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  1. fishincowboy

    Izors reef Saturday 7/27/19

    Too bad you anchored up. 2 of us drifted there, caught 25 sandies to 6-1/2 #'s all but two legal. 9 calicos mixed shorts and legal, Barracuda came in all over the place and caught a bunch of shorts and almost legals. And we had live sardines and some frozen squid.
  2. fishincowboy

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    :appl:Glad to hear that~!
  3. fishincowboy

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    Sorry...but...Should throw those big breeder calicos back, they are slow growing.
  4. fishincowboy

    Getting there . . . Week by week

    Always use a trap hook for halibut! That way you don't miss the rakes and short bits.
  5. fishincowboy

    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    Side road is for vehicle traffic only. No trailers. Can only go through with an escort and only if you belong in there. I used the road today with the escort. Still have a lot of work til the road is even escort ready. We talked with the crew working the road today. The whole thing as been a big...
  6. fishincowboy

    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    Sandies were in the 85 foot range butt was in about 65 foot range
  7. fishincowboy

    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    OPPS Sorry Jay~! Sorry I goofed and didn't post that photo. My bad~! But it's up now unless you want me to edit my post. Don't want you feeling left out my friend.
  8. fishincowboy

    SAT. - NICE SANDIES~! ----------BUTT

    Gentleman’s start on the water due to Jay’s mom had to be taken to the airport early. Was kinda nice for a change launching a little after 7A.M. ! Fished our local rock piles with just our frozen squid and mixed fin bait. Made a bunch of mini-macs for later try at halibut or chunk/fillet bait...
  9. fishincowboy

    Local rock piles fishing was good

    "]What? No bounce balling?[ Oh of course we did some of that too! Just no luck yet~!
  10. fishincowboy

    Local rock piles fishing was good

    Decided to stay close on Sunday with all the holiday plans and families. Half of the Gary's Custom Saddlery & crew just wanted to get out on the water and away from all the commotion and relax. Flat seas, little wind, stayed crisp for most of the morning. Fished with nothing but...
  11. fishincowboy

    Zippo on the Shoe Yellows - Saturday 10/25

    Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver crew was there too. Carbon copy of our day~! Couple of nice big calicos off the surface and nothing else. Lot of short rakes. I think the end is nearing unfortunately. Might be time to start looking for the big butts~!
  12. fishincowboy

    Slug Yellow off LB - 10/12/14

    Nice going Jeff~! Back side of Cat. was the same for us on Sat. 30# should be close.
  13. fishincowboy

    One or two – or LIMITS of YT?

    Well the other usual one half of Gary’s Custom Saddlery & Silver crew decided not to fish with the masses on the shoe and 150 spots for that one or two super fish. Our plan was to fish the back side east end of the Cat. Island. HOWEVER, half way across we found the largest paddy of all paddies...
  14. fishincowboy

    Fished Catalina YT's Sat.(again)

    Yep, saw you go by~! Say hello next time. I like those bay runners like you have
  15. fishincowboy

    Pink Dildos floating all around the west end back side~!

    Actually they are Pyrosoma atlanticum, it's pelagic colonial tunicate. If you need to know more Bing them for all the info and eating habits. For those of you who really care, they come in blue too~!
  16. fishincowboy


    Great job. Good fishin' with you. (bien trabajo)
  17. fishincowboy

    Fished Catalina YT's Sat.(again)

    Should have hollered at us! Met face to face.
  18. fishincowboy

    Wide open Catalina Yellows and one big local toad

    Nice going Jeff. We had the same sea lion problem at the west end~! Didn't stop with the fleet on the way in Sat. afternoon, Jay had plans and we needed to get to the fuel dock before it closed. Should have come up and intoduced yourself at the receiver. We were just making a few macks before...
  19. fishincowboy

    Fished Catalina YT's Sat.(again)

    Went to the island in hopes of avoiding the heat. WOW~! It was even hot over there. Slow pick on fish this weekend. Smooth water. Not much current. Managed to scratch out a couple of nice bi-catch calicos like this one. Bonito continued to be a pest everywhere we went. Saved a couple of way to...
  20. fishincowboy

    Cat. YT's on Sat.

    Not sure why people are banging on Nacho....the guy always does right by me. Nacho always does right by me too. I like him. It's just that when you have 40 boats in line for bait, Nacho and his helper working the barge with only one dip net for serving customers bait, it's difficult to take...
  21. fishincowboy

    Cat. YT's on Sat.

    Way to Gary. Did you launch from Davies and run over to San Pedro? For squid? You've got the YT dialed in this year. Keep my boat at Huntington Harbor Sunset Aquatic. Free launch and wash down. Will run to San Pedro for better bait and no 45 minute wait at Nachos.
  22. fishincowboy

    Cat. YT's on Sat.

    Did the front side of Catalina with the Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver gang again since off shore wasn't looking good. Got great squid and dines from Mike at San Pedro and took off for the island. Found birds and bait working about half way across and fished it for not biters. Got to the middle...
  23. fishincowboy

    Saturday at Catalina

    Took the Gary’s Custom Saddlery & Silver gang out again. Decided to stay closer to home after waiting in line for bait for almost an hour rather than put on 125 miles chasing YF. Shot across to Catalina on flat gloss water to fish the front side of the island searching for YT. Found all the...
  24. fishincowboy


    Another good day of fishing. Smooth ride out - Tough bumpy ride home back up hill to Long Beach in nasty mixed swell with breaking wind waves! Took the fan club of Harry’s Marine Service / Volvo Penta in Orange out for a Day of fishing. Worked down from the 14 bank to the 267/279 for not much...
  25. fishincowboy

    CATALINA better than a long ride for paddies~!

