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    San Nick Leaving This evening Friday 19th Last Minute Trip if anyone interested.

    I always miss the chance to fish this boat. My number is 760 985 2128 my name is Chris. I'll text you later to try and get on the list
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    WTB Curved Glass Windshield 99 Wellcraft

    Well my son put a rock through my passenger section windshield and they dont have these laying around I guess. My boat is a 99 24' Wellcraft Walkaround. If anyone knows of a salvage yard or has a neighbor with a similar wellcraft let me know
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    Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    next time for sure. The wind at the dock was bad.
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    Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    rough day out there yesterday. Last time I opt to not recheck weather before leaving. I saw you get your boat on the trailer solo your a pro. I was going to offer to help but didnt want to offend to you, lol. We got trolled yellowfin on the 209, baited bluefin on a patty between the 181 and the...
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    RTA is back with a vengeance!

    wow awesome trip. nice new boat
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    five days of fun

    good luck should be a great time
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    Need a full float bracket made in LA area

    towerfab has a post about it he's in orange county
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    2001 Wellcraft 22 Walk Around

    nice boat. i have a 24' and love it
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    i thought i was getting some trolling gear, he musta forgot his log in
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    pm me a price on the 2 penn's and the progear set ups please
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    30" setback outboard bracket

    That's a great idea. Much safer/comfortable is what i'm looking for. After installing the 4 stroke and the tank it sits really low so as soon as it gets windy or choppy it starts scoopin water when drifting or anchored. Can you message me your number?
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    30" setback outboard bracket

    towerfab, I'm thinking about adding a floatation bracket to my boat. I bought it with the 200hp 4 stoke and then added a 60 gallon bait tank, the scuppers won't stay above water in slop and the notched transom acts like a scoop. Think a bracket will help?
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    Long day.

    I fished Hermosa for giant sand dabs as well saturday night, lil pancakes are thick. We got lucky and got one seabass about 445 and a nice halibut about 845. I lost a nice mako that was jumping around for a few minutes right after sunrise.
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    Beginners luck ! Hooping in LB

    ya those lines can get troublesome
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    Fly Fishing at the MARLBORO Ranch in Montana

    looked like fun
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    lobster hoopin 10-2

    Way to go Ron, looks like double limits and early! Apologies on the dim glowsticks and sinkin juice boxes, my boat was broken into last lobster season. A week into it and all my ground tackle,lobster nets , poles, knives, wet gear ,flashing light sticks in three colors and my giant ice chest...
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    lobster hoopin 10-2

    Sounds like you'll have a great time Ron. Good luck tonight I wish I lived 50 miles closer i'd try again tonight after last night's crawl
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    Lots of Paddies but No Dodo's or YT at 14, 277, or Avalon Banks

    looks nice and warm. whats the purple color on the chloro chart?
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    10/2 Hidden Bank

    nice fish that picture of the sun is sweet
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    lobster hoopin 10-2

    I wish we we're by ourselves. There's 5 boats off my stern. Everyone was happy and worked together and looked like most boats had limits.
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    lobster hoopin 10-2

    Went last night and did some hoopin in 28 ft around exposed stucture using mackeral and sardines from the freezer. We had 5 legals by 745 and ended the night with 13 by 1130. Threw back at least a dozen clickers and had to move away from the crabs a few times. T-shirts and board shorts all...
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    hooping in LB

    it could have been l.b. thieves gettin ya at cat
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    hooping in LB

    gotta love long beach
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    Its Time Tip of the week

    tuesday and thursdays are great
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    oceanside slip for sublease

    how much ? you can pm me
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    6-2-2012 Coastal WSB

    Nice one. We were abchored a couple boats off your stern and cheered with you when you got it up. :hali_olutta:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    Thanks Tony, I knew I'd get the negative response but wanted to get the info out there. A few guys in the area have contacted me before so I figured it was worth a shot at catching these guys, the gear is not one of a kind but recognizable. The good guys outweigh the bad here on bd even though...
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    Thanks... I believe I have personal property coverage on the boat that they are using. I was curious about the premium but this is the only claim in 5 years of having the boat coverage
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    Not sure what your trying to say :hali_olutta:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I'd cry if I had no boat:rofl:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    Your Gay too. I never cried just sent out a heads up to people like me who don't support the tweek thief market. Suck it easy and only choke when you get paid extra:_diarrhea_::finger:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    How am I stupid? I fucked up and my ride got pillaged, now I get a check for thousands of dollars to go spend. Your retarded:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I remember reading that. Some one out here has some free nice gear. I hope they get caught and beat :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    fuck that. Go eat some more tainted sandbass taint. Fuckers shouldnt cross gates and unlock peoples boats. All my shits STILL in the boat where it belongs. If I left it on the street or lived in a fucked up hood like yours it would be different. I'm on a big property fenced and cross fenced and...
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I've been leaving the gear in my boat(s) for the last 7 years. It would take hours to pack and hours to unpack. My faithful lab usually has me covered but now that she's 16 i guess she was slippin. The jack russels usually go nuts as well but the bitch is in heat and the stud is preoccupied...
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I added personal property to the boat coverage up to 5000 the homeowners would cover everything over 5. I have to itemize all the weights,swivels, rings, lures etc. I'm not sure if i need reciepts yet
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    it would slow the bastards down
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    I went hooping wednesday night. It was a slow crawl but we brought home 6 legals in 30 ft of water using mackeral. Long story short I lost a buddy bearing and brought the boat to my new house. After cleaning it I noticed it wouldn't fit under the internet/cable wires and I would have to park...
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    catlaina lobster fishing

    If the hoopin sucks buccaneer days is at Two Harbors. I've heard its a good time. Thats my plan anyway
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    Chance of Thunderstorms this Sat/Sun

    Forgot about the cold and rain, don't lobster still have Domoic poisoning. That shit is crazy, you don't want to get that from eating nasty bugs, lol
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    First Time Hoopin' Gear List?

