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  1. The Peddler

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Thanks for the referral, but I'm going to DIY this one.
  2. The Peddler

    north river eye candy

    Why are the motors so close together?
  3. The Peddler

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    I've got a call into EZ in Spokane. They don' show axles on their website. Might be making a road trip.
  4. The Peddler

    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    Galvi axle tubes still look fine. Great, actually. Hubs, calipers, discs all good. It's just the load arm. I'll wire-wheel them, put on a few coats of rust converter, then maybe some POR-15 (since I have it). I'll watch it until next Spring, then re-evaluate before I go to Nootka again. I'm...
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    Minus Tide - Everett & The Crab Opener

    It's always interesting on the shrimp days, when there's an early afternoon minus. Dozens of boats bobbing-around the ramp area, watching the ramp, waiting for water, watching to see who dredges with their props, or as bigger and bigger boats begin to load and you gather the courage to send...
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    Transport company

    LA is only "Bad" during rush-hour. Even mid-day isn't terrible.
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    Scaley/Flaky rust on torsion axle load arms?

    How much it too much? Long story short, I'm working to replace a fender on my boat trailer, along with all four tires. This has me replacing all the U-bolts holding the axles and fenders to the trailer frame. In doing some of this work, I got to looking at the load arms of my axles. One...
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    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    A reserved parking spot at Union would be worth GOLD! 100% literally. I’d pay/trade nicely if I had a guaranteed parking spot near there.
  9. The Peddler

    North Hood Canal Boat Launch Question

    Twanoh was a mess, though fairly cooperative overall. We got there late, due to a tire blowout on the trailer, just West of Olympia. Usually there are park Rangers there to keep things smooth. They weren’t there today, until we were leaving. 5 quick limits for us!
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    Sanding/Priming Aluminum

    I’ve been considering truck bed liner to refinish mine, when the time come.
  11. The Peddler


    CLimate Pledge ARena. CLAPAR? The Clap?
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    Crabbing in Area 10,11

    WDFW NEWS RELEASE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 1111 Washington St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 June 25, 2020 Contacts: Don Velasquez, (425) 775-1311, ext. 112; Jason Wettstein, 360-704-0258 Puget Sound recreational crab seasons begin July 2 in most areas; July 12...
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    Condo on capital hill

    Bullet proof vest, AR, ammo, and ear protection included?
  14. The Peddler

    The moment the light goes on. Searching old posts.

    I use an Auto Tether, but keep the original kill-cord hanging on the binnacle. Also, kicker has the same lanyard key.
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    Let the games begin

    All fancy with the labels too. Silly me, I just use a Sharpie. :cool:
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    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    Nope. All of the above has been sold or donated. Good job finding a year-old thread on two separate websites though!
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    Kicker motor fuel line with primer recommendations

    You need better than the typical kicker fuel line “kit.” You need USCG approved “below deck” fuel hose. Run it from the filter head they the transom. Primer bulb outside, lighter duty hose ok from bulb to engine.
  18. The Peddler

    The Paragon

    Don’t forget the extra set of keys for your favorite nephew! 👍
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    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    I skipped it too. Would like to hear how the ramp were as well.
  20. The Peddler

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Twanoh State Park ◄ Back June 1, 2020 8:00 AM Parking limited during 2020 shrimp season During the 2020 shrimp season, Twanoh State Park will have limited parking space available for truck/trailer combinations...
  21. The Peddler

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Greg, your buddy needs a new tire chart. 😆
  22. The Peddler

    Twanoh State Park? (Shrimping yesterday)

    Did anyone use this ramp yesterday? How bad was it? It's usually very busy, but pretty civil. Trying to decide how-bad I want to go shrimping on Monday.
  23. The Peddler

    Tent Camping With Kids

    Many years-ago (1992 or 1993?) I did an "Afoot/Afloat" trip on Diablo/Ross Lake. One group of us paddled canoes to the North end of the lake, while another group hiked. We rendezvoused at Hozomeen, and switched places. Good times.
  24. The Peddler

    Fresh Water Options

    My boat has a freshwater tank, plumbed to a little galley sink. I've added a "T" to the supply line, and installed a bib in the cockpit. It works for washing hands, and rinsing lures, but there's not really enough water pressure to do a "Wash down." I'd imagine the typical RV pumps are about...
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    Tent Camping With Kids

    There's tent camping at MarDon at Potholes Reservoir. Potholes State Park is also an option, though I've only driven-through, never stayed.
  26. The Peddler

    Custom trailer

    Just a question, maybe you know the answer, may be not. RV drivers are exempt from CDL, if driving only for personal use. Would towing a boat for personal use fall into the RV category?
  27. The Peddler

    Canal shrimpers beware

    For that matter, I'm pretty sure they never harvested Spot shrimp from their dugout canoes, using basket woven traps either.
  28. The Peddler

    2013 Dodge Ram

    Does it “Roll Coal?” Asking for an Anti-Greener. GLWS
  29. The Peddler

    Canal shrimpers beware

    Nothing but a power play. The tribes own this state. They know it, and they’re flexing it. It gets worse and worse every year, and there’s no going back.
  30. The Peddler

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    My only guess is that since they were building way more inboards than outboards at the time, the holes for the vents were incorporated into the layup mold for the cap. There’s nothing up inside the gunnels, except wiring and steering hoses.
  31. The Peddler

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    If it were the long cabin, with enclosed head, I’d consider it. - As it is, Mayhem is insufficient, seeing as how I’d have to live on it, if I bought it.
  32. The Peddler

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    In my case, they don’t ventilate the bilge. There’s no ducting. The gunnels are only enclosed about 2/3rds down from the top, fully open along the bottom.
  33. The Peddler

    Replace fresh-air vents?

    So, my SeaSport was built new with the factory outboard bracket, but for some reason they still installed the louvered vents for ventilating the inboard engine space. Over the years, they’ve gotten bent-up by crab and shrimp pots. I was thinking about just having some stainless plates cut to...
  34. The Peddler

    Water is getting warmer.

    The 4th of July has been cancelled this year, so now what?
  35. The Peddler

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Technically it’s been a rule for at-least the 15 years or-so that I’ve been shrimping. I believe it’s a remnant of a time when there was a minimum size after June 1 is some areas. (San Juan’s is where I experienced this.) You can still pop the heads in the field, but instead of pitching...
  36. The Peddler

    I need a new marine insurance policy.

    Yep. He's a broker, knows his stuff. Many of us here have insured through his assistance.
  37. The Peddler

    Seattle on fire

    He's merely a puppet in an intricate play. Willingly, or unsuspectingly, I'm not sure.
  38. The Peddler

    10lbs or count to 80?

    The suggestion I’ve read in the past was to take a photo of your processed and properly labeled catch at the end of the first day. Then you should be ok for the next day. Ideally you’d leave the first days catch in a cooler in the truck, if possible. I’ve had an enforcement officer tell me that...
  39. The Peddler

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Another reminder, since most of our shrimp dates are AFTER June 1 this year Copied from DFW website: June 1 through October 15: DAILY LIMIT OF 10 POUNDS, heads and tails, of all shrimp species combined (maximum of 80 spot shrimp - if open for spot shrimp). Shrimp heads may be removed, but...
  40. The Peddler

    10lbs or count to 80?

    Just count to 80 for Spots. If you keep any other type as well, your 80 spots (with heads) count toward the total 10-lb limit.
  41. The Peddler

    Old Girl Has New Power

    Nice upgrade! Nice solution for kicker mount. It was cumbersome, when it was out on the Port corner. Tiller or remote controls on the kicker?
  42. The Peddler

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    Twin "prE-Tec" outboards. You good!
  43. The Peddler

    Someone here NEEDS a project

    C'mooon! Who'll it be? (Not my boat, not my ad. I have no interest in the sale. I just want to see the build-thread.) New Rauch Aluminum Boat - $62000 (Bellingham) image...
  44. The Peddler

    Still Chainsaw & Lanterns

    Whew! That saves me $175!
  45. The Peddler

    Rope, chain, props, bbq, timbren suspension kit

    I’d like to buy the Magma, but not sure how to get it from Redmond to Olympia.
  46. The Peddler

    2020 Shrimp season

    @Happy Daze - are you able to shed light regarding why the hours are so restricted on the open days? Area 10/11 used to be 7-3, in recent years they’ve changed narrowed the window.
  47. The Peddler

    looking for ideas for lowering kicker

    This was going to be my suggestion, so "+1."
  48. The Peddler

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    I did consider it for a minute. I can’t fill it though... Dually noted however, that you have a dump trailer. Q: What’s better than having a dump trailer? A: Having a friend with a dump trailer. 😆
  49. The Peddler

    Liberty Fatboy Gunsafe

    To hell with GLWS... GLMTF. (Good Luck Moving That F’er)
  50. The Peddler

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    Guess I should have fact-checked first, and I shouldn’t believe everything I hear on the radio. 😜
  51. The Peddler

    Gov. Inslee Back-Pedals on Contract Tracing

    I think I heard more people ride the subway in NewYork daily, than reside in the entire state of Washington.
  52. The Peddler

    Gotta do it

    I’ve never enjoyed selling a boat, even if it was to take the next step. The feeling passed pretty quickly though. In the end, I’ve never regretted it.
  53. The Peddler

    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    Are the "Usual Suspects" now called the "Wuhan Clan?"
  54. The Peddler

    My Covid Clean-out

    The MFD mount and the two flush attachments are all that remain, for now.
  55. The Peddler

    My Covid Clean-out

    Hate to disappoint you Mike, but yeah. They gone.
  56. The Peddler

    My Covid Clean-out

    Mount adapters going to Sky-Guy. More stuff to come, probably.
  57. The Peddler

    My Covid Clean-out

    Like the rest, I’ve found a few things I don’t need. Here’s the deal; make a monetary donation to your local food bank, NW Harvest, Children’s Hospital, or The Salvation Army for what you think the item is worth, and I’ll ship it to you. (Except the trike, that’s a pick-up in Tumwater only.)...
  58. The Peddler

    Is defiance expanding?

    Can I get two-day delivery?
  59. The Peddler

    No holds barred opinion

    Inslee is using lock-down and business closures as a means of; 1) Disguising our woeful lack of preparedness 1B) A smear campaign against Trump for a supposed lack of response 2) Killing small business, with political bias/motivation 3) Further his agenda for state income tax.
  60. The Peddler

    2020 Shrimp season

    And the Suquamish: SUQUAMISH SHRIMP FISHERY REGULATION REGULATION NUMBER 20-34S DATE: May 7, 2020 EFFECTIVE DATES: Effective May 7, 2020 until modified. SPECIES: Spot shrimp FISHERY TYPE: Commercial...
  61. The Peddler

    2020 Shrimp season

    Skok’s still get theirs tho. Commercial and subsistence. Based on this, I guarantee there will not be a typical Saturday/Wednesday sport season on the canal, if the tribe is shrimping every Wednesday thru the end of June. FILING ORGANIZATION: SKOKOMISH TRIBE REGULATION NUMBER: PUB-S#20-18...
  62. The Peddler

    Best hali rod holder for burnewiin mounts?

    My rods have big metal hoods. I guess I was more concerned about the riveted reel foot failing? Maybe it’s not necessary, but it’s also not hurting anything.
  63. The Peddler

    Best hali rod holder for burnewiin mounts?

    That’s what I’m running now. Can’t use the rod clamp, so I used a 200# zip tie as a clamp instead.
  64. The Peddler

    cooler comparison

    If you bought an ice chest with a licensed brand name, you paid too much.
  65. The Peddler

    Boat overhang on trailer

    You might take it to a certified CAT Scale, or similar first. Your weights may not be as far apart as you think. I found that the highway weigh stations don't do a great job of weighing each axle individually. (The sum of the two axles individually was much greater than the weight of both...
  66. The Peddler

    What is the plan?

    No, I’m not wrong. I once served on the oversight committee that provided direction to DFW in how the allocated funds should be appropriated. The funds are based on polling results, gauging participation in blackmouth fisheries. Granted, it’s not a lot of money, and doesn’t fully fund the...
  67. The Peddler

    What is the plan?

    Not fully accurate. A portion of license dollars does go directly toward funding Puget Sound blackmouth fishery enhancement. (Puget Sound Recreational Fishing Enhancement Fund) I’m not sure where-all the remainder goes.
  68. The Peddler

    No holds barred opinion

    I think sone of what’s been done was worth it, other aspects not. NO business should be considered “non-essential” and forced to shut-down, but there should be guidelines to protect employees and customers. I’m not opposed to voluntary closures. There was no reason to shut down fishing/ hunting...
  69. The Peddler

    Cheapest fuel?

    Download the Gas Buddy app, you can search by zip code, then google map the address for accessibility.
  70. The Peddler

    various stuff sale/trade/free

    Where are you located?
  71. The Peddler

    Let the games begin

    Looking nice! What pad/s do you use for each step?
  72. The Peddler

    Need a number

    Tanglewild Marine in Lacey is where I’d start.
  73. The Peddler

    Screw it...I went fishing

    Looks like a real possibility for distracted driving. Which screen plays the marble races? (I’d ask about baseball games, but there aren’t any...)
  74. The Peddler

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    He doesn't know what it means to follow the Constitution. He's got a very loose interpretation.
  75. The Peddler

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    There's NO WAY, it's a coincidence the tribes decided to close their facilities in the same week Jay gave them the sports betting exclusive. I sure hope our next governor has the stones to stand-up to the tribes, but I won't hold my breath.
  76. The Peddler

    Washington is the only state

    SOME states have even waived the requirement to have a fishing license. Imagine that. Encouraging people to engage in a wholesome past time. Lots of dads out of work, it would be a great time to pass the sport to the next generation. Lowland lakes should be opening THIS Saturday, but they're...
  77. The Peddler

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    Interesting mix of stances on which portions of the Constitution some Sheriffs will/won't uphold. I guess the document is subject to interpretation and/or opinion? It couldn't possibly be for political gain.... could it?
  78. The Peddler

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    Is it open to Oregon residents only, or are they just not selling new non-resident licenses currently? If I already have an Oregon non-resident license, can I fish in Oregon?
  79. The Peddler

    Pop ups....

    It's really inconsistent. Sometimes they show, other times not. Sometimes they show when you move from thread to thread, sometimes just once. Seems to be the worst after 5PM.
  80. The Peddler

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    But wait there's more! FILING ORGANIZATION: PUYALLUP TRIBE OF INDIANS REGULATION #: SCr20-21-4.6 II This is a revised §4.6 regulation with a lower TAC to create space for further co-manager conversations to work towards resolution. DATE ADOPTED: 4/17/2020 REGULATIONS (S) SCr20-21-4.6...
  81. The Peddler

    1998 Bounty 293 Pilothouse – Kraken

    Cool boat! What are the sleep-aboard accommodations?
  82. The Peddler

    Anyone Know The Hippo Reel?

    I've met Hippo at Hi's. The reel in the picture is older than him.
  83. The Peddler

    What can we do?

    The problems are; it’ll never come back to Sport, and even when Sport is cut-back, the tribes maintain status-quo if they don’t get an increase. Sport seasons continue to erode year-after-year. We as sportsmen are too independent and special-interest driven to put up a solid argument.
  84. The Peddler

    What can we do?

    Maybe I’m mistaken, but I thought the original poster was referring to the continued tightening of Puget Sound salmon fishing seasons for this year, at the insistence/benefit of the tribes, rather than the current shut-down.
  85. The Peddler

    What can we do?

