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    Epic day west of the 302 and surrounding area

    Totally. Kinda popped her tuna cherry! Wait... That sounds bad...
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    Epic day west of the 302 and surrounding area

    yep she did an epic job! She is beyond amazing. And it's about 4' I think... She's my little shorty!
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    Epic day west of the 302 and surrounding area

    Super awesome day at the 302. Lots of YFT, some dodos and yellows... Took my girl out... She is absolutely amazing and she had a great time. Got her on some fish. Seriously the coolest girl I've ever met. She did amazingly. I'm super proud and super happy to call her mine. I Love you Taylor.
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    where to get fairing block cut in El Cajon or San Diego area?

    Go to any yard on Shelter Island, give them the block and the angle and have them cut it. The guys at NB marine did mine when they hauled my boat and it was spot on.
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    07/29/2013 Catch and Release....

    Way to go on the yellows Gary! That buoy looks expensive...
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    Retard in the harbor

    haha what a tool. some people are simply just oxygen thieves...
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    My New Hatteras 36!

    Shes a 73. no blisters, solid as you can get, that Carolina V is hard to beat and the Cat's are in great shape with only 430 hours on them! things aren't even broken in yet. thanks for the well wishes... been a dream for me for as long as i can remember...
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    My New Hatteras 36!

    Just picked up this beauty and finally had time to get her to Oceanside for Maintenance and upgrades. after sitting for 3 years she made it from Chula Vista Marina to Oceanside, about 56 miles with absolutely NO issues whatsoever. got her hauled out and gonna start the restoration
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    She's sold bro. Got close to what I wanted as well... Aaaannnnnnnddddd dropping it all into my Hatt!!
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    hey im sorry i just got the PM... unfortunately the boat has been sold!! thank you for the interest!!!
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    Bought a 36 Hatteras... As much as I know I should keep the skippy I gotta let her go. Cash talks. Hit me up!
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    Bump Had 2 bites... Nothing hooked yet! Boats all waxed and buffed and ready for the decks to be red!
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    What's up man long time no talk! Right on just talked to Jay the other day too! Hopefully you're staying busy! I'm thinking a 36 Hatteras for now... Well see.
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    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    Bought a bigger boat, don't have time for two otherwise id keep her on the trailer... Motivated to sell! Let's make a deal!! 1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher Volvo 5.7 GL-B power plant with 450 hours, Volvo duo prop out drive with stainless props. meticulously maintained. Ray...
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    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I don't want to sound ignorant and I Disnt read every page of this but does this apply to recreational boats as well or is it directed to the cattle boats only?
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    I have a 24 skipjack FlyBridge for sale... It's beautiful. PM me if you're interested.
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    NEW RIDE...

    I dont trust rotor wing aircraft... anything with the glide ratio of a brick scares me. ill stick to Multi engine jets...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Volvo setup or just a straight 350? I got prints I can scan...
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    NEW RIDE...

    Living the dream... One nightmare at a time...
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    NEW RIDE...

  21. FishAbility

    NEW RIDE...

    Thanks for that and good point...
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    NEW RIDE...

    Thanks!! Yeah total dream come true. And it's fast as fuck. ;-)
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    NEW RIDE...

    Haha I got my F450 for that...
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    NEW RIDE...

    Wanted One since i was 7 years old... couple of months ago my dream came true... did a few upgrades and pushing 750HP normally aspirated... :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    28' Bertram for sale

    Let's deal. I got that 24 skippy fly bridge. We talked months ago. Hit me back. 760-917-4731
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    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    Hopefully we do this again this weekend!!!! OAC tourney. See you all at the scales!!!
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    1989 skipjack 24 flybridge trade for bigger boat

    Shit I knew this question would come up... I know the market is in the dump but I'd like to get $20-22k at least for her... I've pulled comps and most are around 18-25k and let me tell ya most aren't in as good of condition... the trailer needs a little love and the eisenglass should probably be...
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    1989 skipjack 24 flybridge trade for bigger boat

    Cash is an option too... or my boat and cash for yours... what ya got?? 760-917-4731 [email protected]
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    1989 skipjack 24 flybridge trade for bigger boat

    1989 24 skipjack FB Raymarine color autopilot Raymarine D50 plotter/sounder 16 mile radar Radio VHF Furuno GPS Raw water wash down Sink/stove/small fridge/inverter/head Lewmar windless 120 gal fuel 430 hours on factory new Volvo 5.7 gas engine with duoprop drive / SS props Good...
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    9-13-11 Thresher off Sunset Beach

    Come on.... really? I'm sorry but this is why T fishing is sucking more and more... I'm with the rest of the guys I ain't gonna tear this apart but do a little research and if your gonna kill infants please don't post pictures... it makes a lot of us sick...
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    Kelps starting to hold Dorado and Yellowtail

    YEAH BUDDY!!!! Hey all of Alis brothers shit is in my hangar in san diego!!! wtf?? lol
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    181-209 TUESDAY 8-10-10 (late)

    SUCKED. lots of life, bait, whales, dolphins, birds, 100'x100' paddys, everything but fish. ran outta Oceanside, made good bait, ran out no one home. trolled and chummed on a huge paddy between 181-209, nothing. switched up for shark and nothing. 67-68 deg water with small swells 1-2 feet and 4...
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    Thresher 5/14/2010

    what did you catch it on? ive had 500 pounders to the boat in 3 hours or less with a 30VSW... damn!! Nice catch guys CONGRATS!!!
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    Thresher Fishing..

    Thanks for burnin gas and the report!! I'll be scouting early April.
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    Flying Tuna...? I think not.

    It's a mako actually.
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    My wife did great for my Bday at FH!!! New Avet / Seeker set up!!

    Avet HXW5/2 Reel and Seeker Classic 660H-6 Rod, Its a PERFECT combo... colors and all! she did well and said the guys at Turners really hooked her up! Birthday Bounty... now i just need time to get out there and kill some fish!!! :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    25 ft wellcraft for sale with trailer $5500.00

    My buddy and i had one of these for a while... great boats...IMO!
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    First tuna of the Season

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    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

    I have a Raymarine autopilot system in my boat now... however when this poll was opened I had a Simrad AP 14R. The Raymarine system blows the Simrad outta the water. My system consists of a X10 corepack with fluxgate compass, coupled to a ST70 color control head with a linear drive unit. the...
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    24 Skippy, new pics!

    THANK YOU ALL for the kind feedback!!! its a 1986 hull model (21 deg of deadrise and reverse chine) and was re powered around 2004...
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    24'Skipjack FB w/Yanmar Diesel 19Kobo

    You and I are obviously in aviation my friend... :appl:
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    24'Skipjack FB w/Yanmar Diesel 19Kobo

    one way or another, nice boat / engine package... good luck!
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    Oceanside Pier from the 200 feet...

    my lil Piper cherokee 180
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    24 Skippy, new pics!

    Tony, I have a Gas powered Volvo 5.7GL-B with duoprop drive. i get about 32-34 kts at WFO, im not sure of the fuel burn yet, as i just installed a flo scan last week... but its not bad... and THANKS by the way!
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    Oceanside Pier from the 200 feet...

    None. flying is my job. the one thing i actually take seriously. no drinking / flying. ever, not even the day before.
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    FIRST TIME SEX...........

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    24 Skippy, new pics!

    Hahahahahahaha! yes, they are not small... im sure the boat is cheaper tho... and thank you very much!!
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    24 Skippy, new pics!

    My buddy Swan with his GF my bro New transom graphics... clear.
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    Had the boat out yesterday... and had to dive to retrieve dropped parts today...

    Yeah. It's scary as hell. Was out one time years ago and my buddy (after a 12er) decided hooping sucked and dive time. Me, similar state, couldn't let him go alone, nor could I convince him it was a horrable idea, so we suited up, down to 40-50 feet. I tried to hang as long as I could, but was...
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    Had the boat out yesterday... and had to dive to retrieve dropped parts today...

    went out and sea trialed the boat yesterday, had to speed time it and do some valve adjustments at full speed getting sprayed in the face with hot oil... that was fun, but highly effective. then proceeded to drink heavily with some buddies while testing out and calibrating the new...
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    Yeah, boats aint cheap, especially if you want them done right... Ill post some more pics ASAP! thanks for the positive feedback... My wife may leave me but at least the boats ready!
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    Yeah! thanks man! I have about 70 hours so far working on her, washing her, etc. I figure I have another 10-20 left... Its crazy how much time we spend... 70% of the time working on her, 15 percent of the time dreaming of a bigger boat, 2% hating boats in general, and 13% of the time fishing/ on...
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    I think she's about ready for a sea trial!!!!! New RayMarine autopilot, autopilot controller, course computer, flux gate and chartplotter, interfaced radar to autopilot and chartplotter, SeaTalk NG system, all wired by yours truly, using all aviation grade wiring, new bilge pump control...
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    felt a lil dirty...

    acid trip!
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    Electrical Fire today

    just replace all the damaged wires. youll be glad you did later...
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    SkipJack 24 Volvo 5.7 GL - Its been 6 Months! FINALLY up and running again!!!

    John, the manifolds took a crap and cracked on me therefore inserting water to the heads and fried the valves and somewhere in there blew the gaskets. no biggy those manifolds had about a year left on them when i got the boat from you. i change them every 3 years regardless. salt water is...
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    1987 24' Skipjack Open $3k

    bitchen boat, if i didnt just spend 5k on electronics today id have bought it!!
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    New Reef tank setup!

    Under tank sump and components... finished product...
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    65 Gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium with Accessories

    65 Gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium. Complete setup! Large rear sump, includes protein skimmer, heater, circulation pump, Actinic and day lights, large hood with provisions for cooling fans. Comes with 5 gallons of crushed coral bottom and miscellaneous pieces of coral. Nice oak stand, clean and...
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    SkipJack 24 Volvo 5.7 GL - Its been 6 Months! FINALLY up and running again!!!

    After blowing both head gaskets 6 months ago at the 425, shes finally back together! Freshly overhauled Heads, new exhaust manifolds and risers, new starter, cap/rotor, tune up stuff, and my favorite, am Edelbrock 1409 600CFM carb. purrs like a kitten! My RayMarine Autopilot system and...
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    Have you ever seen a rod break like this?

    ive seen them break like that. when the rod is on the rail... wow.
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    Tailwalker Great Charter on Sun 9/20

    yeah... it costs me $400-500 + each time i take my boat for long range tuna pulls... then when shit breaks, like lets say for instance, MY FUCKING CRACKED EXHAUST MANIFOLDS AND BLOWN HEAD GASKET shit gets fucking pricey. fml. (hence the reason im up at 6am drooling over the fish reports and not...
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    Protect your kicker

    thats fuckin rad!
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    209 - Office Chair Kelp:

    where was your camera ????
  65. FishAbility

    ID this!

    wolf spider
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    Headed to the 425 - 101 tomorrow 4/25...

    Wish me luck... taking a full crew to mex for what i hope to be a killer trip... im not looking for limits on fish but a full cooler would be nice. the water temp has been dropping but the weather has been improving. hopefully it ends better than yesterday... bad ignition coil stranded me...
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    Here you go WarpDrive...

  68. FishAbility

    8/24 425 to 101 and up the ridge

    im doing that same trip tomorrow. 3am. ill report on my findings tomorrow night. hopefully we have better luck than you...
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    Fishing In Gale Force Winds

    "Gale" force winds are air currents that measure between 7 and 10 on the Beaufort scale (a measurement system for winds) and have a speed of between 30 and 60 miles per hour. try again. but congrats on the fish! glad your wife didnt upchuck.
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    SUNDAY 8/23. NEED 1 FOR CREW Shelter Island - 230 - 371 - 425 - 101 - RockPile

    ALL my friends are pussys and would rather go to a bbq or go home and get yelled at by their stupid wives, and I am going fishing. the title says it all. Shelter Island - 230 - 371 - 425 - 101 - RockPile - then Home. Obviously looking for the tuna. 4AM show up at Shelter Island. or 315 at my...
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    8/22/09 Saturday Bad weather right now

    thanks. just made me feel A LOT better about pushing the trip back till tomorrow...
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    8/21 425 BET

    ill be there tomorrow.....
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    Check out my new money pit..Whaler

    cool project, have fun?!
  74. FishAbility

    Hit a blue whale!

