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    Where to fish in New Zealand?

    I've been to New Zealand a couple of times and I need to go again around next November, their summer. I have never been fishing there and I want to go fishing a couple of times. I do long range fishing here and want to do ocean fishing down there, but also might look into some stream and lake...
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    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    I've been to New Zealand a couple of times and I need to go again around next November, their summer. I have never been fishing there and I want to go fishing a couple of times. Deep sea fishing is what I do but I might also look at some lake or stream fishing. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Safety strap for reel while bait fishing

    I have seen a couple of people using safety straps on their reels while fishing bait. I'm not sure if these are trolling safety straps that are just used for a different purpose. They are a long web strap that is around their shoulder and torso and then clipped to the reel. It seems like a good...
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    Going out tomorrow 7/15 on Royal Star

    First time on that boat and I've heard a ton of good stuff so I'm excited. I also hear the fish have been biting so I'm stoked. I know a couple of other guys here will be on that boat also. Who else is going?
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    What to know about the Royal Star

    I just signed up for a 4 day in July on the Royal Star. I've never fished the boat before but I have heard good things about her. I've fished most other boats down here but each operation has some quirks and differences. I got the last spot so sounds like I'm bunking with the cook in the...
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    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    I'm getting ready for a 10 day and have the stuff for chunk and the big baits. I'm figuring 12/0 for big baits like skipjack and 11/0 for chunk fishing. My question is about the rigging. I know with chunk you want to use a swivel. How about with the big baits? I was thinking about my spectra to...
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    Indy 15 day 1/11/2014

    I'm gearing up for the 15 day trip on the Indy leaving this Sat. morning. I'm taking a little less gear this time but still more than enough. Anyone have any ideas about how the wahoo fishing might be?
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    Suggestion for a 2 day trip

    I usually don't go on short trips any more so I don't know what boats are good. My friend wants to go but doesn't want to go over 2 days. So what would be a good boat out of H&M or Fisherman's Landing? I know the BG90 is not the Chief and it looks like it runs some short trips. I also remember...
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    Local Sea Bass on the Indy

    I know it's not exactly long range but its a long range boat. I'm going to do one of the trips out of San Pedro this year on the Indy for sea bass, hopefully. I've got a lot of long range gear but I've never done any sea bass trips. Just wondering what I should bring. I'm assuming its all in...
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    Advertising Realestate

    Where did all the advertisements come from?? All of a sudden I have only about half of the realestate I used to.
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    Indy 7 day 9/22

    Anyone else on the 7 day on the Indy leaving this Sat? I've been getting ready and trying to get over this cold. Fortunately it's busy at work so I'm not fussing too much, but I can't wait to get out there. As usual I haven't been looking at the weather. If it's bad news I don't care. If they...
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    Best trip for wahoo

    I know this question has been asked before and there have been a lot of answers. This time my question is -Would a 7 or 8 day trip in June be a good bet for wahoo? I've tried going in late fall (Oct. Nov.) but we've never found more than a few and I've never gotten one. I want to give myself the...
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    Places to shoot around San Diego

    Hey guys, I used to belong to the San Diego Shotgun Club out at Miramar but they closed for good a few months ago. I've started to look around for another trap/skeet range but there doesn't seem to be that many around. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to shoot around North...
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    1.5 day on the Shogun 7/31-8/2

    Maybe not long range but it was on a long range boat. We left 7/31 on a 1/5 day trip. Norm said we were going 100 - 120 miles down, and we ended up off of Colonet, I'm told. We fished from gray light to ~7:00PM. Never had a jig strike the whole day, and never saw a tuna. Our whole productive...
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    30-06 hunting conversion

    I have an old Springfield (I think) WWII era 30-06 which my father bought back in the early 60s from the Army Navy Surplus. His intentions were to make a hunting rifle out of it but never got around to it. I have it and it looks like he took off the top wood part and cut off part of the bottom...
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    Need some rigging needles

    Does anyone know of a good tackle store that sells the Da-ho rigging needles for spectra and top shot rigging? I need a 200# and some smaller ones if they make them (like 40#). I'm in the North County area, but I can go to San Diego. I haven't checked but maybe Ken's carries them??? Thanks, I...
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    Having trouble with nail knot connection

    I'm trying to switch my hollow spectra to flour connections from using crimps, to using an 8 turn nail knot like I've seen in some videos. I was trying some connections and I figured out how to get a pretty good nail knot but I've been having trouble getting it tightened up enough. I got two...
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    Trying to make a decision for end of this year

    I'm getting ready to book a 12 day trip for late this year and I'm just thinking out loud here. So if anyone has an opinion or information they want to offer I'm all ears. I'm really interested in catching another cow. I tried to get a couple of trips in early Jan. but they were already booked...
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    Best time for Wahoo trip?

