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  1. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Never Used Custom Phenix 9’ 3” Jig Stick

    Jimmy’s / Wiseguy work is friccin CLEAN. One of the best.. SICC TIGER
  2. Bigfishhateme

    For Sale Hand Made Wood Tackle Box

    Sold ? I’ll take if Kenny passes
  3. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Rest in Peace Jerry Esten:hali_olutta:
  4. Bigfishhateme

    San Diego The show will go on @San Diego Tackle Traders

    Greetings SDTT... I’m looking for a bamboo lift pole w/ a pig tail. Have one for sale ?
  5. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD 4Sale Seeker F100 Blue blank $250

    greetings tailhunter42 Mission Viejo not interested in trades. need funds too get couple rods wrapped
  6. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD 4Sale Seeker F100 Blue blank $250

    Bought from Freddy at Island tackle 10ft paid $250 asking $250 949 3777817 text is best Located in OC
  7. Bigfishhateme

    Victoria super cow on lower banks.

    :worship:congrats to the Queen
  8. Bigfishhateme

    UC's newest Jig Stick

    Is Reaper a skinny jig stick ?
  9. Bigfishhateme


    San Francisco -34 Kansas City -24 THANK YOU JERRY
  10. Bigfishhateme

    Skinny Butt VS Thiccc Butt

    fucc skinny butts and fucc skinny jeans.
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  12. Bigfishhateme

    Tarred Sein Chord Help Please

    Bill.. what size cord is top picture far left?
  13. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Owner , Eagle Claw hooks Brand New

    Greetings Wendell .. sorry , i rather have cash in hand. face 2 face transaction.
  14. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Owner , Eagle Claw hooks Brand New

    owner ringed 2/0 3packs owner ringed 3/0 3 packs owner ringed 5/0 2 packs owner ringed 6/0 3 packs owner non ringed gorilla 2/0 3 packs eagle claw circle ringed 5/0 2 packs eagle claw live bait 1/0 2/0 4/0 5/0 1 pack each eagleclaw live bait #2 2 packs mustad ultra point ringed 6/0 1 pack...
  15. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Owner , Eagle Claw hooks Brand New

    14 packs of Owner , 11 packs. Are ringed. 11 packs of Eagle Claw , 3 are ringed. 25 packs total = $80 or Best Offer 949-705-7018 Located in S. Orange.County FTF trAnsaction
  16. Bigfishhateme

    Pac Queen Cows

    Private Charter 5 cows
  17. Bigfishhateme

    Dear Penn Reels..

    lets get this ball rolling guys. Shimano wont bring back 40N Torque star drag 40N PLEASE
  18. Bigfishhateme


    :jig:Fish Dogg Gary are Kicker 25’s
  19. Bigfishhateme


    Brand new variety surface irons 4 Fish Dogg Gary 1 Infamous Salas 7x 3 old School 45’s Located in Mission Viejo F2F transaction
  20. Bigfishhateme

    Dear Penn Reels..

    Torque star drag 40N PLEASE.
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  22. Bigfishhateme

    WTB WTB neddle crook

    hey Ben... his name is Jed. you can reach him through instagram , needlecrook. his goods are simply thee best.
  23. Bigfishhateme

    For Sale SOLD! Greenie PH36

    hey mike.. ill take the 36 if its still around.
  24. Bigfishhateme


    and THE WISEGUY tier wrapper in SoCal
  25. Bigfishhateme

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    Your a AWESOME mom. Incredible photos too
  26. Bigfishhateme

    Seaguar Gold

  27. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Newell P229F - Sabre 220

    you are absolutely correct , it is the ultimate blank for flickin small baits. Bad Ass Stick
  28. Bigfishhateme

    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Made in USA only. Calstar , Seeker , UC .. Chinese pussy is OK
  29. Bigfishhateme


    thanks for all the feedback , now i gotta go catch sum...
  30. Bigfishhateme


    taste buds been having a craving for sum Lingcod.. whats your favorite jig for Lings ? mines is a Big Scampi W/ Ahi usa leadhead.
  31. Bigfishhateme

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    my favorite tackle shop was Yo's . also liked to hang out wit Perry n Terry at Arts.
  32. Bigfishhateme

    old tackle shops oc/la

    RIP Yo and Martin Yoshida
  33. Bigfishhateme

    Tiburon T60XN kits for 114h

    just ordered my kit from Randy. i LOVE NARROW REELS
  34. Bigfishhateme

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Chuck Garrison Charlie Davis in middle school i use to read their books not school text books. south coast sportfishing magazine too.
  35. Bigfishhateme

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Ports O"Call Sportfishing back then.
  36. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Byyyeeeeewe

    Calstar is now using Alps reel seats ? Sooo tempting..
  37. Bigfishhateme

    Florida Fisherman ll First 39 Hour Overnight Trip After Dry Dock

    deedee..thanks for sharing. awesome pics
  38. Bigfishhateme

    RainShadow The Judge Live Bait Rod Blanks Are Here!

    james.. factory finished judge rods available ?
  39. Bigfishhateme

    30/40 # mono help

  40. Bigfishhateme

    New 2018 Shimano Reels

  41. Bigfishhateme


    lou..if you looking for a 8ft for throwing surface iron , you cant go wrong with a Calstar 6480.
  42. Bigfishhateme

    White Throop Tiger

  43. Bigfishhateme

    Best Fishing book you have ever read???

    almost a book .. THE BIGHT
  44. Bigfishhateme

    Ray Duane

    Sad Sad news... Worked summers on the Matt Walsh for Ray Prayer and Condolences to Rays family and friends.
  45. Bigfishhateme

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Swordfish Capt Brett Holden Boobytrap GET TIGHT SUCKAS !
  46. Bigfishhateme


    Sold , Thanks Grant
  47. Bigfishhateme

    WTB Custom Fishing Holster

    Hit up matt86m for brain spikes ^ , excellent quality ! X2 on Needle Crook ( Ned )
  48. Bigfishhateme

    Salt creek 5-5

    Popcorn , gummy cherry's all gone ! This some funny shit , keep it coming .
  49. Bigfishhateme

    WON Whoppers of the Week from 1983

    I miss those days too ! Buying tickets for live anchovy's from Redondo Sportfishing ticket office and fishing Bonito , mackerel.
  50. Bigfishhateme


    Excellent Boat ! Capt Jason R. Is a fish killer ! Fished with him back in the days on Shogun with Norm and NewLoAn with Nick Cates... Good Luck
  51. Bigfishhateme

    Sea Adventure 80

    you mean Capt Billy Santiago right ?
  52. Bigfishhateme

    Your favorite 20,25 & 30lb setups

    I fish 20 and 25 / Newell P229 , TN16NA I DONT fish 30lb From 25 , I fish 40lb TN20A 30 is a heartbreaker...
  53. Bigfishhateme

    Dockside breakfast Mitches

  54. Bigfishhateme

    Cedar Plugs made with Exotic Woods- come on albacore!

    I've got 4 cedar plugs from Mark.. Excellent Craftmanship Highly recommend..
  55. Bigfishhateme

    Surface iron reels

  56. Bigfishhateme

    White Tiger D8. Your thoughts on cord grip?

    I got Atwood cord on my white tiger , looks great.
  57. Bigfishhateme

    Battle of the Bays award plaques

    Charles Belnavis / Tattuna is a amazing artist. The plaques look great !
  58. Bigfishhateme


    It's been too long !
  59. Bigfishhateme


    Bump the Super Seeker Happy New Years Milo ! :hali_olutta:
  60. Bigfishhateme

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    New Lo-An / Keith got boat jugged wit live squid. You might want to check out O'95 .. Big boat and Capt Rick is killing'em too.
  61. Bigfishhateme

    Avet JX's and Okuma's

    Bump for Muffin Monster
  62. Bigfishhateme


    Happy Birthday to my Marine Corps and fellow Marines. Ooh Rah ...
  63. Bigfishhateme

    BG90's Irv Grisbeck passed away

    RIP ..ReportsFromTheBridge Enjoyed reading his posts.
  64. Bigfishhateme

    Super cow on the Indy

    I've known Danny since early 80's . He's a FISH KILLING MACHINE Congrats on a Super Cow
  65. Bigfishhateme

    American Angler 7 day

    Sam & Brian : 10/10 Front office ( Lori ) : 10/10 Crew : 10 /10 Cleanliness of boat : 10/10 Food : 10/10 Service : 10 /10 Fish handling: 10/10 AMERICAN ANGLER TOP NOTCH
  66. Bigfishhateme

    Pug Jones

    Anyone remember dock reporter Pug ? Bill Roecker took over when she retired.. She was so nice , She put a picture of me in WON in 85. This picture was taken offloading Qualifier Excel , Captain Randy T. Coming home from 4 day , ran into Bluefin..
  67. Bigfishhateme

    WFO Quality 40-60lb Yellowfin Tuna

    I'm gonna give you a new BD name.. Killing all season.. Your new name : Kill Bill
  68. Bigfishhateme

    10' rod suggestion?