    Reports said that the ridge for YF was empty and really sloppy seas. So we opted to go to the west end of Catalina and try our luck. Got to west cove area between 0730 and 0800. Found a good place to drift between all the boats there in 60 to 90 feet of water. Started a little chum line to try...
  26. fishincowboy

    Late Sunday YT report

    You keep what you get first. You never know when the bite is going to shut off or get lockjaw~! Still great eats~! Once they're on the plate you don't know what size they were.
  27. fishincowboy

    Late Sunday YT report

    Launched Sunday picked up great bait from Nacho 0600.Took the Gary's Custom Saddlery and Silver crew out to find some fish. Hit a trash can size paddy 3 miles off the 14 mile bank toward the 277 for WFO YT's. Limited out in 40 minutes. Caught and released another 30 to 40 nice grade fish. SO...
  28. fishincowboy

    09-15 Another first for me

    I always seem to get you your first and best! I must be your good luck charm. Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Join us on Facebook > < Custom saddles...
  29. fishincowboy

    From Afghanistan to the 209

    We were on that same paddy and came back after all you guys and the big Cabo that we rebaited left. Slow trolled around it and got one 15 #er off it later in the day. They were on the paddy and jumping, just not willing to bite much! We were the striper that worked the paddy for 3 hours.
  30. fishincowboy

    First Post First WSB!

    Glad I can always get you your PB's! Enjoy the fish. I must be your good luck charm! Congrats! Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles Gary's Belt...
  31. fishincowboy

    Honda 7.5 hp

    PM'd you
  32. fishincowboy

    Windy bounce balling Butt!

    Went for my first solo trip on Sat.. Nasty winds most of the day. It was a battle trying to manage the 4 to 5 rods I had out and the wind and running the trolling motor. Just 2 large sculpin, 2 huge flounders, one large lizard. No butts until almost 2 in the pm. and got this 33-1/2" girl. Then a...
  33. fishincowboy


    Fished Satruday. Couldn't post until today after AT&T fixed the DSL problem. Battled the wind with everone one else bounce balling for halibut. Everyone got a fish. Fireman Justin got the biggest and the best at 36+ inches and 23 pounds. His personal best. Fun watching him fight the fish...
  34. fishincowboy

    Just another Saturday of bounce balling 4 butts

    Picked up UPS Mikey at the parking lot and launched and 05:30 Picked up a load of squid and sardines, split them with fishing buddy Spark and headed off to where we had success the week before for no luck at all after a couple of hours. Several boats woring the same area probably due to my...
  35. fishincowboy


    BEST BOUCE BALLING DAY SO FAR Two day report. Went out New Years Eve day and got NOTHING. Just one sculpin and frustration to show for a day on the water. Went out Monday with a new crew Fireman Justin and marine biologist Mark (boat ho Jays brother) and what a difference a day makes. Got a...
  36. fishincowboy


    Nice butts, guess I'll have to get busy on Monday to end my year right! You can now COME JOIN US on our new Facebook page. "Like" us or leave a comment. See some new product too ! Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom...
  37. fishincowboy


    Well it seems like the bounce balling lessons and practice seem to be paying off. For the 3rd week in a row we've managed to score some more nice butts. Tuna Bob got his first bounceballed butt going over 32" and about 15 lbs. Was he ecstatic! We managed two more nice ones just a tad over 29"...
  38. fishincowboy


    As we seem to be perfecting and dialing in our bounce balling techniques with the help of Dan and friends, the butts seem to keep coming. Best Butt day so far! Four keepers 27-1/2" to 30 inches. Four just short of legal. And a few sculpin thrown in for good eating pleasure. Jay (Hells_Angler)...
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  40. fishincowboy


    Im' not underestimating the rank and file by any means. I was just refering to the flack from last weeks post
  41. fishincowboy


    I'd be interested in hearing your technique for you icon photo you do just fine! Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Join us on Facebook > < Custom...
  42. fishincowboy


    Bounce balling again, even though some people think it takes no talent. Love to see them try it some time and see what it realy takes! Got to get the system down to keep friends and family fed. Well it was fun with a gang of friends boats out there on the water today. I had Hells_Angler and his...
  43. fishincowboy


    Went out bounce balling again today. Beautiful day on the water with best boat ho Jay. Fished Other boat frineds out, Rippin' lips, Nefarious, Smokin' Reel, Spark and a few other familiars. Tried out some new gear bought on Black Friday sale. Did the job. 4 shorts to 20" and these two nice butts...
  44. fishincowboy


    Went Bounce ballin' with Bezerker, Spark, and a few others including Gameover, Song, Winding Down was out too. Finished the day off with one keeper 33" and about 14-1/2 pounds, one short, and one so barely legal, was afaid to keep it. Great weather, cold water, and fun with a good gang of...
  45. fishincowboy

    NICE butt

    Went out for a second try for butts with my new trolling motor. First try last weekend on the 29th resulted in a 26-1/4" , 7-1/2 lb. flattie. This Saturday the 5th resulted in a 34" 14 pound nice butt. Trolling motor seems to work fine for bounce balling, Hoping for many more to come!Thanks to...
  46. fishincowboy

    T-sharks inside LB Harbor

    Yall should invest in a large drift sock for those days when the winds blown like a texas tornado!. lol. Seriously though, drift socks are worth there weight in fish! Buy one and you wont regret it, keeps you on a spot longer with less weight to get bait down. Its also helpful to have if your...
  47. fishincowboy

    T-sharks inside LB Harbor

    T's lots of fun with you guys The first one broke 60lb. spectra! Still a good day on the water with friends GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing, hunting, and trap shooting buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts...
  48. fishincowboy

    Slamming Bass and...

