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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    No reason what so ever to shut down the private boaters , this is NOT the problem , peopke cram in bars, crowds protesting in the streets with no protection , a lot of people in san Diego are taking the precautions necessary to avoid the spread , I hope they don`t shut everything down again...
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    Erendira 8/15/2019

    I just got back sunday , I fished with my son in law Edgar Castro for 3 days and fishing was epic , the ocean was beautiful and wr found tbe squid beds , we made 40 to 50 pieces every morning and launched the boat at 4:30 am every morning , fun times
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    Which one of you kooks is this?

    I don`t know about being out that far in a tin boat , we can`t predict mother nature nor can we depend on the weather forcast , In my younger years I used to say if you can see it you can swim to it , I don`t think it`s having big Balls I think it`s a couple of beers short of a six pack
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    For Sale 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT 4x4

    I`ll give you 3000 dollars cash Mike Bingham 858 776 9966
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    For Sale TruLine HD8 green glass

    I live in Bay Park San Diego i`ll give you 1200 cash , 858 776 9966 mike Bingham
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    Going From Trailer To Slip

    I have my 2 boats at the bay club marina and this time of year the bottoms get cleaned every 3 weeks , make sure you have a block zinc on your transom and bottom paint , it`s awsome having your boat in a slip , especially for the late start days or going out to make bait , I have a reciever at...
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    Loreto opens to fishing BUT....

    Thats just wrong that we can`t fish in our golden years NO BUENO
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    Sport Boats

    I Learned long ago it's a big ocean out there and we should try to give each other space which is a fucking joke , people use other boats as there GPS and laugh about it , Thru the years my family has shared with other boats fishing spots and successful trips but now these days we work with a...
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    Bent butt rods for Bluefin

    Boy that' a relief , I thought I was doing all wrong
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    Coronado Islands Friday 6/12

    Good Job , fresh yellowtail tonight !!!!!!
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    Michael Jordan catches 442 pound Marlin to win tourney championship.

    He`s Actually a decent fisherman , he fished with us 2 years ago in san Diego on my Brothers boat a 65 foot viking called the Anchor which is slipped at Kona Kai , we caught yellowfin and yellowtail and he`s just a normal guy who like the rest of us love pulling on fish , he got right in there...
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    For Sale 1994 Jeep yj

    I`m very interested in you`re jeep and would like too biy it , plz call or text me 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
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    For Sale 1994 Jeep yj

    How is the interior ? Where are you located my name is Mike Bingham and I would like to see ypu`re jeep 858 776 9966
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    SOLD 19 Baja Bayrunner! Rigged right!

    I live in san Diego misddion bay area I would like to see ypur boat plz shoot me a text when this can take place 858 776 9966
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    SOLD 2006 Parker 21 Special Edition21'

    My name is mike Bingham and I live in san Diego if ypu`re boat hasn`t sold I would to tok see it 858 776 9966
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    How was it out there today? Wind , swell, and fish

    Fished south coronado island friday and it was blowing out of the south and was choppy early on , the wind never did let up which gave us a great Halibut dtift , we caught four halibut in 35 to 47 feet along with 2 yelliwtail 16 to 18 pounders along with chunky calicos and some barracuda , the...
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    The old ford is no longer alpng with beach launch , they built a concrete boat ramp which works but you can no longer launch 3 to 4 boats at a time so you want to launch early before any line starts , its still a great place great fishing and super nice people
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    Circle hooks for Yellow fin tuna

    Awsome hook and it won`t break the bank
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    Edgar is running a 39 foot Blackman out of San Diego and he works at Camp pendeleton DOD contractor , he`s been killing the big Bluefin and yellowfin tuna give him a call 858 776 9967
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    I take a copy of my electric bill for my house in Puerto San Isdiro and it`s no problem , the last time they didn`t even ask
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    Bent butt for kite fishing

    Bent butt can be beneficial when fighting a big Bluefin because you don`t have too hold on too the rod unless of course he decides to do a few laps around the boat , then it becomes a pain in the Ass , I say spend the money and add to you`re Arsenal , Good luck
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    Is this what you think also?

    Hell no 2020 is starting off to be a GREAT year with yellowfin AND Bluefin in May , bait has been pretty good and the fish are close , I belkve things are rolling back to as normal as can be for the circumstances and hopefully very soon the fishing communites of SanDiego are California will be...
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    Pacific Queen 5/29

    I think it`s time for the owners of sportboats to get on with there lives and get back to making a living , bills pile up wheater you`re fishing or not , insurance companies don` t give you a pass , no pass from the banks either nor slip fees , the life of a sportboat owner is hard and long...
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    Good job I see you fished with Conrado Castro , his brother Edgar Castro is my Son inlaw , Great guys
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    Dana Landing frozen flying fish...

    Steve the owner pays over 20 dollars per flyer , I know they cost alot but he`s very fair with his prices , Dana is a great place to shop , eat or talk to Bubba about rigging gear or the latest fish report , First class operation for sure , give them a shot
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    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    The fuckin guy is so far out there it makes me sick , he strips the people of our rights while he grandstands , i`m in 100 petcent too remove this idiot from office , its time for california to shed the laid back style and go after him
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    CHASING BF 5/21/20

    Jimmie C will be on 6 and 68
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    CHASING BF 5/21/20

    Im leaving friday morning going south as well on a 3 day 39 foot Blackman Jimmie C
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    First time fishing Alaska

    Josh Brooks on the Huntress great guy and awsome fisherman , im going august 17th for 12 days and im doing a 4 day trip to blue fox bay with Josh 907 399 82008 good luck
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    Prescription Sunglasses Advice

    It takes time to get use to the new glasses I had problems as well but when you spend 500 dollars per pair you learn how to use them , I love mine now but hated them at girst give it some time ypu will learn how to focus with them
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    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    I have no intentions of selling my boats and live in fear , this could happen and im sure it will to some extent but we can ' t live in a closet the rest of our lives , the best of the best are working on a vaccine and we need to hope and pray we all are able to live our lives the way it was...
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    05.05 Nados Report

    Good job , glad to hear the water is starting to clean up
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    Big halibut surprise

    Quality fish right there ` Great Job guus
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    Access Updates from friday reopening

    I`m leaving wednesday night on my boat which is in a slip in SanDiego bay with 2 non family members an i`m hoping its not a problem , i`ll be gone until saturday night
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    San Diego BOATING, FISHING and LAUNCH RAMPS open at 8am tomorrow!

    I can`t wait my boat is fueled and all new electronics installed , im going to put Groceries on board on tuesday and leave wednesday on a 3 day to fish some areas south where they are catching a nice grade of bluefin with some yellowfin mixed in
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I don`t know where you work or if you really are a cop but stay the fuck out of San Diego you are not welcome here ypu`re a fucking koom with little man Syndrome I withe the DOD and we eat guys like you for lunch , for you to poll off to ypu`re fellow fisherman shows zero class , a lot of people...
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    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    Stay the Fuck out of San Diego when the tuna bite is full speed ,
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    Please help get San Diego Ramps and Bays Re-opened.

    I spoke with one of my Buddies fro. Harbor Police today and asked what it`s looking like to open up the ports and he said he has no idea and dosen` t agree with it being closed , they just folliiw orders and I said people arn`t going to put up with this much longer , he also said ypu can`t...
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    San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    I`m starting to get pissed off , i`m paying slip fees and property taxes on my boat along with insurance and bottom cleaning and I can`t go out along with everyone else my boat is personal property and they have taken that right away from all of us , i`m starting to think this is gping to go on...
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    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    I just put 3 simrads evo 3 one my biat 2 twelves on the bridge and a 9 for the back deck along with a new 32 mile Radar and a new Simrad Auto pilot and last wad a Fusion 755 stero , im all set , now I need the city to open up the port of San Diego so I can leave my slip for a week or so
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    What a fucking joke , china is not a threat to the US , they are only a threat to themselves , The United States is so far advanced in warfare and technology it`s not even funny china is still working on a nuclear aircraft carrier , Civilians in this country don` t know the extent of our...
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    Agree , its a tough pill for all us to swallow , i,m like everyone else the ocean is truly my only Therapy , it clears my head and brings be bavk down where I need to be , I realize we`re all In this together and it`s very difficult for us too not be heard
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    I run a team for the DOD there is a lot of Responsible people in the fishing community and a lot of dumb asses out there as well , were not being given the chance to prove we can work with whatever guide lines they come up with im very capable of following orders as has been the case for the...
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    How in the fuck am I going to Endanger my family on my own boat ? Who said anything about driving a car ? I want to drive my boat that I pay slip fees ` property taxes and insurance on , if you want Danger go to costco, or walmart
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    Our Constitutional Rights

    Im sick of all the shit , dosen` t matter which side you are on or what Branch you served in , the only rights we have now is go to work if you are luckly enough to still be employed and go to the store, im one of the luckly ones who is still working DOD but All this talk is just that people in...
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    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    Im fucking burned out o. All the bullshit , fishing is not a crime ans we should be able too fish on our boats ,, go to costco if you want to get sick and buy you`re fucking fish from a fish market if you can`t catch you`re own fucking lame
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    Won't be long now.

    I can` t belive they opened the beaches to surfing , swimming , paddle boards and kayaking but not boating , WTF this is bullshit I should be able to go to MY boat which is in a slip on shelter island and go fishing apparently Faulkner is a fucken tree hugger
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    Won't be long now.

    None of our city leaders want to take Responsibility of making the call too open up our ports , they keep referring to other Agencies and passing the buck , I don`t see anything opening up untill May 15th and I hope I`m wrong , I walked along Shelter island sunday with my wife and they still...
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    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    So much Shit going on , oceanside won`t even let people check on there boats in the harbor , now they are taking personal property rights away and these people are paying of his or hets boat? good money to slip there boats , at least it has`nt hit our slips in san Diego even thou we can`t even...
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    Lifespan of outboard (hours)

    My last Suzuki 175 HP four stroke had 6200 hours on it before it blew
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    Take a drive down to sunset cliffs...

    Those Fuc- en wanna be cops at sunset cliffs make me sick , they stand there or sit watching people jog or walking and if you stop to look at the ocean they shoo you along , , people along mission bay are walking in the street because you can`t even walk along the sidewalk , they don`t give a...
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    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    Fishing on you`re own boat is a hell of a lot safer than going to costco or Vons , I have 2 boats in slips at the bay club marina on shelter island and i,m not allowed to go fish with guys iv`e been fishing with for 40 years , I understand the situation of big gatherings being a saftey issus but...
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    Lost a 60lb'er , need to loss more.

    Man thats a tough one to do is lose weight , 3 years ago I jumped off the tailgate of my truck at my house in mexico and without realizing it I shattered my left foot but it didn`t hurt it burned si I figured I streched out a tendon and stayed at the house for 10 days fishing 6 of those days and...
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    The day is fast approaching...

    Overall people in San Diego are staying home which is what were supposed to do , i`ll damn sure don`t have to like it but for now thats how it is , there thoughts on this situation is the sooner they get this under control the sooner we can go back to a normal life , most guys witb theere own...
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    Road report from nomads

    Im planing on going to my house i. PUERTO SAN ISDIRO just to check on my house in a couple of weeks , my neighbors are saying its been really quiet and the town is doing great , few boats are fishing and its only for food , the Commerical end of it is closed so people are fishing for table fare...
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    WTB Bye Felitia

    I can` t get it right today for same reason kennedy Fisher , i`ve had mine for 20 plus years
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    WTB Bye Felitia

    I doubt Guys who have Kennedy Fusher rods arnt gping to give them up , I know I won`t but good luck
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    Fishing to open

    I still can`t believe they are shutting us down from fishing on our own boats , I Braved costco the other day and it was a complete shit show , it way more dangerous with all the people gping up and down the isles , everybody that has thetr own boat pretty much has a set groyp of guys that they...
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    SOLD Roddy PM8 By Dave Bell

    I would like to buy the rod im in san Diego we just need to figure where and when
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    Is slip fishing still an option?

    Ive been throwing plastics off my boat at the bay club marina on sheltet island no one has said anything , ive been doing this for a week now catching spotties and little halibut , this weekend im going tl try some live bait from my 2 recievers and see if i can catch a bigger halibut , its all...
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    My 2 boats are at the bay club Marina on shelter island and all i can do is sit on the boat or cas plastics off the back deck and catch spotties and little Halibut , im lucky to have this option to be able to go kick back on my boats and I guess i get the bay shutdown due to the Virus , I know...
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    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Ok , so far this year one LM7 truline one CX8 truline one D8 truline all wrapped by Dave Bell , one calstar GF 410 two 95 jmag one GFGR 800 MH one GG 270 , 2 lighter 8 - 20 calstar cork for halibut fishing , one penn 70 VIS one Talica 10 one Talica 12 two Talica 20s Two saltigas 35s 2 Saltigas...
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    Kennedy fisher rods

    I have 3 KF rods that i love and I bought them years ago off Frank the rod man in mira mesa without even realizing whoat i wad buying , i have one 7 foot and 2. 8 foot rods that are about as thick of glass as you will ever see , KF was way ahead of the rod building game of the day and i still...
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    I went to shelter island this morning Saturday and i saw several boats cruzing around so i guess the bay is still opened to slipped boats , one of my buddies went to the 425 this morning to chase the tuna and no one stopped him from heading out the harbour
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    Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    I cruzed aroind shelter island this morning Saturday and i saw several boats out on San Diego bay so i guess they are still allowing slipped boats out , one of my buddies left early this morning to gk chase the tuna on the 425 and nk one stopped him so just maybe all is not lost
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    San Diego Bay shutting down

    The port District is closing San Diego bay tonight at midnight , zero boat traffic will be allowed , i have a buddy who works in the enforsement division and he called me , this is going to be brutal but if we all work thru this itll be over sooner than later i hope , fishing is my only outlet...
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    Why the launch ramps are closed

    Effective at midnight tonight the port is closing San Diego bay , I just got off the phone with my buddy who works at the port and iys zero traffic , I know this sucks but if we all due our part this will help this end sooner than later i hope
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    FREE Tommy Gomes

    He no longer works their
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    Why the launch ramps are closed

    A mountain out of a mole hill ? What Feffin planet are you from ? People are dying all over the world and we're panic mongers ? Youre a Dumb ass and you need to pull your head out of your ass and get with the program , you are not immune to this and people who care are making sacafrices and you...
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    Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    I'll be on the road monday morning 5:30 AM heading to Camp Pendleton to do my Job and I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to do my Job , elders need a purpose and I agree that people do need to take what is going on in our country and stay home until this passes and then we can all get...
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    Best Day Ever...

    sounds great july is a great time of year
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    Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Km How fiffen stupid are you to make a statement like this you disrespectful little shit im over 60 years old and im still out everyday with the DOD we have just as many rights as anyone else you owe a whole bunch of people a apology we've earned our place in society and that can't be taken...
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    Fishing Jacket

    I've had one of my Nomar jackets for over 10 years along with the best head gear , I use Nomar water proof bags for my gear as well their stuff is polar fleece so you dont have to dress in layers , I have 2 pairs of their sweat pants as well , one is medium heavy and the other is heavy
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    Fishing Jacket

    Check out Nomar in Homer Alaska website , you will never buy a better fishing or hunting jacket , they have all outdoor weather gear and they make it right there in the warehouse
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    Message me if ypu ever want to Buddy boat I just topped off my boat so I've got over 500 gallons...

