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  1. garrironman

    fly to cedros

    flying to cedros 8-24 15 to 8 29 15. flying from san diego brown field to cedros and back. this wil save about 7 or 8 hours of travel time.this will allow to bring back more than 50 lbs of fish the others will let you bring back. also have abalone dinner planned for the 4 of us. looking for one...
  2. garrironman

    Going to Cedros at the end of the month...anybody have a recent report?

    I have a trip to cedros 8_24 to 8_29 -15 4 and a half days fishing. Fly from san diego brown field to cedros and back to san diego am sure to beat others prices. was there last year,now I know.Looking for 1 person. we like to have a few beers. on this trip ,we will be able to take...
  3. garrironman

    Cedros Island panga trip

    Going to Cedros Island 8-24 to 8-29 -15. one person short of 4. The 3 of us like to have good time , drinking is done.Have been to one of the others, and would not go again.The other has not returned call in 4 months. There is a new operation at the hotel on the island,where the others...
  4. garrironman

    Condor- Business 101

    i think all the money they get for bunk fee payed for that trip. will not go on a boat that charges 11 bucks to change pillow case and fold a blanket. full load over 300 bucks bull shit and good luck
  5. garrironman

    What is working on Bluefin grounds?

    your starting to jones eddy,you ask alot for a guy with 2 100 lb plus blue fin tuna. i like how your stepping up in fishing. hope you and your son have a great trip.your bro
  6. garrironman

    Vagabond RiceBowl Charter with new RiceBowl Girl!

    fishy ,she looks like the real deal,ringer
  7. garrironman

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    i understand the fuel charge, what i dont get is 11 bucks for a bunk.the boat condor had 26 guys on board at 11 per 286 bucks to make up the bunks 275+30+11 just to get on boat i will not fish that boat ever again.18 bucks more at fishermans landing than seaforth
  8. garrironman

    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    6day trip9-6 to 9-12 2001 went straight to the rocks 54 wahoo all about 55lbs by about 12-30 pm.ten min. later mother load of yft al 55 to 60 lbs 2 at about 100 lbs. total for the day was 289 yft 54 wahoo 20 dorado 15 yellows. woke up early , fish were still there, and we put another...
  9. garrironman

    2012 El Nino prediction now 50%

    sounds alot like tv weather forecast in january. someone says el nino,goverment says la nina. can someone tell us what the fuck is happing now.please explain in easy english,not like charts
  10. garrironman

    leaving early

    going on first lower zone trip this yr.if you left early,you should have had your chances.imo,.. do not want bass or cod. this trip is the only one i will ever be able to go on.i want to fish only tuna.wahoo
  11. garrironman

    Shogun / Captn Arron

    i fished with him last year.he did great job on the b.f.t. at the pens.he was stopping on schools in the black. when i got up at 5 am, there was a 45 lb bft in the box.i hope he does great.good luck shogun
  12. garrironman


    just got off phone with mike of pac. star.wsb biting off nuke plant. 50 boats. have fun boys
  13. garrironman

    need shrinkwrap sleeve for rod

    electrical supply store should have,and many colors.try big stores
  14. garrironman

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    look,the guy was fishing,fishing. w.t.f..go catch a panga or bad guy.he was fishing.this is great.what is more important than banding together as family
  15. garrironman


    from what i remember, some boats fishing long lines used to catch many up around channel catch
  16. garrironman

    Jerry Brown coming with 40 pound hollow

    why does 50lb break at 70 plus,isnt this 70lb test
  17. garrironman

    Hey Wahoodad!

    work,work,work, lifes a beach
  18. garrironman

    Trouting for tuna

    back in the 70s,we used the rig to catch bft at cat is. and sc island.12 lb test and # 6 or 8 hook.only had 3 in. chovys back then.yes it works
  19. garrironman

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    try bob sands in the valley.not to far off 101. all stores above also very good
  20. garrironman

    wahoo in June

    the wahoo fishing during the spring time can be the best.try intrepid sportfishing, last time i talked to dave there was openings.redrooster june heat trip almost inpossible to get on. good luck
  21. garrironman

    how to handle a bait?

    try to hook bait without taking any scales off, or as little as possible.get rid of the gloves.
  22. garrironman

    blue fin tuna

    art on searcher said he saw blue fin tuna at about 200 miles south. coming home from eco trip
  23. garrironman

    Secret Spot bassin

    been fishing there for over 45 spot in valley isnt at that golf course,its at t. lake near barham. good luck getting in.biggest over 9 lbs
  24. garrironman

    Does anyone know the history on this?

    give some information on picture to get more info
  25. garrironman


    not many boats going because of the fees to fish there. its mexico,dont think it will change
  26. garrironman

    squid at the island?

    got 50 lbs of fresh dead,waiting to go when its time.little here,little there.same thing happen last year. i think the light boats catching to much,that a hint fucking d.f.g.
  27. garrironman

    I'm sorry to announce SeaHorse Sportfishing is no more

    fished with mike bullard on pacificstar in early march. tyler was 2nd captain on trip. he might run some trips for mike bullard, as there good friends
  28. garrironman

    San Clemente Island

    pacificstar fished sci on sunday, got 3 halibut to 20 plus, no squid found
  29. garrironman

    JT Tackle gone

    whats going to happen to the swap meet
  30. garrironman

    Does anyone know the history on this?

    what is this about. explain please.
  31. garrironman


    try the pacificstar
  32. garrironman

    Reel ?

    love that 2.5 gear ratio
  33. garrironman

    Reel ?

    dude you need to retire that reel and get in the 21st century imo.
  34. garrironman

    Surface Iron

    fishing at the many islands,i have never lost a yellowtail because of a split ring. i carry many in my box.there are jigs that come with light hooks or ring problems, you may break a hook. while i prefer to weld the ring, you can get by with split ring, and new hook.if your lucky and you can...
  35. garrironman

    Things I'd love to see on TV

    i could give a shit about east-west,just keep them coming.that guy could be east coast or west coast
  36. garrironman

    Things I'd love to see on TV

    try going fishing more,will not need to watch tv fishing shows.i wish i had my own show,it would interesting.they have the job we all want.
  37. garrironman

