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  1. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    I agree. I have Accurates on all my other rods and I really like them. If we ever run into each other you're welcome to try any of em out
  2. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    skill is not an issue here, I can cast anything I need to. The qualification about money not being an issue is because I prefer to buy the best performing, best quality tackle I can afford, so I don't have to worry about it in the future. Since Im buying this reel for a very specific purpose Im...
  3. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    That one is a possibility too, why do you not like Shimano?
  4. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    I have used a Tranx and just didn't like it. Backlashed it no matter what I did. Eventually sold it
  5. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    have narrowed my search down to these two. Reaper blank is in the shop. Money is not an issue, just looking for the best I can get. If you have a better choice please tell me WHY.
  6. john e.

    best reel for a Reaper

    Sergio Platero in Long Beach or Juan Isidoro in L,A,
  7. john e.

    best reel for a Reaper

    Sergio Platero or Juan Isidoro are my go to guys hit em up and tell em I sent you
  8. john e.

    best reel for a Reaper

    40# surface iron for yellows and tuna
  9. john e.

    best reel for a Reaper

    I recently dropped off a Reaper at my favorite rod builders. Now I have to decide what reel to buy. What would you buy and why?
  10. john e.

    best reel for Reaper

    I recently dropped off a UC GP900 Reaper at my favorite rod builders and Im wondering what reel to buy for it. It will be used to throw mostly surface lures on 40#
  11. john e.

    WTB wtb Accurate Tern 400x or 500x blue or blue/black only

    looking for a Tern to match up with a custom 9' Cousins jig stick.
  12. john e.

    SOLD Term 400

    Ill take it do you take PayPal, can you ship?
  13. john e.

    For Sale accurate Dauntless 600/2 b

    used once, in new condition. loaded with 65lb Vicious No-Fade Braid and 100yds Vicious 50lb fluro $600/offer
  14. john e.

    WTB Accurate 600N 2 Speed (Right Handed)

    I have a Dauntless 600/2 used once in new condition 65lb braid and 50lb 75yd fluro topshot $600/obo
  15. john e.

    For Sale Sold TranX 500hg new in boxbox

    Sorry it’s sold. I forgot to mark this post. I do have other reels available
  16. john e.

    For Sale Sold TranX 500hg new in boxbox

    Brand new in box $425
  17. john e.

    For Sale Avet EXW 50/2 new in box

    $500 Rancho Cucamonga
  18. john e.

    For Sale Avet EXW 50/2 new in box

    Avet EXW 50 2 speed Patriot new in box. Big tuna, billfish, submarines and the occasional Kraken wont stand a chance
  19. john e.

    For Sale new in box Accurate reels

    Accurate Valiant 400 single speed $400 Accurate Boss Extreme 600N $425
  20. john e.

    For Sale RTIC 110 cooler brand new $300

    won this in a raffle. Far too big for my needs
  21. john e.

    rods to reels

    lol it is strange. I have donated and sold off a lot of stuff, but Im having trouble deciding what goes where
  22. john e.

    rods to reels

    Hi everyone, I have a question about matching rods and reels. I recently had a huge run of luck and ended up with a pile of new reels and some custom rods. I would appreciate your thoughts on how best to match them up. Heres what I have: Accurate Valiant 400...
  23. john e.

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    great pics,beautiful fish,awesome boat congrats!
  24. john e.

    Odile gone, What about Polo

    latest from noaa shows Polo heading away from baja over the next couple of days and weakening to a trop depression by monday moving wnw
  25. john e.

    Odile gone, What about Polo

    great looks like its already making the turn
  26. john e.

    Odile gone, What about Polo

    Polo appears to be on track to head out to sea about halfway up the Baja coast on Sunday and track further northwest after that. Im on a 6 day leaving Sat morning so Hopefully there wont be any problems aside from a swell and maybe a strong breeze. As long as it doesnt get close to the coast Im...
  27. john e.

    Tornado pierpoint fish report.

    been on the Toronado many times. Great boat and crew!
  28. john e.

    goodie bags!

    this is all the stuff for the goodie bags for the sept 20th 6 day trip on the Royal Polaris. All kinds of good stuff and some oddballs too! Do you think 3 bottles of tequila is enough? Thanks to sponsors Living Like a Pirate Margaritaville Parrot Head sunscreen Odor-Off hand cleaner
  29. john e.

    Odile update

    thanks for the info. Prayers goin out for the folks so hard hit
  30. john e.

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    lol small bottles donated by odor off
  31. john e.

    This "Rating" thing. (This time Sober)

    hey Mikey and Bud got a big bottle of Patron and an even bigger bottle of Cuervo-theyre both going on the sept 20th 6 day on the R.P. along with 240 plastics 520 assorted hooks 20 sabikis 6 wahoo bombs 50 bottles of odoroff hand soap 160 bottles of sunscreen and a bunch of other stuff Im giving...
  32. john e.

    Maybe take a minute to send good thoughts and prayers south

    hope everyone gets through this ok! We focus on the great fishing so much we forget how even a mild El Nino can effect the weather,which can be devastating in a place not used to large amounts of rain and lacks the infrastructure to handle it easily
  33. john e.

    Does anyone want to know where the multi day sport boats are fishing

    got a 6 day leaving on the 20th and according to the sponsor(Charkbait) were going to Alijos Rocks. Anybody heard whats happening that far south?
  34. john e.

    Epic day west of the 302 and surrounding area

    great catch! and the fish arent bad either....
  35. john e.

    Just curious...

    about the same,take the time to prepare them properly and theyre just fine
  36. john e.

    Not My Fish

    awesome catch! way to go!
  37. john e.

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    feel free to send some trollers on the sept 20th 6 day on the Royal Polaris!
  38. john e.

    JRI Jigs really are something Special

    Got my first JRI a watermelon Hooicide bomb last week. It makes my lure bag look GOOOOD! Cant wait to use it!
  39. john e.