    I hit a sunfish once. Scared the shit outta me.
  75. FishAbility

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    That is really cool!
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    Oceanside WS Bite

    nice fish! who said there was NWSBIOS?? :-)
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    Lucky Dad this Fathers Day!

    im jealous... congrats!
  78. FishAbility

    What is your favorite scent

    "PUSSY" is my favorite scent. other than that ill butt out of this thread....
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    Penn International 30 Great Condition $180

    if you didnt sell it call me 760-917-4731. ill get it today.
  80. FishAbility

    ALBACORE!!!!! On Team Hanna 6/13 (With Details & Pix)

    great report man! good job on the albies. whats the range on your skippy? what size fuel tank and what mill / drive package you runnin??
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    OAC tourney

    yeah... two different people, same fish, its in the bylaws. the fish CAN NOT BE HANDED OFF to a different person and must be fought by the angler who set the hook. Congrats to a great fish, but i feel this is illegal with a close inspection of the tournament laws... BS in my opinion. everyday...
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    OAC Thresher shark tourney May 9th

    what about 4th and 5th?
  83. FishAbility

    Mako's yet?

    had 2 already this season john. go get em.
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    OAC Thresher shark tourney May 9th

    anyone have the 2009 results?
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    Full Speed Threshers

    ohhh... i feel dumb. :idiot:
  86. FishAbility

    How to mouth hook your thresher shark

    GREAT INFO!!! Im glad someone else loves the SPORT of fishing these fish! These guys slaughtering 3+ small fish a day with the excuse that "ohhh it was tailhooked and dead boatside" need to read this post, twice. rock on dude and thanks for the AWESOME info!!!
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    MR> T 5/3

    ok... im glad that was a JOKE... GOT ME PISSED for a few mins...
  88. FishAbility

    MR> T 5/3

    popcorn ready... wow. btw nothing wrong with going to the N9 from oside... its only 32 miles. 2? seriously guys? my last fish was bigger than those 2 combined and im reluctant to post pics. balls. of. steel. nice catch anyways. get ready for poo flinging.
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    First T May 3rd

  90. FishAbility

    400# t shark

    fucking a!!! CONGRATS!!! NICE KILL!!
  91. FishAbility

    Need a fish ID

  92. FishAbility

    1993 Ford F-150

    i got 2500 cash. pm me or call 760-917-4731
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    First Thresher Of the season in Oceanside!!!

    yeah, then airbrushed with food color... thing was rad, pic does it no justice.
  94. FishAbility

    got my new to me boat

    thats the way to do it! screw intrest rates, charges, contracts, fuck all that. cash. is. king. prob got a better deal that way too!! SWEET boat!!
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    First Thresher Of the season in Oceanside!!!

    Im gonna be out there looking for it my friend! best of luck to you Rick, and your team! tight lines!
  96. FishAbility

    First Thresher Of the season in Oceanside!!!

    :idiot: gotcha bitches! BUT, check out this CAKE that my wife made for my birthday on the 27th, (the insane party was held on the 28th...) this was no easy feat, and took over 20 hours to make... it had a red cherry filling between the layers... even the mackerel were edible, like lil fuckin...
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    My 21 yr old brother just texted me.....

    not only no. hell no.
  98. FishAbility

    My son needs a job.

    i need a job too... seriously, good luck to your son. its hard out there right now...
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    Big bones commin up the line...

    Bones make GREAT thresher bait... i wont target them but its always fun to nab a few here of there... the big ones on light tackle put up a fun fight. I appreciate any and all reports. Hell, ill give you my trip log and every LAT/LON for every fish ive ever caught. experiece taught me, THE FISH...
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    40 things you would like to say at work...

    Who lit the fuse on your tampon? - HAHA
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    Just Got back from Fred Hall Show in Delmar!

    ill be there soon...
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    just bought a 24 skippy

    lets see some pics....
  103. FishAbility

    24ft. Skipjack no drain in cabin

    my Skippy 24 does the same thing... its nice to have the seperation from the bilge and the cabin to prevent cO2 from entering the cabin. i thought about running a scupper to a hose and T off my bilge pump to fast drain the cabin, but then i realized that i only get water in the cabin if the boat...
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    If your going to the Fred Hall Show........

    mines locked, and if they can get the nut off that ball they can fuckin have it... things been on there since christ was a student pilot....
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    Slow fishing for Quality Yellows

    GREAT report. nice fish, and good day on the water. i should have gone there, i was out but looking for a different species... bad choice. good job bro!! tight lines!
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    Not in Oceanside / Carlsbad yet...

    Took the boat out for the first time in way too long in search of an early season T. Headed out at about 8-830 from oceanside launch ramp. (nice to see so many bd stickers out there) Hit the artificial reefs off the pier for bait, nada in the water. then threw some frozen macks on a few rigs and...
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    you are a assclown. :indabutt:
  108. FishAbility

    Oh Hell to the No

    i wanna see a copy of that bill... 470? fuck me... with drinks ya sure i might believe it... but the ritz aint all that great. either he got had or he had a dinner of the LIFETIME. fuck, hope his date swallows...
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    New Instrument panel / radar

    Uh oh... we got a blackhawk pilot in the house? haha like the "FIRE" button...
  110. FishAbility

    New Instrument panel / radar

    the ignition is off. theres a full tank in there! :indabutt:
  111. FishAbility

    New Instrument panel / radar

    i think the picture at night makes them look brighter than they actually are, however, i like the dimmer idea....
  112. FishAbility

    New Instrument panel / radar

    Its Amazing how little things like changing your instruments to all match and making all the lights work etc spruces up the bridge.... also just added a JRC1500mkII 16 mile radar that i bought from a buddy to replace the antiquated POS that i had on there before... thing worked bitchen it...
  113. FishAbility

    Blackberry Storm

    iphone hands down. i would be lost without mine...
  114. FishAbility

    Went to north nine mile lookin for sharks

    btw thanks for the report and the scout. its posts like this that keep us going and pumped to get out there!!!
  115. FishAbility

    Went to north nine mile lookin for sharks

    hey john! hows my old boat working out for you?? pm me or call me i got some shit for you... lets go kill some fish sometime or buddy boat, im working on some electronics upgrades on my new boat now so ill be a few weeks yet but i got some #s for the T's... hope all is well and my engine is...
  116. FishAbility

    check my new ride

    no fucking shit...
  117. FishAbility

    Anyone been out T hunting?

    PM me if you wanna give me some inside schitt on the early Mr. T bite this year... or feel free to share with everyone! just wanted to see what was going on, iv been so busy with work i havent been able to get out and do any fishing... soon i hope. any info is cool, im just living vicariously...
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    OAC Annual Banquet 2/21

    bump im there.
  119. FishAbility

    Another 18lb' decide

    nice fish regardless of weight bro. nicley done.
  120. FishAbility

    More Motivational pics 2-10

  121. FishAbility

    Meet "Ruca"

  122. FishAbility

    looking for a guy

  123. FishAbility

    Looking for Flight Instructor

    PM sent... Civic Helicopters - Complete Helicopter Center Offering Training, Flight Services, Authorized Parts and Maintenance, robinson, bell, md500 jetranger, r22, hughes, schweizer, international training, san diego, california, palomar airport, tours, chart Call civic. there good people...
  124. FishAbility

    Would this do okay in the salt

    bring a life raft... :supergay:
  125. FishAbility

    "End of the Line" is almost ready

    beautiful... simply beautiful.
  126. FishAbility

    Has AA Marine In Vista Closed Down?

    that place sucked anyways... times are hard.
  127. FishAbility

    Steelers Win? I don't think so!!

    furthermore, who cares?
  128. FishAbility

    The New Girlfriend

    haha fuck that.
  129. FishAbility

    High as a kite

    fucking idiot.
  130. FishAbility

    so... you think you have towed it all?

    My day in aviation... after a 5 week annual inspection on the aircraft, the fucking tug runs outta gas... then i went flying... pointlessly for 1.5hrs. good thing gas is cheap... yep. another day in my life. fuck. i wish the tuna were here...
  131. FishAbility

    I catch and some times eat Sea Kittens

    i wrote them an email : fuck you all FISH OR DIE!!! WWW.BLOODYDECKS.COM!!! BITCHES!!! :-)
  132. FishAbility

    My first attempts at rod building

    ditto on the raiders thing. good work my friend!
  133. FishAbility

    Irvine Double Limits with the girlfriend

    i like the fact that she wore the same shirt to bed as she did fishing... i do the same god damned thing. i work till 3am getting the boat ready. 5am, READY TO GO. good girl. one word. KEEPER!!
  134. FishAbility

    Class A Driver Job Openings

    got any planes?
  135. FishAbility

    A knockout looking Hooker

    THATS just wrong...
  136. FishAbility

    A kick ass rod holder.

  137. FishAbility

    Another calico tattoo

    nice brother!!! Im looking to get some work done as well... you do any shark tats?
  138. FishAbility

    I'm going to be a Grampa

    thats GREAT news Jim!!! Merry Christmas and tight lines to come my friend!!!
  139. FishAbility

    Tickle Me Emo.... Don't get your kids this toy..

    i wish my lawn was emo, then it would cut itself.....
  140. FishAbility

    Brought a real snowman home today. w/pics

    you can see your house from space i bet.... very VERY cool. i bet that took some time....
  141. FishAbility

    Autopilot for a 22' I/O without Hydro-Steering

    ill swear by the SIMRAD AP-14R autopilot. ive had them in my last two boats and ill have one on my 24 Skipjack soon as well... the remote is kinda gay, wish it was "hard Mounted" but it works awesome, especially when you interface it with your GPS.
  142. FishAbility

    How NOT to release a billfish!

    haha nice....
  143. FishAbility

    Late Rpt for Sat 12-6

    that shrimp would have been killer with some butter!! :Smoke_Emoticon:
  144. FishAbility

    Hero ends rampage of six month old puppy

    fucking really? people in the second video REALLY have nothing better to do with thier lives???? wow... poor dog and all but WTF?
  145. FishAbility

    Justice for Dan.........

    i went to high school with his brother, Drew bessant. RBV... Drew if your on this site, PM me. long time no talk. prayers sent for your family. GOOD NEWS this cocksucker gets justice. dryfuck bangers. in the throat.
  146. FishAbility

    Ok I need some advice I loaned a friend alot of money

    FIRST off. WHAT THE FUCK? Your friend is a DOUCHE for not paying you back. Have you even tried to ask him for some type of repayment, anything FUCKING $10? a carton of smokes? borrow his daughter for a night?? You have to grow a set and confront the cocksucker. and i mean that in the nicest way...
  147. FishAbility

    Wow...your girlfriend is ugly!

    i just read like 40 fucking pages of that... what the fuck is wrong with me??
  148. FishAbility

    Wow...your girlfriend is ugly!

    did anyone else actually read the whole post? thats some fucking FUNNY shit right there!!! i laughed so hard at some of those photoshop pics i seriously cried!!!! GOD DAMN people are harsh!!!
  149. FishAbility

    Sex can tell your age

    ok i just cant read apparently... it worked. I shouldnt try to add while drinking...
  150. FishAbility

    Landing a shark

    HONESTLY? Just use a gaff. get some experience with a team and you wont need a fucking crossbow! thats fucking scary! give the shark a chance! thats why its called a fight, NOT a slaughter!
  151. FishAbility

    Sex can tell your age

    it was off by one year on my age.... cool though?
  152. FishAbility

    sharkssssss ?

    i go to the shark reef at mandalay bay in vegas with a 50w and seeker all roller... works well for me. should work for the SKI's! :It__s_Outta_Here:
  153. FishAbility

    Lets see your arsenal

  154. FishAbility

    It Should hit Home!