    I like to a have a spare anchor at the ready near the back of the boat. There's lots of rope and if you get it caught in your prop your disabled and afloat until you free it. Figure out some sort of management system for your own rope and watch out for the loser that left his attached the sea...
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    Rpt-8 day on the Excel ending 09-23-11

    awesome write up and pictures as usual.
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    What a great summer

    Thats awesome. Thanks for the pictures. My wifes parents are out and about in their rig also, I think they left 4 years ago and just want to keep drivin and exploring. Looks like a lot more fun then bitchin about getting old.
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    Humboldt Squid

    The only thing for sure with these critters is they like to eat, and usually stay with the food.
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    24' X 36' Boat/RV Metal Awning

    damn it. hopefully it stays for a week i'm in escrow
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    09-17 Tuna pen report and Marlin..

    thanks for thee report, awesome picture. What camera were you using
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    1 spot left Sat 1 a.m. SI Launch to Hidden $100

    he's not a charter, he's looking to split expenses.
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    Prowler report 9/10

    I call B.S. without pictures
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    Prowler report 9/10

    Everyone has an opinion. Why cant I? I was not on this boat, chances are I won't ever ride a diesel pushing sport boat with passengers/crew who smoke cigarettes thats just me. My opinion is that the [poster] is a complainer and he bashed this boat! Your opinion is not to ride this boat. Cool...
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    Prowler report 9/10

    The poster would have served his cause better by talking with the captain of the boat or the crew. Instead he cried about coffee cups and nappy deckies who smoke to much. If he knew so much about the bite that day he should run a fukn boat, if he's such a human resource agent maybe he could run...
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    28' Wellcraft Coastal $19,900

    nice boat. I wish I was buying right now
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    Rpt-2-day-09-11-11 Offshore Grand Slam.

    way to go. Thanks for the report and pics
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    Prowler report 9/10

    Sorry you had a bad trip. I can't stand cigarette smoke and don't ride the sporties because of it anymore, seems like most the regulars and all of the crew smoke on most boats. With that said I think your an ass for coming on a public forum and belittling an operation over the size of coffee...
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    Honda or Yamaha

    I really like my yamaha f200. I only have a 143 hours on it in the last year, so it still seems new. It fires up right away and is almost silent at idle no fumes and great on fuel burn. Never had a honda, but these newer 4 strokes are the way to go imo
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    Prayers to the boys up the line

    weird summer. I was at catalina with the wifey when the warning went out over the radio , it was sunny with a lil wind and small swell. coming home sunday to newport was a really nice ride flat 70 degree water in the channel paddies with bait , but no game fish
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    NPH fullday on a skiff

    tree luvin hippies killin a few bass, no problem there
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    Brought a knife to a gun fight

    that's the tow rig right there! Thanks for the condition report, sounds fun
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    Tuesday Aug 23rd: Hidden Bank, 371, 425.

    Thanks Barry. That's a killer drive.
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    Rpt- 2.5 day 08-14-11 Tails, YFT, BFT to 80 lbs.

    Wow. Thats a great trip. Congrats on the big blufin and thanks for the report and pictures
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    Whaler 22' Guardian Build

    Damn ... off to nice start. Its going to be a sweet ride
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    what the ride like on a sportcraft 252 ?

    i sea trialed both my boats in the afternoon wind and slop, very good decision
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    Mako Sharks in South Orange County

    Must be why the mexican authorities are getting so strict with us, you keep taking pics like this it makes em look bad
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    July 29th 2 day (not) on the Pacific Quest

    Those forecasters must have been on vacation!
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    A poem about fishermen

    nice, i liked it
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    First 2011 Tuna (IVO 181)

    way to go! I can't wait to get out there. great pictures too
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    ***2004/2008 WORLD CAT 270 EC "Tuna Jihad" for Sale - REDUCED AGAIN $64,900***

    This boat is over-qualified to compete in todays shitty market :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    crazy, way to go
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    BAMF 30 Tuna Chaser unveiled

    super nice ride, you guys are getting em together
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    at the hidden area.

    where 75w gulf of mexico? when my gps antennae is disconnected it says i'm in africa
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    Found them

    thanks for the report
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    What can I expect this weekend ?

    I'm going to ripper's cove to camp with family and friends saturday maybe sunday. Hopefully the ski boat race is over by noon saturday
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    The hunt for WSB!! 7-13-11

    Nice. I can't even find shorts this year. fuck it, come on paddy fishin. Thanks for the report
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    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    were there any fish caught before,during or after the incident?
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    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    Throw buds, beer and the undocumented hooker that had the lookout's attention, then drink lots of water
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    damn... way to go
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    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    keep anchor light on while anchored at night. get info and file report if hit have facts straight before posting
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    BFT Slowdown

    they're waiting for you to get there to feed them
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    we are fucked

    :finger:WTF This is bullshit. I'm fishing where I fish come Oct. If they don't like thy can take me to jail:finger:
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    How rig dead mackeral to swim

    I use a rigging needle, some 200# wire and some string to tie up his fins. I wrap the hook to the wire and use needle to pull through the makeral, i make a loop at the end of wire and wrap it tight. I pull some floss through the loop and figure 8 the pec fins so he doesn't spin.I remove the...
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    First WSB

    awesome. way to go
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    2011 Defiance 290 Guadalupe - $110,000

    xcellent questions but at $110,000.00 purchase price, it shouldn't matter what transducer is there you can afford to replace it.
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    BFT 80 miles out of San Diego!!

