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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    Can you message me some pics? I’m interested!
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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    I’m dealing with a shop now that has been challenging, Do you have a lead on where I could get one? Thanks!
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    WTB 30-40 HP 2 stroke outboard

    looking for a deal on a used, good condition 30-40 Hp 2 stroke. Electric start, controls and cables preferred. Just not a tiller model. I’m located in north Orange County. Help me get my little whaler on the water so I can take my son fishing, Thanks in advance!
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    Outboard recommendations

    I picked up a 72 boston whaler (13’) and I want to change the outboard to a 4 stroke. Currently it has a 2-stroke 40hp Suzuki. Looking for advice on which 30 HP 4-stroke to get. I know if I plan to fish lakes in higher elevation, fuel injection is a must. I have a steering column so I don’t...
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    For Sale Hobie Calibogie

    I’m in GG as well. I think I might be able to convince the wifey to let me pull the trigger but need to see if this is something that’d fit in my garage...
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    SOLD 15' Calibogie (Hobie Powerskiff) with 4 stroke

    Is that length from prop to tongue? Trying to figure out if it’s fit in my garage. Thanks
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    WTB Promar Ambush net

    Anybody have a new or good condition Promar Ambush net for sale? I only need the net as I have rope and the float but if you have a deal for a complete set, I’m open to discussions I had one of mine stolen while I was daytime hooping for crab in Redondo. I want to get a replacement so I can...
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    For Sale Rods and big fish combo for sale

    (left to right) 1. Shimano Teramar TMC-711MBRA (7’11” 12-25 lb test, medium power, extra fast action). inshore series. Great shape! $100 [SOLD] 2&3. TMC-74MHBRA (7’4”, 12-25 lb test, medium heavy power, fast action) 2 available. Inshore series. Nice for bassing or football tuna! Both in...
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Thanks Sherm. I was going to post on SC but got lazy.., lol
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    Processors did a real nice job. Yield is around 50-60% of the whole weight so I got around 100 lbs of fillets with maybe 12-15 lbs of toro (belly)!
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    There were 3 other fish hanging on the port side down the rail and it was going goIng to be too difficult to get it around the bow. So Greg made the call to lift it over the rail right there
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    11/5-6 Aztec 1.75 day late report - We got cows!

    SHORT story: 1.75 dayer aboard the Aztec, departing Nov 4th, fishing the 5th, returning the 6th. 23 anglers finishing with 73 BFT up to 293 lbs, 3 YFT up to 85lbs! 6 of the BFT being jumbos and I was one of the lucky ones. LONG story: My fishing group and I had been watching the insane...
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  20. Tommy Fish

    Tommy Fish

  21. Tommy4


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  31. The Boys

    The Boys

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  33. Processed


  34. aztec nov 5-7

    aztec nov 5-7

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    Too Sharp Jigs

    Thinning the inventory out and I’ve got a bunch of old school Too Sharp jigs. What’s the going rate on these now that the company isn’t in business? Thanks
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    For Sale Flambeau Bazuka tube

    Still have it but I probably wouldn’t put a rod longer than 7.5 feet in it
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    For Sale Flambeau Bazuka tube

    6 Rods, having 3 face the opposite direction and then secured so the tips never extend past the butts of the other rods.
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    For Sale Flambeau Bazuka tube

    Starts at 5’3” and extendable to just over 7 feet. Can add another “pin hole” to get a few more inches of storage length. Available for pick up in Garden Grove. $30
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    For Sale misc lures (used and new)

    27 lures for sale. Several never used. $100 for all Pick up only. Available in Garden Grove (92845 zip code) near 405/22 interchange
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    yup, still missing. :( i never got around to replacing it
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    Passenger side windshield was damaged and removed. Still doesn’t affect boat functionality. Boat has 588 hours
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    I’m in Garden Grove, right off the 22/405 interchange. I’ll pull the boat out and get it cleaned up if you want to maybe take a look at it this weekend
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    Outboard is 150 HP Mercury optimax
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    Outboard. $13k. Comes with trailer. Haven’t been able to take it out since 2015. Had new brakes, tires, FF, coupler, throttle cable, prop and maintenance done at that time.
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    WTB : Striper 2301/2101 w/Alaskan pkg and Outboard

    i'm going to list my 2001, striper 2101 WA for sale. Comes with trailer, FF, VHF radio, etc. It's a cuddy cabin however. Not a pilot house. Are you possibly interested?
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    misc reels for sale

    DaiwaTakara 100H (new in packaging). $30 Shimano Corvalus CVL300. No line. Great condition. $40 Shimano Curado 100B. Very good condition. $70 Avet SX. (GREY) 50 lb spectra backing. Excellent shape. $150 {SOLD} Avet MXL (GOLD 4.5 gear ratio). Great condition. 40 lb KastKing Braid backing...
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    50 lb izorline 2 lb spool

    New. Never opened or used. 2400 yards $40 Available in Garden Grove near 405/22 interchange
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    small boat accessories

    Sold my skiff a year ago and have the following NEW/unused items for sale 2 folding boat seats. $25 for the pair. Little dirty but never installed or used. Clamp on Seat swivel $15 Ratchet tie downs $8 Used Tow hitch $10 Used Tow hitch cover $3 galvanized anchor with small length of chain...
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    Do you smell that!?! 12/3/17

    Better late than never!:cheers:
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    Liberty 1.5 day 11-25 to 11-27

    You nailed it on the head. For a group of anglers who didn’t know one another, there was a lot of laughs and fist bumps shared amongst strangers. Lots of smiles even by guys who were amazingly skunked. Thankfully hook and hand offs by guys like yourself helped get several on the...
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    Liberty 1.5 day 11-25 to 11-27

    Hey Brian - my buddies and I were on the trip with you as well. (I’m the guy in the blue shirt) You definitely had the hot stick along with the guy in the red shirt. You guys were bent seemingly hooked up every time I saw you! Lol My biggest topped the scales at the processors just a bit over...
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  57. Liberty 11~25~2017

    Liberty 11~25~2017

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    New Lo An 11/18: Bluefin Tuna Trip of a Lifetime. GO NOW!!!!!!

    Outstanding pics and play by play! I’m hoping to experience this euphoria this weekend! Thanks for sharing and cngrats
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    Pac Voyager 5 1/2 day (late report)

    I charter the PacVoy every year for a 2.5 dayer in October. Marc and his crew never disappoints putting us on fish time and time again. The bunks are laid out with 4 staterooms with 4 bunks each. Space under the lower bunks for duffels and the AC is nice with curtains on the bunks and rooms...
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    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 -- All Alone Out There

    Thanks for the detailed report and pics. I'm always curious of the bunk layout (keeping an eye out for a boat to add to my annual charter list) so the pic was very helpful.
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    WTB 25-31ft W/ Cuddy

    Are you absolutely set on a 4 stroke? I have 2001 Striper 2101 WA cuddly cabin, but powered by 2 stroke Mercury Optimax 150 HP. I'm the original owner. Let me know if you might be interested
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    10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    Very eloquently written and extremely respectful of a fallen fellow angler. Thank you for that. And I agree whole heartedly, for hardcore anglers, that is the way to go, doing something you love. Condolences to the family and friends of Mark. 41 is way too young.
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    Late report , sick day for my kid!

    You've found the best lifetime fishing partner and the bonus, she lives under your roof. Kudos dad on creating wonderful memories.
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    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    I love the postmortem analysis of the terminal tackle. Great info for those wanting that fish of a lifetime. Thanks for taking the time to post pics of the set up and damage. Loved it....
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    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    Welcome Andrew and David! 5 spots left folks!!
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    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    There are spots available! PM me for details!
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    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    boat can fish 30. we're going with 26.
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    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    That's awesome. I'll PM you details. Thanks.
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    2 dayer aboard Aztec - Aug 5-6 (spots available)

    Like the title says, got a private charter on Aug 5-6 (leaving friday, fishing Sat-Sun) aboard the Aztec and I have several spots to fill Cost is $510 which includes all meals. Permits will be extra $30 IF NEEDED. Good group of guys thus far, need a few more folks to fill the manifest. PM...
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    Liberty 3/4 day Monday 6/26/17

    If I may chime in with my 2 cents... You stated the fisherman took home 3/4. Did you see him walk off the boat or get handed several (75%) of the bags back at the landing or not? Because you seem pretty sure he 'took home 3/4'. Because, in your second statement you state you really don't...
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    Hey Cory - would you take $275 for the accurate? lMK. I'll be in Santa Ana tomorrow and will...

    Hey Cory - would you take $275 for the accurate? lMK. I'll be in Santa Ana tomorrow and will have the cash on me. Thanks!
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    phenix psw 909xh 20-60 custom

    You ever down in the OC?
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    5/3 Liberty 3/4 day

    Casted out towards boiling fish, but when nothing took it, I let it sink out before grinding it back on the straight up and down. Bit me 10 cranks into my retrieve.
  74. Limits

    5/3 Liberty 3/4 day

    I did forget to mention that didn't I? I had it paired up with an original Graphite USA 70MonsterMag I wrapped sometime ago. 7' foot stick, extra fast action and rated 30-60lb test. Post is now updated.
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    5/3 Liberty 3/4 day

    The big boy BFT were showing up in the counts so Phong (puhvoo), our buddy Honcho and I decided to give it a go - exactly 2 weeks from the last time Phong and I went out. Gorgeous conditions, very little wind, hardly a ripple on the water to start the AM. Plenty of patties to be seen, a far...
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    Please help me find specific leadheads

    Does it have to be that exact head? The shank looks like it's coming off the bottom instead of thru the middle of the cannon ball... I have TONS of leadhead that are centered. Probably 3/16th sized too
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    WTB Force Fins XL

    I have some caddis fins for sale. Used condition but always kept indoors. Plenty of life left in the,. $15
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    SOLD Used Shimano Talica 25

    Dude.... sorry about your dad. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
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    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    I'm not 100% sure. I didn't ask. Pretty much southwest of the point in mexican waters. Maybe close to the 302? I hooked one on a size 1 flyliner hook with 20# fluoro. Then 2nd and 3rd hookups were virtually instantaneous, less than 8 second soaks and i had a size 2 ringed hook with 17#...
  80. Limits

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Thanks for the compliment. BFT are definitely a different creature from YFT or yellowtail. I've got a strategy in mind and its worked so far. It'll be interesting if it works next time out. Thanks Sherm. I think i'm going to be trying a 7 dayer soon. I'll need to pick your brain about...
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    liberty 4/18 Limits BFT

    Worth every penny on the 3 hour ride out and back. Probably worth 10x that when you're tired...LOL
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    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    LOL...well i'm sure the majority of passengers wished they were there yesterday. ;) thanks.
  83. Limits

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Yeah, I didn't hook one but no love lost. It would have ended up in the freezer as hoop bait for the October opener. :)
  84. Limits

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Tried the flatfall but zero takers. Everything I caught on this date was caught on bait (flylined dine with 17# or 20# fluorocarbon leader)
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    WTS - NIB Shimano Tranx500HG

    Never had line on it or put on a rod. $425 firm. Shipping available on your dime. Thanks. SOLD!
  86. Limits

    4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Heard the BFT were on the chew so my buddy and I went for it on a whim. The day before - 15 anglers, 30 BFT. This day, quite different, but that's fishing for you. Total was 38 anglers, 7 BFT and 9 bonito. I was one of the lucky ones hooking into 3, landing 2 and passing off the 3rd to my...
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    new Avet pro-EX 4/02 (2 speed)

    I could do it on your dime.
  88. Limits

    WTB tranx 500HG, tranx 400AHG, and 2 trinidad 16A

    I've got aBNIB Tranx 500HG available for $425. Let me know if you're interested
  89. Limits

    new Avet pro-EX 4/02 (2 speed)

    WTS New/unused (never had line on it). Avet pro-EX 4/02 (2 speed), silver in color. $350 Cash or trade for Talica 2-speed (16ii or larger. Will add cash on my end as needed) Available for pickup in Garden Grove near 405/22 interchange PM me with any questions. Thanks.
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    8/11 first fish for my first borne

    First ever fish on our boat for my daughter, Hayley. She was ready for action and action she got. Landed on a custom wrapped stick I made for her mom 15+ years ago and a Shimano Baitrunner spooled with 25#. Unfortunately, mom had to work but she got plenty of pics via text while we were on...
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    Anybody know whos boat this is?

    Sick picture. Awesome offer to get it to the owner of the boat. BD rocks.
  92. fishfinder issues

    fishfinder issues

  93. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

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    6/19 Oceanside

    Way to go Dad! She'll remember that fish for the rest of her life!
  95. Limits

    6-17 DP Non 150 report

    Thanks for the inspiration! Going to give it a shot very very soon myself....
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    Seeker/Avet combo for sale

    no, single speed.
  97. Limits

    Limits YFT

    Music to my ears. Headed out for a 2.5 dayer manana!!! Thank for the report.
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    Seeker/Avet combo for sale

    The line is 2 years old. I don't recall ever using it as it was a back up reel with 40# test.
  99. Limits

    Seeker/Avet combo for sale

    Brand new Seeker A660-6 rod (6 footer rated 20-40) with very good condition Avet JX reel (4.1 gear ratio). Reel has small rash on frame and spins for 30+ seconds with the flick of a finger. Rod has never seen water. $250 for the combo. Available for pick up in Cypress. I will be in San Diego...
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    late Post Friday 9-19-2014 Wahoo

    Awesome. Just simply AWESOME
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    9/13-14. 2 day Charter aboard the PacVoy

    Had the awesome pleasure to fish with Ron (Beandip) and Shari (Beandip's wife) on their annual 2 day charter aboard the fantastic vessel, Pacific Voyager. Without boring people with the details, we KILLED the YFT. Count was 170 YFT for 17 anglers but I'm sure we were significantly higher. We...
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    Wtb avet SX or torium 16

    Got a blackie (old school with extra accessories) and a silver SX. Both have braided backing - spectra on Black model and suffix on silver. See my ad on the board for the 'combos for sale'. i can separate the reels if either interest you
  103. Limits

    Calstar, Teramar - Avet SX combos for sale

    $250 each COMBO #1 : ROD: Shimano Teramar model TMC-X80H Length: 8 feet. Line Wt. 15-30lb. Lure wt: 1-4 oz. Power: Heavy Action: Extra fast. Condition: Used but in good shape. REEL: Avet SX. 5:1 gear ratio. Filled with 30# spectra backing and about 50 yds 25# mono. Spins like a...
  104. Limits

    Avet SXs for sale

    Sorry, just seeing this. The only reels I'd be interested in at this time would be a Talica 10 or 12. With cash added on my end of course. All 3 are still available.
  105. Limits

    Avet SXs for sale

    Avet SX. 5.3:1 ratio. Partially filled with 65# braid backing. Practically new. $160 FIRM. Avet SX. 5:1 ratio. No clamp. Filled with 40 or 50 lb braided backing. Excellent condition. $150 firm. Avet SX. OG model. Filled with approximately 200 yards white Spectra backing. Did some general...
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    Avet SX

    Avet SX for sale. OG model. Filled with approximately 200 yards white Spectra backing. Did some general maintenance. Spins like a top!! Comes with interchangeable rod mounts (if you want it use with or without clamps) and reel handle (torpedo vs t shape). In great condition. $160. Available for...
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    Trolling Motor for sale

    Minnkota trolling motor for sale. 32 lb of thrust. 5 forward speeds and 3 reverses. Tiller tilts upward for better control. Works great. Really quiet. $80. Pick up in Cypress.
  108. Limits

    complete Fish finder/GPS/battery combo

    Eagle fish finder for sale. Eagle 350 s/map comes with built in GPS. (Included is an extra brand new never used Eagle300 unit Fish Finder head unit). 12v battery is rechargeable, rigged with an inline fuse, and watertight case. mounting bracket is unused and still in packaging. I used this...
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    Pro Gear 251 and 251-C for sale

    the C model has a clicker.
  110. Limits

    Pro Gear 251 and 251-C for sale

    Silver 251 $160 Gold 251-C $170 both have small amount of boat rash.
  111. Limits