    Thats cool and so very true. live each day to its full potential. Above all else. CATCH MORE FISH!
  155. FishAbility

    Ocotillo Dezert trip gone south...

    ill post pictures later... wow.
  156. FishAbility

    Ocotillo Dezert trip gone south...

    I was hanging with some buds and their wives at Mobiland off Split Mtn Rd. in Ocotillo this weekend. didnt make it out there till 2 AM sat night cause my Buddys Baja Bug needed some more welding. anyway, were riding all day, end up at devils slide. well, my wife falls off her blaster and gets...
  157. FishAbility

    Man do i have the worst luck ,I just wonder whats next

    fuck er bro. sorry my opinion... wow you are having a BAD week my friend... prayers are with you...
  158. FishAbility

    Bigeye T

    cool. they taste like shit though. like eating rubber, or a half dead rubbery mackerel... gross. Cool photo op though i guess.
  159. FishAbility

    skipjack duoprop project

    My Skippy has a DP with a 5.7 in her... best Mod ever... youll be happy you did it thats for sure.
  160. FishAbility

    Just a horriable date in my life

    Dear God, watch over her for me That she may safely guarded be Help her each lonely hour to bear As I would Lord, if I were there. When she is sleeping watch her then That fear may not her dream offend Be ever near her through the day Let none but goodness come her way. Sweet faithful...
  161. FishAbility

    You ate s__it

  162. FishAbility

    Examples of MMHS Girls

  163. FishAbility

    Examples of MMHS Girls

  164. FishAbility

    Heartbreak at Mako Ridge w/pics 10-12-08

    better luck next time. good story. hate to say ive had it happen more times than once...
  165. FishAbility

    WTF kind of Spider is this??

    thanks guys! i didnt kill it, i "relocated" it to the neighbors yard... thing was too cool looking to smash... damn there is a plethera of information of this site!
  166. FishAbility


    no shit... if the guy is a repeat ofender, by all means talk shit. but fuck, dont you think, a "hey dude, this section is for REPORTS, post here gets a better response?" :Backstab_emoticon:
  167. FishAbility

    This or That

    Romulans for sure. Capt. Picard or Capt. Kirk?
  168. FishAbility


    ive had Makos to the boat year round, and in fact my personal best mako over 400 lbs was caught in june 2 years ago. there is no "specific" spot all the makos and their homies "chill" at brother. you have to look at the weather, and bottom structure, as well as swell direction and tides, make...
  169. FishAbility

    WTF kind of Spider is this??

    Found this in the front yard... FUCKING SCARY looking thing... anyone have any idea WTF it is? the thing had silver "armour" on its hind section. looks poisonous as hell... ideas? was appx 4 inches across from leg to leg...
  170. FishAbility

    This or That

    invisible for sure!!! id be robbing shit like a MOFO! can you say girls locker room?? haha!! shoot fire or control weather?
  171. FishAbility

    This or That

    plastic Star Trek or Star wars?
  172. FishAbility

    This or That

    TIMSKI!!! Fuck i love those pointless posts... i miss the Skis!! apple or PC?
  173. FishAbility

    oceanside police (should i fight it) it was the blonde

    im trying to figure this out. rewrite it NOT in the 3rd person maybe? fuck i read it 4 times now my head hurts and i need (another) drink...
  174. FishAbility

    A Very Touching Story

    HAHAHAHAHAHA classic!
  175. FishAbility

    Best Overall Pilothouse

    if i was in the market for a pilot house it would be a Sagit Orca. hands down. second choice would be a davis.
  176. FishAbility

    Knot tying info (animated)

    thats awesome... thanks bud! makes up for not being a boy scout i guess...
  177. FishAbility

    There just isn't enough booze

    my wife says that every night as i finish my 4th drink... she usually gives in though...
  178. FishAbility

    oceanside police busted me

    good info guys... im gonna look into getting a bag together myself... shit happens you know? no one wants to sink their boat, but theres always "WHAT IF?" sucks to be the one to take the hit, but this thread may save people thousands of dollars and more inportantly, their lives, or the lives of...
  179. FishAbility

    This or That

    work work work.... hard earned millions or win the lotto?
  180. FishAbility

    This or That

    BIEL!!!! :Exploding_Smiley:
  181. FishAbility

    This or That

    PORN star... Hillary Duff or Miley Cyrus?
  182. FishAbility

    This or That

    Tracy all the way! Volvo or Mercruiser?
  183. FishAbility

    This or That

    50SW seeker or fenwick?
  184. FishAbility

    Dolphins are cool!!!

    neat... those are some bored ass dolphins...
  185. FishAbility

    Lockheed F-35B Joint Strike Fighter... BADDEST Fighter Jet EVER built!

    YouTube - Lockheed Martin F-35B STOVL Propulsion Ground Test maybe so, but a real airplane nonetheless...
  186. FishAbility

    Lockheed F-35B Joint Strike Fighter... BADDEST Fighter Jet EVER built!

    YouTube - F-35B if I had $38mil id have one... in my drive way... fuck i thought the neighbors thought i was a prick running the boat at 11pm... imagine taking off in your own STOVL from the drive way... :waglleybooty:
  187. FishAbility

    This or That

    unconscious boy short panties or thong?
  188. FishAbility

    Do not film videos of yourself

    haha what happened?
  189. FishAbility

    This or That

    cheech skipjack or bayliner?
  190. FishAbility

    This or That

    semen blow job or rimmer?
  191. FishAbility

    WON Yamaha Saltwater Series-Catalina 10/11-12

    ill be around cat all weekend hunting for whatever...
  192. FishAbility

    goin out of oceanside and need to make bait for shark and hoopin

    Go north. hit the power plant 2-4 miles off. youll find lots of makos under 100 lbs there. 3-5 ft @ 8 seconds in a 18 CC? check the seas before you go. word of advice, only fish one species at a time. why go for bones when your going for shark? make drift rigs and CHUM CHUM CHUM. pick any spot...
  193. FishAbility

    Good fishing this time of year around SCI?

    Im going to catalina this weekend with the wife, as well as escorting my buddyand his 20' four winns out there, hes gonna camp, i wanna fish, ive never hit the island this time of year and im just wondering whats around... pretty much trying to figure out what gear to bring... any input is...
  194. FishAbility

    Miramar airshow, 08'

    the type and quality of aircraft, the HUGE displays and well set up shows... not to mention there is competition, and when you see and hear 8 F4U corsairs scream by, it makes anything else look... well, bland. i LOVE the millitary side of aviation, in fact the Lockheed F35B lightning II STOVL is...
  195. FishAbility

    New Transom graphics... what do you think??

    My wife photoshopped this onto the transom of the boat... im going to get it cut for me next week... just looking for any input you might have. im not sure on the colors either.... 2 tone or just straight black? thanks
  196. FishAbility

    New 28 Cat Richcraft

    killer designs... keep the pics coming... do you have any with the boat under way?
  197. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Lagoon-Spotty's on the take.

    cool.... i guess.
  198. FishAbility

    Miramar airshow, 08'

    cool pics.... miramar dont hold a candle to Reno though...
  199. FishAbility

    New 28 Cat Richcraft

    Tell me that this launch ramp is Havasu right??? SWEEET looking boat... i wanna see some pics at WFO!
  200. FishAbility

    Is YFT tuna over for the year???

    i dont think its over yet... but your gonna have to run 100 miles plus....
  201. FishAbility

    So while fishing is slow, here's something to do

    THESE PICS ARE OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to have some pics from a few years back... but they dont hold a candle to these! keep em comming!
  202. FishAbility

    my new Sarah Palin name

    Axe Diesel Palin.... THATS AWESOME.
  203. FishAbility

    Lobster Cabo

    Looks like a well equipped boat bro!!! good luck this year!
  204. FishAbility

    Bacon Tree

    hahahahaha.... why mexicans though? ohhh the catchy accent right? funny.
  205. FishAbility

    my 1969 Searay project boat

    post up some pics!!!!
  206. FishAbility

    undersized bug

    way to support him dick. NICE first post.
  207. FishAbility

    O.J. is Finally found Guilty...

  208. FishAbility


    i think were gonna need a bigger boat....
  209. FishAbility

    Thresher Shark Regs coming soon!

    Huge fucking closure period... but its about god damn time! Assholes keeping 3 fish a trip with multiple trips a month... WTF? killing large female breeders with pups? there NOT hard fish to catch... but we need to regulate ourselves... i now fish with only circle hooks to keep them alive for...
  210. FishAbility


    had 6 makos to the boat last sunday... all small fish under 140lbs... going to cat in two weeks for some camping and fish slaying... anyone know what the best boat-in campsite is? easy access and shallow water etc? (fucking thread jack sorry...)
  211. FishAbility

    kinda new to BD looking for a ride

    yeah... most of my trips start at 4am... but wow... freeking harsh guys! Get used to it onebizo, this place is not for the faint of heart...
  212. FishAbility

    Mako's !! 9/27/08

    BABYKILLERS!!! HAHA nice fish bro!!! Congrats!!!
  213. FishAbility


    looks really cool bro! i just got a 24 skippy and its bitchen... good luck!!
  214. FishAbility

    Get over selling my boat...

    figures... im in dallas right now for work... (a pilots life is shitty...) I havent flown in months and now as soon as im ready to pick up my boat in gone for a week... im going fishing next weekend though!!!
  215. FishAbility

    Get over selling my boat...

    im in the process of buying a 24 skippy from a fellow BDr... things are in motion... and i cant fucking wait!!!
  216. FishAbility

    Get over selling my boat...

    So, I sold the boat today... :hali_parkutuli: hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears poured into her... got a little less than what i wanted for it... no where near what i put into it... fuck it though right? i sold it to get a bigger boat... but watching the new proud owner of the Mako...
  217. FishAbility

    Help!! Quick come inside!

    fuck yeah! "hey vessel assist DUDE, slow your fuckin roll for a min! WERE HOOKED UP!!"
  218. FishAbility

    209 Tuna

    ill be there tomorrow!!!!
  219. FishAbility

    300 lb SWORD!

  220. FishAbility

    Mako Matt At It Again

    im starting to agree with JAYDOG. shark fishing is gay.... it makes me sick. nice catch and all but fucking a guys!
  221. FishAbility

    monster mako

    dead on! Again, AWESOME FISH! you bet your fucking ass i would have kept it too! who gives a shit tourny or not!! you guys rock and are a-ok in my book. the only thing i dont like are the people who OVER fish them... bringing 4-5 little fish home at a time or killing a stupid amount of them a...
  222. FishAbility

    monster mako

    Just a live mac in the slick? were you ballooning/drifting or trolling the slick? where were you at again?
  223. FishAbility

    I'm retarded need help!

    hey, at least you didnt burn the house down... in fact, if you do light it on fire the shitter will be the last of the wifes concern... all kidding aside, its fucked up, replace it. move on. shit happens. at least you have a cool wife that didnt castrate you for fucking up her shower... good...
  224. FishAbility

    267 mako report / video 7.20.08

    way to go boys! im headed to the 181-209 sunday for big models of the same fish! i love the ballooning method... works everytime... you just running lives or using jigs? take care and RIP SOME LIPS!
  225. FishAbility

    Need guys to go Fish! Whos coming with me..

    nice rig... does "entertainment industry" mean "porn?" haha... you the happy owner or run it for a guy? I get to fly my family/firends around in one of the King Airs i fly at will... just asking.... either way your a lucky son of a bitch... next time im in MEX for work ill hit you up...
  226. FishAbility

    7/24 LJ then 181-182

    better luck next time out!
  227. FishAbility

    7-22-08 209 Mako and exotic sighting!