    Shimano Flatfall Jigs NIB !!!

    next time somebody sells those blue aluminum pliers for $30 each remember to check out e-bay I got mine there for $15 free shipping! The exact same pliers lol. also got a boatload of megabaits for around $2 each before the season got hot. If you dont like the price shop elsewhere or use a...
  40. john e.

    reel price?

    Hi guys! As Im not familiar with the brand I wanted to know a fair price for am Okuma solterra slr 15. The reel is used but appears in good shape,it has spectra on it but the size/age is unknown. Also is this reel suitable for 65# spectra and a 40# flouro leader? As always thanks for the...
  41. john e.

    209 Magic Paddy 9/4

    absofreakingloutely awesome!
  42. john e.

    Another Paranoid weather Question

    thats pretty much what I read too. Might leave behind some lumpy conditions for a couple of days but it should clean up pretty quickly.possibly push some (more!) warm water up,and some debris for dodos to hide under.
  43. john e.

    Family time, Oceanside, 267 & There about on Sticky Business III

    great report it doesnt get much better that that!
  44. john e.

    94 Wahoo

    on a 6 day in 2 weeks wonder if we'll get a shot?
  45. john e.

    Caption Contest - Win a Gift Card to the Longfin - Ends Sept 9th, 2014

    are you SURE this is how they fish anchovies....?
  46. john e.

    stolen gear!!!!

    just thinking that if your tackle was all that was stolen then it was someone who knew it was there and targeted you because of it. Post pics here on b.d.
  47. john e.

    stolen gear!!!!

    send pics to all the local landings,good luck I hope you get your stuff back
  48. john e.

    50.1lb WAHOO ON THE JOKER 8/30

    so stoked for you! way to go!
  49. john e.

    Albacore on the Excel

    just when you thought that this year couldnt get any stranger....
  50. john e.

    The End of an Era...

    Sorry for your loss
  51. john e.

    Overnight boat ?????? which one

    I highly recommend the Sea Adventure 80! Great boat and crew and they ALWAYS put you on the fish!
  52. john e.

    Wide open YFT

    welcome! way to go!
  53. john e.

    6 Days on the Royal Polaris Sept 20th-26th are you in?

    just added a sponsor-Odor off hand cleaner! Plus a lot more hooks! 19 more days
  54. john e.

    Overnight party boat tuna trip planning

    Just fished a one day on the Sea Adventure 80, and we killed em lots of fish,mostly 15 to 25 lbs. I caught 7 of my 10 fish on straight 20lb mono,no need for flouro,and a 1/0 ringed circle hook. The others were on 30# flouro(1) and 40# flouro(2) same hook size. Afew fish were caught on the...
  55. john e.


    very very nice do you sell retail if so where? Id love to have one of those watermelon ones!
  56. john e.

    hook colors

    anybody have a specific reason why they dont use red?
  57. john e.

    8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    pretty close about 290 fish for 32 anglers
  58. john e.

    8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    Bobby you should kill em,just remind your nephew to listen to the deckhands on everything except hair styles
  59. john e.

    8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    M Michael,they have both bunks and staterooms,I dont know if you can call and reserve one or not,otherwise its first come. bait capacity is good,we actually handed off several scoops to another boat as we were leaving the tuna grounds,after a pretty wild day! The crew is a lot of fun very...
  60. john e.

    hook colors

    heres one I havent seen yet-does hook color make a difference? I see a lot of red hooks for sale,but have never used anything but black ones,or chrome. In your opinion does hook color make a difference?
  61. john e.

    8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    Got out yesterday on one of my favorite boats, the Sea Adventure 80. Left Diamond Bar where the wife works after taking her to lunch and beat feet for San Diego,hoping to avoid the traffic and maybe find a parking spot. there was no traffic. none at all I found a parking spot as soon as I got...
  62. john e.

    6 Days on the Royal Polaris Sept 20th-26th are you in?

    just checking to see whos going! This trip sounds like a trainload of fun! In addition to the announced sponsor,Charkbait, I have managed to get sponsored items from Bullfrog,Baja Bev,Living like a Pirate clothing,and several internet tackle providers.Every fisherman will receive a bag with...
  63. john e.

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Dan.Seriously? you need to think before you write. Why would you question someones ability as a captain based on an incident that happened when he wasnt even present? The accident you refer to as I remember it involved the man for whom The Friends of Rollo charity is named. He and another...
  64. john e.

    Any one on the Polaris Supreme 8 day, Sept.

    Im on the r.p. sept 20th 6 day and Im bringing everything Ive got. Wont do you a bit of good sitting home in the garage if the big boys come out to play
  65. john e.

    Queen of Hearts 7 Days on the RP 8/2/14- 8/9/14

    great report! awesome pics Ill be there in 5 weeks cant wait
  66. john e.

    8/9 No love for a first timer

    youll get em next time!
  67. john e.

    8-12-14 302 224

    sounds like a good day!
  68. john e.

    mexico to reopen bluefin fishing

    lol I havent seen one on the fishery reopening,so thought folks might want to know
  69. john e.

    mexico to reopen bluefin fishing

    just saw on the H&M landing homepage that Mexico has given notice that sportfishing for bluefin tuna will reopen immediately.
  70. john e.

    siwash hooks for megabaits

    thanks Gary, I decided to go with owner 6/0 siwash hooks and #7 owner split rings not sure Ill use the swivel or not
  71. john e.

    siwash hooks for megabaits

    jake- nice pic but doesnt answer the question-what size siwash hooks for4.5 oz megabaits joe-gotcha on the split ring but I need to know what size single siwash hook to use
  72. john e.

    siwash hooks for megabaits

    hi guys I just got a shipment of 4.5 ox megabaits and I need to replace the trebel hooks. What size split ring and hook (I use Owner for both) do you recommend? Thanks
  73. john e.

