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  1. Hooops

    Mussel Farm 7/1 Part two

    Yup - they are not land-able - waste of time. Now everyone go back to Izors, 150 and Horseshoe
  2. Hooops

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    Mussel farm going to turn into the Muscle Farm... that spot only fishes 4-5 boats in the alpha spot - it was fun while it lasted - thx Al Gore for inventing the internet.
  3. Hooops

    Approaching a kelp paddy?

    If you see a boat fishing a kelp - find/follow the current break of kelp/stringers and find a bigger kelp for yourself. Sloppy seconds, thirds are for college parties. Also - mark it for the ride back to the barn - after the googan gangbang goes away - the fish may regroup on that same kelp -...
  4. Hooops

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    flyline with tuna cord... place is starting to get spearo attention now - hook/line party is over...
  5. Hooops

    Bazillion barracuda:

    If you have a young kid, grandkid, nephew, niece - this would be a good time to take them fishing - barracuda are so thick locally HB/LB - you can walk on them. My son and I threw jigs today (didn't even get bait) and caught well over 100 fish in 2-3 hours.
  6. Hooops

    Fishing Helper needed

    Shad - you know its Pride month - "sexy girls on board" may mean Bruce Jenner and her friends
  7. Hooops

    Muscle Pharm yellowtail

    That place is a clown show - rapala trolling asshats circling getting in the way of people actually trying to catch fish... oh yeah - I'm also going to tomorrow to yell at those so called asshats...
  8. Hooops

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    I think I just bought that boat on craigslist
  9. Hooops

    Heading to Cat for 5 day trip

    You got a 5 day trip window - lots of better fishing at "other" islands that are accessible - can always limp back to cat to finish the trip.
  10. Hooops

    Here We Go Again with the Annoying Pop Up Ads

    I like it - the best Ads are the ones that piss people off. I bought a dozen night vision cameras so far
  11. Hooops

    Cat harbor moorings

    If you know your ground tackle/anchor gear well - there is a great anchorage right outside the moorings - very well protected towards the west beach/wall.
  12. Hooops

    Catalina Cellphone coverage on the water?

    Verizon and I believe they added like 2 new cell towers on the island - fairly decent coverage except a few dead zones
  13. Hooops

    Catalina FOG Report 6/11. No Radar...No Island

    I've turned around even with radar sometimes - going 8-10 kts watching radar avoiding cargo ships isn't bad - its the clown skiffs with no radar buzzing around at 20-25kts that's a problem - natural selection I guess...
  14. Hooops

    Catalina w/ Cabo weather fish report:

    Yeah - fish the back - the frontside never bites as well as the back
  15. Hooops

    Catalina w/ Cabo weather fish report:

    All finbait - sardine and macks.
  16. Hooops

    Catalina w/ Cabo weather fish report:

    Been fishing the island with my kids more then normal for May/June - online school is a joke, all their sports are still shutdown and I can't stand watching them on stupid fortnite or GTA. Catalina has more yellowtail around the island for May/June then I've seen in years - maybe less sportboat...
  17. Hooops

    Fishing Captain Needed

    Should buy back the old "Spectra" - $2K per man Bluefin trips
  18. Hooops

    SOLD Frozen sardines chovies ect ect

    Eric - txt coming now.
  19. Hooops

    Accurate Boss 270 info

    Its a great reel - hopefully it was somewhat cared for - super smooth drags - fishes 25-30lb very well.
  20. Hooops

    Does anywhere know where I can rent a yacht/sportfisher?

    Define "yacht/sportfisher" ? I don't think any "Boat Clubs" have boats over 30ft.
  21. Hooops

    Fenders out

  22. Hooops

    Fishing Captain Needed

    The price is set by those that are already paying it...
  23. Hooops

    Fishing Captain Needed

    Don't forget the 50% tip...
  24. Hooops

    Evinrude Outboards - RIP

    Ali maybe to blame - the face behind Evinrude outboards was just too ugly...
  25. Hooops

    Evinrude Outboards - RIP

    Maybe already posted this info - just as the style was growing on me:
  26. Hooops

    Macs in hunt beach??

    not at nachos or inside - just around the breakwater nipple... still have to meter them and dump heavy chum - hopefully another boat does it before you have to
  27. Hooops

    5/29 Cat front- not much

    They bit the spear very well today frontside west - 12-15lb big schools of fish.
  28. Hooops

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    You had me at beachedbeaver - that and "nabbed a #275 BSB" - you and me together... forget about it...
  29. Hooops

    5/25/2020 Memorial Day - Fishing with Underwater drone Izor's reef

    that is awesome - love to see a yellowtail or seabass caught. Just a tip - bury the hook deeper in the squid next time.
  30. Hooops

    OTW Whitew Catalina

    "Alex - name that cove for $1,000" Take fresh fish pics pointing offshore - Rule #115
  31. Hooops

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    Just a quick add as I didn't read your original fishing goals or your timeline - I'd rather fish the islands on a comfortable overnight 6 pack yacht targeting multiple species - then fly a kite all day and hopefully catch a 150lb tuna or two with a fish-fighting / gang-bang so everyone gets a...
  32. Hooops

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    I'd skip the go-fast idea and spend money on a comfortable boat and a captain that catches...
  33. Hooops

    Are there any big, fast, 6 pack charters out of San Diego?

    I think Evan runs a 45ft SeaHunter - "Stella June" out of Huntington Harbour - try and get a hold of him...
  34. Hooops

    5-22-20 bird school

    Yes - soak it in milk for 2 hours - use the milk for cereal and throw away the fish. I think the closest thing to edible barracuda is smoked
  35. Hooops

    Albacore please show up

    great memories of albacore fishing - I hope my 14 and 12yr old sons get to see that again
  36. Hooops

    There may never be a vaccine for Corona Virus

    I will only support the gofundme with a pic of a giant stool in his mouth or at least a diarrhea spray across his grill...
  37. Hooops

    Fenders out

    Personally - I like it - it's like seeing a car driving with its hazard lights on - stay clear
  38. Hooops

    43 Donelle

    Boat looks sick - saw you nerds in West Cove a few weekends ago... Tried to honor the vessel with jamming some tunes...
  39. Hooops

    While California’s Economy is Crashing, Newsom is on Vacation

    Sounds like a gofundme that I'd be interested in supporting
  40. Hooops

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Cut your budget down to writing a one time check to purchase - don't ever, ever, never, ever finance a boat...
  41. Hooops

    Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    my oldest son is 14 - that's how I remember the last time albacore were here
  42. Hooops

    to everyone looking to sell a boat

    People realizing sportboat fishing is not going happen or at least when it does - the rules sound ridiculous - is likely getting more people interested in boat ownership.
  43. Hooops

    WTB Trinidad 40N fugly

    That's a great description of all my tackle - but my pimp hand is strong with my 2 TN40N hookers... can't get rid of good working hookers.
  44. Hooops

    Red Tide effect on fishing trip planned

    be good to re-ask same question on 5/22
  45. Hooops

    Do you think.....or will they allow...

    Freaking insanity - who will they allow to fish on your private boat - just when I thought I've seen it all...
  46. Hooops

    DP 4.30.20 - White Fish

    Whitefish is so good - I've traded yellowtail for big whitefish on SCI trips...
  47. Hooops

    Governor Targets Orange County

    Can someone in management share an ip address match for rexor_rn location - asking for a friend...
  48. Hooops

    Backside Catalina 4-30

    Good halibut-ing at cat right now
  49. Hooops

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Dude - your kids will grow gills - just like mine
  50. Hooops

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    Again - in Cat Harbor on anchor - other surrounding coves its shit
  51. Hooops

    Cell service in or around Cat Harbor?

    Cat harb cell service with Verizon is very good - had work calls all weekend there... and fishing was very good as well.
  52. Hooops

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Cory - I love your detailed reports - sorry for lack of intel - here's the scoop - backside west middle - live sardines but also biting dead squid - all on dropper loop - 60-100ft of water - drifting listening to music grilling cheese burgers. Bass, Halibut, smaller yellows (8-10lbs) and this...
  53. Hooops

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Yup - oldest is 14 now - crazy how big they are getting - thank God they like to fish because every sport my boys play is all shutdown till likely July...
  54. Hooops

    Hunting and foraging Catalina

    Pea Soup fog crossings Saturday and Sunday - crazy seeing skiffs out with no radar running around at 20kts. Staying sane getting away from the house with the kids and away from the news - island anchorages looked like a summer weekend - but everyone was staying off the island and enjoying...
  55. Hooops

    For Sale Covid Cleanout -added more and more

    You've been on a Covid cleanout for years. You must hold the record for the most items listed on BD
  56. Hooops

    Huntington Red tide

    Yup - patchy red tide all inshore - cleans up the further offshore you get - Izors was fishable last weekend
  57. Hooops

    Won't be long now.

    85 Degrees tomorrow - going to look like 4th of July with boats fishing and harbor cruising in the open harbors.
  58. Hooops

    4-22 Cat report

    oh man - just missed on timing and location - silver canyon bit in the gray this morning - 2 skiffs from avalon with local tweakers gave it away.
  59. Hooops

    let’s see your personal best

    Everybody knows the rules - sportboat caught fish don't count...
  60. Hooops

    Jacksonville beaches to reopen for ‘essential activities’

    Either way its smart - cases go down - that's a win - cases go up - natural selection for Flor-idiots
  61. Hooops

    Saw the PURSUIT off Catalina

    Crew trip - go get em - thunderbird at SCI too. Fishing has been great - but the rest of you #StayHomeStaySafe
  62. Hooops

    Snow Summit. Method

    They are both pretty thrashed - I will take some pics tomorrow and send them to you.
  63. Hooops

    Snow Summit. Method

    Bored and cleaning up the attic - found a Burton Backhill and Burton Woody - these things are worth money now?
  64. Hooops

    Stolen Boat San Diego

    Just assume engines are off and being moved south - hulls will more then likely be trashed or re-painted and sold.
  65. Hooops

    [email protected] POP-UPS....

    That's great advertising - got you clowns all worked up - brilliant!
  66. Hooops

    Postcards from Catalina: April 5th

    Curious - any idea many people have been tested on the island?
  67. Hooops

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    Heard a rumor that Navy may start to stop boats leaving HH at PCH bridge soon.
  68. Hooops

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    A lot of boats out fishing cod today at the outside rigs - freezer fillers.
  69. Hooops

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    Only people I know that own Avalon moorings are silver spooners - old money from pops or grandpops or great grandpops. I'm just a peasant from NJ that moved out 25yrs ago after college to enjoy the weather, fishing and sun.
  70. Hooops

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    Avalon Moorings (along with Descanso and Hamilton) are owners and can use their moorings - just not visit shore. The rest of us peasants are just considered leasee by the Catalina Island Company in all other coves and told to fuck off.
  71. Hooops

    Boat in the Slip...Can we head out and fish?

    Yes - you can go - yes you can anchor - yes you can fish. Can't get a mooring and not supposed to go to shore. See you there Mon-Weds
  72. Hooops

    Looks like Rancho Leonero is for sale

    Aman (Cabo Riviera) maybe cheaper to buy soon
  73. Hooops

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    This thread is a god send compared to the black dick texts I get every 5 minutes...
  74. Hooops

    Private Boating Challenges

    A few neighbors are on their moorings in the Isthmus - I saw the Catalina Island Company release - looked like residents only mooring (Avalon) and Two Harbors were telling boaters not to visit shore. HH Fuel Dock had diesel at $2 Friday as well.
  75. Hooops

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    No issues leaving HH - the weather was a little lumpy but the reds bit very well in 400Ft+ on a few spots past the outside rigs. Only one other boat spotted on the grounds.
  76. Hooops

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    I'm leaving my dock tomorrow to go codding with my boys - supposed to be able to get food for my family - that's what I'm doing...
  77. Hooops

    Coronavirus Impact On Financial Markets

    I'm not as optimistic about the snapback to a healthy market in a few months - the hangover effect from this event is going to last a very, very long time. Fed Govt is losing by 50 points and throwing a hailmary every play late in the 4th quarter.
  78. Hooops

    Best Stories About your kids and fishing....

    Short highlight reel of some pics - they are 12 and 14 now and want to go codding this week since no school when weather mellows - will update with current pic after trip
  79. Hooops

    3/13 - Hunting and Gathering: not at the store

    My boys have 2 weeks off school and I'm working remote - office closed - headed to Catalina for a few days - no fucking chance we are sitting home with an upcoming Gov Newsome quarantine.
  80. Hooops

    3/13 - Hunting and Gathering: not at the store

    Ended the bug season with a new secret spot - 8 Big ones - all males ironically enough...
  81. Hooops

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    Are they running any clinical trials on long range 14 day boats for free - I'm in...
  82. Hooops

    Long Beach Pointers for a Fred Hall Virgin

    Stay home - shop online - save money - won't get coronavirus or any STD's around BD booth
  83. Hooops

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    Rick - this may be the ultimate jinx. Share a picture when you are pushing a rope this year - lol
  84. Hooops

    This Is Bad, Right?

    Little WD40 and you are fine
  85. Hooops

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    Go before afternoon wind comes up - fish and scout where you want to hoop... fill bait tank with lobster... grab mooring... bbq/beverage/crash in cabin... and go home at sunrise. Wash-Rinse-Repeat... no reason to travel at night unless you've made that crossing in the daytime 100 times or more
  86. Hooops

    Embarrassment of riches.....Broomtails in Cabo... 2/10 2020

    Tastes like shoe when they get that big
  87. Hooops

    Got Caught trespassing to fish what’s next?

    Put him away and throw away the key... Should have ran or gave the security guy a handjob
  88. Hooops

    Careless dog owner and croc

    They thought it was real funny when little shit dog bit the tail - game of odds that the dog is going to lose and it wasn't funny anymore. Natural selection - wish it was the dog owners instead.
  89. Hooops

    43 Donelle

    May have been smarter to just make an offer to Gary Adams and buy "RailTime"
  90. Hooops

    WTB 50cc minibike

    nothing special - just something that runs
  91. Hooops

    Looking for a good lobster dip recipe

    garlic butter bernaise
  92. Hooops

    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    I used to rely on ContinuousWave for all Whaler intel - it's easier to just ask Shad...
  93. Hooops

    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    Smells fishy - not the boat...
  94. Hooops

    visiting Catalina by boat first time

    Ben - PM me - I know just a little bit about the island - lol
  95. Hooops

    Cut a Baby Ulua?

    WTF does Moon know - other then everything about jig sticks. #moonrules
  96. Hooops

    Cut a Baby Ulua?

    Just the tip - like prom night
  97. Hooops

    visiting Catalina by boat first time

    If you want to soak Catalina Island in for all its glory - here is my recommendation: Dump boat in somewhere in Long Beach Head over to Isthmus (frontside Two Harbors) - Get an inside mooring as close to the West wall as possible - Overnight on the boat (if you like your wife) - Get a great...
  98. Hooops

    Boston Whaler Montauk Re-Power

    What Shad says above - when my Honda 90s life is over - I'm getting the yamaha 70
  99. Hooops

    Broadbills Exist

    Geez - proves my point of deep dropping - even a blind squirrel... LOL - nice freakin score by the way!
  100. Hooops

    Bugs at cat

    Next level on butter application - nice - better sprinkler crushed up liptor on each tail.
  101. Hooops

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Goats closed - opens back up near Cabrillo - but from what I've seen at the island - there are a thousand retards with brand new hoop nets that have never heard of the MLPA
  102. Hooops

    Dreamer Stolen

    I'm was expecting it being scuttled...
  103. Hooops

    Dreamer Stolen

    Meth is a helluva a drug
  104. Hooops

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Side note - full or almost full moon sucks - very short window even when they crawl.
  105. Hooops

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    The most valuable info you've shared that I've heard as well from a Marine Biologist is lobster only have to/ want to eat once every 5-7 days. So regardless of current/moon/bait/aurora borealis - your chances sometimes rely on percentage of bugs eating that night.
  106. Hooops

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I'm not sure if they are still around - but there was a company called King of the crawl that made the perfect cages - smaller size but thicker rubber coated metal. I'd have to agree that whatever you use - PVC or cages - you better jam enough shit in them that meat sicks out to keep bugs in net.
  107. Hooops

    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Water Grill in South Coast Plaza still trying to charge $56 a pound - my son wants to start a side business selling them into the place.
  108. Hooops

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    If you thought the traffic was bad trolling in between the outside rigs during the wahoo bite - wait till you see all the boats mowing the lawn with cedar plugs outside of long point this weekend
  109. Hooops

    Shot it so I gotta eat it.....

    ducks taste like shit - I can't even imagine what coot tastes like - next level
  110. Hooops

    Long Beach short Halibut and schools of yellow cruise and jump

    Mullet-tail The bigger ones really take on the same color of small yellows in the water
  111. Hooops

    WTB 38 Mediterranean Information

    38 Meds are built on sailboat hulls - very narrow... If your in that size range and on that budget - look at an older Bertram or Hatteras
  112. Hooops

    Cat frontside intel?

    Go to the backside - west end
  113. Hooops

    SOLD Come on in. Join the party.

    Moon rules - one of the best for sure. Have a full quiver of Moon jig sticks that I can plan a killer vacation on if your pricing is accurate? Did the Dali Lamas tears get mixed in the epoxy on this one?
  114. Hooops

    SOLD Suzuki side mount throttle control box

    Were you on Storage Wars - Boat Edition - this weekend?
  115. Hooops

    Cow BFT on boat, now what

    2 liter frozen bottles fit great in the stomach cavity - keeps the toro muy bueno
  116. Hooops

    What happened to the Chief

    Those questioned by the insurance carrier are going to be sweating like a hooker in church... Apologize to any prostitutes or church goers bothered by that term...
  117. Hooops

    Long Beach lobster spots?

    54ft Hatteras - I think your way safer venturing over to the front side of Catalina - spending the night and coming home next morning. If your set on local Long Beach lobsters - let's trade boats and you can use my whaler with a guaranteed limits spot and I'll take your boat to the island.
  118. Hooops

    Chew on this BD!!!

    Nope - never...
  119. Hooops

    9/11 - Video Boat Lift

    Many have seen this video and if you haven't you should. Of all the BD boat owners I know - they would all be there helping out...
  120. Hooops

    What happened to the Chief

    Larmo - this maybe in your wheelhouse
  121. Hooops

    What happened to the Chief

    Do you smell some Jewish Lightning - do tell...
  122. Hooops

    What happened to the Chief

    Thick bead of 5200 - done deal
  123. Hooops

    Interesting video

    Your results may vary fishing in Mexican waters
  124. Hooops

    HH Bendo. It Wasn’t Me

    Harb Patrol has been expecting that thing to break for almost a year - that's why they put that white float float on the bottom
  125. Hooops

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Future Captain after he popped his cherry with this incident.
  126. Hooops

    San Clemente

    One of the fishiest guys in Socal - Gary and the RailTime!
  127. Hooops

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    I think they are coming out with Impossible Swordfish tacos - for the fish huggers like you. Exactly how do you like to take a fish for consumption - cattle prod?
  128. Hooops

    150 Report, didn’t try, saw a cool fish.

    Could have landed it if you dropped your danforth anchor on it at the right angle
  129. Hooops

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    The panga drug boat parking spot is no longer a secret
  130. Hooops

    150 Report, didn’t try, saw a cool fish.

    Awesome pic - thing is probably gorging itself on rockfish at night and sunning during the day
  131. Hooops

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Maybe the guy will file a lawsuit against himself this morning - like the Conception did:
  132. Hooops

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Fishing is tiring - makes sense they needed some shut-eye on the ride home.
  133. Hooops

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    You clowns know families of the deceased are reading these posts - have some dignity.
  134. Hooops

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    I'd rather see a thrashed fish then a story of we hooked one... Good job Ryan and crew!
  135. Hooops

    Newport Beach, Balboa

    I would for sure talk to John before you venture out: Be safe and I hope you win it!
  136. Hooops

    Check this out.

    You had me at ostrich skin... Great hull and great updates...
  137. Hooops

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Bangkok has him now...
  138. Hooops

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I think you will be "dreaming" about a boat for a longtime. I'm posting on BD as well to give you a 3 month timeout from logging in - then you can spend more time on yelp.
  139. Hooops

    Catalina Report and Lucky Rental Skiff 8/18

    That's awesome - have a feeling that family will continue to vacation and rent skiffs in Avalon for years to come.
  140. Hooops

    Deformed BFT

    Brokeback Tuna - gay as hell
  141. Hooops

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    To be fair - all residents filet their fish in the harbor and dump the carcasses that sink to the bottom and are eaten by all the critters - these bigger bluefin as previous posts have mentioned - seem to resurface - and stink like shit over a couple of days in the hot sun.
  142. Hooops

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    One was on the beach at Humboldt beach Friday. Your location of the boat is pretty spot on - a few neighbors have been watching him every trip - 2 or more per week - cutting and dumping fish - I think Harb Patrol stopped by to try and chat with them.
  143. Hooops

    Looking for boat with private stateroom,any suggestions

    The LR fleet runs some 3 day trip - rooster has some:
  144. Hooops

    1/2 day success with kids

    Nothing better then bending with the kids. Sport fleet getting a little more risky fishing close to the platform - lol...
  145. Hooops

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    Based on the information given - I'd recommend you ignore every single suggestion - except the one about the pigs - that is spot on.
  146. Hooops

    Catalina 7-15, Hot Bass Bite

    Great white is at ship rock - if you really want to break the rules the lobstering in Big Fishermans cove is wide open right now.
  147. Hooops

    Jersey Shore Fishing????

    I like this Dave guy - he seems to be constantly on the fish when we vacation in LBI, NJ
  148. Hooops

    Crew Members Fishing

    You will learn more from watching a crew member fish then any paying angler on the boat...
  149. Hooops

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Comes in threes - stand by
  150. Hooops

    Growing The Next World Record Bass

    Sounds like fishing Bluefin inside a pen
  151. Hooops

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    So rad - kids are coming every trip now. "Cut cuda into chunks" may want to edit that one.
  152. Hooops

    My sad report - Catalina Sunday 06/30

    current makes all the difference
  153. Hooops

    PACIFICA is back....

    Jacobey and Meyers
  154. Hooops

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I'm like to sleep at 4:30am too - just not while driving a boat back to port with passengers onboard. It came happen pretty fast too:
  155. Hooops

    Cabo Beer Help

    Pacificos and Hornitos shots have the same effect as IPA's and are better in the hot sun
  156. Hooops

    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    Missing all the good ones
  157. Hooops

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    Sometimes I fish WSB with a dead mackerel filled with wasabi and tabasco - never caught a WSB on that offering yet because most times it falls off my hook and floats down slowly.
  158. Hooops

    Empire yellowtail

    Italian Gardens was biting well too
  159. Hooops

    Weather report 6-2-19 Catalina crossing

    Right of passage - every boater with enough time on the water has pushed a rope. Glad everyone was safe, no fire, etc.
  160. Hooops

    Are Calico Bass good eating?

    Catch a 15-17in fish - they are absolutely an amazing fish taco delight - just don't keep anymore then you can eat the day of - no reason to freeze fillets and keep the rest of them swimming and growing...
  161. Hooops

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Long period swell of 2-4ft or less and afternoon wind forecast of 15kts of less - that would be your ideal first run to Catalina. Just remember one important thing - never trust the marine forecast - if you get off the ledge towards mid channel and you feel unsafe - turn around - everyone has...
  162. Hooops

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Looks like a great bow bait tank
  163. Hooops

    For Sale 1976 Boston Whaler

    "little bit of a project..." - I love it. Someone with some time and know-how can make that into a kick-ass skiff.
  164. Hooops

    Best fishing trips disguised as honeymoons

    I see what you did there... Godspeed... I pulled off British Virgin Islands - wife loved it first 3 days fishing together - then last 3 days no so much when I helped a buddy with deckhand duties for his charters. Killer island hoping in between wake-surf sessions... no real waves.
  165. Hooops

    Student Of Slay – An Epic Keys Odyssea

    Damm you - now I'm looking at travel plans to go back to the keys. Well written by the way...
  166. Hooops

    Albacore 2019

    I love when a socal boat picks one off on the troll the last couple of years and everyone starts freakin out on the internet. If my math is about right the last albacore bite was about 13 or so years ago
  167. Hooops

    WTB Contender 25 Open

    My broker rate is only 9%
  168. Hooops

    WTB Contender 25 Open

    Just a suggestion to improve your search bandwidth - try this:
  169. Hooops

    Two Harbors?

    Cory - nope Isthmus is closed to all boaters till fall... The first rule of Two Harbors is never talk about Two Harbors - lol
  170. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Don't want to deal with ebay or shipping rods... $400 - all 3 Rods - local pickup
  171. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6463XXXH

    Bump and drop to $220
  172. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6460H

    Bump and drop to $150
  173. Hooops

    SOLD Calstar Rod 755XH

    Bump and dropped to $170
  174. Hooops

    What's the most you'd pay for a rod, and still fish it?

    buying a rod to not fish it is like buying a car to not drive it - man-card revoked
  175. Hooops

    SOLD Calstar Rod 755XH

    Calstar Grafighter - 5ft6in (50-100) Limited usage - $200 Will not ship - local pick up only
  176. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6463XXXH

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite - 6 1/4 (80-130) RailRod Limited usage - $250 Will not ship - local pick up only
  177. Hooops

    SOLD Seeker Rod 6460H

    Seeker Black Steel Graphite - 6ft (40-60lb - but will fish 80 fine) Roller first and last guide Limited usage - $175 Will not ship - local pick up only
  178. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Bump and price drop - 3 great rods $450
  179. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Yes - Seeker 6463XXXH and Calstar 755XH is all rollers - other Seeker 6460H is roller tip and roller 1st guide
  180. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Seeker XXXH new is $556
  181. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Buyer flaked on meeting up - still available - local buyer/pick up only - will not ship.
  182. Hooops

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    Absolutely love the FL Keys - if it didn't get 150 Degrees there June - October - I'd move there Awesome pics of your full FL adventure.
  183. Hooops

    SOLD Pelagic Kill Bag (Fish Bag)

    Sorry Steve - just looking for local pick up only
  184. Hooops

    SOLD Pelagic Kill Bag (Fish Bag)

    57'x29' - Used once - looks brand new $80
  185. Hooops

    SOLD Promar Platinum Rubber Landing Net

    Largest model - LN-628 (never used - won in raffle) See link for description and size: $50
  186. Hooops

    SOLD Steiner Commander V 7X50 Binos

    Looks like ebay maybe best option - will list in a few days - if anyone is local and wants to check them out - let me know
  187. Hooops

    SOLD Steiner Commander V 7X50 Binos

    Great pair of binoculars - limited on water usage. HD- Stabilized with Compass For comparison - newer model on Amazon: Will not ship - local pickup only
  188. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 197 red/blk marble

    sale pending on all listings - too lazy to type that on other rod/reel listings
  189. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 197 red/blk marble

    For those asking on the rods and reels I listed - I don't want to deal with shipping - local pickup only
  190. Hooops

    For Sale 2008 Parker 1801- low hours- great condition

    Great boat and seller - very well taken care of skiff
  191. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 665H Wide

    Limited use on reel - used as marlin caster - 100lb spectra $200
  192. Hooops

    SOLD Accurate 197 red/blk marble

    Accurate Limited red/black marble edition - 50lb spectra $150
  193. Hooops

    SOLD Newell S533 5.5 with Backbone clamp

    Yellowtail and wahoo killer - 65lb spectra and Backbone clamp to fit ulua or any size jig stick. $170
  194. Hooops

    SOLD 3 Rod Set - Trolling/LongRange Seekers/Calstar

    Doing some spring cleaning on rods and reels that I just don't use anymore... Seeker 6463 XXXH (rail rod) Seeker 6460 H Calstar 755XH Selling as a package only - don't want to deal with parting out. $400 located in HB (will not ship) - more pictures in links below
  195. Hooops

    East Cape vs Loreto vs Cabo?

    If you go East Cape - which I would recommend - over the other options... Check out airbnb or vrbo for Palmas Villas... Can walk to town for dining or use kitchen to cook yourself.
  196. Hooops


    The two I have don't look that nice... Best yo-yo reel ever
  197. Hooops

    PLEASE! Dont sell me any more Newells.

    I have a box of 20 of them from 15yrs ago - I guess I should get them on ebay
  198. Hooops

    Cannabis stock questions

    Keep tabs on the pharma space - the play is not going to be about growing/farming/cultivating it - rather manipulating the actives in a laboratory setting so the government can control it like all the overpriced medication/pills.
  199. Hooops

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    Have to give credit to that moose of a deckhand that didn't even hesitate to gaff that pig and hold on.
  200. Hooops

    82 Boston Whaler Montauk upgrades

    Keep an eye on that boatplug light - I gave up on them after 2 of them failed - not as saltwater friendly as advertised...
  201. Hooops

    20 year old on PWC drowned near L/B

    Super sad - but every time I see a group of wave runners mid channel I always scratch my head based on thought process of looking at marine forecast etc. Had at least 2 instances of finding them in pea soup fog confused with no idea how to get back to home port.
  202. Hooops

    Catalina bugs 1-7-19

    I think we've all learned our lesson on the need for the "hush-hush" policy
  203. Hooops

    Catalina bugs 1-7-19

    Go get em hoss - it February by the way and they are going to crawl hard tonight in the right spots.
  204. Hooops

    Just trying to park the new sport-fisher

    I don't think that little white fender on the dock helped hull impact. Crew members probably almost as drunk as captain.
  205. Hooops

    WTB 1970-73 Whaler

    Probably some great back yard finds all over - that you can steal from someone that has no idea on value
  206. Hooops

    CCA in Catalina

    Awesome group of folks there.
  207. Hooops

    Cheap Vegas Flights $80 Round Trip

    Do I have to listen to a timeshare pitch during the 30 minute flight?
  208. Hooops

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Congrats but - those look not yummy - lol
  209. Hooops

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    When my boys were about that age - we borrowed a neighbors RV and did Zion (river narrows), Arches and Bryce Canyon - then spent last night in Vegas hotel coming home. That was about 3-4 years ago and my kids still talk about the trip.
  210. Hooops

    For Sale 89' Ford Bronco 66k miles

    Or maybe I can kill my wife... and make a run on the 405 in this thing
  211. Hooops

    Stolen toy hauler

    Forget the stolen shit - I want to see some faces of the shitheads
  212. Hooops

    Stolen toy hauler

    Only one way out of that place with lots of cameras - should be able to find some decent pics.
  213. Hooops

    For Sale 89' Ford Bronco 66k miles

    That thing is awesome - wife would kill me - again...
  214. Hooops

    Wister area Blue Wing Teal and a banded Cinnamon Teal

    Nice birds - any tips on making table fare - I've stopped short of limits all season because poppers, sausage, etc all seem to taste worse then mackeral.
  215. Hooops

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    can they come to our coast to do some sealing too
  216. Hooops

    45' Rybovich Sportfisher 1994/2008!!! Team Bad Company

    I predict a Florida buyer - if you spend $800K - whats another $100K to ship...
  217. Hooops

    Where else can you dress like this in December?RF report--Dec 15

    Good example for the kids with the life jacket - I always get the "dad - why aren't you wearing one" - so I got one of those auto-inflating ones. My boys are 10-12 - I recognize those baseball fields very well - spent many weekends there - Field of Dreams - your boy has the right weapon of...
  218. Hooops

    Lobster hoop netting during the day.

    I've seen them out at Catalina during the day while spearfishing - but I don't think they are in feeding mode - just moving about - so baited traps may not draw their interest... who knows. I'd agree with the shitty water or deep drop approach to have any real chance.
  219. Hooops

    Worst boat names

    Unsinkable FreeBoat
  220. Hooops

    Great Brant Hunting in NJ

    How do you cook up your limit of Brant? Asking for my brother in law that shoots a limit with his buddies then throws them out
  221. Hooops

    What's the deal with

    Always shirt off - best of luck with your new venture - I think it will be a big success!
  222. Hooops

    What's the deal with

    This is brilliant - GPS for LB lobster spots will be a top seller for sure. Just for fun - give one spot every two weeks or so - then I can clearly spot all the clowns together
  223. Hooops

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Knots Deep is more tv friendly
  224. Hooops

    Lobster Hoopin' SD Bay - Video

    Hell yeah - push that throttle down at night and check out those LED's - dipshit
  225. Hooops

    Spiny Lobsters

    Pearsons Point in NB but as mentioned - its outrageous - like $30 a pound. Go catch more yourself - its easy and cheaper.
  226. Hooops

    Anyone on the Thunderbird tonight? 11/5

    This poor guy is going to need another username and IP address... I'm changing my spectra to red or yellow or one of those colors he threatens to cut so I can ID him properly.
  227. Hooops

    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    I think his dykes got jammed up his ass and caused a tummy ache.
  228. Hooops

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Should have still sailed with the boat and wore a diaper - fishing is going off.
  229. Hooops

    Island Fun – bugs and bones 11-6 to 11-8

    Fall Midweek Catalina - doesn't get any better then that...
  230. Hooops

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Magbay should take some notes on this hull - built in bbq is next level - heats the hull too for cold hooping nights
  231. Hooops

    My new gregor hoopster

    Perfect little skiff for harb/inshore
  232. Hooops

    Weird Lobster Question

    keep the lobster - release the octopus - then grab it by hand - to be legal - cough cough... Grilled garlic lobster and octopus sounds like a pretty good dinner.
  233. Hooops

    *Lobster Thieves*

    The Avalon local tweakers like to steal traps too.
  234. Hooops

    *Lobster Thieves*

    That sucks - seems its becoming more and more common though. Last year - 3 different trips - 3 different scumbags trying to poach - some are trying to steal the gear - some are trying to steal the bugs. Most common replies I've heard - "I thought it was mine"... "I wanted to see how your rigged...
  235. Hooops

    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    riip beer helps erase the memory - and agree with PVC bait tubes as mentioned above.
  236. Hooops

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    And to think back at all the people that laughed at you for starting a silly fishing forum - who's laughing now... Glad you are putting in a Seakeeper - wouldn't want you to spill your martinis. That thing is going to be sick.
  237. Hooops

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    Still not a Parker fan
  238. Hooops

    The shoe

    Everybody meet at the shoe tomorrow - then island chaffee for hooping after
  239. Hooops

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    Conor will have one more fight - that's it - he's done - plenty of fortune and fame to live a great life. Maybe a St Pierre last cash in and that's it. You will not see Conor/Khabib rematch and I will bet a million dollars on that action.
  240. Hooops

    Fight fans....McGregor vs's almost time!!!!

    I'm betting for sure - there is only 2 options that are going to happen: Khabib Nurmagomedov wins in second round +550 Khabib Nurmagomedov wins in third round +650
  241. Hooops


  242. Hooops

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall expired too NOTICE: This domain name expired on 9/11/2018 and is pending renewal or deletion. Welcome to Seems like a bizness for night fishing - not sure on patent rights
  243. Hooops

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Here you go - I just want free hooks: Yes! Your domain is available. Buy it before someone else does.
  244. Hooops

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    If glow hooks is not patented already - someone owes you and this thread a commission because it's going to happen.
  245. Hooops

    Lost my Easyrider bean bag at Cat yesterday.

    Call Two Harbors for camp ranger number - may have floated up on one of camp sites
  246. Hooops

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Can someone provide footnotes - I skipped down to the bible verse.
  247. Hooops

    Pound for pound

    300lb blue perch/catalina piranha
  248. Hooops

    For Sale 40 ft Rybovich, not mine $2500

    Throw a bracket and two outboards on the back of that thing - ready to go...
  249. Hooops

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    Listen to historic's advice - its dead on. Location - behind the C in that pocket - completely wind protected and excellent fishing on the hook (bass and big halibut) - you will be just outside the WSB pen (there was squid there last week) Bow anchor - no need for stern anchor Eagle - will be...
  250. Hooops

    SOLD 2009 68' Little Hoquiam Long Range Yachtfisher - Sold in Just 53 Days

    That boat was in HH for several years - was in a bit of a "holding pattern"... someones making a nice flip
  251. Hooops

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    Bangkok's got Saluki now
  252. Hooops

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    No one does or will ever do it better the Chef Jorge (RIP) on the RR3. I can still taste the Wahoo Chowder - but could never duplicate the recipe - also the buttermilk yellowtail with rice and green peas lunch - sounds simple but it was epic lunch that never weighed you down...
  253. Hooops

    MOON wrapped Seeker CJBF80-H grey-blue blank.

    Moon rules - now go out and scratch that thing up and bend it on some yellows.
  254. Hooops

    Upcoming weekend at Catalina! Advice Welcome.

    Also - campsites B and C have a fire ring with fold down grill - bring some wood/charcoal - you should catch something edible - just make sure it's legal - DFG patrols that entire zone very actively - make sure anyone fishing has a license. I would personally fish/drift empire landing (you will...
  255. Hooops

    Upcoming weekend at Catalina! Advice Welcome.

    Blackfish advice is on point... Anchoring in Rippers you will want a bow and stern anchor - great sand anchorage and you can set the stern anchor by hand in sand 3-5ft of water - I'd recommend the inside corner in front of Campsite C - great bass fishing right off that reef and...
  256. Hooops

    Sabiki Mackeral Removal

    coat hanger - cut and bend accordingly. butter knifes are dangerous
  257. Hooops

    Catalina Report 03/05 to 03/07

    Feb/March at Catalina - like a box of chocolates - never know what you're going to get - best time of year to fish/hoop with no one else around. Nice big catalina bugs too
  258. Hooops

    SOLD 2004 31' Tiara Open

    Yup - sounds familiar!
  259. Hooops

    Catalina Vacation

    Hamilton Cove - VRBO - no brainer... Golf cart - Steves steakhouse for a dinner - lobster trap, sand trap and buffalo nickle for breakfast/ lunch - laua larrys and marlin club for laughs
  260. Hooops

    1984 Boston Whaler Montauk w/70hp Evinrude 4 stroke

    Great riding skiff - I have an old 80 hull and it rides better then other 2000 models I have owned
  261. Hooops

    Southwest passengers are so friendly

    I can relate - I just bite my tongue and think about killing everyone...
  262. Hooops

    who wants to go 50/50

    I'd save a couple of bucks and get this one:
  263. Hooops

    1972 VW BUS - Custom Catalina Island Vehicle in 70's

    I keep flip/flopping on selling it... 5 people in line with cash so I keep adjusting price up
  264. Hooops

    Crawling in the backyard:

    Big Juans too - one last trip before commercial wipes them all out...
  265. Hooops

    Buying East coast boats

    You will gobble first
  266. Hooops

    Buying East coast boats

    My friends and family in the FL Keys are seeing whats left and cocksuckers like you are making inquiries like this - karma...
  267. Hooops

    1972 VW BUS - Custom Catalina Island Vehicle in 70's

    Wife says too many toys - time to shed a few... so here is one - or one-of-a-kind I should say... 1972 VW Bus - customized by Catalina Island Company in mid 70's to be used to tour vehicle for Avalon real estate lots for sale - roll up bimini windowed sides - Stored for 20+ years - always...
  268. Hooops

    BD on Fox News

    Gazillion dollar brand
  269. Hooops

    What's hiding in the warm water off the West end

    Lots of lifeless paddies and a gazillion porpoise with no tuna on them - as of yesterday
  270. Hooops

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    A shoe tastes better then a BSB that size - but what do I know - enjoy...
  271. Hooops

    Any local cows caught without a kite?

    Green Stick! Or 25ft bamboo stick
  272. Hooops

    Big injured GW on the beach Sea of Cortez

    I'm more afraid of stingrays
  273. Hooops

    Bluefin Redemption

    So rad!! I wish my dad was rich and I never had to worry about an education or making living. Kick him in the balls twice for me!
  274. Hooops

    New tank in the Ranger Bahia 'Lil Mijo'

    Looks like a perfect fit - Randy is the man - best tanks systems around
  275. Hooops

    Rule #1

  276. Hooops

    Places to dock and eat in so cal?

    In HH : - Peters Landing has 4 guest slips right in back of Pelican Isle - Captain Jacks - smaller dockage and a tight channel but the best king crab in the world
  277. Hooops

    Please dont kill me

    You picked the right boat - call the office and they will guide you in on everything you need. Only problem now is going to be budgeting a longer trip next year on the RR3
  278. Hooops

    Taxman in the House

    They are eating stingrays - not seals or surfers. But they will certainly bite anything they bump into.
  279. Hooops

    Not available in U.S.

    Why in the hell did they stop making this reel:
  280. Hooops

    Not available in U.S.

    overkill - not the arrow its the Indian - give me a newell
  281. Hooops

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Apogee - let us know what trip your go on - I want to join
  282. Hooops

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    And beyond trying to make a living for their family - how often do you think the crew gets to see theirs on the constant turn-around trips. Side note - I miss Jorge - he was the absolute best... and the wahoo chowder was nothing short of amazing.
  283. Hooops

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Too easy these days - 10 years ago this board was a little sharper... I'll be here all week - try the chicken.
  284. Hooops

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    A firm handshake and a thank you - is more then enough.
  285. Hooops

    Introducing the Pelagic Red Crab Flat Fall

    Not sure whats avail and whats not - they are socal locals - I see they are selling these right now which I think would work just about the same:
  286. Hooops

    Introducing the Pelagic Red Crab Flat Fall

    The catalina calicos were going ape shit on this:
  287. Hooops

    one of our own attacked by pitbulls in avalon????

    If I was a betting man - those 2 pit bulls are stashed away with their owner on a derelict sailboat anchored out in front around the corner. You can also bet that dog rules are going to be buttoned up on the island
  288. Hooops

    Huntington Fuel Dock Issues?

    Nope - no tanks have been replaced yet - just hoses/lines. Not up for mandatory tank replacement till 2018/2019. With that said -I have never had an issue with Diesel or gas since Maxum Petroleum took over and staff is top notch...
  289. Hooops

    Cool painting of tuna as a gift from my wife

    Mark - I spoke out of turn - I really like your painting - it does look bitching... My 8yr old is backed up right now on commissioned pieces for Matt Kotch anyway.
  290. Hooops

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    Only time to stress is Memorial Day, 4 July, Labor Day and Bucc Days. And if you're stressed - just side-tie with us!
  291. Hooops

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    You will absolutely have no problem getting a mooring when you go over from now till Memorial Day Weekend.
  292. Hooops

    Cool painting of tuna as a gift from my wife

    My 8 year old son will kick out some more artwork like this for you!
  293. Hooops

    Does a saltist 50 have enough balls for these local bluefin?

    Not the arrow - its the Indian... Last year - those 80-100 fish were being lost on a 30W from some guys and lots of others getting them on trinidads. Single speed 50lb - your fine - just watch the technique of the guys throwing them on with similar gear...
  294. Hooops

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I'll ride the boat - fuck I'll even help sink it for a cut of the insurance
  295. Hooops

    America;s got talent: Fail

    Looks like a standard reaction to a middle of the night seabass bite
  296. Hooops

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    Here's my comment - better update your "Boat" to "Fucking Donkey"
  297. Hooops

    Local Knowledge

    Family Keys trips and fishing - the best... Wait for the next decent hurricane for your waterfront purchase - lots of homes uninsured. Summerland / Ramrod are ideal vacation home locations - on my bucket list.
  298. Hooops

    New Del Mar 3/12 AM - wide open smiles!

    So awesome - keep taking pictures of your trips - great to look back on - I have 2 boys now 11 and 9 - instant stress reliever looking at old fishing photos.
  299. Hooops

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    Call Jamie... Seasons Sportfishing 714-206-6146
  300. Hooops

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    Out of what area/harbor?
  301. Hooops

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    Jewish Lightning fail... When attempting to sink your boat - it somehow gets towed back to port... Should have consulted with some captains with recent expertise in this maritime tradition.
  302. Hooops

    Baby Great White Gaffed @ Huntington Beach Pier

    Unless they mistake your foot for a stingray - there is not fucking chance in hell your going to be bit or bothered by one of these babies. You dipshits know that's what there here eating right?
  303. Hooops

    family fishing boat

    40 tollycraft, bertram, riviera or hatteras
  304. Hooops

    The days you expect the least...Pt. Loma, 1/6

    Thx - You just motivated me to go get my 2017 License
  305. Hooops

    Cabo/ East Cape Surf Fishing Report?

    I think we got out just in time - we were in Buena Vista Dec 26th-Jan 4. We fished/spearfished Pargo and some grouper in front of the old Punta Colorado resort. Other then that - just lady fish from the beach fishing from Palmas down to Hotel Buena Vista.
  306. Hooops

    East Cape - Christmas-New Years:

    I am not expecting fantastic fishing - but I'll take some fun in the sun with the family - my kids love the East Cape any time of year
  307. Hooops

    Who says rod shops aren't dangerous!

    Here's what they do to other dawgs: Get Well Soon Bill.
  308. Hooops

    East Cape - Christmas-New Years:

    Headed to Hotel Buena Vista with a few good friends/families. I know its the windy season and fishing is limited - but can anyone recommend a boat/captain that really knows the bottom fishing options?
  309. Hooops

    Anybody lose 2,400 lbs of weed and their Bayliner on the sand here in San Clemente

    Make weed great again - build the seawall
  310. Hooops

    Shotgun Recommendation

    No brainer...
  311. Hooops

    Who says rod shops aren't dangerous!

    Workers comp... bill it to the rich owner of SaltyDawg Inc.
  312. Hooops

    WFO Lobster all you wanted.......

    I had pizza - FU
  313. Hooops

    !!!SOLD!!! Boston Whaler Classic Super Sport 15 $7,500.00 *Price drop*

    Here's some older 15ft Super Sports for sale for reference...
  314. Hooops

    !!!SOLD!!! Boston Whaler Classic Super Sport 15 $7,500.00 *Price drop*

    Same condition for $4,200... Something is very wrong with that engine or hull for that price in Newport - the hull alone is worth over $5K
  315. Hooops

    34 Radovcich BlackBeard

    Sickest Socal island boat around...
  316. Hooops

    !!!SOLD!!! Boston Whaler Classic Super Sport 15 $7,500.00 *Price drop*

    That's a well priced whaler and that 70 Yama is one of the few 2 strokes still preferred. You could get $10K in Socal for that thing
  317. Hooops

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    Water Grill in South Coast Plaza offer Spiny Lobster for $52 a lb. I showed my 2 boys (10 and 8yrs old) - they said dad - do you know how much money in lobster we've eaten this year already. The kicker if you look close to this menu - Alaskan Red Crab - steamed whole - $55 per lb - 7 to 10lb...
  318. Hooops

    Huntington Beach Airshow 10-22/10-23

    I took the whaler over today - the show is absolutely unbelievable - watch by boat with jets right overhead is unreal. Be sure to stay outside CG and police boats - they continually pushed boats back today - I don't think they are going to be as patient tomorrow and Sunday - probably start...
  319. Hooops

    10/20 Catalina Full Speed Lobster

    Shad - Recent studies conclude that too much lobster causes hairloss.
  320. Hooops

    Shake down and eviction notice...

    Here's a tip for your next Private boat or Sport boat kelp paddy invasion... I just leave - but pump-out my entire holding tank before we go.
  321. Hooops

    You can only go after 1 type of salt water fish out of LA area...

    Go to SCI with Tino on the Freedom... You'll catch a bunch of something...
  322. Hooops

    Imagine casting this to yellowtail.

    Not the arrow - always the Indian...
  323. Hooops

    Lobster ?

    Side of butter & a side of Lipitor
  324. Hooops

    HB airshow

    We are doing the same thing - it should be pretty killer show
  325. Hooops

    Lobster ?

    Caught commercial guys baiting traps early - called DFG - they are pulling those traps to check them today
  326. Hooops

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    2 boats ago - "GENTRY" my grandfathers name 1 boat ago - "MY TY" - my son Tyler was born 6 months before I bought it Current boat - "TYFISH" - son Tyler and another son Fisher = "TYFISH"
  327. Hooops

    Traveling at high speed at night - Public Service Announcement:

    No one likes to hear "slow down" but I share this because of two things my son said to me today - which also made me think of the upcoming lobster season with boats traveling at night - most of which have limited or no experience in nighttime travel... My 10yr old son - eats, breathes and...
  328. Hooops

    underwater lights

    I tried the drain plug lights (Diablo Customs) in my whaler. Not meant for saltwater and definitely not meant to be kept in saltwater like my whaler (thank God whalers float on their own)
  329. Hooops

    Now this guy knows how to sell a boat!

    As an owner of a marketing company - I have to hire this guy for copy writing. He could sell ice to Eskimos...
  330. Hooops

    Which Resort Do you recommend ?

    Stayed at almost all of them... but I think Hotel Buena Vista is my favorite.
  331. Hooops

    1983 Boston Whaler 17' Montauk Rebuild...Picture Heavy

    Interesting layout - I did a similar strip down last year on a 1980 hull.
  332. Hooops

    14 ft Livingston 40hp Suzuki

    Bump for a cool skiff and a good guy. See you in 2 weeks for bug opener.
  333. Hooops

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Or line the boats - we have the technology...
  334. Hooops

    Tastes like Bluefin - only different:

    I did - got an offer too good to refuse end of last summer. I restored an old 17ft Montauk to fish local (Catalina somedays...) - but I'm still searching for the next family sportfisher wagon
  335. Hooops

    Tastes like Bluefin - only different:

    School starts tomorrow - thank God for mom and dad - promised the boys one more quick trip. Local Calico and Sandbass fishing on some of the local stones/reefs has been pretty decent and the boat traffic is non-existent as most are hunting trophy fish off SCI
  336. Hooops

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    I'm glad all survived - horrible situation - crew impairment is unacceptable. My buddy and I found the dead body of a sailboat captain that hit north island a few years ago - found out later that he had a wife and 3 young kids - still haunts me to this day...
  337. Hooops

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Can we vote to stop the smell of diesel smoke too? I vote for Hookers and Blow - nothing else.
  338. Hooops

    Catalina Channel

    Nothing good happens after 2pm through sundown. Leave earlier or later
  339. Hooops

    Catalina Family Trip Hotel

    Hamilton Cove is exactly where you what to be...
  340. Hooops

    Bluefin/yellowfin location

    He was obviously on the water today.
  341. Hooops

    Today on the 209

    You didn't miss much other then fish watching... We snagged one YFT on acre size schools above you - all show - no go
  342. Hooops

    Big eye tuna?

    More anal close ups please - like the old days when Ali and Jason didn't grow a vagina
  343. Hooops

    Big eye tuna?

    Yellowfin / Boofin
  344. Hooops

    Big eye tuna?

    Your all stupid - it all BFT
  345. Hooops

    1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    Nice one! Actually your probably not getting chewed threw from the fish you have on. We've lost probably 3-4 fish on quick breakoffs - leader up to 80lb - what is happening is when you hook a fish in those dense, foaming schools and come tight - other 80-100 fish with their mouths open are...
  346. Hooops

    Pacific edge
  347. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    I am fishing tues-thurs next week - i will wear an ankle bracelet so every idiot on the couch can find em.
  348. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    Honestly - these fish react horrible to boat pressure. You would think the more boats the more chances for all to catch fish - but its the exact opposite. The more boats - the more the fish stay down - and get the fuck out of there. I'm not sure what "There is enough for everybody and it...
  349. Hooops

    No worries Mike.

    No worries Mike.
  350. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    Mike - the name of my boat is "Go Fuck Yourself" - you have that nice new bigger whaler - try and find your own fish - maybe look at a temp/chloro chart - maybe get some more help from FishDope - it's much more rewarding that sitting on your couch on our computer asking folks where to fish. On...
  351. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    There was only 4-5 boats in that area yesterday - it was an area that was said to be lifeless in days prior. I don't want to wreck the party for the guys that took a chance and found those fish yesterday and hit it again today. Someone else can spill the beans - I'm sure the party grew a bit...
  352. Hooops

    If you were thinking of fishing BFT tomorrow...

    You should go - acres of foamers out there today - National Geographic should be filming this...
  353. Hooops

    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    No better drug in the world then LR fishing...
  354. Hooops

    Etec 300 G2 Update

    Marine Industry Turnaround Timeline: 1 Day = 1 Week 1 Week = 1 Month 1 Month = 1 Year It's a simple tool to use/share.
  355. Hooops

    Thursday and Friday out of MB, BFT and frustration aplenty

    Try and figure out what way they are going and cast lure in front - never get boat in front
  356. Hooops

    7-17 OSide

    You can throw a spark plug into the right school and get bit. It's not the arrow - its the indian...
  357. Hooops

    Bluefin 80 lbs 7 miles

    This grade of fish in cell phone range - unreal
  358. Hooops

    Insane foamer action

    They only bite the jigs with the price tag still on them - that's what I tell everyone.
  359. Hooops

    Near the 43 - lots of fish watching - 1 bite:

    Looked at several different schools of YFT and some xtra large BFT. Seiners are out and have the fish super skittish - up and back down very quickly. Landed a long cast with a popper on a breezer for 1 bite - very nice grade YFT.
  360. Hooops

    Epic Catalina bassin

    Never seen frontside bass this good at the close one. Straight 3-5lb fish with this 8.5lb personal best for my son Ty.
  361. Hooops

    help me buy a boat

    Scratch up a couple extra grand and make an offer on this thing:
  362. Hooops

    WTB fiberglass bait tank 38-48 gal.

    Call the best guy - Randy...
  363. Hooops

    Cat 6/18

    Empire to lava wall - lots of yellows - but mostly small ones
  364. Hooops

    Avet vs Accurate Reels

    If you fish Avets - great - if you even consider that they fish better then Accurate - I'll assume you have no f-ing clue what your talking about.
  365. Hooops

    Catalina - China Pt - Missing boater/person:

    We were in a 36 Riv - weather east and west was nice - China to Ben Weston was yuck - but always is. We likely passed them an hour before the event - wish we were closer and could have helped - maybe even saved a life...
  366. Hooops

    Avet vs Accurate Reels

    What Marcus said - really no comparison at all.
  367. Hooops

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today
  368. Hooops

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Damm - wish I was closer when it happened. We were moving east to west and likely passed them an hour or so before. Damm...
  369. Hooops

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    So sorry to hear - we were fishing about 8 miles west of of their location when we heard the call and came towards them but chopper and support vessels were already on scene
  370. Hooops

    Catalina - China Pt - Missing boater/person:

    Was fishing Catalina today - backside west - lots of 10-15lb yellows and a decent seabass. Around noon heard a distressed call from a 15ft boat near China Point - someone was bleeding from a prop injury and the other passenger fell over and went missing. Sounded not good. Any one else pick...
  371. Hooops

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Andrew - they will likely put you on the Alphabet row - which is way inside near the tuna club - you should be ok... have fun...
  372. Hooops

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Here's a bit more help then the above: Keep an eye on this webcam link: As Descanso fills up (moorage behind the casino) - your less likely to find a mooring - with Avalon being a complete longshot. If you get a nothing is...
  373. Hooops

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    "...Then it hit me. I imagined myself as a little sardine (or perhaps a chovy), and realized that the greatest threat to my raison d'être (catching my owner a big fish), was easily mitigated." Rick - no more mushrooms on those multi-day trips.
  374. Hooops

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    I think everyone needs a snickers bar...
  375. Hooops

    Anybody need something from Cabo? Coming back to So Cal next week empty

    Florida/Cabo - putting some miles on the rig! I'll take a kilo and a good margarita.
  376. Hooops

    Swordfish RAW

    Holding the rod that many hours - stand up - come on... Come clean - show the middle of the fight when it went back in the rod holder.
  377. Hooops

    New Custom pilot house

    gold leaf wrap?
  378. Hooops

    Buying a boat

    Tip #1 - Don't buy a boat Tip #2 - Tell a friend to buy a boat Your Welcome If you have no friends - ride sport boats and meet weird people
  379. Hooops

    Swordfish RAW

    I want to see the RAW RAW footage where you gave up and put it back in the rod holder
  380. Hooops

    Newell p322

    No niggle talk around here
  381. Hooops


    Back the Beard - Buy FishWorks
  382. Hooops

    Closed Thread

    not sounding good
  383. Hooops

    CPR fail

    You owe me a new keyboard - I spit coffee all over mine...
  384. Hooops

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Nope - no bait - bring all you can hold
  385. Hooops

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?
  386. Hooops

    avalon memorial weekend moorage?

    Thurs morning should be fine - especially with your boat size
  387. Hooops

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    Damm - I was going to go with hyperbaric chamber as well. OK - not applicable to your vessel but more likely mine - some sort of bungee suspension system to keep bait from pounding to death - patent pending... Spill the beans - your amongst "friends" / in the nest / etc...
  388. Hooops

    Google Maps - Avalon
  389. Hooops

    Live Bait Invention -- Thoughts?

    I'm thinking Cloning or Artificial Insemination?
  390. Hooops

    Long Beach to Catalina Buddy Boat

    I'd change your reservation/destination to somewhere on the frontside of the island - if your camping just make it easier on yourself and moor in the Isthmus in front of those campsites. If your set on Little Harbor - I certainly wouldn't recommend anchorage in Little Harbor on your maiden...
  391. Hooops

    Starting New Business - Fish Farming Florida Pompano: Need Votes...

    My brother in law in Florida made a big step away from sitting behind a desk job in the banking industry for nearly 20 years and decided to follow his dream of starting a fish farm operation in Florida raising and selling Pompano to the restaurant industry. He's raised...
  392. Hooops

    New Custom pilot house

    I like the mask and snorkel look better then the pilot house!
  393. Hooops

    Favorite old school reel u still use
  394. Hooops

    If you can only have 5 rods

    800H - 5 of them
  395. Hooops

    wtb 17-18 cc

    Someone just post a nice older whaler with a 90 Yama - I'd snag that up before someone else does
  396. Hooops

    Has anyone used Teakguard..or should I varnish?

    Forget all that's been said and never varnish... Find a product call Te-Ka - it's a 2 part teak cleaning system sold at most Marine stores - I think West Marine even has it. Follow the directions - then just apply a few coats of teak oil after the Te-Ka steps dry. Product and results are...
  397. Hooops

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    Florida Keys - take a look at: or Catch a different species everyday - inshore and offshore (close)
  398. Hooops

    Do You Keep Sanddabs? How Do You Cook Them If You Do?

    Fry em up whole - bones and all. If you had the same thing at a restaurant it would cost you $20 a plate
  399. Hooops

    Cheeca Lodge - review/intel?

    Growing up back east we visited the keys pretty often. I have been bringing my family out every year or so now from California - we've rented houses all over and stayed in Hawks Cay twice before. We booked Cheeca Lodge ( this year when the kids get out of school in June -...
  400. Hooops

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    anything for the kids... voted and will keep going
  401. Hooops

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Some cheap tickets still available: General Admission Standing Floor US $454.00 - US $1,454.00 US $454.00 US $1,454.00 Event Level US $654.00 - US $1,454.00 US $654.00 US $1,454.00
  402. Hooops

    Just got it and illness forces sale...

    maybe I missed the details in the CL post or video: Whats the power plant - and how many hours?
  403. Hooops

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Based on the amount of neighbors getting the fight and all the hype - I think PPV and UFC should cash in on this one - including Holmes defending her title.
  404. Hooops

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Think Conner injured Diaz hand/wrist in that exchange? - it sure looks like Nick was rubbing his hand/wrist after the dust settled... It sure feels like Nick is just cashing in on his last real UFC paycheck - I'd expect a pretty quick Conner win on Saturday.
  405. Hooops


    Your playing for hardball:
  406. Hooops


    how do they taste?
  407. Hooops

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    Just a follow up - I ended up getting the Mossberg Super Bantam 500 Youth 20 gauge - after 2 sporting clay trips so far - it shoots flawless and my 10yr old is already outshooting me... wonderful.
  408. Hooops

    Any people with an Offshore Bait Tank that have replaced the light?

    Out of business is wrong - Randy sold it - cashed in for a few nickles - and had a non- compete before he could re-start another bait tank business. Bluewater Bait Systems is now the new company - and he could answer your light questions directly - just google it.
  409. Hooops

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    I'm with you - I think he is a phenom - I just always like to pull for the underdog regardless of the sporting event. I guess it's a sickness...
  410. Hooops

    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    I'd like to see a shocker with Conor getting knocked out - just to give him a little gut check on his current persona
  411. Hooops

    Should I take my kids to FH show?

    Take them and they will beg to go every year - just fair warning...
  412. Hooops

    Proud Dad!

    So freakin awesome - you've created a monster - I've got 2 of them now - 7 and 9 - they can't stand not being on the water.
  413. Hooops

    Poor Sea Lions...

    Natural selection - wish it had more of an impact on the human population - damm foodstamps
  414. Hooops

    Local Knowledge RAW – Pez Vela

    Great promo piece
  415. Hooops

    WTB: Fiberglass Bait Tank

    Call Randy at Bluewater
  416. Hooops

    New Car Advice Needed

    Rick - I got the new 2016 Tahoe and hate it. I've had a new Tahoe about every 2-3 years and I have to say - the new one sucks - so I'd avoid the Suburban as well. My neighbor just got a new Ford Expedition - something called a King Ranch Edition - he loves it and has had all the Suburbans...
  417. Hooops

    Who's up for a Local Knowledge Colonet run? Leaving Thurs 2/18 PM

    give a heads up on the next trip - you may see me and some old souls on that run
  418. Hooops

    Cummins 330B

    Jesse is the man on the 330B's
  419. Hooops

    Good express sportfish for California?

    I always like these - almost got one before I bought my 30 Skipjack:'-Offshore-2812632/LaBelle/FL/United-States#.VsKLxSmR-vk
  420. Hooops

    Fat and Flat - breaking in the whaler

    Felt like September out there today. This pig was fatter then a boogie board - dinner will be served soon.
  421. Hooops

    Fat and Flat - breaking in the whaler

    Felt like September out there today. This pig was fatter then a boogie board - dinner will be served soon.
  422. Hooops

    Youth gun

    I just got the waterfowl version for my 9 yr old:
  423. Hooops

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    UPDATE: He went to LB courthouse today - he was the only one in the room not defending that they did not have a drivers license or car insurance... and the only one that spoke english. Judge laughed when his case came up and dismissed with no fine... Anyway - it took 2 hours out of his day
  424. Hooops

    San Mateo Point report 1/31/16

    So far - I've retied 2 neighbors boats in HH - its a hootin
  425. Hooops

    Nachos bait

    Blow an airhorn and you'll get the cured bait at anytime
  426. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Zack - Specialty Marine is a good source for parts, etc - but pricey: Or like Willdoggy said - you can chime in on one of the Whaler nerd sites and may find someone parting out a boat.
  427. Hooops


    I've got 4 or 5 of them but they are hammered - whats the going price for a "well" used one?
  428. Hooops

    local knowledge review

    TV show - what a great idea...
  429. Hooops

    Local Knowledge TV Show starring ALI

    Boom goes the dynamite - good production so far on the first show. Agree with a previous comment on jumping back and forth - at least continue the segment to commercial break. There are some other pre-spot/post-spot (commercial) editing techniques that could create more excitement - but what...
  430. Hooops

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    Took neighbor fishing in December and he forgot his license at his house. Got F&G ticket and needs to report to court in Long Beach and I guess bring his license. Anyone familiar with the process, fines, procedure, etc. Thanks...
  431. Hooops

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    Thanks - going to get one tomorrow
  432. Hooops

    WTB - Youth Shotgun - ideally 20 gauge

    If you don't have one for sale - can you recommend one. My son's 10th birthday is coming up and he has growth very afraid of my 12 gauge guns.
  433. Hooops

    Pretty Good Weekend

  434. Hooops

    Panga options on 12/31

    Last minute idea to get kids away from wife for a few hours. Any recommendations for inshore 4-5hr trip. Kevin
  435. Hooops

    Looking for a bait receiver

    Joe, Spike and Gabe are buddies of mine. FYI - Gabe moved to Hawaii about 2 years ago - not sure who (if anyone) took over his receiver builds. I have a neighbor over here on Humboldt Island that has a pretty good design - I will take a drive over there with you when your around.
  436. Hooops

    PV - Panga recommendation - New Years Eve

    Last minute trip and hoping to take my kids out for a quick half day trip (4-5 hr) Let me know if you have an email for a panga charter / owner that's worth reaching out to.
  437. Hooops

    Interest Rates

    Boats that appreciate in value - now I'm listening Mike... Everyone fucks different - good luck with your boat loan - been there - done that - trying to give advice based on previous experience but I can't fix stupid (Washington folk or other) - you'll have to come back to this thread a few...
  438. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    I'll take pics - I am copying a neighbors same boat and his tank set up.
  439. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Nate - I started with Randy's 38 gallon oval tank - but cutting it down to seat height (21 inches) and it will go immediately behind the seat/leaning post. I will post some pics after the tank is built and gel coated to match boat - said a week which means a month in the marine industry.
  440. Hooops

    Interest Rates

    I moving to Washington and getting a boat loan
  441. Hooops

    Interest Rates

    Whatever your going to finance - take 30% of that money and burn it in a fireplace then ask a friend to kick you square in the balls - welcome to boat finance. Then after that don't forget to make your monthly payment that will depreciate every month. Godspeed on your financial future.
  442. Hooops

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    That is a kick-ass go-anywhere whaler - good luck with sale.
  443. Hooops

    Interest Rates

    Boat Loan - brilliant
  444. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    John - I went with what the boat came with for now - Hummingbird 858C - still need to give it a shakedown - but I think it will suffice. Aaron - I can't stand those post mount stern lights - I seem to find a way to break them with every skiff I've ever had. My neighbor had this style set up on...
  445. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Barrett - the Desert Tan gel coat did turn out pretty sweet.
  446. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    I wanted everything a specific way and it took way more time, energy and patience then I anticipated.
  447. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild - finally done...

    Still working with Randy at Bluewater on a bait tank to match gelcoat - but everything else is done - and it even floats... I will never do a project like that ever again.
  448. Hooops

    WTB - Basketball adjustable net

    Before I buy a new one for boy Christmas present - anyone got one that kids don't touch anymore?
  449. Hooops

    bengal cat/kitten

    Selling cats on BD - I believe this was all in the master plan for Jason and Ali during original site development...
  450. Hooops

    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    I just bet a dime (+110) on Aldo. My electric bill from the HH Boat Parade Christmas lights needs to be made.
  451. Hooops

    Pacific Warriors

    I have to use pay-per-view to see industrial grade wenches
  452. Hooops

    Sell by owner of pay a realtor ??

    I recently sold a home and paid $75K in agent commissions for a home that had 3 offers before it hit the market. I think I would consider doing it differently next time... remember that you'll likely have a buyers agent that wants their commission typically 2%-3%.
  453. Hooops

    Pacific Warriors

    As a fisherman and a commercial producer - the editing and jump cuts are absolutely horrible. My kids like to watch it and they even mentioned it...
  454. Hooops

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    I'm lucky enough to not live in Catalina but I have a mooring in Avalon and in the Isthmus - you should have no trouble getting a mooring in either - but if you want the avalon mooring let me know - we are headed to Cabo for that week.
  455. Hooops

    Ballast Point Brewing Sold

    I sold a company for 4 times EBITDA and I thought I was stealing money. Billion, Gazillion... whats the difference...
  456. Hooops

    11/15 gale warning marlin report

    The key to big boat fishing is following the lucky sperm schools.
  457. Hooops

    San Clemente Buoy Report

    I think even the marlin are puking. I've been collecting random kayaks and paddle boards floating up to my dock if anyone is interested.
  458. Hooops

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    No idea on temps - its a 13 whaler with an engine and not much more then that. I can tell you the water was a lot warmer then the air in the morning!
  459. Hooops

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    "nice phishh, looks like the girls enjoyed their time with you" Al - they are boys - but I call them girls all the time.
  460. Hooops

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    Left HH around 9am - kids saluted the folks on the warship when we passed by going out and showed the halibut coming in around noon. Lots of fished in the sand right now - we missed at least 5-6 decent bites - but my 9yr old did throw a decent one on.
  461. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild

    Victor - Captain Glass
  462. Hooops

    1980 17ft Whaler Montauk - rebuild

    Picked up a whaler with a decent power plant but the rest of the boat needed some love after 35 years. Stripped the entire boat of everything and sent off to re-gel coat - 5 coats - Desert Sand color (was a bit worried about this color decision but it turned out really sweet) - the teak was...
  463. Hooops

    Precision 28 rebuild

    That is really turning out bitchin.
  464. Hooops

    Dinghy bait tank - self contained:

    I'm guessing a bait sled may not be the solution running from avalon to the back of the island at 20kts.
  465. Hooops

    Dinghy bait tank - self contained:

    what is a bait sled
  466. Hooops

    Dinghy bait tank - self contained:

    Has anyone found/figured out a self contained small (under 15 gallon) option to keep bait without hard wiring to dinghy batteries. Looking to keep a dozen or so pieces of bait alive running around the islands in the dinghy.
  467. Hooops

    We're doomed

    Time to short some Flood Insurance Companies - just have to play your cards.
  468. Hooops

    Took My 4 Year Old Fishing (but not Catching) for Wahoo - 10/25/15

    There is absolutely no better way to raise kids then time on the water...
  469. Hooops

    35ft-50ft Boat Dock HH - available...

    If anyone is looking for boat slip for a 35ft-50ft boat let me know... I recently sold my boat and bought a small whaler that fits on the inside of my slip. Location is Humboldt Island
  470. Hooops

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    again - buy the rado before I do
  471. Hooops


    nice - hopefully they start coming back down the line and are even bigger. Cortez/Tanner 100lbers in November
  472. Hooops

    Los Barriles in November

    We'll be there for t-day week with 5 families at Palmas. Have not heard of much "activity" in that zone in a while.
  473. Hooops

    10/11/15 56.5lb Wahoooo on 25lb fluro!!!

    Unreal - put some hooks on a wake board and troll that!
  474. Hooops


    I'd wear a mask as well with all the coffee grinders on board
  475. Hooops

    WTB Crystaliner/Bertram/Blackfin

    Buy Jim's boat before I have to
  476. Hooops

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    you're all fucking gay
  477. Hooops

    Lobster tonight limits and then some

    Dick! Always good to see you - kids got bored we bailed too early...
  478. Hooops

    10/1 Slow Long Beach Report

    That depends on if you bring midget porn dvd's or not.
  479. Hooops

    Crawl Prediction

    Its going to suck this year - I just like going to Long Beach to watch the boat to boat fist fights.
  480. Hooops

    Will we see YFT over 100lbs?

    November is going to be insane - I think...
  481. Hooops

    Wahoo Jigs

    Looks like its going to be a photo-finish to my doorstep - I around tonight after 6pm.
  482. Hooops

    Heavy tuna jigs

    PM'ed you back - pick up only - not sure if your in TX - don't want to deal with shipping
  483. Hooops


    Tady/Sumo/Salas/IronMan/Kicker 8 Total - $60
  484. Hooops

    Heavy tuna jigs

    Sumo/Tady 5 total - $40
  485. Hooops

    Big Surface Iron - Tady/Salas

    5 total - $40
  486. Hooops

    Wahoo Bombs

    7 in total - $75
  487. Hooops

    Wahoo Jigs

    Tis the season - 17 in all - Raiders, Catchy, etc. - $120
  488. Hooops

    Tady45 - Surface Iron New

    3 sets of 4 - all Single Hook - $65
  489. Hooops

    Surface Iron - Tady/Sumo/Salas/etc

    18 in all - $80
  490. Hooops

    WTB surface irons

    I'll put some pics up for some jig liquidation on the classified board - come and get em
  491. Hooops

    WTB surface irons

    I've got hundreds - come get em in Huntington Harbour. I'm too lazy to take pictures and or ship
  492. Hooops

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    Nice day on the water.
  493. Hooops

    09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    If you make a T-shirt with your pop giving the bird - I will buy a dozen
  494. Hooops

    WTB - small 15-20 Gl fiberglass bait tank

    Any condition - will re-gel coat to match whaler
  495. Hooops

    Testing waters 2004 May-craft 1900 Yamaha

    Damm - I wish I saw this a week ago. Neck deep in a whaler montauk rebuild now.
  496. Hooops

    Leaving Tonight at 3:00 am

    Fuck it - I had a good run - Godspeed to all. I regret nothing.
  497. Hooops

    Tsunami Warning

    Thinking about putting an old skiff on the dock tied real lose for a Jewish Lightning claim.
  498. Hooops

    Tsunami Warning

    I've got the coffee pot scheduled for the early am. I will be on my dock - wish the best to all. Will take video - the Japan event was actually pretty spooky...
  499. Hooops

    Potential Tsunami Alert, Hawaii, West Coast

    We are getting automated calls at our home in Huntington Harbour - stay off docks, etc. - 4:46am I remember the Japan one - that was actually pretty spooky - tide rose and fell in the harbor 2ft or more every 15 mins. Stand by - I will get up early and make a pot of coffee and take some video...
  500. Hooops

    AB - RIB inflatable - 2004 - 9'6

    On my dock in HH - includes seat with life jacket storage and Weaver Leaver clips for swim step lift. First $1,200 - have 2 dinghies - only need one.
  501. Hooops

    Need advice on Catalina mooring

    If you can't get a mooring because its full - you can side-tie with us. I will PM my cell number to you.
  502. Hooops

    freedom and t-bird

    Royal Polaris in the same zone
  503. Hooops

    FREE - 3rd row seats for Tahoe

    BUMP - throwing them in a dumpster on tuesday
  504. Hooops

    2004 KTM 350EXC and Suzuki 50JR

    Both bikes run great - just rarely if never used. Cleaning out the garage because we are moving. Includes all gear as well - helmets, boots, pants and more. First $2K to my garage in Huntington Harbour - going on craigslist on Monday if not sold this weekend.
  505. Hooops

    Big bfts

    Most guys that have been fishing these water for for 20-30yrs - bucket list is 100lb+ BFT. I will be ignoring work for the next 2-3 weeks to get one.
  506. Hooops

    Kona fishing.....

    Electric reel - epic
  507. Hooops

    Big bfts

    Watch it slide up and in towards the back of Cat - maybe Osborn in August... then Chan Is.
  508. Hooops

    FREE - 3rd row seats for Tahoe

    It was in a 2002 Tahoe - dark gray cloth. Located in Huntington Harbor.
  509. Hooops

    93 SKIPJACK 262 Diesel For Sale

    Great Rig - love mine as well.
  510. Hooops

    Boat Loans?

    Financing a boat is like pissing money into hurricane force winds. Maybe buy an RV on loan payments - that may depreciate just a few thousand dollars less. Godspeed.
  511. Hooops

    We call it CATCHING!! 8.21.15

    We were a few hundred yards south of you - great fishing for sure - we got our share. "BJ for numbers" - I normally never listen to the the shitshow radio - but that call got my attention.
  512. Hooops

    Dinghy towing

    Not cheap - but these are the absolute best:
  513. Hooops

    Dinghy towing

    Based on Flowscans and burn rate - I don't seem much of a difference with an 11ft RIB (no outboard on) - once dinghy is on plane - little to no drag. I'm powered by twin 330B Cummins though.
  514. Hooops

    Dinghy towing

    OK - I tow a 13ft whaler with the engine on as well. With engine on - trim the engine up to where just the skeg is in the water -prop mostly out of water - tie the wheel off so the engine stays straight. See how it looks under tow - if the bow is up too high and too much prop is in the water -...
  515. Hooops

    Dinghy towing

    I run my 11ft AB RIB 100ft - outboard off the dinghy on the big boat. Another trick I learned to keep it running straight even at 24kts is I run about a 10ft of chain off the back of the dinghy - like a mouse tail - it tracks like an arrow.
  516. Hooops

    My Old Boss 197 Needs Service? Where?

    Yes - send to accurate - I sent a few 197s and 270s to them a few months ago - came back brand new
  517. Hooops

    4th of July from the boat?!?

    This is the first year we are missing it - but my kids love to go to Isthmus on the 3rd and Avalon on the 4th. If you can find a friend with a mooring borrow it or sidetie.
  518. Hooops

    Boat Loans?

    If you can't pay cash for it - don't do it
  519. Hooops

    150 - They are in the prop wash of the sport fleet

    I kid I kid - these were caught under 3 birds near the horseshoe - no boats.
  520. Hooops

    150 - They are in the prop wash of the sport fleet

    Don't believe the hype of fish away from the fleet. Cast your baits in the prop wash. Your Welcome.
  521. Hooops

    Are red crabs edible?

    My kids were grilling and eating them at Catalina - didn't look half bad and they didn't puke their guts out either. I bet a nice boil with some OldBay maybe delicious.
  522. Hooops


    Good luck
  523. Hooops

    150 roll call...who's coming with me?

    I'm dragging my kids around on wake boards and tubes tomorrow. I
  524. Hooops

    1999 30ft Skipjack

    Mark - its time for a few more feet of boat - 2 staterooms for kids and their buddies is the next step... I'm sitting in HH right now - but it feels like Kansas - hot and humid - I can almost hear the yellows boiling out front.
  525. Hooops

    1999 30ft Skipjack

    Jason - looking at 2 options - told your boyfriend over the phone about 1 Jaydawg - sorry should have mentioned that - Cummins 330B's 1,500hrs - in last 2 years new after and inner cooler, tranny coolers, turbos, etc - same, well-known mechanic for entire 8yrs - can print up a bible of all...
  526. Hooops

    1999 30ft Skipjack

    Hull #12 Cummins 330B's Northern Lights 5KW Garmin 3206 Furuno 16mile radar Wesmar HD800 - Sidescan Sonar Icom M127 VHF's Simrad AP20 Autopilot Underwater Lights USA - zenon 50wt Offshore built in bait tank / 2nd bait tank in transom Reverse Cycle Heat/Air TV/DVD Etc, Etc, Etc. Owned for last 8...
  527. Hooops

    Deckhand Needed

    I'm old, married and have kids - but I will take it!
  528. Hooops


    I may have know about this before most... I heard the locals are big fans...
  529. Hooops


    Snoop Dog is playing.
  530. Hooops

    Catalina boat size

    The original question was a safe boat to travel to Catalina - pending conditions - traveling with a family - I would suggest over a 24ft boat. The discussion steered a bit toward radar... so here goes - if Sickcat and I are headed directly towards each other in pea-soup fog and I can see him...
  531. Hooops

    Catalina boat size

    Just don't follow me - if you chose to be a dipshit.
  532. Hooops

    Catalina boat size

    Or simply don't even attempt the crossing in fog with no radar. Too many dipshits to count that have flagged me down lost in the middle of the channel.
  533. Hooops

    Catalina - Where's The Bait?

    BSP - Black Smith Perch
  534. Hooops

    Kids on a 3 day trip.

    Go for it... I take my boys on 1-2 day trips - typically one at a time. Be sure to get them acclimated to the boat, crew, passengers and fishing protocol... don't just start fishing yourself until you know your kid has a clear idea of what is going on. I'll add one more note - I always bring...
  535. Hooops

    1972 VW Custom Bus:

    Moving from 3 Car Garage Home to 2 Car Garage and need to get rid of one of the toys. Bimini sides roll-up or snap down - 3 and 3 seating in the back Great summer SoCal cruiser - had it a bit over a year - runs like a top. New tires, Kicker Stereo system and custom full car cover. Going up...
  536. Hooops

    Huntington Harbour Home with Boat Slip for Sale:

    Shhhhhh - there are a few sandbass and calicos pushing 8lbs. There are some Halibut pushing 25lbs. No fishing strictly enforced - but I hand feed them with my kids all the time
  537. Hooops

    Huntington Harbour Home with Boat Slip for Sale:

    HOA is not so bad - it's run/managed by mostly boaters/fishermen. Boat slip allows overhang to roughly a 38-39ft boat - 14ft beam max.
  538. Hooops

    Huntington Harbour Home with Boat Slip for Sale:

    Anyone looking to move to HH and keep their boat in the water...
  539. Hooops

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Hope it floats! See you at the NB show.
  540. Hooops

    Are Rivieras any good????

    Congrats TAPOUT.... And whats next?
  541. Hooops

    2004 AB Inflatable - 9'6 RIB:

    I picked up a larger inflatable - so need to get rid of my previous one. Located in Huntington Harbour - always stored covered... Boat details/specs in link below:|215570|1794282|1831365&id=2553090 $2,700 - RIB only - no outboard
  542. Hooops

    1982 35' Bertram MK II with CAT-3208 Loaded!

    Great sled - perfect Catalina multi-day sportfisher.
  543. Hooops

    Are Rivieras any good????

    Why not stretch your legs a bit for a 47 Cabo - some deals out there - just need to find them - I know a few for "sale" that are not currently listed - PM if interested.
  544. Hooops

    Radovich 34 restoration

    Such a great hull - looking forward to seeing that boat in water. "BlackBeard" (another 34 Rad) is still one of my favorite SoCal boats - thing is sick...
  545. Hooops

    Mooring at Catalina

    No sir - do not motor up and tie off - you will likely be asked to take a fucking hike - or they will re-assign you to the shittiest mooring they can find. Chuck Norris above provided the most insight - I have 36ft Mooring in the Isthmus - I am there most of the summer - stop by and say hello...
  546. Hooops

    Easy Yellowtail limits

    I'll eat those over yellowtail all day long.
  547. Hooops

    30hr trip out of NJ

    I've always wondered if a someone ran a decent LR size boat like a Polaris Supreme on the east coast - MA/NJ/NC - if if it could fill spots on Canyon trips from 3-7 days.
  548. Hooops

    30hr trip out of NJ

    Do these Canyon boats have bunk rooms - someone told me everyone just crashes in the galley?
  549. Hooops

    NCAA Hoops

    Upset of the tourny - WVU over Kentucy - take the moneyline +900
  550. Hooops

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    50ft docks come free with $3Million dollar homes... that's why you find a home owner with an empty dock... sounds familiar right? Homes in the harbor are selling unreal right now - I am actually really considering cashing in.
  551. Hooops

    sunset aquatic ramp closure

    Don't pay - I figure its a perfect time to sell my house in HH with 30Ft boat dock.
  552. Hooops

    Bridge to Sunset Aqustic Ramp Closed!

    All the derelicts that live aboard and aren't supposed to are freaking out. Poor Bridge guy telling people they can not drive over has almost had to knock a few folks out. I think the value of my home with boat dock just went up.
  553. Hooops

    Side scanning sonar

    I have the Wesmar HD800 unit - It's fairly incredible piece of fish finding machinery - I would never had spent the money to put this unit in the boat - the previous owner did it and never used it. I've owned the boat now about 9 years - I can't imagine fishing a boat now with standard straight...
  554. Hooops


    Squid strips covered in Coors Light - COD DAMM - I love big reds... except whitefish are still my go-to magical taco meat.
  555. Hooops

    Deciding on the 28-35 Sportfisher

    "Better Call Shad" - don't call Saul. The guys knows a little bit about boats. I would avoid some hulls - Luhrs included... A 30ft Skipjack may suit your needs - I will sell you mine for $200K - that's a deal.
  556. Hooops

    Side scanning sonar

    Wesmar is pretty sweet!
  557. Hooops

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Some real top notch celebs on this list!
  558. Hooops

    Superbowl Winner Predictions Contest

    Katy Perry - Cleavage or No Cleavage? Even Money... I'm going cleavage for a dime
  559. Hooops

    3rd Row seats - Tahoe:

    I looked around online and saw this same info - just trying to get some more shit out of my garage - if someone wants them throw me a number.
  560. Hooops

    3rd Row seats - Tahoe:

    I traded my old Tahoe in and got a new one today - forgot I had the 3rd row seats in the garage. Anyone?
  561. Hooops

    Catalina Halibut?

    Go west young man.
  562. Hooops

    limits @ catalina

    Natural selection comes to mind - simply idiotic with all the run off in the water - I towed a telephone pole floating in front of LB and passed off to Harb Patrol the other day. God Speed on the 45kt night runs.
  563. Hooops

    Tragedy In Avalon - Harbor Patrol Officer Killed

    Matt - that was a horrible situation - glad you and your family are safe. Prayers to the families of those lost.
  564. Hooops

    Kona Charter Recommendations

    Call Gabe - sick boat:
  565. Hooops

    Rolling of off Marcus's father daughter hunt 1-2/3-15

    That is freakin awesome - great report.
  566. Hooops

    Great hunts with Lauren

    He hates veggies - but loves filet - and asked when he can hunt a cow!
  567. Hooops

    Great hunts with Lauren

    Hoops why do you feel or think you have to eat everything you harvest. Nothing wrong with giving stuff away? Do they alwsys eat everything you cook whether it be stuff you killed or stuff you bought? Why is it we throw food away we buy at the store but have a different mentality with stuff we...
  568. Hooops

    Great hunts with Lauren

    So awesome for her and of course dad. I hit a bit of a crossroads taking my 2 boys (6 and 8) on the last couple of duck hunts. Conversation went something like this... (Fisher my 6yr old) - "Dad this is so awesome but when we fish - we love to eat everything we keep - or we release the fish we...
  569. Hooops

    Take This Kim Jong Un.........

    Should have got Les Grossman to handle this:
  570. Hooops

    LIke Dude.......Where Did Our Avatars Go?

    Pay for it. 2015 Access price is now $20 - Avatars are an extra $20 50% tip always recommended - ammo is expensive for the CEO and side-kick
  571. Hooops

    Underwater lights

    UnderwaterlightUSA - SV19's - as mentioned above
  572. Hooops

    A little decorating while wifey is out!

    can you come decorate my house - like an idiot I also entered the HH boat parade - my boat currently has zero lights.
  573. Hooops

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    I do enjoy cooking whether I get to kill the cow or buy it from the store. My hurdle with duck is the processes to make them table ready just seems excessive. I mean I can wrap fecal matter in bacon with cream cheese and jalapeno and have folks raving about them. I do appreciate all these...
  574. Hooops

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    OK - I recently - last 3 years - have gotten the Duck Hunting bug - as my brother joined one of those high-brow clubs in Prado Basin. The experience of finding a favorite gun or two, hunting with my brother early am or afternoon, calling birds, shooting birds, dog assassins - I really dig all...
  575. Hooops

    1st time to san Miguel was awesome

    Looks gorgeous - and the whitefish looks tastier then the 500lbs of tuna, yellowtail and dorado I have stored. Best fish tacos in the world...
  576. Hooops

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    Drift fishing on this trip - but others were getting them on anchor as well...
  577. Hooops


    Great Trip - tuna fishing was just dumb... Best codding I have seen in a long time - unreal Reds - tacos tonight! Full boat of 40 - and I was lucky #40 - but good fishing for all - very few break-offs.
  578. Hooops

    Wrong Thread But ...

    Rick - I may know a guy or 3... I will see one of them tomorrow - want to bounce that Plan A location idea off him for that time of year - also taking into consideration this years wild ride. I will call you early next week.
  579. Hooops

    Wrong Thread But ...

    Rick - add me to list of "interested" - pending date, location, etc.
  580. Hooops

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    20lb with flouro was the ticket - a hot bait was a bite on that set up every cast...
  581. Hooops

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    Ha - love it - hope you enjoyed the fish. Any teacher that puts up with Ty deserves some tuna filets! We raced home from San Diego and got him to school just in time on Wednesday - was even able to wipe off the blood and scales to make him look somewhat presentable.
  582. Hooops

    Tuesday Tribute - Tanner Tuna Trifecta

    My boy had off school on Tuesday for Veterans Day - we loaded up and made our way down from HB to SD to fish the Tribute (a first for both of us). 1.5 Day would put us back at the dock Wednesday at 6am and school in HB started at 8:15am. We hammered them in grease flat calm weather. We sailed...
  583. Hooops

    November Tuna on the Tribute

    Great time was had by all - I even got my boy back to school in time this morning in HB!
  584. Hooops

    Looking for any feedback on the Mikelson 43

    Cockpit is really limited - there's a bigger one on my 30ft Skipjack. Get a 61 Pilothouse or a Nomad - just a few bucks more!
  585. Hooops

    Which boat has the best food?

    How could one even up a thread like this without mentioning the amazing personality and talent of Jorge on the RR3 - love an miss your Jorge...
  586. Hooops

    Which boat has the best food?

    Salt Burger on the old SeaHorse was epic
  587. Hooops

    Horseshoe - gangbang:

    Offshore - meaning just off the breakwall - inshore forum would have been the right spot for this - maybe in-inshore
  588. Hooops

    Horseshoe - gangbang:

    Unreal to see this grade of fish right out in front. This weekend should bring out another 1,000 skiffs - enjoy.
  589. Hooops

    Calstar 700H or 800H

    Get a 700XH - done
  590. Hooops


    So sick Tim! Awesome to see him follow his passion and "get back on the horse" after his accident. Catch up soon with you brother...
  591. Hooops

    So easy 6 and 8yr olds are cleaning up:

    Warm water have made the bugs monster size - no where near long beach. We did have a new record tonight easily 10lb sandbass in the hoop - god damm that was heavy...
  592. Hooops

    Horn Sharks released - Big Bugs Kept:

    Full Speed bugs - no one around...
  593. Hooops

    Another great crawl 9/28

    We ended with 16 - in 2 sets - that's plenty and had to get the kids to bed for school. I will ping you later today.
  594. Hooops

    Another great crawl 9/28

    Good to see you out there - again...
  595. Hooops


    Damm - I thought I had the hot spot...
  596. Hooops

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Whats the price point your shooting to land in with power - I'm guessing $200K+?
  597. Hooops

    First String 2 day... 9/15-17

    Did they bite the plug or pop?
  598. Hooops

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    101A - pick me up - no need for 2 meter - this weeds out the hee-haws. Holy shit is it biting up north right now - fuck Mehico.
  599. Hooops


    Hardcore - I think the circular ear patches are causing brain damage... Try 33.40 over 118.40 and further north the bite is even better.
  600. Hooops

    The Buffoonery on Ch 72 !

    Just put 72 in a 5-10 minute timeout but keying the mic - a strong rubberband or simply sitting on it does the trick.
  601. Hooops

    Removing Dried Tuna Blood and Stains from Boat

    black streak remover - I don't know whats in it - but it freaking works on everything.
  602. Hooops

    Lobster opening night!

    2014 SuperSlam - 1 day - YFT, dodo, YT, filet, bag - fill cages with scrapes - Bug Limits and home by 9pm - see report coming soon end of month
  603. Hooops

    Blue caven MPA busted

    That FishAlerts app is not bad - I will say F&G at the island has only recently started to ticket the people that simply have no idea what is going on. We have a mooring there in the Isthmus and one of our favorite spots is just outside of the closure - we see tons people fishing the "line" of...
  604. Hooops

    Two first timers, no Bananas and Kelp paddy Dorados. Fri 8/22

    Best of times with the kids - not a bad boat either... Leave tomorrow for 6 days of sun, fun, fishing and the island.
  605. Hooops

    If you had 40K what boat would you buy?

    26ft Skipjack - some decent ones on yachtworld for sale right now in that range.
  606. Hooops

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    Best of luck Barrett
  607. Hooops

    Yellowfin, Tern Birds and Bloody Decks ( Video )

    Videos are epic - wild antics and hooksets - you need your own TV show. Sponsored by those lucky circle bandaids behind the ear!
  608. Hooops

    The Intrepid - Jesus Companioni Vs. Kevin Osborne

    Absolute super fishy guy - hes a pleasure to bend with. Good luck - ping me when you get back - 100lbers are bending a small jog from home...
  609. Hooops

    Caught my first tuna, how do I eat it?

    Dry filets in paper towel in fridge Dip in butter then cover them in: Cast iron pan red hot on grill - add butter to pan Blacken fish on each side for less then a minute per side. Slice thin - serve with wasabi paste Whammo
  610. Hooops

    Local 3/4 day tuna, where?

    I'd jog out to the Osborn - but what do I know...
  611. Hooops

    Animal Planet

    Birds do it, bees do it - hope that vibe helped you score as you gained altitude.
  612. Hooops

    West End Catalina

    Go fish - that yft is spreading like butter.
  613. Hooops

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    Do floating dead bodies count?
  614. Hooops

    Avet Maketing

    Infomercials do sell - but what do I know...
  615. Hooops

    Fishing is going in all KINDS of directions!

  616. Hooops

    What do you tell your Grandson...

    Blue waffle was bad - I think I lost weight from lack of appetite for days.
  617. Hooops

    Some Deeeeeep GoPro footage!

    Tasty waves - Green Room occupied. Hard to believe he was able to keep the camera that still...
  618. Hooops

    Progress often sucks!!

    Do what you love and the money will come - I'm lazy as hell - but found ample low hanging fruit to live very well. Hardwork and long hours rarely equals wealth. East Cape bound and down in 6 more wake ups - taking my 6 and 8yr old boys for the first time the day after school end.
  619. Hooops

    Basin Marine - great experience

    Yes and yes - they are the best.
  620. Hooops

    Used to love Cabo

    Gave the pig a bath - that's great - made me think of Bill Murray in Stripes:
  621. Hooops

    29' Blackfin Flybridge 1987 / 2001 SOLD

    I see it by the fuel dock in HH - congrats on the sale.
  622. Hooops

    Used to love Cabo

    Fly the Cabo - drive the EastCape - original Cabo - while it lasts
  623. Hooops

    Another Great Day at the Island

    Think I saw your Pacifica running around outside of us. I had the family anchored up in Rippers for the weekend. The turd yellows bit really well in the late afternoon after everyone left in Empire on Saturday. Dinghy fishing yellows with the kids - it was a hoot.
  624. Hooops

    Gay Bass fishing at the secret spot 6-8-14

    All night-er with Spike - yikes...
  625. Hooops

    So Cal boat slip for 30' to 35' boat, cost $$$$$

    Here's a tip - try and find a waterfront resident with an empty dock if your trying to save money over the cost of a public dock. I have neighbors that basically give their dock space away pretty cheap because they no longer have a boat due to age or loss of a spouse, etc.
  626. Hooops

    2 Day Pride Sportfishing Charter 8/31 - 9/2

    Pride Rules - the cook is top notch
  627. Hooops

    Honda 50hp Outboard for sale

    2002 Honda 50hp outboard - used mostly for harbor cruises - it will need carb clean and power trim not working. First $1,500
  628. Hooops

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    Great News! Axel - keep those big tuna around and close for our end of June Trip - The Veal Family
  629. Hooops

    Isthmus - Memorial Day Weekend:

    We'll be at the Island today - Monday - skiff fishing the front with the kids. Mothership (or mini-mothership maybe a better term) will be on our mooring A2 - stop by for a beverage or fish story.
  630. Hooops

    Seal Deterrence

    Forget slingshots and paintballs... fill dead mackerel with:
  631. Hooops


    did you save my 4 hooks?
  632. Hooops

    What a day! Cab San Lucas 5 hour Panga trip! + video!

    Looks like you and your wife had a great 10th anniversary trip and congrats on the first marlin! Lots of cooks in the kitchen on this forum as you can see - opinions are like assholes - everyone's got one. We'll get you and Hunter over to the island soon - it's starting to fire - we'll be...
  633. Hooops

    Hotel Buenavista/East cape fishing report

    See you June 18th with the Veal Family!
  634. Hooops


    Its not me - so move the "maybe" to a "maybe not"... In any case - get them checked out by a diesel mechanic that you trust.
  635. Hooops

    Anchoring at Catalina?

    Take somebody with you - or even better just day trip it - not worth the risk of learning that island with your first trip as a overnight.
  636. Hooops

    Anchoring at Catalina?

    If your unfamiliar with the anchorage at the island and leaving in the afternoon - I'd follow Rick and Tom's advice. If you go West - get around the corner and tuck into Cat Harbor - if your comfortable with your ground tackle and you've got some experience overnighting on the hook - you can...
  637. Hooops

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    My brother in law has a 35ft contender in Boyton Beach - so I know you FL guys have your idea of whats hot and whats not... In Mother Ocean Pacific / SoCal - Not sure what racing around at speeds over 25kts actually gets you other then to some random numbers that the fish bit yesterday. Give...
  638. Hooops

    SALUKI 2

    Good riddance...
  639. Hooops

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    I will take 18kts-20kts in a big flybridge over 30kts-40kts in a blow-runner center console going out and coming home all day long. But what do I know...
  640. Hooops

    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    Has a warm, buttery taste - Saluki has had his share of black cocd
  641. Hooops

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    Fucking awesome...
  642. Hooops

    Lazy Afternoon at Catalina - 5/3

    The absolute best of times... Before you run into an issue with CG or HP - get one of these and try to get her used to it. My 2 boys as infants could not stand wearing them until it was just a normal thing that went on every time they were on the boat...
  643. Hooops

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    You've got options that's for sure... I'd consider going bigger to the 40-50ft range - there are so many smoking, give-away deals going on right now - I'd give you too many links to consider... the Viking looks like a nice sled and there are various other hulls and years of boats to consider -...
  644. Hooops

    Ali's sig line,,,,,,,,,Really dude?

    Impeach now - but Jason is even more gay...
  645. Hooops

    1989 48' Viking. $155K

    I would court the guy on here from Florida with $250K to burn on a west coast boat. Some very custom work done to that boat - at that price - I'd expect it to move quickly - good luck with the sale.
  646. Hooops

    That was a close call:

    Maybe a repost - but this would have created a peanut butter shotgun in my wetsuit:
  647. Hooops

    No school + day off work = FISHING!!!

    Sweet - teach em the long rod early.
  648. Hooops

    Thousands Charge a Lake For Opening Day

    Long Beach Harbor Lobster opener could top this footage next year!
  649. Hooops

    Cool GoPro Pic....

    I just pooped my pants
  650. Hooops

    29' Blackfin Flybridge 1987 / 2001 SOLD

    Absolutely a perfect West Coast wagon - including comfort for overnights and family island adventures. Great boat and fair price - that thing will go before Memorial Day - if it doesn't come side tie at the Isthmus (A2) with us.
  651. Hooops

    Camping on Catalina question

    I vote Italian Gardens - but you can no longer wet a line - very depressing.
  652. Hooops

    For Sale 1989/2005 29' Crystaliner - $70k OBO

    There is only 1 boat in that size range I like better.
  653. Hooops

    April Bass Content - Spotted Bay Bass - Enter HERE to win some great gear!

    My kids are slaying them in HH now on live smelt. Guess I'm going to have to really teach them to fish now for this competition.
  654. Hooops


    That is freakin awesome - nice work pops - kids will never forget or see that again!
  655. Hooops

    Lobster Report Card Return... Try It On-Line

    Thank you - was able to do mine and my 2 boys - easy.
  656. Hooops

    need somebody to installl a flir system- I have the unit

    Just stating the facts - not looking for friends on forums - Yes my boat is a pile of shit. Reality is there are some other yacht forums that a FLIR question may have gotten some better traction from.
  657. Hooops

    need somebody to installl a flir system- I have the unit

    Jim asking a FLIR question on a forum where your dingy is worth more then most boats on here is a longshot... I will text you tonight who to call.
  658. Hooops

    Stay in your boat

    Perfect timing - looks like I will be having no lunch today.
  659. Hooops

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    No joke - Sand Dabs
  660. Hooops

    Catalina and San Clemente in One day to find Biters!

    Fueling in Avalon - yikes!
  661. Hooops

    Some cool history about San Pedro and LA Harbor. The lost island

    Great find - the more you know...
  662. Hooops

    heading over to little harbor

    decent butt fishing - not so much on the wsb yet - pound the sand "around" that zone with big baits - if you can make them.
  663. Hooops

    Camping on Catalina question

    Paradise site is pretty awesome if you have just a few people with you - really "tucked away"
  664. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    If I sell it for much less then $10K - I am way ahead of the auction price. Its not about money though - who really gives a crap about a couple of grand anyway. I bought a 30ft Skipjack about 8 years ago that some asshat put a $30K Wesmar sidescan sonar in - I can certainly tell you that I...
  665. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    BusKid - thanks for the PM communication - really helpful intel - looking forward to catching up with you. I changed my ask price to only $30K now after I saw this:
  666. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    Thanks for the intel - I had a Newport Coast ultra-yuppie drive up to my house in Huntington Harbour yesterday and offer $14K - I think I am going to keep it to cruise around for the summer - I have this idea to put synthetic teak floors - like the NuTeak - in it and have a great contact to buy...
  667. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    Thinking of pulling it down and asking for $20k - are these piles really worth that much? I drove it all day today and I think 0-45mph took roughly 6 minutes.
  668. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    God damm that was too fast - thesamba nerds pounced and I had 5 offers over ask faster that I can finish myself. See which hippy is actually holding cash or grass... this should be interesting.
  669. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    1970 - not sure on your rust questions - being 44 years old - I don't think I would eat off the battery tray but I'll pull a rust sample for you. Like I said - had too many refreshments at a car auction and raised my hand - my neighbor said I can get $15K easy - thanks for thesamba lead - I put...
  670. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    Bus has never been rolled over - I just can't figure out how to upright the pic. Ali and Jason - you site sucks donkey balls.
  671. Hooops

    VW Bus:

    This was a Catalina vehicle used by a real estate company for property tours. I raised my hand by accident at a car auction - runs well - great condition. No room at the Inn for this - $14K. Located in Huntington Harbour.
  672. Hooops

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Double down on the Lipitor...
  673. Hooops

    Kona fishing?

    Kila-Kila - Call Gabe - great guy - unreal boat;
  674. Hooops

    Lobster tank?

    Timeout - I'm no DFG expert - but I go to the Island and get 21 lobster for myself and 2 sons - I dock the boat at my house and leave the baittank on and take and eat live lobster as needed over a week or two - there can't be an issue with that - or could there?
  675. Hooops

    WTB - 50cc motobike - crf50, kx50, etc.

    Thanks all - found one. No ramps Tim....
  676. Hooops

    Simon pulls it off.

    I already told the 2 front runners - whoever wins - I've still got my $20 spot in the returned envelope from Tues PO Box that kicked it back. In addition to cash - for Karma points and to help make up for the slackers - I owe Simon a fishing trip out of HH.
  677. Hooops

    BDOutdoors 3.0 is Live!!

    Yup - this all sucks - go back to BD Basic 1.0.
  678. Hooops

    Search for the Elusive Catalina Sculpin - 1/18

    So great raising our kids on the water - something I think (hope) they will remember for a lifetime. I only speak from experience from having my infant boys on the Skipjack at the Island... so a quick story - picking up our mooring at the Isthmus - Coast Guard noticed our son (Fisher - 5...
  679. Hooops

    Ha ! Only in the 909

    Was the sign pointing towards Saluki's house in HB? Maybe the 909 is outsourcing the service...
  680. Hooops

    "My Nomad" response in Sea Biscuit thread

    "Friends" may be a stretch... but I do trust them behind the helm for at least an hour or so. Rick - Happy New Year to you - hope to catch up with you at one of the islands soon.
  681. Hooops

    "My Nomad" response in Sea Biscuit thread

    g) I have a radar overlay on a chartplotter always on display in my stateroom - Exactly where is the stateroom on your center console - in a sleeping bag on the bow? I don't have anyone take the helm day or night that I have not been fishing with for over 10 years or more - Spike is my only...
  682. Hooops

    WTB - 50cc motobike - crf50, kx50, etc.

    My boys bday is upcoming - and its time to pull the trigger - whos got one sitting growing dust - with gear would be sweet...
  683. Hooops

    Bloodydecks Football pool.......PAY UP!

    Cross my name off the ass-hat list - tues po box kicked my 20 spot back in the mail months ago. But luckily - blackfish's yacht is 100 yards down the channel from my house - so I can drop off that 20 in a ziplock full of old, warm squid into the cockpit!
  684. Hooops

    Catalina Reds - 12/15

    Now your gonna make me dig through old pics of my boys at the island... still remember laying my boy, Ty, on the deck next to a halibut to see which one was longer. Nothing better then raising your kids at that island - see you over there soon. Nice red by the way - sweet eats there.
  685. Hooops

    The 5th Annual BD Football Survivor Pool

    Whoever wins - I owe you $20 bucks. I mailed it to Tues PO Box address a while ago and it got returned. It would be easy for me if BlackFish wins - I'll drop an envelope off as I cruise by "BassHole". Hoops
  686. Hooops

    Shotgun advice needed

    Over $1K the Beretta A400 Xtreme is sweet - but it does have a little brother that I will add to Jason's list Under $1K: Beretta A300 Outlander
  687. Hooops

    New TunaJihad ready for cod season:
  688. Hooops

    Good morning from Bloody Ducks 11/30

    Hitting Prado tomorrow - I shoot at all the skycrap I can. Taking my 7yr old for his first hunt.
  689. Hooops

    Scary Black Friday In The Emergency Room...

    Damm - scary stuff Tim - glad you were there to come to his aid.