    I'm getting ready to plan my long range trips for next year and I really want to try and get some wahoo. What time do you think would be best to maximize the chance of getting some wahoo. I was planning on a 7 or 8 day which would probably go to the Rocks, I guess. I was thinking early Summer...
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    Towing weight of a 24' Outrage

    I was curious of people that might have a 24' Boston Whaler Outrage, what you figure the towing weight is? What would you need to tow it? A big truck like the Chevy Silverado? In looking for a tow vehicle would you want to shoot for something that could tow 9-10,000 lbs or is that overkill...
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    Toyta Highlander as a tow vehicle

    I'm thinking about getting a new car and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Toyota Highlander as a tow vehicle. I have an old Ford Explorer with a V8 and it tows my brother's bass boat (20' nitro fiberglass) just fine. I was looking at the Toyota Highlander and the specs on the...
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    Any suggestions on a lake that has fish?

    I haven't been fresh water fishing in many years and a friend of mine is planning on going camping and asked me where was a good lake for fishing and camping. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to go that would be a good bet on catching fish? Thanks.
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    When to look for White Sea Bass?

    I hear it's spring when the white sea bass fishing is best at Catalina. I'm planning on going this year, and I was wondering what people thinks the best time to book would be. Also I hear its a limit of 1 per day. When does that go into effect? Isn't it usually 2 per day and the 1 per day is...
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    Recommed any white sea bas trips to Catalina?

    I'm looking to try and get on a white sea bass trip this spring to Catalina. I've always wanted to go but just couldn't work one into my schedule. Does anyone know of any really good outfits like out of San Pedro, or Long Beach or even Dana that do the white sea bass trips? I need to find one...
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    Question about getting sawed off.

    What is it that gets you sawed off? Is it just the fastest moving line wins? Someone told me that its the smallest diameter line that will cut you the quickest. I think he was talking mono on mono (kind of a pun there:picknose:). Others always say any spectra will cut through mono quickest...
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    No lobster cards??

    Just got my lifetime license renewal for 2010, and there is no lobster card, and no mention of it. There is a steelhead card and a salmon card (I think it was). I don't catch lobsters, but I was kind of surprised to see the lobster card thing stopping so soon after it started. Sounds like a real...
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    Where can I get Salt X

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about using Salt-X to clean off reels after fishing. I have seen their web site and see that you can order it from them but is it carried in any local stores? Where do you usually get it and is it better to buy the concentrated? Thanks.
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    Leaving early Day after Christmass on Indy

    I'm on the 12/26 trip on the Indy and I can't wait. Anyone else on that trip you should be aware that they want to try and leave EARLY. Judy put up on the web site that she is starting check in at 5:30 and wants to try and get everyone done ASAP so we can actually leave at 7:30. That's the...
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    Wahoo rigging questions

    Getting ready to go on my first 8 day and hoping for some wahoo. I've got most of the stuff for wahoo rigging but I have a few questions. I appreciate any enlightenment. I understand for bait you want to rig with 40 or 60lb stranded wire. I see those crimped. I assume you would use 40lb wire...
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    Shimano Evair Fishing Boots

    Does anyone know a store that sells the Shimano Fishing Boots? They are the short, gray, waterproof boots. I've seen some people using them and I wanted to try a pair on. I wouldn't buy them without trying them on but I don't know any stores that sell them. I live just south of Oceanside -...
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    5 day on the Indy 8/29

    I'm on a 5 day on the Indy coming up on the 29th. Can't wait so I'll ask a couple of questions in the mean time. I heard they have been catching/seeing some wahoo at the Lupe. Does any one know for sure how likely that is and have they been fishing for them like casting bombs? Or have they...
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    Long Range reports from 2003

    Not sure if this is the place to post it but I was trying to look up up old posts from 2003 for SD long range. It seems that the posts go back to 2004. Are there no posts from 2003? Is there any way to get to them? Thanks
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    New to canning tuna

    Got my All American 941 canner this year. Ran a real small batch of some left over frozen tuna just to see how it works. Put a jalapeno in a couple of jars but it wasn't spicy at all. So I got some albacore and this time I put in serannos. Put 2 in some of them, but I just tried one last night...
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    Where to get Canning Jars?