    Surface Iron

    you can watch all the utube stuff you want,best way is to go to the water and cast , cast ,cast.go thru your jigs and see which one moves the with the jig that you trust.on your trip you should be able to go thru your they move good,do they like color.40 to 50 lb test...
  38. garrironman

    Raider jig availibilty

    i heard out of buzz.
  39. garrironman

    Is Tim Eckstrom the son of Carl?

    i just dont understand how someone would assume the relationship,with 20 million people living within 2 hour of here.your to smart to assume.
  40. garrironman

    good nina news

    if it was wide open every day on tuna.90 % of you guys wouldnt go, to much work.bitch,bitch,bitch.cod early spring,maybe some yellows,good late spring wsb.we know this will happen.every year is diffrent,why waste your time on something that nobody knows anything about.change your thinking and...
  41. garrironman

    Do you remember...

    no tuna this year.took vagabond on 5 day trip.first day no bait 50 wsbass,plus 100 yellow tail.we made macks that night, and had great day catching 1300 yellows, plus another 25 white sea bass. 6 day on quailifier 105, during 9-11 2001.first day, we get 50 plus wahoo at the rocks, then get wfo...
  42. garrironman

    Is Tim Eckstrom the son of Carl?

    why waste our time on this,why not call him
  43. garrironman


    i hate the first day at the dock, the 3 or 4 hours seems to last forever. i know i will have the first cocktail of the day on the vacation starts when i see point loma in the distance. thank god the point is north ahhhhhhhhhh
  44. garrironman

    Need info on some jigs

    the outlaw is a fine jig, j.r. rockfish jig
  45. garrironman

    Fishing Poppers and plastics for Albacore

    imo rod a little bit heavy,i have both, but not a combo. it will work
  46. garrironman

    Alijos Rocks

    alijos bank can be real good at night. had real good bite starting at 3. 30 am,big yellows to about 45 lbs.bad ass fish at the bank
  47. garrironman

    Proper Spinning reel techniques for Long Range

    got me are the only guy i know, that has a spinning rail rod. o k tell us out here, what kind of play outfits your going to bring, and what kind of gamefish you want to screw around with. wahoodad you can also hopefully tell us. as i can only dream about the trip you guys are going...
  48. garrironman

    Just to Get your juices flowing

    i hate you jamie. you better get that big one on the spinner, and a toad on the guys live it up and good luck to all. send good,and long reports,with lots of photos garr
  49. garrironman

    Reel and Rod for Wahoo bombs and Cedros YT?

    i use calstar 6480 as my heavy jig stick. for me its the best rod .dont like your reel setup.i use trinidad 20 or something the same size.casting jigsand reeling in will kick your ass if on anchor. i want something that is light but fast. also get narrow spool reel, so you dont have to worry...
  50. garrironman


    lots of wahoo,small ones.friend fished there few yrs back.dirty water,and lots of wahoo
  51. garrironman

    How Many Jigs?

    lots of tackle will keep you in shape. i love looking at the guy with 6 jigs in box.imo anybody can catch them on bait
  52. garrironman

    14 day workout

    get in shape, and stay there. look in the mirror. you want to get in shape to fish .,o my god.
  53. garrironman

    How Many Jigs?

    i have about 100 for wahoo,about 60 for tuna,and about 60 for yellowtail. i still have to watch myself every time i go by any shop.i still want,want,want jigs. i want to have right jig, right color, and have many of them.imo you need 100 jigs good luck joe. get in touch if you want. garr
  54. garrironman

    Albacore Research Results

    what is a albacore
  55. garrironman

    Cow fishing 3 won't open

    i agree with fishbuzz, jamie did it
  56. garrironman

    Bouncing jigs

    5 day trip in june is prime time for yellowtail. the islands at that time are green,and full of should have a blast fishing the metal bars.try wax wing on bass gear.good luck also,take hooks off jig, watch yellows chase jig and take turns eating it.
  57. garrironman


    you guys spend more on trips then i make in a year.fuck you all, just kidding.have wonderfull trip guys
  58. garrironman

    Best choices based on boat&price for 2.5 &3.5 days trips Jun-Jul-Aug

    pacificstar sportfishing great operation, and boat runs great. pork loin, mighty fine in the galley
  59. garrironman

    Spectra to mono connections

    bring what you think you need, spend next day or two learning from the pros on your boat.imo best for newby. can splice on hollow ,no big deal
  60. garrironman

    Paint For Jigs

    to chrome jigs for cod, you could use some air cond.metal tape like duct tape. will stay on much better than refector tape
  61. garrironman

    Paint For Jigs

    use spray paint first, top with floor finish spray.rings will rust. could change out or leave.cod jigs dont last a long, long time if you use them. garr
  62. garrironman

    San Miguel Style

    thanks for saying it as it was,but whats going on with the toranado. heard they got busted at nick opening weekend
  63. garrironman

    Penn 6/0's

    2 much money
  64. garrironman

    Qualia reels

    been fishing with both guys, great guys.the reels have been on 5,7 ,9 daytrips on searcher. reel works real was given away as gift, and ended up with jackpot. this was on a boat i dont remenber, kent real class guy. garr
  65. garrironman

    ling cod

    whats the story on ling cod this season.does the opener include lings or not.if not what date. thanks
  66. garrironman

    I am going to Panama on the Intrepid

    jamie,good luck,looking forward to 11 23 12 happy hour
  67. garrironman

    Best trip for wahoo

    try huntington harbor
  68. garrironman

    I am going to Panama on the Intrepid

    hey jamie, can i be your son. i will cancel my 2 day rock cod trip this weekend.
  69. garrironman

    Surface irons

    one jig i wont use is sumo. while at cedros few yrs back,real good yellowtail bite going, i was trying to win prize of first yt on sumo jig. will never , ever use sumo again.change jig to one of old stand by jigs, game on cedros style.i do not work in buss. so i say it as it is. some work...
  70. garrironman

    Surface irons

    i buy lots of old jigs, you can see how the jig worked by how much paint is left on it. i do not by by color, as i think it doesnt matter most of the time. i do bring alot to cover the color thing. imo the old jigs are more consistent in how they were made, paint jobs much better looking...
  71. garrironman

