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  1. momaguro

    For Sale Northwind 22 Project

    Wow, nice platform for a solid build project. Where is it located? What is the bondo for in the deck core? Any parts go along with it that are not pictured?
  2. momaguro

    For Sale Don’t buy Robalo San Diego

    Oh my, I was looking at that and comparing it to the other Robalo 2020 w/o motor for $3500 and on the surface it looked like the much better deal. Thanks for sharing your experience that saves a few others from wasting good time.
  3. momaguro

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Ask a law dog about the operator/owners liability because those posted liability waivers claiming non-responsibility are mostly BS. You may have some recourse if well advised. The only excuse for the landing not having a security system to protect the customers is to grant shade to the dark...
  4. momaguro

    21’ Outrage aluminum deck plate

    Hoping it is not a tank of some sort.
  5. momaguro

    Rioter Doing Stupid Shit

    Smores , Smores!
  6. momaguro

    Online Mexican license issues

    I got mine today and it was a bit confusing even from the PC. The pay button will not illuminate until you go through a few pages. Look at the lower right small arrows and keep selecting that until you get the pay button to light up. You might have to disable pop up blockers too.
  7. momaguro

    Ignoring Members

    I hear you brother! I quit listening to KPBS, NPR and the like because those lefties are constantly parading victims who's stories evoke outrage at the injustice caused by the cold hands of a certain demographic that is on the decline. I really got burned out on their cult of victimhood...
  8. momaguro

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Hi Skippers, I have updated my profile on first page #3 post with mention of military base access and a couple of years added to my age. Thanks, David
  9. momaguro

    New Facebook page for socal fisherman

    "more user friendly" at what cost? Kinda like enticing mutiny
  10. momaguro

    Shooting caught on Eagle Cam, west end Catalina Island

    It reminds me of that song "You are the lead beneath my wings"
  11. momaguro

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Be careful, if you head out they may not let your vessel back in port due to the Plandemic.
  12. momaguro

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    If the sheeple vote again for G. Newsome than he is on his way to becoming POTUS. Actually his daily scripted Max Headroom radio bullshit is 99% propaganda designed just for that. He is drunk with new power unprecedented in history which is a very dangerous thing, sheeple. Just think if he is...
  13. momaguro

    Freedom (I mean Halibut fishing) - 4/25/20

    Thanks for the report with great scenes from the bay. I grew up there and enjoyed the blue sky clear view shots stoking me up for a future visit. Enjoy the flattie feast!
  14. momaguro

    For Sale 1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    ........and triple the tar and feather penalty for being a scammer during an unprecedented crisis. Sheesh!
  15. momaguro

    What to do with tons of Bamboo?

    Shakuhachi after bong hit for haunting music in the hut.
  16. momaguro

    Yet another skipjack 20 rebuild.

    Interested in your build. These are way underrated and it is great to see them rebuilt. Any updates??
  17. momaguro

    Salt Creek Looking Dirty

    There's some good sand replenishment. Surfers out= no fair but dicey with the massive runoff.
  18. momaguro

    SOLD **FOUND ALREADY: Stackable Washer & Dryer Laundry Unit**

    In one of my other lives I am known as laundromat Dave. I have this Maytag Neptune stack unit that I was going to use at my house however it has been sitting idle for two years inside my store because I have yet to organize my garage to accommodate it. It has been used so little and is so clean...
  19. momaguro

    Train Wrecking

    Didn't Eduardo read the memo? "just wear a bandana"
  20. momaguro

    TRADE WTT and WTB boat for a 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon with 85k miles.

    Want to trade my Cressida Wagon for a boat with cash going either way (most likely from me to you boat seller). I am asking $8k for the car but willing to admit here to fishing friends that my asking price is a bit speculative but find another Toyota with less than 100k miles for the same...
  21. momaguro


    This sure is a lot of food for thought. Happiness is a warm gun does not sound like the joke Lennon meant it to be. If we Americans are "exceptional" the right to bear arms is holy to that concept. As for the criminal release Gov. Newsom said that the violent criminals will not be released so...
  22. momaguro

    Saturday Awesome Visability LA/Catalina

    I noticed it too and took this picture with my phone from Pacific Beach. The picture quality does not do the sight justice. I could see Mexico with detail better than ever. The revelation was shocking and certainly does seem related to pollution or rather lack of.
  23. momaguro

    Is this BD Today?

    Censorship is the work of the devil except when used to protect the peacful nature of Californians from the latent raging fantasies of Washigoons.
  24. momaguro

    Recreational Drug Usage

    I was thinking the same thing just recently while at the park except the mammals were young ladies smoking dank and laughing.
  25. momaguro

    For Sale Offshore Marine Products Bait Tank

    Hey Strick, David aka Fishingproblem from CSC. I nearly asked you about your 23' project but realized it was you and that it went East. Looking forward to your 20' build. David
  26. momaguro

    For Sale NIB Samsung S9+

    PM sent. David
  27. momaguro

    Local SD Ho Dave available for Friday 10/4. Weather looks okay.

    Ho Dave here hoping to go fishing Friday 10/4. Wind and swell looks decent albeit predicted to have a mild dose of both. Good fishing weather! I'm a healthy 56, non tobacco smoker, 1 beer if any at all, don't get sick, have decent gear and happy to pay for fuel, bait, lunch, plus. I live...
  28. momaguro

    10/1 371It

    What fishing dreams are made of. Happy for you. Next time!
  29. momaguro

    Dad’s Tuna Kite

    When I was 4 I got some tin foil wrapped "balloons" off my dad's dresser and promptly shared them with my buddy. His mom came out and asked where I got them and when I told her she angrily replied "those are not balloons" and yanked her sons arm toward their house. I thought the medicinal smell...
  30. momaguro

    So I just bought my second boat. How’d I do?

    Wife picts to make the call.
  31. momaguro

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    It's an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac that must be consumed whole and raw.
  32. momaguro

    WTB Car guys need advise

    I have a 2008 Highlander Hybrid AWD that I have put 120k on and love it. Its reliable, comfortable, quiet and safe. The towing capacity with V6 and AWD is good too. I am now looking to buy another late model version.
  33. momaguro

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    Darren, I thought you did an excellent job clearing up the questions even about the clueless ones. The bully from Sack of Tomatoes is just that and has failed to read the post "don't be a dick". Your boat is going to stoke out the new owner. GLWS.
  34. momaguro

    Yellow fin US waters

    Maybe these guys can tell us. MAGA Make Angling Great Again
  35. momaguro

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    What a great catch! That is only 150 yards from where I now sit typing and it serves as a good reminder that I need to get outside and wet my line more often.
  36. momaguro

    For Sale Crystaliner 29'Rescue/sportfisher

    Looks great and priced nicely too. GLWS
  37. momaguro

    For Sale 18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    Nicely set up String skiff in excellent condition. Is it self bailing? Thanks, David
  38. momaguro

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    Thanks Mtnfshr, for your excellent help from mile high. Tip measurement is .22 and butt is .76. Is it cut on both ends or butt end only? I like the color and feel and wonder if it is worth a new wrap and guides but it is probably redundant in my serviceable quiver.
  39. momaguro

    Lamiglass BT 108 2M. I.D. Help

    I've had this rod for awhile but never used it. I finally removed the grip and found Lamiglass BT 108 2M and is 6.5' long. Anybody have info on the model and its recommendations use? I'm bad at matching gear so any help would be appreciated. David
  40. momaguro


    Man, the police did the bad guy a favor, he's got friends in Santee. Travesty! Deb did a better job than than popo. I'm hoping you get everything back and will check a few pawn shops around the beach.
  41. momaguro

    While I was practice fishing surface jigs....

    Did you check the rod spine alignment with the guides?
  42. momaguro

    Bye bye sea lion.

    Yeah, that's the idea. Sea Lions would probably make great cat food and we could all support the seiners in this pursuit.
  43. momaguro

    Bye bye sea lion.

    Save divers! Damn, that looks like tough luck. I just finished reading Blue Water Gold Rush about Urchin diving and there was one description of a diver getting his hoses, gear and self thrashed about by the landlord Mr. G.W.. When asked if he went back to diving he said that he was afraid to...
  44. momaguro

    Bye bye sea lion.

    I am hoping this is a trend.
  45. momaguro

    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    Sorry to hear about the big bummer X3 on your trip. Sounds like the moral of the story is to always travel with at least one other car in a group. Glad you and your family are safe. It has very recently and clearly been established that the corruption of our Southern neighbors has more to do...
  46. momaguro

    I’m concerned

    Because sport fishing raises awareness. It's not bitching it's heightened awareness. And if you take sportsmen out of the equation than the seiners that you are so keen to defend will do all the more damage and I am not talking about bait wrapping. God damn cat food and the like.
  47. momaguro

    I’m concerned

    Yeah man, you speak the truth. Remove the bait and the school's will leave or die. Easy choice for a school. And the greedy short sighted ignorant excuse that a couple of people need to rape and pillage natural resources for a living is just that. If there is one thing in particular that has...
  48. momaguro

    Dont feed the sealions....

    You gotta be pretty foolish to feed sea lions or pay a monthly subscription for fishing advice unless its Fishdope.
  49. momaguro

    For Sale Shamrock 200 WA

    Hey Brandon, Did you look at this 23CC Seacraft in Long Beach? I expressed some interest to the advertiser with questions about the usual floor, tank and transom but got crickets. It looks ok on the wwww. Love...
  50. momaguro

    Learn more/catch more

    So his first post is an ad for an advertiser? Not only an apparent circumnavigation of BD rules it is clickbait with little redeeming value. In my mind, the beauty of BD is the community participation that provides the resource for learning from each other. The BD brotherhood so to speak. Not...
  51. momaguro

    EZ sliding egg weights

    Is that the pinhead they call lead head?
  52. momaguro

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    Since that buttman logo is so prominent it's no wonder you can't find the right hole.
  53. momaguro

    T Mobile Ad pop up phone freeze

    For the last couple of days when using my Samsung S9 with T Mobile and looking at BD an ad for a chance to claim $1000 from Amazon or Walmart. Is this an ad sanctioned by BD or is there some weirdness going on? When it pops up it freezes my phone browser unless I click on it.
  54. momaguro

    Looking for advise...Japan to San Fran

    Trolling will add drag to her progress so if the lower friction of braid vs. mono is correct than consider it along with similar thinking of the lure. It might not sound like much but the more line the more drag likewise for time duration. It would be very inspiring to watch her enter the GG.
  55. momaguro

    6/22/19 Liberty

    Good report, thanks for sharing.
  56. momaguro

    Sea lion out of control

    The Ca Governor has already issued an apology and has vowed to return the ocean to them and pay reparations. In the sane real world these pests have been improperly managed and we need a more enlightened solution to their overpopulation.
  57. momaguro

    Baja 5 San Filipe South.....Sucks!