    I sure wish there was a photo, chasing tuna beats chasing ghosts in my opinion.
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    Punta Mita Report

    Really great report. Thanks for all the shots of paradise.
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    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    Another nice ride at a great price.... Boo hoo I'd kick myself for not buying at ??? and trying to sell for ??? while I fished seabass at the island on it. Just don't know if I would post on someone else's sale about it, kinda crappy you should erase that b.s. for the seller.
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    a few boat questions

    put a step on and mount a bait tank. It's not much better when you buy something that you think is " ready to go". I spent the boats cost over again and still "want" some more upgrades
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    my 18 Footer to Catalina tomorrow?

    The weather has been good. You can check the noaa web site for local bouy reports. I'll be there on ch.72
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    SeaBass Helmet

    Thanks for the report, and the gear run down.
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    Local Seabass 6-16-11

    Way to go! I like angry birds
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    LJ afternoon aboard the "Fin n Tonic"

    thats a log for sure thanks for the report. Whats the water temp down there?
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    Thanks Bryan, still trying to get a plan together for today. A nice limit would make it all seem worth it. Scattered fish everywhere no one reporting limits, paycheck is a day late for the fishdope.
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    Dana to Crystal Cove Condition Report 6.14.11

    good try. thanks for the report looked nice out
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    SBI 6/14

    Crazy how fast they move/ or stop biting
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    SBI 6/14

    saved me some gas money thanks
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    Ya i was cutting up frozen dead and everything we took off the hook, and had a bag full of squid hanging in the water
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    unfortunately there was limits somewhere both days i went
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    I only follow sporties when I need jigs or burgers. They were all there friday morning, absent sun/mon. I did notice they were not there, they need to catch a lot more than me. I thought conditions would be good there was lots of bait and birds both days so i stuck to the plan and fished like...
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    Thunderbird Sportfishing SBI PB Calico / C Bass like Rainbows

    thanks for the report. I sat at the v's on sunday night thru mon morning should have tried salta verde too.
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    I fished the back side from 3 a.m friday til 6p.m. no white sea bass for us. water was in the mid 60's at the v's and a little cooler at salta verde. Got home saw limits and planned to leave sun fishing through the night til monday. Same thing sun/ mon but with a lil nicer seas if that was...
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    get a watch dog no one steals from mean dogs
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    automatic bilge???

    My boat had floats that didn't work so i put in a rule with auto and fixed the float. The float went bad again this weekend, the rule auto is still working. probably getting rid of the pump/float and getting another rule1500 for the bilge.
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    Birthday Wish - To Go Fishing - 6/10 to 6/11 (w/ Video)

    He looks so happy to be fishing with dad and you, way to go.
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    Big Seabass and

    way to go. what time is the seminar
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    18' baja w/ 50 hp four stroke and kicker

    thats an awesome video in your signature trayscool
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    Yellows on half day boat.

    Rj, I really like the guide service the new seaforth provides to skiffs while touring the la jolla kelp, thanks for such an awesome service. You could call it the kelp crawl carpender's will line up for it huh TOM
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    5-30-11 Shark/WSB LB

    i think the kelp grows better during cold water years, so if the water keeps warming we'll have less kelp. The urchin's eat the crap out of it too
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    Washed up boat at Strands

    too many people drowned out there this weekend, sad.
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    riding gear

    my number is 619 865 2441 pick up in hesperia unless you want to meet on the way to long beach today
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    riding gear

    125 obo/ will trade for saltwater rod or reel all gear used for 6 months 6 years ago and in good condition pants size 38 jersey xl gloves chest guard size adult knee and shin guards helmet and goggles boots size 10
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    Dana Point Kid Trip

    awesome. glad your boat is back on the water
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    Birthday Present

    happy birthday, way to go
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    Emergency Sale!

    damn wish i had 2k to drop thats some nice stuff. hope your son gets better soon. it's the worst when my kids are sick
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    What was that?

    osama's body or... a cartel sub
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    new yamaha on the skiff

    i really like my yamaha, it might not be as fast as the 2 strokes but it runs great
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    2120 Tower Upgrade

    can i see some pics and a price on the rocket launcher for sale
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    Little Harbor WFO - FishDope:

    fish dope, paying for it's self every day :smoking33:
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    SD Sportfish Sweet Teresa report -What the hell is this?

