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    Hurrican Paul Update

    Thank you Chris for answering my question.
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    Hurrican Paul Update

    Hi Chris, Do you think Paul will have enough energy to push the worm water below San Quintine up the hill into 1.5 day range? Oh by the way..... best weather report i have ever seen for So. Cal. anglers!!! You are on my radar now!!!! Ron
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    23' Wellcraft Sportsman

    I just added the year and price. Sorry.... new at this.
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    23' Wellcraft Sportsman

    1986 Wellcraft walk around cutty Project Boat. Killer hull and trailer. Everything else is a redo. 150hp Yamaha two stroke is under powered. Needs all new wiring , steering, gauges, lights, ect... $3000<!--EndFragment-->
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    .......HAPPYNEW YEARS........

    Merry Christmas happy New Year from Ron,Ian,Jordan.
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    48.74,25.50,HALIBUT IN SQ.

    Hi Juan, Ron Tinney here. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I'm stoked you have taken your bounce-ball lesson and ran with it. I'm hoping to come down in August. Leave me some flatties please
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    Flattie Report 11/5 and a mystery ship....

    It was'nt head shakes...... it was all the booty falling out!
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    julio mesa and I in bola.

    Nice pics Juan. I'm still trying to get down there. Hi Marita. miss you and all in SQ Ron
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    Captian Juan Cook spanks the WSB again in San Quintin!!!

    your killing me.. way to go Jaun and Don Eddie Ron
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    Ed "Pacific Queen"

    Great.. The Pacific Queen is then going to start using ch. 72. go ahead and sink out your fish with the fleet.
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    Punta Chivato

    Nice underwater shot! Where you attacked by a giant squid or the pig flu? Ha.... just living the dream.
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    Oside Flattie Report 4/11

    Way to charge...Well played....Strong win!!
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    K&M Another NEW HONDA 225!

    awwwhhha... nothing better than new power. Erin and I hope to see you and family soon. Ron
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    wormy lincod

    cook'em up... no problem.
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    juan's favorite sanquintin picks.

    Wow!! Your tugging at my heart strings. I'd be there if I could Juan.
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    Jaun... you have erin wanting to go exploring back there now.
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    playing with my rocks in SQ.

    your very clever. Always worth logigng in for your posts Jaun. Ron and Erin
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    Reds,Reds,Reds y mas reds.

    Thanks Juan...Erin wants me to be taken down to 240ft and brought back up rapidly. Other then that.... nice art and nice catch.
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    cptn jaime&his buddy ted.

    excellent composition.... I so enjoy this, as well as your vermillion dorsalfin silhouettes. Keep the picture art coming and i will be your fan for ever. It's the next best thing to being at the place I love.
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    rockcodd and great weather,wow.

    Juan, I appreciate your artistic photos.... keep them coming Ron & Erin
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    K&M San Quintin,New Year Lings!

    cat.kelly its rons son ian where thinking about coming down and me and my cousin like to skate ? wheres the pool and can we skate in it
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    RV Camping in San Quintin

    Hi Marita, Erin and I send you and your family a happy new year. Tell Juan we said hello.
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    turkey and seviche

    hope you have a sharp knife to cut through the diaper.
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    Mikey, It warms my heart to hear you talking about the tenth annual. Not many people have a clue as to how much work it is to put on a fishing tournament. Team Boomzing had a blast for the 7th year in a row. Thank you and your wife for all the hard work.
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    the ATHIC pig

    Chris, Thanks for the kind words. We're serious but not that serious. When you fish against 50-60 boats you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. Thanks again to Mikey. Unless you have put on your own fishing tournament before, you have no idea how much work Mike and his wife just did so...
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    Oside NFIO Report 11/15-Pastrami Sammies

    rick... tell me you didnt eat the sock!
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    San Q. YFT Run

    Marita, Erin , the kids and I will be down next month for X-mas break. Ron
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    San Q. YFT Run

    Lock your doors and stay in your house pusshooter!!
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    there is still YFT in San Quintin

    erin and I are getting the itch... say hello to the gang.... we miss you guys. Ron
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    Shark report for 11-8 08

