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  1. bbordeau

    Best BD Recommendation I've gotten

    To whomever recommended Wind River Labs, say hello to Brewster. The boys love this guy! Thanks Brian
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    Kid's on Fiyaah

    Took off out of Olson's at the crack of 10 this morning and made the run up to Neah 12 year old nailed this 22 lber a couple hours later. Bragging rights earned! Enjoy! Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cannon Downrigger Repair

    Did Angler's Choice go out of business recently? I tried calling but no one answered and google lists them as permanently closed. If so, is there another recommended location? Thanks Brian
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    Time to Fix NOF

    I re-read Unsworth's statement and am confident that he is doing the right thing in a political negotiation. He's got to leave the door open with the tribes because that's the fastest resolution. He's got to tell everyone to settle down which he did. And he's got to point out that the process...
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    Looks like round 3 didn't work either... Statement from WDFW Director Jim Unsworth on Puget Sound fisheries May 12, 2016 OLYMPIA – Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Director Jim Unsworth today issued the following statement regarding Puget Sound-area...
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    Reminder - Poaching Hotline

    Just a reminder, if you see illegal salmon fishing, make sure to report it. There will be continued legal ramifications if any party is fishing without a permit. That makes documentation of the event all the more important. If you see it happening anywhere in the state, make sure to report it...
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    You're never to young for your first...

    Brake job. Enjoy! Brian
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    New Science in Salmon Sight

    I think Nelly might like this one. Basically, there's a change in their eyesight as they begin to migrate that lets them see in infrared - as they hit the fresh water. Very interesting implications for what colors to run and where...
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    Orlando FL Charter Rec's?

    My wife is headed on a business trip early January to Orlando. Looking for charter recommendations for her and some colleagues (no more than six). No clue on what's out there. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks Brian
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    Celebrate - It's National Salmon Day!“National-Salmon-Day”#.Vhbx7-lChbw
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    E10 Gas and Phase Separation Reminder: Treat Your fuel

    Hi All, Last year in November, I spent more on a tank of fuel than I care to admit. The reason is nothing new - Phase Separation. I paid for the fuel, paid for its safe removal, paid for the clean out of the tank, and pay for its disposal as a hazardous material. In talking to 3 Rivers...
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    Pinkapalooza and more A4, A5, A8.2 and A9, B10 July 1-Aug 31 (pic heavy)

    So it was a busy ass summer. Been busy trying to get the house sold but this summer we went all in on the pinks with the kids. Sekiu, Neah Bay, Possession and Buoy 10. Probably should have been posting more but I spent more time filleting fish and smoking than on the computer. Suffice it to...
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    Seasons are set...
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    Crabbing - My 5 year Old's Dresser

    Well it was in the early November - Found it this evening. I guess he had a good time!
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    Long Beach Razors

    Packed the kids up and made the haul down to Long Beach for some clam digging. What a great time, they loved it! This was our first time and I highly recommend it. I do think I spent more time staring at the sunset than pulling clams out though. Clamming after sunset gets a little dangerous...
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    MA-9 Hot as Fu%&

    You know that guy you fished with quite a bit, you learned a lot from him and then life kind of got in the way and next thing you know, its been years since the last time you went out. Well that's Mike. Former co-worker, all around great guy who taught me the ropes out here...that was seven...
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    WDFW Rule Changes - Comments Due by Nov 14th

    Hi All, Here is the link for the rule changes proposed for the 2015/16 season. Takethe time to look at them and log your comments. We all know how important this is so get on it. Thanks Brian
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    Hit the Sky

    So I took a break from the salt this weekend and took my oldest son out to wade the Skykomish for the first time. We hiked and waded a few miles this afternoon and only found em at the end of the day (just above the mouth of the Wallace) but what a great day. Skunked...yes. Disappointed...not...
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    Maintenance - Check your cables!

    Well, it could have been much worse but yesterday, I was THAT guy. Very busy day in Everett, everyone seemed to be coming in at the exact same time. Boats everywhere and between launches and retrievals, there was a back up. As I was waiting to enter, we had a jam up right at the piling going...
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    MA-9, Her First!

    Gents, I take a lot of pride in getting people their first...none more than this! She's raised my four boys, put up with my addiction, helped seal 'em when we get ' know where I'm going here. She picks her days carefully and picked a good one today! Thanks Brian
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    So we cheated a bit and headed north to AK. Capt. Woody of ProFish N Sea put us on em and we were done by noon today. Boat limit - 36 silvers and a couple rockfish. Brady (10) was first to limit! Dad and Grandpa took a bit more time but got it done. Earlier this week, we hit the Russian and...
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    MA9 Explained.