    Dorado and Bluefin close to home 8/8

    time spent with family is always great! congrats on the catch
  74. john e.

    Stolen rod and reel

    send photos to all the landings too,a rod like that is hard to miss.
  75. john e.

    Stolen rod and reel

    somebodys got waaay too much time on his hands lol
  76. john e.

    Sea Adventure 80 – August 2-5, 2014 – 2.5 day Lotsa Tuna!

    great report and pics! The sea adventure 80 is one of my favorite boats glad you had such a good trip!
  77. john e.

    Stolen rod and reel

    make sure you check craigslist regularly for your stuff also you might check to see if the video can be enhanced as the lic plate is visible as the vehicle drives away
  78. john e.

    How to slide into a shared school properly

    great info unfortunately some folks arent acting....they really ARE morons
  79. john e.

    Bigeye stories & tips.......

    I have only caught one bigeye (at least thats how the crew identified it I cant tell the difference). We were on an absolutely stupid wfo yellowfin bite in the very early morning on the Holiday. Having caught several nice fish I grabbed my jig stick and went up to the bow to try for some bigger...
  80. john e.

    need opinions will these work for wahoo?

    fishy the hooks are owner siwash except for the trap hook. I agree with you about the trap and had pretty much decided to remove it-Thanks
  81. john e.

    need opinions will these work for wahoo?

    hi guys! Im going on a 6 day sept 20th. I dont know if we will have a chance at wahoo,so I dont want to spend a lot of money on lures I may never use.I read on another thread that gold/pink is a good combo for wahoo so I repainted these two irons which I wasnt using. I used metallic gold paint...
  82. john e.

    Abalone, swirls, marble slices and boobies

    once again amazing artistry!
  83. john e.

    182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    congrats on a fine day! great pics!
  84. john e.

    Damn, I love fishing. Back from 7 days on Indy.

    awesome! 48 days til my 6 day and I wanna go NOW!
  85. john e.

    RR3 Bluefin Jim 5-day 2014 Report, Photos, Video

    great report,lots of awesome pics. Thanks
  86. john e.

    Absolutley Nothing to do with rod building - Please Read.

    get better soon! I really enjoy seeing your work,hope youre back at it soon!
  87. john e.

    HOOICIDE BOMB version 2.0

    very nice work! wouldnt mind a couple of those in my box for my sept 6 day...just in case
  88. john e.

    Grande Overnight YFT Madness

    great report,better outlook! glad you got em
  89. john e.

    Spiderman Spiderman... (feel free to sing along)

    very nice work! you got the colors just right!
  90. john e.

    Fishing was good

    looks good!
  91. john e.

    Best business name ever!!

    bwaaahhhahahaha thats great
  92. john e.

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    you fish whats available and do what you can to make it better! And be thankful that we get to enjoy our sport as often as we do!
  93. john e.

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    I would think that if there was a way to document where the bluefin were caught that they could be taken into Mexican waters,but since that documentation would have to be interpreted by someone who might not understand it probably a better idea to start in Mex and finish in U.S. waters.Just my...
  94. john e.

    YFT ,BFT,YT AND BONITO-.....good eats

    looks great! Ill bring the beer....
  95. john e.

    BOAT FIRE !!

    glad you guys are ok. stuff can be replaced
  96. john e.

    seaguar flouro is there a difference between red label and blue label?

    thanks Derek! I read through the report and found it very educational. Ive already bought most of my leader(blue label) and this made me feel that I made a good choice. thanks for the info
  97. john e.

    Intrepid - 8 Day - Ray Jarvis Memorial - 7/12-7/19

    great report! Beautiful pictures,thanks for sharing!
  98. john e.

    seaguar flouro is there a difference between red label and blue label?

    I got blue label on ebay for $14 to $20 a 25yd spool depending on #test. The red was a lot cheaper which made me a little suspicious so I stuck with the blue
  99. john e.

    Are the Bluefin mixed with the Yellowfin/Yellowtail?

    Ive used 20# on bluefin it works fine on the small to medium bf. I got a 40# fish 2 years ago on 20# got tail wrapped and proceeded to kick my butt.
  100. john e.

    seaguar flouro is there a difference between red label and blue label?

    thanks Derek I usually use the blue label. I was curious about the red since its so much cheaper,but it doesnt seem worth the risk. Ill check out the premier tho
  101. john e.

    seaguar flouro is there a difference between red label and blue label?

    I know this has been asked before but I couldnt find the thread. I would appreciate your opinions as Im stocking up for a 6 day in sept. Thanks!
  102. john e.

    Hooks for Megabaits?

    owner siwash single hooks owner
  103. john e.

    Rod&Reel Combos - Penn Int./ Avet / Seeker Rods - Braid Belt - Extra ""Tuff Boots

    bought two rods, good seller! very reasonable prices
  104. john e.

    Problem solved...

    works for me
  105. john e.

    "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    awesome story! great pics. Thanks for sharing your fish of a lifetime!
  106. john e.

    Personal Best DoDo in local waters!

    nice! congrats on the pb! great pics
  107. john e.

    Try not to laugh :)

    I think I hurt myself....
  108. john e.

    Fishing the slide rig...

    changed all my megas to owner siwash hooks and black owner 60# split rings. They are not expensive on ebay,and worth it
  109. john e.

    Caught my first tuna, how do I eat it?

    you can also wrap in foil with onion and garlic butter and spices of your choice. pinch foil closed and bake or put it on the grill til done(10 min?)
  110. john e.

    Question about trolling

    never does lol get used to spending your extra cash on fishing stuff...forever.......
  111. john e.

    Sexy Cbass/Sexy Mermaid/A love story...

    congrats! nice story that started my day with a smile. Hope it works that way for you two always
  112. john e.