    Message me if ypu ever want to Buddy boat I just topped off my boat so I've got over 500 gallons on board
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    Yes and it's been really good , we had 12 fish last weekend and kept 6 all between 16 and 27 lbs...

    Yes and it's been really good , we had 12 fish last weekend and kept 6 all between 16 and 27 lbs , I've been getting my Blackman ready for tuna and I'm planning a 2 to 3 day trip south when the weather settles down, I've fished halibut on my center console the last 3 weeks and its been a blast...
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    Goodbye LOLA

    Man that's a tough one for sure my last chocolate lived for 14 years Jake was a every occasions dog whichmost Labs are , my current chocolate Maverick is 7 years old and a great dog as well. Good luck finding you're next friend and sorry for your loss
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    Good news?

    I went out yesterday and ran around the bay , Shelter Island and went right by the Harbor Police and they didn't pay any attention to me at all , then i went to the bait barge and got a scoop of bait went back to my slip and put the bait in my receivers
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    Coronados Islands Sat

    I was at south island last sunday and no problems what so ever , I only saw 2 other boats the entire day and weather permitting im headed out this sunday as well , the bait barge in san Diego bay is open and the bait is Beautiful with a few mackeral mixed in , Good Luck
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    Fishing is now prohibited 3/25/20

    My 2 boats are in slips on san diego bay at the bay club marina , I ran all over the bay today and stopped at the bait barge on the way in and got a scoop of bait to put in my receivers, im planning on fishing sunday
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    Boat Ramps closed?

    They can't keep us from our boat in a paid slip its private property, we need to be able to have access to our boats , I have Bay Club Marina parking pass ,
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    Boat Ramps closed?

    I was just on shelter island Drive leaving the Bay Club Marina wherr I have both of my boats in slips and all the parking lots are closed off along with the boat ramp parking lot and SDPD are in the parking lots telling people to leave , this is unreal whats happening , all the Hotels on Shelter...
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    I Guarantee no one is going to take ANY of my Guns , its not going to happen stay tough and safe
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    EB's bait?

    I got bait there yesterday Sinday and its got a good amount of box time its awsome
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    Best Day Ever...

    Loved you're story , I was the same way with my Daughters who are now 27 and 32 years old , I still have pictures in my office when my Daughter's were young catching spotties and then gradually learning how to fish for Marlin , Tuna , Dorado and their now Favorite Halibut , it's memories...
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    CV-19 Government Relief checks.

    What Relief ? At what cost , what does the Government think A thousand dollars is going too do ? What a joke , what about the people that can't work because everything is shut down ? How long is A thousand dollars going to last , Hard times are coming unfortunately for us all until this virus...
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    Corona Virus and Fred Hall Long Beach

    It's like you're hoping some poor son of a bitch walked around the show infecting people , here's a idea , sell all youre fishing gear and lock yourself in a closet because it's coming to get you
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    Long Range shutdown?

    Everyone has to do their part in this Global mess, people are losing their jobs , restaurants are closing their doors along with bars , all this is necessary to try and rein in on the spread of the virus , people are dying and many more will , I love fishing as much as the next guy but I for...
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    O'side Fish ID

    Its a Meone , common name Sugar Bass and great eating
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    No, I got out of commerical fishing a long time ago, im a DOD Contractor now with my own company but I'm still on the water a lot , the Jimmie C affords me the opportunity to do multi day trips and im fishing the boat at Mag Bay this year in October and will go to Cabo from there and keep the...
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    SOLD *Off the Market* - 21ft Boston Whaler Justice "Grey Ghost"

    You can't beat a Boston Whaler for Southern Cal Fishing and Baja , great fishing platforms
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    70 year old getting lazy ! Drift fishing for Halibut ?

    The barrel swivel to the 3 way in deep water drifts 110 to 140 feet keeps you're leader perfect no mater how fast the drift , no twist what so ever give it a try , I use the same set up in shallow water as well , I'll use a small sliding sinker when there is very little wind or current
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    I put a bigger tank on my Blackman so I put this one up for sale and it's gone , Thanks everyone
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    I am selling an off shore bait tank. 80 gallons. Length 42 inches width 24 inches height 33 inches. GREAT SHAPE! $600
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    I care about your health

    I think it's going to affect flights big time , people including myself are going to be paranoid for sure , I fly to Florida in april, then kauai in June which my wife wants to cancel because of this and then Alaska in August , im turning 63 years young in a couple of months and we're...
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    70 year old getting lazy ! Drift fishing for Halibut ?

    The only way to go is drift fishing with 12 to 15 pound test with a stainless steel 3 way T swivel tied to a barrel swivel with a 8 inch leader then a 18 to 24 inch 2 to 4 ounce chrome torpedo sinker and then a 4 foot bait leader , ive been using this set up for over 40 years and you get the...
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Saw your boat out of the water at Shelter island boat yard, I was down there checking on the progress of mine , they had just finished power washing yours and it looks impressive out of the water , what a beautiful set up rig ypu have someone is going to get a great southern California boat...
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    The owners name was Bill Holmes and he had it at southwest yacht club for a long time Blackman built several 38 foot boats but only one 39 foot from what Bill told me , he had it built for Mag Bay trips which he never made, it has a big deck freezer , central air and heat, a water maker along...
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Man thats some names of the past , Bob Glathe was out here recently and just got married , I haven't talked to Joel in years , my Blackman is at Shelter island boat yard now they just put it back in the water , I had Top.sides non skid redone along with new underwater lights , bottom paint and I...
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    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    One per angler is plenty , theres enough pressure on the fishery with the commerical fleet
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    For Sale NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    I owned two 26 foot billfishers I had Don built and both were great boats, well built and not expensive to operate , my Dad and I fished the 10 / 10 trench and san clemente islands for years and we were never let down I now own the only 39 foot blackman built and its incredible I named it after...
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    BLUEFIN SEEN REPORT 2/19 (Islands too)

    The water temp inside Puerto San Isidro 90 miles south of the border was 61 and a half degrees and crystal clear , the mexican quota for bluefin has already been filled for the year , could be a interesting year
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    Moon phases, what do you guys think?

    I'm a firm believer in moon phase fishing ,better current and water movement i pay attention to the moon phase and tides as much as possible when I plan fishing trips especially in alaska where the tide swings are hugh , I've had some sucess to this method and there are days I don't plan a trip...
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    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    Ive been fishing out of san diego for over 50 years and we do very well in targeting and catching all species of fish , every year I get to fish wheater out of san diego or my house of 40 years at Puerto San Isidro, it's not always about catching and killing a bunch of fish it's about time on...
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    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    Who in the F ck wants to hold hands ? Guys are excited about the possibility of a early epic season everyone I know and fish with only want to hold a loaded up fishing pole , its a big ocean and you can always with a little work make it happen
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    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    I leave for Florida april 13th and come back the 20th
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    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Sounds great let me know the dates asap and I'll see if i can make it happen , I go to Florida in april with my oldest daughter but im not sure of the dates I will get back to you on this and see if we can make it happen ,im also hoping to get a trip going with Leslie Christain and his buddy...
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    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Fishing right now is good and I think it's going to be a great year with the sea bass showing up in April ,I'll be down there the end of February and will keep you guys posted
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    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    The water now is 61 degrees just a few miles off the beach and Crystal clear , my son in law Edgar Castro is at the house with my Daughter and said the weather is Beautiful and fishing for Reds and Lingcod , I was there in January and we were still catching yellows ,
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    WTB Factory Cousins gg 95j mag $500 or trade for numerous reels or fishing gear

    I fished a UC Monster for years and I currently own two 95 JMag and I wouldn't get rid of either one and one is the all Black Wrap , great rods and good luck in finding one
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    If you can only pick 4 phenix rods...

    Phenix makes a great rod But I prefer my calstars , I own a half dozen Phenix I use for halibut rods and fish 10 to 15 pound test and they work awsome , you can't beat the backbone of a calstar
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    Update-02-03-20 The Power of Prayer!

    Cory thats the best news ever Thank God Sheryl is on her way to a full recovery I'll be sure to pass the good word on to Pastor Yates and to continue prayers
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    For Sale New Bluewater Bait Tank for sale

    I'm very interested in buying you re bait tank if its available, I'll pay 1700 cash Mike Bingham 858 776 9966
  114. M

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    I will pass this on to pastor Yates he has a prayer chain of over 100,000 he got me thru my cancer surgery last year complete with visits , I will send this information right after this post God bless and prayers from the Binghams
  115. M

    For Sale New Cousins 95J MAG Blank

    I just bought one never used for 800 completely built , really nice rod GLWS
  116. M


    Prayers and postive thoughts coming Sunnys way and I'll do my best to be there or send in a donation
  117. M

    For Sale New Cousins 95J MAG Blank

    I'll give you 650 dollars cash
  118. M

    Anti sea lion tricks?

    I bought a roll od fine mesh galvanized wire and cut it to size and wrapped it around my bait cages and left the galvanized ends which are sharp sticking up on all sides of the cage , seals dive down on my traps and they don't like the metal edges and they leave , my catch rate for lobsters is...
  119. M

    What has Fishing Done to You?

    Nothing better than spending the day or days on the water its pure AQUA therapy, clears the head , great way to spend time with youre good friends and it puts food on the table , my dad always said the days you fish doesn't count on your life , its a free day
  120. M

    Gentleman start Halibut hunt. 1-13-2020

    Picked up 3 fish in 107 feet of water on sardines biggest going 17 pounds south of south island last sunday the 12th , caught a few sandies and sculpin , didn't see another boat all day until I got stopped by the Mexican Navy running along south island they were great , super nice and quick ...
  121. M

    New gear for CHRISTMAS!!

    Dylan , good job coming clean elders should never say I'm done with you , should never give up on todays youth, its a tough job growing up and we've all done things that haunt us until we come vlean and make it right , you're parents are you're best allies , be truthful in life earn you're...
  122. M

    For Sale Pristine Condition 8’3 7/8th Carmel D-8 Truline by Dave Bell

    I will buy your rod , im currently in Puerto San Isidro my house in Mexico, I'll be back after New years in SAN Diego where I live , not sure how you want to do this I could meet you half way and will pay 1500 cash 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
  123. M

    Colonet end of January

    I fished that area 3 weeks ago and the yellows were on the bottom 240 feet , we used 6x white and blue and white on the crank from the bottom along with so e reds , the water was super clean and 62 degrees , you should catch reds , lings and 14 to 20 pound yellows , Good luck on your trip
  124. M

    Intrepid single rooms ??

    I'm sure Bill or Sam moore the captains will have a place to store your belongings, they are great working with the guest , state rooms down below are unreal though, nice size rooms and beds maybe ypu can find someone who doesn't snore and share a room , call steve the booking agent he can set...
  125. M

    2019 20th After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

    Great job Mike , I wish I had been feeling better and showed up , Halibut fishing is a special fishery almost sacred to some like myself , I know this tournament had to be especially hard without your right hand man and good friend Vinney , I'm putting my boat back in the water today after paint...
  126. M

    dragging me on a cruise, suggestions for fishing please

    If you love the ocean you'll love the cruise, you sound just like me , I didn't want too go on some stupid cruise ship and I was wrong , absolutely loved it and i got to fish a half day in alaska , these people who work on these ships will show you theres something for everyone to keep you busy...
  127. M

    THIS IS IT!!! The 20th Annual Halibut Classic!!

    We're in mike I'm cutting my trip to baja short so we'll be in the line-up
  128. M

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

    Just shows you how precious life is and how unpredictable it can be , one minute the guy is stoked and the next thing you know he's no longer with us, spend time with youre loved ones and enjoy the moments , God Bless his Family
  129. M

    SD Tackle Tackle Traders Gets Burgled Again

    How messed up is that ? It's tough enough running a business in california then to have some Dirt bags tear into your livelihoods , insurance or not you never get back what you had
  130. M

    TRADE 2015 Yamaha 150 SHO

    Maybe put a price on the motor and it'll probably sell quicker , just a idea, I have a 115 yamaha on my panga in mexico it's 3 to 4 years old four stroke thats like new , I bought it last year on bloodydecks from a guy who wanted to power up , maybe swap motors with some cash from my side ...
  131. M

    Halibut tips please?

    I order mt T swivels from canada they are stainless steel with ball bearings , they give the bait the perfect presentation, in my opinion the brass ones are junk , this set up drifts perfect even in 15 knots of wind with the sock out , I like the fact that your rig catches fish as well and you...
  132. M

    Halibut tips please?

    Ditch the 3 way T swivel ? One of southern cals best productive halibut rigs when put together properly, some of the top names and halibut fisherman have been using this set up for years , everyone has there own favorite setups bit I wouldn't ditch the 3 way for nothing we fish this set up in...
  133. M

    Halibut tips please?

    Just keep pounding the bottom and trying new areas David , time on the water is the best teacher when it comes to halibut fishing pm me and I'll tell you where to fish and i dont need to be on the boat , for that matter I'll show you on my boat
  134. M

    SOLD Sold

    Plz call me at 858 776 9966 , mike Bingham
  135. M

    ULS diesel in Baja norte?

    I have a LTZ one ton chevy diesel 2018 and I've never had any issues, as far as extra fuel Tecate entry is way more laid back I always bring gas down for my quads
  136. M

    Halibut tips please?

    Fishing for Halibut is all about putting in the time , they will school up on the bottom so when you do catch a nice one know your dept and get land marks if you don't have a good gps , I'm a old school halibut fisherman and never use over 15 pound test and never trap rigs , I use 12 to 25...
  137. M

    united composites question

    Old school saltiga 30
  138. M

    Captain/crew fishing during a bite

    You would think captains and crews would be able to notice novice anglers and would want to hand off hooked fish to someone who maybe has never caught a tuna and coach him or her how to bring the fish to gaff , that petson would be so grateful they would have a customer for life , rathet than...
  139. M

    SOLD ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 5600 D5 Baitcaster - Price drop

    I would like to buy your reel but you would have to ship it too SAN Diego which I'm willing to pay shipping, 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
  140. M

    How big is the SD bait at the barge?

    Pull up SAN Diego bait barge bait report and it gives daily bait reports
  141. M

    SD shops that will rig my Flat Falls?

    Dana landing , His name is Bubba Newton , super nice guy and very knowledgeable call down thete to see what his hours are , either its 6 am to 2 or 2 to 10 pm he will hook you up
  142. M

    Lobster opener, Whoo hoo

    It's still a lot of fun , every so often some one will set there gear way to close to yours and people think motoring in and around ypur gear is no harm , go out set your gear don't ever leave your gear and its a blast
  143. M

    New jig stick

    The UC Monster is a great rod !
  144. M

    Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Regardless if the vessel was overweight due to the outboards , plastic is just that its plastic and probably shouldn't have been used for thru hulls if that was the case in this situation, I have 2 boats in slips 24 / 7 in san diego and would never use plastic , Thank God the only loss was the...
  145. M

    30lb live bait rod

    If you can fond a cal star that would be the way to go , supplies are dwindling at the local tackle stores , rumor has it they are ovet 700 rods behind builds , the father is no longer with us and the son is having a medical producer , I'm hoping this is not the case and calstar continues to...
  146. M

    WTB Cousins 95JMAG

    Good luck finding one for that price , you'll be lucky to find one for under 600 dollars, guys who have one won't part with them , I know I wouldn't part with mine , Good luck with you're search
  147. M

    Bahia de Los Angeles updates?

