd hope she gets millions and the cops get ass raped in prison - actually I hope that anyway. But they probably got promoted to supervisors in the prison training academy. Fuck both those cops - the two punches in the back of the head while being held down just take...
  73. Afry

    New Hoop Net Regs

    Thanks Jim!
  74. Afry

    Some scary shit

    What ever you do - don't look at this... 46k per citizen or 130k per taxpayer...and rising - quickly! Our debt has tripled since the year 2000. TRIPLED!
  75. Afry

    Passport confusion - opinions

    Yeah, why fuck around and risk turning a great time into an ordeal. Don't know if they can get them in time but if they can they should - I would. They're good for 10 years and who knows when else you might need it.
  76. Afry

    Free Koi

    We have recently received a lender owner property listing in Julian that has a Koi pond with about 10 Koi in it and I understand a few are about a foot long. The poor guy that lost his home has a special needs son and no way to care for these where he now lives, I know they can be worth some...
  77. Afry

    Who's going to come up with Sherms campaign slogan?

    Vote for the should see his vest!
  78. Afry

    Clipboard girls, do they wait for you to trailer?

    Bad answer - WTF?? Better wake up buddy - it's not the old days. I fish for the sport and the good eats - I don't give a shit if anyone knows what I catch. I post on BD to learn and share with others that enjoy fishing. Great answer! I used to say they are only doing their job (DFG or...
  79. Afry

    Thresher trolling speed?

    Mostley run slow maybe 2-3 knots. Try varied speeds but not more than 5 knots. Now let's see some T&A!
  80. Afry

    Yellowfin in range

    Waiting to join Fishdope??
  81. Afry

    1999 Nautico Seagul Cat Twin Honda 50's

    That there is quite the fancy bait tank overflow drain.....:D
  82. Afry

    Knot ???

    If I am prerigging I tie an albright (goes throught the guides easy and looks purty) otherwise in the heat of battle I use a Seagaur which has to be the easiest knot in the world to tie other than your shoelaces. The Seagaur is bulky but strong and quick. One small but nice difference with the...
  83. Afry

    Trailering large boats??

    It may be legal in Baja but from my experience I wouldn't tow an oversized rig very far down there. Here are some pics with a trailer with an 8'6" axle width Here is one passing us and we were doing 75+ that shoulder is about a 6" to 1' drop off. Sometimes you see this - they were...
  84. Afry

    Trailering large boats??

    In CA I wouldn't worry about it as long as you stick to the 55 limit and stay in right lanes. I hear back east they can be nazi's about it but then many of those roads are narrow.
  85. Afry

    Glad Mr. Oceanside UOC didn't run into THIS cop!

    That cop makes me want to puke. How would you like to have him for a dad? I hope that gene pool ends with him!
  86. Afry

    1996, 16' Bayrunner for sale

    Are you sure that Etec isn't a 2 stroke? If I was a betting man.......
  87. Afry

    ***Found a great deal on a Parker for you guys....nearly HALF-PRICE!

    Thanks for the scoop - damn you sure offer some nice deals to BD'ers
  88. Afry


    PM sent
  89. Afry

    Open Carry kid looking for attention makes youtube video....

    Sad that the kid is a former Marine - at least he said he was....
  90. Afry


    Thanks Dean, it's not automatic but if the buyer makes application with the marina and is not on the 10 most wanted list i'll bet they get the slip. It's not like 5 years ago when you couldn't beg borrow or steal a slip in SD. Marina's are actually advertising for tenants now. Hope you kill em...
  91. Afry


    It is slipped @ Half Moon (Humphrey's) on Shelter Island. I can be reached at 760-522-8111.
  92. Afry


    No thanks I have a 20' cc cat and want something to overnight in. What is your fuel burn? Is there a shitter? Year? Deep or mod vee? Hours? pics?
  93. Afry


    Fuck that Guy...Poe doesn't deserve the time you spent posting this. You are a stand up Guy and #1 with me. Period.
  94. Afry

    Border saftey

    I love Buena Vista area but I do remember when all those outboards fell off the boats at night.....
  95. Afry

    Need help with photo please

    2102 Main St (corner of Julian and Main)
  96. Afry

    Need help with photo please

    Sorry but it was a cellphone shot
  97. Afry

    Need help with photo please

    Good call but no wifi and appears to not be a split window. Added other photo.... I may be cruising the car shows this week in El Cajon and Escondido - is La Mesa still doing one? Been wanting to hit them anyway.
  98. Afry

    Need help with photo please

    Can anyone do some magic and tell me what this license # is? If you can please don't post it - PM me with it. Background - This car has been parked outside my place of business on Sundays when my 18 year old employee is there alone. This has happened 4 times now. First 2 times creeped...
  99. Afry

    lake camping

    This is a little drive but you can camp by the lake
  100. Afry


    Added lots of pics!
  101. Afry

    Daughter enlisting in Airforce...

    Right on! Every part of the military plays an important role in our defens. You should be proud. Congrats!
  102. Afry

    Honda Outboards F150's New $10,000

    Nice deal! To bad I only need a 40-50hp....
  103. Afry

    2006 Maycraft 20CC SOLD

    I'd like to see more of the boob job.....:D
  104. Afry

    ICAST Descends on Vegas

    Isn't that the place they got banned from last year for lewd and luscious acts unbecoming of the gay community?
  105. Afry

    you busted my light

    SI parking lot - 1 LED tail light stolen, 2 broken tail lights and countless guides bent to shit.
  106. Afry

    YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR.........

    When you use a picture of your wife or gf's ass (or boobs - lol) as your avatar
  107. Afry

    The navy takes away another fishing spot

    X2, Patridger - you should try dropping 9 hoop nets and as they watch you drop the 10th net they come over and tell you to move them. You can't argue but they could have told me after the first net....Like Sherm said it's up to the boat on duty and it will change daily. :rofl::rofl:
  108. Afry

    Lowrance HDS 5 turns off when I start 150HP

    Yup Also depending on how's it's wired you may find that it will kill the electronics on just one of the batteries but starting on the other may not do it. My skiff is fine on battery 1 but will kill my ff if I start on battery 2.
  109. Afry

    2007 26 Seaswirl

    What is the fuel burn?
  110. Afry

    A wonderfull bedtime story....
  111. Afry

    45 tons of BFT wrapped yesterday 6/5/11

    Sorry we bothered you and made you post for the 16th time. Not one of your other 15 posts contributed anything of value to this site - in fact most were negative and/or complained of others humor. Have a nice day. Thread jack over....
  112. Afry

    45 tons of BFT wrapped yesterday 6/5/11

    Sorry for the delay....ran out of butter...tried some uni butter on it but had to make another batch!
  113. Afry

    I want to fish Mexico!!!

    What they said except buy your mex license online need to drive down there and hassle parking etc.
  114. Afry

    July 4th 101/425/302/S9 boat ride

    Roger that Roger....sorry I had to. :D I wouldn't waste the gas chasing tuna right now and the YT are MIA. I'll call ya or see you behind a beer soon enough.
  115. Afry

    July 4th 101/425/302/S9 boat ride

    Na, they were just passing through that area heading west.
  116. Afry

    July 4th 101/425/302/S9 boat ride

    Hit the 101/425/302/S9 for nada. Water was mostly clean green, conditions were great. Plenty of paddies, most holding bait but no fish. The only paddy holding had two 15#ish YT with lockjaw between the 425 & 302. Saw lots of dolphin but did not meter any fish below - just bait. Temps varied...
  117. Afry


    Reduced to 65k
  118. Afry

    BD SHIPPING's just a hat - just be glad the USPS isn't handling it.
  119. Afry

    Fish Los Coronado Islands in peace

    Badass - guess you would have to get some camo fishing clothing!
  120. Afry

    Caption Contest...What's she thinking????

    "This is the only way you poor smucks that aren't married to the president are going to get to eat - grow it! Now get back to work so you fuckers can pay me more cash for my stash"
  121. Afry

    we are fucked

    Not all, but most - Really?? As for the FUCKING DFG....They can kiss my fucking ass when they hail my boat - I will cooperate but barely and only within the letter of the law. I used to say - oh they're just doing they're job - but then so were the SS. The starving students working the ramp...
  122. Afry

    26 Radon Rebuild

    Wow, now that's a project!
  123. Afry

    Ted Nugent Goes Off On Paul Watson On Philip Friedman Outdoors

    And thank god for that! Fucking tree huggers must cringe when he has a mike in his hands.
  124. Afry


    Thanks for the scoop - one of the my favorites reels is my Penn Baja. I would think that most people would prefer the Squall or Torque star drags for jig fishing? I sure like the line retrieve vs the ratio though.
  125. Afry

    Anyone tow a boat with a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited?

    Nice! Go get the Ruby!!
  126. Afry

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    42.8 LJ
  127. Afry

    Anyone tow a boat with a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited?

    2018 sounds awfully light for boat, motor and trailer. Aluminum hull, single axle trailer and small OB? If that is correct the Jeep should be fine.
  128. Afry

    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    So I guess that means Boohoo now has only 26.5k in his account?? :D
  129. Afry

    Anyone tow a boat with a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited?

    I loved my Ruby but it was gutless. I think the 4 door has enough wheelbase not to let the tail wag the dog but you would hate any uphill grades. Why they don't have a hemi option now that the 4 door is here amazes me. It's only 60lbs heavier and fits the chassis.
  130. Afry

    local pig hunting

    It's not like Texas etc. this is a big area with limited access and a few hogs. There isn't much in the way of concentrated food sources so I'm sure they are on the move. This might change as the water holes dry up this summer and 10 years from now should be a very different story.
  131. Afry

    Don't buy Suzuki

    okay then how much for the boat as is? My Suzuki 175 4S has been bulletproof
  132. Afry

    Point Loma or La Jolla Shark fishing

    I was out for thresher on Fri for no love - water was blue above LJ and clean green below with 62-63 degree temps and almost no bait except for just off the kelp. Your best shot is Makos or Blues so use a steel leader. Smaller models off LJ and bigger on the 9. Have a plan to get the hook out...
  133. Afry

    Went looking

    Thanks for the report - good or bad it helps.
  134. Afry

    local pig hunting

    They are on the move - they seem to follow the water shed from El Cap up to Volcan Mtn. which as you know has a lot of private property. I have not hunted them but have many resident contacts in the area. The numbers are not that great and the terrain is rough and large so hunting them is going...
  135. Afry

    SD fiberglass work

  136. Afry

    Killer onion!!

    Take a large sweet onion - cut the ends off and peel the dry outer layer off. Using an apple corer take out the middle of onion from both sides. Place a cube of beef bullion in the bottom and fill to top with butter. Now wrap loosely in tin foil and bake at 375 for 45 min. Take out and slice up...
  137. Afry

    Happy Father's Day!

    Thanks Maggie! Got NASCAR on the tube and a pork butt in the smoker to go along with some fresh Mako to be mixed with a few good IPA's later with the kids.
  138. Afry


    Its not just about the accuracy its about the rate of change through good conductors in the pick up. My old Dytek reads instantly unlike the pick ups on the transducer. Don't take the easy way out because you don't want to drill the hull.
  139. Afry


    I am getting my drink on the water this the slip! Be safe and sane guys!
  140. Afry

    Welk Resorts Timeshare

    I'd love to see Jim on that course with bass rod and a 12 guage in his golf bag...
  141. Afry

    Raised expanded aluminum for decking on Westcoaster/Bayrunner?

    Getting back to my project boat (1985) Westcoater/Bayrunner and really do not want to use plywood for the deck. Everyone says not to diamond plate and I agree. So I'm thinking raised expanded aluminum metal for the deck (no foam under it). It is two small deck spaces on my 18'er. This hull has...
  142. Afry

    Where to Shoot ?

    Call Diane Jacobs and demand to know why Orosco Ridge in Ramona is not open - Call Duncan Hunter as well - Duncan is on our side but needs to know his voters are upset. Political BS is keeping it closed. "The Palomar Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest is maintaining the closure...
  143. Afry

    Which bait pump?

    They all suck - Shurflo's are good but still don't last much more than most. I have just as good luck with the Rule and it's easy to change the cartridge (even while fishing) as mentioned above. Get a flow alarm so youknow it quit and have someone pour buckets of water into the tank as you...
  144. Afry

    what the hell is this

    The last known specimen of it's species and you killed it - good going!
  145. Afry


    Got it - just remember us when you get your own show.....I hear Charlie Sheen is available to co-star, you might have to dry him out just a bit first though.
  146. Afry

    Defiance Long Cabin? YES!

    Looks nice, going to add a little more beam to it?
  147. Afry

    pismo clams

    I just googled it It looks safe to eat clams harvested any time of the year as long as they are cooked.
  148. Afry

    pismo clams

    I was told if you remove the intestines and cook them you can harvest and eat anytime and that you are safe to eat clams and mussels if they live below low tide and never hit the air. The deal about months with an R in it is a wives tale. I also have no idea if this is true.
  149. Afry

    New to the Avet world !

    30 braid is a bit small, go bigger and change topshot for species. I use mine for yft and albies as my go to reel.
  150. Afry

    Sealine SL-X20SHA or SL-X30SHA

    X20sha is great for 20# but I prefer an sx for that size line.
  151. Afry

    what should i do???

    No way would I put that kind of money into that motor! A 90 Etec is the perfect repower for that hull. Bite the bullet.
  152. Afry

    Butterfly Style jigging setup for SoCal waters?

