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  1. rex

    November Hail Mary Cow BFT 4K Video!

    Wow kick ass video way to tag team that fish .
  2. rex

    9/23 Catalina Report

    Looks like a great trip Dan .thanks for keeping the info coming in !!
  3. rex

    Salmon in July

    Frank Beautiful fish way to kill it with limits each day . But don't you have any friends ?
  4. rex

    3 B's and more!

    Way to hot it hard ,nice catch !!!
  5. rex

    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    Most people that eat them , eat it with.rice.
  6. rex

    Fished the Thunderbird

    The Thunderbird is the real deal looks like great quality fish .
  7. rex

    El Cardonal

    What is a white Bonita ?
  8. rex

    No love out there...

    Great report you are a super hero to him keep in contact with him !!
  9. rex

    We have a opening for Pei 2017.

    Are the fish on these trips kept by the boat ?
  10. rex

    Ocean Odyssey Tuna Report For 9/08

    Congratulations on your limit Dan nice fish thanks for sharing with us .!!
  11. rex

    3/4 day sportking 9/8

    Thanks for the Post sounds like fun but when is 15 or 20 pound test light line for a 5 lb fish ??
  12. rex

    BFT WFO 8/31 local water

    Killer grade of fish !!
  13. rex

    Bluefin 9/1

    Beautiful fish that should make the barbequing better this weekend !!
  14. rex

    Crystal Cove 8/21

    Looks like a great day good job on the release of the checker !!
  15. rex

    2 day re-cap BFT Yellows and Dodos

    Great post my last overnight on the Thunderbird . we got some Bonita just finishing it off it's my favorite smoked fish but what is the deal with the reserved spot ?
  16. rex

    Excellent dorado fishing in U.S. Waters

    Great job dad the look on your boys face says it all good times !!
  17. rex

    9 mile and outside dodos and tuna.

    Great job nice fishes !!
  18. rex

    Homemade irons from 60's

    Are they aluminum may have better luck leaving them unpainted !!
  19. rex


    Looks snotty out there but a killer trip way to put it to em Captain Juan !!
  20. rex

    Sons first dorado..and then some

    Looks like an amazing trip I just wonder why you were eating a hamburger when you have fresh fillets in front of you good times way to put it to em !!
  21. rex

    Solo Dorado

    Super clean boat nice dodo !!
  22. rex


    Mui bien el Capitan !!
  23. rex

    Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    Nice catching why isn't the fish on ice ??
  24. rex

    Coronado Island BFT limits 8/4

    Nice Bonita looks like a fun day!
  25. rex

    Palos Verdes monster (not really)

    Two beasts thanks for the post !
  26. rex

    8/5/17 at the 277

    Beautiful fish !
  27. rex

    Hidden Bank

    Nice job with the boys !!
  28. rex

    Lower 9 Bonito Bonanza

    Definitely hope you kept some . Bonita is about as good as it gets smoked love it thanks for the Post
  29. rex

    Fortune 8/4

    Thanks for the post looks like you had a good time
  30. rex

    Fruits and vegetables .

    Seems like a pretty fruity report thanks good trip
  31. rex

    Ensenada fishing

    Nice thanks for report !
  32. rex

    More Santa Cruz Salmon

    Looks awesome one is better than none !!
  33. rex

    The weekend

    Nice thanks for sharing !
  34. rex

    Northend Report

    Nice kill !!
  35. rex

    WFO TUNA AGAIN!!! 9/25

    Line class record can't be much less than 1 lb
  36. rex

    Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    Tito awesome that you take time out for your old friends showing them a great day of fishing work hard good luck on sept 19 blessings Bart
  37. rex

    My boys first 50+Lb yellowfin tuna

    Good job Dad beautiful fish !!
  38. rex

    Snotty Ocean

    good job on the rainbows that turkey looks raw the other pink meat !!!
  39. rex

    209 Yellowfin and Hammerhead *Video added of hammerhead attack

    It is a cool video but we have a precious resource in the tuna you could have used a tuna carcass post fillet . I know it has been a sick year but come on!!!
  40. rex

    6-22-13 Depoe Bay, OR. - Dockside Charters "Triumph"

    Wow thanks for the post that's some great fishing way to stay at it .
  41. rex

    clamming and crabbing info

    Hi does anyone have any info on crabbing or clamming . going up to Newport in august then down to bandon any info would be great thanks
  42. rex

    6-16-13 Garibaldi OR- Linda Sue Charters "Herbie"

    Nice job Fred I love black rockfish
  43. rex

    La Jolla-June 15th

    Sounds like fun !!
  44. rex

    Video and report from Sat 5/11/13 @ the Islands

    Great job left me wanting to see more
  45. rex

    Northern Cal Albies

    You guys fall for anything!!!
  46. rex

    Channel Island WSB

    Way to dig for the intel nice catch
  47. rex

    5/3 in Ensenada

    nice post welcome to bd
  48. rex

    Family Trip 1st wk of June

    I think the limit is five , in Bandon you can get it done in 1 or 2 hours
  49. rex

    4/27 Island Halibut

    I think it has ring worm jk nice fish
  50. rex

    Quick San Felipe trip on friday apr 19

    killed em and took a number of great looking fish
  51. rex

    Big Sandys on the Chew 4-13

    way to put the hammer to em
  52. rex

    Ultimatefishcharters Santa Cruz limits 4/13

    Killen em one fish at a time looks like fun
  53. rex

    Jackpot on the Tweekers!

