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  1. adobo

    Safety check on oahu

    Does any one know the updated light requirements for trailer safety check here on oahu? My lights are not permanent to the trailer and in need of safety check. thanks,
  2. adobo

    furuno gp1870f

    howzit BD, im planning on upgrading my FF. I need some info if anyone have one or has used one and any reviews and recomendations on furuno gp1870f combo for use in Hawaiian waters. Pretty much a overall review and is it worth getting? thanks.
  3. adobo

    Got Da Fevah!!!!!

    Long story Short.........Left koolina about 6:00am wid my friend jon and cuzin lino, shot straight out to the 500 hit the barge no one home, headed to "S" bouy no one home, ran to "R" no takers, head to "V" no takers either with Scattered birds playing around no action. Decided to come in on the...
  4. adobo

    sap rigger 8-10'. any one has?
  5. adobo

    shmall kine

    Late start, got in the water today about 2:30 ran the ledge up kaena, and about 3:00 bang ratchet goes off. 10 minutes later this is what we got. Thats all for a 4 hour trip today.
  6. adobo

    wtb outriggers

    anybody selling a pair of lee's jr wishbone outrigger.
  7. adobo

    Paint Booth

    Does anybody know of someone or place that rents out paint booth that can fit a boat to paint. Thanks
  8. adobo

    west side report 8-28-10

    went out friday midnight in hope for akule/opelu, no luck. about 4:30am on the way to the pinnacle got a hit from a small marlin hitting the short corner but came off. got to the pinnacle did couple passes nothing. about a mile north, big bird pile at least 100 plus birds all over. worked and...
  9. adobo

    Marlin report

    My plan was to night fish for some akule/opelu friday night......I ended up canceling and flew to maui with my cousin for the weekend cruz. Came back home from maui late saturday night and I could not sleep, so i ended up packing and woke up my braddah and told him we gotta go. So i Hooked up...
  10. adobo


    Check BUMP!
  11. adobo


    Sup everybody congrats for all who caught and entered in the ahi fever.
  12. adobo

    gold reels

    hey guys what do u prefer penn or shimano 80's trolling reels.
  13. adobo

    when they aint biting, keep tryin

    does anybody know of nighttime bottom fishing how to and rigs to use.
  14. adobo

    penn vs. shimano

    Looking to pick up 2 speed 80's. But cant decide which brand, to go with. Who has a better warranty and avaliable parts. Thanks!
  15. adobo


    what type of gaff do i need for landing....AHI?
  16. adobo

    outboards difference

    Does anybody knows the performance, warranty and parts service between the yammas and the suzuki outboard 50s thanks.
  17. adobo

    help repower

    looking to repower 19' glasspro. what type of twin 4strokes outboard is ideal for trolling. thanks
  18. adobo

    new guy

    sup guys, im new here and the big game action. jus picked up me some new gear. i need to rig my rods for trolling. what kind of setup do i need to tie my main line to my leader. already have lures. any suggestions thanks