    Tackle Shop/Expert

    try fishermans landing. ask for rock cod rick
  72. garrironman

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    reuben, is your boat ready yet, got squid. got some good info.
  73. garrironman

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    reuben, you should have used the fresh dead squid for the toads garr
  74. garrironman

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $200 Accurate Prize Pack - Ending 2/13/12

    taste better than rat, but harder to catch
  75. garrironman


    check out whitecap for rebar caps
  76. garrironman

    Spirit of Adventure

    i still dont get it why dont we get reports. why would i go on this boat without reports.what reasons are there for this operation to not be in the loop. bloodydecks or 976 tuna. just dont understand. thanks
  77. garrironman

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    while they work on boxes, im looking for jigs. every 5 years or so ,i just have to move the hinges, or get a new handle. they look great ,keep them coming
  78. garrironman

    Spirit of Adventure

    whats up with this boat,why dont we hear any reports about this boat. reporters dont say any thing . what is the problem.does anybody know
  79. garrironman

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 2

    i am hoping you bring some xtra tackle, as demo rods, reels. thanks for all your help. u the man, doctor jamie
  80. garrironman

    Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    ya ,thats the story i was talking about ,good job finding it
  81. garrironman

    RP 9/17-9/24 Fishing with a Legend

    did you go into a coma or something,4 months plus late
  82. garrironman

    Is 15 day too long for first timer??

    you want to go,why think about will blow your mind
  83. garrironman

    Bringing whole fish home

    been there , done it, wont do it again. five star way to go
  84. garrironman

    Lite Wire Wahoo

    83 on qualifier,captain don sansome told us to us the lite wire20 lb test with 27 lb big deal.4 fish no break offs,just like 20 lb tuna
  85. garrironman

    Do May/June Trips Foretell July/August Trips?

    if anybody could figure that out, i could say thats god
  86. garrironman

    6 oz. Torpedos for Wahoo Bombs

    potato chip bags,mylar and color,arts and crafts stores,candy bar said cheap
  87. garrironman

    SD Halibut?

    how did this get here.never heard of any halibuts been caught in lower zones
  88. garrironman

    Spectra Issues and Maintenance for all anglers

    jamie and dave,you guys have my full respect.i hope both of you guys share with us the wealth of knowledge both of you have. keep it up. i am hoping for big jigs spread someday.keep posting quality
  89. garrironman

    Blue Fin in Channel Islands?

    those big bfts were up to 900 lbs plus, late fall 1984. article was in l.a times bussiness section. fish were from low2oo to almost 1000 lbs. mike bullard, who now runs pacificstar in misson bay, went out and came back with big eye tuna and albacore to 50 plus lbs dont remenber how many, i...
  90. garrironman


    been longrangeing for 40 yrs, have lots and lots of gear. going on 13 day trip and still going to spend 500 bucks on gear.put baking soda in packs to prevent rust. going on 10 yrs with no rust. i keep mine in flim containers. will not get cheaper, buy now
  91. garrironman

    Jan Howard 286YFT

    only one yft. could of given us more info
  92. garrironman

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 1

    you the man j.m.cant wait to here your report on the poppers at the shop
  93. garrironman

    spanyid raider lures

    i heard they went out of business.prices went up months ago at my shop.the colored ones can by stripped to get them back to chrome
  94. garrironman

    spanyid raider lures

    these jigs will kick your ass after a little time, try 125 gr size. you will be able to fish that size alot longer.
  95. garrironman

    spanyid raider lures

    same jig made by diffrent manufacture. no problem
  96. garrironman

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    can i bring stair climber and hot tub
  97. garrironman

    Shimano Terez rods

    you sound like chicks in shoe store
  98. garrironman


    great job, your dad was going nuts a few days ago.
  99. garrironman

    chroming irons

    anybody out there have a place they can get some jigs chromed at cheap price. maybe other guys have same idea, and can get together and run jigs in one run thank for your help garr
  100. garrironman

    Good Will Toward Men. FOUR Accurates ->

    interested in cow reel pm me garr thanks
  101. garrironman

    Looking for A2Z Jigs

    tut is dry,hard to find, but i found 2
  102. garrironman

    Surface Iron For Wahoo

    i want to thank dave and bruce for giving it up. just got 2 a2z jigs thur one of my conecttions.
  103. garrironman

    A Buddy of mine lost a beast but, got a cow...

    its what keeps use coming back. fuck trout fishing
  104. garrironman

    Tuna JIG N POP in 2011

    like to see more of these type of articles, dont you guys ever use surface irons garr
  105. garrironman

    Wahoo Jigs... A better mouse trap??

    use narrow or small pieces of tape so jig can slide easier in teeth. narrow pieces in same direction as fish teeth slideing. this will increase your hookup ratio. you want tape to come off so jig will not get stuck on teeth and not slide. big pieces of tape i dont land as many, they open...
  106. garrironman

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    i think i saw this last year, good try
  107. garrironman

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    to bad its the searcher
  108. garrironman

    Looking for A2Z Jigs

    i though i was in the know, but this a2z jig thing comes up. shit waiting for my conecttion to get back. anything good for wahoo i want to, good luck
  109. garrironman

    jigs for buffer zone

    well the last 3 weeks i have been trying to get info on big tuna jigs. this is what i came up with.6 tady bcls each color diff. 2 lite tnts 1 chrome and 1 glow in dark,1 dynatroll skipjack color,1 tady 14. 4 tady 15 and last1 tady16 in pink and black .i have salas super 7x, tadys plus a...
  110. garrironman

    sinker molds

    hilt molds check out web site
  111. garrironman

    Anyone have a source for A2Z jigs

    any body have picture of this jig so i know what 2 look for. do not know what this jig is. any body know what y.i.p. spoofer are might might know of 1 or 2
  112. garrironman

    jigs for buffer zone

    i feel lucky to go with you, just to see how much stuff you bring vs. how much i will bring were both jig hors i think.. very interested tosee what we have thats different thank jamie garr
  113. garrironman


    for me, one on a jig is 5 times as satisfing, plus you get the bloww up
  114. garrironman

    QUALITY Lingasaurus, Goats and Reds on the Mirage

    do not let the cat out of the hat. no ling cod up north, be quiet
  115. garrironman

