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  1. cvjarrod

    FMM Visa Fail

    Been trying to access the site to purchase an FMM Visa. It's been down the last couple of days. Is there a new site?
  2. cvjarrod

    Helm Chair Rec

    Freshie is getting some upgrades. Full enclosure and new helm chairs. I want my ASS to feel like the queen of England after a full day on the water. My current chairs make me feel like a pound of ground hamburger at the end of the day. Who has chairs that make their ASS feel like the queen...
  3. cvjarrod

    Cal Sheets??

    Prepping for my first long range trip, a 13 day fly down fly back in September. Was planning on dropping off my Talica 20 at Cal Sheets for the lower gear, blueprint plus and bearings. I also have the following larger reels I will be bringing . I'm not sure if I should get work done on them...
  4. cvjarrod

    Kite reel - short review

    Daiwa Tanacom 1000. Decided to upgrade the kite reel to an electric. Should've started that way! It is just so much better to flip a switch to retrieve. This reel did a great job at retrieving the kite and holds PLENTY of line. Fast retrieve with plenty of torque. It even has a jigging...
  5. cvjarrod

    BB Ban Back

    As most of you know, SB880 (Bullet button ban) was withdrawn by the DOJ for a rewrite. The rewrite has been completed and can be seen here: Here are some of the lowlights in this bill: "Any person who...
  6. cvjarrod

    Alaska Fish Species Bucket List

    Will be in Alaska for a couple of weeks starting Thursday. I will be gunning for the following species: Pacific Halibut King Salmon Silver Salmon Red Salmon Pink & Chum Salmon I've never caught ANY of the above fish. I was hoping we have some AK fishing experts that could help me expand...
  7. cvjarrod

    Need turbo rebuild rec...

    After 11 seasons, turbo took a crap on me this weekend. Was looking for a recommendation for rebuilding it. I've heard turbomasters are supposed to be pretty good, but would appreciate some first hand reports on turbo rebuilders around the San Diego area.
  8. cvjarrod

    What a difference...

    a day makes. Or, you should've been here yesterday: 6/24 - 32 over 48 Spot a couple of football fields worth of foaming Bluefin. Took about 10 minutes to get to them. Throw a couple of poppers into the boils and we are immediately hooked up. Fight one for 30 minutes, one for one hour...
  9. cvjarrod

    Hate paddy crashers?

    Then this is the boat for you. Complete with huge cockpit area and three water canons to deter paddy crashers.
  10. cvjarrod

    Ice Machine

    Made a few additions in the offseason. Triangle HD140 was an exercise at grinding on Ebay. Vacmaster 215 was an exercise in buying new. My Manitowoc ice machine purchase was something very repeatable in San Diego. I ended up with a head unit that could make 350 lbs in a 24 hour period and it...
  11. cvjarrod

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    Just picked up the Fujinon Techno Stabi 10X40 binocs. They are the same as the Nikon 10X40, in fact they come off the same assembly line. I have extensive photography experience, and this is how I applied it to this product. The 10X40 binocs take a 48mm lens filter. It's a complete oddball...
  12. cvjarrod

    Diesel Tach Calibration

    Just replaced the tachometer on my boat and now I need to calibrate it. Motor WOT = 4600rpm. Cruise RPM = 3600-3800 At what RPM should I calibrate the tachometer? I've heard different things on the subject. Some say 1500-2000 RPM and some say to calibrate at your cruising RPM. I'll test at...
  13. cvjarrod

    Trini 10a and chovies

    I usually fish 30-40, but with the size of anchovies on Sunday, decided to fish the 20 and give the Trini 10a a good test. Trini 10a, 30lb power pro, 3 foot 20lb fluoro leader. Boated 4 fish with this rig, the biggest a 30lb yft weighed on a scale. The tiny 10a had no problems with any of...
  14. cvjarrod

    Talica reel seat screws

    Just bought 2 8IIs, 2 10IIs, a 12 and a 20. I have a couple of very nice grafighters and gloomis rods where the reel clamp screws are too short to fit the reel clamp. I'm not sure why Shimano didn't include another pair of 25mm screws, and I'm not accepting the BS answer that they fit every...
  15. cvjarrod

    CHIRP Sonar?

    Looking to upgrade electronics. Does anyone have any real world experience with CHIRP sonar. If you have any pictures of the actual screen, that would be great.
  16. cvjarrod

    2010 redux?

    About this time last year, a finger of dirty water formed off of Ensenada and persisted through the season. My theory is that the fish had no clean path to our local banks and went outside the Dumper to the Cortez and out of our fishing zone. The latest Chlorophyl shots shows this finger...
  17. cvjarrod

    MPLA: Our voice no longer counts (ESPN Article)

    Task force ends public input - ESPN
  18. cvjarrod

    7/1 - 182

    2 Alb, 1 BFT on the troll. 4 YT off of a paddy. Bumpy day out there.
  19. cvjarrod

    120 miles - 2 fish

    Headed out to the 43, down towards the San Clemente Buoy, back up to the 182 and then towards La Jolla. Water was around 59-60.7 and fairly clean. Never found a temp break better than .3. Hit about 8 patties bigger than a trash can (four nice ones) and 6 smaller ones. Got one 10 lb Yellow in...
  20. cvjarrod

    Kona 8/16

    Just got back from Kona where we were lucky enough to get this beast. We were on the 1,000 mark outside of the Outrigger. We hooked another about the same size the next day, but she came unbuttoned. I've got a great video of the 1 hour fight, but haven't captured it to my computer yet...
  21. cvjarrod

    8/13 182 Tempbreak broken up

    Fished around the 182 on Sunday. Ended up with three tails about 8lbs each. Way too many farmed fish that day. The 182 has had a really hard temp break the last couple of weeks that has made spotting paddies and catching fish really easy. The temp breaks are a lot more subtle now, but...
  22. cvjarrod

    You've gotta see this boat...
  23. cvjarrod

    7/8 YT - 182 and 302

    Worked paddies on the NE edge of the 302 in 67-68 water for this one: Worked towards North Island and found a paddy about five miles short of the island for these: Mark was catching too many fish: But I got the big one: Caught a total of 6 fish for the trip. MacDaddy...
  24. cvjarrod

    7/3 Seiner Hell

    Worked the 302/371/425 area today. Saw about 5 seiners, one plane, one helicopter and two tuna pens at the 425. Saw about 6 seiners, two planes, one helicopter and three tuna pens around the 302. The seiners were working with the planes and helicopters to systematically wrap any...
  25. cvjarrod

    5/14 Jennings

    I spent the entire weekend tying rigs for a group of 7-12 year old Scouts at Lake Jennings. My son is the one in the picture. It's a really good story, but first, let me give you some background. My 8 year old son did not like fishing before this trip. I've taken him out many times in the...
  26. cvjarrod

    Cummins 1.7 Diesel Owners

    New yahoo users group specifically for owners of the Merc/Cummins 1.7 turbodiesel motor.
  27. cvjarrod

    Saturday Albie Video

    Worked all around the 390 and to the 1010. Two bait stops, no jig stops. Fish caught in 62.5-63.5 water. Find the good marks and stop on them. Party boats weren't doing a lot of trolling. This was the biggest of the bait fish: :food-smil...
  28. cvjarrod

    Bloody Sunday

    Sunday by the 421. 61.7 degree water. Thanks Kammel Driver for calling out the area. We got two on troll (zuchini, Mex flag), and this was the only baitfish:
  29. cvjarrod

    Garmin Radar...

    worked great on Saturday. Picked up everything we could see and alot of things we couldn't. Little center console boats would fade in and out at more than six miles, but everything else gave really strong returns. Radar was self-installed and required no calibration when we got her on the...
  30. cvjarrod

    Skippy Hatches

    Starting the fish hold projects this week and wanted some input from other Skipjack owners. The two hatches on the deck are pathetic when it comes to water leaking through them. Any sloshing from the bait tank immediately drains into the bilge which would melt all the ice in my fish holds...
  31. cvjarrod

    Free Skipjack Flybridge seats

    Original, blue seats in fair condition. PM me in the next couple of days or they're going into the trash.
  32. cvjarrod

    Merc/Cummins 1.7 Performance

    Sea trialed my boat on Sunday for initial break-in. Skipjack 24 flybridge, 4 big guys, full bait tank, 25 gallons of diesel, no fishing gear and minimal ice and beer. Top speed of 23 knots in the bay with a cruising speed at 3600 RPM of about 17 knots. Not the fastest boat on the water...
  33. cvjarrod


    we don't need no stinkin' factory badges! Mine: Bill Havens': Both will be cut from the same stainless material used in the second picture and both will need to be polished. Total material cost of about $24 for six badges and about $1,000 in programming time. Waterjets are cool...
  34. cvjarrod

    Skippy Progress

    Making some progress. Hope to be in the water by late April. Still have the radar arch, rocket launchers, electronics, fiberglass and detail work to do. Motor: Merc/Cummins 1.7L turbodiesel New outdrive and Bennett Trim Tabs New Dash and Gauges: New 130 gallon epoxy painted...
  35. cvjarrod

    12 March 05 Thresher Catch

    Ex Navy Buddy of mine came down from Sacramento for day fishing at a lake in mission viejo and a day out on the water in SD. First day he landed lake record trout 15.5lbs. Next day took him out off La Jolla for Squid and attempted White Sea bass. Got some squid, bass hid from us. Heard the...