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  1. Kai330

    24' Skipjack Diesel*

    24' Skipjack Flybridge powered by TAMD41 200HP Volvo. (300 hours). Dual axel trailer, RayMarine GPS, Radar, through hull transducer. Turn-key and ready to fish! (Douche bag on CL flagging Ad) $25,000 Firm. Eight0eight-2nine2-five486.
  2. Kai330

    22' YF for sale

    22' Yellow Fin, custom built craftsmanship by Hawaiian Marine. Volvo Penta D3-200hp with only 155 hours. Under warranty and transferable. Garmin touchscreen GPS, VHF and all required safety equipment. Shotguns and outriggers, including center rigger. Large built-in fish box and 2 separate...
  3. Kai330

    Kaneohe 5/31

    We hauled in 24 good size Otaru after a previous catch with friends family and other loaded up with fresh fish, we decided to take the catch to the block.... After exceptional care for the fish we fetched an average of $1.10 with the highest single at 1.70. It was my first experience at the...
  4. Kai330

    Monkey Off My Back!

    Nice catch! Uncle Don is a proven fish whisperer....
  5. Kai330

    almost bolo head 5/29/15

    Nice Ono Peter!
  6. Kai330

    Windward Side 5/22 & 5/26

    Right on Kevin and crew.... Nice catch!
  7. Kai330

    Kaneohe Otaru....May 28***

    Looking to get the monkey off our backs.... Now that the kinks have been worked out Kaika is ready for some serious fishing. Tight lines out there and we appreciate the feedback! One random act of kindness at a time, CJ.
  8. Kai330

    Kaneohe Otaru....May 28***

    Headed out at first light towards LL and found some birds working just inside of the buoy. After getting ahead of the pile we looked back as Four lines hooked up. A couple other boats jumped into the action and started hooking up. Ended our day with an inside Ono! Great day in Kbay.
  9. Kai330

    5/1/15 - last fish on the boat...for now!

    Congrats on the upgrade damn good boat. Ed, how much are you asking for the 25'???
  10. Kai330

    Waianae - May14, 2015

    Solo Marlin catch... Russ, you're a true fisherman! Congrats!
  11. Kai330

    Haleiwa 25 April 2015

    Nice catch Roy!
  12. Kai330

    4/24 HiKai

    Nice catch! Sushi, sash and cold beer.... Lucky we live HI.
  13. Kai330

    Eastside 4/22 action

    Awesome catch, great footage and the song was hilarious!
  14. Kai330

    Kaneohe Bay

    Yup! Should've stayed with the current line!
  15. Kai330

    Always on the way in!!

    Monstah! Congrats, nice fish!
  16. Kai330

    Kaneohe Bay

    We headed out of Kaneohe around 0400 after hearing the trades were going to back down for a day. Turns out the winds and swell were sticking around awhile longer and it was slow going out to LL. At first light there was still plenty of texture on the water and decided we may as well drag lures...
  17. Kai330

    One random act of kindness at a time...

    One random act of kindness at a time...
  18. Kai330

    K-bay 3/15/15 more lessons learned, more questions to ask...

    Aloha Nate, Keep putting in the time, talk to the guys at the harbor and share some stories. More importantly, enjoy the opportunity to be out fishing (brings good mana). We are all learning the signs to look for. A mentor of mine once said: "The only fishermen that don't lie are the birds."...
  19. Kai330

    Tim's Mahi's

    Congrats on the Mahi! Like the posts, always some good videos!
  20. Kai330

    Back to fishing....

    Mahalo Uncle B, Mike, Nate and Pat. End of the day, we were very happy with the shakedown.
  21. Kai330

    Back to fishing....

    Calvin, sorry to hear that someone poked holes in your tank, that's horrible! Heads up to those fishing out of Heeia & put the word out.
  22. Kai330

    Back to fishing....

    Aloha Bd'ers! After a few months of being dry docked due to a slew of mechanical issues, our YF was finally ready for an inaugural run. We headed out of K-bay after hearing the bite was on. Although our hope was for a little kau kau on our shakedown, we were in for some good fishing. We...
  23. Kai330

    Boat mechanic

    Thank you... I'll give him a call.
  24. Kai330

    Boat mechanic

    I'm looking for a mechanic that can rig up my throttle lever (Kaneohe side). This is for a D3 Volvo. 2 nine 2-5486.
  25. Kai330

    Volvo Penta D3-160 with SX Outdrive for sale:

    1100 hours, complete system including props $15,000 / Obo. 808-2nine2-548six.
  26. Kai330

    Penn International 80VSW (3) For Sale*****

    Aloha Terry, You do have a valid point. I haven't purchased the 130's yet & I'm not getting any younger. The VSW's have been good to us, if I can't get a decent price for them my thought was to keep them just in case the 130's prove to be over the top. It seems an investment into Shimano 130's...
  27. Kai330

    Penn International 80 VSW (3 Reels)*****

    3 Penn International VSW Reels for sale. Recently serviced and re-lined, includes Penn neoprene covers. Asking $650 each plus shipping. PM if interested.
  28. Kai330

    Penn International 80VSW (3) For Sale*****

    Aloha, Looking to upgrade my equipment to 130's. I have 3 Penn International 80 VSW's (2 speed) for sale. All three were recently serviced and re-lined at 5 Oceans 7 Seas. Includes neoprene covers. Asking $650 per reel & shipping cost if off island. PM if interested.
  29. Kai330

    4-28 shake down.