    Thanks for the fish report but fill em all with lead before your lead gets taken away
  54. rex

    Upcoming hard core 5-day Long Range style skiff trip

    Cant wait to hear your report good luck , have a blast keep up the Faith
  55. rex

    Fished with jovani on the wahoo! April 10 2013

    wow sounds like a killer day post some picks
  56. rex

    Ensenada 3-30 & 3-31-13-Yellows on the troll & lings-reds on the iron

    looks like a very pleased group good job Louie
  57. rex

    Great Baja Surf Fishing Adventure

    Its old but a great video
  58. rex

    San Diego Bay full of Anchovy

    I Think I caught a small wahoo on the fresh dead chovies serious .
  59. rex

    whistler 3-7-13 good day

    Nice job way to get it done
  60. rex

    South 9 & Coronados

    Nice on the limits and the kicker ling
  61. rex

    Erendira Fishing

    Did you guys get any lings
  62. rex

    Point Loma Rockfish 3/1/13

    Great catch nice looking jig way to go solo
  63. rex

    Baja Snow

    thanks for the fishing report
  64. rex

    Yellowtail still around in Asuncion

    Thats a whale of a story
  65. rex

    Super Day

    Nice mosh
  66. rex

    Phenomenal Hooping in SD Bay 2-15

    Thanks for the post good going
  67. rex

    Sortfishing boat "San Diego"

    Long live the skipper and crew of the San Diego
  68. rex

    Newport Harbor Fishing

    They are best caught with a sling spear , they taste like bald eagle
  69. rex

    Surf fishing 2-11-13

    Props on geting out
  70. rex

    San Quintin K&M

    Looks like some nice rights
  71. rex

    Barn Kelp Sand Bass

    Nice post sounds like good times enjoy your youth
  72. rex

    La Bocana BCS 1/23-1/27

    Sounds like a dream and a nightmare no picks never seen anyone catch over 40 plus yt great day
  73. rex

    Lingcod, Crab, and Rockfish

    Looks like you caught a good buzz also nice post
  74. rex

    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    wow you didnt get raped or killed by the drug lords or banditos . just kidding they tow you feed you give you some place to sleep verry gracious people I love baja
  75. rex

    San Felipe 10-29-10

    cool post I love the tortuava photo good eats
  76. rex

    Golden Reef 16-18 Nov

    I would of rather had the grouper
  77. rex

    Score Baja 1000

    Great fishing report
  78. rex

    Cabo to San Diego Video

    Verry cool best part is the turtle release I thought you were going to eat it
  79. rex

    Dana Point bait sucks today

    Fished last night on the sum fun fishing was slow but we had great chovies and a nice mix of sardines and mackeral
  80. rex

    limits for 3 on waypoint

    Wow what a day good job
  81. rex

    First Post - First tuna

    Great first trip well great trip . you have caught more albies than all of the boats out of san diego all year combined good job
  82. rex

    Leopard Sharks!

    I like largemouth bass . good going on the release way to get off the couch and have a great time!!!!
  83. rex

    Izors and the LB Wall

    Good job thanks for the post Dan . I'am amazed at how cold the water is also maybe soon .
  84. rex

    How to cast a mile...

    Do these guys fish
  85. rex

    Coronados 7/21

    I hope the dog looked worse than the yellow
  86. rex

    Wide Open REDS

    Bork bork bork nice catch
  87. rex

    Boston Stripers

    Nice fish in you'r hand nice rock on her's
  88. rex

    Depoe Bay/Newport Tuna report Sat June 14th

    Sounds verry good to me
  89. rex

    quality sandbass

    Matt way to get out and get it done , just put that fish on a cutting board not on the counter it's unclean , and we all have friends with many hats good job
  90. rex


    Just got back from Kauai it's the best fish I have ever had good job great fish .
  91. rex


    Beast of a trip Dreamer is a top boat Alan Watson one of the best skipers around if not the best , but no ice in the ice chest 6 people x 300 1800 bucks and no ice
  92. rex

    Crane Prairie 6/21-23

    Verry nice fish and you didnt even have to hold it out as far as you could twards the camera
  93. rex

    7/11 Tuna Pen Tour

    Those poor tuna You should have asked the people at PETA for some true facts I think the tuna should be released on to my plate .
  94. rex

    Missing Fish

    Never trust anyone with anything ever ever!!!!!!!
  95. rex

    Hotel Buena Vista - July 4th - 8th - Hospitality from the Valdez Family

    Mexico should be proud of you nice post and lots of good times great post.
  96. rex