    Apparently the owner of 3Rivers is putting some folks together, hired a lobbyist, etc. I don’t know much more about it, at this point. Vote for a republican governor, who doesn’t have the tribes buying him.
  86. The Peddler

    2020 Shrimp season

    We had a bonus day a few years-ago our in the canal. It was in late-July, I think. Shrimping was good, weather was great. Quality was the same as May.
  87. The Peddler

    Winter boat projects...

    Ready to sell? So does that mean the other one is still happening?
  88. The Peddler

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    Get rid of those big boxes all-together, and fab something that’s the right size/height for each of the helm seats. Get some seat stands for the 3rd/4th seats, so they can be completely removed from the boat when you don’t need them, and placed in a comfortable location when you do need them...
  89. The Peddler

    Seat Dampening Needed Ideas Please

    If you spin the boxes, and then switch them from from Port to STBD and vice-versa, doesn’t that solve your hinge problem?
  90. The Peddler

    Deck Contractor & Boat Detailer (Mobile Preferred)

    Send a message to Bloody Decker @samohr for your deck railing. He's done a complete bathroom remodel, replaced my windows, and built a small addition to my house. Does good work.
  91. The Peddler

    West Coast Unity - could be forced upon us?

    Some states (Idaho) and British Columbia have stopped selling non-resident licenses. Seems that's one way to diminish the problem.
  92. The Peddler

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    They actually have an interest in a depleted fishery. Have you heard the term “ Foregone opportunity?” Fishery becomes unsustainable, the tribes sue the state. The state has to pay them for the loss of opportunity. Yes it’s a real thing. Yes, it can (probably will) happen.
  93. The Peddler

    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    I'm just going to park this here.... if there's "Allowable Resource," will they allow us non-tribal folks throw our pots later this year, or close us out as they have for the past two years? FILING ORGANIZATION: PUYALLUP TRIBE OF INDIANS REGULATION #: SCr20-21-4.6 This is a 4.6 regulation...
  94. The Peddler

    I want to trust the government, really

    I’ve read that a few gun shops have deemed themselves essential and remained open. One in Lynnwood, and one in Bellevue, I know for sure. I will not name them specifically, however.
  95. The Peddler

    Fishing closure statewide

    Some states have even waived the fishing license requirement. (Still have to obey the rules, other than having a license.)
  96. The Peddler


    The result of our Nootka shrimping Experiment. 😂
  97. The Peddler

    Fishing closure statewide

    The same argument is being made about the use, or promoting the use of masks, and providing a false sense of safety from the virus. - You need to be cognizant of how you handle the mask, when It’s reached its useful life, how to dispose of it, wash hands after handling it, etc. I remove my...
  98. The Peddler

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    The SeaStar kicker liquid tie bar won’t work with your ETec. I’m not even sure there’s an EZ-Steer option for that engine. I think you’re looking at a custom-bent rigid rod/bar of some type. It’d be like the Panther kicker bar, but it’ll need to have a jog bent into it...
  99. The Peddler

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    What type of boat? How’s the kicker mounted? Post a pic? There are multiple options, but we need more to go with.
  100. The Peddler

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    I find it hard to believe that walk-up, drive-thru, or take-out is safe enough to prevent cross-contamination. We are abstaining. My kids have not left our property for 15 days now. My wife and I have kept our trips to essentials only. We’re getting stir-crazy. Hopefully we lick this thing...
  101. The Peddler

    MMSI directory

  102. The Peddler

    Trailer winch options

    Bunk or roller trailer? Sounds like you might need to reduce some friction somehow?
  103. The Peddler


    Nootka 2019
  104. The Peddler

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    There seems to be a link to blood type. A and B types hit harder, O types much-less severe.
  105. The Peddler

    Fishing closure statewide

  106. The Peddler

    All state launches close today

    Isn't that SOP anyway? :oops:
  107. The Peddler

    Whomp there it is

    Sandstone Distillery down in Tenino has been doing that as well. Giving it away for free, asking only for glycerin, if you have any. I too plan to support them, when this "Thing" blows over.
  108. The Peddler

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Maybe I’ll go to Oregon to fill up. Finally a practical application for their mandatory filling attendants.
  109. The Peddler

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    Like I said, it’s a bit of a rant from me. I’ll likely abide by the order... Stay healthy friends!
  110. The Peddler

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    *PERSONAL RANT: ON* I don't understand how going-out solo, or with the immediate family members with-whom you share a home, could possibly be a problem. (Assuming you don't have to make any fuel and/or food stops.) I keep my boat in a "ready" state at all times. I wouldn't need, to be within 6...
  111. The Peddler

    Flybridge Improvement Project

    Where's the red paint though? J/K you a little, looks good!
  112. The Peddler

    2004 HitchHiker II/LS - 32/FW Two Power Slideouts

    I’ve thought about picking up a trailer for my work-from-home office and/or isolation.
  113. The Peddler

    Camping in Westport ? ..............Nope !!

    All state park and DNR camping now closed too. Day use still ok, for now.
  114. The Peddler

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Grayland Beach was our favorite park when we had an RV trailer. The spaces are actually pretty well situated and a little private from one-another, it’s not like “camping” in a big parking lot.
  115. The Peddler

    Clam Days Mar 20-23

    Keep at an arm plus shovel distance from your closest co-digger.
  116. The Peddler

    Advice on trailer tires

    Who sells those?
  117. The Peddler

    Advice on trailer tires

    Pretty steep investment to make that jump. Typically have to replace the wheels, as LT rated tires are 16” minimum. Tires are more money too. I bought my last set from Schwab. They’re not Carlile, and I’m sure they were made in China, but they’ve been fine for about 4 years, and 1,000’s of...
  118. The Peddler

    What’s the score got the op derby

    I wonder if you could just splice a new plug into the tail light wiring like we used to do before trucks got so fancy.
  119. The Peddler

    27ft Skagit Orca Reviews

    Similar experience on my twin-powered SeaSport. On-plane, she’s tender to weight distribution. I’ve gotten used to using the trim tabs to compensate.
  120. The Peddler

    27ft Skagit Orca Reviews

    Built similarly to SeaSport. At some point the Wright Bros, who own SeaSport, started building Skagits, not sure when that was. I’ve got twin 150’s on my 24-ft SeaSport Explorer (long cabin). Same power on a 27 will probably be just-adequate. I wouldn’t say “Way” underpowered.
  121. The Peddler

    OP Derby

    I was on a boat one time, when we almost learned that lesson the hard way. Fortunately we made visual contact with the bottom before physical contact.
  122. The Peddler

    OP Derby

    The first launch of the year can sometimes be interesting.
  123. The Peddler

    Scrap Plywood Project

    Looks great!
  124. The Peddler

    29' Phoenix Sportfisher/Cruiser

    My dad likes to tell the story that he built one of those in the spare bedroom of the apartment that he and my mom lived in, in the mid-70's. We dragged it 1000's of miles behind our sailboat thru the mid-90's, until she finally deteriorated past repair after a couple years of non-use. My...
  125. The Peddler

    29' Phoenix Sportfisher/Cruiser

    Looks very nice. That little pram is a beauty! Is it a Glen-L "8-Ball"?
  126. The Peddler

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    I read this as well. Some airlines are even shuttling empty flight to keep their flight schedules. So, 1/2-full at reduced fare is better than nothing.
  127. The Peddler

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    Even the statues are concerned in Tumwater.
  128. The Peddler

    Corona Virus 🖕🏾

    I just received notice that a large-scale event I was supposed to attend next month has been cancelled. The hotel at-which it was going to be held just lost at least (conservative guess) 500 room-nights, plus the catering, plus the 3-day conference/banquet room booking. On-top of that the...
  129. The Peddler

    Bottom paint ish

    For my trailer queen, I’d certainly rather be without bottom paint, but it was already there when I bought her. If I was planning seasonal moorage, I’d want bottom paint. Once it’s done (correctly) the first time, off-season paint maintenance isn’t difficult. - My dad keeps his boat in the...
  130. The Peddler

    Bottom paint ish

    Yep, about $2,000. Yep, @Omakase. This is all you need from us. 👍
  131. The Peddler

    Truck electrical work near Oly?

    Magic Auto Repair. They're in Elma, but worth the drive out there. Family operation. I've also heard that Ernies is good, but no personal experience. They're right next to Hwy 101, West of Black Lake Blvd.
  132. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    Scotty stuff PENDING Rough River stuff PENDING
  133. The Peddler

    Brutha needs some support

    Get well Brutha!
  134. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    New price in the Rough River Rod Stations; $50 for the pair, shipped to you via USPS.
  135. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    Sounds good Brian. PM inbound.
  136. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker Rod Holders and Extensions

    I have a pair of Scotty Striker rod holders with side mounts, and two extensions I no longer need. SOLD I also have a pair of Rough River Marine Products Rod Stations. These are pretty neat, and mount behind a Scotty side mount. I switched to Burnewiin, so these won’t fit anymore. $50 via...
  137. The Peddler

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    For salmon fishing, yes. For halibut, no.
  138. The Peddler

    BC saltwater (MA121) license dealer?

    That’s how it’s done!
  139. The Peddler

    2015 Chevy K1500 Crew Cab Truck with Canopy

    More pics. No extra charge for the VanStaal stickers. 😁
  140. The Peddler

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I'm not talking the run-of-the-mill 1/2-ton you can pick-up at the airport rental lot. I'm talking from the commercial division.
  141. The Peddler

    2015 Chevy K1500 Crew Cab Truck with Canopy

    Posting for my dad. He’s got an extra truck he’s ready to sell. 5.3L V8. 66,500 miles. 4x4 Z-71. LTZ trim with Heated/Vented Leather seating, XM/OnStar Tech package, etc. Navigation, No sunroof. Approximately 15,000 miles on the tires. Clean. Ready to go/tow. $25,000 This truck is owned free...
  142. The Peddler

    Ship a boat NC to WA?

    I've read good reviews of Enterprise Truck Rentals having 2500/3500 series pickups available for 1-way rentals, but apparently the locations are rather spread-out, so not always convenient.
  143. The Peddler

    35-gallon fuel storage tank with pump

    I bought this for a specific need, but no longer have the need. Had diesel in it, but empty now. Arksen 35 Gallon Portable Gas Caddy Fuel Storage Tank Large Gasoline Diesel Can Hand Siphon Pump Rolling Flat-Free Solid Rubber Wheels Boat ATV Car Motorcycle Was $270 new. Asking $120, located...
  144. The Peddler

    Westport WA Home with Boat/Gear Pole Barn for Sale

    Wow, neat-looking place! I'd be happy with just the pole building!
  145. The Peddler

    New Cushions for The Bertram

    Those look nice. Can she do custom carpet runners?
  146. The Peddler

    Downrigger Upgrade

    Cannon Mag10. :D
  147. The Peddler

    One Day SMELT Feb 14

    Good thing the river is high and the color of chocolate milk right now. :rolleyes:
  148. The Peddler


    So.... “Tuna for Soldiers” in 2021?
  149. The Peddler

    Short wives, girlfriends or kids. Car question.

    My wife really likes her Subaru Forester. We picked-up a 2.0 Turbo version. It’s actually pretty fun to drive.
  150. The Peddler

    WTB Suzuki 140-150

    Puget Marina in Olympia gets my vote.
  151. The Peddler

    Washington Car Ferry For Sale!

    Was there a “Buy it Now” price?
  152. The Peddler

    15 HP Kicker, 1.25 hrs. Still under warranty

    If you're trolling all-day on a single cyl, the vibration can be annoying. As a "get home" motor, I think a single would be fine.
  153. The Peddler

    Quick release rod holder

    The Tanacom will NOT fit in the RH6650 without a little modification to remove a some material from the rod holder. I decided to go with RH5710's instead. Still not a great fit, especially if you use the rod clamp, but functional.
  154. The Peddler

    Electronics @ boat show

    Can't you just tell one of your commercial suppliers what you want to do, and have him build you a "Dream system," then scale it back if needed?
  155. The Peddler

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    WTF, can't a guy just sell a boat with the f'ing drama? Really? Aren't we all adults here? Good luck with your sale Yellowlab. It's a great looking boat. Like others have said the overall interior/exterior configuration really lends itself to a lot of different end-uses.
  156. The Peddler

    What? I can totally tow that!

    Should be fine if they keep it under 45MPH, as recommended by UHaul.
  157. The Peddler

    Sportsman Show 2020

    I think Portland feels/seems larger, because it’s essentially all under one roof, boats and all. Like Mike said though, the guides/outfitters/lodges are all about the same. Retailers are definitely stronger in Portland, and deals are broader vs Puy. Remember to report your out of state purchases...
  158. The Peddler

    Breach the locks!

    Too many wealthy and influential people living in the lake for that to get very far.
  159. The Peddler

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Looking awesome!
  160. The Peddler

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    He had a gas-powered puller, on a davit. For shrimping in Hood Canal and crab fishing too. The puller was a lot bigger than needed, but I think he got a good deal on it. It was a noisy, and kind of intimidating tool. He wouldn’t let anybody else run it. It pulled pots with a quickness though!
  161. The Peddler

    Vinyl boat wrappers -- need recommendation

    He didn't design or install a wrap, but Brad with Coho did make the name graphics for my last two boats. Came out just as I wanted, he was priced very well, and everything arrived when and as expected.
  162. The Peddler

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    If that was caused by just the snow, then there would have been many other boats in a similar situation. Something else must have contributed. It is possible however, the snow may have exposed an existing problem, such as a leaking bracket hatch?
  163. The Peddler

    14’ hewes craft

    Man, I wish it was the time for me to scoop this. Someday I think I'd like to have a little boat like it.
  164. The Peddler

    2020 Shrimp dates

    I don’t think you’ll need a very long limb to make that prediction, sadly.
  165. The Peddler

    Taps for the 'Ol Merc

    Keep us posted! I learned a lot in that old Mako with its previous owner. Sekiu, Neah Bay, Area 10 and 12. That old Merc has been good, but quirky from time to time, as I recall.
  166. The Peddler

    Snow and more snow.

    I did my part to make sure we don’t get a storm. I got my little front loader ready, cleaned-up around the driveway and yard. Going to go fuel-up the truck next.
  167. The Peddler

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    Sorry. Not 10, it was A9.
  168. The Peddler

    Winter Crab Punch Cards Due

    No longer valid after 12/31, must be reported by 2/4/2020. You can crab the “Special” (reciprocal?) January season in Area 10 without a crab card thru January.
  169. The Peddler

    Document or Register??

    So this all clears it up. o_O:frehya2:
  170. The Peddler

    Document or Register??

    In Washington, even if you CG Document, you still have to pay the state registration. You will still have to display the registration sticker, but you don’t have to instal the “WN” numbers, for rec use. If you go the commercial route, I think you’re supposed to have BIG registration numbers...
  171. The Peddler

    Crab Fishing

    Looks like an awesome day on the water with the family! A win even if there were no crab!
  172. The Peddler

    garage kicker mount

    I built a stand that’s mounted to a furniture dolly. Works well for me. I only move it about 10-ft though.
  173. The Peddler

    It is done

    Very cool. I’ve liked those Albins since I first saw the “Hang ‘em High.” (Which too was for sale not long ago!) Congrats!
  174. The Peddler

    Crab Fishing

    Sounds good, but we really like to see pictures. :) Cape Cruisers are similar to a C-Dory, right?
  175. The Peddler

    Winter boat projects...