    I'm in Encinitas, about 20 miles north of San Diego and just south of Oceanside. Does anyone know where to get canning jars around here? I went to Smart and Final and bought their last 2 dozen of the wide mouth pint jars. Looked around several other stores and having been able to find any more...
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    Bone fish in SD bay

    Anyone caught any bone fish this year in the bay? We usually pick up a few from time to time, and sometimes have some real good days on them in the Dec. - Feb. timeframe, but I don't remember getting any for some time now. Anyone else see them from last winter to now?
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    Tuna Canning supplies?

    I was thinking about canning some tuna this year. I've seen some recipes and all the instructions on doing it. I was wondering where was the best place to buy a pressure cooker and if the gague kind is better than just the rocker. I live in North County so any good stores from Oceanside to San...
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    Newbi question about getting started

    My dad used to build all his rods but that was a long time ago, and he's been gone for a while. I was thinking about dabbling in rod building with my son, as a hobby. My question is what is the best way to get started without spending a lot or getting overwhelmed? My son is 12 but I would...
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    How do you get moist juicy albacore?

    I've cooked a lot of tuna and I mostly either smoke it with a wet smoker, pan sear it (for YFT and BFT), and grill it. Sometimes I use the BBQ but not a lot. With albacore it is usually pretty good (moist) hot after smoking, and when pan seared if its a little pink (translucent) in the middle...
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    Having trouble with a worm knot

    Couple of years ago Julio showed me how to tie a worm knot but I never really used it. I've heard a lot of discussion about using a bimini to worm knot connection for spectra/mono. So I figured I'd start using the worm knot instead of the Albright. I just went out and started tying worm knots...
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    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    I'm looking at a trailerable boat which looks like will be around 6,000lb or so. Looking at 24' Boston Whaler Outrage with 2 150s, or a 25' Boston Whaler Conquest with 2 150s. My Explorer is rated for 5,000 lb towing so I need a little bigger tow vehicle. I looked at the specs for the 4Runner...
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    Best time for Sand Bass around here?

    I want to take my son out fishing on a 1/2 day boat when I'm sure he'll catch some fish. When do the sand bass usually go nuts around here. I don't do much fishing in the flats or kelp beds. I've heard of people catching them out around the jetties but we haven't done all that well trying for...
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    Thinking about my next boat

    I've been thinking about getting another boat. My last boat was an old wooden 36' Chris Craft. I won't be making that mistake again, but it's been long enough that the memories of working my butt off every weekend have faded. I figure that I want a boat that I can trailor, and definitely not a...
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    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    Overnight leaving Mon. night fishing Tue. 7/17/07. Was going to go on the Cherokee Geisha based on what I heard from the owner on this board but they canceled their trip because of a light load. Condor had 16 signed on which is an extremely light load. Got loaded, we already had bait so we...
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    Advice on a Half-Day Boat

    I've done a fair amount of long range fishing for tuna and yellowtails but I've only been on one half day trip (Big Game 90). That was last year with my son. I want to try and get him into ocean fishing so I'm going to take him out a bunch of times this year. I was wondering if anyone had any...
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    SD South Bay on Sun. 3/18

    First time out this year. My brother, my son, and I went to the South Bay for some spotties Sun. We got in the water just after 7:00am. We had 100 fish before noon and ended up with 166 when we got out around 3:00pm. Had a blast. At times it was one right after the other. No pictures because I...
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    Red Rooster III 5 Day 8/10-8/15

    Just got back from the 5 day on the Red Rooster III. I saw Jeff's post but figured I'd just do this in a new thread. The trip was sponsored by Dave of He gave away a bunch of tackle and comemerative tee shirts. I believe he will also be posting pictures on his site but I...
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    5 Day on RP no pics

    Just got back yesterday morning from a 5 day on the Royal Polaris. Left 7/7 mid day and back in 7/12. Great boat, great crew, and great food. Not so great fishing but we did get some biters. Okuma sponsored the trip and gave us all backpacks with tee shirts, hats, and some tackle. They also...
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    South Bay 6/25

    Fished South Bay yesterday with my brother from ~6:00AM to ~2:30PM. Caught 189 fish including 2 bone fish and 1 corbina or corvina, I guess they are the same. Others were mostly spotties with a some small sand bass mixed in. Caught most on 2" gulp grubs; nuclear chicken, new penny, and molt...
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    1.5 day on Q105 In 6/19

    Just got back from a 1 1/2 day trip on the Qualifier 105. Left Sat. evening around 7:00 pm and got back this morning at 6:00 am. We did pretty good. There were about 30 people on board and we got 60 bluefin and 18 albies. All fish were in the 25 - 35lb range. The biggest bluefin was 38.1lbs and...