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    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    Hey Kil, this is Doal. I was getting real excited about my end of June trip but now with this craziness going on I'm not too sure. The only thing I'm worried about is getting on the plane in the lower 48 and stopping in Seattle. I know we got to come up with the balance of the money soon. What...
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    100lb+ fish?

    If you got the time and money now, I would go for the longer trip. I hate to say it but we all know there will be a day when we just can't go. Nothing lasts forever.
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    Excel 16 day leaves 12/28 limited load spot for sale

    Spot taken. I couldn't pass up that deal. Can't wait.
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    100lb+ fish?

    Good goal to have. However, you might as well set your goal for a 200# and gear up appropriately. You can catch one of the 100+ # bluefin that come in close to San Diego but its a long shot. The best bet as most have said is to take a long trip during the winter. As others said Nov. and Dec. are...
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    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    Thanks, it was a good trip this year. Do I just contact Icy Bay about the money?
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    Icy Bay Trips in 2020

    Kil please put me down for June 28 - July 4, also. When do we need to come up with money for the trips? Thanks Doal Miller
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    I used my driver's license. Ok thanks.
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Hey guys is there any reason to bring a passport up there?
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    All my reels are spooled with spectra and I use short top shots. Will that work or should I just use what they have there? Thanks for all the info. I'm real excited to get on this trip.
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    What reels do you bring? I have a Trinidad 16, Trinidad 30, Avet LX, a couple of Avet HX (wahoo), and some heavier stuff. Do you bring reels for salmon, halibut or both?
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Yes I am Miller. PM me if you have questions. I emailed you earlier
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    I believe I just got the last spot on the 6/30 trip. I just sent in my deposit.
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    Icy Bay Lodge trip i 2019

    Can you tell me about the spot that is open. How much is it, how may days fishing, do you bring your own gear, what is the flight like from Yakutat to the lodge? Do you do a lot of fly fishing or not? It looks like you still have one spot left, right? Thanks
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    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    Thanks guys. I got almost a year to sort this all out. Maybe I'll look into some stream fishing also. Thanks
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    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    Thanks for your reply. I will be coming the end of Nov - first of Dec. because my daughter is graduating then from Massey. If Auckland is a good place to fish I can spend of few days there fishing before I go down to see here in Palmy North. I'm not that enamored with Marlin but I would like to...
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    Where to fish in New Zealand?

    I've been to New Zealand a couple of times and I need to go again around next November, their summer. I have never been fishing there and I want to go fishing a couple of times. I do long range fishing here and want to do ocean fishing down there, but also might look into some stream and lake...
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    Info on Fishing New Zealand

    I've been to New Zealand a couple of times and I need to go again around next November, their summer. I have never been fishing there and I want to go fishing a couple of times. Deep sea fishing is what I do but I might also look at some lake or stream fishing. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Safety strap for reel while bait fishing

    Thanks, I'll try the Izor one. that's probably what I've seen before.
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    Safety strap for reel while bait fishing

    I have seen a couple of people using safety straps on their reels while fishing bait. I'm not sure if these are trolling safety straps that are just used for a different purpose. They are a long web strap that is around their shoulder and torso and then clipped to the reel. It seems like a good...
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    75 lb Yellowtail

    Now that's a cow, I mean toad.
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    5 day new years special

    If you read what is on their schedule about the trip it says "A very fun 5 day trip between the holidays, fishing for Yellowtail, White Seabass, Calico Bass and rockfish. On some past New Year’s trips, we have also caught Yellowfin tuna." So I think what backlashjack says is right on. No point...
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    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    What's this about Santa??? Did something happen to him?
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    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    When I was on my first cow trip, I think they hadn't really gotten the taping thing very exact. For years they seem to be very exact with it. On my trip I got the impression that the skipper was deliberately understating the weight on the taping. He said my fish was 192. I was still happy as...
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    Going out tomorrow 7/15 on Royal Star

    First time on that boat and I've heard a ton of good stuff so I'm excited. I also hear the fish have been biting so I'm stoked. I know a couple of other guys here will be on that boat also. Who else is going?
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    What to know about the Royal Star

    Thanks guys. I've been in the bow on the Indy and it wasn't much different so it is what it is. Looking forward to seeing their operation in action. I've heard quite a bit about them.
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    What to know about the Royal Star

    It is the trip on 7/15 but I'm bunking with the cook. I'll still see you there.
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    First long range trip - Royal Star 4 day

    The best way to do this is to hand that crew member your rod and hook and ask them to cast it out for you. You'll be surprised how many times they get hooked up immediately.
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    Has anyone had this sort of problem room mate on a trip ?

    I read this the first time. I'm sure not going to read it again. It's like going to a horror movie. Its just too scary.
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    What to know about the Royal Star

    I just signed up for a 4 day in July on the Royal Star. I've never fished the boat before but I have heard good things about her. I've fished most other boats down here but each operation has some quirks and differences. I got the last spot so sounds like I'm bunking with the cook in the...
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    2016, picking a trip/boat

    I think there is a real advantage to sticking with a boat that you like. You get to know the crew and captain and they get to know you. When I started I tried to fish as many boats as I could, and that was very enlightening and fun. Then when I cut down the number of trips I could take I...
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    Long range fishing out of San Diego for a relative newbie

    Don't over think it. Like everyone else; talk to the boat to reserve loaner gear, ask them what to buy, can buy most tackle on board. The boat is all geared towards fishing bait so if you want to fish iron you might want to ask for an extra rig for that. If it were me I would opt for an offshore...
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    Rigging for Chunk and Big Baits

    I'm getting ready for a 10 day and have the stuff for chunk and the big baits. I'm figuring 12/0 for big baits like skipjack and 11/0 for chunk fishing. My question is about the rigging. I know with chunk you want to use a swivel. How about with the big baits? I was thinking about my spectra to...
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    Small fish...

    Obviously the first thing to do is talk to the crew and let them know your wish about letting smaller fish go because they may gaff them quicker than you can speak in the head of the action. If you do end up killing a fish smaller than you like you can always give it to the boat. Might take a...
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    Help.... Getting a weather report for Clarion Island - Hurricane Bank

    What I always do is just pretty much ignore the weather reports. My philosophy is, if the boat is going, I'm going, so I just don't worry about it until I get on the boat. And then it's too late. I mean, you can't change it, and you probably aren't going to decide, NOT to go, so try not to...
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    Favorite Long Range boats for 8-10 days or longer.

    I've pretty much fished all of the boats and certainly all of the top boats, just to try them out. They are all very similar and yet have their own way of doing things. I like the Indy's way of doing things best. It just suits me and I've become comfortable with them. I think there is also...
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    Shogun 8-day openings June 13-21, 2015 trip

    Cool. I've always liked the boat and fished it back with Norm and Bruce, but I thought I saw it tied up for a while maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I'm really glad to hear they are out fishing because I always thought this was one of the best fishing boats with the really wide beam for it's length. I...
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    Shogun 8-day openings June 13-21, 2015 trip

    I've been a little out of touch, but when the the Shogun get back in the mix? Looks like a whole new crew.
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    FS: Browning Citori 12 ga

    What are the chokes? both the same or different? Modified, Skeet, ??? Can it shoot steel?
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    Indy 15 day 1/11/2014

    I'm gearing up for the 15 day trip on the Indy leaving this Sat. morning. I'm taking a little less gear this time but still more than enough. Anyone have any ideas about how the wahoo fishing might be?
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    Looking Forward to our first LR Trip on the Excel

    None of us fish here. We surf the net to drum up business for the sportfishing industry. :-)
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    I do mean the stateroom in the bow of the boat. It has 2 bunks, one on each side of the boat. If it is really rough you will feel the heaving. I have been in there for 2 trips and it wasn't that bad. I think it had less storage than the other staterooms, though. I have heard and used the term...
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    Intrepid is well

    Did they loose any gear? I mean rods, tackle? I remember when the Shogun had a hard ride and one way pretty much washed 1/2 the gear off the boat. Oh and all the gear had been moved to the upper deck.
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    BTW, I have heard that the Royal Star has some of the best stateroom bunks, length-wise. I have never been on her but would like to some day. Its a little smaller boat, around 90 ft. Like all boats it has it's own following. If you feel bunks are short you might want to check it out. If not now...
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    Note that there is a big difference between fish that have been "professionally" packaged and those packaged with less that quality equipment. I will say that I have also had packages from all the processors that were not sealed correctly and therefore, air got into them. I usually just throw...
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    Bluefin Tuna recipes?

    In my opinion bluefin is best done rare or at least medium rare like a steak. You can cook it in other ways but I think yellowfin is better if you want to cook it more. Of course fresh bluefin is great sashimi also. So I tend to use other fish for the more involved recipes and bluefin I keep it...
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    Suggestion for a 2 day trip

    Yea, I'm curious what the reason is??
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    Suggestion for a 2 day trip

    I usually don't go on short trips any more so I don't know what boats are good. My friend wants to go but doesn't want to go over 2 days. So what would be a good boat out of H&M or Fisherman's Landing? I know the BG90 is not the Chief and it looks like it runs some short trips. I also remember...
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    Which Boat to Charter SD Late July early Aug 2.5day

    Looks like Apollo is open 7/24 and 25. They say they will take 24, but I think that would be pretty crowded for that boat. How many strippers are you bringing? I'd check them out. They are probalby a bit more than some but it is a very nice boat.
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    Which Boat to Charter SD Late July early Aug 2.5day

    Could see if the Apollo is open but I doubt it. It is a really nice boat and I think it can take 12. If you need more people for your trip let me know.
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    LR totals

    If you need loaner gear I would check with the boat and find one that only charges you to put on a top shot. I'm pretty sure the Indy does this, and probably the RRIII, and probably more of the other boats. That will save you a little. If you only have 2 or 3 rigs, and maybe don't have some...
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    To fish or not to fish?

    Yea I hear about that all the time from the boat office. In all the time I've gone on trips we only were in the position to leave early once (early by 2 or 3 hours). Of course 1 guy wasn't there until the posted departure time. I get there early for the reasons others have stated and mostly...
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    Local Sea Bass on the Indy

    So what kind of jigs? Southpaw said "glow in the dark jigs single hook, painted led heads". Any particular size or brand?
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    LR luggage or Duffle bag

    The soft luggage like duffles are easy to squash up and get out of the way. It is also good to bring clothes you are ready to throw away. Use them, then throw them away and you'll have less to bring back. After all you want to spend most of your space on tackle and booze. Don't leave any tackle...
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    Local Sea Bass on the Indy

    So do you jig for them like yellowtail or just put a jig down there with some squid on it and jig it up and down like for rock fish? Do they go after fast moving jigs?
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    Does Hook Color Matter for Tuna ?

    Well there you have it! A lot of good information to digest.
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    Local Sea Bass on the Indy

    I know it's not exactly long range but its a long range boat. I'm going to do one of the trips out of San Pedro this year on the Indy for sea bass, hopefully. I've got a lot of long range gear but I've never done any sea bass trips. Just wondering what I should bring. I'm assuming its all in...
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    Considering APOLLO

    I haven't read the whole thread but in case someone hasn't told you, to get on the Apollo get hold of them some how and get on their email list. Its all charters but what will happen from time to time is a charter will come up short some people, and they are look for extras to come on. I've...
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    Excel to Clipperton

    Their web site doesn't have cost for that trip. What is the cost of the trip?
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    I agree 100%. I have never seen any reason for anyone other than me to have a folding chair. If everyone was leave them at home it would be a lot easier.
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    For one thing go on nicer boats. I think it is just easier on you and the crews are better. Like everyone says pace yourself and make sure you don't do anything stupid like falling down stairs. People do that. Sometimes it has to do with alcohol consumption but a lot of time it is just not...
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    First Time LR in October.

    I don't know how good of deals you actually get at the Fred Hall show. I would price it around and look at on-line stores. What you will want is a couple of heavier rigs if you get into big fish. The boat should be able to supply that. I would say like an 80# and 100# outfit, or even a 100# and...
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    Indy is on Fuego!

    81 tuna at that size is around 1,600#. cool can't wait for next Jan. damn that's a long ways off.
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    Dos and Don'ts PART TWO

    I was on the Rooster once and smelled smoke down below after we went to bed the first night. I knew it was coming from one of the staterooms so I went up to the wheel house and let them know. By the time I was back down, Andy was on the horn telling everyone the rules and that was the end of the...
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    Hello questions from a newbie

    Several of the boats offer free loaners. The others will charge you a little for them. All will charge you for the line. Being a newbe it is best to take advantage of the loaner gear, because buying it is going to be real expensive. Like they said all of the LR boat are good and different. Manny...
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    New to SoCal

    Lot of rock fish and ling cods to catch here. Summertime you can get more variety like yellowtail white sea bass, and tuna.
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    Bone Fish???

    Yes as all have said they are there and fun to catch. You just have to run across them. They are small compared to the ones you would find in Florida so we use smaller gear. We fish for spotties and them with 6lb line and small 2 or 3" gulp shrimp. They have small mouths anyway so I think the...
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    Eating it Raw?

    My understanding is as long as you get the fish down to around 28 - 30 degrees F for 12 hours or so any parasites are killed. The RSW keeps it at that temp without freezing them. When someone gives fish to the boat you will usually see it the next day or so. They let it sit in the RSW overnight...
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    Advertising Realestate

    Where did all the advertisements come from?? All of a sudden I have only about half of the realestate I used to.
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    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    I just had a great idea!! I think they should try to get our business and support through a price war!! Sometimes I really amaze myself.
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    PETA wants sign to memorialize fish killed in crash

    "Sparing them from being tossed from a speeding truck and slowly dying from injuries and suffocation seems the least that we can do," Really? The "least" we can do? No, I think we can do more least than that.
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    To many Haters...

    Hey, I didn't get to read this whole thread. Whatever happened to the guy that started it?
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    Do you use the Palomar Knot?

    I used to use the palomar exclusively. I learned the San Diego and then switched to using it for everything. Then I was on a 12 day and the guys taught me the Joe Miller. I had some trouble with the Joe Miller and especially with 100 and 120#. So I used the palomar instead a few times with the...
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    roll call anyone on Apollo 5 day leaving sat

    Is this the trip that they said was going to go to the Lupe?
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    Trips are good if I get home.

    I heard a couple of stories, not as bad as the ones above but interesting to hear... We were complaining about not getting as much fish as we would like and one guy piped up and said, "I once got off a 10 day trip with one sheephead, and that was it." Wow, I mean he didn't get hurt but that's...
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    heavy drag for a deckhand style rod

    You might want to talk to Ken of Ken's Custom Reels in Ocnsd about this. He was telling me that most (all??) of his rods are deckhand style. He was talking about catching cows on those so he could talk to you about how far you can push time. I told him I was using cork puppies on my 2 deckhand...
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    3 day on "finaddic"

    I have found it is always best to go fishing regardless of what the moon is. If you aren't out there your can't catch anything. I'm sure some moon phases might be better for this and that but the only guarantee is, if you don't go you, won't catch anything.
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    The reason why they are catching more and bigger BFT now is because they are much easier to find. Those fish are glowing in the dark and under low light. They are also using geiger counters to find them in the day.
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    maybe i'm paranoid?