    I’m sure your nephew would be willing to help... :)
  176. The Peddler

    Something wicked this way comes

    Nice! Judging by the mess in the lower part of the boat, I’m sure the shrink wrap job was 100% worth it!
  177. The Peddler

    Razors in Tunatown

    Awesome picture! Good job Dad!
  178. The Peddler

    Rod repair in OLY/Tacompton area?

    Talk to Tom S. I’ll bet he can/will do it.
  179. The Peddler

    Tackle/ fishing organization in shop

    Installing it right-side-up would have made things easier too, I'd image. :)
  180. The Peddler

    Neah Bay Moorage

    IIRC, they’ll require the total overall length of your boat from the two extreme tips. They book two boats into each slip, based on length.
  181. The Peddler

    Made an app

    For what it's worth, not only does WDFW already have an app for that, but I know the guy who owns the patent on the concept. I appreciate your initiative, but you might want to spend a little more time on research next time.
  182. The Peddler

    26-gallon Campbel Hausfield Air Compressor

    Bump. $120. I’d like this out of my shop. Trades considered; shop tools, gaff, T9.9 prop guard, drill press, ???
  183. The Peddler

    Boot Dressing

  184. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Oops, I didn’t catch it. Thanks for correcting me.
  185. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    I wonder if/how he’s related to Andy Wolgamott, the editor of NW Sportsman magazine.
  186. The Peddler

    5000 watt Honda-powered generator

    Sold! Thanks Greg!
  187. The Peddler

    Paddle Boards (inflatable)

    Take a look at SeaEagle. Not the cheapest, but probably the nicest and best-performing inflatable. I have an 116 NeedleNose. I haven’t used it a lot, but it is stable and fast. I went to the Outdoor Retailer Show on-water demo day a few years ago, outside of Salt Lake City. I tried a bunch. The...
  188. The Peddler

    2 pair of Under Armour Hunting Boots

    Thanks guys. PM’s answered.
  189. The Peddler

    2 pair of Under Armour Hunting Boots

    I'm a sales rep for UA for the Hunting/Fishing channel. I bought these to use as samples and planed to keep them for myself, but I don't really need them. They're new, unworn. Never had a foot in them. Both pair are Men's size 10.5. - I live in South Olympia, but travel I-5 between South...
  190. The Peddler

    26-gallon Campbel Hausfield Air Compressor

    I bought this new in 2008. I haven't used it for a while now, and it just takes up space. I liked this one because it can be used vertical or horizontal. Includes 50-ft of hose with Q/D's on both ends. Works perfectly. I live in South Olympia, but travel I-5 between South Seattle and Eugene...
  191. The Peddler

    5000 watt Honda-powered generator

    This generator has been kicking-around the family since the big Y2K scare. LOL. It's really only been used during a multi-day power outage in 2006. Has only 35 hours of run time. Honda power, 120/240 capable. Use for a whole-house power set-up, RV, or ??? The "Auto-idle" feature doesn't...
  192. The Peddler

    New ride

    The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. :) You’re on your way now!
  193. The Peddler

    Boat transport company

    This guy gets nothing but high praise over on The Hull Truth too.
  194. The Peddler

    Halibut gear thoughts

    FWIW, the electric reel is legal, a downrigger as a halibut rod is not.
  195. The Peddler

    Halibut gear thoughts

    +1! There’s little about halibut fishing that I find “Fun” or “Sporting.” I use an electric reel, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
  196. The Peddler

    Commercials Overcaught their quotas.

    “Fishing for Pairity” sounds like a good way to “Deplete the Respurce,” if you ask me. I understand the tribal position, but it seems to me that instead of possible fishing the resource beyond what it can sustain, the overfished poundage should have been taken from the next NT commercial season...
  197. The Peddler

    Port Angeles/Freshwater Bay Builder Recommendations

    They were in Auburn/Black Diamond, 15 years-ago. I wasn’t really trying to refer them, just quoting the septic guy. I’m not even sure I’ve got the initials correct, or if they’re even around anymore.
  198. The Peddler

    Port Angeles/Freshwater Bay Builder Recommendations

    When my mom and dad were having a house built, my dad asked the SEPTIC designer, for some GC referrals. The septic guy said, "I'm always on-site at the beginning and end of a home build. There's only one GC around here that I'd recommend, it's GLC. His customers are always happy with the end...
  199. The Peddler

    Boot Dryer's, What's Good & What's Not

    The basic Peet Shoe dryer works well. It’s about $40, made in USA.
  200. The Peddler

    Need some help with a well and waterline

    If someone here doesn’t do this, I’ve had good experience and service from John’s Plumbing and Pumps in Lacey.
  201. The Peddler

    Yamaha Stainless Props (pair)

    Somebody buy these things already!
  202. The Peddler

    Rod storage for the house/garage

    Monday will be your last chance! WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 November 8, 2019 Salmon fishing to close in Marine Area 10, part of Marine Area 13, the Green River, and Minter and...
  203. The Peddler

    RIP Tunahore

    This was the one day I fished with Tuck. I remember his enthusiasm. I pray for his family.
  204. The Peddler

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Did you order the amphibious option? :)
  205. The Peddler

    RIP Tunahore

    Sad news to hear.
  206. The Peddler

    Kicker wouldn't start

    The only "no-start" situation I had with my Yamaha 9.9 was due to a stuck starter. A little clean-up work, and it was good to go again, been trouble-free now for years. To see if it's stuck in gear, you'll have to try to spin the prop by hand. I would also guess there's "Start in Gear"...
  207. The Peddler

    Downrigger advice

    While maybe a bit overly dramatic, he’s not wrong. I actually much-prefer Cannon electric downriggers.
  208. The Peddler

    Seattle Squid

    So, what’s your asking price? ;)
  209. The Peddler

    Downrigger advice

    I run the 2016’s with braid, to a Scotty Sure Stop kit. Works really well. That’s BS that they disappeared while at the shop, but that’s also why I remove such things from my boat before I leave it anywhere. PIA, but saves a bigger PIA in replacing stolen gear.
  210. The Peddler

    Winter boat projects...

    Just added to the list: Replace the harmonic balancers on the twin F150's with the latest version.
  211. The Peddler

    Winter boat projects...

    Basic maintenance on the twins and kicker Flush/bleed the hydraulic steering Thorough cleaning New davit and mounts for pot-puller
  212. The Peddler

    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    I saw you stopped at the DuPont truck scales on Saturday as I was headed South. Must have been a late night for you.
  213. The Peddler

    Evinrude E-TEC G2 feed back

    There’s a certain SeaSport on the market right now, at-which I considered taking a closer look for a moment... then I saw she is powered with E-Tec’s. Non-starter IMHO.
  214. The Peddler

    Dinghy advice

    OK, now your needs/constraints are a little more clear. (No parking space, etc.) In this situation, a good inflatable boat will get you out there. Don't be afraid of the high-pressure rigid inflatable floor type boats. They're a lot easier to store than a solid floor. I have a SeaEagle...
  215. The Peddler

    Dinghy advice

    A 10-12 ft inflatable while super stable, is relatively tiny. You're looking at a space that's only 2'6" wide and 6 to 9 ft long. Rigid transom inflatables are very durable. You're not going to "Pop" it with a crab pot. A 12-14 foot "Livingston" or an aluminum boat would have much more...
  216. The Peddler


    That stage 1 bracket may be narrow enough you could run your transom mount transducer, between the bracket and trim tabs, per our PM conversation. If the water is clean enough. Might have to get the repower done, and run the boat before you decide. I think you’ll be pleased with your power...
  217. The Peddler


    I’ve got twin Yamaha 150’s on my 24-ft SeaSport Explorer. I think on a 22, a single 300 and a 9.9 kicker would be sweet. Make sure you double check with PDR and/or SeaSport after you decide single vs twin. They used to use a cantilever bracket for singles, and a floatation bracket for twins. If...
  218. The Peddler

    Ice Tote

    The last time I transported a side of beef, I just carried it in standard ice chests. I couldn't believe how cold and rock-hard it all was, despite the trip from Bend, OR to Auburn, WA. There was still a skin of frost on most packages. If it was the peak of Summer temps, you might have cause...
  219. The Peddler

    Smoked salmon processor

    I had to googleate it.... they're just South of the state surplus store, on 78th, East of Center St.
  220. The Peddler

    Yamaha Stainless Props (pair)

    Bump, will consider offers/trades.
  221. The Peddler

    Boat porn Mavrik Marine

    I was thinking the same about the glaringly WHITE outboards.
  222. The Peddler

    ACR EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement?

    I had some business in SeaTac and SLU on Wednesday, so I dropped off my EPIRB and PLB at PSI in the morning around 8:30. The nice woman in the front office told me the entire crew was working on some WA State ferries that morning, but they’d get right on it after lunch. Received a call at 2:30...
  223. The Peddler

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    But he’s owned both a Grady White and a BMW, so....
  224. The Peddler

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Once a prick, always a prick.
  225. The Peddler

    Yamaha Stainless Props (pair)

    I have a LH/RH pair of 16-pitch painted stainless props, I don't need. The paint has been removed via media blasting. Generic sales blurb from Yamaha; PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL SERIES An excellent general-purpose choice. Stainless steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner, more...
  226. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    I agree. The attitude by locals toward “The Tourist Boats,” in Nootka is already poor. (Radio chatter, close drive-bus, etc.) This doesn’t help. I love my trips up there, I hope it doesn’t get hostile.
  227. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Certainly not “ocean bright,” but could be fine table fare still. The Nootka fish don’t have to travel far up river to spawn, so they start turning sooner. I’ve seen guys keep worse, while river fishing.
  228. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Plausible, but not excusable.
  229. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Not sure. If you’re a live-aboard, that’s your “Normal place of residence,” and you have a means of freezing or cooking, you may be able to convince enforcement you’re abiding by the rules.
  230. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    Yup, sorry. Was going from memory. Thought lings required head-on. Thanks for clarification.
  231. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    To be in compliance with Canadian law, the in-field possession limit is equal to 2 daily limits. To keep more than two daily limits in a single trip, you'd have to send some of it home somehow. The other part of the problem with this case, is that the rockfish and/or lingcod fillets have been...
  232. The Peddler

    WA boat seized in Nootka

    It’s an adjustable commercial boat transport trailer. You can see it’s hooked to small semi-truck in one of the pics. If these guys are guilty, it gives us all a bad name in the eyes of the Canadians. Greed is ugly.
  233. The Peddler

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    Thanks! I've sent them an e-mail inquiry, but doesn't look like we'll have the time. This sounds like it would have been a very good option. Do they rent to "Non-members?"
  234. The Peddler

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    It’s become a logistical nightmare.... plug pulled. Thanks anyway, guys.
  235. The Peddler

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    I thought about inquiring with them. I’ve never been to the building, so not sure what they have.
  236. The Peddler

    Group fishing opportunity, end of October?

    2-part question: 1) Is there a decent, somewhat reliable fishery (fish/crab/etc) at the end of October, anywhere in Western Washington, you can think of, where 8 guys could go have fun for a day? We’re all avid outdoors/fisher men, and have the gear for cold/wet weather. 2) Are you aware of a...
  237. The Peddler

    CAST only has 15 boats, but 40 kids

    Gents, unfortunately I cannot get up there tomorrow, but I did pre-fish last weekend with my 7 & 8 year-old nieces. We fished the same area where we did CAST last year. We C&R’d fish for 2-hours, almost non-stop, and the girls got hungry for lunch. Most fish were close to the bottom in 20-ft...
  238. The Peddler

    ACR EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement?

    Both, coincidentally.
  239. The Peddler

    ACR EPIRB and PLB Battery Replacement?

    My EPIRB is due next month, and my PLB in March 2020. Is there anyone in the Puget Sound region that does this? If so, or if not, who do you recommend?
  240. The Peddler

    WTB Lowrance GPS antenna

    Call Brad Heacock of Marine Installations. He’s the Lowrance installation guru in the Puget Sound area. He’s out on the Key Peninsula, North of Gig Harbor. PH: (253) 686-9833 I’d bet he’s got what you need.
  241. The Peddler

    I Lost August

    Whoa, that’s a bad deal. Glad there were no injuries, and you’re back on the water in fairly short-order. In my experience, per a letter I received from my insurance co after I was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist, IF they were able to get anything out of the offender, they would reimburse...
  242. The Peddler

    Big-ish Center consoles

    I like it! You should buy it. I’m game for a road trip in October. LOL I’d consider buying your Duck, but it’s not quite what I want in my next boat. (Currently the Cutwater 28 has my attention.) But, hardly anywhere near being able to afford one.
  243. The Peddler

    1106 or 2106 ???

    I’ve had two 2106’s with factory loaded braid since Spring 2013. I’ve had zero problems. The original counters are still working. I use a swivel at the end of the braid, then use the heavier cord to the ball snap. With 12-lb balls, the momentum carries them right to the surface. With 15’s, they...
  244. The Peddler

    WTB shotgun

    A crossbow would get heavy consideration for that hunt opportunity by me, though a slug gun is probably quite a lot less money.
  245. The Peddler

    Kill bags and trailer lights

    Some things are just more important, right?
  246. The Peddler

    Tactical Strike is for sale

    What interior configuration does she have? Enclosed head, or marine toilet in the cuddy?
  247. The Peddler

    Advice? Packing gear for away trips.

    My only advice, after my last “Away” fishing trip, is that you’ll use less than 1/3 of the gear you pack. LOL
  248. The Peddler

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    How about that! I don’t have any of my own tuna gear though, so hopefully someone’s got gear I can borrow.
  249. The Peddler

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    I see what you did there. ;)
  250. The Peddler

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    That’s pretty damn awesome! Makes a guy wanna throw a few more duckets toward Goat to increase his chances of winning the tuna trip!
  251. The Peddler


    I found this, but nothing else really.
  252. The Peddler


    The new GMC Multi-pro contraption ain’t got nothing on this tailgate!
  253. The Peddler


    Shoot, how many boats does a guy need? He’s carrying at least 4, that I can see.
  254. The Peddler

    Crabbing around Bremerton- where?

    Dammit, cyrpto-thread got me. Usually I watch for that.
  255. The Peddler

    Crabbing around Bremerton- where?

    Area 11 and 13 are closed. You have to stay North of the Northern tip of Vashon Island.
  256. The Peddler

    Bananas were on board.

    Tanglewild Marine in Olympia is another potential.
  257. The Peddler

    Cast 4 Kids

    I can not commit yet, but hoping to be there. It was a great event last year!
  258. The Peddler

    Osprey 26 w Suzuki 300 for sale

    ...and you don’t even have to tackle the soft deck problem yourself! Congrats on the sale.
  259. The Peddler

    Cornet Bay Parking

    Is it still an ok/safe-ish place to leave a rig overnight?
  260. The Peddler

    Westport reports

    My dad and uncle ended the day with 4 coho today. They tried and tried to find the Chinook, but couldn't come up with any. That's really all I know.
  261. The Peddler

    When is it Ok to repeat the F-word over and over ?