    In a nut shell, this was what happened today...
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    A9 Nook

    Well I did a little radio/internet fishing listening to Nelly's podcast this weekend before heading out. That made me change up the routine a bit and head right past Possession out to Point No Point. Well it paid off and I pulled this guy out within one doughnut of getting my gear down. Caught...
  24. bbordeau

    A9 Snotty Weather

    Yeah so I got my ass kicked off the bar today. Tried the Mukilteo launch for the first time...wrong day for that. Still picked up a few crab on a 2 hr soak. No kings. Got a few crab though.
  25. bbordeau

    A9 Crab

    Well, we squeezed a few out after coming up empty handed on Possession (first time trying there). Persistence and prospecting paid off. Always nice to add a new spot to the mix! Brian
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    Ace Line Hauler Eating Fuses

    Hi All, So I don't remember using my line hauler as much last year but EVERY TIME I have a heavy/stuck trap, I'm blowing a fuse. Three days five fuses. Anyone else see this? I probably need to switch to a circuit breaker. Brian
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    Lake WA Sockeye Count Pretty Dismal

    350 fish in the first few days seems pretty low - easy call this year.
  28. bbordeau

    A Double

  29. bbordeau

    A9 Sand Dab Slayer

    Here's why you bring the kids: We were crushing the sand dabs yesterday morning with the boys. It was all smiles and 'staches! We made the run over to Doublebluff for lings but that was a bust. So off to anchor up in Mutiny Bay for Butts and Brats...well Brats. No luck. We were almost out...
  30. bbordeau

    Area 9 Noodling

    Aside from my kid having to finish the school year with a Cabezon head on his hand, we had a great day on the water. Made the run from Everett to Double Bluff for the cabbie. Then over to anchor up for lunch (brats) in Mutiny Bay but no luck on butts. Brian
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    MA6 - Hell Yeah!!!

    I'll let the pictures do the talking. Great day yesterday! Brian
  32. bbordeau

    Shrimping - Line Management

    I had a real problem with managing my lines last year with tangles etc. when 400' were uncoiled on the deck for setting traps. With that much line, it's an accident waiting to happen. I wanted to see if anyone had any techniques or hardware set ups that they could share. Thanks Brian
  33. bbordeau

    Kicker Engine Cover Lever Seized

    Well its time to get to the list of stuff to do on the boat... Has anyone ever replaced the lever on a Honda BF8 kicker that holds down the engine cover? It's gotten real tough to move anymore and I'd like to take it out and clean it up but it looks like its a sealed part. Their service docs...
  34. bbordeau

    Honey Do's Are Done. MA7 last weekend

    After two months (seems longer) of basement remodel, holidays and changing lightbulbs, I finally got out last weekend. Must say we were a little rusty (or at least my buddy's hooks were) because we went 1/3 with no legitimate reason for losing the two. One crappy hook set (dull hooks) and the...
  35. bbordeau

    Made it off the Launch Sunday

    Well, after a trip that went ary three weeks ago on the Bar in the 30mph gusts, I thought I had fixed my fuel pump issue. Nope. Four hours of trial and stupid Sunday morning at the Everett launch and my friend Ryan found the bad wires. Of course in that instant I "recalled" seeing a frayed wire...
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    IMPORTANT - WDFW seeks nominations to Puget Sound Salmon Sportfishing Advisory Group

    WDFW seeks nominations to Puget Sound Salmon Sportfishing Advisory GroupOLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking nominations through Dec. 6 for membership on its Puget Sound Salmon Sportfishing Advisory Group.Up to 15 qualified individuals will be chosen to...
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    What to do? Cabo in two weeks, AK in August.

    Well, traveling too much for work this year left me with a ton of points/vouchers that had to be used ASAP. So deeds must be deeds. I'm taking my wife to Mexico in two weeks for five days. Had a suggestion of JC's - who else is reasonable or should be avoided? Then in August, I'm taking my Dad...
  38. bbordeau

    MA-9's Cure for the Mid-Life Crisis

    I hadn't seen my friend Matt since high school (20 years). A lot's gone on for both of us and he's on a road trip to clear his head. Well, clear it we did. He showed up Friday afternoon and we headed out the door Saturday 5:30 am and on the water at 6:30. It was Saturday and the bite was off a...
  39. bbordeau