    Calstar 100J MAG
  69. Bigfishhateme

    The New Avet G2 Series

  70. Bigfishhateme

    name of guy who taught a fishing class out of Davey's Locker in mid-70's

    Chuck Garrison ? He wrote few books , and was a very accomplished angler .. RIP
  71. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for Newell / Murdered Out

    looking to buy a Black / Murdered series Newell. NOT BLACKIES ! Saw displays at Fred Hall bout 10 years ago . All black w / Allen wrench screws instead of regular screws. I think Keith released a few , not sure. Anyone got ?
  72. Bigfishhateme

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    This Truline is a factory rod ... I CLEARLY remember seeing exact same black w gold pinstripe Truline's at Fred Hall 97 ' or 98'' Whole rack of them at Truline booth on display . HONEST !! I later saw a rack of them at Art's. Black w gold pinstripe. That's where I purchased.
  73. Bigfishhateme

    Michael jackson led life size

  74. Bigfishhateme

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    That's Blair Wiggins.. he filmed a West Coast episode at SanClemente Island /.Catalina Island Fishing checkerboards. Great fisherman
  75. Bigfishhateme

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    My favorite all time ' The Spanish Fly " Jose Wejebe RIP Visit :
  76. Bigfishhateme

    Good anchovy stick

    196-8 220 270-8 BH89 All nice chovy sticks..
  77. Bigfishhateme

    Sabre 670 Psychedelic Rod

    Thanks for sharing Jeff , that's BADASS !!
  78. Bigfishhateme

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    I saw this exact same rod at Fred Hall when Truline had booth. Went to Art's and bought from Perry n Terry. 1998 ?
  79. Bigfishhateme

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    Ok , thanks for info. I don't know much of Trulines. Maybe the Mule or Jerr can chime in ..
  80. Bigfishhateme

    Not for sale anymore.. I'm keeping it

    Factory TNT 7ft 1 inch 10/10
  81. Bigfishhateme

    Time Warner Cable...out ?

    Time Warner is now Spectrum.. Still raping customers
  82. Bigfishhateme

    go to surface iron set up

    Nice yella's:jig: Super Seeker ULua 10 ft my favorite...
  83. Bigfishhateme

    Questions about UC Wahoo 1000

    I wish Randy ( United Composites ) would make 10ft jig stick that was thicker. Old School UC makes great blanks / rods..
  84. Bigfishhateme

    Vagabond 8 day oct 8

    Good Luck , Tight Lines..
  85. Bigfishhateme

    Catachy Tackle

    No , I don't have contact info. You can try American Angler Office , Catchy Tackle charters boat every year.
  86. Bigfishhateme

    Catachy Tackle

    Still in business. Catchy Tackle is owners side gig / hobby
  87. Bigfishhateme

    Fresh Dead Squid

    San Pedro Bait Co.
  88. Bigfishhateme

    Anybody use Tuf line braid?

    Good stuff , got my TN20a filled at Melton's . No issues
  89. Bigfishhateme

    Wtb any blue ex seekers

    Mistake selling mine ! Pic of what OP is looking for. Hope this helps , Good Luck
  90. Bigfishhateme

    San Diego parking

    Seaforth ! No Contest ..
  91. Bigfishhateme

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    United Composites are incredible ! Randy has done amazing job , I just wish he would make a 10 ft jigstick that was little Thicker ( Old School West Coast Jigstick feel )
  92. Bigfishhateme


    National West Division Champs ! Hollywood Ending : WALKOFF in 10th WE LOVE VIN SCULLY
  93. Bigfishhateme

    Remember Art's Tackle in Gardena?

    I first met Perry n Terry at Original location of Art's tackle on Gardena Blvd next door to Original location of Izorline.. Both Perry n Terry were the best salesman in the fishing industry ! I too was told business was looking to relocate. Anyone remember Craig and Wayne ? They were...
  94. Bigfishhateme

    More wasted time on Experiments

  95. Bigfishhateme

    Truline DX

    Only DX I know ...D Generation X SUCK IT !
  96. Bigfishhateme

    76 Raptor for Jiggyn

    friccin tight.... Nice work doggy dawg..
  97. Bigfishhateme

    Veteran catches final fish as his dying wish

    Thanks for sharing Debi..
  98. Bigfishhateme

    What's happening with Calstar Rods?

    Leon's been making rods since 1958 .. With age your moves are slower. Respect the "Master"
  99. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for cedar plugs with 2" lead head

    BD member MMayo "barking spider" makes high quality cedar plugs. Pictured : rigged Purple Heart by Mark
  100. Bigfishhateme

    Condor or Pacific Queen

    FYI: Da Queen been killing Bigguns..
  101. Bigfishhateme


    This rod is factory rod just been re-wrapped..
  102. Bigfishhateme


    $199 213-440-1512 text In OC now..
  103. Bigfishhateme


    Doesn't say , but my opinion 15-25 lb Perfect 20 lb Chovy stick..
  104. Bigfishhateme

    Original Super Seekers!!

    Top notch gear , priced right. GLWS
  105. Bigfishhateme


    Brand New , picked up two , only need one . $159 cash
  106. Bigfishhateme

    Super seeker BH89 greenie

    Supreme chovy stick !
  107. Bigfishhateme

    This Friday, 6/24 Royal Polaris, who is going?

    Your gonna love it ! ROYAL POLARIS The big fella runs the tightest operation in the San Diego fleet. Enjoy !
  108. Bigfishhateme

    Reel for Super Seeker ULUA 93H (30-60lb)

    Shimano Trinidad 30a Newell 522 / Jerry Downie Special
  109. Bigfishhateme

    Any luck on the candy Mack lure?

    Slow troll a REAL Mack. That lure is overpriced..
  110. Bigfishhateme

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    Phenix is garbage. JMO.
  111. Bigfishhateme

    UC vs Calstar GFDH

    . UC rods are nice and strong but way too skinny too my liking. Feels awkward. CALSTAR
  112. Bigfishhateme

    Wasted money.....

    Spadude.. Cool Avatar tho.
  113. Bigfishhateme

    FS: Set of 5 A.C. Plugs - $80

    Jason , straight trade ? 3 large poppers and 1 small popper ... NEW
  114. Bigfishhateme

    Tuna Poppers?

    I have poppers but are seldom used. Prefer Skipp Jigging TADY Y2. And dropping SHIMANO BUTTERFLY FLATFALL 250
  115. Bigfishhateme

    Trinidad 16a matched with 10 or 9 foot surface iron rod

    Grafighter 100J Mag SSR Ulua 10ft wit nice thick butt
  116. Bigfishhateme

    SS CLB 90F

    CUT CLB90F = 9ft No sticker , it's been cut from bottom.
  117. Bigfishhateme

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Jigstick , Torium 30 ...WOW !
  118. Bigfishhateme

    Amazing video of big BFT on the poppers.

    Jumping bluefin , skip jigging surface iron works well too.. Awesome video.
  119. Bigfishhateme

    Jigs and irons for the bluefin?

    Shimano Butterfly Flatfall gets bit on drop from wobbling action in fall . Awesome jig ! Jus pay attention to where in water column you get bit , drop / retrieve..
  120. Bigfishhateme

    Jigs and irons for the bluefin?

    Color irrelevant , Depth more important... 20fathoms
  121. Bigfishhateme

    Jigs and irons for the bluefin?