    When you’re chipping-away on a pile of branches, you hear a god forsaken crunch, the chipper stops, and you find this in the discharge chute. Self-destruct mode!
  262. The Peddler

    Tommy? Are the Tuna here yet

    Tommy, can you hear me? Are the tuna near you? Tommy, will we see them? It will help to cheer you!
  263. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Bump! Make offer, or trade for a good gaff?
  264. The Peddler

    West of the 126...Eh

    Sweet! I'm headed up in a couple weeks. Hopefully they're still around!
  265. The Peddler


    Most, but not all purchases are eligible. It depends on who's actually selling the product on the Amazon platform, what other promotions are tied to the item, etc.
  266. The Peddler

    Freezer thermometer alarms with WiFi connection?

    I’d like to find a solution too, after losing my frozen inventory this Spring. The door didn’t get closed tightly. My freezer is in a detached garage, out of wi-fi range, we sometimes go days without entering the building. I was looking for something that might have an alarm/light I could put on...
  267. The Peddler

    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    Supposedly, one of the original drafts of the border bisected Vancouver Island, rather than dipping down/around it. Aaahhh, what could have been.
  268. The Peddler

    More shrimps

    I hoping to make it a day, if not both, if I can get my day-job work done too.
  269. The Peddler

    2 ft itis...well...3.5 ft boat time
  270. The Peddler

    Pro-Troll Prochip 8" Flasher Lure Kit @ Costco

    I have always used 11” flashers, favorite is Hot Spot brand. I like QCove a lot too. I recently bought a couple of the Dick Nite break-away type flashers, but haven’t had a chance to drag one around yet.
  271. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Bump. Everything in both pics for $100, shipped to your door.
  272. The Peddler

    WDFW Fish Checkers @ Neah Bay

    FWIW. You agreed to this when you signed your license. Not sure if/what the punishment might be. The samplers cannot enforce law, but they can contact WDFW enforcement.
  273. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    OK, yes these have the stainless pin. Also, I found two more (brand new looking) bases, 4 rail adapters (used, no bolts/nuts) and a couple fender rings. I’ll sweeten the pot with these, no change in price. I guess I only have two rod holders, though it’s odd I have four extensions.
  274. The Peddler


    It was much more “Celebratory” around my area last night than it has been for many years. Not just from any one party either. They had us surrounded. 8) God Bless America!
  275. The Peddler

    2’ itis Ballin style

    Outa my network, for sure...
  276. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    I’m pretty sure they have a stainless insert. I’ll check and take a pic. I *think* I’ve got two more of the rod holders somewhere too.
  277. The Peddler

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Pic says it all. 2 Strikers, 4 extensions, 4 round flush mounts. 2 of the mounts are missing the rubber cap and have an extra hole drilled in the flange. $200 worth of stuff at retail, new. Asking $100, shipped to your door. I finally got with the times, and have a PayPal account, or you can...
  278. The Peddler

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    I’ve got one guy who’s asked for first right of refusal. It’ll have the factory wheels on it when I sell/trade.
  279. The Peddler

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Fiat’s need-not apply.
  280. The Peddler

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    I’ve run three DMax 2500HD’s to 100,000 miles, and my current truck is at 84,000. Never a serious problem, very comfortable, etc. Not sure why you’d buy anything else.
  281. The Peddler

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    I use this one as well.
  282. The Peddler

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    Weird, I’ve seen none of this. Neither on my phone (iOS) or computer (Firefox).
  283. The Peddler

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    For those you’ll need the Burnewiin RH3740’s. I already bought a pair, but they don’t hold the Hali sticks very well. I’ll sell ‘em to you, you’ll just need the mounts.
  284. The Peddler

    Rare deal - 500 sq ft Pana-bode cabin for relocate

    That’s much more than I was expecting... I’m out.
  285. The Peddler

    Rare deal - 500 sq ft Pana-bode cabin for relocate

    Definitely interested in pics and price. Looking for something to use as a work-at-home office space.
  286. The Peddler

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    Perfect Chris, looks like that’s the way I should go for the rod holder. - I didn’t go all-out Baller with the metal mounts like you did though. Now I’ve got to figure out a plug/cover for the gaping holes I bored thru the gunnel. Lowe’s has got some 1-3/4” ID flexible sched40 hose that might...
  287. The Peddler

    Burnewiin Rod Holders?

    Does anyone know if the RH5710 (self-adjusting) rod holder will hold a Hali stick with a Tanacom reel? Or should I just get the RH3740? Also, has anyone found something to use as a drain hose off the tube of the composite mount bases, or s cap to cover the hole?
  288. The Peddler

    Need tax advice, any consultants on here.

    Call the Easter and Stoney tax consultants/advisors in Montesano. Great group.
  289. The Peddler

    Salmon fishing technique

    Saw a technique on Wicked Tuna last night, for "Paying the Tuna Gods." Basically wind a $1-bill under the line on the reel spool. When the fish takes line, the bill falls into the water, thus paying the gods. I think Bud Light, or a silver bullet would be cheaper. LOL
  290. The Peddler

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    The illustrious DCroonquist forwarded the below e-mail this morning from Heather Hall. Good morning – We are opening another all depth fishing day this Friday, June 28th in all marine areas. We worked with IPHC/NMFS and PFCM staff over the weekend to add this day in an effort to catch the...
  291. The Peddler

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    The debate between Aluminum and Fiberglass is a consistent theme on this Washington page. It’s an inside joke to us Washington members, I guess. I was just needling, no need to get triggered. Back to your brag thread... (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and oh yeah, ditch the foam...
  292. The Peddler

    New Raider 2484 Voyager boat build

    My FIBERGLASS SeaSport, has always had a dry bilge. Just saying. LOL
  293. The Peddler

    Solas Rubex 15P props for borrow?

    Thanks, but I want to try a 4-blade, stern-lifting prop. 15 or 16 pitch, for Yamaha F-150’s.
  294. The Peddler

    Solas Rubex 15P props for borrow?

    Does anyone have a set of left and right Solas Titan or Rubex 15P props they’d be willing to let me try? I can lend my Reliance 17P 3-blade props in exchange, while I have yours.
  295. The Peddler

    Crab Seasons Announced

    Not that there aren’t any scofflaws, but there is no non-tribal commercial season in South Puget Sound.
  296. The Peddler

    Oversize Sturgeon question

    Call Eric Linde, Linde Sportfishing. Or Kyle Hall of Kyle Hall Outdoors.
  297. The Peddler

    BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 Longshaft/Electric Start

    That’s for your accountant to decide. I don’t believe it’s be considered tax-deductible, since you’re purchasing an item of value. It would be sales tax free though, since it’d be an Oregon purchase.
  298. The Peddler

    BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 Longshaft/Electric Start

    Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA), a champion for sportfishing opportunity in the PNW, has a received a donation of a BRAND NEW Honda 9.9 with Electric start (no electric tilt) they're looking to sell to further their fights on-behalf of sportfishers. The motor is located in...
  299. The Peddler

    Crab Seasons Announced

    I haven’t bought the PS Crab endorsement for a few years either. I skipped it for this year too. Last year the “co-managers” were not supposed to harvest in area 11/13. Not sure if they did or not. Not sure if the rule is the same again this year or not.
  300. The Peddler

    Crab Seasons Announced Hope you weren't planning to crab in Area 11, 12 (South of Ayock) or 13 this Summer....
  301. The Peddler

    Hood Canal shrimping possession question

    I suspect they’d let the “frozen” part of processed slide, IF you clearly marked your individual limits with name and date. You could go a step further, and take a group photo with your bagged/tagged limit in-hand and e-mailed it to yourself so it was date-stamped. If I go for both days, I’ll...
  302. The Peddler

    12’ HiLaker, Motor, and Trailer

    Man, I wish I was ready for a sweet little boat. My kiddos need to get a little bigger first.
  303. The Peddler

    Help Me Find Tax Loopholes

    As a second residence, you’re able to claim/deduct the load interest from your annual tax return. My dads corporate accountant advised against claiming corporate ownership of recreational vehicles, as it will nearly guarantee you’ll be flagged for IRS audit, and also potential liability should...
  304. The Peddler

    F'ing chipmunk

    Just got #2! He’s a stinking Houdini! Somehow he got past the metal mesh I used to funnel him into the trap. Being he was about 3 feet from where I was sleeping, I heard him. Grabbed my bucket and lid, and scooped him up! These little guys sure aren’t very smart. I don’t think I would have...
  305. The Peddler

    F'ing chipmunk

    I’m allergic to cats, but the idea is growing on my. Status update: one down, one to go. Caught the one of “unknown whereabouts.” He was in the curtain, got him with a bucket and lid. Other one still in the door pocket. He peeked into the trap, then backed out. I added mini marshmallows...
  306. The Peddler

    F'ing chipmunk

    Well, I’m now in a similar spot. Two young chipmunks (definitely chipmunks) in my master bedroom. Wife heard them in the wall where we have a pocket door. One of the speedy little devils got away from me, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. The other one is still in the door pocket.
  307. The Peddler

    Crab open dates wtf

    Add Area 13 to the “No Season for Any” list too, please.
  308. The Peddler

    26 osprey repower

    This is true. The factory-original bracket on my SeaSport is a PDR.
  309. The Peddler

    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    Bump, new prices on everything.
  310. The Peddler

    26 osprey repower

    Ambitious! Keep the pics coming!
  311. The Peddler

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    It must be new, ‘cause I’ve never seen it there.
  312. The Peddler

    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    The stainless mount and the holster are sold, pending payment.
  313. The Peddler

    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    I would be willing to trade for a nice gaff and/or two Scotty swivel mounts.
  314. The Peddler

    Mixed bag, fish and hunt

    All gone.
  315. The Peddler

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    9 minutes, and PENDING!
  316. The Peddler

    VanStaal Titanium Pliers

    Just in time for TUNA! season! 1-pair Brand New PR6000 6” Titanium pliers with lanyard and sheath. MSRP $314.99. Asking $175, shipped to you.
  317. The Peddler

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    Still not big-enough for me.
  318. The Peddler

    2 legit 2 quit

    The red Chevy with the 600hp ‘toon seems to be just as poorly loaded as the (not so) Smart.
  319. The Peddler

    Wanted- crawl space cleaners, Olympia

    Hey L2, would be interested to hear how this goes. I need/want to do the same. My house is over 40 years-old, needs some work "down there," and I really don't want to DIY this one. I thoroughly despise being in the crawl space.
  320. The Peddler

    Pot hauler

    That Scotty is for amateurs. At minimum, get an Ace Brutus. If/when I need to replace my EZPuller, I'll be going with a Discovery Bay...
  321. The Peddler

    HVAC dealers around Olympia

    I had Capitol Heating and Air do my last install. They've done my service as well. I don't have anything bad to say about them. They've always been prompt and professional, no up-sell pressure, etc.
  322. The Peddler

    At least he had tie downs on the transom

    “If it fits, it ships” doesn’t apply?
  323. The Peddler

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    There was also talk/rumor of Sean Dwyer of the Brenna A buying either the boat and/or the quota.
  324. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    How is slippage calculated? Yes, I think 14.25” is correct. The “Prop God” is recommending a 16P Powertech OFS4. $500/each + shipping. I don’t have room for wider trim tabs, but could go longer.
  325. The Peddler

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    Certainly for only $2.88MM, it doesn’t include any commercial quotas.
  326. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Needs more testing. LOL. Can I drive yours next time? I’ll bring my blearily-eyed Co-pilot too.
  327. The Peddler

    Constant request for “My Location”

    I haven’t seen it at-all.
  328. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    I’m aware. He’s got 3 feet of length, and 100 HP more, but I’ve also spent time on a 24-ft NR with twin 140’s, and it performed similarly to the bigger boat except top speed. I’m not expecting the same, but I’m looking-for improvement.
  329. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Yes, nothing’s changed. It’s not necessarily required to go to full-throttle, but it’s close. The bow comes up, then the stern lifts, and I throttle back. The North River I drove just levitates onto plane, and stays there nicely even under 20MPH. I get close to 6,000 for max revs.
  330. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Max RPM’s with nearly full load, trimmed-out is close to 6,000 on nice water.
  331. The Peddler

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    After running my buddies boat to/from the halibut grounds last week, (2700 NorthRiver OS with twin 200’s). I think I have room for improvement with prop selection. Or maybe there’s another aspect that can be improved? Currently running 17P Reliance props on my 2400 SeaSport with twin Yamaha...
  332. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Crab endorsement?

    So it's not super-clear, but I think I have it figured-out. The Crab endorsement and CRC is required if harvesting in "Puget Sound." In the crab rules section of the paper regulations pamphlet (page 132), "Puget Sound" is: Area 4-East of the Bonilla-Tatoosh line, 5, 6, 7N, 7S, 8-1, 8-2, 9...
  333. The Peddler

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Sorry you’re banged-up, heal well!
  334. The Peddler

    launching 26 ft sled next saturday in the canal near hoodsport

    There’s a ramp about 3 miles South of Hoodsport, near the power station. It’s owned/operated by the tribe, and pricing seems to vary by who’s collecting. Get there early, parking lot fills fast on shrimp days. Nice ramp, but with a drop-off at the end at minus low tides. Look before you back down.
  335. The Peddler

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    I remember seeing a Bert in Friday Harbor 20-some years-ago and thinking how cool it looked. It's always stuck with me. They're just a really sweet looking sled. Congrats! I look-forward to seeing it more closely, and especially on a trailer. :eek:
  336. The Peddler

    Coastie Bruthas come through again!

    Note to self, go double-check the hose clamps on the thru-hulls (again). I'm glad they got it sorted without anyone going for a swim. Could have been a real tragedy with 10 people on-board.
  337. The Peddler

    Stihl backpack leaf blower

    Nope. A family member took it, forgot to update post.
  338. The Peddler

    The Fleet Just Got Bigger

    Hooo boy, now ya done it.
  339. The Peddler

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    A dream craft, for sure! I like the smaller fish graphic, as seen with the midship name placement, but I think I prefer the name being further forward.
  340. The Peddler

    Its in His blood!

    So much awesome! Dad winning!
  341. The Peddler

    Stihl backpack leaf blower

    I might just leave it on the curb...
  342. The Peddler

    Stihl backpack leaf blower

  343. The Peddler

    Mondo Condo shrimp pot

    They beat me to it. McKay, or... Ladner. As mentioned, the EZPull company (maker of the Mondo Condo) was sold and moved from Shelton to California.
  344. The Peddler

    Next Tow Rig?

    No outdrive, no problem.
  345. The Peddler

    Boat window?

    You could try Bounty Marine in Tualitin, OR.
  346. The Peddler

    Shopping for Handheld VHF

    I bought an 870 in March. I paid $220 at West Marine, but I'd won a $100 gift card from them, so I wasn't terribly concerned about paying the little extra. I have a PLB too.
  347. The Peddler

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    Pick those up where you buy your "BEER".
  348. The Peddler

    BC license info.... Campbell river store

    The topic store is literally walking distance from the border crossing at Blaine. Yes, Canadian licenses can be bought online, but not if you want to fish halibut. For that, you must purchase your license from a Canadian license dealer in-person.
  349. The Peddler

    Catch Record Turn In

    Yup, 100% no problem.
  350. The Peddler

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    Did the bumper sticker seal the deal?
  351. The Peddler

    96’ F250 4x4 diesel

    That was my first thought too!
  352. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids 7 Sept 2019

    Has anyone every fished the July event from Foss Waterway/Commencement Bay? I realize salmon fishing should be open, but would it be more fun for the kids to jig up some dog "sharks"?
  353. The Peddler

    Saltwater or freshwater

    If the course isn’t corrected soon, we’ll all be mounting electric motors on the bow of our boats.
  354. The Peddler

    Area 10 Shrimp

    Two years is just what I have in my head. It’s possible I’m wrong. I’m due for an error. LOL
  355. The Peddler

    Area 10 Shrimp

    I believe the crab closure was for two years, this would be the second year. Last year was the first of what I believe is two years of no crab fishing for sport or tribal in Areas 11 & 13.
  356. The Peddler

    2012 Jayco Camper Trailer

    I’ve been thinking about concerting a small trailer like this into a home-office, but I’d like one with a front window.
  357. The Peddler

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Congrats on the new little buddy! To answer the question, when the young one can "Actively Participate," is when they're considered "Old Enough" for a limit. My daughter is 4, and I feel comfortable with her "Actively Participating" in some shrimping this season. She'll be able to throw...
  358. The Peddler

    Painting a Hull?