    Ive had shoulder surgery and am looking at the same on my other shoulder. The pain sucks but itll pass,try to stay loose,and keep positive!
  113. john e.

    Rod&Reel Combos - Penn Int./ Avet / Seeker Rods - Braid Belt - Extra ""Tuff Boots

    Steve been expecting a call from you! Been calling but your phone is off or youre not answering
  114. john e.

    Huge group of Blue Whales surround the Spirit of Adventure

    incredible! Had the same experience years ago on a 5 day with a huge pod of killer whales. something to remember always
  115. john e.


    plain cedar or purple cedar. My last few trips the plain cedar outfished everything else, every time
  116. john e.

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    wow you guys need to chill! I was always taught that there are no dumb questions only dumb answers . Ive been reading the postings on B.D. and Ive learned a lot from the answers some of you give. In 30 years of fishing 1.5 to 5 day trips the only bait Ive ever had to make was squid. Ive never...
  117. john e.

    jigging topshots?

    topshot at least 3-5 ft of flouro. Thats personal preference not carved in stone lol
  118. john e.

    Booked my first trip out of San Diego: 3day in Aug with Shogun

    Looks like youre ready! good luck! take lots of pics!
  119. john e.

    Best mackerel size for bait?

    with the bait situation the way it is I guess you fish what you get but given the choice a mack about 10 inches will get the job done right. I have never noticed a preference for species over the other but I have seen it noted several times here on B.D. Good luck!
  120. john e.

    Patriot Rods

    congrats! both of my daughters recently graduated from college and I couldnt be prouder.Enjoy it!
  121. john e.

    Patriot Rods

    I hear ya! these guys do some AWESOME work pure artistry, which is unfortunately out of my price
  122. john e.


    plain cedar plug, had one that outfished anything else in the water until it literally came apart. purple or blue/yellow cedar plugs work well too
  123. john e.

    Rod&Reel Combos - Penn Int./ Avet / Seeker Rods - Braid Belt - Extra ""Tuff Boots

    Hey Steve! did that gut call? If not I WANT THAT ROD!!! lol thanks and it was great talking to you the other day. Great to hear from somebody whos been there and done that
  124. john e.

    Jig question.

    just an fyi guys I recently won 2 auctions on ebay got 6 assorted 1.5 oz and 8 assorted 3.5 oz megabaits for a total of $40 inc shipping.A good opportunity to add some to your box if you dont mind taking your chances on colors
  125. john e.


    beginning to sound like we may need em lol
  126. john e.

    Guess the Weight - Contest Ends September 3rd, 2013 - Win an AFTCO Ninja Shirt

    49.2 lol I wonder what it actually weighed
  127. john e.

    Phenix PHD809XH

    absolutely one of the most beautiful rods Ive ever seen. I have rod envy lol
  128. john e.


    little tiny hooks
  129. john e.


    costco has 2 types of polarized lens glasses for around $25 havent tried em on but theyre there and reasonably priced
  130. john e.

    Jason gets a jigstick

    very nice work one day ill have you make a rod for me!
  131. john e.

    Best knot to tie straight to hook for 20-50

    I use a palomar mostly- never had one fail.
  132. john e.

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    what hook size sabikis should I get got a few but sounds like more would be a good idea
  133. john e.

    5 truly weird fish caught off Baja

    Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing
  134. john e.

    September 8 day; Hooks for bait?

    sleep when you get home lol those mini macs wont catch themselves! seriously tho its gonna be strange. Im on the royal polaris sept 20-26 and Im checking ebay for sabikis anybody know what size we should be using?
  135. john e.

    7/2/14 - Fished 371/425/Hidden'ish

    nice report. Great pics of some really nice fish! bummer about the motor hope its nothing major.
  136. john e.

    service for sl50sh

    ty all dont know why I typed shimano lol
  137. john e.

    shimano sl50sh service

    great thanks
  138. john e.

    shimano sl50sh service

    probably needs drag washers at least.It works great gears are quiet and theres no slip to em.Drag isnt what it used to be though. thanks kevin. Now where is Shimano?
  139. john e.

    shimano sl50sh service

    I have a sl50sh which I use for 25# throwing iron mostly, and I need to get it serviced. Any suggestions on where to take it and what I might expect to pay? Thanks
  140. john e.

    Baja Dreamin' - Gonzaga Bay to Loreto - 6/13 - 6/21 - Who likes fish pics?

    great report beautiful pics! One thing tho....whatever that was in the fishbox you need to THROW IT BACK! lol thanks for sharing guys
  141. john e.

    This week at Cedros Island........ full strength brute YT

    great pics. looks like a trainload of fun! would love to go someday
  142. john e.

    YFT in Newport Harbor?

    that was one seriously lost little tuna lol
  143. john e.

    Questions from a Hoo Nube

    be aware that wahoo teeth are very sharp and will cut mono in a heartbeat if you dont hook em in the corner of the jaw(circle hooks are best for this). Trolling lures for wahoo are commonly rigged with wire for this reason.
  144. john e.

    Assorted Tuna Feathers, Plastics & other fishing gear

    do you have the lures etc? I dont need the tubes or gaffs but I might take the rest depending on price
  145. john e.

    Huntington Beach, Ca

    as for 3/4 day try pierpoint landing in long beach or Davys locker in newport
  146. john e.

    service for sl50sh

    I have an older sl50sh which I use as my 25# jig reel and it needs service before I leave on a 6day in sept. I would appreciate suggestions on where to take it and what I might expect to pay
  147. john e.

    Penn Sabre $20

    still waiting. If you still have this Id like to see it can pick up anytime
  148. john e.

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    I always cast ,at least a bit to keep me out of the trollers
  149. john e.

    Pacific Queen - 1 1/2 DAY - July 1st Ret

    great report! Thanks for the details,and congrats on your catch! What color megabaits?
  150. john e.