    NICE work bro! good eating size! ill be at the 181-209 sunday, going for the bigger models. looking for the paddys with life on them as well... first time out since the thresher tourny... work has been a killer, PLUS i got married... hope to see some more out there, its good to be back!
  228. FishAbility


    NICE!!! THERE HERE BOYS!!! way to go man!!
  229. FishAbility


    hey guys, i need some die cut stickers, shadowed cut out, sweeping, 13''x 8 1/4'' NUMBERS reading : N10655. looking something like this... OFFSET STYLE: ANYONE DO THIS???
  230. FishAbility

    And so it begins!!!

    NICE jim!!!! way to go!!! how ya been brother? its nice to see your back on the water! with work and my wedding coming up fishing is so far from a reality for me right now... hope all is well! drop me a line sometime! see ya!
  231. FishAbility

    Looking for Specific Rod... HELP!

    I need a 5'6'' - 6' rod, HEAVY (130+ lb line class) with NO rollers... ASAP! anyone know where i can find one? a P/N on it or a website... or even better, you have one i can buy from you? let me know! THANKS!
  232. FishAbility

    Men's Restroom Mural

    boner! i bet theres gonna be piss stains on some of those pics real soon... hard to piss with a hard on...
  233. FishAbility

    Thresher sharks and the PFMC>Limitations

    we all knew this was coming...
  234. FishAbility

    La Jolla 6-6

    The BSB is prob around 80-100 dude. But 80-100 bigger than I've had! Great job on the release, and did you get a length on the fish? Nice ling too! Fuckin epic day! Wish I could be out there!
  235. FishAbility

    I Did It!

    Congrats!!!! Wish you the best of luck man, less than a month now and I'll be married too!
  236. FishAbility

    Skinny on Alaska Airlines' New Bagage Policy

    fly charter. bring all the bags you want. no lines. no waiting. no BS.
  237. FishAbility

    Bryan (murderNmako) and I Got another one!

    see classifids / call Bryan. PM me for #.
  238. FishAbility

    Bryan (murderNmako) and I Got another one!

    YEAH. its for sale AGAIN, due to "issues" we have. great boat though, but we decided against it at this time, as we have another deal "in progress..." short lived fantasy...
  239. FishAbility

    Ok when is this fucking rain going to stop

  240. FishAbility


    i have given the salute on the water and its chill... but on the road i try, but people look at me like WTF? i think its because of the millions of free stickers given out at the FH shows...
  241. FishAbility

    Hyundai Santa Fe

  242. FishAbility

    might have to sell her

    that sucks man...the economy has fucked everything...
  243. FishAbility

    OAC Meeting Tuesday 6/3/08 10lb Tourney Info

    See you guys tomorrow!
  244. FishAbility

    Some fuckers stole my truck...

    i live near Guajome lake in oceanside... they didnt fuck it up too badly. broke the drivers side door lock and slide hammered the ignition, used my snap on screwdriver that was sitting on my cupholder as a key. fuck heads. plus they cut all the wires to my sub box and moved it, like they had...
  245. FishAbility

    Some fuckers stole my truck...

    about 11 o'clock last night, went out to my truck to get some advil, due to a major headache. i parked on the street in front of my house (in a good neighborhood in oceanside, or so i thought) and yup, GONE!, turned around, walked back towards the door and said "lets try this again" NOPE still...
  246. FishAbility

    WFO White Seabass At Catalina Island

    :hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba::hali_blablalba: CLOSESKI? Come on guys! this guy has had enough! and when threats start to fly.... please close this.... im laughing, HARD, but i think the fredski has had enough... we got his mullett all...
  247. FishAbility

    How to Get Your Girlfriend to LOVE Fishing!

    thats a NICE red ! how much did she get?? thats pretty cool she digs fishing... mine wasnt into it really till she saw a thresher... now she loves it!
  248. FishAbility

    New to here...

    welcome aboard Ken!
  249. FishAbility

    Grandsons first Channel Cat

    nice catch! hey, ive never tried channel cat, is it any good? how do you cook it?
  250. FishAbility


    no shit huh? wow ita a good thing a have about 300 of them...
  251. FishAbility

    WFO White Seabass At Catalina Island

    dude im not trying to be a dick here, but what the fuck are you talking about? this sentence makes 0% sense. wtf did you think he was asking??? :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv again. im seriously interested. it looks like an epic day, but dude, think before you try to tell us un-ed-um-u-cated folk a story...
  252. FishAbility

    WFO White Seabass At Catalina Island

    Quote: Originally Posted by Saluki How many anglers were on that boat? 5! Why do you ask? THEN? nope we had 10 people on the boat but the trip was a 2 day trip so we were all ok REMEMBER KIDS: DRUGS R BAD 4 U!
  253. FishAbility

    WFO White Seabass At Catalina Island

    :Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above: THIS GUYS A FUCKIN RETARD! "The boat we were on was my own boat, its big?" with that many WSB? HELLO DFG? 9? ANYONE?
  254. FishAbility

    Oceanside Seabass Memorial day

    THATS BS! HAHA first ive heard of in a while for sure! :gaygroup::gaygroup::gaygroup::gaygroup::gaygroup:
  255. FishAbility

    Oceanside Seabass Memorial day

    AWESOME MAN WAY TO GO! The look on the kids faces are PRICELESS!
  256. FishAbility

    bat ray weight

    haha wtg spook! :rofl:
  257. FishAbility

    Bonito- table fare or junk fish?

    Mako bait.
  258. FishAbility


    nice job, we tried today for nada.... good eats man! congrats!
  259. FishAbility

    Thresher on the She-N-I

    im wondering why: in the first picture your fighting the fish on a old senator, but in the trophy pic your holding a International II... i dont get it... you switch reels halfway through or???
  260. FishAbility

    Kurt you buying a boat

    wtf is a BEILGE PUMP? :slap:
  261. FishAbility

    Bryan (murderNmako) and I Got another one!

    Its a Pacemaker 25LOA Alglas Sportfisher. TONS of potential, 140 gals fuel, Merc 7.3 direct drive, lots of storage space, needs work, but runs great. headed outta Marina Cortez in a few hours and gonna take her on the first fising trip. had her out today and worked out some bugs and got familiar...
  262. FishAbility

    New energy drink...

    thing made me puke.
  263. FishAbility

    Review New Indiana Jones

    great aviatar Jason... poor chick. HAHA doing those lil zero G pushovers has made many a passenger of mine "upchuck." thans for the review. my girl wanted to go see that tonight, not anymore... i think im gonna try the IronMan movie... dunno..
  264. FishAbility

    new pistola......ain't it purdy??

    i had a 19, got stolen from me... fuckers... great lil firearm. im looking for another one BTW... leads? nice gun bro.
  265. FishAbility

    Fishing Jet Ski

  266. FishAbility

    Anti-ID Theft Service Pitchman Is a Victim Himself

    457-55-5462 = Davis' SS#. you'd figure he would have taken it down by now... :imdumb: we know where hes gonna be taking it... :indabutt: what a tool... :slap:
  267. FishAbility

    Dr. Suess Books for adults

    Horton Hires a HO! HAHAHAHAHA!
  268. FishAbility


    i was just up there last weekend... didnt get the chance to fish... i go for the Macs when im up there but you need downriggers for them... good luck!
  269. FishAbility

    How I got hooked!

    way cool man! i remember my first fish... thx for the pix!
  270. FishAbility

    I don't care what the prize is...almost too painful to watch.

    id do it if i could win Jasons new boat... :Kick_emoticon:
  271. FishAbility

    Building a West Coast Sport Fisher Part 1

    NIIIICE Jason! im jealous. really jealous... you have been waiting a long time and HERE she is! Beautiful boat and congrats to you both!
  272. FishAbility


    Hope all turns out well, and grandmas in my prayers!
  273. FishAbility

    Well, we got that out of our system

    ROMAGA: <DL class="smallfont list_no_decoration profilefield_list"><DT class=shade>Join Date <DD>Dec-30-2007 <DT class=shade>Total Posts <DD>26 </DD></DL>AND I LIKED THIS PART: ROMAGA HAS NOT MADE ANY FRIENDS YET. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU ANYWAYS? 7:supergay:
  274. FishAbility

    All the Fun 5.40 per gallon can give....

    :confused: hay? :gayfight: haha JUST KIDDING DUDE! ill PM you if i have an opening!
  275. FishAbility

    fish of a lifetime

    you rock ?? Fisherman... we share the same beliefs on this subject... regardless... WAY TO GO! it does look "with child" but COOL post! and the fam will remember this trip thats for sure! GREAT read and GOOD eats for ALL! CONGRATS SKIPPER!
  276. FishAbility


    WOW way to go bro! thats some good eating right there! i just had some Hali last night, slow cooked in budro w/ garlic salt... OHH so good! nice pull my man!
  277. FishAbility

    Well, we got that out of our system

    wtg spike... but 2? here we go again!
  278. FishAbility

    T's out of control

  279. FishAbility

    Man walks on water

    no seat belt... i guess its better to be thrown from the boat than smashed by it... ouch.
  280. FishAbility

    Check this out...

    that was touching. i think im gonna sell all my gear and buy a ski boat or something now... we cant hurt the smart fishes! TELL ME SOMETHING YOU PETA COCKSUCKERS! if these fish are so smart, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY BITING SHINY SHARP HOOKS??? fuck these people need to get a life. or end it. better...
  281. FishAbility

    This is gonna cost me a small fortune.... Bastards!

    porn contrubutes to crime? wtf? :ashamed:
  282. FishAbility


    I Have a 2007... nice bike but i hardly ride it. how much you looking to spend? PM me if your interested...
  283. FishAbility

    Threshers Favorite jig Color?

    the mean joe green got hit 3 times and landed a fish on my last trip... im a fan.
  284. FishAbility

    How Long are the Ts gonna be here for?

    drama threads... haha i just ask the questions other people are scared to ask! :finger: hope you dont think i was bagging on you either bro... this is such a small community of "regulars" on this site and i know your one of them. i never get hard feelings from the things said on this site...
  285. FishAbility

    How Long are the Ts gonna be here for?

    of course i pump the tournys... im not gonna get in a battle with you. your just as ignorant as anyone else if you think this thread was started to pump the issue. it was a fucking question numb nuts. you dont have to get all psycho on us. geez! like a fucking ex GF! take care bro. no hard...
  286. FishAbility

    How Long are the Ts gonna be here for?

    just wondering when you think the population of Ts are gonna be outta here... im not trying to get at anything really... just a question.
  287. FishAbility

    300 lbs t shark LaJolla

    valid statements from all. PLEASE KEEP ONLY ONE, MAYBE 2 FISH PER YEAR! dont be selfish! the fight is fun, but REALLY, COME ON! re rig all your jigs with circle hooks! mouth hook the beasts! how much fun is it to reel in 250+ lbs DEAD WEIGHT?!?!?? Im not saying that you didnt do a good job with...
  288. FishAbility

    How Long are the Ts gonna be here for?

    How Long are the Ts gonna be here for? your guess... :2gunsfiring_v1:
  289. FishAbility

    Thresher Fishing on fire 5-9-08

    wow... hope you reached your quota for the year... more than 2 a year is being a lil greedy i think... but good catch anyways!
  290. FishAbility

    Mr. T in La Jolla

    WAY TO GO MAN! Must have been fun on that lil penn! good eating and a good day on the water!!!
  291. FishAbility

    Thoughts on downriggers when trolling tuna

    hes a legend, put it that way.
  292. FishAbility

    EPIC WSB trip 2 day limit BIG fish!!! pic

    thread jack: ive stared at your aviatar for like 10 mins and im trying to figure out WTF? over NICE CATCH! THE ELUSIVE WSB!
  293. FishAbility

    A Breath Of Fresh Air

    welcome to davy jones locker.
  294. FishAbility


    JIM! YOU ACTUALLY MADE IT THROUGH 7 OF THOSE??? Those guys are taking mass amounts of acid and X pills and OF COURSE they see wierd shit underwater!!!! :picknose::food-smiley-014::hali_olutta::_shoppingbarf:zelfmoord :Smoke_Emoticon:YOU WOULD TOO! those guys are :gayfight:. i dont know... i...
  295. FishAbility

    Newbie from Bermuda

    i was born in hamilton! cheers!!
  296. FishAbility

    B.A. Baracus is in LJ 5/7!!!

    that is a cool story, but i am going to have to say its a lil small... dont get me wrong, for a yak its a great GREAT story!! but, we should preserve this fishery a little BEFORE it becomes extinct. take only 1-2 fish a year. period. take only fish over 100-150lbs. and DO NOT TAKE THE LARGE...
  297. FishAbility

    how to catch Threshers/Rockfish ?