    The roads are so fucked up in San Diego I'm afraid Trump's gonna build the wall in Del Mar.
  58. momaguro

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Thanks guys, all the info has been helpful.
  59. momaguro

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Hey experienced boat buyers, when a boat has no title and comes with a bill of sale only what is the procedure to get it properly registered? I have some experience with cars. The last car I newly registered came without a title and was PNO for 10 years but the DMV bent me over for around $900...
  60. momaguro

    Mystery Boat off of PV

    Not sure about the flag or the background of the boat but the owner is surely going get laid wherever he is dockside.
  61. momaguro

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    Anchor Alleigh! Congratulations on the good start to your boating adventure.
  62. momaguro

    Dispersing a Crowd of Sea Lions the Canadian Way

    Don't try this at home! Got to be a safer way to ignite the fuse than holding it like he did. Chime in with a safer way. I would like to try it next time. And I am wondering when a nearby Orca pod is going to discover these fat furry fuckers. That will be a good time.
  63. momaguro

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Greetings Anthony, As a representative of the Mayor your presence and input here is greatly appreciated. The Federal requirement for cities to accommodate people who live in car is tied to grant money. If the city decides to not take the Federal money tied to this issue can we as local tax...
  64. momaguro

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    What depth of stupidity can our local political representative have to put her signature on this proposal? Mission Bay is a crown jewel in our very important tourist industry and inviting bums, freeloaders, hard druggies and mentally ill to camp at South Shores is as near literal to the poop in...
  65. momaguro

    Looking for someone to go to Ensenda Sunday 3/17 or 3/18

    You missed an epic boarder wait. I cruised down Sunday afternoon in great weather and enjoyed the road trip until the 8 hour boarder wait 8pm-4am at Otay. WTF!
  66. momaguro

    Looking for someone to go to Ensenda Sunday 3/17 or 3/18

    I need to go to Ensenda on Sunday 3/17 or Monday 3/18 for business that will take 2 hours or so and want to do some fishing if I can get someone to ride along. I am not looking to party or stop anywhere between the boarder except to pay the tolls. It could be overnight if the situation for both...
  67. momaguro

    Last Cast Ensenada 2/23

    Nice day of catching there and thanks for the report on The Last Gasp. I'm headed to Ensenada for business just as soon as I can find somebody to join me for the trip. I have a 2 hour meeting and can fish before or after. PM me if interested in going this week.
  68. momaguro

    $3,000,000.00 BFT....!

    I've spent at least $10k on gear and trips and not a single pound of BFT yet!
  69. momaguro

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Partnerships on boats are notorious for bad endings but if we can keep it in your driveway than I will supply the bbq coals when we go out at night for lobsters.
  70. momaguro

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    About what I can afford right now.
  71. momaguro

    Thinking About Quitting

    And before fishing for a 'liven' did you guide the pale faces around and teach them how to drive their wagons and shoot their rifles? Your marketing is as shameless as it is opportunistic and most of the time sounds as if a woman (sorry ladies, no offense meant) wrote it. Ap, keep fishing...
  72. momaguro

    Thinking About Quitting

    Great topic for boat owners and offshore fishermen in general. I am grateful for the question and all the replies. But, it reminds me of the guy who is a dyslexic agnostic insomniac that stays up all night wondering if there is a dog. David PS. I'm a former boat owner that does not miss...
  73. momaguro

    Why I Hate Fishing On Weekends & Holidays!

    Mr Highbridge, that is the same reason why there is a Japanese only surf contest at San O. Check it out.
  74. momaguro

    1st bluefin and of a lifetime!

    The first fish is being held out to look bigger. LOL! Congratulations on both cows either of which would stoke me out for a lifetime.
  75. momaguro

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Great report with informative and entertaining details. Thanks for sharing. But aren't you going to grab those heavy sticks and head back out?
  76. momaguro

    SOLD Sold ignore

    Hey Eric, Thanks for the good tip. Got it taken care of by other means.
  77. momaguro

    SOLD Sold ignore

    Long shot but I am looking for someone to pick up a used tool box in Prescott AZ and bring it to San Diego. It's in a store and the guy will not ship. It is a top box that weighs about 125 pounds and is 31" wide so you would need some cargo space. I am willing to pay $100 cash or possible trade...
  78. momaguro

    Thought I wast just going fishing...

    That is a great fishing report! Congratulation to you and your family in what looks like a good future. David
  79. momaguro

    Looking for a few good crew members

    Hi Jim, If you still have my number please give me a shout a day or two in advance and I would love to fish the Ambusher again. David
  80. momaguro

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Sincere condolences to the families of Jo Anne Butler and Ray Ball. The Mexican tourist economy is going to suffer if some vacationers and tourists decide to avoid it. However the meth, heroin and cocaine drug trade provides a more direct, and much larger financial incentive for the local...
  81. momaguro

    Biggest Dorado I have ever seen

    Ya'all making my avatar look insignificant. Congratulations on landing the big bull on lighter gear which must have been interesting. The Mahi Mahi fight is fun and I hope he dance for you.
  82. momaguro

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Jason, Glad to see you have a warrior spirit. Doing battle with the system just to get info and advice to save your life is a worthy cause but it adds up to wear and tear too. Please consider having someone set up a fund to donate to. This site has been free to use but given us all in the...
  83. momaguro

    Grainger Industrial

    What are you looking at? I have an account that sometimes gets a discount. David
  84. momaguro

    Bodega Bay recommendations

    The speech about how much lead cost at Walmart, how much extra effort he puts in to fish for multiple species, why his crew is worthy of good tips, how he pioneered overnight trips, etc? Powers is an enthusiastic captain and works hard to find fish that is certain. Bring your own food.
  85. momaguro

    My new to me blackman 26

    Super dialed in and lovingly maintained there Chad! The fish have to be worried now.
  86. momaguro

    Glad that didn't materialize...

    Nervous times in the Aloha state. Having a boat suddenly seems like a great option there. Stay safe.
  87. momaguro

    La Jolla 12/15

    Holy Mackerel, you did good!
  88. momaguro

    WTB!! SkipJack 24 open, running or not!! Have $$$ ready!

    Did someone acquire a 24 open? Love those hulls and the possibilities they present.
  89. momaguro

    Aztec coming in - HOLY CRAP!

    Lets Go! Your Cabo will laugh at the seas and wind that are in the forecast.
  90. momaguro

    Removing cast iron drain pipe through 3' tall by 10' Concrete?

    I would try snaking it with a powerful shaft and blade tip. Rust and weird bacteria cause round shaped growth on cast iron and strangely mostly on showers. Must be some of the products and human detritus combining with elements in water and metal causing the growth. Since it is inside concrete...
  91. momaguro

    BD Salutes Our Veterans & Say Thanks!

    Thank you BD for supporting vets and providing the list of programs to aid in their recovery.
  92. momaguro

    SOLD Twin 200 Mercury EFI's For Sale

    Mark, Did you win the lottery? I thought those engines ran your boat great with plenty of power to spare which you judicially did. Not complaining about your love for Get Hooked since I hope to fish with you and feel the new power. Whoever buys these is going to be stoked on how well you took...
  93. momaguro

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    Great report that should clear up the questions earlier raised. The San Diego is class!
  94. momaguro

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Here is a super nice 22' in HI. Not sure what the pumps on the trim tabs are, maybe sprayers for surface attractant.
  95. momaguro

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Thursday 10/26 is looking great weather wise and the reports have been decent which has caused me to contract a serious case of itchin to be fishin. Anyone need a good ho for tomorrow?
  96. momaguro

    Close, but no stripe!

    Great report and a fun read. Funny how you "swallowed" your pride and headed toward a drifting yacht. Your humility and humor is refreshing. The young man is lucky to have a cool sea teacher.
  97. momaguro

    Shady overnight trip

    After reading this I am never going to play the jackpot again. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the poor treatment and lack of respect they showed you and your crew.
  98. momaguro

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    With all of the theft that occurs around the landings and docks it would be nice to see all of the said owners pool some of their resources together for security and investigations. Good luck with finding the guy responsible for the deed and hope he gets hammered, tarred and feathered for life.
  99. momaguro

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    John, I followed your build post with admiration for the TLC you put in the boat. It was obviously a labor of love for the time and experience you envisioned sharing with your family. It is a great boat that someone will certainly appreciate. My heartfelt wishes for peace and healing to you...
  100. momaguro

    Five Star Fish Processing

    Did you receive a receipt when it was dropped off describing the fish? If it was an error with a little work they should be able to find how it possibly got crossed up with another order. Good luck!
  101. momaguro

    Clamp Standoffs too long?? (HX)

    When faced the same situation my ghetto fix was to insert a 1/3 crescent shape rubber garden hose as a shim.
  102. momaguro

    Fukushima Radiation

    I heard that the jackpot on sport boats is now based on the fish with the highest level of radiation instead of weight. Is this true?
  103. momaguro

    Overnight at boat ramps?