    I've had good luck bottom fishing with em, no luck with tuna. If the bite was wide open they killed the yt. Use any parabolic rod, a high speed star drag reel is best.
  153. Afry

    Any advice on how to save money??

    Well said
  154. Afry

    Aint That Some Shit?!?!?

    You drank the koolaid... X100
  155. Afry

    Easy cajun shrimp and corn chowder/bisque

    I'll bet some smoked fowl instead of crustacean would be great as well.
  156. Afry

    It's just for hunting officer!!!!

    "Just in April, authorities seized in various operations a total of 7.71 tons of marijuana, 19 rifles, 7,679 cartridges and 212 clips for various weapons, and 25 pounds of explosives." What they failed to mention......also missing from the evidence room is 7.71 tons of marijuana, 19 rifles...
  157. Afry

    Easy cajun shrimp and corn chowder/bisque

    Easy Cajun shrimp and corn chowder/bisque (It's really a bisque except that the shrimp is not puréed) Total time: 40 minutes - servings: 4 to 6 Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butter, divided 1 large onion, diced 1 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon Cajun or Creole spice or seasoning (I use Tony...
  158. Afry

    BS DFG Survey

    Invisible ink? They take DNA from the paper? Our tax dollars at work....
  159. Afry

    Dodgers now offering free tickets

    Available for a limited time only from your PO.
  160. Afry

    What kind of pans do you use?

    A little tip For my Hebrew friend...this is better than aluminum but not crazy priced like All Clad: Plus one...
  161. Afry

    Osama is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We should drag his naked body through the streets of new york city
  162. Afry

    Dude thrown out of boat in San Diego Bay

    Holy chit! Good work!
  163. Afry

    2011 Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout Registration is OPEN!!!

    X2 besides - I can't even catch a good case of the clap let alone a pig yt for this tourney.
  164. Afry

    Is it just me?

    I'd like to say it's just you :D but I think the reality is boats do not like to sit - seals go hard and dry, shit rusts etc. Quit working so much.... Those pangeros down in baja use their boats 6-7 days a week and never flush the motor but they run and run.
  165. Afry

    What is the SMALLEST boat you have taken offshore/Islands?

    And don't forget one of these if going alone - not affiliated but I have one
  166. Afry


    Does Melton's know you're selling returned merchandise on BD? ;)
  167. Afry

    What is the SMALLEST boat you have taken offshore/Islands?

    10 miles west of Condom bank in my 18 Seacat. We on a paddy and this 50 Viking rolls up and asks what we are doing out there in that canoe. Ride out was bumpy but the run home was downhill at 25 knots.
  168. Afry

    Interesting Safety Device

    Cheap enough and no maintenance - we all should have one onboard.
  169. Afry


  170. Afry

    Whats the deal turkey hunyers?

    I gave up turkey hunting since Ali got his - if it's that easy I give up.
  171. Afry

    French designed & built shoulder fired surface to surface missle.

    What you can't see in the video is that they ran towards the enemy with white flags...
  172. Afry


    Shoulda poached a black sea bass - those guys seem to get just a hand slap.
  173. Afry

    4 hours fishing and a suprise at the boat launch!

    Do they think we are all idiots and we just get lucky? I've had that same conversation over bugs. My response to that was "No shit, luck's got nothing to do with it, if it were a short it wouldn't be here for you to measure". It kinda went downhill after that.......
  174. Afry


    Bump for price reduction and upgrades
  175. Afry

    Rattlesnake suprise!

    Maybe Tommy will start to sell Turkey for you so you can stay home.....
  176. Afry

    Mission Bay Yak Tourney results

    Maybe the fishes are scared of the VEST!! :D
  177. Afry


    Great thread - thanks for sharing. Don't know about that Chernobyl red tuna though.... and this looks like the bottom of my Bayrunner....
  178. Afry

    Rat Rod finished

    Gee Clay, guess now you don't need to be afraid to drop her right on the rail of the Starcraft when fighting a big one!
  179. Afry


    Call me a skeptic but floating houses?? Cars?? Trucks?? Guess you'd better use Carfax if you see a car with Japanese plates on it for sale locally. :D
  180. Afry

    Rat Rod finished

    That is bitchin! But still too nice for Clay....
  181. Afry

    1998 - 2601 Seaswirl asking for $16,500

    This is a killer deal and it would be a shame to not get these due to it being a sellers first post. Hopefully this seller will contribute to this site in the future since he has a new boat. The first post deal is kinda stupid since it's pretty easy to make it your second post. Maybe BD...
  182. Afry


    A very wise man once told me (yesterday) to watch for Tommy's deals and when he has thesher for sale than the commercial guys are getting them as swordie bycatch and they are here. He also pointed out that the water is clean blue - not ideal right now. Many T guys will not talk about it but...
  183. Afry

    Dijon Yellowtail

    Try this one also...
  184. Afry

    This guy in my marina is NUTS!

    8000 miles in a 20' sailboat and he's blind!! Benefit concert for him at Humphrey's .....guess this falls under trip planning!
  185. Afry

    Even a blind squirrel - Glass Paddy is the man!

    Good for you! - a little celebratory back door action in that last pic? Poor bird.....
  186. Afry

    Post on this thread if you read it

    I like burritos
  187. Afry

    WTB Magma Kettle Grill

    I buy a Walmart BBQ on sale for $20 and throw it away every year - maybe 2 years.
  188. Afry


    Oh hell ya those tacos are the reason for DATD - I'm in for 4.
  189. Afry

    Opinions on this boat?

    Could be a good first boat if you are handy. At the minimum have a comperession test done by an outboard mechanic then have the impeller and filters changed if you buy it. Have any thru hull fitting inspected. So agree at a price contingent upon it being good to go then splash it and test ride...
  190. Afry

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    Got it both on top - both sides. The way I recall the other post had a deal where they cut a couple v shaped notches out of the mac - anyone else?
  191. Afry

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    top and bottom? to the bone? btw - If you don't stop before the anus you might run into Frank....
  192. Afry

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    I was afraid you would see this .....anyone else??
  193. Afry

    cut a dead mac to swim better?

    Saw this on and old BD thread and now can't find it - the new Google search function blows monkey balls. Someone posted how to make some cuts on a dead mac for slow trolling that gave it some swim action. It looked like it was worth a try. Anyone?
  194. Afry

    Making Mackerel - San Diego (Help?) Question....

    For Mr. T I just buy em at Dana Landing - not like you need 30 of em.
  195. Afry

    Latest Gimmick I found on the net

    Why don't you do this..... and tell us?? If you’re interested in taking part in our test, please contact: [email protected]
  196. Afry

    Buying a boat in San Diego

    Can't beat this one... ;)
  197. Afry

    Last Functioning PT Boat From WWII has been restored

    Sounds like a good story but.....
  198. Afry

    Leaving today at 1pm for my Army Boot camp. Wish me luck :)

    Thank for your commitment - Don't just get by in boot - be the BEST! You'll not regret it. What is your MOS?
  199. Afry

    Repowering a 18 ft Bayrunner, any suggestions??

    If you use your boat a lot then look hard at the E-tecs. You pay a little more but almost no service and fewer parts to break. Set it up for the more expensive oil but the ratio is around 180:1 which means little smoke, oil consumption and fewer refills. The smaller E-tec oil tanks are in the...
  200. Afry

    I Heart Slater!

    I don't want to know.....
  201. Afry

    Ideal Boat to Renovate?

    Airslot has a cult following and may resale pretty well when the time comes.
  202. Afry

    3.75" hole saw, for B-164 install.

    Yup - did the same install last year - sure made me nervous. I got mine at Harbor Frieght. Really was a simple job, those transducers are the shit.
  203. Afry

    Newell vs. ??

    Maybe 5 years ago - just don't see it Had a 332 for a short while and sold it. Don't get me wrong I respect retro but the new stuff has really moved on. But you can't bet a Sealine for the money - I use em for back up and guest reels.
  204. Afry

    Found a smokin' deal for someone...

    THAT is a hell of a deal, talk about fishing on the cheap! ....and slightly better deal than the 17' Radon with old 2 stroke for 36k :rofl:
  205. Afry

    New to the board

    Welcome :finger: nice story - did the kids fall asleep to that? :D You can contribute in many ways but Saluki's suggestion is a great way to start!
  206. Afry

    Worlds Best Slip

    Badass - Just missing the pole :boobies:
  207. Afry

    Big boat against bigger one

    Oldie but goodie - each time I does this happen?????? His grave marker will read...."But he had the right of way"
  208. Afry


    ....maybe they are professing their love for Shimano.....:D
  209. Afry

    NO gobble.... Nada.....

    Shoulda at least gave that yote lead poisoning! Make's ya feel all warm n fuzzy inside.
  210. Afry

    Here we go again...

    Damn Kevan that's great
  211. Afry

    email from dfg

    I disagree - in all fairness at least she took the time to respond and was in my opinion very professional about it. This DFG officer was a close friend in a previous life many years ago and she is good people. If you want to piss on someone then piss on her boss - she is just doing her...
  212. Afry

    MB bay bassin and the DFG

    Good day!! I'll call ya in AM - was going to combine a trip...first Tommy's then your shop. Want me to pick you up some of that fresh yft he has?
  213. Afry

    Two dead SI??

    Fishbones has a thread and link to news on this ....2 dead and 7 hurt????? West SI ....this a zone with a shoal and no wake starts here. Right in front of the Harbor police dock??? What are people doing?
  214. Afry

    JRC Mark II 1500 Radar

    So to be are selling a radar that does not work? Most major parts cost more than a working unit. Would help to know what is not working.
  215. Afry

    Two dead SI??

    That's what news teaser
  216. Afry

    SAVE THE DATE - BD San Diego Picnic/BBQ/Potluck/Casting Contest ~ May 7th, 2011

    Ummmm.....wouldn't that be Siete de Mayo? :D
  217. Afry

    SAVE THE DATE - BD San Diego Picnic/BBQ/Potluck/Casting Contest ~ May 7th, 2011

    Same weekend as Gatorfest....this is gonna hurt.
  218. Afry

    SAVE THE DATE - BD San Diego Picnic/BBQ/Potluck/Casting Contest ~ May 7th, 2011

    See you there bitches... bringing the tater salad
  219. Afry

    These guys have some big sac
  220. Afry

    Dear blank please blank

    Dear olive oil, You're a dirty whore! <!--<a href=""-->Sincerely, extra-virgin olive oil Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving till 5. Sincerely, Unicorns Dear Icebergs, Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's a bitch. Sincerely, The Titanic Dear...
  221. Afry

    Sushi Feast.....Thanks Tommy!!!!

    That Saiku New Zealand salmon is the shit!
  222. Afry

    Any Clamdigging Get Done This Weekend?

    Yup - in San some nice fat Pismos!
  223. Afry

    Any information on fishing near Los Frailes?

    Be careful you don't accidently fish in the Cabo Pumo reserve just to the north.
  224. Afry

    Someone saved a few deer

    Jim you can come out now, it's safe the kitty's gone.....
  225. Afry

    Nuclear Albacore

    Maybe they will just grow nuclear big! Fuck the radiation, the mercury will probably get ya first
  226. Afry

    Chargers linebacker Kevin Burnett rips NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

    "In my contract, it says nothing about me being an upstanding citizen. ... That's what bothers me." Really Kevin? Does it bother you to be an upstanding citizen? Doesn't say anything about rape and murder either you fucking moron. From an earlier post on Adrian Peterson kind of applies here...
  227. Afry

    Yellowstone GPS wolf track over seven months

    Very cool stuff
  228. Afry

    MSRP vs Dealers Cost on most Brand New Boats

    18' Grady MSRP = 41k?? really?
  229. Afry

    MSRP vs Dealers Cost on most Brand New Boats

    Wow didn't know that many manufacturers left! Cool site but glad I'm not a dealer with the overhead and Joe buyer walks in with this dope.
  230. Afry

    The new plantation owners

    Keep in mind that this self described "slave" will make a cool 10 mil next year if they play. Here are some online comments about this story.... "Slave? Maybe to that Packers 3-4 Defense." "obviously he's the victim of a 15 years of public education - and most of it in the third grade."
  231. Afry

    Finally...some pics of the new ride

    That is one nice looking ride
  232. Afry

    Fred Hall Show Make-A-Wish Tuna Challenge 2011

    Thank you guys for all your hard work for a great cause!
  233. Afry

    NFL.... An apology....

    The average team owner makes something like 33 million per year and the average player salary is just under 1.8 million. The average for a US worker is 68k in 2008 which equals just over 2 mil in 30 years. Bitch fight
  234. Afry

    NFL.... An apology....

    I agree 100% - it's the owners deal to do what they want. They put up the money and the risk. For all I care they can fire every one of those players and replace them with any one that wants to play and it will still be a great game. The players are well paid for their risk - shit many...
  235. Afry

    Time for new bibs

    Check out the Cabela's Alaskan Guide bibs as good as any and less cash - got mine on sale for $35. I have 100+ lobster nights on them and just broken in.
  236. Afry

    What not to say at Fred Hall......

    or "Did your ex buy those for us?"
  237. Afry

    Brant vs. Sherm Round Three

    Were you wearing the vest?
  238. Afry

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    I carry police policies from different LE's as well as court rulings in the glove box to educate officers if needed. Problem is you can open carry in car but not in safe zones so you need to pull over to lock it up - which is when you will get rolled up. I usually am at vacate homes in...
  239. Afry

    Discussion, gun free safe zones

    And he is wrong (as long as not in safe zone) goes along with open carry, loaded mag can be on belt next to unloaded firearm - of course you will get fucked in the mean time till your attorney clears this up.
  240. Afry

    Brant vs. Sherm (round 2)

    Your dad has more hair than you...
  241. Afry

    Brant vs. Sherm (round 2)

    Pro Angler is the new Members Only?
  242. Afry

    Brant vs. Sherm (round 2)

    Your vest is gay :D Translation: Your fishing and I'm not - ya bastard.
  243. Afry

    .44 Magnum - all blowed up real good

    (That's Nascar talk for "put it on the trailer") This may be a repost and if it is oh well. Here are photo's from the internet/email world that as we know is usually a BS story - but they claimed some guy tried "Chinese" ammo and two additional rounds went off in the wheel - this are the...
  244. Afry

    it sure takes some doing...