    250gram Shimano Flatfall
  122. Bigfishhateme

    Big bluefin on the iron

    Shimano Torsa 20 / Shimano " glow in the dark " Flatfall 250gram is my setup for bluefin...
  123. Bigfishhateme

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

  124. Bigfishhateme


    Mag -thicker butt diameter , more graphite and backbone..
  125. Bigfishhateme


  126. Bigfishhateme


  127. Bigfishhateme

    ultimate 30 pound outfit for 1 - 3 day trips

    Skip 30# Have a 40# outfit. And 25#. JMO...
  128. Bigfishhateme


    My Badd.. It's Turkey Vulture
  129. Bigfishhateme


  130. Bigfishhateme

    Like to rent a Rail Rod 2x4 for a GuadaLUPE TRIP

    Shogun has plenty of loaner Seeker rods paired with Penn reels. All very nice ! Call Monica at the office , I'm sure it's no problem.
  131. Bigfishhateme

    Muther F%cker! Now Prince is dead

    That's some Fucked up shit too say.. RIP Chyna
  132. Bigfishhateme

    Muther F%cker! Now Prince is dead

    WWE Superstar "9th Wonder Of The World" Chyna found dead too Wednesday morning Redondo Beach home.
  133. Bigfishhateme

    RP had an interesting trip

    Ghost writer is Mike..
  134. Bigfishhateme

    Day At The Docks 2016

    Day off from work , beautiful weather , decided to check out DATD. Parked at Shelter Island took short walk to the big 3 landings. Had too control my impulse on spending , had a great day with my 12 y.o daughter.. It's not big , it's GRANDE Can't wait for my American Angler 1.5 trip in June...
  135. Bigfishhateme

    Calstar 100J Help

    NEWELL 332
  136. Bigfishhateme

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    No Facebook account.. Good luck , Cool drawing !
  137. Bigfishhateme

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    More pics, price drop $290...
  138. Bigfishhateme

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    P322 /like new ..Fine tuned by ReelMan $300
  139. Bigfishhateme

    What to know about the Royal Star

    Royal Star takes best care of catch.. HANDS DOWN
  140. Bigfishhateme

    Newell graphite 440-5 problem

    ReelMan is no prince , he's a salty Devil Dogg. Oooh Rah
  141. Bigfishhateme

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    I have Marks plugs , very high quality and excellent rigging...
  142. Bigfishhateme

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    I just want a black , and you on the rebound. Check your PM :jig:
  143. Bigfishhateme

    Wooden jig boxes

    Interesting Pic of handle and back of box.
  144. Bigfishhateme

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    Shimano "Beast" 20 ( Torsa )
  145. Bigfishhateme

    WTB Cousins/UC/Phenix Jig Stick

    Excellent price and Made in SCAL .. Just got a 670H COUSINS w / Alps Guides , Alps reel seat and gimbal for. $190 +tax.
  146. Bigfishhateme

    WTB Cousins/UC/Phenix Jig Stick

    Joe , you can get a BRAND NEW COUSINS jigstick for about $200 range ( 90J ) Check out their 9 1/2 ft jigstick , true #40 stick...
  147. Bigfishhateme

    Favorite old school reel u still use

    My Newelled out 506HS Jigmaster still puttin in work.. Parents bought for me when I was a youngster. I still remember it cost $59 .99 at Yo's tackle 1983 It sits on a Yo's custom Sabre 6870
  148. Bigfishhateme

    8' surface iron stick

    D8 6480 :jig:
  149. Bigfishhateme


    Fight tonight ! Teddy Atlas as new trainer for Bradley ..
  150. Bigfishhateme

    I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    Flaming Hot Cheetos n Bluefin ..HELL YAH ! Welcome Back
  151. Bigfishhateme

    WTB 528 lamiglas

    Look no more... Check PM
  152. Bigfishhateme

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Won a Calstar Black West Coast on Pacific Queen /Calstar 2 day.. Got Calstar t-shirt too.
  153. Bigfishhateme

    FS: Shimano Torsa 16 (near new) San Diego

    Baddest YoYo reel ever... Bump Da Beast..
  154. Bigfishhateme

    Custom Fishing Leather Work by Needle Crook (Jed)

  155. Bigfishhateme


    WOW , best collection !
  156. Bigfishhateme


  157. Bigfishhateme

    Best surface iron reel ?

    Was at Jerry's house Saturday. His custom 522 is better than V521 BadAss!
  158. Bigfishhateme

    Best 50 lb. bait rod?

    COUSINS F670H 40 (50) 60 lb.. You can use it to YoYo too.. MADE IN S.CAL. !
  159. Bigfishhateme

    Lots of stuff LG refrigerator, small freezer, girls loft bed and more...

    Calling all BD brothers and sisters. Let's help another brother out !
  160. Bigfishhateme

    Lots of stuff LG refrigerator, small freezer, girls loft bed and more...

    Kevin , Wassup bro! ahh, stress of Medical bills.. I can donate Check pM
  161. Bigfishhateme


    Up for sale is poor mans Trinidad 40 Narrow... Pro Gear 454 : perfect for yoyoing big Colonett Yellows , throwing bombs n iron for wahoooo. Tall narrow spool. $280 cash firm. I'm in Los Angeles can meet in Orange County too. Will do straight trade for .22 or .25. Caliber pocket pistol
  162. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    6500 10'ft nice stick too... TRUE 40/50 jigstick
  163. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    Let's dance
  164. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    Mental Illness got me sitting outside your store in the rain shivering... 7:03am. I'm here!
  165. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    ZHALVAJE your. a pussy hiding behind a LIKE button .. Mouth on the Hush..:rofl: Crawl out from hiding , front and center MoFo...
  166. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    Seeker rep said that new Ulua was just a tad skinnier in butt section. Fisherman had trouble fitting reels on Ulua butt so they changed it.
  167. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    I'll be at your store when it opens in the morning .. Tomorrow March 7 by myself
  168. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    ? teet?
  169. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on New Ulua

    Opinions on new Black n Red Ulua set to debut April / May ? Pulled on prototype at Seeker booth... I LIKE
  170. Bigfishhateme

    Fred Frigging Hall

    Agree..too many nice glasses to choose.
  171. Bigfishhateme

    Fred Frigging Hall

    I paid $239 for my Costa's ( Jose Wejebe ) Costa guy gave me 2 frogg toggs , Costa t-shirt , Costa tumbler , Costa trucker cap and bunch stickers ..:ele:
  172. Bigfishhateme

    Makaira 10 se

    Your Pussy's bad
  173. Bigfishhateme

    Makaira 10 se

    :rofl: Sounds like your HOT....Damn I can remote control your feelings :rofl: Your just selling OP a heartbreak fishing light..
  174. Bigfishhateme

    Makaira 10 se

    " Mak16 is for 10 plus days" ....LOL If you like to get dragged around the boat and saw others off , Mak10 is perfect..
  175. Bigfishhateme

    Makaira 10 se

    Take it back and get a Mak16... 10 can't handle BigBFToona
  176. Bigfishhateme

    Just got it and illness forces sale...

    Hey Kevin , I hope you get well soon. It's (Anthony) , I came by your house with my daughter to get shirts from you and you showed me your bad ass skiff. GLWS BUMP
  177. Bigfishhateme

    "Early Season" @ Guadalupe Isl.?

    I'll be there , last week of Nov ..ROYAL POLARIS
  178. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Fuck , got the fat kid throwing shit from the sidelines now .. Know Your Role
  179. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    I want to hear from fish mounts and tanner.s Speak up .
  180. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    I left it alone at post #13 ..until you started shittin diahrea out your mouth...:shithappens:
  181. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Mike , it looks like your the one that's "flapping Gums" writing paragraph after paragraph after paragraph on your hurt feelings I ain't got time too read Your rant... Ok , you didn't say "fuck the rules" but your saying it's ok to break the rules..:rofl: The rules are not etched in stone , but...
  182. Bigfishhateme

    Shimano Torsa

  183. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Mike , the OP clearly broke rules #5 , #6 And you are saying fuck The rules... really DISRESPECTFUL to owners of this site... It clearly states " Read Before Posting". Rules and Regulations..
  184. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    " what he does actually adds a color , flavor , value too the site". :rofl::supergay:
  185. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Damn Mike, you're soft! OP has contributed nothing. NO BYPASS
  186. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Like drumford would say " how bout a fish report "
  187. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    If OP gets bypass then everyone else will follow his lead. BD will become like craigslist , all fucked up.
  188. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Unfair to all BD advertisers that pay $$ and donate goods for contests.. What bothers me is OP trying to solicit thru the back door. His username says it . Created account for that purpose.
  189. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Sounds like you enjoy humping his leg...
  190. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    All 11 of his posts he's been trying to sell his mounts thru back door " message me " Free advertising ?
  191. Bigfishhateme

    what's the best diawa for throwing surface iron?

