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  1. Ulele2

    Old Gas

    I don't know if you want to use seafoam though...if you read what the contents are, there is alcohol in it. That's pretty much the same thing as putting ethanol fuel in to your tank. i would advise against it, and use the additives made by Star Brite.
  2. Ulele2

    Old Gas

    I had a 50 gallon tank that was half-full with gas that was 5 years old. I bought a electric fuel pump to pump out the fuel into a 50 gallon drum, and posted it on Craigslist as free. A guy responded saying he wanted it, and I gave it to him. he said he was going to use it in his weedwhacker or...
  3. Ulele2

    Maui Fishing Charters

    Don't think that we're all like that. Everybody has their fair share of rotten eggs, this one just happened to be a bit more vocal than most. Most islanders are very friendly and helpful as you can see by reading all the other posts. True, cost of living in Hawaii is expensive, but hey, it's...
  4. Ulele2

    12-31-13 Saved the BEST for last... B.E.T.

    Awesome catch! Maybe this will be the year my boat gets back into action! Happy New Year!
  5. Ulele2

    Mahi off Mokumanu

    looks like there was a cookie cutter shark attached to it... - - - Updated - - - looks like there was a cookie cutter shark attached to it...
  6. Ulele2


    Gotta watch out! All these fucking crackheads will steal all your shit without even thinking! They broke into my parents house, took all my gold reels, my Furuno fishfinder, my Garmin GPS, (I keep EVERYTHING) in the house. A year later, the fuckers broke in again, but this time, there was an...
  7. Ulele2

    Pitted Stainless.......

    Home Depot sells it too. I think both Bar Keepers Friend and Flitz work really well.
  8. Ulele2

    First Ahi Ever!

    Oh, and congrats on your donkey! No monkeys on your boat!
  9. Ulele2

    First Ahi Ever!

    Check out Ben at Hawaiian Marine or Clayton at Pacific Custom Boats.
  10. Ulele2

    Not As Late A Report: 12/13/12

    That's a effin great catch! Good going and good eats! Congrats to you the the girls!
  11. Ulele2

    Red gel in fuel tank

    Yes, I used additives. Namely the Seabrite for ethanol gas.
  12. Ulele2

    Red gel in fuel tank

    Thanks to everyone for their input! Yeah, the tank is kind of old, but I think it's still good. There is and access hole if I remove the sending unit for my fuel gauge (that I never look at). I'll probably remove it and just flush it out. Hoses are all copper or hard lines. Just one short...
  13. Ulele2

    Red gel in fuel tank

    It's an aluminum tank. Now I'm thinking that I gotta do what I didn't want to have to do and that is to open up the floor and remove the tank to flush it out. Just not sure what to use to flush it with. Water?
  14. Ulele2

    Red gel in fuel tank

    Ok. Got all the old gas out of my tank,then tried to flush by putting fresh gas into the tank. Now I have some thick red gel coming out and it plugged up my fuel line. Any ideas on how to clean this shit up? Hooked up an external electric fuel pump to pull out the old gas so I wouldn't f..k up...
  15. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    Called PCS and was told that they use Unitek so I should call Unitek directly, so that's what I did. Unitek told me that disposal fees for old gasoline are: $1.35/gallon + a $20 HAZMAT dluid testing fee + a $48 pick-up charge. Sounds like they are the best way to deal with old gas...
  16. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    Oh yeah, they only take shit once every two months, so probably take them up on getting rid of 20 gallons now, then again later until the shit is all gone.
  17. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    Josh, Thanks for the link. Called them up and was told they could take maybe up to 20 gallons for free. Normally, they take up to 6 gallons for free, then it's $6.00 per gallon thereafter. Gonna call around some of the other places suggested, but think the state might be the xheapest.
  18. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    PCS...I would never have thought about them....I'll try giving them a call too! Mahalos!
  19. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    Thanks to all for the input! I'll try contacting all the places mentioned to see which would be the best alternative! Will update again later in case anyone else needs to know how to dispose of old gas like I have to. Maybe I can get back on the water to post my own pics soon!
  20. Ulele2

    Very old fuel

    I have close to about 50 gallons of very old fuel(gas) that I need to remove from my fuel tanks. I pulled some out and it smelled like varnish. Plan on putting it into a 55 gallon drum, but does anyone have an idea on how to get rid of it?
  21. Ulele2

    waianae 11/27

    I beg to differ. Dogtooth ahve been caught here, specificalyy, on the Waianae coast.
  22. Ulele2

    Chartering in Honolulu

    Try hitting up "Magic" in Honolulu. Capt. Russ Tanaka is one of the best captains here if not THE best. Also Maggie Joe is another great charter that always catches fish.
  23. Ulele2

    06/30/2011 - Victory at Sea!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on your catch Russ! the gorilla on my back has been getting bigger and bigger...
  24. Ulele2

    Fiberglass, paint, gel etc.

    not sure if you have already sent your boat out for getting its makeover, but I would highly recommend Clayton at Pacific Custom Boats. He is a master at building/re-building boats. He rebuilt my boat and did an unbelievable job! Try giving him a call! Ph# 682-3911
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  40. The Re-Birth of Ulele II

    The Re-Birth of Ulele II

  41. Ulele2

    Waianae 5/3/11

    good going on your catch! Now if I can just get my boat back up and running and back on the water....
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