    Well played!
  359. The Peddler

    Neptune Crab trigger entrance

    I am good friends with the owners of Willapa Marine, and I have a couple of their pots with Neptune Triggers. They originally had just a piece of the typical crab pot sized mesh as a “ramp” on the bottom side of the trigger. I did some go-pro video of the pot in-use and saw the crab (Dungeoness)...
  360. The Peddler

    School Me on Moorage

    Tyee Marina near Browns Point in Commemcement Bay always seems to have month-to-month availability. Also, there are a few that are pretty flexible down in Olympia; Swantown, One Tree Island, Fiddlehead and Boston Harbor come to mind. Maybe Zittel’s too, but they seems pretty spendy the last time...
  361. The Peddler

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    Good! I was thinking about buying a $950 Jon boat, that came with a free trailer.
  362. The Peddler

    Holley Sniper Marine EFI

    Are you running non-eth gas? Switching to it made a huge difference in start-up, idle smoothness, and general performance for me in my old, carbureted inboard and my kicker.
  363. The Peddler

    2018 12-14’ EZ-Loader Trailer & 10’ Jon

    How much for the STOP sign?
  364. The Peddler

    Big Horn Show - Spokane - Huge Favor Needed

    If anyone can get the rod, I have a cardboard rod shipping tube you can have. Olympia area pickup.
  365. The Peddler

    2006 Jet Sled with 90/65 ETEC pump

    Why's all this cool $hit coming for sale, when I don't have any money for more toys?
  366. The Peddler

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    Just an update, I've got what I need. Worked a trade with Cohoho, and going to learn how to build them with another BD Brotha in a couple weeks.
  367. The Peddler

    FYI new NR OS. Layout

    I was wondering the same.
  368. The Peddler

    Seasport owners....

    Which way do you deem correct? I can see through my head enclosure, unless it's occupied and the curtain is over the window.
  369. The Peddler

    Seasport owners....

    Maybe it depends on the year, but most Explorers have the enclosed head aft of the dinette and a small galley behind the helm seat. Mine is different than most also, with the head aft of the helm, and my dinette booth is pushed back against the aft bulkhead with a separate forward-facing...
  370. The Peddler

    Seasport owners....

    Great looking boat and crew! Did you have that deck canvas built, or did it come with the boat? Someday I’d like something similar. Also, it doesn’t look like you have the typical interior configuration. Do you have any inside pictures?
  371. The Peddler

    2013 Forest River Tracer RV

    This is exactly what I see myself buying someday, but recent changes prevent me from buying any time soon.
  372. The Peddler

    WTB! - Pot puller
  373. The Peddler

    Bait jars

    I have fewer problems with the actual lids than I do with the threaded ring on the jar side breaking. I think it’s a result of the deck crew banging the jar on the bait bucket to empty the bait back into the bucket for next time. (My Dad is my Deck Boss, and always shows-up with a couple new...
  374. The Peddler

    Kicker advice

  375. The Peddler

    Kicker advice

    A twin cylinder Tohatsu 8-horse 4-stroke would get my vote.
  376. The Peddler

    Splashed the North River 29

    Sweet ride, congrats!
  377. The Peddler

    Cast For Kids fundraiser and auction Feb 23

    I was unable to attend the banquet due to family commitments, but I plan to be on the lake in September again, and hope to attend the banquet next year.
  378. The Peddler

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    I suppose that means we’ll be seeing more of this...
  379. The Peddler

    The boat show, the boat show, the Great Miami Intl Boat Show

    Corners and center transom door gets my vote.
  380. The Peddler

    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    I'd like to add some copper pipe jigs to my tackle box. The sizes you killers all use out of Westport/Ilwaco/Neah Bay for ling, halibut, etc. I don't really have the time or equipment for building my own. Anyone have 4-6 they'd sell?
  381. The Peddler

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    A guy came ripping down the road I live on the other day on a snow machine. He must have been doing 50-60 mph.
  382. The Peddler

    No limits on chicken

    Can they now be labeled as "Free Range?"
  383. The Peddler

    trailer weight distribution reminder

    But the F150 EcoBoost can tow 12,000-lbs, and you wouldn’t even know it’s back there!
  384. The Peddler

    Window dsg

    Overall, the powder coating is very good, and still looks like new after 5-years. It’s just the bottom track where it gets foot traffic. It’ll probably look fine/better, once it’s all chipped off inner side of the track.
  385. The Peddler

    Window dsg

    Here’s a link: I installed a Bounty sliding door on my SeaSport. One of the best things I’ve done. It was a fraction the cost of DSG, but it’s not quite as smooth operating and the power cost is chipping off the bottom frame/track. Overall, still...
  386. The Peddler

    Do you tow with Canvas on?

    Back when I had a boat with canvas, I’d only do short, local tows with the canvas up. Nothing over 45-50 MPH. While annoying, it didn’t bother me too much, since it all had to be down to park it where I did. I developed a pretty good system, which allowed me to keep most of it in-place, but in a...
  387. The Peddler

    2 large bumbers, free

    Eh, FENDERS. S-G, please edit your post. ;)
  388. The Peddler

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    Your insurance company works for you. They make you whole, they get paid by the offending drivers’ company. You shouldn’t have to talk to the other guys insurance co at all. You should should have no out of pocket expense, unless there’s a doubt about who’s at fault. This is how it’s been the...
  389. The Peddler

    Coasties get paid

    Huh. You think? :shake:
  390. The Peddler

    Coasties get paid

    The figure I heard this morning was $1BB/week. I'm not sure if that includes the back-pay that furloughed Federal employees who aren't working, will be paid for ZERO productivity during the shut-down. (For some of those, Zero is only slightly less productivity than usual.)
  391. The Peddler

    Dog transport crate - FREE

    Sorry Pep, someone beat you to it. This is spoken-for.
  392. The Peddler

    Dog transport crate - FREE

    When I was looking for one of these a few years-ago, a fellow BD brotha gave this to me, FREE. I don’t have a need for it any more, so willing to pay it forward if another brotha can use it. The interior measures; 36x23x24, and the storage bin on top is 4” deep, so it’s 28” tall overall...
  393. The Peddler

    Sad day in Newport OR.
  394. The Peddler

    Alki launch mahem

    Yep you're right. No shots fired, but juvenile with a firearm. Fortunately it wasn't worse. I'd remembered it as a shooting. Redondo used to be my "Home" ramp, when I lived in Felony (Federal) Way. I left 11 years-ago, and despite it being my home town for 30 years, I don't miss it.
  395. The Peddler

    Alki launch mahem

    Just a word of caution. There was a shooting incident at the Redondo ramp not too long-ago, when a boater asked a group to move their cars off the ramp so he could retrieve his boat. That crowd is largely lacking any respect toward others, very selfish, and with a quick fuse. I’m not trying to...
  396. The Peddler

    50-gallon electric water heater

    FREE, Tumwater pick-up. Approximately 17 years-old. Newer heating elements and thermostats. “Tall” model, only 20” diameter. Works fine. No leaks. Just felt I was kind of on borrowed time, and didn’t want it to go out while I was traveling this winter.
  397. The Peddler

    Best X-mas gift ever

    Right? I need to read the fine print.
  398. The Peddler

    Christmas Communication problem

    Drop it like it’s hot! (I think I used that correctly.)
  399. The Peddler

    Best X-mas gift ever

    Here’s what my wife gave me. This is more a “Permission Slip” to go on a week-long guy trip than anything. She basically saying; “I’ll take care of the circus at home while you go play, but this comes out of your play budget, and BTW you owe me bigly.” LOL It’s exactly what I wanted though!
  400. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    If I was ready to buy:
  401. The Peddler

    WTB Plastic Barrels

    I know I can find a retailer, just thought I'd work with a "Brutha" if he was looking to get rid of one or two. @roadracerrick - if you've got something you want to get rid-of, let me know what you got and what you want. If you want to hold on to them, it's all good.
  402. The Peddler

    WTB Plastic Barrels

    Wondering is any of you guys have a barrel or two you don’t need. Maybe you were going to build your own bait tank, but never got-around to it? I’m going to build a couple rain collectors. They don’t need to be food grade, but they need to be clean, and they need to have lids. I’m willing to buy...
  403. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    I'm like this idea too. Hard to find without 200,000+ miles though. Seems like they'd start to nickle and dime an owner at that point.
  404. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    No! Except maybe four-legged and furry. Thinking of going smaller for the company truck, and bigger for the personal rig. Maybe. I’ll have the current truck for another 18-24 months probably.
  405. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    It seems 2000-2006 2500 8-lug ‘Burbs can be found with under 150,000 miles for $10-15k. The spec #’s for the 8.1L versions look preferable, making their power at lower RPM’s than the 6.0’s, but harder to find. A “DuraBurb,” while awesome, wouldn’t be in the budget. I may consider looking for a...
  406. The Peddler

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Curious if anyone tows roughly 10,000-lbs with a K2500 series Suburban or Yukon XL. If so, how does it work out for you? What engine/trans combination do you have? What is your average MPG and range empty/loaded?
  407. The Peddler

    I need a new top!

    Dougs Boat Tops in Tacoma, same story. Used to do top-notch work, on-time. Then he began to get distracted and complacent. Personal life interfering with business. He lost our business. He’s capable of great work, if he’s improved his approach to customer service.
  408. The Peddler

    Worst boat names

    There used to be a boat in a storage lot near where I grew-up. It had no outdrive or engine. It was there for YEARS. Occasionally a new tarp would be pulled over her. The name of the boat was “Damifino.” By about the 3rd year of going past this on the bus to Jr High, I finally realized the owner...
  409. The Peddler

    Marine Fuel (ETHANOL FREE) locations?

    Right, it's "User-maintained." If you see something missing or inaccurate, submit the addition/correction.
  410. The Peddler

    FREE. GMG Daniel Boone

    A friend of mine lost his house just before Christmas a few years ago, when his Little Chief went up in flames. Scary stuff.
  411. The Peddler

    Laurence?? This should be yours!!

    How is that only $150k?
  412. The Peddler

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    My grandpa told me; “ Sometimes you have to decide if you want to be right, or you want to be happy.” - He was married for 50+ years before he was called by the Lord. The advice earlier about not solving her problems and just letting her talk is SOLID. It took me far too long to learn this...
  413. The Peddler

    Adventure Marine Prop Guard

    I can relate, sadly. Mine suffers a similar existence, sadly. Covered in dust, and buried behind lawn equipment, children’s bikes, and various projects.
  414. The Peddler

    Free complete set of house plans

    Yes, the original purchaser may reproduce as needed for their project, but one purchased set of plans is meant for the construction of only one house. Much like a book. It’d be wrong to photo-copy it, and share it with friends. - At the same time it’s quite common with music, and other...
  415. The Peddler

    1/2 - 1 Man Sandstone Rockery Rock

    Can you shoot a pic?
  416. The Peddler

    Feds Investigate More Sea Lion Deaths after 2 Shot Near West Seattle

    Add another win, because as you feed it to the bums, they’ll want out of town as fast as possible!
  417. The Peddler

    Feds Investigate More Sea Lion Deaths after 2 Shot Near West Seattle

    Where’s the Go-Fund-Me defense fund link? I wanna donate. LOL
  418. The Peddler

    Raising the trailer tongue

    What year is your truck? My 2015 Chevy with Integrated Trailer Brake Controller auto-recognizes the EOH pump when plugged-in, and cuts power to the braking circuit once the truck comes to a stop (such as at a traffic light). Earlier models required the use of a magnet/module to trick the ITBC...
  419. The Peddler

    Increase in aluminum boat prices

    Short term struggle for long term gain.
  420. The Peddler

    Raising the trailer tongue

    The 2015 and newer Chevy/GM trucks with ITBC will auto-detect the difference between straight-electric and EOH, and function accordingly. Works great between my 2015 2500HD and my Titan Brakerite II pump. When the truck comes to a stop, it shuts-off the voltage to the pump, so it's not running...
  421. The Peddler

    Boat extinguishers - what do you use.

    Yep, nearly 100% of the Kidde extinguishers with plastic handles have been recalled. I had nearly a dozen of them around the house/boat/cars. I'm pretty sure the recall is still active, so if you have plastic Kidde's, I'd look-into it.
  422. The Peddler

    Diesel heat

    I have a Webasto AirTop2000 as well. I’m not overwhelmingly happy with it, but it works. Absolutely no diesel smell inside the cabin. It doesn’t seem to push much air. Doesn’t do a lot to defrost the windshield. I may have too many vents, but even blocking some of them doesn’t seem to change much.
  423. The Peddler

    Raising the trailer tongue

    It doesn’t look to me that the unit in the posted link will do what’s needed. The bottom lip of the coupler socket is still roughly level with the top of the trailer beam. Might need something like this instead: Or:
  424. The Peddler

    Need plumber in Lacey

    If you don’t find a BD’r, I’ve been happy with the service from John’s Plumbing and Pumps, here in Oly.
  425. The Peddler

    E-TEC Jet. 90/65

    You bored?
  426. The Peddler

    Lance Camper SOLD

    Makes a guy wish he had a longbed pickup.
  427. The Peddler

    CC vs pilothouse PNW

    I think the compromise would be a hard-top pilothouse with a soft/removable bulkhead. That said, I really like my enclosed house.
  428. The Peddler

    Boat Pictures

    Mine! Photo Credit: ChasinTails Waiting for the shrimp to fill the pots. Drone/Photo Credit: ChasinTails In keeping with the multi-boat theme; I own one of these, but it's never been out of the boxes. This one is always at my disposal, but she too has been dry for a long time.
  429. The Peddler

    Oxe Diesel Outboard Demo Boat

    Must have blown the budget on the motor development and jack-plate, had to bolt it all to a Trophy.
  430. The Peddler

    New Rain-Gear Advice

    I’ve got some UA stuff that’s really great and comfortable for wearing all day. I still prefer my Grundens stuff for serious fishing days; tuna, halibut, etc.
  431. The Peddler

    Where did the warm water go?