    "The best part of the day for me was the reality check of whats important. We all have the luxury of being able to spend time on the water and pursue what we love as a hobby. Its because of the sacrifices these guys make, the service and security provided, that allow us, the ability to pursue...
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    11yr old vs. 30# american red snapper

    lol... "there's only 2 fillets on a fish". that youngster whooped that snapper
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    2001 wellcraft 220 walkaround

    I've only ran outboards on my vessels, so I'm not sure about the i/o. I get awesome gas mileage on the 4 stroke yamaha My forward bilge pump is located right between the driver and passenger seat and has an access hatch on the wall of my cabin. Its located under the entry door. Mine has a...
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    2001 wellcraft 220 walkaround

    i have a 99 24 walkaround. what info are you looking for
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    Rpt-03-19-11 Well we tried!

    i resorted to terrorizing the local stock trout populations up here. Hopefully we'll have some great days out there soon
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    Rockfish from shore in san diego

    :_diarrhea_: Nice report by the way
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    4+ Gas this summer

    shitty. glad the 4 stroke is paid for now it's time to save me some fuel
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    That count is shit compared to what you usually produce are you guys feeling well? Those turd rollers would go great with some mackeral in a hoop. You can send me the numbers and i can remove the lobsters from your fishing area
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    $ Miami $ Boat $ & $ Broker $ Show $

    Those are really cool pictures I can only hope to ride one of those
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    $ Miami $ Boat $ & $ Broker $ Show $

    Awesome... i like the sticker price on the 4th picture up
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    New Boater in Oceanside

    I would get a vhf and pay for sea tow or vessel assist, they'll come tow , jump or gas you up and get you back to the dock. At $150.00-200.00/year it's cheap. I've had it for 4 years and used it twice. once for a tow on th road and once to jump batteries 9 miles out. The tow would have been...
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    Somewhere on LB wall 2-17-11

    congrats on getting out. cabezon is off limits as of now to boaters so you did right by not to take it out of the water, if your camera was a lil better you could have had a great shot. There's really no way to tell what size the fish is with nothing else to compare to in picture
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    MLPA Google Earth Maps - Must See!

    After they protect and restore the fish population and the fish start eating the kelp or shitting in their private beach backyards they'll "need" to control the population by selling permits to commercial fisherman to fish those areas. This has to be about a large sum of money why else would...
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    SM - Critterin'

    Too bad about the motor nice pictures
  130. C

    not affiliated, just passing along Invader Sharkman 18'8"

    The boat is worth more than your going to get for it today unfortunately. It looks way cool and very fishable. I recently sold a 19 ft center console and got 5500 and felt very fortunate
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    Loading my boat???

    video didn't show up. You might be going to deep. If there's 2 people it should be easy back down til the trailer is in the water enough to land the front of the boat then have your buddy back down a little bit til you can power the rest the way on lining yourself up as you do it. Take your time...
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    Striper 2101 Alaska Add-on?

    what are the 21's going for? i looked at the end of summer and most 21's were right at 12- 16 and the 26's were a few thousand more... tighten the belt and go low... i bought my boat at 2/3 rd's asking price and still think the guy was lucky to sell in this mlpa'd assbackwards state of ours
  133. C

    Striper 2101 Alaska Add-on?

    i think there's a 26 for 15,500 and one for 21 for sure... earlier in the year i saw one go for 15.
  134. C

    ***F/S*** 1998 Hydra-Sports "Vector Series"

    nice ride. I really liked my Hydra Sport really solid boats
  135. C

    motor issue

    Sounds like a sticky float in the carb. I have a 72 johnson 25 horsepower that spent it's life in the saltwater and still runs.
  136. C

    Striper 2101 Alaska Add-on?

    21 is a small boat especially if your wanting cold/wet weather packages i think there's like 5 or more 2601's all rigged up on the for sale board
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    It's a Start - Catalina Report - 2/6/11

    what a great start thakns for the report and the pictures are great too.
  138. C

    dana point

    nice job lots of big bugs on the pages this year.
  139. C

    Pre-Departure Safety Talks

    I like the safety speech and I will follow it can I ride? lol
  140. C

    1997 18 ft CC Klamath restoration project.

    Thats going to be a sick skiff. How did you like your wellcraft? I have a 24 w/a so far so good
  141. C

    Mobile Yamaha Outboard Service- OC

    Gonzalo and west coast marine are GREAT! I've never had such an easy drop off and pick up. They fit me in within 48 hours and my boat was back on the water. I have to get my 100 hour service and plan on trailering past all the shops to have it done there i wish the johnson marine sticker would...
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    Can someone get these threads in audio form it would be great entertainment to hear them while reading other reports... I think we are long overdue for slot limitson everything but paochers and enviro's
  143. C

    Got My 2011 License

    it's a recommendation, I don't think you need anymore it's overworking on you:Smoke_Emoticon:
  144. C

    max towing

    I picked up 2011 5.7 it loves to tow and eat gas. I loved my siverado but it's really no comparison
  145. C

    More pics

    great pictures. how cold is out there? everyone is in gore-tex
  146. C

    What are your off-season boat projects

    Doh! I wanted to be the foreman on this one:hali_olutta:. The list of want to do is longer than I ever would have imagined, and not one bit is a necessity or inexpensive.
  147. C

    What are your off-season boat projects

    sweet i was going to send my address but now i can just pick you up, I need the old gauges out of the dash and re wire the toggles and add a new dash with no holes. Wash wax and fish
  148. C

    Furuno 1623 Install

    Thanks Jim, I think I found some at overton's I have book marked. The radar would block the view of my anchor light so I want to get it up high
  149. C

    Roger the SEAL and a LOST PROMAR NET - SD

    nice job the seals really shut stuff down
  150. C

    SMB 1/29 and 1/30 + DFG

    who drives the spitfire now? i used to ride it when chris was the capitan and he seemed cool... way more mellow than cappy of the pursU!t.
  151. C

    Rpt-Sat-San Clemente Island.