    Yep you're paranoid.
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    Good time to go. We'll see you out there. Good luck.
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    Indy 7 day 9/22

    I always bring plenty of rods. I mean if you have them, you don't want to miss them while you are out there. I can't wait. Just one more day and a wake up.
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    Indy 7 day 9/22

    Anyone else on the 7 day on the Indy leaving this Sat? I've been getting ready and trying to get over this cold. Fortunately it's busy at work so I'm not fussing too much, but I can't wait to get out there. As usual I haven't been looking at the weather. If it's bad news I don't care. If they...
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    Spectra mono fluro vs spectra fluro

    A lot of it is just personal preference. The mono gives you more stretch, and makes a difference with bigger fish. However, a lot of people have gone to short top shots for everything. Now all of my topshots are 5'-25'. Given that I usually use flour and no mono. One philosophy is you don't...
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    Green vs white spectra offshore. . .

    Deck hands don't like green spectra because it is so hard to see, especially in grey light and dusk. I know because they always seem grumpy when saying "hey, who's got the green spectra?" when they are untangling me from everyone else.
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    fish cleaning after trip...

    I once took home 2 or 3 big fish from one trip because I wanted to do them my way. I had all the others processed. These were like 60-70# fish. Well turns out it was a Tues. and the garbage truck comes on Tues. morning so I had a full week to ferment the fish in the can. I tried to get them in a...
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    fish roe (eggs)

    Just a thought, if you ave stranded on the ocean with others and you run out of water, and one of your companions dies, the eyes are mostly water. I'm not kidding. That sort of thing could save your life.
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    Sometimes, things just work out.....

    Right now the CIA is working to manufacture US flags that release nerve gas when burned... news at 11:00
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    Where to buy thumb condom for spectra

    The thumbdinger is good for lipping bass, also. Anything from largemouth to calicos. You don't really need it for largemouths unless you are catching a lot at one time but it can help when you have soft hands.
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    fish cleaning after trip...

    I can't believe I'm posting on a thread that is 3 years old, but.. YES the DFG will cite you for violating Mexican laws. If you don't believe some guy on the internet just call them up. I've seen them at the dock checking catches and they know where the fish comes from. I have also had people...
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    Mario's nvvvv

    BTW, I think all that processing is way too expensive, did I mention that?
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    How many rods?

    I bring more rods than I really need but the up side is, I have never wished I had a rod that was back in my garage, so I think my approach is working. So let me tell you what I heard. You got there late. An hour later and you would have probably been holding the boat up from leaving. There was...
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    How many rods?

    This is definitely a problem. You should only troll with 80# and up.
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    Mario's nvvvv

    By the Rodney guy I think you mean Mike. I don't think he has been around for years. I did have him do my fish a couple of times but it was kind of stressful... I'll go to Mario's or 5 Star.
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    Tackle for 11 day

    That's very good advice, but if you read their list of recommended tackle and buy it all you will have a lot of stuff, that you won't be using.
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    Mario's nvvvv

    Its funny, like I said I've used Mario's and Five Star and I have had a few packages loose their seal from both places. If it were 1/2 of my order I would be pissed and say something and probably not go back. But like I said, it's happened with both of them. I do think they are all way too...
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    Tackle for 11 day

    For sabikas see what they say on the web site and get a couple. I don't use rings but some do. I do like to get the circle hooks with rings on them, but they are more expensive, so I end up with some of both and depending on how hard the fishing is, I use the rings or not.
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    Tackle for 11 day

    I hate to say it but you may not know what hooks you are going to use the most until you actually get on the boat and get the seminar. However, talking to the captains is the best thing to do. Hopefully they will give you a well informed list. If you read the recommendations (laundry list) on...
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    Mario's nvvvv

    I'm also a Mario's customer mostly. I have used 5 Star and they are good also. I don't really see any difference between the 2. For me, once I find a good operation I tend to stick with it.
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    Aporkalypse Now

    Well thank God they weren't using dogs!
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    Kite/Chunk question

    I don't have much experience with chunking but I have caught a big fish on it, and lost one other big one, so I have been bit. I just use my big rig which is a Tiagra 50W with 130 spectra and 20-25' flour top shot. I wouldn't stop it at 100'. When I chunked (only on one trip) I let it out there...
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    LR Trip Insurance

    This has nothing to do with insurance but, FYI, I had to cancel a trip once. The day before, I was packed and ready to go, and my wife's father died suddenly. She had to go to Japan and I had to stay home with the kids. I had to call up and tell them that morning that I couldn't go on the 10...
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    hook sizes?

    I wouldn't know, but as with most on this board that won't stop me from giving some sort of an answer. Hook size depends on the size of the fish (mouth) you are trying to hook and the size of the bait you are using. And the latter is the most important. If you are using a big bait you want to...
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    hook sizes?

    You also have to realize that different brands have slightly different sizes. Like a 5/0 in a owner gorilla hook will not be the same size as a 5/0 gamagaksu. They will be close but they are different.
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    Nighttime Poppers?

    With the fishing that I have done out of San Diego, I was under the impression that tuna didn't really bite at night. When we would be in a bite (albacore or yellowfin) and the sun goes down the bite pretty much ends and we give it up. And all the night fishing I've done and seen done is on the...
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    "Why am I not getting bit" What NOT to do.

    The spray on sunscreen is a very good idea also in case a big fat harry guy comes up and wants you to rub sunscreen on exposed parts of his body. It is the neighbourly thing to do. If you have the spray on you can just use that. Or maybe a can of WD40, just tell him its sunscreen...
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    "Why am I not getting bit" What NOT to do.

    The guy may have been new to the game. This is where you might have to enlighten someone that doesn't understand how it works. If you can't talk to him then get a deckhand or the skipper to explain it to him. Some people are so new to this kind of fishing they just don't know what to do.
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    Fishing options from 8 day to 10 day

    Unless you are not quite sure about being on a boat for a long time I would definitely go for more days. If you are trying to see how you will feel about a long trip then an 8 day might be better for you. You will have a better opportunity to catch big fish by going on the 10 day because you...
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    Reel question

    What does the "a" designation mean? I have a Trinny 30 that I use for jigging and will do fine for 30 or 40#. Also an Avet LMX although I think I like the Trinidad better for the jig stick. Its easier to cast since I haven't magged my Avet.
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    I would suggest talking to the captains when you book your trip. Of course they will all tell you that they don't know what they will do until the time comes but making your desires known, and asking for their recommendation on which trip will help. Be prepared that they will probably recommend...
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    Shore/Pier Shark Fishing

    I think I remember hearing that you could catch shovelnosed sharks from the Coronado landing. That is some people said they have caught them there. I'm not sure where you can fish and if they are talking about the ferry landing or some other place.
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    Tip for canning your tuna

    Yes the YFT cans well but I think albacore is the best for canning. I think its texture is just a little better for canning, but there isn't much difference. I also like canned yellowtail. It just doesn't come in as big of chunks.
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    Tip for canning your tuna

    You know I have put jalapenos, cerannos, and other pepers in the jars and I've never gotten much spiciness in my canned fish. I think the next time I'm going to use a couple of jabeneros. I just can't seem to get it hot.
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    Damn Seals

    Maybe we should find a place around San Diego where we can let the seals hang out close to people. That way we can find out if people can get it from seals.
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    Grenade fishing gone wrong.

    I don't think it was a shrapnel grenade. It was probably a concussion grenade. Different grenades have different fuses. A smoke grenade has a fuse that goes off immediately where a shrapnel or concussion grenade has a fuse that is delayed by 3 seconds or so. However, I don't think the fuse for a...
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    Questions about 8 day tackle setup

    Wait a minute, fishing the dropper loop for yellows isn't that easy. Once you get bit you have to get on them right away and get them away from the bottom or you'll get rocked. Once you do that then you can put it in low gear and relax. Spectra to short flour top shots (3-4') is what I use for...
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    Rail Technique vs Belt

    Martha, that was her name.
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    Rail Technique vs Belt

    The first cow trip I was on I only got one cow and tried everything. Under both arms (not at the same time), sitting on it, on my knees, etc... I was wondering how I would survive that again. It was hard. Then I went on a trip and was able to catch many ( 7 or 8) 100 - 230# fish. I learned a lot...
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    Rail Technique vs Belt

    Yea I forget her name. She was the friend of the guy who is standing by the rod. I think she was from Florida and she was one hell of a fisherperson. Needless to say she caught many fish that weighed more than her. That looks like the day after Thanksgiving trip on the Indy last year. (12...
  118. E


    To get those emails you have to get on the Apollo's email list, so you call them up to do that. They have openings pop up now and then to fill spots in charters. That's all they do is charters. I've never been on that boat but it really looks great like a true long range boat; top of the line...
  119. E

    2 Open Spots on the INDY 11.25 Day 11/10/12

    This is such a good time to go down there. I did the trip after Thanksgiving last year and we just killed them. Which I could go this year, but... Have fun.
  120. E

    7 Day on Indy Trip Openings.

    What? A fishing trip for the dove opener? Can we bring shotguns?
  121. E

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    Regular freezers and refrigerators are "frost free". That means that the machine cools it down and then defrosts it to keep the frost down. This means that it doesn't get as cold?? or maybe not as (constantly/throughly) cold. Don't know all the technical specs... I also have a chest freezer...
  122. E

    yellowtail advice for a new jack

    Yea that's the ticket. Easier said than done but DON'T SET THE HOOK, just REEL, REEL, REEL!!! That's what you want to do. If they are small yellows you can use 30# but if they are bigger or around rocks, its at least 40#. I have seen people use flour on jigs. I don't know if they were doing it...
  123. E

    Advise a 2-day tuna first-timer

    For a 2 day you will be fishing off shore and kelp patties. A small leather type belt is OK if you want it. I would take 25# and up. 15# is really too light. I would not go spectra to terminal tackle. Always put in about 3' of flour or mono. The boat has trolling gear for you to use so don't...
  124. E

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    Naw I wasn't being serious. I'm at work so I have to entertain myself...
  125. E

    your best guesstimate re: fuel surcharges

    what's a fuel surcharge? I didn't know we had to pay extra for fuel. What if I offered to row? They should get sails on those things. What's a surcharge anyway?
  126. E

    Independence Dec. 26th trip

    That's my favorite boat, and I've been on that trip before. Like everyone said you are going to go for big fish. I think that is also one of the best times to go for big fish. I hope to do that trip again sometime. If you don't have the big gear they will loan it to you, but you need to talk to...
  127. E


    Oh no, we're back on topic. I think this deserves a sticky!
  128. E

    5 days setup question?????????

    If the boat is going to the Lupe then I would definitely try to borrow an #80 for dropper loop. You should ask ahead of time to see. They should know beforehand because of the hassle involved. If not the Lupe then you might just go Cedros or Benitos where the dropper loop rig could also come in...
  129. E


    WOW! I think everyone is stressing a bit too much. I thought his question a little funny but not rude. What immediately came to my mind is the fact that Judy always tells us to get there at 7:00 to sign in. "I'll be there at 7:00 to sign you in!" OK Judy. "Because we might leave early!" OK Fact...
  130. E

    Best trip for wahoo

    Ah?? if a Spring trip means no wahoo and YFT is iffy, what would you catch? I can't see people going on those trips (all the way to Alijos and the Ridge) for just yellowtail and rockfish. At least I wouldn't.
  131. E

    Best trip for wahoo

    Thanks for the info. I looked at the schedules and there aren't that many long Spring trips. Most of the boats seem to only be doing 7 and 8 days in Spring. I can't really take the time this year anyway to go long so maybe I'll just do an 8 day in Spring and give it a shot. I'll ask one more...
  132. E

    Best trip for wahoo

    I know this question has been asked before and there have been a lot of answers. This time my question is -Would a 7 or 8 day trip in June be a good bet for wahoo? I've tried going in late fall (Oct. Nov.) but we've never found more than a few and I've never gotten one. I want to give myself the...
  133. E

    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    When fishing is tough you need every bit of knowledge you can get, and need to be fishing 100% of the time. However, sometimes it just isn't that hard. One of the reasons you fish on longer and longer trips is it gives you more time to find the fish, and when you do, all you have to do is show...
  134. E


    I personally don't have a problem with the chairs. I've been bringing mine for a while, and when I'm not using it sometimes others do. I find it very easy to maneuver around them. My point was just that now there are so many I think you can use one without having to bring it, and in the OP's...
  135. E


    It seems every year and every trip the number of deck chairs brought aboard grow and grow. My last trip (12 day) there must have been 10 or more deck chairs piled in the corner. I don't think more than 4 or 5 were ever unpacked. You just can't put that many chairs on the deck. I would venture...
  136. E

    Got the Idea to Possibly Host a Trip

    I was assuming the trip was complementary like all those dinners I get invited to. And count me in for an 8 dayer.
  137. E

    Bluefin tuna parasotes

    As the others said you need to chill for 24 hours. If it was put in the RSW for a day you are fine. You don't have to freeze it. All of these fish can carry parasites so you do want to make sure they get chilled/frozen for a day.
  138. E

    Save the seafood?

    Now I'm seeing a real business opportunity here. Take a few of these people out on a fishing boat and they will pay you to catch and release. Or at least they'll pay you to do the release part. We could do a blue perch, opal eye, calico bass type trip.
  139. E

    Documentary - Sushi to the Slaughter

    I went to a "tuna dismanteling" demonstration at a Japanese market a few weeks ago. They brought out a couple 30-40# bluefin that has been gilled and gutted. It had been flown in from Japan. They said it had be raised from the start, in Hokkaido, I think. It had not been frozen. They were saying...
  140. E

    Limiting out yellowtail

    Note that limits can be enforced on long range boats. By that I mean when you get back and have your fish on the dock you can be visited by the fish and game. I've seen it happen. After an 8 day we were on they came by and started counting fish. By that time most of the people had already gone...
  141. E

    Mythbusters: Seasick Remedies

    I have also found that to be true. If I haven't been out in a long time I will feel quezzy if it is rough. After a day or two I don't notice much of anything. However, the galley smells, and being in a close space or doing close work will get to me sometimes. I have used ginger and I guess it...
  142. E

    Is it an off year for yellow fin?

    Just got in 10/9 off an 8 day on the Indy. We too went straight to Uncle Sam Bank for fair yellow tail fishing and a few small tuna. We went down to the ridge for WO yellow tail fishing and some dorado. We were planning on going down to Mag bay but 2 boats there already drove around a whole day...
  143. E

    Care of fish on the boat

    Yea the fish were smaller so that's probably why.
  144. E

    Care of fish on the boat

    The trip was a couple of years ago. It was the 4th of July day and 1/2 so maybe the deck hands weren't the regulars but the captain was one of the passengers and Jesus was the skipper. It's not a big deal, I was just surprised by your info. BTW, a lot of the boats spike the fish. that's just to...
  145. E

    Care of fish on the boat

    That's funny. The one time I was on the Intrepid they didn't gill and gut our fish.
  146. E

    Care of fish on the boat

    Different boats have different procedures. If they use RSW and most do then it will all be very good. However, as someone said it depends on the length of the trip. I think the rule of thumb is you want to freeze them if it's going to be over 7 or so days. I think there are 2 boats that go to...
  147. E

    It's almost time!

    I'm going on an 8 day on the Indy starting 10/1. I've had the shakes for so long, but the dove opener took my mind off of it. I'm just starting to get my head back into fishing.
  148. E

    Light line choices?