    Great day on the water with good friends and friends on other boats fishing the same area. Tuna Slam watched us land our Great run of probably 20 big bass 18" and above. Lots released. Some hefty ones lost. Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker fishing, hunting, & trap belt buckles...
  49. fishincowboy

    9.7# Calico Bass at West Cove in the dark!

    I've had slot limits on my boat for years. Everyone who fishes with me have no problems with it! Makes up for those guys that just like to rape the calico population, privates and commercial boats. Just as much fun to catch and release as to catch and kill.
  50. fishincowboy

    Slow pick but worth the wait!

    It was a good day with good friends. Water and weather were great. John was the hot stick with those tanker sandies for sure. Good having you guys on the boat ! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker fishing and hunting belt buckles < Custom saddles...
  51. fishincowboy

    Late CAT 6-4-11 report

    Glad you had a good day! We pulled away from the Nacho's and spun off our rear prop. Never made it anywhere but back to the launch ramp. Sold our bait to boats in line for bait at a discount. GARY TOO Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing and hunting belt buckles...
  52. fishincowboy

    Weekend of fishing

    Calico's were too big to keep. Never keep anything over 18" for table fare. They are the breeders and make more of the ones we do keep between 16" and 18" which is my boat slot limit on keepers. Tree fish was kept along with a sand dab or two. A little garlic and butter & maybe lemon pepper make...
  53. fishincowboy

    Weekend of fishing

    Fished Sat. and Sunday a short day on the local rock piles with my best boat ho Jay and his friend Justin for a good mix of fish. Sandies, calicos, rock fish, tree fish. Caught and released over 20 fish. Keeps a couple of sandies for dinner. Water was 61.5° and flat. Mixed clouds and sun. Some...
  54. fishincowboy


    Brand new Nissan Marine 18 hp. outboard. Never used. 4 stroke Short shaft List price $3,300.00+ Sell for $2,850.00 Contact Harry 1-174-771-7899 The new 18 hp 4-stroke is Nissan Marine’s most powerful 4-stroke to date! Whether you have a dinghy, sailboat, jonboat or even a small bassboat, this...
  55. fishincowboy


    Everything was on 12 to 17 pound test.
  56. fishincowboy


    Guess we had a better day Saturday the 5th on the local rock piles than most of the rest from the sounds of things. We were out there on the lake just before dawn for a good pick on big sandies again from 22" to 24", 4 lbs. to almost 6 lbs. 8 bigguns and some assorted smaller stuff released...
  57. fishincowboy


    Had a great day on the water! Launched out of Davies at 0530. Stopped a LBBC for a great load of squirts and a few dines for good measure. Headed out to one of our favorite reefs in the dense fog but flat calm water with my best boat ho Jay. There in no time and dropped some squid in for an...
  58. fishincowboy

    11 27 2010 ATIHC Halibut report W/Pics!

    Great going guys. Looks like a profitable day on the water~! Maybe I'll have to start fishing down there!
  59. fishincowboy


    Sat. Nov. 13 Well, after a couple of lackluster trips and poor water conditions, went out fishing the local reefs with my back up boat ho Big Olin (6' 5") and his best friend Hector. They were so excited about getting out, neither slept the night before and got to the meeting place 40 minutes...
  60. fishincowboy

    Sat. report. Nice day on the water

    Went out for a local day of fishing with best boat ho Jay to the local reefs. He took the jackpot with this nice cali 18-1/2". Caught a few more in the 15" to 17" range. Also landed some nice big sandies that were in the 18" range. (forgot to take photos of them) Lost a really big one trying to...
  61. fishincowboy


    The way I look at it is: it's better to kill just what you need to eat! Better than killing a mature 250# female full of babies and her aborting them and them dying or never giving them birth and having way more meat than any one family can use!
  62. fishincowboy


    Caught on 35# test and a 3/0 hook and a 8' limp rod ! Had a ball. Good thing I took my blood pressure meds early! More meat than I know what to do with as a rule! All my friends will be happy for the sharing! 1st one ever I'm going to keep. The rest can go back after this one is now checked off...
  63. fishincowboy


    Got tired of nothing much going on locally and decided to head way down the coast and fish for threshers. Found a good spot and trolled sardines for my first Mr. T ever. 20 minute fight. Spit the hook after the first jump, but the hook caught his side fin on the way by. Took me around the boat...
  64. fishincowboy

    Friday the 13th Spanked a Couple Butts

    Nice results for your week off from work! I guess I'm going to have to ask you out on my boat one of these days and bring the luck back to it! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing and hunting belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved...
  65. fishincowboy