    You think it's bad now? You used to have to give up a reach around for registration. 70k members and counting??? holy shit! Welcome to BD :finger:
  245. Afry

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    Hopefully she finds another and has less time to fuck with you. I would still be married to my ex except I didn't get along with her boy friend.Mark Twain said it best:"When another man takes your wife the best revenge is to let him have her."He was a very smart man.
  246. Afry


    Put some plexiglass windows in it, shut the motor off and sail that puppy! Might try E-Tecs for less weight?
  247. Afry

    Find The Canadian

    Judging by the orange tint the one on the left is from New Jersey.
  248. Afry

    WTT my wakeboard boat for your offshore fishing boat!!!

    Brings back memories ...had a 97 Centurion trip to Lake Mohave stress cracked the hull...sold it and bought a Sanger.
  249. Afry

    WTB Stringari Pilot House Model

    Rode in a 18' cuddy and was shocked by how wet the ride was after years of people raving about them I wasn't impressed. Maybe it was the weight distribution and the others are a drier ride?
  250. Afry

    Trailer Side Bumpers

    If you remove them make sure you have tie downs at the stern so that a huge bump or an almost wreck won't have your hull flying off the trailer bunks and into the street.
  251. Afry

    Here we go again! 15' Panga

    Does it come with that slip?
  252. Afry

    REPORTED FROM FACEBOOK, a friend sent this

    "I don't fish bait....I still have my testicles" :rofl::rofl:
  253. Afry

    LA NFL Name

  254. Afry


    Damn missed a good one - we'll be there next time!
  255. Afry

    Youth Turkey Hunt in Julian!

    Cool deal but sure is a lot of big kitty's seen over there.
  256. Afry

    Why did they name the team the Packers?

    Here is a cool site about NFL team names Nicknames
  257. Afry

    Why did they name the team the Packers?

    Winner, winner chicken Google dinner! Dammit Frank, packing companies don't make fudge...they pack it.
  258. Afry

    Why did they name the team the Packers?

    The Packers were founded in 1919 by Curley Lambeau and George Calhoun of the Green Bay Press-Gazette - why did they name the team the Packers? I only want to hear from Pittsburgh fans.......
  259. Afry

    Flight Cancelations, SuperBowl Tickets? Not Good...

    Moved to new thread
  260. Afry

    Flight Cancelations, SuperBowl Tickets? Not Good...

    Greatness Winner, winner chicken dinner!
  261. Afry

    Dive Boat Destroyed in Cayman

    Bummer, I dove with an outfit there that had the most bitchin dive boat ever. Aluminum hull with twin diesel cats and jet drives!
  262. Afry

    UT-OH! Fishnfool's (Kevan) turning the BIG 5-0 today!

    Happy Birthday're catching up!
  263. Afry

    any hope for a mini sx

    I'd like to see a star drag mxj or jx for jigging before a new size reel
  264. Afry

    What are your off-season boat projects

    See last years list
  265. Afry

    PANGA 14' - 2008 W/ E-TEC

    Bitchin ride! Gotta LOVE the motor ever for a skiff.
  266. Afry

    Chargers in the Super Bowl!!!!!

    :rofl::rofl: That was funny as shit Sean....but have your fun now while the dream is still alive....:D
  267. Afry

    Lobster Trip -Friday - Alicia

    X3 - I have observed them when outside the harbor - still in the channel. I'm surprised that the harbor pilot or Vessal Assist hasn't called the popo on them yet - they have before.
  268. Afry

    Hey guys, .30-06 or .308?

    The ought six is the way to go for all the reasons Ali mentioned. You can buy a box of ammo at any drug or hardware store in the midwest. Ali - What do you need the 300 for? If you want something different and unless you hunt bear or moose how about the 270WSM? One flat shootin mofo. But if...
  269. Afry

    Coyote hunting

    I just leave it for the circle of life to complete itself....
  270. Afry

    Did Cro cross the line? Regiie Jackson says STFU

    Two of the cheatinest (is that a word?) teams in football are about to play - what do you expect. I hope Brady throws one right down his pie hole. Then I hope the next one is intercepted and run back for six. Either way I hope GB kicks their ass in the big game.
  271. Afry

    Everyone loves 113HN Baja Special, so how do you use yours?

    After years of using it as a deep drop iron rig I loaded it as a bait rig with 80 braid and a heavy leader for those rare marlin/swordie sittings. Tired of trying to toss bait to them with my SX knowing I was screwed if I got bit. Much cheaper than keeping a big gold reel in the holder that...
  272. Afry

    Which .22LR pistol is your favorite?

    Does.that apply to rimfire?
  273. Afry

    Former Marine shoots dog owner for dog peeing on his lawn

    As should we all..... Brandon...I love your style...but you couldl have put it in a paper bag and lit it up at her doorstep like the old days
  274. Afry

    Former Marine shoots dog owner for dog peeing on his lawn

    That will teach him to say..."Next time you pull out a pistol, why don't you use it?" to a former Marine....I like his gumption! :2gunsfiring_v1: Ex-Marine Gets Probation for Killing Man Over Peeing Pooch <ABBR class="published updated" title="Dec 29, 2010 – 6:11 PM">Dec 29, 2010 – 6:11...
  275. Afry

    Crabbing in Socal?

    I wish - damn work and holidays are getting in the way. After the turds and big debris washes out lets hit the deeps - I'll take the cat for now.
  276. Afry

    How mad should I be

    So much for Saluki's idea.... :beerbang::boobies:
  277. Afry

    Crabbing in Socal?

    40'+ of water, I keep 1 or 2 a year and then after the hassle of cooking and cleaning them I swear I'll never do it again. But then I pull that monster crab and say this one's gonna have some real meat in it and waste my time all over again. Never again....I swear.
  278. Afry

    Military Check Points?

    Until they decide they want your peanut butter....:rofl: I carry a few extra Red Bulls (is there such a thing?) and offer them to the poor bastards in the remote checkpoints trying to stay up all night. Respect is the key - they have always been friendly. I have heard stories of fillet...
  279. Afry

    Foodsaver V2222: reg. $102 for $26 SHIPPED - just a few left FoodSaver

    Mine said the same but go directly to Foodsvaers web site and search v222 then enter code at checkout You can also access this from FoodSaver® V2222 Vacuum Sealer Kit -
  280. Afry

    Foodsaver V2222: reg. $102 for $26 SHIPPED - just a few left FoodSaver

    Ahhhhh - me not so smart - thanks! I ordered one
  281. Afry

    Foodsaver V2222: reg. $102 for $26 SHIPPED - just a few left FoodSaver

    Great deal but the link does not work so I went to the their web site and searched model number and found it for $79.99 but no place to enter coupon at checkout.
  282. Afry

    Need some black powder in SD by xmas

    Just found out Duncan's has it - thanks!
  283. Afry

    Need some black powder in SD by xmas

    I'll get you a map.....:D Thanks, I'm sure they do but a 4 hour drive is a bit much, I'm looking for something a little more local to SD.
  284. Afry

    Need some black powder in SD by xmas

    I need some black powder and according to the folks at El Cajon Gun Exchange no one in SD carries it but them and they are out. They say that since the crazy lady tried to blow up the courthouse and hell rained on those that sold it no one wants the hassle. I need some by xmas for my sons...
  285. Afry

    Lever Drag vs Star Drag?

    :rofl: All this time and Avet still doesn't have a star drag.....
  286. Afry

    New Gun Store In Poway

    He had an online only deal for a while now - good to see they opened. I think retired popo?
  287. Afry

    No More Mexico, Here I come west coast!!

    Welcome...:finger: I understand about. MX. When your lucky to have a spouse that fishes with you you want to keep it that way. Some here defend MX beyond all reason for what why I don't know. I used to love it but quit doing Baja trips for now...hopefully some day again. Bottom fishing and...
  288. Afry

    Do you buy fish to eat?

    Only from Tommy
  289. Afry

    What is your favorite...

    20' cc when offshore - Breakfast - Santana's adoda boda burrito and can of V8 Lunch - I buy a dozen $1 sammies from Mona Lisa's on India St (the pre-made ones on the deli counter) - that was a great tip from Bottomline. A can of Pringles cause they won't get crushed. Gatorade, water, red...
  290. Afry

    Which .22LR pistol is your favorite?

    Kel-Tec PMR-30 Kinda ugly but the 30 stands for 30 rounds! Right now only comes in 22 mag but the reg 22 is supposed to be out later. Be a fun little deal even in .22 mag. It would make a good home defense that the ladies could handle - talk about spaying some lead. Did I mention a 30 round...
  291. Afry

    Dont fuck with old guys....

  292. Afry

    Where does one introduce themselves?

    Looks like you have a serious case of the clap...
  293. Afry

    Tommy Gomes - Headline News!!!

    Maybe Brandon will let you "hold" his new rod he got at the BD party....:D
  294. Afry

    $5000 price drop!

    I heard she was in "contract" - I wonder who the lucky bastard is?
  295. Afry

    Tommy Gomes - Headline News!!!

    Although I heard about the old Tommy - I only know the new Tommy and have nothing but respect. All this in just 6 years? Can't wait to see the results in 6 more years :urno1:
  296. Afry

    guy knows more than me

    He's gonna fit in just fine around here.. Welcome!! :finger:
  297. Afry

    Weather warning for Fishermen, Hunters, Campers, etc.... weekend 11/20-11/21

    Storm, Smorm - I'm taking my 18' tin boat to the Mushroom. Got any extra gas cans I can borrow? Well maybe not but I'm still going hoopin!
  298. Afry

    Fog and bugs=adventure

    Most times if you just wait it out a hole will open up and you can find your way. I keep one eye on the fog and when it starts moving I roll up and leave but usually not in time - it happens quick. Sometimes everyone clears out and goes home and an hour later it's clear enough to hoop again. I...
  299. Afry

    New Here

    Here's you unofficial BD welcome salute...:finger: - look forward to hearing about FL!
  300. Afry

    BD Story

  301. Afry

    ***Pics & Report from the BD Holiday Party with Saluki Claus!***

    Best BD party ever Mags! My hats off to you - Christie and I had a great time and look forward to next year.
  302. Afry

    Where to hunt for Turkey?

    I have some fucking peacocks running wild in my neighborhood that you can have, no one will know the difference but you and I hear they taste just like chicken....come and get em before I whack em with a bat, they wiped out our garden this year. Maybe I should bring some "wild bird" chili to...
  303. Afry

    Where to hunt for Turkey?

    I'd defrost it first.....
  304. Afry


    Thanks! passed that on to my kid
  305. Afry

    How can you tell if Frank & his buddies are at the bar?

    .... parked outside the Escondido Yacht Club
  306. Afry

    Happy birthday jarhead

    All the more reason to like than just the hot chick commercials.... USMC 235th Birthday Tribute
  307. Afry

    Fucking Cats!!!!!!!!!!

    My friends kid goes to school in Placerville and they practice mountain lion drills where the kids at recess will upon notice all run together and put their hands in the air while making noise. I wonder if the cat just hears "pick me, pick me!" They have had cats walk right down the main...
  308. Afry

    Unwanted attention, Ever see thease guys offshore

    Whatever happened to that new ($$) diesel intercepter boat that does 60++ knots with all the crazy navy grade electronics?
  309. Afry

    Happy birthday jarhead

    Happy Birthday to our - when something absolutely, positively must be destroyed overnight crew! :urno1:
  310. Afry

    Pacific V2025 Not new but new to me

    Nice ride and you stole it!
  311. Afry

    bullshit vehicle infraction

    I think you nailed it right there
  312. Afry

    Newbie Big Bug 11/2

    But the small bags of Doritos look like they might have been the ticket! :D Nice bugs!
  313. Afry

    Moss to Titans?

    Here goes another fucked up locker room Randy Moss Claimed by Titans -- NFL FanHouse
  314. Afry

    What small outboard to get

    Since you are talking about a 2-2.5 hp I highly recomend the Honda 2 hp air cooled motor. Never need to rinse the motor internals since it's not water cooled. And it's a it's a Honda. Hard to beat the small Honda's for quality and dependability. I have one for my inflatable and...
  315. Afry

    Need some boat info

    Thanks Frank, now we have NO cred!
  316. Afry

    Need some boat info

    What she said....
  317. Afry

    Swamp People

    No shit - anyone that can survive and thrive in those conditions has figured it out. Great show, that 13'er they pulled in at the end was a pig. Also too bad they didn't catch those poachers that night - or did they...
  318. Afry

    Before you hoop net this season read thi$

    FYI - I posted this over 3 years ago but here is the latest from DFG (with some very good links): Q. Regulations state that "spiny lobsters shall be kept in a whole, measurable condition, until being prepared for immediate consumption." What is the definition of "immediate consumption"? A...
  319. Afry

    Moss back to the vikes - "Our boy is coming home, and then we are going to Dallas!"