    Best for throwing surface iron : NEWELL
  192. Bigfishhateme

    Fish amounts

    Commercial Advertisement.. Violation of rule #5 , #6..
  193. Bigfishhateme

    Duckbills wrapped @ work

    Bored..clean the break room. Nice job on Duckbills..
  194. Bigfishhateme

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Happy Valentines to you and your family Mikee And Happy Birthday to your little one.
  195. Bigfishhateme

    Bait on long range

    Overheard a conversation long ago at Yo's bout favorite big baits.... RAINBOW RUNNERS WON
  196. Bigfishhateme

    Cousins Raze series

    LOL Hi Jerry
  197. Bigfishhateme

    For Sale-Upgraded Newell P322-F Tiburon Frame

    Dude.. I use this exact combo : Newell P322 / Teramar 90H It works so nicely for small surface irons..
  198. Bigfishhateme

    Truline 6X blank

    Your the lowest lowballer on BD.. Read: he doesn't let the good stuff go often or CHEAP.
  199. Bigfishhateme


    "PINK CADI" "PINK PANTHER" "HELLO KITTY" "PINKY" "PINK FLOYD" "PINK EYE" Some names you can bring back as..
  200. Bigfishhateme

    Truline 6X blank

    BadAss Chocolate
  201. Bigfishhateme

    sold, but with drama

    Joser85. , it's never to late to do the right thing ..
  202. Bigfishhateme


    Thanks for the info Bill.. I'll wait for Jerry 's Hookers..
  203. Bigfishhateme


    What's wrong with them ? I read handmade craftsmanship , high quality materials on webpage.. And pricey too..
  204. Bigfishhateme

    long range t-shirt question

    Speaking of fishing T-shirts , hottest T-shirt out there is JRI "hand finished" Jigs shirt . BadAss graphics and sic pic of Mad Wahooo
  205. Bigfishhateme

    WTB sabre 540

    Wiseguy here on BD got brand new wrapped Sabre 540 4 sale.. BADAsss full length..
  206. Bigfishhateme

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Free tickets inside PCS magazine still ? What month issue ? Never been to PCS festival , would like to go
  207. Bigfishhateme

    long range t-shirt question

  208. Bigfishhateme

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    Go to Fred Hall on Wed and Thursday to check out fishing tackle , go Sat and Sunday to check out Tits and Ass !!
  209. Bigfishhateme

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    50% off...LOL
  210. Bigfishhateme

    Pro gear wahoo special

    YElllowtail and Wahoo Special counter balance
  211. Bigfishhateme

    Can you believe it's been 30 years?

    Me too ..I was freshman in HS Was watching it live on T.V. In class when it happened Ronald Reagan was President RIP REAGAN and CHALLENGER CREW
  212. Bigfishhateme


    Get your dykes and snip off Mohawk , and I also snip fin near ass.. Put on fillet glove and fillet Sculpin like rockfish. Good Eats !
  213. Bigfishhateme

    7' ugly stick spinning rod

    This ain't Ebay ..put a price on it
  214. Bigfishhateme

    Cousins Raze series

    "Big leaps to make if they want to catch up". ...Cousins make high quality rods right here in SoCal not over seas ..
  215. Bigfishhateme

    Cousins Raze series

    Cousins Rods deserves more recognition ..BadAss and made in SoCal.
  216. Bigfishhateme

    FS Newells and Castar

    Excellent price and Newells are the right kind..
  217. Bigfishhateme

    First Rod wraps in my new shop (Garage)

    Nice job ! Love the colors on first pic.. MARINE CORPS OOOH RAH
  218. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    If your looking for a new 8ft stick , like Jason say 6480..
  219. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    Preference for me , I like the way long rods are thick in butt section and how long rods loads up when fish eat the metal and tradition.. Not a fan of skinny long rods n skinny jeans !
  220. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    If your getting "beat up" and dragged with 540 , yes go get 8ft jigstick.. Or you can do some push-ups. Like I said above , not a casting competition . Most of the time fish are just lurking outside chum line..
  221. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick? sound like a "hot shots". You can fish the surface plug with anything you want , Whatever is best for you.. I say true jigsticks 9 ft and up to preserve TRADITION of West Coast jig slinging.. Fishing the long rod is not casting competition , it all bout presentation..
  222. Bigfishhateme

    Anybody been on a 6 day trip and went on to the rocks/ridge?

    Billy Santiago bombed down to Alijos on RP 6 day for killer wahoo fishing..
  223. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    True jigsticks 9ft and up...
  224. Bigfishhateme

    ss6470H 7' 40-60lb super seeker

    His Helmet is on trunk tight..
  225. Bigfishhateme

    Which 8FT jig stick?

    Cousins 90J Made in SoCal...
  226. Bigfishhateme

    Standing Rod Rack

    Gary , why so many blanks? Nice job on rod racks !
  227. Bigfishhateme

    Sold please delete...

    Nice sticks Jeff.. GLWS
  228. Bigfishhateme

    "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

    BadAss Rod Jim! My all time favorite movie too..
  229. Bigfishhateme

    Can't make up my mind Guadalupe 80/100lb reel

    Mak16 /80lb braid Mak15/65lb braid Is what I plan on fishing on my trip last week of Nov..Royal Polaris
  230. Bigfishhateme

    RP 6 day in NOVEMBER LUPE?

    I'll be on the Royal Polaris 6 day last week of Nov..
  231. Bigfishhateme

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    I bid $850 earlier .. Got this message OUTBID
  232. Bigfishhateme

    Inirida Colombia Peacock Bass 2016

    INCREDIBLE ! Thanks for report n pics
  233. Bigfishhateme

    Only warning about multiple usernames

    Kudos for coming fowArd...
  234. Bigfishhateme

    Advice on a 60lb set up

    Go Mak16
  235. Bigfishhateme

    Andros 12SIIa Where Is It?

    Andros Fiasco..
  236. Bigfishhateme

    Huge Peacock Bass (Cichla)

    I hope they're in good care..
  237. Bigfishhateme


    Poor Mans Trinidad 40 Narrow...454 YTS
  238. Bigfishhateme

    Question on Super Seeker White Tiger blank?

    White tiger is not Super Seeker.. There is Super Seeker blank painted white..
  239. Bigfishhateme

    Cedros 12. Braid or mono

    Backlashes are easy to fix with mono.. Braid backlashes you'll be snipping and snapping..
  240. Bigfishhateme

    New Posters aka noobs

    "Constantly talk to themselves" Names , please.. LOL
  241. Bigfishhateme

    New Posters aka noobs

    "Few that have 3-5 accounts". Fuckers probably entering sponsored contests 3-5 X's That's probably why I haven't won shit yet .
  242. Bigfishhateme

    3/4 day on the Pacific Voyager

    Awesome pic Mark. I love pics of yellow forks bulging out of gunny sacks !
  243. Bigfishhateme


    Post some pics if you want it to move..
  244. Bigfishhateme

    GF755XXH Purple Monster

    Psychedelic is Badass..
  245. Bigfishhateme

    Tuna Spikes

    Everyone has skull spike . Want something different check out BD Matt Very high quality spikes with assortment of spike tops..
  246. Bigfishhateme

    9 ' Custom Rainshadow

    OP.. read the rules. :banned:
  247. Bigfishhateme

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    Good way to keep your license is on a lanyard , visible to DFG ..
  248. Bigfishhateme


    :hali_olutta: =:cheers: Friday beer bump for Milo
  249. Bigfishhateme

    What is your favorite rod?

    Yellowtail's Nightmare
  250. Bigfishhateme

    Selling entire collection of fishing gear - what's a fair price?

