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    5/26 bluefin

    We heard your calls and against my better judgement we headed you way. us and our buddy boat hooked up right there. You guys are a class act. Thank you
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    Beach marine bait receiver

    Anybody have any real world experience with the Beach marine products bait receiver in San Diego? Anybody had one get crushed by seals?
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    SOLD Trindad 16A

    You interested in selling it?
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    Looking for these.

    Anybody know what these fittings are or where to find them. This is the plastic piece. There is a metal stud that fits into it. This is on a bait tank top it holds the top to the tank. I am having a hell of a time finding these. see the pics.
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    Perfect weekend in Gonzaga

    We leave tomorrow for Gonzaga. Any info on road conditions would be much appreciated.
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    SOLD Lewmar Profish (lowered price)

    Amazon prime. Delivered for free. With returns 706$ Think you are over priced. If prices appropriately will sell quickly. Good luck.
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    SOLD Lewmar Profish (lowered price)

    Would that be the 700 model or the 1000? Makes a diffence
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    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    I had one from catalina look just like that once. I ate it. Tasted fine and I’m still Kicking.
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    Big Eye near the 302

    Good Job Frank!! Keep the Legend Alive!!
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    For Sale 33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    Depends how you run it. I’d say safe 250 miles at cruise speed. 28-30knots. Obviously more if you mix in trolling
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    For Sale 2004 TROPHY cc

    4000 rpm that’s not even opening it up?? That should be minimum cruise at best. If I’m not mistaken should make about 6000 rpm if propped correctly? Sounds sketchy
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    For Sale 33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    $105,900 Real close to 1to1 at 29 knots 4300rpm I’m not aware of any updates to the 350’s other than the computer and the flywheels. Both of which have been changed. 1000 hour service being performed as we speak. Along with flywheels
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    For Sale 33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    OUT WEST $105,900 ***Price Reduction $99,500 Major Reduction $85,000 OBO This extremely capable offshore fishing platform will get you and your friends where you need to be to Hook up. The yamaha 350's four stroke provide plenty of power to cruise comfortably at 29 knots and top at 42 knots...
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    Looking for a used boat lift

    Ron I keep my boats in seaworld. The one that is there has been for sale for years. I would think they would let it go for cheap. It costs them 288$ per month to have it sit there and starting July first it will be 325$ It’s big and well built. I’d give that guy a call.
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    185 on the Kite

    Wow!! Nice one. Was that on the OHH DONNA?
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    For Sale SOLD! 24ft Skipjack Flybridge

    Bump this to the top. Rad 24 skippy here
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    For Sale SOLD! 24ft Skipjack Flybridge

    TTT. Great boat. And a good seller. This is a super clean 24 skippy flybridge. And just look at his avitar to see if it’s a capable exotic killer.
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    SOLD Stainless Enclosure off Cabo 216

    Any pics you can post with it on the boat? Would give a better idea of how it might work. Thanks
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    For Sale TALICA 50-2 last price drop

    What is the length and specs on that rod?
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    For Sale Grady-White 232 Gulfstream 23.5 2008. 75000.00

    Rad boat. 10 years old makes me wonder how much is one of these bend new. Price seems hi. Good luck wit the sale. It does look like a clean well appointed boat.
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    WTB Yamaha dual controls

    adding a second station to my 33 walk around with 2x F350 I am looking for all the rigging to put a helm station on the tower. Yamaha DEC controls Yamaha tach x2 Harness for second station Second station Control box. Please let me know if you have any of this. Matt 858-860-4706
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    WTB Yamaha command link dual controls

    adding a second station to my 33 walk around with 2x F350 I am looking for all the rigging to put a helm station on the tower. Yamaha DEC controls Yamaha tach x2 Harness for second station Second station Control box. Please let me know if you have any of this. Matt 858-860-4706
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    My new to me blackman 26

    Ready to ride. Now go getum
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    cummins 6bt 12 valve

    6bT? Availible in a wide range of HP. What is this motor HP rated?
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    Adding a second station Need Help

    I am Adding a small Marlin tower (or tuna tower however you call it) and am quite un familiar with what it will take to get full controls up to the 2nd station. the boat is a 33 proline with F350s. with command link fly by wire. anybody have any advice or can recommend somebody in san diego...
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    Looking for boat transportation.