    Sjdc July 5 and 7

    We dont believe it lime juice can make alot of stuff taste good but from past experience let the rooster's go . great trip nice catch enjoy the pargo and marlin .
  97. rex

    Baker Lake Sockeye

    I wish I was Indian
  98. rex

    Cedros fishing report

    Look at the nice read in WON last week
  99. rex

    Newport razor clams

    Shhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!
  100. rex

    Ensenada Hotels

    El sid is a nice place kind of missiom style in center of town safe parking
  101. rex

    Special Fishing Trip Isla Margarita Mag

    Are you paying or charging 250.00 a day
  102. rex

    Tip of the week

    where do I catch fresh water frozen squid ?????
  103. rex

    Great YT Fishing @ the Coronado Islands!

    Quality quality way to stick it out for a killer trip nice job
  104. rex

    Dana catching 6/8/12

    Julio nice job all around catching and eating!!!!
  105. rex

    Typical Baja Trip?

    I thought it sounded typical except the part about getting stuck on the beach 12 times explain that please
  106. rex

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    they put the wood to em
  107. rex

    Dana point pier bottom feeders

    I think it's a dock thanks for the post good times
  108. rex

    Eureka Salmon Wide Open

    Looks like your hard work paid off great job
  109. rex

    Oceanside spot at the spot!

    Nice fish ane the weather is great
  110. rex

    last 'cuda session for 2012.

    better than sitting in the office . the chovies look nice size just a little dried up nice going on the wsb
  111. rex

    Villa Vita in La Bay?

    If you dont want crabs of bed bugs sleep in your boat It's only one night .
  112. rex

    Sick day out at haskells

    Dam you have a iphone that is way cool
  113. rex

    Offshore Fishing..Super Strike Charters

    you serious those picks are serious good job
  114. rex

    Team SlaughterHouse has Shark for the Year!

    Yes but shark tastes like piss and their isn't a fish in our water's that taste as good as BSB
  115. rex

    Good Karma

    Blessed indeed
  116. rex

    Bass Fishin Shallow Stones

    Happy clean cut american kid's out under the sun priceless
  117. rex

    Monday Bodega Salmon with an Afghan vet!

    Verry verry nice catch way to Bless one of our Vets Thank's and good going
  118. rex

    June 2nd Aboard the Patriot, Crab & Rock Fish Combo

    Sounds like a killer trip . How much do they run good going Dan
  119. rex

    Caught "The One That Got Away"

    Keep on pulling this is ten minutes of typing for me peace out
  120. rex

    yellow that got away

    penn 500 and calstar 540 no worries
  121. rex

    Big One

    Just a baby
  122. rex


    way to go on the take the Mom out fishing Day good times
  123. rex

    more pictures

  124. rex

    6/1 Barn

    Nice post sounds like alot of fun
  125. rex

    Nados YT Report 6/1

    Photo #2 Priceless
  126. rex

    Barracudas @ Huntington Flat 06/01/2012

    Thank's for the post yes they are going off
  127. rex

    Springtime Grocery Fishing and Freezer Cleaning.

    What no prawns or crab nice haul
  128. rex

    4 ft of something

    Halibut skate flounder same thing ???????
  129. rex

    Whistler Area 5/28

    Happy wife Happy life good going
  130. rex

    Went for seabass, caught something better

    Nice catch But better than a white ?
  131. rex

    Local Tuesday Toads 5/29

    Makes me want to vomit way to go
  132. rex


    It looks like a great trip , way to go on those yellows . It must have been a hammerhead that flattened that hook
  133. rex

    Ono and Mahi

    Patrick it was worth the wait
  134. rex

    Wicked tuna maui style!!

    Verry nice
  135. rex

    Rockpile May 27

    Thank's for the report
  136. rex

    wide open

    20 gallons of chum was this an x girlfriend that is a lot of grinding
  137. rex

    Monte Carlo a.m. 5/27/12

    Thank's for the report looks like the chovies were a nice grade
  138. rex

    Don Eddie's Landing - San Quintin

    Thank's for the fishing report
  139. rex

    Ensenada 5-27-12-Boiling & Biting Yellowtail

    Great job Louie way to get it done
  140. rex

    55 lb local sea bass 5/27/12

    No this is not a staged photo
  141. rex

    Finally rockfish success

    Nice job remember to mark those spots
  142. rex


    Way to put the wood to em
  143. rex

    Oside makos

    How many pounds of shark do you get from a ten pound mako
  144. rex

    Camping help Portland/Beaverton

    wallmart parking lot its a blast
  145. rex

    A7 Prawning With My Little Boy & Papa...5 yr old BD Salute Attached

    Boy I hope your son ends up just like you Great start
  146. rex

    MA7 Lings/Butts

    It wasnt Fathers day
  147. rex

    San Quintin with Capt. Juan

    Sounds like a great trip post some pic`s
  148. rex

    No WSB or Yellows but a 22 lb Sheephead bit

    yeah but this guy is only 5`1" and 152 lbs
  149. rex

    Catalina WSB

    Way to get it done
  150. rex

    Barracuda are biting!