    PM me jeff, i dont know shit about rock fish, but i can show you the ropes on Mr. T!!
  298. FishAbility

    Whale tail stabilizer

  299. FishAbility

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    BIG Thanks to Stan, Ken and Big Joe for putting on yet another great tourny, and another great OAC meeting! cant wait for the 10lb tournament!
  300. FishAbility

    Lost at Sea "Survival Test"

    <DL><DT>Most probable scenario <DD>To combat the direct rays of the sun, you place the plastic over you. Thirst is quenched by sipping from the can of water. Hunger is satisfied with the C rations. You notice a plane flying overhead, so you pour some oil/gas onto the waters and light it. A plane...
  301. FishAbility


    i call BS. 1. big makos arent here in force this time of year. 2. they breed in warmer water. 3. they are rarely 4 mi offshore. 5. the post doesent make any bit of sence. and 6. mako that big trolling?? im betting it was a 175 lb fish if anything even by the pic in your aviatar. sorry to be a...
  302. FishAbility

    OAC Meeting Tonight 5/6/08 Reminder

    ill be there.
  303. FishAbility

    Safe handling of shark fishing

    For big sharks, 200 plus, you should be fishing with bigger gear, so wear them out. Bring them to the boat and let them run again, makos are rockets, and also boat shy, the bigger ones take some time, but its better safe than bitten by one. NEVER bring a mako to, or on the boat green! They will...
  304. FishAbility

    1st T Sunday/"Braid" Ad

    good job kid! nice way to start the sport!!
  305. FishAbility

    How unattractive girls get to dance

    HAHAHAHA nice, just kick that bitch off the cooler!!!!
  306. FishAbility

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    thank you for all the support and props guys! its truly amazing how great this little community is!!
  307. FishAbility

    Some Bendo

    next time jim!!!!
  308. FishAbility

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    BTW the fish was caught 4 miles off Leucadia state beach...
  309. FishAbility

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    actually, he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks on the WEST shore in Tahoe...
  310. FishAbility

    504# Thresher

    good job guys and EXCELLENT POST! it was nice to meet you guys at the ramp, and good luck in the dana tourny!!!
  311. FishAbility

    T Fishing report 5/03/08

    nice try jim.... next time! your putting your time like i did and i assure youll land a monster your next time out!!!! (remember that when your RIPPIN DRAG bro!!!) and give me a shout on 72, cause ill be there!!!
  312. FishAbility

    Oceanside Thresher Tournament Winners!!

    Launched Oside 430 AM. THE CREW: hit my normal areas. had 2 knockdowns early at the tide change on a BOM then nada until 1:40PM on the dot. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ off goes the starbord stern rod. HOOOK UP BOYS!!!! grabbed the rod and set up shop! had the harness on in no time thanks to my...
  313. FishAbility

    5/3 swing &a miss for us..but

    that fish weighed in at 503# i think... good thing they weren't in the tourny, that fish would have put me back in 2nd!
  314. FishAbility

    OAC Thresher Tourney 5/3/08 OK Boys...

    Stan, you gona post results and pictures??
  315. FishAbility

    OAC Thresher Tournament

    hate to brag, but i just WON the tourny! 326lb T baby!!! more details to come!!!!!!
  316. FishAbility

    T's are around

  317. FishAbility

    T sharking

    im in the Oside tourny tomorrow! wish me luck! despite incredible odds, i got the boat and trailer ready after last weekends ordeal!!!
  318. FishAbility

    Bloodydecks Airplane??

    the closest i have been to washing an airplane was doing mach .73 through a thunderstorm over KC at FL340. dick.
  319. FishAbility

    Ok what do you guys think of strippers

    btw this is getting bad... when i first read this post i was like wtf? OHHHHHH sTripPers!!! not STRIPERS! (the boats...) wow... BD has changed me...
  320. FishAbility

    Ok what do you guys think of strippers

  321. FishAbility

    Bloodydecks Airplane??

  322. FishAbility

    Can I buy a license for someone else?

  323. FishAbility

    Bloodydecks Airplane??

    ill stick it tomorrow, and take an updated pic! :D
  324. FishAbility

    Bloodydecks Airplane??

    not that old... its a F90. not a B or a C. ita a 83, S/N LA-134...
  325. FishAbility

    Bloodydecks Airplane??

    Just got this Beechcraft F90GT into the shop a week ago or so... everytime i walked by it i couldnt stop thinking BLOODYDECKS! kinda dumb but whatever...
  326. FishAbility

    strike one on Mr T

    thats what i keep saying...
  327. FishAbility

    I made a mistake - Im Sorry

    can i copy that and give it to my girlfriend?? :notworthy
  328. FishAbility

    strike one on Mr T

    i feel ya brother, ive hit that area so hard, they just dont like me i guess... its ok, i got a feeling im gonna find one sat in the tourny... but what the fuck do i actually know?
  329. FishAbility

    31' Fountain c/c Lakewood? long Beach?

    PM me if you ever want a hand T fishin! OOps i saw DEL and i thought DEL MAR... well PM me anyway sometime and ill make the drive if it all jives...
  330. FishAbility

    4-27-2008 La Jolla Thresher fishing

    hey, i heard on the radio that you had pictures of the fight, you gonna post em or?? id Love to see them!
  331. FishAbility

    I.B Butt

    awesome pictures!
  332. FishAbility


    absolutly insane story...
  333. FishAbility

    4-27-2008 La Jolla Thresher fishing

    we heard you guys out there... 6 hrs on a fish and to lose it is a bummer... i think my record is 4 hrs on a BIG mako that did not run out of steam for a second! finally after the 20th jump, it snapped 100lb line... better luck next time brother!
  334. FishAbility

    Pilot joke...........

    heard it. (but remember i am a pilot) but still funny.
  335. FishAbility

    6 gill Shark from Shore

    Trip out! did better than i did today... 10 hrs on the water for only ONE fucking knock down.... pretty cool though... must not have fought that hard... kids crazy jumping in the water to grab the tail of a shark. im just saying. especially since he didnt know what it was... good job though...
  336. FishAbility

    4/25 BD Sighting 15N at Murrieta

    yup, my girl was all proud today and called me and said she FINALLY got to give the salute! she was driving up to her parents house in De Luz... :finger:
  337. FishAbility

    NTIO????? Look again!!! 4.23.08

    nice job man! ill be getting mine soon!!
  338. FishAbility

    Mr T stays home again...

    im headed north outta oside... sunday. Mako Wish ch 72. (although im wishing for threshers...)
  339. FishAbility

    Mr T stays home again...

    no kidding... its been a rough year! last year this time i had a freezer full and was out releasing fish all day long... damn maybe ill have to take you along with me to show me how its done! LOL im thinking sundays gonna be the day...
  340. FishAbility

    Rick Zimmerman

    me thinks i missed something...
  341. FishAbility

    Reels in carry on luggage ?

    HAHAHA LOL :urno1:
  342. FishAbility

    Mr T stays home again...

    the impeller wasnt that bad... i dont have any idea why she quit sucking water... gonna replace everything and run her for a while, the only thing that i can figure is that the flushette wasnt making good enough contact with the pickup... i cleaned out all the lines, took the thermostat housing...
  343. FishAbility

    I'm looking for some misc dive gear...

    PM me. my buddy has a SHIT load of good gear for sale... look at the classifieds on BD.
  344. FishAbility

    The Danish perspective of our election

    haha my future inlaws are Danes... they share the same perspective...
  345. FishAbility


    holy SHIT! FREE WILLY! Gusee they dont have to worry about godzilla anymore... its those fucking killa whales!
  346. FishAbility

    Mr T stays home again...

    luckly its only a $50 pump kit, and some thermostat housing gaskets... im still gonna backflush the waterpickup tube... wtf man? i hate these problems that just correct themselves... it worked, then didnt, metled everything, then worked again... WTF? ohh well ill be out there saturday trying my...
  347. FishAbility

    Mr T stays home again...

    i was out today, no luck. found 61deg clean blue water about 8 off o-side. (why dont i listen? NTIO) got out at about 5:30pm, and did some night fishin... nada. had chum in the water and trollin' for jack shit. i would be out tomorrow and wed too, but as soon as i got home and was flushing the...
  348. FishAbility

    4/19 Mr. T Arrives!

    yeah but it will be on my boat... brYan. im going out tomorrow.:Death_To_Above: it aint over till the fat lady sings yo.
  349. FishAbility

    4/19 Mr. T Arrives!

    FishAbility, ?? fisherman, BIGRED KILLA, bloodytutu, jbr101, lundge8, masta, Mo, sandiegofisherm, Sea Chaser 12 were all wishin, while you were fishing! good job again bro!
  350. FishAbility

    Here ya go Mick(fishability)

    hey, FUCK you brian! i drink PBR come on give me SOME credit! :slap:
  351. FishAbility

    Here ya go Mick(fishability)

    Hey Jim... i owe you some T steaks and a 12 pk bro! ill bring em over... (once i get one that is...)
  352. FishAbility

    Here ya go Mick(fishability)

    awesome jim! thanks! im making one SOON!!! i love it!!!
  353. FishAbility

    More Thresher Scouting...

    well was out today, SHIT conditions. caught about 100 macks. a 6 inch hali on a sabiki rig, but 58deg shit green choppy shitty ass fucking water. fished the Carlsbad canyon and its just more gas burned. :nopity: ohh well... beats doing anything else.... except my fiancee i guess :boobies...
  354. FishAbility


    i was thinking the same thing...
  355. FishAbility

    Any one going out on Sat 4/19 ?

    im gonna be out there sat. north though. T hunting.
  356. FishAbility

    best place for 5gal chum buckets?

    YA im going for Ts, im just gathering information for the mako season ahead... sometimes i do troll chum for Ts though, not for the sharks, but to attract the bait balls...
  357. FishAbility

    Getting married!

    CONGRATAS! im getting married in July and I CANT WAIT!!!
  358. FishAbility

    best place for 5gal chum buckets?

    what about squidco?
  359. FishAbility

    Engine up or down?

    yeah i got it, i used to store my outboards (yamaha 90s) in the DN position, seemed to keep em drier... just my .02.
  360. FishAbility

    best place for 5gal chum buckets?

    just wanted if anyone knew where best place for 5gal chum buckets is, thats around the Oceanside area... and how much? Thanks! :Smoke_Emoticon:
  361. FishAbility

    Engine up or down?

    i store my outdrive in the DN position... keeps the water draining...
  362. FishAbility

    More Thresher Scouting...

    this should be in the INSHORE TRIP PLANNING. my mistake.
  363. FishAbility

    More Thresher Scouting...

    Headed out saturday with my bro and brian to try to get a T before the tourneys... anyone else gonna be out there? the swells are supposed to be down in the morning, then pick up towards the end of the day... and sunday is gonna be shitty. the water temps are still kinda low but who knows right...
  364. FishAbility

    Worried about new drug. Camel Toad

    HAHA i need to find me some camel toads and lick em... be careful though, once you find them they empty your wallet!
  365. FishAbility

    The end of an era, could be yours...

    wheres the BD sticker???
  366. FishAbility

    Does this make me a bad dad?