    Gustavo , can I buy red Penn handle. Need it for my 505HS Find a new sport ?
  251. Bigfishhateme

    New Posters aka noobs

    I'm patrolling ..
  252. Bigfishhateme

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Hey Robin , got your PM , but busy at work.. Thanks for the contact.
  253. Bigfishhateme

    We get no respect

    Read about sale in WON.. Put Steve Kelly in Sportfishing's Hall Of Fame
  254. Bigfishhateme


    Eric Dickerson #29 too..
  255. Bigfishhateme


    The Lakers use to play in Inglewood ( Fabulous Forum ) during the Crack Cocaine Era and people from the suburbs use to come fill all seats..
  256. Bigfishhateme


    Not South Central , Inglewood.. That area has been cleaned up dramatically . With gang injunction enforced that area has seen a major drop in crime and homicide.. Most of that area is rebuilding., prime RealEstate now
  257. Bigfishhateme


    Finally , coming back home !
  258. Bigfishhateme

    So, what do you do with 100 Sand dabs

    Finger lickin good !!
  259. Bigfishhateme

    1st Trip to Colonett this year, won't be the Last!

    Love the Turqouise on dem Lings 3rd fish below Sheep look like a baby Albie:p
  260. Bigfishhateme

    Wud a torium 16hg fit black steel 6480 wit tuna cord handle?

    6480 a classic.. Can't go wrong wit it..
  261. Bigfishhateme


    Pro Gear jumping in that open slot , and doing it ..
  262. Bigfishhateme

    Huge Peacock Bass (Cichla)

    I'm falling in love with those fish
  263. Bigfishhateme

    Huge Peacock Bass (Cichla)

    I keep coming back to thread ... Beautiful fish ! I hope they go to nice people
  264. Bigfishhateme

    Huge Peacock Bass (Cichla)

    Fuckin BadAss! Beautiful Fish..
  265. Bigfishhateme

    Old penn reels

    Mikey , I remember Fred Oakley ! He use to fish Redondo Pier for Halibut. Fred would make his own Sabiki's , and catch buckets of smelt for halibut. He had secret spots for calico's up in Malibu area too.. REDONDO LEGEND ! He taught Chee ..
  266. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD: Newell P332-F For Sale or Trade

    I've had my Newell badge fall off too , a couple drops of Gorilla glue and your good to go..Bump for Newell Reel
  267. Bigfishhateme

    Old penn reels

    I remember when the Giant Albacore came through the Catalina Channel .. Jumped on the First String w/ Pisano and Strasser in 84 ? 85 ? .. Struck out , but biggest on boat that day was 71lbs .. Newelled out Jigmasters n Squidders days...
  268. Bigfishhateme

    Seeker 14- 12/2 to 16th

    Thanks Bob .. I'll have a Martini !
  269. Bigfishhateme

    wood tackle box

    Fuckin price ?
  270. Bigfishhateme

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Some reverse pychology shit huh ? Fuck You ..
  271. Bigfishhateme

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    Putting Fishermans Landing on blast on BD.. WOW Really Demanding discount when you got freezer full of fish , 8 y.o. Stoked on fishing Picture front n center on website .. That wasn't enough for you ????
  272. Bigfishhateme


    Anyone know how Brent's doing ? I got my wallet stolen , inside was Brent's cell #i Last time I talked to him (Sept) he was going fishing on his brothers charter.. I hope all is well.. Maybe another Fundraiser..
  273. Bigfishhateme

    How about an old fishing get together?

    Jerry , you have excellent penmanship , and art skills ! Your modest display is quite impressive..
  274. Bigfishhateme


  275. Bigfishhateme

    Braided fishing line

  276. Bigfishhateme

    Wtb seeker blue extreme 6480h or 6480xh

    Wassup Franky , PM BD Scold I think he can help you ..
  277. Bigfishhateme

    Anybody want free deckhand/pinhead work?

    You have good writing skills and grammar . How bout being an outdoor fishing writer , author.. Working on sport boats is tough and pay is minimum. Good Luck
  278. Bigfishhateme

    Fresh Frozen Squid for Feb trip?

    Passed out in galley ,,,YUP he sleeps more than he fishes.
  279. Bigfishhateme

    Fresh Frozen Squid for Feb trip?

    X2 ..Zion Market , HMart fresh ! My buddy Martin always brings fresh squid on long range trips on the Royal Star. He flylines , and use on kite.
  280. Bigfishhateme


    When is replacement going too debut ?
  281. Bigfishhateme

    saturday the 2nd vintage tackle/story show and tell......

    Wish I could go but cannot miss work.. Maybe next year ..
  282. Bigfishhateme


    X2 great boat.. I've known Mark since his days selling ATM machines , great owner / operator..
  283. Bigfishhateme

    Magic 8-BALL

    Hey Mikey , you play Super Lotto ? $27 million dollar winning ticket sold in Hermosa Bech at Mickeys Deli.
  284. Bigfishhateme

    what's with the new look??

    Having hard time reading small letters , gray letters with white background makes it even more difficult. Get rid of little red heart too. Everything else is cool..I Like !!
  285. Bigfishhateme

    Magic 8-BALL

    Mikey , LETS GO FISHING !
  286. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    For slinging plugs : NEWELL
  287. Bigfishhateme

    Going to try white again

    My Jigstick wrapped by Wiseguy aka Jimmy
  288. Bigfishhateme


    Jed makes the best tool sheath. I love mines!
  289. Bigfishhateme

    How do ppl like phenix m1 inshore

    X2 Cousins Raze
  290. Bigfishhateme


    Bump for my buddy Milo
  291. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Bump for my buddy Milo
  292. Bigfishhateme

    You are so lucky.

    What's inside
  293. Bigfishhateme

    calstar 100j mag?

    Johnny , you have caught my attention. I see you have been talking highly of these blanks on a couple threads. I'm interested . Just wondering what is full length of CUI F-120 ? Made in USA ?
  294. Bigfishhateme

    2016, picking a trip/boat

    My vote : American Angler , the young crew are professional and friendly. Never fished on RR3 before so I can't speak on it. Have fun
  295. Bigfishhateme

    Jigstick blanks

    Cousins 90J Calstar 90J Both true 40lb jigsticks , and MADE LOCALLY IN SCAL...
  296. Bigfishhateme

    RP gets a Super-Moo

    Anonymous tackle store owner scored 12 cows on 1 trip aboard the ROYAL POLARIS Another amazing feat..
  297. Bigfishhateme


  298. Bigfishhateme

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    50lb for yo yo is correct.. 40 is minimum. My question is why 30 lb ? ^^
  299. Bigfishhateme

    Recommendation yo-yo reel that does not......

    I use a Pro Gear 454 - no issues , great reel BD member Gaffsdown ( Randy ) got clean one for sale^^
  300. Bigfishhateme

    Another jigstick

    Ive been looking for South African , lucky you
  301. Bigfishhateme

    "Man of Steel"

    That's friccin tight ! I WANT !
  302. Bigfishhateme

    Super Seeker Blanks

    Long Beach Seekers ? Picture of sticker please
  303. Bigfishhateme

    2015 The Fishing Year in Pictures

    Thanks for sharing , that was cool !
  304. Bigfishhateme


    Manfred was put in tough spot in having to rule on Rose's reinstatement 26 years into a life-time ban. Other players with character flaws have gotten in the Hall Of Fame. It's the Hall of Fame , not the Hall Of Saints !
  305. Bigfishhateme

    How Should I Fish Krocs?

    You can use Krocs with J hooks for Skipjack.. Skipjack = Cows
  306. Bigfishhateme


    How can you not put Pete in Hall of Fame ??? 4256 hits..
  307. Bigfishhateme


    Commissioner Rob Manfred just rejected Rose's reinstatement. Now 0/3. I think Bud Selig had something to do with it.
  308. Bigfishhateme

    How Should I Fish Krocs?