    Calstart GF700Xl and Newell G220F Combo

    SOLD! (man, that was QUICK. lol)
  112. Limits

    Calstart GF700Xl and Newell G220F Combo

    Ultimate small bait combo. Calstar is in PRISTINE CONDITION. Newell is in very good condition with no rash on the frame. $270 for the combo (not willing to separate). Pick up only in Cypress.
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    Blanks for sale - Calstars, Graphite USA, Sabre, Rogue

    Rogue is sold. Calstars and Sabre are left Thanks.
  114. Limits

    Blanks for sale - Calstars, Graphite USA, Sabre, Rogue

    predator and 80mag are sold. Rogue pending sale. Thanks.
  115. Limits

    Blanks for sale - Calstars, Graphite USA, Sabre, Rogue

    Rod blanks sale: Calstar T665H (2 available) $50 each. Graphite USA Predator $125. Graphite USA 80Mag $100. Sabre E665L $50. Rogue MBH706 (7' ex-heavy rated 15-25lb) $70. Calstars and Sabre are honey colored. GUSA and Rogue are black in color (always covered in plastic) Available for...
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    Stolen Avets, Calstars, Seeker Seaforth Landing

    I've been waiting for you to post the update Debi! :beerbang::Zombie_Ro Way to go!
  117. Limits

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    Amen. For comparison, for our 2 dayer, the cost for 6 meals (with snacks midday on both days) was $60. With Mr. Jeff, the food is top notch and the snacks (anything from fresh cut fruit, hot wings, taquitos, sashimi, cookies, etc) are excellent. You got screwed. (and I for one...
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    9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    Yeah, he was quick to clear the lines then hand the outfit back to the angler. :) Oh and here's a picture to put day 1 into perspective. This is 1/2 of day 1's catch.
  119. Limits

    9/14-15 2 dayer aboard the PacVoy

    SO another year, another charter with the Beandips. :) Ron (aka: beandip) a former regular surf angler and wife Shari (aka: Beandip's wife) officially turned in spinners and 2 piece surf rods for custom wrapped JAWs blanks, Accurate twin drags and Shimano Talicas. 8) This was my 4th year...
  120. Limits

    Reels for sale

    bumpty bump. Newells (235,229), Penns (both 113s, 535 and 555), and Abu Garcia inshore are still available.
  121. Limits

    Reels for sale

    Newell 447 and Penn 501 are sold.
  122. Limits

    Reels for sale

    Too late. It is sold. You should have jumped at it when I texted you yesterday. Shimano 300 and Saltist are sold.
  123. Limits

    Reels for sale

    Penn 501 with Tiburon frame and Accurate side plates. Great condition. $120 SOLD Minor rash on the left top of the frame. Penn 113H. $60 Penn 113 with Tiburon Frame $120 Penn 535. $70 Donated] Penn 535 $50. Aesthetically, a bit worn and dirty. Penn 555 $60. had...
  124. Limits

    Calstar / avet Cambo

    what model Avet and Calstar?
  125. Limits

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    The brought a glock to a fish fight?
  126. Limits

    Don't deal with Kevinx562

    Amen, agree 100%. As a moderator of another fishing site, i see that behavior all the time. "Members" who don't contribute a thing but spend 99% of their time posting on the for sale boards.
  127. Limits

    Saltist ld 20 for Newell 229 - 332

    I PMed you a week ago but you never got back to me.
  128. Limits

    Misc reels

    Sale of all Avets pending.
  129. Limits

    Misc reels

    Click on reel name for link to albums with pictures of each item. Avet SX (blue). Some nicks here and there. Mechancially in very good shape, just not as pretty as the rest. Comes with either 30 or 40# braided backing. Also magged for better castability. $130 SOLD Avet MXJ...
  130. Limits

    Daytime squidding?

    Anybody finding a bite during the day or has this been an exclusively night time bite? Thinking about trying to target them from the yak but I have no desire to head out at o' dark thirty. Thanks
  131. Limits

    My son

    So very sorry to hear that brother. Several years ago, we lost a pregnancy at around 10 weeks and we were devastated. After months of guilt and second guesses, we were fortunate enough to be blessed with another pregnancy and today have a wonderful 5 year old as a result. I couldn't...
  132. Limits

    Pig Albacores

    You've obviously never been on a 3/4 day boat when the barracuda are biting and the novice jig tossers are out in force. It's just scary!
  133. Limits

    Hot Can Caption Contest Ending September 6th, 2012

    Hot cans and your own personal floatation device- now you're ready to do some fishing.
  134. Limits


    Nice pics! And look at them gorgeous conditions! Congrats.
  135. Limits

    302 dorado spanking

    FANTASTIC time with the kids! Thanks for the report. ....Now about that fillet job...:rolleyes:LOL
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  137. IMGP0005


  138. IMGP0008


  139. IMGP0008


  140. IMGP0005


  141. IMGP0007


  142. Spinner


    Seeker spinner for sale
  143. Limits

    Brand new rods and reels for sale

    Brand new rods: (qty: 2) Seeker A660H-6'C rated 30 (40 ideal) 60 Asking $80 each (qty: 2) Seeker A660-6' rated 20(30)40 Asking $80each (qty:1) Seeker A270-7'S (spinner) 15(20)25 Asking $80 (qty:1) Calstar Grafighter 700XL 10-25 lb. Asking $160 Seekers are the honeycolored blanks...
  144. Limits

    Trailer tires

    Looking for 4 good or new trailer tires. Specifically 205/75 D 14 Shoot me a PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  145. Limits

    Appropriate HP for a skiff

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to try salvage the 10 HP for fresh H20 use. The boat nor the outboard had been in salt water so I might want to keep it that way. Plus if I get a 15 HP, I'll probably use it as a kicker for the striper as well. Just need to find the right deal to...
  146. Limits

    Appropriate HP for a skiff

    I've got a 61 Starcraft 14 foot aluminum skiff (ok, 13 and change, but close to 14) that I'm renovating with help from a buddy. The boat had a 1960 model 10 HP Johnson that is currently not running. I tried researching the skiff online but haven't found anything to tell me what is the...
  147. Limits

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Don't know what's going on with those things this year, but we've run into some MASSSIVE schools of them south of where you were slipped. Thought it was a giant bait ball on the FF, dropped down in them and it was WFO lizards....up to 14 inches! Congrats on the WFO bite at the slip...:rofl:
  148. Limits

    EPIC! First time hooping....Killed it!!!

    Great job on your first outing! Looks like you guys did your homework, were mindful of your fellow hoopers and it paid off. Sucks to lose a net, but those things happen on occassion. Especially when you have a careless boater or two who haphazzardly runs around disregarding the other...
  149. Limits

    Spot available on 2.5 day PacVoy charter - 10/15-17

    We're all set. Thanks to those who pm'ed interest.
  150. Limits

    9/17-9/18 PacVoy charter report - cool video

    Sorry for the late report. Great time had by all. Video below made by one of our passengers using her GoPro. Missed the WFO 2 hour flurry, but there is some fantastic footage of our encounter with thousands of humboldts. The rest of the...
  151. Limits

    07.03.11 - 07.04.11 - Endeavor 1.5 - Bluefin Tuna

    Excellent report and pics! Bummer about the motion sickness. Really appreciate the effort you put forth to take pics despite your bout with queasiness. Hopefully, you'll score big time on the next trip.
  152. Limits

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    36 lbs 4 oz. Bonus Question: Nados
  153. Limits

    Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation Derby

    The crowds were manageable early. Non-fisherfolk aren't accustomed to waking up "early" (9am start) to do something new like fishing. By 10:30 when we left, there were probably around 150-175 kids. Most of them along the south side of the lake where we were. It got VERY crowded and we had...
  154. Limits

    Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation Derby

    While watching some DVRed fishing shows a few weeks back, my daughter mentioned that I had not taken her fishing in some time. Next thing you know, we're seeing a commercial about the Dan Hernandez Youth Foundation fishing derby at MacArthur Park. Hmmm....:goldfish: Fast forward to...
  155. Limits

    Entertainment Center

    Time to just rid of it. I need my garage back. In very good condition and includes 2 additional shelves not shown in the picture. Free (you pick up) to any member with at least 2 fish reports this year :2gunsfiring_v1:. TV and DirecTv receiver NOT included. Located in North Orange...
  156. Limits

    Eclipse and Hoop Nets

    sorry. the Eclipse is spoken for. Buyer is picking up this afternoon. I'll let you know if the sale falls thru.
  157. Limits

    Need a crown molding guy

    Right in the midst of numerous home improvement projects. I'm a DIYer but the crown molding installation has me frustrated. Looking for an experienced crown molding guy to do the job right. I need about 100 feet installed, 6 corners and 2 vents that need to be worked around. I have...
  158. Limits

    Eclipse and Hoop Nets

    Time to clean out the extra inventory. No delivery. You pick up in Cypress or I can meet you at a local gas station. Pictures are of actual items. Not interested in trades as I need to make space in the storage shed. Promar Eclipse net. New. $25 Sale pending 3 brand new...
  159. Limits

    NIB Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Nets

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is one way to get your post count up.
  160. Limits

    TV entertainment center

    entertainment center in very good shpe. tv and directv receiver NOT included. basically 2 side display cases with a glass enclosed case connecting the two. $40 or a 12 pack of guinness :hali_olutta: YOU PICK UP. Located in Cypress near Garden Grove. PM me or email at...
  161. Limits

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    If the fish was in a bucket with water and you were literally looking up the size limit when the DFG pulled up, I'm surprised that he didn't show any leniency. I mean, if you had the DFG book literally opened while he was pulling up, I would have thought he'd let you off the hook.
  162. Limits


    Sending some good luck via air mail to my buddy...
  163. Limits

    New Personal Best Yellowtail for me on the Spectra of course!

    Amen to that Brother.... Congrats on the beast of a homeguard! Awesome fish.
  164. Limits

    Maui Ocen Center - review with pics

    Spent some time at the Maui Ocean Center to see the local species. Very cool place. Not huge, but a great place to take the family. My kids love each other...not like in an Arkansas kind of way, but you know... I spent time on a couple of beaches, swimming in search of sea...
  165. Limits

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    My daughter, Hayley, in action. Bay fishing for spotfin. Trout fishing with la familia soaking... A little help from Daddy in the final stages the look of shock over the size of the fish. Beaming with pride.
  166. Limits

    2 day Pacific Voyager

    Good fishing with you Scott. Glad you nailed 2 of them and a JP to boot!
  167. Limits

    So my uncle died

  168. Limits

    2.5 dayer aboard the Pac Voy -- 1 spot leaving tomorrow

    I still have 1 spot available for a trip aboard the Pacific Voyager departing tomorrow (Tuesday, July 20th!) night.... Cost is $475 which includes all meals, permits AND fuel surcharge Limited load -- going with 18 even though we can take 24 PM me or email me! [email protected]
  169. Limits

    2 dayer - July 21-22 $475 limited load

    Seaforth Sportfishing Cortez returning from 1.5 Day Trip this morning with 98 Albies. The Orion had 66 Albacore on the first day of their two day! 10am TODAY (Sat) the Condor just called in with 25+ Albacore and excellent weather. Good Albacore numbers are starting to roll in from a new area...
  170. Limits

    2 dayer - July 21-22 $475 limited load

    Got 2 spots for trip fishing July 21-22 aboard the Pacific Voyager Cost is #$475 which includes meals, permits AND any fuel surcharges. Limited load of 18 anglers (boat can hold 24!). 16 confirmed are a bunch of real good, no nonsense, non-trouble making fisher folk let me know...
  171. Limits

    kinda scary landing count.......

    Probably a case of the crew getting in on the action as well. 11 paid + 2 deckies + cook + captain = limit of 45 Nothing suspicious IMO If it was between the Ides of March and June, then I'd be curious to get more details.
  172. Limits

    Need 3 for a 2 dayer: July 21-22

    Jeff -- left you a VM. Call me when you get a chance. Scott -- ditto for you. Call me manana. Let's see if we can get Paul to skip a couple of days of work and join us.
  173. Limits

    Need 3 for a 2 dayer: July 21-22

    I've got a 2 dayer aboard the Pacific Voyager and have 3 spots I need to fill. Trip departs the night of July 20th, fishes the 21st-22nd, getting back around 8ish on the 22nd. Boat typically goes out with 24 anglers; this is a limited load trip with 18 guys Cost is $475 which includes...
  174. Limits

    Home Office Furniture

    Sorry Don, Art is coming by tomorrow to pick them up. See ya manana Art.
  175. Limits

    Home Office Furniture

    I'm in the process of remodeling my home office and new furniture is part of the plan. Free computer desk, filing cabinet and shelf. Desk is U shaped, 66" x 99.5" in good shape Filing cabinet is 30" wide and in great shape Both are lockable and I have the keys. Shelf is adjustable...
  176. Limits

    angels (vs. A's) this Sat, 5/15

    Absolutely killer seats, off to the first base side of home plate. Section F123 Row F seats 3 and 4. Tickets in the same section, further back are selling for $100 on sites like StubHub. Asking $160 for the pair.
  177. Limits

    Turn 'n burn - BARRETT - 5/2/10

    Thanks for the inspiration bro! I'm headed out there this Wednesday with the kayak in tow. If I catch 1/2 the fish you guys did, I'll be in hog heaven. That 8 lber is SICK.... AWESOME.... :rofl:
  178. Limits

    Keel saver

    I've actually thought about it. I've got a 2009 Hobie Revolution and the keel area is getting its fair share of wear and tear. Still far from wearing through mind you, but I hate when my gear gets any type of 'rash'. I'd have to look at the keel saver to see if it'd create any significant...
  179. Limits


    Nicely done! I love that pic of the bass... I'm going to Barret Lake on a couple of weeks and am planning on yakking it as well. Should be epic...
  180. Limits

    Im set but a few question.

    For weather info and swell models, I used ...and as for targetting makos off of a kayak, to each their own I guess, but I wouldn't do it.
  181. Limits

    GPS / sonar

    I run an Eagle 350S (combo unit) but can think of a few reasons why some opt to keep them separate. If the combo craps out on you, you'd be without the use of both items. Also, if you have a separate hand held GPS, you could take it when you fish off a vessel. I did the 2 separate...
  182. Limits

    NFL advice -- Need a winner

    For the record...I did pick the 49ers and just won the championship! :Pelvic_Thrust: I love the NFL.
  183. Limits

    Holy shit........I just looked

    Just a matter of time before they tell us kid's under 16 need their own special license. Mark my word...
  184. Limits

    NFL advice -- Need a winner

    Week 12? I picked the Packers that week and they manhandled the Lions. Not sure who your comment was directed to. As for the $$, the money was all collected before the season started and is waiting to be sent. The previous 2 times I won, the money was in my hands in less than 3 days. I...
  185. Limits

    NFL advice -- Need a winner

    Ok NFL, fans…put on your thinking (and gambling) hats... I’m in a Suicide Football pool and have a chance to win all the marbles. The basic premise of this pool is to pick one team every week as my lock of the week. No spread, no line, just straight up winners. The trick here is...
  186. Limits

    Tiger Woods has got 9

    anyway you cut it....sounds like 9 over par. He should have just stayed a bachelor and most of the general public wouldn't have given a rat's ass who he was banging...
  187. Limits

    Took out some kids fishing in Long Beach Big rockfish

    You guys made those kids' day. And a very nice grade of rockfish to boot! Nicely done...nicely done.
  188. Limits

    Tiger comes clean

    exactly! I'm betting his wife CAUSED the accident by hitting the SUV while he was trying to drive away!
  189. Limits

    MDR Lings and Bugs 11-15-09

    nice one! not bad for not being a regular to the area. Congrats.
  190. Limits

    'Da ruin of youth'.......VIDEO of SCI

    Awesome of you fellas passin' on the bass slayin' skills to the next generation of bass assassins... Wish I had somebody willing to show me the way when I was growing up. Kudos...
  191. Limits

    Eye test

    Do you need glasses?? Look carefully at the picture Below. Did you see the ass of the girl in the back? See below... If you did, then have your Eyes checked as this is the shoulder of the girl in front of her... My...
  192. Limits

    10/31 Fish tacos wanted....