    Tom, You might look into They have a place to park your trailer, park your camper truck and slip your boat. It can be busy there with families however if you are coming after school starts it should be mellow. David
  104. momaguro

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Mike Tyson will be bummed by losing his crown to F.M. for ending a fight the fastest.
  105. momaguro

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Ahoy skipper, Ho Dave here now itchin to be fishin with flexible schedule weekend or weekday, overnight or o-dark thirty launch. 858 254-0556
  106. momaguro

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Thanks a ton-o-tails Chad and Wayne for the props. August and September look promising for everyone who gets offshore to wet their lines so wishing the best for everyone that does.
  107. momaguro

    Wishin I was Fishin

    Ho Dave here wishin I was fishin. I am ready to go anytime during the week and can help with boat prep if needed. Gas, bait, etc funds are never a problem. My freezer is depressingly void of seafood and reports from South of the border are looking good. My profile is the second one on the BD ho...
  108. momaguro

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    With the loss of Shamu Sea World might consider a new show.
  109. momaguro

    Weather reports are poor in mexico

    conspiracy to sell bait and beer
  110. momaguro

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    Aren't you concerned about salt spray on your electronics if your bow hits a wave?
  111. momaguro

    Fishing the Yamashomaru in Chiba, Japan

    Josh Thanks for sharing what looks like a great time experiencing a whole new way to enjoy fishing. Whatever their endeavor is the Japanese usually devote their full attention to the details which clearly comes through in your story and pictures. Most importantly the emphasis is on the value of...
  112. momaguro

    Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    You have done very good thing to share your philosophy here and your style of living in which fishing experiences provide for personal growth and increased awareness. The positive affects of experiencing nature and the wild are as real as it gets which is the reason the same needs much better...
  113. momaguro

    What is this line?

    Thanks Alain! Dacron it is. If Bakersfield Doug doesn't need it for his bucket of lotion scheme than I will put it on a bottom fishing rig.
  114. momaguro

    Question about new looking Truline

    I did pull on them and the eyes rolled about 30 degrees off the center of the spine. I did not load it up though. The tip dimension looked right. They had chromoly eyes and deckhand wrap.
  115. momaguro

    Marlin Jet Head Lures and a Blunt Head Plug with Kooky Eyes

    Marlin Jet Head Lures and a Blunt Head Plug with Kooky Eyes. There is a total of 5 lures. Everything in pictures for $60.
  116. momaguro

    What is this line?

    I have a large spool of 12 strand line that is hollow but need help identifying it. What is it good for?
  117. momaguro

    Question about new looking Truline

    I saw a pair of what looked like new never used Trulines at the swapmeet. One was labeled D8L. They looked new not re-wraps. So, was there a period of time when Trulines were made again after they shut down? And if yes are they as good as the vintage ones? What is the scoop?
  118. momaguro

    Channel Islands Slam!

    What an epic day for you! That one day haul would turn a good season into a great season by any modern day standard in Cal. It looks like island time has it's rewards so good on ya for getting out and down under.
  119. momaguro

    Heart Break 6-10-17

    Thanks for sharing your humbling learning experience. I have lost a lot of fish under similar circumstances and am still learning how to better manage my mindset in a fishing environment. When feeling stress under pressure from mismatched tackle, crew disposition, a falling sun etc patience is...
  120. momaguro

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    I appreciate your sense of decency and respect for the fish, water and boat captaining: there is still some limited hope for humanity and a place for it in what remains of the wild. The outrage that TV shows like to promote are just a yummy flyer trolling your mind. They are in the business of...
  121. momaguro

    No Bolts, Padres worst team in baseball.......

    Bring on the soccer! I'm hoping the soccer city venue happens soon which will be great for San Diego.
  122. momaguro

    Living and fishing in mexico full time

    Hello Jim, Thank you for the report of happy times for you and yours down in PV. It is good to hear of success stories of fishermen that have ventured out. PV is a great place in comparison to many other ports on the pacific side and I hope to follow you in time. What is up with the motor...
  123. momaguro

    The landlord came aboard

    73 year old Australian fishing solo received a visit from the landlord.
  124. momaguro

    Imperial Beach 5/20

    That is truly "mission accomplished"! Good on ya for getting out with Jr. for a shared adventure and nice couple of YT to boot.
  125. momaguro

    California fishing license reform

    Did it and glad to see support for it.
  126. momaguro

    Looking For A Clean Exterior House painter Clairemont

    Any good exterior house painters available to finish a medium size job by February 15? In order to get my VA re-fi done we need to have the front of our 1900 sqft house painted which is mostly ship lap, some stucco. The eaves and fascia need a good cleaning, scraping, sanding, primer and paint...
  127. momaguro

    Dude is lucky, but this could have been the start of a really bad day

    Glad the tourist was not harmed. Scary few minutes there. Questionable quality of the cage construction, unsurprising.
  128. momaguro

    Anyone caught a fish on the chunk this year?

    The fishing has been so tough lately that I am saving the chunk to eat myself. Seriously, my freezer is empty and being the determined fisherman that I am I have tried chunk to no avail but will persist with any means necessary. Hopefully someone figures out the cure for lock jaw tuna soon.
  129. momaguro

    Seiners Unbelievably Suck! Exotics was Great

    Seiners, damn seiners; I was down there yesterday, 7/28, and between the Coronados and the 101 we saw at least 20 seiners in addition to the pens being pulled up to lee side of South Island Coronado. We saw a few seiners wrapping and most of them hunting. They had planes and helicopters spotting...
  130. momaguro

    Kidnapping my Son

    Look into Campland on the bay dot com. There are restrooms, showers, a pool and other young people. My son is also 15 and is not too interested in fishing either. Although when he was younger we went on a couple of 1.5 day trips and he seemed more relaxed and into the whole scene whereas the...
  131. momaguro

    PORTER-CABLE FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer - $150

    Lots of 6&7' rods, a few odd reels, nothing really collectable but all perfectly decent. Sabers, Fenwicks. I thought you might be at Crystal Pier again for the kids day. Anyway, I have the full cash if that works and you can come to PB or Clairemont. 858 254-0556 David
  132. momaguro

    Wishin to be fishin HO ready to go hunt these BFT

    Last week was tons O fun but this week must be filled with a giant BFT or two. I'm ready so lets GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. momaguro

    Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    So what's your new reel? Great fishing story and congratulations on a great catch.
  134. momaguro

    PORTER-CABLE FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer - $150

    I'm interested with lots of possible fishing gear to trade with cash. Are you around PB this weekend? David
  135. momaguro

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    National Geographic needs your help with some location details.
  136. momaguro

    I know...I know... Everybody has BFT on their radar...But

    I just got my permit yesterday for my remodel in Clairemont and my regular contractor might not be able to get to it soon enough. If you are a HERO contractor that would be a big plus. Please give me a call at 858 254-0556. David
  137. momaguro

    7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    That's the best late report I've ever read! Thanks for the helpful info and advice. Your dedicated effort to take the hunt serious was righteously rewarded. Congratulations on the double.
  138. momaguro

    Wishin to be fishin HO ready to go hunt these BFT

    For the next 3 weeks I am wide open to hunt down some of these probably once in a lifetime local giant BFT. I am in San Diego and can go up to Dana Point if required. My bio is the second one onthe BD HO list and I am ready at short notice. I can go early, stay late, bring tons O ice, and pay...
  139. momaguro

    Website issues???

    Not sure if this is a good place to ask so apologies in advance. For the last couple of weeks the BD website on my PC using Firefox is hanging up a lot and now it auto refreshes every few seconds. When I try to use the back button there are a bunch of pages listed as if I was clicking over and...
  140. momaguro

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    Donnie not only hooked me up with his righteous popping rig but he also laid some BFT sashimi on me too for the fam. Thanks Donnie, I hope to repay you the sashimi favor in kind ++ on Friday. You definitely have some generous soul!
  141. momaguro

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers

    WTB Spinning reel and rod for poppers and have cash ready for purchase today. Ideally a Shimano Stella and Terez TZS78H but will consider other quality heavy casting rigs. I can travel anywhere in San Diego or up Dana Point. PM me your tel/text with details of equipment and I will reply ASAP.
  142. momaguro

    #231 Bluefin

    Wow!! Epic fish there spearo! I'm bringing my sea sniper when I can for a plan B and am nervous about connecting on one of those and NOT paralyzing it.
  143. momaguro

    Giant Bluefin just weighed in Oceanside 262 #

    I'm not the jealous type however that catch has me flush. Congratulations on a great fish and thanks for sharing.
  144. momaguro

    Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    All of the reports I have seen coming off of the New Lo-an whether regarding the boat or crew have been positive and your mid season report here is just another indicator of your quality operation. Thanks for caring enough about our community of fishermen to share your experiences and insights.
  145. momaguro

    Mission bay marina boats being robbed.

    The total absence of video monitoring at the marinas is bullshit! With all of the fees that they collect why aren't they providing video security? I understand the docks are a special place to get away from the craziness on land and that cameras might compromise some that undisclosed location...
  146. momaguro

    Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    Congratulations Team Persistent and thanks for sharing your learning experience. Nice catch and well deserved!
  147. momaguro

    Japanese tackle

    My family is headed over there soon and they always ask what I want and never thought to request tackle so thanks for the idea! Even with the strong Yen the prices look good too. The weak bait looks deadly and the the spear hooks well finished. Let us know what works well for ya. Arigato!
  148. momaguro

    Between 302 and 371 7/03/2016

    Prey tell how that was reeled in on 30# in 30 minutes. Congratulations!!
  149. momaguro

    Dusky 17 my new sled

    I went on a memorable 60 mile round trip last summer on that boat and bloodied the deck with this 40# YFT. It is a great riding and solid sled. Have fun!
  150. momaguro

    Messed around and got a triple digit

    Thanks for the report: They are hunkered down and not running on the surface like recent past. Fantastic lifetime catch in local waters! Big congratulations and reward for your patience and persistence.
  151. momaguro


    PMed you this morning. Thanks.
  152. momaguro

    Humbled. Grateful. Appreciative. Personal Best bluefin, twice.