  367. FishAbility

    Airplane found in Mexico mainland

    you gotta pe a pilot, right?
  368. FishAbility

    SpAcE Pics

  369. FishAbility

    I need a 55 gallon drum?

    i may be able to get you one... PM me if ya cant find anything...
  370. FishAbility

    Airplane found in Mexico mainland

    Yeah, there alright, i have about 200 hours in a B300, there not even close to 5mil. though... for a brand new one maybe but for a couple years old your looking at 1.5-3mil. the king air 350 has 5100lbs useful load, the Cessna caravan super cargomaster (like the fedex planes) would be the way to...
  371. FishAbility

    old school pics

  372. FishAbility

    haircut of the year!

  373. FishAbility

    which should i buy

    i had a 760, it was ok. i like this one. The titanium oxide finish is pretty cool.
  374. FishAbility

    Italians are funny........

    i cant stop watching this, the graphics are so AWESOME!
  375. FishAbility

    Reminder: Tshark Seminar Tonight 4/15 OYC

    on my way to the seminar now! ill see you all there! look for a black BD shirt!
  376. FishAbility

    I got a bad feeling about this...

    That blows! id be livid!!!!!!!!!!
  377. FishAbility

    This dude is nuts!! man confronts lion.

    that guy is completley NUTS!
  378. FishAbility

    Lake Tahoe 1 12 08

    Nice hogs! my dad has a house on the lake in Tahoe City and works at the Sierra Boat Company there in carnileian (sp?) bay. awesome fishing there year round... im gonna be out there on my dads buddies boat "Big Mac" in about a month or so.... everytime i go up there (about 10+ times a year...) i...
  379. FishAbility

    Short day, short report

    thanks bud, the Ts will be here soon. least you got to see some jumpers! how big did they look?
  380. FishAbility

    Doctor says no fishing for me

    DAMN. get well soon Joe! hope your better for the tourney!!!!!!!!!
  381. FishAbility

    Bee's !! WTF

  382. FishAbility

    Bee's !! WTF

    there everywhere this time of year! those motherfuckers swarm the planes at the airport! FUCKING CREEPY! least you got rid of em!
  383. FishAbility

    Thresher Shark Seminar 4/15/08

    ill be at the oceanside seminar for SURE! always good information!!!!!!!!!!! anybody wanna meet up before or after (or both?) for some drinks?
  384. FishAbility

    Lame Sunday..

  385. FishAbility

    4/12 Still early I guess

    yup, same for me, kinda dirty green water, calm as hell but the wind did pick up for a hour there from the east, 58-63.7deg. water, trolled from 8:30-5:30. NADA! NTIO!
  386. FishAbility

    LJ 04/12

    my day sucked balls out there too. you were not alone. no love on the Ts. im not gonna go out tomorrow now. fuck it. such nice weather and good conditions and no fish. good luck tomorrow brother!
  387. FishAbility


    ill be out this weekend! hell or high water! Good luck to all the others (dbar, bigjoe, A.D.D... and others) and wish me luck! were all waiting, its gonna pop off soon!!!
  388. FishAbility

    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

  389. FishAbility

    Autopilot for a small boat???

    SIMRAD AP14R! I got one and it is the SHIT! cable driven boats under 30'. and REALLY easy to install! Just google it. youll find loads of em online!
  390. FishAbility

    3 thieves busted at docks

    WAY TO GO MAN! fucking lil punks! thanks for the report and thats some GOOD looking out! HUNGRY AND GONNA CATCH SOME FISH? hahahahaha! WELL DONE SIR. WELL DONE.
  391. FishAbility

    Headed Out this weekend Scouting forT's...

    im out of oceanside harbor at 5:30... i got some location information... PM me if interested...
  392. FishAbility

    Its my Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday bro. damn i love that aviatar. you gotta let me carp that thing when your done with it! HAHA WTF IS THIS SHIT? HIS FACE IS PERFECT!
  393. FishAbility

    Whaddya shoot for fun?

    HAHAHA beat me to it!
  394. FishAbility

    Headed Out this weekend Scouting forT's...

    Gonna take the boat out for the first full day trip of the season saturday. swells are gonna be way down: I got some cool new gear and rigs im dying to try out as well... just thought id give it another shot! the water temp is way down and i was hoping for a warmer week to push these clouds and...
  395. FishAbility

    mystery fish on Royal Polaris

    i think were gonna need a bigger boat...
  396. FishAbility

    She's a Brick.......................... House!

    who finds that attractive? those "chicks" are fucking weird... who does that to themselves and then puts on a mini skirt? id be running for the hills!
  397. FishAbility

    I'm not gonna hang up the phone..............Get's tazed!

    what a prick... cop chucks that phone across the ramp... haha!
  398. FishAbility

    BALCO gave HER a Beard, Balding and Balls..........

    yeah, with a fucking 2x4...
  399. FishAbility

    Why no Birthday????

    you have to go to USER CP and click the box "show date and year and display age..." then it will work...
  400. FishAbility

    Was you morning better than

    fuck man, that blows.... bunch of dickweeds.
  401. FishAbility

    Bait O Matic- Where In The Pattern?

    damn, i dont know... i have a few things i still need to do to my boat... why what you got in mind??
  402. FishAbility

    Bait O Matic- Where In The Pattern?

    4 people on the boat. the rapala is in the wash so it takes 30 seconds to get her to the boat... i run with a tight crew that knows how to handle a hook up. yeah 5 lines seems like alot... w/ the autopilot on though, its not that bad...
  403. FishAbility

    Bait O Matic- Where In The Pattern?

    JIM KNOWS WHATS HE'S TALKING ABOUT... i run a similar setup w/o the outriggers. troll 2-3kts one BOM on the downrigger, 2 more BOMS straight lined, at wake lines 5 and 6, a ballyhood top gun straight lined at wake 8 and a rapala in the prop wash wake 3... the Bait o Matics, (ive found) are best...
  404. FishAbility

    T sharks are late :(

    whats up owen? hit me up sometime! :Death_To_Above: lets go FEESH!!!
  405. FishAbility

    Hottie workin out

    that is so gross. the even more fucked up thing is there are skinny guys out there that dig that shit... jerry springer did a show on that shit i think... fuckin' GROSS!
  406. FishAbility

    best mexican food in SD?

    Fidels in c bad is pretty good...
  407. FishAbility

    Kayak racks

  408. FishAbility

    T sharks are late :(

    im gonna take the first week of may off. (well some of it...) last year i got Ts early march. if i remember correctly the water temp was up to 66+ this time last year. global warming my ass. they will be here soon and im gearing up for a epic season! good luck to all!
  409. FishAbility


  410. FishAbility

    I did it again!!!

    :worship: Nicely done!
  411. FishAbility

    warmer water movin in!

    i saw that this morning... swells arent gonna be that bad either... i wish i could get out... next weekend maybe...
  412. FishAbility

    check out my project boat and give me some advice!! assholes!!

    good looking boat. id say fuck it and put a small v8 in there... but what you got aint bad either... good luck my man!
  413. FishAbility

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    american history X.... fuck i cant remember what its called either...
  414. FishAbility

    Don't let your girl shoot a Desert Eagle

    dumb. those things kick like no other. her bf should have told her where the forces were gonna be exerted... and tighten those arms. idiots! FUCK Y'ALL! WHAT A DOUCHE TOOL!
  415. FishAbility

    A fisherman's survival guide for the inevitable cruise vacation

    we need to have a "best of" section for the best posts! that was awesome! im taking a cruise to Bermuda (my birthplace) for my honeymoon... cant wait!
  416. FishAbility

    New Member

    WELCOME TO THE NUT HOUSE!:fighting0061:
  417. FishAbility

    I'm "boosting" again.............

    that is a AWESOME vid guys!
  418. FishAbility

    It's starting to go off. O'side 4/1/08

    that wash is rad!! good scouting guys! ill be out there soon!!!
  419. FishAbility

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    wow, what the fuck? that is disturbing as hell! some people are REALLY FUCKED IN THE HEAD! i would of pinned that asshole to the car in front of me or shot that fool. the fucked up thing is, in this state, you shoot him and he lives... your gonna get charged too! (thats why you shoot to kill)...
  420. FishAbility

    Gotta love some of these tree hugger types

    some people were SERIOUSLY deprived of mommy love... fuckin hippies!
  421. FishAbility

    Sea lion killing stopped at Bonneville Dam.

    mine are on backorder.... DAMN!!
  422. FishAbility

    Medal of Honor awarded..

    wow. thats all i have to say.
  423. FishAbility

    this guy needs hos, anybody wanna help him out...

    boat needs crew for fishing guess hes not a BDr... just thought id try to help him out with an influx of calls from us assholes...
  424. FishAbility

    Panga on Crack!!!

    love the boat... how much you want for that trailer??
  425. FishAbility

    GMail does it again... You're all gonna love this shit!

    Gmail: Google's approach to email Fuckin' awesome.:Kick_emoticon:
  426. FishAbility

    Anyone get April fooled?

    aint nothing wrong with a hummer. In fact, im gonna go get one tonight! :ashamed::indabutt:
  427. FishAbility

    Okay the joke is over

    well? what joke??? the mods? come on... we ALL knew!! :frehya2:
  428. FishAbility

    Ordering Pizza in 2010

    fuck all that. i just signed that petition. no pizza jocky is ever gonna talk to me like that.
  429. FishAbility

    Corpus Christi Texas questions

    The humidity is a bit much, but you just cant beat the location, great fishing in the gulf!
  430. FishAbility

    Semi- New guy

  431. FishAbility

    Friend of mine needs the power of BD

    prayers sent.
  432. FishAbility

    what do you get when you mix meth with a jetski and an aluminum boat?

    what the FUCK? drugs are bad mmmmmmkay?
  433. FishAbility

    New to us. Mini Me catamaran

    nice, she rides too huh?
  434. FishAbility

    The Tongue

    i wouldnt...
  435. FishAbility

    Tech Support - Girlfriend7.0 vs. Wife1.0

  436. FishAbility

    Bait tank table.

    well made. looks good!
  437. FishAbility

    New to us. Mini Me catamaran

    nice lil cat... more pics of the wifey please....
  438. FishAbility


    first rod my ass! VERY NICE!
  439. FishAbility

    Fun Gun - Ruger .22 cal Security Six

    i got a ruger bearcat .22. rad lil gun.
  440. FishAbility

    Capt. Phil Harris at the Bloodydecks Booth

    i got his autograph w/ a pic... cool, it says, "got crabs? i do..." haha.
  441. FishAbility

    I am sure most of you know this,

    no,it starts with a Mister... (T)
  442. FishAbility

    shark jaws

    you get a recent mako there scotty??
  443. FishAbility

    Please bring on the Prop advise... Again

    pm me if you want the lo down. its easy math... but i need to know what prop you have on there now... and the gear ratio of your drive...
  444. FishAbility

    Cat harbor sharks

    i hope you released all of those leos...
  445. FishAbility

    Its my birthday...!

    ill be there sunday all day for sure, prob tomorrow evening as well, but i may have to fly to san fransisco, overnight, then to boeing field in seattle in the AM, then back saturday... then a friend Jeorge (pronounced: hore-hey) is gonna be by to help school me on some fiberglass/ gel coat...
  446. FishAbility

    Its my birthday...!

    thanks guys!
  447. FishAbility

    Alright Saluki, What'd you do???

    i noticed that too...
  448. FishAbility

    Its my birthday...!

    ok... ill post some pics... (if she'll let me!) if not, what she dont know wont hurt her... right?
  449. FishAbility

    Its my birthday...!