    ...satisfaction accomplished. :oinker: Gorgeous, t-shirts and shorts weather.... Swells non-existant, breeze <5 knots "Limits" in under 2 hours... all nicer grade for local action... Topped off by the following 4 Not all went to the fryer. Had...
  193. Limits

    Muscle Contractions

    A professor at the University of Mississippi was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscular Contractions' to his first year medical students. Realizing this was not the most riveting subject, the professor decided to lighten the mood slightly. He pointed to a young woman in the front row...
  194. Limits

    Quick Session, BIG RESULT - Palos Verdes Rocks (literally)

    CnR mentality at such a young age...wise beyond your years fellas. Kudos to you guys.
  195. Limits


    Glad to see this thread back on track.
  196. Limits

    Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    Absolutely! Its not about post counts...its about quality posts. Thanks for sharing. I'm a science geek. That stuff is absolutely fascinating.
  197. Limits

    Curado - new or good condition

    Looking for a 300 E or a 300 DSV. also will consider a 200 E7. shoot me a PM or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  198. Limits

    10/12/09 YFT O'side

    Excellent job buddy! Sometimes its nice just doin' a solo trip.
  199. Limits

    Dancing with the Stars

    Good question. Its amazing what kind of crap the networks put out there these days.... More amazing that people give a rat's ass that a celebrity can semi-dance.
  200. Limits

    Dana Point

    A little gun shy after your first post? LOL.
  201. Limits


    Didn't get a tape measure shot, but she taped out at 23 inches and dipped the boga grip at between 6.5-7 lbs. Personal best for me and the best part, caught from my yak! Not concerned with the contest...just wanna brag!!:beerbang:
  202. Limits

    9/19 Calico madness

    Thanks. I didn't even think of getting a tape measure shot as I wanted to get her back in the water ASAP. She tipped the boga grip between 6.5 and 7 lbs. A personal best from a yak or boat for me.
  203. Limits

    9/19 Calico madness

    Texas rig as was Daniel. Ray was tossing the swimmies for some very good results as well...
  204. Limits

    Mission Bay at night...........

    sick! WTG.
  205. Limits

    9/19 Calico madness

    Put out the open invite and 4 answered the call. Tides looked ideal, swells manageable and wind died down like predicted. Spent several hours with Ray (crabkracker), Daniel (budbundy), Oscar (Odogfish), and Ron (Hammer) working 'the wall'. Daniel at the launch site... Inside was a...
  206. Limits

    Epic bassin' from the Yak

    Its a lot of fun. You don't have the sun beating down on you and personally, I think the plaid bass bite with more aggressively at night. Just for clarification, my buddies from SD were fishing somewhere down in the 619/858/760. They weren't fishing up by us as its too far of a drive. If...
  207. Limits

    Dana PT to 43 on 9/05/09

    Been there done that. I'm thinking moon phase and that the days leading up were an anomoly. We'll see if things pick up again in a week. I certainly hope it does....
  208. Limits

    Radio Fish 9-6

    any mention of the conditions? I scrapped my trip at the last minute. Figured before I hit the road for a 2 hour tow down to Shelter Island I should take a look at the conditions and NOAA+wetsand did NOT look promising. Thanks..
  209. Limits

    Looking for an overnight leaving tues 9-8-2008

    Good luck finding a time machine. ;) Just messin' with you... Good luck. We'll be out there tomorrow ourselves...
  210. Limits

    Inside the 182-9/4

    Great report. Thanks for the insight. Sucks about the dorks on the marlin boats. Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in that ride and they have to poach another PBers patty. Sad.... Hoping to get out this weekend myself. Should be a zoo!
  211. Limits

    Epic bassin' from the Yak

    Conditions looked great on paper so Ray(crabkracker) and I made another run at the wall. Posted an invite on a board I help moderate and got a friendly challenge by my buddies from San Diego. Biggest bass wins a 6er of Fat Tire from the losing team. OC vs on! :Pelvic_Thrust...
  212. Limits

    Epic Day Off PV Cliffs 8-16

    congrats on the ghosts! I'm still looking for my first legal. ...not to rain on the parade, but I hope you're involved with the fight against the MLPA. This is one of the key zones they want to shut down to all sport fishing.
  213. Limits

    hoop nets needed

    I've got a few of the old school hoopnets. Mostly unused. $7 a piece. They're not promars. let me know...
  214. Limits

    EPIC LOCAL Fishing

    Congrats brother! Thanks for the motivational post! I think thats a skipjack.
  215. Limits

    Catalina Island Fishing how and where?

    That does sound odd...
  216. Limits

    Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    What a beaut! Congrats brother. Definitely a catch of a lifetime.
  217. Limits

    My Girlfriends's 1st Yellowtail

    Helluva way to pop her Yellowtail cherry! Thats a toad! Congrats to your lady.
  218. Limits

    solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    Nice job on the solo run brother! As for the wouldn't be BD without a handful of folks screaming baby killer now would it? LOL. Keep a smaller shark, you're a baby killer.... Keep a larger shark, you're killing a breeder.... Kill any shark, you're affecting the food...
  219. Limits

    This guy has some huge balls!!!!

    Wow, thats just nuts!
  220. Limits

    7/10 295 hidden areas, DODO

    Awesome!!! Congrats bro!
  221. Limits

    THUMP IN THE NIGHT - 7/7/09

    Nice checkers. Love them deep bronze colors....
  222. Limits


    Welcome to the boards....only took 1.5 years to post, huh?
  223. Limits

    7/3 yakkin' for bass

    The playaz... Oscar "da Cuban" Odogfish Ron "I refuse to Peddle" ZUMAN Ray "did you see my Ling?" Crabkracker Chris "why am I blurry? Isn't that a point and shoot camera?" Timmeh On the water around 6:30ish to breezy conditions that would finally lay down when we called...
  224. Limits

    CAT got your TONGUE?

    Solid grade of fish fellas! nice....
  225. Limits

    ...and now for something completely differen't (new kayak)

    SWEEEEEEEEET!!!! How much does it weigh? Can't wait to see your first report from her.
  226. Limits


    Ditto that! Glad you and the crew were ok. Somebody already said it, but a $700 lesson is much easier to swallow than involuntary manslaughter charges. That was a serious eye opener.
  227. Limits

    Dreamer 6/19....BIG FISH!

    PHHHUCK!! That thing is HUGE! Nice. Congrats.
  228. Limits

    Fishing Videos

    Collection of 15 videos, covering a variety of topics. Techniques for targetting calicos, rod wrapping, history of tuna and wahoo fishing, recipes, etc. $80 OBO. PICK UP ONLY. Located in Cypress, about 7 miles west of Disneyland. PM me your # or email me at [email protected]
  229. Limits

    26 inch tv

    Got a 26 inch Sharp TV (With remote), black TV stand, and a VCR. Asking $60 firm for all. (Not pictured is the VCR). I need this out by Sunday or its going to Good Will. Hit me up at [email protected] Located in Cypress (about 7 miles west of Disneyland)
  230. Limits

    Radio Check *Rant*

    Yeah, they won't respond to a radio check but when somebody says they got a triple jig strike, everybody and their grandmother is asking for numbers. I respond to radio checks when I'm on the water. Even if I'm on my yak. Its just the courtious thing to do...and good karma.
  231. Limits

    3 Big Halibuts

    Oh and WTFG on the huge flatties!
  232. Limits

    3 Big Halibuts

    NEVER heard of a 2 flattie limit. Per the DFG website... 3 halibut limit north of Pt Sur, 5 fish below Pt Sur to the Mexican border.
  233. Limits

    PB cat seabass

    awesome Behdad!! WTG!
  234. Limits

    5/17 Sheep herding and boobies

    76 views and already 7 PM requests to see the proof. I'll have to log onto my personal computer. Hang tight.
  235. Limits

    5/17 Sheep herding and boobies

    Headed back out again but this time hit with my buddy Steve to do a little bassing. Ray (crabkracker) was eager to get some post-birthday fishing in, so we carpooled down for a late afternoon shot at the bass. Met Steve on the water who was with buddy Kyle. (Good chatting with you Kyle...
  236. Limits

    5/16 Christening the new Hobie

    After picking up the new yak from Dana Point Jet Ski, I met up with Ray (crabkracker) at the harbor and we headed out to break in the new yak. Ray kept claiming he had a Dremel tool and was waiting for me to get skunked so he could help me sink that bad boy. LOL Oh he of little...
  237. Limits

    Hobie made my day!

    In the last few years, I've gotten into the sport of Kayaking. After owning 2 Malibu kayaks, I finally pulled the trigger on a Hobie Revolution that was for sale on another board. My elation of owning a Hobie turned to frustration last Sunday, when while out on the water fishing, I noticed...
  238. Limits

    Arrested by cop

    I bet this is the first ever instance of the crime rate going UP with police presence.
  239. Limits

    5/5 got my a$$ chewed

    Believe or not, I didn't take any pics of the 'bobbers'. She wasn't all that and I was kind of concerned for her safety more than obsessed with her rack. Besides, can't you guys find plenty of pictures of boobs on the internet without my help?:rolleyes:
  240. Limits

    5/4 Fishing with my daughter

    Wrapped up work a bit early. It was so nice outside, I checked with my daughter to see if she'd like to hit the sand. Took her about a nonsecond to say "yes". LOL After making some bait, we headed for some sand that had been producing. Tide was coming in quick and the surf was a bit...
  241. Limits

    5/5 got my a$$ chewed

    ...and I loved every minute of it. LOL Went to the car to clean out the towels from yesterday's outing and found the sandcrabs that I didn't use yesterday. Told the wife, despite them being dead, I needed to give them a proper burial at sea. She gave me a :rolleyes: and wished me...
  242. Limits

    a couple finished rods

    Nice sticks!
  243. Limits

    4/24 Lingin with the Looper

    Met up with Martin (the Looper) to do some Lingin' today. He's been out targetting them, but seems they've been lock jawed or juuuuuuuust a hair short of legal. Didn't take long to find our first one. I kept remeasuring him and he looked barely legal. Figuring he'd lose a 1/4 inch by...
  244. Limits

    April Avet Reel Contest

    So you gonna catch the same fish NEXT month?
  245. Limits

    Looking for windshield for a Seaswirl 2101

    When I went to pick up my boat from the storage yard this past weekend, I found that somebody had tossed a nice sized stone through my portside, front panel windshield (my boat had 4 sections to the window). Anyhow, my buddy got a hold of Allison Marine who said that they could not get that...
  246. Limits

    New Job Opportunity

    So, how did work out for you?? LOL Seems like you only post when you have a hand out or need to line your pockets. Good luck with your business venture.
  247. Limits

    autism awareness

    Nice thread jack bit-Anne.:shake:
  248. Limits

    Fish seasons -- whats open, whats not.

    One stop shopping courtesy of the DFG. Updated as fish species season closes/opens. Good idea to check here before heading out. California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Region
  249. Limits

    Carrot Stix Rods

    I was playing around with one at Cabelas in Minneapolis last week. They are very nice sticks. Extremely light, super sensitive and have nice action. Kind of reminds me of a neon version of a Daiwa Steez.
  250. Limits

    Lobsters, reds but no butts 3-15/16

    Good fishing and buggin. I especially like your taste in brews!
  251. Limits

    Critters & Crusties 3/14 w-pics

    Another excellent trip on the BIG DRUM. and happy belated Birthday Vinnie. Hope it was a good one. Next rum and coke is on me.
  252. Limits

    3/16 rockin the yak

    Been wanting to hit up the rockfish scene since the opener. Finally managed to get out by taking the day off. Fired up the Fish Finder rewired with a new mini 12v battery. Up until now, I was using a 9v battery which worked great for about 4-5 hours before it would be depleted of juice...
  253. Limits

    I won a trip with the KOVACH !

    Sorry to hear that. At least you'll get to go fishing, right?:rofl:
  254. Limits

    WSB trips to catalina?

    Try the Dreamer. Hands down the best in the business when it comes to getting the WSB. also, try exercise a little patience when it comes to replies to your inquiries.
  255. Limits

    APB!!!! HELP TOMMY!!!! READ ME!!!!

    Economy's in the shitter and people think that gives them the right to ignore all common sense and dignity?? What bullshit. I've got a DVD player Tommy can have. I'll be headed out of town starting tomorrow and not back till Friday, but if somebody can pick it up from me today (Cypress...
  256. Limits

    Lobster caught rod and reeling .

    Yup. Caught this guy in my eclipse net. He didn't make it through the openings, although he was clearly small enough to wiggle through. He held on and I pulled him in for a quick pic before sending him on his way.
  257. Limits

    2/21 Box o' bugs

    He got to see a few hit the deck. The rest came while he was sawing logs! LOL Thanks Mike. We hit literally hit all depths, 20 to 80 feet. Didn't know what to do, or where to go, but I went with my gut for the first go around. And Ray suggested another area which worked just as well...
  258. Limits

    2/21 Box o' bugs

    Had a VERY long day Up at 5 AM for a surf fishing event I was organizing. then off to Catalina at 2:45 PM for hooping afterwards with ray (crabkracker) and the FU in tow Home by 3:00 AM and asleep by 4. Worth it though... We didn't have a lot of bait going there, but making...
  259. Limits

    Speared by a Marlin

    No doubt! Awesome vid. Thanks for posting that up! I love the dorado picking apart that bait ball. That got the juices flowing..... Man, I hope next season is as epic as last year!!!!
  260. Limits

    Women parking video........

    I love the one where the woman takes 4 minutes "trying" to back into a spot, before the man waiting in the car behind her, gets her out of the car and does it in 9 seconds. CLASSIC!
  261. Limits

    looking for a guy

    G-ZUS!!!! This thread just made it as one of my top 10 favorite BD threads.LOL
  262. Limits

    Shore fishing and short fish

    I've got CALTIP's number programmed in my Blackberry and have reported poachers numerous times. And just as an FYI for any other BDers who are out fishing and see a blatant infraction in progress but do not have the phone number handy; check the back of your fishing license, its printed...
  263. Limits

    2/4 no hoop love

    Went out with Crotchgrabber (aka crabkracker, aka Ray) for a shot at the lobsters before the storm. We left the kayaks at home and opted for the comforts of my Striper. Couldn't ask for better conditions but the lobsters apparently didn't get the memo. Countless spidercrabs and these cool...
  264. Limits

    Hoopneters forget glosticks and LED lights

    Sorry, but not true. Mountain Dew Glow
  265. Limits

    sheep head?

    kelp stringers and squid work well. Managed to pull this one out this past saturday (CPRed!) and lost a few more that I couldn't turn.
  266. Limits

    grande, thought the season was over!

    I've got $20 that the bug can take the dog. LOL Congrats on a toad. Whats the story with the last picture and the kelp? Did you bring the bug and kelp stringer he was attached to home?
  267. Limits

    SM 1/23 W/ The Drummer

    Them some serious turdrollers gentlemen. Nicely done.
  268. Limits

    Happy Birthday Mischief!

    Happy birthday Ruben.
  269. Limits

    1/24 Called the weatherman's bluff

    Stinking meteriologists have been ruining my fishing efforts of late. When they say its going to rain and I cancel my plans, its absolutely gorgeous. Then when I plan to go hooping after the weatherman says no rain; guess what...rain. :_gore__: So after hearing that rain was in the...
  270. Limits

    1-24 LBZ PB cali @ the wall

    Awesome sportcoat! Kudos to you for the C&R. nice.
  271. Limits

    WTB 18-20 Ft CC w/4 Stroke

    Here's an ad for a 20.5 foot 1983 Sea Ray for $4K. Its an open bow though. Might be workable for the interim if you don't find your dream boat for the budget you have.
  272. Limits

    Found out today....

    Maybe if you hold out long enough, ...they'll pay you to take her back.
  273. Limits

    1/19/09 Yak hoopin and bassin with da gang.

    My kind of night...bassin' and buggin'. Congrats bud.
  274. Limits

    A little project I have been working on.

    Dude!! That's awesome. I didn't know you were the handy craft type. Nice job Jesse. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
  275. Limits


    Nice flatfish. Congrats!
  276. Limits

    32" hoopnet rings

    Mike, I've got some new green mesh hoop nets i'm willing to let go for $7 each. I can meet you at the Carl's Jr lot again, if you're interested. Let me know Tommy
  277. Limits

    Happy BDay Jason

    Happy birthday old fart. ...wait a minute....
  278. Limits

    If I would have only know what it was worth!!