    > Went for WSB & YT's - - - - - - - - BUTT

    This is what my best boat ho Jay came home with. His first legal halibut. Only went 35-1/2 lbs and 45 inches long ! ! ! ! No luck on the other kinds, but not a bad day! Catalina turns out some beauties ! Fished all Friday night and Sat. morning with lots of squid all over the place for no...
  66. fishincowboy

    late report

    You had a better day than most of us!
  67. fishincowboy

    Tuna Grounds with pics. 265 miles round trip

    Good boat to be on though when not catching fish!!
  68. fishincowboy


    GREAT Hali Ramiro! Too bad about the WSB. GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles Gary's Belt Buckles...
  69. fishincowboy

    Late Report from Catalina 6-13 & Need Fish ID

    Had a small mouth with some good sized dentures. Wouldn't think it could get it's mouth around my finger! Since we weren't 100% sure what it was,and I don't take chances of keeping illegal fish, it went back in the water.
  70. fishincowboy

    Great Barracuda fishing on the Horseshoe 6/13

    Great seeing you guys out there and meeting fact to face! Some of the other boaters must have thought they were seeing double! Hope you got some good photos on the way in! We'll talk. Gary
  71. fishincowboy


    That's what you call heart breaking! WSB fishing is a test of patience from what I've been told and now finding out all on my very own.
  72. fishincowboy


    Great day for one of us! Off day for the other two of us. Left Alamitos Bay at 8:30 Friday night with best boat ho Jay and UPS Mike for his first overnighter fishing Catalina Sat. the 5th. Picked up a few dines from Nacho as insurance as always and headed over to Cat. for the WSB hunt that was...
  73. fishincowboy


    Thanks for the call in Ramiro. Too bad we didn't start there! You got yours, we got ours! Not a bad day. Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather...
  74. fishincowboy

    Good day slow day

    Yea, but I'm pretty good at "on water" repairs! Props, impellers and such. I'm never afraid to help out! Even carry spare parts, oils, belts, etc. !
  75. fishincowboy

    Good day slow day

    Good day but slow fishing. After breaking down last weekend with the overheating and water impeller failures, I was still concerned but determined to get out. With the fixes handled and impeller debris cleared from the cooling system, it was off to try our luck. As luck would have it water...
  76. fishincowboy

    Local Pre Wind

    Thought I saw you heading out in front of us! I guess I shoulda been faster! I could have "tagged" along!:rofl: Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid...
  77. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    I'm begining to think YAMAHA forever!
  78. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    Yep, mechanic said they were probably sitting in the hose in front of the oil cooler. Gets a fix on Wed.
  79. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    That was us! But then we know where to go when fishing is slow to get some decent counts! Now don't follow us next time! (QUOTE) and we made it back, but now the engine is smoking. The smoke alternates brownish-black, then goes blue every couple seconds. (?) Same deal for us. Taking it in...
  80. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    I pm'd Mike and thanked him. I'll try it. but this is a brand new Volvo DP outdrive with no more than 35 - 40 hrs. on it! If it has a problem, at least it's in warranty!
  81. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    Well, to be honest, I don't call that "getting out on the water". We spent more time waiting for vessel assist to get there.
  82. fishincowboy

    Well, not quite the worst!

    Well, no fishing today to speak of. Got to the ramp early, launched, headed out and at the opening of the break wall the boat overheated , thinking I'd picked up a trash bag on the intake. Cooled it off , checked the intake and it was clear and restarted, powered up, overheated again. Called...
  83. fishincowboy

    Local Lings 4/25

    Nice goin' guys. My ling success has been worse than yours! You had a good day while I was out of town on a work trip! Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and...
  84. fishincowboy

    Sat. local 4/17 JACKPOT again

    Cory, now you guys know I practice C P & R most of the time. So I'll never over fish my honey holes!
  85. fishincowboy

    Sat. local 4/17 JACKPOT again

    Couldn't decide so I toughed it out with no apparatus at all !
  86. fishincowboy

    Sat. local 4/17 JACKPOT again

    Got a load of 'dines and about the last of the squid from Nacho at about 5:30 a.m.and headed out to our local spots for a short day of fishing since then "inlaws" were in town. SLOW morning bite. Managed the jackpot again though on the second drop of the day. (kidding) Another new boat ho today...
  87. fishincowboy

    Good Sat. the 10th

    Well some of the gang was going to Cat to try their luck. Talked to 4 boaters who fished the island and it was pretty much dead. My best boat ho Jay had to deal with GF problems and couldn't make it out this weekend. He missed a good day. So I decided to stay local and break in a new 'relief'...
  88. fishincowboy

    Catchin' Beats being at work!

    Yellow fin croaker if I remember right !
  89. fishincowboy

    Catchin' Beats being at work!

    Well, despite the water conditions forecast not being the greatest, we decided WE'RE GOIN' FISHIN' ! On the water before six, got tanked with mixed sardines from Nacho and headed to our favorite spots. Windy, choppy, swells to six feet, but we're going fishing! Not many trucks in the parking lot...
  90. fishincowboy

    Cat Report 3/27-28

    Good seeing you out there! Thanks for anwsering the PM's ! Guess I might have to get a different boat and spy on your hot spots !LOL 'Cause you always seem to have a good day at the island even if you don't get your target fish! Thanks again! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver...
  91. fishincowboy

    Catalina Bonito 3-27

    Holler at us next time. At that point we would have loved to help you catch a few bonies. Seals got our attempts! Thanks for the compiment on the boat! It was a great day on the water! A whole lot better than being at work!
  92. fishincowboy

    Catalina WSB report !!!!