    I know of a boat that went WAAAY South from Ilwaco yesterday, returning to the dock after dark. They ended-up with 1 successful stop that lasted about an hour, and that was it for 15 hours on the water.
  432. The Peddler

    New bottom blue kao

    The stuff Bob used on my boat would probably be good for your application. Designed to withstand repeated wet/dry cycles. Can be scrubbed and pressure washed. He can mix to match just-about any color too. Gone are the days of “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black” bottom paint!
  433. The Peddler

    The Choice

    I'd have guessed more. I couldn't believe how your boat didn't even flinch slightly when you were criss-crossing my wake with your CAST4KIDS crew a few weeks ago.
  434. The Peddler

    20 EA. 40W Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

    I'd take 10 of them @ $30/each, if I could meet you somewhere between Lacey/Olympia/Shelton.
  435. The Peddler

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Warthog Sharpener for me. Your belt sanders are gauling your edge. :)
  436. The Peddler

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    That’s above my pay-grade... I don’t even need to “Call for Price.”
  437. The Peddler

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    If someone admits to intentionally grounding a vessel, is he not then responsible for the clean-up of “1,000’s of pieces of boat, across miles of beach”?
  438. The Peddler

    Christmas Gift, Need Help.

    1) 8'6" to 9' spinning rod, rated 8-17 or 12-20 2) 40-size spinning reel, such as Quantum Boca, Cabo, Accurist or Smoke 3) 12-15 pound line 4) Panther Martin salmon spinners, Vibrax spinners, single-point hooks to replace the trebles 5) 8/10/12-lb pony spools of leader line and siwash hooks...
  439. The Peddler

    Question on Boat Electronics

    I use my boat similarly to your plan. I have a full Lowrance suite, of 2013 vintage with-which I'm happy. HDS10 at helm B260 thru-hull 50/200kHz transducer HDS7 in the cockpit. Link 8 VHF Sonic Hub Sirius Antenna Point 1 GPS antenna 3G radar Simrad AP24 auto-pilot If I were to do this...
  440. The Peddler

    Boat down today?

    Glad all aboard are safe! I had the same thought! I looked at some of my CAST pics, and see that the radar dome is mounted differently than on the boat that sank. Looks like the same model of boat though.
  441. The Peddler

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    I need only run the gain at 1.5 when towing my EOH/disc brake boat trailer, tipping scales at approximately 9,500-lbs all-in. I have to run the gain at 4-5 when towing my substantially lighter cargo trailer with straight-electric drum brakes.
  442. The Peddler

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    THIS! Plus, I launch/retrieve single-handed most of the time. It's A TON of work to winch this boat onto a roller trailer, and it's obnoxious to leave her throttled-up to hold her on the trailer while you connect the winch cable after power loading. I tried a power winch, but wasn't happy...
  443. The Peddler

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Not quite as pretty/finished looking, but I was also able to see a damaged/split board I wouldn’t have detected if wrapped in a rug.
  444. The Peddler

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    When I swapped out from rollers to bunks, I used stainless lag-bolts instead of galv/zinc. Still look pretty good. Also, I went naked boards, topped with slicks. No carpet to hold water.
  445. The Peddler

    Borrow a Kill Bag or 2?

    You can use the new rigs you bought yesterday!
  446. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Double post
  447. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Had a fun time out there today. Glad the weather cooperated! Glad Laurence talked us into it! Our guy was a 7 year-old with no use of his legs, non-verbal, and limited upper body use. His mom, dad, and 11 month-old brother joined us. Dad had never been fishing either. After a quick tutorial...
  448. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Are you going to be able to keep-up in your lobster boat?
  449. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I need some coords too!
  450. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Is 2 dozen enough for a couple hours of fishing, or should I pick-up some more?
  451. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Yup, the 8th.
  452. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    What time y'all planning to be at the ramp in the morning?
  453. The Peddler

    Speaking of Tuna

    This seems like the best option. Put the miles on the truck/trailer. Does a guy need an OR license to fish for, catch, and land tuna from an OR port?
  454. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Well, actually, I’m good on rods/reels.... “I know a guy.” What I will primarily need is some “coords.” I know both you and Jamie called me, I need to return those calls.
  455. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    I’d love to, but won’t make the pre-func bbq. Hoping there’s enough time Saturday am for a little gear clinic.
  456. The Peddler

    Best boat for weekends?
  457. The Peddler

    Best boat for weekends?

    Go to and put in your budget, size slot, and geographic region. Don’t focus on a make/model until you start to get a full picture of what’s out there. Don’t be afraid of the Bayliner motor yachts of the 1990’s and 2000’s. They don’t have the same build-rep as the runabouts...
  458. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Bobbers; Simms wader-wearing steelhead fishermen call them “Floats,” fly-flingers call them “Strike Indicators.”
  459. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Who provides the pfd’s for the guests?
  460. The Peddler

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    That boat was all the way down in Area 13 a few weeks-ago, when there'd been sightings of a transient pod in Carr Inlet. That thing throws a nasty wake a cruising speed, he was hauling-butt too. I saw him headed South, then an hour later headed North again.
  461. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    OK. Calendar set. Deck hand found. I’ll be there. Will sign-up officially tomorrow.
  462. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Working on being there. Should be able to confirm by end-of-week. I’m going to need a tutorial, and suggested gear/tackle list... and COORDS!
  463. The Peddler

    Neah... Aug 3-4

    That's awesome! Way to get the next generation "Hooked!" Looks like she loves it.
  464. The Peddler

    Paint my Yamaha?

    She’s me yacht! :)
  465. The Peddler

    Paint my Yamaha?

    That would only solve half the damage. I’m actually less worried about the cowl vs the scratches thru a couple layers of paint on the aluminum lower cowl. These are too deep to buff/polish out. If I pursue repair, they’ll need to be sanded and repainted.
  466. The Peddler

    Paint my Yamaha?

    So a few years-ago, when my boat was new to me, I hadn’t yet learned how far-back the motors really were. I managed to scuff/gouge the paint on the cowling and pan on a barnacle-encrusted piling. I’d like to get this cosmetic damage repaired this off-season. Does anyone have a recommendation for...
  467. The Peddler


    I’m planning to be out there with a buddy and his fish-killa son.
  468. The Peddler

    Yamaha help needed

    Auburn Sports & Marine, and Puget Marine (Olympia) are the two that I use/recommend.
  469. The Peddler

    Say hello to the new skiff...

    Is it insured yet?
  470. The Peddler

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    Has anyone nominated Norm for Mayor yet?
  471. The Peddler

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    I just came-across another pic of the same accident;
  472. The Peddler

    Best place to buy small outboard?

    Find the best internet price on the Lehr, take it to the West Marine store on Jantzen Beach in Portland, and have them match the price. Lowest price, no sales tax. Just avoid the Cracker Barrel in the West Marine parking lot if you need lunch. Hop-across the street to BJ's instead.
  473. The Peddler

    Why Trailer Tiedown Straps Or Cables Can Be Important To Most

    There's no evidence of transom straps to begin-with. Usually in pics like this, you see the severed strap hanging from the trailer and/or the eye on the back of the boat. I bet a rapid slow/stop from 35-40 mph is all it took without proper tie-downs.
  474. The Peddler

    Sat phones input

    Last time I needed one, I rented from Worked well for my need.
  475. The Peddler

    Out of state “purchase” question

    Last out of state trailer I bought, we had to get t weighed, but not inspected. Idaho title didn’t list scale weight, IIRC.
  476. The Peddler

    Marine Survayor

    Not that the two best days are the day you buy, and the day you sell?
  477. The Peddler

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    OK, maybe. Does the state have jurisdiction on Federal/Navigable waters? (IDK)
  478. The Peddler

    Marine Survayor

    I've been told, "The best time to look for a job is when you have one." I've applied it to my boats, and say "The best time to buy the next one, is when you still have one." LOL
  479. The Peddler

    I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    After seeing the pic on my desktop vs cell phone, I see hull damage that contradicts my theory of a low tide grounding.
  480. The Peddler

    I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    My hunch would be more of a low tide thing than a bad driver thing. Doesn’t appear to be any lower unit damage. ??
  481. The Peddler

    Mobile Auto Mechanic

    I believe one of our BD brothers owns
  482. The Peddler

    Trailer Tire Recommendations?

    I’ve been reading a lot of Good about the new Goodyear Endurance trailer tire. Made in USA.
  483. The Peddler

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    +1 for SIM Yamaha. I'm a once/year oil change guy too though.
  484. The Peddler

    Neah Still Putting Out

    Great report, Steve!
  485. The Peddler

    Slick Bunks Glides?

    Liquid Rollers, or silicone spray. It’s slippery!
  486. The Peddler

    Looking for a Tanner team

    Nope, just dungies.
  487. The Peddler

    Looking for a Tanner team

    Made by Willapa Marine, in Raymond WA. I helped do some of the testing of the first prototypes.
  488. The Peddler

    Best lawn tractor

    Deere X300, nothing less. Not sure you can mix muncher and bagger kits. I first bought one of the box store cheapo’s before I knew better. The engine threw a rod at about 100 hrs. I then bought a used x300, that now has over 400 hours and still going strong. Two completely different machines.
  489. The Peddler

    View Fireworks From Boat

    I’ve done Commencement fireworks from Redondo a few of times. I won’t do it again, unless I spend the night on the boat. Aside from a slow boat ride back to the ramp, the circus at the ramp was atrocious. For spending the night, I recommend Quartermaster. The first time we did C-Bay, we tied to...
  490. The Peddler

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Hey, you can't sell that shit until I have a truck that can haul it! LOL Maybe I'll have to buy your truck too! You won't need it, if you don't have the camper.
  491. The Peddler

    New WDFW director chosen

    He’s from Grays Harbor. Wonder if he is/was buddies with former director Phil Anderson (who had also applied for the job again).
  492. The Peddler

    2008 King KBT4000SB2 Tandem Trailer

    Find a guy that's still hauling a 2052/2002 Trophy on a POS Escort trailer, and leave a calling card on his windshield. I liked my Trophy 2052, it was a good boat for what it cost me, but the trailer was a constant PIA.
  493. The Peddler


    Thank goodness this didn't happen in Washington. Some of you guys would be licking the highway!
  494. The Peddler

    Shop Build

    If I ever get the chance, I hope to build similar, minus the hay-eater accommodations.
  495. The Peddler

    Backup House Generator

    I bought a Generac 15kW ten years-ago. It’s propane fueled, since natural gas isn’t available at my address. It’s always done what it’s suppossed to do. Runs the entire house, except range/oven and clothes dryer. It does run the heat pump, air handler, water heater, well pump, all the lights...
  496. The Peddler

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    I think technically both the state and the Feds have jurisdiction. The state on ALL waters for their applicable laws, and USCG on “navigable waters.” This includes all waters affected by tides, and some freshwater bodies connected-to salt. (Lake Union/Washington, Columbia River to Bonneville...
  497. The Peddler

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    On “Navigatable” waters, we must to follow USCG law, not state law regarding PFD wear. The USCG does not designate boat size within their requirement. If a vessel is "Underway," youth under 13 years must wear an appropriate PFD, unless below deck or within an enclosed cabin. Inflatable PFD's...
  498. The Peddler


    I was leery of clicking to open the post. That said, if my family and I had already caught a 40, 60, and 75-lb halibut this season, I'd have let this big mama go make more babies... I think.
  499. The Peddler

    Mail Box Theft

    Sorry to hear about the theft Greg. These things just chip-away at our trust in our fellow man. My uncle recently caught footage with his Ring camera of an axe-carrying man "casing" his place out near Westport. Scary. When footage was provided to PD, they recognized the man. What I've done...
  500. The Peddler

    Tuff Trailers/Vault Bearing System

    Nice looking trailer Siv!
  501. The Peddler

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    It should go by the registered weight, which in the case of a boat trailer is the empty weight. Last time I was involved with bringing an out of state trailer to WA, we had to splash the boat, and weigh the empty trailer at a certified scale, so we could register the trailer here.
  502. The Peddler

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    It expires when the trailer "changes ownership, is permanently removed from the state, or is otherwise disposed of." Here's the criteria and explanation on the DOL website: Here's the page with the fee info...
  503. The Peddler

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    Interesting. A one-time fee of $187.50, would equate to 4.5 years of annual registration fees for my boat trailer. (Registered weight of 1,859-lbs) It'd be nearly 8-years for my utility trailer, so it probably doesn't pencil-out for that one. It seems to me, most typical recreational boat...
  504. The Peddler

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Got it on my calendar. I’ve had a buddy volunteer as 1st mate too. Might need to rig-up or borrow a tank to use as an aquarium for the day.
  505. The Peddler

    Anyone else see this article on lost crab pots?

    Roughly 220,000 Puget Sound sport crab endorsement cards are sold annually. 12,000 is only 5% of that, assuming only 1 pot/card. WAY lower when you factor-in the tribal pots. 12,000 doesn’t seem too out of the realm of possibility, considering the typical novice.
  506. The Peddler

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    Ladners are definitely Canadian. I thought Kufa was as well, but maybe they're imported too. The Kufa office is in Canada, but that doesn't mean they're not importing from China, I guess. Still, separate from BeauMac/SMI, who is located in Sumner, WA. If the Kufa is imported, it's possible...
  507. The Peddler

    Stackable Ladner Shrimp Pots

    They are not one-in-the-same. Kufa is made in Canada, BeauMac (SMI) is imported from overseas. I can not comment on quality/fishability of either,as I have not fished them, nor have I compared them side x side.
  508. The Peddler

    Spray-on bed liner?

    Thinking about having my 10 year-old utility trailer shot with bed liner. Anyone do this, or have a referral? Prefer somewhere within an hour-drive of Olympia, but willing to go a little farther, especially if you're willing to work on a trade for FinNor and/or Quantum reels, (new, your...
  509. The Peddler

    Great Starter Boat - Does it All

    I had the exact same model for a few years, and found it to be a great boat. Easy to handle on/off the trailer, economical to run. Versatile. Great for a family with small kids, as the freeboard is pretty high. GLWS
  510. The Peddler

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Same here. I just bought the fresh/salt combo. No PS crab, and no "Fish WA" package either. IF (big if) I go North for some crab this Summer, I'll buy a card at that time.
  511. The Peddler

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    To pile-on, if you forget to report at the end of the Summer that you didn't/couldn't participate in the Puget Sound Crab fishery, they'll tack-on an additional $10 non-reporting fee to your license purchase next year.
  512. The Peddler

    Cant find info on live bait regs

    Yes, they count toward bottom fish limit, but you can now keep three (3) additional "Flat fish" (excluding halibut) above the daily aggregate limit in Areas 1 thru 4. (per emergency rule change posted 4/16/18)
  513. The Peddler

    How many axles need brakes on a triple axle trailer?