    Ain't no pootie tang worth that kind of bank. Being a virgin, you can expect a lot of wincing (probably crying) and very little pleasure for your buck. I'm betting the bidding was upped just as a prank. Otherwise, just as somebody has already mentioned, lets see her try to collect.
  279. Limits

    The Time To Refinance Is Now!

    Very good reading gentlemen. Wifey and I just got done reading the 411, and we're definitely interested in refinancing. We've got a 4.875% fixed, 15 year (with 10 years left), and we owe about 25% of the value of the home. Last time I checked, credit was excellent and no reason why it...
  280. Limits

    Prayers for Garden Martha

    My thoughts are with you and your family Martha.
  281. Limits

    1/3 count the species with me...

    Note: Some species were not photographed as they either slipped away during the photo session or Ray caught them and was too far away to photograph. Species #1, a monster calico... ...ok...maybe not...:gay: Species #2: Mackerel that wiggled his way out of my grasp before his...
  282. Limits

    L.A harbor butt report

    I've lost more fish than I care to recall to them furballs. Glad to see somebody finally win that tug-o-war. Best part is that the dog only got the belly section. Sweet.... Nice report as usual Behdad. Very nice.
  283. Limits

    Fog Alert!

    Just got home to Cypress (north of HB) after driving through that pea soup. I was at a party in Rancho Palos Verdes and it was worse there. I'm just glad to get home in one piece.
  284. Limits

    12/27 Lots of bass and a workout

    Wow. Sorry about the broken paddle. Just be glad you weren't a few miles offshore like in LJ when it happened. I'm thinking about getting a back up paddle for my ride.
  285. Limits

    Looking for my dad GAFRON IMMEL (GAF)

    Best of luck on your search. I hope you find him and the reunion is ever bit as sweet as you envision.
  286. Limits

    Is this Darwin? Kharma or Irony? (Shark Attack)

    I think this quote from the man, sums it up perfectly: "I have always had an understanding with my wife that if a shark or ocean accident caused my death then so be it, at least it was doing what I wanted. Every surfer, fisherman and diver has far more chance of being killed by bees, drunk...
  287. Limits

    Do you think it's legit....

    If ya have to ask.... I've got some real estate in the Florida everglades for sale. CHEAP. LOL,
  288. Limits

    Lobster Total for the season so far.

    I don't think replying to this thread is going to do squat in the big picture because ultimately we all have to turn our cards in at the end of the year anyway. Are you going to lie on your card? More power to you if you are, but I'm wondering if this is going to be a case of we're screwed...
  289. Limits

    christmas greetings from the tani household

    Merry Christmas to you and the family Alan.
  290. Limits

    Brought a real snowman home today. w/pics

    That is awesome Mike. I bet the kid's will remember that for years to come.
  291. Limits

    12/7 bassin' and bugs

    Met up with Ray (Marinedude) and Ray ("crabkracker" from another board) for another shot at the bugs. Just like other outings, the bass made a brief appearance, took a break, then appeared later. Go figure. - Skunk breaker. It was actually much brighter out but the flash cancelled the...
  292. Limits

    12/1 Back at it

    Took that yak out again, but this time, I went after bass with the lobsters as the back up plan. LOL (Yeah, I'm trying reverse psychology with my mojo:picknose:). Got the nets out and it took 20 minutes to shake the skunk. Got a few more before the fishing just shut down completely...
  293. Limits

    11/30 Got distracted

    Went out hooping for a bit, but these guys kept me distracted. *There were quite a few more landed, but I didn't bother taking pics of everything. I did miss one drag burner that spun me around in my yak and pulled drag. Felt like a nicer calico.* When I remembered what...
  294. Limits

    Please send a letter

    Done. Thanks for sharing the link.
  295. Limits

    DFG in LaJolla out of control!!!!

    Hate to pile on, but the peanut gallery is right. a. If he's that close in-shore, he should have paddled OUT not in. b. The regulations are pretty clear cut about having to measure and what constitutes possession. c. If he knows enough to bring a net and a gauge, he should have done ALL...
  296. Limits

    Ulua Setup for the rocks...

    Kind of slow right now for the uluas. However, gear wise, I think you'd be under gunned when they're on the chew. I had the pleasure of fishing with some of the locals during a recent vacation to Oahu back in late Sept. Their set-ups consisted of 13 foot rods and 50-80 lb test. Here...
  297. Limits

    Person of the Week

    Awesome, simply awesome.
  298. Limits

    Giving away my boat

    NO SHIT!!! Nothing worse than a bunch of lurkers with their hands out. I say screw'em.:finger: Sorry about the boat. I hope you are able to donate it and at least get a tax write off. Whatever you do, don't give it to some lurker looking for a handout.
  299. Limits


    Well??? How about a report? You've begged and pleaded for locations (on 3 separate threads:nopity:). Where's the report?
  300. Limits

    Dont beat up women

    The brutality of the whole thing is disturbing. They said that every bone in her face was broken. The animal that did this doesn't deserve prison time, he needs the chair.
  301. Limits

    Happy Birthday PHOTOG

    Happy belated Jesse. Want to go hoopin for lobster? LOL
  302. Limits

    New Signature

    When she enters a room, her boobs make an appearance 10 minutes before the rest of her. LOL Somebody's got some mad photoshop skills.
  303. Limits

    news story

    What's up with the gang signs though? J/k. LOL Pretty cool story.
  304. Limits

    Lobster Porn, Just getting warmed up....

    Kick ass bud! Them some nice roaches.... ... ain't that the truth. Too many :frehya2: folks who feel compelled to chime in with some BS. Good job and screw the jealous...
  305. Limits

    Tim's 12 and 13lb lobster

    Found a speargun latelyski?
  306. Limits

    There is a restaurant in Los Alamitos, Cali

    The table and booth pattern looks like Katella Deli. And the parking lot shot has the palm trees which are there. I'd say it was KD. I ate there once. I was not impressed with the food. Pretty bland. Haven't been back since.
  307. Limits

    OB pier (sick of people taking shorts)

    keep calling. If the first attempt doesn't work, try, try again. There is an agent shortage up and down the coast so they their resources are stretched thin. Figure they're getting several calls a night and they obviously can't be everywhere at once. If you're going out that frequently...
  308. Limits

    I love it when...

    ...the Pats get destroyed. Brady or no Brady, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. A perfect end to the NFL weekend would be if somebody could put a solid lick on Eli Manning. :Exploding_Smiley:
  309. Limits

    Record Book Bug

    My sentiments exactly!!! Good karma on you and glad to see the bug getting a 2nd chance.
  310. Limits

    I think its over at least today.

    I was out there today... Its definitely not over. Afternoon bite. Like clockwork. I had to head in early. Radio chatter sounded like somebody flipped a switch at noon.
  311. Limits

    Possibly flying solo Wed 24th

    I might be out on Wed. I'll PM you if I pull the trigger.
  312. Limits

    Sunday 9/21/08

    Good call on staying away from the crowds. We tried to troll in front of the porpoise and ended up hooking one of our mammalian friends. He almost spooled the TLD30 2-speed and the 400 yards of spectra backing. I had to chase him down (he wasn't happy about that) while my buddy wound up...
  313. Limits

    How the hell does this happen?

    How freakin' big is this kid's pecker????:eyepoppin
  314. Limits

    182 & 181 friday

    I was thinking about heading out Friday, but heard about the shitty conditions earlier in the week and nixed those plans. That transom shot of the swell behind you was exactly what I was afraid of. Glad you got one for your efforts. I'm headed out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be as snotty.
  315. Limits

    Pelican Killer $5,000 Reward

    Just saw this on the news tonight. Unfortunately, there is only one survivor. Don't know if they had to be destroyed or what. I certainly hope they catch the scumbags who are doing this.
  316. Limits

    popa_pescarul tries again to buy a boat...

    The moment I heard he was in AZ, I thought "oh oh." Unless that was a steal of a deal, it would never have been worth it in my book. I'm talking like $5000+ off of blue book value. Sorry you had to deal with that nonsense, but at least you got a day's vacation in Sedona for your trouble.;)
  317. Limits

    Getting rid of some stuff

    3/10 on looks? Kind of generous ain't it??? LOL
  318. Limits

    HH Spotties

    Yeeeeeeeeah boy... them spotties are a blast. 17 incher is a quality fish. Nice...
  319. Limits

    Mister Pig

    Don't know which is nicer...the fish or the ride. Either way...congrats on the quality tuna.
  320. Limits


  321. Limits

    Fishin' the Rigs 09 / 12 w/pics

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I used to fish the rigs frequently many moons ago, but after 9/11, I've opted to keep my distance...100 yards at an absolute minimum.
  322. Limits


    Sick wrap bud! The GF better appreciate the blood sweat and tears put into that stick. Thats awesome...
  323. Limits

    September Avet Reel Contest

    Great marlin report bro! I'm an avetholic myself. That one will be hard to beat IMHO.
  324. Limits


    Helluva bluefin brother... I bet that was a BLAST!
  325. Limits

    Wish Granted

    Congrats dude! We went out yesterday and had our asses handed to us. Managed only a handful of pint sized albies for our efforts, but we popped the albie cherry for my buddy. So its all good... Nice score.
  326. Limits

    stupid report

    dude... That video is SICK! Good job guys. Hope to whack'em tomorrow myself...
  327. Limits

    Garmin with incorrect temperature readings

    I'll give that a shot! I've got contact cleaner in the garage. I'm heading out tomorrow AM, so I'll post if that fixes the problem. Thanks!
  328. Limits

    Garmin with incorrect temperature readings

    I've got a Garmin 250C FF that started giving me incorrect water temp readings in the last 3-4 trips. It would read anywhere from 3-4 degrees cooler than what other nearby boats are picking up on their meters. Its been pretty consistently off. Is there a way to recallibrate or reset...
  329. Limits

    WFO The best fishing I have ever experienced

    Awesome f'n report!! That pic with the blood chumslick is C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!! WTG dude. Oh to tease us with those seared ahi tuna and sushi plate....daaaaaaamn..... SO ONO!!!
  330. Limits

    "I saw you were in trouble" - Thanks bro! BD ROCKS!

    Thats awesome. Good karma repaying you. I hope it does the same for the other fella...
  331. Limits

    8/29 fifteen species day

    Ahh....thanks for that little tidbit. I thought that sheephead (another variety of wrasse) were the only ones that changed gender. Interesting bit of trivia. Thanks. Glad I could help.
  332. Limits

    8/29 fifteen species day

    It was a virtual nursery out there with very few keepers. Most of the sheephead were between 10 and barely legal. (12 inches) The cudas were pencils, maybe the biggest running 18 inches There were a few legal sized spotted bay bass, but I don't know who would eat one of them. Ewwww The...
  333. Limits

    Oside YFT 8/29

    I call BS. There are no fish in Oceanside.:food-smiley-014: ...Congrats Bro. Sounds like an awesome day. I'm heading out tomorrow in search of the same. I'm bringing my shoulder pads and helmet. Its probably going to be a damn zoo out there.
  334. Limits

    8/29 fifteen species day

    Too bad it wasn't on the boat 40 miles offshore! LOL Went yakking with my HUCKleberry (Tim) and the crotchsniffer (Ray) from the SC board. Got a late start due to work, but Tim and I were out by noon. Ray was on the water by around 10:30ish. Hit up our sheephead spot and finished the...
  335. Limits

    Where to wash a boat in San Diego?

    I'll look into it. Thanks. Awesome. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks. I'll need to do some homework to familiarize myself with this one. Tipping, clean and respectful? Always. Thanks. Its all about 'location, location, location'. I appreciate the input fellas. Having...
  336. Limits

    Where to wash a boat in San Diego?

    I was thinking more in lines of a full on wash. I'll keep that in mind for a quickie though, thanks. True but if its quick, one would hope the peanut gallery wouldn't mind.
  337. Limits

    Where to wash a boat in San Diego?

    After a trip out of Mission Bay or Shelter Island, where do the non-SD locals take their boats for a quick wash down? Are there car washes close to Mission Bay and Shelter Island? Having to wash the boat after driving home 100 miles is the last thing I want to do. I'd prefer to do it...
  338. Limits

    got the call to go long....(vid report)

    Nicely done boys....nicely done. Congrats on popping your YFT cherry Bing. I told Martin they should have made you eat the heart. LOL....
  339. Limits

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Thanks for the info. Somebody should sticky this. Getting tired of the "What's the limits on dodo?" questions. Got old after the 7th or 8th post and all the whining that followed suit.
  340. Limits

    What a season

    Concur 100%. It has been an epic season. I hope it continues or at least another couple of months.
  341. Limits

    32 in hoop nets

    I've got a few and am close. (Cypress). PMing you my number.
  342. Limits

    Please keep Don "Raz-n-Kane 27" in your thoughts

    My deepest condolences to you. Hang in there.
  343. Limits

    lost custom gun Oceanside

    Here we go againski...
  344. Limits

    8/17/08 5 Fat YFT & 6 small albies...

    Nice counts. Surprised that none were on the bait. We got them to bite the dines real good on Thurs.
  345. Limits

    8/16 Avalon Bank

    Nice ride. That would be perfect for chucking flies on the 10 weight. That first dodo isn't too bad. Nothing huge, but then again, aren't the smaller ones better eating anyway? LOL
  346. Limits

    8/16 Sat with the fleet

    good job. finding that YFT with the gaff in it is pretty bizarre. That would have been sweet to free gaff that bad boy and end up with a free hook for your troubles.
  347. Limits

    8/14 Slayin' the tuna

    Thanks for the invite little friend. LOL Cool hanging out with you at the Red Fish as well. Nice music to wrap up the day. And lets hit up the tuna again. Your boat or mine... Ditto that. We'll give it another shot while the dodos are around. Maybe even try for...
  348. Limits


    Spotties beware...Martha is back!! LOL Good seeing you 'hurting' the bass again. ;) And that leg wound...YIKES! If thats in its healing stages, what did it look like when it first happened. Damn.
  349. Limits

    8/14 Slayin' the tuna

    Got an invite to fish with Scribby and James (corbinafly) with Vince (Red Drum) aboard the Big Drum. I had work issues to deal with, but Scribby told me “You’re going fishing tomorrow!” so how could I say no. Glad I was able to work it out with my manager because it turned out to an epic...
  350. Limits

    8/12 tons of doritos and a mako to boot

    I have the waterproof Olympus Stylus 790SW. The thing is awesome for any boater. Completely submerssible, shock proof for drops from 5 feet and can handle EXTREME temps. For waterproof cameras, without the hassle of a housing, the Olympus 790SW or 850SW and the Pentax Optio W20 or W30 are...
  351. Limits


    Herbalife... KULN... Brazil... Great googly moogly...Damn those were nice.
  352. Limits

    I just have to shake my head...

    I bet United charges them. I'm a frequent flyer with United and they charge for every f'n thing. Its ridiculous. I did finally get one break on my upcoming family vacation to Hawaii. They aren't charging me anything for my extra bags because of my standing with them. Finally, some sort of...
  353. Limits

    Ringed hook or not?

    another vote for ringed hooks. I think the bait swims a bit better than with a line tied directly to the hook's eye. Never tried the perfection loop technique though.
  354. Limits

    8/12 tons of doritos and a mako to boot

    Took John (ocsawdust) and Rodney (venator) for a shot at the Dorado that have been abundant out of Dana Point. The initial reports yesterday and the concerns about the bait did not sound promising, but the later reports firmed up the decision to do Dana Point. So met up at 5 AM and waited...
  355. Limits

    Oceanside 4 to 15 miles out 08/11 Sun.

    7.0 to 8.0 with stuff about 75 feet back. Best luck for me was on small (4.5 inch or so) natural or black/purple cedar plugs in the early AM. Zuchini color when the sun comes up.
  356. Limits

    Orange County Dorado & YFT 8/10/08

    Hell yeah! Nice report Yutaka. And in my backyard... Things are lookin' up for my trip on Tuesday. Thanks for the 411...
  357. Limits

    8.08 ~ My First Dodo

    Congrats Martha! Cute little guy...but still counts, right!
  358. Limits

    Paddy Hopping 4/10

    "Fisherbitches" sounds about right. Fuck'em. Thats gratitude for you. I hope they don't ever get another invite on another private boat again...
  359. Limits

    Mako Matt At It Again

    Shark fishing ain't my thing.... but this is :deadhorse: to the Nth degree. :shake:
  360. Limits

    how long until the july winner is announced

    Oh I bet!!! I dunno, but seeing all these submissions from 'members' who contribute NOTHING to the site, but want a hand out is just cheesey in my book. :shake: Go back to hiding lurker... LOL LOL LOL
  361. Limits

    how long until the july winner is announced

    Amazing how free giveaways bring out all the lurkers...:rolleyes:
  362. Limits

    Wahoo on an Overnight?

