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  1. Chrislarson757

    My FIRST bird!

    Was up at 3AM to head solo to the spot I’ve been scouting for the last few months. Been out everyday since the season opener. Brushed in on my tree and sat for a about 2.5 hours. I wasn’t calling, just listening. Heard a few guys calling in the distance. Got up to make a move and found another...
  2. Chrislarson757

    California Quarantine

    Anyone staying home on the 28th? I’m not trying to get into a political debate. Just want to hear from the group their thoughts.
  3. Chrislarson757

    Learning the hard way

    Picked up my first bow and have little experience hunting. Got a D16 tag and have spent time in Mt Laguna, Pine Valley and Japatul looking for a legal deer. Lots of sign everywhere but all I’ve managed to come across is a doe that I bumped at the trail head one day. I’ve spent a lot of time in...
  4. Chrislarson757

    For Sale CZ 75 Compact

    Bought this about a year ago. Super clean and comes with two mags, holster, original box and manuals plus the original black grips. About 100 rnds through it. Got it from Discount Gun Mart. Hate to sell it but I really don’t need this many toys. $600 obo. Not in big a hurry to let it go.
  5. Chrislarson757

    A Zone Hunt

    Anyone have any suggestions for a starting point to hunt this zone? Got an archery tag and would be driving up from San Diego. Appreciate the support!
  6. Chrislarson757

    Saturday 8/17

    Little late but - 9 for 12 and ranging from 8-20lbs just outside the 302 parking lot. Tons of micro-bait and foamers. A few on 80g colt sniper stops brought 4 of the 9. Bait and chunking did nothing. Foamers would dive quick so finding the bigger schools was more productive than chasing...
  7. Chrislarson757

    New to the group

    Hey everyone, new to fishing off a jet ski. Any recommendations for packing gear, upgrades, places to cut my teeth? Fished my whole life just never off a ski and pretty pumped to give it a go. Launching out of Dana/ mission bay if that matters at all. Picking up my uncles ski this week and...
  8. Chrislarson757

    San Diego Private land?

    Got a long shot question here.... I drew a D16 tag for my first deer tag. Wondering if anyone has any private land connections that I could checkout? Probably going to get laughed out of this room but I’m new to hunting and want to make the best attempts at actually taking a deer this season...
  9. Chrislarson757

    WTB AR15 Parts anyone?

    I just got an AR15 lower and I’m wondering if anyone has any spare parts laying around to help me assemble? I really don’t have the funds to spend a lot, but hopefully I’ll be able to build this as low budget as I can. Of course anything FREE is terribly helpful. I’m just getting into...
  10. Chrislarson757

    July Trip Suggestions

    Hey BD - looking for suggestions for a fishing trip/ weekend getaway. I’ve got some airline vouchers that expire in a few weeks and need to book something. I’m thinking of taking a trip with my girlfriend mid-July (for my birthday). I want to find a new place to visit where I can also hop on a...
  11. Chrislarson757

    Trying to Hunt Wild Pig

    Hey BD, I'm traveling the week of Christmas with a buddy from San Diego out to Grand Canyon, then on to Zion and back through Vegas. I'm having a hard time getting information on what might be available as far as pig hunting goes. Let me be clear, I want a pig and not a Javelina. I've found...
  12. Chrislarson757

    For Sale PENN Torque 25 Black Stardrag

    $350 OBO - No low ballers Hardly used has a few scratches but was just serviced in the spring at Dana. No box. Clamp included. Spooled with 65lb PP and top shot of 40 (I think). Prefer local pickup in San Diego. 757-472-5o34 Text me for more pictures if needed.
  13. Chrislarson757

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 V8 $2200 obo BD special.
  14. Chrislarson757

    Penn Torque 25

    Any rod recommendations? It's spooled with 65 lb braid and about 200 (I think) yard top shot of 30 izor smoke. I had a torque 15 on a pen carnage rod that I loved. But the rod was a little too stiff for the line class in my opinion. Still quality rods but would like a reel seat I think this...
  15. Chrislarson757