    SD 70XXXXH for Soda Pop

    very unique! well done!
  151. john e.

    CHIEF 2.5 DAY REPORT - JUNE 27-30

    great report! Awesome that youve now got a tuna fishin buddy!
  152. john e.

    Tony Pena Knot

    ok looks like Ive got some practice to do. hey deckhand!
  153. john e.

    Some more Rainshadows

    very nicely done
  154. john e.

    YFT Limits (June 28)

    very nice yt thanks for the report
  155. john e.

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    back in my surfing days I pulled several people out of the water who were in big trouble,some of whom never made a sound,or did anything to show that they were in trouble it was scary to think that if me or one of my buddies hadnt noticed them drooping that they might have been gone for good...
  156. john e.

    American Angler 2.5 day 6-26/29 - Tough Fishing with an Opah Surprise

    nice report the map was a great plus! youll beat em up next time
  157. john e.

    Penn Sabre $20

    i can pick up tomorrow but id like to see pictures esp of grip first
  158. john e.

    Penn Sabre $20

    cool Im in rancho cucamonga
  159. john e.

    Anchovies or jigs?

    you might as well get used to fishing with anchovies,looks like thats what were gonna have. Just takes a little more finesse to use em cus theyre smaller. They DO catch fish though. As far as surface iron blue/ white,blue/chrome,purple/chrome,scrambled egg,mint-mint/white pick your mfg they all...
  160. john e.

    Plastics vs live bait

    plastics on the slide,and I agree with the other postings in regards to iron its a lot of fun and can keep the smaller yt off your line til tou get down to the tuna
  161. john e.

    Angler West talking about the bait situation

    he said the "el nino" word! micro chovies
  162. john e.

    Rod&Reel Combos - Penn Int./ Avet / Seeker Rods - Braid Belt - Extra ""Tuff Boots

    monday would be fine Steve not going anywhere for a month or two lol
  163. john e.

    Its Getting close!!!!

    sounds like a blast! good luck guys
  164. john e.

    Tiger for Mark Blabaum

    nice work!
  165. john e.

    Found a box of old Jigmasters

    just retired my jigmaster with a tiburon frame 2 years ago. Cant begin to count the tuna and yellowtail I caught on it.loved that reel....
  166. john e.

    Please Check My Gear. First Trip. 2.5 Days. Thank You!!!

    you dont absolutely need a trolling rig you can use the boat rigs. That said if you only buy one trolling lure Id go with a plain cedar plug. the only other suggestion is a rod belt- even an inexpensive one can save you a lot of back pain and bruises from your rod butts. aside from that finger...
  167. john e.

    Doctor, Doctor

    very nicely done!
  168. john e.

    My Girls Swimming with Dolphins!

    Awesome! theyll always remember that
  169. john e.

    antique Australian Army rifle fs

    this rifle was mfg by Birmingham Small Arms pre 1900. It fires win .32 special,has a martini action. $500.
  170. john e.


    polystyrene packing material works very well too
  171. john e.

    July Fishing Trip

    check the San Diego landings websites for availability its a little late to find a 5day for july but somebody might still have room
  172. john e.

    Summer of the Hoo?

    cool Ill expect a thorough briefing lol
  173. john e.

    Fs irons/jigs

    If youve still got em Im interested-contact me re. payment and shipping
  174. john e.

    tuna jigs advise ????

    to the blue and chrome jig I would add blue /white and scrambled egg. Salas 6xjr is my favorite brand but anything that size works well. also add a mint or mint/white and blue/chrome light(surface ) jig
  175. john e.

    trip report - spirit of adventure 6/16-21/2014

    great report! loved the pics and video.what a great way to run a trip,Id love to see more of that style
  176. john e.

    Sea Adventure 80 Limits Yellowtail , some Yellowfin and bluefin tunas

    awesome boat, great crew,great food cant go wrong with these guys!
  177. john e.

    Summer of the Hoo?

    Sam which R.P. trip Im on the sept 20th 6day
  178. john e.

    6ft rods for 40-50lb bait fishing

    I too use a 6-6.5 foot rod for tuna/yt much easier on my back,although casting a tiny anchovy is not going to be fun.
  179. john e.

    Calstar 875H

    sweet! More beautiful rod art!
  180. john e.

    5 Day leaving July 5th, too many rods

    If you need em,they wont do you any good sitting in the garage
  181. john e.

    This is F-ing Heeelarrry-us!

    mutually assured destruction
  182. john e.

    YT @ NI

    nice pics. looks like a fun day!
  183. john e.

    Hoo at the Rocks...

    wonder what itll be like sept 20th when my 6 day leaves....wait I know ..ITS GONNA BE AWESOME! Im going on my 1st 6day on an awesome boat(the R.P.) having dodged a huge bullet in my life no matter what else happens its gonna be great! congrats to the guys on the Angler on the wahoo! way to go!
  184. john e.

    Did you see this? 64lb Yellowtail!

    great catch congrats!
  185. john e.

    Sport boat on fire?

    wow thats terrible
  186. john e.

    Shift work

    very nice!
  187. john e.

    The Good The Bad The Ugly Cedros 6/13/14

    Great report! thank you for taking the time and sharing the info and the awesome pics.
  188. john e.

    Rod&Reel Combos - Penn Int./ Avet / Seeker Rods - Braid Belt - Extra ""Tuff Boots

    whats the line recommended on the seeker custom? can you ship?
  189. john e.

    Grab your Rods?

    thanks....I needed that...
  190. john e.

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    I dont know perhaps theyre too small to be an effective bait, or maybe theyre just too hard to get
  191. john e.

    Good newbie reel?

    avoid greasy foods at breakfast too
  192. john e.

    Good newbie reel?

    rent a rod for her,then if she enjoys herself you can take her shopping!
  193. john e.

    GREAT Trips vs. Mediocre vs. Skunk Trips- what's the average?