    Very nice boat Pat!
  30. Kai330

    Transom & Sponson Repair:

    Thanks Dave! Moved up to a bigger boat, might mean bigger probs.... I'll give him a shout. Mahalos!!!
  31. Kai330

    Transom & Sponson Repair:

    Looking for someone to repair / rebuild. Any advice?
  32. Kai330

    Kaneohe 3/17

    At least you were out on some nice water during the shakedown. We went the day after & took a big strike. With the 80 screaming for mercy, we cleared our lines and prepared for battle. Just as we thought it was beginning to tire out the line snapped! Licking our wounds, we continued the hunt and...
  33. Kai330

    3/20 Gaji Strikes Again

    Howzit Neil, Good grinds! The Ali'i Kai / Gaji combo is hard to beat! Don't tell "Shot" about the stink Bimini and keep him guessing! Maybe it'll scare some of the fish our way. Nice catch! CJ
  34. Kai330

    Long day!

    Nice pic & too bad the Mahi had lock jaw! At least a good day on the water with your wife, sounds like she get the squid eye for spotting fish.
  35. Kai330


    Awesome catch! Very nice Uku!
  36. Kai330

    Marlin Got Away

    Great story! You'll get him next time.
  37. Kai330

    Certainly not catchin'. 3/15&17

    Pat, At least a good day on the water. My daughter is ready with her camera on your next monster Ahi! CJ.
  38. Kai330


    That rubbish line looked promising, although we ended up providing some surf for the occasional bird drifting on the pieces of foam. My daughter ended up with the camera this time (hold the fish this way, now that way.... Ok, cut em and let's grind!). We were stoked to finally have fish in the...
  39. Kai330


    The water was nice early in the morning, but when the winds picked up from the South it did get snotty. Just a heads up for you guys headed out today, a friend of mine said the bird piles were going off 15 miles NE of "Rabbit Island". Holding some Shibi Ko. CJ.
  40. Kai330


    After weeks of lousy weather, we headed out towards MM. With only one other boat there, we figured our chances were looking good. As we were making our turn for another pass by the buoy "snap" port outrigger goes (Gaji fish head). Blood on the deck! Worked the area for about an hour and decided...
  41. Kai330

    Garmin 441S(c) & Garmin 160 Finder.

    Someone offered $250 for the 441(s). Any BD's interested? Going, going.....
  42. Kai330

    Garmin 441S(c) & Garmin 160 Finder.

    Just upgraded my GPS system & have a Garmin 441(s) & 160 Fishfinder with transducer for sale. Asking $450 on CL, $350 on BD. Still in the boxes, manuals and hardware. Send me a "PM" if interested. Aloha, CJ.
  43. Kai330


    Nice Ahi!!!
  44. Kai330


    Aloha, I do appreciate the positive feedback. Thanks Paul & John! Pat, I can only hope to acquire the "Ahi Eye". As I mentioned before, we're always stoked to see your posts. Neil, gonna name you the Ono slayer, awesome catch brother! Allan, it's an honor running Gaji lures, they work! Looking...
  45. Kai330

    Maiden Voyage Bonus

    Howzit Neil, Nice job breaking in that Ali'i Kai! Good size Ono's!!!
  46. Kai330


    Aloha Alan, Hands down, awesome lures! Both Jack and Neil are accomplished fishermen. If there's a garage meeting in the near future, I'd definitely be interested. We have yet to bless the Ali'i Kai with an Ahi, maybe we could pick up a few of your recommended lures and finally get the monkey...
  47. Kai330


    Aloha Pat, I'll pass on the compliment to the "boss" & my daughter, they spend more time turning the fish to their best sides for the photo's. They have fun with it, but I get tired of "now turn it this way, now that way". We're always impressed with the Ahi you pull in! One of these days, we'll...
  48. Kai330


    Aloha guys, I've gotta give Jack credit for introducing / recommending the Gaji lures. After hearing him talk it up, we picked a couple up from Lois at 5Oceans7Seas. Ken, the lure is nicely balanced & weighted well ( slightly heavy), true craftsmanship in his lures and more importantly, if...
  49. Kai330