    nice report lots of fish... i hate that W word, i was all lined up to go tonight and it looked bad out there
  152. C

    Furuno 1623 Install

    nice mount where did you find it? did they have one with the light on it too?
  153. C


    Your insane, how much different is it in the cabo? Was the lupe trip hairy
  154. C

    Furuno 1850WF problems

    i have furuno navnet 3 d and unless you go through the set up stge in the manual in might not recognise the transducer and the gps receiver. i googled it
  155. C

    Furuno 1850WF problems

    You might have to get out the instructions, and go through the set up step so the unit accknowledges the tansducer and the gps anttenae. I have a furuno navnet and the same thing happened the first time i used it. If that doesn't work double check the connections.
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    Hooping on the pier?

    lots of poachers in santa monica on the pier should be something there
  157. C

    Reporter sues MLPAI

    These guys are out of control... I hope he gets something from them
  158. C

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    cutler's diabetic and doesn't use drugs... i would worry about one of the BEARS knocking aaron rodgers into the land of favre
  159. C

    Bait barge? We don't need no stinking bait barge in Newport

    Ok now correct me if im wrong or am interpreting the info wrong from t his website.... but it looks to me that the areas being discussed (Newport south to Dana) are all listed as either SMP's or SMCA's(accept Heisler Park SMR). When you look at the definitions of both of these they are listed as...
  160. C

    LBC 1/15/11 Full Pots

    way to go. your arsenal is of spots is impressive. i got a ticket a week or two ago as well at a different ramp....bastards
  161. C

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Go bears! fuck'n Paqueers fans
  162. C

    My first long range tuna trip!

    way cool report and pictures
  163. C

    Bait barge? We don't need no stinking bait barge in Newport

    I'm all over this. Ninja fishing at it's worse broad daylight with flags reading fishing is not a crime. They can take my kayak and my aluminium boat and I'll play the court game after the fact, maybe the judge fishes
  164. C

    Bait barge? We don't need no stinking bait barge in Newport

    I don't want to be an outlaw, but at the same time it's not like they're giving much choice:2gunsfiring_v1:.
  165. C


    Without putting the dome on a pedestal and "wedging" it forward are you still able to pick up obstructions just off the water like lobster bouys, floating debris etc.. I thought hat was the reason for th $300 mount.
  166. C

    Bait barge? We don't need no stinking bait barge in Newport

    only outlaws will be fishing south of harbor, stay away
  167. C

    Carlsbad Kelp 1/17/2011

    thanks for the report. Enjoy home you deserve it
  168. C

    Spearing - Three In One Shot!

    Big Congratulations to you and the new mommy... awesome pictures and timeline, it really brought me back to when mine were brought in to this world.
  169. C

    The lowly mackerel

    I always get an order of saba at the sushi joint it's really good... if lobsters didn't taste so good i'd eat the bait
  170. C

    Inverter/Charger In 25 Skipjack?

    I'm going to put an inverter in my wellcraft as well and would be interested in how yours comes out and what you think of that inverter. Seems like a good price
  171. C

    Navionics chips all on SD/MMC

    Can you send me some screen shots or info on what these cards have on them? I have navnet 3d and its preloaded with a generic but very friendly fishing chart.
  172. C

    Catalina Sat & Sun- Fishing School

    I re read the post again and wonder how setting up on a spot that's holding calicos and sandbass is irresponsible? Are we not going to fish deeper structure bass because maybe the ever elusive bocaccio is feeding there?:shithappens:
  173. C

    Catalina Sat & Sun- Fishing School

    Goats are out of season to boaters. I believe it says caught some goats... they don't appear to be in the kill shot, i think its safe to assume they were released
  174. C

    hoop nets

    i got some at the bass pro shop last week they had at least a thousand of them... there's no lobster left though
  175. C

    Catalina Sat & Sun- Fishing School

    Way to go.... so Captain Dave also babysits I might need to get a quote this guy does it all.
  176. C

    san diego in a 19ft mako

    rockfish south of the border around the nados or rockpile... or pound sand around la jolla should be something there
  177. C

    Let the shit talking begin

    fuck'n crazy story. Glad the boat is back curious to see how the engine turns out. I doubt I could swim well in 6 ft waves you guys are really lucky
  178. C

    Mag Bay to Cabo Video

    great video... thanks for sharing
  179. C

    Let the shit talking begin

    funniest of the post til now:rofl:
  180. C

    Let the shit talking begin

    some funny shit in the comments.... sorry you had to be that dumbass glad your reporting and not someone on your behalf because your dead... so what happened? help others to learn why we check the weather and ocean condition
  181. C

    San Diego butt slapping bonanza!

    You guys killed it. Nice pictures too
  182. C

    7 man life raft

    "not going in your kayak" lol... How much is it to certify this things? Sometimes I leave the harbor.
  183. C

    damn henway didn't work.............

    when are we going to get to the elephant jokes the hen's been weighd
  184. C

    Another long night at Cat. Lobstering west end.

    we heard you on the radio. we had a worse night than you 15 shorts for 4 legals. at least a dozen of those were just short like you said. couldn't have asked for a better night
  185. C

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    Right on I was wondering what happened to it. I had an outboard with a stuck shifting rod once, I could run great in forward but it wouldn't pop into reverse just kept revving up
  186. C

    Bridgeport Reservoir

    nice fish thanks for the report
  187. C

    Anacapa yellows 11-16-10

    awesome avatar... I hope your a Dolphin fan being forced into promoting a greater team. Nice fish tunadoctor
  188. C

    Wheeler to Mateo 11.16.10

    Way to go. I'm afraid to fish by myself, I think I'd like it and lose all friends
  189. C

    Great day with dad

    That pyro coor looks great. The Chartreuse looks neat too.
  190. C

    25' Sea Ray Laguna Walkaround Cuddy $12500

    that boat wasn't as nice as this one though
  191. C

    Trim tab hydraulic tubing?