    I went twice last year,rockfish opener to San Nic and a 3day in sept. Both trips were great,lots of fish and loads of fun. The year prior I went 3 times 1 pretty good, 1 excellent and one just damn weird (the cook killed himself 2nd night of a 3.5 day) although I did catch a lot of fish.
  194. john e.

    Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    Hi Lasvegas, first, beer is the only alcohol you can buy on the boats,last time I checked it was $3-$4 bucks each. As for food I usually budget $10 per meal,doesnt usually cost that much but that leaves a little cushion.Leave budget for fuel surcharge, jackpot and fish cleaning. Tip what you can...
  195. john e.

    Flying in to fish 3-8 day trips Tackle Box questions

    I have heard that you can ship it all to the landing and they will hold it for you and facilitate return shipping.I have not done this myself but it sounds great. Call the landing Im sure they deal with this all the time and can guide you through it
  196. john e.

    Pacific Queen 2 days 6-13 6-15

    thanks for the post! youll get em next time!
  197. john e.


    thanks guys I was under the impression that they might be large plastics
  198. john e.

    Will my gear still get it done?

    always better to be lucky lol
  199. john e.


    Ive heard a lot about these,how effective they are especially on the slide.My question is this,what are they exactly,and where can I get them? Also what color(s)
  200. john e.

    Shimano Baitrunner 6500 questions

    Had one worked great,caught a lot of yellows on it. have fun!
  201. john e.

    Will my gear still get it done?

    these guys are right you should be ok with fresh line and a good attitude. The only thing I might add would be to check on a tiburon frame for the penns,esp. the squidder to keep them from warping if things get hot. I used those exact reels for years without ever having a problem,although I did...
  202. john e.

    Spectra Adhesive

    sorry Im unfamiliar with this. Are you using hollow braid(not sure if it really is hollow),and then sliding your flouro leader into it? If so thats awesome esp since Im always a bit nervous about knots. thanks for the info
  203. john e.

    GutStix RailRod Prototype

    really nice! Ive never used a rod with a cord wrap,what is the purpose?
  204. john e.

    Bait wrap lures

    they look great,but thats probably more than Id spend for a jig. Ive found that if theyre eating iron,then theyre eating iron.
  205. john e.

    RCJB 84XHs pimped out in Stars and Stripes

    simply amazing! not enough words to do that justice!
  206. john e.


    very nice! good job!
  207. john e.

    Fishing fitness?

    Also if you are overweight do what you can to lose some youll be amazed at how much better your knees feel,and your back too. Youll also breathe easier. I know Ive been there.
  208. john e.

    Fishing fitness?

    I agree with everything that Mike the unknown fisherman said and I would suggest crunches and other exercises for your core. they will help keep your back from getting sore
  209. john e.

    New Belt suggestions

    I use an older one by braid- tough plastic,but very comfortable,lays across the top of my thighs like theyre supposed to
  210. john e.

    Are you booked on any summer trips? What do you like about them?

    Im on the Royal Polaris in sept (6 days) cant wait!
  211. john e.

    Been a while...........

    nice clean work! once again Im amazed at the skills shown in these posts
  212. john e.

    Overnight Boat Recommendations

    also to avoid seasickness avoid greasy food and alcohol(sorry) Bonine works well for me but it can make you a little drowsy.
  213. john e.

    GO KINGS !!!

    had a purple and gold jersey that I wore til it fell apart lol I remember them on channel 52 a fight every few minutes it seemed. Love those guys!
  214. john e.

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    finger tape can help you avoid some line cuts, gloves are better but not always comfortable. 2 years ago I got freight trained fishing 20# for bluefin and a 40# fish inhaled my squid on the run burned ALL of the skin from my rt thumb from tip to first joint. first cast of a 3.5 day trip I try to...
  215. john e.

    Recent Works (tattoos, shoes, etc)

    thanks if you ever change your mind let me know theyre beautiful
  216. john e.

    Meniscus tear sugery....

    good luck on friday! Ive had several surgeries in my knees in recent years. The right one I had scoped and never had another issue.The left one was scoped many years ago and left me bone on bone three years ago I had a partial replacement and its been hell ever since 2 more surgeries(including...
  217. john e.

    costs for custom rods

    I did! theyre black blanks with 2tone pink wrap and they have only faded a little. I had them wrapped when my daughters were born
  218. john e.

    New Additions to my arsenal!

    Qang Ive got 5 custom rods so I know lol but you know I really Need a 7-8 foot 40# rod.....
  219. john e.

    New Additions to my arsenal!

    wow great work! might have to get one made for myself!
  220. john e.

    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    checked your site and the Kelp clothing site but couldnt find the shoes
  221. john e.

    Pac Voy!

    very nice!
  222. john e.

    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    like I said hard to buy some of it and yet....interesting to think about,while Im on dry land
  223. john e.

    Topwater Tuna Video

    thank you very much
  224. john e.

    Are you booked on any summer trips? What do you like about them?

    Im on the 6 day charkbait trip sept 20th on the Royal Polaris,my first trip over 5 days,celebrating my recovery from throat cancer. I too will pack too much stuff and Illl have a tackle shop's worth of gear,but one of the fun things I do on a trip is bake goodies for the crew. Im a very good...
  225. john e.

    6 Pack overnighter on the 12th

    sorry no Ideas but your video clip is hilarious
  226. john e.

    costs for custom rods

    thank you all for the info.
  227. john e.

    Shogun on the Bluefin 6/10

    great news everyone! thank you for posting! even though I cant go for a while these keep my spirits up and help me look forward to the time I can
  228. john e.

    Shogun on the Bluefin 6/10

    good luck on your surgery! Had mine worked on last sept,2 days after I got back from a great 3.5 day trip,and was back to work without limitations in Jan. so set your sights on a late season trip and get better soon!
  229. john e.