    Great going there man!! Your are living right. Thanks for sharing.
  153. momaguro


    I have been thinking about getting a beefy spin cast reel but have wondered about the limits of single speed v. two speed conventional. Can anyone chime in about this? Also are there any concerns about casting poppers using straight spectra without leaders? Has anyone caught or a least got bit...
  154. momaguro

    Shelter Island ramp renovation

    I propose adding a couple of 25 cent vended 50 caliber machine guns mounted on the end of the docks to shoot the sea lions kinda like the coin op water guns at Sea World.
  155. momaguro

    Another bft foamer video

    Fishing porn if there ever was. The last few moments in slow mo help to explain why the poppers are working.Thanks for sharing!
  156. momaguro

    I got taxed hard today!

    Ouch! Bad feeling I know but good memories.
  157. momaguro

    Right Fish on the Wrong Gear - Sunday 6/12 Tuna Report

    Doing somethings right to get those results. Congrats on the nice fish and thanks for the pics.
  158. momaguro

    Ever pull on the same fish twice?

    In the book Kon Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl one of the crew was hanging out on the side of the raft and sees a fishing line going past on the top of the water so he grabs it with his hand and lands a Dorado that he had lost to the broken line the day before.
  159. momaguro

    My new to me blackman 26

    Congratulations on a great fishing machine there Chad. I guess Negra madrugador would be too long. Best of luck to you and yours on your maiden fishing Expedition
  160. momaguro

    Hooked 1 lost to seal...I hate seals!!!

    Thanks Mako Mark for the great day! That BFT was stubborn at 30-50 feet for the last 1.5 hours. At the 2.5 hour mark the seal got it but had the courtesy to roll the fish on its side and above the water for us to see. I'm confident it was a fat 100lb + and the color was hauntingly beautiful. F...
  161. momaguro

    Just short of ass kissing

    Ahoy Captain! If your heading out of San Diego and need a tried and true ho to help with expenses, boat work, fishing, etc please contact me. I am ready to go as early as you wish to go fishing. Name: David Age: 53 Location: S.D. Pacific Beach Days Available: Prefer weekdays but sometimes...
  162. momaguro

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    "First time out following the major work, the starter sh!ts the bed. So back to the shop she goes. Mechanic claims the battery terminals are getting wet and that resulted in the starter malfunction. So they replaced the starter (under warranty) but charged me to replace it claiming it's got...
  163. momaguro

    Kelly Slaters artificial wave prototype have to seen this

    I surf a better wave all the time (in my dreams). The shape quality and speed is better than ever imagined and is now on my bucket list before I get much older. Coming to California soon I hope.
  164. momaguro

    Yesterday Afternoon Mission Bay Jetty

    That's outrageous man
  165. momaguro

    December 5th YellowFin on the Madrugador....

    Captain Chad is a fish slayer extraordinaire. Congrats on a productive hunt and thanks for the good report. David
  166. momaguro

    Local one - Public oinker

    I salute your public service. Nice pig!
  167. momaguro

    Looking for a rod re-wrapper in San Diego

    A big thank you to all that replied. The job involves stripping the old guides off which are still very solid and re-wrapping with new style guides. I'll reach out to a couple of recommendations. Tight lines! David
  168. momaguro

    Looking for a rod re-wrapper in San Diego

    I'm looking for a rod re-wrapper in San Diego to re-wrap a few med-heavy ocean rods. Who is good, reasonable and reliable to finish within a month? I'm located near Mission Bay so anyone between PL and La Jolla east to La Mesa is cool. Thanks, David tel / text 858 254-0556
  169. momaguro

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    So the trip was great until the very last minute? Roger that with an over and out!
  170. momaguro

    Same thing ... Same place ... New sled

    It's a massive relief that your state of limbo resulted in a happy ending.
  171. momaguro

    Rpt-11-12-15 2 day Salsapuedes Tale of Tails!

    Thanks for sharing your fishing adventure and fisherman stoke. I really enjoyed the writing and happy pictures.
  172. momaguro

    Caught Wahoo W/30lb Fluorocarbon!

    Man O Man that looks like an epic and beautiful time. It has me stoked for a possible future long range try. Thanks for sharing!
  173. momaguro

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    That was a lot of fun but would have been even better had there been another Orca catching it with aide open mouth.
  174. momaguro

    10/25, Smoked Wahoo on the Water, "FIRE in the Sky"

    Yeah man! I'm hoping you get another one soon! Good reward for all the time you have put into hunting them down.
  175. momaguro

    Police recover stolen boat

    Did they catch a Wahoo? Kidding, congrats on getting your boat back and hopefully none worse for the wear.
  176. momaguro

    Whoos going trolling? This ho wants hoo. Booh hoo hoo.

    I feel your pain and share your obsession! I'm keeping my gear close by in standby mode for the possible short notice trip out.
  177. momaguro

    Whoos going trolling? This ho wants hoo. Booh hoo hoo.

    David aka Momaguro here reaching out hopping for a chance to target Wahoo. I've got my trolling rods and tackle all ready with new HD leaders on a few popular trolling jigs. I'm available tomorrow 10/21 and Thursday 10/22 as well as the weekend anywhere out of SD or MB. I can cover fuel, ice...
  178. momaguro

    Wahoo upper NINE 10/19

    Nice Wahoo blood gusher from the neck! Congrats on a great fish.
  179. momaguro

    Giant SoCal Wahoo – Can it Get Better?

    The man should get a gold medal from our Governor for landing three all by himself. The big one is just crazy great. WOW!
  180. momaguro

    Any Whoo, My WHOOO 10/18/15

    Great perseverance and happy reward. Is your better half stoked on getting out there again? Whoo's got a new addiction? For better or worse such excitement only stresses out my better half and I feel that your lucky to have a trooper and a Wahoo. Congratulations.
  181. momaguro

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    I just came back to take another look. Nice!
  182. momaguro

    Where to stay? Punta Mita

    I don't have a specific place to recommend however Bucerias has some nice B&Bs and small hotels that are low key and reasonable. This area is a great crossroads spot to stay if you are venturing off to Saulita, Punta Mita or PV proper. Bring us back a report.
  183. momaguro

    Two Wahoo 10/17 at the 9 on the line

    Yaba Daba Double Hoo! Congratulations and thanks for a great report.
  184. momaguro

    Wahoooo day 4 got mine BABY!

    Hoo Yah! Cool stoke there! Thanks for the great report.
  185. momaguro

    10/18/2015 finally caught my wahoo

    Great report with helpful hints for solo fishermen. Mucho appreciated and a big congratulations for your epic Wahoo.
  186. momaguro

    Rpt.-10-18-15 Invasion of Skipjack, Bonito and Yellowtail in our Bass hole!

    The Rubber Ducky crew are indomitable. Way to go Senors! Thanks for the great report as always.
  187. momaguro

    Loggerhead Sea Turtle Sightings

    Do turtles breach the surface? I was fishing a patty and saw something large, bulky and milky white color jump up, twist and splash. It had wide arms/legs and looked like the underside of a turtle. I was throwing chum so it may have attacked a bait by approaching it from underneath.
  188. momaguro

    Great day with double the excitement!! Hoo + black

    Those are two great Hoo catches to be proud of. Congratulations on your epic day. Where is the "magic area"?
  189. momaguro

    Jason caught a Wahoo!

    I was trolling out there with you and heard your live report. Thanks a lot for sharing and congratulations.
  190. momaguro


    Great report!
  191. momaguro

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    I grew up riding dirt bikes which is a much more forgiving environment that does not have multi ton vehicles poorly controlled by distracted people. I had a couple of street bikes for a short while but I'll keep the bad stories to myself since others have already shared some and you are here you...
  192. momaguro

    2015 SoCal West Coast Wahoo Challenge - Team & Boat Ho list

    Pencil me in as team Dryfish. I'll know for sure by Friday noon time so hold the ink until then please. Possible spot available on a 20ft Grady White for a clean living Hoo ho. Leaving out of O-side if allowed. Figure $150 for fuel, ice and entry fee. PM with interest.
  193. momaguro

    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    I have convinced my better half that this is important and I am ready to be your Hoo Ho! Please inquire within. tel / text 858 254-0556 David
  194. momaguro

    302 to San Salvador Knoll this Friday Oct 16

    Were thinking of heading south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll tomorrow and would appreciate any intel. I heard a great report from last week that included big patties holding a variety of species. Has there been anything interesting down there recently? We'll be leaving MB around 5am on...
  195. momaguro

    Fishing south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll

    Ok, no love here so cut and paste question to offshore planning. Yipee.
  196. momaguro

    I'm headed to Punta Mita Saturday for a week and looking for advice

    If your going fishing try to find the most modern fast boat. The big ones are out far and the storms move in fast around there so you want to be able to get to the grounds and back ASAP. Good luck.
  197. momaguro

    Fishing south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll

    Were thinking of heading south around the 302 to San Salvador Knoll this Friday and would appreciate any intel. We'll be leaving MB around 5am on ch 72.
  198. momaguro

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    There's grass on your sidewalk that needs sweeping up.
  199. momaguro

    Solo run 10/13...What was I thinking!

    Great consolation catch there. I can imagine having a different feeling if the hoo did not bless your decks. Thanks for sharing your experience and stoke!
  200. momaguro

    skunked !!!

    My dog has been hit three times in our back yard and the last time he ran amok in the house. The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda solution works great.
  201. momaguro

    Hoo's in???1st and probably last ever California based Wahoo tournament!

    Great idea! Possible historic once in a generation if not lifetime chance. I'm in as a Hoo Ho if anyone has a sweet ride:jig:
  202. momaguro

    Whoo Late / Short Report

    Definitely two keepers there. Congratulations and congratulations.
  203. momaguro

    70 lb. Wahoo

    Congratulations on your great looking Hoo. Great memories and thanks for sharing.
  204. momaguro

    Wahoo @ 178

    A little research came up with this: Stugeron Forte (Cinnarizine) is used for preventing and treating motion sickness. It is also used for relieving nausea, vomiting, attacks of dizziness or spinning. Thanks, I am going to get some and keep it in the tackle box, just in case.
  205. momaguro

    Hoo dat hoo dat

    That is a trifecta to be proud of. Super stoked for you and your mates. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing good details too.
  206. momaguro

    Whales, YFT and Wahoo Weekend 10-10,11

    I like your style and tenacity. Great story and very cool pictures. Congratulations on achieving your goal! Well deserved.
  207. momaguro

    14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    Nobody is that stupid, you must have set this up as a joke.
  208. momaguro

    Best chance at catching this weekend

    I was looking at an overnight on the Amigo which would hopefully head over to Santa Cruz Island but they got all booked up since last night. There have been some nice Tuna reports around there just recently and Ventura Sportfishing is just $175 for an overnight. Good luck.
  209. momaguro

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    The Yacht salesman couldn't just buy and sell it for double the money without putting all new electronics on it could he?
  210. momaguro

    23'3" SeaCraft A serious weapon !

