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  1. bearslayer5

    First Time Tuna

    When they miss the forecast you’ll wish you had 4-6 more feet. But who doesn’t need a bigger boat.
  2. bearslayer5

    Ice at west port

    What sonar setup are you running that looks like a sweet setup.. looking to upgrade for next year.. be nice to map the bottom like that..
  3. bearslayer5

    Overnight tuna

    That sounds like fun. Doing some night fishing at the same time..
  4. bearslayer5

    Good Times on the High Seas

    I seen you guys running by the jetty.. looked like a sweet looking ride up top. way to go on the fish.
  5. bearslayer5

    Westport 7/13-14

    Seen you guys up north bottom fishing around 12:39 ish. Nice to see you guys got some salmon and bottom fish.
  6. bearslayer5

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    240.00 for all 3 trevala rods?
  7. bearslayer5

    Tuna Rods Reels Tackle for sale

    Well at least you guys got a reply.
  8. bearslayer5


    Thatsbait your coming with.
  9. bearslayer5


    It will be a day time trip for me.. our boat is a bit small for a over nighter..
  10. bearslayer5


    Well I guess the best part about it is I live in ocean shores and boat is on the dock all summer. Lots of luck.. I’m gearing up to try it this summer..I wonder if the rock fish we have around here would work as bait?
  11. bearslayer5


    Sorry grammar suck.. I have heard of guys seeing them around...
  12. bearslayer5


    Ok so I have been thinking about this for a while. Has any tried to find daytime swordfish off the Oregon or Washington coast around40-60miles when the water warms in the summer. Yes they are deep but was wondering if anyone has tried it or have info on it.. I’m thinking of tried in the summer...
  13. bearslayer5


    thanks good luck out there hope to see you guys down there this summer.
  14. bearslayer5

    Special Permits Posted

    I got a stella cow tag and the wife got a sinlahekin buck tag.. mrfish if you need any help with the white river tag let me know. I sit up there bear hunting and just watch the elk in sept. last year I was in 50 yards of 4 bulls fighting super cool.. congrats to everyone. plus I live about 35...
  15. bearslayer5


    older yamaha and its not my boat so i dont really worry to much..
  16. bearslayer5


    nice fish. we r going out second weekend in may for hali's its a 35 mile run and a 560ft deep but a blast.One of the guy we run with has a 19 ft arima and he has to bring 25 gallons extra to make the trip..