    Thanks Neil, it was a tough couple of weeks & no fishing! Finally blood in the boat! Thanks Patrick & Crazyboat, Gaji really makes some quality lures. 3 strikes on that lure with 2 in the cooler! I'll be adding more Gaji lures to the line up!
  50. Kai330


    Headed out early towards MM and picked up a nice size Otaru on a Gaji fish head. Mahi-Mahi were in the area & managed to pick up a few. Awesome day on the water! One random act of kindness at a time. CJ
  51. Kai330

    Winter Ono

    Howzit Neil, Nice Ono! We've gotta get you & "Shot" out here for some Kaneohe fishing. Congrats on the winter time Ono. Btw, I did get that email & will follow up with you. Aloha, CJ.
  52. Kai330

    anniversary fish plus...............

    Awesome catch & Happy Anniversary!
  53. Kai330


    Buss in some ways has a point, but we've all had advice from experienced fishermen. Similar to Irunthedeck, I've been fishing since the 70's & without some guidance, the trial & error period would've been difficult. When a certain lure was difficult to find and in high demand before a...
  54. Kai330

    Long day, kau kau fish.

    Thankful I had my mouth shut!
  55. Kai330

    LL Buoy Shark.

    Headed out dark & early with the loyal deck-man Jack and Kyle. The action at LL was a little slow and the jigging had already started. We decided to break out the Japan made secret lures & try to pull something up. 5 minutes in, the center starts to sing lightly and Jack hooks up as well. As...
  56. Kai330

    Long day, kau kau fish.

    Following up on Jack's post, a few minor details were left out.... As we're headed out to our favorite buoy, Jack and I were discussing politics, family and the hope of a productive day when all of a sudden I notice something greasy on my cheek. Thinking Jack may have been "spraying it...
  57. Kai330

    1983 26 Blackman

    Trailer included?
  58. Kai330

    Wife's Fishing Day

    Nice being cleared direct to...... The fish. Congratulations on the triple Ono catch.
  59. Kai330

    Finally a BD post from Nemo

    Awesome catch!
  60. Kai330

    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    Got the Gorilla off your back! Awesome catch!
  61. Kai330

    Waianae 8/10/12

    Great catch & good pics.
  62. Kai330

    Kaneohe 8/7/2012

    We had a late start out of Kaneohe and decided to start out with U buoy. Earlier advice from crews warned us of several sharks "cockaroaching" at MM & LL. Just outside of the buoy the outrigger pops with a decent Mahi-Mahi. We picked up a couple and lost a couple at the gaff, but thats fishing...
  63. Kai330


    Once daylight broke & we realized there were War Ships all around us, figured the fish were going, going, gone! Worked a pile of dolphin on the inside & balla-head. Regardless of the lack of fish, we were blessed with another day on the water. Bam, "Shelly Girl" stopped all of us in our tracks...
  64. Kai330

    Auwe! See you at Heeia!

  65. Kai330

    Saltiga Lure

    Aloha, Not looking to profit off these lures, I paid $24.50 per lure in Japan. CJ.
  66. Kai330

    Saltiga Lure

    Picked up a couple of Saltiga lures in Japan for another BD member. Haven't heard back, so if anyone is looking for a couple of lures send me a PM. Aloha, CJ.
  67. Kai330

    Kaneohe: A little slow.

    We caught on the 16th, just updated the post with some pics. Good hunting!
  68. Kai330

    Kaneohe: A little slow.

    Updated pics! "One random act of kindness at a time."
  69. Kai330

    Kaneohe: A little slow.

    Headed out a little late & decided to shoot out to MM. The bite was slow, with one "cane knife" Mahi Mahi, a few Shibi ko & Aku. It was still an awesome day on the water with the blessing of some kau-kau for the family.
  70. Kai330

    Mothersday run/2012 update.

    Kekoa, Good karma braddah! You will certainly be rewarded with some awesome fishing. One random act of kindness at a time, CJ.
  71. Kai330

    Japanese Fishing Gear:

    Aloha BD's, Headed out to Japan for a quick business trip and wondered if anyone has some advice on tackle shops or Japanese lures. I was able to pick up some Saltiga Pencil poppers (pink) that seem to be hard to come by. If anyone would like me to attempt to locate some gear, just send me a...
  72. Kai330

    Waianae 5/4/12 Mahi battle round two

    Good catch & great stories! Nothing like the "fire drill" on a boat.
  73. Kai330

    4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

    Not a bad day for "busting ass"! Awesome pics!!!
  74. Kai330


    Mahalos everybody! I've got to thank Jack, Eric & Rjo (photographer) for an unforgettable day. And to brother Billy for hooking up the killwell outriggers. More mahalos to Lois from 5Oceans7Seas & Danfred from POP.
  75. Kai330


