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  1. cvjarrod

    FMM Visa Fail

    Thanks Nomad. I had just about given up. Finally worked after about 50 tries. :)
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    FMM Visa Fail

    Been trying to access the site to purchase an FMM Visa. It's been down the last couple of days. Is there a new site?
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    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    I am a physicist, an avid photographer and a fisherman. My experience on the water is that the binos perform much better WITH the polarizing filter than without. That is from ACTUAL USE! That is right. I actually TRY something before I form an opinion about it! Geebee, have you actually...
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    Fujinon Binos filter
  5. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    The polarizing lenses I recommended are circular polarizers that are adjustable. Decrease the amount of polarization when you have low light conditions and increase with bright light conditions. You simply turn them to adjust level of polarization until the glare is gone. In very low light...
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    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Here is a chart from one of the experts on CA kelp from UCSB: If your monitor is color balanced, you could actually choose your filters by season by using this chart.
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    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    All info about the filters is in this thread:
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    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Cry me a river. You want some REAL EXPENSES? Buy your own boat and realize how idiotic this thread is. It costs a lot to run a boat and the bigger the boat, the higher the cost. NONE OF THESE GUYS ARE GETTING RICH RUNNING SPORTBOATS. The majority are...
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    Helm Chair Rec

    At that price, how could I say no? BTW, I see what you did there! :) PM sent.
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    Helm Chair Rec

    Wasn't planning on adding springs or shocks. I generally don't run fast enough to get beat up. Tired of the bottom going numb during the day. Just out of curiosity, how much would it cost to add springs or shocks? Getting too old to not have comfort now. Thanks for the replies, guys!
  11. cvjarrod

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    I WOULD LIKE TO GET ADVICE ON HELM CHAIRS! Unfortunately this site is only interested in furthering Ali's Hollywood career. There is more to life than LOCAL KNOWLEDGE!
  12. cvjarrod

    Helm Chair Rec

    ANYONE! Has this site turned into Ali's personal Hollywood training ground? Is Local Knowledge the only thing this site cares about? Pretty pathetic that I can't get ANY advice on HELM CHAIRS. Hey Ali, YOUR SITE NOW SUCKS! PATHETIC!
  13. cvjarrod

    Wife wants to take me fishing Sunday the 10th for my Birthday Ideas?

    EDUCATE YOUR WIFE! Only an IDIOT shoots their wad off this time of the year!
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    White Seabass hatchery a failure

    Have to call BULLSHIT on this post. I remember when it was DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to catch WSB on our coast. Now, it's pretty easy if you know what you are doing! Are these the same people that claim the oceans will swallow us alive? Pretty sure EVERY ROCK I have seen for the last three...
  15. cvjarrod

    Helm Chair Rec

    Freshie is getting some upgrades. Full enclosure and new helm chairs. I want my ASS to feel like the queen of England after a full day on the water. My current chairs make me feel like a pound of ground hamburger at the end of the day. Who has chairs that make their ASS feel like the queen...
  16. cvjarrod

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Step up -> Amber -> Polarized The polarizer costs less so it should be kept on the outside where it can be scratched. It is also easier to adjust the circular polarizer when it is on the outside.
  17. cvjarrod

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    Proof? Common sense is all you need. When using hollow core, you need to double up the lines when you insert the fluoro or mono into the hollow core. This is typically 3-5' of doubling up of the line. Solid gets a knot that is less than 1/2", not the 3-5' of doubling up of the line. The...
  18. cvjarrod

    Mak20 braid capacity: reg braid vs hollowcore?

    Same thing can be accomplished with solid and a piece of hollow: That being said, I use hollow >= 60lb and solid < 60lb. Solid will give you more stealth, PERIOD! There isn't 3-5' of line doubled up because...
  19. cvjarrod

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    The vendors got their act together right BEFORE I received my FFL03. If anyone is paying more than $10 in transfer fee, ditch your ffl and find another one. Targetsportsusa has free shipping on all cases and a list of CA FFLs that charge $10/transaction. You will have to pay sales tax, but...
  20. cvjarrod

    Do you still have the Talica 50ii for sale? I'm interested and can be reached at 619.368.9004...

    Do you still have the Talica 50ii for sale? I'm interested and can be reached at 619.368.9004 or just PM me on BD.
  21. cvjarrod

    Cal Sheets??

    REALLY? I asked about 6 specific reels and you start talking about a reel I didn't mention? Sounds like you are a Penn fan boy that likes to give out opinions that aren't asked for. FREAKIN' hilarious that you are trying to call out fan boys while pimping Penn in a thread that has NOTHING TO...
  22. cvjarrod

    Cal Sheets??

    Going with a buddy that is COUNTING on those setups. He would be very upset with me if I didn't bring them. That's what I was thinking with the Talica 20 (light line finesse rig). I was thinking I would be using the 50's and 30's the most. I already have a couple of 50 lb rigs for the Wahoo...
  23. cvjarrod

    Cal Sheets??

    Excel, and it was the 14 day fly down fly back. Trying to get ready for our local season and that trip at the same time.
  24. cvjarrod

    Cal Sheets??

    Prepping for my first long range trip, a 13 day fly down fly back in September. Was planning on dropping off my Talica 20 at Cal Sheets for the lower gear, blueprint plus and bearings. I also have the following larger reels I will be bringing . I'm not sure if I should get work done on them...
  25. cvjarrod

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    Here is an AWESOME contact to help with ANY gun related DOJ issues: Gail Ramer > District Director > Assemblyman Randy Voepel > 71st Assembly District > (619)258-7737 > [email protected] She actually can make a phone call and talk to someone at CA DOJ.
  26. cvjarrod

    Brass questions

    Have a buddy with a mini 14 that creates that ding on EVERY case. Have reloaded hundreds like that. As Aggro says, that ding will disappear from fire forming. Load 'em and shoot 'em. In my experience, the primer pockets go loose before any other issues in the brass occurs for 223.
  27. cvjarrod

    high capacity mags??

    As long as you don't attach them to your rifle, you could keep them in the front seat of your car if you wanted.
  28. cvjarrod

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    They are already working on stopping ALL ammo purchases. If you haven't started reloading yet, you better get on it! And stack the rimfire HIGH AND DEEP!
  29. cvjarrod

    bypass kommifornia's internet ammo ban in 2018

    EVERYTHING you need to get it done: FFL application: COE application: FFL 03 out of state friendly vendors...
  30. cvjarrod

    high capacity mags??

    They are still legal to possess, but not to use. As of 6/29/17, an injunction was issued that stopped the high capacity magazine possession bill from becoming law. It has been appealed, so who knows what happens next. Time...
  31. cvjarrod

    Cummins in a Skipjack 24 flybridge

    It was a 15K package. Another 1.5K for install. So you are only off by 33.5K. You can pick up one used on ebay right now for $6,900. BTW, what outboard would've gotten me 4 mpg? My maintenance is MUCH CHEAPER than my buddy's Yamaha outboard. I do all my own work though. Yearly maintenance...
  32. cvjarrod

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    WRONG! Frozen ice is at MINIMUM 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be cooled to whatever temperature you want. You want -100 degree Fahrenheit ice, break out the liquid nitrogen and it would be EASY. You are also incorrect as to how cold the mixture will get with salt added. It's not the ice...
  33. cvjarrod

    New chambering

    Damn, 1604 ft/lbs of energy at 500 yards! My 6.5 Grendel might just need a big brother.
  34. cvjarrod

    Opinions on expired passport

    Car crashes kill 40,000 people a year in the US. I guess you better stop driving! 235,000 people a year get injured in the bathroom in a year. Yep, shitting and showering are out too! Damn, do you just sit at home huddled in a constipated fear?
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    You are right. I will stop responding to this idiot as of RIGHT NOW!
  36. cvjarrod


    REALLY? The EPA disagrees with your moronic position: So now I've quoted NOAA, NASA and the EPA to support my position. You have done nothing but ramble on like an idiot. Try actually providing backup to your moronic...
  37. cvjarrod


    Nitrogen and Sulfur Dioxide create acid rain. Any true scientist would know that. You are digging a hole with very little knowledge to climb out. CO2 focing experiments were done in a glass jar. Last time I checked the...
  38. cvjarrod


    As someone that has a degree in Physics, I KNOW WHAT I AM LOOKING AT. Now the question is, DO YOU? The NOAA tide gauges I showed leave ZERO doubt that the tide has receded in those areas since 1984, PERIOD. NO amount of you trying to deny that will change FACT! Did you even look at the data...
  39. cvjarrod

    Kite Rod Top Shot?

    Just spooled up a 50W with a 75 yard top shot. Worked really well trolling the Yummie.
  40. cvjarrod

    Gyro binoculars

    The Nikon stabileyes come with a standard mount. You could use a monopod under it to relieve the weight while you are using it. I REALLY wish my Fujinons had that mount. If it did it would LIVE on a monopod. Also, circular polarized filters will cut down glare and allow you to...
  41. cvjarrod

    Advice on selling small collection of 9 rifles/ shotguns

    Aren't you the guy that REFUSED to post pictures? How is that working for you?
  42. cvjarrod

    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    Caught a 126 pounder on a Trinidad 16a last year and it worked just fine after the fight. My first mate trashed an Avet Raptor on a 121 pounder he hooked about 60 seconds before me. Both fish were landed. Sorry, if the Andros can't handle it's own drag, it isn't a very good reel. HAD TO ADD...
  43. cvjarrod

    Organizing and Storing Tools Onboard

    I carry three tool boxes. One from Home Depot with all the sockets/screw driver bits, combo wrenches and other basics. One with some channel locks, vice grips and other wrenches. Also have everything to change out the fuel filter and Racor in that box. Third box holds all electrical tools...
  44. cvjarrod

    Kite reel - short review

    For bait fishing, google "Double Trouble kite rig".
  45. cvjarrod

    Kite reel - short review

    It holds 800 yds of 100lb. Didn't want to use up more than that so I went with the 100. It flies fine with that and if it didn't, I could always strip off part and put on some smaller line. Trolling the Boston Kite works well with the 100. I also wanted to try this reel out for some deep...
  46. cvjarrod

    New Private Boat Fisher, Advice Welcome

    Worst advice EVER! Party boats have UNLIMITED chumming capabilities. Most of the time there is almost zero chance for you to attract the school to your boat. You will most likely just watch other boats catch fish. Get away from them to find a school that is willing to swim under YOUR boat.
  47. cvjarrod

    Expensive reel purchase debate

    Stella for your popper rig and Talica 20ii for your flatfall rig.
  48. cvjarrod

    Kite reel - short review

    100 lb. Also adding stinger hooks for the next batch of Yummees.
  49. cvjarrod

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Where would "don't know dick" fit into your hierarchy?
  50. cvjarrod

    Yummy Flyer. Use weight on it or none?

    Depends on conditions and your kite. There are three variables that determine how much weight. 1) Type of kite 2) Boat Speed 3) Wind Speed The only real way to determine how much weight is to start fishing. It will become VERY APPARENT if you have too much or too little weight. Keep in...
  51. cvjarrod

    Kite reel - short review

    Daiwa Tanacom 1000. Decided to upgrade the kite reel to an electric. Should've started that way! It is just so much better to flip a switch to retrieve. This reel did a great job at retrieving the kite and holds PLENTY of line. Fast retrieve with plenty of torque. It even has a jigging...
  52. cvjarrod

    Scuppers... yay or nay?

    I saw a 24 FB with the Yanmar package that completely submerged the scuppers. The Yanmar package is considerably lighter than a VP 4X series, so it would submerge them even further. Your boat probably had scuppers when it came from the factory. When they installed the VP, they realized the...
  53. cvjarrod

    BB Ban Back

    As most of you know, SB880 (Bullet button ban) was withdrawn by the DOJ for a rewrite. The rewrite has been completed and can be seen here: Here are some of the lowlights in this bill: "Any person who...
  54. cvjarrod

    Surface Iron Leader # Class...?

    100# off a swivel and split ring. Order is swivel, split ring, jig. Use the SPro swivels. No action lost because the jig isn't tied directly to heavy line. Use to use 80 until I got bitch slapped by a rather big 100+ lb Bluefin.
  55. cvjarrod

    AR lowers & parts after 1/1/17

    SB-1407 (Firearm Serial Number Registration) was ordered to the inactive file on 8/29/16 and died on the inactive file 11/30/16: Also, the actual compliance date for the now dead bill was July 1, 2018...
  56. cvjarrod

    Lure trolling speed

    I have yet to get a hit on ANY of my JAP lures and I AM A JAP! Cedar plugs on the other hand usually rope!
  57. cvjarrod

    What #braid for Talica 12 ii

    Got sawed off on 80 lb fluoro about 15 feet from the boat a few weeks ago. Easily over 100 lbs. It REALLY sucked that I got a good look at him before he sawed me off. F'n heartbreaker! Throwing the Flatfalls on a Talica 20 with 100lb spectra and a 130lb fluoro leader for the rest of the...
  58. cvjarrod

    Fuel tank not filling? any ideas?

    Funny story relating to this. Might not be your problem, but it is an amusing story. Three seasons ago, I had the EXACT same problem. When I examined the fuel vent, I found something that made me laugh pretty hard. A spider had taken up residence in the metal fuel vent. It was quite the...
  59. cvjarrod

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Circular polarizers allow you to change the amount of polarization depending upon ambient light level. In the early morning and late afternoon, you want to dial back the amount of polarization to let in more light. Light level cannot be adjusted with a linear polarizing filter which makes them...
  60. cvjarrod

    Best mono to flouro leeder knots

    Just got my ASS kicked by a 100+ pounder on Thursday. 80 lb spectra to 80 lb fluoro sawed through 15 feet from gaff. Used the John Collins knot and around 30--35 pounds of drag. THOROUGHLY KICKED MY ASS BEFORE CHEWING THROUGH THE FLUORO. As a result I will be upgrading my vertical jigging...
  61. cvjarrod

    Squall 30 level wind is struggling

    Sounds like your spectra is slipping on the spool. Don't ask me how I suspect that, but try re-spooling. Either use the Jerry Brown hollow core method and lay the tag end across the spool and wind over the tag end or use tape. I prefer the Jerry Brown method because I think it leaves less...
  62. cvjarrod

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    The best "cover" for your bait tank is a piece of pool cover floating on the top of the tank water. Simply cut a piece of the blue pool cover sized to the outside of your bait tank and insert it into your tank. It will float on top and will ELIMINATE sloshing and the resulting bubbles which is...
  63. cvjarrod


    There is a membrane on the outside AND inside of the squid. If you don't remove both, the squid will taste like ammonia. If you get both membranes off, you end up with calamari steaks. Parboil the squid steaks for a few seconds to aid in removing both membranes. They make the BEST squid...
  64. cvjarrod

    Cummins in a Skipjack 24 flybridge

    Most of the noise will be coming from your engine compartment. What I did was to use some of the silver automotive sound shield insulation used in automobile applications. I then coated all five inside surfaces of the engine box. I used window adhesive, but other glues would work as well. It...
  65. cvjarrod

    underwater lights

    If I recall, they were 500 lumen each. They were on clearance in West Marine, so they were pretty damn cheap. I think these are the current version:
  66. cvjarrod

    underwater lights

    Installed Dr. LEDs on the transom in green. They raise the squid REALLY well. Have had them so thick you could dip net them. They also attract the finned baitfish for when you are making bait in the dark. Throw on the lights, throw out a couple of handfuls of some dry white rice and it's...
  67. cvjarrod

    40-60lb reel

    The drag on the talica is butter smooth. Not so much on the Trinidad. The gears are also smoother on the Talica than the Trini. Not bashing the Trinidad (I own three of them) but the Talica (Own 6 of them) is a much different reel. Only experience on the Okuma Makaira was on the Pacific...
  68. cvjarrod

    New Shelter Island Ramp Coming Soon??

    Actually, most knuckleheads don't have the skill to park in that spot up against the rocks. My 24 footer fits there nicely unless it is a negative 4' or more low tide. I'm kind of bummed that spot is going away.
  69. cvjarrod


    And in the real world, according to NOAA tide gauges, sea level has FALLEN in Newport Beach since 1984: And Los Angeles: And yes, even...
  70. cvjarrod


    Pretty obvious you have ZERO training in science. The scientific method DEMANDS that scientists challenge ALL assumptions. When Einstein was told that hundreds of physicists created a paper saying his theory of relativity was wrong, you know what his answer was? "If they were right, it would...
  71. cvjarrod

    Local big game

    Males have claspers:
  72. cvjarrod

    2520 Diesel Repower Volvo D6

    D4 is the better choice as far as size, weight and power go. If you want more speed, go outboard. Sorry. Pretty sure noone has answered this because the answer wasn't what you wanted to hear.
  73. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser 4 cyl gas Alpha gen 2 outdrive $500 ea obo complete

    Mercury changed around the gearing a little bit and made a couple of very minor tweaks to their Alpha Drives The diesel transom has a bypass fitting located on the inside of the plate near the location of the inlet water fitting. The diesel transom assembly comes with a new trim pump that may...
  74. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser 4 cyl gas Alpha gen 2 outdrive $500 ea obo complete

    Would you consider selling them separately? I don't need the motor but could use an extra Outdrive.
  75. cvjarrod

    Going to Catalina and need advice

    Tank up with live squid once you get there. They call it candy bait for a reason. Make sure you put at least one calico bass in your tank. It keeps the squid from spawning out in your tank, dying and leaving a huge mess of squid eggs. No one wants to have sex when someone close by is trying...
  76. cvjarrod

    How many turns on RP knot

    Half hitch wouldn't make a difference for 7-8 wraps. The thing I noticed with a 5 wrap up and down was that the knot unraveled. It didn't actually break, it just slipped away. When you bring it up to 7-8 wraps, that problem disappears. At 7-8 wraps up and down, the knot breaks at the spectra...
  77. cvjarrod

    How many turns on RP knot

    Only have tested J-Braid and Power Pro to 50lbs. 7-8 up and down were the sweet spot for both these lines. 8 gave a little better results than 7. Used a 50lb Chatillon drag scale so I could only test up to 50# spectra. Average breaking strength was 97% of rating for the spectra. I always...
  78. cvjarrod

    More Patience

    And you fucked it up for EVERYONE for the next week by destroying the paddy. You need to rethink what actions constitute "asshole" behavior. And for the record, speed bumps generally don't know better. You did know better and still shredded the paddy fucking over EVERYONE.
  79. cvjarrod

    Parker 2520 Repower With D4-225

    You will definitely see a difference after break in. Your mileage will increase a little and your power will also increase. Just the normal break in process of a diesel. Don't expect major changes, but it will change enough to notice.
  80. cvjarrod

    Skunked Again

    Do you have a good pair of Gyro Binos? If not, buy a pair and use them. You'll be AMAZED at all the things you can spot through stabilized glass.
  81. cvjarrod

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    I see now. If it makes BD money it's good. If it doesn't make BD money it's not good.
  82. cvjarrod

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Really? With all the resources available you can see where EVERY sport boat is fishing, not just the Pac Queen. Bottom line is if you can't find where a Sport Boat is fishing YOU ARE SUPER LAME! Just a few Sport Boats right now: Legend 31 13 X 116 48 Pacific Star 31 31 X 117 Grande...
  83. cvjarrod

    Trinidad 16A Rod Choice

    Calstar 800L. Load the 16A with 65lb spectra. For a bait stick, tie on a 3 foot leader of 25 lb. It also will double as a GREAT iron stick. Just replace the 25lb spectra with a 3 foot piece of 80lb spectra and use it for iron or poppers. Not convinced that this stick is stout enough for...
  84. cvjarrod

    Alaska Fish Species Bucket List

    Will be in Alaska for a couple of weeks starting Thursday. I will be gunning for the following species: Pacific Halibut King Salmon Silver Salmon Red Salmon Pink & Chum Salmon I've never caught ANY of the above fish. I was hoping we have some AK fishing experts that could help me expand...
  85. cvjarrod

    Not a sign of BFT 7/17

    They were a little south of the 289. We were on them all day. Must have had my popper in the middle of crashing bluefin ten times on Saturday. They just laughed at my bait and sunk out. It really hurt when the school of 200+ pounders laughed at our offerings, but that's fishing. Really hit...
  86. cvjarrod

    Need turbo rebuild rec...

    Thanks for the shout out. I'll check Apex Turbos out.
  87. cvjarrod

    Need turbo rebuild rec...

    After 11 seasons, turbo took a crap on me this weekend. Was looking for a recommendation for rebuilding it. I've heard turbomasters are supposed to be pretty good, but would appreciate some first hand reports on turbo rebuilders around the San Diego area.
  88. cvjarrod

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Once again, check out the fuel prices in 2014. That is when the prices went way up for the fleet. I know you are trying to cherry pick data to support your position, but reality doesn't agree with you. 2014 was when the prices went sky high on the fleet. Since then, fuel prices have...
  89. cvjarrod

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    And what was it at the start of the year? Have they adjusted prices as fuel has changed? NOPE! But you can bet your ASS that if the price of fuel goes up more the ticket prices will also go up. Sorry pal, I run my own business and my own boat. It's been cheaper this year to run a boat than...
  90. cvjarrod

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    REALLY? Fuel prices have dropped by as much as they have and break even levels haven't changed? BULLSHIT! Try and make an argument that makes some sense next time. Last time I checked, the fuel dock has decreased their prices DRAMATICALLY. Why isn't it reflected in the ticket prices...
  91. cvjarrod

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    It's business in general pal. The fleet has experienced a DRAMATIC decrease in expenses because fuel prices have come down so far. They jacked up their prices last year to account for expensive fuel. Why don't the prices this year reflect the decrease in fuel prices? They are trying to...
  92. cvjarrod

    What a difference...

    Good hearing from you Mike. Since the grandchild showed up, you've been pretty scarce around these parts. If I had a 28 Parker at my slip in the Coronado Cays, my partners would have to drag me kicking and screaming back to Bakersfield. Sounds good for Sunday. But with how fast your boat is...
  93. cvjarrod

    What a difference...

    Almost forgot. MVP for trip: Couldn't have spotted them over 3 miles away without really good binos. For about the last three weeks I haven't seen any terns working over the tuna. Just noticed there is a pair on sale at Amazon's that are like new for $530.10.
  94. cvjarrod

    What a difference...

    Saw a lot more krill and micro chovie on sonar.
  95. cvjarrod

    Care of these Epic BFT

    Left them biting on Friday because two 24X72 kill bags and 180 lbs of ice (+ 20 lbs of dry ice) is only good for two of the 100+ bluefin. Didn't gill and gut because we wanted to weigh them and took pics. It ISN'T a different story for a cattle boat. Putting them into a kill bag full of ice...
  96. cvjarrod

    Blue Fin Trolling Rant

    Send those pics and other fish caught on that lure to: Tim Carter <[email protected]> He's the marketing manager for Halco and the guy that gives out FREE STUFF! Pretty sure he'll have something for you!
  97. cvjarrod

    What a difference...

    a day makes. Or, you should've been here yesterday: 6/24 - 32 over 48 Spot a couple of football fields worth of foaming Bluefin. Took about 10 minutes to get to them. Throw a couple of poppers into the boils and we are immediately hooked up. Fight one for 30 minutes, one for one hour...
  98. Ray_bluefin


  99. BF126


  100. cvjarrod

    100 hour service V8

    Just thought I would throw out the most important thing to service on an I/O. The majority of I/O boats that ended up sinking were because of a torn U-joint bellows. Make sure you replaced the U-joint bellows every two years. You might as well change the exhaust bellows at the same time...
  101. cvjarrod

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    You haven't gotten one recently, have you? I went down to Tijuana and they only would issue me a land based FMM. BTW, there is no such thing as a multiple entry FMM for fishing. I talked to the guy in charge of FMM's by sea when I was down in Tijuana. He said the only way to get a valid FMM...
  102. cvjarrod

    Shimano Trinidad tn10a vs Accurate Valiant

    WTF does that mean? IT'S A STAR DRAG, NOT A LEVER DRAG! Have you EVER used one? I have and love it. GREAT 20lb reel.
  103. cvjarrod

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    No such thing as no noticeable swell, even on the glassy days, unless you are lake fishing.
  104. cvjarrod

    Anyone kill a mako recently? In Newport

    After reading rodngun762's post, I looked at a whole bunch of shark tails. I am more than ever convinced that DFW agents are clueless when it comes to identifying fish and enforcing the regulations. From the article that says it WAS A MAKO: "Andrew Hughan, a Fish and Wildlife spokesman, told...
  105. cvjarrod

    Legal way to fish coronado islands??

    About a month ago, I went to TJ and talked with the guy that designed and implemented the FMM internet program. I have his number at home, but I am out of town at the moment. I'll try and remember to post his number when I get back. Here's the link to purchase your FMM...
  106. cvjarrod

    Raw H2O Pump? Which is best?

    Got nine seasons out of my last one, below waterline. After removing 9 year old pump, I broke it free and it worked again. I figured 9 seasons was enough and replaced it with a new one anyways. Use to run the blaster series and got tired of changing it out every other season.
  107. cvjarrod

    FMM... What's the scoop ? ? ?

    The skipper should be able to tell which way is home from the swell and/or sun position and/or wind direction. You really should only need one of these variables if you are paying attention all day/night and you pay attention to the weather reports. If you can't, practice it. If you never...
  108. cvjarrod

    Need an affordable way to move boat around my backyard without truck Powered with any 18V cordless drill.
  109. cvjarrod

    San Diego bay food

    In addition to what polfishski said, you can also dock up just North of the Coronado bridge and there is a Peohes, Il Fornillo and steak house right there.
  110. cvjarrod

    Braid line test

    Recently switched to Daiwa J-Braid from the more expensive Power Pro. It's about the same diameter as MaxCuatro at a MUCH better price point. I've knot tested up to their 50lb spectra. John Collins 7 up and 7 down. I didn't have a really good scale that would go beyond 50. This is the scale...
  111. cvjarrod

    Headed to ensenada for memorial day weekend

    One of my favorite trips. Fish three days and clean up once. The bait operation is back in business in Ensenada, so bait shouldn't be an issue. The Coral has multiple pools and jacuzzis, so bring something to swim in. It was pretty awesome jumping into the pool after a hard day of fishing...
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  113. cvjarrod

    Hate paddy crashers?

    Then this is the boat for you. Complete with huge cockpit area and three water canons to deter paddy crashers.
  114. cvjarrod

    Ensenada Tuna Pens Assistance

    Do you have a 4 wheel drive tow vehicle. The launch ramp at the Coral is infamous for gringos taking their trucks for a swim. Very steep and slippery. I much prefer just to drive the boat down. You get to fish all the way down, and you can get a slip for pretty cheap. They have showers, two...
  115. cvjarrod

    Bayliner trophy diesel

    What a nightmare! Yeah, the Mercury/Cummins partnership ended pretty poorly for this motor. The guy I get Mercury parts from says I'm his only customer for that motor. I do all my own work, so luckily, I haven't had to deal with marine mechanics. Surprisingly, I've been able to get almost...
  116. cvjarrod

    Bayliner trophy diesel

    I'm assuming you are talking about the Mercruiser MS 120 1.7 liter diesel. It was built by Isuzu, marinized by Cummins and matched to a diesel version of an alpha one outdrive and then labeled a Mercruiser. Opel has NOTHING to do with the marinized version of this motor. They do use this...
  117. cvjarrod

    "Prolonged El Nino" or New Normal?

    Actually, it's because of El Nino that we are not out of yet. The Blob is gone: Take a look at the last 16 years of Pacific Sea Surface Temperatures...
  118. cvjarrod

    Ice Machine

    Who said anything about money? Your time is the ONLY thing that you truly own. This machine saves me the time of going to get ice, so it increases the ONLY commodity that I truly own. ANYTHING that frees up your time is a good investment. Unless you don't value your own time, that is.
  119. cvjarrod

    What chum, if any, for attracting mackerel for bait?

    Uncooked white rice. No, I am not kidding. Works better than cat food, Try it. You'll be tripping as hard as I was the first time.
  120. cvjarrod

    Ice Machine

    750 for the head unit. 150 for the bin.
  121. cvjarrod

    Ice Machine

    The reason I got the Vacmaster was because of your video. It's only fair that I cost you some money too. :) I set the ice maker up on a Wemo switch: It allows me to turn the machine on or off from anywhere I have cell phone service.
  122. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    Shout out to Yo Ho Ono: Hey dumbass, my motor is still running strong. Looks like you didn't know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to propping a boat. Love the fact that this 11 year old post was brought back from the dead. Sorry, but he acted like such an obnoxious idiot...
  123. cvjarrod

    Ice Machine

    Made a few additions in the offseason. Triangle HD140 was an exercise at grinding on Ebay. Vacmaster 215 was an exercise in buying new. My Manitowoc ice machine purchase was something very repeatable in San Diego. I ended up with a head unit that could make 350 lbs in a 24 hour period and it...
  124. cvjarrod

    source in san diego for aluminum tubing?

    Check the prices for this in Anaheim. I live in SD but work up in Anaheim on a regular basis. Every time I've checked prices on ANYTHING metal, the prices in Anaheim are always significantly cheaper in Anaheim.
  125. cvjarrod

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    You are getting bent over BIG TIME! For 9K, you could've bought a completely brand new 350 with fuel injection. Which shop was it? Protecting a shop that is screwing you over doesn't make any sense.
  126. cvjarrod

    Suspicious Mechanic Practices

    You are getting bent over BIG TIME! For 9K, you could've bought a completely brand new 350 with fuel injection. Which shop was it? Protecting a shop that is screwing you over doesn't make any sense.
  127. cvjarrod

    New Offshore Combo.... Tekota or ..... T I A G R A !

    Hopefully you have the straight up and down troller holders. If you have the standard angled holders you have a good chance to lose the rod and reel on your first fish. Put a bent butt into one of our angled rod holders and you'll see that the tip of the pole will actually be pointing down...
  128. cvjarrod

    New Offshore Combo.... Tekota or ..... T I A G R A !

    The charters I've been on in Hawaii typically use the bent rod butts. They either fight the fish from the rod holder or a fighting chair. The rod holders, however are different than the fixed rod holders we use. They spin and are straight up and down...
  129. cvjarrod

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    My advise to you is to read more and open your pie hole less. The Sitex unit is exactly what you claim doesn't exist.
  130. cvjarrod

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    x2 on the Sitex. Installed mine at the start of the year after my temp gauge on my ducer went out. It's a really nice unit. One of the really nice features is the ability to setup alarms. You can tell it that if the temperature reaches a certain point to beep. Makes it almost impossible to...
  131. cvjarrod

    Overnight this weekend?

    Before the weather came in, the Condor went down around the 238 and whacked the YFT with limits by 10:30. That area is still holding clean, warm water. It would be very surprising if the fish have moved. Nice offshore weather this weekend...
  132. cvjarrod

    11/28 YFT report...

    Some local pigs there! I vacuum packed ten yft yesterday and was doing everything I could to write YFT, not RKF on the bags. Best November I can remember.
  133. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    You hailed Jarrod and not Freshie, didn't you? I thought I heard someone hailing Jarrod, but I was expecting to be hailed by boat name, Freshie. We ended up with twelve on Saturday. The trick was to get in front of the mammals. Once you were in front trolling, it was instant hook up...
  134. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    HOLY CRAP! Five days before Thanksgiving and wide open YFT! You could be blind and catch them right now! How did it go this weekend? I'll be out at least three more times before the season ends. Tomorrow, day after tomorrow and Friday for me. Time to top off the freezers and canning...
  135. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    Nice. You'll notice it the first paddy you hit. Spot the paddy and then take the filters off. The contrast difference can be dramatic with the right light conditions. Good luck. I'll be out tomorrow on the Freshie. Give me a shout out on Channel 72. I would LOVE an on the water report on...
  136. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    I'm assuming you purchased the step up rings then, right? Your order will be, from inside to outside: Step up ring, Amber Filter, Polarizing filter. I typically will back off the polarizing filter by turning it counter-clockwise in the morning when light conditions aren't particularly good...
  137. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    You want the polarizer on the outside, so you can adjust it on the fly. Clockwise = more polarization, counter clockwise = less polarization. For those exact filters the order would be from inside to outside, amber filter, step up ring, polarizer filter. If you got a 49mm amber filter then...
  138. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    No worries. I pretty much forgot about you. Sorry about that. You will see a BIG difference with the filters. The first run, first paddy, spotted with and without. You can see the MAJOR difference in contrast with the correct filters. It's the same thing you do with your eyes and a quality...
  139. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    First off, the Nikon StabilEyes 14X40 use 4 aa's, so I'm not sure what product you are talking about. It's obviously not the Nikon StabilEyes 14X40, which is mechanically IDENTICAL to the Fujinon's that you are talking about. What binoculars are you referring to...
  140. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    OK, I know I lag, but I ALREADY have the right filters on my high dollar binos, so who cares if you guys LAG! I gave some bum scoop in one of my posts on this thread. The Fujinon/Nikon and Frasier Optics all take 48mm filters. Not a common filter size, but a 48mm to 49mm step-up ring will...
  141. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    The Nikons and Fujinons are mechanically and electronically identical. Fujinon makes the Nikons using the exact same technology and brands them Nikon. Take a look at the specifications for both models and you will find then to be the same. BTW, the 14x40 Nikons were more expensive than the...
  142. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    Tiffen. Circular polarizer which is adjustable in polarization level which allows you adjustment depending on light conditions. 3400k tiffen filter to match paddy color to increase contrast. I'll look at the exact models tomorrow and post specs. I'll also provide a kelp color chart that a...
  143. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    Then make sure you pad whatever your solution will become. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be very good for the Binos to be absorbing all that shock from a pounding boat. Throw on polarizing filters and 3400K filters and now you have a set of Binos that makes the Paddies literally glow. It takes...
  144. cvjarrod

    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    Love fishing choves on that reel. Can't believe no one has snatched that up!
  145. cvjarrod

    Gyro Binos?

    They come in a really nice pelican case that is pretty much bullet proof. I just keep them up in the flybridge in their case when running.
  146. cvjarrod

    Registration Q, buying a boat with expired Reg...

    You can opt out of the $16/year fee by stating you only operate your boat in a marine environment.
  147. cvjarrod

    Help removing outdrive Mercruiser 5.0/Alpha One Gen2

    Lower end or upper? If it's the lower that won't come off, there are two "hidden" bolts in the front and back of the drive. You need to remove the rear zinc and use an extension to get to the rear bolt. If it's the upper, and you've already removed the six bolts, it probably has a water...
  148. cvjarrod

    I always burn my bait pump! Help!

    This thread has given EVERY example of WHAT NOT TO DO when installing a bait system. For example: Wiring straight to the battery is not only idiotic, it can be dangerous if you bypass the fuse. Some of the hose routing and shut off valve implementations in this thread are a joke There are...
  149. cvjarrod

    Talica 20

    I can't hear the TAC20 clicker from my flybridge over the sound of my diesel engine at trolling speed. Unless you are running something a lot more quiet, I wouldn't be using any of the TAC lineup for trollers. Tried to make them work, but the quiet clicker just can't be heard. I currently run...
  150. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    A little update. Got ahold of Tim Ball from UCSB. He's the local kelp expert. He passed on a color balanced slide of kelp color for our area by season: Once I get back into town, I'll be able to sample the...
  151. Anomaly_slides_kelp_pigment


  152. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  153. cvjarrod

    Sonar Interpretation

    Wrong! Have had the fish finder lit up like it was having a period before on schools of tuna. Get a tight packed Albacore school under you and you see solid red. It's true that a fish with a swim bladder gives off a better signal, but BS that tuna don't give off marks.
  154. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    As someone with a Physics degree, a Pro photographer for a Dad, and an extensive photography background, I consider myself EXTRA-STUPID for not doing this before now. I should've known better. Once I dial this in, anyone who wants to test my filters out are more than welcome.
  155. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Good. I'm VERY glad my comment to someone else didn't hurt your feelings. But if they didn't, why are you still commenting on it?
  156. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Update on my search for the perfect color filters. There was a reason I wasn't able to find the Kelvin equivalent of brown. Black bodies don't emit brown at any temperature. OK, I guess I should give some background on Kelvin and how it relates to temperature. The Kelvin temperature of...
  157. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Nothing. What's funny is that you seemed to be more butthurt than Ali. Bottom line is that Ali is ALWAYS cool on his posts and you can rib him a little bit and he doesn't get bent out of shape. I'm sorry if my comment to Ali hurt your feelings.
  158. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    I just took a look at what the Fraziers take for filters. They also take the 49mm filters. If you want to try my filters out some time, PM me. Also, I got into contact with the Kelp expert at UCSB. He should be giving me the equivalent Kelvin temperature of our local kelp. I'll be sure to...
  159. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Frazier Optics don't come with filters. That would make those aftermarket filters. Cheap, unusable aftermarket filters. Better to remain silent and be thought ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Baker Marine will have what you want. You'll spend 4X as much, though. Let...
  160. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    That's pretty much par for the course for cheap polarizers. In fact, that's pretty much par for the course for all cheap lens filters. So let me get this straight. You spent thousands on your binos but went cheap on the filters? REALLY? Shame on you for buying something so BAD ASS and then...
  161. cvjarrod

    Soild Braid preferences?

    Thank you for playing, but YOU are 100% wrong and ctran is 100% right, assuming he uses the exact same technique as tuner for spooling up. You REALLY should test things out in the real world before making an idiot of yourself: Pretty sure Jerry...
  162. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Maybe this will help:
  163. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Thank you. I'll be contacting them.
  164. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Yes. Same exact filter mount.
  165. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Both models are supposed to be off the same assembly line. I'm assuming the Nikons also take a 48mm filter. Of course, the step ring will bring you up to a standard 49mm. You might want to check though. If I were making these, I would've made the lenses take the infinitely more common 49mm...
  166. cvjarrod

    Soild Braid preferences?

    Duplicate post.
  167. cvjarrod

    Soild Braid preferences?

    No tape. Look on the JB Hollow core web site and they have a good tutorial on spooling spectra without tape. And also, coat the entire reel with Boeshield T-9 before spooling.
  168. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Just picked up the Fujinon Techno Stabi 10X40 binocs. They are the same as the Nikon 10X40, in fact they come off the same assembly line. I have extensive photography experience, and this is how I applied it to this product. The 10X40 binocs take a 48mm lens filter. It's a complete oddball...
  169. cvjarrod

    Nikon StabilEyes 14x40 stabilized gyro binoculars for sale

    These binos take lens filters. I put a polarized filter and a 3400K filter on my stabilized binoculars. The 3400K filter is a brown/orange filter that really makes the paddies glow, while the polarizer cuts glare. Haven't found an exact Kelvin match for paddies, but 3400K is close and I am...
  170. cvjarrod

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    A little tip for all of the gold Vessel Assist members. Towing on another boat only applies if the owner of the boat is not present on the boat. If they verify that the owner is on the boat, the owner will be charged the full amount for towing. Happened to a buddy a couple of seasons ago and...
  171. cvjarrod


    If it flies, floats or fucks, it's cheaper to rent it.
  172. cvjarrod

    Braid Questions

    Kastking rates pretty well against Power Pro. In fact, there is a good possibility that it uses the exact same materials. There are several generics that use Shimano's spectra but...
  173. cvjarrod

    Washdown Pump - Whattaya Using?

    Had that one on my last boat. Had to change it out a couple of times. They fry when you forget to turn off your switch after taking the boat out of the water. The one I showed is specifically designed so that doesn't happen. It also gives much better flow than the pro blaster II.
  174. cvjarrod

    Washdown Pump - Whattaya Using?

    Going on its 10th season. Good flow and if you run it dry, you don't fry it.
  175. cvjarrod


    You want some REAL expenses? Buy a boat.
  176. cvjarrod

    Fish Weight

    Awesome shot! Not much longer, but way fatter than a 20.
  177. cvjarrod

    Fish Weight

    2008. Was my best picture of a 29lb (weighed) YT right next to a tuna. So yeah, not even that one makes the 30lb club. We did weigh it after we got home, so maybe.
  178. cvjarrod

    Fish Weight

    A 30 lb YT starts to approach the girth of a tuna: 156496 BTW, does anyone recognize what kind of tuna that is? It's been so damn long, I'm starting to forget.
  179. cvjarrod

    3 days of NO tuna 6/3-6/6

    Was fishing the same area Friday. UNBELIEVABLY frustrating! Throughout the day, we got about 6 baits and 2 irons in the middle of breaking fish for NADA. Right in the F'N middle! Three straight hours of watching breaking tuna ignore our offerings. You could make a perfect set in front of...
  180. cvjarrod

    Can anyone help identify what outdrive I have?

    Maybe this will help:
  181. cvjarrod

    Weatherproof Skipjack engine cover

    Change out the board trim with fiberglass angle pieces. I cut it so it sits inside the engine compartment, which really helps to keep out water. They are just 90 degree angle pieces of fiberglass about 1" high and wide. They are available at San Diego Plastics. You'll still need to...
  182. cvjarrod

    Squid Lights

    Have green underwater transom lights by Dr. LED. Have had the squid so thick on the surface it looked like you could walk over them. When they are floating, THEY ARE FLOATING. Too bad they haven't been floating that much this year!
  183. cvjarrod

    Hydraulic Penta 290dp steering problems.

    You are bathing your motor in salt water and will have much higher maintenance costs if you don't fix the water intrusion issue. The people who point that out gave you VERY useful information. If you aren't smart enough to listen, then enjoy your increased maintenance costs.
  184. cvjarrod

    Hydraulic Penta 290dp steering problems.

    That would be a water intrusion problem. I put a fiberglass lip around the engine compartment to fix the problem. Do a few searches on this site and you'll be able to see a couple of solutions to fix your water intrusion problem.
  185. cvjarrod

    I have a simple SkipJack question

    You need to take out the old shift cable and measure its length. Once you have done that, you will be looking at aftermarket shift cables like Teleflex and Sierra. These Teleflex cables would work: You can pick up a hydraulic ram...
  186. cvjarrod

    Shimano Talica 8

    Bantam, have you PERSONALLY experienced side loading on a Talica 10ii reel?
  187. cvjarrod

    2 speed reels why for lite line?

    The REAL QUESTION is WHY NOT? TAC 8 vs. TAC 8ii - 2.3oz TAC 10 vs. TAC 10ii - 2.2oz TAC 12 vs. TAC 12ii - 2.6oz REALLY? REALLY? Does the two and a half ounces extra make your vaginas hurt that much more?
  188. cvjarrod

    Mixing 2 Stroke oil brands.

    The ONLY two types of oil they recommend to not mix is synthetic and non-synthetic. Synthetic and non-synthetic oil are NOT immiscible. That means they will not mix to form a homogeneous mixture. I could see how that would matter for engine oil, but since two-stroke oil is being used for...
  189. cvjarrod

    Volvo 270 rev at 2k. Hubs seals gone. ??

    Spun prop. Easy fix by any shop that works on props. Remove prop, take to shop, let shop fix it, reinstall prop.
  190. cvjarrod

    Corrosion on brand new aluminum boat

    You just need something that will measure DC voltage difference to determine if electrolysis is taking place. Any cheap multimeter will work. Here's a link explaining how: Here's another link that outlines things to prevent galvanic...
  191. cvjarrod

    boat batteries

    Costco no longer sells the Kirkland brand. They now sell Interstate. Just replaced both my batteries with group 27 Interstate batteries purchased at Costco They cost about $170 with core exchange. They also had group 24, which were less. If you don't have a membership, Walmart is a good...
  192. cvjarrod

    Diesel Tach Calibration

    Was able to find the same VDO Ocean Line tach BNIB on Ebay. $48.00 including shipping. The hour meter part of the tach never had a problem and is always readable. ALL Volvo replacement parts are way too much. I would still rather have a Volvo diesel than the package I have now though. I...
  193. cvjarrod

    Diesel Tach Calibration

    The VDO gauges have two adjustments. The dip switches get you close. The potentiometer adjustment makes it exact.
  194. cvjarrod

    Anchors ?

    Bruce stopped making small boat anchors in 2007:
  195. cvjarrod

    Diesel Tach Calibration

    Just replaced the tachometer on my boat and now I need to calibrate it. Motor WOT = 4600rpm. Cruise RPM = 3600-3800 At what RPM should I calibrate the tachometer? I've heard different things on the subject. Some say 1500-2000 RPM and some say to calibrate at your cruising RPM. I'll test at...
  196. cvjarrod


    Yep, and you have done ZERO research into this subject, which makes you the idiot: Do a little reading before you say idiotic things.
  197. cvjarrod


    You may want to do a little research on the subject before you document your ignorance on the Internet:
  198. cvjarrod

    Hacked - Software Updater lp - Resolved

    Well, at least Jason isn't acting like an Indian tech support specialist anymore, blaming it on everything but their site. That was pretty lame that someone takes the time to tell you something is wrong with the site and that helpful person is told their computer was the issue.
  199. cvjarrod

    What Transducer is this?

    You'll get a lot better responses if you give a picture of the business end of that transducer. Get a shot from under your boat! All through hull transducers look like that from Airmar from that angle. BTW, your 50/200 is also made by Airmar.
  200. cvjarrod

    Pros vs. Cons: moving batteries to the bow?

    No run is too long if you install the proper gauge wire: Worried about the batteries sloshing around more up front? Use AGM batteries and it's a non issue as long as the battery is secured properly. The only reason it...
  201. cvjarrod

    Talica 12 capacity for JB 65 solid?

    JB solid and power pro 65 both have the same diameter of .406mm.
  202. cvjarrod

    School me on the Tiagra 12

    Tiagra 12 has 2.5 more lbs of drag at strike and 1 more lbs of drag at full than the Tiagra 16:
  203. cvjarrod

    Trini 10a and chovies

    I usually fish 30-40, but with the size of anchovies on Sunday, decided to fish the 20 and give the Trini 10a a good test. Trini 10a, 30lb power pro, 3 foot 20lb fluoro leader. Boated 4 fish with this rig, the biggest a 30lb yft weighed on a scale. The tiny 10a had no problems with any of...
  204. cvjarrod

    cold water cycle? i don't get it

    PDO applies to the Pacific Northwest and is currently negative. ENSO applies to the Pacific Southwest and is currently positive. Glad to see someone is actually reading about the science of climate instead of being one of the typical sheeple in this country that simply parrot what others say...
  205. cvjarrod

    cold water cycle? i don't get it

    There are two phenomenon that generally determines water temp off the coast of CA. PDO and ENSO. ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) Basically a measure of El Ninos to La Ninas. Currently neutral. PDO (Pacific Decadal...
  206. cvjarrod

    What is the best trailerable offshore boat?

    True on the old, slow and tippy part. They do ride like shit in a following sea, but they are a tank in a head sea. I'm still laughing at all the people that bought F225's because they are so much "cheaper" to maintain than an outdrive. It's not just a matter of mechanically inclined either...
  207. cvjarrod

    Talica 16ii for Trolling

    Experimented with using the 20 and 12 for trolling on my boat. Setup properly, line capacity shouldn't be a problem. You'll need to go spectra to Dacron to mono to achieve the capacity you want. I no longer troll these reels for one reason. I can't hear the clicker from the fly bridge. The...
  208. cvjarrod

    Blue Marbled GF800L

    Jim, Your work is absolutely exceptional. I believe in giving credit where it is due, and you deserve it. Next offseason, I'll probably have you re-wrap another ten rods for me.
  209. cvjarrod

    would like your honest review/opinion of Parker pilot house

    Rode on a 2820 and it was rough in the pilothouse. The seating is just too damn forward to get anything but a rough ride. On the same boat, step back outside the pilothouse and the ride was really good. I don't think it's fair to say they are rough riding, but it is fair to say the seating in...
  210. cvjarrod

    Blue Marbled GF800L

    Dude, that's my rod! Couldn't be happier with it. Beautiful, flawless work, REGARDLESS of how close you look. Can't wait for the next two.
  211. cvjarrod

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    PDO (Pacific decadal oscillation) has gone negative. Historically that means lower ocean temps.
  212. cvjarrod

    skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank support

    Missed that part of the insanity. X2 that cutting the stringers down is a bad thing. If you put the fuel tanks outside, you'll be raising the center of gravity of your fuel and the boat will become even more tippy. Abandon this engineering abortion.
  213. cvjarrod

    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    From someone that has a 500m range at max cruise, distance offshore is MUCH more relevant than total distance traveled. At 30m offshore, there's a sizable jump in weather. At 60m offshore, there's a big jump in weather. At 90m offshore, there's a HUGE jump in weather. I've been 100m...
  214. cvjarrod

    skipjack 24 flybridge fuel tank support

    The original skippies had steel tanks. A lot of people that converted to aluminum tanks would put additional ballast in the boat to make up for the loss of ballast going from steel to aluminum. 24 Flybridge is a tippy boat and as long as you have the power to push it, the additional ballast...
  215. cvjarrod


    Dude, you don't put inserts into your Xtra Tuffs? Rookie...
  216. cvjarrod

    Vacum Sealers

    First, take a look at how they vacuum pack lobster tails at Costco. They use a cardboard backing that covers all the sharp points on the tail. They also fold the cardboard over the tail to cover the sharp points at the front of the tail. That applies to ANYTHING that you vacuum pack...
  217. cvjarrod

    Waxwing damaged

    got hammered dumbass!
  218. cvjarrod

    Early Skipjack hull question from current/past owners, please.

    From a write-up on the early skipjacks: At the core was the 100-percent hand-laid fiberglass hull, supported by a massive fore and aft spruce stringer system encapsulated in a three-ounce mat and 24-ounce roving ensuring that each finished boat was of the highest caliber. That being said...
  219. cvjarrod

    Boat mpg + Balls + IQ = How Far?

    If you've ever been 100 miles offshore and the seas turned on you, you would rephrase your question. It's a HUGE difference between hugging the coast down south and heading outside the dumper. My boat has a 500 mile range at max cruise, so the long trips down south hugging the coast are more a...
  220. cvjarrod

    Which Underwater lights for attracting squid

    Green is supposed to work the best. I got a pair of transom mount led's on clearance from West Marine. I believe they were Dr. LED. Last time I used them, they floated the squid so well I had to look up to make sure we weren't running aground. About a half dozen boats around me with no...
  221. cvjarrod

    Bad news from Shimano......

    Are you fishing spectra? If you are, did you make sure the line isn't slipping on the spool. To test, use one finger to immobilize the spool and the other hand to turn the spectra. If the spectra turns, that's your problem. Another way to test would be to check the drag with an empty spool...
  222. cvjarrod

    Crappy Workmanship

    Problem is, even crappy wiring will last two or three seasons. It gets tougher and tougher to collect on a settlement as time passes.
  223. cvjarrod

    Crappy Workmanship

    Will be cleaning up some of AMS work this off-season. The oil-pressure sending unit and tachometer sending unit were both wired with automotive connections. Both of these connections are in the bilge! They put a couple of drops of liquid electrical tape on it, but NONE of it got into the...
  224. cvjarrod

    switchs ???

    Horseshit. Explain to me how a marine switch will not create sparks where a non-marine switch will. The only difference between the switches is the material used to manufacture them. That being said, it's a LOT easier to put in a marine switch and get 5-7 seasons out of it. If you put in a...
  225. cvjarrod

    Slight issue with boat stereo, please help

    It's not skipping, it's noise. Take a cheap noise suppressor like the one below: Encapsulate it in resin to make it 100% waterproof. If you...
  226. cvjarrod

    New Prop no reverse

    The VP280 is setup to rotate either way. You simply change which side of the shifter the linkage attaches to. If you are going in forward while in forward gear, you have connected it properly. I'm not 100% sure (Never owned one), but I think I've read that the VP290s need to have a...
  227. cvjarrod

    New Prop no reverse

    Really needs to be tested in the water. You could put it into reverse and try to yank it loose, but unless you are built like the Hulk, I don't think you could replicate the amount of force your boat produces. The easiest way would be to do it while on the trailer backed down in the water...
  228. cvjarrod

    Dirty contaminated diesel fuel

    Did you put biocide in the tank? That's the MOST important additive to put into a diesel tank. It only takes about a year to grow the living crap in your tank that will clog up your racor in an instant. Usually, with diesel, you can just put the biocide in and top off with fresh diesel. If...
  229. cvjarrod

    New Prop no reverse

    Had a VP280 with those symptoms. It turned out be the reverse lockout. When you put a VP into reverse, a little hook locks the outdrive so it won't lift out of the water. When you are not in reverse, the lockout is released so if you hit something, it can pop up. Real easy to diagnose this...
  230. cvjarrod

    First Marlin after all these years

    Good way to estimate weight: Knowing your height, you should be able to get pretty close using the above chart.
  231. cvjarrod

    8/17 Hali and GoPro film depth

    The backscatter red filter is optimized for 20-50 ft and is for BLUE WATER. They have a deep lens that goes to about 120 that is more orange, but it is also for BLUE WATER. For inshore depths you are using, you also need to color correct for the inshore water. Most solutions to this are to...
  232. cvjarrod

    My Friend's Boss Sucks....

    My boss is a lot worse. He cancels my fishing trips at least 15 times a year. He has this funny idea that keeping the business successful is a very high priority item. And yes, I own my own business. If your friend doesn't value his job, he should quit. He would be doing his employer a...
  233. cvjarrod

    8/17 Hali and GoPro film depth

    Put the proper red filter on that GoPro3 and you'll get the color you are missing.
  234. cvjarrod

    Help with failing Mercrusier Alpha drives!

    I've run al alpha I in my 24 skipjack flybridge for the last 8 seasons trouble free. I GUARANTEE you that my diesel puts out more torque than your 175hp motor. I laugh at all the outboard owners that claim maintenance is less for an outboard. An I/O is NOT for the 95% of boaters who are...
  235. cvjarrod

    what happened to fishing manners?

    Worse thing to ever happen to fishing in SoCal: GPS Second worse thing: Internet These asshats couldn't find a patty in a bathtub. Locate the break the patty is on and follow it until you find another one. Unfortunately, about 75% of the guys out there have no clue what they are doing. They...
  236. cvjarrod

    skipjack outriggers

    I have aluminum Taco 18' telescoping riggers. They flex a little, but only when you put on a really big jig. I love being able to break them down and store them in the cabin. If you set them up right, they should NEVER be a PIA. I've used fiberglass riggers and they seem to flex just as much...
  237. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    No worries. I'm over it! Would you like a little inside info as to why people are really pissed when they can't attach their reel to their favorite rod? At least for me, when I order a bunch of reels, it's like Christmas in Summer. You get to tear the wrapping off the shiny new toy and...
  238. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    Simple. Anyone who responds to a customer with RTFM deserves a bashing. Good customer service on your part would've ended the bashing. Instead, the customer gets RTFM. Is this standard Shimano practice?
  239. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    To everyone that requested stainless screws, I'll be making up another batch on Monday and will send them out then. I've been working out of town for a while and Monday will be my first chance to get to them. It's unbelievable that a Shimano Rep would state it's "impossible" to fix this...
  240. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    Switched from Shimano to AVET a little less than a decade ago. LOVED the first Talica I got and broke it down to make sure that I could get ANY part in it machined. Gone are the days when Shimano went UP AND BEYOND what is needed from a vendor. Shimano is now driving me to test out the Okuma...
  241. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    You must be VERY, VERY talented at what you do. Anyone that would egg on a Company rep to tell the customer to RTFM, needs MAJOR lessons in customer service. Hopefully you would NEVER tell one of your customers to RTFM. Or would you? Seriously, would you tell a customer to RTFM? BTW, I only...
  242. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    ONCE AGAIN: IT WOULD TAKE 20 CENTS TO COMPLETE A $500 REEL. WITH YOUR PROBLEM, ADD ANOTHER 20 CENTS. WTH would anyone come into this conversation and defend NOT spending 40 cents to make two customers happy? So you are saying that your time calling them was worth the 40 cents? It's brutally...
  243. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    Once again: IT WOULD TAKE 20 CENTS WORTH OF PARTS TO COMPLETE A $500 REEL. WTH are you trying to defend a 20 cent investment to make the customer happy. Has Shimano gone so idiot mode that 20 cents isn't worth making the customer happy? Like I said before, it's idiotic business policy to NOT...
  244. cvjarrod

    What lb class are the Trinidad 10A, 12A for?

    Max drag is 17lb. You could fish up to 50 with it, but line capacity would be the limiting option. The 10A would make an AWESOME 20lb reel backed with spectra. You can pretty much ignore the number in the modern reels. For instance, my Talica 8II puts out 20 lbs of max drag. Since you...
  245. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    RTFM? I already knew I could pony up more money to Shimano to fix the problem. When you drop big coin on a reel, you don't expect to have problems. It's completely idiotic to ask someone to buy something that should've already been included. For another 20 cents, Shimano could've included...
  246. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    Just bought 2 8IIs, 2 10IIs, a 12 and a 20. I have a couple of very nice grafighters and gloomis rods where the reel clamp screws are too short to fit the reel clamp. I'm not sure why Shimano didn't include another pair of 25mm screws, and I'm not accepting the BS answer that they fit every...
  247. cvjarrod

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Wellcraft made several 24 Skippy's with outboards. The all rode like crap. The original Skipjacks had steel tanks, which added ballast to the boat. You are basically taking out your ballast (engine) and moving it above waterline. Putting a fuel tank in the engine compartment would make...
  248. cvjarrod

    Fishing rod setup for toddler on a 1/2 day boat

    Watch out Ryan. I have always been batshit crazy for fishing and when introducing MY son to fishing, I think I went overboard. Don't get me wrong, by the age of 7 he had caught almost every species you target in the SoCal area. The problem is I think I made a mistake introducing him to hard...
  249. cvjarrod

    ringed or non ringed

    Ringed hooks work great as the line gets stiffer and stiffer. Heavy line or fluoro get bit more often with ringed hooks because the bait doesn't have to fight as hard against the stiffness of the line. That being said, confidence trumps new technique any day of the week. Whoever said use...
  250. cvjarrod

    Purchasing a used boat with expired registration

    Will cost less than $100 to pay back registration and penalties and bring the boat current.
  251. cvjarrod

    Looking for a merc alignment tool for pulled drive

    Have one for an Alpha drive. Not sure if it's the same for your drive though.
  252. cvjarrod

    Best Fillet Knife?

    3.1K is about the going price for a custom knife like that. It would probably take about 7K to really get setup like the big boys. Here's a cool video that shows the different ultra-high end filet knives being used. Filleting yellow fin tuna at Tsukiji Market in Japan - YouTube
  253. cvjarrod

    Best Fillet Knife?

    A good filet knife needs flexibility in the blade. The higher cost knives typically lack the flexibility because of the much higher Rockwell rating of the metal. The higher cost knives that ARE flexible aren't worth it because they are using the cheaper metal while still charging you the...
  254. cvjarrod

    NEED HELP PLEASE-Skipjack cooktop

    Why not modernize? At any Asian store, you can get a stovetop that runs on butane. They are dirt cheap and a much better option than what came with the boat. They look like this: Hollowick BST10 Portable Butane Stove
  255. cvjarrod

    Bait tank issues...

    Had a PF32 that NEVER kept the big deans lively. Choves were fine, but big Dines just didn't like the tank. Fill rate was perfect and tank was in the center of the cockpit. Have an Offshore 45 now and it's like night and day.
  256. cvjarrod

    suggestions for smoker

    The best bang for the buck is a refrigerator smoker. Get a non working refrigerator and add an electric element heater hooked up to a thermostat. The frig already has shelves and insulation and uses very little in the way of wood chips. Should cost you about 20-30 bucks. BTW, I own a Traeger...
  257. cvjarrod

    fish dope question

    You are correct. NOONE tracks by IP. They track by mac address. Since you can simulate any mac address you want, it's some pretty weak security.
  258. cvjarrod

    Bait tanks

    I have a high end Leister I use to weld starboard. Had absolutely no luck with welding HDPE, but I am no expert by anyone's standards. What tip size should be used for HPDE. I have an old PF32 that I would like to practice on. Also, do you know a good source for the filler material?
  259. cvjarrod

    Bait tanks

    Both tanks are comparable. The Pacific Edge has a drain tube that is a little easier to insert, but the internal geometry of the tanks are almost identical. Blue Water was started after Randy sold Offshore to Pacific Edge. The new blue water bait tanks are identical to the Offshore tanks...
  260. cvjarrod

    claw anchor safety trigger setup help

    Typically, you'll be using the boat motor to create the force to break the zip ties. If you want to be exact, zip tie your boat to a piling and see what it takes to break loose.
  261. cvjarrod

    Seeking a Dietroit Diesel mechanic recommendation

    Before you drop the bucks on a surveyor, spend a lot less and get an oil analysis done. All you need is a half cup of oil from the motor to get a good idea of the life left in that engine. That and a compression test will tell you whether or not the boat is worthy to be surveyed. Not knocking...
  262. cvjarrod

    Boat Anchor

    That's the ticket. If you don't have your anchor rigged break-away style, you don't know a damn thing about anchoring and shouldn't even be commenting on this thread.
  263. cvjarrod

    Yamaha 200hp HPDI - will not go past 3000rpm

    They didn't. Spun props INCREASE your RPMs, not decrease them. Coils very, very, very rarely go bad. All they are is wire encapsulated in resin.
  264. cvjarrod

    Yamaha 200hp HPDI - will not go past 3000rpm

    Yamaha Safe mode would've limited RPM to 2,000 AND sounded an alarm. If you have a clogged filter, it will limit the amount of fuel your system can deliver. The 70 with the same problem a month ago was brand new and ran like a brand new motor up to about 4,000 rpm, and no more. The boat was...
  265. cvjarrod

    Yamaha 200hp HPDI - will not go past 3000rpm

    Unless his alarms are also broken, there is an audible alarm when a Yamaha four stroke is in "Safe" mode.
  266. cvjarrod

    Yamaha 200hp HPDI - will not go past 3000rpm

    There are several treatments you can add to the fuel to mitigate the water separation issue. The good ones aren't cheap, but they would be cheaper than throwing out that much fuel. If you do find it to be a fuel issue, you can always change out the filters and treat the fuel. If it happens...
  267. cvjarrod

    2530 Parker bait tank install ?'s

    That's EXACTLY how Randy at Bluewater (owned Offshore back then) said to do it. There should be NO water running under your bait tank. If there is, break out the marine silicone and get to work. BTW, clear is the least UV resistant of any silicone. White would be a better choice where...
  268. cvjarrod

    Yamaha 200hp HPDI - will not go past 3000rpm

    Run it off of a deck tank to eliminate fuel issues. It could be a water issue clogging up your filters. Saw the same issue on a 70 about a month ago. If it runs fine off a deck tank, change out all your filters and consider draining off what you have in your tank. Can everyone say thank...
  269. cvjarrod

    Where to get 16' Bunk boards in SD?

    Sounds about right. Introducing a trailer to salt water is a maintenance challenge. You've convinced me to go Cypress next time I rebunk though. ANYTHING to minimize trailer work is a good thing!
  270. cvjarrod

    Where to get 16' Bunk boards in SD?

    OK, that makes sense. It has to do with the carpet backing. The front side of the commercial grade stuff I use is made from plastic, so the difference must be on the back side. I still haven't seen any difference as far as how long they last though. Derby, You have some secret to not...
  271. cvjarrod

    Where to get 16' Bunk boards in SD?

    Always seen doug fir used for replacements and never the good stuff. That's assuming you'll have no hull curve to fit. Back in the day, most OEM trailer bunks were made from Cypress. Not sure if that's the case now. Always been told that pressure treated bunks put a little bit of poison into...
  272. cvjarrod

    hds shuts off with engine start - help

    Bingo. Most trailer boats are wired with a single 10 gauge main power and ground. When the engine is started, you experience a voltage drop at the helm. Electronics that monitor voltage will automatically shut off when the voltage drops below a certain level. Electronics without this...
  273. cvjarrod

    Buying a boat...outboard or I/O?

    Number one reason for engine failure is the engine environment. If you run a wet bilge, fix the problem. If you aren't willing to fix the problem then stop crying about equipment that is failing. I'm still waiting for all those huge I/O bills that I was suppose to have. Been running for six...
  274. cvjarrod

    Anyone buy a "cruiser" and using it for a fishing machine?

    First boat was a Searay 240 Sundancer. Caught Yellows, Albies, Bluefin, Albacore, Halibut, White Sea Bass, Dorado and sharks off that boat. Once you're on station, as long as you have good bait and fishing deck, the fish don't care if you are in a cruiser. The HUGE problem with using a...
  275. cvjarrod

    Better electrical connections...

    Actually, if you support both sides of the solder, it is ABYC compliant. When you solder, the wire moves and the solder doesn't. You are basically creating a point where the wire bends back and forth until it breaks. That's why you need to support BOTH sides of the solder point to be ABYC...
  276. cvjarrod

    Outrigger Bases

    It's more about the diameter than the brand as far as compatibility. In a 25' boat, you are most likely talking about either 1-1/8 or 1-1/2 inch outriggers. I run Aftco mounts, Taco 18' 1-1/2" outriggers and Tigress rigging hardware, all purchased at closeout prices over two seasons. If you...
  277. cvjarrod

    Lowrance SUCKS

    VMWare Fusion can be purchased for the Mac. It allows you to run a virtual XP computer within your mac. It does a good job of getting a Mac to run almost everything a PC can. If you go Mac, don't complain about lack of compatibility with certain applications. That's the downside of going...
  278. cvjarrod

    anti rust for trailer?

    That's called phosphoric acid. Same as Jasco metal prep you can get at Home Depot. If the rusting is only surface, the primer I recommended has enough phosphoric acid in it to do the job.
  279. cvjarrod

    New trailer!

    Bought a lightly used galvanized trailer about a year ago. Brought it to FE trailers to have them redo the bunks to fit the skippy. Gotta give them props. The boat has never trailered this well and getting the boat on and off the trailer has never been this easy. They have a system that...
  280. cvjarrod

    anti rust for trailer? If you get it on your skin, immediately wipe it off with acetone. If you let it dry, the paint will be on your skin until...
  281. cvjarrod

    What to do with squid.

    Try 15 seconds and immediately dip them into ice cold water. Haven't prepped the ugly bastards for about four years, so I probably got the timing wrong. The whole idea is to cook the outer and inner membrane and not the meat. Dipping it into cold water after stops the cooking instantly.
  282. cvjarrod

    What to do with squid.

    SoCal Humboldts are the same exact species, and just like the squid you find in Mexico, the inner and outer membranes are loaded with uric acid. Those membranes are really easy to remove though. Get some water boiling. Cut up the squid into steaks. Parboil the squid (about 60 seconds). Cool...
  283. cvjarrod

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    ABYC E-11 Solder shall not be the sole means of mechanical connection in any circuit. If soldered, the connection shall be so located or supported as to minimize flexing of the conductor where the solder changes the flexible conductor into a solid conductor. EXCEPTION...
  284. cvjarrod

    Skipjack fueltank installation

    If you've ever dug a corroded tank out of foam, you wouldn't even consider foaming the tank in. Do what Saluki and other's have said and skip the foam. Also, rubber underneath the tank helps to absorb shock and avoid cracking. I used a two part epoxy paint on the tank before installation.
  285. cvjarrod

    Bellows Adhesive- Question

    Exactly, bellows adhesive is some nasty shit. Every product mentioned in this post is easier to work with, but my bet is they don't work as well. I hate working with bellows adhesive. I do like the fact it seals my bellows though!
  286. cvjarrod

    What anchor for inshore/harbor

    A Danforth anchor is the best for mud and sand, but sucks everywhere else. Even rigged break away style, they can still get stuck. They also need a 7 to 1 scope. A Bruce will give you less holding power in mud or sand, but will exceed the Danforth on any other bottom. It also only needs 3...
  287. cvjarrod

    Skipjack 20 Thru-hull Raw Water Pickup for Engine Cooling

    Since you have an air-leak prone O/D, you probably have an engine mounted water pump from a newer model VP280. You most likely have a Johnson pump mounted to your engine driven by your fan belt. The VP280 IS NOT air-leak proned. There is something wrong with that O/D setup. Did do know you...
  288. cvjarrod

    what is the best month to fish for halibut?

    Whenever they are spawning. This year, the water warmed up late, so the spawn was late. Typically, Father's day is usually when they are spawning. Best day on halibut for me was on Father's day about five seasons ago. Eight legals with the biggest at 32 lbs. If you can catch them...
  289. cvjarrod

    Opinions on bayrunner bajas

    22' Baja Bayrunner High Bow. Optional rear bait tank, optional center bait tank upgrade, optional fuel tank upgrade. Adds about 120 gallons of liquid which makes the boat a lot heavier, and rides A LOT nicer. That said, it'll still beat the shit out of you.
  290. cvjarrod

    thinking about buying a boat

    Trust me. You already have the boat you want............ Your buddy's!
  291. cvjarrod

    outdrive vibration

    The usual three suspects for O/D vibration are: 1. U-joints - Will vibrate the most when turning full port or starboard. 2. Gimbal Bearing - Will vibrate all of the time (Won't always vibrate though. Sometimes it'll just get rusty and then noisy) 3. Engine Alignment - Will vibrate...
  292. cvjarrod

    Anchor chain vs rope diameter size

    If you can return the Danforth, do it. A Danforth requires 7 to 1 scope to maximize holding power. A Bruce requires 3 to 1 scope. A Danforth is almost useless in rocky terrain (Unless you don't care about losing your anchor) A Bruce can be rigged break-away style and you will NEVER...
  293. cvjarrod

    Local banks Dry

    Smoked marlin tacos: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
  294. cvjarrod

    outdrive vibration

    1) U-joints (Make sure to check the condition of your gimble bearing when you change them out) 2) Without knowing what O/D it's impossible to give any meaningful feedback.
  295. cvjarrod

    Do you shut down motor or leave running when fishing?

    Most of the time the fish like the sound of the diesel. No biters and marks = change it up. Sometimes they want silence. If you are worried about the engine starting, what the F are you doing offshore?
  296. cvjarrod


    Nope. About six or seven seasons ago they were thick. I had just completely DIALED my outdrive where everything worked PERFECTLY. Hit a mola that evening and it scared the shit out of me. Huge boom and the outdrive flies up. Got back to the dock and was PISSED that about 80% of my work...
  297. cvjarrod

    Skipjack work..Time to share and looking for input

    Next time you do a repair like that, you probably want to make the area over the gas tank removable. If you want to upgrade your existing gas tank, it's really nice to be able to do it without cutting and reglassing. The offshore 45 (same dimensions as the Pacific Edge) was designed by Randy...
  298. cvjarrod

    Yet another skipjack question

    Same effort replacing a fuel tank in an open vs. a flybridge skippy. It's all about the PITA foam! I've got the 130 gallon fuel tank in my F/B, which gives me a little over 500 nautical miles of range at max cruise. If you want to go long, go diesel.
  299. cvjarrod

    Yet another skipjack question

    Whatever you do, DON'T mount your bait tank like that. The back and forth sloshing that will occur by mounting your tank 90 degrees off will trash your bait. It will also create a situation where water is ALWAYS spilling out of the bait tank. You'll either need to redo the hatches so the bait...
  300. cvjarrod

    Pro Flow Bait Tank (32 gal) Bait issues???

    Had that tank on one of my previous boats. It works well on everything but warm water big baits which are what you usually get in the summer. That tank won't hold more than 1/2 scoop of big summer bait. Flow rate on my previous tank was in between 6 and 7 minutes and I never could get that...
  301. cvjarrod

    Yet another ground up Skipjack FB24 rebuild

    Glad to hear it worked out so well. Thanks for the info on the window guy. I'll be calling him. That is going to be one sweet ride..
  302. cvjarrod

    Garmin 3006 no Sat Signals

    When my 3010c can't find the sats, I lube the plug conductors with dielectric grease. Has resolved the problem every time so far. BTW, it didn't start happening until about five years after purchase. If I remember to keep them greased, it doesn't have the problem at all. Dielectric...
  303. cvjarrod

    need to re wire

    No, Wire your boat properly. NOTHING should happen to your electronics when starting the motor. I kick over my diesel on one battery with all electronics on and the voltage doesn't budge. If your voltage drops when turning over your motor, YOUR BOAT IS NOT WIRED CORRECTLY. Blows...
  304. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Yah, CHIRP = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ We'll be doing a dive/fish trip Friday/Saturday and rafting up with a couple of boats Saturday in MB afterwards if you're game. BTW, what happened to Furuno? To go from the leader to a company unable to deliver the new generation of recreational sonar is...
  305. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    No worries, we're both looking for the same info. Here's what I've found out about the Garmin system (All prices MSRP): Since you need a 4000-7000 series head unit (2K and up), at the very least you would be getting a new chartplotter also. Since the GSD runs on the Garmin Marine Network...
  306. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Another bummer! Break out another 2.
  307. cvjarrod

    Lowrance Sonor and GPS woes

    Not sure if this will help, but it's a cheap place to start. Make sure all plugs conductors are coated with dielectric grease. Best place to buy dielectric grease is Pep Boys. Same thing happens to my GPS unit once a year. After the relube the problem resolves itself. Hopefully that helps...
  308. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    With traditional sonar, the longer the transmission signal, the more resolution is decreased. By varying the frequency, you're resolution can be increased beyond the pulse frequency. It's like getting hundreds of data points per pulse instead of one. Of course, that's the simplified version...
  309. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Bummer. At $3,500 dollars for the gsd and transducer, I was hoping people didn't think it was worth the investment. Oh well, break out another 3.5
  310. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Currently I have the GSD-22 and the Garmin marine network is used for my radar. It's an older Garmin from 2005. I think it's the 3000 series, but I'll have to check to make sure. Would I be able to swap out my GSD-22 for a GSD-26, and change my transducer to convert to CHIRP? Also, would the...
  311. cvjarrod

    need to re wire

    Actually, you're electronics aren't on the ignition side. If they were, they wouldn't be on without the engine running. Also, if you have enough juice to turn over the motor, you have enough juice to run your electronics. Your problem is very common. Most small boats have a single 10 gauge...
  312. cvjarrod

    Older Garmin Vrs newer Garmin

    The thing you are missing is that it's all about the transducer. The analog to digital converters used on these fish finders are very commonly used technology. The days are gone when the only affordable system out there that gave good marks were the old Furuno tube systems. BTW, a buddy...
  313. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Looking to upgrade electronics. Does anyone have any real world experience with CHIRP sonar. If you have any pictures of the actual screen, that would be great.
  314. cvjarrod

    Yet another ground up Skipjack FB24 rebuild

    Love everything you show with the exception of the bait tank. Had that tank in one of my previous boats and an Offshore or Pacific Edge is a BIG upgrade. That is going to be a sweet rig and deserves a better bait system. Would love to know where you got the windows rebuilt as I have the same...
  315. cvjarrod

    Repair Gelcoat or Use Marine Tex

    Marine Tex will crack on a repair that big. Not even sure why people use that product. Resin, glass and fillers are far superior and much more sandable.
  316. cvjarrod

    used cuddy suggestions

    The two places the skippy flybridge are tender are at rest and in a following sea. Any small boat with a flybridge and deep V will be tippy at rest. Make sure your trim tabs are in the full up position when traveling downswell. Any flybridge is a tradeoff. More tippy but better visibility...
  317. cvjarrod

    24' Skipjack fly bridge Questions??

    Would not get a flybridge for Hawaii. The advantage of the flybridge is site fishing, which, besides the occasional drifting net, doesn't happen too much in your part of the US. In SD, the height advantage of the flybridge allows you to spot kelp paddies where fish are often found. In Hawaii...
  318. cvjarrod

    My boat has transucers everywhere!

    The only part of that repair and installation that requires any expertise is matching the gelcoat perfectly. Since you already have bottom paint, doing it yourself would yield the same results at much less cost. Your...
  319. cvjarrod

    Which hook for local yellowtail?

    If the hook is properly sized and sharp, it doesn't F'N matter for the local Yellows. If you are losing fish on circles, you either have too small a hook, or don't have a clue how to use that type of hook. I would rather have fresh line than my first choice in hooks any day of the week!
  320. cvjarrod

    21ft 2001 Bayrunner value?

    Just went through the process of helping a buddy get that exact boat. The above statement from Fishbones is pretty damn accurate.
  321. cvjarrod

    Skipjack Sounds like you need help.
  322. cvjarrod

    RPM Tachometer Not working?Suggestions?

    Real easy to troubleshoot and change. Get yourself a manual.
  323. cvjarrod


    Sounds like a bad ground to the sending unit.
  324. cvjarrod

    1.7L DTI MerCruiser Diesel engine and Mercruiser Alpha One Diesel Outdrive

    Been running this package on a 24 Skipjack Flybridge for the last 6 seasons. No problems so far, but it took about 7 props to get it propped right. There are two basic issues with this motor. Tolerances on the waste gate are too tight and over time they seize up causing an overboost...
  325. cvjarrod

    Lost hoops SD Bay Fri Oct 21

    Lost a few hoops last time out. One of the recovered hoops had the bait cage completely crushed by some animal (F'n dog). That was one of the heavy gauge bait cages. If you are setting hoops on a ledge, a dog's strategy is to pull them into deeper water and eat your bait. Not the first...
  326. cvjarrod

    1969 skipjack noise/vibration

    Any time you get a lot of water into the bilge with an Alpha One, water pours into the outdrive. It isn't water proof, or even water resistant from the inside of the bilge. Unfortunately, I know this from first hand experience. Assumming the water was high enough to get to your outdrive...
  327. cvjarrod

    Boat Buying ------engine overheated

    The guy had a problem, diagnosed the problem, and fixed the problem. So what's the problem? As a new boat owner, you're about to find out that bringing in your motor to a "factory authorized dealer" doesn't count for a damn thing except for the fact they'll be bending you over every chance...
  328. cvjarrod

    Pulling 5.7 Volvo Penta out of 24 ft Skipjack

    With only 6" of clearance in front of the motor, the first thing you need to do is removing the upper case from the Outdrive. This will allow you to lift the engine and by angling it properly, get it out of the boat. Once you get the upper case off, detach everything running to the motor...
  329. cvjarrod

    Marine starter vs. Automotive ?

    Sergio's Auto Electric in National City. He can do the rebuild and can also order the kit to marinize a starter. You already have the screen which is the most expensive part of the kit. There's very little difference between an automotive and marine starter. A screen and a couple of...
  330. cvjarrod

    my 18 Footer to Catalina tomorrow?

    Conditions today were pretty lumpy. Mixed up swell with decent wind chop. Was on a buddy's 26' Striper and it wasn't particularly comfortable. Definately not very good conditions for an 18' boat traveling to Catalina. If you haven't figured out where to look for a good marine forecast...
  331. cvjarrod

    Best boat under 20k...

    :Dynamite: 5K gets you usable stuff. You want the good stuff then double it. You want great stuff, then double the good stuff price. The average used boat owner spends 1.5X the purchase price of the boat over the first year. At 20K, that boat will have many, many things that need to...
  332. cvjarrod

    Hurrican Adrian

    There are a couple of speed bumps for the fish to get through before conditions will be right for them to funnel into our local banks. The closest speed bump I see is the dirty water under the lower 500 as shown in the 6/6/2011 shot at 1:35pm. It...
  333. cvjarrod

    Shifting into gear

    First thing to check for rough shifting is your idle RPM. If it's too high, it will lead to rough shifting. Don't trust your tach. Get a portable tachometer and make sure you are idling at the right RPM before doing anything else. You can borrow one for free at almost any auto parts store...
  334. cvjarrod

    New Props For A 24ft SkipJack Flybridge

    But it sure will be a lot cheaper to change the aluminum prop vs SS.
  335. cvjarrod

    New Props For A 24ft SkipJack Flybridge

    It's true that SS flexes significantly less. If you were pulling skiers on a ski boat, SS would be a no-brainer. As far as hole shot, the increased mass that needs to be accelerated offsets the decreased prop slip due to deformation. It's simple physics. It takes more torque to accelerate...
  336. cvjarrod

    Hydrofoils question

    Ran a foil a couple of boats ago. They have one problem. If you run into any kelp, instead of being able to cut through it, the foil will catch the kelp and direct it into your prop. Spun a couple of props that way. If you run a foil, stay out of the kelp. Other than that, they work...
  337. cvjarrod

    Prop size 24 Skipjack?

    Need HP, fully loaded weight, recommended WOT rpm and outdrive gear ratio in addition to hull type to make any meaningful calculations. HP on the 41b ranged from 145-200. HP on the 41a was 200. You should have the gear ratio on a plate somewhere on the outdrive. If not, you should be able to...
  338. cvjarrod

    2010 redux?

    About this time last year, a finger of dirty water formed off of Ensenada and persisted through the season. My theory is that the fish had no clean path to our local banks and went outside the Dumper to the Cortez and out of our fishing zone. The latest Chlorophyl shots shows this finger...
  339. cvjarrod

    Outer Banks Boat Club

    Actually, the Outer Banks Boat club was financially solvent. They had cash on the books and positive cash flow. Their parent company went bankrupt and had to sell assets because of the bankruptcy. Any legal action will have to go through the bankruptcy proceedings and is probably a waste...
  340. cvjarrod

    New guy fuel capacity question.

    You're getting mixed info because that boat can be setup however the owner wants. A buddy of mine had the twin 60 gallon tanks. It would run forever and the extra weight really helped the ride. He also had over 100 gallons in two different bait systems. That was the best riding bayrunner...
  341. cvjarrod

    Suzuki Corrosion problems!!!

    12 seasons straight with nothing more than routine maintenace on I/Os. But it is true that outboards are the best power for the 98% of boaters who don't have a clue about the inner workings of their boat.
  342. cvjarrod

    skipjack 24 deck color advise

    If you want the deck to match the gunnels, off-white. I wouldn't want anything lighter than off-white. Even off-white gets a little bright in strong sun.
  343. cvjarrod

    Engine doesn't run on gas

    It's your float bowl system. Stop wasting your time using deck tanks. Try deck tanks when your spark plugs are DRY! That's an easy/cheap carb to rebuild. Get on it! I would make sure the rebuild kit replaces all float bowl components.
  344. cvjarrod

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    Owner, Gamakatsu, Mustad are all good hooks. If you are losing fish, you are either using the wrong size or don't know how to set the hook. It's YOU, not the hook that is losing fish. I've never had a problem with losing fish on Owner fly liners or any other PROPERLY sized Owner, Gamakatsu or...
  345. cvjarrod

    Engine doesn't run on gas

    Assumming you described your symptoms correctly, it doesn't sound like a blockage of any kind. When your float bowls are full, the float needle plugs the incoming fuel, effectively segregating it from the incoming fuel line. A clog doesn't make sense because the float needle should be...
  346. cvjarrod

    Engine doesn't run on gas

    Assumming you have a carb on a gas motor, it's probably a bad float bowl adjustment screw. Probably time for a carb rebuild. BTW, "my engine" doesn't give anyone a hell of a lot to work with. You might want to be more specific if you want good answers.
  347. cvjarrod

    Rough Grinding noise in my outdrive? HELP

    That makes sense. It's just a bad design, and it sucks when you have to fix it. I have all the Merc tools to do that job if you need them. Like I said, the only hard part is getting the damn bellows back on (Another bad design issue). PM me your # if you want to borrow the tools...
  348. cvjarrod

    Loading my boat???

    Everyone I know that is proficient at launching and retrieving would be more than happy to take some time out of their day to show you the ropes. The fact you are willing to ask questions puts you light years ahead of most of the knuckleheads at SI. Next time you see someone effortlessly...
  349. cvjarrod

    Rough Grinding noise in my outdrive? HELP

    A slide hammer is the correct tool to remove your gimbal bearing. Make sure you get the biggest one that will fit inside of your bearing. The Alpha One has a problem with water intrusion from INSIDE the boat. If the water level in your bilge gets as high as the I/O, water actually pours...
  350. cvjarrod

    Trailer Side Bumpers

    No doubt. One of the reasons I rarely launch out of SI nowadays. Two years ago we were motoring into the launch area when a 21' aluminum center console floats past our starboard side. Only problem was the skipper was still on the dock. One of my crew jumped onto the boat and drove it back...
  351. cvjarrod

    Trailer Side Bumpers

    Just got rid of mine. All they do is make it harder to clean your boat. If you need them to get on the trailer, you need more practice handling the boat. Current and wind should be factored into the path you choose to your trailer.
  352. cvjarrod

    max towing

    I've got a 24 fly that has had about 1500 lbs shaved off from the refit. The trailer also has brakes on all four wheels that are working very well. I use a Chevy 1500 with a 5.7. Even with less weight and brakes on all four trailer wheels, the truck doesn't tow the boat very well at all...
  353. cvjarrod

    Ignition Coil

    Are you using a ballast resistor for that coil? Not all coils are designed to run at 12V. Quite a few that were designed for points use a ballast resistor to lower the voltage. If you are bypassing the ballast resistor on a coil of this type, it would explain why your coil "cooked". Your...
  354. cvjarrod

    Ignition Coil

    Take a look at this: Mercruiser Ignition Coil - Uses External Resistor : Boat Parts, Outboard Parts, Discounted! Notice it also gives DELCO 1115202 as an equivalent replacement? That coil is used primarily on autos. Here's a guy putting one in his Corvette...
  355. cvjarrod

    Bad Reverse

    Check to make sure your RPMs at idle are correct and then check the reverse lock-out. Hopefully it's one of those cheaper fixes. Also, both Clymer and Haynes make manuals for those O/Ds. Might be worth the investment.
  356. cvjarrod

    Ignition Coil

    Never heard of "marine" points or coils. The points are sealed inside of your distributor and your coil is sealed inside of resin. The only difference between points is the amount of life you get from them. Also, the chances of a coil going out is very low. Why are you changing it? On a...
  357. cvjarrod

    2601 STRIPER

    I fish on a buddy's 2601 striper from time to time. Install a real bait system in the cockpit and start using the OEM system for a cooler. A lot of effort goes into converting those bait systems into something that still isn't very good. Either an Offshore 45 or Pacific Edge 45 fit in that...
  358. cvjarrod

    24' skipjack stringer replacement

    Not a Skipjack, but a very detailed post on a complete rebuild, stringers and transom included. He goes over everything in really good detail. Also gives materials used and where he got them. Long read, but a lot of good information for your future project...
  359. cvjarrod

    shimano crucial in saltwater??????

    Caught more fish than I can count with my crucial. WSB, Halibut, Yellowtail, Dorado - all keepers and every species of bass in So Cal. Have it matched to a Calcutta 250 that's been rebuilt more times than I can remember. If you go after decent sized fish with gear this size, be prepared...
  360. cvjarrod

    New electronics on a 1999 19ft boat to fish in Baja.... advice?

    Will you be beaching the boat? Though hull ducers don't like that too much. Probably the only valid reason to go transom mount.
  361. cvjarrod

    a question about your fish/depth finder

    You should be able to see the hoop and the rope going down. If you can't, I wouldn't rely too heavily on your FF. I use this transducer: B744V —Thru-Hull Multisensor - Airmar Marine Transducers Damn near any head unit will give you this sensitivity if the transducer is installed...
  362. cvjarrod

    Improve Fish-a-bility w/transducer mount

    The vast majority of transducers are made by Airmar and can be used on any of the major players in the fish finder market. Would much rather have a cheap head unit with a great transducer and install than visa versa. There's way too much hype involved on this board with regards to the head...
  363. cvjarrod

    chart plotter/fish finder combo

    Good advice. All decent fishfinders use the same transducers: The analog to digital conversions they are doing are very simple operations. Your choice of transducer and quality of installation will affect the quality of your readings on your fish finder much...
  364. cvjarrod

    Through Hole Transducer on Bayrunner?

    Seems like the further back you would have the transducer, the more turbulence you would get by the "experts" explanation. In fact, by that BS answer, no transducer would ever work on any Bay Runner boat. Complete BS. I had a buddy that had a 22 Bay Runner high bow. Used a through hull...
  365. cvjarrod

    Why counter clockwise?

    Spiders. There are several species of very poisoness spiders that live in banana trees. Crates of bananas would be loaded onto the boat and at night the spiders would come out to feed. Anyone bitten would get very ill or die. Since the sailors did not know the exact reason their mates were...
  366. cvjarrod

    Why counter clockwise?

    The theory is that it should circulate the same direction as the Coriolis effect, which determines which way our toilets spin when we flush. If the direction is reversed, you are working against the Coriolis effect which can introduce turbulence in the water. In actuality, the Coriois effect...
  367. cvjarrod

    9/11 Hidden report, sinking vessel rescued

    We were well out of the area when it went down. Was really happy to see the private boat fleet respond. On another note, several sporties were in the immediate vicinity and I know this because we had just left there 45 minutes before. We helped relay radio calls and were prepared to turn...
  368. cvjarrod

    What would you offer?

    Assumming the motor was fine when he stored it, it should be fine now. ANY two stroke that's been sitting for a while will require rebuilt carburetors. What typically happens is that a new owner jumps into the boat and starts running it. The carburetors don't work properly and an exreme...
  369. cvjarrod

    QUESTION on the life of outboards

    When these new 4 strokes came out, they were touting 10,000 hours. Noone is claiming 10K hours for normal life now. Recreational boat motors very, very rarely "wear" out. Overpropping, water intrusion, corrosion and poor maintenance are what typically takes down a recreational boat motor...
  370. cvjarrod

    Cummins in a Skipjack 24 flybridge

    The drain holes in your cockpit will no longer be above the water line. Saw the same boat with a lighter Yanmar and they were about halfway submerged. You'll also need to enlarge the hole and cover for the motor. Not sure how much, but expect to lose some cockpit space. Hopefully you'll...
  371. cvjarrod

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    Good advice. Limit is $7,500 which should cover your expenses. Punitive damages are pretty much a pipe dream in a case like this. I'm normally very pro law enforcement. I just can't be a law enforcement apologist on this one. Customs has an 11 Billion dollar budget. US Marshals service...
  372. cvjarrod

    Skipjack 24' FB-towing weight

    No tech, just first hand experience. My skippy gets towed by one of three trucks. Mine (1/2 ton chevy) or one of two buddies (3/4 and 1 ton Ford 4X4 diesels). The difference is night and day. In the 1/2 ton, you get pushed around a lot and end up with a very rough ride. The lack of...
  373. cvjarrod


    Are you sure it's stripped? Lot's of monkeys out there use a hammer to break the drain plug loose. Repeated pounding can result in a cracked helicoil. That outdrive has an aluminum case and almost everywhere there is a bolt, there is a stainless steel helicoil. If the helicoil is still...
  374. cvjarrod

    Skipjack 24 Outboard

    It's not as easy as slapping an outboard on. You're removing over 500 lbs of ballast out of an already tippy boat, creating a super tippy boat. You're also moving over the full weight of the outboard to the rear of the boat creating a really ass heavy boat. You would have to find a way...
  375. cvjarrod

    my automatic bilge pump

    What about trips to the Coral? If you slip your boat overnight, you should have automatic bilge pumps. Have two auto-bilge pumps in the bilge. Five seasons without any problems. As Aluminator said, they get checked before every trip. They also both have manual overrides. Use to use the...
  376. cvjarrod

    Does anyone have this tool.

    Had the same problem on an Alpha 1. I ended up buying a slide hammer with a much larger hammer and it broke loose on the second hit. I got it from Autozone. You can also borrow the tool for free.
  377. cvjarrod

    Info and opinions on the 1.7 merc/cummins diesel

    Don't have a trophy, but I do run that motor (800 hours so far). Cons: The original motors had a problem with the pistons. It was usually preceded by the waste gate sticking and the turbo boost spiking. Fortunately, a 2005 will have the engine with the redesigned pistons. The sticking...
  378. cvjarrod

    install offshore 45 bait tank on skipjack 25 F/B

    Instead of wood, use the 90 degree fiberglass angle pieces. They'll probably give you some if you could get up to the Offshore facility. You can also get them at San Diego Plastics. You might also consider installing one of the round screw-in deck hatches where you will run the lines...
  379. cvjarrod

    Volva Penta IO Outdrive

    You need to find the engraved serial and model number on the nameplate affixed to the drive. There may also be a sticker on top of the circuit breaker enclosure of the wiring harness.
  380. cvjarrod

    Volva Penta IO Outdrive

    As was stated earlier, you need to know which SX model you have. Volvo Penta Workshop Manual Ebooks Download | Acrobat PDF Files Not sure if your manual is here, but there are links to other models on this page.
  381. cvjarrod

    Volva Penta IO Outdrive

    That's a pretty easy outdrive to work on. Short of a major rebuild, you should be able to do all the work on an SX yourself. Either Clymer or Haynes (Can't remember which) has manuals on that outdrive. Search for it online and bring the price into West Marine for price match. There are...
  382. cvjarrod

    Fleet reports are in wrong place

    either way. I do think it's pretty funny that the sportboats won't give general locations when they're fishing 100 miles out. FYI skippers, the private guys that fish that far out already know the general area you are fishing. Mix in good sst and chloro images and it's pretty easy to...
  383. cvjarrod

    1974 Skipjack FB drain holes in stringers

    No drain for the cabin. No really good place to put a bilge pump. Keep a sponge handy. Not sure why you reference the stringers.
  384. cvjarrod

    Big Bear Poaching Mother Fucker Busted!!!!

    Next time you're in Big Bear, go into town and take a look at the price for smoked trout. If I remember correctly, it was approaching $20/lb.
  385. cvjarrod

    Dorado sushi?

    Ditto If you aren't looking for the parasites in any fish you eat raw, you are taking a chance at getting sick. Tuna, YT, Dorado or any other species. The parasites are pretty easy to spot. Immediate icing is critical to stop the spread of parasites. If you don't, the parasites will...
  386. cvjarrod

    Opinions on Skipjacks

    Twice a year maintenance on my Diesel I/O. Oil (Delo 400) - $12 Oil Filter - $16 I/O Oil - $11 Racor Filter - $22 Grease all fittings - $1 (price of grease) Once every two years Impeller change $38 Heat Exchanger Cleaning - Free if you have...
  387. cvjarrod

    Are Tuna Attracted to Diesel Engines?

    Propwash can be dialed in by trimming your motor up until it leaves the desired trail while trolling. Just remember to trim it back down before you run. Diesel attracts YT and Dorado very well. They always come right to the stern to investigate my diesel boat and rarely would on my last gas...
  388. cvjarrod

    Best way for air travel with a cooler of fresh fish

    Got a buddy that flies back oysters about twice a month when they are in season and here's what he says: Make sure you use removable straps and not duct tape. Ice is fine, but dry ice is not. Hopefully the trip will be much better than a lunch box worth of filets.
  389. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    Did you even read the article? The author has a genuine hatred for commercial fishermen and is closely allied with the enviros. You might want to read what you post before you make blanket statements. I'd also say do some research on the author also before you make blanket statements. And...
  390. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    Our right to fish is being threatened by politics. Sticking our heads in the sand will not change this. I expected Obama to censor our pro-fishing voice. I didn't expect BD to do the same. We all need to wake up and realize that fishing and politics are becoming so entwined it's impossible...
  391. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    The only way to be truly bipartisan is to censor NOONE! Our country was founded on this principle. Censor insults, profanity and slander, but censorship of opinion is something that's SUPPOSE to happen in other countries. I never saw other people's posts, but I saw mine. If you haven't, go...
  392. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    I'm not sure what's wrong with a little political discussion as relates to fishing. In fact, this is the second time I posted this article. The first time I mentioned my displeasure at the Obama administration, the Mods quickly deleted the post. I guess they thought this information wasn't...
  393. cvjarrod

    Bait tank Baja Bayrunner.

    Whoever set that system up had absolutely no idea what they were doing. As Steve pointed out, you need a seacock (bronze, not plastic) on the thru hole. Those plastic valves will not only crack over time, they will restrict the flow of water. Double hose clamps is standard for any below...
  394. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    Task force ends public input - ESPN
  395. cvjarrod

    good volvo diesel mechanic/shop?

    If you can change the oil, you can remove and reinstall those injectors without damaging them. For a guy that does a lot of his own repair work, it's a really easy job. If you saw how easy it is to do, you wouldn't even be asking about a mechanic.
  396. cvjarrod

    good volvo diesel mechanic/shop?

    Any reputable machine shop with VP experience can do this. Just went through this on a buddy's trawler. The "Marine" machine shop wanted five times more to do the same thing. Lots of tractors out there running VP that get the exact same procedure done. Pull the injectors out yourself and...
  397. cvjarrod

    skipjack swimstep bait tank

    Motor has been completely trouble free. Prop them right and don't push them too hard and they'll run a long time. Nothing has been done to the motor except for standard maintenance for the 750 hours I've run it. All maintenance is done religously and by me. Most of the problems with this...
  398. cvjarrod

    skipjack swimstep bait tank

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 with an Alpha 1 outdrive. If I had to do it now, I'd go with the Volvo Penta D3 for more power and a much better outdrive. Gets about 4mpg at cruise and about 7-8 at troll. With the 130 gal tank, it has more range than I will ever use.
  399. cvjarrod

    skipjack swimstep bait tank

    Install a deck plate in the center of where you will be installing the bait tank. Both the PE and OS bait tanks are plumbed underneath. The drain and intake run under the deck and over the gas tank (painted with epoxy-based paint). You will have to drill a hole in one of the deck supports...
  400. cvjarrod

    Heat exchangers

    Are the engines really old? If not, they shouldn't need anything more than a coring. Basically you push the appropriate diameter stainless welding rod through the tubes of the aftercooler. Take off both sides of the aftercooler and ram away. It takes a little time and usually you are...
  401. cvjarrod

    skipjack swimstep bait tank

    Either the Pacific Edge 48 or the Offshore 45 will fit perfectly between the two deck hatches and both work really, really well. The Offshore 45 was designed specifically for the 24 Skipjack. I only have first hand experience with PE, OS and Kodiak, so I'm sure there are other options...
  402. cvjarrod

    Eating squid

    There is an inner and outer membrane on giant squid. The outside is easily removable when cleaning. For the inside membrane, parboil (about 2 minutes) the filet. After parboiling, the membrane will easily peel off. If you aren't doing this, you will be tasting a very strong ammonia flavor...
  403. cvjarrod

    Shurflow bait tank pump

    Add one of these or the rule pump will die just like the last one: West Marine: Stainless Debris Strainer for Rule Pumps Product Display 710&Ne=0&Ntt=strainer&Ntk=Primary Search&Ntx=mode matchallpartial&Nao=10&Ns=0&keyword=strainer&isLTokenURL=true&storeNum=11&subdeptNum=70&classNum=217...
  404. cvjarrod

    tower material

    Stainless is a lot heavier. It's more stiff, and in a static world, you would be able to fabricate the tower at pretty close weights. In the real world, you need to make the tubing thick enough to resist crushing and lateral forces present on a boat. The harder material is also more prone...
  405. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser Bravo Three Sterndrive

    Thanks for the input. I've got one more season left before I need to tear her apart again.
  406. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser Bravo Three Sterndrive

    One last question. Last time I changed the bellows in an Alpha 1, it was a major PIA. How much easier would the bellows expansion tool make this job?
  407. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser Bravo Three Sterndrive

    How do you check the alignment without a special tool?
  408. cvjarrod

    Mercruiser Bravo Three Sterndrive

    Bravo ujoint bellows. Replacing your bravo ujoint bellows. If it's anything like my Alpha 1, it'll be a PIA. Remove the drive to make the job a lot easier. Inspect the gimbal bearing and alignment while you have it off. Here's the alignment info. Sterndrive Information, tools, manuals...
  409. cvjarrod

    Incredible Bertram 31 for sale - Check out this thread!!

    The market determines what a boat's value is. This boat has been for sale for over six months with no takers. Although it is an awesome boat, it is overpriced in this market. When something like this 1996 Viking 43 Convertible Power Boat For Sale - is selling for...
  410. cvjarrod

    What's better- 3 or 4 blades??

    A four blade prop has more surface area than a three blade prop. Sometimes, on a heavy boat, excessive prop loading occurs and the prop distorts. This creates cavitation which robs power. There are plenty of prop loading calculators on the net (I use the one on Plug in your...
  411. cvjarrod

    Know a GOOD stringer when ya see one?

    Use a green, empty beer bottle. You can really hear the difference in tone between solid and rotted wood. The geen bottles work better because they are thicker. If you get some "dull thumps" then either have the owner drill to investigate or walk away. The 5K gizmo would work better...
  412. cvjarrod

    Center Console, Walk Around, Cuddy, or Full?

    Damn, I thought my boat was a real fishing boat! Leave it to the inexperienced to school me on that. I've been beat up and wet on almost every center console owned by people in this thread expounding upon the virtues of a center console. Bottom line is that I can do any trip a CC can...
  413. cvjarrod

    Skipjack Outboard Drive won't go down

    Here's a parts listing for that assembly: Mechanical Lift Device Aq Drive Unit 280 Early Type: 839415 - Volvo Penta Here's a pdf manual for that drive. It probably won't have as much troubleshooting info as the one's you buy: - document sharing - download 280 to DP-C Drive...
  414. cvjarrod

    Skipjack Outboard Drive won't go down

    A good mechanic would know that in a late model VP280 you can swap those two relays with each other and not spend a dime troubleshooting whether or not it's the relay. If the relays ground through each other, if one connection isn't working, you won't be able to move the drive in either...
  415. cvjarrod

    Skipjack Outboard Drive won't go down

    Been probably seven years when I fixed the exact same problem in my 280, so forgive me if my memory is a little off. If I recall correctly, those white things with the leads are resistors that are designed to step down the voltage to the trim motor. I sold the manual with the boat and don't...
  416. cvjarrod

    Parking tickets at Shelter Island.

    They've ALWAYS been nazi camp about parking at SI since I've been launching there. Outside of the lines 1cm and you will be ticketed. It was pure naivete on your part to think you wouldn't be ticketed. You deserve the ticket and should just suck it up and pay it.
  417. cvjarrod

    URGENT - Make this phone call now!!

    All she is getting paid for is to tally a yes or no vote for support. If she sounded rushed it's because she is getting a lot of calls. Make sure you tell her you don't support Sutton at the start of the call. She almost marked me down as a supporter.
  418. cvjarrod

    URGENT - Make this phone call now!!

    Hey mods, Can we get this stickied in the offshore reports section for greater visibility?
  419. cvjarrod

    URGENT - Make this phone call now!!

    Just did it. Took about 2 minutes. DO IT!
  420. cvjarrod

    What do you use to prevent rust on the undercarriage of your truck?

    A Navy buddy of mine went to Guam a couple of years ago. He was told to rhino line his undercarriage or the car would rust away in that environment. He did and the car seemed to come back fine.
  421. 8/21/09 (137 Lbs)

    8/21/09 (137 Lbs)

  422. cvjarrod

    Shifting Problem

    Sounds like you own a Volvo Penta 280. Follow the shift cable down to where it connects to the outdrive. There will be two sides you can attach the cable to. Switch it to the other side. I think they were designed that way so you can put on a counter rotating prop and not have to...
  423. cvjarrod

    Gaff, $20

    Oops, too short for my boat. Thanks for the heads up ken.
  424. cvjarrod

    Furuno 1650

    I've never seen a fish finder that gave good results in auto mode. Set your depth and then turn up the gain until you start seeing noise on the screen. Noise will show up as small random dots. Turn down the gain until almost all of the noise disappears. Go catch fish.
  425. cvjarrod

    Shakespere 8300 8' vs 4400 3' VHF antenna

    Neither. I'd rather have a great antenna and cheap radio than visa versa. I use this one and have talked to boats 60 miles away before. In VHF antennas, you get what you pay for. West Marine: Galaxy 5225-XP 8' Extended Performance VHF Antenna Product Display 710&Ne=0&Ntt=vhf...
  426. cvjarrod

    Spreader lights, VHF, fresh water pump

    You either have a problem with your main power or ground. Most small boats have one 10 gauge power and ground running up to the front of the boat. When you light up your spreaders, you are getting a voltage drop because of your main connections. Same thing when you key your radio and start...
  427. cvjarrod

    Quality Radar for reasonable price

    I use Garmin radar and it works really well, but was kind of spendy when I bought it. A lot of people are converting to HD radar and a lot of really good used units are out there at a great price. Make sure you ask the owner if he runs his radar all the time or only when needed. The domes...
  428. cvjarrod

    Recommendations for new fish finder

    It's more about the quality of the transducer and the install than anything else. On all the installs I've done, we run the transducer cable away from any other wires to eliminate interference. Spend your money on the transducer and stay away from the Furuno vs. Raymarine vs. Garmin...
  429. cvjarrod

    new future boater

    Buy this: Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 65th Edition (Chapman Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling) (9781588162328): Elbert S. Maloney: Books Keep it next to your toilet for a couple of years and memorize it from front to back. You'll be a lot better than 99.9% of...
  430. cvjarrod

    Scuba gear for euro gun!

    What size is the BC?
  431. cvjarrod

    dropper loop floro to mono connection with pics....

    I've had mixed results using a blood knot connection from spectra to mono. If tying, I prefer the double uni. If you're using hollow core spectra, try the sato crimp system: Spectra Tools I like not having to tie spectra to mono anymore.
  432. cvjarrod

    Range on a 21 Proline w/ 150 Johnson w/ carb.

    If I'm not mistaken, that boat has a 95 gallon tank. You'll probably get somewhere around 2-3 mpg at a decent cruise. Even if you only had a 70 gallon tank, you should have plenty of range to make that trip. That's a tough heading and in anything but perfect seas, you're in for a hurting...
  433. cvjarrod

    POLL: fast or slow at night?

    You spend enough hours on the water, you're eventually going to hit something. It was a Mola that convinced me I needed to slow down at night. I've never been as scared on a boat as the seconds after collision. Luckily, we only sustained minor I/O damage and got home without problem...
  434. cvjarrod

    Vibration in Bravo 1

    The bravo I has a serious design flaw. If water is splashing around in the bilge, it can splash right into the outdrive where it couples with the motor. I had this happen to me once when I forgot to take out the drain plug and motored away. I have to climb a pretty steep hill and I think the...
  435. cvjarrod

    Buying a new (to me) boat and NADA value

    There are comps in the boating industry. If you are a broker and have a subscription to, you can get comps from that site. Unfortunately it's not available to non-brokers. As of this time, the prices on Nada are actually higher than the comps on If you...
  436. cvjarrod

    DFG Busted! - Rockfish out of season

    I would hope the judge sees enough real criminals to not feel the need to take it out on fishermen. I think the real issue is how much of their time it's going to take to get you through the system. The extra couple hundred dollars will not even pay for the time the court system would need...
  437. cvjarrod

    DFG Busted! - Rockfish out of season

    Buddy just went through this last month. First, bring your fishing license with you to court. They will automatically give you the option to plea down to fishing without a license. That's SOP from what I understand. When you get in front of the judge, show him your license and state...
  438. cvjarrod

    Any difference on how many blades on prop?

    An important concept that wasn't discussed was prop loading. The smaller the prop and the bigger the boat, the more load you put on the prop per square inch of prop surface area. If the load becomes too great, the prop will deform and start to cavitate (create bubbles), losing power at the...
  439. cvjarrod

    New Bait Tank and Seats for the Dos Locos

    You practically stole those seats at that price. They look really comfy with the thick bottom cushion. Looks like a great upgrade. For future 5200 removal projects, try using some of this: A little pricey, but it sure does cut the...
  440. cvjarrod

    Stainless or polished aluminum ttop?

    Finally, someone just came out and said it like it should be said. If your aluminum tower is pitting badly, it wasn't made with the right type of aluminum. I've seen 25 year old clearr anodized aluminum towers that never get waxed with no pitting. Just a fresh water rinse after every use.
  441. cvjarrod

    fixing cracked outboard cover

    WEST SYSTEM | Use Guides
  442. cvjarrod

    Paddy hoppin

    I've been bringing along my 11 year old into offshore fishing. Here's one thing that has really helped sea sickness: Give them their sea sickness medicine the night before the trip. Give them another pill before you get on the water. The night time pill really helps to prevent sea sickness.
  443. cvjarrod

    24ft. Skipjack no drain in cabin

    I guess you'll just need to prevent it from raining. You'll also have to prevent the ocean from being so damn wet. Stick to commenting on boats you have a clue about.
  444. cvjarrod

    24ft. Skipjack no drain in cabin

    Yup, that's the fix you need.
  445. cvjarrod

    Trailer lighting and salt water.....

    99% of the trailers I've seen are the standard flat four pole connector as below: Trailer Parts Superstore - Flat 4-Prong Vehicle Knockout Connector #48065 If your hookup looks like this, those wires have absolutely nothing to do with your brake system. Every time you dunk your trailer...
  446. cvjarrod


    Yanmar or Volvo 6 cylinder diesels will be heavy enough to put your scuppers below the water line. They will also require modifications to your engine compartment to make them fit. 1.7 will work if propped properly, but you won't be very fast. Volvo D3 wasn't out when I repowered, but...
  447. cvjarrod

    Attach my center console to the deck,,,firmly!

    Had the same problem on a buddies whaler. Tried lag bolts, brackets and toggle bolts. All of those solutions eventually failed and worse yet, the new holes would not stay sealed and water got into the foam. After the boat dried out, we used fiberglass tape and epoxy resin to secure the...
  448. cvjarrod

    182 Patty Search Sunday Aug 2008

    Patties were along the temp break on a line about a mile north of the 182 and 8 miles East to a mile north of the 43. Break was reading from about 68.9 to 70.6 on my meter. There's a lot of kelp on that break. Patties were drifting North fast. Ran over what I thought was YF on the nine...
  449. cvjarrod

    7/1 - 182

    Since the divorce, I've been using the boat more for chasing the "other" tuna. Time to start chasing the fish in the ocean again. Why does divorce cost so much? BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT!
  450. cvjarrod

    7/1 - 182

    Appreciate the courtesy. We thought you guys were going to run over that other paddy the first time you rolled by it. BTW, That YT went 35 lbs... LOLLOLLOL on the radio. LOLLOLLOL On the digital scale it went 25 lbs after bleeding. Whoever has the really noisy radio with the...
  451. cvjarrod

    7/1 - 182

    2 Alb, 1 BFT on the troll. 4 YT off of a paddy. Bumpy day out there.
  452. 070108


  453. cvjarrod

    9/15 Nados yt- 100 rounds fired...

    Unknown, You better inform these guys to shut down their operation in Mexico: Evolution Paintball Field Mexico - PbNation While you're at it you should make sure they shut down this yearly tournament: Tijuana,b.c.,mx,paintball Tournament! - PbNation You also better get these...
  454. cvjarrod

    New Seats are in!

    If you win a settlement in small claims court, you can hire a sheriff to stand in front of their register and collect any money they take in until your settlement is paid. Once you show up with the sheriff and explain what's about to happen, I can almost guarantee full payment will follow...
  455. cvjarrod

    7/11 albie limits

    Good call to get away from the crowds. We fished around the 182 and it looked like a weekend day. Lots of We only got 2 troll and 5 bait chickens for three.
  456. cvjarrod

    Bait-O-Matic Rig

    Classic. Trebles have three points to snag. Js have one point to snag. Only a complete idiot would try to argue that a J hook will snag just as easy as a treble. If you want, we can cast at each other sometime. I'll use a treble hook and try to snag you. You can use a J hook and try...
  457. cvjarrod

    my new ride

    Squirtis, How's the best ho ever. You really need to get ahold of Mac while you're out there. He went out on a 65' Hatteras last weekend and a 45' boat the previous. He seems to have found a lot of people with big boats who have noone to fish with. He's also getting a 24' Mako this...
  458. cvjarrod

    Bait-O-Matic Rig

    Don't think so. They are 1/3 as effective for very obvious reasons. I'm not surprised a lot of you guys give the stuff away to neighbors. After you let it sit on your deck for three hours and go in to feed your ego with a weigh-in, the meat probably tastes like shit. We try to behead and...
  459. cvjarrod

    Bait-O-Matic Rig

    Everyone loses some fish. My guess is you lose a lot less than most.
  460. cvjarrod

    Bait-O-Matic Rig

    Everyone does stupid things. Does that mean everyone is stupid? NO! But I stand by my statement 100% that pulling factory rigged jigs behind your boat is just plain stupid.
  461. cvjarrod

    Skippy Update

    You bait system is mounted 90 degrees off. You are going to beat the shit out of your bait with the sloshing in the tank.
  462. cvjarrod

    how the FUCK do you sharpen your knives?

    Dishwasher ruins the handle, not the blade. If you've never used a wet stone, don't start on a good knife. The rod style sharpeners are easy enough for anyone to use. Last thresher we caught the GF got the job of sharpening knives while I cut the shark up. Make sure you get a rod...
  463. cvjarrod

    Bait-O-Matic Rig

    NEVER drag a factory rigged jig behind the boat. It's just plain stupid and sooner or later you will pay the price by losing a big fish. FYI, the cedar plugs are the worst factory rigging available.
  464. cvjarrod

    Your Take on Bait Pumps

    How many of you run a strainer before your bait pump? My guess is that anyone who said they got less than three seasons from a pump do not run strainers. Bait pumps burn out when they suck up something and it wraps around the impeller. Use a strainer and you should get at least three...
  465. cvjarrod

    05/25/07 East Butterfly and down to the 371

    Let's see what the peanut gallery thinks this boner weighs (The fish, not the angler) :nutkick:
  466. BigBonie052507


  467. cvjarrod

    I Need New Batteries, Suggestions?

    Before deciding on where to get the battery, decide on what type to get. Always remember that any lead acid battery will vent corrosive gases that will corrode anything in their path. A lot of people wonder why they have so much corrosion around their battery. Go AGM or Gel and you won't...
  468. cvjarrod

    Replacing brakes and leaf springs

    First, take some of the rust remover liquid (phosphoric acid), and apply on all rusted areas and let sit overnight. I use the Jasco metal prep available at Home Depot, but I'm sure there are a lot of other comparable brands: JASCO® Metal & Galvanized Products Clean with acetone and apply...
  469. cvjarrod

    I/O 100 hour service, how much?

    Outdrive is easier to service than the engine. Vessel assist should always be paid, ESPECIALLY if you let a shop do the work. Do it yourself and make sure it's done right.
  470. cvjarrod

    I/O 100 hour service, how much?

    Only can give you prices from a DIY perspective: Every 100 hours: Outdrive: Factory Gear Oil: $15 (I believe part of the break in for the Merc outdrive is to change the oil at 20 hours if I'm not mistaken) Engine: Oil: $10.00 Filter: $8.00 Misc: Grease zirc fittings for...
  471. cvjarrod

    Replacing brakes and leaf springs

    If you stay with drums, make sure you use galvanized backing plates. A brake flush system is mandatory for marine applications and drum brakes. You also want riveted brake pads. If you go with discs, make sure you change your seals every season. Discs generate a lot more heat and can...
  472. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    Mark, I know you majored in English, but 72.5 inches would put the fish at 214 lbs according to the chart. Anyone with a 24 skippy flybridge can verify the length by the position of the fork on the hatches. Thanks again for the chart. I plan to use it again on Friday. This time we...
  473. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    I was the only one on the boat that wanted to leave the bonies last week. Not my boat, not my decision. Besides, you would've probably slept through the whole fight. :hali_ruahahaha: :hali_ruahahaha: :hali_ruahahaha: Fly your ass out here this week and we'll catch another one.
  474. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    Wow, Someone with usable info. I bet you actually fish! From that chart I'll be able to measure points on the boat and get a ball park figure. Thanks for the chart. Final weight was $50.00 worth of foodsaver vacuum pack bags and four people taking four hours to process the cleaned...
  475. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    :idiot: Anyone that's actually caught a T before have a guess?
  476. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    Headed out to the 43, down towards the San Clemente Buoy, back up to the 182 and then towards La Jolla. Water was around 59-60.7 and fairly clean. Never found a temp break better than .3. Hit about 8 patties bigger than a trash can (four nice ones) and 6 smaller ones. Got one 10 lb Yellow in...
  477. mrT


  478. cvjarrod

    Need some thoughts on gas mileage please

    He doesn't need to know anything about you to know that you are not getting 4 miles per gallon at 30mph, unless you have about a 40 knot tail wind and a serious following sea. Anyone that knows anything about two strokes knows you are lying. To the original poster: You like to go fast...
  479. cvjarrod

    Paddy Etiquette 101 c/o dshep75

    On ocean etiquette: If you see someone stopped and no flares, turn away and fish somewhere else. You should never get close enough to see whether they are fishing a patty or not! If you couldn't find patties last year, you are lame and need another hobby. Get better at spotting patties...
  480. cvjarrod


    Make sure you put the trim tabs all the way up in a following sea. The skippies don't handle particularly well in a following sea and big trim tabs trimmed down make the problem even worse. Other than that, bigger is better.
  481. cvjarrod

    Garmin question AC/PC adapter

    You can wire that unit into a serial cable and use it on any computer. I use it with a laptop and only put in a short cord. It makes it real easy to interface with the unit without taking it out of the boat. It's also a solution that will cost less than $5.00 for the wiring. If you have a...
  482. cvjarrod

    Skippy Session 2

    Errr, The bevel is supposed to go towards the outside of the boat so when pressure is applied by water and the outdrive, the piece is forced tighter into the boat. You have the beveled portion 100% backwards. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn't trust my life to that patch...
  483. cvjarrod

    Color doesn't matter. True or False??

    Color matters. The only people I've seen that keep data year after year on this is the Marlin Club. Stop by and you'll see that Black/Purple (Saury color) has caught more marlin in SD than any other color since they've been tracking it. Green/Black is second. Dorado color iron was red...
  484. cvjarrod

    Bait Pump Needed

    Double Z, Since Offshore doesn't sell a stock 40 gallon, I'll assume you have the OS-45 oval: Offshore Marine Products :: Round Bait Tanks That tank was designed for a 700-750 gph pump. If you want something that will last a very long time, try this pump: West Marine: Water Puppy...
  485. cvjarrod

    External Monitor for Raymarine e-80

    Buy a 19" computer monitor for about $200 (speakers included). Buy a Component Video to VGA adapter for around $20 (DVD to monitor connector). Buy a VGA switch for about $10 (So you can switch between DVD and Electronics). Buy an RCA to mini-RCA adapter for about $3 (Hooks DVD sound...
  486. cvjarrod

    Parker 2530 FHS - Your thoughts?

    For both PE and Offshore systems: Both keep bait great if properly setup Both spill water onto the deck in the slop Both drain completely Both come in off-white and white and can be ordered in any color for a little more I spend about 90 seconds per trip dealing with the Offshore fill...
  487. cvjarrod

    can't get my boat to idle right

    An intermittant problem like that is usually either a bad fuel tank or an ignition issue. A carb issue would most likely show up all the time, especially since you have a filter in front of the carb. Sometimes a carb will suck in salt water and corrode, but in that case the symptoms are...
  488. cvjarrod

    diesel for my 26 Anderson

    Two diesels = a lot more weight in the ass. If your boat is already ass heavy, you'll only make it worse. If your boat is nose heavy, it's probably the way to go. If your boat is ass heavy, like most boats, you'll save a lot of weight and trim the boat better with a single diesel. Most...
  489. cvjarrod

    Furuno vs. Raymarine

    Buy the best through hull transducer you can afford. Buy whatever you can afford with whatever is left over. It's all about the transducer.
  490. cvjarrod

    Volvo Penta Duo-Prop question

    That type of cavitation is caused by prop loading. There are two variables to consider when choosing a prop. Size and pitch. Not only do you have to consider how the prop goes to WOT, but also the surface loading on the prop. When there isn't enough surface area on the prop, the prop...
  491. cvjarrod

    4200 Or 5200 ?????

    There is no good reason to use the weaker 4200 below water line. If you are having a problem removing the 5200, DO NOT SAND. Use this: ANTI BOND 5200 MARINE ADHENSIVE REMOVER
  492. cvjarrod

    Diesel fuel polishing

    How old is the fuel? Diesel breaks down a lot slower than gas. If it's less than a year old, you can probably get away with topping off the tank and adding some stuff to kill off the algae. If your tank needs polishing, it probably needs replacing. For the price they'll rape you with...
  493. cvjarrod

    Advice for Swordfish fishing

    Leave about noon. Locate the stick boats for where to start fishing. Setup at night. Most guys use the 11-13" squid you can get at many Oriental markets and rig them with Comstock hooks. Most guys also attach some form of light to the line. Depth is a science unto itself and since...
  494. cvjarrod

    Dumfounded new 4.3v6 skippy-SCREWED

    Glad to hear you solved the problem. I'm just happy my info helped. That's what his board is supposed to be about. Unfortunately, the mods like a lot more chaos.
  495. cvjarrod

    need help on sea ray laguna boat parts

    Nothing wrong with heavy. The people that thought my skippy would handle the rough stuff better than the Sea Ray were wrong. I can live with that now that I am burning about 75% less fuel now.
  496. cvjarrod

    Dumfounded new 4.3v6 skippy-SCREWED

    Good advice so far. A couple of questions? Did you also change the risers? Doesn't make much sense to change out the manifolds and not the risers. BTW, the risers bolts down to the manifolds. Is this what you are referring to as an "exhaust elbow"? Did you use a good torque wrench...
  497. cvjarrod

    need help on sea ray laguna boat parts

    Search the salvage yards in your area. I owned a 24 Sea Ray Sundancer about five years ago. Met someone at the SI launch that worked in a salvage yard. He told me they had a couple of 24 Sea Rays that I could strip if I wanted (No motor or O/D). Showed up with a 12-pack and was given...
  498. cvjarrod

    How Far Does a 5W Handheld VHF Work?

    There is no one correct answer. It depends on how high your antenna is, how high the other antenna is, and atmospheric conditions at the time.
  499. cvjarrod

    Vhf radios, whats a good clear one?

    What Steve and Jan said, 100%. Transmitting power is the exact same for every VHF out there. If you want more range, get a good antenna and mount it as high as possible.
  500. cvjarrod

    Garmin GPS W/XM Sattelite Service

    Don't think you can get the SSTs. Weather only with XM. Maybe in the future.
  501. cvjarrod

    Boat trailer bunks

    You'll adjust them several times the first day until you have it perfect. You won't have to adjust them again. Going on 3 years with a 7000+ lb boat and they're basically frozen into place from the salt water on the bolts. If I wanted to readjust them, I think I'd probably have to cut them...
  502. cvjarrod

    Skipjack 25 FB

    Bring an empty beer bottle with you next time you go to the boat. Heneiken gives you the best tone for testing. Lightly tap everywhere there is wood under fiberglass. You'll hear a big difference in tone between good and rotted areas. The good areas will give you a nice ringing tone. The...
  503. cvjarrod

    Boat trailer bunks

    Your trailer should sit completely flat when it is attached to the tow vehicle. If it is, don't raise your tongue height. If the trailer is level, you will need to lower the risers on your trailer. If you can't weld, you can cut the existing ones off and use the bolt-on galvanized...
  504. cvjarrod

    Need some advice

    I'll second the water tight engine compartment. Putting a good lip around the engine compartment will really help the engine life. Number two reason for marine engine failure is poor engine environment. There is no such thing as a safe boat. There are only safe boaters.
  505. cvjarrod

    Fish Finder set up

    Set everything to manual. Set range and turn up the gain until you see a little bit of random noise. Adjust gain as depth, conditions, heading or speed changes. If you don't have a good transducer that has been installed correctly, no amount of adjusting will give you a good signal.
  506. cvjarrod

    best economy? inboard or outboard(s)

    Anyone that tries to make economic sense out of spending money on a boat is doomed to failure. Buy what you want to suit your needs. If it was about economic sense, none of us would own boats! With that said, you don't see too many people who run diesels that repower with gas. It also...
  507. cvjarrod

    blade fuse vs. glass fuse

    If you are replacing the fuse panel, get rid of the fuses altogether. Get a panel with breakers or fabricate you own. It gives you two less connections to fail per circuit and you'll never be searching for a fuse to save the trip. The prices have really come down on panels with breakers...
  508. cvjarrod

    T Top purchase

    Things to think about: GPS antenna mounting plate VHS antenna mounting plate Backup VHS antenna mounting plate Outrigger mounts Spreader light mounts Radar mounting plate Electronics box mount For the GPS and VHS mounting plates, you need to decide if you want a side mount or a top...
  509. cvjarrod

    NMEA Connections, GPS, AP, Navman

    Swazi's got it right. I actually used three small buses to support NMEA and labeled them: NMEA+, NMEA- and GROUND and put them close together. It then becomes a simple task of reading the manual for each device and attaching wires to the buses. That VHF radio does not support NMEA out...
  510. cvjarrod

    The legality of freegaffing

    I don't own any gaffs. I just have a bunch of aluminum fishing poles with big hooks attached to them.
  511. cvjarrod

    How angry would you be?

    I don't care how much you trust the owner of a shop. It's the tweakers working for him that are doing the work on your motor. Marine operations typically have a huge turnover within their labor force. What was a good shop "last time" isn't necessarily a good shop now. Do it yourself for...
  512. cvjarrod

    t-top why not stainless?

    Stainless cuts like butter with the right tools. The only way to make the weight of stainless tubing comparable to aluminum is to use very thin walled tubing. This makes the tubing much more likely to collapse if it is ever hit really hard. If your stainless tower doesn't weigh a lot more...
  513. cvjarrod

    pier bugging still worth it?

    Go out when the moon is full and the fog is pea soup and you have a chance on a pier.
  514. cvjarrod

    Pelagic Pandemonium

    What camera and lens are those shots taken with?
  515. cvjarrod

    finding the right prop - 4.3 v6

    Rejetting affects the entire RPM range. If you want to tune for a specific RPM range, you need to change the lift on your cam.
  516. cvjarrod

    Skipjack 24' Flybride makeover

    Nice work! Why are you installing a Kodiak on the swimstep? With the amount of work you are putting into the boat, get a 45 offshore or pacific edge and mount it in your cockpit. It'll look a LOT better than the plastic and will keep bait much better than the Kodiak. I use to have a boat...
  517. cvjarrod

    Battery charging ?

    Use gel or agm and you won't be venting corrosive gases in your bilge. Your battery connectors will also stay a lot cleaner. Another benefit of not using lead-acid. BTW, if you are venting with a gel or agm, you are cooking the battery with the wrong charger.
  518. cvjarrod

    Tough night on SD Bay

    Only 10 bugs? Boo f'n hoo. I was only able to hoop one trip for about two hours. Got five legals. Promptly ruptured my achilles tendon and haven't been on the water since. Instead of a bunch of lobsters in my freezer, I've got a 7" scar on my foot and three more weeks until I walk with...
  519. cvjarrod

    What weight line do you fish with the most?

    Start with 40#. If there are fish present and they don't bite, reduce line size. Repeat as necessary. Never start out light. This year they bit 40# ALL YEAR LONG. On days where they seemed line shy, all fish caught were absolutely FILLED with bait. They weren't line shy, they were...
  520. cvjarrod

    finding the right prop - 4.3 v6

    I'll assume a 20' open at 3200 lbs. There are several propping calculators out there, but you need to know the following variables before you plug it into the calculator. If you can't achieve WOT with your current prop, your mileage is definitely suffering. has a pretty good...
  521. cvjarrod

    12/13/06 La Jolla - White Sea Bass

    What, noone wanted stink finger? Hold that bad boy up next time so we can see someone smiling behind it. What size cooler is that so I can a perspective of how big the fish was? If that's the size cooler I think it is, you'll be eating well for a while.
  522. cvjarrod

    new ff/gps combo. whats good under $800

    A good transducer/faring block will cost you around $400-$700. Don't make the most common mistake of spending all your money on the head unit and using the cheap transom mount transducer. I would much rather have a good transducer and cheap head unit than visa versa. From my experience...
  523. cvjarrod

    Yahmaha Overheating

    No fences, I'm glad it wasn't you. Last time I launched, someone with your same rig and a Yammi started their motor up in the launch prep area, dry. Take it in for warranty work. It's the perfect time of year to do it.
  524. cvjarrod

    Yahmaha Overheating

    Launching out of the South Bay, I've noticed about 1 out of 10 boaters starts their motor before the boat is in the water. Run your motor dry even one time, and you've fried your impeller. The fact that the overtemp alarm sounded and when you increased RPMs it started "peeing" again, would...
  525. cvjarrod

    radar and birds

    With that model, on a perfectly flat day, you'll see the birds if you turn the gain way up. Seeing birds sitting on the water with your radar sounds pretty funny. I'm assumming a 2' wind chop is going to give off a much bigger signature than a bird sitting 8" out of the water. In anything...
  526. cvjarrod

    "Altered Oceans" Scary stuff. Good reading

    The only person that has given any scientific evidence to support his point is Bad Dog. Did any of you actually read the links he posted. If you didn't, read them before you throw out any more derogatory comments to Bad Dog. The video is simply an enviro commercial. That video is tailored...
  527. cvjarrod

    One moreGlass and Gelcoats guys

    WEST SYSTEM Epoxy Lots of good information on this site including hole repair.
  528. cvjarrod

    Electric Trailer Dollies.....

    Small plane pilots use them all the time to get their planes in an out of the hangars. Try getting one used at one of the local small plane airports. The electric one's are easier to use.
  529. cvjarrod

    Electrical Question for new T-Top

    Run 10 gauge power and ground from the buses next to the battery into a bus in the electronics box. If you have plans for autopilot, I would probably run 8 gauge. Its best to run the power lines in a different tube than your transducer cable. The power and ground buses next to the battery...
  530. cvjarrod

    What to do with excess hoop net rope?

    Use 20' sections with loops at each end. You can double up one to get a 10' section. Working with long pieces of cheap rope in the dark is a recipe for tangles. Anyone who has done some hoop netting can tell you of the joys of tangled rope. Also, the more rope you have out, the more the...
  531. cvjarrod

    FLATLINERS TEAM gots a boat!!!!!

    Free boat... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  532. cvjarrod

    GPSMAP 3005c

    I have the 2010c with radar and fish finder. The radar works really well, but is really expensive. The plugs on the radar were huge and I had to run them on the outside of my radar arch. Make sure you match the gsd20 with a good transducer if you want good performance. Here's the...
  533. cvjarrod

    Cockpit Bait Tank Info

    You can't go wrong with either Pacific Yacht Tower or Offshore. When you order your tank, make sure you tell them what color your want. White and off-white are offered at the standard price. Other colors are available for a little bit more. Make sure you tell them to install the tank...
  534. cvjarrod

    Parade of Lights

    Run the new LED christmas lights and you'll be able to run plenty of lights off of a plug-in (cigarette lighter adapter) inverter. Some of the boats don't run the cleanest diesels in the world. Expect to suck some diesel fumes. I've heard that rapid shots of tequila cures any side effects...
  535. cvjarrod

    12 volt deep cycle battery suggestions?

    For marine applications: AGM will last the longest. (~5+ yrs) Gel will last 2nd longest. (~5 yrs with the right charging system) Lead acid will last 3rd longest. (~3 yrs) Any battery will crap out on you if you constantly draw it down to almost dead and recharge it. Here's a...
  536. cvjarrod

    BLOWN UP GOING DEEP: Breaking news Saturday's field report on rock cod innovation

    Bad Dog, Have you ever tried these for bottom fishing? | GLO-TOOB | HIGH INTENSITY MULTIPURPOSE WATERPROOF LIGHTSOURCE | It's good to 11,500 feet.
  537. cvjarrod

    can Skippies taste good?

    Key to Skippies is what happens immediately after you catch the fish. Immediately brain spike the fish. If you have one of the special long spikes, it allows you to spike almost the entire nervous system of the fish and cease the production of lactic acid in the meat. If not, plier handles...
  538. cvjarrod

    Newbie needs a new(used) boat

    The average used boat owner will typically put in between 50% - 150% of the purchase price within the first 12 months. If you do all your own work, you can get this percentage way down. There are exceptions to this rule, but there usually is a reason someone wants to get rid of a boat. My...
  539. cvjarrod

    Bug Question

    Try this test: Take a small piece of lobster meat. Put it in lemon juice for several minutes. Look at the piece afterwards. What does it look like? Take picture and post. Put piece on cracker and eat (Don't want to be wasteful). You've just simulated extreme lactic acid buildup in the...
  540. cvjarrod

    Thru-Hull Transducer

    Here's an installation guide from airmar: Buy one of their high speed fairing blocks and it'll make your job a lot easier. Only special tools needed are a good bandsaw and hole saw. Should only take you about an hour...
  541. cvjarrod

    It may be over

    Ruptured my Achilles tendon a couple of weeks ago. It's definitely over for the rest of the year.
  542. cvjarrod

    Bug Question

    The meat is "burned". Happens on fish as well. The animal actually struggles so hard it "burns" it's own meat. I believe it is caused by a combination of heat and lactic acid buildup in the muscle. Bug should go straight from the hoop into the bait system to help avoid this. Avoid...
  543. cvjarrod

    Fuel Polishing

    After you drain the tank, use a light to look at the inside of the tank. If it has significant pitting, it's probably a waste of time to polish the tank. It will muck up really quickly once the tank is in this condition. If the tank looks good, try this: You need an air compressor to do it...
  544. cvjarrod

    Replacing an OMC with something (anything) better

    There's a lot more than a bracket and motor to worry about if you want to convert from I/O to O/B. The main problem is you are moving the center of gravity back and up on the boat by going to an outboard. You are also removing about 500 lbs of ballast on an already tippy hull design, so expect...
  545. cvjarrod

    "kaku" boat tries to steal kayakers hoopnet at Dana Point

    Cut the ropes into 20' sections with a loop at each end. With two sections, you can make 10', 20', 30' and 40' lengths. To make the 10' lengths, double up one of the lines. Use the loops to connect the buoy, net and lines together.
  546. cvjarrod

    Catalina, Cruz & Rosa Island Trip w/pics

    The place you plan on diving for your next trip is absolutely loaded with huge scallops. One of the best spots in CA for scallops. Make sure you bring a big dive bag when you go in.
  547. cvjarrod


    Lots of different types of outriggers out there. Rubber band or clip? Rope or Mono rigging? Post some pictures of the outriggers. Make sure you post a close-up of your clip setups and post it in the Hawaii forum.
  548. cvjarrod

    "Hoopnet" question

    I wouldn't buy them. Moment of Fame Forums - "Stealth-nets" are considered illegal.
  549. cvjarrod

    Skunked Thursday

    If you see someone on a paddy, there is a great probability that you are on a temp break. Find the temp break and follow it and you WILL find your own paddy. Stay the F off of other people's paddies, period! If you aren't finding paddies, stop relying on other boats. If you don't...
  550. cvjarrod

    Hoo' your dad- 9.25.06 off of Colnett

    Thanks for posting that picture. That hoo put a big smile on my face.
  551. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Griz, We did use almost all of that bait. We fished in the Morning with Momi Bean on the Small Kine and then jumped right on to the Makana in the afternoon to fish with Ricky Reager. We caught the marlin heading South and then went out all night to fish for the tuna. Caught a lot of...
  552. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Jim, Sorry about lumping you in the same category as little Mikey. I've looked at your past posts and you are one of the "good guys" on this board. My sincere apologies for even putting you in the same sentence as little Mikey. I also got the same threats via PM. What kind of dumbshit...
  553. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Jim, The charter didn't "estimate" anything, the commercial fish guy buying the fish weighed it on a scale. In fact, we don't take charters. We pay for bait, gas and food and crew any boat we're on. 330 lbs was the weight of the fish headed, gutted and tailed, per the wholesale...
  554. cvjarrod

    If you were calling charter boats...Would you this?

    Never! And the tip depends on how hard the crew is working, NOT how many fish are caught. The captains in Hawaii I've fished with rock! Being able to ask them questions about fishing all day is more than worth the $$$ by itself. But that's just me.
  555. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    After purchasing about $400 worth of video capture/additional hard drives and spending countless unproductive hours streaming video, I think I've got it now. I can't believe the direction this post has taken! Little Mikey, we're not on your Daddy's boat right now, so if you act like a moron...
  556. cvjarrod

    Better Rod Holder?

    In Kona, all the boats we fished on had rotating gimbals so the rod could rotate freely and follow the fish or the lure when trolling. It keeps the rod pointing at the fish at all times during the strike and makes it alot easier to fight the fish from the rod holder. Next time I'm...
  557. cvjarrod

    Rebirth of a Whaler/Whaler sex change, the final stretch

    Awesome work! That isn't an un-scuppered drain installed below waterline for the bait tank drain, is it? Would hate to see all that awesome work sink because of something as lame as a cracked hose or fitting. Keep up the good work and keep posting.
  558. cvjarrod

    Opinions on Livesay Marine Boats

    I've fished on the 26 Livesay. It was a great riding boat with a lot of deck space. Like any boat with that hull configuration (Skipjack, Blackman, etc.), it's tippy and doesn't like a big following sea. I wouldn't start with this boat if you are dead set on a pilot house. It's just...
  559. cvjarrod

    Best fishfinder/sounder under $1000?

    If you are going to buy another gadget, then upgrade! The 600L is not an upgrade from what you currently have. If you go with the 582, then you will have a better system than before, but you'll be way over budget. If you pick up a good through hull transducer and the 600L, you'll still be...
  560. cvjarrod

    AVET -verses- Bluprinted Penn

    From someone that's actually fished a blue printed 12T, get it done. I love my Avets, but the 12T is an awesome real after that procedure. You might want to ask everyone if they've actually ever fished a blue printed 12T before you eat up their advice.
  561. cvjarrod

    How did you get your fishing knowledge?

    I think Socrates said it best: The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
  562. cvjarrod

    Best fishfinder/sounder under $1000?

    The 187 will perform fine. You most likely have transducer installation issues. Buy a good through hull transducer and install it correctly and your 187 should work fine.
  563. cvjarrod

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    Without chillers, you can't make an effective salt water brine. That salt water will never get colder than the ice without chillers and that's the whole point of a salt water brine. If you have chillers, it's the most effective way to get the core temperature of the fish down quickly. Slit...
  564. cvjarrod

    shipping a boat?

    6K to Hawaii for a 26' boat. You should be able to get it done for at least half that.
  565. cvjarrod

    Penta I/O maintenance

  566. cvjarrod

    Would a tru-hull transducer that was used for a Garmin work for a Furuno?

    Airmar should have the converter plug.
  567. cvjarrod

    8/25 only 4 Blind Strikes

    Was that a Zuker I saw in the Marlin's mouth? What did the marlin hit the other three times? What was the water temp? Great job out there!
  568. cvjarrod

    Rod Renter Asking For Help

    Bring several different types of sea sickness medicine. The prescription stuff (Transderm Scopalimine) is the best and I would highly recommend it for someone going offshore for the first time. You might also want to invest in one of the sea-sickness wrist bands. I've seen sea-sickness ruin...
  569. cvjarrod

    43 on 8/26

    12 oz? Come to think of it, the crew wasn't perfect. They only brought 9 beers for 3 people!
  570. cvjarrod

    43 on 8/26

    I was driving the boat and the biggest one went maybe 16-18 lbs. But I'm sure they felt heavier Mark :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: , especially after catching four in a row (Mark had the hot stick). Beautiful day out west with tons of barn sized paddies. Worked a temp break that went...
  571. cvjarrod

    8/25 Magic Monster Paddy 295 (Pics): You be the judge

    Saturday fishing can really be frustrating unless you can find your own area to fish. It looked like a Christmas Parade going South Saturday morning. That's why I went West. I got far enough away from the crowd yesterday that only one person asked me to slide in on my paddy. My response...
  572. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Most commercial guys in Hawaii either run Force Marine or what Ricky's running. Both brands are made in Hawaii. I'm drawing a blank as to the brand name Ricky runs, but when it comes to me I'll post it. You see some Radons, but not many in Kona. I'd tell you how it rode, but is was so...
  573. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Big Billy reeled up the Marlin and little Billy reeled up a spearfish earlier that morning. Big Billy had all the contacts in Kona and it made it an absolutely awesome trip. Ricky runs the Makana and is a commercial fisherman. We crewed for him and paid for diesel, ice and bait, and...
  574. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Just got back from Kona where we were lucky enough to get this beast. We were on the 1,000 mark outside of the Outrigger. We hooked another about the same size the next day, but she came unbuttoned. I've got a great video of the 1 hour fight, but haven't captured it to my computer yet...
  575. Kona 8/06

    Kona 8/06

  576. cvjarrod

    8/13 182 Tempbreak broken up

    Fished around the 182 on Sunday. Ended up with three tails about 8lbs each. Way too many farmed fish that day. The 182 has had a really hard temp break the last couple of weeks that has made spotting paddies and catching fish really easy. The temp breaks are a lot more subtle now, but...
  577. cvjarrod

    how do you fight a dodo??

    Between all the jumping and the extreme head shakes, every angler loses some Dorado, no matter how experienced. If they didn't break you off, don't sweat it. If they did break you off, stop throwing light line on paddies.
  578. cvjarrod

    8/5 182, 43

    Well that really bites. Not only did we suck at baiting two swordies, I gave away the general area. That troll fish that came unbuttoned on Tuesday could've been a swordie. It was screaming line from an International 50W like nothing I've seen in San Diego. Unforunately, we never got to...
  579. cvjarrod

    8/5 182, 43

    I thought I saw the dorsals fold down, but can't remember for sure. None of the pictures Mac took show a folded dorsal fin. I'll have him post all of the spike pictures right now.
  580. cvjarrod

    8/5 182, 43

    Mo Betta, How do you tell the difference between a swordie and a striper?. It did look a little different because both fins looked almost the same size. If that was a swordie, we tried unsuccessfully to bait two of them that day and it was a monumental mistake to not make some good pieces...
  581. cvjarrod

    HI Fishing charters

    Kailua is the only harbor on the protected side for the bigger charter boats. It's 1 mile from Wahoo alley, 2 Miles from Marlin Alley and 3 miles from Tuna alley and 4 miles from the nearest FAD (Where you catch small skipjack for bait). Most charters won't tell you the closer to land's...
  582. cvjarrod

    8/5 182, 43

    It's dodo tonight! A little skinny: Our dodos were averaging 20 lbs easy. Don't throw light line at these fish. 30 and up is all I was using. Once the first fish is lost, the rest of the school was following all day. All fish were caught on the tempbreak running just South of the...
  583. filets


  584. cvjarrod

    Offshore Bait tank

    Offshore recommends a 750GPH bait pump for that tank.
  585. cvjarrod

    Transom tiedowns, c'mon are they really that necessary ?

    Tie downs would've just made the trailer flip as well. Once three tons decides to tip, no tie down is going to stop it.
  586. cvjarrod

    You've gotta see this boat...
  587. cvjarrod

    Good day for Kona

    Awesome... I'll be out there fishing from Aug. 15-23rd. Keep the reports coming.
  588. cvjarrod

    My semi-free boat

    FREE BOAT... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  589. cvjarrod

    Rinse your fillet's?

    Keep your fillet table really clean and no rinsing is necessary (except for the knife). That assumes you know how to fillet without cutting through the fish guts.
  590. cvjarrod

    Cutting Fish for Sashimi/Sushi Help

    The trick to getting great tuna fillets is to never touch them with your hands until you are pulling them out of the fish. You can touch the skin side, but never handle the filets except for the actual time you pull the fillet out of the fish. Also, NEVER rinse with fresh water. Assumming...
  591. cvjarrod

    How do you prepare "belly fillet" from a BFT? or YFT?

    If I don't eat it raw, here's how I cook them. Don't bother skinning it. Pack it in salt (and I mean pack it). Don't worry, when you're done it won't taste salty. Keep it packed in salt for at least 4 hours. You can leave it overnight if you want. Before you grill it, rinse all the...
  592. cvjarrod

    7/8 YT - 182 and 302

    Worked paddies on the NE edge of the 302 in 67-68 water for this one: Worked towards North Island and found a paddy about five miles short of the island for these: Mark was catching too many fish: But I got the big one: Caught a total of 6 fish for the trip. MacDaddy...
  593. 070806


  594. 070806


  595. 070806


  596. 070806


  597. cvjarrod

    7/3 Seiner Hell

    Worked the 302/371/425 area today. Saw about 5 seiners, one plane, one helicopter and two tuna pens at the 425. Saw about 6 seiners, two planes, one helicopter and three tuna pens around the 302. The seiners were working with the planes and helicopters to systematically wrap any...
  598. cvjarrod

    Son's first legal Halibut - of the Dome's

    My 8 year old just pulled in his first legal halibut a couple of weeks ago. He was stoked. I'm making some custom rods for him for the pelagics. Most rods are too long in the butt section for a kid that size. I'll be wrapping some 5 1/2' rods with really short butt sections. A friend of...
  599. cvjarrod

    Running Tues. 6/13/06 - Going for BFT

    We'll be leaving as soon as Squirtis can get out of work. Hopefully between 10 and 11. Where you going to start fishing?
  600. cvjarrod

    Running Tues. 6/13/06 - Going for BFT

    See you out there. I'll be starting at 26 over 59 at grey. I'll be on 72 on the Freshie. Good luck out there.
  601. cvjarrod

    5/14 Jennings

    I spent the entire weekend tying rigs for a group of 7-12 year old Scouts at Lake Jennings. My son is the one in the picture. It's a really good story, but first, let me give you some background. My 8 year old son did not like fishing before this trip. I've taken him out many times in the...
  602. Jennings


  603. cvjarrod

    Fuel Tank on Skippy Replacement Referral?

    bburrito, You sure you want a 120 gallon in that setup? With your rig, you'll be getting 3-4mpg. Your hull will hold up to a 130 gallon tank, but it makes plumbing the exhaust hose on your bait system more difficult. Instead of running the hose under the 2X4 that supports the deck...
  604. cvjarrod

    Launching Fr, Fish Sat, Going Looong

    Got my crew set for Friday. Looks to be nice weather for fishing. On to the dumper!
  605. cvjarrod

    Trailering to Ensenada

    Have to agree with Mots. If you don't have 4 wheel drive, don't risk it on that launch ramp. Apparently, so many Gringos have submerged their trucks at that ramp that there is a crew standing ready to strip down your boat and truck when you leave to arrange for towing. Even if you are...
  606. cvjarrod

    Cummins 1.7 Diesel Owners

    New yahoo users group specifically for owners of the Merc/Cummins 1.7 turbodiesel motor.
  607. cvjarrod

    Exploritory Albacore Run Sun 1/29

    Good luck and tell me how the new prop performs. I'll be going long next weekend. Weather permitting I'll be out both Saturday and Sunday.
  608. cvjarrod

    Advice on Deck Lights

    Hardware on optronics is not the best grade of stainless. Had the lights for less than a year and there is already rust stains around the screws and other stainless parts. They've worked great, but they should've charged an extra five bucks and used the good stainless. If you do go with...
  609. cvjarrod

    10/14 mackies,bugs,catfish

    Hooped on Saturday. Only got 4 legals. It's starting to slow down. I was hoping for epic lobster fishing in the wake of pathetic tuna fishing. Oh well...
  610. freshie1


  611. cvjarrod


    Change all fuel filters including the one on the carburetor (assumming you aren't fuel injected). Run off of a portable gas deck tank to eliminate the fuel tank as a variable. If it fixes the problem and the problem doesn't return when you hook back up to the main tank, it was the filters...
  612. cvjarrod

    Clarification of DFG regs from the DFG

    I bought those lobster tails in my freezer at Pt. Loma Seafood. Where the fuck is your evidence that I didn't? In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. I'm tired of people rambling on about a law that can never be enforced.
  613. cvjarrod

    Mercrusier Question

    What is your idle RPM? Should be around 600 depending on what engine you have. High engine idle would make shifting difficult.
  614. cvjarrod

    Removing V.P 225D from a 24 skipjack open

    Only takes about 30 minutes to pull the upper gear housing on that outdrive. Give yourself an hour the first time. There is no alignment adjustment putting it back on either. If you haven't changed the bellows lately, you should pull it anyways to replace the bellows and inspect/grease...
  615. cvjarrod

    Garmin 320C Fish Finder - depth reading problem

    Download and update the software in the 320c.
  616. cvjarrod

    225 Four Stroke Yami gas Advice

    Higher combustion temp? The difference in combustion temp from 89 to 91 octane is going to be too small to make any difference whatsoever. Myth 3 addresses the myth that you can have too much octane. These debunked myths were addressed by Unocal, and I think they have a decent amount of...
  617. cvjarrod

    >> Hooking Bait <<

    All three depending on what's getting bit. Also tail hooking is great when you want the fish to swim directly away from you, regardless of swell and wind.
  618. cvjarrod

    225 Four Stroke Yami gas Advice

    If you use unleaded +, you are already using gas blended from two octanes: Blending octanes is fine. It is a myth that it will cause damage to your engine. Here's a link to more myths about...
  619. cvjarrod

    Boat hits MB jetty
  620. cvjarrod

    08/27 I acatually have a fish report!

    a day this week and we'll go get some more. Probably either Thursday or Friday.
  621. cvjarrod

    8/26 YFT, YT, Dolphin

    Yeah, right... Next thing you'll be saying is you caught a bunch of Wahoo and don't have any pictures.
  622. cvjarrod

    08/27 I acatually have a fish report!

    :720icon: Now I don't have to hear you whine about not getting any pelagics.:720icon:
  623. cvjarrod

    Transom Plate for OMC Conversion

    Went through this last year. Noone I trusted would recommend using the adapter plate. OMC is just alot bigger than VP or Merc and my guess is that the plate flexes too much when under power. Plug and recut. Joe at Futura is the best I know of for this.
  624. cvjarrod

    Best place for props?

    Ordered an aluminum three blade 16" for an Alpha 1 yesterday from propellersonline. $132.00 and free shipping.
  625. cvjarrod

    Worse Offshore Season Since 1993

    More Drama from the "BloodyDecks faithful/charter members".
  626. cvjarrod

    Saturday Albie Video

    Worked all around the 390 and to the 1010. Two bait stops, no jig stops. Fish caught in 62.5-63.5 water. Find the good marks and stop on them. Party boats weren't doing a lot of trolling. This was the biggest of the bait fish: :food-smil...
  627. cvjarrod

    Bloody Sunday

    Kammel Driver, CVWhaler took the video with a Sony Cybershot digital camera. I was amazed at how good it turned out. The video I posted was compressed down to 1/5 of its original size. Not real expensive and real easy to use. We were near the 421 about 7 miles NW of the 390, not the...
  628. Mark's Chicken

    Mark's Chicken

  629. cvjarrod

    Bloody Sunday

    Sunday by the 421. 61.7 degree water. Thanks Kammel Driver for calling out the area. We got two on troll (zuchini, Mex flag), and this was the only baitfish:
  630. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    Let's agree to disagree like adults. Although the powers that be love to watch people flame each other on this board, it's still bullshit. I would love to hear your opinions, but I hate it when someone takes a cheap shot. Please give us more information on your waste-gate theory and less...
  631. cvjarrod

    Anybody need a HO Sat. 6/11

    go get 'em. Who wants to cover some ocean? Let's stop playing grab-ass and organize a trip to find them once and for all. We'll be going as long as necessary and would appreciate some coverage from other boats. Let's work together and cover a good chunk of ocean. Who's in and how...
  632. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    apologizing zzsDad and Getagaff. I really enjoy reading posts from both of you guys. You give some great information out and I, for one, am really appreciative. I'm no expert on break-ins by anybody's standard. I didn't even run the motor on the hose until an hour before initial break-in...
  633. cvjarrod

    Looking for VHF Hand held Charger..
  634. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    information Getagaff. The break-in was extremely specific. About twelve different three minute RPM steps with the last step running at WOT. First 36 minutes wanted exact RPM steps and the first 20 hours with varied RPM and not above 3600. The only time the motor was run WOT was according...
  635. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    zzsDad, 4400 at WOT. The manual recommends cruising at 3800. I'm going to try to contact Cummins for some more information on these motors and EGT at different RPMs. I'd really like to verify my motor is running within spec. I'll ask about the 4.2 at the same time and forward you the...
  636. cvjarrod

    Garmin Radar...

    but the weather module.
  637. cvjarrod

    Furuno,Garmin,Raymarine, 4kw radar

    That's some great target resolution. Glad you're happy with the results. It's so much better when things work out as planned. My guess is your skill as an installer had alot to do with how well the unit works.
  638. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    zzDad, I was about to do the same with a couple of different props. I was thinking it would be better to do it after the EGT gauge is installed. That way I could graph out exhaust temperature as a function of RPM for the different props. Do you know of any good sources with these type of...
  639. cvjarrod

    Garmin Radar...

    GMR 20 with the 3010 head unit.
  640. cvjarrod

    Garmin Radar...

    worked great on Saturday. Picked up everything we could see and alot of things we couldn't. Little center console boats would fade in and out at more than six miles, but everything else gave really strong returns. Radar was self-installed and required no calibration when we got her on the...
  641. cvjarrod

    Skippy Hatches

    Starting the fish hold projects this week and wanted some input from other Skipjack owners. The two hatches on the deck are pathetic when it comes to water leaking through them. Any sloshing from the bait tank immediately drains into the bilge which would melt all the ice in my fish holds...
  642. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    Did 240+ miles on Saturday. Fully loaded, cruising speed is about 15 knots at 3600 RPM. Went 240+ miles and burned about 65 gallons of fuel at most. I didn't install a fuel management system and I'm not sure exactly how much fuel I burned. Prop still needs some tweaking and I hope my...
  643. cvjarrod

    Long ride No fish

    to you on the radio on Saturday. We never could raise those albies I saw breaking at the Airplane Bank. 240+ miles and no pelagics wanted to play. I was hoping to be able to call you into a bite. Don't know if it will help anyone, but we saw two batches of breaking albies at the Airplane...
  644. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    Smudge, I know the engines are huge and I know they will run forever. I was just being sarcastic. Let's play a little game of fetch. Starfire! WTF kind of boat is that. Sounds like the name of a video game. Maybe if you had bought a real boat in the first place, you wouldn't be...
  645. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    from Yo Ho. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard at his last post. Come on Yo Ho, the comedic value of your posts are absolute jewels. Keep them coming please. Waiting with baited anticipation...
  646. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    It was an alloy that had brass in it. If I recall correctly, it was Berrilium and that motor is still running strong. For a car guy, you have some really funny ideas. Using your logic in a car, a 350 should only be used in a vehicle that weighs a certain amount. You can't put that same...
  647. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    was a source of problems for the earlier motors. Hopefully, it'll be seals and back on the water. 2 quarts an hour would be a serious blowby problem. It sounds like something was sucking up the oil as fast as it could. The turbo seals make alot of sense.
  648. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    zzzdad, Sorry for the late reply, but I've been in the mountains for the last three days on a Cub Scouts campout. I'll paste one of my past replies: You need the following information to determine prop size: 1. Weight of boat 2. HP of motor 3. Rated RPM at WOT 4. Outdrive ratio...
  649. cvjarrod

    SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    Hopefully the piston doesn't look like this: That's a piston from one of the early 1.7. When the motor was introduced, there was a high rate of failure for intercoolers, starters and pistons. The pistons have been redesigned (I think in early 2004 they started shipping the new pistons)...
  650. piston


  651. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    overpropped. Could he turn 4400 at WOT? These motors are grenades waiting to happen in an overprop situation. 60+ HP per liter leaves zero margin for error. If you are overpropped with this motor and you lay the hammer down, get ready for the repair bill. Bill's motor is still going...
  652. cvjarrod

    Furuno Garmin Interface Question

    correct noworries. Need to buy the right radio for that functionality.
  653. cvjarrod

    Shut off valve.

    through holes need a seacock to be USCGA compliant. Not the case with any above waterline holes, but if the bait drain hole is really close to the waterline, a scuppered fitting is a good safety measure:
  654. cvjarrod

    Free Skipjack Flybridge seats

    Original, blue seats in fair condition. PM me in the next couple of days or they're going into the trash.
  655. cvjarrod

    Starting problems

    in the system somewhere. Did you replace all the wiring, or just the harness from the engine? You'll need an inductive ammeter (clamp meter) that reads amperage (The kind you don't have to disconnect wires to use).
  656. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    I've spent about 46K on everything so far. Everything but the hull is brand new.
  657. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    Sea trialed my boat on Sunday for initial break-in. Skipjack 24 flybridge, 4 big guys, full bait tank, 25 gallons of diesel, no fishing gear and minimal ice and beer. Top speed of 23 knots in the bay with a cruising speed at 3600 RPM of about 17 knots. Not the fastest boat on the water...
  658. cvjarrod

    how much chum?

    do not carry enough bait to over-chum. Just look at how much bait gets brailed on a party boat. On a small boat it's more a matter of keeping the chum line intact while not depleting your bait supply. Next time you are at the bait barge, ask them for a pass or two into a 5 gallon bucket...
  659. cvjarrod

    bait tank

    your bait tank can hold is usually a function of how well you tip the guys at the bait barge. If you go out alot, make sure you bring the guys hot coffee and tip them. It works every time. Had the 32 pro flow in my last boat. More than a scoop was asking for rollers.
  660. cvjarrod

    Sat 5/14 RPT

    on the water is better than a day working on your boat. Driveway tested the electronics yesterday and everything works. Got a loud and clear radio check from the 390 and painted all the neighbors houses' and the mountains 8 miles away with my radar. Autopilot fired up, but I still need to...
  661. cvjarrod

    So i wanna make sure im not offending anyone by doing this.............

    for the loss. When I pass, I hope my son will do the exact same thing.
  662. cvjarrod

    How do I get better range

    5400 rpm is way high. 4400-4600 is what I've seen for most VP setups. You need the following information to determine prop size: 1. Weight of boat 2. HP of motor 3. Rated RPM at WOT 4. Outdrive ratio 5. Hull Classification (SJ 24 Fly is an average planing boat) Assumming 4400 WOT...
  663. cvjarrod

    inboard vs. outboard on 25ft boat?

    on how handy you are with motors. If you are good at working on motors, I/O would be a lot cheaper over the long haul. If you have the shop do everything, outboard would probably be cheaper for maintenance. If you ever have to change out the motor, I/O is going to be a lot less expensive...
  664. cvjarrod

    Garmin 2010c Temp readings

    are you using. Water temp readings are a function of the sensor on the transducer, not the head unit. In my last boat, I used the B744V from Airmar and it was very accurate.
  665. cvjarrod

    Gamin combo unit?

    is really good and the sounder will be as good as the transducer you mount. Make sure you keep the firmware up to date. It has a really delicate screen so a cover would be a good idea.
  666. cvjarrod

    sealing up old holes

    sucks. I just helped repair a hull where the prior owner used marinetex to repair everything. Fucking disaster area. Any marinetex plug over 1/4" had cracks in the marinetex. The cracks cracked through the paint and water rotted a good portion of the boat. Removing the marinetex was a...
  667. cvjarrod

    sealing up old holes Great article on hole repair at this site. Do not use Marine Tex. It becomes brittle over time and cracks. It's also a real bitch to remove and forget about sanding it. It's only good use is to temporarily repair something under the waterline while the boat is...
  668. cvjarrod

    Skippy Progress

    Pacific Yacht towers. Tom still has the plans for that one. 86 the cooler/seat and strap one on. It just costs money (cost me about $700 for the rack and 8 rod holders). China is sucking up all the metal and prices are going up every day, so the price is probably already dated. It's...
  669. cvjarrod

    Skippy Progress

    If I didn't have autopilot, I would've mounted the chairs a little lower. As it was, I had to cut the pedestals and plastic inserts to get them that low. Probably could've got them another 1.5" lower. I'll have two positions for the chair. All the way forward on the slider for manual...
  670. cvjarrod

    Skippy Progress

    <img src="" alt="back" />
  671. back


  672. cvjarrod

    Running cables under the deck?

    wire from romex wiring. Copper is flexible, but not limp.
  673. cvjarrod


    I think I could get into some legal problems selling the badges. Any lawyers out there want to chime in?
  674. cvjarrod


    Sage, This is an OMAX waterjet that can handle a 4X8 plate with the tiltajet add-on. 200K is the going rate. It's an unbelievable machine and worth every penny. It costs alot of money for a machine that will cut a 4X8 sheet of 1/2" inconel like butter. Took about 3 minutes to machine...
  675. cvjarrod


    to be friends with two of the best CNC machinists in Southern California. I also had some vent bases and backing plates for the helm chairs fabricated. The waterjet cuts about as fast as you could trace a pencil over the metal. I'd buy one if I had an extra 200K lying around. I should've...
  676. cvjarrod


    we don't need no stinkin' factory badges! Mine: Bill Havens': Both will be cut from the same stainless material used in the second picture and both will need to be polished. Total material cost of about $24 for six badges and about $1,000 in programming time. Waterjets are cool...
  677. badges2


  678. badges1


  679. cvjarrod

    Marine Carpet Guy Needed

    a "Marine" carpet guy. You just need a carpet layer to put marine carpet in your boat. Save yourself some money and get equal or better quality by hiring out a good carpet layer. All they do is glue the stuff down. Works the same in a house or on a boat. Just make sure you get the right...
  680. cvjarrod

    Installing Simrad AP14R Autopilot

    I start the install of the AP12 this weekend. Pretty much the same install as the AP14. PM me and I'll give you feedback on the install. I know there is a custom bracket that needs to be fabricated. I can give you the template once I complete the project. I'll make sure I take some pictures...
  681. cvjarrod

    Furuno,Garmin,Raymarine, 4kw radar

    Make sure you get the right size radar mounting plate for whatever package you choose. I had to make a custom plate that bolts onto the existing mounting plate. Would've been a lot easier to start with the right size plate. If you plan on going Garmin, their network plug is about an inch...
  682. cvjarrod

    Help 1980 Mercruiser 260 Drive Broke

    on the diagnosis. I just purchased and alpha one and am just learning the differences between Merc and Volvo Penta. Good luck in your troubleshooting.
  683. cvjarrod

    yamaha 2001 115, crappin out!

    Best Case: Check that you are getting spark and fuel to the cylinder. Hopefully, one or more cylinders aren't getting what they need. Change all filters and use a small deck tank to elim