    Leaving tonight to get in line for the half day boat
  151. rex

    Gothom beach, new PB.

    :2gunsfiring_v1:looks like a flat out blast :2gunsfiring_v1:
  152. rex

    Cameron, LA 5/6/12

    wow nice catch
  153. rex

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Ivan Thank you for the link on those jig's many many years ago I got one from a deckhand on a boat out of ensenada . I fished it for years it was the best jig I ever had then it got stold
  154. rex

    OK this is it

    Boy you cast a good plug the jig is up nice catch of business
  155. rex

    Interesting trip to the island!

    I will never post my pictures on the web again . ever , ever .
  156. rex

    05.06.12 - Pacific Islander - San Miguel/Santa Rosa

    Looks like a great trip thanks for the post good times and tight lines
  157. rex

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Hi Ivan can you show a picture of one of those local aluminum jig's thanks and nice catch
  158. rex

    Popped this year's cherry

    way to get it done in the surf
  159. rex

    Area 9 Prawns and Lings

    Quality time you'r a great Dad and a verry nice catch good going
  160. rex

    Another MA7 Lingcod/Prawn report

    That makes for some good times
  161. rex

    What swallowed my dine!

    just like Bald Eagle much better than otter
  162. rex

    Area 11 Shrimp

    nice job post some picks
  163. rex

    Ono and Mahi

    Patrick was this a chater, if so who ? did they let you keep some fish
  164. rex

    Need some locals help

    Whats is this yo
  165. rex

    CDM Kelp 5.5.12

    sounds like a blast
  166. rex

    WSB Poachers

    That is a mexican with crew socks my daughter is mexican and will not put on crew socks
  167. rex

    WSB Poachers

    You should have conducted a citizens beat down then released the poacher`s
  168. rex

    Need some locals help

    Thank you much for the 411
  169. rex


    Capian Juan I have been waiting for a post and this is one of your best .Beautiful verry beautiful
  170. rex

    Hyatt Lake opening day

    What is that lab chasing
  171. rex

    Need some locals help

    Going to kauai in july want to do some fishing who should I contact and what would be the target species Please give me some help Thanks Rex
  172. rex

    Rooster Fish in San Felipe

    Should have killed it
  173. rex

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    props on 3 wsb in 6 days . But all short , no big deal althuogh how is it your spot you are fishing at
  174. rex

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    verry nice bro Blessed indeed
  175. rex

    Coronados 4/28

    Way to scout it out thanks for the info
  176. rex

    LAB 04/26/12 Nite Bite

    Looks like you had a blast good going
  177. rex

    La Jolla Today

    Sounds like it was rough out there. tough fishing all around .
  178. rex

    Until we showed up! Damn!

    That is a nice rig . better luck next time
  179. rex

    A Sad Night

  180. rex

    Naval Academy summer program

    Your son is the shizzel
  181. rex

    Gonzaga Bay quick trip 4-24 & 25

    nice post I wish I was there Great trip way to catch those early yellows
  182. rex

    bbq salmon

    I like it raw
  183. rex

    FREEDOM San Nic Photo 4-22-12

    Good job guys nice catch
  184. rex

    Garcias, San Quintin

    Show some pic`s
  185. rex

    RE: great white at La Jolla

    People spend big bucks to swim with the sharks at sea world
  186. rex

    Finally got out...SMB 04/22

    RIP to your Brotrer and may God Bless your family
  187. rex

    Good way to eat Rock fish

    Looks good enough to eat
  188. rex

    30 foot Pacific trailer for rent 150/week

    That is the best fishing report ever .
  189. rex

    Opening for this Friday. 4-20

    That`s what im saying
  190. rex

    Reel Life Fishing

    nice catch
  191. rex

    NO END IN SIGHT for SC Salmon!!

    nice photos do you pack those fish on ice they look like they are a little hammered
  192. rex

    Fave fish to catch?

  193. rex

    seal beach

    What did you do with the sardines
  194. rex

    spearfishing from shore

    Try the dumpster at the Crab Cooker lots of good meat
  195. rex

    What Catalina Offshore is all about - Brought to you by Tommy Gomes

    Looks good enough to eat I hope to see you soon Tommy
  196. rex

    I love launch ramps

    talk to the pitbull
  197. rex


    nice catch
  198. rex

    San Felipe

    are you thinking of the same San Felipe what yellowtail try 100 miles to the south
  199. rex

    more fish!

    get a cast net or a sien net and a bucket of water
  200. rex


    I had a day like that catching 200 lb bluefin on the east coast
  201. rex

    New to this

  202. rex

    New to this

    Go to spearboard lots of people who know much more and will give you a bit of 411
  203. rex

    Vonnies Fleet Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    Ivan thanks for the post : I love to see them I hope to fish down that way soon
  204. rex

    Rpt-Sat.-04-07-12 Bass, Lingcod, plus a Variety Pack

    nice job Cory but you always do a great job
  205. rex

    Sat 4-7-12

    seems like alot of cabbies caught this year way to go
  206. rex

    How to rig shrimp for sheephead?