    I just had a 33 brought from Texas by: Larry Boat loaded 360 ‭1 (619) 792-5200‬ I can not recommend him highly eneough. We had an excellent experience with him he is so on it!! You can call or text me if you want more info 858-860-4706
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    Simrad NSS-12 x2 Furuno FCV-585 x2 Lowrance HDS-7 Touch. Airmar SB-260 Switch Box FOR SALE

    Call or text me. I’m interested in the NSS12 858-860-4706 Matt
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    Someone Needs to Buy This Boat

    Sweet deal... 50k for the 01 with potential corrosion issues.
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    Sold 1986 Grady White Seafarer 226

    Priced High. Also that topaz doesn’t need engines. Runs excellent. Sold today full price and 4 people all at once with full price offers. GLWS
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    Clamp on Extended Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Do you have 4 of the extended version left? Also, can they fit on 1 inch rail? Let me know I would like to order. Thanks
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    The boat hull is 30 years old. I have no idea how many hours are on it. Engine hours are in the post. But specifically Starboard 8655 Port 8175
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    350gal 8.0 knots at 1100 rpm Burns approx 5gal/ hour total That computes to over 500 mile range.
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Bump... Really... no body is interested in a twin diesel bad ass sportfisher for 40k really?
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Not sure on that. I can provide the serial numbers if you are seriously interested.
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    SOLD 37 Topaz express 40K

    Twin Cat 3208ta 375hp just under 9000 hours (Run excellent ) Garmin GPS/sounder Simrad autopilot Furuno 48mile open Radar Full tower controls New Refrigerator Northern lights Genset 125 gal Bait tank New teak laminate floor New lofrans windless New 60ft Chain 350 ft rode Just back from...
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    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    What a kook!! Bet this guys has a couple Snow Flake kids. So Fragile.
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    BNIB Shimano TRINIDAD 12A

    Never used Brand new in the box with 65# Spectra 400$$ I am located in Escondido but work through out SD county. I would prefer to sell to someone local. but will ship on your dime. call or text prefered 858-860-4706
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    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    Rides like a dream. She's Fishy too!!
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    Fish hold liner

    Are these still made? Anybody know where to get them?
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    32 ft grady white center console for sale $25,000

    They don't usually put 32ft boats on tandem axel trailers either
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    Wind forcast this Sunday 8/5

    Yes Not if I can go. I know I can. Just don't want to be 70 miles south with unhappy riders. So decision made. Tailchaser staying local this Sunday.
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    Wind forcast this Sunday 8/5

    If you look at bouy weather. The further south you go the worse the conditions are forcast.
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    Wind forcast this Sunday 8/5

    Looking to take some newbies down south to the kelp paddies zone. Wanted to get some opinions on whether you would go down there or not based on the weather forcast. Take a look at whatever source you use and report back. Your opinion is much appreciated.
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    BFT 20 miles from mission bay

    Short report Got a Jumbo BFT to jump on a trolled tuna feather while trolling through the ponys. 45min fight on a 50w fought Hard!! Lots of beers to celebrate. They are out there.
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    NADA Guides Boat Valuation: Realistic?

    My 2 cents. It's all supply and demand. SoCal has very little inventory of used boats in the 20k and less range (that's worth buying). Also, there are lots of buyers for that price range and most are constantly on the hunt for a good buy. My advice, search constantly and be ready to pull the...
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    53' Elliott $150,000

    Just looked at the pics on yacht world. What a true beauty. What's the performance specs like? Cruise speed and wide open? Thank you
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    Windlass like new

    Like new mounted on the boat only to find out this configuration won't work Compares to lewmar pro fish 1000 500$ Call or text Matt 858-860-4706
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    Fortress anchor and chain

    Fortress FX 37 in good condition Lifetime warranty against damage Sells for 500$ 50ft 5/16 G4 high test in good condition Sells for 275$ Will sell for 350$ Call or text Matt 858-860-4706
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    ** Sold ** FS 1988 Chris Craft 315 Commander Sport Fish

    Is the 12knt cruise real? I ask cause I have a friend who would be very interested but not for a boat that slow. Seems to me with those power plants a 18knt cruise at about 16-18 gal per hour would be expected? Let me know your thoughts. I may be interested in taking a look.
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    Deal Over Gyros on sale $715

    I bought a pair of these from them last year that were also remand. No issues. Would buy again.
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    Off Shore Guy Needs Help re Fishing Mission Bay w/ 7 yr old Son!!

    I keep my boat at seaworld marina. I have been wacking the spotties lately on the smaller size HOOKUP BAITS. lots of fun!!
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    WTB boat trailer

    I am looking for a trailer for one of my Caribe dinghys. Looking for a reliable trailer for a 12 or 14ft caribe inflatable. My budget is about 700$. Let me know if you have something that might fit this application. Thanks Matt 858-860-4706
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    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 1/29/17

    Looks like a nice day. What APP is that?
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    Colonet Saturday?