    So, i wake up this morning to some Bday loving :loverz: from my girl, 2 boxes of lovingly made cupcakes to bring to work for the shop, a bag of presents on the kitchen counter (still dont know whats inside...) and my girl telling me that when we go to the FH show this weekend i can get anything...
  450. FishAbility

    My new fishing buddy

    NICE. congrats man!
  451. FishAbility

    3/26 and No Mr T in O'side

    thanks for the effort, we keep saying they will be here soon, any day now i bet... im doing some jel coat and fiberglass repair on my ride, so im out for about another 2 weeks, but soon. hey if anyones going scouting in the meantime, and needs a ho, i got all the gear, and im always good to...
  452. FishAbility

    Islands 3/26/08 - RockPile

    cute matching jackets... whered you get those GAY things? jk guys nicely done!!
  453. FishAbility

    Get-R-Done Satellite TV install goes bad... Dude kills his wife.

    did he try a DRILL? next time i need a thruhull installed i know who im gonna call...
  454. FishAbility

    Dr. Funkenstein

    ever hear of the lawfirm called "Dewey, Fukem & Howe?" :Kick_emoticon:
  455. FishAbility

    OLD #7 REPORT 03/24-03/25

    wtf is up with the gray boxes behind the pic??
  456. FishAbility

    Trailring my skip20 500 miles -questions

    i towed my 20 wellcraft from SD to TAHOE, man what a ride that was... tie the boat down, and do it well, buy GOOD straps, and have someone else to help with the drive. just my .02.
  457. FishAbility


    wife AND Girlfriend? nice.
  458. FishAbility

    Two guys Jogging in the park.

  459. FishAbility

    Third Time a charm?????

    im jealous... Mac attack was a beautiful boat... wheres the pics of the patron!!??
  460. FishAbility

    Who's attending FH 03/26/08

    ill be there...
  461. FishAbility

    Thresher Shark Seminars

    $8/ a pop? :nutkick:
  462. FishAbility

    Fishing SUPERSTITIONS!!!

    ABSOLUTELY NO LITTERING! NO PAPER, NO CIG BUTTS, NO NOTHING. i always pray to the fish gods and give them the first drink, and no bananas, and all that normal jazz...
  463. FishAbility

    Traitor BD sighting

    run em off the road...
  464. FishAbility

    Thresher Shark Seminars

    ill be at the oceanside one, do we wanna set up a lil parking lot party or something with some drinks?? :hali_olutta: PM me if theres any ideas!?
  465. FishAbility

    guys don't let this happen to you...

    my dad always told me that women arent worth the fucking for the fucking that you get!
  466. FishAbility


    $740 each in tips...
  467. FishAbility

    I wish I had a 40 ft. Powerboat.

    NICE. what about 2 20ft boats?? :Pelvic_Thrust: :indabutt:
  468. FishAbility

    BD Sighting - Squaw Valley

    fuck, i lived in tahoe for years... never saw a BDr... nice to know were EVERYWHERE!
  469. FishAbility

    Got my cast off today

    BS w/o pics...
  470. FishAbility

    Mmmmmmmmm Birds for breakfast.

    This photo is a FRAUD! These are the 2003 Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleaders. You've all been had. However, it does NOT diminish the fact that these are really HOT babes, nonetheless!!!
  471. FishAbility

    Stolen boat

    some serious bs my man, eyes are wide open...
  472. FishAbility

    New Anus???

    man, those doctors are a bunch of ASS HOLES! :waglleybooty:TALK ABOUT BEING BUTT HURT! :imdumb:
  473. FishAbility

    jesus christ

  474. FishAbility

    How to catch a bucket!

    that was fucking rad! those guys were idiots though...
  475. FishAbility

    Many lives lost....

    id rather see a CHURCH BURN DOWN!
  476. FishAbility

    Quick run down of rules on BD

    thanks for the reminders! hope all is well Jason!
  477. FishAbility

    Stripers at DVL

    fuck it thought it said Strippers... my bad.
  478. FishAbility

    Ifish Bashing

    what the fuck is ifish, and who the fuck gives a shit?:hali_blablalba::shithappens::indabutt:
  479. FishAbility

    Dude gets shot while pond fishin' ........ WTF?

    that's nuts... Bet the cops are gonna be looking into the property owners buisness real soon! Hope the guy gets to keep his foot!
  480. FishAbility

    Sesame Street.................. BD style.

    i fucking laughed untl i cried. literally. and im fucken faded off a fiull bottle (750) of grey goose as of this second,.. but thats some funny shit right there...
  481. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon Report 3/31/3008

    im hoping to beat you to it Jim! but if not, TIGHT lines and bloody decks!
  482. FishAbility

    Going to Plaster City this weekend...

    thats what i hear! :gaygroup:
  483. FishAbility

    Going to Plaster City this weekend...

    weather is gonna be shitty so im gonna go riding while its not too hot out there still...Anyone else gonna be out there? PM me or whatever... be fun to hook up for a ride. im going with my girl and she rides a BMW GS 650R, so its gonna be tough for her to keep up on the soft shit... anyway just...
  484. FishAbility

    Need Gel Coat repair...

    I have some scraches and gouges (from putting the boat on the SHITTY trailer at night or after a long boat ride and heavy drinking :food-smiley-014:...) i need some repairs... any of you know anyone in the oceanside area? or a BD member that wants to help me out for compensation? let me know...
  485. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon Report 3/31/3008

    didnt meter any bait, but alot of birds and dolphins. they will be here. and i hope to be one of the first to get one... thats why they call it Fishing NOT catching!!!
  486. FishAbility

    Pink avets?

    popcorn is in the microwave...
  487. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon Report 3/31/3008

    alot is an understatement... it was a blast though!
  488. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon Report 3/31/3008

    Fished Carlsbad Canyon yesterday, the swells were mixed. 3-4 ft with a occasional 7 foot roller at about 12 seconds until getting closer to oceanside harbor, they picked up to a steady 5-7ft and about 6 seconds, no wind chop although the wind was starting up. water temp was 60deg the whole way...
  489. FishAbility

    Sunday fishing > Home Page and look at the surf reports for so cal. im staying at home...
  490. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon tonight...

    Yup that was me. Black Suburban right? the swells were mixed. they were 3-4 ft with a occasional 7 foot roller at about 12 seconds until getting closer to oceanside harbor, they picked up to a steady 5-7ft and about 6 seconsd, no wind chop although the wind was starting up. water temp was 60deg...
  491. FishAbility

    Carlsbad Canyon tonight...

    Im taking the boat out for the first time of the season after some major maintenance and installations. gotta calibrate the autopilot and run the dog piss out of the motor to make sure theres no problems... i had a trip planned for this saturday, but the weather is turning to shit, so what...
  492. FishAbility


    HAHAHA that was awesome! i needed that.
  493. FishAbility

    Alpha 1 gen 2 raw water impeller

    the whole thing costs 50-70 bucks for the kit and an hour or so... cheap insurance the way i figure. i had a Gen 2 and even with the newer style impeller, after 13 months it was toast. just my .02.
  494. FishAbility

    Alpha 1 gen 2 raw water impeller

    change the impeller every 12 months. no matter what.
  495. FishAbility

    one Orangutan and no cup....

  496. FishAbility

    No T Report 3/12 Me and Big Joe

    the swells are supposed to be pretty big this weekend, then dropping monday afternoon through the week, and water temp has already dropped 2 degrees... :hali_parkutuli: i was planning on being out all weekend... but again there calling for 10-15 foot seas... we will soon see... they will be here...
  497. FishAbility


    thats actually pretty cool...
  498. FishAbility

    Engine running too cool?

    i have a 350, raw water cooled, just put on new center rise exhaust manifolds, new impeller, new raw water pump, new thermostat (160deg), among other things which are not related to the cooling system. anyway, boat runs great, but i cant get the water temp above 130. its not the gauge, not the...
  499. FishAbility

    Farallon Owners...

    buy used. you will have to buy all your electronics with a new boat too... and with a boat like that... your gonna need to have some fancy shit at the helm... just my .02.
  500. FishAbility

    trim tabs

    Go with the Bennett tabs, tried and true. i have them and will never have another boat without them.
  501. FishAbility

    Best Fishin Songs

    Joe Cocker - Feeling Allright. hands down.
  502. FishAbility

    Dana Point Shark strike out

    the Ts called, they will be here soon....
  503. FishAbility

    Dana Point Shark strike out

  504. FishAbility

    Pregnancy Test

    hahaha ohhh SHIT!
  505. FishAbility

    Pool Cue Hook up

    trade it for a new fishing pole...:nutkick: jk... im still on this site at 11oclock... im pathetic.
  506. FishAbility

    Want To Play Quarters?

    gotta be a peter puffer...
  507. FishAbility


    what a fag!!!!!!!!!!!
  508. FishAbility


    go buy a set of SPY polorized stunners. you will never regret it.
  509. FishAbility

    Hey Saluki...

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! steers and queers, and i dont see any horns.....
  510. FishAbility

    Oceanside to La Jolla Tomorrow

    ill be out sunday.... "mako wish" channel 72
  511. FishAbility

    Catalina this Sunday....need a deckhand with experience

    i took a 14 foot boston whaler skiff to AVX when i was 15 years old. hod a 25 horse yamaha on the back and a 40 gal fuel tank, (it was the tender to my dads 56 chris craft) took me 3 hours, 56 miles, i went alone, but came back with some KILLRE yellows... my dad was kinda pissed, but i, A) had a...
  512. FishAbility

    Cutting fuel lines

    2nd that...
  513. FishAbility

    Shark Fishing advice

    anybody else have any thoughts on these??
  514. FishAbility

    New guy @ Bloodydecks

  515. FishAbility

    A320 near crash in Hamburg - Crosswind landings
  516. FishAbility

    Pregnancy Test

    yo bitch STEP OFF!!! :_smack_: HAHAHA
  517. FishAbility

    Let's not forget Del Mar

    ill be there...
  518. FishAbility

    Garmin 2010c

  519. FishAbility

    snow in Dfw

    yeah, dallas is a wacky place... im there for recurrent flight training over 8 weeks a year... thats about all i can handle...
  520. FishAbility

    Shark Fishing advice

    Looks kinda cool... but for $350 they better fucking work...
  521. FishAbility

    Shark Fishing advice

    where can you find said shark magnet? post or PM me with details... thx!
  522. FishAbility

    Who chums for Thresher?

    how much $? got a phone number for them mate?
  523. FishAbility

    Some good being done in TJ...

    thats fucking nuts man im glad hes ok!
  524. FishAbility

    Who chums for Thresher?

    Ive done it a few times, but usually come up with makos or blues... a slooowww troll for Mr. T works for me most of the time. i just got off the phone with a friend and he said chum it up... i dont know, whats your opinion? and side question, whats the best chum to use? 5 gal buckets of the pre...
  525. FishAbility

    209-181 Report - 3/2/2008

    whos goin out this weekend?
  526. FishAbility

    oceanside inshore T Trolling

    ill be out there sat and sun. pm me if you wanna buddy boat.
  527. FishAbility

    Protect your Families!

    how many of us searched for ourselves first??
  528. FishAbility

    are blue sharks good eating???

    with all the other fish in the sea why eat blues? id rather eat mackerel!
  529. FishAbility

    Anybody on BD own the Boat "Catch 22"?

    yeah wtf happened brother?
  530. FishAbility

    What are you going to get/look at at the Fred Hall show?

    a bunch of shit i dont need. what else?? :imdumb:
  531. FishAbility

    209-181 Report - 3/2/2008

    Went out With Bryan (murdernmako) on his boat yesterday out of Oceanside ... for a nice boat ride. made about 15 macks outside oceanside in the AM, then powered about 7 short of the 209, had lines in the water, worked the area around the high, had 56-59deg water, nice and blue/ clean but no...
  532. FishAbility

    I need a 28' trailer! buy/rent/borrow?