    PENN, Daiwa, Shimano, Accurate

    Located in downtown San Diego. All reels are in like-new condition. Shipping on your dime. Penn Trq15 - spooled with 40lb $285 Accurate Boss Fury 400 - two boat rides, spooled with 40lb $225 Daiwa Lexa - spooled with 65lb SOLD Shimano Curado 300e - spooled with 50lb and power handle SOLD
  16. Chrislarson757

    Pairing PENN Torque 15 Stardrag

    Love my trq15 but can't seem to find a good rod to match. I was using the bluewater carnage but it just felt out of balance for light surface jigs. A little on the heavy side for a light/ small reel. I was considering selling the reel just because I haven't found the rod for it. I have reel...
  17. Chrislarson757

    PENN TRQ15 Stardrag rod pairing

    Love my trq15 but can't seem to find a good rod to match. I was using the bluewater carnage but it just felt out of balance for light surface jigs. I was considering selling the reel just because I haven't found the rod for it. I have reel spooled with 40lb braid. Casts like a dream. Now I...
  18. Chrislarson757

    PENN TRQ15 Black

    Perfect reel, just need the funds for another project. Don't use it often but it's landed a handful of yellows. Great condition, no rash. 250-ish yards of 40lb power pro. Awesome little reel, cast like a dream. No box. $325 Venmo or cash. Located in Pacific Beach, San Diego. PM me if you are...
  19. Chrislarson757

    Two Full Homebrew Kits

    like the title says... I have two full Homebrew kits. Everything you need to make a batch or two of beer except a kettle to boil in. Pardon the dust on some items. The whole lot includes two 6 gallon plastic fermentation carbouys, one 6 gallon glass carbouy, one 5 galling glass carbouy, 2...
  20. Chrislarson757

    New to hunting

    Hey BDers, At the risk of exposing my newbie status, I'm looking for advice. Might be a long shot but I'm looking to go on my FIRST harvest. I'm looking at later this year at Big Horn Canyon Ranch for a pig or two (I smoke pork/ BBQ often and want to get my own meat this year). Will be me and...
  21. Chrislarson757

    Maxel Hybrid Stardrag Reels?

    Has anyone seen/ used these reels before? Just curious because they look like they'd be great, but I've never seen or used one before.
  22. Chrislarson757

    Torque 12?

    Anyone out there have any luck pushing a torque 12 to the limits in SoCal waters? I've got the torque 15 and have landed quality yellowtail on it with 50lb braid. Wondering if I'm getting carried away by thinking the 12 could do the same with 40lb braid for a light surface iron setup.
  23. Chrislarson757

    Penn Carnage 800m

    Penn carb800m Great rod, just don't need it anymore. Good shape, only a couple of yellows last season. $90 San Diego pickup only
  24. Chrislarson757

    Torque/ Fathom rod clamp

    Anyone know of a metal/ aluminum rod clamp for these reels? The stock plastic clamp has never failed me, just prefer something a bit more sturdy.
  25. Chrislarson757

    WTB Penn Torque 25 or 30

    Looking to pick up a torque 25 regular or 30. Let me know what you've got. I'm in San Diego for pickup or will cover shipping.
  26. Chrislarson757

    Ho time

    I'm in pacific beach and looking to ride share. Gas, cleaning etc. I'm there and ready to go. Weekends work best but with enough notice I can get out during the week.
  27. Chrislarson757

    Kayak or skiff?

