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  1. Fly N High

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Ha, Well thats because people pull their swimsteps or pulpits etc off when they get measured the first go around to get charged less. It's a game each side knows about.
  2. Fly N High

    SOLD 29' sportfisher twin diesels $40,000.00

    Your docked right across from me. Real clean, good looking boat. GLWS
  3. Fly N High

    Where to Purchase Red Dye Diesel???

    California Super Gas station in Escondido on 5th and Center City Parkway, Sells Red Dye and the cash price has averaged about 2.25 to 2.30 for the several years. Super easy in and out and the island is plenty high enough to get boats with high arches through it. Only place I fueled my old boat...
  4. Fly N High

    53' Elliott $150,000

    Great Boats! Spent some time back in the day working on it's bigger brother the Seamark (Now the Ozzy). Timeless lines on these boats and ride like no other. Good luck with the sale of this beautiful vessel. Do you still have the plank for it as well?
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  8. Fly N High

    WTB 30 SkipJack

    Still looking.
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    IMG_9490 2

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  61. Fly N High

    WTB 30 SkipJack

    Hey Guys, Looking for a Skipjack 30 that someone might be interested in selling. I am aware of those currently listed. Thanks. John
  62. Fly N High

    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    Seriously, This thing hasn't sold yet? Bump for for an awesome boat.
  63. Fly N High

    Custom fillet table / cutting board for Skipjack boats

    Where did you store that thing? At 6' it seems too long to fit in the bilge.
  64. Fly N High

    Got. Two

    Great job Dave. I was out there right next to you guys, good work. Don't let the NET trolls get to ya. Your one of the few Highliners that will still put themselves out there on the Forums.
  65. Fly N High

    Yummee trolling speed

  66. Fly N High

    Yummee trolling speed

    IMG_8788 by Fly N High posted Aug 15, 2016 at 4:06 PM Melton Rigged Gummee's.
  67. Fly N High

    Yummee trolling speed

    Agreed! They rig their "Blue-Fin Rigged" Flyers with way too light of a leader for these big Bluefin! Only 200#. I Had two fish chew two of theirs off in the same day. 400# minimum leader for these fish.
  68. Fly N High

    25' Skipjack Flybridge Diesel SOLD 5-2-17 Thanks BD!

    Bump. Can't believe nobody has scooped this up yet.
  69. Fly N High

    WTB, Blackman Billfisher or Skipjack 262

    You won't find a Diesel 26 Skipjack for under $50K. And if you do you don't want it!
  70. Mobile Uploads

    Mobile Uploads

  71. Fly N High

    2012 Pacific Galvanized Trailer

    Looks like it's got 5 lug hubs on it so the axles could be only up to 3500#s.
  72. Fly N High

    Keep your live bait ALIVE!

    Been running the same setup for years. Always good to know when the water stops flowing. Also wakes you up when the squid are full float too!
  73. Fly N High

    2 1/2 Day Big Game 90 Huge Dodo.

    Looks like the weather really sucked! :-)
  74. Fly N High

    Oceanside 95 Stabbing Death ?

    I overheard the same conversation. Didn't hear the outcome though.
  75. Fly N High

    7 BFT up to 40# 8-21 for 4 Fishers of Men

    Boy the weather really sucked huh.
  76. Fly N High

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending December 12th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Guaranteed to turn that catch of a lifetime around with a Black Diamond.
  77. Fly N High

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending December 12th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Phenix makes a rod for every application
  78. Fly N High

    Phenix Rods Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest Ending December 12th, 2011 at 5 PM

    Black Diamond Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  79. Fly N High

    Pesky Marlin Fin Causing a Ruckus in Encinitas

    I know right. Holy Crap! I certainly hope before they would deploy resources and cleared the beach they would confirm a credible threat. You would think they could tell it was not real. But who knows, they have fooled many a marlin fisherman. Just saying.
  80. Fly N High

    Pesky Marlin Fin Causing a Ruckus in Encinitas Must be a real slow news day!
  81. Fly N High

    elliott yachts

    :Emoticon_Potty_Time That was the Solar Wind. One of the fastest Elliott's built. It caught fire and sank off Newport around 1989 I think? I used to work on another Elliott The SeaMark and remember on a trip to Cabo Watching the Solar Wind come over the horizon off the stern pass us and go...
  82. Fly N High

    My Posessed Cat Killing A Mouse

    Might have been easier with two hands?
  83. Fly N High

    2003 Pursuit 3000 Offshore Reduced AGAIN! $115K

    BUMP Just trade it with Me Jim.
  84. Fly N High

    181-209 TUESDAY 8-10-10 (late)

    Well thanks for the report. Summer will get here someday!
  85. Fly N High

    Do you need a boat trailer?

