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  1. Omakase

    Shamrock 26

    Just bottom painted this for an older gentleman, mentioned to me he was going to sell it. Cummins 6bt power, I think he said 3000 hours. Figured it might push somebody's button here on BD. If interested PM me with your contact info and I'll pass it on to him. The hull and running gear looked...
  2. Omakase

    Some good Puget Sound news - massive herring spawn

    I don't know about other areas in the sound but we've had crazy predatory feeding action going on in greater Port Madison Bay (north end of Bainbridge, Suquamish, Indianola area) due to a massive herring spawn, apparently largest seen in 50 years. Eel grass on all the local beaches are covered...
  3. Omakase

    Need a couple of engine skids

    Have a couple of older v6 yamaha's, need to move and store 'em for awhile, looking for a couple of wood or steel factory type outboard pallets that I'm hoping someone might want to get rid of reasonable. Would also be interested in a couple of vertical engine stands as an alternative. Whatcha...
  4. Omakase

    Levee Lumber - liquidation auction (Westport)

    Everything goes next Tuesday, probably some good deals to be had on tools and building supplies. There is a big paint mixing machine I'd like to buy but I can't make it work logistically.
  5. Omakase

    Remember when the Beatles stayed at the Edgewater?

    here's something else from those days the hotel in Elliot Bay can be proud of . . . . . . what the hell, it's winter
  6. Omakase

    In-board boat goes boom during re-fuel

    Dang, no bilge blower? titled wrong, it was an inboard
  7. Omakase

    Good news for tunaholics

    It seems that the biggest market in the world for canned albacore tuna is falling on hard times due to (of all things) picky millennials that don't own can openers! read the whole article by...
  8. Omakase

    Honda 8hp kicker setup

    I just removed this from a client's boat he had just bought, he is not a fisherman. Includes a nice tiller BF8 motor with what appears to have very little use, an OMC kicker mount, linkage to tie kicker to a main, charging cord to keep up a downrigger battery, fuel tank & hose, etc. $1200 for...
  9. Omakase

    21' Parker Center Console - barely used

    2012 Parker – 21’ deep V Center Console skiff. 150HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard engine (115 hrs), recently serviced. Custom "Who Dat" hardtop with wrap around windshield and aluminum frame. Seats 8. -740S Garmin GPS, speed, heading, depth, sonar with entire west coast USA NOAA marine chart chip...
  10. Omakase

    Bottom fish are still open in some places too . . .

    Todd likes to finish up the season with some less chaotic fishing . . . a few sea bass, a couple of lingcod, just a little something to tide things over till next spring and, after all, how many tuna do you really need?
  11. Omakase

    What's lurking in the bottom of your freezer?

    Our local wildlife rehab facility has put out a call for raw meats, poultry, game, fish, etc for the raptors and assorted carnivores that they are restoring back to health. Drop off at my shop at north end of Bainbridge or I'll come and get if not too far, pm me with info on what you have...
  12. Omakase

    Suzuki 20 hp EFI kicker on hydraulic bracket

    One of my commercial bottom paint clients recently purchased a fairly new Munson landing craft that came with a 20hp Suzuki fuel injected kicker which he mentioned that he was planning on removing as his intended use for the boat doesn't include needing the engine or its hydraulic bracket. The...
  13. Omakase

    Halibut - 7 days maybe?
  14. Omakase

    Marine Weather Workshop/Class

    I get these flyers from WA Sea Grant and thought I would post it up for those who are interested in learning more about offshore weather situations. They have a corrosion workshop in Port Hadlock on 3/19 too
  15. Omakase

    Why wouldn't this be a great boat to have in Westport?

    No affiliation, saw this on craigslist and thought it could be a candidate for someone wanting to move up. Too slow maybe? Too old? Too much hassle to see & move? Seems like a nice boat for the $$. (907) 362-1486
  16. Omakase

    bankies at it again

    These guys make all of us look like monkeys, jeez, even poking the old lady between casts
  17. Omakase

    Pacific Skiff 23HT

    I'm a dumbass ALERT! Yes this would have been a screaming deal if it was a 23' but its not, its a 21'. When the owner sent me the pics we didn't discuss the length of the boat and it had been so long since I remember him buying it that I actually forgot what it was so I listed it as a 23'...
  18. Omakase

    Need a 3 phase electric motor

    Looking for a 10hp 3 phase motor, 1725 rpm, most any style. I'm building a phase converter and need one as an idler motor. It's just going to set under a bench and spin with no load on it so it doesn't need to be anything great or pretty, just a runner. Thanks!
  19. Omakase

    The question . . .

    Post your score for the game . . . mine Hawks 24, Panthers 17 As of 9:30 pm Saturday: ......................Hawks.....Panthers Omakase..........24..........17 Nosecrets.........27..........24 Kenzmad..........35..........28 Fogducker........21..........10 Biteme..............17..........35...
  20. Omakase

    Anyone driving Portland to Seattle next few days? Need something hauled . . .

    Its a long shot but a chance for somebody to make a few hundred bucks if anyone is heading north with an empty pick-up. I bought a dust collector machine down there that I either need to go get myself or hire someone to bring it up which most likely works best if you are coming north anyways...
  21. Omakase

    boat shopping?

    Don't forget to look north. Exchange rate with Canada now is providing close to a 30% discount off of whatever your negotiated sales price is. Saw some interesting stuff on craigslist Vancouver. Example a $50k CAD asking price, grind it to $42k CAD X .7 = $29,500 USD My shop move is coming...
  22. Omakase

    boat storage?