    Washington law requires brakes on all axles.
  514. The Peddler

    Local option for Digital 529 antenna

    I bought mine at J&G in Tacoma after my first met the same fate. They used to have a BD discount, not sure if that’s still the case since Dave has left.
  515. The Peddler

    Shrimpn South Canal

    Looked like your morning was pretty stress-free, to me. Though I heard you were the camp breakfast chef. (Yes, that’s Laurence on the sun deck.)
  516. The Peddler

    Shrimpn South Canal

    Similar day for us out there too. Second time I’ve seen fog like that in the canal. It is an odd experience. At one point we came-across five boats going all-different directions. The fog is very disorienting, no one was going in a straight line. I had five pair of eyes, radar, auto-pilot, one...
  517. The Peddler

    Keeper Sturgeon Guide

    Eric Linde - Linde Sport Fishing Kyle Hall - Kyle Hall Outdoors Brandon Glass - Hook-up Guide Service I've fished with all of the above, they're all quality guides. They're also all popular guides, so I don't know what their calendars look-like.
  518. The Peddler

    Greenhorn Looking for a Seat

    Hope you get out there this year, Terry.
  519. The Peddler

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    It certainly was pathetic. It took a dive last year after the tribes decided to focus on it harder. This year was worse.
  520. The Peddler

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    I’ll probably be back up there next year. Can you sneak me into your boat ramp? ;) Dad’s got a slip up there too, but his boat’s usually in it this time of year.
  521. The Peddler

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Wow, that’s great Rock! We struck out down South.
  522. The Peddler

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    My wifes car has adaptive CC, and I haven't gotten used to it. I'm used to running-up behind someone and moving over, speed never reducing. Now the car slows down, and then snaps back to speed when you move over. Alternatively, as you said you realize at some point you're 10-under the posted...
  523. The Peddler

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    I have electric over hydraulic brakes. I like to have the gain adjusted to the point where the braking effort I apply to the brake pedal doesn't feel much different than when not towing the boat, but not enough that I can feel the trailer slowing me when I come to a stop. With disc brakes...
  524. The Peddler

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Hard to tell from the grainy surveillance pics/vid, whether it’s a 22 or 24-ft boat. The truck does appear to be smaller than I’d be comfortable with for that job. (1/2ton, crew cab, short/short bed?) Some of the tow ratings on late model 1/2-tons are getting out of hand, IMHO. A new F-150 can...
  525. The Peddler

    Couple more firepits done !

    That's some "Next Level" stuff right there. Do you leave the large openings as-is, or do you put a spark-arrest mesh on the inside?
  526. The Peddler

    Permatrim or Not?

    On the Permatrims website, it mentions the M8 & Y9 as recommended for singles, leaving only the M9 for 150-250HP motors as my option.
  527. The Peddler

    Permatrim or Not?

    That’s one thing I worry about. Maybe with twins, and since I don’t load as heavy, I would be ok.
  528. The Peddler

    Heading to Neah? Beware... Hwy101 and fuel dock.

    If you live in Kent/Federal Way or anywhere South of there, the drive thru Aberdeen the up the coast is the way to go while they're still doing construction. Depending on what part of Hood Canal you were shrimping, it's not far from Hoodsport to Shelton then on-out to the coast to head North...
  529. The Peddler

    Permatrim or Not?

    I've been contemplating 4-blade screws or Permatrims. I cringe at the thought of drilling 8 holes through each anti-cavitation plate though. I can turn 6,000 RPM, trimmed-out with a relatively light load, (full fuel, little gear, only me on-board) but the ass end of the boat seems to drag...
  530. The Peddler

    What shop does best Lowrance and Simrad set ups?

    If he can manage going out the Key Penninsula, the Brad Heacock is definitely the guy to use! He's a one-man show, but he's the best. He does get booked-out a ways this time of year though. J&G would be my next choice.
  531. The Peddler

    Holy Crap- We lost one of our own

    Wow, sad deal. Too young, and with a young family. Extra prayers will be said for our “Brotha” and his family. At 40 years old and with a small family myself, this is jarring.
  532. The Peddler

    Ritche Compass, Guest Remote Spotlight

    Both items sold and GONE.
  533. The Peddler

    New Pot Puller

    With Buck having sold, and the whole thing moving to California, I’m not sure whose puller I’d buy now either.
  534. The Peddler

    Ritche Compass, Guest Remote Spotlight

    sale pending for the compass
  535. The Peddler

    Ritche Compass, Guest Remote Spotlight

    Sale pending for the light.
  536. The Peddler

    Ritche Compass, Guest Remote Spotlight

    I’ve got a used Guest 501 halogen remote spotlight that I no longer need. Works like new. Wireless remote included. Was $350 new. Will sell for $125. I have a Ritche B-81 compass I also no longer need. It’s back-lit. Works as it should. They go-for about $115 on Amazon. Will sell for $75.
  537. The Peddler

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    You already know my story, but for the sake of others, I experienced a similar problem. I caught mine early enough to avoid costly repairs, it basically affected only the starter. I ended-up raising the mounting height of my kicker about 4" so it doesn't get dunked as-often, and I began using...
  538. The Peddler

    Autopilot Help Please

    Re-bleeding, and re-calibrating May help a lot. Make sure no metal objects near heading sensor.
  539. The Peddler

    True flood box or...?

    I have a box with a gulper. I’d prefer a box that floods/drains, with an accessible plug/stopper.
  540. The Peddler

    Truck canopies

    I’ve had LEER, ARE, and SnugTop on my last three trucks. Next one will be back to LEER. The SnugTop was most-expensive, but the front window continually folds-open on rough roads, the side windows have no screens. The ARE leaves a dome to be desired with the details. The little trim piece...
  541. The Peddler

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    I’ve heard good things about A friend of a friend recently had one installed from/by them.
  542. The Peddler

    Jury is still out

    I prefer Cannon DR’s as well. Probably because it’s what I learned with? I’ve just always felt the Scotty’s are “Clunky.” I put Scotty on the boat when I re-rigged after purchase, because base played were already there, and I didn’t want to drill more holes. I wish someone made an adapter to...
  543. The Peddler

    Cruise to eat

    There’s also Anthony’s @ DesMoines but the moorage is at the North end, the restaurant at the South end. There’s a casual restaurant on the ground floor, a nicer place up. If you do go to DesMoines, there are a number of good eats options within walking distance.
  544. The Peddler

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Last year was only 2 days in 13.
  545. The Peddler

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    Dates were posted, but not the hours. I was just looking at it last week.
  546. The Peddler

    Shrimp Days Looks bleak

    It's about the same as last year, though they've adjusting the start/stop times to accommodate for tides. It's definitely frustrating to see this fishery slip-away from being fun and productive. They threw us a bone, and announced the season a month-ahead instead of a week like last year. Ugh.
  547. The Peddler

    Upholstery work

    Yep. Kind of an old hippie guy, but does nice work.
  548. The Peddler

    Upholstery work

    Gary Smart (Smart Canvas & Upholstery) in Sequim. He made all new interior cushions for my SeaSport, and did a great job. He had a heart-attack around the end of January, but I believe he's slowly getting back to work.
  549. The Peddler

    Looking for pipe jigs

    It takes big balls to hang with that many hoochies!
  550. The Peddler

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Sweet. Just looks close in the pic.
  551. The Peddler

    Anyone recognize this POS

    Sorry. CRV/RAV4, whatever. One in the same, for the purposes of this post. I mixed them up.
  552. The Peddler

    Anyone recognize this POS

    There are multiple Facebook threads related to this story too. Apparently the picture of the Rav4 with the boat attached was snapped by a gawker down in Chehalis somewhere. If he were a member here, it would have been posted for our entertainment, I'm sure. A picture taken by the TCSO was...
  553. The Peddler

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Cart looks great! How high are the starboard side wheels off the ground when on the back of the truck? No worry about them hitting ground when entering/leaving driveways, etc? Looks close in the pics.
  554. The Peddler

    Tuna Predictions...

    I'm hardly an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last week... Put me in for "Slightly better than 2017."
  555. The Peddler

    Aluminum braces?

    RBW? @goatram
  556. The Peddler

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    I'd consider the Raymond/South Bend area. Decent access to both Columbia River and Grays Harbor basins. I do like the idea of Port Angeles/Sequim/Port Townsend too though.
  557. The Peddler

    Shoutout to the geek giant

    Looks like a great time!
  558. The Peddler

    Getting to the Tuna Grounds on the DL

    It's gonna take a while to get there... Speed and Distance Cruising Speed 7 Max Speed 11 In some of the pictures, it's got Washington state registration. Is this one of the "Fake Willy" boats they tried using to scare-away the sea lions? With the orca paint job, you gotta wonder.
  559. The Peddler

    Rod storage options

    I use the same, and this one for two-piece rods;
  560. The Peddler

    Shop recommendations

    Auburn Sports will put you in the schedule, as you’re wanting. Since they have limited parking, they prefer to schedule and vs first-in/first out.
  561. The Peddler

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    I'm expecting a problem at some point, after dragging my tiller through the water for 10 miles back to the ramp one day. (I usually flip it back when I tilt it, but it flipped back down somehow.) The switch took a good swim...
  562. The Peddler

    Looking for test props to borrow

    What are they?
  563. The Peddler

    Camper Repair Shop Wanted

    I’vee had good results with South Hill RV, but I think they only work on rigs they sell. I’d call them for a referral, if I needed something on a rig I didn’t buy from them.
  564. The Peddler

    Looking for test props to borrow

    I probably will Mike. Maybe you and I could get two or three sets together for another prop-test day. I can not find my notes from last time. I’m sure they’re right where I thought I’d remember them.
  565. The Peddler

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    I’ve not had any problems with mine, a 2013 model year. They’re the white Ford F-150 “work truck” of the boating/fishing world. With so many of them in use, the number of problems may seem high, but very low percentage overall.
  566. The Peddler

    Looking for test props to borrow

    I’m currently running 14.25” x 17P Reliance props on my twin F150 Yamaha’s. I’d like to try a pair of 15P or 16P 4-blade props, if anyone is willing to lend them short-term. I’m willing to leave my Reliance props and/or other collateral, and sign a statement that I’ll repair/replace in the...
  567. The Peddler

    Westport-Ocean Shores Ferry

    Wouldn’t do anything for me.
  568. The Peddler

    Halibut Catch Record Card Hearing 2/14/2018 in Olympia

    They think status-quo is adequate.
  569. The Peddler

    Sonic hub

    The original SonicHub is a little outdated at this point, in my opinion. I’m not familiar with the newer one. The satellite radio antenna is similar to the gps puck, but I believe you still need a separate puck for each. I don’t know if the new SonicHub is BlueTooth compatible, but it’d be...
  570. The Peddler

    Wdfw director...bye bye

    Careful, you never know who could be next. Unsworth was better than his predecessor, but the future is not known. We all know who really has the power to run the fisheries in this state anyway, and they’re also running casinos. Everyone else is bought and paid-for in gambling dollars.
  571. The Peddler

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    Most don’t parallel Bob’s ethic. I received a text and/or email from him with progress report and pictures. The boat was done, washed, and ready for me at the agreed-upon time. The price he quoted was the price I paid, even though he did a little more than we initially discussed. He could put...
  572. The Peddler

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    Bottom paint and anode consulting/replacing. It started as a hobby business, and grown into a full time gig. Trailered boats only, he’s not at a marina with a lift. See
  573. The Peddler

    My boat's turn at "Bob's Boat Bottom Spa"

    The bottom paint on my SeaSport was in rough shape. It's been that way since I bought her, but since I don't moor her for long periods, I've never addressed it, using the funds for other upgrades along the way. The time had come, the ugly had gotten to me, and I put myself on Bob's list. Her...
  574. The Peddler

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    Also, FWIW, there is a huge import tax on “Rubber Boots.” It’s in the neighborhood of 30 or 40% if I recall correctly. A high percentage of your purchase price is taxes, when you buy boots from overseas.
  575. The Peddler

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    Scary and sobering for sure. Glad to hear they’re expected to make it! How big is one of the they fell from?
  576. The Peddler

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Probably a life raft.
  577. The Peddler

    Pics From WESTPORT, WA - Very Pic Heavy!

    No. Photobucket changed their sharing policy, so all those links are dead. TT may have moved the images as well. The original post is 10 years-old.
  578. The Peddler

    1926 Ford Model T parts

    I was posting from my cell phone this morning, couldn't find the website, but go here: Looks like first weekend of April.
  579. The Peddler

    1926 Ford Model T parts

    There’s a HUGE automotive swap meet at the Portland Expo Center every March. I bet if he could get it down there, it’d sell quick if the price is right.
  580. The Peddler

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    I'm going to set myself up for this too. Thanks!
  581. The Peddler

    Kicker Bracket

    This is what I've got.
  582. The Peddler

    Kicker Bracket

    Post a pic of your transom. Are you sure you need custom-built? FWIW, SaltBoss, referenced above has closed-up shop.
  583. The Peddler

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Oops, you’re right. I was thinking State Parks. (It’s been a long week...)
  584. The Peddler

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    I don’t read it that the state is buying the resort/store/business/land, just (possibly) the launch, and parking. The “Resort” (for what it is) would still remain as Mason’s/Olsen’s, no?
  585. The Peddler

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    Don’t forget the Discover Tax (Pass).
  586. The Peddler

    Kodiak bait tank. 43 gal

    Derby fishing must be slow this morning?
  587. The Peddler

    Benelli Super Black Eagle 2

    Too rich for my wallet.
  588. The Peddler

    Alaska/Canada dream trip suggestions

    Horizon West in Sitka would be pretty awesome, in my opinion.
  589. The Peddler

    Deck seating

    I have a couple Fish-On seats on 3-leg pedestals. Good for salmon fishing, or just fun-cruising. I also have a cooler cushion.
  590. The Peddler

    My kids got new boats for Christmas!

    Some if you guys might appreciate this. Grandpa Dan (my dad) was busy in his workshop leading up to Christmas. He built a replica of my real-life truck and boat, complete with functioning crab/shrimp pot puller and a ferry boat with cars and trucks.
  591. The Peddler

    Merry Christmas to Us

    Looks great!
  592. The Peddler

    Need Electronics Mounting Solution Fiberglass Dash

    I'd go with Derby's plan. We still need pictures, by-the-way. ;)
  593. The Peddler

    Dupont Derailment

    I considered this as an option this week too, but cancelled the trip instead. I was going to run all the way to DesMoines, where my dad has an empty slip right now.
  594. The Peddler

    What's on your Tuna playlist?

    Of Wolf and Man - Metallica
  595. The Peddler

    Need CG Capacities for a Skagit

    We're going to need to see pics of the boat, Steve!
  596. The Peddler

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    While I LOVE Nootka and staying at Critter Cove, there is only a minor chance at a TYEE. I've read more reports of Tyee caught at Campbell River in recent years than West Coast. BTW, from Olympia, the trip to Nootka takes 12+ hours, by the time you factor early arrival for the ferry, the...
  597. The Peddler

    Weird trim issue on Yamaha 8hp

    Oh, the simple joys of boat ownership. #bangheadonwall
  598. The Peddler

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    A beauty, and well-beyond my pay grade.
  599. The Peddler

    Online Sales Tax WA State

    Lots of potential reasons; A physical presence in the state already. If the seller is large enough, they may have already been contacted by the state. Seller is out of state, but the product is shipped from a facility in the state. (This happens a lot with Amazon "Marketplace" (Third Party)...
  600. The Peddler

    Four (4) Crab pots, with bait cages and rope

    Also legal in OR, BC, AK, and CA. :)
  601. The Peddler

    Pacific marine expo

    Is this a good venue to shop/buy life rafts for small boats? I assume the raft vendors are there, but probably focused on serving the need for larger boats/ships, not the recreational fleet.
  602. The Peddler

    Moving metal carport

    On a day like today, just undo the anchors, and let the breeze move it for you. Do your excavation work, and let the insurance co buy you a new carport. Just cheezin. I like the flatbed trailer idea. Might be able to use the boat trailer?
  603. The Peddler

    That'll buff right out!!

    Some of these abominations are intentional. Unfortunately, you can not "Buff Out" stupid.
  604. The Peddler

    That'll buff right out!!

    Here's how to ruin a boat, trailer, and two trucks, all at once.
  605. The Peddler

    That'll buff right out!!