    What website is this forecast from. I've been looking for a site like this. Thanks in advance!!
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    Honda 40 Four Stroke Outboard - COMPLETE

    I am interested. The serial number on the motor should tell you what year it is. It sounds like you are in the used outboard motor business. I Have a 05 30hp Honda on my rib and really want a 40. Would you be interested in a partial trade plus cash for my 30?
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    WTB 18-20ft walk around

    I have this for sale. Though the sale is pending. I can let you know if it falls through. But it's a lot of boat for the money.
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    22ft Walkaround 4-Stroke (fresh water Use only)

    A lot of boat for the money and I believe the least expensive in its class with a 4-stroke on the west coast. Take a look make an offer Matt
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    Tanner Bank - 11/19

    Weather looks to calm down towards the weekend. For all your long range distance planning use this Http:// Good luck
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    22ft Walkaround 4-Stroke (fresh water Use only)

    1999 Prosports 22ft walk around used only in fresh water in oklahoma. Very clean Lowrance GPS/Fish finder Fresh water washdown 2 huge fish holds 2 bait wells tackle storage Lots of storage Aluminium I-Beam trailer By Magic Trail 4 Brand new tires for the oklahoma to SD trip 2001 Suzuki 140...
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    11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    Any more info on where you were fishing. Would make a big diffrence for my weekend plans. Thanks in advance
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    New boat - 1st tuna of the year 10/23

    That boat is pretty sick. I looked at it a year ago. Least expensive twin diesel SF on the west coast. Enjoy!!
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    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    10k price drop. Sick!! Somebody is gonna get a score a sick rig!!
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    2002 Parker DV 2530 Pilothouse ($10K Price Drop 10/20)

    Just jealous sonny. It's a bad ass and rare boat. Excuse my comentary.
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    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    Huh?? Dont think the poster said anything about where to get fuel for 2.00. That was me. And now based on replys I know. You guys up north can get fuel a lot cheaper than SD guys. I have no problems getting a few friends to pitch in for a trip.
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    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    2.00 $$ a gallon. Can you please give me coordinants to that please. My boat holds 500 and that price would be really nice!!!
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    Tailchaser gets a few

    None on the troll for us
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    Tailchaser gets a few

    Thanks Matt! When you getting out there again? Looks like it's staring to get a little more normal out there.
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    Carib Skiff

    Did it sell? How much are you asking for it?
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    producer producing fish counts

    Ya we passed by them in the dark by about 10 miles and it was dead down there so we headed back north and there the fish were. Hard not to fish in the fleet when there are 20 boats spead out over a 5-8 square mile area where all the fish were. But that's fishing in range of sandiego private boats.
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    Tailchaser gets a few

    Few miles south east of the 425.
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    producer producing fish counts

    We fished the area on Sunday with the whole big fleet of sport boats. Never had one get close to us when we were on a boil, it was actually really nice out there the other boats we fished around all worked together nicely. Guess they didn't like what you had going on??? I do know one thing I...
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    Tailchaser gets a few

    Went south over night in the lumpy bumpy. Woke up on the spot between the 475 knuckle and the upper hidden. Not much life down there so we started working north towards where we passed all the sport boats on the way down in the dark. Ended up finding boil after boil of 15-20# YFT. Some spots...
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    24-1/2 Skipjack Diesel Flybridge/Priced to Sell Quickly

    Want to sed you a text or call you but the 714 number in the add isn't correct. Can you send my your number? I am interested in this boat. I have been looking at it for a while and I have some questions for you. You can also call or text me back at 858-860-4706
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    looking for people to fish

    Hey Matt I am looking to get out on Thursday and would love to join. I got all the gear including Gyros and have no issues splitting cost. Ohh and I also have a larger boat that I am always looking for guys to fit into my roster on, so I understand the split cost scenerio very well. Which...
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    Looking for a boat with 10 foot beam or less

    this Blackman may fit your bill
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    23 Ft walk Around 225 honda 4-Stroke

    Image12 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage4 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 20, 2016 at 6:35 AMImage42 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 20, 2016 at 6:35 AMImage21 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 20, 2016 at 6:35 AMImage32 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 20, 2016 at 6:35 AMImage5 by...
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  89. boat pics 2

    boat pics 2

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    23 Ft walk Around 225 honda 4-Stroke

    1997 hull 2004 Honda It is a sunbird neptune 23
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    23 Ft walk Around 225 honda 4-Stroke

    Image12 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage11 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage6 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage4 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage3 by matthew schaefe posted Mar 19, 2016 at 9:45 PMImage2 by...
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  102. boat pics

    boat pics

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    Find this boat on boat trader. Lots of photos. The owner forgets to mention that the interior is completely stripped and the boat looks to need a lot of work. Probably still a decent price but definitely a lot more of a project than advertised...
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    who is jack sowell?

    I grew up around this man as he was my grandfathers best friend. He is most certainly a fishing legend in So Cal. All the crazy storys you will hear are true. And he is a much tamer man today at over 75, than he was in his younger years. He was an animal.