    Great Potter Classic and legendary ride! If I was ready to pull the trigger I would be looking hard at this one. I'm wondering what is involved in towing to San Diego. What do you think? Two days on the road? What would a commercial tow guy charge? OP, in case you don't know there is an...
  211. momaguro

    Wahoo Report 9-26

    Mother Fing bubble gum! Congratulations, stoked for you guys on the rewards for your efforts.
  212. momaguro

    Looking for a good day

    It was dead last weekend with not many good reports since. Action has been south for qty and north for quality.
  213. momaguro

    help me identify this fish please!

    Be nice, that might be his wife's hand.
  214. momaguro

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Congratulations on an epic catch, stoked for you and pops. What were you trolling and speed?
  215. momaguro

    Full Speed Yellowfin With My Old Fishing Buddy - 9/19

    Those look like beautiful keepers. Congratulations.
  216. momaguro

    Hog yellowtail caught off Mission Beach jetty!!

    Wowzee. I'll never view the jetty the same.
  217. momaguro

    This Wahoo just did not make it to gaff

    Bloody Gills! Gnarly yet beautiful.
  218. momaguro

    That was one hell of a fish and one very long day!

    Damn that Pepe Lepew! I enjoyed your adventure story filled with helpful fishing info, thank you.
  219. momaguro

    Hurricane Linda and 7-day trip this weekend

    That storm graphic is shaped like a club and looks like it's about to bash Baja. It's not as bad as it looks and is subject to certain change hopefully for your better. Good Luck with tight lines!
  220. momaguro

    SCI Bluefin

    Way to slay them, awesome beauties there!
  221. momaguro

    Chinese spectra.......... NO BUENO

    If it's no beuno than you read and write two;) Who was the seller? I am curious and might buy the same to check it out.
  222. momaguro

    Chinese spectra.......... NO BUENO

    Does it say made in China? Was it shipped from China? It says non-twisting braided nylon in Japanese.
  223. momaguro

    Truline Models

    Thanks Jerr, I'll try to get the butt cap off and see whats there. The trolling rods have removable aluminum butts with Spoofer Real Seats and the ferrule is glued on the blank bottom. I am going to toss the Spoofer Real Seats and convert them to straight Aftco #2 Butts and re-wrap with modern...
  224. momaguro

    Am I Too Close To This Paddy?

    It looks like he towed that paddy out from the harbor.
  225. momaguro

    Truline Models

    Hello Truline lovers. I just picked up a few rods that I have not been able to ID even after wearing out google. CH7 7 footer CH8 7 footer 0615-80 6' trolling rod with rollers Any help to ID them would be appreciated. Tight lines! David
  226. momaguro

    La Jolla Hammerhead and Kayakers

    That was fun to watch, thanks. The nervous laughter made me nervous too especially when he told his buddy "wow, try and touch his dorsal".
  227. momaguro

    Held School of YFT and Dorado for 3 Hours

    Thanks for taking the time to produce the fun and helpful video and congratulations on having a fun filled day of catching!
  228. momaguro

    Leaches at the bait dock

    If it's inside biz it's not worth getting your panties in a bunch for a 5 minute delay especially when you have a whole day of fishing ahead of you.
  229. momaguro

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    Haha! He caught at least 25 tuna last season and probably 30 this year. Dude kills fish. Wow, he is a killer! I got my son started young too and I can see that he daydreams about our adventures when he is bored. School is probably torture for him but hey, it was for me too because I was...
  230. momaguro

    what a day!!!!!

    Happy to hear that fishermen are being cool to each other out there and super stoked on those monster tunas you landed. Yipeee!
  231. momaguro

    8/24 DP- Little man Big fish vol. 10

    The heart? Did he eat the heart? Good on ya for getting your son out there and into some tuna. Priceless!
  232. momaguro

    Fishing Offshore Tuna 8/22/2015. We Got Spanked!

    Cool report, thanks for the intel with helpful details. Congratulations too!
  233. momaguro

    Trying not to be a dick

    Chad kills it again having fun. WTG Madrugador!
  234. momaguro

    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    Filthy crime scene, way to go!
  235. momaguro

    Oside daycare program Tuesday

    I heard you on the radio saying what a great time your kids were having in contrast to the protective parent worried about the new words his 10 year old was learning on ch 72. Great attitude and happy to hear you having fun with the family out there.
  236. momaguro

    Oside 8/16 - Foggy With a Chance of Tuna

    Matt, thanks for the fun report on what could have been for this ho. Glad you got some good ones and enjoyed the adventure.
  237. momaguro

    Quick report - Sunday 8/16

    Great to see multiple generations of family men fishing the deep blue. Thanks for the helpful detailed report and inspiration.
  238. momaguro

    The Romance of Tuna at Sunset 8/15

    Way to go dad! Issac is a lucky boy and he likely appreciates that. Thanks for a good read.
  239. momaguro

    Need a ho tomorrow 8-16

    It took a lot of self control to resist this one, almost couldn't sleep. Hope to hear a good report.
  240. momaguro

    Saturday 8.15.15 report - Would you like fries with that?

    The fun starts when things go wrong. What an epic adventure! Happy for all of you that got rewarded for the efforts.
  241. momaguro

    Sting ray tackle tips?

    I used to play with those guys and found that a wire leader works perfect. Be careful!
  242. momaguro

    Slayed em Again (NW 9 MI)

    Thanks a lot for the excellent report and enjoy the tuna!
  243. momaguro

    Bluefin off La Jolla

    Dude, that's like I can see Bluefin from my surfboard. Congratulations for getting your BF limit so close to home and they are beauties too.
  244. momaguro

    Prowler, 8-12-15 - 8-14-15, 1.5 Day

    Thanks for what is one of the best ever sport boat report with lots of good info and well written too.
  245. momaguro

    The Fishing Weatherman Chris Dunn

    What happened to The Fishing Weatherman Chris Dunn's reports? His reports were enjoyable and chock full of teaching us about the weather. His site is still up but the weekly video is from 7/15. Hopefully he is enjoying a long range trip.
  246. momaguro

    Dana Point - 8/12 SW @ SE of the 277

    Alright Wayne, happy to see you get back out there and land some tuna! Thanks for a great report with helpful details too. David
  247. momaguro

    Line keeps bird nesting no matter how fast or slow line is let out.

    I had a problem like that which was due to stiff line. I put a more flexible mono on it and it helped to reduce the dreaded birds nest.
  248. momaguro

    Hammerhead Shark Bites Diver Off San Diego Coast in Rare Attack

    Someday that shark will learn not to bite the hand that feeds it. NOT~!!!
  249. momaguro

    Pink Floyd 2 weave completed

    Steve, Wow, your patience and attention to detail is admirable. Thanks for sharing! David
  250. momaguro

    Bloody Deck...Finally!

    Bloody Carpet! Good on ya for getting out there and landing some nice ones.
  251. momaguro

    Pink Floyd 2 weave completed

    Weave on you crazy diamond! Is that all by hand? How long did the PF part take you?
  252. momaguro

    Real decent day for us....finally!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun, good reward for your efforts!
  253. momaguro

    Ensenada report YFT biting, lots of marlin around.

    Looks like a beautiful and fun day, thanks for the good report. I've been thinking about going south for a change of scenery and some fishing. Was that a 3/4 day? What did they charge? Did they have ice or a refrigerated hold for the fish? Thanks! David
  254. momaguro

    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    I appreciate the detailed report and happy for you that your decks were bloodied after giving it a good varsity effort. Bad karma for the City of Long Beach though, no matter who the owner or captain of the day was the boat has gone into the permanent negative column. David
  255. momaguro

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    I told my wife what you said and she just get back to work fool! On the other hand my gear is ready in standby mode and I am ready for the another ho adventure hopefully soon. David
  256. momaguro

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    100 yards might be a bit too close if his chum line was drifting toward his port side. If you were down wind from him between the island and his side than trolling on that side might have disrupted it. I have learned to radio ahead if the situation is at all questionable. Last month either the...
  257. momaguro

    why are there so many one uppers

    Hard to open a can of whoop ass with a keyboard?
  258. momaguro

    Time for hunters and Fisherman to stop patronizing Delta airlines

    What is best for the wild kingdom is beyond your comprehension. Your attempt to justify big game African trophy hunting in this day and age as a noble humanitarian service is a half baked sophomoric excuse for greed and only serves to perpetuate all of the inhumane behavior that defines Mugabe...
  259. momaguro

    Shurflo Blaster 3.5GPM 45PSI 24VDC

    Yeah Jim, if it was 12v I would have given it to you for "free". Here fishy, fishy!! lol
  260. momaguro

    Shurflo Blaster 3.5GPM 45PSI 24VDC

    Shurflo Blaster 3.5GPM 45PSI 24VDC (not 12VDC). Model # 3901-3214. Will ship for $15 or free pick up in Pacific Beach. $75 David tel/text 858 254-0556
  261. momaguro

    Weekday twilight crew needed, Oceanside.

