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  1. kenai

    Ahi 1 - Rookie 0. Friday 7-5

    I haven't fished very much here in Hawaii and would like to thank those of you posting info since that's how I'm learning along with the help of Capt Don who has steered me in the right direction many times. Figured since it was so nice out, we would launch out of Hawaii Kai and run the ledge...
  2. kenai

    Boat Storage Help on Oahu

    Aloha, I'm new to Oahu and will be having my boat shipped here fairly soon (within a couple of weeks). Can anybody please offer some guidance on where there may be some boat and trailer storage available? I have a 25 ft boat which total trailer length with engine is about 33 feet. It looks...
  3. kenai

    Free Lobster Bait

    I have frozen Mackeral, Bonita, Sardines and Tuna scraps. Never used for bait Can be picked up in Lake Forest (night) or Huntington Beach/Long Beach (day). Email me if you would like it. Thanks, Ron
  4. kenai

    10-3 Limits YF and Yellowtail between 43 and East Butterfly

    Quick report, washing the boat. Started heading right between the 43 and the East Butterfly for some kelps and dolphin but no fish. Ran towards the East Butterfly and every kelp we found was loaded with Yellowfin and Yellowtail. We were throwing them back near the end and left them biting...
  5. kenai


    Short because I'm still cleaning the boat and just trying to help the guys going tomorrow. Small YF south of the 425 along with Kelp paddy Dorado and Dink Yellows. We decided to hit the 220/1010 and didn't find a kelp holding and nothing on the troll. Pretty dead with no sporties in the...
  6. kenai

    Wireless Kill Switch---anybody???

    Just got a new boat and wanted to install a Wireless Kill Switch. Currently the boat does not have a kill switch. Can anybody give a recommendation for a brand and a dealer in or near Orange County that can install one on a Davis Bahia? Thx, Ron
  7. kenai

    Graphics company???

    Can anybody recommend a Graphics company for a boat? Nothing huge, just the name and picture on a 25 ft'er. Thx, Ron
  8. kenai

    Lack of Bugs/Great White??/Lost and Found

    Hooped out of MDR last night. Flat calm conditions with no current and only a couple of bugs to show for a VERY COLD night. While pulling up one net we see what we thought was a Seal go after the net right by the surface. It turns out to be about a 6 ft shark. I have fished for many years and...