    Hard to believe anyone other than the Patriots would sign him now....maybe he can start his own team.
  320. Afry

    Aluminum Boats

    Pretty simple really, all aluminum including the small top, lower 2/3 has aluminum panels and upper 1/3 is almost all lexan. There will be 12" of open air above the lexan and below the top. I will also mount the LED running lights on the top to minimze wire runs to the stern and bow. Small shelf...
  321. Afry

    Aluminum Boats

    That's the one I saw linked from your site - what a great little boat for hoopin to fishing 40 miles out or so.
  322. Afry

    Aluminum Boats

    Very nice but pricey - almost twice the cost of an Ace. The Ace is just fine for what we do.
  323. Afry

    Aluminum Boats

    Here's a pic of when I bought it, I gutted it and stripped it down to the skin, powerwashed the inside of the hull so far. Biggest bitch was all the fasteners were rusted etc and had to be drilled or grinded off. General stuff - moving the fuel tank to just in front of the console (was in rear...
  324. Afry

    Aluminum Boats

    Welder's site is great. He is right about plate vs. tin - huge difference in quality and price, cannot compare the two. There is a nice Pacific 2025 in SD for cheap on his site. One bonus to this crappy economy is that aluminum boats are back in many folks price range. Tin boats used to be a...
  325. Afry

    Remington Poll

    700 BDL has been bulletproof (1970's vintage).
  326. Afry

    Remember the Diver that got left at sea and found by the Boy Scouts???

    I'll bet Ocean Adventures Dive Co. or Sundiver Charters won't be making any donations to the Boys Scouts any time soon though....:D
  327. Afry

    Where can I buy a surefire type flashlight in San Diego tomorrow?

    yeah but it's not nice to regift....
  328. Afry

    Where can I buy a surefire type flashlight in San Diego tomorrow?

    Looking for a gift and need to buy it tomorrow (Sunday) somewhere in San Diego. Turners would be my last choice....any others?
  329. Afry

    Need 4 lobster soooooooo

    I just figured Stan was going to eat two on the way up there.....
  330. Afry

    Keeping Lobsters Now?

    X2 unless someone has been poaching or fucking up bad I doubt the average Joe will have a situation with DFG over this. Jackpot! Neither does Christie or my daughter soooo more for us!
  331. Afry

    Congressional Medal of honor

    Very cool, you should be proud! Let's hear the story!! All recipients should have access to the presidents personal cell phone number to let him know when he's screwing up.
  332. Afry

    Keeping Lobsters Now?

    This same law has been on the books for a long time - this was more of a clarification. Stupid anyway - makes no sense. All the lobsters in my freezer (which are tail only) were bought from retail stores. ;) No, I don't have a reciept for them but then I don't have a reciept for the king...
  333. Afry

    Free Rubio's taco today - no purchase required

    Stop in and get you one! The Ramona Rubio's is doing this and I believe it's San Diego County wide - guess they were voted best Mexican food (really?) in the SD Union poll and they are thanking their customers.
  334. Afry

    Baja Bayrunner leaks

    1 qt. Gluvit from Torresen Marine $39.95 - No tax and only $7 shipping. gluvit Ships Store Torresen Marine - Boating Supplies and Sailboat Engine Parts (West Marine - $62)
  335. Afry

    At 2-4 after loss to Lambs, are Chargers done ?

    Did I miss something? For them to be done they must first start....They play like it's pre-season still, they're embarrassing. Too much talent that can't put it together - Nov needs to be demoted to offensive coordinator and do what he does best call plays from the box.
  336. Afry

    How about this one????

    Maybe, but I would have hired him
  337. Afry

    Promar LED Lights - While Netting

    Makes for a nice neon billboard to attract those fun loving and adorable sea lions.
  338. Afry

    Coral Launch ramp

    Steep and slippery at low tide - high tide should be fine (dry ramp) long run from SD by boat.
  339. Afry

    Lobster Gear Best Deal ever!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't get em but Jim is welcome to my bugs anyway.
  340. Afry

    first bugzilla of the season

    Well try a shower first....:D
  341. Afry

    Lobster Gear Best Deal ever!!!!!!!!!

    Thats funny Carl but I just might try squirrel bait, lord knows I have enough of the fuckers.
  342. Afry

    Lobster Gear Best Deal ever!!!!!!!!!

    Sold? Call me if you want some bugs bro
  343. Afry

    first bugzilla of the season

    NICE! Why is it the big bugs get caught in the small nets?? Who cares!
  344. Afry

    buonafortunas new avatar

    No he doesn't...that was funny shit right there....just being here exposes your weak side!
  345. Afry

    Kudos to Mexican Sec of Tourism

    Some browsers seem to have problems with it but when it works it's great
  346. Afry

    mooring bugs

    We've all done that shit....come back when you've done something new. And quit posting this crap in the reports section! Actually, this says it all...... I tried hooping on the hook one time and ended up wrapping my line in the trim tabs/props - thats the difference between you and...
  347. Afry

    The Lobster Whisperer Speaks

    I am on my 3rd season with some of my Garrity LEDs HotRef - Garrity Fun-Tastick Batt LED Glo-lite-Y2 $3.50 - Home Organization - Business Gifts You can change the batteries in these also but why bother it when costs me less than $1 (total) a night to use 10 of these. The ones Ali is talking...
  348. Afry

    Back Up set of Magnetic Tow Lights only $9.99

    Didn't know you were so worried about getting rear ended....:D kidding aside, I've had my trailer lights run into and stolen more than once fron SI ramp so these are a nice deal for back ups - thanks for the heads up.
  349. Afry

    2004 Arima with an Evinrude 150 direct injection

    Ficht = hell no! E-tec = hell ya!
  350. Afry

    Badlands Reactor Day pack

    Oh shit :rofl:
  351. Afry

    How many of you tow with a 1/2 ton truck?

    I tow my 20' ProKat cc from Ramona (1400' el.) with a 1997 half ton Suburban 4x4. I have used this to launch mostly at SI but also a few trips to Baja and beach launch an 18' Sea Cat with no problems. The ProKat is a heavy 20'er and I feel the grade going back to Ramona but not bad enough to...
  352. Afry

    The Lobster Whisperer Speaks

    Wallymart used to sell the OSRAM lights but haven't seen em in a while. I still use the cheaper version in a clear tube I get 30-40 nights out of (1) $3.50 light on blink mode. I still use these: Ali - I quit using...
  353. Afry

    Kids & Dogs On House Arrest!!!!

    :rofl::rofl: I hate them bastards!
  354. Afry

    Hoopin' with Afry - Oct 2nd

    Rut Rooooh.... Funny, never got the call.... :D Sounds good Roger, not going to Cheers tonight but Tues or Wed looks good. But call me and we can trade cat food.
  355. Afry

    Mexican Navy

    You go get em John Wayne, I take it you have never stared down the wrong end of a barrel? They probably would not shoot you..probably. But you might end end up in Mexican jail facing bullshit charges and your boat gone as well.
  356. Afry

    Baja Bayrunner leaks

    Yeah really, who builds a boat in their front yard - and finishes it?
  357. Afry

    Baja Bayrunner leaks

    Put jackstands under the trailer rails and then fill inside of boat just above waterline with water then mark the leaks with marker. Then have them welded or use one of the chemical options above Also some swear by Gluvit or JB Weld. I just did my hull and found 7 leaks. The expoxy's aren't...
  358. Afry

    You know you live in a redneck town when....

    If she's the cute blonde working there around noon than you're doing pretty good damn good for a country feller.... Winner, winner chicken dinner - I was wondering who would notice that. LOL Just icing on the cake.
  359. Afry

    You know you live in a redneck town when....

    More like a ménage à trois (he'd better hope they're both females)
  360. Afry


    Ya good lightning - power went off for an hour after a big spike around noon.
  361. Afry

    How much 20# and 25# line for Bluefin

    Go with braided line all the way and hang a 5' topshot of 20# flouro on it and call it a day. From then on you can change the last 5' for whatever size you need and the baits swim better with braided than 100yds of 20# mono out there behind em.
  362. Afry

    You know you live in a redneck town when....

    You stop at the feed store and see this: Ramona - you gotta love it. Not 1 but 2 goats were inside the cab of this truck. btw - I was buying wire mesh for lobster bait cages not critter feed.
  363. Afry

    9-29-10 YFT Report

    Ding! round two I like burritos
  364. Afry

    Three Captains Quit Deadliest CatchThree Captains Quit Deadliest Catch

    It's okay, you can say strippers on BD :boobies: LOLLOL At least you didn't start with "One time at band camp I told some girls....." :D
  365. Afry

    Three Captains Quit Deadliest CatchThree Captains Quit Deadliest Catch

    Any one know how much they paid these guys? I was surprised to hear how little reality show cast members were paid on another show. It might not be worth the hassle for them.
  366. Afry

    The Season is upon us...

    You can have opening night! Be careful and nice out there guys - it's a long season and bugs are caught the whole time. Damn Scott, didn't think you saw me.....:D
  367. Afry


    Thanks Maggie - you're awesome!
  368. Afry


    Did I miss when this is?
  369. Afry

    Deja Vu all over again.....but sweeter

    Maybe you missed the memo about ride sharing with other Ramonians?? Nice ride!
  370. Afry

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    Very sad to hear this, a part of BD is gone forever. I only had 2 personal dealings with Mark, one was helping him set up a prank on one of his long range buddies and another was him helping me out without me knowing he did it. Prayers
  371. Afry

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    Brady screwed us over a fishing trip we won at MAW. I got nothing good to say about this fuckstick. Sorry to hear we're not the only ones. Karma is bitch and he has his coming.o
  372. Afry

    When can you put hoops in?

    So are you going to drop em before you leave?? :D No shit
  373. Afry

    Boat sinks..anyone know the boat "Ula". Sank off Coronado's

    Stay Afloat End of Summer Special Offer 32oz Tub for $24.95!<!--"''"-->
  374. Afry

    Boat sinks..anyone know the boat "Ula". Sank off Coronado's

    No you don't have to bring it up but it kinda takes care of itself. I remember the 38' Med that went down off lobster shack on north island. 2 doctors left Ensenada to Catalina after setting the auto pilot went below for a nap and drove right onto the island. Within days it was stripped by...
  375. Afry

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    Well said Markus and thank you for all the good info you have posted that has helped us private boaters in the past.
  376. Afry

    STORAGE BOX $20.00

    Did you mean 10.5" tall?
  377. Afry

    I don't like coke-heads.......

    Don't be so nice have no chance with a hook up :D
  378. Afry

    Seeker Inshore II Blue Lightning... Warranty...

    If it's the tip - forget about it and replace with a one peice. I love those rods for our offshore fishing.
  379. Afry

    You might be a redneck if.....

    Gotta love Jim..... I had this one the the other day....talking to a buddy and he says that they just cooked up some badger and I said BADGER? He says yeah, tastes like parrie dog. Parrie dog???? Yuk
  380. Afry

    what do tuna do at night

    Well the last time I was at a titty bar it smelled like they had just been there before me :eyepoppin
  381. Afry

    Better go fishing Sunday instead

    I'm pissed - why didn't all you bastards buy some tickets so I can watch the game on the box?? Well maybe Ramona is considered bum fuck egypt by the networks and everyone can come by my house and watch it on my 30" tube TV LOL
  382. Afry

    Best way to have Chunks for chum

    Scissors are much easier, I bought a cheap plastic handle titanium pair a couple years ago and still rust free.
  383. Afry

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Item #1 above (in bold) was explained to me by DFG why I could NOT fillet my mexican caught fish in Mexican waters - if I did so I was breaking the above US DFG reg. let alone the Mexican law. Since I did not legally possess the fish while in Mexico (they were filleted). Just because the...
  384. Afry

    Anyone wanna buddy boat to the hidden bank?

    NOAA has downgraded it from 15 kts with gusts to 20 kts but other sites still show 12-15 kts tomorrow and Thurs but since it is such an exact science LOL I usually prepare for the worst.
  385. Afry

    La Bocana day 1

    Most excellant!
  386. Afry

    Whos to Blame?

    Play calling was back to the same old conserative Norv bullshit. And why can't Rivers run it in?? Not the first game he has done that. All the NFL games looked retarded. All these Prima ass players not showing up on time or at all for camp - no wonder they look so sloppy. Look at all the...
  387. Afry

    Anyone wanna buddy boat to the hidden bank?

    Your nuts! I know you heard this but again the wind is supposed to be a bitch late in the day for the next couple days.
  388. Afry

    A22 Buck Down!!!!!!!!!

  389. Afry

    Fuck the hill!!!!!!!! Hunter becomes HUNTED!!!!!

    Good job Jim - always pay attention to those hairs on the back of your neck. Those cats scare the crap out of me, seen quite a few up our way. Plenty of times right in San Diego Country Estates crossing Ramona Oaks Rd by the golf course. If these duffers only knew.
  390. Afry

    Pulling trigger on new Fly Bridge

    I'd put some props on those motors but it's your boat....
  391. Afry

    What do you use to combat sea sickness

    Bonine and redbull for me in the begining of the season and as I get my sea legs I find that if I keep my stomach full I'm good but if I start to feel the rolls I drink a Coke and watch the horizon for a bit. Ginger works really well if you eat a few ginger snap cookies or gum etc when you...
  392. Afry

    S.D. Lobster fishermen requesting additonal taxes?

