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  1. kbray001

    What's your go to 2nd set up?

    Pick up a lexa 400 and an 8 foot 20-40 pound rod. 50 lb spectra to the top. It’s the Swiss Army knife of local setups. You can do anything with it on that type of trip. Fly line a bait, bottom fish, throw a jig. I have a lot of setups and for anything local that is the first setup I grab.
  2. kbray001

    New Deep Fryer Thread

    This is the one we have: Power XL Vortex 7-Quart Air Fryer We were given it for a Christmas present. It’s really large compared to others I have seen. I can do close to a pound of chicken wings at one time. We are really happy with it and use it a few times a week.
  3. kbray001

    New Deep Fryer Thread

    Not a deep fryer but we use our air fryer all the time.
  4. kbray001

    Bunk mattress sizes?

    We bought these a couple of years ago Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet – Silk Like Material for Travel - Has Full Length Zipper Guess I was a germaphobe before it was cool. I like it because it has an integrated pillow case And it’s really soft.
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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Well I know there is only one of those two you call when your house is getting broken into. Can we get back to the covid memes! Haha.
  6. kbray001

    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    Thanks for posting these! I’m really enjoying the underwater drone videos. If I didn’t have my mavic I’d be looking at one of these.
  7. kbray001

    Custom EVA grips - blue abstracts

    Awesome color combination! Please post more of your work!!
  8. kbray001

    All corona news is not Bad

    Some people just like to see the world burn. Haha.
  9. kbray001

    Static test pics - opinions please

    What are you using to hold on the guides?
  10. kbray001

    Charkbait store....

    Buy with confidence. Charkbait is one of the best stores around. If you have questions give them a call.
  11. kbray001

    Floro other than seaguar?

    Picked up a bunch of the daiwa J-fluoro at Fred hall. It was the best deal at the show. Have only used it once, but so far no complaints. Prior to this always used seaguar.
  12. kbray001

    2200 Thanks to Comrade Newsom

    Got my first order in from our day of freedom. Can’t wait for this absolutely worthless ammo law to be overturned. Guess I can’t go to the beach this weekend so plinking it is. Thank you Comrade Newsom!
  13. kbray001

    “Tiger King” ULUA

    That’s awesome. I’m not one to name poles , but I’d have to call that one Carole. That way I could make fish disappear out of the ocean.
  14. kbray001

    New color scheme

    I like it! I really like the cork.
  15. kbray001

    Surfing Beginner

    Surfing sucks! Don’t try it. Just messing. When you are first learning craigslist is your friend. Get a 9 ft long board to start. Go to a good beginner break like san O. Like fishing you can learn a lot by watching the guys that can rip. Watch some YouTube videos on technique and practice...
  16. kbray001

    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    For what you described a 300 size baitcaster would be my pick. Love my curado 300. I’d put at least 40 lb braid on it. You want the extra poundage to help pull those mean calicos out of the kelp.
  17. kbray001

    Scouting During Lockdown?

    I have noticed the same thing. We have been social distancing by driving a lot of the USFS roads in our area to let the dog and baby have some fun. That’s normal for us though. Over the last few weeks we have seen way more people out there than we normally do. If people didn’t go outside...
  18. kbray001

    Phenix abyss or Teramar for first jig stick?

    A lexa 400 is the most versatile SoCal reel out there for new fisherman. For anything besides bluefin it’s the first setup I grab. In regard to the rod I have the abyss 808 it is a great rod and pairs well with my lexa but I normally fish an mxj on it. If I was going to buy it again I’d buy...
  19. kbray001


    I’m really sorry for your loss. People suck. I will keep a look out in my area. Post up some pics of you have them.
  20. kbray001

    Alps tensioner question

    Thanks for all the replies! I still have a lot to learn.
  21. kbray001

    let’s see your personal best

    I’ll play! Pb ling cod Pb yellowtail
  22. kbray001

    Alps tensioner question

    You were right I didn’t actually have it in the tensioner. This is why I shouldn’t try new things after work. Haha. Thanks. I will give Tempe bobbins a try tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up. What carriage do you recommend?
  23. kbray001

    Alps tensioner question

    Hey, Well I decided to upgrade to the alps power wrapper. My first impression is this thing is awesome. I’m having trouble with the thread tensioner though. Seems like no matter what setting I have it on is still really lose. I watched some of the online tutorials but I don’t see anything I’m...
  24. kbray001

    Turkey hunt 3/30-4/1

    Great write up! I needed that this morning!
  25. kbray001

    Train Wrecking

    Ok so I am not an expert, but I have to say this is the first time I have heard of trying to sink a boat with a TRAIN!
  26. kbray001

    Batson Enterprises Facing Mandatory Temporary Closure

    It’s a bummer to hear this. I got my last order in to utmost at the last possible minute. I have an alps wrapper on back order for when your team gets operational again. I hope you and your family stay safe through these crazy times.
  27. kbray001


    Watching the presidents press conference. I’m sick of this. Our media is worse than this virus. I don’t give a crap what you want to call COVID-19. The sensationalism and bias of our media has gone to far. I’m glad Trump is calling them out. And I’m not a trump fan. Our president is trying...
  28. kbray001

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Won’t be long until This one gets out of hand.
  29. kbray001

    single hooks for snipers

    I like this idea. Are you attaching them to the front or the back of the jig?
  30. kbray001

    Short survey for College Student

    Good luck with your project. I did something similar for my capstone project on bluefin back in my undergrad days. Sorry but I can’t help your project as I don’t fish the Channel Islands. Make sure to post up your results once you present. I’d be interested in reading them.
  31. kbray001

    Power wrapper question?

    thanks everyone! well there goes part of my tax return. I’ll order it on Monday.
  32. kbray001

    Power wrapper question?

    Hey, Im looking to upgrade to my first power wrapper. After reading some reviews I’m looking at the alps power wrapper with the upgraded chuck from utmost. Is this what you guys would recommend or is there something else that I should be looking...
  33. kbray001

    empty store shelves

    My neighbor is a liberal prepper. I’m a conservative procrastinator with a 12 gauge. who survives the zombie (coronavirus)apocalypse?
  34. kbray001

    Batson Enterprises returns to Fred Hall Long Beach!

    I picked up two of the blue RCLB80m. The color on these is awesome. Now I just have to decide how I’m going to wrap them.
  35. kbray001

    Short survey for College Student

    Hey, I’d be willing to help but can you give us some more information on the aims of your research? some of us are very hesitant to share info as we have been burnt in the past under so called research?
  36. kbray001

    Batson Enterprises returns to Fred Hall Long Beach!

    Ok you might as well take my money now. I’m going to have to buy at least one of the blue ones. Probably both the RCLB80M and the RCHB90XH Does anyone know what islands tackle is going to be charging for them?
  37. kbray001

    New Montana house

    Congrats on the house! What part of the state? my wife’s family lives in Hamilton. One of my goals is to eventually move up to that area and out of commifornia. Have a moose drool for me.
  38. kbray001

    Pacific Queen January 31

    yea absolutely. My wife’s best friend and her husband live in Corvallis. Every time we visit it gets harder to leave. just don’t know if I could survive the winters. Haha.
  39. kbray001

    Pacific Queen January 31

    Great write up. That is one heck of a drive from Montana. Keep the reports coming. Beautiful country up your way. My wife lived in Hamilton for years. I’d love to move up there one day.
  40. kbray001

    New to BD and New to rod building

    For my first build I went with one of the mudhole kits. For me it seemed like the easiest way to get started. The rod building forum on this site and YouTube have a ton of great videos to help get you started. Mudhole also has Some great videos. My personal preference is I really like the...
  41. kbray001

    Saltiga vs girlfriend

    Just saw this video of this guy battling his girlfriend with the new Saltiga. Daiwa needs to sign this guy a contract. Haha
  42. kbray001

    Cory And His Wife Update

    Great to hear! Thank you for the update! If she is already alert and recognizing that sounds like a great sign!
  43. kbray001

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife Cory. Modern medicine can do amazing things. Stay strong.
  44. kbray001

    Last Quail hunt of the year

    Thanks guys! We always called them armed hikes. I’d like to think we made him proud. After he passed my dad gave me his Benelli. Every time I put a shell in the chamber I can’t help but smile thinking about all the time I got to spend hunting with him. I know that’s way too sentimental for bd
  45. kbray001

    Last Quail hunt of the year

    Went out to the Mojave preserve for one last hunt before the season ended with a great family friend. We had great weather and great company. Chased one nice size covey but they were well educated and gave us the slip. Didn’t really hunt all that hard. It was more of site seeing trip than...
  46. kbray001


    Thanks for doing this again! kc 21 Sf 20
  47. kbray001

    New Build to Fish Custom Rod Building Tutorials!

    Sweet. Guess I know what I’ll be watching this weekend!
  48. kbray001

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    that’s a bummer to hear about your experience. I’m a huge fan of my Rtic cooler and recommend them to a lot of people. One of my coolers that was sent to me ended up being the wrong color. Rtic customer service was right on top of getting it fixed and made me a loyal customer. Plus their...
  49. kbray001

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This new color scheme is way too positive for bd. Besides that I like the changes so far. Way faster.
  50. kbray001

    BD Freezes

    Keeps freezing on my iPhone too. Did @Ali forget to pay the bill again? is this Iran’s cyber attack! Prepare the tin foil helmets!
  51. kbray001

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Thanks everyone. this is quickly turning into an addiction. I already started wrapping another rod today.
  52. kbray001

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Thanks the butt caps are from mudhole. They have free shipping right now.
  53. kbray001

    Varmac Christmas rods

    Hey, I know my builds are nothing compared to all of yours but I wanted to show a pair of rods I built for Christmas presents this year. Plus thank you all for all the information you post. These are varmac 7’ 15-30 blanks. The tips are a little stiff but the have a lot of back bone and good...
  54. kbray001

    Custom decal question?

    Thanks! That’s the answer I was hoping for. My wife has a scan n cut so I’m going to give it a shot. If you do decide to get one look at craigslist or Facebook. We got one for super cheap.
  55. kbray001

    Custom decal question?

    I’m really new to rod building but I’m ordering some stickers to attach to some poles I’m making for Christmas. looking at what’s available online I was was wondering if any of you have ever used a scan n cut/cricket to cut out custom vinyl letters for your rods? Is there any reason not to...
  56. kbray001

    Bass Pro Shop

    my grandpa taught me you don’t ever pass a bass pro or cabelas. No matter what.
  57. kbray001

    RainShadow Eternity RX9 build

    wow! Awesome build. your grips are making me want to give cork a shot.
  58. kbray001

    FYI : Mudhole has up to 75% off on some Seeker Blanks

    Thanks for posting this up. I just picked up three blanks. Plus free shipping.
  59. kbray001

    Casting guide help?

    Thanks everyone! Guess I was on somewhat the right track.
  60. kbray001

    Casting guide help?

    Hey, I’m getting ready to build three 7’ 10-20 rods for bay and calico fishing that will fit in our boat locker. I have been trying to research what guides to buy for these and the more I read the more confused I get. I’m a fan of the alps/bastion stuff. Mostly I have been looking at the alps...
  61. kbray001

    Sharing some good fish photos

    Pb yellowtail and ling cod. Caught one year apart on our annual two day at sci on the relentless.
  62. kbray001

    F thieves!

    My brother was packing up to head out for the weekend in the desert for his birthday at my dads house in reche canyon today. Then this pos walked up in broad daylight and stole his gas can from the trailer while he was inside grabbing the rest of the gear. Fucker had no fear he could see the...
  63. kbray001

    Helium Prices!

    haha. Yea it worked out great in the Hindenburg.
  64. kbray001

    50 year old ammo safe to shoot?

    shoot it. I would just be careful with the first few rounds. I have shot a lot of 8mm Mauser that was made in the 50’s. Still shoots straight.
  65. kbray001

    First Custom Rod

    Go in and talk to them. They are really cool guys and will answer all of your questions. I have never had a rod built by then but they are my go to tackle shop.
  66. kbray001

    Daiwa Lexa Rod Recommendation

    If you are budget minded take a look at the okuma shadow stalker. They are a really under rated rod that you can find killer deals on. It’s completely personal preference but for 300 size bait casters I really like a trigger grip. For 400 size it’s not as big of a deal.
  67. kbray001

    Condor 9/9 emergency

    After all the crap that’s gone on lately it’s cool to see a boat have their shit together in an emergency. I have never fished the condor but will make sure to change that soon. I hope the guy that had the emergency makes a full and speedy recovery before the tuna leave.
  68. kbray001

    FREE Great Sellers

    Threadbo And another bump for Ready4theyellow Both of these guys were awesome to work with.
  69. kbray001

    Which Reels w/ Which Rods - 2.5 Day and longer

    Phenix abyss with the avet sx. Use it for 20-25. I’m a big fan of that rod. A lot of the current fish are being caught on 20 lb. Also that lexa makes a great 20-30 lb bait reel. I know some guys disagree but I use mine on a 20-40 8 ft rod all the time. When I’m not targeting bluefin it’s one...
  70. kbray001

    Bed bugs on boats

    Ok so I’m a self admitted germaphobe but I bought one of these to use on the cattle boats Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet - Silk Like Material for Travel - Has Full Length Zipper - Gray Those blankets and pillows gross me out.
  71. kbray001

    What happened to the Fishing Weatherman?

    Yea I miss that guy. His post were always great. He taught me more about San Diego weather than Ron burgundy ever did. His website still works: Don’t blow me up if the info is wrong but I thought I read a post that he had relocated to Arizona.
  72. kbray001

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Damn I joined ten years and twelve days ago! @Ali , @Jason - don’t we get OG status or something for that? This site has softened up a lot since then. Not nearly as much shit talking, or putting idiots on blast. I can’t tell you the last time we had a threat of violence. Shit Ali is a tv Star...
  73. kbray001

    Mustad hook question?

    Thanks everyone! Yea I have a whole binder of good hooks. This is a family charter where at some point my tackle box will be used for most of the people on the boat. So I like to make sure I have enough for everyone and at 50 for 5 bucks I can keep everyone hooked up without going broke...
  74. kbray001

    Mustad hook question?

    I’m getting ready for a two day this weekend and realized I need to stock up on some cheap hooks for schoolies. I have plenty of the designer stuff if needed. I always grab for the cheap Mustads but I realized there are two different models: - 94151 - 9714 Do you guys have a preference on...
  75. kbray001

    War Heroes

    Thanks for posting! What a great event. I hope I can contribute to it in the future.
  76. kbray001

    Looking for gear advise for full day trip

    The rods a little heavy but just set your drag accordingly. If they are running offshore. I’d pick up a couple of spoils of fluoro from 20-40 and a handful of hooks and you’re good to go.
  77. kbray001

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    I have been stuck in that area many times in our old hunting van. Lots of good areas but be careful on the roads and depending on weather bug spray.
  78. kbray001

    Where to Dove Hunt?

    I’m sure everyone knows this, but remember to leave the field cleaner than when you got there. Pickup your empties and trash. I have seen a lot of no trespassing signs pop up because of a couple of assholes. Dove season seems to bring out more of the idiots. Like this ass hat.
  79. kbray001

    Please Reccomend Surface Iron Casting Reel For Under $150

    Penn fathom 25n. Just saw one in the classifieds for 140 I believe.
  80. kbray001

    First build

    Thanks guys! Yea I’m already addicted. I’m ready to pull the trigger on my next build thinking a rainshadow RCLB80m.
  81. kbray001

    First build

    Hey, I have been a long time lurker on the rod building forum. We finally moved into a place with enough room for me to give it a shot. Off of a recommendation I bought one of the mudhole Turnkey kits to get me started. This is a 15-40 Mhx rod. I know it’s not anything compared to most of your...
  82. kbray001

    WTB Talica 16 or 20

    Found one! Thanks for the offer. Moderators please delete.
  83. kbray001

    WTB Talica 16 or 20

    I’m helping a friend look for a like new talica 16 or 20. Looking for something either mint or nib. Spooled with braid would be a plus. Send me a pm and let me know what you have available. He is motivated and has cash. Thanks!
  84. kbray001

    RTIC cooler reviews?

    Like someone else says the 30% off sale is normal but they have dropped their prices normally. I have the 40 soft pack and I love that thing. Will be picking up a hard cooler before the end of the year.
  85. kbray001

    ICAST video: New PENN Fathom II star drag reels

    I have no idea how the 15 casting special works but I know I’m going to have to get one and figure it out.
  86. kbray001

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    All fish caught on hookup baits. No pics of the fish dinner but it was served with a side of bald eagle and garibaldi.
  87. kbray001

    07/12/19 Lake Tahoe Kokane limits for the kids!

    Thanks for the report. That’s how you make some memories. Can’t wait for my little one to get big enough to go on trips like that.
  88. kbray001

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    One of the my favorite sayings i picked up from a deckhand, “They come up, or they come off!” No need to let them run set the hook and pull like crazy. You can pull surprisingly hard on 20 lb. you can pull shockingly hard on 40 lb.
  89. kbray001

    Drone fireworks

    I took some video of the fireworks show in Redlands. Let me know what you think. Make sure to turn the video quality up. Also don’t judge the song. It was all I had on my computer last night and it was way too late to find something else.
  90. kbray001

    tri helix or abyss

    From my understanding the tri helix are closer to the black diamond series. The abyss are more of a glass action. I’m a big fan of the abyss and fish the 808 on a regular basis. I really like how soft of a tip it has but still has backbone to turn a fish.
  91. kbray001

    6" Deck Boots

    When I bought mine I found out West marine will price match off of Amazon. Saved me like 25 bucks and I could try them on to make sure they fit. The best price I have seen on them is squidco though. So far I’m really happy with mine. Really makes me regret wearing my old uncomfortable boots...
  92. kbray001

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Ok so I know everyone keeps saying the bluefin are close but damn!
  93. kbray001

    Took my daughter on a half day. 6/22

    That’s how you do it. My daughters a year and a half. I can’t wait to take her fishing like that.
  94. kbray001

    WTB Penn fathom reels

    I’m sending you a pm huckleberry. Haha.
  95. kbray001

    Help getting started?

    Thanks for all your reply’s! As soon as I get moved I want to make it down to the rod building class. It’s really cool that they put this together.
  96. kbray001

    Help getting started?

    Hey guys, Thanks to all of you pro builders for all the inspiration. I have been wanted to get into rod wrapping for the last couple of years. But having a baby and the size of our condo made that impossible. Well we are finally moving into a bigger place and I’ll have much more room for...
  97. kbray001

    The do's and don'ts of putting together a charter.

    I agree with what has been said above. Make sure all your buddies pay their fare at least a couple weeks before the trip. Cuts out the stress of trying to get money at the docks. Or last minute flakes. Set expectations for the trip. Let everyone know what’s included and what’s not (meal plan...
  98. kbray001

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

    Sweet! Well I know what I want for Father’s Day thanks!
  99. kbray001

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

    That looks great! It was only $40?
  100. kbray001

    Relentless drone pics

    Thanks everyone! We talked about that on the boat. It would have been totally worth it to see that happen! I was hoping for a patriot missile. I disagree. I don’t think it’s over, It’s just getting less fake news coverage. People finally realized that remote control airplanes have been...
  101. kbray001

    Relentless drone pics

    One more. Video to follow.
  102. kbray001

    Relentless drone pics

    Throwing up a couple of pics I took with my mavic 2 last weekend at sci on the Relentless. Here is the link to my fishing report: I have been a photographer for awhile but am relatively new to the drone world...
  103. kbray001

    Relentless 2 day - SCI

    Went on a two day charter on the relentless last weekend, 5/31-6/2. We had an awesome group of guys, awesome crew, awesome bait, awesome weather. The only thing that wasn’t awesome was the fishing. A serious lack of current kept the yt and bass from ever getting after it. We tried hard both...
  104. kbray001

    OC/LA half/three-quarter day trips

    My vote would be a 1/2 day on one of the dana boats. They used to run a 1000 am gentleman’s start half day that was very family oriented. Also if you can get about a dozen people together charter a twilight boat. That way you can know everybody. Your wife will enjoy the sunset and learn how...
  105. kbray001

    New to offshore. Gear check and recommendations

    Besides when targeting the large bft the larger bait casters are awesome for our local waters. I fish my lexa 400 more than just about any other setup. It’s what I caught the fish in my avatar on. I can throw a jig a stupid distance but can also use it as a stealth bait platform. Personally...
  106. kbray001

    New to offshore. Gear check and recommendations

    Your quiver seems great so far. One thing I would add is a 300 size bait caster. This can be a great transition setup for your little dude. Get a 400 size one for yourself.
  107. kbray001

    Where to Fish in riverside

    There is the Santa Anna river but the only thing in there anymore is crack heads. I mean, “urban outdoorsmen.” The only thing you can catch is hepatitis. To the op, check out the stocking schedule for the local regional parks like Yucaipa and glen helen. Both regional parks also have...
  108. kbray001

    Cory update Thursday

    My dad went through this procedure about three years ago. After his recovery and getting his meds stabilized, he actually has more energy than he has had in years with very few side effects. Once you have recovered and get your medications stabilized look into if your insirance will cover an at...
  109. kbray001

    SOLD Like New Okuma Shadow Stalker 8ft Heavy $90

    Hey, I have been looking for one of these. Do you ever make it out to the oc or up around redlands?
  110. kbray001

    Awd vs 4x4 vs rwd..

    Like most have said here just plan around the tides and you should be fine. 4x4 is nice but it’s not mandatory. Also know how your tires handle wet conditions. My dads 2x4 tundra slipped last year with his cute new falkens. I told him to buy the ko2s. He won’t hear the end of that one for...
  111. kbray001

    Handle upgrade for Fathom FTH40NLD2

    I was wondering the exact same thing and can we order directly from pen ?
  112. kbray001

    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    F me!!! You weren’t kidding. I wasn’t ready for that. I sat in the car in front of my house for ten minutes listening to the end of it. @Fishingguy thanks for sharing all you did on the podcast. It was awesome hearing your story and perspective. I know you take some heat but keep doing what...
  113. kbray001

    For Sale Please deleto thanks BD

    Cool bike. I’d be interested but it’s the wrong size. Good luck.
  114. kbray001

    For Sale Please deleto thanks BD

    Hey looks like a cool bike. Can you give some details as to the components and frame size?
  115. kbray001

    Late to the party! Just found out about cast and crank podcasts!

    Like others have said give it a listen. It’s cool because the host is relatively new to saltwater fishing so he ask a lot of great questions that most of us wouldn’t think about. At first he would put on anyone that would respond to him. I don’t support hookup baits but I do support the...
  116. kbray001

    Free fishing for 3 days

    Thanks for the heads up. I talked to the receptionist and one of the study coordinators is going to call me back. I’ll let you guys know what I hear from the coordinator. Sounds like fun. The chance of having a serious reaction from a drug like that is about the same as getting one from...
  117. kbray001

    New LK "They See Me Trolling" Cadillac Shirt

    Ok that’s funny. Bought one. I watched the first episode of season four last night. The camera work is on point. It’s still the only fishing show I enjoy watching.
  118. kbray001

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Way to go Billy! I want to be you when I grow up. Haha
  119. kbray001

    Sunday At The Local Pond..

    Sweet. I’m just heading down there now. Were you at north lake?
  120. kbray001

    Local Pond Turned On Today...

    Nice catch! I need to get back after it now that it’s warmer. I caught a couple right there last year.
  121. kbray001

    Bag to carry clothes It’s not pataguchi but these are great bags. They are very durable and cost a fraction of the price. I have all three sizes and use them on everything from overnight trips to full vacations.
  122. kbray001

    New drone

    Thanks. I was flying. It’s my brother on the bike. The drone can track you. The video is 50/50 on tracking mode and free hand. I need a lot more practice. Haha.
  123. kbray001

    New drone

    Thanks. It’s the Dji Mavic Pro 2. I’m really happy with the video so far.
  124. kbray001

    New drone

    Thanks. My confidence is always higher than my abilities. That’s what gets me into trouble. Haha.
  125. kbray001

    New drone

    Hey, The wifey surprised me with a drone a couple weeks back. I’m still learning how to use it but man is it fun. I want to have enough confidence by summer to take it out on the boat. This is the first real video I put together. Let me know what you think.
  126. kbray001

    Fred hall report - Wed

    It’s the xh 40-80 model. Should be able to handle everything I can throw at it. For the price I’ll give it a shot and sale it on here if I don’t like it.
  127. kbray001

    Fred hall report - Wed

    It was my “work from home day.” Haha. I had my work phone in my pocket. It counts.
  128. kbray001

    Fred hall report - Wed

    Hit up opening day with my dad and brother as tradition. I was hoping the rain would keep the crowds down but man was I wrong. Haha. It was packed at 330. Crowds seemed to thin out later in he day. We did the normal loops hitting up every aisle for the normal assortment of new a new bd shirt...
  129. kbray001

    Best trip to start kids

    With a 6 year old I would start with a 1/2 day out of dana point. All the boats in dana are really good with kids. Plus even if your daughter doesn’t enjoy it there is lots to do around the harbor. If she enjoys it book a 3/4 day next time.
  130. kbray001

    Colt snipper and popper recommendations for YFT?

    I’m a really big fan of the 60, 80, and 100 grams colt sniper. I normally start with the 80 and adjust accordingly. Color doesn’t seem to matter but I like the sardine one. Tuna love them on the drop and retrieve. I also like how you can work different levels of the water column with them.
  131. kbray001

    Anyone have a Kia Soul?

    You can also recline the passenger seat and angle them from the floor board of the passenger seat to the roof in the back of the car. I can fit my 9ft jig stick in my wife’s mazda three this way. She isn’t comfortable in the passenger seat but we have done it more than a few times. Haha.
  132. kbray001

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Another great read. It’s time for bd to pony up some cash and start paying for your trips. Your write ups are some of the best I have ever read.
  133. kbray001

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    Done! Thanks for posting this.
  134. kbray001

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    Thanks for the great write up. I realized I was holding my breathe for the last paragraph waiting for the gaffs to sink into the fish. Congrats.
  135. kbray001

    Okanagan area in late March?

    That sounds like a great trip. Both kelowna and penticton are great towns. Sorry I can’t help with a fishing recommendation but I went on a couple cool day hikes if you are interested.
  136. kbray001

    Okanagan area in late March?

    I have no idea about the fishing but enjoy the Okangan. I used to work up there on a regular basis and it quickly became one of my favorite places in Canada. Where will you be staying?
  137. kbray001

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    I’m a big fan of your work. That’s an awesome blacked out look.
  138. kbray001

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    All you need is ten alcoholic rich partners that just want to sit on the boat on sundays and pound drinks and talk about how rich they are. That way you can fish it every other day and suck it up and play dd on Sunday afternoons. They get to think they are cool when they are bragging at...
  139. kbray001

    New here.. Can I pick some of your brains on terminal tackle for 3 day bluefin/yellowfin trip

    You are good! Holy crap. Buy that last setup and have fun. You have it covered. Also don’t be scared to drop down your top shot to 20 if needed and the fish are schoolie size. You can pull shockingly hard on 20.
  140. kbray001

    Below-Deck Helium Tank Install

    What if he just really likes balloons? Maybe think about that before blasting someone for absolutely no reason. Haha. I like the idea. We always get ours filled at party supply stores
  141. kbray001

    Recommendations for small private charter out of Newport harbor

    Dave Hansen is always an option. If you can get a few people together the Helena out of dana point is a great small group boat. They will teach you what to do. Also I know it’s a drive but dana point does a kids club in the summer it would be awesome for your son to learn.
  142. kbray001

    Reel Service Needed

    I have had really good luck with fisherman’s access in Brea. Last year we dropped off a case of reels from just about every manufacturer there is and they serviced them all.
  143. kbray001


    Thanks for doing this every year Jerry! Count me in. Pats 27 Rams 21
  144. kbray001

    SOLD Rainshadow RCJB84H - New Custom Rod

    That is a great looking stick. if I sell my short board this weekend I will pm you if it’s still available.
  145. kbray001

    SOLD Rainshadow RCJB84H - New Custom Rod

    That is an awesome rod. What does the grip and real seat look like?
  146. kbray001

    For Sale 2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    Not that I could afford it but man I wish I could have bought that boat. Is it staying local?
  147. kbray001

    Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits?

    Sweet. Well I guess I’ll have to pick up a couple. Maybe at Fred hall. They look like a mix of a dinosaur and a swimbait.
  148. kbray001

    Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits?

    Hey, I have heard from a couple people about these megabass dark sleeper swimbaits. They look odd but people swear by them. Are any of you fishing them? If you are how do you fish them? Thanks
  149. kbray001

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    For five or six days what about monument valley and the four corners area? Lots of really cool stuff out there. Spend a day in flagstaff on the way home and go to the Lowell observatory.
  150. kbray001

    Fish unique to southern California?

    Evidence suggest that the delta smelt might be an invasive species. Even though scientist disagree lovely California waste millions of gallons of water to help “protect” it. Maybe I’m slightly bias on this one.
  151. kbray001

    Building Your Own Custom Rod – Part 3

    Same. I started watching it this morning. This series really makes me want to get into wrapping my own rods. Wonder if I can convence the wife into Turing our babies room into my rod wrapping room. Haha.
  152. kbray001

    Membership is free

    Thanks Dave! Already spent a half an hour watching videos instead of taking the dog for a run. Haha.
  153. kbray001

    Lake Dixon HookJaw : My first trout ever : Catch and Cook video

    Cool video. What drone are you using?
  154. kbray001

    What was your fish of the Year?

    Mine was either my pb yt at SCI, or my broken rod yft. My yft isn’t anywhere close to my pb but was the first time I ever broke a rod and I won the jackpot with that fish.
  155. kbray001

    Excel 16 day

    I was going to say those are pro quality dslr and drone images. That’s awesome. Like always, awesome write up.
  156. kbray001

    Excel 16 day

    Great pics! What were you shooting with?
  157. kbray001

    Okuma PCH 801XH - Cheap on Amazon!

    That’s a stupid good deal on that rod. I guess I’m going to have to get one.
  158. kbray001

    rod arangment

    That will be an awesome setup no matter what. Thanks for the link!
  159. kbray001

    rod arangment

    I agree with the above. A fathome 25nld2 would be awesome on that rod. I have to ask where did you get that rod for 100? I have been looking to pick one up.
  160. kbray001

    Ten Essential Lures -- Which?

    I hate to be a Shimano fan boy but I don’t go on any trip these days without a few colt snipers and flat falls. Throw in a few Jri jigs and call it done.
  161. kbray001

    14 day trip report.....

    From the posting of yours I have seen the term, “Troll” is accurate and fitting. Trolls normally assume that they are mentally superior, when in reality they are normally nothing more than average. No matter what their mothers tell them. Just accept it’s who you are. Also for someone who seems...
  162. kbray001

    14 day trip report.....

    Wow, soda is one of the nicest guys on this forum. He doesn’t need me to stick up for him, but your comment is bullshit. Soda made the decision to not name the boat. That was his decision. You can disagree with him but throwing him under the bus and calling him names, is as you would say...
  163. kbray001

    Bigger baitcaster

    Please elaborate? My lexa 400 is a work horse for me. Cast a mile and has more than enough line capacity/drag to handle anything in our local waters under the cow bft.
  164. kbray001

    Fisherman's access sale

    Thanks for the heads up! I got a lexa 400 for 185 a new rolling nomad tackle box for 50 dollars off. A bunch of jig heads and colt snipers for 25 percent off. Plus if you say how you heard about the sale they throw in free sunglasses. They are having live auctions at 1 and are there until 3...
  165. kbray001

    Baby xtratufs

    Thanks everyone. If anyone is looking for a pair I found them the cheapest here.
  166. kbray001

    Setting up Lexa 300 hd 7:1

    40lb braid all the way to the top and 20-30 lb short fluoro topshots is how I rig mine. You can do some work with those little reels. I have 50 lb braid on my 400.
  167. kbray001

    SOLD Shimano Travel Bag

    My bad. It would have been perfect for my boat if it was a tackle bag. Glws
  168. kbray001

    SOLD Shimano Travel Bag

    What size boxes does this hold?
  169. kbray001

    Baby xtratufs

    Since having my daughter I can’t wait to take her fishing. She is already my little hiking buddy. So when I found these I had to get her a pair. I’m thinking she might get a pink sx for Christmas.
  170. kbray001

    This is Styling

    Only in Mt!
  171. kbray001

    Constitution questions?

    Thanks for the info.
  172. kbray001

    Epic Overnight - Condor 10/28

    Great write up! Plus bonus points for fishing with gramps. Never seen anyone sight fish with flat falls before. Haha.
  173. kbray001

    Constitution questions?

    Hey, We are looking for a new boat to charter next year for our late August charter. All of our normal boats don’t have the weekend we want available so we are looking at the constitution out of h&m. Looks like a cool boat with a different layout then most of the sd boats. I have found read...
  174. kbray001

    RTIC 25% off Sale

    Thanks for posting. I have the 40 soft cooler and it’s embarrassing how much I love that thing.
  175. kbray001

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Thanks for posting this. This really Shows what people think of Andrew. I added my donation and forwarded it to our charter.
  176. kbray001

    Dana point bonito help?

    Thanks for all the help guys. We tried trolling for an hour or so in the morning. No love so we went to plan b which was bass. Caught a few small bass and a couple small cudas. As we were heading towards the barn we found a school of “giant” mackerel near the green buoy. Nothing crazy but our...
  177. kbray001

    Dana point bonito help?

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help.
  178. kbray001

    Dana point bonito help?

    Heyy, So no shame in admitting we suck at fishing from our new boat. We have gone out of Dana a few times this summer and are having a hard time figuring out the private boat routine. We normally fish sporties. I completely get paying our dues figuring it out but this weekend we are taking...
  179. kbray001

    Reel Recommendation for 1 Day and Overnight SD Trips

    I second this vote. Pick one up on the forum loaded with spectra for under 200 and you are set. Also don’t be scared to use the lexa 300 on those boats. My curado 300 is one of my go to reels on shorter boats. Plus they can cast a mile.
  180. kbray001

    SOLD Phenix Abyss 809 or 909 for $150 - Reduced

    The original price was 190. He updated the post. My math is just fine. Unlike your Internet sleuth skills which might need some help. But thanks Chuck. 175 is fair if it’s in awesome shape. Glws.
  181. kbray001

    SOLD Phenix Abyss 809 or 909 for $150 - Reduced

    A whole ten bucks off from brand new! Someone jump on this deal!
  182. kbray001

    Fathom 40 NLD2 Calsheets Blueprint

    That’s awesome! I might have to get this done.
  183. kbray001

    Fathom 40 NLD2 Calsheets Blueprint

    How much did they charge for this?
  184. kbray001

    Using Daiwa Lexa 300

    Never leave home without a 300 size baitcaster! I have caught more yt, yft, and dorados on my lexa and Curado than just about any other rig I have. Plus they are just easier and more fun to fish. My avatar pic was on a lexa 400 and I won two jackpots this year on my Curado.
  185. kbray001

    Full Day Options out of SD

    Mahilini. They are running super light loads right now.
  186. kbray001

    SOLD United Composites US Monster 85XH 30-60 line,

    Do you have more pictures of the handle section?
  187. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    I know they had to replace a lot of planks and stringers on the back half of the boat and fix a bent propeller shaft. I’m sure there was a lot more that went into it but I don’t want to tell you the wrong info and get crucified by the bd police. Book a trip and Capt Bill or Kimmo will tell you...
  188. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    That Mahilini suffered some damage that was caused by hitting something in the water coming back from the Nados. Unfortunately, the boat yard that originally worked on it did not know what they were doing. They ended up multiplying the damage. Lawyers and insurance companies jumped in and the...
  189. kbray001

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    I’m not really sure why what I wear fishing or around town would bother anyone besides my wife. She really loves when I wear old fishing shirts on date night. There also a lot of guys that like rocking what they love to do. I’m in that category. If I’m not fishing or outdoors I’m normally...
  190. kbray001

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Well I finished season one. Hopefully we will get a season two. The filming is great. Makes me really want to try a jack pole. Haha. I never knew they used live bait on the jack poles. That seems really interesting. Wonder how the sporties in sd would feel about one of those. Haha.
  191. kbray001

    First trip on a SD boat question ?

    I’m a huge fan of catch and release. On our last two day one of the deck hands recommended switching over to cheap mustad bronze hooks when it went wide open. If you saw it was a skippy give it slack and then set the hook like you’re on bass masters. Most of the time you break off the hook but...
  192. kbray001

    Looking for a new cooler for the tower seat! Anyone have good advice on brand and size?

    RTIC has my vote. They have 25% off right now with a discount code.
  193. kbray001

    Prowler two day

    I’m going to try and make this one short as I know it’s late, but with a baby and work there hasn’t been time to write a true report. So this is what you get. We had an awesome two day charter on the Prowler. We left for the trip on my birthday last Friday (8/24). I have to admit it was a...
  194. kbray001

    shout out to turners

    No worries. Kirks aren’t always the best readers. I know from experience. Hahaha.
  195. kbray001

    shout out to turners

    Hahaha. I’ve been into the Irvine store three times. Each time they have been awesome. The store in San Berdo is where they look at you like you have a third eye if your not buying a street sweeper or a Two legged varmit killer. Haha. Like the other poster said. I got an upgraded rod to...
  196. kbray001

    shout out to turners

    Thanks! Good luck on your trip.
  197. kbray001

    shout out to turners

    On Sunday I was on a two day on the Prowler (report will be posted after the baby goes to sleep). We were in a stupid wide open bite of a mixed school of skippies and yft. After the bite slowed down, the fish wanted the light line. I grabbed my curado 300 on my turners Californian inshore...
  198. kbray001

    Schoolie Rig

    My go to is a lexa 400 on a 8 foot shadow stalker rod. The lexa is filled to the brim with 40 pound braid and use short fluoro top shots. That rig can cast a mile and about the easiest thing to fish.
  199. kbray001

    Football season has begun... on the Malihini 8/17

    Awesome video. Kimo and captain bill doing work.
  200. kbray001

    Football season has begun... on the Malihini 8/17

    Great write up. Glad to see the Mahilini getting it done.
  201. kbray001

    Sushi interest? Dragon roll! Poke Nachos! Pic heavy!

    Very jealous of your skills. I need some practice. If you are willing to share I would like to try those nachos.
  202. kbray001

    Favorite way to attach leader

    No need. Learn a couple knots and pick the one that works for you. Fg, Albright, uni to uni, rp, Collins just to make a few. Haha.
  203. kbray001

    How do you catch flying fish?

    20 gauge and a spotlight? I’ve heard they do it with the bait nets.
  204. kbray001

    SOLD TRULINE C5X 7ft 30-50# $300

    I will start the bidding at $2 2 because it’s a truline.
  205. kbray001

    Tackle ho's check in

    Those rods are awesome. Who wrapped those?
  206. kbray001

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    Just had a couple of these rigged up at fisherman’s access.
  207. kbray001

    New Colt Sniper Hardware

    Thanks. I wasnt sure if you were adding them off the back or the front.
  208. kbray001

    New Colt Sniper Hardware

    Could you post a picture of how you run them? I have been thinking of modifying a couple of snipers before my two day in a couple weeks to go along with the hot rodded flat falls.
  209. kbray001

    SOLD Fishing rods x2

    Thanks for letting me know. That was a great price.
  210. kbray001

    Which Fathoms?

    For 25-30 I’m a big fan of the 25n star drag.
  211. kbray001

    SOLD Fishing rods x2

    Do you still have the Tallus?
  212. kbray001

    Problems Hookup baits

    Thanks for setting me straight. Absolutely no way in hell I’ll be purchasing a single lure from a convicted poacher. I’ll wait and buy an alternative.
  213. kbray001

    Problems Hookup baits

    I was looking at picking some of these up this weekend. Guess I’ll wait for the Caivo version. What do you mean criminal? Someone fill me in. Must have missed that thread.
  214. kbray001

    bait rod help

    My vote would be for a daiwa proteus PRTB80HF. Congrats on the kiddo. And you are correct your season will be over. I know from experience. Haha.
  215. kbray001

    Hooks??? What do you do?

    That’s how I do it. Organized by size an type in the original packs. Throw them away after you use them.
  216. kbray001

    Reel for flat falls

    I have a penn fathom 40nld2 loaded with 80lb braid to the top. Best bang for your buck.
  217. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    Yea the hini is back at it. Book through their new website: Or call Captain Bill at: 844.619.3474 The Coronado yt are on fire right now. While the other boats are running almost full the Mahilini has light loads.
  218. kbray001

    New Lexa Question

    My lexa 400 has been my go to reel for the last few seasons. Caught my new pb yt two weekends ago at sci with it. I have fished mine hard and never had an issue with it. Just have it serviced after every season like I do all my reels.
  219. kbray001

    Mahilini is back

    Ended the day with 42 yellow tail, 20 bonito, 14 calico bass and a Barrie for 15 guys. The Coronado’s are biting guys. Get out on the Mahilini before everyone realizes they are back and there are 50 guys onboard.
  220. kbray001

    Mahilini is back

    From my understanding they will be running out of their old spot at h and m but will be running independent trips. They have been in dry dock for the last few months having repairs done to the hull.
  221. kbray001

    Mahilini is back

    Hey, I wanted to let everyone know the Mahilini is going to be back fishing this Saturday, June 16th running daily 3/4 day trips to the Nados. From now on you can book your trips directly from their website listed below. It sounds like the Coronado’s are...
  222. kbray001

    Relentless 2 day - San Clemente Island

    For the last month, I have been more excited for this trip than I care to admit. We go on this charter every year but for some reason I always get excited when I know we are going to San Clemente. On Friday, Jun 8th, my Dad, Brother, and I made the drive down to sd to get things started. We...
  223. kbray001

    For Sale $300 Penn fathom 40nld2

    That’s where you are wrong! Welcome to bd it’s always a discussion.
  224. kbray001

    WTB (Found) Penn fathom 40nld2 wanted

    Thanks for the offers! I found the 40nld2 I was looking for. Please delete.
  225. kbray001

    Seaforth fleet as backdrop to wedding shoot

    My wife and I shot a wedding at the convention center next to seaforth on Saturday. We took some sunset pictures with the fleet in the background. The couple didn’t care but I like the background.
  226. kbray001

    WTB (Found) Penn fathom 40nld2 wanted

    Saturday bump. Still looking.
  227. kbray001

    WTB (Found) Penn fathom 40nld2 wanted

    Hey guys, I’m looking to buy a penn fathom 40nld2. It would be awesome if it had white 80lb braid on it but I’m open to one without line on it too. I know these are really popular reels but I have always had great look buying and selling on bd. Have cash in hand and am looking to make a deal...
  228. kbray001

    Overnight Trip Setup Question

    Good to go. If you should add to your quiver. The answer is always yes!!
  229. kbray001

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    Since we are bringing back this old thread I’ll throw up a pic of mine. 2000 land cruiser. Most comfortable car to drive and can handle some serious terrain. Never thought I could love a car old enough to vote this much. Have big plans for mods but having a baby has slowed down my timetable.
  230. kbray001

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Like a lot of guys on here the first Yft, albacore, and dorado I ever caught were all on the prowler with Buzz at the helm. Buzz is a fantastic guy and one hell of a fisherman. He will be missed. I wish him all the best in his retirement. When I was about 14, on one of my first two day trips...
  231. kbray001

    London outlaws knives! Is it bad that this story made my lunch? These good liberal Europeans are always used for the statistics the left cling to when it comes to gun control. Now we...
  232. kbray001

    Been looking for a very long time!

    That is so awesome! I would love to have something like that one day. One of the vehicles that won the war.
  233. kbray001

    Fishing weatherman farts on live TV

    What happened to him? I miss his posts on bd.
  234. kbray001

    anyone use paypal?

    Don’t use friends/families! For my wife’s business we use PayPal a lot. The friends/family option let’s you transfer money for free but does not allow you any of the protections provided by PayPal. It’s worth the fee. Be very careful. There are a lot of scammers out there. A few months back a...
  235. kbray001

    Who’s Fishing Montana This Year?

    Congrats!! My wife is from Hamilton. We try to go up every summer. This is the first year that I have gotten into fly fishing so I’m really looking forward to the trip this summer. Enjoy your new property. I’m stuck in Commifornia for the next two years but after that moving to the bitterroot...
  236. kbray001

    Starting a BD team apply in the thread

    Isn’t this position how bd got started?
  237. kbray001


    I’m in. Patriots 31 Eagles 27 Thanks for doing this every year!
  238. kbray001


    So what does everyone think about the 20 percent drop across all the major coins today?
  239. kbray001

    BD Points I Don't Give a Shit

    You guys didn’t get the winter catalog and Christmas card where you could redeem the points for presents? The redemption values this year were ridiculous. A handy used to be way cheaper.
  240. kbray001

    MeatEater Podcast

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know he had a podcast. I’m downloading a couple right now. If you are looking for a great podcast I tell everyone to download the way I heard it with Mike Rowe. Great short stories that are really informative. It makes my commute less crappy
  241. kbray001

    Cutting the cable cord! Anyone know what’s the best way to stream tv?

    Exactly what he said! Kodi is awesome! The only thing that can be hard to find is live sports. Other than that I watch everything on Kodi. There are a ton of YouTube videos to get you set up on kodi using a fire stick. Sometimes there are issues but it’s well worth it. The only thing I would...
  242. kbray001

    Shore fishing Cancun?

    Thanks for the info. Yea c and r is all I would be planning on doing. Guess I’ll bring a rod and give it a try. If nothing else I’ll catch a buzz.
  243. kbray001

    Shore fishing Cancun?

    Thanks for the info guys.
  244. kbray001

    Shore fishing Cancun?

    Headed down to Cancun for the first time next week for a bachelor party. We already have a inshore charter booked for one day but we’re wondering about shore fishing? We both get up early and thought maybe we could get in a few casts while the rest of the dudes sleep. We are staying just south...
  245. kbray001

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    I don’t think these boats really care about repeat customers. They are looking for tourist and soccer moms who want to take their families fishing as cheaply as possible. Not people who post on fishing websites or being six setups on a half day. . They are working on a quantity over quality...
  246. kbray001

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    Haha. This is why bd is the best site. A post about Sea Shepard in Mexico ends up being an argument about CALPERs in California. My opinions on that one for people other than police and fire would get the feed locked so I’ll keep it to myself. Haha.
  247. kbray001

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    Well that’s good to hear. My impression of them is from whale wars where they seemed incompetent at best. Haha.
  248. kbray001

    Fisherman shoot down sea Shepard’s drone

    Really funny article: I am all for the protection of endangered species and something really needs to be done to stop poaching but After watching their whaling show they normally look like idiots...
  249. kbray001

    Combat fishing in Africa

    It looks like one of the daveys locker boats after the groupon sale.
  250. kbray001

    what will you in the new year.

    After reading the whole bitcoin thread I’m investing everything in bitcoin. They say it’s a sure bet. hahahaha.
  251. kbray001

    Rod to pair with Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    I would go with the 7 ft Tallus 50-100. Unless you’re going for a bft cow then switch to the other rod. Those Tallus rods are really underrated. They are great rods for the price.
  252. kbray001

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    Since we revived a three year old post I wonder how opinions have changed. I know my lexa 400 is still my go to reel for anything under the giant bft. I use it for everything from bait fishing, to throwing coltsnipers and flatfalls. Even shallow water rock fishing. Three years ago very few...
  253. kbray001

    Southwest passengers are so friendly

    Proud to have my companion pass on Southwest. The greyhound bus of the sky. All jokes aside they really are the best airline for short flights.
  254. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    Not to bring back an old thread but I wanted to clear up some posts. I am in no way affiliated with the Mahilini besides fishing it regurarly. Earlier tonight I got most of the story from the big man. The boat has had some serious damaged caused by being hauled out for some repairs earlier in...
  255. kbray001

    Drones...which one?

    My Christmas’s bonus is being spent on a dji mavic platinum. For the size of it you can’t beat the picture quality. Plus it’s small enouch I can always have it with me. I’m a research nerd and have been really torn on which one to get but after watching my buddies mavic in action in the...
  256. kbray001

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Remember in the global warming arena it’s publish or perish. Who needs actual unbiased and replicatable results when you have Hollywood actors agreeing with your conclusions. Besides when has Al Gore ever been wrong. Without him we wouldn’t have the internet. Hahahaha
  257. kbray001

    who wants to go 50/50

    So you’re saying there is a chance!!! Haha.
  258. kbray001

    who wants to go 50/50

    That might be the most awesome boat I have ever seen. Anyone know what a healthy kidney is going for these days? I might be willing to sell one.
  259. kbray001

    Relentless 3/4 11/24/17 - Good Fishing, Heart Failure!!

    Way to go Man! It’s great Mikey, the crew, you and the other passenger were able to stabilize the passenger until the coast guard got there. It always amazes me how anytime there is an emergency it seems like there is someone with the skills to step up and help. I wonder if any of the boats...
  260. kbray001

    New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    That report belongs on the front page. Best write up of the year!! Congrats. If I didn’t have a one month old at home I’d be heading out.
  261. kbray001


    What brand of spectra is it loaded with?
  262. kbray001

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    When I first got it I had an issue with this too. My scope wasn’t prorperly attached to the rail. After reseating the scope it’s dead on. I do. Mine doesn’t have the suppressor but we shot ours a lot and none of our neighbors complained. Although it’s not as cool as some of what the other guys...
  263. kbray001

    Looking for a pellet gun / air rifle

    One of the best Christmas presents my dad ever bought me was a Gamo break barrel pellet rifle. 1000 FPS and an absolute tack driver. My brother and I decimated the local squirrel and bird populations with those. This one looks really cool and has noise reduction...
  264. kbray001

    Colt sniper questions

    I like the 80 and 100 gram variants. The blue and green seem to get bit the best for me. What I really like about them is you can fish them multiple ways. Straight cast and grind like a surface iron or cast and let them sink like a yo-yo.
  265. kbray001

    Relentless 2 Day 9/18-20

    Fantastic write up! We need to stop telling everyone how well the smaller coltsnipers work. I fish a two day charter on the relentless every year and have nothing but good things to say about Mikey, his crew, and the boat.
  266. kbray001

    Overnight Charter boat for 10-12 people

    The relentless accommodates a few more than that but it is a great, "smaller" boat.
  267. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    What makes you say the boat is unsafe? Pretty sure it has passed a uscg inspection like all the other boats. Hahahaha. I miss June!! She was the best cook. The ash from her marbolo just gave the breakfast burritos a little extra flavor. Plus she didn't take shit from anyone. Hahaha.
  268. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    Hahaha. If you haven't been on the boat since the 80s then you have no idea what shape the boat is in. Crap the captain of the Mahilini probably wasn't even alive the last time you fished it. I fish the Mahilini multiple times every year, the owner and crew have the boat in great shape. Boats...
  269. kbray001

    Montana 7/27-8/11

    I'm working on it. I'm one promotion away from being able to work remotely all the time. It's either the bitterroot valley or Austin after that.
  270. kbray001

    Montana 7/27-8/11

    That looks like an incredible trip! I love Montana. My wife grew up in the bitterroot valley. Every time we go up there it gets harder to leave.
  271. kbray001

    What happened to Malihini?

    The boat has had some mechanical issues over the last couple of months. Hopefully they get it back running soon. None of the sport fishers are getting any younger. The Mahilini was originally a PT boat that was commissioned at the end of ww2.
  272. kbray001

    Rocky Mountain High

    Great pictures as always. I'm going to Colorado in a couple of weeks for work. I'm new to the fly fishing game but want to bring my rod and give it a try in the evenings.
  273. kbray001

    3/4 fishing trip

    If it's your girlfriends first time ever in the big pond I would take her on a 1/2 day trip out of dana point. Those boats seem way more family oriented than the la/lb boats. The thing you don't want is a bunch of Groupon a holes trying to combat fish. The half day boats will let her catch a...
  274. kbray001

    Poke Recipe

    Looks like a great recipe. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try your receipt later this week. I have been wanting some poke.
  275. kbray001

    Searcher 3 Day - Local Offshore / SCI - Big BFT

    One of the best reports I have read. Thank you for all the detailed information! Looks like you had an awesome trip.
  276. kbray001

    Dove opener 2017 - tough day

    Woke up well before the butt crack of dawn this morning to get out to our little spot before anyone else for the dove opener. Picked up my dad and brother and headed out to the field in my new to me 2000 land cruiser. We got our normal spot and set up for the morning. With all the thunder...
  277. kbray001

    Gear for a 3.5 day on the SA 80.

    Last weekend I got destroyed by those big bft using a single speed reel. If I were you I'd buy a two speed. Next year I'll have a penn fathom 40 n two speed. Would have given me a fighting chance.
  278. kbray001

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    Video posted on YouTube of Buzz finishing off a big bft.
  279. kbray001

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    Thanks everyone. It was a great trip. Like a lot of you pointed out we all brought knives to a gun fight. We weren't expecting to run into cow bft. I guess now days you can't leave the heavy gear at home no matter what. I'm trying to figure out how to add a video of Buzz finishing off the 120...
  280. kbray001

    Prowler two day - Aug 25-27 - I hate bft

    The A.D.D. version of the trip: On Saturday we limited the boat on dorado and caught a few yt and yft. On Sunday we got our asses handed to us by giant bft. Great captain, crew and trip. Scroll down for pictures. The detailed version of the trip: On Friday 8/25 my Dad, Brother, and I got off...
  281. kbray001

    Fukushima Radiation

    Never mind, I was giving you a chance to backup your ignorant statements. But there is no sense. You can't argue with stupid.
  282. kbray001

    Fukushima Radiation

    If you make a post like that you better have some better sources than saying,"the Internet." People on bd talk a lot of crap, but we also do our research. What articles are you talking about? You might want to be careful. Your ignorance is hanging out.
  283. kbray001

    Fukushima Radiation

    You need to adjust your tinfoil hat. All you are getting is static.
  284. kbray001

    Eurasian Hunt 7/28. Brawley / Calipatria.

    Thanks for the report. i think you are spot on about the recent hatch. We have tons of young dove in my neighborhood.
  285. kbray001

    Seaforth Landing, WFO Yellows and some DoDos

    Hahahaha!!! Now that is how you make a fishing video.
  286. kbray001

    number 26 is an idiot

    Only scum bags breaking the law will harm us.
  287. kbray001

    number 26 is an idiot

    Holy shit! This thread should be fun. Who wants to do some detective work on the excels last trip?
  288. kbray001


    Wishing you a speedy recovery. Always enjoy your reports.
  289. kbray001

    Boat limits

    After reading this entire thread I can't even remember what the limits on fish are??? I know for me once I catch my limits I'll normally hook and hand fish off to people. I find handing off fish to be more fun than running up my count. One of my favorite days was when I was on the new lo an...
  290. kbray001

    Mahilini - 3/4 day - July 25

    Thanks guys. It was a great trip. Only a couple more weeks until my two day. Hoping the offshore scene keeps approving like it has over the last couple of weeks.
  291. kbray001

    Who's looking for a deckhand job?

    Wow, this looks like a great company. Really interesting industry. If this was five years ago my resume would already be submitted.
  292. kbray001

    Casting Lures for Dorado...

    A lot of party boats don't like you throwing the plug for dodo's because they have really soft mouths and like to jump. With that said, I have had good success on dodo's with waxwings. I bet they would eat the snipers too.
  293. kbray001

    Mahilini - 3/4 day - July 25

    Fished the Mahilini yesterday on a 3/4 day charter with some close family friends and their extended family. After a 245 am wake up call my dad, brother and I made the drive down. Due to a few last minute cancelations we were rolling with 18 fisherman. Most were completely new to salt water...
  294. kbray001

    Local Knowledge Episode 9 "Skip Skip Boom" FULL EPISODE

    Watched it last night. Great episode! Really liked the ending segment with the scientist talking about the tuna patterns. Once again Ali makes me jealous of his life while I'm sitting at my desk. Haha.
  295. kbray001

    Reel recommendation for Daiwa Proteus 76MH

    Great choice of rod. If you don't like big baitcasters what about either penn fathom 25n for a star drag or an avet Mxj. I have the penn on my proteus and even at 7'6" that rod cast surprisingly well. I know you said your not a baitcasters guy but the lexa are fantastic reels. The 400 series...
  296. kbray001

    Oldest rifle you own

    While not as old as the guns you are listing. My oldest is a Mauser 98k. It was manufactured in 1939. While I don't know if the gun was used in ww2. It was issued to a soldier in Romania after the war. The soldier carved his initials and id number into the stock. My uncle bought it in the...
  297. kbray001

    Magnets for Glass and Metal desk...???

    Thinking outside the box. I like it. In my best personal guess I would say go for it. You could either do that or use some Velcro attached to each side to hold it in place. Place the Velcro in spots normally covered so it won't be seen.
  298. kbray001

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    That is an awesome design. your craftsmanship is always on point.
  299. kbray001

    ??Alternate American Flag??

    As most of my family is in law enforcement I put one of those stickers on the back of my Tahoe to support them. A couple weeks later I got my car broken into in Phoenix on a work trip. My car was parked in a Marriott parking lot in the middle of the day. The idiot didn't get much but cost me a...
  300. kbray001

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    You forgot when he cast out he backlashes, tangles the entire stern of the boat and blames your head for messing up his casts. He then gets drunk passes out and walks away with two of your yellowtail at the dock. Haha.
  301. kbray001

    New to fishing

    What is your budget and what kind of trips do you plan on going on? Be careful starting to buy salt water gear. It can get very addicting. Haha.
  302. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Hey, it's a 2wd. If your interested let me know. I need to get this thing sold this week.
  303. kbray001

    throwin iron

    Tranx 500
  304. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Thanks man. This is a great truck. My brother texts me almost daily telling me I'm an idiot for selling it. Just can't justify keeping a third car with a baby on the way and saving for a down payment on a house. Like my previous post I'm getting tired of Craigslist tire kickers. If anyone is...
  305. kbray001

    Lexa 400 HD 8.1:1 for local islands

    I have the lexa 400 with the 6.3 gear ratio. It has quickly become my go to rig for anything besides giant bft. It cast a mile and can handle anything from calico bass to mean island yt and even school sized tuna. Over the last ten years I have built a decent quiver but now days I find myself...
  306. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Bump. Make me an offer. Im getting tired of Craigslist flakes. Would love to see this truck go to a fellow bd'er.
  307. kbray001

    Galley Grub

    One of the best breakfast burritos I have ever had was on a two day on the prowler. The chef (action, really is a chef) made his own pico de gallo and home made hash browns from scratch. The attention to detail really showed. Every meal he put in front of you had a special touch to really set...
  308. kbray001

    Cuda Time

    They are finally back. I love catching slime logs on the iron. If you get bored hooking them on the iron throw a waxwing. Slime logs love tearing up waxwings. Haha.
  309. kbray001

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    Thanks. Glad they have worked for you. I'm going to be giving them a workout next weekend on a two day. I might go pick up another pack of hooks and do a few more just in case.
  310. kbray001

    Newbie Advice

    If I were you I'd buy a penn fathom 25n two speed. Then I would pair that with a daiwa proteus 7'6" rod. That combo will handle just about anything in so cal. Then you can start building your quiver from there. Haha.
  311. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Price lowered Saturday bump. Not in a hurry but willing to make a deal.
  312. kbray001

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    What do you guys think about these setups? I used owner split rings and 5/0 inline hooks on both the flat falls and the snipers.
  313. kbray001

    Mlpas have they created better fishing?

    You might be an environmentalist and a fisherman but I am a scientist and a fisherman. I have spent a lot of time looking for anything that would be considered decent proof of the MPA's success and have not found any credible papers to back up their claims. Like everything in California...
  314. kbray001

    How much is too much?

    Haha. I have this same problem all the time. After a lot of tinkering I have gotten myself down to an open water roller bag and a backpack full of tackle. This is for overnight trips up to 3 days. For 3/4 and 1/2 day trips I have a seperate backpack ready to go. If I ever went long range I...
  315. kbray001

    Southern Belize Report April 2017

    Great photos! Belize is an awesome country. My wife and I spent two weeks there last year. Can't wait to go back.
  316. kbray001

    2002 Toyota Tundra

    Hey, It's time to sell my 2002 Toyota Tundra. This truck is in great shape. The only reason I am selling is we bought a larger SUV to accommodate our new baby. This truck runs perfectly. And has absolutely zero issues. It also has a brand new set of tires on it with a full Costco warranty...
  317. kbray001

    The Local Scene – The New Seaforth

    Great write up Joe! Every year before any serious trip I jump on a couple of half day trips out of Dana point just to knock the rust off and make sure all my gear is working properly. I learned more over the years on those half day boats than on most of my longer trips. Plus I'm a sucker for...
  318. kbray001

    Cool video by HUK down at Sport Fish Panama Island Lodge

    That is one of the best fishing videos I have seen. Great filming and story telling. Please post up more videos like this.
  319. kbray001

    Thresher at CC

    Hooking a thresher on a sup. That is bad ass story.
  320. kbray001

    Charter suggestions for 9 people?

    Calvin and his crew also have a great laid back attitude. When we charter that boat we usually have a large number of inexperienced people. Calvin and his crew go above and beyond trying to help them catch fish.
  321. kbray001

    Charter suggestions for 9 people?

    Check out the Helena from Dana point. The captain Calvin is a great guy and the Helena is a great boat for small charters. we do a lot of family half day charters on that boat.
  322. kbray001

    Taxman in the House

    The thing that worries me is the number of sharks seems to be increasing. Right now there is plenty of natural prey (seals). But eventually the number of seals will decrease while the sharks numbers will keep rising. Then you have larger numbers of hungry sharks and less natural prey. Add that...
  323. kbray001

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    You are going to get a different opinion from each person on here. the San Diego is a great boat but my choice is the Mahilini. I really like how the mahilini fishes plus they have a great owner, captain, and crew. Captain Mikey is a super fishy dude that will do everything he can to put his...
  324. kbray001

    Yellowfin tuna migration

    As a somewhat scientist (not a marine biologist) I can say one thing for sure. Every time we think we understand a biological system. We get a glimpse at how vastly more complicated it actually is than we originally thought.
  325. kbray001

    The moment that you fell in love with fishing

    I grew up freshwater fishing with my grandpa. I always enjoyed it but it was more about driving the boat and going exploring with my grandpa than fishing to me. This all changed when I was 15. We had gone on a few over night boats growing up but had really never caught anything larger than some...
  326. kbray001

    Introducing the Pelagic Red Crab Flat Fall

    Who makes those and where can I buy one or ten?
  327. kbray001

    New to SOCAL, looking for pheasant

    Chukar hunting for me is hiking up the rockiest nastiest mountain one of my dumbass friends got a tip about. Get to the top to watch the chukar fly to the next valley. Repeat until exhaustion. Every year I Swear I'm never going chukar hunting again and then next season I'm standing on some...
  328. kbray001

    How heavy do you guys go on your Avet MXL 5.8

    An avet mxl is a great 25-30 pound reel. My Mxj is my go to reel for lighter lines. For the heavier setup I would look at the penn fathom 40n. You can find them online for less then 250. A lot of bluefin were killed with them last year. Plus you can save the difference between that and a...
  329. kbray001

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    This is our dog Benelli. I always enjoy introducing him to new people. If you know what his name means there is a good chance you're cool. Haha. He is a 2 year old goldendoodle that is mostly still puppy. I always introduce him as my wife's designer dog. Growing up we always had labs and I...
  330. kbray001

    Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    Awesome report! one of the best ones I have read in a long time. Can't wait to read your next report. I know the feeling of being outfished by my younger brother. It has happened to me Time and time again. Keep at it though and nextime you will be the hotstick!!
  331. kbray001

    Flat fall line twist

    I have been thinking about doing this for awhile. If you could share some pictures that would be awesome.
  332. kbray001

    Season 2 of Local Knowledge Premieres April 1st

    Hey Ali, just watched the s2e1 when I should have been working. Great job guys! I don't normally like fishing shows but I watch every episode of local knowledge. Keep it up.
  333. kbray001

    Fishing Rod Setup Needed

    If you are looking for a heavy rod I would go with the Xhf. I have the 7'6" xhf and it is a great rod. I have caught everything from rockfish to bft with that rod. Rod length is really personal preference. longer rods allow you to cast farther but shorter rods give you more pulling power...
  334. kbray001

    Suggestions for a 2 speed reels

    Penn fathom 25n II speed.
  335. kbray001

    Fishing Rod Setup Needed

    I agree with the poster above me. Can't go wrong with the proteus. They are some of the best bang for your buck rods available. I love my 7'6" and am planning on buying an 8 footer.
  336. kbray001

    Fishing Rod Setup Needed

    Welcome to bd! What's your budget for the new rod?
  337. kbray001

    "That Guy" roll call

    That Guy - posts a title on bd that the 'RP is on fire.' I panic click the link and the dipshit is talking about how good the fishing is. Hahaha. Like someone else said, that guys posting privileges should get revoked!
  338. kbray001

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    You are spot on with your comments. The OP went on an early season trip and caught himself a great dinner. He helped support a great boat and the sport we all love. I'm really getting tired of the holier than thou attitudes on this site. This site Used to be better than that. We each have our...
  339. kbray001

    Malihini Offshore 3/26

    The mahilini getting it done on the firecrackers! Captain Mike really is a fishy dude. Hopefully more of the bft and larger yt can be found.
  340. kbray001

    Penn Fathom SD gear swap..

    Thanks for the info. I just found it on their website and am going to order a set. Glad to hear the installation isn't that bad. Especially for those of us without a degree in mechanical engineering. I have had two experiences getting my ass handed to me using that reel. The first time was two...
  341. kbray001

    Penn Fathom SD gear swap..

    I have been thinking about doing this to one of my fathoms for awhile. Where did you get the new gear at and how hard was it to replace? The fathoms cast great but they really need some more torque on bigger fish. I found that out the hard way last year.
  342. kbray001

    Colt Sniper/ Megabait for surface YT ?

    I might have to pick up a few of those. What's another couple of jigs in the the box.
  343. kbray001

    Colt Sniper/ Megabait for surface YT ?

    The coltsnipers work on the yellowtail. Plus I can cast them a mile with my lexa 400. Last year on a early two day at Cortez I went five for five on the yellowtail. At that point the crew was asking to bum a coltsniper from my box. Make sure they have a nice bend in them. With how small and...
  344. kbray001

    So..Many..Options (Rods and Reels)!

    If I were you I would get a penn fathom 25n two speed on an daiwa proteus rod 76xhf or wait for the new pch to come out. Use this for yoyo and bait up to 50 lbs. rod + reel = 400. Then I would look at an avet Mxj g2 on a Phoenix abyss 809. Use this setup for bait. Rod+reel = 400. You have...
  345. kbray001

    TruLine Boat Rescue

    The truline is a great boat. I hope they are able to get back to fishing soon. Glad everyone is ok.
  346. kbray001

    Taking kids fishing

    The posters above me have in spot on. Get your kids comfortable lake fishing and then take them on a mid week pm 1/2 day out of Dana point. The Dana point crews are great with kids. They do a kids camp during the summer and a lot of those kids who go to the camp fish year round. I think some...
  347. kbray001

    Firewood at Izors

    Yea be careful out there. I watched a big log go past the line up this morning surfing at terra mar. Plus there were a few others on the beach.
  348. kbray001

    We Are Selling Rods & Reels This Year AT Fred Hall Show

    Thanks for all the videos Dan! Can't wait to get to the show on Friday.
  349. kbray001

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    I have seen crews like this at the hb pier before. They absolutely know what they are doing. Why would you have an all roller rod for pier fishing if you weren't targeting sharks. Not only are they fishing for sharks they do it within eyesight of hundreds of surfers and swimmers. I hope they...
  350. kbray001

    New to the site - A little about me

    Cool video. Keep posting them up.
  351. kbray001

    Looking for a new reel for yellowtail and tuna!!

    The Phenix abyss 809 is my favorite rod. If this is your only setup and you are new to saltwater fishing I would think about the pen fathom 25n either lever or star drag. As others have suggested. Star drags are easier to cast but the two speed gives you more power. I love my lexa 400 but would...
  352. kbray001

    Favorite setup for the 3 B's

    Curado 300e and a turners California rod 8' 15-30 I bought for 40 bucks. It's my go to setup for just about anything.
  353. kbray001

    Shotgun price help

    Hey, One of my dad's buddies offered him this old Ithaca 12 gauge side by side. It has seen better days but my dad thought it would be cool to add to our shotgun collection. My dad told him he would pay him a fair price for it but we are having a hard time figuring out what that would be. I...
  354. kbray001


    Thanks for putting this on Jerry! It's always fun. I guess I will just have to restock my bag with your jigs at the Fred hall show this year.
  355. kbray001


    I'm in. Thanks for doing this every year Jerry. Pats: 31 falcons: 24
  356. kbray001

    Texas Hog Hunt Video!

    Haha. I'm trying. Hoping to have it by spring. The problem I always have. Too many hobies and not enough disposable income. Haha.
  357. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Haha. Ok snowflake. You need to breathe and go to your happy place. Try to not get emotionally upset about conversations on a fishing website. im not a doctor but that might be a sign of an underlying issue.
  358. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    It's been awhile sense we have had a come say that to my face post on bd.
  359. kbray001

    Texas Hog Hunt Video!

    That's awesome! The phantoms are great drones. I really liked the shot of the abandoned house. And the high desert with snow on it. I travel a lot for work so I'm saving up to buy a dji mavic I can keep in my backpack and use as opportunities pop up.
  360. kbray001

    Texas Hog Hunt Video!

    That look liked an amazing trip. Your drone work is on point. What kind of drone were you filming that on?
  361. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Buddy, this is bloodydecks we have a difference of opinion. Big shocker!! No need for that level of aggression and name calling, snow flake ( if you don't know what it means ask your dad). I like how you threw in the info about your boat and truck. It makes me respect you as a man. Said no one...
  362. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Like always on bd you guys are completely over complicating this!!! He has a perfect setup for 3/4 day yt with his saltist. This is a backup rig that will work perfectly when the situation presents itself. I fish a small bass setup on sporties regurarly and pride myself on staying out of...
  363. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Fishing light bass gear for big fish is a blast. Yea you lose some fish but your getting bit more than the people using heavy gear. I have caught some pretty big yellowtail using a bargain cave cabelas rod, just like he mentioned, and a daiwa coastal. Yea a heavier rod would be better but if...
  364. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Yea you are good for 20-30. You can also use your bass rig to throw jigs if you want to keep your main rig setup for flylining. A lot of times I will put a 30 lb topshot on my curado and use it to throw coltsnipers and jri jigs. I use a heavier rod then the one you mentioned but it should work...
  365. kbray001

    20# setup for yellowtail

    You should absolutely take it. Use it for both 20-25. I love catching yellows on a bass setup. If there is structure, up your top shot to 40 and pull like hell.
  366. kbray001

    Giant Bluefin Tuna PEI October 2016

    Awesome video. I like the jet at the end as much as I like the bft.
  367. kbray001

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    Just like my grandpa always told me never leave home without a bass setup!
  368. kbray001

    Shimano Tranx 300 and 400

    Hahaha. You don't know me! Well maybe you do. since I already have the rod for it I'm sure I will have to get at least one. Damn you Shimano. Haha.
  369. kbray001

    Shimano Tranx 300 and 400

    That's awesome news. I just hope they price it right.
  370. kbray001

    BCS Championship game

    Fuck now Lane Kiffin can say he is important!!!
  371. kbray001

    Being on the Road

    Awesome pictures! I always look forward to your posts. Keep them coming for us stuck at work.
  372. kbray001

    How many Rods do you need?

    Trust me when I first started out ocean fishing I couldn't understand why people needed so many setups. Now I have more setups than I have pairs of jeans. Like my mom always told me never leave home without a 400 size baitcaster. But this is all dependent on what kind of fishing you are...
  373. kbray001

    Attractants for swimbaits

    I have always been a fan of unit butter on my swimbaits.
  374. kbray001

    Canon 50D DSLR camera package

    Bump for last minute Christmas gift
  375. kbray001

    Need Prayers for my wife.

    Wishing you and your wife all the best. It's good that they caught it early. Someone mentioned this above but do look into proton therapy at scrips. Depending on the location and size it could be another option that doesn't require surgery or chemo. Insurance might try to fight you on it but...
  376. kbray001

    new web site issue???

    You guys really need to stop watching porn on your work computers! On my iPhone iOS the screen is back to being really wide. With very small writing.
  377. kbray001

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    Sell it on bd!! I will increase the bid to $41. Use the money as a large discount on that makaira.
  378. kbray001

    Shotgun Recommendation

    You can't go wrong with an older Remington 870. I have shot one for the majority of my life. It again it is a very old design. If I was in the market today the first gun I would look at is a Bennelli Nova 12 ga with either a 26 or 28 inch barrel. I have shot it a few times and really like it...
  379. kbray001

    BD formate change??

    Holy crap!! So glad you guys got this fixed. The scrolling was driving me crazy. Keep up the good work guys!!!
  380. kbray001

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    Fathom 25n ld2! My fathom star drag is an awesome reel. Now I want a two speed to match.
  381. kbray001

    Canon 50D DSLR camera package

    Hi, My wife and I run a professional photography business. We have recently upgraded all of our camera bodies to Canon 5D's and it's time to part with this body. Therefore, we are selling my Canon 50D as a kit with the following items: - Canon 50D camera body (with original box and manuals) -...
  382. kbray001

    Billabong Full and Hooded Wetsuits for sale.

    Thanks for the offer but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. Good luck with your sale those are great prices.
  383. kbray001

    Billabong Full and Hooded Wetsuits for sale.

    Hey do you happen to have any 3/2 MT suits?
  384. kbray001

    Help deciding on 5th setup for 3 day

    Daiwa lexa 400 hd with an extra heavy inshore bass rod. You can use this setup for a lot of different applications. I find more often than not it's the first rig I grab.
  385. kbray001

    7 Harsh Realities of Life Millennials Need to Understand

    I'm a millennial and I hate my generation! If I have to hear the word safe space or micro aggression again, I'm going to start using macroaggresions! Baby boomers trust me we aren't all bad. We all don't have an organic coffee blog and some of us really do work our asses off. Just please do...
  386. kbray001

    Aztec 1 1/2 Day -Tanner to the Cortez and back

    That's awesome. one of these days I would love to see Cortez when it's breaking.
  387. kbray001

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    I like the idea of a 870. Way better chance of hitting the target. I saw some interesting new loads that are combination slug/buck shot that might be a great round for this. Last summer we spent a few days up in glacier right after a bear attack. Everyone was carrying bear spray. No joke we...
  388. kbray001

    SCI on the Tribute 9/10 overniter

    The Tribute is having one hell of a year! Looks like you had a great trip.
  389. kbray001

    Overnight tonight... Dominator, Producer or Tribute?

    paintball guns are absolutely legal. I had a nice conversation with the crew about it. They are a great crew that go above and beyond for their passengers. Which was the point of my first post.
  390. kbray001

    Overnight tonight... Dominator, Producer or Tribute?

    Tribute it a great boat. The captain and crew are awesome. Last month we were at sci fishing bluefin. I had a seal try to steal my bf at deep color. The captain used a paintball gun to keep the seal away until the crew could gaff my fish. Haha
  391. kbray001

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    What are you planning on fishing with the setup? And maybe even more important what is your budget?
  392. kbray001

    95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    Awesome report. The tribute is a great boat with a great crew.
  393. kbray001

    Great White in the air off Ocean Beach

    Wow!! That is a crazy video. I wonder if any of the surfers even saw the shark breach.
  394. kbray001

    My awesome new shirt!

    Haha. That shirt is awesome! I need one of those.
  395. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Thanks for the heads up that is the best price I have seen for the reel.
  396. kbray001

    BD Outdoors Tagline

    BD - Fish or talk shit!
  397. kbray001

    SCI/43 Fathom Bank Bluefin Tuna on the Pacific Voyager.

    That is an awesome video you put together! Puts mine to shame.
  398. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm going to head to my local tackle shop and mess around with the reels before making a final decision.
  399. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Thanks for all the input guys. I appreciate it. It's either going to be the fathom 40n two speed or borrow a reel until the end of the season and save up for a talica at the Fred hall show. Hahaha. The credit card is tapped until I pay off my wives new camera body for her photography...
  400. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Thanks for all of the advice. I have always been a big fan of the talicas but they are just out of my price range. I'm definitely going to have to go and play with the fathom 40n. It's specs look awesome and I have been very pleased with my old fathom 25n star drag.
  401. kbray001

    help me decide on my new 2spd reel??

    Two weeks ago I got my ass handed to me by these big mean blue fin using a pen fathom 25n star drag. I have decided it's time to upgrade to a two speed lever drag to hopefully give these bluefin another shot. After doing my research, I have narrowed it down to two reels. The penn fathom 25n...
  402. kbray001

    SCI Friday

    Hell yea Dave!! Once again you make us all jealous
  403. kbray001

    Okuma rods ss vs sct pro and cons

    I have the exact setup you are talking about with a shadow stalker and a lexa 400. My shadow stalker is the 8' 20-40 model. I have killed a lot of tuna and yt on that setup using both bait and jigs. For the price you cannot beat the rod. It cast a mile and has plenty of backbone. From...
  404. kbray001

    Tribute two day

    Tribute – Fish for a cure charter – August 27-28,2016 On Friday, August 26 we left on our annual, “Fish for a cure” two-day charter aboard the Tribute. Over those 15 years, thanks to the tireless efforts of John Rivers, my dad Brad Bray, along with the rest of the, “fishing committee” we have...
  405. kbray001


    I couldn't agree with this more! Leave the place cleaner than what you found it. If you don't want to see no hunting signs next year pick up your brass and cans.
  406. kbray001

    Opinion on New Lo-an boat

    There is a reason they call captain Marcus the professor. That guy can figure out those fish when no one else can. I have only fished the boat a few times but would jump on it again in a second.
  407. kbray001

    Bigger tuna still around cabo and good blue marlin fishing

    no way that fish is 180 maybe 170 tops. Haha. Just kidding. Awesome report! Can't wait to get back down to Cabo.
  408. kbray001

    Wtb Metaloid two speed 5 or 12

    Thanks for the heads up. I like that reel a lot. It's just a little more than what I would like to spend on a reel that size.
  409. kbray001

    Wtb Metaloid two speed 5 or 12

    Thanks man. I'll send him a message. If anybody else has one they want to sell let me know. I have cash in hand.
  410. kbray001

    Wtb Metaloid two speed 5 or 12

    Hey, So I thought I had a deal on a Metaloid from a guy on Craigslist and he ended up flaking. I have cash and am looking for a Metaloid 5 or 12 two speed for my trip this weekend. Let me know if you have one you want to sell. Thanks, Kirk 909.633.8651
  411. kbray001

    Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Wow! That's an amazing fish and great write up. Ali you really are living the life right now. First that huge sword and now this giant.
  412. kbray001

    Penn Dry Bag Rebate

    I was just thinking about it. If you hate it that much send me a pm. I'll will be more that happy to buy it off of you for 15 bucks.
  413. kbray001

    Penn Dry Bag Rebate

    Not sure if you have used a dry bag before, but that's how They work. You roll them down and clip them in that's what makes them waterproof. Trust me I've used them a lot for kayaking and water water rafting. No need for a zipper. Why don't you actually try it before going online and ripping...
  414. kbray001

    My awesome new shirt!

    That is awesome!
  415. kbray001

    My awesome new shirt!

    Thanks man! Not sure if the wife is going to want to be near me tomorrow when we go to Costco. Haha
  416. kbray001

    My awesome new shirt!

    A few weeks ago I saw this awesome bumper sticker. My wife didn't think it would be smart to put it on my truck. But she surprised me when I got home from work last week with this awesome shirt she made for me. I can't wait to wear it this weekend!
  417. kbray001

    Phenix Abyss PSX 809

    In my opinion I like how it loads. Especially on slightly larger jigs like jri 4s or tady 45. Again it is a shorter rod and doesn't cast as well as my 9 ft jig stick but it is a great rod.
  418. kbray001

    Phenix Abyss PSX 809

    I really like my abyss 809. It can fling a jog a decent ways and can also fish bait very well.
  419. kbray001

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    A 9mm would just piss it off!! Haha.
  420. kbray001

    New Shimano Reels

    Those all look like cool reels and I'm sure you will sell a bunch of them. But I have to say that I bummed shimano didn't come out with a 400 size curado or tranx. Maybe next year.
  421. kbray001

    Shimano jigs?

    Waxwings are awesome in the right conditions. I have caught calicos, yellowtail, dorado, yft, and lots of barracuda with them. I throw them with a curado 300 and can get plenty of distance. Coltsnipers are one of my new go to jigs. I use them on both a bait casters and on my jog stick...
  422. kbray001

    ICAST 2016

    Man I hate to say it but nothing Seems that exciting. I was really hoping for a 400 size curado or a 400 size lexa.
  423. kbray001

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Guess I need to make an ammo order today!!! Also glad I travel for work every week. Might have to start an ammo hauling/trading business.
  424. kbray001

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    So we let all the prisoners out and take away the guns from law abiding citizens. What a great fucking state we live in.
  425. kbray001

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    Awesome Dan! Those B52 jigs are awesome!
  426. kbray001

    Avet SX VS Okuma Komodo

    I would go with a larger bait caster for that. Either an okuma Komodo, lexa, or curado. They are all awesome and will outcast the avet.
  427. kbray001

    111-pound bluefin tuna on PENN Fathom FTH25NLD2

    Buzz is awesome!! He has to be one of the fishiest captains I have ever seen. I can't tell you how many times I've seen him come out of the wheelhouse, grab a rig, and hand off a hooked fish when no one else is hooking up.
  428. kbray001

    Couple cool pics from last weeks shoot

    Those are awesome pics! Can't wait to see the episode.
  429. kbray001

    Laguna Niguel - Spring 2016

    That looks awesome! I might have to dust off my freshwater gear.
  430. kbray001

    Surgeons knot for spectra to fluoro?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I guess I'll stick with the Alberto/RP knot for spectra to fluoro.
  431. kbray001

    Surgeons knot for spectra to fluoro?

    last year on a two day trip a captain told me he never uses any other knot to connect spectra to fluoro than a three turn surgeon knot. I tried it last year and never had a failure. It's somewhat bulky but I just kept it outside of the guides. What do you knot nerds think about this knot? Or...
  432. kbray001

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    Daiwa lexa 400. Way more fun to catch the local stuff on. Haven't hooked into anything I couldn't stop yet and it will outcast just about anything. If you want a conventional then I second the penn 25 n.
  433. kbray001

    Bring the kids!

    Very cool. My brother lives up in the area. I'll tell him to take the boy. Thanks for the info!
  434. kbray001

    Dana Wharf bluefin

    Calvin caught a couple giant wahoo last year and now catches these blue fin this early in the season. We need to book our family charter before he is booked for the season.
  435. kbray001

    Eclipse or Prowler

    I have never fished the eclipse but the prowler is a great boat. Buzz is known around the fleet for finding fish when no one else does. Their cook is one of the best around. Dude makes his own salsa for the burritos in the morning.
  436. kbray001

    If any one is bored.......

    Ok so I guess I missed the end of this one. Great write up by the way!
  437. kbray001

    Malihini limits of yellowtail today.

    The Malihini is a great boat! Good for them.
  438. kbray001


    Hey Jerry, I just bought a couple of your jigs yesterday on my way to the airport. Count me in. Broncos - 17 Panthers - 28
  439. kbray001

    Anyone want to go fishing?

    Hey I just moved to Oceanside and would be down to fish with you anytime I'm not working. My number is 909 633 8651. I would be more than happy to split cost and help clean.
  440. kbray001

    Just picked up a Phenix Inshore... Now what?

    That's an awesome rod. I'd go with a curado 300 e or ej. I know there was some talk on this forum of shimano releasing a new one soon.
  441. kbray001

    Just amazing. Heart Transplant advances are just getting better and better.

    That is absolutely incredible. If you could double the cold time of a transplanted organ you could save a lot of lives. There are teams not only working on this for heart transplants but also for kidney, liver, and pancreas. Until last September, I was apart of a heart procurement team at a...
  442. kbray001

    Subscribe to Youtube for Local Knowledge

    Done. I didn't post on the other threads but I have to say the show is awesome. Can't wait for the next episode.
  443. kbray001

    Cuda Brand Products – There Is a Better Way

    I got a pair of these pliers as a groomsman gift. I like them a lot but am not a big fan of the oversized handles. I think I'm going to take off the handle and rewrap them with paracord.
  444. kbray001

    Prowler info

    The prowler is a great boat with one of the fishiest captains around. I have seen buzz hook and hand more fish than any other captain. If he tells you to do something. Do it. The cook action is one of the best cooks in the fleet. Everything is made fresh. The dude makes his own salsa for the...
  445. kbray001

    Tribute Overnight Report - 9/8/15

    Great report. I'm on a two day on the tribute this weekend. Hope we have as much luck as you did!
  446. kbray001

    Fury out of Dana Pt.

    Hey the fury and sum fun are both great boats. I have fished them both many times. If you are looking for a 5-5 the Helena is also a great boat. The captain Calvin is a really cool guy.
  447. kbray001

    Dove opener 2015

    Oh wow. We only saw one group of Eurasians in our area. Yea I'm not even going to lie and say that it was skill. It was mostly luck with the pump. I hope we get at least one more good shoot on Saturday.
  448. kbray001

    Dove opener 2015

    Dove opener 2015 - Short report: limited by 930 Long report: My brother and I hit up our normal spot close to home at o dark thirty (sorry no numbers for this spot). We were the first truck their and got our normal spot. Hung out until sun up. About ten trucks had shown up by shoot time. The...
  449. kbray001

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    Haha. Thanks for the tip. Haha.
  450. kbray001

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    Thanks Manny. We are really looking foward to the move.
  451. kbray001

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    Haha.. Thanks Carl! We may have been born in the IE, but we will fit in much better in SD.
  452. kbray001

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    Well I just made a huge life decision and accepted a new job in San Diego. My Wife and I and our 8 month old puppy are looking to move down in September. We have been doing the normal search and have found some nice places in our budget. While I was looking, I thought to ask to see if any of...
  453. kbray001

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    This is Beneli. And then one of Ben wrestling with my wife.
  454. kbray001

    Kids day at the farm!!

    first time posting a joke. This cracked me up.
  455. kbray001

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    Haha. There was a 50 year old lady who kept trying to get in the corner where we were fishing. He probably at least felt some side boob. Haha. the captain said it was 300 feet and it seemed like we anchored exactly that far away.
  456. kbray001

    Bachelor party twilight - Aug 7th

    Well my little brother is getting married tomorrow! His fiancé and him planned their wedding very quickly after moving back home from Utah. With all of us working long hours it was hard to plan a bachelor party. With permission from his better half we jumped on the nautilus twilight out of...
  457. kbray001

    Best surface iron reel

    I have a fathom 25n that used to be exclusively used on a jig stick for the iron. That was until I got my lexa 400. I'm not an iron ninja, but I can throw that lexa farther and more accurately than any other reel. It is also way more fun to land large tuna and tails on the lexa.
  458. kbray001

    7/27/15 Triton full day

    How much is ryan paying you for a positive report?? Instead of making a fake profile how about a heartfelt apology and an explanation on how things are going to be fixed? Just a thought. You are better than this.
  459. kbray001

    Reel Clamp with hook rest

    Hey I might be interested in two of those. Do you have any other colors available?
  460. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    It's nice to know two people can have an argument on bd without someone saying to get a lawyer. It was a big yellow. We pulled about 5 of them off a paddy. The jackpot was won by a 40 lb bft. Pretty cool the guy who won the jackpot was on the trip because it was his birthday.
  461. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    Buzz is a great captain. I can't tell you how many times I have watched him come out of the wheelhouse grab a rod and be hooked up within 10 seconds on a plunker bite. It's incredible.
  462. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    I'm sorry for your loss man. I switched out the picture for another one. Cancer has affected almost all of us in one way or another. I personally work on cancer research studies and it a horrible disease. This is why we go on these trips and raise money every year so maybe one day we won't...
  463. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    Yea well I think the cigar is understandable. That's my dad and he hasn't smoked a cigar in over a year due to recovering from two major surgeries in less than six months. We only smoke celebratory cigars when we are fishing but I get your point.
  464. kbray001

    Prowler 2 day - FISH FOR A CURE - 7/17-7/19

    Fished on the annual "fish for a cure" two day on the prowler. These trips are put together by a family friend, John rivers, who has been running these trips for the last nine years. In this time john has raised 80k dollars for the American Cancer Society. Besides raising a lot of money these...
  465. kbray001

    "Xtreme" Fishing, not so "Xtreme" catching, July 12th, Dana Point, 14 mile

    That is an awesome Boat!!! Hopefully things will turn on quickly! I have a two day leaving on Friday!
  466. kbray001

    A couple of Rainshadow RCLB80Ms

    Hey bill, thanks again for the quick turn around time. I can't wait to pick up the rod on Sunday.
  467. kbray001

    TRULINE at the 150 boat show/madness

    Jon watanabe was running the boat. Seems like a great guy. Worked his ass off to try and put us on the fish.
  468. kbray001

    TRULINE at the 150 boat show/madness

    Haha. That is awesome. It must be something about knockoff shimano jigs.
  469. kbray001

    TRULINE at the 150 boat show/madness

    It was crazy. I have never seen anything like that in the ocean since floatopia in college.
  470. kbray001

    TRULINE at the 150 boat show/madness

    TRULINE at the 150 6/13 – boat show madness Shorter report: I caught a rock and a boat. My brother caught the only two YT. I have never seen that many small boats circling party boats since spring break at Lake Havasu. Tuna crabs were everywhere unfortunately the YT were being ran over. Tough...
  471. kbray001

    My wife is awesome!

    Yea this is my first rod that is under 8 ft. Want to use it exclusively for 40 pounds so figured I would give up a little casting distance for more leverage. I still have flashbacks of foul hooking a 30lb yft in the back on a 10 foot jig stick. That just wasn't fun.
  472. kbray001

    My wife is awesome!

    Haha. No she didn't spool it for me but I think I can handle that part. My wife is willing to fuel my tackle obsession because I support her photography equipment obsession. She didn't believe me when we started dating and I told her I owned two pairs of jeans but five deep sea fishing...
  473. kbray001

    My wife is awesome!

    Haha. Thanks guys. Yea I am extremely lucky!
  474. kbray001

    My wife is awesome!

    Friday was my wife's birthday and after having a great day we were laying in bed talking. Just being a punk I started sending her links to the fishing gear I wanted for our anniversary next month. We are currently saving up to buy our first house so I was going to skip buying any new fishing...
  475. kbray001

    My next Charter

    You know every year we do multiple two day charters with my dads company and a bunch of suppliers who work for them. After a few years without a problem we had an asshole who tried to pull something like this a few years back. After that we started making everyone sign a release when they...
  476. kbray001

    Nose hooking sardine for tuna flylining

    What is the proper way to shoulder hook a bait? I almost always hook through the nose if the fish are feeding near the surface but will butt hook if they are running deeper.
  477. kbray001


    Haha. That was good.
  478. kbray001

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Hey that was an awesome video. That had to be a blast catching them like that.
  479. kbray001


    Ok the first video was cool. That tannerite video is AWESOME! Holy shit I would want to do that.
  480. kbray001

    Ready for rat and mouse season?

    I want a chicken coop just to shoot the rats. Haha.
  481. kbray001

    Wide open leopard shark fishing. Just for fun.

    Awesome post. I have to admit it's cool to click on a post and see its Tito Ortiz posting. I think I watched almost every fight of his.
  482. kbray001

    Showdown At Shimada

    Hey, this has to be the best write up I have read on bd. I have lost a lot of productivity at work this week reading these post. It sounds like an incredible trip that I can only dream of right now. But one day. Can't wait to read the rest.
  483. kbray001

    Team Bloody decks fishing?

    That sounds like an awesome idea. I might have to start looking at Instagram again if there was a bd page.
  484. kbray001

    Coronada Island Mossback Yellowtail

    That's an awesome yellowtail! One hell of a second post on bd!! Congrats on jackpot.
  485. kbray001

    Mersa infection

    Wow! I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are in great hands at Loma Linda. If you don't mind me asking what was the first hospital you went to that misdiagnosed?
  486. kbray001

    3/4 Day Advice for Newbie

    If you are comfortable with baitcasters what about a lexa 400. It will handle any fish you will run into on a 3/4 day boat. I'm not an iron ninja but I can cast my lexa 400 on a shadow stalker farther than I can my fathom 25n on a nine foot jig stick. Plus once you have the lexa down You won't...
  487. kbray001

    Glen Helen Trout fest!

    Thanks everybody. I guarantee I had more fun. We have been talking about it all weekend.
  488. kbray001

    Glen Helen Trout fest!

    Last week my 86 year old grandpa told us that he would really like to go trout fishing this weekend. When ever he wants to go we drop everything and make it happen. As big bear has been a bust lately we decided to give Glen Helen a try on Saturday morning knowing that they planted on Thursday...
  489. kbray001

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    If you are looking at Phenix have you looked at the abyss series? I'm a big fan. My main go to rig is an abyss 808 with an avet Mxj. That rig covers 90 percent of the fishing around here. I just bring three or four other rigs to cover that extra 10 percent of the time. Hah.
  490. kbray001


    Awesome video! What rod are you using for the popper?
  491. kbray001

    Making Up For Lost Time - Catalina Report - 3/31/15

    Thanks for the report! Your reports make us who can't get away from our desk envious.
  492. kbray001

    Penn Fathom vs Daiwa Saltist black gold

    Just my opinion but I have owned the penn fathom and my dad bought a saltiest a few years back. He sold the saltist and my fathom is one of my favorite reels. It has some issues, but has amazing freespool and very strong drags. Also with the fathom you can get a 4.8 to 1 turn ratio by...
  493. kbray001

    Inflatable pontoon boat

    Hey, Last year I received this xl inflatable pontoon boat as a present from work. It is brand new and has not been taken out of the box. this thing would be a blast for lakes, rivers or bay fishing. Right now I just don't have enough time for all my hobbies. Here is a link to the companies...
  494. kbray001

    2 pair fishworks shorts sz 34 sell or trade for 36

    Hey Would you be willing to sell just one pair and if so how much?
  495. kbray001

    Sand dabbing and Great Whites

    I was surfing old mans all day today. Makes you a little more nervous paddling out. Haha.
  496. kbray001

    Any Photo Guys here? Lens + gear

    How did your 24-70 get jacked? That is the best zoom lens on the market by far. Hope your items sell quickly
  497. kbray001

    Best tackle bag for 3-5 days

    Rolling. Those bags get heavy.
  498. kbray001

    Shimano Tranx WANTED

    Just my opinion but why not buy a new lexa 400 off eBay for 180 and save yourself a bunch of money? I have only fished a tranx once but I honestly can't see enough of a difference to justify double the price. Just a thought.
  499. kbray001

    El Rio Negro Lodge 3-4/11

    That is awesome!!
  500. kbray001

    Help choosing a reel... no fanboys please.

    I love my Mxj and have caught a ton of fish on it, but if I needed a new reel in that size I would be looking at the metaloid.
  501. kbray001

    Lexa 300 vs 400

    We have both the 300 and the 400 size. The 400 size is big but it's not too big for inshore fishing. In the flip side it is an awesome offshore/yt reel. Last year it was the first setup I grabbed for and will by my go to setup this year as well. I have the power handle and it is very well...
  502. kbray001

    teaching my son to shoot

    My little brother has the exact same dominance issue. He shoots left handed and is the best shot in the family. Teach him to shoot left handed even if he is right handed. His eye dominance is more important.
  503. kbray001

    Fred Hall rod deals?

    On wed fisherman landing had an awesome deal on shimano terez rods. Saw guys walking around with three and four a piece. By the time we got there they had been picked through.
  504. kbray001

    Surface and yoyo iron. One blank two purposes.

    Just to add some variety what about a Phoenix abyss 809?
  505. kbray001

    Selfish People

    I saw this on the drudge report. I'm truly sorry your granddaughter had to see this. What a selfish way to go out.
  506. kbray001

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    When I was 10 years old my dad finally let me get my hunting license. My first hunt was the dove opener that year. As it got closer to sept 1st we had been shooting skeet every week so I would be ready. The opening morning my dad and I were in a ditch that we always hunted in Blythe. As...
  507. kbray001

    Live Bait Circle Hooks with Rings Good?

    Every year at the Fred hall show I stock up on ringed circle hooks. At the begining of every season I tie these expensive hooks on. They do work great! But by the middle of the season I once again realized a well chosen and cast bait on a old mustard j hook works just as well as any circle...
  508. kbray001

    Big Bear Lake report

    Hopefully it will pick up soon. seems like the fishing has dramatically declined over the last 15 years. Does anyone know anything about the city not removing the lake weed over the last few years?
  509. kbray001

    Big Bear Lake report

    Fishing has been so slow in big bear we were debating whether it was even worth putting our boat on for the summer. Hopefully this year will be better than last.
  510. kbray001

    Sea lion strandings!!!

    As I was eating my lunch at work I stumbled along the following link. People sea lion pups are stranding themselves because of global warming and El Niño!!!!!! We must...
  511. kbray001


    I'm a big fan of the round. Fun round to shoot.
  512. kbray001

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    If you start be prepared to get addicted. My 10/22 is now more aftermarket. Start with a new trigger and sear setup. This is what I have.
  513. kbray001

    Conflict At Clarion

    Thanks for the report. This is an awesome read.
  514. kbray001

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22

    Well the San Bernardino store had at least 150 people wrapped around the building this morning. Hahahaha..
  515. kbray001

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22

    That is truly an incredible deal. The 10/22 is the most customizable gun in the world. If you want a fun project for the winter but one and start adding to it. Anymore mine is more after market than ruger.
  516. kbray001

    2nd Dove season and a few bonuses

    That's awesome. We always say it's not a hunting truck until we get the truck stuck. I have dug out trucks and SUVs in some of the most beautiful areas of southern California.
  517. kbray001

    LA / OC local open party boats

    I want to know what happened to turn you off the other boats? To answer your question I fish with the boats out of dana point on a regular basis and truly enjoy fishing from that landing. All the crews/captains are great. I can honestly say after fishing with them many times I have never had a...
  518. kbray001

    What to use for casting practice

    When we first started saltwater fishing my brother and I would go to the local elementary school and practice with 1 oz weights for hours. Like everything we made a competition out of it. It can be frustrating but practiced really helps. Being able to consistently cast is one of the most...
  519. kbray001

    Komodo vs Lexa

    I can only comment on the lexa 400. The only word to describe that reel is Beast. It's now the first setup I grab on any Schoolie tuna stop. It cast like a dream and has the drag to kill fish quick.
  520. kbray001

    Bad Mexicali cops

    Really??? You really see this every day in the United states? Cops shooting innocent civilians after planting evidence on them. I would hate to live in the neighborhood you do!!! Besides your letting your ignorance hang out again! It's not a good look.
  521. kbray001

    Prowler a BUST 10-18-14

    I have fished the prowler every year on a two day for the last seven or eight years and it seems like the crew has gone downhill over the last two years. Buzz is a great captain and Trevor has promise if he can keep his attitude in check. The rest of the deckhands all need an attitude...
  522. kbray001

    New Lame-Anne

    Oh wow. After fishing with Marcus I would be willing to bet he will not be ok with this happening when he hears about it.
  523. kbray001

    Best Setup For Mossback Yellowtail Holding Deep...

    These yt are mean. My brother caught a real nice one last weekend. He landed it on a lexa 400 with 50 lb specta and 40 lb mono. He landed it but it kicked his ass. Bring the Tuna gear not the bass gear.
  524. kbray001


    Lexa 400!! It's a straight up beast.
  525. kbray001

    Dana pride yellowtail!

    We caught all of the yellowtails on bait. The small mackerels were the only way to go. I had a couple of yoyo's with me but didn't have the right gear to use them. We were expecting to go bass fishing and only the lexa really had a shot at landing any of these quality fish at over 200 feet...
  526. kbray001

    Dana pride yellowtail!

    We were fishing south of San onofre about a mile offshore. They yt were being hooked in 200 feet of water.
  527. kbray001

    Dana pride yellowtail!

    Well my step sister is tying the knot this weekend in San Clemente. My brother and I decided to use the opportunity to jump on a half day out of dana point for some bass fishing on sat morning before the wedding. We do these short trips on a regular basis and have a blast playing catch and...
  528. kbray001

    New SoCal Bear Spot

    Haha. I know where that dumpster is. No sure if I should be proud of that. We have always laughed. we have seen them at the hole in the wall campground as well.
  529. kbray001

    Prowler scores a local wahoo!

    Haha. Looks like buzz caught a hoo and a wolf.
  530. kbray001

    Late Wall Report

    Damn that's a pig!
  531. kbray001

    Shimano fishing boots the low cut ones

    Hey I have had the grey shimanos for years and love them. Easy to get on and off and are very comfortable. Like all shimano shoes they run small so try them on before you buy. If mine wear out I will buy another pair.
  532. kbray001

    Comparison of Newells and Penn Fathoms on Tuna? Small Baits?

    I don't have much experience with Newell's but the fathoms are great. I liked my 25n so much that I now have two. They can cast a mile if you have an educated thumb. On our two day my fathom and lexa 400 were my go to outfits. Being able to outcast the majority of the boat with these...
  533. kbray001

    Dove opener plus typical idiots

    Yea blackfish I am very lucky. My gramps is slowing down but I enjoy every second I get to spend with him. Whether it's fishing, hunting, or just watching sports. And we never let them ruin our time. We just talk shit and outshoot them. Haha. Aggro for us not lucky enough to get to go to deer...
  534. kbray001

    Dove opener plus typical idiots

    Well we went to our old secret spot for the dove opener and it's no longer a secret spot. Haha. Made the best of it didn't care about limits more spending time with my 85 year old grandfather. Got there early to find our normal corner completely over ran. No big deal we moved down the line a...
  535. kbray001

    Thank you coast guard

    Glad to hear you made it out ok. Those guys don't get enough respect. They keep us all safe.
  536. kbray001

    Aerial Photography/Videography

    Those pics are great. Once my finances stabilize from my wedding I will be getting a drone.
  537. kbray001

    Hot vs. Crazy women (or any girl named Tiffany)

    This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long time.. My wife was dying when she watched it. "if she is above an eight hot and a ⅔ crazy, thats a Tranny!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHA
  538. kbray001

    Rod recommendation for tossing irons

    The lexa 400 is a beast!!! Matched it with that shadow stalker and my group landed at least 6 yft on it last week. It was the setup that everyone wanted to use. Didn't throw iron with it on that trip, but will on my two day later in the month. I have 65 pound braid on it all the way to the top...
  539. kbray001

    Rod recommendation for tossing irons

    a little different idea. What about the Okuma shadow stalker 801 xh. It's not your traditional jig stick but it will throw a tady 45 a mile. I have one on a lexa 400.. Just a thought.
  540. kbray001

    Moose Lake Canada Walleye

    Looks like a great trip.
  541. kbray001

    To waxwing or not to waxwing!

    The mint daddy is awesome. They are expensive use at least forty pound top shot. One of my favorite jigs to fish for yt.
  542. kbray001

    Half day on the Daily Double

    That's awesome. Waxwings can be deadly on the right day.
  543. kbray001

    Blue Fin Ban in Mexico to be lifted....verbal confirmation, written 8/11 due

    I hope this is true. Just in time for my two day.
  544. kbray001

    3/4 on the new lo-an 8/3

    Thanks guys. Yea the boat was great. I will hopefully fish it again soon on a 1.5 day after my charter on the prowler in a few weeks.
  545. kbray001

    All the yellows you want 15 miles west of Dana Point.

    That's awesome Tito. I knew their was a reason I always routed for you.
  546. kbray001

    3/4 on the new lo-an 8/3

    Short story: great captain, great crew, great fishing, but way too many "that guys" on the boat. Slightly longer version: a very close family friend just got some very bad news from his doctor. Something he always had hoped to do was to go deep sea fishing. So last Friday we decided it was time...
  547. kbray001

    $.5.00 knot fee

    Yet another reason not to go to Turners!!!! 5 bucks for a knot that's crazy.
  548. kbray001

    Daiwa Lexa 400H vs. Avet SX?

    A Lexa 400 has double the drag pressure of a avet sx. People say its a bass reel but it's way more than that. I own both reels and use them for all the same applications. Tuna, yt and bass. Since I got my Lexa 400 the sx stays in the rack. The Lexa cast further, has more drag, and backlashes...
  549. kbray001

    Fav top water lures

    I've heard a lot about these jri jigs. Where can I pick a couple up?
  550. kbray001

    ICAST video for PENN Fathom 2-speeds

    I was thinking about buying a new two speed lever drag. I think I will have to wait for one of these new ld2 25n. My fathom 25n star drag is my go to reel now. Can't wait to try one of these.
  551. kbray001

    3/4 tackle recommendation

    Depending on the bait i would bring some smaller hooks as well...
  552. kbray001

    Gear advice for #20 surface iron

    I believe another poster said this but for what your looking for I use a lexa 400 and a okuma shadow stalker. It's a blast to throw small iron on and can double as a calico rod or whatever else you want a light rig for. Besides with using braid and a short top shot you have the same line...
  553. kbray001

    20lb tuna setup?

    Never leave the heavy baitcaster at home!! Instead of putting twenty on it I would put a four foot top shot of thirty Fluoro on and have it ready for fishing the yt under patties. Throw your 12 to start and if rats start getting pulled up throw the curado. I love catching rat yt on the curado.
  554. kbray001

    Anybody else have an issue with the Malihini?

    Hey that sucks that he got that close but the mahalini is a great boat with a great owner/crew. Trust me I'm not one who normally bandwagons behind ever skipper but Mickey is a great young fishy captain and bill knows how to run an operation. If you had a problem with them send them a message on...
  555. kbray001

    Plastics vs live bait

    Throwing iron is one of my favorite things on a wide open bite. There is nothing like watching as yt blow up your tady 45 or waxwing. Also when you're on a packed boat and the BFt are down deep fishing the bow with a yoyo jig can be extremely effective way of catching fish and staying out of...
  556. kbray001

    Inflatable pontoon boat for bay fishing

    Hey, So I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I just received a really cool inflatable pontoon boat from my coworkers for getting married. Has anyone every fished one of these in the bays? Looks like it might be fun as I don't have a kayak. If anyone has ever done this let me know. Thanks.
  557. kbray001

    Advise on roller bag

    We have had an open water roller bag for about 5 years now and still going strong. Truly an awesome bag. Cut some extra PVC pipe and put it in the space in the back. Now it has space for six rods. can carry everything we could ever want and then some. One word of advice just because it can...
  558. kbray001

    5 Day leaving July 5th, too many rods

    Never leave home without a baitcaster! Small yt are a blast on a curado.
  559. kbray001

    Avet mx or Saltist

    I have owned both. Both are great reels. If you are looking to cast a surface jig buy a saltist. If your looking to mostly fish bait and maybe throw a jig from time to time buy the avet. Just my .02 but I have sold both my saltist and my avet mxj is my go to reel for most of the fishing i do.
  560. kbray001

    Missoula rivers BRO style (Pictures included)

    That sounds like an awesome trip. My fiancé is from the bitterroot and I never understood what she was talking about until we visited. That is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.
  561. kbray001

    MALIHINI 6/12

    That's awesome. The crew of the mahalini works hard to put you on the fish.
  562. kbray001


    A few years back I was on the Mahilini when the Mexican navy boarded us. The officer went up to the wheelhouse and left a young soldier on deck with the rest of the crew and anglers. This 18 or 19 ear old kid was doing everything he could to look tough. Unfortunately he had forgotten to put a...
  563. kbray001

    Surface iron reel?

    Hey, for throwing the surface iron I can't find a better reel than a penn fathom 25n. I know a lot of guys love their trinidads for throwing the iron but a fathom cast just as far and is half the price.
  564. kbray001

    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    I really like the rr wants you to put back yellowtail. Last year I got sick of listening to deckhands bitching at me for releasing 5 pound yellowtail. If you want to keep them I have no problem with that but for me if rather let them grow up
  565. kbray001

    Help me spool my reels

    That sounds pretty good for all of them. If I were you i would feel up the sx all the way to the top with spectra and top it with Fluoro.
  566. kbray001

    Storing the Shimano waxwing?

    I have a lure wallet that I got at bass pro for like ten bucks that holds all my waxwings and iron. Keep it in a safe place in my backpack and your good to go. Makes it quick and easy to find a different dig instead of digging into the boxes. Waxwings are one of those lures you either love or...
  567. kbray001

    nuclear water??

    That's really strange. Evolution is just winning the genetic lottery. Unfortunately most genetic changes are negative and end up being removed from the gene pool by competition. Sometimes something actually works better and that variant survives. I wonder if in 1 million years what the bass...
  568. kbray001

    SoCal Coastal Weather Video Update 5/28

    Like always thanks for the report
  569. kbray001

    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    I really like my penn fathom 25n for this. Another option for cuda that you might ant to think about is a Lexa 400. I can cast thing a mile and it has more than enough drag for the slime sticks.
  570. kbray001

    Saltist 2 speed reels anybody?

    My dad had one for awhile. I used to love my saltist 35th but was not a fan of that 2speed reel. I really wanted to like it when he bought it but I just wasn't a fan. It didn't cast well and was kind of awkward. With that being said before he sold it he did catch a jackpot 60 pound bluefin on it...
  571. kbray001

    Lexa 400 and shadow stalker

    The rod is a okuma shadow sralker 8 foot 20-40 pound. So far the only thing I've caught on it were a few sand bass and calicos but I can't wait to give it a real test. For the price it has a lot of backbone but still a sensitive tip. Couldn't really measure how far I was throwing the tady 45...
  572. kbray001

    Lexa 400 and shadow stalker

  573. kbray001

    Lexa 400 and shadow stalker

    Over the last few weeks I have been watching the fish counts with envy. Due to work and family issues getting a whole day free has been out of the question. So when my grandpa asked me to drive the pontoon boat for him this weekend in big bear I jumped at the chance. To break up the boredom of...
  574. kbray001

    2005 Proline 23 Walkaround with 200 Merc - $24900 (Port Hueneme)

    Hey, I just saw your ad on craigslist and sent you a message. I'm really interested in this boat. Is the engine a two or four stroke and how many hours??
  575. kbray001

    help with rod match to Lexa 400 HS PWR

    I have mine in a Shadow Stalker SDS-C-801H. I'm not going to lie it might be a little big for the rod but I really like the feel if it and it has been working out so far throwing swim baits, light iron, and for shallow water rock fishing. As of right now I'm sticking with it. Can't wait to...
  576. kbray001

    fishing straight mono

    If your a beginner start with straight mono. Mono is much more forgiving. Also 30 spectra backlashes are not fun at all. Haha. Just my .02 maybe some of the real experts can chime in.
  577. kbray001

    Reeb lures for calicos??

    Hey I bought a couple last year at Fred hall and they work. I bought more this year. The guys that sell the. We're cool too.
  578. kbray001

    A Good Catch with Plenty of Pictures

    Awesome post but your youtube link is private....
  579. kbray001

    What LB Leader for Swimbaits/Bigbaits in Fresh...???

    When fishing expensive lures I usually put thirty pound Fluoro on. That way I know I'm getting my jug back. But that's just me.
  580. kbray001

    Have You Ever Wonder How To Throw Iron?

    Haha. That would have been awesome. It taught me a lesson. I'm also never going to throw the iron next to any of you.
  581. kbray001

    Catalina 4 / 21

    My bachelors degree in biology would say that looks like a cheap Chinese sex toy perhaps?? Ribbed for her pleasure. Haha.
  582. kbray001

    Have You Ever Wonder How To Throw Iron?

    I'm so awesome one day I literally caught the bait net that was sitting on top of the front bait tank on the mahalini. I caught a bunch of fish that day on the surface iron but nothing nearly as cool as seeing the bait net sizzling over my head and praying it stayed on.
  583. kbray001

    opinion on shimano waxwings.

    If anybody doesn't likes these jigs and wants to recoup some of their money let me know. I'd be more than happy to buy them. Haha.
  584. kbray001

    opinion on shimano waxwings.

    Yea like most shimano lures there are people who love them people and people who hate them. For me I'm a big fan of them. I have caught everything from calicos to cudas to yellowtail and yellowfin on them. I like the mint and bone a lot. Give one a try. You'll be happy you did.
  585. kbray001

    The saltwaterguide Log for April

    Man that guy makes me jealous. One day I hope to be able to have him as a guide. Won't even start thinking about how balling you have to be to own that kind of yacht. Haha.
  586. kbray001

    Rod Rack Idea

    That's an awesome idea. I'm going to lowes tomorrow after work. Thanks for the idea.
  587. kbray001

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    This is an awesome thread. Just a slightly different idea but I plan on using a new daiwa lexa 400 paired to a 8ft 20 to 40 daiwa shadow stalker with 50 pound braid.
  588. kbray001

    Level wind for tuna fishin

    About eight years ago my brother landed a 78 pound yellowfin on a daiwa saltist 20 level wind on a two day aboard the prowler. So again 78 pounds is ok on a level wind. I'll leave it up to the mechanical experts for fish over that size. Haha.
  589. kbray001

    Bye Bye Yee

    Haha. Offering to sell two million dollars of weapons from Muslim separatist group to an under cover FBI agent to bank roll his political ambition. Hahahahahaha House of cards isn't even this good!!!
  590. kbray001

    Dove Season Prep 2014

    That's dedication. We normally do the 7pm panic run looking for shells and hunting licenses on August 31st. It's part of the tradition. Like hunting in Blythe next to a guy you are sure you saw on the wrong end of a cops episode. You know the guy shooting a street sweeper at any bird flys with...
  591. kbray001

    Best party boats in San Diego/South OC???