    Call Dave Hanson and get some of those left over lobster he has from that kick ass year he had . I hear it`s the best bait have fun
  207. rex


    those kids are not from the bario
  208. rex

    Gonzaga 3/28, San Felipe 3/29

    Did you get mugged or murdered thanks for the post even with slow fishing sounds like fun
  209. rex

    New to California fishing

    Welcome to Cali now never say your sorry they take it as a sign of weakness keep on puting your time in and your time will come
  210. rex


    who wants to go first me 30 years 2 problems only with the popo trying to rip me off my vote for mexico everyone should go
  211. rex

    Another 3/4 day on the clemente!

    sand dabs are my favorite dust em with some flour little S & P fry in some butter good stuff nice post way to prop up the clemente
  212. rex

    dfg problems suck but....

    You wonder why these guys are such @@###$$$$%% it's because they read all of your posts and comments then hammer you
  213. rex

    Best Live Bait for Yellotail

    best live bait is a 6x jr blue and white
  214. rex

    Revo Toro 50 or 60 for Cedros trip?

    Julio you have been at this game a long time no problem with a toro 50 with 50 lb braid good luck I love my toro
  215. rex

    White Sea Bag

    Funny to much time on your hands
  216. rex

    Spring Break fishing......

    that is some clean looking fish nice catch
  217. rex

    Great Baja Pup Needs a Home

    Nice rescue but we have three already
  218. rex

    San Miguel Style

    If you can afford the gas whats a ticket , nice catch . GOOD TIMES
  219. rex

    OK Everbody...

    Lots of plugin going on for Inshore Islands fishing reports . Hay what ever works , But their is no room for Dave in my float tube.
  220. rex

    pic of 115lb bat

    :2gunsfiring_v1:That is the best catch I have seen in years :2gunsfiring_v1:
  221. rex

    Crystal Cove and lost anchor.

    sorry about your anchor but way to put those shrimp to use
  222. rex

    Surf fishing with Hotel Buena Vista

    Felipe that is crazy loco
  223. rex

    Mystery Bign

    :2gunsfiring_v1:That is the best thing i have seen in weeks :2gunsfiring_v1:
  224. rex


    Beautiful where do you get the koa wood
  225. rex

    Yellowtail in the surf!

  226. rex

    North County 2/29

    Nice job
  227. rex

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Beto is a fish magnet:2gunsfiring_v1:
  228. rex


    yes you woul
  229. rex

    2/25 Halibut with Capt Ron!

    Nice catch JJ . You the man and your right the gf dont look like she is feeling so well .
  230. rex


    Better than most
  231. rex

    Weather sucked/fishing was good

    Good times way to stick it out for a good catch
  232. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Seymour ; I found a common thread we must be brothers . untill next time
  233. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    seymour in south riverside it`s crack and your mom is first in line
  234. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Seymour ; You must have a secret affection for Carrie Wilson of the dfg I can still go out and hammer the calicos to but not the size or quanity get real get honest get out and fish:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: see you my friend
  235. rex

    Point Loma Kelp 2/23. PB Calico!!

  236. rex

    This winter have been the best ever!

    I have caught yellows from the beach but they were the size of that small sierra you all were Blessed
  237. rex


    a little personal here are you planing on sharing the same bed
  238. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    seymour ; if you think fish can multiply faster than we can catch them I feel you are missguided or have not been around verry long , in the short time I have been around . fishing on all species except white sea bass and halibut have slowed way down . the dfg doesnt care about our fish stocks...
  239. rex


    living the dream
  240. rex

    Sat. 18th fished SMB with my Dad

    all of you that get to fish with your dads are blessed my dad dosnt dig it
  241. rex

    The Wall

    got it done super hero
  242. rex

    ventura harbor fishing

    way to school your dad priceless
  243. rex

    took the wife out for first time

    I love my wife but I`am lucky she gets sea sick hahahaha
  244. rex

    San Diego Bay Fishing

    way to go nice first post on the short trip
  245. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    one day we will be saying remember when we used to catch mackeral off of our coast
  246. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    The good old days with donnie at the helm , Gary at the grill and old smokie at the rail good times
  247. rex

    San Felipe. and south action?

    can we stay at your house thanks in advance
  248. rex

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    The freelance caught them all
  249. rex

    bonito at cat/san clemente

    hi squidboy why dont you provide us with that iofo . we would love you to informe us Thanks in advance your new friend Captian Rex
  250. rex

    bonito at cat/san clemente

    the same as all the bluefin tuna
  251. rex

    report for 02/12 out of Long Beach

    what does a charter cost on a weekend night and how long is it thanks
  252. rex

    Lots of Swell !!! San Quintin

    I wish I had my long board
  253. rex


    Nice post I havent seen you post in a while
  254. rex

    bonito at cat/san clemente

    El Pollo loco chicken tastes like Bonito thats why I like It
  255. rex

    puertecitos in october

    Campo castillo is a cove , at each end their is a reef that runs out one to one and a half hundred yards out . fish these with rapalas or try to make some bait also in between these pionts ar some large rocks twards the south end fish live bait for nice grouper
  256. rex