    Thank you
  192. C

    Trim tab hydraulic tubing?

    Any one know of any shops that would carry this in stock? West Marine and my local shops want to special order it , but I want to get on the water and the old brittle line broke when I was washing the boat. Thanks
  193. C

    1978 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagagon Westfalia

    bus bus bus.... glad I'm broke or I'd have another thing to register. Good luck with the sale
  194. C

    Catalina Fishing/Diving Report 11/5-7

    great report... we always hit armstrong's for dinner at least once if we saty over there.
  195. C

    a question about your fish/depth finder

    my navnet 3d shows them going down and coming up it really helped to position right off the structure we were tartgeting
  196. C

    1st time aboard the Freedom, 1st time fishing SBI

    WOW you killed em. guess it pays to know what your doing
  197. C


    hopefully that thins out the crowds!
  198. C

    I hate it when....

    What's up eddie how are you doing? hope to see you out there some day. Still dropping in the same areas? I might be out that way the monday or tuesday night.
  199. C

    I hate it when....

    definately a favorite when the wind is 60 mph through the pass
  200. C

    I hate it when....

    Nice I haven't tried that yet we usually turn the big ones into soup or thermador or bisque. I'll look it up and try it next time. I went with the good ole fashion boiling of a smaller sized model with dinner tonight, they're delicious. Unfortunately for the lobsters it was my last one and I...
  201. C

    I hate it when....

    I launch out of Dana Point and head north to shallow rocky waters
  202. C

    I hate it when....

    I'm over it. It's not my fault they are so fuk'n tasty!:rofl:
  203. C

    Monster Dana Bug!

    i've heard and seen people digging clams in newport of all places
  204. C

    Venice Offshore- Finally!

    awesome report way to go. thanks for helping clean up that mess too
  205. C

    10-22-10 long beach

    1 of the shore boat driver's is a douche and loves to create wake for people fishing inside, be careful if your rowing i thought he was going to sink us or push us into the rocks a few times in there over the years
  206. C

    Monster Dana Bug!

    did you eat it's legs? they ate pretty tasty too.
  207. C

    Monster Dana Bug!

    nice pull. the big ones are out to die
  208. C

    I hate it when....

    the ocean... happy, smart bass. If you pulled 3 lobster over 5 pounds off a rock the size of a boat you wouldn't pass any more info either.
  209. C

    I hate it when....

    I'm still loving the upgrade. I put 20 hours on the motor in 2 trips, doubled it's use time. I installed a second 1500 gph bilge pump and had the water pump assembly replaced so hopefully I'll get a catalina trip in this week.
  210. C

    I hate it when....

    Good luck! The big ones are trying to get away
  211. C

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    The swim fins on the tail are what you are looking at, the female swim fins are really long and the males barely cover the tail. The females are longer so the babies can hide in there, I think.
  212. C

    I hate it when....

    The dang things are so big you feel a lil guilty when eating em, just a lil... looked like about a 3 pounder to me New truck with a bug problem Happy native We got the smaller of the 3 big ones about an hour after dark then nothing til the magic tide change and a short move, then...
  213. C

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    sweet. i killed a couple big ones last night, they taste great
  214. C

    Channel Islands Seafood Health Warning

    I've been fishing lobster for 5 years and every year the same warning is issued. And every year it says no known cases in california.
  215. C

    10-17/18 Nic YT

    Nice job. Thanks for the report
  216. C

    Dana Point Super Bug 10.17.10

    great job on the release. we tried to donate a big one and no one take it.
  217. C

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    Honestly, after just gutting, quartering then steaking and bagging a 195 lber. 100 bucks isn't that bad a deal. If they were to just gut and quarter it it might not be worth it.
  218. C

    10/13 offshore

    thanks for the report let us know how the re wire goes
  219. C

    FOR SALE!!

    nice gaff btw
  220. C

    FOR SALE!!

    I'm in hesperia and would like to send wife and kids to disneyland, how far round trip?
  221. C

    Dana Point Hoop Crooks are back

    WOW. people suck. A white cabin cruiser is half the douches on this board. I even own a white cabin cruiser now, not many colors to choose from in the used market
  222. C

    Outboard vs inboard

    I searched until I found a good used 4 stroke, I want to get 2000 - 3000 hours out of my engine
  223. C

    Swordie on Producer overnight 10/10

    that was pretty cool video. I wondered how it's side was ripped up in the one set of pics, but i guess 6 or 7 gaffs would do it
  224. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    When I cut into the gills I must have cut the heart in half it fell out dragging the shark back to my boat at the fuel dock, you can see it behind my left foot. A closer look Glad I didn't get the little kill bag Dang shark killin hippie I think a good song came on the radio...
  225. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    Take a shot and 2 more beers and the writing will read "Jamie Nardoni Photography" The picture was taken with a 10.1 megapixel sony dslr. I don't know if she edited it but it looks smooth and seemless on my monitor I'll upload some from my phone maybe the quality will match your screen.
  226. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    Yes it was a nice day. I want to get one mouth hoooked and release it next time. I wish I was faster with the camera I would have had great shots of that shark and your boat.
  227. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    Nice were you in the red boat? After we got her in the harness we saw a thresher light up on the surface behind the red boat it was really cool to see. Did you guys release more than 1?
  228. C