    Here...let me help. Awesome catch BTW.
  363. Limits

    371 on 8.6

    Nice haul fellas. I would have loved a few more YFT on our trip the other day. Thanks for the report.
  364. Limits

    Dolphin AM Half Day Yellow Fin

    Well if I'm not mistaken, Keith said he saw the 1/2 day come back THIS morning. Won't that count be posted for today's total and not yesterday???
  365. Limits

    8/5 surprise, surprise -- dodos galore

    Thanks for the come back folks. It was a long day and I'm still quite tired. I left my house at 2:30 AM and didn't get home till 9 PM. Long day...but a fun one. Yeah, we pretty muched fished 20 lb all day, except when we were yoyoing. We could have landed the bigger yellows if the hook...
  366. Limits

    8/5 surprise, surprise -- dodos galore

    So the plan was to buddy boat with Martin (The looper) and Jason (invictus). Unfortunately, Martin had to back out so it was just Jason's boat and mine for the day's trip. On my ride I had Jeff (pandesol) and Ray (my yaking buddy from Camp Pendleton). After a very early departure...
  367. Limits

    Marlin, YFT, Albacore, Dorado, Limits of good weather 3/31

    Nicely done! The marlin pick is pretty sweet.
  368. Limits

    Buddy boating 8/5

    I'm taking my crew for a SD trip next Tuesday. Anybody else planning to be on the water and want to buddy boat? I'm planning to go where the rest of the fleet will be killin them this weekend. :rockin:
  369. Limits

    Going solo unless 1 or 2 want to join - Sunday 8/3 AM... very AM

    Good luck out there, but if you're heading to the 425 or 302, you don't have to head out that early. Its not that far and better to be safe with some kind of visibility. Looking forward to seeing your report. I'm debating taking my ride out on Sunday but after today's reports, it'll...
  370. Limits

    Seaswirl boats

    I'm an owner of a 2101 WAC. Love the boat. I have a love/hate relationship with my outboard (Mercury 150 Optimax) though. When it runs, its a phenomenal outboard. I typically get between 2.2-2.7 mpg and better than 3 when its just 2 of us on a flat day. Last month, I had a crew of 3...
  371. Limits

    Fancy gaff for a friend

    That gaff looks nicer than 75% of the rods out there! Excellent work.
  372. Limits

    7/25 425/371

    albies at the 425....niiiiiiiiiice... I might have to chase them next weekend.
  373. Limits

    371 Albacore cherry popped

    Sweet! Congrats on teh cherry popping Garrett. What took you so long? LOL
  374. Limits

    Garden Martha is hurt

    Holy crap! Get better soon Martha. I hope its nothing serious.
  375. Limits


    I was going to stay quiet on this topic BUT.... I was the chartermaster for a 2.5 dayer that left on 7/11 and got back on 7/14. Interestingly, the website does not have our report or totals. We had 20 anglers and were on the trip where Mindy got her first dodo ..and the angler...
  376. Limits

    Brett Farve is........

    Amen. I was a huge fan before this nonsense.
  377. Limits


    Really? I did not know that. What if I'm Asian American. Am I exempt or does that make me gringo-nese?LOL
  378. Limits

    Calico Queen W/pics

    Major kudos on the C&R!!!! Sounds like an excellent day on the water. Thanks for sharing.
  379. Limits

    What a deck should look like.

    Hard to see the deck with all them dead fish in the way. WTG!
  380. Limits

    100 % strikes again

    Excellent job and kudos on the bird assist. Always good karma when we offer assistance to our feathered friends.
  381. Limits

    Poker Game Friday 6/27/08

    Ha ha...maybe, but I'm eating albie and YFT sashimi right now. :smoking33:
  382. Limits

    Poker Game Friday 6/27/08

    Sorry I couldn't make it Steve. I went out fishing for Albies on Friday and didn't get home till 10:30 PM. Next time brother....
  383. Limits

    6/27 Albies, albies...oh wait and a YFT

    Martin(the Looper) and I have been trying to coordinate a buddy boating trip for several weeks. Everytime, its been either an issue with his calendar or mine. Well finally this week, the stars were in allignment and we made plans for a Friday run in search of the chicken Along for the...
  384. Limits


    Rock on fellas! Congrats on the YFT and thanks for the 411.
  385. Limits

    Bluefin, Toad albies and a few tails

    right on! Thanks for the report. I'm going after them in about 8 hours myself. LOL
  386. Limits

    Poker Game Friday 6/27/08

    Cool. Let me run it by the boss and get back to you. I live in Cypress so I'm not far at all. How about grub? Potluck style?
  387. Limits

    Where to get Canning Jars?

    Walmart in the kitchen wares dept. At Vons, they have them up front by the charcoal briquettes, and water softner salts.
  388. Limits

    Poker Game Friday 6/27/08

    What time is the final buy-in cut off? How long does it usually take to determine a champ? I've got a gig early Saturday AM. I might be in if I can work out the time frame.
  389. Limits

    BD member "kmt" .......... I got your email.

    Every site has that one idiot who thinks they should dictate how things are done. Screw'em and let him create his own damn website. In fact, I bet if you check his ip address, you'll find its somebody who doesn't have the balls to say it using his regular login and created a 'fake one'...
  390. Limits

    Re: The BD Article is this week's WON

    Hmmm, JMO but it ounds like overreaction to the "alleged" raping of the WSB stock and again about this article.
  391. Limits

    Late Report Redondo 6/13 kayak sportcoats

    Beautiful fish fellas. Thanks for the tupperware report.
  392. Limits

    6/15 Father's day outing with the family

    After a quickie lunch, I took the family for a promised outing to the beach. We first went for a walk along the boardwalk... ...before hitting the sand for sandcastles and fishing. Bait was hard to make with the building surf and all the foot traffic. It took about 20 minutes...
  393. Limits

    Albacore at the Double 220

    Rock on! Finally a report with pics for the doubters!! Congrats on getting the chicken and putting you son on the fish! PM coming your way.
  394. Limits


    Score! WTG buddy...
  395. Limits

    Catalina 6/6 great fishing with the armada

    WTG bro! Nice fish. Glad to see your pops still fishing. I hope in the next report, you'll be able to say he's back to his old self and pulling fish like a champ. Thanks for sharing.
  396. Limits

    Sooo,,, how do I get my F'n picture in WON?

    Yup. Consider it from the editor's point of view, they probably get hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pics a week. How do you select the 30 - 35 or so that get published. Not a fun task. A good picture definitely increases your chances. Having a lunker isn't automatic unless its...
  397. Limits

    I Did It!

    You're a lucky man Scribbles. Jessica is an absolute sweetheart, and the perfect gal for you. Many congrats buddy!
  398. Limits

    Mercury Optimax alarm problem

    Wow...I forgot to follow-up on this one. I guess it got buried in that forum pretty quick. My specific problem was the float in the oil reserviour under the cowl was getting stuck. The float appears to be a piece of styrofoam that goes up and down on a rod in the reservoir. As oil...
  399. Limits

    tree stand ethics

    I'm not a hunter... but for your sakes, I just hope that the "ski" family doesn't hunt. LOL
  400. Limits

    Looking for insight on the Backside of Cat.

    Sound advice! Thanks.
  401. Limits

    Catch the Truck Stealin Thief

    I hope you get it back, but by now, it's probably close to the border if not on the other side. That sucks. Really sorry to hear that.
  402. Limits

    Southern Cal Rockfish Trip 09/04 w/pics

    Like the rest of the peanut gallery has said, the report is a YEAR old... Way to make an impression noobie...:slap:
  403. Limits

    6/3 Catalina Trifecta- Kairyu

    Right on! Thats an amazing trifecta. All quality fish. Congrats.
  404. Limits

    so that explains it

    There goes 5 seconds of my life I'll never get back...
  405. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    Tom's a fishing machine! Also a virtual encyclopedia of fish knowlegdge. I think his background as an ichthylogist may a have something to do with it. LOL What are you going to do with an Ultra? You're an ocean angler, my man! LOL. Keep me posted. Good talking to you today Martin...
  406. Limits

    6/3 Crossed a milestone today

    Congrats Pop. My daughter keeps bugging me about taking her out for a day of line soaking. Hopefully, we'll be just as successful.
  407. Limits

    Dominator sold

    Pete, Sorry to hear that. We're on for the July 10-13th charter. PM coming your way. Thanks Tommy
  408. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    We actually launched from Hutington Harbor since we live up here. (I'm about 3.5 miles up the street from the launch ramp). The folks from SD drove up here for the launch. Launching from SD would take some time I imagine. Sorry I can't be more help. Thanks Jason. Did I see correctly...
  409. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    Oh and for the record, I pulled the antenna out from the radio and the solder was loose. I reapplied a nice coat of solder and was able to hail the FU on the radio from 3+ miles away over land. Seems the problem is fixed! Thanks for the tip!
  410. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    Thanks for all the comments guys. It was a great trip and hopefully the start to an awesome season for us PBers. The pictures were taken on either my Olympus 790SW or Tom's Pentax Optio 30W. Both are waterproof and were bought specifically with fishing in mind. They can both be used...
  411. Limits

    6.02 AM, Bluefishing on the Golden Eagle

    I was wondering where you have been. Nice NJ report. I fly to Princeton, NJ about 6-7 times a year. Not once have I thought about fishing there. Maybe its time to look into it. My condelences regarding your cousin. Angioplasty is very routine. Hope your dad has a speedy recovery...
  412. Limits

    save the recreational fisherman Petition

    I was #293. With 25k members here, I'd be VERY disappointed if this doesn't get at least 1000 signatures from active and lurking members alike. Let's go people...what are you waiting for???
  413. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    A bunch of plaidbass. Same with Paul, but they managed a few cornfed macks and a big sargo to boot. Paul says they got bit by the right kind but it broke them off. Thanks for the pointer! I'll try that this afternoon. I still have the boat sitting in front of the house (to the dismay...
  414. Limits

    a day of laughs and ohhs and ahhs

    Excellent job on the releases Joey!
  415. Limits

    6/1 Catalina Yellowtail

    After last weekend’s trip to Catalina was nixed, I’ve had the itch to make a trek to the Island. So early last week, I made some calls, confirmed the weather report and despite only spotty yellowtail action at the island, the FU, Jae and I opted to buddy boat out to Catalina. With...
  416. Limits

    Lost my weapon

    Yeah, but the problem is there are at least 2 KNOWN folks who won't do the right thing and they frequent the area. I hope the right BDer finds it for you and does ya right.
  417. Limits

    fund raiser auction for Bder (6 lb. bucket of Uni-Butter)

    I thought i had this one wrapped up too... Came back from dinner and the auction was done. oh well. Congrats bro! The stuff is money on the bass.
  418. Limits

    Not get invited back on a private boat

    Here's my list: - several hours into a trip, telling me you have to be back at the docks early - not offering to chip in for bait, fuel, launch fees - slamming the fish hold door, bait tank hatch, basically everything that closes! - leaving the bait net in the bait tank - bullshitting with...
  419. Limits

    Fundraiser for a BDer - Long Beach Bait - Scoops of Bait

    Let's get this started. $30
  420. Limits

    an investment in fishing reel

    Excellent post Alan. Very good advice for anyone in the market for a reel.
  421. Limits

    fund raiser auction for Bder (6 lb. bucket of Uni-Butter)

    Yeah, but I want to hand it out as samples to buddies who have thier own boats as well as to friends who fish the surf so they can try it out. I use the stuff and its fantastic for surf species. Oh...and $200
  422. Limits

    fund raiser auction for Bder (6 lb. bucket of Uni-Butter)

    $165. Is it possible to get smaller units instead of a 6# tub though?
  423. Limits

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer - Fishing "Party" with Lil Ceez & Photog

    I'll start since the peanut gallery is still contemplating the bails bond issue...:argue: $60
  424. Limits

    Warren - wellfairfisher

    Warren's a cool cat and a helluva fisherman. Glad he was able to take care of you.
  425. Limits

    My Son's First Seabass And Halibut...WOW!

    Thats just sick!! You've ruined him now. LOL congrats pop. Thats an amazing day for ANY angler.
  426. Limits

    Polarized Sunglasses for Wide Face

    I'm not a big dude (5'8", 185 lbs) but I've got an 'above average' sized dome.LOL Glad to see I'm not the only one with the large noggin issue. I'm going to take a look at all these manufacturers. I've got a 3 dayer in July and could use a decent pair for that trip.
  427. Limits

    Threshers get a reprieve..

    Really? This is a quote from DFG regs regarding salmon limits as an example. California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Region Ocean Boat Limits: Each angler aboard a vessel may continue to fish until the boat limit (combined daily bag limits of all anglers) has been attained. Once the...
  428. Limits

    Night Riders w/pix

    sick bassin' Ceez. 50 in the darkness with that quality is awesome. I can only imagine how big the spectra breakin' fish were.
  429. Limits

    Services for Nathan

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Hang in there.
  430. Limits

    "Whalin" the wall....w/pix

    Grande bass du jour.... WTG. Them beefy fo sho...
  431. Limits

    Show your favorite fishing pic

    Posted these before, but fishing with my daughter is the best. I've got a 6 month old son that i can not wait to get out there with me too. Irvine lake last year Bay fishing.
  432. Limits


    She probably has a tatoo of her arm on her crotch.
  433. Limits

    Does this make me a bad dad?

    Thats freakin' awesome!!! My daughter's got a little bit of Evil Kenievel in her as well. She likes the fast rides. Takes after her old man. :food-smiley-014:
  434. Limits

    99 words for boobs

    99 words for boobs from amcc
  435. Limits

    3 thieves busted at docks

    Would have been sweet if you could have done a little :slap: first. Rock on dude! Thats excellent work. Kudos bro....
  436. Limits

    What's your biggest Halibut?

    Here's my contribution. 37 inches long and a FAT 26#s. Confirmed by the DFG biologist back at the dock as well. The thing was thick. Caught on 10# test, and a Big Hammer swimmie (also made it on the Big Hammer website).
  437. Limits

    When the WSB don't bit..... with pics

    Awesome, awesome report. Sometimes, its not about the catching, but the on the water (or in this case, IN the water) experience. thanks for sharing.
  438. Limits

    2-stroke oil...shelf life and other misc questions...

    I was using Quicksilver TC-W3 Premium Oil for a few years. The last batch went in about 6-7 months ago, and it was about a year old. Then I was using Pennzoil TC-W3 Synthetic that was about 1 year old from a friend who upgraded to a 4 stroke. I like to buy in bulk to save some $, but if...
  439. Limits

    2-stroke oil...shelf life and other misc questions...

    Is there a shelf life for oil? I had a problem with the oil in the resevoir under the cowling of my 150 HP Mercury Optimax. The float in the reservoir was sticking so the alarm was falsely indicating low oil. I was wondering if old oil could cause this problem? Also, will it be an...
  440. Limits

    Cops catch the fuckers who tried to steal my truck

    Wow...major threadjack going on.:Smoke_Emoticon: Hey Dave, glad you got your shit (or at least some of it) back and the guy is going back. Karma's a bitch...
  441. Limits

    Pre fishing-Post fishing w/pix

    Thats sick! Nice bassin' Ceez.
  442. Limits

    problem shifting foward

    I had the same problem with my 2001 Mercury Optimax 150 HP. Took it to the shop where it was 'pre-diagnosed' as a possible clutch problem or throttle cable. Turns out the top of my throttle cable (metal clip that hold the 'sleeve' while the cable inside slides) had worked its way off...
  443. Limits

    Thanks for another hoop net

    Yeppers. Food for thought.
  444. Limits

    Install Completed on the Bait Tank - Rod - Cup - Knife - Pliers rack.