    Yes that can be the case but its a funny thing. When you are fishing and not many people are catching, and you don't know why you start changing things up. One of the things is going to lighter line. Does it matter or were they not biting for some other reason. Then if you get bit on lighter...
  149. E

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    I wouldn't say it is difficult but you can make a mistake. I think the biggest mistake is to not take enough turns when you are dealing with smaller lines. It might be obvious but you have to make more turns. I found the same thing is true about tying a bimini. If you are using smaller spectra...
  150. E

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    I just reread your post and you said 40# and up. I would actually use the worm knot on 40# and lower. For over 40# I really like to splice the flour into hollow spectra and then crimp or server. But sounds like you don't want to do that any more.
  151. E

    Tying Floro to Solid Spectra

    If you are going to have hollow spectra and then bend your flour straight to it I would use a bimini in the spectra and tie a worm knot to it with the flour. However, with this connection I use a short top shot. The point is not to have the knot come into your guide so we are talking 4 or 5...
  152. E

    Securing FC Threaded Into Hollow Core

    I have crimped but just started to serve and will see how well that works. So far no real experience with it under stress but I'll have a couple of chances this year. I don't think I would just trust glue. I have also tried the nail knots using the nub, and that seems pretty cool but haven't...
  153. E

    Places to shoot around San Diego

    Wow, that Pala range is long! I might try it out one of these days. Thanks
  154. E

    Places to shoot around San Diego

    Thanks for the replies. Project 2K did look pretty nice but looks like it only has trap and wobble trap, I think. I didn't see any skeet. I would really like to find a skeet range around. I'll probably try and contact juststan. South Bay Rod & Gun Club does look like a long drive but also looks...
  155. E

    Places to shoot around San Diego

    Hey guys, I used to belong to the San Diego Shotgun Club out at Miramar but they closed for good a few months ago. I've started to look around for another trap/skeet range but there doesn't seem to be that many around. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to shoot around North...
  156. E

    1.5 day on the Shogun 7/31-8/2

    Maybe not long range but it was on a long range boat. We left 7/31 on a 1/5 day trip. Norm said we were going 100 - 120 miles down, and we ended up off of Colonet, I'm told. We fished from gray light to ~7:00PM. Never had a jig strike the whole day, and never saw a tuna. Our whole productive...
  157. E

    30-06 hunting conversion

    Thanks for the offer. I'd take you up on it but now I'm too scared to trans port it and I wouldn't want to put you in all that danger :-).
  158. E

    30-06 hunting conversion

    Its a bolt action. Thanks for the replies.
  159. E

    30-06 hunting conversion

    When you say "do you want to do it?" Is there a good reason not to? Like it costs the same as just buying a new rifle? The barrel to me looks OK but I haven't taken it to anyone to look over. To answer your question about a "garand", I'm not that sure of anything. I can't find it saying...
  160. E

    Passports now MANDATORY!

    Conspiracy theories abound. How about this one. This is a ploy on the Mexican government's part to make sure none of those illegal aliens here (which can't get a passport) can sneak on to a sport fishing boat and fish their waters. Man they're tricky. They are punishing their own people for...
  161. E

    30-06 hunting conversion

    I have an old Springfield (I think) WWII era 30-06 which my father bought back in the early 60s from the Army Navy Surplus. His intentions were to make a hunting rifle out of it but never got around to it. I have it and it looks like he took off the top wood part and cut off part of the bottom...
  162. E

    need alittle SD bay help

    Yes gulp is the best for the spoties. We use the 2 and 3" shrimp on 6# test line (flourcarbon) with various lead heads; 3/8 oz to 1/4 oz. I know it is light and we catch a lot of small ones but that's the point. Catch a lot of fish rather than fewer big fish. We do catch some big fish also...
  163. E

    Jigging/Popping opportunities on the Excel

    I agree. I think there is a huge potential to advertise, sell some gear, and bring some business to this coast in the fishing industry. I'll be keeping my eyes open.
  164. E

    Jigging/Popping opportunities on the Excel

    I would like to throw this out to you. I'm one of the guys that has been fishing for a long time and never caught an offshore fish on a spinning reel. With the new equipment that has come out in the last few years I would love to try it. The issue is $$. I've (as most) have spent many...
  165. E

    kite for Calif Bluefin?

    One year I went on one of the Q105's day and a half trips, so it was pretty short. I don't remember what month it was but the yellowfin were around. We were catching 25 - 40# yellowfin. To my surprise they put out the kite. I had only seen the kite used for large tuna on the longer trips down...
  166. E

    Giant Bowling Pin Structure in Mission Bay

    That actually sounds like a great place for a bar if it wasn't for all the crazies in Mission Bay. Can you imagine it? And if it was just like a bar and grill it would be so crowded on the weekend you couldn't even fish around there. Oh to keep with the thread. I remember when I was a student...
  167. E

    New AFTCO reel seat with Digital Drag Scale

    Pretty cool but I agree that there is limited usage. I would rather put $250 towards a new rod, or newer cow reel that something like that. But technology is cool to play with if you have the money and want to do that. I guess I would like to play with one, but not buy it.
  168. E

    SD fleet Overnight boat help

    You might have to rent gear from the landings, but the nicer boats have their own gear and just let you use it. I don't know anything about these boats but I was looking into a 6 pack just a little while ago and some names I found were Reward, Impulse, El Gato Dos (I think the skipper is on this...
  169. E

    SD fleet Overnight boat help

    I used to fish a lot of overnighters some years ago. I not sure any of those boats fit your bill. That time of year you would expect to be going for tuna. There are a fair share of 6 pack boats, but I kind of think you have to limit your load to 6. Looks like the fee is somewhere around $3K for...
  170. E

    Sheephead Jackpot question

    Yea I sure like blonds with big tits better than any kids. You probably do too now.
  171. E

    tijuana border/us border...

    If it were me I would be very apprehensive about fishing a couple 100 yds. of the border and expecting to tell the Mexican officials that I'm not in Mexico. I don't think they would know or care and I'm not sure how you would fight that ticket. If you are going to be that close I would just get...
  172. E

    Fish Los Coronado Islands in peace

    I don't know if I'd want it without the mounted 30 cals. That might make the mexican navy back off.
  173. E

    Independence 8-day Trip, June 11th to June 19th

    Great report and sounds like a pretty good trip. It can always be better but it can always be worse, in many different ways. A guy told me once he came back from a 10 day trip with one sheephead. Big difference between the BG-90 and the Indy. My favorite boat.
  174. E

    Best trolling feather or ? for albies/ bluefin

    My kind of favorite is the ol' cedar plug. For some reason it seems to work. Not sure why but it is simple. Then if it is a sunny day I also like the Mexican flag. Cloudy days your supposed to use something dark, but I loose interest in trolling real fast so... I usually go with the cedar plug...
  175. E

    New guy looking for some setup advice

    On a 1.5 - 3 day trip you are going to be fishing all off shore. That means you probably won't have much need for yo-yo or dropper loop gear. What you want to have is 30-40# gear. You could go down to 20 or 25 if the bite is picky or if you happen on to some bigger fish up to 50#. If I were you...
  176. E

    Power pro????

    Using 20-30# spectra I can imagine you had problems with wind knots and so forth. I haven't used anything less than 50#. For me some sort of top shot is necessary, although I have gone to using short top shots; 15 - 25'. On light gear (30-40#) I might use 4'.
  177. E

    Spicing hollow 60 to 80

    FWIW, I picked up some of the PLine hollow 60# to use for splicing my smaller rigs. I have not fished with it yet so I don' tknow if there will be any issues but I have made some top shots with it, and it is very spliceable. That is, you can open up the hollow without much trouble. I've heard...
  178. E

    Uni Butter, Not just for fish!

    That's exactly what attracted him. Smells like asshole.
  179. E

    Noob long range question

    When I go on a long trip like 5 days or longer, I'm carrying a lot of gear, lot of reels so it is easier to carry them in a reel back and you have plenty of time to rig up on the way down. If I'm going on a short trip like a day and half or two day I take a lot less rigs because it is only...
  180. E

    Extremely light load 8 day on the Red Rooster III

    I did a 5 day on the Rooster some time ago with only 16 people. A lot of people had their own staterooms, me included. It was a great trip. Lots of room with their normal load of 26. Good luck.
  181. E

    Bimini to short top shot

    I'm not familiar with the Bob Sands so I don't go that way. There is a philosophy in some circles that you don't want to cast both spectra and flour/mono. Meaning; if you are using a short top shot, go real short like 4 or 5'. That way you will not have any of the flour or the connection in any...
  182. E

    Need some rigging needles

    Figured out I don't need a rigging needle for the 130# test. I was going into 200# spectra and that works fine with just using the 130# flour. I'll see if I can go into 130# spectra with it. That would be even better, but haven't tried it yet.
  183. E

    Need some rigging needles

    Thanks, but I have the Sato kit and it doesn't have a 200# needle, and my Blackwater 130# flour doesn't fit into the 130# needle so I'm looking for something bigger. I also think they make smaller than 50# (which I have) so I'm looking for smaller ones. I was hoping someone around here had it...
  184. E

    Need some rigging needles

    Does anyone know of a good tackle store that sells the Da-ho rigging needles for spectra and top shot rigging? I need a 200# and some smaller ones if they make them (like 40#). I'm in the North County area, but I can go to San Diego. I haven't checked but maybe Ken's carries them??? Thanks, I...
  185. E

    Need Help Deciding On Boat

    Out of those boats the RR3, Excel, and RP are bigger than the others by a bit so a few more people on them is not going to make it more crowded. Some times the RP takes a few too many in my opinion. Although it is a long boat it doesn't have the beam that the RR3 and Excel does (at least it...
  186. E

    sd versus reverse trilene vs joe miller knots

    I use a San Diego jam on all my connections. I only tie a double San Diego for jigs because I figure the size of the knot doesn't matter. You'll get a lot of opinions on this.
  187. E

    Choosing a good boat?

    There are quite a few threads over the past few years that asked the same question. For me the bottom line is the BG90 is a good boat with good crew. They are a bit old, but have the best $$ deals. The nicer long range boats like the Indy, Rooster, Excel, AA, Shogun, RP, Q105, etc... cost a bit...
  188. E

    communicate with the outside world?

    I think all the long range boats have satellite phones. At least all I have been on. You can use them but they charge you and it isn't cheap. I think it's something like $3 a minute. I think that was the cost. So you can call home, but in all these years I've only found the need to do that twice.
  189. E

    Could use a little friendly advice NPH.

    In the bay I usually use the small gulp shrimp. By small I mean 2" or 3" with round or football head jigs; 1/4 oz. And I use light line; 6# flour. I know you have the other scents but if you still are having issues getting bit you might want to pick up some gulp and give it a shot.
  190. E

    July 6 day gear

    I think 80# is really the way to go and you will have opportunity (probably) to fish the bottom. When fishing the bottom I just don't see the point it going to 60#. If you are choosing between a 60 and 80# rig go with the 80, JMO. I agree with the above in that a 20 or 25# can come in handy...
  191. E

    Ever lost a rod and reel from a rod holder

    A little off the subject but on the Indy one year we were getting ready to troll and a guy walks up to the corner with his 50W rig. He clips the reel to the straps while we are underway, puts the reel and rod under the rail and the rig splashes into the drink. Turns out the straps were very...
  192. E

    SPLIT SHOT??????????????

    I have never used split shots while fishing long range. I assume they would be used to stop an egg sinker from going down to the hook. Instead I would use a Carolina keeper. I don't use weight much, and usually when I do it isn't much, so I tend to use the rubber core sinkers. Split shots can...
  193. E

    Getting back into long range fishing on the Intrepid

    Yea I know what you mean. I couldn't go last year and I can't wait for my trips to come up this year. About your gear. JMO 60# isn't all that useful to me. I don't know how long your trip is but I pretty much only fish 80# on dropper loop. If you are going to be at the loop or Alejos and...
  194. E

    Cow tuna question

    I don't remember if it was last year or year before last, but Bruce Smith of the Shogun wrote a really good commentary about fighting big fish. What I got out of it is: * a big fish is usually lost to tackle failure * make sure to have all your gear in order; reel, rod, line, hooks, knots...
  195. E

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    I personally usually don't use a scale to set my drags, although maybe I should. I admit I'm not the most knowledgable on this but it seems to work. I just use feel, and when I feel it is right I ask a crew member to test it. I expect the strike drag that I end up with is somewhere around 30#...
  196. E

    First timer here...

    Rooster is a great boat. On a 6 day if it is in late Aug., Sept., Oct. you would usually expect to go to the Lupe and Cedros/Benitos. At the Lupe you can hope to catch yft up to 60-70 and possibly even 100#. You will probably see a lot of big sharks too. Also its a great place to catch big...
  197. E

    hooks for an eight day

    I use the expensive hooks. I don't think they are necessary but I want to give myself every advantage. I use Owners. There are other good brands also. I also use Eagle Claw for some of the bigger hooks like 7/0 8/0. I also like the Owner gorilla hooks because they are very strong. I will get...
  198. E

    Anybody own a Calstar WC 655 XH ?

    Don't have a picture and don't own one of the rods but I just wanted to pass on that the boats don't want to troll with anything less than 80#. So I would just use a boat rod to troll with. Anyway you don't want to be switching to your troll jigs when your turn comes up. The reason they want...
  199. E


    The double San Diego is a very bulky knot. Sounds like the breaking strength between it and this knot is not that great. So I'll be checking out this knot a little closer myself to see how I like it.
  200. E

    10 Day Long Range Trip - - - Bucket List

    A fly back trip might not be the best for him since he would have to wait in San Diego for his gear, wouldn't he? Or maybe the boat could send it back, I don't know. I'm sure you could get 5 Star or Mario to cut your fish and send it back to you. Since you are coming from so far away you...
  201. E

    Fish with one arm in a sling?

    I had my right shoulder fixed for a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum. I went back to work after just a week, but I'm a programmer. I didn't even attempt to ride a bike for several months. I don't know if you want to spend the money, with the possibility of harming the job you surgeon just did...
  202. E

    Fred Hall dates and times.

    Will you be at the Del Mar show or just Long Beach?
  203. E

    Fred Hall dates and times.

    I wonder if anyone will be doing a talk/demonstration about serving connections there. I know I've seen some demonstrations at the blackwater booth. I would really like to see the serving a little closer than all the videos I've looked at.
  204. E

    Tip Amount

    I agree its useful to bring this up and comment on it every once in a while. People new to long range fishing may not understand about the tipping thing. I'm sure that is the case with the guy tipping $10 and $5. I mean that's more of an insult and I'm betting that wasn't their intentions...
  205. E

    Peta is full of it

    Maybe we should give them a few sea lions to take care of. Not many of those will be adopted either.
  206. E

    Dana Point artificial reef/ship wreck proposed.

    I was just wondering how fast the MLPA boys would revise their map to include the wreck. That would be good to get several of these up and down the coast.
  207. E

    Tracer to Pacific Quest

    Yes, a great group, and a great trip.
  208. E

    Tracer to Pacific Quest

    I went on a charter one year with some guys (who will remain nameless). It's a charter but every year it always has some open spots. These guys are all very serious about drinking, fishing, and gambling. I'm not sure of the order though. But they are so serious about drinking that they don't...
  209. E

    Sad Day for Willy

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. Last few years I have realized that no one's time at the rail will last forever, and I have made a concerted effort to get in as much time, as I can, while I can. Life's too short and we should all get in as much fun with family and friends as we can. Good luck.
  210. E

    Pick a Sportfishing Trip/Boat to take?

    I don't know much about the Long Beach area. If you search this board you will find quite a few posts of guys wanting to find a kid friendly boat in the San Diego area. I know that the Big Game 90 runs some kid trips. I think they are 1/2 days where you pay and the kid fishes for free. It's all...
  211. E

    Has Cow Fever Set In?