    Plan B

    nice yellow. good call
  229. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    Thanks guys she won't stop talking about it and is threating to go again. I'll get some pictures up in the boat section soon
  230. C

    My wife gets a thresher

    We got a new to us boat and needed to see what worked and what didn't and thresher trolling seemed like the way do it. Bait tank looked good but small with a couple dozen mackeral swimming around. The Yamaha fourstroke is really nice 51 miles on 14 gallons of gas. It was really cool having all...
  231. C

    Fishing Honeymoon

    congrats on the wedding too!
  232. C

    Lobstering request for 2010-2011

    you didn't mention kayaker's are they not on the be nice too list
  233. C

    Shakedown trip skunk is off! 10/3

    damn mola can cost you moola when you hit em
  234. C

    27' Reinell Hardtop Fisherman $600.00

    whoops you were supposed to make another post before advertising something, or people will think your using the site to sell your boat
  235. C

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    It's really not cool what some people thing they can type on other people's post's. It seems like she would always report on the better fishing and always reported how the fish were caught. She's probably having a better fishing year than most and the haters had to throw salt
  236. C

    Limits of Fin Bait Seabass - Catalina Report 9/26

    Nice you two killed it. Way to make the right call
  237. C

    Deja Vu all over again.....but sweeter

    Damn thats a nice ride... i wasnt hating til i realised the bed in your boat looks nicer and more comfortable than mine in my house! congrats look forward to more reports
  238. C

    NoZilla tuna hunt Dana Pt.-209-181-43-SCI-DP

    way to take advantage of the weather .... your a nut
  239. C

    For what its worth.. Laguna, Cat, Mid Channel report

    thanks for the report the sunset picture is awesome
  240. C

    What's This? SCI video 9.25

    nice report and pictures... even if it reminds of the 100 plus degree weather we worked in today and yesterday
  241. C


    ohay so the dff1 is in for sure. is there a thru hull 260 or is the transom sufficient. Thanks for all the help Tripp
  242. C


    the tm 260 looks like a great transducer, Someone else suggested the navnet digital sounder. Do you have any reviews on it?
  243. C


    mostly fish for what's available lobster, spring yellowtails, shallow water rockfish, local island trips and occasional offshore trips. the boat is wellcraft 24 walkaround with a 4 stroke outboard
  244. C


    I'm going to get a furuno navnet 3d system and have everything figured out except which transducer and why. The boat is a 24' walkaround. Can anyone tell me how much better a 1 kw transducer is going to be than 600 w. through hull or transom? Can i use an in hull system? Any help would be...
  245. C

    14FT GREGOR ALUM. BOAT W/15hp HONDA 4-Stroke

    hows the new boat? my friend called and said someone else was towing my boat last weekend. lol
  246. C

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    the picture is up on 976 tuna and it looks like a wahoo.
  247. C

    99 wellcraft

    No one has a well craft walkaround hull? And no one has anything bad to say about them?
  248. C

    99 wellcraft

    08 200 yamaha
  249. C

    99 wellcraft

    Thinking about purchasing a 99 24 walkaround. Anyone have any expierence with these hulls? Seems like a great layout with a cabin and hardtop. The engine is a 4 stroke and in great condition.
  250. C

    Rat Yellows and Toad Bonies breezing in King Harbor

    i think i caught my first yellowtail just south of the domes a few miles off the beach in late august. Then in september we got football sized yellowfin in the same area. you just never know
  251. C

    east of 302

    thanks hopefully you geta shot at them
  252. C

    2006 2520 Parker

    sweet boat Tim good luck with the sale
  253. C


    :finger: i find your "hippie" comments offensive and prejudged and have not seen any "hippies" crying about bass just a bunch of strongminded nazi no keepers. What's your problem with hippies anyway? Did your mom or wife run off to sample a lil bit of the party leaving you to cry alone at...
  254. C

    21 Grady White Overnighter

    listed at 32k sold for 10.5k i need to find a seller like you. Seadancer- you need to sell this boat it's hard for other un-rigged boats to compete for my money or take me offer would be better
  255. C

    14FT GREGOR ALUM. BOAT W/15hp HONDA 4-Stroke

    does this four stroke troll for hours on a couple gallons of gas
  256. C

    It is time

  257. C

    Well this is why

    thats funny
  258. C

    The Summer that Wasn't 2010

    shitty water everywhere it looks like
  259. C

    97 Hydra Sport Center Console

    bump... i have 5k and this boat for a newer walk around
  260. C

    97 Hydra Sport Center Console

    ...bump i have 5 k and this boat for trade for a newer walk around
  261. C

    first boat..

    i just posted my 97 hydrasport pretty close to what you need hit me up. i fish it every week
  262. C

    anyone seen my stuff

    thats fucked. i hate thieves and hope your stuff pops up. sometimes i wonder if the insurance co. isn't robbing us at the same time
  263. C


    sorry to hear that
  264. C

    Rpt 2 Day Extravaganza-8-29-30-Exotic Grand Slam

    What a sweet report. You guys killed it. Nice boat
  265. C

    You didn't miss out on anything

    Your question reminded me of some football players that flipped in florida
  266. C

    Got fish and a little upset

    yes they do and yes it is... but like they're saying once he sets that pick you gota move out of iron slingin distance... i would have slow trolled the chum line right out of distance of the irons until i got bored
  267. C

    Thresher at the beach!!!!!!