    Windy bounce balling Butt!

    way to tough it out nice catch
  257. rex

    sd bay

    Good to hear it some others had reports that wernt so good way to go
  258. rex

    over 6000 WSB die in king harbor

    What a bad day on this earth
  259. rex

    Moving To Newport Beach Area

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Sweet reel bro but you might down size to a toro revo by abu garcia and a 8 ft cs8oh-e californian calico special thats if you are going to fish local good luck try off the coast of laguna:2gunsfiring_v1:
  260. rex

    bonito at cat/san clemente

    I love bonito they fight great and are the best smoked fish i think but who cares what I think
  261. rex

    Rough conditions but we made the most of it!

    way to go on that safari that little guy was all full of joy priceless
  262. rex


    They screw us here they screw us there hey lots of action
  263. rex

    need help putting my cousins on some fish

    Kids macs, perch = lots of fun plus when they get sick ya dont feel bad about coming back after spending 250.00 have a great time
  264. rex

    Dana Point 2-6-12

    Travis way to get out and get it done
  265. rex

    puertecitos in october

    you have a house there and dont know how fishing is in october why are you waiting so long . october should still be good a little windy troll the points and fish the reef in front of campo castillo
  266. rex

    got a few

    you got it down way to share your bounty
  267. rex

    LBFBW - skunked

    better luck next time
  268. rex

    keep extra pair of pants board

    way to keep + attitude looks like you got the rod back and a steller catch lovin life
  269. rex

    another new record night this week for me on the lobsters!

    Dan you diserve it you have worked hard for so long keep on em
  270. rex

    Fishing off the beach has been good.

    Beautiful place and family
  271. rex

    Cabo fun fishing

    How do those toro taste I love sierra
  272. rex

    ..........LA BOCANA,Y,BOLA...........

    Great report boy I wish that was me
  273. rex

    Wahoo and yellow fin in Venice La.

    did you spear the wahoo
  274. rex

    Indian River Trout on fire!!!

    thanks for the post nice fish , photos
  275. rex

    Cape Cod Bay Tuna

    Great fish on the spin gear
  276. rex

    Striper Sandwitch!

    Looks great nice fish
  277. rex

    Izors 2/1/12

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Hey hot rail 20 or Einstein He is holding a sabiki with three fish on it the photos are in front of you . Thanks Mr Genius:2gunsfiring_v1:
  278. rex


    :2gunsfiring_v1:Great catch why is dude all sour faced I am all smiles and I had to work :2gunsfiring_v1::rofl:
  279. rex

    Izors 2/1/12

    ouch you can only use two hooks at a time in cale delet this post asp
  280. rex

    Ensenada 1-30-2012-Yellowtail still around

    looks like a great day nice post
  281. rex

    Punta Banda Baja C. Mexico

    nice jurel`s beto always kills it
  282. rex

    Pacific bite

    post some more photos
  283. rex

    Dave Hansen is the man

    :2gunsfiring_v1:100 bass no pics Im calling bs:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  284. rex

    Road Trip, Camp Rene

    bring lots of guns and amo
  285. rex

    Saturday Sturgeon on the Longfin

    what do you mean by that
  286. rex

    first papio

    nice fish bro you got the sickness
  287. rex

    .....OOGIE BOOGIE.....IN SQ.

    wow you got blessed I wish that was me .Its been to long
  288. rex

    Catching. All day loong!

    spinners are priced botton to top nice post way to catch
  289. rex

    Luck of the Irish Lobster fishing tonight

    I used my night vision goggles on the first photo thanks for the spot .
  290. rex

    150 area 12/18/11

    bigger baites after you load up on the dabs
  291. rex

    Great day fishing

    do those fish stay on the boat or do you get to keep them
  292. rex

    Took my son Perching

    looks like he had a blast must have been cold
  293. rex

    tha baja that most will never see #2

    nice photos i like all of those clams on the beach post some fish pics
  294. rex

    Steel time on Smith River?

    nice fish way to go on the release
  295. rex

    twin rigs rock fishing

    bummer on the anchor but it looks like you had a nice day anyhow
  296. rex

    Repot Saturday 11-03-11 Did it again!!! 1 legal 2 Shorts and 5 Crabs

    way to go with the ribeye and the crab boil looks grrrreaaaaat
  297. rex

    Thanksgiving in BOLA!

    great post i love bola
  298. rex

    After Thanksgiving Cod trip: Catalina

    nice fish great quality you got skills
  299. rex

    Huge Calico

    wow that is not verry nice
  300. rex

    Spearfishing White Sea Bass

    one of the best posts i have ever read lots of 411
  301. rex

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    if not the oil the sun I use pacific edge fish bags and ice its worth the cost
  302. rex