    Hmmmm, I remember when the green sticker idea for off roaders came about - was supposed to be used to create and maintain off road areas. San Diego has to be one of the largest sources of green sticker monies in the state. What off road areas do we have here after years and hundreds of millions...
  393. Afry

    Happy Birthday to AFry

    She just has really low standards
  394. Afry

    Happy Birthday to AFry

    I think so :D....not hitting on all cylinders yet.....:hali_olutta:
  395. Afry

    Anyone try TACO LED deck lights?

    These are better for a center console - I would not use them for a spreader bar on a bigger boat.
  396. Afry

    anti gun bills fail to pass

    And that's why I stlll love you you fuckin pussy.
  397. Afry

    Make-A-Wish and Tuna getting closer

    We have family business Sat but may buy tickets to the great after party Sunday and spend some money there. Good times for sure!
  398. Afry

    anti gun bills fail to pass

    On the open carry deal the Republicans ran out the clock and stalled the vote till after midnight and that killed it - at least they did something right. Kyle, there are a few times that open carry is better than not but NOT when these yahoo's (sorry Yahoo) go in a group to Starbucks etc as a...
  399. Afry

    Why have an insurance agent?

    Frank is slipping - although the margin was by seconds - I still beat him!
  400. Afry

    Why have an insurance agent?

    Because we may need an ass for the seat on a dunk tank at the next fundraiser? :D
  401. Afry

    Happy Birthday to AFry

    Still a pussy magnet! Cheers in Ramona @ 5ish (two for one double burgers on Wed!)
  402. Afry

    Heads up if you are using SI ramp on 9/1 early AM

    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Shelter</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Island</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> Boat Yard will be moving a large yacht to Driscoll’s Boat Yard tomorrow morning...
  403. Afry

    2004 proline 4 sale

    Model? Length?
  404. Afry

    Remington VTR 597

    Maybe from Jesse.....
  405. Afry

    Grenades in PV Bar? Is this supposed to be fun?

    Hey Juan, put this grenade in your pocket and let's go have a beer! "These same five people who were most seriously wounded have been arrested, because the explosion early Thursday came from their table, where the grenade's safety pin was also found. Jalisco Governor Emilio Gonzalez said...
  406. Afry

    Grenades in PV Bar? Is this supposed to be fun?

    I prefer not to drink margarita's where my limes have pins and fuses thank you. Sure....crime in Mexico is no different than crime in the US...except for all the bodies of course..... "Two weeks ago, a government report that legislators leaked spoke of 22,700 deaths over little more than a...
  407. Afry

    Mexicana kaboom

    Crazy shit...we may not have any fish up here in SD but we still have our legs. I'm gonna go with the legs and buy my fish from Tommy.
  408. Afry

    Grenades in PV Bar? Is this supposed to be fun?

    Why? You running out of legs down there? Fuck that....the only way I'd fish in Mexico is with Seal Team One.
  409. Afry

    Do you know who the Cardinals starting QB for 2010 is???

    Arizona has an NFL team?
  410. Afry

    Construction ?

    Didn't think I had to state the obvious :D
  411. Afry

    Construction ?

    The best thing about Bell is that they have been exposed - you're right these thieving scumbags are everywhere. My son made more $ at Costco making pizza's than they are paying him in the Marine Corps. He's at San Clemente Island as we speak calling in Naval fire from the ships off the...
  412. Afry

    Construction ?

    It depends on what the building dept will allow on that particular lot. It has to do with lot size, setbacks and existing structures already on the lot. You can go to the city with the tax parcel number and ask what permits are existing and how big of a shop/garage you are allowed to build...
  413. Afry

    Airport safety for woman travelling alone???

    I wouldn't worry, biggest danger at Cabo Airport is the timeshane tailhook gaunlet you have to run to get out the door. If she's not strong she could loose a couple hours of her life to a timeshare presentation but at least you'll have a booze cruise to enjoy after! Have a back up plan in case...
  414. Afry

    QUESTION on the life of outboards

    Thanks Smudge give Ali some shit at your meeting :D But remember only the bad ones get the press and every manufacturer has a bad one. You could probably search any outboard on THT and find a thread that says it is a POS. My 07 Zuke 175 4S is sweet with a whole sheet load of trouble free...
  415. Afry

    Construction ?

    X2 yea fuck it I'm moving to Bell BELL, Calif. – Residents in this modest blue-collar Los Angeles suburb where one in six lives in poverty were angry: Their city manager was getting paid more than President Barack Obama and the police chief more than the commander of the nearly 13,000-member...
  416. Afry

    QUESTION on the life of outboards

    Good going Ali - This belongs in the boating discussion forum...that is all (secret Mod Afry)
  417. Afry

    Construction ?

    Oddly, if the tax assessor in SD County knows about an addition (even illegal) they will increase your taxes to reflect the increased sq ft. They have not been contacting the building dept so far to turn homeowners in. One way they find out that I know of is a certain number of homes sales are...
  418. Afry

    Construction ?

    Times have changed....and pray no one calls code enforcement - my experience is they are now revenue producers and once they find you - look out. Lenders are the new problem.
  419. Afry

    Construction ?

    Make no mistake - the City of SD can and will acess fines that will grow beyond belief. I don't know about other county's but I do know about SD City and County. An appraiser cannot give value to unpermitted structures, most lenders will require removal or get it permitted if found out and...
  420. Afry

    Construction ?

    If it's that big it could also be a non-conforming use and you will also need a special use permit - if they want to give you one and after asking neighbors if they have objections.
  421. Afry

    Construction ?

    Yes your neighbors can rat you out then you are fucked. You can go to the city to see what is permitted on that property without raising a flag as long as you don't tell them what is there - just ask to see permits. If not permitted and caught you can either have it permitted or tear it down...
  422. Afry

    Who can Paint my Boat?

    No problem, I get a free reach around for every client I refer! BTW - Ask Skip if he's had any experience's with the Navy Seal's lately....:D
  423. Afry

    Please help with value on '06 Parker 1801 CC

    Very bad comparison, you are only getting a partnership and only own 1/2 a boat. BIG difference when it's all YOUR boat. He was asking 15k - your buddies Parker is really worth maybe 16k in this market to a real buyer with real cash. Keeping in mind there are no electronics on it. If the...
  424. Afry

    Who can Paint my Boat?

    I'd call BD'er Skip (customboatguy) @ 619-279-6667 his shop is in Santee and does great work!
  425. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    Yup, 920336 - let me know - thanks! They sure make some nice clean looking mounts.
  426. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    I bought a used weaver 1-3 so now need rings - if you are going to carry the Talley's I would like to give you the business for being a BD supporter. I want the extra low rings for a Marlin 336.
  427. Afry

    Mercury 50hp 4-stroke

    #1-3, you're right and now what you posted makes sense. I realized this soon after I sent it, I think they went to EFI in 02. #4, sounds good.
  428. Afry

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    Not sure your true damages will cover the cost of litigation but what do I know?...nothing.
  429. Afry

    Mercury 50hp 4-stroke

    $1500 - it's a pig in a poke - any major repairs on a 4 stroke are gonna be money and maybe not worth buying. Since you don't know the hours - which means the mechanic that worked on it did not run the computerized data stored in the electronics which would tell you if and when any alarms ever...
  430. Afry

    Boat sinks, Little Harbor, CI

    So is a depth and gps alarm anchored
  431. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    Scout/Guide scope with standard eye relief, I really like the Leupold FX II 2.5x20mm and just missed an M8 (old name?) for $165 used but sweet. That Weaver is an great option for a new one if I don't find a used one in a month or so. I have been out of the loop with scopes and was surprised...
  432. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    I think you missed the part where I called myself a cheap bastard - those Trijicon's are the shit but also over a grand. Besides, putting one of those on my 30-30 lever gun would be like putting a GPS navigation system on a Model T LOL
  433. Afry

    boat seats

    Since Doug is in San Quintín I will respond for him....I picked em up yesterday :D Thanks Doug!
  434. Afry

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    Anything just shy of a felony
  435. Afry

    for the business

    How about some insurance for next years tuna bite?
  436. Afry

    DFG commission adopts new hoop net regs

    Thanks Jim! So basically they have a better definition of a hoop net that really only effects those that build their own and you can only have 5 nets in your boat or in the water when alone and 10 on aboard or in the water if you have crew (no extra nets). So if you buy your hoops then the...
  437. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    Thanks Mikhail, that Nikon is a super buy but it's just much bigger than I am looking for. I am looking for a scope that is small and light - just a step above peep sights, 8-9" and 8-10 oz. - 20-33 mm The Vortex is the right size but I don't like extended eye relief - I want the scope mounted...
  438. Afry

    DFG commission adopts new hoop net regs

    Anybody have a link to these new regs?
  439. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    *reticle - non *budget - cheap bastard looking for a used one, but willing to pay more for a nice used Leupold. *Brand - any decent *use - going on an old 30-30 marlin 336 (not a closet queen) used for brush (not more than 125-150 yds). Pig, deer and unlucky yotes. 20mm is fine
  440. Afry

    Batteries for DAYS!

    You are battery crazy....why not just carry a portable jumper battery? They sell waterproof units at West Marine.
  441. Afry

    Batteries for DAYS!

    Stop that! :D
  442. Afry

    The Nuge gets busted for CA hunting violations

    Maybe that is a fair fine after all, Omid Adhami pled guilty to the "illegal taking of a protected giant sea bass." He got three years probation, 30 days of community service and ordered to pay $1,100 in fine. He shot a fucking Black Sea Bass in a preserve! The Nuge baited and shot an illegal...
  443. Afry

    Battery Question

    As for the anchor light you can buy one of those kayak or dinghy battery powered LED stern lights ($35 @ Worst Marine). They can mount many ways very easily. I have used one hoopnetting for 2 years now with the same 4 AA batteries - they last forever. Now your just down to the bait pump.
  444. Afry


    or be able to switch one off - why two?
  445. Afry

    Fishkilling jetski for sale 2010 yamaha FX-HO

    Saw a couple ski's on the 43 last year which prompt's my next question....what is the range?
  446. Afry

    US Sportfishermen Attacked Off Costa Rica Coast

    I would have been out of flares before too long. I'm sure the threat of a flare in the cockpit of that bird would have made them think twice about dropping more shit.
  447. Afry

    Boat Shipping Question

    I shipped an 18' trailer boat that ended up in Molokai and used Pasha or I mean Pa$ha - it's not cheap but it was easy.
  448. Afry

    boat seats

    See ya Monday
  449. Afry

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    Great news - glad it's not April 1st or I wouldn't believe it
  450. Afry

    Emergency at sea..........

    Must have been the annual BD mod's charter
  451. Afry


    Good for you Terri - both barrels! Damn Troy - is that one of you guides in your avatar - if so I'd like to book the boat for the season....looks like good guide gear for Powell. I had some co-workers bugging me - no begging me to take them offshore so we had it set up that they would be at my...
  452. Afry

    15 1/2 foot boston whaler

    Gottta love Labs!
  453. Afry

    Low power scout type scope

    Looking for a low power, 9"ish scout type scope for my Marlin 336 lever action, fixed or variable as long as low is 2-3. Arnie 760-522-8111
  454. Afry

    Kelps starting to hold Dorado and Yellowtail

    I spent the day rigging my hoop nets.....just saying....
  455. Afry

    Battery Question

    Two good group 27's and a portable marine battery/cable jumper stowed away for unexpected problems. Put a flow alarm on your bait pump (good idea anyway) and change out all your lights to LED's. Not sure how your charging system will like having a starter mixed with a deep cycle but you can...
  456. Afry


    Thanks for keeping our feet on the ground.
  457. Afry

    savage 17hmr 93r17

    Gusslers FFL in Santee $60 total
  458. Afry

    What would you do? I know what this 17 year old did.

    Correct, I didn't want to post a pic of the dress. ....especially on BD! Thank you all for the kind words.
  459. Afry

    How to make Stan kick his dog

    Thats just rude....:rofl:Poor dog
  460. Afry

    What would you do? I know what this 17 year old did.

    Little more than that - She didn't just disagree with him, his insults were directed at her. Gotta admit I was a little torn when I heard this, kinda like when your kid comes home from school after his first fight - even though you tell them to turn the other cheek you are some how happy deep...
  461. Afry

    Worse Tuna season I've ever seen and it's not getting better!!!

    I agree, what is the world coming too? But, no, specta is for the cheap fuckers like me that fish for meat.
  462. Afry

    What would you do? I know what this 17 year old did.

    I was picking up my son on liberty (USMC) on Fri and heard a very interesting story from my 17 year old daughter as we traveled down the road. "Nathan, I have a story for you. I was at a concert a couple weeks ago at Cricket and this 30ish year old dude year old was disrespecting our flag...
  463. Afry

    Missing Boater @ Catalina 8/8 .......

    "A man is never lost at sea". Prayers sent
  464. Afry

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    PM it to me Stan, I'll wait till Korine leaves her desk and then post it under her BD name :D
  465. Afry

    8/9 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (nunyabizness)

    Happy Birthday Maggie! May you lines be tight, your glass half full and hot young men baiting your hook!
  466. Afry

    SWEET ! Pump out toilet

    There's probably a few up there already
  467. Afry

    I need answers about pigeon shooting.

