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    17' Alii Kai

    Custom 1987 17" Alii Kai with twin honda 50's in great condition. Has NEW custom polished anodized aluminum top with rocket launcher, wishbones and center rigger holder. Has built in 6ft fishbox, ikima/insulated cooler, dry storage, etc. New things installed are all wiring, LED navi. lights, LED...
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    2 Months of Envying

    2 months ago I had a new addition to my wonderful family-(daughter named Cailey). So for the past 2 months, I have been reading all the great stories (in the middle of the night):rofl: and dreaming I could get out on the water. So on thursday morning I played basketball for two hours. After...
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    Almost ready to get wet

    Well after downing my 17' Alii kai back in December and redoing almost the whole thing, its getting real close. I just got my boat back from JOSH at JS MARINE who built and installed my top. This dude does some outstanding work. Now I just got to do some odds and ends stuff and its ready to go...
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    Honda Outboard Mechanic

    Wassup fellow BDers!! I was wondering if anyone knows any Honda Outboard Mechanics.
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    hydraulic steering question

    wassup everyone!!! Maybe someone can help me with question/problem I have. I have twin honda 50's and installed a baystar hydraulic kit(not seastar). Now the tie rod I had will not mount because the hydr. cylinder blocks the tie rod mounting hole. I know I've seen people with the same setup and...
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    Wiring Help

    I'm rewiring my boat and was wondering how most people in hawaii have their setups. I have twin honda 50s with twin batteries. Do you use one battery selector switch or two? Do you just connect both engines to the "comm." terminal on the back of the selector (if using only 1 selector). The...
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    Alii Kai update

    Well after two weeks of working on my fishbox cover, pedestal box covers, painting, putting non-skid and spraying webbing. This is my first time spraying webbing. I bought a cheap $25 spray gun from walmart and decided to try it on my own. Just got to do a little body work on the hull and send...
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    Getting Closer

    Wassup everyone!!!! Back in December, I decided to give my 17' Alii Kai a face lift. My boat was fine with the way it was but when I saw "d0bu2" boat, I left the harbor with envy!!!:rofl: Being that my boat is 17' space is always an issue. With a 7' fishbag and additional portable gas tanks...
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    Removing silicone

    Anyone has some tricks on how to remove old silicone. I going to paint the whole boat so I need to remove all the old silicone. I've been scrapping it with a razor but this way is taking too long. Should I just sand it off or is there a "secret"?
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    Polyurethane on the deck

    Hello fellow BDers!!! I just had a quick question that maybe I could get some help with. I'm almost done rebuilding the inside of my 17' Alii kai. I was wondering about the type of paint for the inside of the boat. I know most people go with gelcoat, but I got some polyurethane marine paint from...
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    Boat Painting

    Hello fellow BDers, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of where to get a boat painted on Oahu. I just want to have the outside painted as I am going to paint the inside myself. Any specific places I should stay away from?
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    Alii Kai question

    I am redoing my 17' alii Kai and was wondering if anyone knows what is on the outsides of the stringers(below the deck). Is it filled with foam or just a hollow space? By the way great going to everyone putting blood on the deck.
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    Gas tank question

    Wassup everyone I have a question that maybe someone can help me with. I was going to redo my 17' alii Kai and been stuck on deciding what to do. There is a single 20 gallon below deck tank but I was planning on making pedestal boxes and putting a 20 gallon tank under each pedestal box with the...
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    lookin fo small boat

    wassup guys!!! I'm lookin for a small boat. Between 14-19 ft. If your selling one or knows someone let me know. Even if the boat doesn't have a motor. Pics would definitely help. Thanks!!!!!!!