    I, on the other hand try and figure things out long in advance. Since I wanted to do a cow trip this upcoming season. I wanted to get a 12 day trip the first - second week of January 2012. I chose the RS and the Intrepid. Both trips were fully booked with waiting lists. So I decided for a mid...
  212. E

    Anyone else on this one?

    I don't know about that trip but some of the later trips are filling up pretty fast. You might want to check and see how open it is, and if not you might have to look around. I'm sure there are plenty of spots but sometimes after you make your decision of time frame, and pick out a few boats you...
  213. E

    Spectra Color

    I prefer white for no good reason but when buying spectra for nail knots and serving I would use a different color just so I can see the connection better; red, green, yellow. I prefer white because when I fish green you hear a lot of "where is that green spectra coming from?", "what's all...
  214. E

    Having trouble with nail knot connection

    Well I changed the dowels to oak and I cut a very small slot in them. The others I was using were pine and the slot was very large. I was able to get a lot more pressure to tighten the knot. I tested another connection of mono to hollow with the mono in just about 6 to 7 inches and just the...
  215. E

    Having trouble with nail knot connection

    I'm trying to switch my hollow spectra to flour connections from using crimps, to using an 8 turn nail knot like I've seen in some videos. I was trying some connections and I figured out how to get a pretty good nail knot but I've been having trouble getting it tightened up enough. I got two...
  216. E

    Trying to make a decision for end of this year

    Thanks for the replies. I'll tell you what I know about the moon. I always tried to go out with a full moon right in the middle of the trip. Then I talked to Andy on the Rooster about it one year as to whether the moon matters with the fishing and he said it definitely seems to make a difference...
  217. E

    Trying to make a decision for end of this year

    I'm getting ready to book a 12 day trip for late this year and I'm just thinking out loud here. So if anyone has an opinion or information they want to offer I'm all ears. I'm really interested in catching another cow. I tried to get a couple of trips in early Jan. but they were already booked...
  218. E

    Holly Shit, This is incredibble

    In the article which was posted by lynndeva 1,200 lb bluefin tuna taken by spear., this is what was said about the illegality. "When called out on it, here is the diver's (Virgili) response: Quote The bf tuna capture took place at about 170 miles off the coast, South of a spot named Grand...
  219. E

    Wind on fluoro leaders

    That's odd because when people explain how they connect line they always says they have never had a failure. Odd indeed.
  220. E

    Jump on or not

    If you don't have enough gear call up the boat and ask if they have loaner gear for the larger stuff. Some do and some charge. On the nicer boats like the Indy and Rooster, I think all you have to do is give them a warning and they'll set it aside for you. I would talk to them about it when you...
  221. E

    7/8 Day in June

    Good luck. You'll love that boat and crew.
  222. E

    7/8 Day in June

    The Indy is my favorite boat, but I also like the RRIII, its a great boat. I booked a 7 day on the Indy for this year and then they changed it to an 8 day and the difference was only $100. $100 for one more day seemed pretty cheap. If you really like the AA I would ask to be put on the wait...
  223. E

    "At the Rail" Long Range Fishing..... the book

    I'm not trying to be hateful or anything but I'm sincerely curious as to why one who is very familiar with long range fishing would need such a book. I'm sure it is an excellent book and I'm not saying I know everything about long range fishing, and I will probably even pick it up at some time...
  224. E

    Owner Hooks' "hangnail"

    I don't know what a hangnail design is??? I've used pretty much nothing but Owners and mostly the gorilla circles for the last 10 years? I think. I've never had any issues with them but hooking a bait with a circle hook is a little harder. I would rather use a smaller gorilla than a thinner...
  225. E

    Book: Fish or Cut Bait

    I found the book amateurish. I felt like every story was told at least twice. However, it was all good history and stories. I given the history and impact that Bill had I think it is interesting reading for anyone that likes long range fishing.
  226. E

    Trinidad 30 for 30lbs outfit?

    I think most people use the Trin 40 for wahoo. I have a Trin 30 and I usually use it for 40#. You can put 30# on it and it is fine for that but it seems more suited to 40#. Since it is a high gear ratio it should be fine for wahoo because that seems to be the number one requirement. I haven't...
  227. E

    Catch and Release on Long Range

    I think you pretty much got the picture. Although some people won't understand why you would want to release all your fish, AND there are some reasons for not releasing fish at times, I don't think you will have a problem. However, every boat and crew is different so if I were you I would call...
  228. E

    Best time for Wahoo trip?

    I'm getting ready to plan my long range trips for next year and I really want to try and get some wahoo. What time do you think would be best to maximize the chance of getting some wahoo. I was planning on a 7 or 8 day which would probably go to the Rocks, I guess. I was thinking early Summer...
  229. E

    SD and Mission Bay fishing qs

    When I fish SD bay we always use light line like 6lb test. I think we get more bites that way. Also there are a lot of small spotted bay bass to be caught. This time of year you may also get an occasional bonefish, although I've been seeing less and less of them. They aren't that big but they...
  230. E

    Towing weight of a 24' Outrage

    I was curious of people that might have a 24' Boston Whaler Outrage, what you figure the towing weight is? What would you need to tow it? A big truck like the Chevy Silverado? In looking for a tow vehicle would you want to shoot for something that could tow 9-10,000 lbs or is that overkill...
  231. E

    Toyta Highlander as a tow vehicle

    That's what I was thinking. I did drive one and it seemed fairly close to my Explorer though. Hard to think a 4 cylinder could tow a 3,000 lb boat. I don't know.
  232. E

    Toyta Highlander as a tow vehicle

    I'm thinking about getting a new car and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Toyota Highlander as a tow vehicle. I have an old Ford Explorer with a V8 and it tows my brother's bass boat (20' nitro fiberglass) just fine. I was looking at the Toyota Highlander and the specs on the...
  233. E

    When to use rod belt?

    I'll tell you my experience with it. You were asking about 2 different things, I think. When you say pad I think of a leather (or something) pad that you just put the rod butt in to keep from getting all bruised up. I take one and use it on pretty must every trip. If the fishing is slow I...
  234. E

    Tuna Must Eat

    You know, Dave, it might seem like a silly thing to do but you could bring some frozen squid. If you can't make squid down there sometimes throwing dead squid can be good. I'd feel kind of funny taking a box of frozen squid on the boat, but you could always hide it in Big Al's cabin so they...
  235. E

    What's the Preferred Rod Length, and why ?

    Good questions and good answers. What I would suggest is don't try and buy everything at once. Think about a specific setup or 2 that you will be using like a 50# bait rod and a 40-50# yo-yo rig. Buy that one or 2 rigs and get a feel for it for a season, especially if your funds are limited...
  236. E

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    That's a great idea but won't it depend on how much brain power you have????? It'll probably work for all of us, though.
  237. E

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    You are absolutely right there is a business opportunity here. This is like an airport shuttle except it is taylored to fishing. People with a lot of gear, need to move fish to their parked vehicle, only going to and from the landings, etc.... Like said a some of us go solo and this would really...
  238. E

    reel seat and reel clamp?

    I use the reel clamp on all of the reels that I have which come with one. I figure, why not. Its just added protection in case the seat has a problem.
  239. E

    Fishing Boots

    I use those boots with and without socks. Never had a problem. Stinky
  240. E

    Final Payment made! RR3/Accurate trip in Nov.

    The Rooster is definitely one of the best boats. If I was in your spot I would talk to the Rooster office and tell them you have no gear at all. You might ask they if you should talk to the Accurate guys about it also. I've been on some sponsored trips and Accurate brings a lot of gear but the...
  241. E

    Any suggestions on a lake that has fish?

    Thanks, I'll let him know.
  242. E

    Any suggestions on a lake that has fish?

    I haven't been fresh water fishing in many years and a friend of mine is planning on going camping and asked me where was a good lake for fishing and camping. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good place to go that would be a good bet on catching fish? Thanks.
  243. E

    What do you call this and where do you get one?

    JL did you buy the corks or make them from something?
  244. E

    Any Opinions on the Big Game 90

    I think he has the best price around and I've been on trips up to 4 or 5 days on that boat. It certainly isn't the Indy or Intrepid, or RRIII, or ... But it is probably the best price you can find. Some of the trips you have to pay for food, I think. I don't remember staterooms, I think they are...
  245. E

    What do you call this and where do you get one?

    Yes I was going to make one my self using a couple of locking clamps that I got at Home Depot, but I'm not all that good at building things so I'd love to see your pictures of the completed stand shajcl and iconpyro. The clamps are the real crux of it so I figured that all I need to do is figure...
  246. E

    Southern California Launch Facilities & Recommendations

    Been a while since I had my own boat but since I'm bored I'll reply anyway with my 2 cents on a couple of things. First Albacore usually show up down here around the first of July, but depending on the year they can be a bit earlier. However, seems like we haven't had many typical years...
  247. E

    5 day in August vs. October

    When I book a 5 day my main desire is to go to Guadalupe and then Cedros/Benitos. Of course it's always up to the captain and conditions and whether the Lupe is open, etc... As far as Aug. or Oct., sometimes permits weren't available till late Aug. It so much depends on the year as to which...
  248. E

    What does the reel numbers/letter mean?

    Here's something that I may have just pulled out of the air, but I thought the designations for Tiagras and some of the other bigger reels was the size of line to use for marlin. So a Tiagra 30 would be used for 30#. Tiagra 50 would be #50. Of course us west coast anglers beefed up the drags...
  249. E

    When to look for White Sea Bass?

    Thanks guys. I am planning on seeing if the Dreamer had any open party spots around the full moons in May or June. Heard a lot of good things about the Dreamer. Thanks for the Info.
  250. E

    When to look for White Sea Bass?

    I hear it's spring when the white sea bass fishing is best at Catalina. I'm planning on going this year, and I was wondering what people thinks the best time to book would be. Also I hear its a limit of 1 per day. When does that go into effect? Isn't it usually 2 per day and the 1 per day is...
  251. E

    Recommed any white sea bas trips to Catalina?

    Thanks every one. I'll try and get on one.
  252. E

    Recommed any white sea bas trips to Catalina?

    I'm looking to try and get on a white sea bass trip this spring to Catalina. I've always wanted to go but just couldn't work one into my schedule. Does anyone know of any really good outfits like out of San Pedro, or Long Beach or even Dana that do the white sea bass trips? I need to find one...
  253. E

    best pliers

    I have a cheap pair of pliers that I've been using for well over 6-7 years. They rust but if you oil them they still work great. I don't try and cut anything with them. I use dykes for that. One thing people forget is you have to oil them ever once in a while.
  254. E

    Q. re Sept. 5 - 7 Day Trips, # Passengers

    I've fished the RP at the lupe with 35 guys and a ripping current. I remember going back a couple of weeks later on the Rooster with 26 guys and it feeling really spacious. It does make a difference but when it gets down to it, you just fish hard and if anything's biting its good. The only...
  255. E

    BigGame 90

    I've fished the BG 90 several times. You do get what you pay for as far as accomodations go. However, as far as fishing, the boat will fish with the rest of the fleet. If money is the main factor I would go on the BG90. Personally I have more money than spare time so people like me tend to go on...
  256. E

    Just booked my first long range trip

    I love the Rooster. It is a great boat and crew. I believe you can get loaner gear from them for free (just pay to put the line on). If you are short on gear I would definitely talk to them about it and see what they can do. Like you might have enough to cover the lighter and middle gear but...
  257. E

    What's your favorite mono

    Izorline XXX. The XXX is limper than the First string. I like limp, well not all the time, but for mono.
  258. E

    Question about getting sawed off.

    What is it that gets you sawed off? Is it just the fastest moving line wins? Someone told me that its the smallest diameter line that will cut you the quickest. I think he was talking mono on mono (kind of a pun there:picknose:). Others always say any spectra will cut through mono quickest...
  259. E

    No lobster cards??

    Just got my lifetime license renewal for 2010, and there is no lobster card, and no mention of it. There is a steelhead card and a salmon card (I think it was). I don't catch lobsters, but I was kind of surprised to see the lobster card thing stopping so soon after it started. Sounds like a real...
  260. E

    Boat hatred?

    I had an old wooden boat. I believe it was around a 1968 or 1969 Cris Kraft, 36'. I really liked it when it worked but because it was old I had to work on it every week. I'm much more interested in fishing than working on boats. Replacing a head gasket, replacing the steering, fixing the water...
  261. E

    Which Trip?

    Personally I would opt for the RRIII because I like the boat better, Although I've been on the RP and it is a great boat. My only complaint of the RP is that it tends to take a lot of people but 28 on that boat is a light load so that isn't an issue. As far as gear you should check and see how...
  262. E

    Long Range Info Needed

    If you search you'll see a couple of hundred of first timers asking these kind of questions, and some good answers. Don't know if there are that many from NY though. Anyway I'll give you my quick take. I would suggest a 5 or 6 day trip at least. These have a lot of variety, in that they go to...
  263. E

    Independence staterooms and ride

    I've been on the Indy several times. Its my favorite boat. I've been in the bow room twice and the bunks seemed like the same size to me. I didn't notice any difference anyway. I really like the way they handle the gear. They have one assigned spot for tackle box for each passenger and like they...
  264. E

    YFT processing

    The fish processors always let the fish thaw before they cut them. If they are in the RSW they aren't frozen, but if you packed it in ice then it is frozen by now, but it shouldn't take as long to thaw out as it would if the boat put it in their freezer.
  265. E

    Pelican Bay State Prison

    I'm sure he has a good explanation. Hell, I'm pretty sure he's innocent. Most of them are up there.
  266. E

    We're running out of room

    Of all the boats I've been on, only the Indy has numbered tackle spots, and numbered spots for rocket launchers. You only get one numbered rocket launcher and then there are unnumbered rocket launchers on the other side. The unnumbered ones are up for grabs first come first serve and people use...
  267. E

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    You know I stopped short of mentioning cigarette butts because I know the people that smoke probably can't imagine how annoying and how much trash they actually are. When cigarette butts go out the window around the coast (on land) they pretty much all end up in the water and most at the beach...
  268. E

    Long Range Swordfish?

    I thought all the long range boats said they will not take bill fish. I was wondering if this applied to swords also (since they are much better for the table than any other bill fish). Would they bring them home, despite that "no bill fish" rule/guideline?
  269. E

    Please keep your trash with you and dont toss it over...

    Some that work on the boats are very aware of the littering issue. Some aren't. It seems to vary in general mood by boat, meaning the captain has a lot to do with it. I agree that we shouldn't dump anything that isn't biodegradable in the ocean or back country. One thing that I see just about...
  270. E

    Some techniques, and things I see go wrong

    One thing that seems to work is when everyone relaxes a bit. I think that just helps everyone work together. On shorter trips it's so much more competitive because everyone is trying to get fish as fast as they can, but when everyone relaxes a bit and takes it just a little slower things seem to...
  271. E

    Some techniques, and things I see go wrong

    David, I have seen some of your posts and I remember one time you said something about lines sawing others off. I believe you said that mono will saw spectra easier than the other way around. I have been wondering about that because everyone always thinks spectra will cut through mono like...
  272. E

    What do you consider a "Collectable"

    Dan when I was up at Ken's shop up in Oceanside one time I remember picking up a card of a guy that collects old lures. You might ask up there. They probably know him and he might be able to help you out. Might come down to finding someone who wants it. Like the other guy said put it on EBay...
  273. E

    Shogun 1 1/2 Day Question

    They will usually charge $5 a fish to fillet. I think you can get your fish vacum packed when you get back at Fisherman's landing, for a fee. Might want to check if they will still be open when you get back. When they fillet the fish they only put them in ziplock baggies. You could also call...
  274. E

    6 LR Boats 10 day after X-mas

    I fished that trip on the Indy last year. 6 boats down in cow town. Everyone did steller. We had 20 over 200 with another 4 over 300. I know the Excel had 6 over 300. The Rooster was there also and I'm sure they did well. Wish I could go on that trip this Xmas but it's not in the cards.
  275. E

    Thoughts on the Excel...