    Did that have an Anacapri on it?
  86. Fly N High

    volvo 290 dp servicing videos

    Al They do not exist any more. VP made sure all were banned from Youtube. They want factory approved techs working on everything. You can find some info on replacing the bellows without pulling the drive here Outdrive side pin removal? - iboats Boating Forums and here VP. - iboats...
  87. Fly N High

    New Volvo 41 Air Filter

    Volvo 41 Air Filter Solution Ok so I was tired of checking my air cleaner on my Volvo AD41P every 30-50 hours and having it look like this. They get oil blow by and get plugged up fairly quick and the Volvo filter costs around $50 to replace. I hadn't found a non OEM filter to replace...
  88. Fly N High

    Squid in LJ?

    Anyone had any luck making squid in La Jolla the last couple of nights? Heading out tonight to give it a go.
  89. Fly N High

    BFT on the Pac Voy!

    Soon Coming. Any day.
  90. Fly N High


    Who ever ended up with these got a hell of a deal, they are worth twice this much! Wouldn't you know it I was out fishing and missed out!
  91. Fly N High

    YFT and YT 8/21 Fish Seeker Style

    Radio was HANUS TODAY!!!!!!! Yes it was. Real easy to fix, I just took 72 out of the scan :-) Wierd day with a big pressure change.
  92. Fly N High

    8/17 Down South 243

    Sounds like a fun day. Great report.
  93. Fly N High

    going out tomorrow am

    Tanners blowing 20 knts rigt now and the Basin Buoy is reporting the same. Until this low pressure trough moves east its gunna blow!
  94. Fly N High

    My 1st LJ YT

    Sweet way to spend the day. Congrats.
  95. Fly N High

    Fraser Volpe MK-X Binoculars for $1,700

    He has had these advertised all over the net Craigslist, several police forums etc. Be aware these are NOT the Fraser-Volpe Stedi-Eye Mariner you may be thinking of!
  96. Fly N High

    La Paz 9-21 and 22...HOT!HOT!HOT! and pretty good fishing too...

    Saw you guys loading all the gear up the other day after we landed in Carlsbad. I was wondering where you were headed with it all? . Looks like you had a great trip. Nice Boat. Thanks for the report
  97. Fly N High

    Big big news here.......

    Congrats on the cute new crewmember. I am sure they missed you on the Bandit.
  98. Fly N High

    How to offroad with a Jeep

    Used to use starting fluid and a match to get the paddles on my sand rail back on the beads and inflated in the middle of the dunes. JR
  99. Fly N High


    Congrats Jim. Good Luck to you and the rest of the crew. Wishing you glassy seas and Bloody Decks!
  100. Fly N High

    video clips

    Cool Video!
  101. Fly N High

    Oh my GOD!

    Great! Thanks for the sundae treat!
  102. Fly N High

    One click form being a ASSHOLE

    Funny I thought BOAT was Break Out Another Thousand$ (at least that's what the wife thinks)
  103. Fly N High

    9/6 O-side Marlin blowout 181 209 etc...

    Tried trolling for a while but even downhill it was honestly too rough to troll. The waves were throwing me round too much to run the auto pilot. If solo I would have been thinking was oh shit what if I get a jig bite in this WX?
  104. Fly N High

    Unprofessional Cattle Boat Captain

    Exactly the reason I refuse to fish on the weekends!
  105. Fly N High

    52lb WSB on 8#

    Nice Fish, way to go!
  106. Fly N High

    Furuno 7000 GPS/Plotter ?

    Adam; Great Idea never thought of that. Have to see if I can find what else I don't know about! Thanks John
  107. Fly N High

    Furuno 7000 GPS/Plotter ?

    Carl; I have a 7000F on my boat, great unit. The Furuno folks aren't that great with their manuals though, They left the part about clearing data out of them. 1.Get to a screen that has the trip information displayed. 2. Push and HOLD the MENU button, one of the data boxes will turn...
  108. Fly N High

    my 30' skippy

    Nice boat, nothinbg better than a skipjack.