    2012 LR recommendation

    when ever you go is good in my book. just go when you can go. my 13 day is in about 330 days. can not wait.
  116. garrironman

    More from the 80s

    ha waldocod long time, dont you have some storys about some big cow cod trips cherry bank ,cortez come on i known you do garr
  117. garrironman

    jigs for buffer zone

    hurricane bank and buffer zone jig fishing. the guys i talked to today said hurricane bank is the place.i have some tady bcls and 1 large tnt, some super 7x salas and getting a large dynatrol lite tomorrow. are we casting, or are we yo yo fishing, slide. how deep is the bank at anchor spots...
  118. garrironman

    jigs for buffer zone

    can one of the pros out there give up all the good information on how ,what, and where. interested in big tuna info. what jigs what colors and sizesthanks for your help garr
  119. garrironman

    Independence 15 day Hurricane Bank

    ha ed ,could you please go into detail about your jig fishing. thanks
  120. garrironman

    Tady jigs large

    get back to me,interested
  121. garrironman

    Cold Shrink on Wahoo rods?

    cant wait to fish with you next year jamie, hope to go on 13 day rp trip with sal and the gang
  122. garrironman

    Jig Blank Question

    old school,d8 with newell 447 and still out fish most if not98 %.i do not have bucks to burn.learn to use your stuff. learn to cast first,, be safe. and dont backlash on the first foamer you see. good luck
  123. garrironman

    Anybody do a 6 or 7 day fly down/back

    that trip will suck.give your gear to me i hope you kill them steve. garratt
  124. garrironman

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    p.s.had my first 2 rods wrwpped at yos in 1972. pre made rod for that guy, custom rod, fits purfect, fight fish alot longer. you will know after 5 min. you dont want to be that guy with wrong rod. i can set you up if needed
  125. garrironman

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    p.s.had my first 2 rods wrwpped at yos in 1972. pre made rod for that guy custom rod, fits purfect, fight fish alot longer. you will know after 5 min. you dont want to be that guy with wrong rod. i can set you up if needed
  126. garrironman

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    just asking, why do you have to get rod from out they sale calstar and seeker rods back east. custom or prewrapped rods. everybody is diffrent. arm and belly size ect. get one off rack as is or get custom rod made by expert, who knows all the question to ask you. style of fishing ,reels...
  127. garrironman

    Different picture ideas

    ha dave. hope your back lets you fish alot, have big expectations from you now,, post pictures when you get back good luck to alkl on your trip garr
  128. garrironman

    Different picture ideas

    as i remember. getting off the boat and seeing 5 star girls in tight red tank tops. makes for a great trip, thanks girls
  129. garrironman

    Gear stolen from my boat

    dumb and dumber, now cry like a baby.....
  130. garrironman

    Gear stolen from my boat

    bummed you lost your stuff, but your stupid
  131. garrironman

    great long range seminar wahoodad

    dave you are what i call a blue collar guy, hard worker, who speaks softly but carrys weight. i remenber the first night i meet you at hooters dave had a coke, you told me about the frist thing you do when you get to the big fish zone, is put sinker on and drop down ,so you can get line wet...
  132. garrironman

    10.03.11 - 10.09.11 Pacific Star - Guadalupe (Picture Heavy)

    looks like kamby kicked ass, good report garr
  133. garrironman

    Intrepid on them again.

    18 days, no problem. my trip is 420 day away, 14 day on royal star in feb of 2013, good luck on your trip, hope you get your cows, garr
  134. garrironman

    Raider jigs

    what are you looking for size ,color ,hooks garr
  135. garrironman

    New Skinny Bombs

    its so sad, i saw ed last week at the shop,cant believe it
  136. garrironman


    maybe you should live in russia with no choices,go golfing, or go on 7day charter out of marina del rey for rockfish, you do have a problem, you dont known how lucky you are ta do as you have down in baja,to me funnest place to throw iron in world, garr
  137. garrironman

    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    great report cory. keep up the great job your doing, garr
  138. garrironman


    the americanski bucket trick
  139. garrironman

    Yellowfin being caught off Newport Beach!

    ill get mine in oct. at the lupe. there is room on the boat
  140. garrironman

    Weather out Of San diego 130+ miles out???

    how can you not find the weather. use the tools given. think
  141. garrironman

    internet on the long range boats

    international marine telephone
  142. garrironman

    Fishing Processing

    x 3 and sarahs hot
  143. garrironman

    Best 50lb Set Up For Wahoo& Tuna/ Casting

    jig fishing cant go wrong with calstar 6480 / with 40 tn or newell 447 0r bigger newell . all good picks
  144. garrironman


    why your own club not going,got to think about that
  145. garrironman

    Wahoodad & Willy July 2011 Intrepid Report

    thanks dave what about your project you been working on. send pm and let me know, cant wait. garr
  146. garrironman

    Bomb skirts

    make your own, bag of potatoe chips or similar. takes 2 min.
  147. garrironman


    thanks for the details
  148. garrironman

    Tackle Shop

    fishermans landing, closest to the boats, had to throw them in
  149. garrironman

    Need a new 8 ft jig stick

    when you hang that 130 lb yft,s your going to want the meat stick calstar 6480 hands down,ive gotten bsb to 150 , wahoo to 55, yallows to takes a licking and keeps ticking. best 8 foot jig stick imo. reels good luck
  150. garrironman

    cortez or offshore

    one of the boats at seaforth landing has a 2 day trip fishing monday and tuesday for super price. if interested pm me for details. need i think 4, great deal food and permits included.
  151. garrironman

    31 bft for 11 anglers....

    its time to go, 2 an a half day trip on pacificstar going next thursday night . 18 pass. on list now. its a go for sure.its time for it to happen. garr
  152. garrironman

    Water Temps

    dont think, your going to have a great time no matter what. good luck
  153. garrironman

    World Record Fish

    just read the other day thats its ok to use the rail for record was on bdecks just the other day
  154. garrironman

    Who Remembers fishing this..

    i think storms put it on the beach. bass bonita mackeral lots of mackeral. do remember salmon and bft were rare
  155. garrironman

    Raider Jigs 150gr. to 200gr.

    what are you looking for, only raiders
  156. garrironman

    looking for some boots

    what size,took stepson out 1 time. did not like 2 days trolling. garr 8186932174
  157. garrironman

    Pac Voyager July 15 - 17

    went on 4 day trip on red rooster early 80s. fished one afternoon,an morning, about 10 hours of fishing. fished 330 miles due west. got them
  158. garrironman

    1984 Best year for Albacore 300,000 caught

    84 was good yr not best yr. fish with mike bullard, captain of the explorer2 out of s.p. ports ocall landing. about 10 times we fished albies and 5 times we fished cortez bank. one trip bills bait was shit, so we waited for new bait. left at 2 am, 5 something all 5 rod get hit with # 2...
  159. garrironman

    candy bar starman 112

    you just got rid of the best jigs if you know how to use them.
  160. garrironman

    Indian 1-1/2 day Bloody Decks specials

    captrandel, you have been giving some great dope last few weeks. please keep it up , as it keeps me thinking positive as we need to be during this slow slow start.we need those albacore to get here and compete with with the bft.keep us posted, as landings give us not much. very good dope
  161. garrironman

    7 BLUEFIN TUNA sea adventure II JULY 8th 2011

    good job. most people will not go now ,waiting for better counts. got it done,good job
  162. garrironman

    Small Albacore?

    in over 40 years of offshore fishing, the smallest albacore i have seen is about 4 to 5 lbs. i fished out of s. p. out side of san nick, in about 1984. we had fish to 14 lbs and a few of these little little albies
  163. garrironman

    Long Range and Chunking

    if it wasnt for west coast we would still be using penn jigmasters. we set the trends
  164. garrironman

    ride to h-m landing going on 2 day trip

    will be fishing wensday and thursday on constitution on charter. looking for ride, help with gas and parking 18186932174 thanks
  165. garrironman


    bring toys, might show in next week or so. waters warming
  166. garrironman

    overnight 1 day tuna trip

    it will do,fish hard. choose only best baits, and change often. good luck
  167. garrironman

    Pride & Prejudice; I hate Whites

    spike thanks forgood reports,very good
  168. garrironman

    Pride & Prejudice; I hate Whites

    took me 30yrs to get a catalina ghost.i hate them
  169. garrironman

    Favorite Fluorocarbon?

    there all good, just like all the lines out today. get floro,and use it.get best deal, so you can , can save a buck here and there
  170. garrironman

    Favorite Fluorocarbon?

    i like it when people think they think like fish, how the hell do you know if fish sees one better or not,dont think,ask people on boats what there using, and do your homework. did you ask bd about your girlfreind, no you did your own work. we our fisherman and woman,do you believe all that is...
  171. garrironman

    Braid "Blade Runner" for Long Range?

    why not use the best lures that time has proven. imo 99 out of 100 would not use your jig. i do have this jig,but have not used yet. ask for help from any crew member, get the low down, then discide what to use. dont buy because look good, buy what works. the guy next to you has the right not...
  172. garrironman

    Bring a 50-size reel on a 5-Day?

    super 12 cal-ed,right tool for the job. not to big or heavy and22lbs of drag
  173. garrironman

    Pacific Queen 2 Day to Catalina - June 25 & 26

    usay pacificqueen, show pics of pacific quest,what the hell,,,
  174. garrironman

    islander 1.5 june26-28 report. we got 'em!!

    any of you guys out on trips this week use any jigs on these breaking fish. if yes,what colors ,size ,brand. might want to try
  175. garrironman

    wide open BFTunneus

    patience, son,full moon coming,go. dont be a dick
  176. garrironman

    BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    what the hell does sign of bft -ucking mean. did someone see some. how many hype trips can you guys hype, talking about 976.we want reports, not bullshit. how come we have no reports about all the dry trips on 976. just report the facts, good or bad.the information is what we want
  177. garrironman

    A little help please

    all the islands are yielding wsb now,go fishing now and dont worry about where they were caught yesterday. good luck
  178. garrironman

    Killed Them on the Thunderbird 6/16-6/17

    santa catalina island, or san clemente island
  179. garrironman

    Maximum Number of Rods

    bring it all ,doesnt do any good at home.big boys like to play also.
  180. garrironman

    Long Range Tuna

    all you people going out this week i hope you all kill them, and give us great reports so we will crave. do it...
  181. garrironman


    go get um boys , and good hunting
  182. garrironman

    Additional $225 cost for going to Lupe on 5dayer!

    im going on the------------------ and everything is included in the cost of trip.june trip about 9yrs ago yft to 60 lbs,albies on way ,and back
  183. garrironman

    scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    catalina island and s.c.i had unreal bass fishing. 300-400-500and even 600 fish days, and these were not 12 -14 modles. you didnt need no bleeping current, day or night,janurary november it didnt matter. you could go to cat . is, stay in any cove or kelp and catch fish all day long. most i saw...
  184. garrironman


    give the captain a high five for going. need more guys like him
  185. garrironman

    scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    also there used to be days with 4500 people going out of big three landing in san diego each weekend. lots of fights in parking lot. no lot across street, parking was bad real bad. alot of great captains, and deck hands. those deckhands today, are running most of the long range boats , and...
  186. garrironman

    scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    fished the mustang with taka and dan kadota, and fiji on the diawa.choves for bait 4-5 in. long. fishing was the same. when the counts got over half a fish per pass. it was time to go, we would catch our fish. remember back then there was no limited load boats. went once on pacificqueen with 83...
  187. garrironman

    Fish ID? Here is a better photo

    one of those jacks got me a 150$ jackpot last year on a 2 day.good eating
  188. garrironman

    Lure suggestions??

    bring as much as you can, dont want to run out
  189. garrironman

    Summer Offshore Outlook

    i hope the opah bite again
  190. garrironman

    Which LR Boat is faster??

    the searcher ,the fastest and best . joke joke joke
  191. garrironman

    Bruce Smith video topic: yellows on bait balls

    im throwing iron from my home in sherman oak now.
  192. garrironman

    CBass at Catalina!

    great start to your season.
  193. garrironman

    What, nobody caught any fish this Sun 5/29????????

    will never fish catalina on holiday weekend
  194. garrironman

    Albacore! 239 Miles!

    take a hit and get bit
  195. garrironman

    ? on topshots

    fished 40 years,give me a jigmaster and mono and ill catch it. you guys think to much.
  196. garrironman

    Tropic Star Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends June 2nd, 2011 : 5:00 PM

    1 how in the hell did you do that joe 2 hay deckhand i need you for a minute 3 what the fuck
  197. garrironman

    Yellowtail Caption Contest Presented by ProTackle your Jigging and Popping Authority

    damm, should of had protackle send those jigs express mail.
  198. garrironman

    Summer 7-8 day

    go 8 days in oct. cant go wrong. as they say,longer is better
  199. garrironman

    Your Bucket List

    how did you leave out panama, best place of all. if you have dreams,go big t.s lodge top of my list
  200. garrironman

    Which LR Boat is faster??

    you want speed,go to a track. want a great trip, pick a good captain boat . its not the boat its the captain-crew-boat
  201. garrironman

    If you had a free day where would you fish?

    you better start saving days up,so you can get out of dogde when kids in the threes
  202. garrironman

    Pacific Star

    reel deal,cod,cod,cod
  203. garrironman

    Pacific Queen 5-13 1.5 day

    save your money,noting going on yet
  204. garrironman

    One of the newest jigging trends that

    now were talking
  205. garrironman

    Lupe trips

    wood love to shake your hand, thanks rj
  206. garrironman

    I had hoped for the whole enchilada

    dave thanks for update. thanks to all in this matter. see ya at tuna alley
  207. garrironman

    On the Albie watch

    just show up and stay 4 months.start small and get bigger each month. and bite the 60 pound test.
  208. garrironman

    Lupe trips

    i hope none of you fools go to the lupe. more fish and room for us that are going. ill be reeling them in, and you guys will still be talking about it. shit they have , or are closing all are good spots. put your money down now,or there going to close it all,or their wont be any to catch, stocks...
  209. garrironman

    Penn International 12T

    my super 12 gets 22lbs of drag, do fish 80lb. they dont bulid things like they used to, go penn
  210. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    great job. keep um coming
  211. garrironman

    communicate with the outside world?

    wise words dave. notting worst than mourning the death of your mother on a 9 day -fly back. what you want is not always what you need.
  212. garrironman

    How Panama related to Long Range

    great report jamie, hope to see ya at the shop soon,so you can give me some tips garr
  213. garrironman

    Long Range The SEARCHER

    if your 5-10 you wont fit in your bunk.
  214. garrironman

    Long Range The SEARCHER

    better hope that art doest run boat. kiss of death
  215. garrironman

    Penn International 12T

    go see cal, if you want the perfect reel for 40 to 50. no need to go farther. go see cal garr
  216. garrironman

    WSB Trip Yields Striped Bass??

    picture of one fish,other picture has two poles bent.whats up
  217. garrironman

    First timer here...

    that reel will only give you 18 pounds of drag at its max. i would use. get rod to match you and reel
  218. garrironman

    Pacific Queen 3-11-11 San Diego

    god i miss eddy mcewens boat
  219. garrironman

    We need two more to make it go

    , how ya doing. just got off the pacificstar, had real goodfishing this weekend. sorry i missed ya last weekend. dave, you have a bad case of tuna fever. stay away from bloodydecks,976 andw.o.n. and pm me in the morning. this condition may stay with you untill you get those 2 calls, or the...
  220. garrironman

    Calling the bite

    fish eat everyday,try and out smart them.we are fisherman,we know jack about fish. just go and enjoy, ask any wsb fisherman
  221. garrironman

    fishing with Tony Reyes in early august

    bring it all,big rigs for grouper,b.s.b. 40 to 50 lb rig for yellows bait and jigs, 30 lb rig for catching bait, and for casting for cabrillo ,and maybe a 15lb rig for fun sierra,lady fish ,ect. when no current go to the beaches or rocks,and fish for cabrillo. use sm light jigs so dont get in...
  222. garrironman

    The real reason why fishing has sucked lately...

    every long range boat i ever went on had lots of bananas and always big boat count. bananas is a excusable answer for guys that cant fish or think they can
  223. garrironman

    Bass at Hyperion

    i bet they taste real good.
  224. garrironman

    Best San Diego 1.5 day party boat with kids?

    take the kid rock fishing on a 1.5 day trip. he will catch alot of fish, and no trolling time. trolling is the kiss of death to a young guy. took my step son on 2 day trip that was going to be a cod trip, that turned into albacore trip. 2 days of trolling produced 1 trolling stop, and no more...
  225. garrironman

    Fishing at redondo pier

    biting at redondo and your going to malibu perfect
  226. garrironman

    Q105 7 day July 10-17 with BFG roll call

    what is almost 3 carts mean,do you mean 2 carts
  227. garrironman

    Awesome chance for a three!

    dave you our the man,reds to wahoo, you the man.thanks for dinner again
  228. garrironman

    Polaris Supreme

    saved worst for last
  229. garrironman

    why don't LR boats use sprays?

    eddie mcewen of the pacific queen was doing this as far back as i can remember, maybe 36 yrs ago.deck hose would be sprayed as bite was slowing, or the gaff would be slapped in the water to start a rebite
  230. garrironman

    Does anyone fish the 60 mi bank for Rockcod?

    two years ago, fishing the pacific star at the 60 mi. bank. we put the anchor down an cauth about 70 b.f.tuna an as the bite slowed down, guys went to the bottom and did real good, with the jack pot being a 20 lb ling. can and will produce good cod
  231. garrironman

    50 to 70 lbs pigs pictures

    get in touch when you get back, love to talk to ya
  232. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    ha steve,how are you. missed you at the show this year,as i was in boat yard for last 9 days. the pacific queen trip was i think oct 31 1982 . the big storms were during winter of 82 as i remenber. albacore of 1984 were up off morro bay first, or as you said santa cruz. they then moved down the...
  233. garrironman

    Jigging Monster Tuna

    we dream of that out here on west side. nice fish and job.
  234. garrironman

    Rpt-03-05-11 Fun fishing at San Clemente Island

    its great to read your go out it seems weekly and you give some of the best reports.keep up the great reports.when im in need of a report you always come thru keep it up garr
  235. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    talked to mike bullard this weekend,he was running the explorer2 from ports o call.he said he pulled into a spot of albies and pulled out 6 albacore, with the biggest going over 76 lbs cauth by a friend of mine named charly ridgeway. who still fishes with mike on the pacificstar from peirpoint...
  236. garrironman

    Lingcod jigs

    best way to get lings is to use a 16 oz diamond jig and get sm orange starryeye. fillet fish with skin on cut off bones. cut long fillet into two long. when done you will have 4 strip baits out of 1 fish. hook fillet on only one hook thur the skin dont need alot of meat on the fillet. now this...
  237. garrironman

    First trip dilemma

    4 years of college make your own mind up and make them proud
  238. garrironman

    Legal Ling Carcass for Lobster Bait?

    lings are out of season untill 4-1-11 no poaching please
  239. garrironman

    Vintage wood tackle boxes and JIGS

    i want hackers and maybe outlaws. what sizes and weights.
  240. garrironman

    Custom Made Wahoo Bombs (AKA Skinny Bombs)

    talked to guys at the shop, i want 10 un rigged , make up 10 bright and dull of all shades 4ozs,4 in bigger size ,2bright and 2 in dark un rigged. garr look killer ed.
  241. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    i remember going to redondo pier in the harbor,and the wood plank were about 4 to 5 in. higher than the asphalt or concrete. the glass in the hotel on first floor were all blown out. malibu pier got screwed up as did paradise cove. at huntington beach pier the swells were hitting the planks you...
  242. garrironman

    Crippled Herring I HIT THE JACKPOT!!

    got a125lbs opah on a 4oz. chrome in july on pac star. ill always have some for fishing tuna. paddys and on the slide
  243. garrironman

    catalina seabass,yellowtail,halibut,limits of calico bass

    just a damn shammm dumshitskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
  244. garrironman

    oldman gets swamped

    cant catch them in the valley old man. trout master rudy and you at least got out. trying to put together 12 pac. trip to the lupe in oct. on pacificstar maybe you and your son might be interested. garr
  245. garrironman

    Jump on or not

    1day 345lbs 46-46-46 an ugly 8day 130lbs 36-26-36 very nice. ect.
  246. garrironman

    7/8 Day in June

    go in the fall,wahoo plus bigger tuna
  247. garrironman

    Opinions and suggestions on these setups?

    your on your way.take your time on rods and reels .you only want to buy these one time,and they will stand the test of time. gear is easy,between your friends. buy hooks diffrent sizes, few wahoo dont have to over do it. they will have everything you might need on the boat for sale,or...
  248. garrironman

    What does Wahoo Fish Taste Like?

    nothing as good to eat,nothing as good on iron.
  249. garrironman

    cheap jigs for a kid

    15yrs old,how old is the kid must be from n.y.
  250. garrironman

    old old lures

    not worth the postage ,looks like the box my grandpa gave me in 66.
  251. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    doest anybody remember 1982and84 biggest el nino since then. very suprised please add.
  252. garrironman


    fall is time to go fishing down to baja lower coast. morekinds of fish to catch. better shot at wahoo, and big tuna, and better weather
  253. garrironman

    Bonito Feathers

    garr 8186932174
  254. garrironman


    thats it.
  255. garrironman

    50 to 70 lbs pigs pictures

    got two of those fish on newell 229 old old model.crack both sideplates on reel ,brought reel to carl newel personally. he loved the story,and gave me a new model with chrome steel reinforchment around each sideplate. they still have this feature today. thanks
  256. garrironman

    50 to 70 lbs pigs pictures

    just a few pictures.
  257. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    i am retarded with have been copied and will be put on in next few days. you wont be sorry. garr
  258. garrironman

    Record Book Bug

    saw one at the lupe in about 78. just alittle bit smaller, never thought i would see one bigger. good job at l.b. aqu. too tough to enjoy eating. great job
  259. garrironman

    2010 Boat Ho List

    must talk in private 40 yr ex,party 45 yr, fishing wont fish cat. is. anytime. s.c.i. yes love bass on iron. got game party and catching. hate fishing
  260. garrironman

    Long range 8-12 Pack Any interest

    why go on a no name boat when you could go on a world known boat. big money for unknown boat. garr
  261. garrironman

    Wahoo off of Frailes Isla in Panam

    it looks to me to be between65 and 75 lbs nice one and what jig. dont see in mouth .garr
  262. garrironman

    Christmas at the Cortez

    how much, when / write personal note, let me know, garr
  263. garrironman

    Jigging master Reels?

    never heard of the reel before, we will see. garr
  264. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    im in fishermans spot tackle store in the valley. the owner comes over to me and tells me that the pacific queen going out on a day an a half trip that night out to the cortez bank area,im out the door an on my way. 8.45 p.m. and only 3 other pass...
  265. garrironman

    The Excel

    i only go on pirate ships. what happen on that boat . stays on that boat. each boat has it,s own character, style, ect. the same with each captain. some people or some older people dont even know what b,d. is or 976. be happy we have these places to go garr
  266. garrironman

    16 day sundry items

    bring big bottlesof captain morganand big bag medical cookies, just so they wont know
  267. garrironman

    Trolling Feathers

    on the slide try point wilson darts in3oz size or diamond jigs or maga baits. last fewyears bait on ground has been small. use jig that match bait on ground.s. this year i got 125 lb opah on wilson dart 4oz size on paddy 15lb test check hooks on darts garr
  268. garrironman

    advice on 1st 3-4day trip?

    got good stuff try a trinadad 30 with your 6480 and you will have the best baja jig rod. i have taken wahoo to 55lbs,yellows to 40 lbs to150lbs black sea bass great set up bring all your tackle,cant catch anything at home. garr
  269. garrironman

    Trolling Feathers

    i have at least 100 feathers plus 15 or so plugs. never to many. how much money you have,call the office of your boat 1 week before your trip and get the up to minute dope. maybe a cedar plug =woody,purpleand black, green and yellow, mexican flag,red and white,blue and white,brown and white...
  270. garrironman

    Getting my boat back, where should I go?