    I road the Excel this year on an 8 day for the first time. Great boat and crew. No complaints. Personally my favorite boats are the Indy and the RR III. To each his own.
  276. E

    line color for fishing 'Lupe

    Yea I hope line color has nothing to do with it. I mean the point is for the fish not to see the line. I always use Izorline clear, and then flouro if I have to. I would hope/think that line color has the least to do with getting bit. I think the confidence thing is very valid. When you are...
  277. E

    were to get info

    Usually the boat will have a web site that may or may not give a daily account. Depends on their ability and availability to communicate back to the home office. I don't know if the B&MS has a web site, theyt may not. You can also call the landing they are out of. It would be either H&M or...
  278. E

    Long Range Weather Reports?

    Well a fishing trip is what it is. We ran into a hurricane on our 8 day the fist of this month and had to spend 2 days inside Mag bay hiding from it. However, it was better than being at work and we had all the booze we could drink. Of course we ran out of our own beer stash (around 1200...
  279. E

    Need help first trip.

    I see you have already decided on a boat and that's cool. BTW, in your above choices I would go with the Shogun because I have had good times on that boat. We all find our favorite boats. About rods and reels; use what you have and don't buy too much to begin with. Start borrowing from the...
  280. E

    Loop 2 Loop, vs Splicing Topshots?

    Exactly where is this? I'm down San Diego way so I probably won't make it since it sounds more north than I probably want to drive. He wait a minute 11/19 is Thanksgiving. That must be a mistake. I just started using the short topshot and I'm doing the loop to loop. A question about the splice...
  281. E

    Lupe opened back up this morning

    To answer the question about closing the Lupe, I don't think anyone knows why. The Mex. govt. seems to just want to tightly control it (like said requires special permits - writsbands) and doesn't care about our fishing schedules. There is an organization that could learn something about...
  282. E

    5 Day Fun....

    Great fish and sounds like a great trip. I'd love to go on the Apollo but never have synched up with them. For those that don't know the Apollo mostly does charters but you can get on their mailing list and they will email you when they have openings. Some time you don't get much notice. The...
  283. E

    What type of trip do do

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of the SD LR fleet. However, the Indy and Rooster are both my favorite boats. Looks like the Rooster might be giving good deals. When I look for trips I look at the Indy, Rooster, Shogun, and then start going down the list. They are all good but, we all...
  284. E

    What type of trip do do

    You really have to want to cow fish, because you could be fishing for 3 or 4 days without a bite and not get your cow. Having done both, if you won't be able to go out for a while, I would tend to go for a 7-8 day and hope to get some nice school size tuna and wahoo, depending on time of year...
  285. E

    Wahoo tips!

    Good questions. I'm new to wahoo fishing also. I'll let you know how it goes in 2 weeks. But then you'll be out there at the same time... I'm planning on using my Avet HX with 50# on a calstar 7'6" rod for bombs and raiders. Forgot the model but its the new graphiter they advertise for wahoo...
  286. E

    Big Al's Tuna Tourney

    I thought I was excited, but you are waaaayyy too excited. Who are you rooming with?
  287. E


    What kind of serving tools are you talking about?
  288. E

    How many is too many (rigs)

    About too much gear. That is one of the reasons I like the Indy. They have all the tackle storage places numbered and one of the rocket launchers is numbered for everyone. That way you always have a spot to put one tackle box in the main area and one rod. They also have the numbers on the side...
  289. E

    Noob on the Qualifier105. Thanks guys.

    Sounds like a great trip. Those skiff trips sound like they are real fun. It's funny, but I think the longer trips almost always have a "good bunch of guys" on them. I can't really remember any trips of 5 days or longer where the guys didn't get along and seem to be genuinely friendly. Shorter...
  290. E

    mega bait going under

    I think Pline put out something that looks just like the megabaits. I don't know how well they work, but they look exactly the same and I bought some. Haven't caught anything on them yet.
  291. E

    Big Al's Tuna Tourney

    Can't wait! I've been playing with my fishing stuff for a couple of months. now. This is my 2nd and last trip this season so I've been starved. Got 2 new rods a month ago before my 5 day and can't wait to try them out on some wahoo!
  292. E

    Question about Sato Crimp System

    I'm bringing my stuff so I can show you what I do. Right or wrong.
  293. E

    How many is too many (rigs)

    You need to reread the Coast Guard Regs that Jason sent out from the Excel today. You 15th rig is against rule 11.
  294. E

    TG 80 fish care ?

    I road them once many years ago on a 2 or 3 day and had no problems. I know I didn't get frozen fish so I'm pretty sure they have RSW just like most. It was a very new boat when I rode it. It was rough as hell. We lost 1/2 of our bait and had to get a bait transfer at sea in 6-8' seas. Kind of...
  295. E

    Question about Sato Crimp System

    I just got my Sato crimp kit a month or so ago and started to try and figure it out a couple of weeks before my last 5 day. I didn't fuss too much about looking at the sizes. I just tried the size crimp that seemed like it should work (like it said 60# so I tried it with my 60# leader). I was...
  296. E

    short topshot for bigger fish

    It has not been a real science with me. I've just bought reels and figured its an Avet LX so I'll be fishing 40 (or maybe 50) on it so I want to put spectra with a higher breaking tension than any line I'll be fishing. So I would put 65# spectra on it. Likewise, I got an Avet HX and figure I'd...
  297. E

    short topshot for bigger fish

    On my last 5 day the fishing was kind of tough. The boat got ~140 fish total for 30 guys. I got 12. This was the first time I switched to short top shots on everything 40# and above. The short top shot really allows the bait to swim better. Of course you really need to keep in touch with the...
  298. E

    short topshot for bigger fish

    We were on a 10 day at cow town and some were using short top shots and others weren't. Fishing was not wide open but they were all around and we were picking them over 3 - 4 days. By the end everyone (I think) were using short top shots to get bit and the captain was recommending it. You had to...
  299. E


    The palomar is strong as any properly tied knot, IMO. It also is a bit smaller than some, and it is very easy to tie. The problem is that it is very easy to NOT tie correctly. If you aren't careful and don't know what to look for you can tie it incorrectly and then it looses a lot. I stopped...
  300. E

    Bluefin pic off the Excel

    I agree. I don't remember getting good bluefin like this for years. Hopefully the pen operations will continue to stay thin and we "can all get along".
  301. E

    RSW on 1.5?

    Some of the real long range boats at time do 1.5 day trips. I know the Rooster did several this year. the Q105 has done some. The Shogun has. Your getting into long range season now so I think those are over but next year if you are looking during the summer you might want to check out the long...
  302. E

    How many is too many (rigs)

    Hey Jackson, I'm on that trip. I was suppose to be on it last year but... that's a long story. Actually I think you canceled last year and I took your spot. Then I had a problem. Any way, I'm bringing most every rod I have. I think that will be 11. Good thing the boat is big. Its funny that...
  303. E

    10-Day Goals...

    Cow fishing is definitely different. It does take time. You can go for days without a bite (except on sharks, marlin, or other non-targeted fish). I've only done it once, (first of this year) but it was really something to get hooked into a cow. Especially if you are using a short top shot. You...
  304. E

    Prowler Sportfishing

    I used to fish the Prowler a lot because I used to have a friend on there. It's a good boat for what it does, overnight trips. Buzz runs a tight ship which makes it better for everyone involved (clean, safe, etc...). 30 is a lot of people but they are all about making money so you don't have any...
  305. E

    My Avet experiment---is over.

    How much you want for that lemon SX? Can't be worth much now that its broke.
  306. E

    Labor Day Weather: SWELL!!! Any salty dog advice?

    I'm going out on the 3rd on a 5 day. I was not happy to hear about the hurricane but when you book a trip an year in advance you can't complain much about the weather. 4-6' swells really doesn't sound too bad. I purposely don't bother to look and see what the weather is going to be because I'm...
  307. E

    tackle on multi-day trips

    I'll just say this about the trips. If you go on a 3 day it is just going to be more of the same off shore fishing you have seen on the 1.5 - 2 day trips, and that's cool, but you already know what to bring on those. The 5 day trips you get to go to the islands. Guadalupe, and Cedros or...
  308. E

    Do you give neighbors YFT and Albie?

    Fact is some people don't appreciate fish or really know how to cook it. I personally don't give any fish to anyone that doesn't or hasn't expressed a desire for it. Kind of like free advice. People just don't appreciate it. When you get more than you can use think about canning it. I started...
  309. E

    2 day end of September

    You really shouldn't hear much negative stuff about the BG90. The truth is they are a lower budget operation so the accomodations aren't as good as some of the boats. However, the accomodations aren't bad compared to other overnight and day and a half boats. The crew and captain are very good...
  310. E

    What is your favorite 1.5 day boat out of San Diego?

    I just noticed the Excel has a 2.5 and a 1.5 day in Aug. I wish I had the time to do it. At least for me those bigger boats make the trip so much nicer.
  311. E

    Guadalupe Permits 2009

    If you are looking at going next year I'd be interested. Either way I'd love to hear all about it.
  312. E

    What is your favorite 1.5 day boat out of San Diego?

    I know you said you don't care about acomadations but if you change your mind the Q105 and Red Rooster III have several 1.5 dayers and I believe the Shogun does also. I like bigger boats so I prefer going on the long range boats. And they do have much better accomadations. Although the Apollo...
  313. E

    Guadalupe Permits 2009

    Man don't you just love it when everything comes together and it's going off at the Lupe, and we're stuck at work.... Oh well I got a 5 day on the Indy at Labor Day. It just seems too far away. Better get back to work.....
  314. E

    Guadalupe Permits 2009

    I would but with work I don't have the time. However, I've heard it can be a very perilous trip, and not to be taken lightly. You should search for threads. There was a guy last year or so that was talking about doing it once (a while back) and they took all sort of precautions, and I think they...
  315. E

    American Angler 5 day!

    Does anyone know why they aren't going to the Lupe? Is it too early, or is the weather up? I was thinking someone would be trying out there by now.
  316. E

    Shimano Boots

    First of all they don't look gay and they aren't gay. They are neutral or neutered. I have a pair and a pair of the Shimano sandals which look kind of like crocs. I also have the XtraTuffs. Both the Shimanos are very light and work well. The one issue I have with XtraTuffs is they don't seem...
  317. E

    Customer service at Baja Fish Gear

    That's great they stepped up but I think we kind of need to hear the details.
  318. E

    Jackpots..... hook and hand fish (exceptions) open party and chater trips

    This is why the captain goes over the rules in the galley before every trip, even though we all know them. If you want to change the rules bring it up then. Just speak right up and say we are both in the jackpot and if I hook and hand I want it to count. Personally I think it is rude to ask such...
  319. E

    Best Harness and Belt???

    I'm no expert but I did my first cow trip day after last Christmas. Some guys had harnesses. I had one that I had never used (a Smitty). The crew cautioned me against using it. Said it was much better to use the rail. I saw some funny things with guys hooked up to harnesses, and decided to go...
  320. E

    I have a serious itch! What do you recomend?

    You might look into the Big Game 90. They do all the offshore and 5 day trips and they are quite a bit cheaper than the real long rangers. If you are familiar with that boat you know they are a no frills operation but they certainly can fish, and it will help your money stretch. I was...
  321. E

    I have a serious itch! What do you recomend?

    There is a big difference in going on a 5 day trip because they go to a different place. Unless the Lupe isn't producing at all you will most likely go to Guadalupe Island and then a day or two to Cedros and Benitos for yellowtail. You can do that on a 4 day but you have much less time so the...
  322. E

    Guadalupe 1st timer

    Oh on the tuna at the lupe you will probably be using 40 to soak your dine. You wouldn't want to go lighter, unless the tuna are small. What boat are you going on? Many of the boats will loan you gear if you don't have it. Some charge and some don't. So you could get a 50 and an 80 on the boat...
  323. E

    Guadalupe 1st timer

    Probably no whoo but you can check the reports and with the boat the week before and see what they think. You just don't usually see wahoo at the Lupe. On the dropper its going to be at least 12oz and probably 16oz. You can usually buy the lead on the boat if you don't want to lug it around. I...
  324. E

    Genetically Engineered Super Tuna!!!

    I can just see it now. They get this program going, a few escape, turns out they are very vicious, teeth like a wahoo, and its the killer bee thing all over again. Maybe they'll develop a taste for sea lion.
  325. E

    want to fish out of San diego

    A day and 1/2 gives you a whole day of fishing which means a better chance of getting in them. Qualifier, and Red Rooster III are great boats. Since they are real long range boats they are much nicer with much better accomadations and food that the smaller overnight boats. Here you usually have...
  326. E

    Making bait

    If the squid are around then you'll want a squid jig. They will usually sell them on the boat though so you really don't have to bring one. Since its at night I like the glow in the dark ones.
  327. E

    Additional $$$ on fishing trip

    You can actually refuse to pay the bunk fee and sleep in the salon. You are also missing the sack fee that they use to charge. I don't know if they still do that on the boats that use the sacks. I once saw a guy take the sack with him. The deck hands argued and he pointed out that he paid for...
  328. E

    hel choosing the right type of trip.

    If I were you I'd go for a 1.5 or 2 day trip. The shorter the trip the more hectic and competitive it is because the less time you have to fish. The overnight boats are the most competitive. So if you can do a 1.5 or 2 day you can get more fishing time, take it a little easier, and have some...
  329. E

    sponsored vs open

    The group does have a lot to do with it. If it's a charter then I guess most of the people know (and I assume like) each other. That might make it a better group. I usually go on open trips and some times all the guys are great like the last 10 day I went on. By the end of the trip we all knew...
  330. E

    RSW Weight Loss

    Read what Tim said: "stored for ten full days at sixteen degrees Fahrenheit in spray brine". That doesn't sound like RSW to me. I thought that RSW was around 30 degrees F. 16 degrees sounds like flash freezing. I'm no expert on this but I remember the skippers saying that the RSW keeps the fist...
  331. E

    Live bait presentation on heavy tackle

    If he wrote I book, I'd buy it. He ought to do that.
  332. E

    Question: Alijos in May or Guadalupe in Sept

    I love the 5 dayers to the Lupe. You can can get big yellowtail there and some great tuna bites if they are up for it. More than likely you won't get any hoo there. There have been some caught there in the years but you usually don't run into them there. However, you do usually fish Cedros or...
  333. E

    Light tackle question

    My rule of thumb is like most. Bring everything you got. Only kidding a little bit there. I assume we're talking like a 10 day. You can talk to the office but the way I look at it is you could use 30 on smaller tuna. We did on my last 10 day. Obviously you want to use as heavy as you can but...
  334. E

    Black Pearl, comments??

    I've been on the Apollo looking around and seen it out there a lot. It is a really nice top notch boat. It is as nice inside as any of the bigger long range boats. They always do really well on the fishing. I've only seen the Black Pearl from the outside. I've always wanted to fish the Apollo...
  335. E

    Bruce Smith (Shogun) on pulling on cows.