    Anyone have a 28' trailer i could use for a few months or BUY from you? if i "borrowed" it i would pay you up front for the use... let me know. a 28' uniflite is gonna be sitting on it until i find either A: another fucking trailer or B: a slip. (good luck) rather have a trailer though... LET ME...
  533. FishAbility

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    1. anyone know how much they weigh? 2. is it possible to trailer them?
  534. FishAbility

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    THINKING ABOUT DOING IT... took her out today, for the price im getting her for.. i may not be able to pass this one up... no blisters, this is a pre-blister model... needs work, but what fucking boat doesent? oohhhh SOOO CLOSE to writing this check...
  535. FishAbility

    "Fishing Reports"

    its up to YOU to decipher what these "braggers" say. which is bullshit that you call them braggers BECAUSE THE REPORT IS IN THE STORY! look deep in the reports and pick out the information that they are willing to give you. dont be lazy. were not gonna fucking tell you where the fish are...
  536. FishAbility

    Can somebody explain to me the purpose of tuna tubes?

    for bait right? :nutkick:
  537. FishAbility

    3 boats fishing tomorrow 2/29/08

    Good luck today Guys! Well be expecting a report!
  538. FishAbility

    Can somebody explain to me the purpose of tuna tubes?

    Can somebody explain to me the purpose/use of tuna tubes? how they work, what the accomplish. ive heard of them but never seen or used em! Thanks guys!
  539. FishAbility

    anyone know anything about Uniflites?

    1970 26' Uniflite with twin chrysler 318's... barf any word good or bad??:imdumb:
  540. FishAbility

    Myspace, LOL

    GROSS. fuck myspace.
  541. FishAbility

    Project is progressing...

    shiny... i like.
  542. FishAbility

    Look what I'v dun

    nice, im having some made by a friend... those look comfy!
  543. FishAbility

    I thinnk.....

    good idea!
  544. FishAbility

    When you need to hyphenate your name

    Wang-Holder HAHA
  545. FishAbility

    Harley Davidson Hazard

    haha. fucking nice.
  546. FishAbility

    Rigging for thresher

    yeah, and for BETTER luck, use a treble hook at the rear...
  547. FishAbility

    Cat.D9 vs 25' Wellcraft

    that was very sad... i just had dreams of what i could have done with a hull like that... but then they got fucking smashed with a D9 Piller! FuCk!
  548. FishAbility

    I Need Some Eisenglass made...

    thanks bryan, i called him and hes giving me a quote.... i have a aircraft cover guy at the airport that says he can do a bang up job... but joe and franky are gonna be the way to go... that eisenglass if fucking $150 a sheet! HOLY SHEEET!
  549. FishAbility

    Amazing Holes

    i cant find the holes with two hands and a flashlight...
  550. FishAbility

    Battery Cable Smoking???

    starter, cables and batteries. just do it youll thank us later.
  551. FishAbility

    I Need Some Eisenglass made...

    Just a simple enclosure... and not gonna cost me an arm and a leg... any hookups??
  552. FishAbility

    T Time

    :gaygroup: Dear Gay Group, Jason is right, they're always here. If you :gay::gay::gay:'s spent your time fishing instead of acting like "Hillary", telling everybody else what to do and think, maybe you might get lucky and finally get to see what the ocean looks like in "real life" !!! OMG...
  553. FishAbility

    Any squid spaun reports?

    I may give it a shot too... but, with the yakers and everyone and there mother out there i may just go offshore... we will see!
  554. FishAbility

    La Jolla 2-24

    nice fish! must have been a wet bumpy ride!
  555. FishAbility

    Bet you'd like to have one of these

    thats too cool...
  556. FishAbility

    Im thinking 181/209 trip

    it was a good thing we didnt go... big seas, would have been insane... maybe this weekend if it all pans out...
  557. FishAbility

    cinder blocks

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::hali_ruahahaha: you want the blocks? come get the blocks, AND DONT FUCK WITH ME! HAHAHAHAHA
  558. FishAbility

    T Time

    WE ALL KNOW THERES NFIO... :hali_parkutuli:
  559. FishAbility

    Hydrolocked Mercruiser

    take the head and the manifold off, the problem lies within one of those two items...
  560. FishAbility

    I think I'm moving!

    nice pull... wow!
  561. FishAbility

    Batray Fishing 2/23/08

    do you kill them or release? i hope you dont just kill them and shit can them...
  562. FishAbility

    What's your occupation?

    Corporate Jet Pilot and Jet Mechanic, I fly a Hawker 800XP and a King Air 200 series. (many more but those are the only ones i get paid to fly) when im not Flying, im working as a Jet Aircraft Mechanic, and when im not doing that, im running a side buisness doing Mobile Aircraft Maintenance...
  563. FishAbility

    2,000 pound shark caught off Monterey has a wallet in it.

    ugly fish with a "big ass head" as my Fiancee says...
  564. FishAbility

    Squid fishing tips...

  565. FishAbility

    My apologies...

    hold fast.
  566. FishAbility

    2/22/08 The Perfect Storming Yellow- LJ

    hopefully ill be out sunday... despite the weather...:Singin_In nice feeesh...
  567. FishAbility

    FORD reaquired vehicle title question...

    cool thanks guys, i dont need the trouble... im gonna keep looking... maybe wait another year, im a chevy guy anyway, it was just a smokin deal on that 350... thanks again!
  568. FishAbility

    Coronado Island Questions

    :supergay: :idiot: fag. DUH! jk kid.
  569. FishAbility

    FORD reaquired vehicle title question...

    so im looking at buying a new truck, well used (2005) but it has a reaquired vehicle title from ford. they would give me an unlimited mileage 24 month warranty with the truck, its a 2005 F-350 diesel with 82k miles... is the reaquired vehicle title a thing to worry about?
  570. FishAbility

    MPG on 18'-20' boats?

    depends on the engine size and type... i have a wellcraft with a chevy 350 and im at just over 3 miles per gallon.
  571. FishAbility

    Anyone going to the desert this weekend?

    you gonna be there sun? PM me im thinking about going...
  572. FishAbility

    ok somebody offered a trade is it a good deal?

    kid, asking questions and gaining knowledge is what this site is about, SO ASK QUESTIONS AND BE CLEAR! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT, ANY MORE OF THIS SHIT AND YOU SHOULD BE :banned:.
  573. FishAbility

    ok somebody offered a trade is it a good deal?

    who else is sick of this shit?
  574. FishAbility

    Boob Words

    awesome. real tits rock.
  575. FishAbility

    GMC 1, Ford 0...

    FORD = Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge FORD = Fucked On Race Day
  576. FishAbility

    PV Report 13-18

    WOW. i am a jealous motherfucker right now... way to go...
  577. FishAbility

    Grady new vs used 282?

  578. FishAbility

    Boat Grounded

    no shit.
  579. FishAbility

    chicken surprise

  580. FishAbility

    Here Kitty kitty kitty

  581. FishAbility

    Boat Grounded

    is that a carver? ugly boat nonetheless...
  582. FishAbility

    Bloodydeck sighting 241 toll road 2-18

    i love it, before i knew about the "salute" i got pissed at a guy for a sec then flipped him right back off, got the thumbs up and then i figured it out... haha i love that...
  583. FishAbility

    Boat Trouble

    nice boat... where are those made?
  584. FishAbility

    If you are getting married why

    im getting married in November. i cant wait. shes my best friend and keeps me on my feet, shes a good girl and a great partner. hellova a lover too! :loverz: plus shes got a rich daddy.... that helps... :Smoke_Emoticon: ;)
  585. FishAbility

    Winter maintenance continues on Hanna

    Looks good Curt. mine were so bad i had to replace them... how long did that take to clean em? did you dip em in acid?
  586. FishAbility

    Hello Boyz

  587. FishAbility

    This may be my chance

  588. FishAbility

    LJ 38lb. Yellow - 2/17/08

    nice... good job brother! ill be out there sooner than later!
  589. FishAbility


    go naked. chicks dig that kind of stuff...
  590. FishAbility

    Pacific yacht towers does it again

    thats really nice bro... they aint cheap though...
  591. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    im sure we could find some...
  592. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    then i guess im... :supergay::gay::gayfight::gaygroup::Pillow_Fi:loverz: but i still love shark hunting... By the way, wanna go fishing???
  593. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    last year i was out about 45 times, work gets in the way sometimes though. ive been fishing, or on my dads 56 chris craft fishing marlin tourneys in cabo and FLA, or mako tourneys out of oceanside since i was 6 years old with my family and fished every year since. so almost 18 years. i cant...
  594. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    forget selling it... im going to do it for free... we'll see how many people look at the posts i put up and go from there... with all this information we could be much better informed skippers correct? yeah, if the reports are read from the previous days you have good chances, but a little more...
  595. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    im gonna set this up soon, ill pm. im gonna take 3 guys up at a time...
  596. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    yeah, so what, i ask for opinions, like i said everyone gets skunked. i had a ground fault, fixed it and the next weekend had a boat full of yellows and 4 dodos over 30lbs. and i DO love to shark hunt. but thats not all. ive had my share of everything out there, from sea bass to marlin. i grew...
  597. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    OK whos ok with this...? I wasnt really thinking of making millions of dollars here, i just thought it would be a cool idea to help some guys out and make some new friends... so how about this... In prime fishing season, or whenever someone wants something looked at from the air (PM me) ill fly...
  598. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    thats what i do now... i dont think thats cheating... its just research, just like looking for a good spot on a map, reading the temp charts or running to numbers someone gave you over the radio...
  599. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    Thanks for the support bro, ive had a few PMs with some serious interest... but the criticism :_smack_: is expected i suppose. were all FRIENDS here, RIGHT? hey if i can dish it, i can take it. no hard feelings. ive actually gotten a few good ideas from this post...
  600. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    actually it was his idea...
  601. FishAbility

    Simrad AP-14 R Autopilot

    where did you find it? the list price is over $1700!
  602. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    i know the fun is in the hunt, BUT, gathering information is part of the process right? im not saying "theres a fish go get it," im saying that if noticable patterns are observed, (school direction of travel, etc) it might be helpful. we have all been out full days and not seen any life and burn...
  603. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    it costs more than $10 to start the plane, do the engine runs, (mag checks, carb heat, prop controls etc) and line up on the runway...
  604. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    not trying to be a dick, its just an IDEA, thats why im asking. i think its called market research right? sorry, you kinda heated me for a min there. but your opinion matters. if there are more people like you that are opposed then obviously its not gonna happen! but please dont judge people by...
  605. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    If i own the plane, pay a commercial pilot (because a non commercial pilot can not accept payment, only compensation for fuel etc) $40/hr give or take, and the fuel at 7-9 GPH $4.79/gal = about $190 for 5 hrs fuel, then add $50/hr for plane "use" for a 5 hr trip your looking at about $640, now...
  606. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    ok. and your mr know it all? ive spent thousands of hours in the air, and alot of that time over the water. and i have flown spotters for boats out of mexico. i DO know what to look for. im not the best fisherman, never said i was, but dont fucking insult me by "looking at a few of my posts." i...
  607. FishAbility

    Who would be interested in fish spotting? (From the air...)

    Hey guys, ive talked to Jason about this a few times and im just wondering if anyone out there likes the idea, or has any good ideas on fish spotting. where you want the spotters to be, what you want spotted (swordies, paddies structure water breaks, whatever...) the format you want to use, how...
  608. FishAbility

    February 13th 2008 marks 5 years of BD

    im probably gonna get fired from work one day for looking at this site so much... great job guys!
  609. FishAbility

    Thoughts on my redneck box thruster idea???

    well said. working with rudder and throttle you can kiss the dock each time. my dads 56 Chris craft had bow and stern thrusters, they were nice, but i rarely ever used them, considering i used differential thrust, but thats not the point. master your boat without them, and if you give up, use...
  610. FishAbility

    The new project. It shouldn't be too hard.

    you stole that thing good luck!
  611. FishAbility

    VALENTINE WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fucking sick dude. just fucking sick.
  612. FishAbility

    Simrad AP-14 R Autopilot

    UNDERSTOOD... similar compensation units are installed in the jet that i fly...
  613. FishAbility

    FINALLY... This is alot better... what do you think?

    thanks guys! i appreciate the feedback! i worked my ass off on that engine, and no one even fucking sees the thing... ohh well... thanks again!