    Without Rhyme or Reason - MA9 Silvers

    Well, we picked up these three in Area 9 Sunday and no, we were not done by 8:30...we worked our tails off for them. Great day on the water, especially the afternoon. Since we caught a couple the day before we thought we knew what we were doing Sunday...ha ha ha! 7:15 - Lines in - Fished the...
  40. bbordeau

    Pouring Down Rain

    ...Didn't feel a drop! Brian
  41. bbordeau

    WTB Winter Project

    I'm looking for something to do this winter. I travel a lot for work snd with four kids, I need something to occupy my time so my wife doesn't get used to me being around. Since they're all boys, I was thinking small engines or something. I was thinking about spending about $300 on it. I guess...
  42. bbordeau

    MA-9 Facepalm

    Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Thought I was dialed but ohh the six or seven that got away - whoa! Think it's time to make the braid switch back to mono. Not to mention, Qcove to Fluoro leader after - just no give at 50'. Doh! It basically went like this - troll, troll, troll...
  43. bbordeau

    My 9 Year Old Son is an Addict.

    What a great season we're having! Here's my nine year old hauling one in as my buddy is looking for his glory shot to send to work. Of course, I nearly blew the net job but we got it done and he's HOOKED! Enjoy!
  44. bbordeau

    MA-8.2/9 this Weekend.

    Two Dads, Three Days, Five Boys, Eight Pinks, Eight Silvers, Twelve Doughnuts, Twenty Three Crab. Epic.
  45. bbordeau

    Why there are commercial boats here for Pink Salmon

    There's been a lot of reports of commercial boats in the Shipwreck area netting pinks which seems a little odd. This year's pink run in Russia was quite low and buyers have surfaced in AK and likely here as well looking to close the gap...
  46. bbordeau

    MA9 Pinks

    Unprovoked salute to BD from my 6 year old...not sure what to say! Oh and they had a blast inspite of the bouncy water. Enjoy! Brian
  47. bbordeau

    The number of fishing licenses sold vs population in WA State over the last 30 years.

    How many people live in WA State? How many people in WA fish? Are there more, less? Is the sport growing or getting smaller? By how much? I looked it up, here are the data. Year Ratio #Licences Population 1980 22.00% 907,339 4,132,156 1981 22.10% 934,144...
  48. bbordeau

    MA-9 Delivers Another First

    Just after the fog lifted, I believe I actually saw Chef Patrick for the first time today! Oh, that and we got my buddy Ryan his first chinook. A couple flounder for the kids. Who doesn't love crab. Glory shots and grilling. Just a great day on the water! Brian
  49. bbordeau

    MA7 camping with kids

    I wanted to find a not too crowded camp site in the islands that I can take my son to this weekend. I'll be launching out of Washington park but haven't camped up there. I read on the net that some spots are only for kayaks and sail boats. Can you anchor up anywhere? Any other weird rules/things...
  50. bbordeau

    This man is a true bad ass.

    Well, if you like fishing stories, all I can say DAMN! Kauai family describes fisherman's fight for survival | KHON2
  51. bbordeau

    Sound Action?

    Anyone hear of these guys? Brian
  52. bbordeau

    MA 10 Crab with kid grins

    Hit it out of Shilshole today with my boys, my brother in law and his kids - they've never been. The crab delivered. Happy kids, hooked parents, great memories on the water! Get on out and make it happen guys! Brian
  53. bbordeau

    Inflatable Life Jackets on Sale Today

    Hi All, There is a one day sale going on today for $99 you can get an automatically inflatable life jacket a major chain boating supply retailer in the excuses, get one if you don't wear them. Brian
  54. bbordeau

    They're just tougher in WA...

    Found this one today and thought you guys would enjoy it...who can taste the opener? Dungeness Crab Fishing 2012 - YouTube
  55. bbordeau

    Skunked on the Sky.

    Great day for a drift but the title says it all. Got going at 6 am. Had one on and it was gone before we knew it. Drifted eggs and pulled plugs from Sultan to Monroe...blanked but not alone. Brian
  56. bbordeau

    Lk WA Sockeye - 24K, 326K to go

    Just thought I'd be the one to start it this year. Enjoy the debate gentlemen. Brian
  57. bbordeau

    A step in the right direction.

    While I'd always like more testing, its good to see they're doing it. Any thoughts? Tests show no signs of ISA virus in Washington’s salmon | WDFW News Release OLYMPIA – Recent tests of salmon from Washington’s waters show no signs of a fish virus that can be deadly to farm-raised Atlantic...
  58. bbordeau

    Best time for an Anchorage Trip?