    Ok guys, I'm looking for my first fishing platform. Mostly for kelp beds and bay. Question I have is this... If I'm going to spend $2k-$3k on a kayak, would it be at all more beneficial to just pick up an aluminum skiff? Just starting to browse around at hobie pa 12 (ill transport via roof...
  28. Chrislarson757

    3 for 3

    Third weekend in a row i've been able to hop on a 1/2 day and do some fishing while the bite has been decent. Took my buddy on the Premier PM yesterday (8/8). Little windy but weather was great. Saw about 3-4 yellows come over the rail and I was getting anxious. Flylined a large dine because...
  29. Chrislarson757

    8/2/15 Daily Double AM Half Day

    Got on the boat again this morning with two friends. Morning was slow going off IB. Moved a few times but no one was getting bit. I searched the water column as best I could, but a flylined mack did the trick. Line was screaming then put it in gear, fish on! We pushed around searching for...
  30. Chrislarson757

    7/26 Daily Double AM Half Day

    Great day on the water with my buddy (who hasn't been on a boat in years). We managed to get a few nice barracuda on the boat and I landed this little guy. All good until we get to the dock and someone had swiped my catch/ deckhands said "we don't have a bag for that number". We were both...
  31. Chrislarson757

    Free on Weekends

    Happy to pay my share and free Saturdays and Sundays, occasional Fridays. Have been on a boat my whole life, just cant afford my own. I fish with Bondrvr as often as I can. Can meet anywhere between Oceanside and IB.
  32. Chrislarson757

    Penn TRQ15 - Black

  33. Chrislarson757

    WTB Curado 300e or 300ej

    Need to get shipped to San Diego to get here before Friday. Thanks!
  34. Chrislarson757

    PENN Carnage Rod

    Deck hand style Penn Carnage 7'10" iron rod $100 boo Pick-up in San Diego. 757-472-5o34.
  35. Chrislarson757

    Curado 300ej

    Mint condition. 65lb braid. With box. $200 Obo in San Diego Will have pics later. Text 757-472-5o34
  36. Chrislarson757


    Brand new from factory in plastic. Casting 8' M Black 30-65lb braid $200 Cash Obo. Pick up in San Diego. 757-472-5o34 Text is quickest response.
  37. Chrislarson757

    Penn Carnage

    Deck hand style Penn Carnage 7'10" iron rod $100 prefer pick-up in San Diego. 757-472-5o34.
  38. Chrislarson757

    Curado 200g7

    8/10 cosmetically, 10/10 mechanically. spooled with 30lb spectra. In San Diego $100 obo. text me 757-472-5o34
  39. Chrislarson757

    Red Tailed Boa Up for sale is m 2 year old female boa and 40 gal. tank. She is just not something I have time for. She eats great and is active.
  40. Chrislarson757

    WTT or sell Teramar 8' M

    Want to trade plus cash a Teramar 8' m cork handle for Terez 8' ML. Will sell and ship on your dime $120 plus shipping Is in good shape with minor boat rash
  41. Chrislarson757

    WTB Terez Rod

    Looking for Terez 8' ML action.
  42. Chrislarson757

    Ride Share in San Diego

    Looking to get on a private boat with anyone who enjoys being on the water. Will obviously pay my way, I have my own gear and know my way around a boat, too (raised by a Navy Chief...). Not entirely sure if this is the right place to post, but am looking for any opportunities to fish and avoid...
  43. Chrislarson757

    WTB Curado 300e or PENN Fathom 12, 25n, 30

    Looking for any of the above reels. Located in San Diego but would pay a little extra for shipping. Paypal or in person only.
  44. Chrislarson757

    1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4

    Check out my link on Craigslist or see below Here is the description I posted there... Solid 1998 Dodge Ram 4x4 5.9L V8. Four door (access cab doors) Runs strong with 157,000 miles. 3rd owner (first and second owners were father/ son)...
  45. Chrislarson757

    Teremar 7'11" MH

    Used one time teramar. Newer swimbait model. Great condition. Text or PM for pics. 7574725034 $120
  46. Chrislarson757

    Curado 300ej

    Like new, mint condition, curado 300ej. Used one time caught one calico. 65 lb white power pro. Box included. If you need pictures text me but you can see it online. 7574725034. $200. Can ship and Paypal for an extra charge.
  47. Chrislarson757

    Shimano Terez

    Used twice, no fish. Great rod just need the money, LIKE NEW! TZC-80H-EG 8', 50-100lb line, heavy action $180 San Diego pick-up, cash only
  48. Chrislarson757

