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  1. Fly N High

    WTB 30 SkipJack

    Hey Guys, Looking for a Skipjack 30 that someone might be interested in selling. I am aware of those currently listed. Thanks. John
  2. Fly N High

    Pesky Marlin Fin Causing a Ruckus in Encinitas Must be a real slow news day!
  3. Fly N High

    New Volvo 41 Air Filter

    Volvo 41 Air Filter Solution Ok so I was tired of checking my air cleaner on my Volvo AD41P every 30-50 hours and having it look like this. They get oil blow by and get plugged up fairly quick and the Volvo filter costs around $50 to replace. I hadn't found a non OEM filter to replace...
  4. Fly N High

    Squid in LJ?

    Anyone had any luck making squid in La Jolla the last couple of nights? Heading out tonight to give it a go.