    Fishing has been great, the weather beautiful and making bait was easy , you should have a great time
  148. M

    For Sale Cousins GG 95j-mag

    Do you ever make it down to SAN Diego? I'll give you 550 dollars for it Mike Bingham 858 776 9966
  149. M

    Sportsmen’s Processing shout out!

    Great service , nice people and most importantly ALWAYS on schedule, GREAT JOB
  150. M

    SOLD Santa Maria Grill

    Im interested in your grill but I live in San Diego and I'm willing to drive up and get it if you would sell it gor 700 cash , mike Bingham
  151. M


    It seems like yesterday I can't believe its been 18 years , God Bless all those involved in this tradgery and prayers too those who continue to suffer
  152. M

    Sea lions and hoop netting

    I take cut up sardines or bonita and throw a hand full out from the boat and then drop the shorts along the side of the boat or l lead the seal away from my gear even before I start to pull my hoops. I don't think we're going to beat the seals 100 percent but its better than them eating short...
  153. M

    Bait fishing with 9’ rod?

    I have a 12 to 30 pound 9 foot rod and it's a blast , you can put a bait where you want it and it gives you the distance , I never leave home without it I fish it with a saltiga 20 and 15 pound test
  154. M

    Well, looks like no fishing tomorrow for me

    We're fortunate to live where we do and have alot better days then nautical days , its a great opportunity to change line on you're reels if needed and oil everything up along with going thru your tackle boxes , it's always good to have a man cave day
  155. M

    For Sale 2006 Toyota 4Runner, 4x4

    Tax and license fees , the car is 13 years old and is being sold by a dealer so when you add it all up its over 20 thousand dollars which is a premium price , Toyota's are built well though
  156. M

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Once again a boat operator with no regards to other boaters , turn on the auto pilot abd get some shut eye , it was a nice looking rig , Coronados to san diego bay is a hour max and they couldn't stay awake for this little journey ? Its a good thind they ended up in a cave instead of T boning...
  157. M

    natulas gallant lady,cleans its bellows in bola.

    How Dare you compare this to 34 people losing their lives not cool for you to even go there the one that needs a pitch fork is you up your ass
  158. M

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    About 100 yards south of castros fish cleaning tables , you'll see a trailer with a garage then a blue house with a big front lawn , then a big house and garage in the back three properties in all you can't miss the back garage its 40 feet long 15 feet high and 21 feet wide
  159. M

    lost your boat?

    The guy just stopped at the local liquor store to pick up another case of beer , nice parallel park job
  160. M

    Whats going on with Intrepid trips

    The Intrepid is fine , fishing has been tough for the long range fleet , not much gping on along with area closures and more in the works it's tough and i hate to say it I think its not going to get better anytime soon , plus its a costly trip for so so fishing , lets hope things turn around...
  161. M

    For Sale Taken care of Toyota ...

    Nice clean little truck ,
  162. M

    For Sale Taken care of Toyota ...

    If your truck is still available call or text me at 858 776 9966 mike
  163. M

    Custom t-shirt advice

  164. M

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    It's just a old school Baja feel that hasn't blown up with hotels , bars and restaurants which now adays is harder to find , also it keeps the rift raft away because its a sleepy little town. Great people , great fishing , my kids grew up with Ramons kids and all the other captains , my kids go...
  165. M

    For Sale 2012 Tracker

    2012 Tracker Pro V175 guide WT 2018 suzuki 115 horsepower, 100 hours 6 year warranty Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fishfinder New tracker boat cover New spare tire New fusion stereo with kenwood subwoofer 4 JL audio waterproof speakers 1500 watt amp Great bay, lake, river, or kelp bed boat Perfect...
  166. M

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    I always give Ramon or his crew a tip based on the amount of fish they fillet , those guys work their ass off down there for the season which is 5 to 6 months for the busy season then its slim pickens the rest of the year , ive known Ramon for 30 plus years , I've had a house down there pushing...
  167. M

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Ramon has really nice cabins with a kitchen and hot water , he has 4 pangas and will also take you out for tuna which cost a little more , he's done really well on the bluefin this season and the white seabass as well
  168. M

    Ghost Town 8/17

    I used to always say if you can see it ypu can swim to it , 40 miles would be a bit much glad you made it back safe
  169. M

    Fall fishing?

    If the weather holds up along with the water temp fish could hang around thru October, theirs lots of bait out their to keep the fish around ad well , it's a wait , hope and see
  170. M

    Poor experience with Fisherman’s Processing, anyone else?

    I get it , everyone wants their fish ASAP once its processed especially when they tell you when its going too be shipped , maybe they should hire some short term employees to get them thru the onslaught of fish orders and try to keep people happy or just say we're swamped it'll be 10 days before...
  171. M

    taking a poll

    If the fish are biting 30 lb test tell his passenger's so they can at least learn how to hook if they are newbies and then let the deckhands earn there money coaching and helping the guy land his fish , wordvwould spread thru the fleet hey these guys help you out all the way and give you the...
  172. M

    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    Fishing down here has been so up and down this year theres not much to report , a lot of guys are working there asses off for very little , definitely different conditions and no constituency, it dosent mean its not going to happen , I stopped listening to 976 a long time ago for that reason...
  173. M

    Bleak paddy trip 90 mile boat ride

    I found one paddy corner of the 302 for 2 18 pound yellows and we got 3 12 pound yellowfin for the day and spent the next 6 hours looking for another and nothing , we got lucky to find the one
  174. M

    Castro's Fishing Camp?

    Fishing in eriendira AKA puerto San Isidro is really good right now and had always been , its a super quiet old school baja town with a couple of great restaurants, Ramon Avila has super nice cabins with hot water, his boats are really nice and all of them have bait tanks , seabass fishing has...
  175. M

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Great job and a very special day catching that with your DAD good memories for sure congrats
  176. M

    RIP, Ron Ashimine

    He's sitting on the big kelp patti in the sky enjoying the biew with a watchful eye, RIP
  177. M

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    It makes ypu wonder what gave out to cause enough water to come in and lose your boat , thru hull valve , bait tank hose , you never know when something is going to give which is the scaty part , you can't over maintence a boat and should check every raw water intake along with bildge pumps...
  178. M

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    I can't see how the port District could possibly do such a stupid thing , san diego is a hugh water oriented town that generates millions of dollars from the boating community, fuck the tourist its time to do something for us residents, the people who support our town , the best thing to do is...
  179. M

    Storing Magnum X-Raps

    I use a deep plano box and twist tie the hooks together and can hold 8 to 9 in the box
  180. M


    I'm interested in buying your generator 858 776 9966 mike bingham
  181. M

    7/17 Nados Report and Non-fish Catch of a Lifetime!

    Great story on the rod , you made someones day for sure
  182. M

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    Its called I don't give a shit and if people don't like it they can F off, we all try to be quick and considerate but theres THE GUY who thinks he's entitled to go against tbe flow and causes problems for the person waiting too launch
  183. M

    Learn more/catch more

    As i stated my post wasn't directed towards any one it was a suggestion on how the majority of fisherman use their own techniques to find fish along with networking, I don't think its necessarily a old school thing but we didn't have internet back then and the class A electronics they have now ...
  184. M

    Learn more/catch more

    People respond to your post about fishing methods, networking, spending time on the water in order to be a successful fisherman only to have all the post removed to appease one person, so other post are cast aside and discarded as if they never existed, so don't plan on people to waste time on...
  185. M

    Cold storage

    Try to book a hotel with a restaurant and call ahead to see if you can store some fresh fish in thete freezers
  186. M

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I'm sure all the boats are running hard everyday but that's no excuse , lives were at stake here , this could have turned out a lot worse. Crews need to be rotated so there fresh , lesson learned i hope and they got off light , im sure changes will be made
  187. M

    Will Harcore Get a BlueFin This Year?

    Time on the water and persistence and I say for sure he will sooner than later
  188. M

    How To Fish Bluefin Foamer

    Wishful thinking, it's not going to happen but we appreciate your approach to proper fishing and respecting YOUR fellow angler which done correctly would improve everyones hookup and catch rate on bluefin foamers or any tuna for that matter , any boat that is stopped is a target , the old days...
  189. M

    stun gun for halibut

    I've caught a lot of big halibut on my boat over the years and ive been fishing with the same guys for 40 years , we all use light line and work great together, when a nice fish is hooked the kill bag gets opened up and once the fish is gaffed it goes right in and closed up with white side up...
  190. M

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    40 years ago it took 6 to 7 hours to get there from SAN Diego, the road going in wad brutal, there was no bridge crossing the first part or the river that ran along the road long before the town , we would cross on big wooden planks , the river in those days was always running , there was even a...
  191. M

    Fishing with Ramone in Ejido Erendira on 04/20/19 and on 05/25/19

    Greag job Chris glad you guys had a great time let's get together and do trip in August and stay at my house
  192. M

    Start of Summer (not) Point Loma fishing trip

    Priceless , you got out on the big pond and made it back alive and even learned a few things along the way , great memories for all im sure , hell a few more trips like that and you'll have salt water flowing through your veins
  193. M

    Yellowtail MIA

    I fished south island saturday and the water was green and 61, 4 degrees , no yellows one small calico two 25 inch halibut and that was it all fished released, we also fished south of the island in 114 feet for nothing water was better looking down there very little bird life , the week before...
  194. M

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help

    Its going around , a month or so ago someone broke into Dana landing and stole a bunch of reels and Maui Jim sun glasses , this hurts the fishing industry for sure and makes people wonder who they can trust when people walk into ypur store to case the place , hopefully someone knows something...
  195. M

    Vacuum packing machine for home

    I bought my VP 215 a while back for about 700 and the shipping was free , it's a unreal unit that is worth the money for sure , it's not the easiest thing to move around so find a good spot and enjoy it if you buy one
  196. M

    Are we all that special?

    Guys get anxious to get back on the water and if it saves them 5 minutes thats all the sooner their behind the wheel and hauling ass to the fishing grounds , I'm sure theres days when they can't take the short cut , I don't miss the boat ramp days though
  197. M

    OCT Lures

    I've had good results from the half dozen i own , they swim great and in my opinion you can't go wrong with a few different colors in your box
  198. M

    Which VHF Channel?

    Really , I listened to the radio for years until it got to be what it is today , I've been part of some good conservations about fishing , look at the bright spot im one less person on the radio , I use the radio all the time at my house in Puerto san isidro net working with the locals it's a...
  199. M

    Which VHF Channel?

    Listen dumb ass you do what the fuck you want on your boat and I'll run mine the way I want too , you dont know me for shit and trust me you don't want too , my eyes work just fine and I've helped many fellow boaters on the water , years past VHF radios were used sparingly, now it's yap, yap...
  200. M

    SD weather?

    I live on the coast and the ocean is very nautical with a mixed cross swell and the wind blew all night, I was going to fish on my boat at the islands but I canceled , it's going to be a ass kicker , I'd wait unless ypu like getting beat up
  201. M

    Cory update Thursday

    Best of luck and prayers are coming your way from the Bingham Family Cory , look foward to your post soon
  202. M

    Which VHF Channel?

    Not a bad answer, I only have my radio on at nite when im traveling and its on channel 16 at grey light its off , I don't listen to kooks on the radio , I've been running boats out of san diego for 55 years and it works just fine for me
  203. M

    Which VHF Channel?

    Most boate in southern Cal is 72 I'm always on channel OFF its the only way to fish
  204. M

    Been to Santo Tomas lately?

    Stright bullshit , it's just as quiet as always , theres still nothing there but rock and sand , theres nothing there for the cartel to run , no business , no people , no stores or restaurants, nearest town is Eriendira and PUERTO san isidro where I've had a house down there now for 40 years ...
  205. M

    Best way to clean reels?

    If im on a multi day trip I always at least take a wet fresh water rag and wipe the reel and rod down the best i can than I spray real magic that I buy at walmart in the fishing sectipn on the reel and guides, then when I get home I do a soak in the kitchen sink fot 15 minutes dry em off and...
  206. M

    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    Seabass have started to show at san Antonio it's about one hour south of the boat ramp on the beach , yellows have showed up as well , try rapalas or slowed troll mackeral, tell your captain you want to make some bait , this time of year things really start to get good , try surface irons for...
  207. M

    Is Your Tuna Poisoning U ?

    The days of the gunny sack should be over , fisherman are a lot more educated these days how and what is the best way too handle your catch ,we even bled our halibut and make sure to ice them down and white side is always up , fish is a precious resource that deserves the best possible care to...
  208. M

    Bloody Decks Revamp

    Pretty messed up right now but I'm sure there working on it
  209. M

    30 Lbs Club

    It's the best feeling thete is setting the hook on a Big Halibut , especially when you get them half way up and they just stop and start the head shake dance good job
  210. M

    Target Fishing #weekendwarrior

    I fish the Coronado islands and south of south of south island below the ridge , this area always produces bigger fish , we occasionally get a white seabass dragging the bottom but we always catch yellowtail drifting we had 3 last Saturday, I fish a custom 30 foot Panga which drifts great , I...
  211. M

    Target Fishing #weekendwarrior

    We've been fishing halibut the last 6 weeks and the fish are starting to move into shallow water, we started out in 112 to 130 feet with good sucess our best day so far was 9 legals topped with a 27 pounder , we didn't get any big fish this year in deeper water we release 50 percent of our fish...
  212. M

    Northern Baja Pacific side fishing

    A hour and a half below Ensenda is a great little fishing town Eriendira , The port is PUERTO SAN ISIDRO call Ramon Avila at 011 521 646 117 7798 he has the nicest boats and cabins fully furnished, he's 250 a day and right now white seabass are starting to show and the yellowtail fishing is...
  213. M

    NorCal Angler Needing Guidance on SoCal Fishing

    Start fishing the local banks , 302. , 425 , Hidden bank , upper 500 , butterfly , 181 , 182 , and so on , get yourself a chart at any local tackle store and it'll have all the way points , follow water temps and listen to local knowledge, good luck
  214. M

    Cracked Jig head fix?

    I have a wall where I retire jigs that have done there job but are no longer fishable , cracked rapalas , top end of jigs cracked or split and lures you just can't get anymore , just can't give em up
  215. M

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    It certainly sends the wrong message that if you kill a great white shark it's not a big deal , you get a way bigger fine for a short lobster, makes no sence at all to even kill something like that and not be punished, the guys a f - cking idiot
  216. M

    Be carful Dave , you don't know me and you dont want to know me , lets meet up so I can discuss...