    Well, with the success last weekend on the WSB, my best boat ho Jay and I decided it was time for our first WSB of the year! Launched just before 3a.m. and headed out. Bait receivers were "lights out" ! Woke up Nacho, NO SQUID! , got some insurance fin bait for back up. Called Long Beach...
  93. fishincowboy


    Congrats Al ! Well deserved! Now you can become a true "Old Salt" and fish every day! OR get so bored you want to go back to work. That is of course if your "honey do" list isn't too long ! See ya out there!
  94. fishincowboy

    Another good day on the local reefs

    Had to stay local today. New "kid" on the boat and didn't know the routine. My regular ho Jay had to work. So broke my UPS driver Mike in with an easy day to learn the ropes. Fished the local reefs again for a slow steady bite on the sandies with a couple of Calicos thrown in for extra measure...
  95. fishincowboy

    Boat ho

    Is there a new 'boat ho' list? Couldn't seem to locate it? I need to have one or two back ups so I don't miss a weekend due to no body to go!
  96. fishincowboy

    Catalina or San Clemente

    Basic answer is 2-1/2 to 3 hrs. minimum at 25 60+ miles depending on what part of the island.
  97. fishincowboy

    Cheap torpedo weights?

    Can always go down to the hardware store and by their cheapest large link chain and cut lenth to desired weight!
  98. fishincowboy

    calico bite

    GOOD release on the big breeder! WTG !!
  99. fishincowboy

    9lb Calico bass Long Beach Breakwall

    GOOD for you releasing the big breeder! Look at that great color. Not far from spawn mode.
  100. fishincowboy

    Fixed our Jones

    Frozen squid for the calicos. Dines for the rest.
  101. fishincowboy

    Fixed our Jones

    Got a little bit of a late start on Saturday. My boat ho Jay and I were trying to beat the swell and wind to at least get some morning fishing in since the rain had kept us off the water for too long. Hit the local reefs and hooked up as soon as we hit the bottom. Steady pick of assorted fish...
  102. fishincowboy

    windndown lost crew member

    Loss of a deck mate and friend is a tough one Al. I know what it's like. My condolences go out to you and your crew as well as his family. He'll always be with you! GARY
  103. fishincowboy

    Free AK47 with new truck purchase

    This guy should run for congress <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="WIDTH: 100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 1.5pt; PADDING-LEFT: 1.5pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 1.5pt; WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-TOP: 1.5pt" width="100%"><TABLE...
  104. fishincowboy

    Good day on the water

    Wasn't me in LJ, but there are about 3 of us that have boats that look a lot alike! Custom built by Dwight. My boat can be yours for the right price of course. Then I'd get a bigger one! Thanks, GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles...
  105. fishincowboy

    Good day on the water

    And here's the thumbs up Nefarious!
  106. fishincowboy

    Good day on the water

    Well, decided I couldn't stay home another weekend. Hand injury or weather reports be dammed, we're going fishing! Hit Nachos for a great load of squid and dines at dawn. Started fishing the"shoe" for a few nice legal sized calicos to almost 17". All released . Our spot cooled of and decided to...
  107. fishincowboy

    Rpt Sun 02-14-10 The Pipe Goes Off!

    Nice day of fishing on the water guys! See you out there this coming Sat.! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling...
  108. fishincowboy

    Nothing this week but last Sat. was OK

    Well, weather and swells wouldn't let me get out fishing this week. So here's a pic of last weeks visit to the local rock piles. My friend Danny and his 7 year old son had a good day on quiet waters. Live squid. Besides a dozen Large sandies in the 18" to 21" range, caught a nice cali just shy...
  109. fishincowboy


    SORRY - NOT US! No booze or drugs allowed on my boat. We go to fish not drink. Ocean's a dangerous place for a drunk to be.
  110. fishincowboy


    Good seeing you out there Mark! Beena long time for both of us! Now that I can be on the water every week, crappy weather comes in!
  111. fishincowboy


    I was hoping for a legitimate answer or reason, not sarcasm or sick humor.
  112. fishincowboy


    Why do you never stick your fingers in their mouths. Actually I was just grabbing him by the lip!
  113. fishincowboy


    Hey, you gotta bring donuts and coffee for morning fishing! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt...
  114. fishincowboy


    Finally got my boat back from being held hostage by the mechanic and insurance company! Even thought the swell report for Saturday the 9th said it was going to be a little rough, got my best boat ho Jay and his brother to give it a try anyway. Had a great time with great guys with great water...
  115. fishincowboy

    1 6 09 Halibut Recon, Thresher

    Good going Dean. Finally got out my self Sat. for some good bassin" Posting later tonight! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and...
  116. fishincowboy


    Glad you're out having fun Dean. Between last minute rush jobs at work and dealing with my insurance company I've been off the water way too long! Hope that all changes this week! I'm ready to be on the boat looking for fish! (Note I didn't say 'catching') GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver...
  117. fishincowboy

    Flashing in LB

    A lot better than my last weeks of fishing! Boats in the shop waiting on the insurance company to make up it's mind! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling...
  118. fishincowboy


    Nice trip Ramiro! Missing my fishing! Hope I can get out soon! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles Gary's Belt Buckles...
  119. fishincowboy

    170# Bluefin Constitution 1.5 day!!!