    I post these, only because no person was seriously injured. This could have been a lot worse! These are all of the same boat.
  606. The Peddler

    The Search has Begun!
  607. The Peddler

    Indoor boat storage

    Noticed this CL ad a few days-ago.
  608. The Peddler

    Air rifles?

    NOPE! Airsoft is a small fraction of what it used to be, just a few years-ago. There are a few options for CO2 powered airgun rifles. Crosman 1077 is available in synthetic or wood stock.
  609. The Peddler

    Diesel heater for SeaSport

    I have a Webasto Airtop 2000 in my SeaSport Explorer. It works fine. I didn’t do the install, so can’t comment there. The furnace unit is located in the Port side cockpit gunnel. The tank is in the STBD/Transom. I’ve seen the tanks in the in-deck space where an inboard engine would have been...
  610. The Peddler

    Must-have for anyone who fishes alone

    I bought an AutoTether a number of years-ago, before the FELL option was available. It has been flawless for me, installation could not have been any easier, and I can move a single unit between boats and/or kickers as long as the kill switch is the same (Yamaha) type. I mounted the "base...
  611. The Peddler

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    FWIW, I’ve installed Yakima tracks on the top of three different toppers over the years, for kayak racks. I’ve never had one leak, and much more functional than the “factory rack” I had on my first Leer, back in 1998. I like my current SnugTop better than the ARE, but the ARE better than Leer...
  612. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    Definitely better options for aluminum fishing boats than a Kingfisher. Compare gunnel widths to chine widths, deadrise, gauge, etc. Kingfishers are cheaper than the others for a reason, despite the nice wood finishes in the house.
  613. The Peddler

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    I've heard that Northwest Motor Sport (Trucks, Trucks, and More Trucks) has a collection of used toppers for sale. Removed from trade-in's before they slap-on a lift kit and a fancy wheel/tire package.
  614. The Peddler

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    Possession Point Charters is the one I'd call.
  615. The Peddler

    Enertia 15p props complete set

    Would you consider a trade for (new) FinNor reels? I need to do a little leg-work to ensure they'll fit my Yamaha F150's.
  616. The Peddler

    cool weather site

    FWIW, my dad is a blow-boater (don't hate, ok?) LOL. He's used the windy app over the Summer to decide when he'd have the best chance a couple hours of good sailing. He says he had one of his best seasons, due to the app accuracy. It allowed him to schedule his work around the wind, and avoid...
  617. The Peddler

    The Juice Lives!!

  618. The Peddler

    Another one goes to Bob’s blast and paint

    Attaway! I'm somewhere down "The List" to have him do mine too.
  619. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    Thanks for the accolade, but I'm not sure about the rest... LOL Regarding a re-power though; I'm pretty sure you'd be money ahead to sell the Duckworth and buy a 31-ft North River O/S Walk-around, with twin 300's. Just sayin'.
  620. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    Tuna's the just-about the only PNW aquatic adventure I haven't done with my SeaSport. Plenty of guys willing to have me as crew on their boats, which are better-equipped for tuna. (Bait tanks, bigger decks, fish storage, known routine, etc.) But hell, I haven't even been tuna fishing for three...
  621. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    Yep, I meant galley, not dinette.
  622. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    Twin 150's. 120 gallon fuel capacity. 1.7-2 mpg average. I bought and re-rigged this boat in early 2013. If I'd been about 4 months later, I could have gone with the new 200's. Probably similar, if not better economy. The guy who owns the sister-ship to mine repowered with 200's last Winter. He...
  623. The Peddler

    SeaSport Tuna

    I've not fished tuna out of my SeaSport Explorer (twin Yamaha's) but previous owners did a few times. A SeaSport 2400 XL would give you a little more deck space, but you lose the enclosed head and dinette inside.
  624. The Peddler

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    Maybe you should start another boat project, to ease those Winter doldrums. FWIW, I've never gotten-into trends such as dressing in-support of a pro-team. Not since high school, have I worn a team's logo/mascot.
  625. The Peddler

    Stinky clothes

    New shorts. Might try some Wildlife Research clothing wash, the stuff hunters use to wash their scent off the clothes before a hunt.
  626. The Peddler

    Tuna live bait pinning reel that doesn't twist line?

    Make sure the roller bearing is still spinning. This is the roller, where the line comes over the bail arm. This roller helps reduce line twist. I've set-up quite a few guys with Quantum Boca and Cabo series spinning reels. A friend of mine is in his third season of commercial tuna fishing...
  627. The Peddler

    Kodak's First Trip of 2017

    I tried an external speaker, but the volume of the radio in the house was deafening to get minimal volume out of the external speaker. Apparently, I should be able to connect my VHF to my SonicHub, which I may consider, but then we wouldn't be able to rock the tunes. I'm considering a second...
  628. The Peddler

    Window install or construction problem advice

    Have Ken Luce (above) or the neighbors contractor fix it, then send your guy a bill?
  629. The Peddler

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    Damn, I forgot where I was! I'd like NAUTICAL/MARINE, net, crab pot, shrimp pot, boat, beach items. Nothing "weird" that you and your ol' lady or bed-buddy likes to "play with." I have a "Family Friendly" deck, OK?
  630. The Peddler

    Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    Laurence, please put me on your list. I hope to do this next year. PM for phone number if you want it.
  631. The Peddler

    WANTED: old buoys/floats/corks

    Wife wants to add a beach/marina theme to the back deck. Looking for old/used buoys, floats, and corks. Willing to barter or buy.
  632. The Peddler

    House batteries

    I'm still using flooded lead/acid batteries for house and starting. For the difference in price, I can replace them twice, and still be money ahead. I bought the last set for the boat on sale at LesSchwab, but the last tractor and car batteries I bought came from Costco.
  633. The Peddler

    2005 Pastime 8' camper

    Is this a "Long bed only" camper, or will it work on a 6.5-ft bed? (Yeah, I know I need to get a "real" truck...)
  634. The Peddler

    Crazy bait stop -CAST for Kids

    That's awesome! I need to do this next year!
  635. The Peddler

    Different boats for different folks

    My guess is that it happens more than we think. It just goes unnoticed.
  636. The Peddler

    Theft on Float 12

    This is getting old....
  637. The Peddler

    Yamaha F8 cam plate

    Part number? Best source?
  638. The Peddler

    Buoy 10 Info ??

    On the outgoing, fish above the bridge, Washington side. Then for the incoming tidal push, get yourself down in front of Baker Bay. 26-20 ounce lead droppers, 20-30 feet out on the line counter reel. As the tidal push slows, move up-river, fish from the bottom of Desdemona Sands, up the...
  639. The Peddler

    WTB: 2 Electric Scotty Downriggers

    @GregE has a few for sale. Hopefully he'll see this.
  640. The Peddler

    Fishfinder cable Holes near the water line...

    Silicone will eventually harden, crumble, and fail. Sick-A-Flex and 5200 stay pliable, and won't crumble. Silicone is "Ok" above the waterline, not intended for use at/below the waterline.
  641. The Peddler

    San Juans camping/cruising info needed

    There's a fair amount of tent space at Spencer's Spit on the East side of Lopez, but there's no dock for loading/unloading. (Not sure if you need it.) There's a small amount of space on Cypress Head, at the East corner of Cypress Island. There used to be a dock here, but I think it's gone now...
  642. The Peddler

    Where will you be burning fuel this weekend?

    On the homestead, planting fence posts.
  643. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    So, next question. How much "fuzz" on the magnet is "Too much?" It wasn't a lot, should have taken a pic before I wiped it clean. Motor has 180-ish hours. The magnet was not completely covered. Maybe 60% covered.
  644. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    The washers I used a year ago were orange. The ones I bought today are black.
  645. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    If I had waited a year, the 200's would have been an option. Hardly in the budget today.
  646. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    Yeah, really I already knew it. Curious that the screw backed-out after 10-12 days of use since last change.
  647. The Peddler

    Lower Unit oil dribble from vent screw

    Yesterday, I noticed a tiny puddle of l/u oil on the floor of the shop under one of my Yamaha 150's. Traced it up to the vent screw at the top of the gear housing. The screw was slightly loose. I was able to crank it about 1/2 a rotation to tighten it. Total spilled volume was probably 2...
  648. The Peddler

    Salmon Nets, buoys, bait cages & pooper

    I'll take the potty and the free buoy. See you Wednesday.
  649. The Peddler


    Are they any good to eat?
  650. The Peddler

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    It's just hard to miss, when it's rolling down I-5. Especially when you're a guy that rubber-necks at every boat he sees.
  651. The Peddler

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    Saw the Lumacat headed AWAY from Westport on I-5 last night... WHAAAAT's up with that?
  652. The Peddler

    The youth

    These pics of kids fishing are great! We must do this for the future of our sport! I'm chompin' at the bit to get my kiddos out there too!
  653. The Peddler

    another chance to shrimp the canal?

    Yes, the 19th from 0900-1300 hours.
  654. The Peddler

    Found crab pot. Anyone know this person?

    I read of guys moving "Floaters" to shallower water, then informing the owner and/or WDFW of the location. Of course if too lightly weighted, it's likely to drift-off again. I have my cell phone number on all of my buoys for this reason, and in-case someone tangles one of my pots and...
  655. The Peddler

    Things not to do while fishing

    Leave the bananas at home. Don't puke over the up-wind rail. Don't leave fish to find fish. White Grundens are for Ballers, Bitch! Don't forget the boat keys. Fiberglass > Aluminum
  656. The Peddler

    Anybody fished Salmon out westport last couple days?

    Now you know what NOT to do.
  657. The Peddler

    Columbia guide recommendations for Aug 12...

    In no particular order; Eric Linde Kyle Hall Brandon Glass Jack Glass I've fished with them all at Buoy 10. They're all great guides. No specific need to look for a pair of guides that work-together, as they're all well-networked down there.
  658. The Peddler

    Math Competition-WDFW

    Not all fish that return to the Columbia go over the dam. There are numerous tributaries on both sides below Bonneville.
  659. The Peddler

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    Sorry, you're right. Areas 23, 121, & 123. Canadian side of Swiftsure, and to the North/West of there.
  660. The Peddler

    Just a Reminder

    TRUE, unless you're tribal.
  661. The Peddler

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    Such a crock of BS that this always comes-down to the wire, forcing EVERY state agency to prepare for the shut-down, draf a plan, protocol and procedure, prepare press releases, notices, etc. This is a waste of resources, and takes-away from the business on-which they should be focused.
  662. The Peddler

    Potential NO FISHING This Weekend

    Just halibut, and only a few areas in the Strait.
  663. The Peddler

    Area 11 Crab

    Not sure if you're serious or joking, but that's not legal here.
  664. The Peddler

    Westport thievery

    It depends on what you've been drinking!
  665. The Peddler

    The turd is almost polished

    Nice job! A ton of work. I wish I had time to tackle projects like these.
  666. The Peddler

    Said goodbye to Wasabi today....

    Totally been there. I've never enjoyed selling one of my boats. I saw Wasabi headed South on I-5 yesterday.
  667. The Peddler

    Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    Had a good day y out on the canal today. 4 limits on first two pots! Dumped at-least 3-4 more limits. The South wind made it a little tricky, but can't really complain! We were the first boat back to the ramp. So-weird, because it sucked in the same spot just a couple weeks ago.
  668. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    Thanks. 41 miles is further than I thought. That's almost 2 hours. Looking like for the time/expense of it all, Coronet Bay is likely the best option. Does anyone have any "Crab Chords" for the S.J.'s? LOL
  669. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    That hadn't even occurred to me. It'd be ok if the wind wasn't blowing, I guess. If it were me and the fishing buddies, I'd be less hesitant than with my young family.
  670. The Peddler

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    Considering a trip to the SanJuan's in late July. In the past I've used Cap Sante and Deception Pass as access points. I'm not set-up for a sling launch anymore, so Cap Sante is out. I'm guessing I could run from Everett to Deception Pass in about an hour, which is about the same as it'd take...
  671. The Peddler

    Multi-day crab trip

    Probably. I'm not sure I'd risk it on a day that's "Closed" to sport harvest, as an example. (Not saying the OP intended to do this.)
  672. The Peddler

    Yamaha 17P Stainless Props (Lefty and Right)

    Bump. Maybe a new lurker wants 'em? Make me an offer!
  673. The Peddler

    Multi-day crab trip

    Possession Limit law requires the first days catch to be "Processed," (cooked) before harvesting on a second day, if the first days catch is still on-board.
  674. The Peddler

    Organizing and Storing Tools Onboard

    I use a plastic "ammo can" type of box. It's pretty well water-tight. I lives in the cabin, under the helm seat, so mostly out of the elements. I don't have anything super special, I just try to use the tools in the box whenever I perform maintenance on the boat. That way I hope if I'm...
  675. The Peddler

    There she goes...

    Too much speed would be my guess. Most ST tires are only rated for 60MPH. Some guys go to "LT" tires for higher speed ratings.
  676. The Peddler

    Multi-day crab trip

    Possession Limit: One daily limit in fresh form. Additional shellfish may be possessed in frozen or processed form. You'll need to cook or freeze the first days catch, before starting your second day of harvest.
  677. The Peddler

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    Good thing you sold the boat when you did!
  678. The Peddler

    There she goes...

    Do I see FL plates on the tow rig? Did the buyer drive up to haul back? ANIMAL!
  679. The Peddler

    Freshwater lakes, boating and fishing...ideas?

    This was going to be my suggestion too. I've ever done it, but it sounds like fun. Lake Wenatchee sockeye might be another option?
  680. The Peddler

    Tr1 vs rear station steer??

    Goat's got you headed in the right direction. Tiller-control kicker, add remote throttle servo (ProTroll, etc.) Main engine auto pilot with remote, and EZ Steer tie bar or equivalent.
  681. The Peddler

    No Yeti products for me

    Yeti is somewhat deceptive in their cooler sizing. They measure their volume on OUTSIDE dimensions vs internal capacity.
  682. The Peddler


    Frank McCubbins. He's in Dosewallups near the North end of Hood Canal.
  683. The Peddler

    recommendations for a refurbed 5.7

    I too suggest it's worth having a conversation with Harry @ Tanglewild. He replaced a freeze-damaged engine in a boat belonging to a guy for-whom I worked. I was surprised by the price and timeframe in-which he completed the job.
  684. The Peddler

    Polishing Da Boat

    At least you're not bored with retirement!
  685. The Peddler

    Polishing Da Boat

    But, what would it cost me to have you do the "Sister Ship?" Looks good! What products did you use?
  686. The Peddler


    Same, since yesterday afternoon.
  687. The Peddler

    Storm Damage

    Drop a message to BD'r: SAMohr. He's done some great work for me.
  688. The Peddler

    Guemes Channel pleasure cruise in a wind storm.

    Looks "Heavy." The video of the ride through through the channel looks unpleasant.
  689. The Peddler

    My attempt at a boat porn music video

    +1. I have a system I've devised for my boat, but always interested in seeing if there's a better option. This video is cool too! Gutsy move to fly over water!
  690. The Peddler

    Well, I bought a Duckworth...

    Congrats on the new sled!
  691. The Peddler

    Everett Area Mercruiser Mechanic Recommendations...

    Bayside? I have no personal experience with their service department, and have read mixed reviews from others, so this is not an endorsement.
  692. The Peddler

    Another good day

    The PNW Month of May Trifecta! NICE!
  693. The Peddler

    Used Pursuit 3480 Drummon Island For Sale

    Wow! Certainly a beauty! Too rich for me tho! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk