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  1. adobo

    Safety check on oahu

    Jason, thanks for the information.
  2. adobo

    Safety check on oahu

    Does any one know the updated light requirements for trailer safety check here on oahu? My lights are not permanent to the trailer and in need of safety check. thanks,
  3. adobo

    Windward Side 5/22 & 5/26

  4. adobo

    almost bolo head 5/29/15

    congrats on ur catch
  5. adobo

    Got Lucky Yesterday "First one for the year"

    congrats :hali_olutta:
  6. adobo


    congrats on ur catch pat:hali_olutta:
  7. adobo

    furuno gp1870f

    thanks Po'o Pa'a for the information
  8. adobo

    Waianae - May14, 2015

    Congrats on ur catch russ
  9. adobo

    furuno gp1870f

    Yea this unit has some new cool features im leaning towards buying one. How is the FF performance during bottom fishing and trolling? what kind of transducer would you recommend for this setup?
  10. adobo

    furuno gp1870f

    howzit BD, im planning on upgrading my FF. I need some info if anyone have one or has used one and any reviews and recomendations on furuno gp1870f combo for use in Hawaiian waters. Pretty much a overall review and is it worth getting? thanks.
  11. adobo

    What do you use your fish finder for?

    Howzit guys, as mentioned above also I want to upgrade to a better fish finder but don't know which fish finder to buy, which brand etc. Im looking for something I can use for trolling and bottom fishing also reading the fad's area for jigging. Their is a lot of brands and functions and I don't...
  12. adobo

    June 19th Action!

    congrats on the yellow guy. cool vid.
  13. adobo


    Zulu das u?
  14. adobo

    AHI 7.22.13

    congrats nice
  15. adobo

    Tuna Report. Waianae.

    congrats on ur catch...sashimi all day :hali_olutta:
  16. adobo

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    thank god for the free pass. congrats on ur catch:2gunsfiring_v1:
  17. adobo

    Late report: banks 4-28

    good catch worth the pain. :hali_olutta:
  18. adobo

    4-28 shake down.

    time to slay them yellow guys :2gunsfiring_v1:
  19. adobo

    18' Force for Sale

    nice boat garret.
  20. adobo

    4/19 West Side

    Good turnout on first run. go gettum
  21. adobo

    shes 2 for 2!

    great vid congrats on ur catch :hali_olutta:
  22. adobo


    congrats on ur catch...:hali_olutta:
  23. adobo

    Fishing Report

    congrats way to go :hali_olutta:
  24. adobo

    late report 3/10/13

    mix plate
  25. adobo

    Finally Fishing

    congrats wid your mahi's:hali_olutta:
  26. adobo

    HK Penguin Banks 3-16

    nice mahi congrats on ur catch:hali_olutta:
  27. adobo

    4-1-2012 Mahi Action

    quality pics.....cant wait for the vids..
  28. adobo

    Mixed Bag

    congrats....nice ahi
  29. adobo

    12/16 When in rome-N

    sash...seshion!!! nice catch guys
  30. adobo

    12/19 waianae

    congrats on the solo trip
  31. adobo

    15 Dec 11

    congrats maan!
  32. adobo

    New 4Ft Gaff

    i need to get one of deeez....GAFFS!
  33. adobo

    KANEOHE 12/9 ROUND 3

    :hali_olutta:congrats on ur marlin... cherry boat.....stoney!
  34. adobo

    Following the Kaneohe Rainbow 12/7

    congrats justin...awsome!
  35. adobo

    Waianae 12/4

    congrats on ur catch...
  36. adobo

    late marlin report!

    congrats on ur marlin buggah was still hungry
  37. adobo


    solid catch pat & crew:hali_olutta:
  38. adobo

    Pearl Harbor Fishing Torunament 7/9/2011

    :2gunsfiring_v1:...killum and :hali_olutta:celebrate way to go j n crew
  39. adobo

    Waianae 7/8/11 Mercy... and then more mercy

  40. adobo

    Friday Nite Shibi KONA

    :hali_olutta:....congrats way to bless the boat
  41. adobo

    7/3/11 Kaneohe Side

    nice otaru's
  42. adobo

    waianae Sat 7/2

    nice catch garret n crew...:hali_olutta:
  43. adobo

    Waianae 7/5

    happy days
  44. adobo

    Otaru's Galore

    got any picks
  45. adobo

    Waianae 7-4-11

    no white was here, good going on ur catch
  46. adobo

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Good going tony, solo's :hali_olutta Wat kine lure she when wack......
  47. adobo

    Waianae 6-23-11

    congrats bulleh!!!
  48. adobo

    6-26-2011 Lucky white wash save with/video

    das how u save a day
  49. adobo

    Trailer safety check

    sup jimmy, can i get a safety check too
  50. adobo

    1150+ Blue Out of Heeia

    das one bomboocha marlin!!!!
  51. adobo

    Waianae 6/20 Rubber hook... literally

    Dat sucks man....:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  52. adobo

    Giving away lures for Ahi Fever

    garret nice lures man!!!
  53. adobo

    Hawaii Kai 6/13/11

    bloodydecks for u kekoa, nice marlin how big and what color she hit?
  54. adobo

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    eh, tanx pat and tanx brando many more too come.
  55. adobo

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    tanx garret....maybe i should sleep on the wheel and get a double or triple..........hahaha
  56. adobo

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    right on....CHEEERS EVERYBODY..........:hali_olutta:
  57. adobo

    Mine dat is!

  58. adobo

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    Long story Short.........Left koolina about 6:00am wid my friend jon and cuzin lino, shot straight out to the 500 hit the barge no one home, headed to "S" bouy no one home, ran to "R" no takers, head to "V" no takers either with Scattered birds playing around no action. Decided to come in on the...
  59. adobo

    sap rigger 8-10'. any one has?
  60. adobo

    Waianae 5/3/11

    rite on nice marlin
  61. adobo

    Got a new ride

    Nice ride, AL Hit me up!
  62. adobo

    Weekend Recap

    nice pics maaaaan!!!!!!!!
  63. adobo

    Seas was bad but....

    sup kyle, eh congrats on ur catch. das a fat boi rite dea, man too bad i couldnt be dea! Hit me up next time u need a greenhorn.........sebastian
  64. adobo

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    congrats on ur catch...fat boi dat won!!!
  65. adobo


    nice catch.... always looking forward reading ur post
  66. adobo

    4-10-2011 A ledge day...

    Fresh Feeeesh!!!
  67. adobo

    Sick way to lose a marlin "VIDEO"

    It was sick watching da vid...:2gunsfiring_v1:
  68. adobo

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    right on happy hour............:hali_olutta: nice lures maan!
  69. adobo

    Gopro tow cam MARLIN

    kool vid. too bad no action from the marlin......:2gunsfiring_v1:
  70. adobo

    Great day 2-5-11

  71. adobo

    2-5-2011 Small action with funny video

    Fast reaction lucky u nevah gaff your own self....hahaha! and u guys still landed dat shibi mean.
  72. adobo

    1-2-2010 Best day this year

    Nice catch much did it weigh!
  73. adobo

    Haleiwa 2 January

    good going on your marlin catch:hali_olutta:
  74. adobo


    congrats on your catch, sashimi for new years.
  75. adobo

    Kaneohe 12/9

    all u can eat sashimi........:hali_olutta: congrats man!
  76. adobo


    congrats captdon and crew sashimi for the family:beerbang:
  77. adobo

    shmall kine

  78. adobo

    shmall kine

    eye yeah! u right it is the reel handle:picknose:
  79. adobo

    I'm stoked

    cow cow for the family
  80. adobo

    shmall kine

    Yeah butcher dat bad boy cow cow with the lau lau, jus got ur miss call this morning sorry braddah al had to work today, gotta make $ for that hard top....... I dont know what the hell is that looks like a rubbish in the camera phone. Thanks bnaks, 9'' Masalures head with ice blue top...
  81. adobo

    shmall kine

    Late start, got in the water today about 2:30 ran the ledge up kaena, and about 3:00 bang ratchet goes off. 10 minutes later this is what we got. Thats all for a 4 hour trip today.
  82. adobo


    Good planning and congrats on your guys catch.
  83. adobo


  84. adobo

    19 glass pros

    what year and do u have any more pics. thanks
  85. adobo

    Kaneohe 10/23

    congrats on your catch
  86. adobo

    Third Option

  87. adobo

    New pair of 80lb class stubbies

    sup, glenn do u rewrap outriggers too. I've got a pair of 20' that needs to be rewrap thanks
  88. adobo

    KANEOHE 10/9

    right on captdon
  89. adobo

    Late start Kaneohe

    right on man
  90. adobo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    right on guys for the double..........:2gunsfiring_v1:
  91. adobo

    250# blue just outside of BO

    congrats on the catch any pics
  92. adobo

    9-25-2010 Not to much

    thanks for the report....better luck next time
  93. adobo

    wtb outriggers

    anybody selling a pair of lee's jr wishbone outrigger.
  94. adobo

    9-18-2010 Marlin and Mahi Mahi Action with VIDEO

    sucks to here trolling is slow on the west side. at least no white wash, mahi for dinner.
  95. adobo


    mean......right on!
  96. adobo

    Waianae 12 Sep 2010

    congrats on ur catch:hali_olutta:
  97. adobo

    Papio fishing?

    buy yourself a boat, thats the next step
  98. adobo

    Paint Booth

    k thanks grander
  99. adobo

    Paint Booth

    Does anybody know!!
  100. adobo

    Paint Booth

    Does anybody know of someone or place that rents out paint booth that can fit a boat to paint. Thanks
  101. adobo


    congrats on your first ono. :hali_olutta:
  102. adobo

    west side report 8-28-10

    thanks for the respond guys, hopefully the bite picks up again
  103. adobo

    west side report 8-28-10

    went out friday midnight in hope for akule/opelu, no luck. about 4:30am on the way to the pinnacle got a hit from a small marlin hitting the short corner but came off. got to the pinnacle did couple passes nothing. about a mile north, big bird pile at least 100 plus birds all over. worked and...
  104. adobo

    Waianae 8/26/10

    good catch
  105. adobo

    8-25 Waianae

    fish fo tha fights this weekend
  106. adobo

    kaneohe 8/23

    nice marlin, another trophy on the wall....:notworthy
  107. adobo


    Good fishing tales AL, and congrats to the fishing crew nice number.
  108. adobo

    Quick west side report

    thanx for the report
  109. adobo

    Big ulua Video

    cool vid.....congrats on ur catch.
  110. adobo

    Waianae 8/20/10

    Nice......hard work handlining dead wieght
  111. adobo

    First Marlin

    right one will be the yellow guy
  112. adobo

    First Marlin

    congrats on your first marlin bnaks. what time did u catch your marlin, i was out that day also. i ran the ledge early morning and head straight out to co bouy and found a big ass bird pile with no luck. then shoot straight for the pinnacle with no luck and ran s and r with no luck.
  113. adobo

    2 days 1 fish

    kill em:2gunsfiring_v1:
  114. adobo

    Aug.17 2010

    congrats on your catch
  115. adobo

    Marlin report

    Thanks guy's for the responds. Sorry no pics of the otaru
  116. adobo

    Marlin report

    My plan was to night fish for some akule/opelu friday night......I ended up canceling and flew to maui with my cousin for the weekend cruz. Came back home from maui late saturday night and I could not sleep, so i ended up packing and woke up my braddah and told him we gotta go. So i Hooked up...
  117. adobo

    8-15-2010 Koolina Tadpole with Video

    congrats on ur catch and mean the video's
  118. adobo

    waianae 8/6

    nice catch spencer
  119. adobo

    How Hard Can Sea Turtles Bite? (photo/vid)

    Is that ono's in the background. That's where all the ono's are :2gunsfiring_v1:
  120. adobo

    8-1-2010 Koolina with Video

    Sip Nick, u still ballin.....300fps or u gave it up.
  121. adobo

    8-1-2010 Koolina with Video

    cool video.......i need to rig my boat with one of those. It's pretty clear how long can u shoot a video with that go pro
  122. adobo

    7/27 a couple

    no white wash......what was the #
  123. adobo

    Waianae ledge 7/27 first ono's

    solid ono's......plenty meat:hali_olutta:
  124. adobo

    Custom Cap and Polycarbonate Enclosure

    Nice long did this project take you?
  125. adobo

    7/18/2010 First Ahi for the year

    congrats on ur first ahi of the year......:2gunsfiring_v1: paintcheck
  126. adobo


  127. adobo


    right on man.
  128. adobo

    Waianae 6/30

    NICE...........sashimi time!
  129. adobo


    Check BUMP!
  130. adobo


    Sup everybody congrats for all who caught and entered in the ahi fever.
  131. adobo

    Kaneohe is on fire!

    AL......check out
  132. adobo

    Kaneohe is on fire!

    nice..... couldnt resist ahh, had to go. sometimes priorities are not priorities:rofl: I gotta tag up with u someday outdea, ccchhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
  133. adobo

    Ahi fever results

    mean dat won
  134. adobo

    kaneohe 6/17

    Fresh Fish...........Nice catch capt.
  135. adobo

    Hickam AFB

    da numbah for phonecian is 682-1961 and they will pro-rate the ramp fee if u go get the sticker now. thier system is from jan-dec. give them a call and get more info from them.
  136. adobo

    Recycled Lures

    garrand...T she bite. Those colors would look nice on some ''MASA'' heads.
  137. adobo

    gold reels

    hey guys what do u prefer penn or shimano 80's trolling reels.
  138. adobo


    Do u build hardtops for glasspro's and any other work. Thanks!
  139. adobo


    Cherry boat........wanna trade
  140. adobo

    Kaneohe 5/5

    good catch...
  141. adobo

    when they aint biting, keep tryin

    does anybody know of nighttime bottom fishing how to and rigs to use.
  142. adobo

    Best Hawaii SST chart I have seen

    nice ahi still hunting for mine:2gunsfiring_v1:
  143. adobo

    penn vs. shimano

    Got the votes from everybody, now i'm shooting for shimano's....:devil:
  144. adobo

    penn vs. shimano

    do u have any 80's for sale?
  145. adobo

    penn vs. shimano

    Looking to pick up 2 speed 80's. But cant decide which brand, to go with. Who has a better warranty and avaliable parts. Thanks!
  146. adobo


    what type of gaff do i need for landing....AHI?
  147. adobo


    can u share some of that mahi
  148. adobo

    outboards difference

    damm....i guess we pay for quality. But im pretty sure its well worth it.
  149. adobo

    outboards difference

    howz the price at windward boats?
  150. adobo

    outboards difference

    What about the maintenance for the yammas or suzukies?
  151. adobo

    outboards difference

    Does anybody knows the performance, warranty and parts service between the yammas and the suzuki outboard 50s thanks.
  152. adobo

    help repower

    hey, thanks guys for the info. now jus gotta decide which 50's or 60's yamaha or suzuki.
  153. adobo

    help repower

    Any shop recommendations, to get it repowerd
  154. adobo

    help repower

    looking to repower 19' glasspro. what type of twin 4strokes outboard is ideal for trolling. thanks
  155. adobo

    new guy

    sup guys, im new here and the big game action. jus picked up me some new gear. i need to rig my rods for trolling. what kind of setup do i need to tie my main line to my leader. already have lures. any suggestions thanks