    PM sent, all boxes checked except for "knowing you" ??
  262. momaguro

    Good Ho Ready To Roll

    Tomorrow is my last day of liberty before the captain returns from leave. After that I'll have to submit a request up the chain of command if I want to go fishing. If you have a spot open to do some tuna hunting please call/text 858 254-0566 or email [email protected] THANK YOU! David
  263. momaguro

    Killed it Today! 7-28-15

    Looks like a beautiful day of fishing for good memories. Congrats.
  264. momaguro

    Dorado, Yellowfin, Bluefin Yellowtail

    Way to go Jim! Happy you had good back to back days and fish worthy of excitement. Are you resting at work now?
  265. momaguro

    For a few

    Hey Chad, It's all good, I really enjoyed a great time and I'm sure we'll figure out the pictures. If you cant post here can you text me the ones where each of us is holding fish and maybe one more of the whole lot? Much appreciation, David
  266. momaguro

    For a few

    No pictures? That is torture! Thanks for the great trip out with you and farmer John, lol. Had a blast!
  267. momaguro

    Nice Bluefin

    Great story! In proportion to the fish and boat the feat is epic. Respect to your son!!
  268. momaguro

    Everything changed on 7/22 – Big Tuna are now possible. Two new Personal Bests* on the day.

    Great report and pictures. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.
  269. momaguro

    Good Ho Ready To Roll

    Thanks Jim, your an awesome shipmate!
  270. momaguro

    Good Ho Ready To Roll

    Good ho ready to go fishing at a moments notice. I love to fish hard, work hard and enjoy the ride. My gear is in standby condition so late notice is usually doable. My boss (wife) gets back next Friday so until then BRING IT ON! David tel/text 858 254-0556
  271. momaguro

    1 1/2 day Ranger 85

    Nice catches and thanks for sharing good info.
  272. momaguro

    MONSTER BLUE at South 9

    Trophy material, so beautiful.
  273. momaguro

    182 yellow fin

    Congratulations on landing that fatty. Tons O Fun!
  274. momaguro

    60 pound yellow fin and pig yellow tail off O'side

    Jim, Thank you for: Inviting me Having and maintaining a solid comfortable fishing machine Operating everything with nonchalant professionalism Being fun and enjoying yourself beginning to end Sharing your gear that brought in that fat YFT Putting in the time to chronicle our adventure Our...
  275. momaguro


    Mike, I don't know you personally but in the sincerity of your sharing with us it is evident that your Mom raised a real man with his heart in the right place and you are her righteous legacy. Best wishes to you and your family.
  276. momaguro

    Looking for a few good fishermen

    Hi Jim, Lets go fishin! I am available on short notice for fishing during the week and some times on the weekend. Please keep me in mind. Regards, David
  277. momaguro

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    "Fishin WA Bitches" seems appropriate. Nice work.
  278. momaguro

    Fisherman Exhausted After Fight with Record 39 lb Bluefin

    There a bit slow up there so it took that long to wrap there minds around the accomplishiment.
  279. momaguro

    Oceanside 95,,,1 1/2 day report. 11/19/14

    Are the date stamps whacked or is it me?
  280. momaguro

    Oceanside 95,,,1 1/2 day report. 11/19/14

    Walt, I was waiting for a report on that O95 trip and you have gone above and beyond the call of BD duty. Thanks for the helpful details and suggestions. I almost went on this trip but was concerned about the weather. How were the accommodations? Did you score a stateroom?
  281. momaguro

    Why aren'tm more 1-1.5day boats going out?

    It's a conspiracy. My guess is reduced catches in questionable weather is not a good recipe for sport boats to encourage repeat business. The conditions out on the banks has been gnarly.
  282. momaguro

    Just Purchased 1984 Skipjack 24 ' open check it out

    For $6k you did real good as long as the fuel tank, transom and stringers are good for 10+ more years. Congratulations!
  283. momaguro

    Solo run to LA Jolla

    Beautiful catch and good on ya for getting out there.
  284. momaguro

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    ISC numbers are just what is reported and they do not represent actual catch. Form your own educated opinion on who takes what and use that as a basis on who you think needs more regulation and enforcement. The dilemma for the West Coast is that the migratory fish that fatten up here swim back...
  285. momaguro

    Just Purchased 1984 Skipjack 24 ' open check it out

    Looks like you either did some smart patient shopping or got lucky. That exact boat model is on my top 5 list of most desirable So Cal fish boats for the money and yours is damn sweet looking. What was the negotiation?
  286. momaguro

    Marlin Fishing 11/8

    Thats like getting a hummer from the fat lady when you know she should be singing to the anxious audience. Way to go! Shimano should be rewarding you too for the Torium testimonial.
  287. momaguro

    10/18 Dorado Off La Jolla

    Congratulations on a great catch avg. 2 dodos per person. Very cool and nice of you to call out the other boats too and share after you had your fill.
  288. momaguro


    Nice haul of fish and thanks for sharing good info on what sounds like a good boat.
  289. momaguro

    Dorado fish processing question

    Fo shizzle something is fishy. It would be good to learn how the processor explains the discrepancy.
  290. momaguro

    DFG - WAHOO Filing

    I would like to support your effort and spent a few minutes poking around the DFG website. It appears that submissions are for fish landed under the rules rather than a petition system to establish a file. Is this correct? I don't know and honestly my attention span is short when sifting through...
  291. momaguro

    A Day to remember 10/13/14

    Great story Jim and what a happy ending! Terrific bloody mess to boot!
  292. momaguro

    Local Blue Marlin confirmed

    It was on the menu in a few restaurants in Avalon on Sunday.
  293. momaguro

    Yellowtail in Two Harbors

    That is a legit home guard daddy! Did that beast take you for a ride on your dingy?
  294. momaguro

    ONO you Didn't!

    If you were not an adrenaline junky before you must be now after getting jacked up during that ride. Congratulations on what looks to have been a truly epic day.
  295. momaguro

    New Lame-Anne

    Where is your surf shop?
  296. momaguro

    10-12 Today was an even better day, Marlin GoPro4 video

    How fortunate that your son came after your crew bailed? Congratulations and very well done. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.
  297. momaguro

    The San Diego 10/9

    Sounds like a great day, thanks for the report and props to The SD.
  298. momaguro

    212YFT Landed from Beach, Ascension

    Congratulations on your truly great catch and thanks for sharing.
  299. momaguro

    WTB Speargun and related spear fishing gear

    I am looking for some spearfishing gear to get started with my son. We need one or two more guns and practically everything else. One good quality inshore gun and one mid handle is of interest. For wetsuits and fins I am 6' 175lbs size 11.5 foot and he is 5'10" but probably 6' soon 145lbs and...
  300. momaguro

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    I was about 3 years old when my dad took us to his best friends cabin in Hailey Idaho where in a nearby river I slipped on a rock and went under. I clearly recall the light green tint color of the water and a feeling of peaceful resignation as I observed the underwater world. When my dad pulled...
  301. momaguro

    Lots of life offshore and solid fishing! 10-5

    Enjoyed the report and appreciate your style of writing.
  302. momaguro


    Great bragging rights there and super stoked for you. What kind of gun did you use in the kelp. Did hoo approach you or did you surprise him through the kelp?
  303. momaguro

    Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    Lucky that Wayne (real good fisherman) found them and very nice of you to admit in the beginning that it could have been a mistake. Those are definitely good luck rods now. Happy for you.
  304. momaguro

    (Captain) Mike Berry - I Found Your Stuff

    Wayne, You are the saint and savior for Mike who must be elated to get his sentimental gear back. Sorry to hear about your mechanical problem though. David
  305. momaguro

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Come on Mike, it is not apparent where the front of the gauge is positioned and the warden could well have crunched it down. A 90 degree angle would be better than what looks to be a 45. The point is well taken however that if it is not obviously over than don't take the chance of running afoul...
  306. momaguro

    Solo Marlin Adventure 9/28

    BS without pictures! Or is that like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest? Go Pro (when solo) maybe. In any event I hope you are wearing a life jacket.
  307. momaguro

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    The angle of the picture makes it difficult if not impossible to see where the gauge is set. If you feel right about your argument though I would encourage you to take it up with the judge and present your carefully rehearsed case to him. A sincere, short and succinct presentation can please the...
  308. momaguro

    Brutal Overnight 9/26-27

    Thanks for your good perspective and giving the crew well deserved props for their professionalism under the circumstances. Sounds like a great boat to patronize.
  309. momaguro

    Looking for a ride - for a mom

    Ray, That is good fishing dope and great of you to offer. If I ever do get a boat MILF is going to be it's name! (as long as I get it approved by you)
  310. momaguro

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    That is sad and tragic because it certainly will haunt both families involved regardless of whatever tough guy thoughts Stewart may have. Ultimately the deceased acted extremely recklessly and I hope that is what the legal inquiry will decide. As far as the wheels turning and the motor revving...
  311. momaguro

    first trip of the year - 9/24/2014

    Looks like a beautiful day on the water and quite a happy little group of college kids. WTG for being a great dad! I hope the albies show up for you soon.
  312. momaguro

    'unatttractive to men'

    This has me wondering about the benefits of adding a third testicle. Anybody try that?
  313. momaguro

    New Boat Arrives!

    Congratulations on scoring a sweet boat. Curious as to what it cost to transport east to west so if you can share the quotes you had I would appreciate it.
  314. momaguro

    9/22 - I guess this qualifies as offshore

    Nice report of your day fishing and catching. The fish inside the kill bag looks content.
  315. momaguro

    9/22 inside the 209

    Hey Ray, Thanks for the good report with details. Real nice dodo too.
  316. momaguro

    9/20 209-267 Tuna, hammerheads, and one proud dad

    Thanks for posting the video which was a lot of fun to watch. Kudos too for being a righteous father.
  317. momaguro

    What happened

    That is pretty rich humor there coming from "Buttman" How about replacing Beiber with your avatar?
  318. momaguro

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Thanks Jason! Name: David Age: 57 Location: S.D. Pacific Beach, Dana Landing, MCRD, Shelter Island or will travel for a good opportunity Days Available: Prefer weekdays but sometimes weekends ok. BIO: Self Employed 20yrs. USN Veteran, surfer, hiker Experience: 1.5, 3/4, day trips out of San...
  319. momaguro

    Dorado and Yellowfin on the same line!