    Great info for the guys that are getting ready to take their first long trip. I took my first 10 day trip at the end of last year and got a cow. I had the right gear and all the help and coaching I needed on the Indy, but I got to say that I didn't really understand what I was in for, before...
  336. E

    Where can I get Salt X

    Thanks for the info. I'll check that out. Thanks
  337. E

    Where can I get Salt X

    Thanks everyone.
  338. E

    Where can I get Salt X

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about using Salt-X to clean off reels after fishing. I have seen their web site and see that you can order it from them but is it carried in any local stores? Where do you usually get it and is it better to buy the concentrated? Thanks.
  339. E

    Indy New Year's Trip

    Mike glad someone posted a report, and it was good fishing with you and Andy and the rest. That was my second time on the Indy and I think I'm going to make it a regular thing. Reading the other boat's reports and all the info we actually were a part of history. Hopefully see you guys again...
  340. E

    Summer trips

    It depends when or if you will see the YFT. Some years we don't see hardly any. When it is a warm water year they are all around in mid to late summer. If it is a cold water year we mostly see albies. Overnight boats can get the fish if they are only 60 - 90 miles out. However, if they are 90...
  341. E

    Leaving early Day after Christmass on Indy

    I can't wait either. I actually missed my 8 day that I had planned the first of Oct. Now I'm just hoping nothing comes up in the next 2 days. Sounds like it's going to be raining on Friday but I don't care.
  342. E

    Leaving early Day after Christmass on Indy

    I'm on the 12/26 trip on the Indy and I can't wait. Anyone else on that trip you should be aware that they want to try and leave EARLY. Judy put up on the web site that she is starting check in at 5:30 and wants to try and get everyone done ASAP so we can actually leave at 7:30. That's the...
  343. E

    Best times to fish for specific fish?

    Guadalupe is about 150 miles from Cedros I think. Looks like you have Benitos and the Lupe switched. Benitos is fairly close to the main land and a little north from Cedros.
  344. E

    Wahoo Bomb

    There was a whole tutorial on this in one post I think. I remember reading it and then doing my own. Its a lot of fun. Haven't got a chance to use them yet but hope to on a 10 day coming up the day after Christmas. The mylar tape and skirts have adhesive on them so they stick to the weight. The...
  345. E

    Best times to fish for specific fish?

    My recommendation is to do a 5 day trip in late July or August. The 1, 2, and 3 day trips are all the same. Fishing off shore for yellowtail and tuna. On a 4 day you start to get the time to go down to Cedros, Benitos, or the Lupe. However, 4 day is pretty short for going to the Lupe and they...
  346. E

    Boats and Money?

    Permission is a funny thing. You need to get it but sometimes it's easier to tell her you booked it and you just wanted to make sure it doesn't interfere with anything she's doing. Anyway, you can bring your own line and spool it on yourself to save on those costs. I bring several spools but...
  347. E

    royal polaris questions

    I've fished that boat and its a fine boat and good crew. If your alone I think they have one stateroom that is a single. I think it is G or H or something like that. You might ask for it. I'm pretty sure it is the RP that had that single. Note it's not as wide and big as the Indy. I've been on...
  348. E

    is it cool to bring an exercise bike on a 7-10 day trip?

    I heard that one of the cooks had one on the Indy. I didn't see it when I was there so I'm not sure where they put it or if they actually used it. Sounds like too much trouble to me. You know it could get wet or just the salt air might get to it, so I would only take it if I didn't mind...
  349. E

    Great 1st trip..the ending sucked

    You can always take the fish over to Mario's although the guy said he couldn't get the fish in his car. You could also call up Mario and he would probably send someone over. Would probably want to ice the fish down a bit while you are waiting. You could also buy some of those big plastic bags...
  350. E

    Good grade on the intrepid...

    I've done a lot of short range fishing in the overnight to 2 and 3 day range. Then when I started going longer my first trip was a 4 day on the Big Game 90. We all know that boat so we don't have to say too much, but it was all about fishing even though the fishing was tough. It was a good...
  351. E

    EllieMay Weekly Special

    The roast was about 4 pounds. I did sear it but I'm not sure how long to sear it for. Probably did a couple of minutes on each side. I did cover it with foil because I was using a large oven pan. I did add water to the pan, actually more than a couple of cups because the pan was fairly large. I...
  352. E

    EllieMay Weekly Special

    Your dish sounded really great so I gave it a try. Unfortunately it didn't come out well at all. I cooked it for 3 hours or more and it never got fork tender. I kept cooking it but it never got to the point that it was real tender and certainly not falling apart. I cooked it at 350 and I though...
  353. E

    Getting blood out of shirts

    OK sounds like the best thing to do is to use an old T shirt, rinse out the blood in cold water quickly after it happened, then put it in a mesh bag and troll it in a mixture of white wine, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide. Then throw it away. Did I get everything right?
  354. E

    Big Al's Tuna Tourney

    I was suppose to be on this trip but looks like I can't go now. My wife just heard that her father died and she has to fly out to Japan asap, so I have to stay on and watch my son. Hope you guys have fun and knock them dead.
  355. E

    Update: At what age would you guys take a kid on a long rang trip?

    I agree with going on one of the nicer boats. Most of them are bigger which helps with the waves. The Shogun is about the same length as the BG90 but it has a 30' beam. Makes it very stable. RRIII is a great boat and they did several 1 1/2 day trips this year. I think they had to cancel a 5...
  356. E

    Wahoo rigging questions

    Getting ready to go on my first 8 day and hoping for some wahoo. I've got most of the stuff for wahoo rigging but I have a few questions. I appreciate any enlightenment. I understand for bait you want to rig with 40 or 60lb stranded wire. I see those crimped. I assume you would use 40lb wire...
  357. E

    Home Made Wahoo Bombs

    OK I get it. I'll have to start drinking again. Oh well we all have to make sacrifices. I'm going to try making some of these before my 8 day the first of Oct. Another question about rigging. What size stranded wire do you use? How much wire? About 3'? Are all crips and cripping tools the same...
  358. E

    Home Made Wahoo Bombs

    Hey guys I've just started making some bombs using the manufactured lead heads and I was just wondering. Are those torpedo sinkers strong enough that you've never seen them fail? Looked like the first set of pictures was using a siwash hook. Is that strong enough? I see the other set of...
  359. E

    Big Al's Tuna Tourney

    Yes I'll be a rookie and looking forward to it. Outhouse from what I have learned from Jason is that most (all) on this trip drink and they all kick in for the booze and then Jason and Al stock up and its an open bar. I hear this year that Al and some of his friends are sponsoring some wounded...
  360. E

    Big Al's Tuna Tourney

    I'm on that trip. Can't wait. First time on that boat for me. Sounds like it is going to be a fun trip.
  361. E

    Shimano Evair Fishing Boots

    Thanks guys. I got to go to San Marcos so I'll try Turners this weekend.
  362. E

    Shimano Evair Fishing Boots

    Does anyone know a store that sells the Shimano Fishing Boots? They are the short, gray, waterproof boots. I've seen some people using them and I wanted to try a pair on. I wouldn't buy them without trying them on but I don't know any stores that sell them. I live just south of Oceanside -...
  363. E


    Albacore is really good smoked. Then the next day make tuna salad with it and that is really great. You can also make the salad with any left over albacore any way you cook it but I like the smokey flavor. Another great project is canning it. Just started that this year and it turns out really...
  364. E

    5 day on the Indy 8/29

    Thanks for the heads up on the Seacher's site. I've been looking at the Searcher's blog and they are still at the Lupe. They seem to be doing just alright on the yellows and some small YFT. I think the fish are waiting till I get there. I haven't been out much this year so I'm just itching to...
  365. E

    Intrepid at a disadvantage???????

    Yea the Prius is like that. I think the boat is a hybrid. Of course I've never been on it.
  366. E

    5 day on the Indy 8/29

    I'm on a 5 day on the Indy coming up on the 29th. Can't wait so I'll ask a couple of questions in the mean time. I heard they have been catching/seeing some wahoo at the Lupe. Does any one know for sure how likely that is and have they been fishing for them like casting bombs? Or have they...
  367. E

    Any advice for my first long range trip??

    Oh BTW, the boats carry line and after a day of hard fishing plan on changing out your line. You can also bring your own line. Don't make the mistake of trying to make your line last. If you've caught 3 or 4 or 5 big yellows or been dragged under the boat or been in some tangles, etc... then...
  368. E

    Any advice for my first long range trip??

    Yes have a good time. Hopefully the Lupe will be going off and you can experience it with the big YFT. Cedros and/or Benitos is pretty much always on the trip also for world-class yellowtail fishing. The yellows at Cedros and Benitos will be on surface iron, yoyo iron, flylined bait, and dropper...
  369. E

    What do you tackle do you REALLY need?

    Start out by talking to the boat and see what they can loan you. They always have trolling rods so you don't need that but some of the boats have loaner gear for free. I would see what they have and then see if you want to buy something to suplement it. You can also rent tackle from the boat or...
  370. E

    New to canning tuna

    The pressure canner I got was an All American. From others I heard they are the best. Just looking at mine says it's going to last a long time. The jars you can get from Smart N' Final (sometimes), Vons, Maybe Ralphs, and other places like that. Sometimes they are out or don't have the ones you...
  371. E

    Long Range reports from 2003

    Not sure if this is the place to post it but I was trying to look up up old posts from 2003 for SD long range. It seems that the posts go back to 2004. Are there no posts from 2003? Is there any way to get to them? Thanks
  372. E

    New to canning tuna

    Got my All American 941 canner this year. Ran a real small batch of some left over frozen tuna just to see how it works. Put a jalapeno in a couple of jars but it wasn't spicy at all. So I got some albacore and this time I put in serannos. Put 2 in some of them, but I just tried one last night...
  373. E

    Leaving July 29th on the RRIII, Tackle Question?

    Oh you might want to talk to the office and see if you have a chance of going to Cedros or Guadalupe. 4 days is a litte short to get down to the Islands but they certainly can do it. Especially on the Rooster. As you probably know fishing for yellows down there you want 30 - 40 lb. Surface...
  374. E

    Leaving July 29th on the RRIII, Tackle Question?

    I've been out a couple of times this year and I'll tell you what I know. We had tough times on both days. I ended up with 2 fish each day and that was above average both times for the boat. We were pretty much all using 20 - 25 - 30 lb test with flour. I don't know if they were line shy but they...
  375. E

    Albacore time!

    I"m going out this weekend on the Condor or I would go with you. Condor just converted their Sat. night trip to a 1 1/2 from an overnight. Should be enough time to catch fish. Let's get some chicken. I need to try out my new pressure canner.
  376. E

    Has any one converted their conventional factory to a sprial rod?

    What's the point of a spiral wrapped rod? I've seen them and wondered what the advantage would be.
  377. E

    20# & 30# or just a 25#?

    I agree with the "more rigs" point of view. Whether you put 20 and 30 on it or 25 and 30 or 30 and 40. Like the one guy said you fish may come all at once and grabbing another rig (as opposed to retying) might be the difference in getting another fish or not. Also if one blows up you still have...
  378. E

    Where to get Canning Jars?

    Thanks everyone.
  379. E

    Where to get Canning Jars?

    I'm in Encinitas, about 20 miles north of San Diego and just south of Oceanside. Does anyone know where to get canning jars around here? I went to Smart and Final and bought their last 2 dozen of the wide mouth pint jars. Looked around several other stores and having been able to find any more...
  380. E

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    Tried to post this before but something went wrong. I did see that canning post and though it was great. I just got my All American 941 delivered earlier this week. Got a burner and a canning kit. I'm going to give it a dry run this weekend to make sure it all works and I know how to operate...
  381. E

    Bone fish in SD bay

    Anyone caught any bone fish this year in the bay? We usually pick up a few from time to time, and sometimes have some real good days on them in the Dec. - Feb. timeframe, but I don't remember getting any for some time now. Anyone else see them from last winter to now?
  382. E

    What to expect on Royal Polaris

    I've been on the RP a couple of times and everything was great; food, staterooms, crew, and fish. Both times I seem to remember 35 to 36 people on board which I think is the maximum load and usually what they carry. That's a lot of people expecially if you are fishing somewhere like the lupe on...
  383. E

    How often do you change your flourocarbon

    I fish straight 6 lb. flouro PLine on my small bait caster in the bay. I have it 1/2 filled with mono and 1/2 with the flouro. Less than 60 yds, I guess. I try not to change it that often. So I could go 12 - 15 trips without changing it. However, I'm really good at backlashing and the small...
  384. E

    New Catch and Release hook

    We've been debarbing our hooks for the bay for many years. We use the owners or gamagatsu and if you take some pliers and squeze the barb it breaks off. There is a little left but it's barbless. Funny thing is we miss a lot of fish. Maybe just short bites or they spit the hook real quick. I...
  385. E

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    Great info. Turkey burner?? I assume you mean a gas burner for a Turkey frier? Do those burners run on natural gas or propane? I have natural gas now at my home but I don't have an outside gas jet. I was thinking the 921 would be big enough, but I'd rather do one or 2 big loads than 3 or 4...
  386. E

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have a gas stove. I assume even the All American 21 quart would fit on a regular gas burner. Is that what you guys use? Do you guys usually use pint jars?
  387. E

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    I was thinking about canning some tuna this year. I've seen some recipes and all the instructions on doing it. I was wondering where was the best place to buy a pressure cooker and if the gague kind is better than just the rocker. I live in North County so any good stores from Oceanside to San...
  388. E

    Aircraft Carrier being sunk off Long Beach???

    Saw a show just this week(I think) on Discovery or History or some channel where they sunk the Mighty O aircraft carrier. I assume this was several years ago and it looked to be somewhere off the east coast. They did a real good job and ended up with it on the bottom sitting upright. They filmed...
  389. E

    sunday bay plans

    If the wind isn't up early and you go early it can be real calm. The jet skies, sail boats, and guys with the big boats that just run around for no purpose don't usually get out till after 10:00, also depending on how sunny it is. Where are you planning on launching from? If I really wanted...
  390. E

    How do you get moist juicy albacore?

    When you say mason jar do you mean smoke it, cut it up and put it in a mason jar with oil in it? Anyone have any recepies for that? I've never done it that way but heard a lot about canned tuna.
  391. E

    Circle Hooks vs. J Hooks which is best?

    I use circles for tuna but never thought about using them in the bay. When we fish the bay we release everything so we go barbless. It makes it much easier to release the fish. Easier on the angler and the fish. We fish Owner or Gamagatsu lead heads and you can just snap the barb off with a pair...
  392. E

    Newbi question about getting started

    Thanks the info looks good. Are the classes opened to the public? Do you need to know anything or have anything to come? I'm just starting to think about it and get some information.
  393. E

    Newbi question about getting started

    My dad used to build all his rods but that was a long time ago, and he's been gone for a while. I was thinking about dabbling in rod building with my son, as a hobby. My question is what is the best way to get started without spending a lot or getting overwhelmed? My son is 12 but I would...
  394. E

    How do you get moist juicy albacore?

    Yea I was really only half joking. I was already thinking about trying it with the albacore. Now that you mentioned it I think I definitely will.
  395. E

    How do you get moist juicy albacore?

    Thanks, all good information (except for a few). Oh I know, wrap it in bacon!
  396. E

    How do you get moist juicy albacore?