    PENN Fathom 25N

    Spooled with 65lb yellow superslick spectra, 80-100yards of 25lb flouro. Used twice, no rash, with box and clamp. $180 Will accept Paypal and ship for extra $.
  49. Chrislarson757


    Shimano terez casting rod. 8' M action. Great condition nearly brand new. 30-65# braided line class. Red. FOAM handles, not cork. $100 - San Diego pick up
  50. Chrislarson757

    PENN Fathom 15

    Spooled with 50lb super slick. Casts amazing, Mint condition w/ box, reel cover and papers. Used a handful of times. $120 - Local pick up in San Diego only.
  51. Chrislarson757

    PENN Fathom 15, Terez, Curado 200

    -Shimano terez casting rod. 8' M action. Great condition nearly brand new. 30-65# braided line class. Red. Receipt included. $150 -PENN Fathom 15: spoiled w/ 50# super slick enough room for top-shot. Reel cover, box included, receipt. Used a handful of times, great reel MINT. $150 -Shimano...
  52. Chrislarson757

    Curado, PENN, Shimano, G. Loomis

    Up for sale is: -Curado: SOLD -PENN Fathom 15: spoiled w/ 50# super slick. Reel cover, box included, receipt. Used a handful of times, great reel. $150 -Shimano terez casting rod. 8' M action. Great condition. 30-65# braided line class. Red. Receipt included. $150 -G. Loomis GL2 Cast...
  53. Chrislarson757

    Curado 200G7, Penn/ Shimano Spinner

    Decent spinning set up, good for those who aren't comfortable with casting reels. Shimano Tiralejo 8' spinning (great condition) paired with Penn Sargus 6000 (some boat rash) w/ 65# braid. Decent iron and bait stick combo. $150 Shimano Curado 200G7 w/ 30# izorline. Some boat rash, could use...
  54. Chrislarson757

    Shimano Tranx, Curado 300e, Teramar, Terez

    ALL ITEMS SOLD! Thanks for looking and thanks to the buyers!
  55. Chrislarson757

    Shimano Tranx

    SOLD! Thank you all for looking and tight lines!
  56. Chrislarson757

    New Trinidad 16n

  57. Chrislarson757

    Harbor Island 4/30

    Started off slow with a few small halibut, then a few bass and one pissed off short halibut. I had to use the rag to grab him because he went ape shit when I landed him and I was sure he'd knock himself out if I didn't get him off the rocks! Anyway, incoming tide around 5:30. Fished a few...
  58. Chrislarson757

    Mossberg 500, lots of ammo!

    Everything SOLD Thanks for looking.
  59. Chrislarson757

    Teramar 80mh

    Looking for a decent condition Teramar 8' medium-heavy action with reel seat.
  60. Chrislarson757

    Harbor Island 4/23

    Fished for about an hour and a half and got four spotties. Three were decent size and the last one was on the smaller size. War Bait 1/2 oz blue/chartreuse with pearl white gulp minnow. 4ft. of 20lb pline leader. Incoming tide around 5:30pm.
  61. Chrislarson757

    Monday 2/20

    Went out Monday on the New Seaforth A.M. 1/2 day. Got these two on cut squid and dropper loop. Early on it was really windy and bite didn't pick up till around 10. We were right off mission beach jetty. Couple nice Sand Bass came up but mine happened to be the biggest. Sheephead was tossed...
  62. Chrislarson757

    A.M. Half-day

    Went out on the new seaforth this morning. Yoyo jigging in la jolla wasn't very productive. One guy had a yt on and it broke off...
  63. Chrislarson757

    Anyone fishing the kelp Mondays/ Wednesday?

    Hey guys I am looking to bum a ride if anyone is going to fish any kelp around San Diego I'd pitch in for gas! I'm off Mondays and Wednesdays and really want a chance at my first yt and i'm always up for some calicos! I'm also up for bay trips! Thanks, Chris