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    bet those fish taste great after a day of all that oil and fuel soaking it all day in those baskets .
  303. rex

    Commercial squid boats

    if their is so many squid from north to south why do boats run so far to fish them . oh
  304. rex


    wahoo and some of those big shrimp
  305. rex

    Dog in baja

    get a cayote in tj dogs are cheap about 1100.00
  306. rex

    L.A. harbor halibut

    you were blessed with a holly hali good job
  307. rex

    Sheephead Hurting

    love the gloves
  308. rex

    commercial lobstermen

    wow Tommy thank you for the great post I love all of that 411
  309. rex

    breakwall quickie

    nice cali on the light gear
  310. rex

    Another early morning wahoo limit

    oh the days that is sick
  311. rex

    Some of my best captures

    nice king off the shore mate
  312. rex


    :2gunsfiring_v1:thats sick mate:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  313. rex


    wow the heat is on you have been light on the posts but you shure made up for that lol
  314. rex


    you dont need no help
  315. rex

    Long Beach Harbor & BreaK Wall 9/23

    Great post always alot of 411 . what kind of hard baits were you throwing on the wall thanks
  316. rex

    Bonito at Ocean Beach Pier

    sweet then put them on some ice
  317. rex

    Polaris Supreme 9/16/11

    :2gunsfiring_v1:cant we all just get along:2gunsfiring_v1:
  318. rex

    Bahia de los Angeles

    what is the limit on dorado per day per person hummmm
  319. rex

    Calicos with video

    wow its hard to release those calicos but nice post
  320. rex

    30lb. YT SCI

    great trip nice pic`s
  321. rex

    Hotel Buenavista against Illegal Fishing

    way to go did you kill him or just take his net and sink the boat
  322. rex

    Diving off a partyboat!

    :oinker:a few years ago /////////////////////////////////
  323. rex

    bft 42 lbs+

    way to go
  324. rex

    Friendliest Harbor Seal Ever!!!

    when animals attack part 2
  325. rex


    :2gunsfiring_v1:wow a free breakfast because they were out so long what a great boat. boy they work hard , way to go Ben great trip :2gunsfiring_v1:
  326. rex

    Bright and Morning Star

    :2gunsfiring_v1:B M S is a good boat with a good crew . the boat fishes well , but it sits a little high on the water. they may ask you not to cuss but far from being a creepy atmosphere :2gunsfiring_v1:
  327. rex

    Freezer is full

    tommy has the freshest fish on the coast
  328. rex


    be shure to bring a jacket long johns and a great sleeping bag its verry cold in august but fishing is good
  329. rex

    Its that time again!

    :2gunsfiring_v1:some gerbers baby shark bate and a binki with a trap hook :2gunsfiring_v1::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  330. rex

    HB Flats 6/23/2011

    :2gunsfiring_v1:great :2gunsfiring_v1:
  331. rex

    Father's Day Yellows at the Rockpile

    Time with your kids is priceless
  332. rex

    bft on the AA at 180 miles

    before the tuna nets in mexico
  333. rex

    Dana to Crystal Cove Condition Report 6.14.11

    nice photos but where are the fish pics prepare to get hammered
  334. rex

    Have Toyhauler - Will Travel

    walmart parking lot
  335. rex


    Raul what are you shipping and receiving you fish alot way to go
  336. rex

    Private Pond Crappie

    nice wrist band
  337. rex

    Need an extra hand?

    :rofl:to old for me:rofl: get on the san diego
  338. rex

    05.14.11 - Mirage - BBFC/Dark Kings - Easy Rockfish Limits

    great post looks like a blessed trip caped by a nice pastrami :2gunsfiring_v1:hoagie
  339. rex

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    :2gunsfiring_v1:you got that sweet ride go out and fish some stones molester :2gunsfiring_v1:
  340. rex

    RED'S ON THE SOCAL 4-8-11

    36 fish what is the limit
  341. rex

    what riffe speargun should I keep

    I think they are worth about 30 bucks each but since you are going through a divorice I will gie you 100 for all three
  342. rex

    Halibut Hammer in Action

    :2gunsfiring_v1:looks short or you use some small fins:2gunsfiring_v1:
  343. rex

    bolsa jetty

    way to go with the urban catch and release
  344. rex

    SD Sportfish "SWEET TERESA" report 3/19/11

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:next time more picture of the butt less capt rod :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  345. rex

    Santa Monica Bay-1/23

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:looks like 2 bugs and 10 crabs it`s still a great night:2gunsfiring_v1:
  346. rex

    horseshoe reef and palos verdes kelp paddies

    the whites are from last year where is the photo of the yak
  347. rex

    Gonzaga Bay-San Diego ? weather report

  348. rex

    Gonzaga Bay-San Diego ? weather report

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:SMOOTH WEATHER REPORT WHERE IS THE FISH REPORT
  349. rex

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    :2gunsfiring_v1:keep the $ 100.00 buy some chicken I hate the taste of piss :2gunsfiring_v1:
  350. rex

    San Quintin Day 1 10-15-10

    nice infomercial
  351. rex

    Mexican Navy 10/01

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1: are their still mexicans in mexico :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  352. rex


    ilove you tommy you should have your own website
  353. rex

    SAND BASS @ LONG BEACH 09-21-10

    :rofl:eat em up eat em raw eat em fried eat the toxins eat it all:rofl:
  354. rex


    :2gunsfiring_v1:next time double gaff it and get it on deck it tasts like donky:2gunsfiring_v1:
  355. rex

    Limits of White Sea Bass again!