    Ok, so I've got a buddy in AK who's has an open offer. When to go, where to fish. Three days max. Now-Sept. Thanks Brian
  59. bbordeau

    Shrimp on the Bar-B

    Went out and pulled blanks for the first round. Reset slightly and whammo two limits. Tides killed it after that. Great day in the Saratoga Passage. Introduced two new people to shrimping along with busting my 4 year old out of daycare for the day. Brian
  60. bbordeau

    MA 8.2 Shrimp limits for the kids!

    We did the Everett Rodeo yesterday in two waves to get all the kids some action. Water was a little crowded but everyone was great from my perspective. On the way out in the morning, we were surprised by a surfacing grey whale - evasive actions were taken but wow, close one! Ended up with a...
  61. bbordeau

    Shrimping regs question

    Where the regs say shrimping starts at 7am, does that mean pots go in at 7am or can they be soaking before that? I suspect it means they go in at 7 but want to confirm. Thanks Brian
  62. bbordeau

    Subtle message.

    Found this one on my desk this morning, I think my five year old want to go out this weekend!
  63. bbordeau

    Meanwhile in the great state of Maine...

    ...legislation to ban soft baits.
  64. bbordeau

    New Bilge Pump Setup Suggestions

    I'm looking to redo my bilge pump setup and want to do this right. Currently, I have an Attwood with a float switch. Grease and muck are keeping the float from engaging automatically - the float switch sticks to the mounting plate. I had a mishap last weekend (boat plugs, Washington Park, I'm an...
  65. bbordeau

    MA7 Another First

    Put one of my buddies on this one, he did the rest - his first. A little drama in the morning but what a great day! Enjoy! Brian
  66. bbordeau

    Deepzoom - Current Info site

    I've been using this website for a while to look at currents with respect to tides etc. its pretty cool and thought I'd drop it in here. Enjoy! Brian
  67. bbordeau

    How deep are you?

    Here's one that's always gotten me. Why is it that almost all Salmon seem caught in that 100' range or higher? Is this a gear thing, a where's the bait thing, too hard to troll at 250'? Does anyone out there focus on deep water trolling? Just curious. Brian
  68. bbordeau

    WDFW Rule to limit Tuna Catch to 2 Fish

    Applies to Yellowfin, Skipjack and Bluefin. Post your comments here... Brian
  69. bbordeau

    MA 8.2 Blackmouth

    Been doing repairs for a month and finally got out on the water to test it today. It looks like the boat's working. We put in at 11 am, fishing by 11:30, had this one on the boat by noon. Not huge but tasty! Picked him up on a Race Track flasher and a double glow hootch of the southern tip of...
  70. bbordeau

    11/11 MA 9 Possession Bar

    We headed out to the west bank of the Possession Bar on Sunday. Dropped crab pots off near Mukilteo and had lines in by 7:30. It was a bit choppy getting out there. We fished from 7:30 till noon and got several hits with a couple near keepers before giving in to the wind. I'm convinced if we had...
  71. bbordeau

    10/7 MA9 - My Sons' First Salmon

    There's no question this has been a great season. I have to say however, this has been out of control for me - A few weeks ago, my Dad lands his first salmon (actually a few). Yesterday, I took my 8 year old and 5 year old on Sunday and had a couple more firsts!!! They worked hard for their...
  72. bbordeau

    MA-9 A little slow, police checking lights

    We headed out of Everett out to the West Bank oh Possession. Lines in by 8 am (delays with cranky kicker). Picked one up on green splatter back at 9:30. Headed to southern bar and then Shipwreck - nada. Full moon killed it is my guess because we were marking them all over. On the way out...
  73. bbordeau

    Sunday 9/9 Area 9 Boat Limit

    We put in a little after 6:00 am in Everett and made the bumpy ride out to the West Bank of Possession Bar. By 9:30 we had five in the boat, all native silvers, all at 50' on the wire, 70' of water. We used Ace Hi's and hooches - both glowing off a flasher (either army truck or race car). The...
  74. bbordeau

    8/25 MA-9 Possession Bar

    Hi Guys, Quick one here. We picked up a couple Silvers around 9:30 on the incoming tide off the west bank of MA-9's Possession Bar. They were caught in 70' with green dyed herring trolling behind Army Truck and Race Car flashers within 20 mins of each other. I caught the little one and...
  75. bbordeau

    State, Tulalip Tribes reach agreement on joint salmon hatchery operations

    OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Tulalip Tribes have announced a new agreement that brings hatchery operations in the Snohomish River Basin into alignment with ongoing efforts to recover wild chinook salmon in Puget Sound. Under one provision of that...