    ha there. im garr, fished with you last weekend on pac star. i watch you fish, you have very good tackle and fish good. i think you already know .it would be better to stay close to port. p.s big wind this weekend jig guy
  271. garrironman

    Long Range Mentors

    what about bill poole,lee plams, don sansome, danny plams,frank lopreste, and tom rothery. these guys our the guys that gave all captain today there frist jobs on l.r. trips.p.s. i know i missed some great captains. garr
  272. garrironman

    PacificStar TDay Wknd.

    mike and his good wife run a very nice operation. very nice boat, and he gets alot of very nice people. no drama, no problems with fish cleaning, and the 100 buck icing on the cake. nice to meet some of you b,d,ers. thank you guys lings up to about11 . 12 pound
  273. garrironman

    Salas PL 68s

    buy new ones any good tackle store
  274. garrironman


    why the hell did you stop for 14 yrs.bring your 6/0
  275. garrironman

    Senor Tuna 5.5 day Oct. 26-31

    chris and mike run a great operation.greenhorn jeff is a great deckhand but is getting boat to fish, cook tommy is a master in the galley.david and udak what can you say funny and good, great boat and crew thanks for awonderfull time on your boat . hope to see you up in long beach...
  276. garrironman


    i just woke up . are these still for sale 8186932174
  277. garrironman

    33 New/Used/Vintage Surface Iron

    erik id like to talk to you about this book and other jig things. garr at 8186932174
  278. garrironman

    More from the 80s

    first l.r. trip was redrooster 12. 26 .72 to 1.3.73 8 days of paradise. bonita to 18lbs yellow to 53lbs price 365 bucks. not bad for firstlr trip.
  279. garrironman

    SOA 10 day

    what kind of post is that shit/
  280. garrironman

    What's your caption for this picture?

    2010 offshore season. my momma said there be seasons like this.
  281. garrironman


    ha dummass isaid a taxi and a hor.
  282. garrironman

    What kind of fish is this?

    best damm eating fish in the world.ha ha ha ha
  283. garrironman


    this is so easy a caveman can do it. raiders get bite 4 to 1 with out wire what dont you understand. when you out fish every body most of the time. they ask what are you doing diffrent noooo wwiirree. you just spent 3000.00 to go catch one. go for it . be the guy. no wire...
  284. garrironman

    43, san sal knoll, 230,371,425, islands

    big question where are the fish. give it up where is this new spot.
  285. garrironman

    local banks tuna and lack of etquette

    parking 20 ft. off the stern during a good bite on wsb or trolling 60 ft off your stern during a long soak. ha jerk just because you own a boat doesnt give you the right to bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep party boats up. watch out for the 8oz. sinkers for they will do damage to your...
  286. garrironman

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    in picture it looks maybe 25 lbs. but its a hoo
  287. garrironman

    Wahoo Gear

    raiders brass and chrome. no wire gets bite3to1 or 4 to 1 more hook ups. more hook ups more fish in picture at dock. and see what the other guys are using ask alot of the long rangers what they use .ask the deckhands.
  288. garrironman

    Long Range Iron

    take them all. if you go to the ridge. you could change jig every 20 min. and catch a fish on almost all of those jigs. now thats sport fishing. you will catch more in aday on jigs their thenin 10 years up+ here. dont do any good at home in a box. anybody can use bait be a man chuck iron...
  289. garrironman

    Wahoo Bombs v3.0

    im garr. wahoo good for a 6 pac. no hurry trips ihope is in 3 or 4 months 818 6932174
  290. garrironman


    do the math.lose 4 your down about 180.00 bucks on a bad day.
  291. garrironman

    Aztec overnighter 9/18

    go on the pacific star 25 max.we did real good.15 lb. flor.good for 4 or 5 fish for guys using 15 and 6 br hook.
  292. garrironman

    2.5 day on the Pac Star 9/17-18

    ha mike this is garr was great having you on the star.good fishing on 20 or15 lb test fluor.all fish on this trip were on15 or20 so get it or stay dry. garr
  293. garrironman

    Dominator YFT Slay

    thats a report.cant we get more reports like that
  294. garrironman

    Where is the TUNA?

    were not looking for cowwwwws yet. moooooooo
  295. garrironman

    Bluefins off the Producer

    start making your cod sinkers.season starts soon
  296. garrironman

    are there not much offshore fishing in NorCal?

    what do you expect .from nocal.
  297. garrironman

    Opah on Night Shark Fishing Trip

    great catch thanks also thanks for doing your job great.1 in a lifetime fish.
  298. garrironman

    Japan vs. USA (jigging)

    keep using those jigs guys just make room for me to cast over you
  299. garrironman

    Albacore Iron

    to be a good jig fisherman you need alot of diffrent jigs and sizes.mega baits.diamond jigs sm .tady tlc.braid has some sm jig.just like fly fishings you need alot of flys for diffrent conditions.diffrent sizes weights and diffrent colors.this year the albacore were eating sm bait so i was...
  300. garrironman

    Help me to choose a 2 days trip

    pacificstar sportfishing runs a good show. seaforth sportfishing s.d. good tuna and cod fisherman
  301. garrironman

    Yellowtail counts

    do agood job and quit fishing and shut up
  302. garrironman

    Pacific Star - Sunday Report

    it was june trip.myself and wonder kid jeff son of ex freedom skipper mr walker. hookedat least 20 yellows on 7x and candy bars boat got 104 nice grade 20 lb plus
  303. garrironman

    Pacific Star - Sunday Report

    ha gilligan where is the skipper garr
  304. garrironman

    Where to retire?

    beach pad coasta rica yaaaa
  305. garrironman

    1.5 Day Pacific Star Sportfishing (2) spots

    very nice boat.rides very nice. mike and crew very good and last butnot least tommy the cook best cook last three fun boat to fish
  306. garrironman

    How early to arrive for morning LR trip departure?

    4 hrs early at least. parking .unloading getting in line so you can get nice spots for rods boxes
  307. garrironman

    Calling all BD'rs

    red and brass raiders and5 bottles of capain morgan
  308. garrironman


    i want one pair in white.
  309. garrironman

    Megabait jigs???

    they will wort just the same,just keep throwing it
  310. garrironman

    1200 Pound BFT

    use a540 dinnis