    Question is Mike (divegod), how did you do on the trip? GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing buckles belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold...
  120. fishincowboy

    Dana Point Flattie report 9/26/09

    I think he just wanted to get the filleting done early! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt...
  121. fishincowboy

    good butt

    Great day for you on the water Ramiro! Looks like I'll be joining you out there soon! GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles [email protected] < e-mail < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid...
  122. fishincowboy


    Working on developing one now.
  123. fishincowboy


    Nice Ramiro ! Better than my day at work! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles Gary's Belt Buckles...
  124. fishincowboy

    209 to 181 Produces on 9-14-09

    Great day on the water and a great area. Glad for your success. Hope to get out myself in the next couple of days! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling...
  125. fishincowboy

    181 goter done

    We should have stayed there with you! The 43 was dead! So many other boats pulled in on it, it shut down for a while! Glad you had success! We were happy with our fish though! See my other post of the that day. My name on the water name is "Reel Cowboy". Call me in on a paddy some time! Holler...
  126. fishincowboy

    181 goter done

    Had good luck in the same area Sat. Gave Dan the heads up yesterday. Nefarious Dan is a great help on the water! We fish with he and Jeff all the time. They had a great day today too! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing belt buckles <...
  127. fishincowboy


    Cooked some last night on the BBQ with lemon pepper and olive oil! Came out Great! Some of the best fish to eat! Thanks, like your boat too! Yes, aliminum is great! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing buckles < Custom saddles, carved...
  128. fishincowboy


    Yep we were so caught up in getting the fish in the hold and double hook ups and getting more baits in the water we just plain forgot until they had lost all their color. NEXT TIME THOUGH bright colored fish!
  129. fishincowboy


    You might just get jealous if I did that! Hot women, Hot coffee, hot food! We did bait one feeding marling but wouldn't take our great mini macs!
  130. fishincowboy

    DP to the 181

    We were out there with you! Got our dodos on the 181 too! But no luck out at the 43 for any kind of trifecta. Did bait a feeding marlin but couldn't get him to go! You did better than we did, BUT we didn't get skunked! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing buckles...
  131. fishincowboy

    Dana PT to 43 on 9/05/09

    We made the same trek! We were just ahead of you by a couple of hours! See my post to see what we did on the 181 earlier. Same luck as you at the 43! Same weather! Baited on feeder too but couldn't get to go!Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of fishing buckles...
  132. fishincowboy


    Sat. Sept 5th After bad water condiition as of late, or had to work, Launched out of Dana Point at 5 a.m. Despite the stories, EB gave us a great scoop of bait, albeit small dines. Made some great mini-macs at the barber pole. Headed out to the 181 stopping on some barren paddies along the way...
  133. fishincowboy

    Yellowtail in the box, and my "Issues"

    Fun day on the water none the less! Hope your luck and skills with the horses are better than the fishing technics! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Fishing buckle made here too! maker of Roberts Arena Whistle Stop Futurity NSBA award belt buckles <...
  134. fishincowboy

    9 to the 182

    Rule #2 > NEVER bring a live shark on board. Release it or kill it before it comes over the side! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Fishing belt buckles made. < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles...
  135. fishincowboy

    9 to the 182

    Rule #1 > NEVER bring a live shark on board. Release it or kill it before it comes over the side! Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Fishing belt buckles made. < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt...
  136. fishincowboy

    8/8 South 209 No Fish, Great Water, Great Weather

    I've always heard paddie etiquette is "to ask" if you can join in on the paddie. That is if it's big enough for more than one boater. We did. Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Fishing belt buckles can be made! < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic...
  137. fishincowboy

    8/8 South 209 No Fish, Great Water, Great Weather

    We were out there in working the same area ! 209,277,267 triange for the same results! Found some huge paddies with no one home or tons of bait fish. Tried to bait one feeder but no luck there. 110 miles for no fish. Worked our way back up the coast. Flats were dead. Izors dead. A few nice sized...
  138. fishincowboy

    C-bass... oops I meant sand bass

    Catching any fish, exotic or otherwise is always better than being stuck at work. GARY Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver Fishing buckles available! < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and solid sterling silver & gold belt buckles Gary's...
  139. fishincowboy


    Good day on the water for you and the kids ! Some nice sized sandies! Sounds like plenty of taco meat for you guys. Talk to you soon. Lost all my ho s for the last two weeks. Might need to find some new ones!
  140. fishincowboy

    Stayed local for fun and bent rods

    You can count on it Rich! First paddy full of YT's and dodos and I'll give you a shout! Gary Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver maker of Roberts Arena Whistle Stop Futurity NSBA award belt buckles < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and...
  141. fishincowboy

    Huntngton Flats Barracuda & Sand Bass

    They are fun on light line. Great taco meet if you ice them down right away!
  142. fishincowboy

    Yellows, cuda, and cali's at Cat

    Quote: A few minutes after this the dicks on the Gail Force comes full speed into our spot and split the me and the boat next to us. This guy was so close I could have spit on em.(should have!!) :slap: Brings three dogs with em. Dude shuts off the bite and splits in a matter of minutes after...
  143. fishincowboy

    Stayed local for fun and bent rods

    Well, after the Catalina has been rather fickle the last few weeks, I decide to stay local and save money and sleep later. My best boat ho Jay (labrat) and Danny (hardcore) were on the boat today. Started off at the "Shoe" about 7 a.m. after a great load of fin bait and a few squid from LBBC...
  144. fishincowboy

    YT's and WSB ???