    Slick work Brandon. Looks awesome.
  445. Limits


    Why not post your own instead of reading the board its last rights???
  446. Limits

    3/18/08 rock fishing LJ W/pics

    Good job buddy. Nothing like a great day on the water followed by some killer fish tacos. You guys are doing it up right.
  447. Limits

    Merc Optimax Opinions

    Hey Jason I've got a 150 Optimax. Its been in the shop for misc issues, but probably the most irritating problem was the oil reservoir. The float found in the reservoir under the cowl has a tendency to stick....a lot. Also, the screw top o-ring doesn't alway provide a good seal so when the...
  448. Limits

    Tarantula's 3/14-15

    nice nocturnal bass attackin' fellas...
  449. Limits

    MoJo Magic/ 3 WSB to 58#'s

    Excellent ghost fishin'! You couldn't stop the fish on 40 #??? Holy smokes! I can only imagine how big those beasts were!
  450. Limits

    Great breasts

    have you heard the one about a guy spotted a girl out in the street with the perfect breasts and ran up to her and asks “Sorry, but I couldn't help noticing your perfect breasts - would you let me bite them for a hundred dollars?” “f^$#$ off” replies the girl “How about a...
  451. Limits

    cat wsb 3/8

    Good job on the ghosts. We did a 3 boat, buddy-boating trip and we all struck out. Ended up salvaging the trips with some misc rockfish. The big lings were also on the chew, but of course they got released as they were out of season.
  452. Limits

    Good enough for page one of W.O.N this week

    I had a couple of photos make it into a WON a few years back. Greatest satisfaction was finding out that one of our Directors up in Northern California was visiting a local hospital and found a copy of WON. While flipping through the pages, he did a double take when he saw my pic. Gave me...
  453. Limits

    Fred Hall Show Day 2

    Nice booth. I swung by for a quick looksie. So how long before we start seeing folks selling the free BD stickers on e-bay again??? LOL
  454. Limits

    first trip to the long beach fred hall show

    you do realize you're replying to a thread thats a year old right???
  455. Limits

    Replacing throttle cable - OMC

    I just had my throttle cables replaced (TODAY) by a local shop. It didn't seem too difficult, but rather than screw it up myself, I thought I'd have a professional do it. LOL
  456. Limits

    acoosed of spotlighting deer

    Ha ha too! I thought reading Japanese was hard. Glad you're in school. Its hard to get anywhere in life without some level of education.
  457. Limits

    40 lb wsb catalina

    Nice fish. Sorry, but I'm with the peanut gallery on the weight.
  458. Limits

    This but kicked my butt!

    The one time when you can say to a lady "You got a big butt" and she wouldn't be offended. LOL Congrats. That things a beast.
  459. Limits

    PL KELP - 3/1/08 - REPORT

    Killer pics bud. The video is a nice touch. Thanks...
  460. Limits


    Holy smokes Martha...them some HUGE spotties!!! I've caught quite a few in my days and my PB is only around 17 inches. WOW... WTG and many congrats!
  461. Limits

    hooped the bay 2/29 w/pics

    WTG junior. I tried hooping from the yak locally and struck out. I'm sporting 5 shut outs in a row while hoopin from the yak. Not good...
  462. Limits

    Tit for the day

    The "tit"le of your thread caught my attention. LOL Thanks for the tip. I've started using x-wrap in my sticks. I'll try that next time.
  463. Limits

    Avet's on Ebay......not sure if legit......

    That shouldn't be too hard. Monterey Park is only about 15 miles east of Downtown LA. Lot of folks within 30 miles I'd say. Interesting to see how this pans out and how many BDers end up bidding.
  464. Limits

    Avet's on Ebay......not sure if legit......

    I just find it interesting that he's saturating the site with a shitload of Avets. He's basically competing with himself for customers. Great prices so far...although we all know that the prices have a tendency to jump in the closing minutes as the snipers come out to play. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  465. Limits

    How dumb are you?

    11 and only so because I didn't put the word "only" in the first response. :shakin:
  466. Limits

    Brand new MXL with 3 second free spool

    and why are you YELLING????
  467. Limits

    Horseshoe on 10-7-07

    Yeah no shit. LOL At least this one is ONLY 4 months old. Why people are reading reports that are buried that far into the board is beyond me. LOL
  468. Limits

    does a rod really need a foregrip?

    On lighter rods, Its not needed. Would definitely recommend it on sticks where you'll be pulling in that general area for leverage. That got a chuckle outta me. LOL
  469. Limits

    Cat buggin 2/2/08

    100 feet is a hell of a pull. Good job under sloppy conditions. You definitely earned them bugs.
  470. Limits

    sqiding 1/2/08

    If its not a big deal, why did you even bring it up?
  471. Limits

    Night Squiding on the New SeaForth 2/2/08

    Last time i checked, the squid could care less if you were using spinners or conventionals. If its a line capacity thing, then thats a different story. Otherwise, we took some newbs out for a squid run and more than half of the group of 12 used spinners without incident. The squid were...
  472. Limits

    Lakers get Kobe some help

    Thats a understatement. After signing the wasteland known as Kwame to a long term deal, the Laker's were desperate to get rid of him. Good riddance. Talk about all the skill sets without any desire to be a half way decent player. What a waste. And rebound. He's like Dirk Nowitski but...
  473. Limits

    Lakers get Kobe some help

    They traded away the walking dead (Kwame Brown) and some scrubs for Pau Gasol and a 2nd round pick for next year. Wow... ESPN - NBA Basketball Teams, Scores, Stats, News, Standings, Rumors - Pro Basketball
  474. Limits

    need a kayak rack,..

    oh shit....welcome to the tupperware navy. Looks all blinged out...just add water. congrats.
  475. Limits

    Anglers Choice Robbed

    I wonder if the assailant gave the BD salute on the way out?
  476. Limits

    Check this out, very cool

    Videos kind of grainy, but it sure looks like CGI to me.
  477. Limits

    big mouth

    freakin' nuts. Massive Mouth
  478. Limits

    So SAD:(

    my heart goes out to ya brother. My dog is 11 years old and I know her days are numbered. She's got the enthusiasm of a pup so I keep forgetting how old she is. Hang in there.
  479. Limits

    CABZILLA!!!!!! Look at this monster!

    I don't think even a picture with a scale would stop some from questioning it. Regardless, its still a fish of a lifetime. Congrats.
  480. Limits

    1.20 Pismo Clams ~ Limits for 2 in 1 Hour

    Nice Martha.... I see 'chowda' is on the dinner menu. Its been DECADES since I've done clamming locally.
  481. Limits

    1/19 OC bass yakkin'

    After spending the better part of the week on the East Coast freezing my a$$ off, I was jonesing for some fishing action in So Cal climate. Gave Ray (Crabkracker) a call Friday and squared away today's game plan. Met up with Ray at the designated spot at 7 AM. I thought he said launch at 7...
  482. Limits


    I dunno. I don't believe I've ever seen you post here before. How about leading by example? :picknose:
  483. Limits

    1/11 HH lucky 'but

    Looks like a quality fish. Any guesstimates on a weight? Oh and kudos on the C&R. Good karma points coming your way I'm sure...
  484. Limits

    dead body @ long bch

    I doubt it. Seeing how the sailboat was near Hawaii, he'd be too badly decomposed to determine gender or age by now if it was.
  485. Limits

    cost of rock fishing ?

    Compare that with owning your boat (i.e. storage fees, annual maintenance, insurance, annual Vessel Assist membership, bait, clean up, mexican permits, AND FUEL) and those prices are damn reasonable. Otherwise, what those guys said too! :urno1:
  486. Limits

    The new channel 4 weather girl

    You too? My wife is Filipina. Funny thing is folks thing I'm Filipino and she's Japanese when its actually the reverse. I need to start using sunblock when I go fishing. LOL
  487. Limits

    The new channel 4 weather girl

    Hmmm...I think she looks better in this shot. But then again, i'm wondering who that is to the left of her. :)
  488. Limits

    CBBBS Hoopnight Limits 1/7

    Excellent haul. Congrats and enjoy the eats!
  489. Limits

    I WANT MORE...

    OK...I'll be second. He posted in the "FISH CHIT CHAT" board so i don't see why it has to be a report. Sharkin ain't my thing but its still a nice fish.
  490. Limits

    Fishing game

    I'm REALLY bored...
  491. Limits

    Bolts ~ Colts

    34-10 Indy.
  492. Limits

    calico painting on a rod

    Dude, that's wicked cool! Nice details for such a small painting.
  493. Limits

    Safe way to travel Baja

    Thats what i was thinking. Just not worth it to me.
  494. Limits

    Hoopin 1-05

    Good going Junior! Thats awesome. Looks like there will be some BBQing at your place, rain or shine!LOL
  495. Limits


    cool. Thanks for the 411. I'll give it a shot on my next rod
  496. Limits

    2008 Dead Pool

    Mind if I PM you a list of folks I'd like to have you put in the death pool? You know...just to test out the theory. :D
  497. Limits

    Disappearing Car Door.

    You might want to work on getting your driving license first. LOL
  498. Limits

    fishing license fees

    I did 5 years ago when it was under $500. Now I get my license in the mail every November like an early Christmas Present.
  499. Limits

    fishing license fees

    Jumping the gun aren't we? You're getting upset without knowing if they do or not. Mexican Fishing licenses vary from place to place as each shop adds a 'service charge'. I've paid as much as an extra $20 (vs the face value) for a Mexican Fishing License. For California Fishing...
  500. Limits

    Wedding day freak out...

    There's a show called "Bridezillas" where it seems every freakin' bride-to-be just loses it :hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli: during the planning stages of their 'BIG DAY'. My god...its just one damn day in the rest of their life and they act like their whole life depends on this...
  501. Limits

    New report card for Spiny Lobster

    They're not required till Oct 2008 so most places will not have them till probably Summer.
  502. Limits


    For a 9 year old? Very cool. My daughter would love those colors! Gone are the days of wishing for a pony I guess. LOL Quick question if I may... How did you secure the corktape before adding the hypalon below the reel seat? I normally use shrinktube, but overlap the tape by at least...
  503. Limits

    12/31/07 rock fishing ja jolla

    Uh yeah, because correct me if I'm wrong, but LJ is in American Waters and I thought rock fishing was closed as of January 1st.:imdumb:
  504. Limits

    Wedding day freak out...

    Seeing shit like this makes me appreciate the fact that my wife is SANE... Wedding Day Hair Freakout and other Just Plain Stupid Videos on
  505. Limits

    A parents wish...

    Got me too. That was perfect. Thanks.
  506. Limits

    Always bring another person Bear Hunting...

    I'm with you on that one. So what happens to the cubs? Sounds like they'll end up as feed for another bear. Looks like the end result will be 4 deaths.
  507. Limits

    Baitcaster for around $65-$75

    You can pick up Shimano Cardiffs for around that price on Ebay. Also, the old school shimano Curado 200Bs can be had for that price on e-bay as well. I've been using my Curados in the ocean for better than 10 years now. I love them for bassin'. I've even caught a 12# class yellowtail with...
  508. Limits

    1/1 hooping. 35 bugs in 2 hours.

    Been there done that. Last season, I went yak hooping with 2 guys. Ray #1 ended up with 34 shorts and 1 legal. Ray #2 had 25 shorts and 1 legal. I had 14 total of which 4 were legal. Hopefully when the water warms up, the bigger guys will come into the shallows to play.
  509. Limits

    12/30 hoopin' from the yak

    Got the hair brained idea of trying hooping before the end of the year. Interestingly, I had two takers who wanted to give it a shot too. :lol: Met up with Ray(crabkracker) and Chao (madfish) at the designated launch around 3:30ish. Gorgeous day with temp around 70 that would quickly...
  510. Limits

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    $250 is a good price. Just a heads up that it uses an Xd card. They're more expensive than the commonly used SD card but I think they save images faster so that you can take another picture quicker. Ewwww. :imdumb: BBQ. For the record they taste much better than bald eagle. Still I...
  511. Limits

    hooping 12/29/07 10.1 L.B. Bug

    Nice bug. ...and a little bit of tact goes a long way.
  512. Limits

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    Suprisingly, shrimp was the hot ticket. Yeah you should have LOL.... Front page too? I'm very flattered. Who'd have thunk it with some pictures of the goldfish of the sea. I've been using an Olympus Stylus 790SW. Like the Pentax Optio W20, it's a completely waterproof/submerssible...
  513. Limits

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    Not sure of the true name. I've always referred to them as a 'kelpfish', which is pretty general as calicos are 'kelp bass'. Kind of like a cross between bald eagle and spotted owl. Not quite as spicy as white shark or as gamey as panda though.
  514. Limits

    12/28 yakkin' fun

    Met up with Ray (crabkracker) for some kelp stringer follies. Conditions were windy to start, but it laid down pretty nicely as the morning progressed. Water was a chilly 55-56 degrees, but the fish still wanted to play. Target species was sheephead. Ended up landing 7. Two were legal...
  515. Limits

    Procrastinating pays off...

    And a pair of cups and some nylon chord is your cell phone. You ought to try joining the 21st century. LOL Costco.
  516. Limits

    Procrastinating pays off...

    It was actually a Big Hammer swimmie. LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Classic. Thanks for the Christmas chuckles...
  517. Limits

    Procrastinating pays off...

    Hmmm...that would have worked too, since technically it isn't hers till she pays. LOL I paid my dues though. I was in Kansas City last week on business and checked out 2 Best Buys, 2 Walmarts and a Target for naught. I even entered a drawing at the Bass Pro Shops in Olathe, KS. They...
  518. Limits

    who does'nt like to sit on Santa's lap ?

    Looks like Santa had a bit too much egg nogg....
  519. Limits

    Procrastinating pays off...

    Finished ALL my Christmas shopping in about 3 hours today. Got the wife some items she's wanted, but thought were unnecessary. I like spoiling her that way. Oh and scored myself a sweet late Christmas shopping gift for myself. After I was "done" shopping today, I swung by the local...
  520. Limits

    12/21 Goats, goats, everywhere...

    Met up with the fellas (Ray - crabkracker, Charlie - afiredog84, and Jason -Viking172) on the water as I overslept. :( Seriously had some 2nd and 3rd thoughts as traffic was a pain, and then when I finally got on the water, the winds and current were both working against me. It took close...
  521. Limits

    Bass fishing is hard and Hali fiishing is Boring!

    Fan-FREAKIN-tastic!!!! Congrats dude. That's a catch of a lifetime!
  522. Limits

    DFG re "culling" lobster

    This exact issue was brought up in the ASK the DFG portion of the WON paper several years ago (I haven't subscribed for about 3 years) Per the biologist, while its a widely accepted practice in bass tournies, this act was technically illegal. Go figure.
  523. Limits

    HAHAHAHAAA!!! One year. One friggin' year!!! Agghhh!!! One year, dammit!!

    Thats awesome dude. I've never had an addiction so I can't relate on that level, but my family has had a history of alcoholism that goes back several generations. I've seen first hand how it ruined my Grandfather's life and several uncles. Family gatherings were miserable. I'm glad you...
  524. Limits

    12/15 Yakin' the OC

    I like it. I had an Optio W10 that was a no brainer to use. It took great pictures with minimal tinkering. The Stylus 790 is a different animal. Lots of bells and whistles to adjust the lighting, shutter speed, etc. I like it a lot. The fish is a darker, juvey sheephead. I know you're...
  525. Limits

    12/15 Yakin' the OC

    Met up with my hooping buddy, Ray (crabkracker) to do a little sheep herding. Got to the designated meeting spot to find an absolutely beautiful SoCal morning. Conditions were fantastic. Bite was slow to start, but picked up to a nice and steady pace as the morning wore on. Ray had the...
  526. Limits

    Meet the "treeman"

    A genetic defect has resulted in an inability to fend off a form of the papilloma virus resulting in bizarre tree like growths in this Indonesian fisherman. Fascinating stuff. YouTube - Human ' Treeman ' begs for help as he turns into a tree. YouTube - tree man YouTube - Tree Man
  527. Limits

    Should Moderators Have The Right To Deletes Threads For No Reason

    Judging by the number of votes, it looks like the topic has been broadcasted across CNN. :imdumb: For the record, I voted...err...ummm..YES!!!
  528. Limits

    Should Moderators Have The Right To Deletes Threads For No Reason

    Maybe AC is more your style. Good luck with your membership at the next site. So when is somebody going to lock this thing down?:finger:
  529. Limits

    Bat Rays??????????????