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:gill and gut those beasts before you drive 265 miles nice catch
  356. rex

    Cat YT

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:that is a man day:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  357. rex

    8/26-28 Yellow Fin Tuna/Yellowtail San Benitos on a 3-day

    what is the limit on yellowtail looks like #16 had 19
  358. rex

    how big do you think this sheephead is?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:i dont know your not not holding it out far enough :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  359. rex

    Fishing is stupid - A week in review.

    great trip i like the hand in the duffel bag trick who bates your hook
  360. rex

    WFO Bassin' in the SMB 7/3 w-pics

    you are a solo rock star great post great fish great country and a great God
  361. rex

    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    get ready to get your asssses hurt nice release i hope
  362. rex

    GRANDE 3/4 day 5-29

    bunks on a 3/4 day???????
  363. rex

    Surprise from the surf!!!

    :2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:come on posters keep on the couch . next you wont believe of a :2gunsfiring_v1:barred perch off shore
  364. rex

    Another Overnight Sucess

    nice fish but did they sit on the deck all day and night they look hammered
  365. rex

    Dana Squid !!

    great trip great photos thanks for the post
  366. rex

    Freedive Limit

    one breath at a time nicccccce
  367. rex

    reelcrazy bloodbath

    sorry about parking on that kelp but the motor died right on top
  368. rex

    9/13 paddy hopping limits

    great post great day but 80 lb floro should be great for a carp
  369. rex

    8.11 ~ Hand-lined Yellow

    i cant believe you didnt free gaf that seal they make great jerky
  370. rex

    Twilight from Dana on the Clemente 7/17/09

    i was on that trip to with my son but he is 28 their was alot of shorts but the jp was about 5lb go grove fish killers:gaygroup::gaygroup:
  371. rex

    Caught with bighammer swimbaits sdbay

    ignor the haters nice day on the water
  372. rex

    MDR Quickie Morning Rpt. 3/28 w-pics

    you smoked them for two hrs and great rig on the double swim baits:1041677399:
  373. rex

    Looking for Some Advice

    this isnt a easy thing to do but your best chance to catch a wsb is charter the dreamer with alan watson
  374. rex

    What kind of shark is this?

    this was a lobster shark lobsteros thesis mostley found in bays
  375. rex

    orange juice..ennybody...2/15/09.

    :gaygroup:great pics you should be a photo guide
  376. rex

    K&Ms favorite pics

    that is gayyyy
  377. rex

    Fun with Sunday Morning SFCs

    its almost as good as largemouth from the poo pond at perris
  378. rex

    Open spots for this weekend

    what dose a charter cost and how many people
  379. rex

    Offshore Venice LA 2/9/09

    niiiiiiiiice looks to good to be true
  380. rex


    where are those killer photos
  381. rex

    I saw this on Craigslist!!!

    just bought three and free delivery
  382. rex

    LOBSTER, and a few other things

    iam trying to get some bonito to smoke up can you help me [email protected]
  383. rex

    Jesus freaks hammer dana point sandies

    the pastor is Mike barnes and the church is The Grove in riverside this trip was on a friday night and he was in church on thanks and good fishing
  384. rex

    Jesus freaks hammer dana point sandies

    we fished on the sum fun 6/27 twlight for 365 sandies and two calicos they straight went sick killin the fish traps or the chovies this wasnt a talent charter just a group of belivers led by this pastor who loves to fish the crew was great weather fine we only fished 20 min outside the...
  385. rex

    Mundy mourning

    :fighting0061:ouuuch nice day though
  386. rex

    Ensenada fish Report 6/7/08

    going down this friday to fish azteca too i hope it is safe and the fishing is better
  387. rex


    dont say you are guilty with explanation this is not possible grandfather says claim not guilty bring your son 180.00 to 250.00 plus gas and lunch an even 400.00 lesson learned nice calis !!!!!!!!!!!:gaygroup:
  388. rex

    Limits WSB Sons 13th d-day trip WITH PICS 4-10/11 WSB limits four 4

    props to you and the kids dont think anyone will forget this :hali_blablalba:trip you guys rock
  389. rex

    Did it Again!

    :fighting0061: my hero
  390. rex

    BD Midriff Trip next year...

    make shure you dont leave anything on the boat my tackel box got left and disapeared and yes it was stupid but i might get a free miror lure next year