    I've cooked a lot of tuna and I mostly either smoke it with a wet smoker, pan sear it (for YFT and BFT), and grill it. Sometimes I use the BBQ but not a lot. With albacore it is usually pretty good (moist) hot after smoking, and when pan seared if its a little pink (translucent) in the middle...
  397. E

    Won the trip

    Tuna could be around here in June but the safer bet is to wait till Aug. - Sept. IME. Hopefully you'll get to go to the Lupe and find some big ones.
  398. E

    What is the best way

    Looks painful, man. I thought everyone says just to leave it be and it will rust out after a couple of days.
  399. E

    first 5 day

    Oh, you may also fish for bass at Geranimo's or some place so if you have room and the gear you might want to take along a 15-17 lb bass rod and some swim baits. Just a thought. If off shore isn't happening and they have some time that's whay can happen.
  400. E

    first 5 day

    I got a 5 day going first of Sept. The Lupe seems to go off later in the season, like Aug. Sept. Just my amature observation. On a 5 day you always hope to get to the Lupe. If the fishing isn't good out there though, they won't bother to go. Definitely you will fish for yellowtail at Cedros...
  401. E


    I would rather use a ringed hook then a loop. I know some people that use the rapala knot (it has a bunch of names, I think it's also called the perfection loop). However, I don't think that knot is as strong as a San Diego. So I would rather use a San Diego knot on to a ringed hook if we are...
  402. E

    trini 40 or 40n

    I think you could go to a Trinidad 30 if you wanted to fish 40 lb. I have one but I usually use it for bait. BTW, I have had an antireverse fail on my Trinidad 16. Turns it into a knuckle buster. Had a big yellow on it. After getting my hand beat up a bit I just held on and broke it off...
  403. E


    The double San Diego you just double up the line before you tie it so you are tying the knot with double line. I haven't seen an illustration but its just as simple as that. It's stonger and this is the knot that wins the Fred Hall knot tying contest from what I've heard. I too use the double...
  404. E

    Catching big fish with a little boat?

    Personally, for me, that's boat's a little small to be going out 20 miles or so off shore, but if you fished off shore in Alaska in a boat like that you probably got a lot bigger balls than me. Just make sure you got the safety gear and a radio or sat phone. About the fishing; Say you have a 50...
  405. E

    The Moon and Fishing

    The rule of thumb that I have heard is aound 3 days before and after a new or full moon. The reason is because the tides are most extreme on full and new moons. When I fished with Cpt. George in SD Bay he said he liked to have about 4 1/2' of exchange. Generally in a bay you expect the best...
  406. E

    Salmon seazon

    You know I heard (and this was some years ago) that some people target and get salmon off of Oceanside. I've never seen one or known of anyone that catches them, but the person that told me seemed to be credible, at least in my hazy memory. They said that there are never very many and they are...
  407. E

    kids and open party tuna....

    Taking my son out this year for the frist time. He's 11. I thought about this a lot and decided to take him on a 1 1/2 day trip on one of the long range boats. These are the trips that the long range boats put on to let people get a glimpse of them without having to go on a 5, 8 day or longer...
  408. E

    Having trouble with a worm knot

    Couple of years ago Julio showed me how to tie a worm knot but I never really used it. I've heard a lot of discussion about using a bimini to worm knot connection for spectra/mono. So I figured I'd start using the worm knot instead of the Albright. I just went out and started tying worm knots...
  409. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Thanks guys. I'm thinking diesel now with a 3/4 ton, and will look for a good deal on a used one. I want to be as safe as possible when on the road. Thanks for the info.
  410. E

    where to buy stand-up harness for LR?

    I have the Smitty bucket type and it really feels great. However, I have yet to use it on a fish. When you get one make sure to think about how easy it is to get out of it. (I was told this since I don't have any actualy experience.) When you are fighting the fish you may have to go over and...
  411. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Thanks for all the good info. I'm already thinking bigger. (maybe its from all that spam email I get about enlarging something) Is diesel better/stonger for towing appication? Does it get you any better $$/mile. I heard it's kind of a wash nowdays.
  412. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Thanks, I really appreciate all the input. I never meant to say I was going to tow it with my Explorer. That's why I'm looking at something a little beefier. Sounds like I need to think even more beefier. I haven't got the boat yet. I'm just trying to figure out everything in advance. I want...
  413. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Yes I was thinking I wanted a 4X4. I've seen trucks struggling to get 24-25' boats out of the water at low tide, and figured the 4X4 should take care of that. So I would be interested what people out there have found to be good tow vehicles for a given boat/trailer.
  414. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Yes I like the Boston Whalers so I'm pretty sure that's the way I'm going to go. I plan on towing the boat abour 20 - 30 miles on the freeway mostly. I would like to be able to go down to Mexico some times but who knows... I was thinking of replacing my Explorer with a new vehicle but I also...
  415. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    Are you saying go with a V8 truck like a Tundra or F150? or something like an Expedition?
  416. E

    Toyota 4Runner as a tow vehicle

    I'm looking at a trailerable boat which looks like will be around 6,000lb or so. Looking at 24' Boston Whaler Outrage with 2 150s, or a 25' Boston Whaler Conquest with 2 150s. My Explorer is rated for 5,000 lb towing so I need a little bigger tow vehicle. I looked at the specs for the 4Runner...
  417. E

    Need input on building up my iron arsenal

    I remember being at Cedros and the yellows were eating blue and white. We weren't getting them on bait either for some reason. The whole boat (Rooster) was fishing blue and white jigs. Get more than one. Personally I think you want to have some good yo-yo jigs like blue and white, scrambled...
  418. E

    Weather and opinions please

    I don't, but many people do. I just have a lot of tuna and yellowtail in the freezer normally so I'm not hurting for fish. I am a little squimish about the water quality of the bay (I remember years ago when it was really bad) and since I don't need the fish it's all catch and release there for me.
  419. E

    Weather and opinions please

    Yea sounds like a reasonable deal. Maybe I'll try that some time. You can go try outside and if it doesn't work out fish the bay for spotties. Don't know if you have done that before but it's a lot of fun catching 1 - 1 1/2 lb spotties on light gear. Other stuff in the bay also like halibut...
  420. E

    Weather and opinions please

    What does that 18' CC cost? I assume it is for 8 hours?
  421. E

    Shogun freezer trip openings

    Spotty bite hasn't been that sick has it? But to have a freezer full of spotties would be grand table fare. BTW, zman Point Loma isn't the only place there is kelp. There are just a few places south of here that have some kelp. And you're the only one that mentioned the flats.
  422. E


    The guy is back in Kansas, going to the show isn't an option. But other than that I agree completely. Pick a good time for you and go. It will be great.
  423. E

    Best time for Sand Bass around here?

    We've fished San Diego Bay a bit but we're in a bass boat so we don't go out past the jetties. We usually don't even go out as far as the jetties. We've caught a few sandies by the area south of Tom Ham's and out around the bait receiver but nothing very big and not that many. I assume the...
  424. E

    Best time for Sand Bass around here?

    Thanks I'll do that.
  425. E

    Shogun freezer trip openings

    So what do you catch. Is it rock fishing, kelp beds, the Coronados? I've never been on a trip that early. Targeting yellowtail or primarily bottom fish?
  426. E

    Best time for Sand Bass around here?

    I want to take my son out fishing on a 1/2 day boat when I'm sure he'll catch some fish. When do the sand bass usually go nuts around here. I don't do much fishing in the flats or kelp beds. I've heard of people catching them out around the jetties but we haven't done all that well trying for...
  427. E

    They canceled my trip...

    If they sport boats cancel because of weather, I sure wouldn't want to be out there. I've seen them go out is some pretty bad stuff. I think you're better off to live and fish another day.
  428. E


    Saluki is that really the Texas Tech swim team? Looks like a Hooters convention. Back to the point. Yea OK. Its harder on females to get old. However, I do agree that us men slow down when we get fat and old. That's why I'm working on losing weight. Its the combination that gets you so if the...
  429. E

    Rigging/knots and the boat crew

    Going to be great trips. I personally find myself using only a couple of knots. Like was said before; the San Diego, and double San Diego. The segar if you use flourocarbon, and sometimes the Palomar. That's pretty much it unless you want to attach mono to spectra and then a bimini twist and a...
  430. E

    Thinking about my next boat

    Yea I know I didn't say any of that but the post seemed pretty long already. As far as price goes I'm not going to worry too much about it until I get things narrowed down, and then the price will dictate whether I get a new or used boat. However, I don't plan on buying a boat over 3 or 4 years...
  431. E

    Thinking about my next boat

    I've been thinking about getting another boat. My last boat was an old wooden 36' Chris Craft. I won't be making that mistake again, but it's been long enough that the memories of working my butt off every weekend have faded. I figure that I want a boat that I can trailor, and definitely not a...
  432. E

    3 or 5 day?

    I wouldn't worry about the rods for a 5 day. If you have tuna tackle for 30 and 40 lb you should be able to borrow a 50 or 60 if you really end up needing it. A lot of the good boats have loaner tackle that they don't charge you for, but you should call them and find out. I'm sure if you put to...
  433. E

    3 or 5 day?

    June might be too early for tuna. It's hard to say since every year is different. The 3 day in July is almost the same price because it is in prime time. If it were me and I wanted tuna, I would go for the 3 day and like TimC said go for a 5 day in Aug. or Sept. when the Lupe might be working...
  434. E

    oh the humanity...

    Sea lions aren't endangered are they? If they need more down there they should send a boat up here to the bait barge in SD bay.
  435. E

    Why you don't bring a hot Mako over the rail

    Where is the guy that wrestled the swordfish. He should have been there to take care of the mako. Why did he step on the tail in the first place?
  436. E

    5 day in August

    I've been on the Rooster 4 or 5 times. Always had a great time. I think it's the boat of my choice. Great food, great crew, big boat and nice cabins. They work hard and I've always caught a lot of fish. Especially that time of year. Never been on the PS but heard good things about them also.
  437. E

    Cliffords knot

    That's the Rapala knot. It goes by many names.
  438. E

    Cliffords knot

    When a knot fails like that its double bad. You loose the fish, and you loose the iron (which you know got bit). Too bad about the fish.
  439. E

    Cliffords knot

    That is kind of like a Rapala knot but the Rapala has several turns once you get through the overhand knot, and finishes just a little different. I know people that feel the Rapala knot is good for all fishing but I don't think they meant getting up to and past the 50 or 60 lb range. I've used...
  440. E

    Dang shoulder

    Year before last I had shoulder surgery. Both of my shoulders hurt from age and use but my right one was really painful. X-rays didn't show anything so they did an MRI and I had a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum. Doctor recommended surgery so I did. It was orthoscopic. He offered to slice me...
  441. E

    These are pretty cool

    I found a short (~6") but wide screw driver at Home Depot. It works pretty good for most of the reels but is still not quite wide enough. I went back and found a long (~12") screw driver there also. It is quite a bit wider and works well on all the reels. My biggest problem is my avet because...
  442. E

    Missing reels on RR3 Trip

    Sorry you lost your gear and I hope you get it back. I'm not trying to be a smart ass but I was wondering how come you didn't know the reel was missing before you left the boat. Did someone get it out of your bag or reel case? Sounds like you didn't find out till you got back home.
  443. E

    Deck Hand Rods

    I just started using a deck hand rod about 2 or 3 years ago. They are great for jig sticks but like the guys said the real can slip. I put an avet lx on a grafighter 8' (or maybe 8 1/2'). I found out that the studs with the avet reel were too long so I couldn't tighten down the reel well enough...
  444. E

    Outside fishin?

    I just got back from a 2 dayer on the Ocean Oddesey. We heard the fishing sucked before we went out. Fished 9/2 and 9/3. We went out 110 miles just below the Cortez, I think, in US waters. Fishing was tough. 28 people on board and we got 46 the first day. Yesterday we were just outside San...
  445. E

    Yellows and stuff via LJ Friday the 24th

    I had an Olympus digital and the same thing happened. It got some but not much water on it. The pro camera shop couln't fix it. The camera was less than a year old and ~$300. I went on the web and got the upgraded Olympus for ~$400 because I wanted to at least still use my memory card. The new...
  446. E

    SD fish processors

    I've used all 3 and they have all done a good job. 5 Star and Mario's give you the best service definitely. Mike gives you the best price but you got to find him and then stay on him to get your fish. The only complaint I would have of 5 Star and Mario's is the price is high. $.75 a pound is...
  447. E

    Hurricane Dean coming to the Pacific?

    I think I'd postpone that unless you are going down there to help out. I'm sure there will be plenty of room at the bars.
  448. E

    knot, lure and other questions

    San Diego Jam knot is the best and easiest in my opinion. If you want it stronger make a double San Diego Jam knot. The Palomar is really good (and easy) if you tie it right, but if you don't know it you can mess it up. I alwasy tie lures like fishtrap, megabait, etc.. directly to my line...
  449. E

    Hurricane Dean coming to the Pacific?

    See what the ods in Vegas are of it reaching the Pacific, and bet against it. Besides them loosing all the steam as soon as they hit land they tend to bend towards the East also, AND our high presure will hold it off.
  450. E

    Line type for Albacore?

    I got the Sato linewinder. They are a little cheaper. I've been happy with it but haven't used it too much. It is amazing how expensive they are. Line Winders
  451. E

    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    Did this get reorganized few months back? I remember an Inshore forum. So what's the rule of thumb? Long range is multi day, and offshore-reports-southern-california-usa is everything else?
  452. E

    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    Where should it be? We couldnt' see land for a few hours. But that was at night.
  453. E

    Overnight on the Condor 7/17/07

    Overnight leaving Mon. night fishing Tue. 7/17/07. Was going to go on the Cherokee Geisha based on what I heard from the owner on this board but they canceled their trip because of a light load. Condor had 16 signed on which is an extremely light load. Got loaded, we already had bait so we...
  454. E

    Where is Mike Burns of World Famous fish processing?

    What are they charging this season. Last season it was $.25 by Mike and $.75 for Mario and 5 Star. Can you get Mario and 5 Star to come down on those prices?
  455. E

    What type of fishing to expect

    Yes hope for the Lupe. Like they said it can be great fun with big YT and YFT can be wide open. More than likely you will end up fishing YT a day or so at San Benitos and/or Cedros. Cedros has a lot of kelp so 40 and 50 lb for yellows is the way to go. You got to get them out of the kelp. Size...
  456. E

    Advice on a Half-Day Boat

    Thanks everyone. I think I'll try the New Seaforth this Tues. and the Daily Double next time. I'm a little apprehensive about the parking down on the Point Loma side. Last several years I've been getting people to drop me off when I go on a trip because the parking is so bad. Maybe it's early...
  457. E

    Advice on a Half-Day Boat

    I've done a fair amount of long range fishing for tuna and yellowtails but I've only been on one half day trip (Big Game 90). That was last year with my son. I want to try and get him into ocean fishing so I'm going to take him out a bunch of times this year. I was wondering if anyone had any...
  458. E

    New Tackle Shop Opens in Vista

    I've been looking for a closer tackle store since Capt. P-Bod's shutdown. Do you guys work on reels or do you send them out?
  459. E

    My 24' Skippy is for sale...........

    Nice boat. I'm looking for a boat that size (I think), but I wasn't planning on buying this year. I do have some questions about it in general. How much are you looking to get? Do you trailor it, and what size vehicle do you use? What size engine does it have and what's the approximate gas...
  460. E

    Fishing Hurts, Be Kind To Fish

    That is really funny that some people really have evloved to that state of mind. First of all, they must all be vegeterians because they couldn't eat anything that lives. But you have to expect at some point they are going to start feeling sorry for the plants and then they have doomed...
  461. E


    If the type is too small while you are reading a post just hit Cntrl +. That's hold down the control key and hit the pluss sign. Cntrl - will reverse it.
  462. E

    What sized Calico's are best for eating?