    I think the whole "tastes like scallops" was just an excuse some used to target them without getting razzed about it.:imdumb: If you want to go and just catch something for the sake of catching, they are fun fish to hook. Soak some squid and if you don't end up with a shovel nose, you'll end...
  530. Limits

    Saluki Claus came a little early,..

    Way to come through there Brandon.
  531. Limits

    My truck was stolen today,..

    Just saw this... That just sucks! Sorry to hear that. Real sorry. Can't help with the kiddie stuff (I've got a 3 year old and a 6 week old of my own) but can help you out with some gear. Shoot me a PM and let me know what your weekend looks like. hang in there dude..
  532. Limits

    Patriots vs. Eagles

    Much better game than I anticipated. Shoot...better than ANYBODY expected.
  533. Limits

    Thanksgiving Battle Spottie

    Excellent bassin' there Martha! You're hard core grrrl!!! and the dinner....sheesh...I wish my thanksgiving dinner looked like that! I had oversalted turkey, sweet potatoes that were difficient of marshmellows, and no stuffing, mash potatoes, OR pumpkin pie! WTF is up with that?? ugh....
  534. Limits

    Please read

    Figures. You've been a member for a year and 4 months, and haven't contributed crap to the site but want the owners and members to change the way things are done here? Puuuh-leeease. Just go away and don't let the internet door hit your ass on the way out.:finger:
  535. Limits

    Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

    I get your point...but I also believe in leading by example. Whether or not you thought you did it to toot his own horn is your prerogative. I just don't know why you have to comment as such to drag the thread down.:hali_blablalba: From what I've seen of Brandon on this board, I highly...
  536. Limits

    11/18 Trouting with the family

    Funny you should mention that. I was planning on doing just that. Yeah, she's good for one decent pictures every...oh I dunno...50 clicks! I got lucky that she managed to snap several good ones in succession. I know that she'll be chopping my head off in the next couple of photos...
  537. Limits


    Wowser...I think you found the alpha male! Nice!
  538. Limits

    Slut who tried to sue southwest is now posing for playboy....

    Southwest should sue her ass back for the notariety and $ she garnered from this.
  539. Limits

    Look closely...

    Wait a minute... Oh yeah... Hold it.... I think.... nah, still don't see it.:imdumb:
  540. Limits

    Look closely...

    Stared for like a minute...nothing. What am I supposed to see? If you don't want to spoil it for others, hit me up with a PM. I've got the patience of a 2 year old. LOL
  541. Limits

    11/18 Trouting with the family

    Got a late start after a long night with the baby. The little bugger kept me up till 3 AM. :imdumb: Anyhow, the kiddie lake was pretty crowded by the time we got there. We set up on the very South East end of the lake. The guy next to us and his kid had THE SPOT early as they shared one...
  542. Limits

    11/11 Father daughter day

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. The weekend was particularly a special one as it was the 5 year anniversary of my mom's passing. She never got to see her granddaughter as she lost her battle with cancer a year before we got pregnant. She was the one who instilled the love of fishing...
  543. Limits

    LOTS AND LOTS OF BUGS...a few trips this past weekend

    How sad is it that you take the time to put up the disclaimer and STILL you get the whiners out there who scream "overlimits".:fighting0061: Geez...just once I'd like to see somebody post a kick ass report without somebody raining on the parade about C&R or questioning whether the person was...
  544. Limits

    water proof camera

    Most water proof cameras are going to be limited as far as optical zoom capability. Typically, they'll have around 3x optical, with about 10x digital. For the best quality photo, stick with the maximum optical because as soon as you go digital, the photos get real grainy. Pentax makes the...
  545. Limits

    11/11 Drummin' and Hoppin' w/ Red Drum

    Scribby, is that you in the front row? Get a hair cut dude. Oh and nice haul.
  546. Limits

    Second and final Bug Report(s) on BD for now

    Score! Nice haulin' fellas. I'm dying to get out there. But with a 4 week old at home, it makes it kinda tough. I'll have to live vicariously through reports like these.
  547. Limits

    11/11 Father daughter day

    Saturday's planned family venture to San Diego got nixxed because of mild food poisoning. My daughter, Hayley, was extremely disappointed, but was quick to inform me first thing Sunday, that she was feeling fine. :lux: So after checking with the wife (she was back to 110% as well), I got...
  548. Limits

    fish sketches,...

    Pretty damn nice.
  549. Limits

    P.E slow troll/bounce ball halibut seminar date set

    Hey Behdad, I'll try to make it. PE is right down the street from me.
  550. Limits

    big bass in oc

    I'm not a fresh water bass afficianado, but I've never seen any professional bass anglers use nets in any of the shows I've watched. Am I just missing the ones where they pull them out or are they 'killing everything' too?
  551. Limits

    The Dark Side

    Excellent! I did your style dude. Great post. Thanks.
  552. Limits

    Chuck Norris facts

    I've thought I had heard all the "Chuck Norris Fact" before, but that one just struck me as fuckin' funny. Don't know why, but that was hilarious.:imdumb:
  553. Limits

    Not a joke, but about damn time

    And if a father does take that course of action, I will be the first to donate to his 'defense fund'. Those self righteous religious assholes just piss me off.
  554. Limits

    GUSA Customer service

    From what I heard, there were originally 2 partners that owned GUSA. One got bought out due to some differences of opinions, $ problems, whatever. Anyhow, they're down to one owner, a skeleton crew and a backlog of orders and broken rods. Surprising when they were considered...
  555. Limits

    prayers please

    The little ones can be surprisingly resilient and full of fight. Stay strong, think positive and hang in there. We're keeping the little one in our thoughts.
  556. Limits

    Not a joke, but about damn time

    You've probably heard of this wackos who protest at the funerals of our fallen men and women. Well, they finally got what they had coming to them. :finger::finger: Jury awards father $11M in funeral case By ALEX DOMINGUEZ, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 5 minutes ago...
  557. Limits

    Cleaning and cooking rock crabs

    I boil'em in a large pot of water with about a teaspoon of salt. Cook for about 20 minutes after the water starts to boil. The shells are going to be thick, but what you'll find inside is short, stringy very flavorful meat. Very tasty meat in the claws of course, but don't foget all the...
  558. Limits

    Happy Birthday Photog (26) and Fishin4Life (18)

    Happy birthday Travis and Butthead. lol...
  559. Limits

    3/4 day trip for YFT at 9 mile

    Outstanding Dad... This is just the beginning. Before you know it, you'll be doing overnighters with your son. Many congrats.
  560. Limits

    10/8 Some Bass, Some Bugs & A Cat Turd

    That turd looked a little short. I hope you threw it back.
  561. Limits

    Happy Birthday Corb!!!

    Ahh...the same date as my wife's. Happy birthday dude. Hope your day rocks....
  562. Limits

    Most disturbing video ever

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: YouTube - 2 Girls 1 Cup Reaction #1
  563. Limits

    your favorite cigar's

    i'm kinda spoiled... I travel to Europe at least once a year, so I really only smoke the 'good kind'. :beerbang: The Romeo y, Julieta (sport largo) on the far left is a great 45 minute smoke. Ideal for the golf course or chilling with the fellas. The Partagas Series D #4 (2nd...
  564. Limits

    Forget Buggin w/ Glow Sticks have to try this

    The comments all say its a hoax. Did a search and other sites say the same. Bummer. I was looking forward to having floats that glowed as bright as in the video.:imdumb:
  565. Limits

    The Nasty Woman at SAP

    Yup...we sure did. LOL
  566. Limits

    Another hoop net question (or two)

    Thats what I thought. Also, every vessel needs its own gauge, so a bunch of yakkers or guys buddy boating can't share a gauge. At least thats what I thought. I always have 2 gauges on my yak. They're small enough so that its not excessive weight and just in case I drop one, I've got a...
  567. Limits

    Most disturbing video ever

    Yep...that was pretty gnarly.
  568. Limits

    Most disturbing video ever

    Now ya guys have me curious. Somebody PM me the link please.
  569. Limits

    9/29 PM - bassin', buggin' and busted!

    Yep...I just showed the gap on the topside as I had an easier time keeping the gauge jammed in the lower end of the carapace and maintaining control of the lobster. I usually put one end between the eyes and see if the carapace fits inside the gap on the gauge. If it manages to get 'stuck'...
  570. Limits

    9/29 PM - bassin', buggin' and busted!

    Did a 2 hour quickie outing on the yak at my regular hoopin' spot. Bass were on the chew. Landed 2, got rocked by many more. Rocked big time. I'm talkin' breaking 10 lb braided line and bending the hooks kind of rocked. :fighting0061: The ones I landed fought much harder than there...
  571. Limits

    Hoopin SM

    And you base this remark on what????
  572. Limits

    8/18 Solo trip - shake down trip

    Picked up the boat on Friday from Dick Sherrer Marine. Turns out my little alarm problem was associated with what I thought it might be. The little float in the oil reservoir under the cowl was getting stuck so the alarm was incorrectly alarming that the oil level was low. Well a simple...
  573. Limits

    Wifezilla is really fucking pissed right now!!!

    I remember that night. I was going hooping and saw you taking the knife to the big ass koi. I guess they do work as lobster bait! LOL OH and Brandon, just your fleshlight of the Asian variety too? :rofl:
  574. Limits

    digital camera recomendations

    I've got an Pentax Optio W10 and absolutely love it. The thing is durable takes great photos, is very reasonably prices (around $240) and best of all, is water proof! I've used it to take pictures under water AND video clips to put in my report. Here's an example of a video clip of some...
  575. Limits

    Ever try these hooks?

    I picked up these ringed hooks at the Fishing Swap Meet this past Sunday in Santa Ana. Cost was very good at $2 a pack. While the packaging says they have 8 of the size 5/0 in the pack, they actually had 12. So all 3 sizes I picked up (2/0, 4/0 and 5/0) had 12 to a pack. They look very...
  576. Limits

    SWBA fundy top honors w/pix 7-28

    Right on Ceez. Congrats bud.
  577. Limits

    July Avet Contest

    How about putting up a report before submitting pics just to try to win free garb? That might get you more votes. :food-smiley-014:
  578. Limits

    July Avet Contest

    The lady in pink is hot, I'll give her that (and her husband is a lucky man on many accounts), but I can't stop laughing at this one. Good pic, but the quote is 'classic'. For what its worth (which ain't much) my vote goes here.
  579. Limits

    Ray is Tapping her Ass!

    Nothing that a couple of bottles of tequila and a brown bag couldn't fix. LOL
  580. Limits

    Be Afraid Mr. Albie, Be Very Afraid!

    I like the tow hitch on the front of the vehicle. Planning to do a lot of towing backwards? LOL Just kidding. You definitely got a keeper there. I think of myself as one of the lucky ones too. My wife's several months pregnant, but before that, when I'd cruise home after a trip out on...
  581. Limits

    Your Kiddin' Me Right???

    3 of the EXACT same rods - action, rating, length and all? I don't know about that. Similar rods maybe, like buying 2-3 different Graphiters. I'll wrap (I don't buy rods anymore:picknose:) similar blanks but never 2 of the same. I have, however, bought more than 2 of the same reel like...
  582. Limits

    Mercury OB - oil reservoir problems among other things

    I was kind of thinking it might be a faulty sensor, but I think that was replaced the LAST time I took it in for service at Dick Sherrer marine. I'll try that though. Thanks. I'm also wondering if its a faulty float in the oil reservoir. I'm going to try what you suggest first then see if...
  583. Limits

    prison thriller

    Note to self: Do NOT get arrested while visiting the Philippines.
  584. Limits

    Pics from 07/23 report

    Nice!!! I'd take that y-tail. Quality fish.
  585. Limits

    Mercury OB - oil reservoir problems among other things

    Hey Juan......:finger: LOL
  586. Limits

    Mercury OB - oil reservoir problems among other things

    Hey Junior Tried looking around. Forum is so big, I got tired of looking after 20-25 threads. Ha ha... My vcash? I blame a bad season of NFL football betting. :imdumb: I hope I can rebuy before the season starts. Sucks not being able to bet on the games. later T
  587. Limits

    Mercury OB - oil reservoir problems among other things

    Did a search before I posted but didn't see anything on this topic already. Sorry if there is but here's my delimma... Took the boat for a shakedown trip last night after about a one year layoff. I did the regular stuff (topped off the oil, checked the batteries, navigational checks, etc.)...
  588. Limits

    Scooter vs Car

    Dude...he didn't stick the landing. An 8 at best.:imdumb: Yeah that sucks. Guy in the car definitely ran the red light, but a lot of good thats going to do the guy on the moped when he spends the next year doing physical therapy.
  589. Limits

    7/23 albies at the 302

    10# test leader?'re a stud....with a LOT of patience...LOL Nice job.
  590. Limits

    Looking for a 1 day leaving Thursday

    You might get a better response putting this request on the Offshore Planning board instead of the Reports board.
  591. Limits

    The City of Long Beach 1/2 day PM July 23 WITH PICS!!!

    Sorry to hear you lost so many cudas. With all them fish in the count, steel leaders might have been a good idea. Also, in a pinch, if you do forget to bring steel leaders, grab a gunny sack bag tag and you can make a makshift steel leader. (see below my post for a picture). picture...
  592. Limits

    Plugged the boat w/albies 7-21+pics

    WTG killa.... Hope they stick around for a few. I've got plans to bloody the boat Thursday. late
  593. Limits

    The lame repeats

    Nice comments from a guy whos been a member for over a year and has done nothing but talked shit. The only time you weren't was when you were backpeddling after a dipshit remark about somebody else's WSB limits. Vote #10 here. p.s. Not smart to post your phone number when you're...
  594. Limits


    Duuuuuuuuuuuude.... Good karma points for you. You definitely saved somebody some serious $$$$ in repair bills! Thanks. Now go get the gaff before the wife really gets pissed... :rofl:
  595. Limits

    Noone claimed it.... went ABOVE AND BEYOND... I wouldn't sweat it. Chances are the owner probably has no clue that they even forgot it and won't realize it again until the next sunny day out on the water. $200 sounds very fair if you ask me.
  596. Limits

    Breaking News!! Yellowfin Tuna @ SCI

    Sorry, but I've found out MANY times on these boards that PICS DON'T MEAN SHIT... How many times have guys so eager to give the inside scoop, resorted to pulling 1 sometimes 2 year old pics to save face. I'll wait for the lowdown from someone with BD Cred before I get amped over claims by...
  597. Limits

    Found returning from it yours? found an outboard? Sweet....
  598. Limits

    Found returning from it yours?

    I kind of figured it was something worth some serious jack. Good on you to see if it belongs to a BDer. I see many a kick ass good karma fishing trip coming your way. ...if its a shiny reel+rod, its mine. LOL
  599. Limits

    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    Good of the captain to do what he could under the circumstances and offer up a reride. Report probably would have been better posted here...
  600. Limits

    Crisis at our Border,..

    Q: What's the last thing an Asian man hears and sees before he gets off a freeway? A: (raise your middle finger) Asshole!!! Q: How do you know that that Asians have moved into your neighborhood? A: When the undocumented aliens get car insurance. So...I just cracked back on my...
  601. Limits

    I'll never go back to h and m harbor!!!!!

    Waaaaaa...waaaaaaaaaaaaa...waaaaaaaaaaaa.... Fer cryin' out loud.
  602. Limits

    Goodbye Juliana

    I can't imagine the pain your family has endured these past 13 months. The joy of parenthood, coupled with the harsh reality of the difficult road ahead. I commend your strength and courage. You were blessed to have her, be it a short amount of time. May little Juliana rest in peace and you...
  603. Limits

    More Fun at the Ramp

    Nice sub.
  604. Limits

    Space available for sat and sun - 182

    Good deal Mike. I would but have other plans that have been in the works for weeks now. Oh well. I've got my share of chicken in the freezer so I'm not too disappointed. Good luck out there. Hope you guys slay'em.
  605. Limits

    Eagle nails deer.