    We were all stoked to be out on the water and blessed with some awesome fish.
  76. Kai330


    Headed out of Kaneohe O'dark thirty trying to get the jump on the fish. A friend had said MM & LL were holding some Mahi-mahi and Shibi Ko. Approaching MM we realized that the "No Vacancy" sign was on and there may as well have been valet service, it was a parking lot! We came across some open...
  77. Kai330

    Beware of products ordered online:

    Lesson learned, I can always count on P.O.P, Hana Pa'a & 5 Oceans 7 Seas to provide excellent service & no BS.
  78. Kai330

    Beware of products ordered online:

    Most reputable suppliers indicate whether a product is simply available or out of stock. Notifying your customer after receiving payment that they're not sure when they'll receive the product is simply misleading. That's what I get for trying to save a little money for fuel. Just trying to give...
  79. Kai330

    Beware of products ordered online:

    Aloha BD'ers, Thought I would save some cash by purchasing outriggers from a mainland company and paid for the items. Understanding that shipping costs are a little high, gotta pay for paradise. Received an email from, apologizing that the outriggers are on back order &...
  80. Kai330

    New member just ariving to Oahu

    Aloha Tom, You will find the fishermen here are very informative and friendly. There are several options, from fresh water (somewhat limited) to pelagic fishing, Hawaii is a fisherman's paradise. If you are humble & patient, you stand to make some great friends and earn some of the trade...
  81. Kai330

    KANEOHE 2/25

    Awesome catch Capt. Don! FYI, that fever is going around and has progressed to pneumonia for both of my keiki. Always enjoy the posts! Aloha, CJ.
  82. Kai330

    WTB Outrigger for Lee Jr. Wishbone:

    Looking for some outriggers for my Lee Jr. Wishbones on a 17' Ali'i Kai. Any recommendations?
  83. Kai330

    in da boat!!!!

    Awesome catch!
  84. Kai330

    waianae 2/11

    Good catch!
  85. Kai330


    Good catch & the presentation of the grinds just earned me a "hall pass" from the wife to go fishing!
  86. Kai330

    Kaneohe 1/21/12

    Awesome boat! Looks like some good Kau kau! Congrats on the catch.
  87. Kai330

    tag team action

    Awesome fishing Justin & crew! Nice boat!
  88. Kai330

    Kaneohe 1/12/12 MM & U.

    Aloha Ben, The water was was awesome & the fishing was good. The best part, was witnessing one of our soldiers "stoked" and throwing "high fives". Good hunting. One random act of kindness at a time. CJ.
  89. Kai330

    Kaneohe 1/12/12 MM & U.

    JBoy, Hey, it was good talking with you. You've got an awesome boat! I've been looking to re-power this little Ali'i Kai with something a little more efficient. Hope you guys pulled in some good grinds! Aloha, CJ.
  90. Kai330

    Kaneohe 1/12/12 MM & U.

    After speaking with my friend Jack about the fishing conditions, he put in a request to invite along his nephew Eric that had just returned from Afghanistan after a 10 month deployment. We decided to roll out early and arrived at the pier before 4 AM. After admiring another crews "real boat"...
  91. Kai330

    Kaneohe 30 oct 11

    Awesome catch Ben!
  92. Kai330

    Fishing report 10/27

    Better than bala-head! Congrats on the mahi & Ono. I've been hunting for T for a couple of trips now. We ran a 4 mile arc from the last reported coordinates without success. Anyone have the actual Lat / Long or would DLNR have them on file?
  93. Kai330


    An old friend from "hunna bunna days" returned from the mainland for a short vacation. Being an avid fisherman, we decided to try our luck at the windward side. Upon our arrival at "U", we had a great feeling, as the birds were just as active as the Aku. After the "tax man" enjoyed a free...
  94. Kai330

    waianae still get fish!

    Brian, looks like you had a great day of fishing. These are life long memories for our keiki! Awesome!
  95. Kai330

    Mahi Molokai 10-10

    Awesome Mahi!!
  96. Kai330

    17' Ali'i Kai fuel capacity?

    Also looking to re-power with a Suzuki or Yami 4 stroke, if any retailers are here on BD, send a message.
  97. Kai330

    17' Ali'i Kai fuel capacity?

    Recently purchased an 17' Ali'i Kai (1992) the original owner wasn't certain of the fuel capacity. He was certain "Warren" built the boat. The tank doesn't indicate the capacity. Anyone know what the stock fuel capacity may have been? Mahalos!
  98. Kai330

    Welcome to HI:

    While working over in Las Vegas, we met an avid fisherman from TN. After trading fishing stories, we discovered that all of us were on the same flight home . With this being his first trip to HI and the idea that we had planned to fish the eastside the following morning, I threw out the invite...