    You said that's all you wanted and you got it! I try to make my boat ho happy and get them what they want. Yep, one exotic is better than none for sure! Thanks, Gary's Custom Saddlery & Silver < Custom saddles, carved leather & exotic belts, and...
  145. fishincowboy

    YT's and WSB ???

    Looks like it might be time to save money and sleep a little later Al and load up on taco meat with barries and sandies for friends and family?!?!?!
  146. fishincowboy


    Well, we kinda did. Nefarious Dan worked the front west end and then up to Ben Weston, Al -Winding Down worked Iron Bound and Ben Weston for no luck anywhere. So we kind of had the western end of the island well scounted. Only other places were east end and Lobster Bay areas.
  147. fishincowboy

    YT's and WSB ???

    Well, with good reports of WSB and YT being around, decided to chase the elusive ghosts on Sat. 7/11 and get my first one of the year. All previous attempts have failed. Always a day late and many dollars short. Rumors had it they were on the back side west end of Cat so that's where I was at...
  148. fishincowboy


    A couple but not many. Good meeting you too! BD'ers are a great community!
  149. fishincowboy


    Good meeting you today Dean. You already know about our one 24# YT for our long day on the water not far from you. Winding Down got his one 22#'er not far from us ealierin the day, and that was it for 'our' fleet. Today was a exercise is patience for sure. We tried for the butts too but no love...
  150. fishincowboy

    c bass

    Well at least you kept it in the family Al ! Better than a skunk trip! Heard it was a little sloppy!
  151. fishincowboy

    Fishin on the Chubasco II 6.25.09

    Dang! Where are they when I need people on my boat!
  152. fishincowboy

    yellow tail

    Way to go Al ! Nice to be able to stay for the late bite! I know Dan wanted to also but --------
  153. fishincowboy

    Sat. 6/13-San Diego Bay Bonefish

    Bay must have been rough from the looks of the camera angle! Light line fishing is always fun!
  154. fishincowboy

    The "IN" crowd

    Good day for you guys. Nice fish. Would have been there my self if my boat hadn't been stuck in the shop! Looks a little bumpy but worth it for sure! Both islands were turning out nice fish! Can't wait to see Hardcore's pictures from SCI
  155. fishincowboy

    SCI 6/5, Cat 6/6, Mackeral/14 bnk RPT (non)

    Yep, we were there Sat. with two other boats (9 experienced fishermen total) for the same luck. Big monster macks, a few sheeps and that was it. Only one boat that we knew of caught 2 yellows and one WSB. Must have been full moon itus?
  156. fishincowboy

    But lessons relearned

    Wish I'd been able to make it over there with you guys! Great day on the water! Great fish! Hopin' for good conditions (water & bait) next week so we can all go over again! Hate missing out like that but congrats to you guys!
  157. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

    I did think about that, but that would be unfair to the paying customers that had nothing to do with the captains actions!
  158. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

  159. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

  160. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

    Might want to post this on the 2009 Boat Ho list!
  161. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

    Well, we did get a little of topic in this discussion. I was talking about rude and inconsiderate behavior on the part to the Pursuit. The ocean belongs to all of us and there is no need to pull right on top of someone like he did! Lots of places to fish instead of horning in on a spot.
  162. fishincowboy

    The Pursuit

    Well, I don't normally bitch or moan about anything. But on my last venture over to Catalina after the evasive WSB trip Saturday the 22nd I've got one. After having no luck on the elusive WSB up and ups and down the front side with about 1/2 the private boaters in So. Calif. I moved up to one...
  163. fishincowboy

    Davies Launch Ramp (Pretty Cool)

    Yes, it may be temporary, but working is working, free or not. Congrats to Nefarious Dan and J Cook for spearheading the deal. But in the same breath I have to give cudos to the Harbor Master Joesph Pitisi for dealing with the issue in a timely manner both times issues came up and was fast in...
  164. fishincowboy

    w s b

    Nice fish Ramiro. Wish I'd gotten mine! No love for my boat other than lots of calicos and sheephead. The went back to fight another day. Good day for you and good to see you out on the water.
  165. fishincowboy

    Izors - numbers please

    Not only that, but once you get to Izors, and you know how to find a rock pile, you have to know how and what to fish with to get quality fish! I could tell you how to do that but on second thought No I won't!
  166. fishincowboy

    My 74 year old friend,

    Looks like the only thing you have left to learn is how to rotate your photos! Fishing talents are great!
  167. fishincowboy

    rockpile 4/8

    Here's the sheephead photo that didn't load the last reply For some reason the sheephead photo won't load!
  168. fishincowboy

    rockpile 4/8

    Barberpole (common name) is a rock fish. Formal name Red banded rock fish. 4-1/2 lbs is a great barberpole. As far as I'm concerned my favorite and the best eating and best tasting! BRIGHT orange and white vertical strips about an 1-1/2" widewhen they first come up out of the water. Sheephead...
  169. fishincowboy

    Good day locally 4 sandies

    Yep, taught him a little bit of what I know and a little bit of what you've passed on to me and now he takes the jackpot almost every time. I still get the most fish though. If that changes, might have to find a new ho. Hate being out fished on my own boat!
  170. fishincowboy

    Sunday fun day Kooter got da 40lb white sea bass

    Thats a local fish? Not at the island? Nice goin'!
  171. fishincowboy

    Rpt: Local 4/4

    Sounds like you had a good day too! Same back at ya! Maybe I'll follow you next time to find your little honey holes! Nice rocks!
  172. fishincowboy

