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    WTB Curved Glass Windshield 99 Wellcraft

    Well my son put a rock through my passenger section windshield and they dont have these laying around I guess. My boat is a 99 24' Wellcraft Walkaround. If anyone knows of a salvage yard or has a neighbor with a similar wellcraft let me know
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    lobster hoopin 10-2

    Went last night and did some hoopin in 28 ft around exposed stucture using mackeral and sardines from the freezer. We had 5 legals by 745 and ended the night with 13 by 1130. Threw back at least a dozen clickers and had to move away from the crabs a few times. T-shirts and board shorts all...
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I went hooping wednesday night. It was a slow crawl but we brought home 6 legals in 30 ft of water using mackeral. Long story short I lost a buddy bearing and brought the boat to my new house. After cleaning it I noticed it wouldn't fit under the internet/cable wires and I would have to park...
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    I fished the back side from 3 a.m friday til 6p.m. no white sea bass for us. water was in the mid 60's at the v's and a little cooler at salta verde. Got home saw limits and planned to leave sun fishing through the night til monday. Same thing sun/ mon but with a lil nicer seas if that was...
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    riding gear

    125 obo/ will trade for saltwater rod or reel all gear used for 6 months 6 years ago and in good condition pants size 38 jersey xl gloves chest guard size adult knee and shin guards helmet and goggles boots size 10
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    Trim tab hydraulic tubing?

    Any one know of any shops that would carry this in stock? West Marine and my local shops want to special order it , but I want to get on the water and the old brittle line broke when I was washing the boat. Thanks
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    I hate it when....

    The dang things are so big you feel a lil guilty when eating em, just a lil... looked like about a 3 pounder to me New truck with a bug problem Happy native We got the smaller of the 3 big ones about an hour after dark then nothing til the magic tide change and a short move, then...
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    My wife gets a thresher

    We got a new to us boat and needed to see what worked and what didn't and thresher trolling seemed like the way do it. Bait tank looked good but small with a couple dozen mackeral swimming around. The Yamaha fourstroke is really nice 51 miles on 14 gallons of gas. It was really cool having all...
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    I'm going to get a furuno navnet 3d system and have everything figured out except which transducer and why. The boat is a 24' walkaround. Can anyone tell me how much better a 1 kw transducer is going to be than 600 w. through hull or transom? Can i use an in hull system? Any help would be...
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    99 wellcraft

    Thinking about purchasing a 99 24 walkaround. Anyone have any expierence with these hulls? Seems like a great layout with a cabin and hardtop. The engine is a 4 stroke and in great condition.
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    Offshore &-7-10/12 on the Jetti Jumper

    7-9 10 am BillhFish calls and says my buddy has room for 1 on a 25 footer... give me 10 minutes to get clearance from the old lady. Permission granted finished work came up with lame excuse for friday and off to the tackle store for fresh line. 7-10 6:15 am I meet Jim owner of the Jetti...
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    Coronados 6-12

    Slow trolled around for a few of the right kind using live and then dead sardines. Had lots of raked baits and few that left me wondering how i got the bait out of that things belly without catching a hook in it. I think we did okay for my first time at the island in my boat.