  309. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for anchovy casting reel

    Newell 229
  310. Bigfishhateme

    Shimano Reels

    Holy Calico ! How big is that calico in your avatar? GLWS
  311. Bigfishhateme

    Good Ol' Calstar BT196-7

    Jim , great story and awesome build.
  312. Bigfishhateme

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    Ay Mikey , that's the one Seeker Athena 80-8 ..8ft. No less ! Gonna take her on overnight trip to islands this spring.
  313. Bigfishhateme

    WTB: Calstar 90-J or 690-J - Uncut

    Good Morning Robert , I have a very clean Super Seeker 9' deckhand rod for sale in BD classifieds.. Asking $225 Sorry for the Hijack.:jig:
  314. Bigfishhateme

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    BadAss for throwing small surface irons: Tady C. , A1 , AA Great #30 lb Long Rod
  315. Bigfishhateme

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    Cjbf90 Super Seeker Long Beach , CA :jig:
  316. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing rods garage sale

    How much for rod rack in pic#1
  317. Bigfishhateme

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Bump for Jimmy . Merry Christmas to you n family. GLWS
  318. Bigfishhateme

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    Wassup Mikey ! Gonna let this one go and buy my daughter Seeker Athina pink rod she's been wanting..
  319. Bigfishhateme

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    sOLDexcellent condition. SSF90 New cord handle , Turks and butt cap . Fuji guides. BadAss for throwing C , AA , A1 , 15 ect.. Condition : 9.5 / 10 Clean. No writing , No stickers Mod Please delete :SOLD to CalicoKid No trades , Live transaction
  320. Bigfishhateme

    Tuna spike top ideas

    I want fish eyeball , that one I think is goat eyeball
  321. Bigfishhateme

    Tuna spike top ideas

    Matt has exotic wood brain spikes by BD Mark..friccin tight ! BD Lori has skull wrapped spikes too. BD IronMike does duckbill and cutters.
  322. Bigfishhateme

    Tuna spike top ideas

    Got mines from BD Matt "red eyeball"
  323. Bigfishhateme


  324. Bigfishhateme


  325. Bigfishhateme

    Have 10' Jig Stick , reel suggestions-

    Jerry "ReelMan" Downie's cut 533.. NEWELL
  326. Bigfishhateme

    jig stick question???

    Never cut..
  327. Bigfishhateme

    WTB Salas Jigs

    Looking for Salas Oky light and Salas "Holiday" heavy.
  328. Bigfishhateme

    300 Blackout pistol

    Jesse , jus remind I'm still interested
  329. Bigfishhateme

    WTS/WTT cousins rods and Lexa 400 HS-P

    Cousins is BadAss ! Made in Calif.
  330. Bigfishhateme


    Aloha ! I'm looking for V521 , Mahalo
  331. Bigfishhateme

    Richard Hightower /contact info

    Anyone have info how I can get into contact ? PM me , thanks
  332. Bigfishhateme

    How about an old fishing get together?

    If it's on off day from work ..I'll be there !
  333. Bigfishhateme

    Truline 39

    Been looking for Southafrican, 11ft right?
  334. Bigfishhateme

    reel display case?

    Jus keep in reel bag.. That's what I do , and original boxes. *stash*
  335. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Hello Duong , What is fish ..? You mean what kind of fish ..yellowtail , barracuda , tuna.
  336. Bigfishhateme

    Multi colored micro cord

    Call Atwood ..they have more color combo not shown on web.
  337. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Erik , enjoyed your article very much . Thanks for your input.
  338. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    I got yesterday , jigstop tackle New issue..
  339. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    I don't know if this is new issue or old ..check out Erik Landesfeind article "JIG CHUCKERS BALL"
  340. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Interesting.. One for Mythbusters.
  341. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

  342. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Yellow.. Does single strand wire help non-swimming plugs swim????
  343. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing Surface Iron

    I was flipping through last 2 publications of Brandon Hayward's "The Bight" journal an noticed single strand wire twisted to surface plug...any thoughts? I've always used straight mono on my Newellls , straight tied to plug.
  344. Bigfishhateme

    Newell S332.5 Like new SOLD

    Wish you were closer !
  345. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    Got a chance to take close look and pull on COUSINS 90J : FRICCIN BADASS !!!
  346. Bigfishhateme

    deckhand rod with reel seat

    Whatever feels best to you. It doesn't matter what other people think.
  347. Bigfishhateme

    Happy Birthday to Peter Funnell

    Happy Birthday Peter !
  348. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Factory Graftech

    Bump for Milo GLWS
  349. Bigfishhateme


    Nice Hoo stick Milo.. GLWS
  350. Bigfishhateme

    Redondo King Harbor--skiffs still for rent? Bonito biting?

    Putting live chovie back on pier would definitely bring family fishing back. Boost economy there too.
  351. Bigfishhateme

    Redondo King Harbor--skiffs still for rent? Bonito biting?

    Broomtail grouper would lurk in shallows near pier pilings for fisherman catching Bones n Mack's.. GULP !
  352. Bigfishhateme

    WTB "Long Beach" made SS Baby Ulua Blank

    No Cut..full length Cash in hand
  353. Bigfishhateme

    Schnabel Family of Jigs

    "WhAt makes a PUTTER a PUTTER" X2
  354. Bigfishhateme

    Showing proper respect

    Ooh Rah
  355. Bigfishhateme

    Chumming- Getting the bite going

    Most sporty's start a slow chum line while Capt gots close eye on "machines" to see if fish come use in wasting bait and chum hard if fish don't respond.
  356. Bigfishhateme

    Independence vs. RP

    RP has been doing that trip for the longest. Always limits of yellows n good eating bottom grabbers.
  357. Bigfishhateme

    Going to try the Shogun next year.

    RP- cream of the crop in fleet
  358. Bigfishhateme

    Redondo King Harbor--skiffs still for rent? Bonito biting?

    Parents use to drop me off in front of Capt Kidds early 80's. Fished the small Redondo Sportfishing pier for bonita with live anchovy's bought from ticket office. Firecracker yellows swim through often and there was a residential Broomtail grouper there too.
  359. Bigfishhateme

    Footwear recommendations

    Sperry TopSide boots were 1980's thing along with SeaTreck boots
  360. Bigfishhateme

    Footwear recommendations

    I like my Olukai flip flops and Crocs . I jump in shower with them on after long day of fishing. Jump into bunk with fresh socks. No smelly feet..
  361. Bigfishhateme

    Penn 16vsx or Mak16

    Both excellent. Your pick
  362. Bigfishhateme

    looking for some BD input on rod selection

    My vote is Cousins or Calstar Both made in California !!
  363. Bigfishhateme

    Phenix BD vs Calstar GF?

    Most my rods are Calstar , but I do own a handful of Randy Penny Seekers. Never fished a Phenix / no opinion My vote is Calstar
  364. Bigfishhateme

    Great time on OSIDE 95

    First picture says it all .. The smile on your sons face is priceless moments , thanks for posting.
  365. Bigfishhateme

    Jigs By FishdoggGary

    Left- FishdoggGary's jig my daughter calls it Duck Dynasty Camo Right-store bought
  366. Bigfishhateme

    Jigs By FishdoggGary

    I got 12 jigs by Gary this weekend and WOW! His work is definetly top notch. I just took a close look and compared his jigs with regular tackle store jigs and noticed difference. First I noticed the rings are much bigger and thicker than store bought , treble hooks are already very sharp ...
  367. Bigfishhateme

    Footwear recommendations

    same opinion as fishy..hate XtraTuff
  368. Bigfishhateme

    Kicker 25 Surface Iron

    FishDogg..thanks Got sneak peek Peps/Killers Gary did , amazing ! Looks better than plastic wraps.
  369. Bigfishhateme

    Penn 140 questions

    Contact GaffsDown ( Randy ) he got it all and sum
  370. Bigfishhateme

    Eating out (restaruant) for Thanksgiving...... suggestions??

  371. Bigfishhateme

    Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

  372. Bigfishhateme

    Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

    Let's not forget Caitlyn Jenner won gold medal in decathlon 76' Olympics.. Tough MoFo..
  373. Bigfishhateme

    Fried Calamari

  374. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for a couple rare items

    Tiburon sells 533 narrow kit too.
  375. Bigfishhateme

    WTS/WTT cedros 12 xlnt condition

    El Segundo to Culver City is a hop , skip , and a jump away. 8-10 min
  376. Bigfishhateme

    Sabre 540 Jig Stick

    RIP ..Yo and Martin Yoshida Bump for Yo's custom Jigstick
  377. Bigfishhateme

    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Haggens near me closing down next week , went in yesterday a got Parliament lights for $3 a pack. Marlboro , Camel , L&M , Winston , you name it all $3 + tax
  378. Bigfishhateme

    Wax wing lure?

    They get bit ! Waxwing believer
  379. Bigfishhateme

    UC 100 Wahoo

    Looks tight Doggy.
  380. Bigfishhateme

    Yellowtail Help!