    That is a great fish story and likely not one to be repeated soon. Congratulations on the good luck and beautiful catch.
  320. momaguro

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    "Complete rip off" is an exaggeration. If OP is correct than he has some minor legitimate gripes but has exhibited poor judgement in laying out his case. With all the information thus far shared fishing with Capt Pat sounds like a lot more fun than with the self appointed spokesman of "complete...
  321. momaguro

    Fishing next to sport boats

    Refreshing to hear of an enlightened sport skipper that shares the pacific ocean. Seeker has been put in the potential column.
  322. momaguro

    WTB Accurate B2-270

    I would have offered you mine but I just sent it in AGAIN for service for a gear issue and won't get it back for 3-4 weeks. Good luck.
  323. momaguro

    Not My Fish

    That Dorado is so beautiful I am nearly in tears. It would make a great mount or a helleva mahi party! Thanks for sharing
  324. momaguro

    Jerry Rigging a Live Bait Tank

    For safety just consider the weight factor of 50 gallons when you hit some unkind swells. Securing it properly should be your first consideration. As long as the flow rate is right, not too much, not too little than it should work fine. The health of the bait when you buy it is going to be the x...
  325. momaguro

    9/7 The 302 to 371

    Good on ya for going the distance in the tin. Your day was like ours on Saturday in the same areas complete with do dos, rats on patties and guys on channel 72 who are stuck struggling with adolescence at the age of 30 something.
  326. momaguro


    Good report with nice appreciation for the adventure aspects. Nice family pictures too. We went out of SI at around 630am and must of got the same deal on bait as you. Paid for a full scoop with $5 tip in advance to only get what seemed like a half a scoop of sardines. The bait was healthy and...
  327. momaguro

    9-4 tunas but lots of mahi and rats

    Mahi are oishi! Great that you got to land some of those showoffs. Thanks for the good report.
  328. momaguro

    need more for friday 22' boat

    I think Robert means going out tomorrow Friday 9/5 and is looking for one good ho. It might be a late start around 8-9am out of SI or possibly O-side.
  329. momaguro

    9/1 Fished the pen

    Hey Jim, Nice report with well deserved results for your efforts. Looks like an epic trip to remember.
  330. momaguro

    Best Time EVER! Sat 8/30 at 302

    WTG dad! Such days are priceless.
  331. momaguro


    Anthony, As a former boat owner I totally know how it is/was. With a day or two heads up some hard working/fishing BD boat hos could help you out. It is funny that nearly every time I go as a ho the skipper complains about his 'friends' who flake, mess up the tackle, leave their wallet at...
  332. momaguro

    stolen gear!!!!

    I hope you get your dad's gear back and I will definitely be on the look out for you down here is SD.
  333. momaguro

    8/23/14 tailwalker sportfishing my sons first tuna

    Good decision to go on Tailwalker for your son's first tuna. Being close to the sea when the fish are brought on board is a much better experience than it is on the big boats. WTG on the tuna slayfest.
  334. momaguro

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    If Melville had used similies like that Moby Dick would have been a two volume set. I have been lucky so far in my Ho life having met only good skippers and fisherman. Perhaps there were some tell tale signs in advance of you signing up that were missed red flags. Caveat emptor. On the other...
  335. momaguro

    8-24 Father Son YFT trip Success

    Going offshore to fish with just you and your son is one of the best memories he will have about you and you did it in good style. Enjoy it to the max while he is still around.
  336. momaguro

    8/24 Below the Corner - YFT

    Good way to fish and well deserved catches.
  337. momaguro

    8/23 - Holy Mackerel

    Good job despite the big macs. We found it helpful chunking and chumming a few.
  338. momaguro

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Good bait and chum generously. I have been lucky using 1 or 2 oz slide sinkers held 3ft above hook with small rubber slider. Better luck to you and pops!
  339. momaguro

    8/23 MAW

    Good on ya for going the distance for the MAW. Nice boat and bait tank for sure. Good luck.
  340. momaguro

    Sore after fishing ...Is this just age thing?

    More yoga, seriously helps reduce fatigue that is caused by tightening of seldom used muscles until offshore. Or just do more fishing in rough water.
  341. momaguro

    8-22 Deja Vu at the 302 YFT limits for 3

    WTG 2X in one week. Nice picts too.
  342. momaguro

    Fishdope Spotter Plane Report 8/20/2014 (Tons of pics)

    The pictures are so beautiful that I want to sign up for FD just for the sea porn. Looks like you have a fun job Jason.
  343. momaguro

    YFT 182 area 8/21

    WTG! That fatty is twice the size of my recent YFT catch. BTW, what made you stop above the 182?
  344. momaguro

    There Shall Be Bloody Decks! 8/20

    After the lighting and thunder subsided we picked up a scoop of big macs in Mission Bay and cleared the jetty around 11am destination 302. Seas and wind were kind allowing for a 30mph trip to the spot. 302 proper had two sporties searching around and 3-4 other boats looking for blood in the...
  345. momaguro

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 weather looking good to go out

  346. momaguro

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 weather looking good to go out

    Tom I am in if you can line something up with Tailwalker or whoever. David tel/text 858 254-0556
  347. momaguro

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 weather looking good to go out

    Tailchaser, Thanks for the FYI. I would be the first to admit I am not a weather meteorologist though and have seen the sea get rough in contrast to good forecasts. I heard the rain lightning thing on the radio but looking at the fishing weathermans links it looks good offshore. Is there a...
  348. momaguro

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 weather looking good to go out

    Tomorrow Wed 8/20 is the only day I can get out of work this week and luckily the weather forecast and offshore swell models look very favorable and need I mention anything about the hot bite? My 13 yr old son recently got his cast off his arm and is in a splint so he is limited in his...
  349. momaguro

    SMB Bonito 8/16/14

    Looks like two keepers. WTG dad!
  350. momaguro

    So Many YFT, Not Enough Fish Hold 8/13

    Hey Wayne, I was about to ask you how it went and now I know. WTG with the boys! I already knew that you run a tight ship but now that you are CG inspected the Gotta Get'M is officially awesome. David
  351. momaguro

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    The purse seiners are the real villains in this fight for fish. If both parties in this school play ground fight got together to lobby the government against the purse seiners than the pressure would be greatly relieved. Go after the real rapists who are the purse seiners instead of each other...
  352. momaguro

    Insane tuna day yesterday 15th throwing a jig.

    Where at? Jig fishing has not been working in most areas recently.
  353. momaguro

    Recommendations for Ensenada - Fishing this Monday

    Going out monday? I might be interested to share cost and it would be me and my son 14 yrold. Thanks
  354. momaguro

    Post-op day 2 fishing

    Just fake it by having the doc cut and sew surface. You wont want to hit swells for one week if you get it done. Tuna wont wait and you can get the real deal done later but hiding the soreness will require superman pain endurance.
  355. momaguro

    stood up in sd!!

    Yeah Robert, The no show dude missed a great day but lucky for me and Dennis! Thanks for the good trip, driving and burning the fuel to chase the bite. There were a lot of kelp paddys and diving birds. Our bites came after long soaks and strangely mostly two at a time. No spot held for long...
  356. momaguro

    stood up in sd!!

    Robert, I could make it to SI by 930 at the earliest and 10 at the latest with no curfew. I'll send you a text too. In any event I hope it works out for you with a good day offshore. David
  357. momaguro

    Good ho ready to roll Wed 8/13

    Had one trip on the hook but had to cut my line due to schedule tangles. Thanks for offering Rick! I hope you did well. Had another nibble on my bait but was not able to set the hook. Thanks for keeping me in mind Wayne and opening up the chance. Tight lines to you and yours tomorrow. I am...
  358. momaguro

    Good ho ready to roll Wed 8/13

    Rick, Thanks for the invite tomorrow and I would love to go however it is too late this evening for me to arrange it. Please keep me in mind for future consideration. Chris, Thanks very much for the props on my hoing. It was a beautiful day out on the ocean, your buds were fun and I would love...
  359. momaguro

    Good ho ready to roll Wed 8/13

    Good reliable ho here hoping to join a tuna slaying party. Happy to help with supplies, gear, boat prep and of course boat fuel money. Good with gaff, knots, sharp filet knife, cleaning, etc. Please call or email if you have an opening. tel/text 858 254-0556 [email protected] David
  360. momaguro

    BFT in US waters, they're out there

    Cowabunga dude! Thanks for sharing.
  361. momaguro

    Penn Int'l II 30T 2-speed reel. Conversion and blueprinting by Cal's. Like new!

    Lowered to $375 or straight up trade for spear gun, surfboard, fishing gear.
  362. momaguro

    Penn Int'l II 30T 2-speed reel. Conversion and blueprinting by Cal's. Like new!

    Penn International II 30T reel with 2-speed conversion and blueprinting by Cal's. This reel is better than new with the upgrade and never been fished. It has been on one long range trip stored in the cabin for the duration and locally offshore twice but not used. Brand new 80lb mono was...
  363. momaguro

    Bloody Decks..a Tuna Jihad and a Happy Wife

    Tuna Jihad, Tuna Crusader! Whatever........ Good report and good on ya for having a sense of humor. Just promise us that your not putting any fish in the Rotations.
  364. momaguro

    SUP Marlin hook-up

    That is badass! Thanks for sharing.
  365. momaguro

    is this legit

    Is this what "fresh off the boat" means?
  366. momaguro

    182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    Nice job! Thanks for sharing the details of a successfully executed plan.
  367. momaguro

    Saturday 8/2: Tuna on the New Lo Ann in US waters

    Good report with appreciation for the props given to the New Lo-An crew.
  368. momaguro

    Good Ho ready to roll Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

    Hi Mike, Yes, I am self employed with great flexibility in my schedule so any day is possible even with short notice and I live only 10 minutes away from Point Loma. Please do keep me on your list and I look forward to getting out with you. Tight lines! David
  369. momaguro

    Good Ho ready to roll Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

    Good reliable ho here hoping to join the tuna slaying party. Happy to help with supplies, gear and of course boat money. Please call or email if you have an opening. tel/text 858 254-0556 [email protected] David
  370. momaguro

    1st timer scores!!