    Be carful Dave , you don't know me and you dont want to know me , lets meet up so I can discuss why you think im slow, also its Shawn , and Bryon don't act like you know the Binghams because if you did you wouldn't be talking shit , call me and we'll talk about it 858 776 9966
  217. M

    Anyone catching mackerel in SD Bay

    We had 5 our last trip out which was last sunday , we were fishing in 102 to 124 feet of water drifting for halibut, this is a common occurrence fishing this time of year , we've caught over 30 yellows this year drifting for flatties , it nevet hurts to take bait , I never leave without it
  218. M

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    55 to 56 pounds , beautiful fish I caught a 63 pounder once and it was 61 inches long
  219. M

    Da Nados

    Go early , I'll be leaving the slip at 4: 30 am and the wind will be variable, swell 2 to 3 at 9 seconds , fish the tides in the morning and haul ass for the barn at noon , if I stayed home every time it was supposed to blow or be nautical I would have not been part of a lot of great trips ...
  220. M

    innocent passage...

    There is no such thing as innocent passage in mexicos waters. You can't predict what tbe navy personnel is going to say or want from you , it's a third world country, why would anybody want too chance it ? If you have fishing gear on your vessel in mexican waters you best have all your ducks...
  221. M

    Water interpretation?

    A lot of different variables come to play if theres fish or not , mainly moon phase and fin bait or squid beds , I fish white seabass alot whete my house is at Puerto san isidro and we do the best in green water and the fin bait is up close to the beach it won't be long and it'll be full speed...
  222. M

    Two Harbors?

    I've camped there several times , the people who work there are awsome , it's not the season right now but will be hopping soon , great hiking areas and you can walk to the back side wheres there's nothing , it's a great place to snorkel, if he's still there the Rangers name was Dan and he was...
  223. M

    Tested for high Mercury

    It seems the older we get the more we pay attention to what we cosume , swordfish is high in mercury and that's been known for years , we knew tuna would be right around the corner with the same problem, man has done a great job of polluting our oceans and now we're paying the price ...
  224. M

    San jose del cabo amberjacks

    My Dad used to say every day you fish it doesn't count on your life span so the more you fish the longer we live , I fish every chance I get , I have 2 boats in slips in san diego and I have a 26 foot panga in my garage in Puerto san isidro, I've been married 36 years and my wife loves eating...
  225. M

    SoCal Rod and Reel combo for Jigging

    Classic saltiga 30 or 40 , well built reels that will never let you down , the new saltigas are great reels as well
  226. M

    San jose del cabo amberjacks

    I love how truly grateful you are on this great accomplishment you achived congrats on a toad fish
  227. M

    New stiff rods!

    I've managed to hang on to all my original G LOOMIS Rods and my U C Rods I have gear for all species but prefer the lighter gear for Halibut fishing , it's out there you just have to look for it , I totally get what your saying
  228. M

    United Composites for throwing swim baits at calicos?

    I have 2 U C 8 5 X F 1 to 3 ounce and I love em for throwing plastics or small Krocs
  229. M

    Aztec - Interesting Load Change

    Space will be limited for sure but if its W F O you'll fit right in there on the rail and all will be forgotten
  230. M


    Hey Wayne try Mike Manns artic Adventure out of Homer Alaska, he runs a great program great captain and nice boat , book early as ALASKA is not cheap , Homer is a great town and he has cabins or you can stay at Lands inn on the Homer spit , you can also have a drink at the salty Dog salon which...
  231. M

    Lure ID

    There called leave er rights , leave em right where you found em
  232. M

    What’s your favorite style of fishing?

    First would be drifting for halibut with live bait using 10 , 12 , or 15 pound test second would be throwing surface irons for white seabass at Puerto san isidro
  233. M

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    I own several trulines which I haven't fished in years along with some classic origanal wrap brown and white sabres , my favorite classic rods that I own are kennedy Fishers and would never fish them anymore
  234. M

    Jackpot Money

    It's a boat thing , been that way for years and a lot of guys do give the jackpot money to the crew , these guys fish and work hard and are dependent on the extra money they receive , ypu should base it on how instrumental were they in helping ypu land this fish , overall how was the crew , the...
  235. M

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    CJ made me a custom tank for my boston whaler, I gave him the dimensions which had to be fabricated perfect in order to fit in its space and it came out perfect , great water flow great looking tank , this guy is the real deal he also delivered the tank to san diego at no extra charge I highly...
  236. M

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    Really ? Knock myself out I don't think so , maybe anothet day
  237. M

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    The classic rods I have I don't fish , they belonged to my Dad Jim Bingham sr who is no longer with us, I was lucky enough to get to fish wirh my dad for 50 years and can still see him using his classic gear , when I see rods like that it brings back good memories , I've never bought old gear...
  238. M

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    I own a dozen truline rods along with 6 kennedy fishers and if a have a 10 - 80 7 foot truline in that condition I'll gladly give you 100 dollars for it
  239. M

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    Any classic rod is worth what someone is willing to pay, how bad do you want it , the condition of the rod , you say a 10 - 80 truline rod is only worth 100 dollars ? And then pretty much any classic 7 foot rod is only worth 100 dollars ? I would like you to find a kennedy Fisher for 100...
  240. M

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    Limits are just that ,to be respected by all anglers, it's important to protect our resources for today and the future , giving fish away is fine if it's from your bag limit , sportboats allow this pratice to happen for the high fish counts which draws passengers, I'm sure you learned the...
  241. M

    Trueline Dynamo 1c7x gem I found.

    Great 20 to 30 pound stick I'd say it's worth maybe 300 dollars IN great shape , if you're thinking about selling it give me a call 858 776 9966 Mike Bingham
  242. M

    For Sale 1990 Cabo Marine Cuddy Con 256

    Fuel lines laying on top of the batteries, ? Scary
  243. M

    Del Mar Fred Hall question...

    As you walk thru the halls theres beer vendors at the ends , , out side areas theres just about anything you can think of food wise , you won't leave thirsty, plenty to see and buy as theres everything there that has to do with fishing plus all the latest boats and gear
  244. M

    Best tasting Southern California game fish?

    Fresh white sea bass has got to be close to the top of the list , all fresh fish that is properly taken care of after the catch is excellent table fare , all that's needed is a good kill bag , lots of ice and certain types of fish bled out and you're in gor a treat
  245. M

    Custom made jigs

    Sounds great , lets let the water clean upva little , last week below south island the water rolled and shut it down, the week before we had 9 fish the biggest going 27 lbs , and we had 3 yellows to go with the flatties fun day on the water
  246. M

    OCT Jigs?

    You've done a great job with your son Gary , ive known him for years now and he's done several projects for me and they are always spot on panic certainly chose the right person for the perfect iron , Gary junior has transformed his shop and trade into a piece of work as well , he's had to make...
  247. M

    Custom made jigs

    Absolutely I have shirts , Jackets , and hats for all 3 of my boats , custom jigs is next
  248. M

    SOLD Super Seeker SS 270-7

    I'm interested in your SS rod 858 776 9966
  249. M

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    How about starting next month you make a couple of trips on my boat and we'll show you what we do , it'll be better than a seminar , I keep my boat at the bay club marina on shelter island dr 858 776 9966
  250. M

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    I'm in for sure , I think we've taken 1st place the last 3 years in a row , all fish caught at the south island, last years 52 pound 4 oz was caught on 12 pound test, someone elses turn this year for sure
  251. M

    Water Temp and Trends

    For sure it's colder , coronados on sunday water temp was 57, 5 the week before it was 59 , last year at this time it was 62 to 63 degrees , it could be the inside current that runs up baja or the water rolled , the last 3 years its been warmer on the inside then usual , also as you know it's...
  252. M

    PB big butt

    Congrats ,nothing like catching a Big flattie !
  253. M

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    I've never used a trap hook and never will , just the word trap is enough to keep me away , the guys I fish with are the same way , it's for the love of the fishery , hook size varys for me depending on the type of bait and size. I use owner fly line hooks only and I never fish anything over 15...
  254. M

    Catalina Opener

    That type of mentally gives fishermen a bad rap , people need to fish for today and tomorrow and not kill everything legal that hits the deck , it shows this person has zero respect for the resources and is saying fuck the other guy im getting mine and killing everything , I've fished with...
  255. M

    For Sale Stolen Yeti Cooler 65Qt - Beware

    It's a cooler , it's not supposed to be pretty , it's a expensive cooler that some crack head stole , what you think it should be is irrelevant, trust me you are not Gods gift to man , this guy is putting the word out to his fellow fisherman in hopes that maybe it'll be found so quit bagging...
  256. M Free for a week....

    Ouch ! That had to hurt
  257. M

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Once again the tax payers foot the bill for the don't give a shit where do I get my next fix , it's a life style that affects us all , the percentage of those who want help is very low and there's program's thru out the state for those who want it , majority of these people are night owls and...
  258. M


    A lot of talk but no buyers , what's wrong with this picture , even the classic saltigas don't sell for that much and they are awesome !
  259. M

    Sub 2-lb combo for killin' Calicos

    Over Kill for sure , I prefer lighter gear its a lot more fun
  260. M

    Catalina Opener

    I used to keep everything I caught as well , I stopped that practice over ten years ago and I think most anglers in general practice this way of fishing as well , we all need to protect our ocean resources so there is a tomorrow for our kids and grand kids , I'm certainly not a tree hugger but I...
  261. M

    Bahía de los Ángeles- March 8

    Looks like a awesome day of catching , great job and thanks for the update
  262. M

    Reels of choice for uc ce900 mega and ce900 monster

    I have the same rods and I have a old school saltiga 30 on one with 30 pound test and a saltiga 40 on the other with 40 pound test , I fish white saebass and yellowtail at Puerto San Isidro down to San Antonio
  263. M

    Anyone know the longest rod I can bring to Kauai?

    The last time I flew alaska airlines it was 8 foot, I know you can pay more for a longer rod but I'm not sure how much more they get you for oversized cargo , look it up on the web on the carrier you're flying
  264. M

    My first and last time buying a Phenix rod

    Great halibut rods , I own half a dozen and ive never had any issues what so ever, I fish 10 , 12, and 15 pound test , it could have gotten damanged in the shipping or some kook messing with it in the store , sorry for your bad luck
  265. M

    So close everyone is driving by

    Nothing like front yard fishing on the plastics , good job Guys
  266. M

    Best trip to start kids

    I started my girls off fishing San Diego bay , 4 and 6 years old , they loved it , attention span to the trade wasn't much but playing in the bait tank , letting bait go when I wasn't watching , looking at seals wanting to take one home and then finally catching spotties and small halibut , then...
  267. M

    How far can you actually throw a Jig???

    Hopefully I can cast as far as needed to hit the edge of breaking fish , the edge of a nice kelp pattie, the middle of a nice bait ball or a working bird school , so whatever is needed to reach our target is what we all hope for
  268. M

    R.I.P. Rob Epsten

    Absolutely, I bought the Dos Hermanos from him with my Dad and brother jim Bingham , we used to see them at the islands on there new boat fishing Flatties , along with functions at the San Diego Marlin Club , class act family for sure our family still owns the boat which is named Harvey B 3...
  269. M

    For Sale Lowrance Elite 5 HDI 2/1/2019

    I live in san diego as well and im interested in your lowrance , curious as why theres no power cord thou , mike 858 776 9966
  270. M

    SOLD G Loomis SR781 IMX 6'6" Ultralight

    I would like to buy your trout rod , I live in san Diego and will pay to have it shipped my numbet is 858 776 9966
  271. M

    Has Anyone Fished the Coronado Islands without a Bracelet and been checked ?

    Haven't seen the patrol boats out there the last few weeks , they have been AWOL for sure , they have been spending a lot more time south of Ensenda, I saw a patrol boat at puerto san isidro sunday cruising around , yearly pass is the way to if it exist
  272. M

    Small fish and big bags of ice...

    I think it's not the cost it's the convenience of it being there if you forgot to bring ice , it's important to ice your catch , im sure it'll get used plenty
  273. M

    SOLD Dorado Stainless Steel Mount $350

    I live in san diego also and would like to meet up and buy your last one 858 776 9966 mike Bingham
  274. M

    Tennis/fishing elbow

    Try icy heat NONI lotion this will be a lot cheaper than switching gear , its amazing stuff , its from Hawaii and works wonders , good luck
  275. M

    what bargains are hot at Fred Hall?

    Owner pro packs hooks
  276. M

    Line Weight to Fish Weight?

    Everyone is different in their techniques in catching fish with line test paired with the rod and real , some anglers choose to be sporty and finesse there fish with lighter gear that other anglers wouldn't dream of using , some guys like to get it done using heavier line to crank them in , (...
  277. M

    Filling the vacant Fish and Game Commission slot with one of our own

    She would be great , she's spent time at my house in Puerto san isidro on fishing trips and shes just a great petson , I'm 100 percent in
  278. M

    For Sale 1997 Ram Truck 1500

    Where is the truck located
  279. M

    For Sale Ultra Clean 2009 Blackman Billfisher 26 - Last One Ever Built - 430 Hours

    Don Blackman and his crew built 2 bill fishers forour family when Don was alive, its not a fair statement to say Don wasn't involved in the building of the last 26 foot bill fisher , you're right that he was no longer with us but the crew he trained were loyal to the brand and taught by the best...
  280. M

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    Big can of worms there , it's better to let it fade away , I'm good friends with the skipper who was o. The wheel and he's having a tough go , not to mention he's a great guy caught up in a ugly situation , prayers for all involved
  281. M

    Skipjack inside Pierpoint Landing

    Thats some nasty looking water , im surprised anything can survive in that
  282. M

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    The boat rolled turning around in the jetty , I was there on my boat , you can't turn around in the jetty when its breaking , you have togo out and then turn around if you dont time it right your toast
  283. M

    Looking for source ideas for custom fishing team shirts

    Call Jimmy 619 203 3702 , he does great work and lives in the mission bay area , he has artist who can do the design and put every togethet for you , tell him mike Bingham referred you good luck
  284. M

    anyone remember the boat sportfisher that the guy rolled??

    It happened during mike petersons After thanksgiving Halibut tournament. Mother nature was kicking up her heals that day , all passengers were saved and the lifeguard boat that tried to upright the boat flipped in the process , I pulled the Defiance off the jetty before it got totaled and passed...
  285. M

    Are these old jigs still usable?

    Clean them up and give them a try , jigs of yesterday years worked then and there's no reason they wouldn't work today , if the fish are chewing they will eat them , never know could be Dads lucky charm , good luck on your trip
  286. M

    For Sale Gloomis Saltwater Series SWR 843C 7ft MH 12-25lb

    Im interested in your G LOOMIS ROD I WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT 858 776 9966
  287. M

    For Sale Gloomis Saltwater Series SWR 843C 7ft MH 12-25lb

    Coming to san Diego any time soon ? I'd like to buy the rod
  288. M

    Outboard Deals Expected at Fred Hall?

    I think it's a good time to buy a motor now , it's the off season and there's deals to be had , suzuki is offering 6 years warranty , I just bought a 250 HP suzuki from JP motor sports , give them a call and ask for Smitty , he will give you a unreal deal , he's great with working with people ...
  289. M

    best San Diego saltwater tackle shop

    Anglers is anything but choice, squidco or Dana landing where Bubba will hook you up
  290. M

    Pelagic Crab. What does it mean for the upcoming season?

    I was at the coronados sunday and they were everywhere , middle grpunds , 5 minute kelp and below the ridge , fishing was really good with no boats in sight
  291. M

    For Sale New 25' Super Panga Custom Built Yamaha F115XB Aluminum Trailer

    My panga is a 30 foot custom along with a custom trailer that was built by pacific trailer and its a full length trailer that fits perfect
  292. M

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    My first rod was a classic 7 foot kelp cutter ho ey color , my next 3 were Kennedy fisher which i still own , then from there 2 Tru line rods which i still own , I also still own several penn 500s along with penn 25s and penn squidders , which I do not use , I do use my 36 C 8 foot Tru line...
  293. M

    The hate is real

    I have a couple of fishing buddies I fish with on a regular basis and I used to say no coffee grinders on my boat , these guys catch just as much fish as i do , ya the technique is a little different but the end result is good , it doesn't bother me anymore, todays fishing gear is state of the art
  294. M


    I still spend 5 to 6 days a month at my house in Puerto san isidro , I've never had any problems , I mind my P ' S and Q' S i never travel at night and the local people where I live are unreal , old school Baja , ive been travelling mexico for ovef 50 years and still love it , I've been Fleeced...
  295. M


    Take the fisherman out of Baja , and you dont have shit , cabo was built by fisherman , take them away and its a bunch of kids partying and golfers which dont get me wrong spend money , fish camps up and down baja are a lot more accessible with paved roads , restaurants, cantinas and hotels ...
  296. M

    401k loss

    We're just fish in a fish bowl waiting to get picked off one by one , the older l get the harder it is too rebound
  297. M

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    Thats fucked up someone could do that , I would have gotten in his face and shut it down , not necessary to hurt or kill a animal thats just trying to eat , fisherman depend on our featured friends to help locate fish and bait fish , the guys a Dumb ass
  298. M

    RIP Tony Pena

    Tony had vast knowledge in all fisheries and great techniques to accomplish what he loved doing , plainly put he was good at fishing and writing , I've enjoyed some great halibut fishing and stories along with great competitive fish sessions , on too another chapter Tony , RIP
  299. M

    FREE Suzuki engine maintenance parts

    Mike Bingham 858 776 9966
  300. M

    FREE Suzuki engine maintenance parts

    I have a 175 suzuki and live in bay park im interested for sure
  301. M

    safety for tijuana border

    No problems at all , I just got back a few days ago and it was quiet ,
  302. M

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    Mexico does what it wants and im sure someone will step in and pay it
  303. M

    Upgrading Torium hg.

    How about the new Saltiga 30 ?
  304. M

    Los Barriles - Jan 16

    Great job , lots of fun for sure
  305. M

    TRADE Anyone have old glass rods/blanks and want to trade it for a brand new Phenix of your choice?

    Phenix for a Truline ? I wouldn't trade a broken Truline for a phenix , a guy would have to be crazy , you can sell a Truline and buy 3 phenix rods
  306. M

    Ocean Beach Bass 1/11

    Nothing's better than back yard fishing when their biting , thanks for the pick me up report , can't wait to get back out im just getting back on my feet after a major melanoma surgery and as soon as my strength returns thats the very first thing im going to do
  307. M

    Bodies in the cockpit

    Angler experience plays a big part in this question guys who know how too follow their fish and keep it in front of them you should be able too fish five guys , guys who are bananas no more than 3 ,
  308. M

    Lobster Buoys to be banned soon in San Diego

    Its never enough , these politicians come up with the most off the wall shit to justify there jobs , all we are to them is fish in a fish bowl and they can pick us off at will , ive had a house in puerto san isidro for over 40 years where my wated bill is 80 dollars a year and my electric bill...
  309. M

    Oside Halibut 1/7

    Good job on the flattie , great way to start the year off
  310. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    I bought a 2019 premier Chevy Tahoe from Jim Diaz at lake chevrolet along with a LTZ 3500 single axle long bed 4 door truck , both 4 wheel drive , the truck is to tow my new lance trailer I bought in 2018 , the Tahoe is for Mexico and taking trips and the truck is for towing the trailer , I dont...
  311. M

    Marriage is like Halibut Fishing

    Been happily married now for 36 years , my wife dosent care to ocean fish , she loves the river , bays , and Hawaii, we live in bay park and spend a lot of time walking the bay , all marriages have there ups and downs , we live for the ups , by the way halibut fishing is my favorite fishery ...
  312. M

    So what do you think these guys are doing.

    They are harvesting tuna from the tuna pens to ship over seas , there is over 20 grow out pens at south island , squid would be at the flats
  313. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Already bought one and its bigger , I don't have little man syndrome, its been a pleasure
  314. M

    Coronado Island Jan 5th

    Congratulations on your recovery, may you experience many sunrises and sunsets along with great success in catching fish
  315. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Ah welcome back Dan , I see you haven't purchased this nice incredibly clean CJ 7 for your garage in Mexico, better hurry things are heating up Dan , I wouldn't want you to miss out
  316. M

    Stolen toy hauler

    Nothing worse than getting ripped off. They have no regard for hard working people and there belongings , thieves need to be dealth with in the harshest possible ways to teach them what its liked to get fucked
  317. M

    Uc jigstick question

    I have all 3 and love them all, I have old school saltiga 30 s and 40s on them with 25 lb , 30 lb and 40 lb , amazing rods , well balanced rod , can cast all day with out getting warn out , highly recommend getting one and if I was to own only one it would be the Del mar
  318. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    I think you scared everyone off Dan , nice Jeep but no one is even looking at it ,
  319. M

    Puertecitos and beyond...

    Safe travels and a great way to welcome in the new year
  320. M

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    It was great talking with you yesterday , I look foward to seeing my new custom bait tank deposit check is going out in the mail today , keep in touch as it progressives , Thanks CJ
  321. M

    TRADE Trade Honda Commuter for fishing gear

    Kennedy Fisher ? You must really think a lot of your car , I have 5 kennedy Fishers and wouldnt get rid of one for a honda , good luck though
  322. M

    I went looking again for the last local Tuna of the year 12-30 ( Video )

    Great effort Cory , time on the water will pay off , I hope you do get the first tuna of the season and many more after that
  323. M

    Bottoms catching LJ 12/30

    Good job , we get it and have a great safe new year of fishing
  324. M

    I had a great inshore fishing year

    Good job , hope 2019 brings you just as much success
  325. M

    SOLD ALL GONE! boat trailers, must take boat too...

    WTF you want a nice shining trailer for free , with a little work they could work
  326. M

    What trips are you doing in 2019?

    Puerto san isidro may 18th thru the 27th white seabass fishing , Hawaii june 5th thru the 14th, june 26th back to Puerto san isidro thru july 4th , then San Diego local fishing on my boat , Then northern Minnesota late july for northern pike and walleye , then back to san diego to chase tuna ...
  327. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Dan you dont know me nor do I know you im looking at a few jeeps and I am going to buy one flr my house at Puerto san isidro, before I drive to LA to purchase this jeep its asimple question , 6800 firm ? No its dosent say that , im not going to play games , if he says 6500 firm I'm not going...
  328. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Are you going to buy it ? Its only worth what someone is willing to pay for it , and i dont recall asking you for the cash price , maybe you should buy it because its obvious with all inquiries on buying it , its a simple question that you can't answer because its not yours , I'll move on
  329. M

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Doesn't matter , all nations have agreed on whaleing pact and japan always breaks the pact , whales dont belong on a dinner plate its barbaric
  330. M

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    Japan does what ever the fuck they want when it comes to raping the ocean , they could give a shit what the rest of the world thinks , they will take it all if we let them
  331. M

    For Sale 1983 jeep cj7

    Bottom line cash price ?
  332. M

    For Sale 2001 27' Seasport Alaska Volvo Penta KAD300

    How many boats are you selling, is this your business ?
  333. M

    First timer Out to Coronados in Private Boat..

    Islands are sacred , north island , middle grounds , south island , 5 minute kelp can all be good , watch for bird like and bait balls , this time of year south of south island for halibut drifts along with yellows feeding on the bottom , enjoy the beauty of the islands along with great fishing
  334. M


    Mexico should go back to charging yearly boat permits and individual yearly fishing license , they would make more money , I still fish the islands on a regular basis especially this time of year for deep water halibut , I have my necessary paper work work and haven't been checked in 3 years ...
  335. M

    Dana Point 12/22

    Early Christmas present, great job on the fish and gaff , special day of fishing with the wife for sure , doesn't get any better
  336. M

    Rpt.-Thur.-12-20-18 Izor's and the Shoe.

    Good job Cory , looks like a fun day on the water
  337. M

    Best Fishing in mid January?

    Deep water halibut fishing at the Coronado islands, South of south island i 100 to 130 feet , live sardine or mackerel, also we pick up yellowtail and seabass drifting, once you find them work the area and you'll get em
  338. M

    What is your fishing obsession?

    All phases of the sport , putting together a nice fishing platform building your boat the way you've dreamed it and actually building it , collecting rods , reels , and tackle , fishing halibut with 12 to15 pound test in 30 to 120 feet of water , locating the fish , giving out line on the pickup...
  339. M

    Rpt.-12-09-18 2 Day Castro Camp Adventure

    I have a house down there for 40 years now and I go down on thursday morning fish friday sometimes saturdy and leave my house early sunday morning by 6 am and I go thru Tecate , border is nevet ovet 40 minutes, the roads are great , there are way better outfits to fish with than castros ...
  340. M

    Marlin club rockfish tournament 12/8/18

    Good job everyone, merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Binghams
  341. M

    Tranx 200 or Lexa 300?

    I've had really good luck with the lexas holding up , great all around reels for halibut fishing, calicos , school size tuna , never had a issue with them , there worth the money
  342. M

    Need a good hotel.Please suggestions.

    Bay club hotel and marina is reasonable compared to the others on the island there is 619 224 8888 , i have my boat there and I also stay there 2 to 3 times a year
  343. M

    I want to get into jigging

    United composites makes a great 9 foot rod thats lite 20 : 50 pound add a saltiga 30 and you'll be happy or a penn Fathom reel works great
  344. M

    For Sale Truline,penn , lamiglas, browning

    Ya i get it , old school ways of what they did to rods especially classics probably wouldn't happen today , GLWTS
  345. M

    For Sale 2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet S

  346. M

    For Sale Truline,penn , lamiglas, browning

    Tragic , to do anything to a Truline but fish it
  347. M

    Trolling White Seabass

    I've done very well at Puerto san isidro using x rap white 20 foot debt trolling 3 to 4 knotts , if a lot of fin bait is breezing on the surface slow troll mackerel works as well , you have to free spool it when they hit the bait and let them eat the bait then set the hook , my favorite is...
  348. M

    For Sale West Coast Bait Tanks

    I will be sending tank dimensions for my whaler and would like a price and build date if you can
  349. M

    Info on road condition

    Discover Baja is good about road conditions and fuel
  350. M

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Picked up a couple , great deal
  351. M

    San Ysidro border crossing closed

    The last time I checked a Refugee was a person who left there own country due to political , warfare, or humanitarian reasons, these people dont belong i this country,they don't need a appointment at the Embassy they need a one way ticket back to there country , this affects people like...
  352. M

    San Ysidro border crossing closed

    Tough situation for the 20 thousand daily commuters going to work , bad time of year or any time for this to happen , I feel for the refugees but its the wrong approach not sure what the answer is but its certainly going to fuck up the baja adventures until its resolved
  353. M

    Punta Cabras

    There are way better boats to fish on than castros , older boats , no bait tanks , and they charge 100 dollars more than the other boats on the weekends, I've had a house down there pushing 40 years and can send you the info if interested
  354. M

    Punta Cabras

    Great area to camp and fish , a little further south there some rocky points where you can cast plastics to the edge of the kelp and pull out calicos , i also used to cast whole squid and let it drift in the current and pull out bass , good luck
  355. M

    Christmas 2018, what fishing related gifts are you asking for?

    Just one wish for me would be a 35 foot cabo flybridge
  356. M

    Prowler Gear Claims - Free Help

    Its a good deed for sure when he wants to help fellow fisherman retrive some of what they lost , its a tragic story in itself and this guy is helping people for free to recoup some of there losses, those on board that night will be forever scared of this tragic mishap kudos to ypu for...
  357. M

    if you could only own 4 Trulines. What would they be?

    Oh i forgot to mention I own 2 D 8 s that I only use once or twice a year for sea bass at Puerto san isidro where my house is
  358. M

    if you could only own 4 Trulines. What would they be?

    Shit most people would be happy to have one let alone 4 , the real question is how many people own kennedy Fisher rods ?
  359. M

    Castro's Camp info.

    Its a piece of cake , the launch ramp has been completed and the entrance in and out is safe , skippers know how to navigate the crossing, if the swell is up they will head south along the beach past the reefs and then bend it out , keep a eye out for Rick at coyote cals he's the owner and...
  360. M

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Totally disagree mike they will need all the help they can get especially if its a single inome household which nobody knows better then ypu which you sacrifice everything for your kids , the system dosent work that way it could take years before the family sees any montery relief , wish it was...
  361. M

    What happened to the Prowler?

    I dont get it with all the all arm chair quarterback s in this situation with people talking lawyers , payouts , I hope the widow and family isn't reading this stuff , it'll all come out soon enough with the correct responce , no speculation , like I said earlier it takes two to have such a...
  362. M

    For Sale New 25' Super Panga Custom Built Yamaha F115XB Aluminum Trailer

    I've built 2 30 foot pangas that are great boats built with aluminum fuel tanks which hold 115 gallons , 55 gallon offshore tank , auto pilot , 3 G radar , teak pulpit with anchor winch , , I've put everything possible on these boats and its been nothing but fun , powered by 4 stroke 175 suzuki...
  363. M

    Hooping C island 10/27/18

    I check my gear after every trip the following day and always have to do a little tweaking with zip ties , they take a beating and you have to do repairs every so often , good luck out there be safe
  364. M

    For Sale Sold! Sold! Sold!

    Love the whalers , very fair price
  365. M

    What happened to the Prowler?

    It goes to show you no matter how good your radar and electronics are shit happens , its very easy to track a boats path with the cursor on the radars , ive done it on mine many times, hate to say it but it takes two , boats do not apear at tne last second , as any skipper knows track whats...
  366. M

    *Lobster Thieves*

    Put the info out there so others can stop it before it starts , plain and simple thats stealing and theres nothing worse then a fuckin thief , they need to be exposed
  367. M

    Weekend warriors

    I feel ypur pain , i hooped san diego bay Saturday night and it was the worst , guys putting gear right on top of mine with no lights so they could find them by way of my lights , dfiving in and out of my gear , you had to see itto belive it , no regard at all and when I pulled up to there boat...
  368. M

    Why one full net and the other is empty?

    Its called fishing, no matter how well you think you have it figured out some times it just makes no sence , it works both ways for sure
  369. M

    New Lo An 10/20/18

    Good captain to do that , you got to spend a day on the water , paid your dues , next trip is going to be good especially at half off
  370. M


    My boat is always ready to go you guys , ill start fishing South in the deeper water next month , for the larger size flatties , just let me know
  371. M

    Lobster hoop net using line hauler

    Everybody gets there where our body just cant do what it used too , Kudos to you for keeping at it , if the line hauler keeps you doing what you love thats great, never to old or young to make it happen on the water , good job skipper , sea you on the water
  372. M

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    One of the best things in life is to have a fishing pole in your hands , the thrill and the hunt of catching fish never wanes and you'll meet a lot of good people along the way , your addiction will only get worse and theres a lot worse things to be addicted to, so have fun build your fishing...
  373. M

    UC 80 Mega Bass

    I love mine , i fish halibut with it , fast action rod , very sensitive rod
  374. M

    Do skippie work for lobster bait?

    It works great , I always add cut up sardines or mackerel with it , fills up the bait cage nicely, good luck and sea you on the water
  375. M


    I would like to fish your tournament if im in town mike , I'll talk to Bryon as well , I'll known in a couple of weeks
  376. M

    Lobster Hooping: Is this normal?

    That's lobster fishing , ive hooped for 3 to 4 hours and caught over 200 shorts and get one legal , which when it was all said and done in the end i threw it back , same spot 3 days later we get 17 legals and 6 legals in one trap , the excitement of hearing the lobsters flapping in the trap is...
  377. M

    Late Report LJ 9/30

    Good times for sure , safe travels Greg
  378. M

    Late Report LJ 9/30

    Good job Greg , nothing like see nice flatties brought to the boat , ill start fishing South in the deeper water on some of our halibut spots next month , ill give you a shout one day and we'll head down on my boat
  379. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Your right on that one for sure , I guess its wishful thinking , sea you on the water
  380. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Really ? Its time to give it a rest
  381. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Aussies dont eat GWS burgers , stright bull shit , they are a protected species in Australia at the moment , however this is under review and no decision will be made until the end of tne year
  382. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    The adult population of adult great white sharks in Australia is 2210 , juveniles estimate is some where between 6 to 8 thousand , which is a guess , this is as of 2018 , morality rate is higher for juveniles so ad a rule aren't counted , global numbers will never be precise, Bret mcbride and...
  383. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Barbara Block from Stanford university did the research on the Great whites , and in all research theres pluses and minuses, and as far as a shark hugger you dont know me to make a statement like that , ive seen a hugh decline in local and sea of cortez pouplations since the 60s, yes im that...
  384. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Oh i forgot to mention global white shark population is less than 3500 !!!!
  385. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Heres a great idea , leave the fucking Great whites alone , its their environment, their oceans free too roam , man has done a fucked up job on mother planet and its resources , quit pounding your chests and respect what we have and enjoy in our oceans
  386. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Are you a authority on this matter ? I doubt it, global stocks are endangered due to the drift nets , gilnets and the over zealous angler , they have every right to roam the oceans without a bunch of assholes trophy hunting , on another note farm raised fisheries is necessary to supply global...
  387. M

    How much are custom rods

    Depends if your looking for a ten foot jig stick or a 7 to 8 foot bait stick , prices vary with selection of guide's which are numerous and cost difference , reel seat selection and then wrap selection , cost could range between 3 and 6 hundred dollars , its always nice to have a custom rod...
  388. M

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    It dosent get any better than Ed McEwen, one of the most well liked skippers ever to fish out of san diego , Eddie would never stoop so low as to throw irons at another boat regardless of who was right or wrong , its getting worse every year with tempers flaring when were all just trying to do...
  389. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Its a rairty to see a great white let alone be given a tag to hunt one , it makes no sense at all , enough are already killed by nets and its always the younger ones , in the last 50 years off the san San Diego coast white shark attacks have been minimal , there is no pattern here
  390. M

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Stress , stress , stress , is what these boat captains put up with you certainly look far enough away , maybe he just popped putting up with all the Barneys through out the season
  391. M

    Don't be that guy when fishing around sport boats!!!!

    Nothing surprises me anymore of my fellow boater , i dont know how many times ive heard its a free ocean , if you dont like it you can leave , that paddy dosent have your name on it kudos to mission bell for holding it together its take a lot
  392. M

    Release the White Shark Ban?

    Man has done enough damange to all species on this planet , the mortality rate for all creatures in the ocean is bad enough , trawls , longlines , driftnets , gilnets , shark finning and so on , we need more sharks in the oceans they play a vital role , you would have to be a moran to kill a...
  393. M

    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    For starters usually the water will roll because of the updwelling causing cooler water temp for a few days , if theirs not a strong wind this may not happen , 13 to 16 seconds intervals on the swells would possibly lessen the amount the water turns over , chances are slim the swell interval...
  394. M

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Dude wear what ever the hell you want , clothes do not make the fisherman , i wear the same Harvey B shrit and my dads vest and if their not clean i grab any tshrit , i worry more about which fishing gear im bringing to do battle with, dosent matter what your wearing when your fighting fish ...
  395. M

    Little sloppy

    Good job on catcbing skippies , mother nature kicked up her heels pretty good , I canceled my trip , was going to head to the islands to do some halibut fishing which would have been impossible with that king of wind , theres always next week
  396. M

    SHelter Island Lanuch Ramp...

    I keep my boat at the bay club marina right across the street from the bay club and I cant count the times that theres been nothing going on , its a joke the city really dropped the ball , i feel for you trailer boaters , cant wait for lobster season thou
  397. M

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Sounds like there will be less boats and less pressure , i get it that its a hassle to jump thru all these hoops to fish the islands , at one time they were talking about closing the islands completely which hasnt happened yet , ypu never know what they will come up with next , just another hurdle
  398. M

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Biggest one ive weighed in this year was 52 lbs 4 oz and I posted this fish in june ,this was my second fish caught over 50 lbs , i grew up fishing the al tower, mission beach , the roller coaster and the flats , ive enjoyed good sucess in these areas but have caught more quality fush at the...
  399. M

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Ya fish the local waters by the bays with all the other people , your clueless which is a good thing , ive been fishing the islands since the 60s and will continue to do so ,5 , 10 , 20 dollars more so what , dont go , fish the local waters its more your speed , no complaints here
  400. M

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    What are you going to do ? Coronado islands has a magic lure that keeps us going , its magic , peaceful , fishy and fun as hell , as long as they dont completly shut it down im 100 percent in , with out a doubt some of the best halibut fishing around and year around , winter time you might see 2...
  401. M

    LOBSTER 101

    Sorry Dave you do not have my spots
  402. M

    Charter boat deck hand etiquette/behavior

    Not much of 2 cents worth , captains allow it to happen for fish count numbers which in turn put passengers on the boat , deckhands job should beto help the paying passengers to land fish or show them the tricks ofthe trade thus parlaying into tip money , this needs to happen under the direction...
  403. M

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    This. Read was just what I needed today , thanks you put a smile on my face , sea you on the water
  404. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    First of all theres enough ballons littering the ocean without yoy adding to it , second thats the Dumbest thing I've ever heard fishing paddys , next you'll want to put rope and buoys around paddys to keep boats from fishing your paddy ,find a paddy , fish it , leave it no marked ballon is...
  405. M

    La Jolla PM Chopper 9/13

    Good job , gave up your day to help your fellow angler , a true captain !
  406. M

    Purse Seiners Suck

    No one likes seeing seiners in the areas were fishing, one swoop and there goes 40 to 100 tons , do they have a right to make a living absolutely , do we like it ? Hell no , fish seem to get smaller every year , when wasthe last timeyou caught a 40 pound yellowfin tuna in local waters ,? Fish...
  407. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    No commet on the liar ? You best retract you statement and get your facts straight , making false statements is not cool and shows what kind of person you are , ah yes one day we shall meet and discuss your allegations
  408. M

    09/08/18 The Salt shaker finds em early

    Class act letting another boat slide in on YOUR paddy and the other captain asking if he can slde in , we need more of that in the fishing world of today , congrats on a great day on the water
  409. M

    I'm gonna need therapy

    Hey you got out on the water and put some meat on the boat , i always say stick and say and make it pay , easier said than done one 24 pound yellow makes it a great day good job
  410. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Never called anyone a liar , dont say shit just to say it , if i call someone a liar I'll do it to there face , no one can understand the situation here on what happened, you or i weren't there, you dont know me or what im about , everyone has there opinions
  411. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I get it , the situation obviously got out of hand , we all have had situations fishing paddys that we didnt care for , this is a he said she said and we weren't there , im not for or against or picking sides here , i dont know either person , this has gotten out of hand , theres a lot more boat...
  412. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    People in the fishing world as a rule are very generous and willing to teach and show all ages the adventures of fishing , ovet the years there seems to be a ypur paddy is my paddy , its a free ocean , no more old school rules apply , i think its great you can take the time with ypur son and...
  413. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    If you know how to fish then why dont you find your own kelp , set a good example to your son that its not alright to poach someones paddy without being invited , then you mock the guy that you caught more fish off his paddy ? I know your type ,my Daughters run boats and they work hard to make...
  414. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Bottom line is you dont pull up to someone else's paddy unless invited , fucking rude , go find your own kelp find your own fish , do your own work , i dont care how many kids you have on your boat , teach them the wrong way and its just another idiot running a boat , the thrill of the hunt...
  415. M

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    The days of fishing a paddy without someone moving in are over , theres guys who just drive there boats around looking for stopped boats , they sometimes ask to slide in or they pull right up and create havoc , they have no fucking idea what there doing or who thete doing it to , this day and...
  416. M

    Five Star Bluefin Processing

    I dont know for sure but that dosent sound right , sounds like someone took a cut
  417. M

    Did Newell make left handed reels?

    Try the old original saltiga 30 or 40 star drags , the best reel I've ever had and casted , amazing
  418. M

    Red rooster III rescues panga

    Good deed for sure , someone was looking out for the panga crew , saving lives is a lifelong plus for the R3 , crew , and passenger's
  419. M

    For Sale 1997 Ford F350 4x4

    Im interested in your truck plz text me your number mike bingham 858 776 9966
  420. M

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    I still have a Hoochy toad jig in my collection , we used to cut a slit in the tail for better action , the yellows loved them , nine mile bank with salted chovies fishing paddys and catching 40 pound yellowfin , you would leave with 3 penn 500s each and at the end ofthe day all the spools were...
  421. M

    Did not expect this

    Things should start to clean up a little after labor day ,we're going to have a pretty blow the the next few days , take some time off the water recharge and the give it hell
  422. M

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    Not worth it Dave
  423. M

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    Ah.the sacred calico , we do not keep them on my boat for the very reason they grow soooo slow , love to catch them thou , my house in mexico puerto san isidro no one targets them and we have boiler rocks that produce 8 to 9 pounders with a 10 pounder every so often , fun stuff for sure , most...
  424. M

    Anchoring at Coronados?

    I've been anchoring off south island for ovet 40 years and have never had any problems other then having to reset the anchor when the wind came up , theres nothing like it ,its magical fir sure , fire up the barbacue , throw on a siesels cattleman cut steak ,put some beans on the stove and its...
  425. M

    Anchoring at Coronados?

    I've been checked numerous time's on the water and I have never been questioned about the 2 knives on my bait tank knife and cutters holder , im talking coronados ,mid Driff islands and Puerto san isidro where my house is at for over 40 years , thats the Dumbest thing I've ever heard , all the...
  426. M

    I am new to this and could use a bit of advice !

    Sailfish don't make it this far north but marlin do , best area for you would be the banks around Catalina island and san clemente island ,these areas are know for bill fish certain times of the year with now being a great time to target this species, you'll need proper trolling equipment along...
  427. M

    Rant for the day...

    Hey guys like to see whats out there and dream of owning something they cant afford so they tire kick and try to figure out a way to pull it off , everyone wants something better , its the boat owners way of life , lots of fun stuff to look at
  428. M

    One the loneliest number

    Let me guess the wind blew your trash off the boat ? And being the good boater you are you picked up your trash and put it where it wont happen again , good job on keeping our oceans clean
  429. M

    Thinking About Quitting

    The older we get the fishing world just gets more difficult for sure , but to give up it'll never happen ,everyday you spend on the water dosent count against your life ,ya I hate seiners , gilnetters ,and longliners but the ocean has a powerful draw that I could never escape , try the long...
  430. M

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    Pay back is a bitch ? How fucking ignorant are you ? A couple guys going to mexico on a fishing trip to spend money , keep the locals working , mexico is corupt and will always be, what about all the illegals in this country just fot the entitlement s , mexico can not afford to run the fishermen...
  431. M

    Fillet Table Suggestions

    I put non skid pads on a old ironing board and have used it for 20 years , its the perfect height and you can find one in a second hand store for 5 bucks
  432. M

    Turning paddies 8/11

    I like your attitude, enjoy the moment with friends and anything after that is a bonus , you'll get next time for sure
  433. M

    Pacific Quest crashed

    Sad to see , its a skippers worst nightmare for sure , hope it wasn't operators error , hope all those on board made it off safely
  434. M

    Custom made jigs

    Looks awesome, great job
  435. M

    Spend the night at the Coronados?

    Yes you can , tuna pens are a little farther out from the island , watch out for buoy mooring lines , go to west end of the island and work your way down on the inside , no problem , usually theres a couple of sail boats or sport fishers anchored in there have fun safe travels
  436. M

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    Tough call but I know what I wou,d do , ask her how she feels , how far along is she ? And let her make the decision , bringing a son or daughter into the world is the best thing ever
  437. M

    Understanding commercial fisherman

    That's a Time joke , you laugh when you get time
  438. M

    Castro's Camp info.

    Ramon Avalia is really a good skipper ,speaks good english and is 250 dollars a day with way nicer boats and cabins ,castros charges 300 a day for older boats and most dont have bait tanks , the white seabass finally showed up so fishing is good and the water is clean ,his n7mbet is 011 521 646...
  439. M

    Do Halibut school according to size?

    When the females are nesting the males keep other fish away , females can lay on the nest for 3 to 4 dzys before they decided too feed then if they see something they want they will come off the nest and be very aggressive eating the bait , ive had large females come off the nest and grab my...
  440. M

    Cousins Rod out of business?

    Hate to hear anyone go out of business ,people's dreams turn into nightmares ,its tough to make it inthe business world , the cards are stacked against you,especially here in california, cousins rods were very active in donating there products for various tournaments and fund raisers , sorry to...
  441. M

    Emergency small craft missing

    Dodged a bullet, mother nature kicked up her heels saturday , communication is hugh when out at sea , as a lot of other post mentioned get a epirb and a sat phone , we gpt our asses handed to us and were in a 30 foot boat , have him next time check the app windy , its usually spot on , you cant...
  442. M

    SOLD Weber Kettle 22”

    Shoot me a time and address and ill see you tomorrow
  443. M

    SOLD Weber Kettle 22”

    If your weber is still available I'll pick it up tomorrow, thursday I live in bay park 858 776 9966 mike bingham
  444. M

    In Need of Some Guidance

    I grew up in a military family , a strict one at that, my Dad was tough and he had to be he had 6 sons , taught us all how to fish and respect the oceans and people around us , I would be more than happy to take you fishing in san Diego ,I have 2 boats that i own one in mission bay and one in...
  445. M

    For Sale Custom fillet and hunting knives

    Xl is fine,when you get time i would like another filet knife
  446. M

    For Sale Custom fillet and hunting knives

    I bought 2 filet knives from Roy in the last month and I couldnt be happier with the quality and craftsmanship,
  447. M

    Saltiga star drag (old model)

    The original saltigas are built unreal , I have 9 mixed 30 s and 40s guys in the tackle business say they built to good , they cost too much to build ,I bought 2 of the newer ones and they don't compare , every angler has there favorites inthe fishing reel world , buy it and if you dont like it...
  448. M

    Saltiga star drag (old model)

    I've spent 380 dollars onone a year ago ,400 would be about right
  449. M

    Looking to fish private skiff July 18

    Islands all day 22 gallons max on fuel , 60 dollars for bait with the tip , 30 foot custom panga cruise 26 knotts , 3 guys = 50 bucks a head , I dont charge my guys slip fees and insurance , thats my deal ,90 percent of the time they dont let me pull my wallet out , split the fish 3 ways no...
  450. M

    Maiden voyage to the Nados 7/8

    Way to rebound , good job saving the day
  451. M

    YFT Real close

    Great job , boys will sleep good tonight
  452. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    I love it good job
  453. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Hardcore ,whats your problem ? Pretty good at verbal attacks are you , ive never meet you and youve never meet me and your a brave dude calling out names on the internet to someone you've never meet , I can remember doing this when I was in junior high ,this isn't a pissing contest on my end ...
  454. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    He has no life , and way too much time
  455. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Started in a 8 foot sabath with a one and a half johnson motor fishing mission bay , age 10 my dad Jim Bingham who fished commerical lobster out of san diego in the 50 s bought a 17 foot skiff with a 33 horse johnson motor , fished jolla kelp , at 13 years i was fishing south coronado island...
  456. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Nothing said about ripping off your employer , the guy never recieved a reciept , if I pissed and moaned about not getting a reciept in 50 plus years of running boats out of san diego , aparently I dont have anything better to do ,who in the fuck cares ,,I give people the benefit of doubt , try...
  457. M

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    I tell them ahead of time keep the receipt its just blows off the dash , never had a problem , I like to think people are honest until proven otherwise, that early i the morning just maybe it slipped his mind , how was the bait ? Was he fair ? Thats all that mattets to me
  458. M

    Mary got a good one

    Congrats on a quality fish and welcome to the 40 lbs club
  459. M


    I've avoided Tijuana for years , 15 to be exact , Tecate border is Rancho relaxo ,ive never been harassed and I tow boats , quads and lots of fishing gear , the road from ensenda to tecate is completed and its unreal , I hate to hear bad stories about baja but I cant ignore how frequently...
  460. M

    Remember why you are free

    People who served in the military know what its all about ,we are a free country because of hundred years of sacrifice,, those who served and those who continue to serve have a purpose , dont need a pat on the back , military personnel are a proud group of brotherhood to the end
  461. M

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    F - cking kooks , what moron throws the iron without being aware of his surroundings , it could of been a eye , life changing , the guy would have been in the water real quick , I've fished many many years witn guys who throw the iron and haven't even had a close call ever , time fir a time out. !
  462. M

    San O 6-16

    Good jib greg congrats
  463. M

    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    Thanks greg , whenever you want to go back down to the house in mex let me know I'll plan a trip
  464. M

    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    Tough fish for sure , 12 pound always makes it interesting, Thanks for the reply Thanks Tony ,I still love the hunt and the thrill it brings me and it keeps me closer to my Dad , that was his favorite fish to target and I have a lot of great memories
  465. M

    Don & Shirley Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament

    One of our many traditional tournaments that we fish & this year was extra special. We have been lucky to win our fair share in the past & despite bad conditions, won again this year. This is a special tournament because my father Jim Bingham fished it every year, and taught his boys and...
  466. M

    Erendirá report?

    White seabass starting to show in the kelp along witb some yellows and good calico fishing , make some mackerel or sardines and slow troll or they love the krocadiles , seabass love the candybar white with a slow retrive , I've had a house down there for 39 years , good luck
  467. M

    No fish in o side harbor. So off to alaska

    I leave on june 19th thru the 28th, fishing with josh brooks on the huntress , usually make the run below the Barron islands on overnighter trips
  468. M

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Look at the yachts at the marinas , cabo in the early 70 s didnt have shit for marinas , LA Bay in the early 70 s was the same , fishing and fishing only put LA Bay onthe map along with it's world class diving back then cabo didnt have golf courses in the early 70s cpmpared to now , the number...
  469. M

    Halibut Tournament Coming Soon

    I'll see you there wayne with my regulars , sea you on the water , mike Bingham
  470. M

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Fisherman from stateside built the fishing in baja , nit the drug cartels, take all the american fisherman out of cabo and in 6 months it'll be like a goast town , local economy will go right down the toliet , all the fishing resort towns in baja were built to cater to the fisherman and golfers...
  471. M

    Murder in Bay of LA

    It takes less than 6 hours to get to la bay. From my house in Puerto san isidro, we make the trip 2 to 3 times a year , my daughters do the same , I just shut it down , no more were done , you can replace a boat , truck, fishing gear , I can't replace, my Daughters ,
  472. M

    Murder in BOLA?

    If this is true it'll be a game changer for LA Bay, I know the last couple of years they have had some theft problems but this will hurt the town , us fisherman have no way to protect ourselves from thugs or whatever ypu want to call them , I take a aluminium bat and a metal bar when I travel...
  473. M

    For Sale Gold rod holders 1inch

    I live in bay park and would like to purchase the rod holders mike bingham 858 776 9966
  474. M

    For Sale Custom made knives with name or Boat name

    I just received my knife in the mail and its top quality and better than i thought ,it fells great in the hand and can't wait to filet some fish with it , its for sure a knife you'll have and use the rest of your life , I ordered two more to give to my son in-laws, order one ant it'll be the...
  475. M

    why are 15/20 year old BW 16'.7" Montauks

    Boston whalers prove themselves time and time again , its such a sturdy safe fishing platform that once you own one you'll understand, I have a 21 foot outrage in my garage at Puerto san isidro with a 2018 250 hp suzuki on the back and I dont hesitate to run off shore , as far as foam filled...
  476. M

    Sunday half day report...

    I'll take any day on the water , catching is the bonus , let the mind wander and forget work and any mental masturbation going on in the brain , enjoy the ocean smell , no phones , no bull shit , if that dosent do it for you your a good candidate for a couch potato
  477. M

    Coronado Islands 05/27

    Good job with the family , quality time for sure
  478. M

    Increased crime in Baja?

    Dont take weapons into Mexico unless you have proper documentation of ypur fire arms , it will not go well for you if caught , youll spend 90 days before you even see anybody to defend you , no joke here , plus the amount of money they will take ypu for its not worth it , no night travel , fuel...
  479. M

    Gearing Up at Squidco!

  480. M

    Are they catching any mackerel for bait in sd?

    There macks are around the recievers it took a little longer than usual to get 20 pieces
  481. M

    What's the deal with

    The Bingham brothers and theres a bunch of them have been running boats all over the world out of san diego since since the late sixties and are still very active in the fishing community , people who weve meet over the years know theres nothing funny about us , we take very seriously our trade...
  482. M

    San Diego Nurseries??

    Everygreen nursery in carmel mountain has fruit trees all the way up to 60 inch boxes and a large selection
  483. M

    NON - Smokers

    I made my boat smoke free , my work trucks and job sites are also smoke free , its a respect thing , dont invade my air space and we'll get along great
  484. M

    For Sale Custom made knives with name or Boat name

    I would like to order a large filet knife and a small filet knife mike 858 776 9966
  485. M

    What's the deal with

    His screening process is who ever pays
  486. M

    For Sale SOLD~DELETE

    Some stupid comments , some guys have way too much time on there hands , the guy is just trying too sell his cooler , im sure he doesn't need any remarks from the peanut gallery , im not giving up my yetis or my arsenals,
  487. M

    What's the deal with

    Experience and time on the water is the best learning tool for catching fish , successful fishing has a lot of variables , moon phase , currents , wind direction , water temps and clarity , tidal movement , these will help your sucess to fishing , not you should have been there yesterday ...
  488. M

    What's the deal with

    I doubt you can help the southern cal guys who have been at it for years , a lot of talent in these waters and northern baja , you best stick to your neighborhood fishery and keep your srcrets in your backyard
  489. M

    10 ft ulua

    Old school saltiga 40 is a great set up
  490. M

    Best solution for more rod racks? Whaler

    I put a double rod holder bar made by stryker on my 21 foot outrage boat i keep in puerto san isidro, so I can hold 13 rods now , ive never had a problem with then loosening up and you can adjust up or down
  491. M

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    Big game for sure , the least amount of memory
  492. M

    I know many will bash but...

    Some great spots around south Coronado island this time of year , try the 3rd slide 33 to 45 feet , the bait has been pushed up against the island and the halibut are getting fat , also a little deeper below the 5 minute kelp 92 feet
  493. M

    LJ 05.04.18 no love

    Hey you made a day of it and had fun , thanks for the update ,
  494. M

    Take me fishing here. I take you fishing Homer AK

    I'm going june 19th and fishing on a 2 day trip with Josh Brookes on the huntress , the i fish with Tony de michelle , and Norm on the sea otter
  495. M

    How to Kill a Fish

    Its the beginning to the end , the tree huggers will get a hold of this information and use it as another tool to try and shut us out , killing fish is just that its the end , todays fisherman go the extra mile to properly take care of there catch to ensure the best possible table fare ...
  496. M

    How to Kill a Fish

    Its the beginning to the end , the tree huggers will get a hold of this information and use it as another tool to try and shut us out , killing fish is just that its the end , todays fisherman go the extra mile to properly take care of there catch to ensure the best possible table fare
  497. M

    Not Sure How to Title This

    Proper care of fish is so important for good table fare , people who fish don't always eat their catch , they give away or release it , most people who fish and eat their catch take proper care to ensure the best condition for a good fresh meal , some older methods of fish care are still in...
  498. M

    For Sale 2006 Yamaha F150 motor

    I'll pass it along to the boys at Puerto san isidro where my house is to see if theres any interests, motors south of tbe border are really expensive and hard to get , ill be down there next thursday thru the week
  499. M

    For Sale 2006 Yamaha F150 motor

    No penalty box for me , I purshed a motor last week with 80 hours , 2015 yamaha 115 with spare prop , cables and side mount shifter , total cost 8150 , so burke if you think what I said was out of line thanthats too bad , I hope steve sells his motor , I have done my homework on motors and I...
  500. M

    For Sale 2006 Yamaha F150 motor

    No I didnt fall but thanks for your concern , a 12 year old motor for 8500 ?? , thats a steep price , no controls , no prop , add 1600 for cables and prop and you've invested 10, 100 dollars , like I said ouch , I think someone else fell
  501. M

    SOLD 2015 Yamaha F115XB Thanks Mike! Thanks BloodyDecks!

    great meeting you steve , I have a beautiful house in Puerto san isidro that i would like to take you there , great fishing village , great fishing
  502. M

    Any words to the rookie?

    No problem I mainly fish the islands until the off shore heats up
  503. M

    Any words to the rookie?

    Once you find a boat have a certified mechanic check out the drive drain , then have a coast guard inspection after you buy it , learn your electronics , then fond a buddy boater the first couple of trips the the catching will fall in place , if you fish san diego I'll buddy boat with you
  504. M

    Yeti drops NRA

    Thats a big statement , 90 percent of stuff in our homes is made overseas , our clothes , shoes , appliances, you name it , buy american dosent hold water , I lobe this country , i. Department of defense , I buy american whe. I can , this country sold out years ago , what kind of motor is...
  505. M

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Pray for a good outcome
  506. M

    The Broken (fishing) Marrage.

    A guy shou,d be able to run his boat the way he wants , fish the way he wants , shouldn't be a issue to hane a guy casting off the bow whilr trolling , unless its interfering with his trolling pattern , I've fished with guys i didnt care for at first but learned to respect his way as long as it...
  507. M

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    My best score was 3 truline rods in perfect unused condition for 250 dollars for all three
  508. M

    United composite rods

    The Del mar or the monster aregreat rods , they respond great with the hook set ,its a well balanced rod , i pair mine with a old school saltiga 30 and a saltiga 40 ,, they are so much lighter than the glass rods and can throw the iron all day my glass rods are wall hangers i just cant give...
  509. M

    4/20 stupid fishing

    I dont need to get or be baked fishing , its the natural high of being on the water that I look foward to, fishing time is meant to relax , hunt , explore and enjoy your buddies your fishing with, have a full slay session not a stoner session
  510. M

    Heavy Iron!?

    Its the only jig stick i use now and i mainly throw candy bars , oct 10s and salas 6 x , great stick for sure well balanced and light
  511. M

    OCT Jigs?

    I've had great results on the white and chrome fishing Puerto san isidro for the white seabass and yellows , a slow lazy crank and the sea bass love em , I bought a half a dozen more at the del mar show , candy bar jigs also have a lazy swim pattern but the last couple of years weve been using...
  512. M

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    Thats a barracuda your holding up , good day on the water for sure , good job
  513. M

    Herendira Fishing?

    Castros boats are older and he charges 300 a day on the weekends , other skippers charge 250 a day on the weekends , right now is a great time to go , the yellows are starting to show and the rockcod fishing is outstanding , the person to call is Ramon avila at 011 521 646 117 7798 his boats are...
  514. M

    I feel trapped...

    The swivel to the 3 way allows you to keep your gear perfect on the windy days , the perfect leader , like I said I've fished with guys with trap rigs and they changed real quick to the leader I was useing
  515. M

    I feel trapped...

    I was lucky enough to have a Dad that loved fishing for flatties , I started fishing with him in the late sixties and it was for halibut , my gear has changed big time of course , from penn 25s too curados , lexas , ambassadors and moriums , I uss 7 foot G loomis, and some old tru lines , ive...
  516. M

    I feel trapped...

    Trap rigs are just that , doesn't matter how you or the next guy makes them , no finesse fishing , its takes me 2 minutes to make a bingston rig , people fish all different methods , the sucess rate in our style and methods is very high
  517. M

    SOLD 2015 Yamaha F115XB Thanks Mike! Thanks BloodyDecks!

    Im interested in yoir motor , whats cash price ?
  518. M

    LJ 4/7 Do Conditions Matter

    For sure they do , right tide , moon phase , current , time of day all contribute to success for sure , plus being in the right place at the right time , no one wants too hear you should have been here yesterday , I do a lot of halibut fishing and its hard ti do without a little wind and tide...
  519. M

    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    What about the guys who get a commerical license in order to kill more fish when there spawning ..? Stright bull shit they have full time jobs and I kniw guys who have killed 40 spawners in one night , these fish are our breeder stock and you can't tell me it dosent hurt the fishery , guys like...
  520. M

    Inverter/ Generator - Feedback and Advice

    Mike I just bought 2 new Honda 2200 generators for work , let me know and ill bring one home so you can take it to your house and give it a try , there great generators and my price on them is 960 dollars
  521. M

    Miller's Hammerhead

    Stupidity is nof a excuse , the captain should be the one fined , its his job to tell his passengers to release the shark , not allow them to battle the shark until its bloody and traumatized, just stupid
  522. M

    Saltiga 40a vs older models

    The older saltigas are hard to beat , I own several 30 s and 40s l just bought a new 40 from Bubba at dana landing 2 weeks ago and used it once so far , it felt good but I'll never part with my saltigas , you can find then ever now and then on eBay, theres a 30 saltiga on there now , were...
  523. M

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    Its just bullshit , take some paint and paint them for punishment , heres a novel idea , work for a living like everyone else or get the hell out of our playgrounds
  524. M

    If You had to catch a meal???

    Puerto san isidro where my house is , 10 minute boat ride to the Bull kelp catch meones , and calicos fullspeed back to the house , filet cook and eat all in a hour and a half
  525. M

    Best Las Vegas Hotel For Boat/PWC Parking?

    Circus circus has a big lot in the back
  526. M

    Lake La Jolla! 3-19 18

    Great sunrise , thanks for the report
  527. M

    Catalina Island 16,17,18

    Good times for sure , congrats on a great trip
  528. M

    Loreto amenities??

    Loreto is a great place with great restaurants and people , cano isn't what it used to be , a lot of drugs , the cartels have been very active , loreto is what cabo used to be , nice clean town wirh great fishing
  529. M

    Do I need professional help????

    You only go around once and may as well go in style , do it while you can , you can never have too many sticks , Don is wrapping a kennedy fisher for me right now
  530. M

    Catalina Bug Dive

    Love to hear the Abs are coming back
  531. M

    Identifying rod

    A. Rody rod
  532. M

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    I got checked in morro bay fishing halibut and my dad didnt have his , he gave him his military ID and the officer called it in on the radio and 5 minutes later he handed back my dads ID and said have a nice day , next time bring your license , I couldn't belive it , if that was me I'd gotten a...
  533. M

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I started my wife fishing in SD bay and she did great , we'd fish a few hours and then drive the boat to point loma seafoods , tie up in a open slip and order food to go , I always made sure the weather was nice , not much wind , she never got used to fishing the ocean thou which was fine with...
  534. M

    5 year suspension for the Pacific Star

    Gotta play by the rules
  535. M

    Steve Williams "Cowboy" sad news

    Good guy , always upbeat and happy ,
  536. M

    5 year suspension for the Pacific Star

    Pretty harsh penalty , stripped there livelihood to make a example of , theres 2 sides of the story on what really happened , first sportboat to bend the rules ? I doubt it my understanding they were fined and made a attempt to correct the situation but the gavel was dropped and the plug pulled
  537. M

    Scary Dream

    Off to the abyss ,
  538. M

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    No Bill I have a 21 foot outrage in my garage , if i fish I'll see you out there , I would like to have you over my house with your group for a beer , keep me posted when you leave , there is a military check point before ypu get to santa Tomas , no worries nice guys
  539. M

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    Edgar is at my house in bay park until may then he'll go back to fish thru November then back to san diego , he has his own boats with his brothet conrado , waldo died several years ago , if you can fish with victor junior , he'll work hard for you and hes a good skipper, I might show up friday...
  540. M

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    I've been going to homer alaska for 25 years and leave this june 19th for 10 days , I fish with josh Brooks on the huntress , and Tony D Michelle who is vurrently at my house in Mexico
  541. M

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    I dont work at castros , my Daughter married Edgar castro and he has 3 boats , the favorite everyone wants to fish is a bkston whaler outrage wit a 2017 suzuki 250 Hp all new electronics , complete with radar
  542. M

    Want to fish Camp Castro for 2 days. Looking to share panga

    Castros is charging 300 a day now on weekends and 250 during the week all the other pangeros charge 250 week day or weekend , fernandos boats are older and no whete near as nice as the other boats ,I've had a house down there for 30 plus years now , if you know the dates I can make it happen...
  543. M

    Swell, Spray, Submarines and Salad

    Thanks for the heads up , I was planning on going to the islands to fish for flatties but instead I'll plan a lazy sunday and let this weather pass
  544. M

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    You gotta play by the rules and the laws , how is it fair to the other captains who take there livelihood seriously, respect the laws weather they agree with them or not , obvious its not worth the risk to be greedy , hes paying a serious price , this will open a lot of peoples eyes in the...
  545. M

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    Five years is a long time to lose ones livelihood, no way to keep that operation going , they are pretty much sunk
  546. M

    Curado K VS Chronarch G for bay fishing??????

    I've had great luck with the curado and the lexa reels in salt water , mainly useing them for fishing halibut , fresh water rinse and real magic oil and there great , the new curado 200 is the perfect bay reel
  547. M

    Sheephead like Laguna

    Great job ,
  548. M

    February 3rd 2018 With Phillip

    Fishing was tough yesterday , we were fishing flatties south of the islands and caught a couple of sand bass which we released , beautiful day and weather thou
  549. M

    Where do buy salmon head in SD

    Catalina offshore sells them , there off morena blvd
  550. M

    Where To Get Cedar Plug Hooks?

    Try Joey at squidco
  551. M

    1/26 DP

    Never get tired of seeing big flatties come over the side , good job man congrats
  552. M


    Kennedy fisher 8 foot and D8 truline , dosent get much better than that !
  553. M

    I heard they sued after this accident...

    Someone has to pay for damages, I dont see the insurance company pony up for negligence, the guy running the boat had better have good insurance , hes a dumb ass !!!!
  554. M

    How Bad is Gold ?

    I'm not a fan of gold but I have a Penn 16 s 2 speed l like , a gold saltiga 40 and I had a gold pro gear that was just garbage, shouldn't matter as lond as they hold up for what your using them for
  555. M

    Going out of business sale... Lakeside Bait and Tackle

    Diane has lots of jigs left , hugh selection of various gear , I paid her a visit and picked up 2 Dobins rods for bass fishing at the river its worth it to pay her a visit for sure , great lady
  556. M

    Are The Deals at FHS Really Deals?

    I go to buy a dozen pro packs owner hooks of all sizes I need for the year and its half price , if you look hard enough you'll find some great deals
  557. M


    Sliding sinkers gather debri if the drift is too fast , we still fish those when in shallow water with very little drift , when the wind picks up we use a crane swivel to a 3 way and its fishes great , I was never a trap rig person and dont think any of the Bingham boys have ever used them as...
  558. M


    Very respectful catch Bret, ive been fishing halibut for over 50 years , I get mad when I hook a yellowtail drifting for flatties , been fishing family spots for so many years now we start hard in december in the deeper water and as the year progresses we end up in shallow water , I used a net...
  559. M

    Rent My Boat

  560. M

    Wish list fish.

    For sure ive caught more than my share and have released many lifetime fish with my best 52 lbs 4 oz , as mike says nothing over 12 pound big game green , a lot of fun and my favorite fishery
  561. M

    Wish list fish.

    Call me in may I live in San Diego and I'll get you some legals for sure mike bingham 858 776 9966
  562. M

    Holiday Poll Question on Surface Iron

    Kennedy fisher 20 - 50 rod with tady 45 mint surface iron !
  563. M

    Water therapy 12/26

    Great tribute too your cousin , he's fishing the great kelp paddy in the skies and will forever be your guide
  564. M

    Monofilament question

    Everyone has there favorite for sure , it looks like you cant go wrong with Big game ande or xxx izorline , ah decisions decisions good luck
  565. M

    Monofilament question

    Big game has very little memory and for the price youcant beat it , ive been using it for years for halibut leader
  566. M

    Honor Cal Fire FAE Cory Iverson with us

    A Hero for sure , God bless his family during these tough times ,
  567. M

    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Great memories, I still talk to my Dad when I'm fishing, I fish alone sometimes for halibut which was his favorite and tell him to send a big flattie my way , he's been gon3 now 8 years and I too would love to fish one more time with him , I'm sure he's having fun on the big kelp pattie in the sky
  568. M

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    Ramon is a a small town called Puerto san isidro, Eriendira or Castro's fish camp .
  569. M

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    Ramon also has real nice clean cabins with great ocean view, hot water and shower , first class operation
  570. M

    Looking for a good Northern Baja fishing charter

    Castro's is 300 a day now and coyote cals is a shit hole call Ramon Avila 001521646177798 tell him like Bingham sent you I have a house down there for 35 years now but I won't be there then other wise you could fish with me he's one hour below ensenda has a great boat and he's 250 a day good luck
  571. M

    Loaded 17’ Boston Whaler Montauk

    My Hds gen 3 lowarance dosent have a thru hull either and its great , i have a 21 foot outrage in my garage in mexico with a 250 Suzuki on the back , you dont buy a whaler for a thru hull mount transducer, you buy a boston whaler for the great boats they are, the name says it all , nice clean...
  572. M

    Geniuses everywhere!!

  573. M

    What happened to Malihini?

    Coast guard shut it down to do some major hull repairs , the old girl. Should be back at it in a few months
  574. M

    Pb lobster 11/22

    Great job on releasing the beast , once in a lifetime catch !
  575. M

    VHF Radio intstallation in my camper who/where??

    Mikey call wally Grove at Cme on shelter island drive , he's been doing my family's stuff for years
  576. M

    Morro Bay Hotel and fishing recommendations ?

    Blue sail inn is really nice , walking distance to restaurants and shops, the coffee pot is a great place for breakfast, the flying Dutchman for dinner , also the top dog coffee shop is great , get a room on the office side of the street at Blue sail , great view of morro rock and the bay ...
  577. M

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I've had mine for years now , it all depends how much you use it to spend that kind of money , if you want a better price on one order it thru Austin kayak and get 10 to 20 percent off , I have 4 different sizes and would never buy anything else
  578. M

    Would you use Salt Away for your reel?

    I use a product called real magic , I fresh water rinse the gear , dry off and put real magic on the guides and reel , works great , you can order one line or buy at Walmart
  579. M

    Long beach break wall 10/21/17

    Way cool on the release of the big fella
  580. M

    Gas tax....

    Diesel went up 20 cents a gallon , he's a idiot, money , money , money , 30 percent of it dosent have to be used for infrastructure, his pet projects
  581. M

    Be Careful Out There

    Somethingisn't right here, speed and ignorance had to play a part in this , ten knots at night , 2 sets of eyes on the helm and 2 mile radar alarm if you have one , operators error for sure , guys dodged a bullet for sure
  582. M

    Fishing By the Bait Recievers??

    Drift for halibut is good sometimes on incoming tide, also spotted bay and sand bass
  583. M


    Pretty harsh statement there , how much money are you sending too feed starving children ? Yeah that's what I thought , the big zero, countries working together to save a species is a good thing ,
  584. M


    This is all uncharted waters on what they are doing, it's a last ditch effort to save the little guys , it's a learning experience for all involved and God hope it's a positive outcome
  585. M


    I'm going to try and be home to fish it this year Mike, it's been a while , time to round up the team
  586. M

    Greedy SOBs

    Regardless of what happens , the outcome will be the same , California's solution is when in doubt charge more , stick it to the consumers
  587. M

    Poached hard by divers.

    Bring it on bitch , be careful thou,
  588. M

    Barely Legal?

    Good job letting the beast go , next time will be your nite , best of luck
  589. M

    Poached hard by divers.

    There's plenty of good areas for everyone, respect everyone's space and have fun, it's always a little crazy at the beginning
  590. M

    Poached hard by divers.

    The last time I checked, poaching is against the law period , no if ands or buts , go find your own , don't go near the water if you see boats hooping , find a new area , Sunday night san diego bay jetty 2 boats had divers in the water , respect it l moved on to a different spot , had a great...
  591. M

    Little shark latches on man's stomach

    Shark 1 , Dumb ass 0
  592. M

    FREE Deeeleet

    Good looking rig
  593. M

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    It dosent matter who explained what , I'm sure the coast guard will get wind other the situation and look into it and the truth will come out
  594. M

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Really ? A packed boat and no one saw them , I don't believe that for a second , they were to busy fishing
  595. M

    Distress calls yesterday 9/15 Southwest of Coronado Islands

    Man that's a bunch of bullshit right there , it's a obligation to help any one in need if you are able to do so , who ever the sport boat captain is and boat needs to be learned and sent a message that nothing is more important than saving your fellow fisherman
  596. M

    G Loomis Rods for Salt Water

    I have several I use for halibut fishing , there all older models and nothing else compares to them
  597. M


    What.? Right over your head huh?
  598. M

    S 9 YFT on the dolphins 9/3

    Good job on a nice fish , pushing 40 lbs
  599. M


    Old gear , old school rule , tip what you think is fair after the trip on the way in , have fun and good luck
  600. M

    La Jolla Mako Release.

    Great job on the release, kudos
  601. M

    Erendida fishing, Labor Day weekend. Need 1 more

    Who are you fishing with ? I have a house down there and keep own some really good skippers , we have a boston whaler outrage. And 2 pangas that we launch with our own tractor , we also have places to sleep
  602. M

    Erendida fishing, Labor Day weekend. Need 1 more

    Who are you fishing with, I have a house down there and know some really good skippers
  603. M

    September in San Quintin K&M Sportfishing Fish-Surf-Dive

    His son Cameron crews on the intrepid, let's put together a trip at our compound , I'll set something up with Bryon and we'll put some dates together that work for us ,
  604. M

    September in San Quintin K&M Sportfishing Fish-Surf-Dive

    He's great , chasing tuna like everyone else , I was at the house in mex with him for 3 days fishing yellows and it was a lot of fun , all is good with the Bingham s
  605. M

    September in San Quintin K&M Sportfishing Fish-Surf-Dive

    Water is cooling , no El Nino, water 32 miles off the beach in Puerto san isredo is 65 degrees and has been that way for 3 weeks now , it would take a couple of storms in southern Baja to get a good push of warm water
  606. M

    Bait net repair

    Take it to Bubba at Dana landing and he'll put a new net on it for you , he does a good job
  607. M

    Finally, a paddy holding 8/24

    Good job , looks like a great dinner !
  608. M

    Tackle to give away question.

    Great idea to give it to kids who might not have the means to aquire fishing gear but love to fish when the chance comes along , I've been afforded the opportunity over the years to give away fishing gear and apparel to kids and in return the satisfaction with the big smiles and gratitude!!!
  609. M

    Deck Hand Rods

    In the old days they had the truline D 8.s and all the cool deck hands had em, they called them the deck hand special , I still have 2 of these rods that I use every now and then , I also have 2 Kennedy Fisher 8 foot 20 , 50 rods that I don't use , I still have 5 trulines in my quiver
  610. M

    Alaska for the first time next year

    My favorite place is fishing out of homer alaska, great little town with great fishing, look up Josh Brooks on the fv Huntress and do a over nighter for the real experience, he will put you on trophy fish , stay at lands end hotel which has a bar and a restaurant , FYI Lingcod season opens up...
  611. M

    TIP at the Coronado Islands

    Not sure on that , I buy my yearly Mexican insurance from them for my truck and I think I pay 25 dollars a year for membership, and get updates on road conditions and so forth
  612. M

    TIP at the Coronado Islands

    The last time I fished the islands they asked for the tip , this was in June and the first time I've been asked , since then I haven't been asked , I got mine at Discover Baja , it cost 55 dollars and is good for 10 years which is a great deal , good luck
  613. M

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    It's bullshit , there not good eating at that size, take a picture and let it live ,