    Fuck Homewok..FOLLOW SPORTY'S. :D
  381. Bigfishhateme

    Baby Ulua or White Tiger 7x

    I have that rod "long beach" cjbf90 BADASS! I've been hearing a lot good bout Cousins 9' and 10' Jigsticks.ay Cousins Jigsticks badass too.
  382. Bigfishhateme

    Baby Ulua or White Tiger 7x

    Why cut why cut Baby Ulua ?? It's perfect how it is.. Wiseguy makes bad ass rods!!!! His name is Jimmy Got blank from Island tackle.
  383. Bigfishhateme

    Baby Ulua or White Tiger 7x

    7X no backbone.. This is my WT 90M wrapped by Wiseguy.. True #40 Jigstick
  384. Bigfishhateme

    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    Stupid MoFo's
  385. Bigfishhateme

    Roddy Custom Rod

    I love mines too , 9' BudaHead Roddy
  386. Bigfishhateme

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Fisherman , fillets , fishing gear , lot of weight for small twin engine plane.. Would consider going if everyone in group only Catch , photo , release. Heavy load on small plane is dangerous..
  387. Bigfishhateme

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Good info here .. I've been on the fence , scared to fly on small planes.
  388. Bigfishhateme

    newell/penn4-0 & baja special reels for sale

    Wiseguy just wrapped me WT Jigstick. Jimmy's talent is amazing..
  389. Bigfishhateme

    11-19-2015 Shibi/Aku/Yellowtail Tuna

    Mac n cheese look good , fat chick look foul n nasty
  390. Bigfishhateme


    Thanks Dan
  391. Bigfishhateme

    newell/penn4-0 & baja special reels for sale

    I'll take the pink newell spool.. Cash in hand , just a hop , skip , and a jump away..
  392. Bigfishhateme

    Need some WiFi Help!!

    As a 14 year-old , I remember playing with Commodore 64 computer at public library and Atari. Use to go to liquor stores with pocket of quarters and play video games , TP houses , ding dong ditch , pick lemons from backyards n sell , ride bike to Yo's tackle , break-dance on cardboard boxes ...
  393. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Where's Phil at , anyone ? He disappeared ..
  394. Bigfishhateme

    SPY Optic + BD Sunglasses GIVEAWAY

    No have Instagram ... I'm in
  395. Bigfishhateme

    Ballast Point Brewing Sold

    Whats EBITDA ??
  396. Bigfishhateme

    Saluki shows his true colors

    Fuck this post , I'm out
  397. Bigfishhateme

    Saluki shows his true colors

    CONFUSED .. Wife? Though he was gay?
  398. Bigfishhateme

    Saluki shows his true colors

    Thought Saluki was asian ?
  399. Bigfishhateme

    customizing bonita style lures?

    Red eyes is bad ass ..stoned eggplant
  400. Bigfishhateme

    Saluki shows his true colors

    Saluki 's Lurking
  401. Bigfishhateme

    royal polaris having a tough trip in deep south waters

  402. Bigfishhateme

    Tackle Preaching..pre trip....

    Women puttin da hurt on big tuna..HellYah.
  403. Bigfishhateme

    No life jacket...make your own!

    Learned that Marine Corps basic training , phase 2 MCRD.
  404. Bigfishhateme

    Rousey vs Holm...... Posible upset tonite??

    Friccin show me Rousey vs Mayweather !
  405. Bigfishhateme


    Can someone post pic of MC new designed 9inch Viejo swimbait. Difference between old Viejo and new ?
  406. Bigfishhateme

    6 Pack Overnight help Dreamer

    Allyn is a legend.. Check out The Bight Journal article
  407. Bigfishhateme

    Seeking Information re: Vintage Iron Lures

    Randi , post photos of lures here on BD. So the old farts can chime in and help identify..
  408. Bigfishhateme

    Black and Blue (Rail Rods) from this...

    Awesome builds Mike..
  409. Bigfishhateme

    Ventura Yellowfin

    Your girlfriends HOT ! Thanks for report.
  410. Bigfishhateme

    San Diego trip

  411. Bigfishhateme

    Bait wrap lures

    "Wired to react to motion". AGREE 100% Well said Bill W
  412. Bigfishhateme

    I did this in the 1960s I was a mere lad.

    Calico Charter ...FORTUNE / San Clemente Let's get a charter rolling ! Nag Jason n Ali to sponsor..
  413. Bigfishhateme

    FS inshore rods

    Bump 4 awesome rods
  414. Bigfishhateme

    CCA CAL L.A. Open Meeting Wednesday 11th @6:30pm

    Bringing my 11y.o. daughter so we can carpool lane on the 405 She loves fishing too.. See you all tonight
  415. Bigfishhateme

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    Jus saying this albacore has a rather short pectoral fin ..
  416. Bigfishhateme

    8 day on AA 11/1-11/9. We caught one of these...

    Weird ..pectoral fin is shorter than normal.
  417. Bigfishhateme

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    90J is a must have for serious jig slingers .
  418. Bigfishhateme

    I did this in the 1960s I was a mere lad.

    My favorite fish to catch too !
  419. Bigfishhateme


    Ivane068 : Happy Birthday Marine
  420. Bigfishhateme


    Happy Birthday to my beloved Marines Corps...Semper Fi
  421. Bigfishhateme

    CCA CAL L.A. Chapter Open Meeting Wednesday @ 6:30pm

    Signing in .. Anthony Han and Asia Han
  422. Bigfishhateme

    CCA CAL L.A. Chapter Open Meeting Wednesday @ 6:30pm

    Bringing my 11y.o. daughter , she's crazy bout fishing ! See you all Wednesday..
  423. Bigfishhateme

    Vaping stuff - Gone!

    Congrats, cig free for 3 years
  424. Bigfishhateme

    FN Chargers

    Bring Chargers to Los Angeles
  425. Bigfishhateme

    Cleaning out tackle bag...

    Yo date on post n first word on post. :Beat_Them
  426. Bigfishhateme


    Kevin , how do you rig Viejos : Weedless lead head or weighted hook ? What brand Weedless lead heads are you using ? Size too ?
  427. Bigfishhateme

    R&R New Motor

    I've been following this thread from beginning and Kudos to everyone that has responded ! Mike ( ?? Fisherman ) you a good man for orchestrating all ! Again , I don't know how to fix shit but am available for Labor , cleanup.
  428. Bigfishhateme

    Reel For Wahoo Iron?

    Penn US Senator/ Baja Special Pro Gear 454 Pro Gear "wahoo special" / Baja Fish Gear selling one now on Ebay
  429. Bigfishhateme


    Went to tackle store to buy and so many different kinds of plastics n so many different colors..
  430. Bigfishhateme


    Wassup Fellas , what's your favorite for Calico's 1. Swimbaits 2. Slugs 3. Viejos Series...
  431. Bigfishhateme

    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Employee at register said last week of November is when doors close , so I'm gonna go back on last week for better prices.. Thanks Chris
  432. Bigfishhateme

    Seeking Information re: Vintage Iron Lures

    Again , Your Dad has a very nice collection.
  433. Bigfishhateme

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Hey Jerry , there's a member that has a handful of your jigs that just posted in "fishing chit chat " Section just now.
  434. Bigfishhateme

    Seeking Information re: Vintage Iron Lures

    Randi , don't worry bout rusted hooks ,they can be replaced and will not diminish value .You are sitting on pile of gold. The Jerry jigs that you have we're made by BLoodyDecks member Jerry Esten. I hope all goes well with Dad. Hold onto those vintage jigs !
  435. Bigfishhateme

    70% off tobacco rack at Haggens

    Jus sped to Haggens after reading post .. Cigarettes was 20% off but still paid $6 for Marlboro lights. No fire sale at Haggens near me.Haggens going out of business prices same as Walmart prices..
  436. Bigfishhateme

    SOLD Pro Gear 545

    What happened to OBO ...
  437. Bigfishhateme


    Will you break lot ? See couple I don't have..
  438. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for my shimano teramar

    Will do Mike ..fucking thieves.
  439. Bigfishhateme

    Davey's Locker Freelance

    Holy crap , look at pic of spinner 3rd to right . 88 people , Holy Shit !
  440. Bigfishhateme

    Shimano OCEA Jigger 1500hg LNIB

    Ay Chris , jus curious why sell such a nice reel ? Wish I saw sooner
  441. Bigfishhateme

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    I always liked pink flouro , and pink Ande. Gets bit on pick bites..
  442. Bigfishhateme

    Going to try the Shogun next year.