    1st timer won the JP? That's inzane! Good times!
  371. momaguro

    Boat Ho List

    Name: David Age: 51 Boat: Wife said “NO! You go HO!” Days Available: Prefer weekdays but sometimes weekends ok. BIO: Self Employed 15yrs. with 2 businesses in P.B. US Navy Veteran. Experience: 1.5, 3/4, day trips of San Diego, S.F. Salmon, Striper, Mexico day trips. Drink/Smoke: Enjoy one or...
  372. momaguro

    San Quintin Caravan Sat 2/15 Return Monday 2/17

    Hello Baja fishermen, I am thinking of driving down to San Quintin with my 13 yr old son for some freezer filling cow action and hope to find a like minded traveler we can caravan with. I can leave San Diego anytime Saturday 2/15 after 12pm and want to head back up Monday or Tuesday at the...
  373. momaguro

    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!

    Take the drug dealer organized crime guy fishing.
  374. momaguro

    No God is Welcome in San Diego.......per U.S. District Judge Larry Burns

    Definitely the best thing said in this thread.
  375. momaguro

    Women in Pangas

    isn't pissin chicks another forum? Well if she goes and has a good time than you have my envy because my better half would not board a luxury yacht in harbor let alone a panga. Good luck.
  376. momaguro

    PRIDE- Late Season Pickings(*Pic Heavy*)

    Hey man, I just very reluctantly winterized my deep sea tackle with a broken heart and now these Pride pics of the epic season are rubbing salt in my wound. I'll just channel the energy into getting ready for next season part of which is putting the Pride on my bucket list for 2014. Cheers
  377. momaguro

    Cedros Islands, 8-10 day trip. Need 1 crew member November 1st.

    Amazing opportunity that someone should jump on yesterday.
  378. momaguro


    Fricking Epic is all I can say.
  379. momaguro

    Go big or go home YFT BFT Dodo and YT on the 18fter

    Hate to admit it but going that big on my 50yr old body would slow me down for two days after the fact. Good catching young men!
  380. momaguro

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    The re-seller ID of other fisher peoples gear at the swapper is familiar and I have long perceived a shady and murky aspect in his aura. In other words he is shifty dealer with an unsavory vibe. He has had a few pieces of gear that I was interested in but a deep down feeling always said walk...
  381. momaguro

    I helped my son get some tail....

    Good on you for getting your kid(s) out and stoked on fishing. My son is now 13 and has weathered a good amount of offshore trips getting slightly sick just once. In fact I think he has better sea legs than Dad. What you eat the day and night before an offshore trip can have a very large impact...
  382. momaguro

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    There are a bunch of sellers of fishing gear at the local swap meets and since I do patronize some of them from time to time it would be helpful to learn who NOT to do business with. Most of us would gladly spread the word on who the pond scum is and avoid them like the plague but more info is...
  383. momaguro

    Thank you to these guys-The Point

    Stoked to hear such generosity coming from fishermen that are kind sportsmen too.
  384. momaguro

    Sea Adventure II 9/19

    WoW! That's some fun looking catching there.
  385. momaguro

    A School of White Seabass, No Spear

    Super cool. Those big tails can really get those fish moving fast. The little seal looking like wtf?
  386. momaguro

    Which Bait Tank? Window?

    Just have her decorate it with curtains for a win-win!
  387. momaguro

    late report Sunday 9/15 limits of yellows 9 - 182

    The more the kids get out in the wild the harder school becomes which in the big scheme of things is all for the better. Priceless memories for the family.
  388. momaguro

    1 day of catching 1 day of fishing on the Pride 9-16-17-13

    Limited load and wide open bite that got bigger is what dreams are made of. Good luck on ya!
  389. momaguro

    Long Range Drag Settings

    I have learned a lot so thanks very much everyone. Having lost more heavy fish than landed due to inexperience this info will help me increase my landed rate more than anything else I can imagine. I am buying a scale asap.
  390. momaguro

    Interesting Event Happened at Fisherman's Landing Yesterday

    Without pictures of fish it will be assumed that your mega bait was left outside in an Arizona sand storm. In any event thanks for your service to our country and helping the crew get er done out there.
  391. momaguro

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    Defend his avatar all you want while the guys are just trying to thicken up his skin for the front lines.:starwarskid5:
  392. momaguro

    Unni and abs again. north coast

    I am hoping my young son pulls me along into outdoors adventure as he grows stronger like your son. For now I plant seed and wet his appetite with anything and everything ocean related. Very envious and happy for you!
  393. momaguro

    Limit yts @ Dorados on 1 kelp at Hidden 09/10/13

    What this about no problems at all? ! Lots of nice fish and not even a sea sick story? Except for the bait playing dead you did great job
  394. momaguro


    Lawyers are the problem and I would strongly second Polfhishki's advice and handle as much of it yourself. It may be daunting but well, well worth it as you will find. If two opposing lawyers get in on it they will exploit the situation like a BDer on a wide open bite. If her lawyer has to deal...
  395. momaguro

    The Start of the Sisterhood..Henry's Fork, Island Park Idaho Sept 13, 14, 15th 2013

    Even though I own a home in Blackfoot I have not given much thought to going back to live in Idaho but this sure has sparked a little interest. I spent a few summers fishing the rivers in SE ID (mostly working the farms) in my tender years and it is good to see that more ladies are enjoying...
  396. momaguro

    Wedsday at the 302

    Short and sweet adventure. Nice looking seas there too lucky dog!
  397. momaguro

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    "The new Dauntless by Accurate brings her all the pleasure she needs"
  398. momaguro

    Picky eaters!

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Dodos surround boat Fishermen frustrated Spearman satiates <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/>...
  399. momaguro

    Friday 371

    Stoked on your good work and beautiful pictures.
  400. momaguro

    1973 Uniflite 27 Express for sale

    This boat looks like it was in a museum. What is the story/secret of it's immaculate preservation?
  401. momaguro

    1.5 Day Trip on New Lo-An 7-9 Sept for 150+ BFT/YFT

    "anti-flame chaff" :rofl: It has worked well so far.... Wonderful report too with thanks for the intelligent and balanced observations. I too am all for more limited loads and limited gear. How about not allowing anything more than you can carry in one trip on board in your own two hands (no...
  402. momaguro

    finnally got blood on the deck

    Persistence paid off and nicely done just in time too because the next day the sea in the same area was lumpy, confused and the patties were barren.
  403. momaguro

    That was fricken Rickdickulous 09.07 Dorado

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Full bellies slow down Dorados lingering kelp Wood spear shot fat clowns <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom>...
  404. momaguro

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    I nominate Dale for a Nobel Fish Prize! Good Karma on ya bro and way to stoke out the boy!! Any update on the description of suspects?
  405. momaguro

    Pacific Voyager - 9/1 - 9/4

    Fun report all around and kudos to the crew that kept you fed during the epic battle. Good distance range which should be the norm on a 3 day but sadly is not. The Pacific Voyager is now on my list of A-OK boats to sign up on.
  406. momaguro

    RANGER 85 trip (9/2-5) Not a good one:(

    Good info and balanced replies too. Censorship in any form is bad unless your trying to just trying to keep children safe so let the "opinions" free spool and let the adults decide what is of value.
  407. momaguro


    Beautiful pictures and nice sized dodos too.
  408. momaguro

    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    What a very bad bummer. I hope you get your gear back and the thieves suffer the karma due. I'll keep my eyes and ears open. Did the landing have a camera for the parking area? If not they should since this is unfortunately not an isolated case.
  409. momaguro

    K&M Takes 1st place in Govs Cup!!!! Bluefin-Yellowfin-Yellowtail

    I am interested in getting down to SQ now that my son is 13 with a dozen or so offshore trips successfully completed under his belt. If there are any other father son teams interested in a 2-3 day trip and getting hooked up with K&M please hit me up. I am in San Diego and our gear is ready to go.
  410. momaguro

    Charter on the Voyager 1.5 day on Sept. 3

    Ba bump. What is the load? Just 12? Might like it if it is limited.
  411. momaguro

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    The fish is pissed off that he couldn't beat that gear and your pissed that he won the JP.
  412. momaguro

    Pacific Voyager 8/24 - 8/26

    Thank you for the tuna processing ideas. My family is asking me lately why the smoker has just been collecting dust for a couple of years so I really need to get out there and bring home some BFT to show them!
  413. momaguro

    Disappointing Trip

    It is difficult to manage the relationship with the wife if she is present and not much into fishing on a party boat. And it can hurt to pay the fare for two if neither of you lead the charge and elbow your way into the patty bite which in most cases on a slow day means not landing the...
  414. momaguro

    Eureka Tuna 8/14

    Nice Gaff work too!
  415. momaguro

    Father Son teams for San Quintin, Erendira

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Hi fellow BD Baja lovers, I have Baja in my blood starting back in the early 1970s when my parents would allow me to roam the streets of TJ and bargain for contraband such as...
  416. momaguro

    New Lo An 2Day Report Aug 16-18th, Drew Ford Charter

    Great report with lots of helpful boat, crew and grounds info. Good pics too.
  417. momaguro

    Up For Grabs

    Unless your the guy willing to pay "twice the original price" why say such a thing?
  418. momaguro

    Chief 1.5 day

    Nice fishy! Very beautiful money maker.
  419. momaguro

    Fun trip on the First String (8-11)

    Joey got some lifelong fishing stoke on now knowing Dad got out there early to win the JP. Thanks for the report.
  420. momaguro

    Condor 8/13/13 1.5 Day Mixed Bag Hat Cam

    Your video was a lot of fun to watch but now my son thinks it is normal to get hooked up every cast in less than 30 seconds! Nice fishing bro!
  421. momaguro

    Kids putting the hurt on the big Bluefin. Condor 1.5 8/6

    Kid friendly boats are the best! Great pictures for the legacy.
  422. momaguro

    Anyone fished the Daiwa Pacific?

    Booked an overnight trip on the Daiwa Pacific for two total cost $500. When we arrived at 8pm the small, old and very dirty galley was filled with smokers which was very univiting and had I listened to my better instincts I would have requested a refund right there. Once inside the galley we...