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  1. john e.

    Trinidad 20 or Tern 500 for surface iron on 40# aaaaand GO!

    have narrowed my search down to these two. Reaper blank is in the shop. Money is not an issue, just looking for the best I can get. If you have a better choice please tell me WHY.
  2. john e.

    best reel for a Reaper

    I recently dropped off a Reaper at my favorite rod builders. Now I have to decide what reel to buy. What would you buy and why?
  3. john e.

    best reel for Reaper

    I recently dropped off a UC GP900 Reaper at my favorite rod builders and Im wondering what reel to buy for it. It will be used to throw mostly surface lures on 40#
  4. john e.

    WTB wtb Accurate Tern 400x or 500x blue or blue/black only

    looking for a Tern to match up with a custom 9' Cousins jig stick.
  5. john e.

    For Sale accurate Dauntless 600/2 b

    used once, in new condition. loaded with 65lb Vicious No-Fade Braid and 100yds Vicious 50lb fluro $600/offer
  6. john e.

    For Sale Sold TranX 500hg new in boxbox

    Brand new in box $425
  7. john e.

    For Sale Avet EXW 50/2 new in box

    Avet EXW 50 2 speed Patriot new in box. Big tuna, billfish, submarines and the occasional Kraken wont stand a chance
  8. john e.

    For Sale new in box Accurate reels

    Accurate Valiant 400 single speed $400 Accurate Boss Extreme 600N $425
  9. john e.

    For Sale RTIC 110 cooler brand new $300

    won this in a raffle. Far too big for my needs
  10. john e.

    rods to reels

    Hi everyone, I have a question about matching rods and reels. I recently had a huge run of luck and ended up with a pile of new reels and some custom rods. I would appreciate your thoughts on how best to match them up. Heres what I have: Accurate Valiant 400...
  11. john e.

    goodie bags!

    this is all the stuff for the goodie bags for the sept 20th 6 day trip on the Royal Polaris. All kinds of good stuff and some oddballs too! Do you think 3 bottles of tequila is enough? Thanks to sponsors Living Like a Pirate Margaritaville Parrot Head sunscreen Odor-Off hand cleaner
  12. john e.

    reel price?

    Hi guys! As Im not familiar with the brand I wanted to know a fair price for am Okuma solterra slr 15. The reel is used but appears in good shape,it has spectra on it but the size/age is unknown. Also is this reel suitable for 65# spectra and a 40# flouro leader? As always thanks for the...
  13. john e.

    hook colors

    heres one I havent seen yet-does hook color make a difference? I see a lot of red hooks for sale,but have never used anything but black ones,or chrome. In your opinion does hook color make a difference?
  14. john e.

    8-21 great day on the Sea Adventure 80

    Got out yesterday on one of my favorite boats, the Sea Adventure 80. Left Diamond Bar where the wife works after taking her to lunch and beat feet for San Diego,hoping to avoid the traffic and maybe find a parking spot. there was no traffic. none at all I found a parking spot as soon as I got...
  15. john e.

    6 Days on the Royal Polaris Sept 20th-26th are you in?

    just checking to see whos going! This trip sounds like a trainload of fun! In addition to the announced sponsor,Charkbait, I have managed to get sponsored items from Bullfrog,Baja Bev,Living like a Pirate clothing,and several internet tackle providers.Every fisherman will receive a bag with...
  16. john e.

    mexico to reopen bluefin fishing

    just saw on the H&M landing homepage that Mexico has given notice that sportfishing for bluefin tuna will reopen immediately.
  17. john e.

    siwash hooks for megabaits

    hi guys I just got a shipment of 4.5 ox megabaits and I need to replace the trebel hooks. What size split ring and hook (I use Owner for both) do you recommend? Thanks
  18. john e.

    need opinions will these work for wahoo?

    hi guys! Im going on a 6 day sept 20th. I dont know if we will have a chance at wahoo,so I dont want to spend a lot of money on lures I may never use.I read on another thread that gold/pink is a good combo for wahoo so I repainted these two irons which I wasnt using. I used metallic gold paint...
  19. john e.

    seaguar flouro is there a difference between red label and blue label?

    I know this has been asked before but I couldnt find the thread. I would appreciate your opinions as Im stocking up for a 6 day in sept. Thanks!
  20. john e.

    shimano sl50sh service

    I have a sl50sh which I use for 25# throwing iron mostly, and I need to get it serviced. Any suggestions on where to take it and what I might expect to pay? Thanks
  21. john e.

    service for sl50sh

    I have an older sl50sh which I use as my 25# jig reel and it needs service before I leave on a 6day in sept. I would appreciate suggestions on where to take it and what I might expect to pay
  22. john e.

    antique Australian Army rifle fs

    this rifle was mfg by Birmingham Small Arms pre 1900. It fires win .32 special,has a martini action. $500.
  23. john e.


    Ive heard a lot about these,how effective they are especially on the slide.My question is this,what are they exactly,and where can I get them? Also what color(s)
  24. john e.

    costs for custom rods

    I havent had a custom rod done in over 20years and Im constantly amazed at the quality and artistry Ive seen posted here, and I wanted to ask a price range for a 30#-40# 8foot rod for tuna/yellowtail. I know thats not a lot of info to go on and the price goes up depending on how elaborate the...
  25. john e.

    narrow 113

    someone posted a thread looking for a narrow 113 Ive got one but couldnt find the thread If youre still interested text me @(909)731-4081
  26. john e.

    what is this?

    I recently came into ownership of this rifle when my father in law passed away. It is marked Birmingham Small Arms on one side and Commonwealth of Australia on the fires win .32special and has a martini action any ideas of what this might be? and what it may be worth?
  27. john e.

    avet raptor LX 6/3

    got an offer to buy a new in box avet raptor 6/3 2speed for $ 300 is this a good deal? just how good is this reel? I will be using it for 40# yoyo iron and dropper loop yellowtail doing 6 days on royal polaris in sept
  28. john e.

    decisions decisions

    In may of this year I will complete chemo and radiation therapy for throat cancer. To celebrate Im planning a longer trip this year than I usually take. Ive narrowed it down to 2 options a 5 day on the shogun leaving 7-28 thru 8-2 a 6 day on the red rooster III on 9-14 thru 9-20 costs are the...