    Shot some giant ass pigeons in Argentina - probably were some ex-Nazi science project escapees but boy they sure were good eating. Late afternoon wooded areas were full of them. Sounds like a good way to stay in shooting shape around here.
  468. Afry

    Yellow Tail on the Chubasco 2

    He lives in WA. and just got home, give the guy a break! :D
  469. Afry

    Mercury 50hp 4-stroke

    How many hours are low hours? Does it include controls?
  470. Afry

    check ou my fight

    I always wondered why they called it Knotts Berry Farms.
  471. Afry

    Sold My Parker

    ...and why didn't they cut that thing in half with a 50 cal. before it got that close? Lucky for him they didn't.
  472. Afry

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    "Size extra small is in the back next to the lift kits....." btw - in my mirror, it's spelled DROF....:D...and why are you yelling? I rest my case
  473. Afry

    Heavy Pics - **3rd Annual Crystal Pier Kids Classic**

    Hats off to you all! We finished the "Taste of happy hour" at 6 and Christie rolled my fat arse back to SI...Great to see you guys!
  474. Afry

    Thery're watching you

    No but a lady was killed near Julian a few years back,, think she was jogging. I see em around Ramona and Mesa Grande from time to time. they're beautiful but the old timer ranchers HATE them. Something about "shoot, shovel and shut up"
  475. Afry

    Citation for fishing in a MPA

    Call Obama and ask him for his lawyers name that he uses to sue states?
  476. Afry

    Need a Marine glass guy

    One of the tinted sliding side windows on my Med cracked from the heat and I need it replaced at the marina (Half Moon Marina on SI). Thanks, Arnie
  477. Afry

    Cutting board project material

    I'm gonna pass - size is a bit off Thanks guys!
  478. Afry

    close to south island.....

    They look like next years BD Yellowtail tourny winners to me.......well maybe 2nd place LOL. Good job guys!
  479. Afry

    Another little Vermonster

    Yet another tracker hits the trail :urno1: Congrats!
  480. Afry

    Cutting board project material

    Give me a couple hours to measure the SS table - not sure which I need.
  481. Afry

    Cutting board project material

    Where are you located?
  482. Afry

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    Damn city trucks coming up the hill into my hood....especially the ones with tuna plates..... :D
  483. Afry

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    I have to say - you diesel dudes can probably thank the few assholes that jack their pumps up so black smoke comes pouring out of the exhaust when they are on the throttle. And not just commercial trucks are guilty of this. Since I'm whining .....will all you fags that lifted your trucks...
  484. Afry

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    You or the truck Stan? Maybe you should read it again.... :D
  485. Afry

    What is the Story on these Invisa Swivels

    They look scary but then mono is a lot thinner and it's just plastic. Curious to see how they hold up - but not on my fish yet.
  486. Afry

    New boat, haven't fished in awhile

    He speaks! What up Rip Van Winkle - did you have a nice nap? :D
  487. Afry


    Thanks to both of you!
  488. Afry

    New Leupold VX-II 3-9x40mm

    Sale pending.....Evil whore is off fishing in Idaho....bastard :finger: Tight lines Jason see ya when you get back.
  489. Afry

    What Was Your First Post About Here On BD?

    In my first post I responded to a question about the fuel prices at Coral....I was too shy to ask about that Saluki the way, just what is a man massage? LOL "Diesel was $1.70 per gal at Coral (7/4/05)" Like to have those prices back again!
  490. Afry

    New Leupold VX-II 3-9x40mm

    Leupold VX-II Rifle Scope 3-9X 40 Duplex Matte finish 1" #56780 Has Duplex reticle, multicoat lens. Scope is new in box. $225 or reasonable offer Arnie 760-522-8111
  491. Afry

    I need some help on pricing a boat.

    Winner Winner chicken dinner! Congats on the sale!
  492. Afry

    .44 Mag Smith & Wesson 329PD Titanium & Scandium alloy

    Sure....which end of the barrel you looking to join? :D Let me know Max - she's a good one. I will hold off on putting it on Calgun for a bit.
  493. Afry

    .44 Mag Smith & Wesson 329PD Titanium & Scandium alloy

    SOLD! This is a hand cannon and super lightweight - perfect for bear country etc. Bought new and fired 20 rounds (only) through it. Looking to buy a different toy so here it is. Original box, papers and both grips. One very minor scratch near cylinder release. Legal transfer only $800 -...
  494. Afry

    Anyone local....

    Yup..Shelter Island it is
  495. Afry


    Been there done that....was hungover just to add injury to my stomach
  496. Afry

    Tips and etiquette

    or BD gear unless you catch fish! :D
  497. Afry

    Anyone local....

    I had a friend that got one on Xmas morning when he took his 12 year old kid to shoot his new shotgun at Rosco Ridge some years ago and it was over $100 then. That was cold shit!
  498. Afry

    Anyone local....

    I'll take the other half - Korine can bring it up the hill
  499. Afry

    What's This ?

    For best results wrap it in bacon and dip it in melted butter
  500. Afry

    Quick! Somebody Buy This Boat!

    Looks like more deadrise than a MV Parker...but then....
  501. Afry

    The Bears......

    This is kinda like watching two gangbangers fighting - who gives a fuck? :D
  502. Afry

    Is it me or has the classifieds turned in to a whore house??

    Did Saluki start posting Man Massages again?
  503. Afry

    Newbie Here

    I pity the fool! :finger: Welcome!
  504. Afry

    My Dog Got Tore Up By The Neighbors Dogs

    Paintball gun for any four legged trespassers. They learn real quick - the kinder gentler side of frontier justice. They should pay the whole deal if it was on your property.
  505. Afry

    **HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORINE! (Thearabswife) July 8th **

    On this day in history: (Besides Ali being out of town) Paris celebrates 2,000th birthday, 1951 American Revolution Liberty Bell tolls to announce Declaration of Independence, 1776 Automotive Suzuki settles Consumer Reports lawsuit after eight-year legal battle, 2004 Civil War Surrender of...
  506. Afry

    THAT was a pretty good shaker up here in Ramona!

    Repy #5 Thanks Sean - I'm feeling the love now! :D Guess they downgraded it to a 5.4 - Korine said I ran out of the building like a little girl....bitch
  507. Afry

    THAT was a pretty good shaker up here in Ramona!

    5.9 - 22miles NW of Borrego Springs
  508. Afry

    I need some help on pricing a boat.

    Uhhhhh no. These litttle boats are cool but with a 2 stroke Mariner I'd say $2200-$2800.
  509. Afry

    Gas disposal

    Dump it in the Gulf of Mexico - I'm sure no one will notice :D
  510. Afry

    Battery Hook-up Please...

    I got mine for $190 ea. from a buddy that has a car repair shop - he got em from the Interstate Battery people. I have used these batteries before and am very happy with them. They are not gel batteries though but for the price who cares.
  511. Afry

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout comments thread

    Had a lot of fun and will do it again if nothing else just so Tailchasers and LTBOLTMAN will have some prize monies to collect. :2gunsfiring_v1: But why have all the "breaks" at the awards? It got a little slow - kinda like dial up LOL. I know the Sheraton doesn't cut you in on the beer sales...
  512. Afry

    Newbie boat owner with lame fishing questions

    Good advice from Drew (who probably is an ass :D). Also best to buddy boat or bring an experienced friend with you first few times out. MUST buy Vessal Assist from West Marine - best money you will spend. Put together a ditch bag - research it for items to include - flares etc. I do not...
  513. Afry

    Barefoot Bar / Paradise Point needs your help!

    Damn, that's like $10 a fish there! What do ya have to bring in for a free cheesburger - an Orca? :D
  514. Afry

    I hate fucking Iraq!!!

    Your post hits home as my son is a new Marine and I'm sure will deploy soon enough. I can only imagine your frustration - our Army is taking some crappy cowardice shit over there. Hearts and minds?.....they have to have em before we can win em over. Remember without him and others like him...
  515. Afry

    Birds and bait 6/10

    Damn, how long did it take to wash the bird shit off your Big Knockers?
  516. Afry

    snakes... booooo

    X2 on the Rocky snake boots - got mine from Cabela's and they make me a fearless fella when walking the tall grass. Just remember when climbing any rocks to look ahead.
  517. Afry

    Rattlesnake at Trestles tonight

    My full size yellow lab was bite by a rattler on the hip, by the time we got him to emergency it was too late for anti-venom so he toughed it out just fine. However that hip was never really right after that. The Vet told us if dogs are bitten about the face sometimes they will swell up and...
  518. Afry

    Do you shit on your boat???

    I hang it over the side but always in the stern in case of any potential shit stain - I once took a dump over the side out near the Condom bank on a HUGE patty right next to a US warship on my 18'er and got a standing ovation.
  519. Afry

    Had to put down my 2nd dog this year

    Sorry for your loss Bill. All good dogs go to heaven and Jazzy is chillin now - no more pains...
  520. Afry

    I caught a Blue Marlin

    Don't need video....nice catch!
  521. Afry

    Maserati owner collected welfare benefits

    That people named after Pokeman characters are low life scum bag crminals? Good thing Pokeman characters are not a protected class or we would have some racist bastards on this board! Knock, knock... Who's there? Orange... Orange who? Orange ya glad your mom and dad didn't name your...
  522. Afry

    CA Open Carry...10...9...8...7...

    I heard Duffy talking the other day and he said that he supported "shall issue" unless there were compelling reasons not to. The example he used was that he would revoke a CCW if the licensee were to get a DUI. Sounds fair to me. FYI - LaSuer also says he supports CCW's - some think he is he...
  523. Afry

    CA Open Carry...10...9...8...7...

    Not so sure about that, I think it's that "look at me I'm cool" or so they think they are. Or "I am insecure and now I'm not" Just because you can doesn't mean that you should - time and place. Starbucks and In n Out are NOT the place. I saw some idiots practicing open carry at the In n Out...
  524. Afry

    CA Open Carry...10...9...8...7...

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: No shit, I love Arizona, it's laws and your fine Sheriff that has a real set of balls.
  525. Afry

    Trailer Lights...

    Use dielectric grease (lots) on the bulb base for a quick cheap fix. I've had better luck with the crappy open bottom lights then anything but the LEDS (which someone stole off my trailer at Shelter Island!). At least they drain and dry out.
  526. Afry

    CA Open Carry...10...9...8...7...

    We're fucked - thank you geek assholes that thought they would walk into Starbucks etc with cannons strapped to their sides thinking they were "protesting" and were really just insecure fucksticks hanging their cocks out in public. Nice, ruin it for the rest of us. Maybe, just maybe this will...
  527. Afry

    Damn, I love the Santee Swap Meet

    Cool deal - let us know what you find out.
  528. Afry

    North Island YT

    Good for you Don!
  529. Afry

    Recommendations on the best way to BBQ YT Steaks!

    Drive around east county tilll you see a wannabe redneck with a lifted blue diesel pickup and offer him a reacharound for a free sticker :D
  530. Afry

    Recommendations on the best way to BBQ YT Steaks!

    Simple YT recipe La Bocana style <HR style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000; COLOR: #000000" SIZE=1>Joquin made us this killer Yellowtail recipe at his place in La Bocana Pour some Dijonnaise (or any mustard) in a bowl and thin with a little mayo, add a good dash of soy sauce and stir. Take fillets...
  531. Afry

    1994 Bayliner 2452 Classic????

    Inland boats in Perris has a bunch of overpriced boats stripped of electronics - better deals on Craigslist. I had one of those 2452's and they are great for less than 30 miles out and still good for family trips. Cockpit is small - 3 guys fishing at most. But as already said, any boat that's...
  532. Afry

    2002 TWIN VEE 17 $6K OBO

    Smokin deal
  533. Afry

    What's wrong in this paragraph?????

    Of course they're tourists....on paid vacation from the CIA.
  534. Afry


    As usual - but the Sliders were KILLER!
  535. Afry

    Albin 28te 2006 for sale or trade

    Your chart seems to be missing numbers over 7.4 knots or am I missing something? How about real world numbers with 3-4 guys, a load of fuel, ice and gear at cruise?
  536. Afry

    Albin 28te 2006 for sale or trade

    What are the fuel burn numbers?
  537. Afry

    The Marine Infantryman

    The Marine Infantryman Gunnery Sergeant Steven Miller, USMC As Seen By Himself: A Stout, Handsome, Highly-Trained Professional Killer and Female Idol, who wears a star sapphire ring, carries a finely honed K-Bar, is covered with a crisp cammie cover and is always on time due to the reliability...
  538. Afry

    Thresher 5/14/2010

    Why, cause your done fishing for em? I'm all for regs that allow keeping one medium T per year and no treble stingers but you're over the top.
  539. Afry

    Makos, seals & sealions

    Just drag it over the rail - it'll lay there till you get where your going.
  540. Afry


    Dominick is a cool little dude! Food was great and the drinks were top shelf. The bartenders have been highly trained and know their shit. We had a Grapefruit Mojito that was possibly the best drink I have ever had - and I've had a couple. Cool place and got very busy (packed) later after Rob...
  541. Afry

    Electrical supplies.......