    Great catch from the pier... i bet those were some nerve racking runs up and down the pier looking at that thing in the water wondering if someone was going to stick him
  268. C

    Paddy Hopping, one yellow 7-30

    thanks for the report was the same on or worse tuesday... are you the same mark selling that's selling a montauk?
  269. C

    Change of pace for a B.A.S.S angler

    WOW ... they pushed you right out of that spot, I think it's B.S. that they do what they want
  270. C

    Fished on the Pursuit off of 22nd Street

    Whoever captains the pursuit and and gets on the loudspeaker is an ass... Sorry but i don't like him and when I did ride that boat it was overcrowded and uncomfortable. We killed the fish both times, both times were mostly rental rods( most be because of the cheap ticket). And the boat looked...
  271. C

    Offshore &-7-10/12 on the Jetti Jumper

    Dude... I've taken Bonine, dramamine, Scolpace patches,Shock watches and now some mexican pill with the word Retard in it and only one thing ever worked!
  272. C

    Yellowtail & Dorado

    Nice job on the light line
  273. C


    nice catch.... i heard radio chatter of yellowfin and just chuckled to myself
  274. C

    Offshore &-7-10/12 on the Jetti Jumper

    No i was so sick I couldn't get into my bag on the outside the puicture was dead fish sunday morning in the inshore safety zone that doesn't make me sick.
  275. C

    Offshore &-7-10/12 on the Jetti Jumper

    I guess so... he kept running over the kelps and and thumbin his spool with fish on... it was classic... he got it together and we slayed.:Death_To_Above:
  276. C

    Offshore &-7-10/12 on the Jetti Jumper

    7-9 10 am BillhFish calls and says my buddy has room for 1 on a 25 footer... give me 10 minutes to get clearance from the old lady. Permission granted finished work came up with lame excuse for friday and off to the tackle store for fresh line. 7-10 6:15 am I meet Jim owner of the Jetti...
  277. C

    Bitter Sweet Trip Still Stuck The Yellows

    damn you guys are killing it... way to go
  278. C

    Limits in minutes

    nice job... what's wrong with fishing drunk?
  279. C

    Rpt 6-22-24 An adventure in Ixtapa, Mexico

    Amazing. That looks like such a cool place to visit. The weather can't always be there that tuna is waiting. Thanks for another great report
  280. C

    NFIDP struck out on the flatties

    your reports prove it. i stopped at hogans' and looked at the bounce ball stuff but didn't buy it this time
  281. C

    NFIDP struck out on the flatties

    i think i saw you in your whaler out there at salt creek in the morning. i was anchored catching barelycudas. Lots of ball bouncers down there. We had a 23 in eat a drooper loop in 50 ft right after you passed us
  282. C

    Holed Up in Dana Point Harbor 6.20.09

    Nice report. This weather is crazy. I can't wait to get out. ZMAN i've caught lots of needlefish from the piers...usually show up with the mackeral... don't know if they get big enough to keep or woth keeping
  283. C

    PV 06/20

    nice ...i hate it when i don't know what the problem is
  284. C

    Coronado 06/18 YT

    those little ones squirrel off the hook somehow
  285. C

    WTF/Fishing report

    I wish I would have seen where mine bounced too! clmlandscper way to go on still getting there. sometimes it's mo0re then load and go
  286. C

    Coronados 6-12

    1/0 ringed flyliner had flouro leader most the day
  287. C

    Coronados 6-12

    HELL YEAH i want to share rides, those prosports look awesome. It's a lil down step jumping on the hydraskiff but she gets fish.
  288. C

    My 1st YT

    good job hope you get many more
  289. C

    Coronados 6-12

    knot forever- we only had maybe half a dozen baits roll the rest where used then put back as the day went on, we kinda drowned as we drug em around
  290. C

    Coronados 6-12

    thanks for the reply's guys i forgot to mention Bill is a fish slayer and doesn't give up, he's been there before but the game plan held as long we kept moving. Pescador Paul we got our first yellow around1:30 it was a double and we babied em in and Bill got mine in the net i boxed it then...
  291. C

    Coronados 6-12

    Slow trolled around for a few of the right kind using live and then dead sardines. Had lots of raked baits and few that left me wondering how i got the bait out of that things belly without catching a hook in it. I think we did okay for my first time at the island in my boat.
  292. C

    Slow at La Jolla but then.....

    nice fish, I got some crappy bait and very little as well from mission bay on tuesday. at least the fish liked it
  293. C

    Another O'side to Del Mar

    that wind was bad. i was at the domes and went back to d.p. collecting water all the way
  294. C

    But lessons relearned

    nice... i wondered if you made it to sbi as i got my ass kicked in the wind from san o to dana
  295. C

    San Simeon Memorial Day Weekend w-pics

    great report, it sucks the engine broke the day you were by yourself
  296. C

    BD trip aboard the Horse to SCI for YT's!!!

    nice report all the way down to forcing that poor kid to wear a vikings hat...go bears
  297. C

    Bad Day Turns Unbelievable

    lol... ya i forgot about you jumping in until you said something but that was the time
  298. C

    Bad Day Turns Unbelievable

    wow that's way cool. i caught yellowtail with you before. on a guy named billfishes boat.