    For you guys that don't keep your rigs at home was wondering what the going rate is for open and covered spots to park a boat? I'm likely going to move my operation to a bigger piece of ground this fall that will have enough extra room to do some rv/boat storage so just wondering what you all...
  23. Omakase

    A longshot, looking to buy a forklift

    I keep chasing craigslist deals but they always turn out to be beaters or sellers never respond. Anyway, seems like a lot of you guys are in businesses that actually make or distribute stuff so thought I would give this a try here. I need about 4-6k lift capacity, pneumatic tires and in decent...
  24. Omakase

    massive carking sink

    Not mine, saw this at a place in Sodo today called Second Use, they sell used bldg materials. Anyway its about 12' long and 30" wide, probably about 5" deep. Would be cool to mount a big, lift out cark board in this puppy say on some plastic legs or blocks to get the board up a little higher...
  25. Omakase

    Neah Bay Lings 4/19

    They don't call our charter captain "Lingcod Todd" for nothin'. Four anglers, 8 fish, four in the high teens, three in the 20's and a 33 by noon. Crew's limits were also in the teens. He knows where they are and how to catch 'em. Great day on the water capped off with some light tackle bass...
  26. Omakase

    Wood stove

    SOLD Heavy steel stove, perfect for a big Westport shop, throws major heat. Air intake adjuster, blower, ember screen, 8" outlet, cooktop, kinda ugly. Have hoist to get it on a truck, $175, on Bainbridge
  27. Omakase

    Fish tote

    4x3 non insulated with plywood top , cracked corner, doesn 't leak. - free Pick up on Bainbridge
  28. Omakase

    T8 Yamaha

    Mid 2000's engine, low hours, missing lower unit and cover (damn tweekers) remote control, electric start, elec tilt. Good parts motor or if your motor is wore out (or got dunked) put your high thrust lower unit on this one and you're done. No theft damage, runs well, tilt works fine, last...
  29. Omakase

    Seen any deals on new kickers?

    Helping a neighbor, his was stolen and he just got the insurance check. Old guy, doesn't go online and tends to just pay list price for stuff so thought I would help him out if you guys have heard of any sales it'd be great to hear
  30. Omakase

    need lead?

    Some guy on CL is advertising ingots, boat section
  31. Omakase

    Cabo to San Diego

    Crewing on a motor yacht re-locate next week, thought I'd pull some handlines on the way up. Clumsy boat to fish from but should be able to wrestle a few fish onto the low swimstep then go from there. Anyway, whats to catch on a trip like this? Recommended lures? Gear strength? Banks or...
  32. Omakase

    center console

    Brand new center console with folding windshield and storage locker. Has been in storage for many years, never used. Use it to upgrade a tiller skiff to remote engine control and wheel steering, add gauges, fishfinder, gps, radio, etc. $325.00 - Bob
  33. Omakase

    Is this yet another veiled effort to shut down our Sound fishery?

    Foundation proposes Salish Sea trail on inland waters | - Local news Looks like it to me "The Bellingham-based Salish Sea Foundation also wants those waters designated as an international marine sanctuary."
  34. Omakase

    Yamaha T8

    2007 Yamaha T8, 25" shaft, tiller, elec start, power tilt/trim $1500 firm Removed from client's boat, a small cruiser, was back-up motor that never got any real use, customer says maybe 3 hours run time since new. Some scuff marks on lower housing cover otherwise pretty nice. If you come to...
  35. Omakase

    15' Klamath

  36. Omakase

    Kodiak 17 gal bait tank

  37. Omakase

    Anyone have the Navionics Puget Sound chip?

    I think its the 638P+ platinum? Anyway, was thinking about getting it and was curious how much (if any) of the coastal waters show up in that chart? Looking at their online catalog it appears that it includes Westport and a bit of distance off the beach but can't tell for sure how far out they...
  38. Omakase

    1992 Northland Camper (project)

    Fully self contained Northland Polar 9'10", 1992, 3000 lb - free Electric jacks w/remote, kitchen, bathroom w/shower, forced air heat, everything worked last time used. The bad: some water damage to interior so top needs sealing, front right corner at jack mount needs to be fixed due to unit...
  39. Omakase

    WA State Salmon Charter license - for lease

    My ocean salmon charter license is available this year for lease. PM me for details, lessee must have USCG captains license and min $1mil liability insurance. Includes permits for up to 18 anglers but can be used as a 6 pack, price for the season is $3500 + WDFW transfer fee. May trade use of...
  40. Omakase

    Jeff Head

    Picked up a couple of keepers this afternoon at JH, on the edge of the shipping lanes in 100-120 ft water, using the usual hardware, kept changing things so now can't remember what caught what but had to pick thru the shakers and then reel like hell to keep from giving the seals an easy meal...
  41. Omakase

    Lowrance 10" color GPS/FF/Chartplotter

    SOLD, thanks for looking I'm moving up to an HDS system so would like to sell my LCX111C-HD combo GPS/Chart/Sonar. This would be an ideal upgrade unit for someone who already has a Lowrance smaller screen system or gray scale unit whose boat has an existing blue plug transducer and a network...
  42. Omakase

    Jigging squid from a boat?

    Any of you guys ever hang a bunch of light over the side and get a squid attack going? Every once in awhile I get them while jigging salmon daylight hours and have wondered whether anyone targets them away from the piers at night from a skiff with regular squid rigs.
  43. Omakase

    Recently stumbled onto BD

    I always thought Bloodydecks was just a SoCal thing so was surprised to find a NW chapter - I'm not a real hard charger when it comes to fishing but I get out when I have time and I'll post up anything noteworthy I come across bite-wise. I keep my boat in the water in Eagle Harbor, BI and...
  44. Omakase

    Found a wayward shrimp pot

    Was cruising southbound out in the middle of the sound today and spotted a yellow float. Stopped, pulled it up (it was empty btw) and brought it on board. Had a name on the float, Leo Gleason, Manchester. If anyone happens to know Leo drop me a PM. I tried 411 but no listing.