    How about in San Diego area? I need to rewire my tinny.
  542. Afry


    Sweet! Hey Stan, Christie and I are going around 3 today after my daughters end of season Cheer banquet (yawn) that ends at 2ish in Spring Valley. You and any other Bd'ers are welcome to join us at JFAT. And just to kick off the conversation we can talk about the the fine art of boat buying...
  543. Afry

    Squidco Customer Appreciation Days

    Team Realplayer will be stopping by!
  544. Afry


    Do we have to wait till the 19th to get the card or can I go today and turn in the coupon? I'm not very good at directions....
  545. Afry

    Seal a can't

    Yeah, yeah they're cute - till they grow up - smack that bastard on the side of the head so he never goes near a boat again - it's for his own good.....:D Come on in....said the spider to the fly.....:Death_To_Above:
  546. Afry


    Mine has been bulletproof except for the cheezy tilt/trim indicator linkage - I gave up on it and do without. Don't know what the story is on this one but I'd buy another 175 in a heartbeat.
  547. Afry

    Family to family home transfer?

    You need a tax guy - period. The real estate part is easy and be done with only a recording fee. However it is in your best interest to buy a title insurance policy when you do it. PM me if you want more dope.
  548. Afry

    1994 17' Center Console Skiff

    new wiring - is Stan moonlighting?
  549. Afry


    Might have to break out some Scottish eggs at the BD picnic!
  550. Afry

    Stan Lend me 3k lol check this out

    Yeh this scammer has been running this ad for months in different socal areas. Another scammer has been doing the same with a super cheap Kubota. First clue is the pictures are obviously taken somewhere back east with green lawns etc.
  551. Afry

    Oh Boy Not Again

  552. Afry

    Foul Ball from Hell.....

    I needed that - thanks!
  553. Afry

    Sea World is playing God....

    How about a caption for the photo.... Okay, when I shove him under...step on it!
  554. Afry

    Mountain Lion Shot in Big Bear

    Wonder who got the meat?
  555. Afry

    Track down a boat

    Here ya go... Office of Science and Technology
  556. Afry

    Starcraft gettin there!

    Much better!
  557. Afry

    Smartphone advice

    I would look at the new HTC incredible phone from offered by Verizon or even the IPhone in the fall but either of these will cost you at least a couple hundred more. I am very happy with my Droid except for the weight. I don't use the slide out keyboard - the new on screen keyboards are good...
  558. Afry

    C Y A

    Don't worry it will still get read in the correct forum - it just makes you look like a dumbshit when you post it here. Sorry for your loss.
  559. Afry

    Avet problems?

    Rock solid, nothing to fix - drags are fine. The SX has been my local "go to" reel for years. I abuse em and after nothing more than a quick rinse I abuse em again. I think Evilkemist is correct.
  560. Afry

    Sometimes life just throws one too many curve balls

    Our prayers are with you my man. Thank you for your service and no matter what happens I believe there is a good place for good men and you are one of them. One of my biggest fears with my son becoming a Marine is that he will start smoking or chewing - I will make sure he knows your experience.
  561. Afry

    Chili/lime wings

    Great hot or cold! 5 pounds chicken wings or full sized legs are a good way to go also 2 tablespoons garlic powder 2 1/2 tablespoons paprika 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon lemon pepper 1 tablespoon chili powder 1-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper 1 cup lime juice 7 ounces canned...
  562. Afry

    Mexican Bean Soup For Long Boat Trips

    Great chili recipe! Simple and tasty, I added a couple shots of chili powder and a tablespoon of cumin. Slow cooking for a couple hours is the key - the flavor really came alive and so did my ass the next day. :D
  563. Afry

    Update on the Starcraft

    There ya go - he was amazed it ran - whatta Shitbag
  564. Afry

    So I went to Cabela's today...

  565. Afry

    BD kicks ass

    Welcome back El Hefe - you use more jet fuel than both Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore! :D
  566. Afry

    Are Tuna Attracted to Diesel Engines?

    But does it still smell like tuna if she is underwater?
  567. Afry

    2003 trophy 1903cc 115 4-stroke

    Almost as if it floats on air...
  568. Afry

    BD kicks ass

    No, thank you! :urno1:
  569. Afry

    What Happened To Capt. Archer's Forum?

    He certainly was entertaining. I always have an Archer bar in the spread.
  570. Afry

    New addition to the family - baby Ruger!

    Work is getting in the way of play so I can't say yet. It only weighs about 9 oz so it should be fun. It comes with a little finger hold to replace the clip bottom which should give a little more holding surface. This thing is stupid small and thin.
  571. Afry

    Has BD really grown that big?

    What's the world coming to?
  572. Afry

    New addition to the family - baby Ruger!

    380 LCP - Just finished the legal transfer to Ca. Damn this this is small and light! That's a AA battery for reference.
  573. Afry

    Calling all nerds! (Cory) you need this....

    Was that you peering in the window again? Shit Cory, you need to get some help! No shit, if she wants to see Cory I should tell her to just look out the wiindow. :eek:
  574. Afry

    Calling all nerds! (Cory) you need this....

    ThinkGeek :: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Wi-Fi Detector Shirt<?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><v:shape id=_x0000_i1026 style="WIDTH: 0.75pt; HEIGHT: 0.75pt" alt=""...
  575. Afry

    Are Tuna Attracted to Diesel Engines?

    Why yes, I believe they are.... Some even say it's better than a Harley!
  576. Afry

    Day at the Docks tomorrow

    See ya there - and a big thanks for doing such a great job on my boat insurance!
  577. Afry

    What happened to the gobbler reports?

    Calling toms in doesn't seem to work as well as other areas of the country. There just aren't as many birds here to work with. I have better sucess with spot and stalk but you'd better do your homework before the season.
  578. Afry

    Starcraft 19' Surfdoc II PICTURES ADDED!!!

    No need to wake Stan....he needs his beauty sleep
  579. Afry

    This will chap your ass

    x2 Kinda like posting a bug or clam report and then complain that it's getting harder to get some. Let sleeping dogs be. Hopefully the new SD Sheriff will be more reasonable about issuing ccw's - Jay LaSuer supports "shall issue ccw permit" and I heard Duffy may be but not sure yet - he did...
  580. Afry

    Starcraft 19' Surfdoc II PICTURES ADDED!!!

    Good for you now go catch a fish!
  581. Afry

    Looking for simple fishing boat

    I would look at a 22' cat CC with 4 stroke outboard but you need a bigger tow vehicle.
  582. Afry

    Day at the Docks, Sunday 4/18

    DATD>FHS X2! Ummmmm tacos! Both kinds....
  583. Afry

    trailer tires 4 boat

    Craigslist is your friend
  584. Afry

    Albin 28te 2006 for sale or trade

    Isn't that a trailer boat? I know an Albin owner down here in SD that keeps his on a trailer. Bitchin boats for sure, I would love to trade my 38' Med for one.
  585. Afry

    Anybody with a truck want to make a trip BoLA?

    And cross the border with you in the truck?......:eek: or are you willing to walk over while someone else drives? :D
  586. Afry

    Anyone try TACO LED deck lights?

    Was wondering if they are any good. I want to mount LED lights on my t-top and not burn a bunch of juice.
  587. Afry

    $20 off @ Poway Sushi Lounge

    No affiliation - just passing it on. This week is a smokin deal at my all time favorite sushi place ever so I was pretty happy and bought 6 (max) coupons. Groupon is a discount coupon company that will email you deals in San Diego or other cities that are pretty good. Deal is buy a coupon...
  588. Afry

    Newest Marine

    Nate and 417 other fine young men graduated from USMC Recruit Training on Friday and it gave me restored faith in my goverment. Just when you think they can't do anything right you realize that they can still make Marines - the change in him is incredible. My hats off to the DI's and everyone...
  589. Afry

    this is how they plan to

    Tax and spend -Tax and spend -Tax and spend -Tax and spend - will it never end?
  590. Afry

    But, but I thought weed was OK in Weed!

    They might try and grow em but they probably will forget to water their plants - oh wow man I forgot...... Actually Sean might be right on with this one.
  591. Afry

    Need fire sprinkler work in Ramona (SD County)

    Will call them thanks...this is a commercial system
  592. Afry

    yellowtail shootout 2010

    The day before we pick up our check?
  593. Afry

    Need fire sprinkler work in Ramona (SD County)

    Funny you should ask! Last May my contractor was taking down a wall and knocked a sprinkler head off - wholly crap those things put out some water. Luckily the building was empty at the time.
  594. Afry

    Need fire sprinkler work in Ramona (SD County)

    I need a couple heads moved up (shorter pipes) and need another new sprinkler added in a room where we did a remodel. I also need the system given a once over and a pull box reset. Cash Thanks, Arnie 760-522-8111
  595. Afry

    FKG's new ride..........

    Looks like a good hooping boat as well!
  596. Afry

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A few years ago "My Country Club" released pheasant on top of Palomar Mtn. (private property) but found that the yokes wiped em out real quick. Hopefully these have a foothold.
  597. Afry

    Del Mar Fred Hall Show

    Not to mention more of these....:boobies::boobies::boobies: See ya Thurs
  598. Afry

    New buoy in SD Bay

    shhhhhh! :D
  599. Afry

    New buoy in SD Bay

    Oh and he says he lost 30 pounds - I could use a little recruit training!
  600. Afry

    New buoy in SD Bay

    Great Max thanks for asking. According to the training matrix he finished the crucible yesterday and I think they got their Marine Corp emblems. I'm sure it was a very good day for him. His graduation is next Friday the 2nd. I will be there for family day next Thursday. He was very bummed to...
  601. Afry

    Aluminum diamond plate for deck material?

    Good stuff, thanks - after further review - aluminum decking is no longer an option. I will be consulting with Skip "fiberglassero extraordinaire" about fiberglass ideas over beers tonight at FHS.
  602. Afry

    New buoy in SD Bay

    I got this email from my Marina manager -------------------------------------- "Tenants, I received this thru the Harbor Safety Committee, which I am a member. The e-mail below was sent from the US Coast Guard. Let me know if you have any questions. "Recently we had a sailing vessel strike...
  603. Afry

    Aluminum diamond plate for deck material?

    I'm wanting to keep my Bayrunner low maintenance by using aluminum for deck material. Preferably diamond plate but I guess smooth surface with non skid would also be an option. This is an 18'er with 2 small deck areas between the seat benches so there's not a lot of deck space and not going...
  604. Afry

    what is the thing that you wished one of the old salts told you when you were young

    Wake her up at 5AM? You're a brave man..... Well next time you should post your jokes in the "Jokes Forum"!....:D
  605. Afry

    Thanks for buying my artwork at FH

    Dude you are talented....thank your gene pool. Hope you're going to be at DMFHS
  606. Afry

    what is the thing that you wished one of the old salts told you when you were young

    I wish the old salts would have told me that Jackg14 has no fucking sense of humor Besides Mark really isn't that funny :D
  607. Afry

    Another fun scouting day......

    Just look for the boat junkyard (Ramona yard art) :D PM coming your way Jim and Sean
  608. Afry

    Another fun scouting day......

    And yet here is another son of a bitch that drives right past my house and doesn't stop by! Besides I heard there are crazy voodoo chicken head eatin mother fuckers that live down your way.....:D
  609. Afry

    A Little Clamming Advice Please...

    Really? Go away
  610. Afry

    Expedition Fishing boat for sale in Kodiak!

    .46 mpg @ 8 knots - not as bad as I would have thought for a steel hull, but still too much for my fuel card. Guess you could gets lots of air miles though....
  611. Afry

    Another fun scouting day......

    Quote: Originally Posted by Afry And you drove right past my place to get to Jim's....snob..... Like I drove right past the bar to get to Jims....:drunk BTW - that kid sure is cute - mom must be hot cause we've seen your mug. :D
  612. Afry

    Another fun scouting day......

    And you drove right past my place to get to Jim's....snob.....
  613. Afry

    18' Bayrunner "bilge" question

    Your right a second pump in the middle stringer/bench seat area makes more sense than 2 pumps in back. Especially since there is a fitting for a bait pump overflow in the hull amidship that is available for use. Your floor drain is what I was thinking. Those holes wouldn't be in the hull per...
  614. Afry

    fishing at salton sea

    Nasty place
  615. Afry

    18' Bayrunner "bilge" question

    I'm looking for input on the following: After looking at my new (to me) 18' Westcoaster Bayrunner it is apparent that there are issues with getting rid of water that is on the deck (the deck is below the water line which eliminates any scupper systems). If it were to rain or you were to wash...
  616. Afry

    Ideal Boat for Los Barriles

    Don't know the answer to your question but I've wondered about it many times - good problem to have. I think I'd rent boats for a year then decide. The best deal might be a boat already down there.
  617. Afry

    Knot for tying mono to flouro

    It leaks! :D Well I typed "Ali" and "chunky" showed up on the screen - I don't understand? :D:D Started stripping it down - gonna be a bad ass bug boat. Anyone want a dentist chair? FYI - Thanks!
  618. Afry

    Knot for tying mono to flouro

    Since you mentioned 25 yds of mono before the 6' of floro the seagar is effective and easy but chunky when going though the guides - I like the albright for this line size - easy and slim.
  619. Afry

    BD sighting Hy 94, Sorry about yer underwear

    Whatsa matter Bill you gettin girly man knuckles?
  620. Afry

    Walther PPK .380

    He meant bondage movies..........
  621. Afry

    FOR SALE: 1985 18' West Coaster Bayrunner

    Nice meeting you Ron, spend it quick - she's gonna be looking for it by Wednesday. PS. changed my sig line in honor of this fine occasion.....
  622. Afry


    Between Prius's and Pigs those pesky tree huggers will be dropping like flies! I think those pig more than double every year - keep in mind two breeding cycles a year and each litter of 1-13 we should be good to go.
  623. Afry


    I didn't read the other long ass thread so maybe this isn't new. Talking to local landowners and cattle folk in the back country these pigs are showing up as far out from the lake as a couple miles north of Witch Creek and also in the Eagle Peak area. A buddy that does work for the state...
  624. Afry

    Freeway modifications for Toyota's

    I'd prefer a box anchor for that application or you could just pop that little tin can into neutral.......
  625. Afry

    Walther PPK .380

    Mine says PPK and yes it was made by Interarms which is considered to be better than the new S&W made models. The biggest difference is that the PPK/S holds one more round in the mag and the handle is a little longer. Wikipedia says: The PPK/S was developed following the enactment of the Gun...
  626. Afry

    FOR SALE: 1985 18' West Coaster Bayrunner

    It's not a perfect world.....:D It will never be further than 2 miles from the launch ramp and with some sweat equity it can be minimzed or even stopped for a while.
  627. Afry

    33Wellcraft Coastal Diesel

    Who's hiding under the bed?
  628. Afry

    Walther PPK .380

    All stainless, bought new in about 1987. Less than 100 rounds through it. Sweet little pistol in excellant condition, $450 + FFL Fee. PM or call me @ 760-522-8111
  629. Afry

    AMT Backup .380

    Stainless, bought new in about 1980, might have the original clip as well. Some wear and tear from carry but probably less than 200 rounds fired through it. $300 + FFL fee. PM or call me @ 760-522-8111
  630. Afry

    pros and cons of catamaran

    I have that same boat (2005) with a 175 4S suzuki on the back that will run 38 knots empty. The 150 should push it just fine. It does not lean out when turning like the Glacier Bay owner said (my old 18' Sea Cat did though). This boat leans like a mono in a turn. I've put over 1500 hours on this...
  631. Afry

    best conventional under $250?