    Recent Works (tattoos, shoes, etc)

    great work! I love the shoes,are they custom? how much are they? I checked your site and the clothing but no shoes
  230. john e.

    Tattoos, shoes and more work

    Those shoes are great! I want some!
  231. john e.

    Help Setting Gear for First 2.5 Day Trip

    make sure youve got plenty of anchovy sized hooks, some jigs,and lots of flouro leader material and you should be ok. Good luck!
  232. john e.

    costs for custom rods

    I havent had a custom rod done in over 20years and Im constantly amazed at the quality and artistry Ive seen posted here, and I wanted to ask a price range for a 30#-40# 8foot rod for tuna/yellowtail. I know thats not a lot of info to go on and the price goes up depending on how elaborate the...
  233. john e.

    Other recent builds

    wow great work! I esp like the black and red one.
  234. john e.

    Pacific Queen 1.5 Day 6/6

    nice fish! congrats!
  235. john e.

    Custom Seekers/Calstar - 2 Speed Reels/Penn, Avet - Tackle Box, Braid Belt

    would be interested in jigs and trolling feathers also 8 foot 40# class rods if you can ship
  236. john e.

    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    truth is we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about our oceans. A very large shark would rarely come where it could be seen,and good luck catching it! Saw a "documentary" recently that sought to prove that megladon(the giant ancestor of modern great white sharks) still exists a...
  237. john e.

    So, where do you get bit?

    I often get bit close to the boat often after a failed cast! And often its dorado.Always interesting to have your bait land 15 feet from the boat and have a dodo light up under the boat and streak towards it like a missile! I almost always nose hook my baits although with more anchovies in the...
  238. john e.


    Love it! keep up the great work Capt. Juan!
  239. john e.

    Rental gear?

    good luck! If you absolutely need something you cant get let me know if you dont mind the drive to alta loma Ive got a pile of stuff I can help you out with,rods some older penn and newell reels and tackle
  240. john e.

    Triton Sportfishing Update

    great job! A lotta hard work there!
  241. john e.

    Topwater Tuna Video

    great video! where was this at? Gotta get one of those lures for my next tuna trip looks like loads of fun what exactly were they and where can they be purchased?
  242. john e.

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    oh crap upside down! sorry guys!
  243. john e.

    One tip

    keep your eyes open,pay attention to what others are doing, and listen to the crew!
  244. john e.


    its going to be interesting relearning how to fish the anchovies, but you use whats in the tank and be glad its there
  245. john e.

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    here are a couple of mine. Got a buddy who owns a cabinet shop and he does the mad scientist thing once in a while(much to my benefit) the big one hold 7 of the big plastic trays and is made of bamboo plywood no hardware the front and top slide out and its strong enough to sit on which I have...
  246. john e.

    san diego knot failing at 30lbs pressure

    I like the palomar knot too.It seems to work best for me but thats just personal preference. I do agree that your drag settings should make this a moot point but making sure whatever knot you tie is done properly is always a good idea. And yes absolutely wet your knot!
  247. john e.

    Tackle for 5 day on searcher

    some hard candies to slip in your mouth to keep from drying out when the big one is dragging your butt up and down the rail, also def a keeper strap for sunglasses/hat nothing worse than looking at your fish at color and watching your glasses bounce off its head(true story).Good luck!
  248. john e.

    Almost time to head home.

    looks like good times! safe travels guys!
  249. john e.

    RP 8 day

    good luck guys! Im on the sept 20th 6 day. Ill be watching for your reports!
  250. john e.

    Nados - 5/30 - Agony and Ecstasy

    great save! Nice report,thank you
  251. john e.

    56.6 lb. Yellowtail

    wow! Very nice fish!
  252. john e.

    Fish Club raffle rod for kids trip

    nice work! Id fish it all day!
  253. john e.

    Incredible Video from recent American Angler trip-Added Music

    Awesome! Really enjoyed this,after being stuck at home for a few months it was almost like being there! A big thank you to you and Rick this really lifted my spirits!
  254. john e.

    Foghorn Leghorn Weave

    simply awesome! the time and patience (and a whole lotta talent) are amazing!
  255. john e.

    Levelwind reel with tuna

    dont know much about level wind reels but grilling tuna steaks? yup a great way to go with em just dont overcook or theyll dry out in a hurry. Treat them like good quality beef season to taste and grill over high heat turning only once serve rare to medium.
  256. john e.

    For Sale: 3 Calstars

    the west coast 660-how long?
  257. john e.

    Random Rods N Reels for sale/trade

    do you still have the saltist? color/wrap?
  258. john e.

    "Dude, don't over think it, just go fish"

    glad to see Im not the only one out there with g.a.s. lol. On trips of 3 days or more I take way too much stuff,but I always figure if I need it it doesnt do me a lick of good sitting in the garage.I end up with 20,25,30,40,50 and a trolling set up in the rack if I dont use em I just pack em up...
  259. john e.

    Set the hook or wind down?

    wind wind wind! I use circle hooks almost exclusively,and swinging hard was a tough habit to break lol how long you wait I think depends on the size of your bait and the size of the fish youre catching smaller baits I wait less time,bigger baits you have to wait for em to get it down
  260. john e.


    nice looking jigs looking forward to your performance report!
  261. john e.

    Top Gun 80, Sea Adventure 80 Reviews???

    Ive fished the sa80 last sept and had a great trip great capt and crew excellent food and they really did work hard.there are pics from that trip in the galleries here. That said you cant go too far wrong with any boat just get out there!
  262. john e.

    Hot Lava.....

  263. john e.

    Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

    thats cool cant wait to go leave sat 20th right?
  264. john e.

    narrow 113

    thanks teamfish we found each other and made a deal!
  265. john e.

    Royal Polaris Trip report - Big trip 1

    outstanding report really enjoyed the pictures VERY well done!
  266. john e.

    Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

  267. john e.

    Yellowfin in May? Eclipse report

    sea adventure 80 sea adventure 80 is a great boat with a great crew and capt if youve got the time and the cash I would say GO GO GO
  268. john e.

    Thieves on long range boats?

    I always keep my wallet on me on trips less than 3 days there just are too many people to try and watch on 1.5 day trips and it only takes one
  269. john e.

    narrow 113

    someone posted a thread looking for a narrow 113 Ive got one but couldnt find the thread If youre still interested text me @(909)731-4081
  270. john e.

    Dan Hernandez Fishing Swap Meet-May 18, 2014

    sounds like a good time!
  271. john e.

    Caught This beast in my shop today

    very nice
  272. john e.

    fishing straight mono

    I personally use spectra with mono and a flouro leader on everything 30# and over dont like handling spectra but it gives you that "just in case" under a couple hundred yds of mono and 25yds of flouro
  273. john e.

    what is this?

    that would be good! if you know one send him my way!
  274. john e.

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    had a great trip on the sea adventure 80 last year(I have a few pics posted in galleries) but all of the boats named are worth a try nobody stays in business very long if they dont get it right. spend a little more and get the lightest load possible worth every penny relax and enjoy your trip!
  275. john e.

    what is this?

    thanks I would very much like to sell it as I have no use for it and its taking up fishing tackle space!
  276. john e.

    what is this?

    once again thank you very much
  277. john e.

    what is this?

    wow awesome thank you! now as to the second question does this rifle (in only fair cond) have any value?
  278. john e.

    what is this?

    I recently came into ownership of this rifle when my father in law passed away. It is marked Birmingham Small Arms on one side and Commonwealth of Australia on the fires win .32special and has a martini action any ideas of what this might be? and what it may be worth?
  279. john e.

    avet raptor LX 6/3

    thanks for the advice but Im pretty pleased with what I got. Ive never needed a 2spd yet as Im pretty strong, so Ill just use this
  280. john e.

    avet raptor LX 6/3

    bought the single speed at turners saved myself a drive and got the black single spd for 240.
  281. john e.

    decisions decisions

    looked at one at Turners on sale for $340. prob gonna get that one save me a drive to l.a. burn $30 in gas to save $40 lol. I agree that it didnt feel too wide at all.the black one is a beauty matches my rod blanks
  282. john e.

    avet raptor LX 6/3

    got an offer to buy a new in box avet raptor 6/3 2speed for $ 300 is this a good deal? just how good is this reel? I will be using it for 40# yoyo iron and dropper loop yellowtail doing 6 days on royal polaris in sept
  283. john e.

    decisions decisions

    got an offer from someone here -new avet LX 6/3 2 speed still in box for $300 good deal?
  284. john e.

    BNIB Saltiga LD50HS

    if you still have it I am very interested
  285. john e.

    Season ahead of us...

    great post ! leaving on 6day on royal polaris same day as your trip good luck!
  286. john e.

    Eclipse, RR1-2-3,Vagabond,Apollo,Topgun,Shogun,OO,SA80,Lo-An,Fortune and some that have gone

    your post honors you and your friend. He will be beside you with every cast ,hell chuckle when you backlash and whoop when the big one comes to the gaff. I hope you find peace in your heart and joy in your memories
  287. another dodo

    another dodo

  288. 300 plus tuna yellowtail and dorado

    300 plus tuna yellowtail and dorado

  289. wfo!


  290. dorado


  291. bloody decks

    bloody decks

  292. 3 days on the sea avdenture 80 sept 15th 2013

    3 days on the sea avdenture 80 sept 15th 2013

    tuna dorado and yellowtail
  293. john e.

    Tons of Fishing Gear-Penn Internationals, Lures, Terminal Tackle...the works!!!

    what do you have left? need tuna lures like the cart and am also interested in the reels pls let me know
  294. john e.

    PENN INTERNATIONAL 50tw's and ST 2-speed-Ton's of Trolling rods

    Im actually willing to look at all of it asap depending on your prices I will drive down and we can do some business
  295. john e.

    PENN INTERNATIONAL 50tw's and ST 2-speed-Ton's of Trolling rods

    could use tuna lures mine need replacing also I could use a 40# class reel what do you have left? how much do you want I can come pick up Im in rancho cucamonga you can email pix and prices to [email protected] thanks
  296. john e.

    Season ahead of us...

    leaving on thr Royal Polaris 6day on sept 20 see you out there!
  297. john e.

    decisions decisions

    thanks as noted I need to go reel shopping def need a 40# reel any suggestions?
  298. john e.

    decisions decisions

    thanks booked the royal polaris leaving sept 20 6day keep me posted also suggestions on a 40# class reel?
  299. john e.

    decisions decisions

    and the winner is......ME lol booked a 6 day on the royal polaris sept 20 thru sept 26 a bit later but with charkbait sponsor and actually cheaper (ok a little cheaper) than rr3 I couldnt resist the last open spot...Got enough tackle to open my own shop but a little soft in the reel dept I take...
  300. john e.

    decisions decisions

    Id like to thank you all for the good wishes and advice! unfortunately thr rr3 website is a mess the trip(s) I wanted are actually all sold out. other options are the american angler 5 days sept 14-19 or searcher sept 8-13 also 5 days the shogun trips around beginning of aug are still open too
  301. john e.

    BNIB Saltiga LD50HS

    line capacity?
  302. john e.

    Salitst BG35TH

    line capacity?
  303. john e.

    decisions decisions

    In may of this year I will complete chemo and radiation therapy for throat cancer. To celebrate Im planning a longer trip this year than I usually take. Ive narrowed it down to 2 options a 5 day on the shogun leaving 7-28 thru 8-2 a 6 day on the red rooster III on 9-14 thru 9-20 costs are the...