    Modern day "natural selection".
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    Juan Cook does it again with the ws in San Quintin

    marita, erin and I want you to know that you made our visits to SQ very special. You made us feel part of the community down there. Thanks for teaching us the SQ ropes and introducing us to all the great people that will be our friends for a lifetime. The Tinney family wishes yours the best...
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    San Quintin WSB and Captain Juan Cook

    you rock Marita!! Keep in touch with erin. I'll be in cabo for the bisbee. let's "hook= up" ron
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    O'side YFT (8/29/08) marlin? Good job Mingo. Ron
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    WSB at San Martin island.

    happy birthday juan...... nice way to spend the day with your son....hope to see you soon. ron
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    Wide Open Sand Bass

    that has my kids writen all over it... thanks for the heads-up!
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    Big Marlin at the 425 on 7/12

    Thanks for the release....but..... think of it this way. Ask your dad to go for a 2 hour jog and when he gets home...... hold your dad's head under water for one minute. That goes for any fish photo. Get them back in the water quick!!!
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    Cpt. Juan Cook is killin 'em in San Quintin

    "skins" are a necessity when you don't want your clothes to cause you to vomit when you get home.
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    ALBACORE in San Quintin

    Great!!!! We will see you tomarrow. Ron, Erin, Ian, and time!!
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    ALBACORE in San Quintin

    And... what's the diesel situation in town looking like?
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    ALBACORE in San Quintin

    Hi Marita, Ron and Erin here. How far off the point are the guys getting the tuna?
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    K&M Offshore, San Quintin Blufin! part II

    Hey Kelly, Ron and Erin here. We will be down with the kids on Monday. What is the closest to the point that you guys are getting into the tuna? I'm wanting to get my son Ian his first tuna but dont want to run too far.
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    Radio Control

    Why would anybody call out #s? I just don't get it. What I do get is that fish "sink out" with boat pressure!!! You finally find fish, maybe blind luck or maybe you did your homework the day before. Maybe you actually study the water while your out there and then you put out the #s? Say...
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    The Hunt for Halibut

    I would like to get the long hairs info for an audition for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.
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    NTIO????? Look again!!! 4.23.08

    nice job and nice to release her.
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    6th Annual Stop Drop & Reel Halibut Tournament

    The Carlsbad Firefighters Association is sponsoring its 6<sup>th</sup> annual Stop Drop and Reel Firefighter Charity Halibut Tournament on June 14th. Proceeds go to the UCSD Regional Burn Center to benefit its Brave Heart Kids Program. The tournament is open to everyone but each boat must...
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    Oside Flattie Report 2/16

    Jeez...Goose. your luck has already changed for the better. You with job = you cant catch fish... You without a job... you slay um. you're a bad influence. There are going to be a lot of wantabe fishermen unemployed.
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    Public Service Announcement-Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    how do you do it ...year in and year out!! that's a ton of work for no gain on your part. Your a good man!
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    San Quintin Report,K&M Offshore Sportfishing

    hey kelly.... ron and erin here. we never made it down. I was sick with the flu. gonna try to plan a trip for next month. time for you to get that ski.....Sand Bar!! ron
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    Happy New Year from K&M, San Quintin Baja

    Hi Kelly, Happy new year to you and yours. We will be coming down the 13th through the 16th. It loos like we have 3 storms stacked up from now till then. Hopefully we'll get a weather break by then. Make sure they keep a dry lane on the road for us coming into the bay. HAHA. See you then... Ron...
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    Western outdoor news

    Yo Jim, You have a seriously good friend there. Helping out a bro and almost lost by 7oz. You've got some serious cock-sucking to do. I thought the boys would have learned in Ensenada. I wouldn't have given those numbers to my mama. Tournament is tournament.
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    Fishin at lupe on the "Mar de Cortez"

    Yo Harry, You've got some sack. How much fuel did you burn? How much fishing time did you get? Helluva gamble. Tanner Bank and wish for the best or gamble like a son of a gun and go to Guadalupe. I bet the fuel bill is in favor of the "Rickdiculous", but way to think big. I would have never...
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    I got whoooooped !!!!

    Going at it solo is the true mans way. Talking to yourself....sinking the gaff with stumps for hands. Now thats fishing! Way to go Mikey! Hope to see you at the Stop Drop and Reel tourney. RT
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    Oside Tourney Report 4/14

    Hey Goose, Team BOOMZING ended up with five shorts and two legals for the tourney. 12.1 lbs and one around 10lbs. Leap-frogged Cardiff pipe with six other boats. Fish were close to structure so I kept the bounce ball gear in the rack and fish the tourney with bait. Jim was the hot stick...