    Good day locally 4 sandies

    One of the big ones actually was on a sardine. But the squirters were the key as far as I was concerned
  173. fishincowboy

    Good day locally 4 sandies

    Still can't get fired up about Catalina yet. Talked to a guy early morning making the trip across and he was fighting almost 6 foot seas. So it was local again and not a bad day at all. After getting some live squid from the good guys at LBBC, started on the shoe and first drop hooked a 22" 5+...
  174. fishincowboy

    2 days fishing Catalina Island

    Glad you guys had a good trip! Boats always seem to have engine issues. 3 different boats of friends of mine had no luck at the island this weekend either. Water still a bit cool. If you want to PM me I'll give you my # so Alex can call me. I've had issues with Volvo several times. Their...
  175. fishincowboy

    Well - Local or Catalina?? Big question Sat. the 27th.

    Alex saw mine being built and liked the things we were doing!
  176. fishincowboy

    Well - Local or Catalina?? Big question Sat. the 27th.

    Still couldn't talk myself or my best boat ho Jay into going to the island yet. Water just too cold to get excited about WSB - {yet}. And who knows, WSB have been caught locally before! So decided to stay local again! Met some good friends (RUBBER DUCKY w/ Rich from TAX FREE on board) on the...
  177. fishincowboy

    Davie's launch ramp

    Davies is the best by far. I've used them all and won't launch anywhere else.
  178. fishincowboy

    W S B and halli

    Great photos of my boat! Thanks! Just talked to Dan. He was just leaving the ramp. Call him for his details
  179. fishincowboy

    W S B and halli

    Didn't make it out today. Waiting to hear from Dan! PM me where you caught the fish! Were you by yourself?
  180. fishincowboy

    W S B and halli

    Great going Ramiro! Good way to start the WSB seaon!
  181. fishincowboy

    Late 1st Post - 35lb Catalina Yellowtail

    Maybe all these "want to be" boat ho guys should post on the boat ho list? I look for one once in a while when my regulars can't go!
  182. fishincowboy

    Fishing the Kelp Monday

    Time to think about bolting a spare truck key to the frame some place maybe? Or a Hide-a-key box? Saves lots of frustrating thoughts and worries. Don't forget there are some big black sea bass in the area.
  183. fishincowboy

    A little help

    Lot's of slips in the Wilmington area.
  184. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    Wasn't my boat unless someone borrowed it and I didn't know about it Gary. I think it was on the 91 fwy about that time. May be my twin! Mine just has a little larger cabin. Only myself and one or two others that look even close.
  185. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    More slot limits aren't a bad idea for a lot of fish. Just my thinking. I try to do my part. Practice CPR.
  186. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    I'm not hard to miss out on the water Shawn and Mike. Not many boats out there that look like mine, Don't hesitate to give me a shout if you see me. Usually monitor 72 and if I'm not hooked up I'll answer!
  187. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    The best boat ho ever Jay !!!!! (Even if you did take all but the calico jackpots, & caught the most variety)
  188. fishincowboy

    Trophy Lingcod Catch and Released w/ Pics Lucky Friday the 13th

    Seems like those ling things are never around after April 1st. My boat ho caught a 30" yesterday. See > My first post (here) for photos!
  189. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    Thanks for the support guys. Yes, Jay did take the jackpot several times over. I can't wait for summer either ! Thanks for the compliments on the boat (hole in the water) ! For those of you that PM'd me, this is what I do ! Silver Western Buckles-Gary's Custom Saddlery & Sterling Silver Belt...
  190. fishincowboy

    My first fishing report (here)

    My first report: Decided to start late and fish local rather than make the early run for the first try at WSB at Cat. and wasn't into rockcoding. Got some live squid from LBB just before 7. A little breezy and a little chilly as you can tell from the photos. But had some good fun with my boat ho...
  191. fishincowboy

    Not here.

    Cheers for letting it go!
  192. fishincowboy

    3/1/09 For the Angler 2100 In LJ. Ling Cod are not in season

    Really guys, it's people like that, that take fish illegally that ruin good fishing for all of us that do it legally. There may have been confusion with the rock fish opening today, that they thought they were legal too. Maybe they should have been told they aren't open yet. Would you report...
  193. fishincowboy

    What site do you guys use to check the sea conditions in the Newport/Catalina area

    Swell watch / wet sand .com is the best site I've found. A lot of the BDers I know use it religiously! WetSand SwellWatch 3D - Surf Report and Forecast
  194. fishincowboy

    Dana Point area 2-28

    It's always a great feeling to release nice Calicos! Let them breed and make more. Way to go! We released almost a dozen today all over 17"
  195. fishincowboy


    Good seeing you out there today Ramiro! We caught some fish didn't we!?!?!? Your little boy is a kick!
  196. fishincowboy


    Are you going to have squid down at the other end of the harbor?
  197. fishincowboy

    Salt Water Angler Logbook Study

    I've been taking part in the survey since last Dec. It's pretty simple. Where and when you launch. What fish you targeted and where (they prefer long. and lat. #'s). What you kept and what you released. Turn the reports in once a month. I fish every week weather and water permiting. If you're...
  198. fishincowboy

    BD will be at the Meltons Tackle Grand Opening this weekend!!!!

    Last time I was in Melton's I was snubbed!