    I remember eating this dish. We were in Japan in a Chinese resturant. The fish was farm raised red snapper (they don't look red when they are farm raised). The fish is still breathing when you eat it.
  463. E

    What sized Calico's are best for eating?

    Are you saying that calicos don't taste very good? I actually never ate them until we started catching them on a 5 day at the Lupe a year or so ago. They kept them and fed them to us the next day for dinner. They turned out very good and gave me a whole different perspective on the fish. Since...
  464. E

    Honest opinion please

    BTW, my understanding is that you can't sue for any of your time spent in dealing with the law suite. Can't tack on for lost wages or running around time. If I'm wrong let me know but that's my understanding.
  465. E

    4 rods and my shark rig got stolen

    I belive if you find it, and can prove it's yours then you will get it back (legally). That's unfortunate for a person that bought it not knowing it was stolen but they would just be out what they paid for it. I'm pretty sure that's the way it goes. Since you wrapped the rods they are probably...
  466. E

    Which Plastics are the best?

    What kind of a lead head do you use on those and how much weight?
  467. E

    Which Plastics are the best?

    You're right. It's a plastic looking, feeling-like glob of fish atractant.
  468. E

    Which Plastics are the best?

    Yea if you leave them on the hook overnight they get all shrivled up like a (well you know). Someone said just put them in water so I tried it with one that had dried out for a week. Had to soak it overnight but it came back to full size. I used it the next day and it worked fine. Didn't loose...
  469. E

    Which Plastics are the best?

    We fish San Diego bay and use pretty much nothing but 2" gulp shrimp. The gulp is it's own fish attractant and they are expensive. I know there is a big discuss about Uni butter and I would imagine that a plain plastic lure with Uni butter is certainly as good (or maybe better, I don't know, but...
  470. E

    5 day Independence

    I think your going to have a hard time getting on there. You will probably need to go on a waiting list but I think the boat is worth it. I tried to sign up earlier this year and could not find an opening that fit my schedule. I'm going to get on it sooner or later. I've heard a lot of good...
  471. E

    3 Day Trip In The Planning Stages

    Good luck on your trip. I think it is the perfect time to get out there and get some tuna. Personally I don't mind paying a little more to get a nicer boat. On the real long range boats you are going to have much better food for one thing. When you look at the trip, look at how many people they...
  472. E

    MDR fuel price is pure BS$$$

    Something just occured to me. Back in the 60s when I was growing up on the Gulf Coast and my father had a boat, we would go to the gas doc and get the gas receipt so we could send it in to get the highway tax back. Maybe that was on the tax return (state or federal). I don't know I was too...
  473. E

    parking trailer at the ramp

    Bummer about your trailor. That really sucks. I'll relate a story that happened to us on 3/18 at Coronado. I usually drive the trailor and my brother runs the boat since it's his boat. We were coming in so he dropped me off at the dock to back the trailor down. I go up and there are 2 guys up...
  474. E

    5 Day in August

    You will probably have a real hard time getting 2 spots on the Indy. They seem to be booked solid. Might have to get on a waiting list. I've heard great things about the boat, but I've never been able to get on. I really like the Red Rooster III and the Shogun. The Q105 is great also. Heard AA...
  475. E

    SD South Bay on Sun. 3/18

    First time out this year. My brother, my son, and I went to the South Bay for some spotties Sun. We got in the water just after 7:00am. We had 100 fish before noon and ended up with 166 when we got out around 3:00pm. Had a blast. At times it was one right after the other. No pictures because I...
  476. E

    Fish Processeing and 5 day.

    I believe it has to do with the length of the trip. Overnight or day and 1/2 trips (maybe even 2 days??) the deck hands still cut fish. Great deal at $5 a fish. Longer trips and there is some sort of Mexican law that says you can't be cutting the fish down there. That's my understanding. All...
  477. E

    Lupe, moon phases and current?

    I was at the Lupe a copule of times this year also. For the last few years I've been scheduling my 3 or 4 trips a year on or close to a full moon. Current was ripping both times. First time it was real tough catching. I think only 12 tuna the first day, and just a few the second day - for 35...
  478. E

    Red Rooster 4 Day

    Nice report, nice fish. I love that boat. Always have a great time on it. We went to the Lupe on a 5 day in Aug. We lost 5 or 6 50+ tuna to the taxman. That's a pretty impresive sight.
  479. E

    "Capt.P-Bod" Stephan Fredrick Reschke

    My condolences, I am so sorry to hear that he is gone. Whenever I needed fishing gear or advice I would go to his store, because he treated me so well. I didn't know him very well, but I was very happy to have known him, I alwasy appreciated his advice and help and will surely miss him.
  480. E

    Tipping w/ Jack Pot

    I heard from a 2nd capt. that mates make $95/day or $115/day if they have certification. I'm not sure what he means by certification. I thought they all had to be certified. Maybe someone knows??? Then of course plus tips. At first that sounds fairly good, but then you think that a day's work...
  481. E

    multiday ?

    I think all the trips that I have been on were based on a 24 hour period less a few hours for boarding and off loading. So yea a 5 day trip should be 5 nights. Are they charging the same amount as for a full 5 day trip?
  482. E

    Best way to prep a Yellowtail?

    Might be a stupid question but what is the purpose of the kill bag? Is it just a place to put your fish while in the middle of a bite so they don't flop around on the deck?
  483. E

    fish processing?

    Guys, like I said before I had Mike do my fish when I came off a 5 day on the Rooster in Aug. I signed up with him before we talked price. Then he told me he was giving us a great deal for $.10/pound. For 330 pounds, I paid $33. (gave the shop guy a tip also). I didn't buy any smoked fish. I...
  484. E

    Rod Renter Asking For Help

    You might check with the boat because some of the boats offer loaner gear at no cost. Or for a price they can put together a loaner package appropriate for the trip. You will also have to pay to put the line on but I think I'd go that way rather than renting from the dock. Just my .02. Lot of...
  485. E

    5 day advice

    Personally I like the bigger boats like the Rooster, Q105, and Shogun. The Shogun is only 90' but it has a 33' beam. I like them because they are more stable if you get into weather. I haven't been on the Excell or Indy, but would like to. The Indy is always booked so you have to go on a wait...
  486. E

    fish processing?

    Something like that. Mike charges $.25/pound and sometimes cheaper. You can do the cans thing but don't you want some fresh fish? And some in the freezer to tide you through the winter? Makes me think about the days when I was doing the overnighters and 1 1/2 day boats. That $5/fish that they...
  487. E

    fish processing?

    That trade for regular cans deal is really kind of useless. I did it after one trip last year, and now I will never have to buy another can of tuna, nor will my brother's family. I wonder how many years they last? I would like to try some of the canning that I've heard Fisherman's landing does.
  488. E

    fish processing?

    I've used all 3 of them Five Star, Mario's (named Sportman's Seafood), and Mike (World Famous). They are all good. Five Star and Mario's have an inside track with the boats I believe. They have very good service but are expensive. They charge $.75/pound. That's a lot. On my last 5 day I...
  489. E

    Dodo Parasites?

    I guess I've just been lucky because I haven't been frezzing my fish first and I haven't gotten anything yet. Of course my fish always sits in an RSW hold for 1-3 days before I can get it home and process it. That's not really frozen but would that do the trick? I think it's suppose to be at 32...
  490. E

    Getting ready for my Sept. 2nd 5-day on Q105

    Oh, and don't forget the flour. When we were there all the tuna were caught flylining 40# with 40# flour.
  491. E

    Getting ready for my Sept. 2nd 5-day on Q105

    I'd definitely take a lighter outfit or just be prepared to spool some 30# on one of your 40# rigs. Also, if nothing is happening offshore when you are coming back from the lupe you might end up doing some bass fishing at San Carlos or around there so it you have room to take a 15# bass rod you...
  492. E

    moon effects?

    I've always heard that the full moon was the best time to fish. There have been some great bluefin bites that happen on the full moon. And of course when it does everyone says it's because of the full moon. The next best time is suppose to be the new moon. It's not really on the full moon or new...
  493. E

    Not a Very Good Boat

    I fished the CG 5 or 6 years ago on 1 1/2 day. I remember that we woke up and started chumming and fishing where we were drifting. Immediately we started gettig a slow pic on blue fin. We stayed there all day. Never trolled or started up the engines. We had 2 - 5 fish on at all times. It was a...
  494. E

    Red Rooster III 5 Day 8/10-8/15

    Most of the tuna were 50 - 70 lbs. #1 was 73.5 caught by Dave of and #2 was 66 caught by Matt from Poway. The biggest tail was caught by a 12 year old boy and it was 38.something after they had gutted it. I think it was an easy 40. It was caught at Benitas. Most of the other...
  495. E

    Red Rooster III 5 Day 8/10-8/15

    Just got back from the 5 day on the Red Rooster III. I saw Jeff's post but figured I'd just do this in a new thread. The trip was sponsored by Dave of He gave away a bunch of tackle and comemerative tee shirts. I believe he will also be posting pictures on his site but I...
  496. E

    Help on my gear for my first 2 day

    Lot of questions but I'll try and answer a couple. First thing to do is ask the boat if they have loaner rods so you don't have to rent another. If it were I going on a 2 day and I was only taking 2 rods, I would probably take a 30# and 40# setup. You probably won't need anything heaver. The...
  497. E


    I agree with Bertran31. Knowing what to do and why, and willing to do it all day long without complaining, even if it doesn't work. Its probably 90% attitude and the other half is experience/knowledge.
  498. E

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    I heard a couple of guys up at Ken's Custom Reel say those 7X lights were really great. I guess I haven't spent enough money on fishing this year, because I decided to buy a couple when they get them in.
  499. E

    Radar and Bait

    Spot on!
  500. E

    Noah's get's broke into last night

    That is terrible about the loss. Hopefully you have all the serial numbers. I bet they will show up at a swap meet or be sold in the paper or something like that. I bet on that rather than a pawn show. BTW, not to chage the subject but where is P-Bods now. They must have moved because I went by...
  501. E

    Hey from Boston, and a question about iron...

    Could also look at the mega baits. They have all kinds of sizes and some are fairly small. I use them for tuna and yellows. They cast pretty good on 30# line with a bait stick. They come with trebles but half the time I switch them out to a big single hook (at least for tuna).
  502. E

    Eating Tuna - Anyone concerned about Mercury

    Ah yea the good old days. I remember if we dropped a thermometer we would play with the mercury. Its really neat stuff. And the second hand, smoke riding in the car with the windows rolled up and the air coditioner on. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water.
  503. E

    Eating Tuna - Anyone concerned about Mercury

    I eate tuna or YT about 2-5 times a week. It would be more if I remembered to take it out of the freezer more often. I'm not very concerned. The tuna I catch are mostly small (<30 lbs) so I think their mercury levels can't be that high. Tuna (along with other fish) have very high content of the...
  504. E

    Fuckin' Haribik (sp) 35' Express Idiots

    I think you are right about that, but at the same time it doesn't stop the idiots from drinking and driving on the road, or racing which endangers and kills people.
  505. E

    New Lo-An 2 day TRIP REPORT WFO (SeE piCs)

    Nice trip, and nice pics. I was just out on a 5 day and we didn't find the fish as willing. Great going. Thanks for the report.
  506. E

    5 Day on RP no pics

    The Okuma guys and tackle were great. It was really fun to get exposure to the tackle with the yellows. I would like to thank Okuma again for sponsoring that trip and if anyone has a chance to go out on an Okuma sponsored trip, I would go. Just wish we had a few more of the big tuna to go...
  507. E

    4 day on the Rooster

    Oh just saw your report. I was just asking you about it on my thread on the 5 day on the RP. Sounds like you did a lot better than average anyway. That's a lot of fish for one family.
  508. E

    5 Day on RP no pics

    Well I guess the bite was on at the Lupe, but it wasn't all that great. When you caught a fish it was usually a big one but for 36 people the first day we caught 12 YFT and 10 YT, and the second day we were there we caught 7 YFT and 36 YT. We didn't really fish a full day either day because we...
  509. E

    5 Day on RP no pics

    Just got back yesterday morning from a 5 day on the Royal Polaris. Left 7/7 mid day and back in 7/12. Great boat, great crew, and great food. Not so great fishing but we did get some biters. Okuma sponsored the trip and gave us all backpacks with tee shirts, hats, and some tackle. They also...
  510. E

    Watch out for Theives!!!

    All they need is the number if the place isn't going to check any further. They can buy stuff over the phone. Most of the places now ask for the number on the back of your card. (I've worn that number off before and still was able to order over the phone.) What has saved me a couple of times...
  511. E

    Flats area 7-3-06

    Last few years I started fishing the bay, but we usually fish north of the derilicks. We can get some good spoties there but I only seem to catch small sandies there. I mean like the 6-8" size. We've caught some bigger ones in the SI area. Are the flats you're talking about in the back part...
  512. E

    Watch out for Theives!!!

    Photo on credit cards might help but that would still leave it up to some 16 yr. old store clerk (in some cases) to check it. IOW, there is a real weak point in that chain of protection. Since some of my personal info "may have been compromised" I put a "fraud alert" on all my credit cards and...
  513. E

    Shogun 7/2 - 1.5 day trip w/pic

    Nice bluefin! Love that boat. It's great to fish on.
  514. E

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    MV Santa Rosa, I don't own a boat any more. For the last 10 years I've been going on the sport boats because I like fishing better than working (on my boat). I also find it much cheaper, but I want to say that your posts are some of the most informative and interesting. I appreciate your posts...
  515. E

    6/29 Nados quickie

    Wow! Sounds like a great day. I'm surpised the Mexican police weren't out there handing out tickets to those guys.
  516. E

    South Bay 6/25

    I guess I should look them up in my fish book, but at this point I don't know the difference between them. The one I had, had the 2 long teeth coming down in front. In fact he used one of them on me.
  517. E

    South Bay 6/25

    Fished South Bay yesterday with my brother from ~6:00AM to ~2:30PM. Caught 189 fish including 2 bone fish and 1 corbina or corvina, I guess they are the same. Others were mostly spotties with a some small sand bass mixed in. Caught most on 2" gulp grubs; nuclear chicken, new penny, and molt...
  518. E

    1.5 day on Q105 In 6/19

    Absolutely always bring a little heavier gear if you have it. That's why we buy all that tackle, Bring It if you Got It!
  519. E

    1.5 day on Q105 In 6/19

    The fish were real pickey. I don't know if the light line helped a lot but I used 25lb all day. I don't think anyone got any more fish than I did. I heard people were using 30 and even 40 lb but I think the 25lb test was the ticket. I didn't want to go down to 20lb because it was hard enought on...
  520. E

    1.5 day on Q105 In 6/19

    Just got back from a 1 1/2 day trip on the Qualifier 105. Left Sat. evening around 7:00 pm and got back this morning at 6:00 am. We did pretty good. There were about 30 people on board and we got 60 bluefin and 18 albies. All fish were in the 25 - 35lb range. The biggest bluefin was 38.1lbs and...
  521. E

    Condor 6/11

    Great job. Its days like that, you remeber forever. I remember killing them on the Condor but I haven't been on that boat in a long time. Great tuna.