    One of my favorite boats..Capt Aaron be finding them Bluefin's !
  443. Bigfishhateme

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Jimmy showed me 540 jigstick.. It's BadAss , Super Clean
  444. Bigfishhateme

    JIGS (surface, yo yo, butterfly) **SOLD**

    I'll take the surface irons..check PM
  445. Bigfishhateme

    Cedros island

    I'm afraid of heights !! As a kid I would have dreams of falling , so scared. My young daughter asked me too take her to Magic Mountain and she begged to go on Superman the ride. It was little windy and when we got too top the fuckin ride was shaking from wind ! Damn , never been so scared ...
  446. Bigfishhateme

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    ^^^^ Used to work summers on Matt Walsh for Ray Duane.. 1986. ?? Note : yellow Sperry Top-Sider boots
  447. Bigfishhateme

    Cedros island

    Thanks for report , I would like fish with Cedros Outdoors but only thing holding me back is I'm Fuckin Scared to fly in a small Cessna plane.. Sticking to long range boats.
  448. Bigfishhateme

    WTS Truline " TNT " brand new condition

    Truline "TNT" : yellowtail killer
  449. Bigfishhateme

    Veteran's Day Offerings

    Ooh rah ..
  450. Bigfishhateme

    Pole Dance Pumpkin

    I texted pumpkin pic to gal pals ...they were dying from laughing
  451. Bigfishhateme

    Surface Iron

    May 7 , 2015. ....Super Late
  452. Bigfishhateme

    Surface Iron

    Damn , late again ! Salas J-pots : yellow killers !
  453. Bigfishhateme

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Traveler Jigs ..caught hundreds of Barracuda's with them , I still have
  454. Bigfishhateme

    Powermaster by Roddy

    I've got a Roddy "BudaHead" 9ft. and it's my favorite stick.
  455. Bigfishhateme

    Surface iron for calicos

    My favorite method catching calico's : surface iron ! 1 lb Calico ambushing n eating a 7X..
  456. Bigfishhateme

    less salt more bass

    Lynn , your a great mom. Thanks for sharing.
  457. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Yes , I am in picture. I'm the asian kid holding calico bass in left and right hand. I was class of 89 I remember coach hart. I think I remember you ,are you Filipino ?
  458. Bigfishhateme

    Saltwater Bass Fishing 101

    Excellent tutorial Erik..
  459. Bigfishhateme

    You guys asked about the history of jigs in California.

    Jerry , it's a great read !
  460. Bigfishhateme

    Some History of Jigs in California Sportfishing

    Jerry , excellent write up and thanks for sharing.
  461. Bigfishhateme

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    Sorry for the loss of Pops Mikey
  462. Bigfishhateme

    R&R New Motor

    C'mon Guys let's get this done..
  463. Bigfishhateme

    R&R New Motor

    I can volunteer my labor .. Heavy lifting , cleanup etc. (good) I can't fix shit .. (Bad) Anthony 213-440-1512 text
  464. Bigfishhateme


    Can they swim or dance ?
  465. Bigfishhateme

    FS Fish tank

    Bump for Kevin. Great seller
  466. Bigfishhateme


    760H = 6 ft
  467. Bigfishhateme

    super seeker ss-c-ulua 93-h-10

    Cut or uncut? Long Beach or new shit?
  468. Bigfishhateme

    WTT: Newell P332

    That's a masterpiece... Well worth it , and I love it !
  469. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Best pastrami is LANGERS in Los Angeles !!!! Hand cut pastrami , cole slaw , Russian dressing , Swiss cheese , on double baked rye bread...:drool:
  470. Bigfishhateme

    WTT: Newell P332

    Not a rediculous price.. 1 of a kind..rare
  471. Bigfishhateme


    $275 screaming deal..
  472. Bigfishhateme

    WTT: Newell P332

    Let me buy .. Check pm
  473. Bigfishhateme

    Surface iron, spectre or mono ?

    Penn Jigmasters have killed more fish than Trinidad's. I still fish 505 / 506
  474. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Picture of high school fishing club on City Of Redondo.. Capt Oefinger driving in wheelhouse , Rocky Point 1984.
  475. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Phil Friedman was my high school history teacher ..he started fishing club for school around same time he launched nine7six.Oefinger at time was captain of City of Redondo..
  476. Bigfishhateme

    WTB Kicker fishing irons

  477. Bigfishhateme

    Surface iron, spectre or mono ?

    Newell's with Calstars or Long Beach SS.. 90J 100J Cjbf90f White tiger 90M -special blank got from Island Fishing Tackle , Randy Penny rolled a little more graphite into the top half.. Also have a Shimano Teramar 90H : bad ass stick 4 throwing irons 2 calico's.
  478. Bigfishhateme

    Surface iron, spectre or mono ?

    All my surface iron set ups are straight mono on Newell's.. It's been working great for 30yrs..
  479. Bigfishhateme

    New Yozuri Bonito 210mm

    Still available?? I'll buy now.
  480. Bigfishhateme

    Fishing the anchovy

    Key to fishing Chovy's : be gentle with bait , pick wisely. Lime green backs. Always keep contact with bait , just little slack between you n bait. Underhand cast is best. NEWELL
  481. Bigfishhateme

    You guys love his product, but few know his name.

    Good to hear from you old timers.. Keep it coming..
  482. Bigfishhateme

    WTB factory Calstar 220

    Tony , go to Joy Fishing tackle on Santa Monica Blvd , Los Angeles They are Calstar dealer and will hook you up with brand new for the best price.
  483. Bigfishhateme


    Trade for $50 worth surface irons , you pick' at Von's again? I'll be in your area Tues.. 213-440-1512 text me
  484. Bigfishhateme


    Bought never used ..been sitting in garage Comes with 5 Shimano plastic trays. SOLD...thanks BigCeas
  485. Bigfishhateme

    ...seen these?

    Jedi , thanks for sharing ! "May The Force Be With You"
  486. Bigfishhateme

    Royal Star Tiburon 10 day

    Excellent short summary ..thanks Charlie
  487. Bigfishhateme

    Mid 50's Retired looking for Ride Along$ to fish and share expenses

    Just moved last month to South OC.. Don't mind driving to Diego Got one of them fast -track things..:D I'll pm you..
  488. Bigfishhateme

    Mid 50's Retired looking for Ride Along$ to fish and share expenses

    I can fish with you on my days off from work. I like fishing yellowtail , calico's wit da Long Rod .. I only drink water and honest..
  489. Bigfishhateme

    Prayers pleas if you are so inclined

    Prayer said
  490. Bigfishhateme

    MLPA ticket? How to take care of it

    Take care of this matter promptly , you don't want bench warrant and end up at twin towers.
  491. Bigfishhateme

    Newells: not all the same so know your Series!!!

    Yup..Newell's still killing fish
  492. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for new super seeker 20# rod

    Look in the rod building section , his name is Jon BD name Scold.. Click on his name and start polite
  493. Bigfishhateme

    Newells: not all the same so know your Series!!!

    Newell's are best reels for fishing surface iron , yo-yo , and chovy's..
  494. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for new super seeker 20# rod

    Ay , BD Scold can get his hands on Blue SS ... Unique , hit'em up
  495. Bigfishhateme

    Bring Alex Back BD Member Taking Drag

    Need a good laugh
  496. Bigfishhateme


    110south off PCH is Wilmington / Pedro
  497. Bigfishhateme

    Artist Spotlight – Amber Moran

    WOW ! Ambers work is amazing, I WANT
  498. Bigfishhateme

    Looking for new super seeker 20# rod

    Looking for the "Long Beach" made or new shit ? If your looking for new , BD member Scold is a Seeker Pro Staff , he can lead you in right direction...
  499. Bigfishhateme

    Shimano Vs Avet

    Ford: Fix Or Repair Daily
  500. Bigfishhateme

    Limited Edition Pro Hunter Abalone Popper

    Steve (Bajangler) *'**#%*#% , #*%%^* !
  501. Bigfishhateme

    Shimano Vs Avet

  502. Bigfishhateme

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Eadie still in our prayers...
  503. Bigfishhateme

    Another friend on his way home from the warzone...

    In memory of all fallen Marines. I love my Marine Corp's Semper Fidelis
  504. Bigfishhateme

    Gulf Grand Slam

    Tammy's cooking looks so delicious.. Bob , thanks for the report n pictures !