  632. Afry

    You know you are a redneck when....... frame your sons first target from USMC Recruit Training. First free ammo! Shot while sighting in at Pendleton. He is halfway through training and loves it - sick bastard.
  633. Afry

    Open Carry Law?

    Ok Gary are you running up your post count or should friends not let friends drink and drive on the internet? :D
  634. Afry

    Open Carry Law?

    Great, I'll tell the judge I saw it on youtube LOL Problem with this shit is if you get popped doing the wrong thing with a gun you could lose your gun rights FOREVER. Make sure you don't operate in the gray.
  635. Afry

    This custom tide calendar is VERY cool!

    Arrived in just 4 days - very nice quality - $21.43 well spent
  636. Afry

    Open Carry Law?

    Questions for those that know... 1) Is a CA ccw good statewide? countywide? Reason I ask is I inspect vacant (foreclosed) properties for banks from San Yisdro to Hemet to Aguanga once a week so I cover a lot of ground - some in city limits some not. Many are in FUCKED UP areas and are not...
  637. Afry

    This custom tide calendar is VERY cool!

    I wanted a tide calendar for my office wall so I can plan fishing/bug trips without going online every time and this is very very cool. For the same $ or less ($21 delivered) than a calender from a book store or mall I created a calendar with pictures from my own trips. This is full size and...
  638. Afry

    Okuma January Reel Promotion

    Ali mentioned the new lever drags were very nice and worth a serious looksee if buying a new reel. I tried some of their rods on a baja trip and was very impressed - great value for the money. Nice to have another reel choice at a friendly price point.
  639. Afry

    "The Warrior Song" - Bad Ass!

  640. Afry

    cook crabs

    You have crabs I tried em once but they were smaller than yours - very tasty but not worth the effort, maybe yours will be. Just boil em, crack em and dip em in butter.
  641. Afry

    Chargers vs Jets game... Where you watching it?

    Ali's sushi hang out in Santucky across from Costco (Domo's) rocks.....plan B?
  642. Afry

    $800,000,000.00 reasons why the Chargers.....

    Jerry Sanders wish list as spoken at his recent State of Address.... New City Hall New Library New Expansion of Convention Center add New Chargers stadium downtown all while dealing with a HUGE city deficit.... nice try for the nice guy. Fuck the city hall and library...
  643. Afry

    Chargers vs Jets game... Where you watching it?

    Brandon will be busy chasing geisha so I'm going to have to fill in for him. Not yet - just waiting and whenever I think I have a bad day I think of Nathan and smile. Not to mention this nasty ass weather coming our way. It's somehow comforting to know I have his address even if I don't dare...
  644. Afry

    20' Makai aluminum commercial fishing boat

    I wish you would post a whole bunch more because I will never get tired of you avatar - holy shit! Saluki has NOTHING on you!
  645. Afry

    Drug/Gun Divining Rod?

    Probably something like this? The latest in Ouija technology!
  646. Afry

    Chargers vs Jets game... Where you watching it?

    Not if she knows what's good for her :D Saluki's in the house! Max - Your first beer is on me... thanks for getting my sons address at MCRD!
  647. Afry

    Chargers vs Jets game... Where you watching it?

    No comment......:D
  648. Afry

    Chargers vs Jets game... Where you watching it?

    Christie and I could be in for Happy Sushi if it's a go.
  649. Afry

    Swapping out Transducer?

    It also helps to have an extra hand to shake the loom as you are pulling. Gil is right on with the tape. If you lose it Home Depot has electricians snakes for cheap. There are two kinds - one is a steel ribbon on a spool and the other style are fiberglass rods that screw together and work...
  650. Afry

    15' alum bass boat 25hp four stroke, loaded and turn key...

    What's too much to list? ....the price? :D
  651. Afry

    Giving the Salute

    I don't salute the freebie stickers that get handed out at the shows.....they're not worthy!
  652. Afry

    WOW ! dsc radio show no longer on 101.5

    DSC was getting old, more and more dead air time. Lots of lame conversation about nothing in between some really funny shit. For a change try Bill Handel 640 when he does his attorney show "Handel on the law" where he gives marginal legal advice.- pretty fucking funny.
  653. Afry

    any USMC recruiters or someone in the Marines that can help me out,..

    I do not know but I heard that recruitment has basically been up since 911. I do know that many of Nathan's friends from Ramona High are now in the military including a supposed 4th generation Navy Seal. I am proud of my town - we make warriors!
  654. Afry

    Dropped off our recruit

    We will write him as soon as he sends us the address which we understand can take 30 days.
  655. Afry

    Dropped off our recruit

    We are very proud! I dropped my son off for USMC boot camp this early AM in Escondido. I'm sure he is catchin hell by now. He is as ready as he will ever be, he's been waiting in DEP for a slot for over 7 months. If all goes well his MOS will be 0861 (forward scout). I have been spending...
  656. Afry

    any USMC recruiters or someone in the Marines that can help me out,..

    It ain't that easy, my son had NO record and tested very high but was delayed almost 60 days because of a tatoo on his calf. Then he waited 6 more months as a poolee - I am dropping him off tomorrow early AM for MEPS processing. His day has finally come! I'll bet your best bet is the Army once...
  657. Afry

    Hamburger heaven

    Nessy burger rocks! Sonic is over rated....
  658. Afry

    out of norm sighting's

    Orcas off North Island....and pulling my hoop to find a six pack of Bud....empty!
  659. Afry

    Lobster fishing etiquette question

    Moving on to another spot is how I found some of my new hot spots. It's a free ocean/bay but I will not intentionally drop within 100' of another net. However I have dropped a net and then noticed an unlit buoy a short distance from me - uggggh! Why doesn't everyone lite their buoys (and keep...
  660. Afry

    Hoopin it up on the Conseamate 12.20.09

    Geez Maggie that's quite the crew, I hope all your shots were up to date. Looks like a good BD time on the water!
  661. Afry

    Looking For Boat & Trailer Storage In San Diego

    Nice talking to you on the lanuch ramp yesterday, once in a while I see boat storage advertised on Craigslist.
  662. Afry


    REDUCED AGAIN!!! $60k Excellent condition, cruises @ 18 knots burning 1 nmpg. Only 1700 hours. This is the rare and most desirable two stateroom model with the galley up. Sleeps 6, holds 400 gallons fuel, cockpit controls, transom bait tank. Detroit four stroke 8.2T diesels Has new...
  663. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    MCRD, he signed up at the recruiting office in Escondido, we were on a family trip back east during this photo. We where surprised to see this right in the center of Times Square.
  664. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    He already has the (Picture of the recuiting station at Times Square, NYC with his sister)
  665. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    It was a gimme game...yawn
  666. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    Yeah his recuiter told him to show up with nada. I am thinking about afterwards. He is not a huge electronic gamer but music is his thing for sure. He has an Ipod and laptop. Is there anything for PT that the Corps doen't provide well for? Maggie, we really have to talk about your...
  667. Afry

    Need xmas gift ideas for soon to be US Marine

    My son leaves for boot camp at MCRD on 1/6. He is not a Marine yet so any gifts that say Marine Corps are out. If all goes well his mos will be in artillery, he would like to be a 0861 Fire Support Man. Any thoughts on what he may need or could be useful during the next few years after...
  668. Afry

    Help - Need antler mounting kit by Xmas

    Any place local that may carry one - Turners does not.
  669. Afry

    Christmas bugs.

    So that's were the BD xmas party was...thanks for the invite you bastards! LOL Some nights it like a Havasau raft up out there but without the boobs. Glad you got some!
  670. Afry

    Nephew got in a bad crash tonight.

    Our thoughts and prayers to you Brandon and Kurt.
  671. Afry

    Coastguard hits private boater, child, 8 yrs, dies

    Very sad. Saw the boat on the news and it looked like a fiberglass deck boat so maybe 13 is good.
  672. Afry

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    Wow this thread is full of holes. I believe that reserve is the tidepool right on the point in very shallow water.
  673. Afry

    Tiger Woods has got 9

    Bad timing for Tiger, I suspect that a few sponsors may use this as an excuse to get out of an expensive contract that might not be worth it in these tough times.
  674. Afry

    Jeans: Made in USA

    Nice! Check out the A47 made special just for Frank... DESIGNED JUST LIKE THE NEW ACU ARMY CAMO'S WITH DOUBLE SEAT & DOUBLE KNEES FOR USE WITH OR WITHOUT KNEE PADS (not included)
  675. Afry

    Tiger Woods has got 9

    And one day my dad said son, do you want to play golf or go fishing today? Shoulda went with golf......
  676. Afry


    window rattled
  677. Afry

    Boat hatred?

    Bullshit! The best days of owning a boat are the first and last days.......because when it's gone another better one is on it's way! Boat #9 for me but who's counting
  678. Afry

    Bottom Line Is

    What? Did you just wake up from your nap?
  679. Afry

    Eight Years Ago Today I Woke Up With...

    Congrats...and thanks for sharing!
  680. Afry

    Missing wife

    The day after his wife disappeared in a kayaking accident in the Bay Of Fundy, Nova Scotia, a man answered his door to find two grim-faced Mounties.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> "We are sorry sir, but we have some...
  681. Afry

    Tiger comes clean

    Set to make 130 mil this year - should be fat alimony check evey month
  682. Afry

    crabbing requirements

    Yes you can, I believe the season is all year and you need a crab gauge - bigger than a bug one. I haven't tried to eat a spider crab as the shit growing on the outside looks to nasty to me. I understand the only meat is in the legs and they are tough as hell. Kept a big rock crab once but...
  683. Afry

    Tiger Woods jokes

    What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing out at 2.30 in the morning? They went clubbing
  684. Afry

    Tiger Woods jokes

    She's a rocket scientist?
  685. Afry

    Buying a new fishing boat?

    Like you, I am always looking - even when I don't have the $$ Interesting boats at Dock Street Brokers: a bit pricy but this one looks like fun Dock Street Brokers:
  686. Afry

    Santa Rosalia 9/27 thru 9/28 with pic

    Nice trip but you left out the important many Santa Rosalia hot dogs did you guys have?
  687. Afry

    I Need Trailer Help BIG TIME!

    FYI - I spend almost as much time rinsing my trailer as I do my boat and my trailer is aluminum.
  688. Afry

    I Need Trailer Help BIG TIME!

    I am sorry to say that there is nothing left to weld.
  689. Afry

    Radio Orcas

    They were about a mile off North Island about 2 months ago!
  690. Afry

    Klamath 19' GTX

    I agree the 90 Etec has proven to be bulletproof. I had one and loved it - real work horse. The light weight (about 70LBs lighter then a Yammie) is the ticket for a tin boat.
  691. Afry

    I got kid problems. Please vote so I can prove a point

    I don't care who pays for them... You are a parent first not a friend.
  692. Afry

    Blackberry Storm 2 vs Motorola Droid ?

    Not sure but I think they do for an additional fee per month.
  693. Afry

    Blackberry Storm 2 vs Motorola Droid ?

    You think that Apple will deal with Vezion or vice versa after the attacks on the iphone in recent TV commercials? Me thinks that the Droid is a sign that Verzion has moved on and no longer needs the iphone.
  694. Afry

    help me

    Do a search on here - there is about a day and a half of reading on how to catch lobster
  695. Afry

    North Fork Composite Bass Rod

    Very friggin nice Bill
  696. Afry

    Blackberry Storm 2 vs Motorola Droid ?

    Not sure that a Blackberry is easier to use anymore. The ability to customize the Droid makes it pretty damn simple to check emails and texts. Storm 1 was a pile of shit, Storm 2 I have not seen but if they fixed the querty keyboard than it may be a good phone. Make no mistake the Droid is...
  697. Afry


    LOL That what happens when you fill the water bowl with the bottle that says Smirnoff :D
  698. Afry

    Westcoast PowerCats

    The day before they opened?