    I think the point is how many birds can take a deer (of ANY size) down like that??? I'm still pretty damn impressed.
  606. Limits

    I broke my boat...need mechanic now!!!!! That is freakin' awesome. Good on you Jere for going above and beyond to help out a BD brother. I see many dead fish in your future! Tons of karma points. Junior...the boat looks like its coming along nicely. You're in excellent hands. Good luck on Sunday. I hope...
  607. Limits

    Someone has to post a fishless report!!! for the 11th

    Sorry to hear that Behdad. When Paul said he got 2 within minutes of dropping in the trollers, I thought for sure it was going to be an epic day for all of you. Oh well, that's fishing. You'll slay'em next time.
  608. Limits

    Want a ride? Albie Time

    Ditto that. I've met nothing but the best of fellas at Camp Pendleton. Junior is no exception! Can't go wrong with taking him. He's a good dude and quality BDer. Good of you to offer this up too! Thats gotta earn you some serious karma points on the water!
  609. Limits

    2 day Dominator

    Get your practice in now... I'm charter master for the 2.5 dayer on the Dominator in early Sept!! We're a good group of surf fishing nutjobs that like the occassional offshore action. We promise to play nice. :fighting0061:
  610. Limits

    182-Bringin the Wood 7-11

    Now THATs planning! :hali_ruahahaha: 120 boats...yikes.
  611. Limits

    Pressure cooker question

    Thanks for the info gang. For the record, I did keep the strainer in and very carefully wiped the rim of each jar before applying each lid. I had the heat cranked up and had the required pressure for over 90 minutes. I think I'm putting too much fluid in each jar. It looks like the...
  612. Limits

    honey bacon wrapped for the que

    Ditto that! Only difference for me was I peeled the apple chunks and didn't add any pepper. Only a simple honey basting. This recipe rates a 10 plus on my recipe scale as it was extremely easy to prep and rocked in the taste dept. I love a recipe that has stuff I already have around the...
  613. Limits

    07.09 Attention Wallmart Shoppers!

    Them WSB (white sea bags) have a voracious appetite. They bite ANYTHING... WTG on the quality spotties. Them some fun fighting fish.
  614. Limits

    Albies on the Indian 7/9

    Nice report.... ...athough somebody needs to keep their finger away from the camera lens.LOL
  615. Limits

    Un-buttoned troll fish

    Hmmm...thats true. Our lone lost fish was on the single speed troller which was getting pumped in. The other rods had 2 speed reels which made horsing the fish in mucho easier.
  616. Limits

    182 is the place to go!!

    Good job! Looks like the zucchini strikes again!
  617. Limits

    Un-buttoned troll fish

    We also heard of a lot of fish coming unbottoned on Friday while we were out. We didn't have that many missed fishes as out of 13 jig strikes and we only lost 1 fish. I was at the wheel during most of those strikes and what I did was give it a little gas after each strike. We were also...
  618. Limits

    Well my ex-wife was good for somthing, 7/7

    Being a moderator on another forum, I'd have to say I agree with fishnfool. You could have started an entirely new thread or better yet, do a search of the forums. There is a reason why the old threads are archived and not deleted for good. As for your 10 minute wait, thats nothing...
  619. Limits

    Albies and an Opah

    Good job on the fishing and major karma points on the C&Red opah. Beautiful fish. I would have done the same.
  620. Limits

    Pressure cooker question

    You want a jar or two? I've got extras.
  621. Limits

    WTF is happening with the San Diego fishing scene

    Thats the power of the internet at work. Same thing happens in the surf. ONe report of a good bite going and the next day...POOF!...2 dozen guys out there who claim they don't lurk on the internet are using the exact same bait/tactics that were in the report. I think the amount of info...
  622. Limits

    Pressure cooker question

    Thanks fellas. I left it in...but now about 25% of them didn't have a good seal. :1041677399: Looks like I've got more troubleshooting to do.
  623. Limits

    Albies 14 miles from Pt. Loma

    Hey Behdad... They'll be on the FISHNFU again. Good luck out there!
  624. Limits

    Well my ex-wife was good for somthing, 7/7

    Good job Spike...and on the tin can too! Thats hard core. Agree with all of the above statements 110%.
  625. Limits

    Albies at 302 0n 7-8-07

    I was wondering how you faired. Glad you got into them Bob, especially with the kids on board. Looks like avoiding the 182 might have been a good call. From all the reports, it was a zoo out there! :imdumb: See ya on the water.
  626. Limits

    Got the chickens, but never again on Saturday

    We had the same on Friday. Mixed in with some good info and helpful insight from most captains, we hear some ignorant racist BS. Swearing, cussing...and for what??? Congrats on the albies. I agree with you though, no weekend offshore trips for me.
  627. Limits

    7.06 Not my first two Albies!!?

    nice non-report. too bad you weren't out there, not catching anything. ;)
  628. Limits


    Awesome report Bob. I totally concur with the above 2 comments/sentiments. Yesterday, I got picked up at least 3-4 minutes after the initial jig strike and waaaay behind the boat. I think sticking around for a bit might be well worth it. Congrats
  629. Limits

    Biscuits and Gravy @ da wall 7-5 w/pix

    Nice croaker Ceez... Them bass are insane. I've gotta make a night time run to the wall again. That was a blast...
  630. Limits

    fished long beach for these pigs...

    Wowser... Good job on the better grade of fish. I bet that was a BLAST!
  631. Limits

    Pressure cooker question

    Its been sometime since Ive used my pressure cooker for canning and I can't seem to find my instructions. When using the pressure cooker for canning, do I need to leave the metal strainer in the cooker? In addition to being a strainer, it appears to also keep the jars off of the bottom of...
  632. Limits

    7/6 182 spot was THE place to be

    hey'll get them in time. Did you get your new rig yet? Chasing the longfin would be an awesome way to break in the new ride! Hey and thanks again for those Davey's Locker passes. Unfortunately, when I tried to call the landing, they were NOT honoring them passes any longer...
  633. Limits

    Thank you....(7/6)

    I remember hearing you on the water! I'd also like to reiterate nauti girl's sentiment...thanks to you skippers who threw out the numbers and 411 on the bite. Without your input, we probably would have stayed at the 302 for nothing. :notworthy We tried to return the good karma assistance...
  634. Limits

    7/6 182 spot was THE place to be

    Thanks for the comebacks gang. It was our first time hunting the tuna on FU's boat so needless to say, he was elated. He originally had made reservations for the 2 of us on the Black Pearl on an overnighter. At $225 per person (before tips, fish, cleaning, etc) it wasn't hard to convince him...
  635. Limits

    7/6 182 spot was THE place to be

    After striking out on Wed in local OC waters, the Fishnfu (aka the FU, aka Paul) and I were determined to get on some albies. Of course, the day after our recent outing, the fish started to show in good numbers not far into Mexican waters. Talked it over for a nanosecond and decided to give...
  636. Limits

    Boat HOing = charter?

    Thanks for the input gang. Sounds like it still a grey area with no clear cut answer. If the intent is to go out with a bunch of buddies, with no one coming out ahead in terms of cash, I still think it shouldn't be an issue. I always thought of a charter as a situation where somebody is...
  637. Limits

    Boat HOing = charter?

    Thats what I thought Mike. Sounds like that guy is off his rocker or just trying to play spoiler. I'd like to get more input and cc him this link.:imdumb:
  638. Limits

    Boat HOing = charter?

    I've started a boat ho list on another sister site of BD. Same basic principle as on here I think, with folks interested in HOing on a private boat while splitting the costs, chiming in to say they want in. Well, one guy says that doing just that...splitting the cost of the trip...
  639. Limits

    Wide Opened Albi 7-4-2007 @371!!!

    Fant-freakin'-tastic! WTG.
  640. Limits

    Yellows, albies, vessel assist then more albies

    Exactly!!! Way to think it out. Saved yourself a slow tow home and managed to score a few despite the probs. Mad props to you.
  641. Limits

    Left Them Biting-Albies,Yt w/10yr.son

    Awesome, awesome job there Dad! It doesn't get any better than that. Congrats.
  642. Limits

    Looking for crew!

    Such a hostile environment, no wonder why we have so many lurkers and so few who post... The way I see it, it is unfortunate all this hub-bub was over one freakin' word. Guys getting on each other, calling each other childish names, threatening physical violence, all this without even...
  643. Limits

    7/3 headed for the 43

    launching out of Dana on the FU's ride (Fishnfu). Looking for whatever wants to play on the way to the 43. Hopefully find some chickens and forktails. We'll be monitoring channel 74. Holla if you're going. Tight lines and bloody decks (we hope!)
  644. Limits

    Pacific Queen 6/30-7-1 Bloodbath

    let me help' ...and there's one title RH that I'm sure the peanut gallery would love to see and hear the story on what transpired there... :boobies:
  645. Limits

    6/29 Just got off the holiday, albies!

    Congrats on the chicken and glad you had fun... However, 19 albies for the ENTIRE boat, when they went WFO sounds like a lot of break offs. I'm confused...where there a lot of hook ups? Also a 31 lb yellow will not lose 13 lbs under any condition. You can gill and gut, shoot, decapitate...
  646. Limits

    3Day PacStar(26-29)

    Nice job on the JPs... Maybe its just me (and my dirty mind) but it looks like one of the guys in pic #3 is rubbing one out. LOL
  647. Limits

    6.28 High Tide Bassin'

    Good job Martha... I admire your dedication to fishing the 'goon.
  648. Limits

    Little outboards new work

    Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll give it a shot myself. ...and sorry for the confusing title. I don't know what the hell I was smoking when I typed that nonsense. I was supposed to read "little outboards NEED work" :imdumb:
  649. Limits

    Bass binge 6-26 w/ pix

    Good job fellas... Keep an eye on that Jessica character. I think he wants you.
  650. Limits

    I hate going out to dinner these days!!! MANNERS!!

    I see that shit all the time. I chalk it up to parents who don't have a clue about child rearing. Still no excuse to let their brats act like this. If their little offspring act this way in public, imagine how they are at home. It all starts with the parents. If you aren't going to teach...
  651. Limits

    Little outboards new work

    I've got 2 outboards (10 HP Johnson and 6 HP Evinrude) that need the impellars replaced. How difficult is this to do myself? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined. Do my own automotive maintenance and such. Is this something I'm better off having an expert do? Thanks.
  652. Limits

    I see dead chickens--6/26

    Good job and thanks for reporting Chuck.
  653. Limits

    the girls want to fish

    Awesome report. Who says fishing is just for boys? The FU (fishnfu) has taken his daughters out several times on his rig. They have an absolute blast pulling on fish. Thanks for sharing.
  654. Limits

    Note to self - clean halibut at home! Domes - 6/21

    Wow... a 16.75 inch fillet off a 22 inch (legal) flattie is a bit of a stretch. If you figure the head to be 3 inches long and the tail about 2.5, the longest fillet you could get would be 16.5 inches. Add to that the fact that fillets shrink, it'd definitely be better to just leave the fish...
  655. Limits

    Sexy Girl....

    Classic... :hali_ruahahaha:
  656. Limits

    LBeezy...Harbor style...w/pix 6-19

    Good seeing you ladies out there. Must say that that little 25 HP really gets that skiff MOVING!!! Very impressed. We ended up with an assortment of bass. Biggest, around 1.5 lbs. Nothing huge. Inside, they were chewing like somebody rang the dinner bell. WFO. Little runts, but...
  657. Limits

    RIP Stewart

    Very sorry for your loss. Condolences to the family.
  658. Limits

    6.16 Team Grrrl's Shootin' it out!

    Congrats on the first ever yellows....way to represent the ladies. SO...did ya eat the heart? ;)
  659. Limits

    Just got home from an 8 day

    Was the local Raider retailer out of Marinovich jerseys? I guess Howie's will do...LOL Nice present.
  660. Limits

    6/9 late local report - good fishin!

    Thanks for all the comebacks gang...I just had some of the flattie tonight. Good stuff on the Q. Launched out of Los Alamitos. Talk about a freakin' zoo. We fished some structure not too far outside the wall. I can't be more specific than that, otherwise, the area would get way too much...
  661. Limits

    SaMo Loking,..

    Amazing markings on the leo. Looks like they were drawn in with a sharpie. Nice going. That BSP is huge too...
  662. Limits

    6/9 late local report - good fishin!

    Went out on a quickie trip aboard Paul's (fishnfu) ride with a couple of guys from the board-- Roy (pescadoslayer) and Dana (dcyclenut). Plan was to stay local, target the scooters and mix in some bassin'. Well, the scooters were gone, but the bass were around. Not WFO...
  663. Limits

    fished the wall with Lil Ceez for 2 hours

    Looks like a slow day for Ceez. Was he kind of on some extended break of somethin'??
  664. Limits

    God damn Parking enforcement

    Its all about the principal of the matter. Its a bunch crock of bullshit... If I end up paying a fine, I'm going to go off on a $61 rant before they got a red cent from me. The thing that really aggravates me is that I followed their 866 number instructions for contesting the ticket to a...
  665. Limits

    God damn Parking enforcement

    Fucking LAPD gives a god damn ticket for no front license plate while I'm on a business trip. As soon as I get back, I see the ticket and promptly take a picture of my SUV WITH THE LICENSE PLATE CLEARLY visible. I follow all their instructions for contesting the citation and each time they...
  666. Limits

    Bobby Yoshihiro passes away

    You have got to be shitting me... No freakin' way.... My sincerest condolences to the family. Too young...way to young...
  667. Limits

    Just Tryin' to violate the Squid

    dude...that video is just wrong! :))
  668. Limits

    (I'm cheating) Alba or Hayek

    From Dusk Till Dawn. By far the best scene in that movie...and I like that movie. :)
  669. Limits

    Cods and Laughs w Big Drum and Jscrib

    Great report Martin. Scribby, the pornstache is cumming in quite nicely.
  670. Limits


    EXACTLY.... Come on Kurt...this one's easy. LOL
  671. Limits

    Anal Wink

    For a second there, I thought this was about the Asshole who winked at me in Long Beach...
  672. Limits

    Hollywood Park - Bikini races!

    I'd like to be a jockey in this race.. :imdumb: YouTube - Hollywood Park - Women's Bikini Race
  673. Limits

    6/2 PV Snot Stick Extravaganza

    Slimers on the iron is still fun stuff. Hmmm...I wonder how slimers would be for hoop net bait. When the lobster season opens of course. :imdumb:
  674. Limits

    oceanside pier squid

    Yes they did, however you could have had all the squid you wanted in the surf. There were over 50 washed up (freshdead) in the surf. Here's our haul from last night.
  675. Limits

    Which Jessica?

    ...Jessica Tandy. Come on...even the blue hairs need lovin'. :imdumb:
  676. Limits

    My Wife Is The Coolest!

    PM me my good man. I won't share...I promise.LOL
  677. Limits

    My Wife Is The Coolest!

    Always good to have a wife who understands the passion that is fishing. Nice curtains too. Got any pics of the wife? :)
  678. Limits

    Where and How to start Kayaking?

    Cool... you bought Ray's old yak??? Ray's good people. He's my regular yakkin'/hoopin' buddy. If you're in Downey, take it to Long Beach to get the hang of launching it and to see how it handles. When Ray was using it, he would take 4 eclipse nets out and never had an issue with...
  679. Limits

    If you were not in to fishing what would you be doing?

    wacking it 24/7... Thanks to fishing, I'm down to 23/7. :imdumb: Golfin or bowlin' come to mind.
  680. Limits

    ESPN finally giving MMA its due...

    Looks like ESPN has finally come around and recognize that MMA is the hot shot sport of the millenium.... They now have a separate page for exclusive MMA coverage. Mixed Martial Arts Don't think Jim Lampley will ever get off his "Boxing is #1" soapbox though.
  681. Limits

    Airline Mileage BULLSHIT!!!!!

    If you're flexible about your vacation plans, using miles is easy. I've got almost 400K miles with United (another 125K with American) and use miles to go on vacations and misc side trips quite often. I've redeemed miles to get a 20 inch and 27 inch flat panel TVs too. Last year, I took...
  682. Limits

    Addition to the Hoffs post...5-15 w/pix

    Nice fish Ceez. Cool B.S. ing with you bro. Camera's still taking pics. Its ugly as sin but like Timex, takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. later...
  683. Limits

    Bought Us a Little Vacation Home

    Hey Jason...nice meeting you tonight. I'll put that Unibutter to good use!:jig: Sweet crib too....let me know if you ever need anybody to watch it. I'll be glad to....err...break'er in...Ceez style. :boobies: :boobies: :boobies: :boobies: LOL