    You will get a lot of different opinions on here about this and most of them will be right. For 3/4 days I really enjoy the mahalini out of San Diego. Mickey is a great young captain and June the cook is awesome.
  592. kbray001

    Great time out of Dana Point

    I can't wait to do one of these trips. Looks like a blast. Was it extra for the guide to show you how to run the boat?
  593. kbray001

    Fireball and my buddy in Missoula!

    Keep Missoula Weird!!!! 406
  594. kbray001

    Snow Goose fly back hunts.

    Awesome video. Looks like an awesome hunt..
  595. kbray001

    Russian Anti-aircraft gun malfunction. Fun video!!

    Holy crap!!! That is awesome.. Why are all Russian dash cam videos awesome!!!
  596. kbray001

    Caption Contest - Win a Batson Custom Rod built by J. Trelikes - $700 Value

    Only a 14 hour ride home. This should still be sushi quality by the time I get home, right??
  597. kbray001

    Light set-up for calico?

    That will work just fine... My lightest saltwater setup is a daiwa coastal inshore on a bass pro shop 7'6" 12-20 rod that I got for 30 bucks. One day on a wide open paddy I even threw a swim bait to a peanut yt and got him into the boat on that rig. haha.. Not recommended but a hell of a lot of...
  598. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Yea thanks for all the help but that pic just sold me. That is awesome.
  599. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Haha.. Yea I might throw in some cash and buy a lexa 400 and wait until the fred hall show to buy a rod for it. Thanks for your help. I know it is a new rod but if anyone has used one of these rods let me know what you think.
  600. kbray001

    Lake Trout Through the Ice

    Awesome video. That looks like fun..
  601. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Thanks for your help...
  602. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Hey thanks for your replies guys. Calicoking which crucial do you prefer? Drumford do you have a factory wrapped seeker or a custom?
  603. kbray001

    Rod question? Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Hi Everybody, My fiancé is awesome and gave me a new rod for valentines day. I'm thinking about getting the Okuma Shadow Stalker 8' XH 20-40. Has anybody used one of these rods? I pulled on one at a store but haven't tried one on the water. How do you think it would handle throwing big baits...
  604. kbray001

    Yellows still on the chew at the Nardos "Malihini" 2.10.2014

    Mickey is a very fishy dude that works hard to put you on the fish. Thanks for the report.
  605. kbray001

    Top 5 calico rods under $200

    So I haven't fished one yet but my next rod will be an okuma shadow stalker. Looks like an awesome rod. I also have a turners calico special. I have pulled my biggest calico bass out of the kelp with them and caught a bunch of yt on it with no complaints. It also cast very well.
  606. kbray001

    Octopus jigs..... Any good??

    They are awesome!! one of those on a bait caster actually makes bottom fishing fun.
  607. kbray001

    spinning reel suggestions

    My grandpa refuses to use anything besides his bait runner.
  608. kbray001

    Versatile BaitCasting Reel

    Can't go wrong with the curado 300! For what you are looking for it is perfect. If I had to pick one bait caster thats the one I would pick.
  609. kbray001

    Curado vs Calcutta

    It really comes down to personal preference. One of my buddies swears by his calcuttas. I swear by my Curado. They both fish equally well but it really comes down to personal preference.
  610. kbray001


    cool thanks for the info.
  611. kbray001


    Cool I'll have to pick up a few. Will you be selling at Fred hall?
  612. kbray001


    Hey thanks for the contest made the game a little more interesting. After looking at your jigs I want to pick up a couple. Where do you sell them at??
  613. kbray001


    Hey this looks like fun I'm in!!! Thanks!!! Go Broncos
  614. kbray001

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Looks like an awesome trip. I keep hearing about these jigs. Where can I buy some??
  615. kbray001

    Which Fathom?

    My 25n has roughly 100 yards of mono with plenty of 65 pound spectra to back it up. I am a big fan of this reel and plan on getting another one soon. Last year I caught everything from cuda to tails to a foul hooked yellowfin tuna that kicked my ass on the iron with this reel. I'm not sure...
  616. kbray001

    Suggestions for an affordable bolt action

    I'm a big fan of the ruger american rifle .308..
  617. kbray001

    Which .40 Pistol

    I agree with what others have said go shoot them all and pick from there. Before I bought my last pistol I wanted a glock and my dad wanted the xd. After we went and shot I ended buying the Xd and he bought the glock. Glad we both tried them out first. hahaha
  618. kbray001

    Diego Suarez ( East Coast ) Madagascar Jan 2014

    Thanks for all of the great post. I have to say, one day, I hope to go on a single trip that is half as awesome as all of yours.
  619. kbray001

    Coronado island info needed

    The mahalini is a great boat. I go out with them multiple times a year. June in the galley is awesome. She is such a good cook that she was actually part of the deal when capt. Bill bought the boat. Mickey is is extremly fishy captain and will work hard to put you on the fish. Have always...
  620. kbray001

    Need a setup for the wife (first timer)

    Hey I think an avet sx would be a really great way to go. My recommendation would be to take her to a park and get her comfortable before you take her out on a sport boat. My fiancé was really nervous on our first trip because she was uncomfortable using the gear. After she started feeling more...
  621. kbray001

    PENN Fathom 25N 4.8:1 Gear Set Reviews

    Very good question.. I'm interested to see if anyone has used it and if Penn will start selling them from the factory in the 4.8 gear ratio. Seems like a 25n in a 4.8 ratio would be a great 40 pound bait set up for star drag fans.
  622. kbray001

    Low Profile Baitcaster clutch mechanisms and heavy weights

    I am by no means an expert on this subject, but I have used a number of bait casters for rock fishing over the last few years. I have never had an issue.. Honestly fishing with bait casters and spectra is so much more fun then using heavy conventional gear for rock fish I would take the...
  623. kbray001

    This is funny... Black out in Green Bay for the playoff game...

    It's fun to speculate how charger fans would react to a home playoff game. Remind me when was the last time they had one? Haha. packers fans don't even consider the first round really the playoffs. Haha.
  624. kbray001

    25# line on MXL or MXJ...too much?

    My mxj has handled 30 pound test for years. One of my favorite reels.
  625. kbray001

    Rod suggestion on deep dropper loops for halibut/rockfish/lingcod...???

    I am a big proponent of using heavy bass rods for bottom fishing as I feel I have the ability to feel every nibble. What reel are you looking to put on it? Although I am by no means a bottom fishing expert I really like my Phenix M1 for this application. That rod matched with my Avet MXL...
  626. kbray001

    Rod suggestions Please... to match my curado 300E

    I really like my Phenix M1. That things is a beast..
  627. kbray001

    Closed a deal on my first boat tonight.

    That looks like an awesome boat. You will have to post a report after your first real fishing trip.
  628. kbray001

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    Soooooooo.... Porn Star Kim Kardashian is allowed to have a sex tape, fake a marriage, get knocked up by a rapper and then prostitute her child's pictures for profit and her show is allowed to continue to rot American brains... But A family that teaches family values, gets members removed...
  629. kbray001

    10/22 Mods

    Get ready to get extremely addicted! I thought that was all I was going to do to my 10/22 when I first started too. Now mine is more aftermarket parts than it is ruger. haha.. while you are installing all of your new mods youtube can be an awesome resource if you get stuck. Also someone...
  630. kbray001

    Looking For A Yellow Tail Setup

    I am by no means an expert, but my go to setup is a penn fathom 25n with 40lb mono paired to a phenix abyss 908. This setup is light enough that you can throw it all day but has enough backbone to land even the meanest yellowtail if you have the back for it. Including a 30 pound yellowfin that...
  631. kbray001


    Get a clay bar kit and some cleaner wax that will do the trick.
  632. kbray001

    Prostate removal?

    Hey I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but from working with this patient population over the last few years I would recommend you get a second opinion before consenting to the surgery. There are cases where surgery is the only option, but for a lot of people the other options...
  633. kbray001

    Is Tula ammo any good?

    It runs just fine through my ar
  634. kbray001


    Thank all of you A.R. ass clowns who have watched one too many episodes of wild justice for keeping this thread on the top of the list. If it wasn't for all of you nitpickers I would have never heard of these awesome charters. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm going to try and get a group together...
  635. kbray001

    lexa 300 suggestions

    That is a great reel. You should be able to catch everything from calico bass to football tuna on that. I personally use an 8 foot 15-30 Medium Heavy rod and am extremely happy with it. Has the length to let you cast a mile but the backbone to bring a small yellowtail over the rail with ease.
  636. kbray001


    Hahahaha.. That is awesome..
  637. kbray001


    The Prowler is a great boat! Buzz normally runs a really tight ship with a great crew. The new cook I think his name is Action is awesome. Make sure to get an egg burrito he makes homemade pico de gallo each morning. Good luck.
  638. kbray001

    Time To Get Ready

    Good god. I'm showing that to my gf to prove my fishing addiction isn't that bad. Hahaha
  639. kbray001

    Fishin with Capt Buzz on the "Prowler" 9.30.13

    Hey thanks for the post. Went out on a two day without Buzz a few weeks ago and Actions cooking was the best boat food I have ever had. Hope he stays with the boat.
  640. kbray001

    4/3 wetsuit for sale new. Billabong

    Too bad not my size. Good luck no the sale..
  641. kbray001

    home theater packaded rs232

    Ok not trying to slam your post but the other day I had two guys in a busted minivan try to sell me that exact stereo at the gas station.. As soon as I pulled out my phone to look up a review of it the guys got in their van and took off.. Did someone rip off a whole truck load of these or...
  642. kbray001


    Wow.. That looks like an awesome trip.. I do have to ask, is that one guy wearing a tac vest???
  643. kbray001

    4/3 wetsuit for sale new. Billabong

    Thats an awesome deal.. What size is it??
  644. kbray001

    Philip Rivers single handedly bukakkied the Cowboys

    You know who I think could help the Chargers, Tebow!!! They need god on their side to win a game!!! Think about it Rivers could play the first half get a marginal lead then before he takes a crap, like he always does, you could put in someone who actually knows how to win a game and what it...
  645. kbray001


    Hahahahaha.. Just like all post on bd. Some people love them, next couple of people think they are a piece of crap. hahaha.. Give one a try and write us a report. You can buy two irons for the price of a waxwing but a waxwing always swims right. I have bags of irons that just don't swim...
  646. kbray001


    yellowtail will destroy the waxwings. I use the mint or sardine. Two weeks ago I went four for four on the waxwings on a wide open bite. Then a football bluefin foul hooked itself in the back and I got my ass handed to me on the bass gear but still had a lot of fun doing it. Like the guy...
  647. kbray001

    Eclipse 2.5 9-22/9-23 the storm before the calm

    Hey thanks for the great report. Your friend is a true inspiration. If I had that diagnosis I know I'd want to be out fishing every chance I could. Unfortunately, I know this disease way to well but I can tell you that some of the most brilliant people on this earth are trying to figure it...
  648. kbray001

    Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Holy shit. That sucks. I'm sure all the sofa anglers are going to start talking crap but Is it just me or does customer service on a lot of the boats seem to be going downhill fast??? Im im not asking for the four seasons on a sport boat but when I pay my money to come aboard I expect decent...
  649. kbray001

    Prowler 1.5 day 9/10/13 MY FIRST OFFSHORE GRAND SLAM! + Jackpot/ Hatcam

    Great post and a cool video.. I leave on the Prowler for a two day tomorrow night. Can't wait!!!
  650. kbray001

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 9/11

    Thanks for the report. Good luck on your trip. Heading out on the Prowler this weekend can't wait to go..
  651. kbray001

    Jackhole(s) tried to jack me.

    I like how you think Tyee G....
  652. kbray001

    Jackhole(s) tried to jack me.

    Ask your new security company for some extra stickers and place them on all of the windows on the house and make sure that you have a sign in the front yard. If they don't have any there are a lot on ebay that can be had very cheaply. My dad was having issues last year with people breaking...
  653. kbray001

    which boat for a 1.5 day this week?

    Haha.. Normal bd post!! three people say boat number 1, then another saying anything but boat number one. haha.. Have a good trip!!
  654. kbray001

    which boat for a 1.5 day this week?

    No disrespect to any of the other boats but you can't go wrong with the Prowler. Buzz runs a tight ship and works extremely hard to put you on the fish. I am leaving on a two day on the Prowler next weekend. Good luck with whatever you decide!!
  655. kbray001

    Thunderbird 9/7

    I really don't think he was bashing his customers. To me it sounds like a guy with passion. Nothing wrong with that in my book. He saw the opportunity and wanted his passengers to put the hurt on the fish. Just my two cents.
  656. kbray001

    Killing Fields Part 2

    Holy crap. That's where all the dove went. Hahahaha
  657. kbray001

    Red Rooster III 3 day Sept. 2nd-Sept.5th

    That is awesome. Can't wait for my trip next weekend!!!
  658. kbray001

    Dove Opener - Niland

    Oh man that is a bummer. I'm sure if it would have been anything but the dove opener in Niland you would have gotten a warning. Those game wardens have to deal with the whole "hoods in the woods" group during the opener down there. A couple of years ago we saw a game warder trying to check...
  659. kbray001

    The chief

    Like everything on the internet a bunch of ass clowns jump to judgement before they know the whole situation. Although I have never met Capt. Chris I have to say the way he has handled the situation on the water and a few idiots on this board is top notch. I will make sure to book a trip on the...
  660. kbray001

    Puerto Rico - Family Vacation - Great Fishing Destination (Longish, Pic-Heavy)

    That is awesome. What a trip. - - - Updated - - - That is awesome. What a trip.
  661. kbray001

    Killing Fields

    Wow you guys did way better than us. Not too many birds in the area we were. Had to work to limit out and we didn't see a single euro. - - - Updated - - - Wow you guys did way better than us. Not too many birds in the area we were. Had to work to limit out and we didn't see a single euro.
  662. kbray001

    What not to do in the IV this weekend!

    Only around the opening of dove season do you get to see things that are this awesome.. This is why gopros were invented... hahahaha..
  663. kbray001

    Coastal/Islands/Long Range Weather Update 8/28

    Thanks for the report.
  664. kbray001

    Fun little gun......

    I have been wanting to shoot one of those since they were released. How did it shoot??
  665. kbray001

    Eastern Sierra Cutthroat Fishing with the Family (pics/video)

    That looks like a great trip. Even though I'm not sure lluahsc would approve. Haha. - - - Updated - - - That looks like a great trip. Even though I'm not sure lluahsc would approve. Haha.
  666. kbray001

    Long Beach charter on the Native Sun

    You'll probably end up at the Rocks catching sculpin. My dad and I killed them three weeks ago with the knock off lucanus jigs on a two foot piece of mono and 65 pound specta. That way you can feel those little guys bite. Anything that could glow in the dark with a piece of squid on it worked...
  667. kbray001

    Huntington Flats

    Go south. Haha.
  668. kbray001

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    The prowler is a great boat can't wait till my two day with them next month. Congrats.
  669. kbray001

    Malihini 3/4 day tuna/dodo

    Mickey is one hell of a fishy captain!! He will do whatever it takes to find the fish.
  670. kbray001

    Trade Penn Fathom 25N for ????

    Not a critique at all, but why are you looking to trade for a similar reel??
  671. kbray001

    7/25/13 Helena Fishing Trip- Killed it again!

    My family and I charter out the Helena with Calvin and Crew a couple of times each summer. Can not ask for a more fun/hardworking crew.. They go above and beyond to make sure we have a great trip even when the conditions are not in our favor. Our normal group includes my 86 year old grandpa...
  672. kbray001

    Enterprise: Good times and bad...

    I don't have as much experience as a lot of the guys have on this site, but the LA harbors have a different attitude than anywhere else in So Cal. I prefer to spend my money on operations that care about preserving our resources and enjoying the sport, instead of just filling gunny sacks. Last...