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  1. bitentime

    Ice failure

    Made a tuna run yesterday with poor results, rough seas, changing weather, earthquake, ok enough excuses. Anyway our ice in the fish hold didn't last long at all. By 10 am it was all slush. My fish hold lid let too much deck water in and melted the ice too fast. How do you guys water proof...
  2. bitentime

    Down rigger locks

    What locks do you use for your downriggers or for saltwater environments? My last set of brass Arbus locks lasted about 2 seasons. My next set of titanium lasted 4 weeks. Have to cut them off to get ready for a tuna run. Is there anything that lasts longer?
  3. bitentime

    Large Jig head molds

    Well after donating a fair amount of jigs to the rock pile I am in need of a jig head mold in the 16, 20, and or 24oz. Anyone have one for sale or know which is the best price? Also a good supplier of hooks would be helpful. We were using the round head and the bullet head jigs. Seemed like the...
  4. bitentime

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Not sure if Dave is on BD but thought I would post this here. From what I understand very few people on this board actually fish or hunt. Dave has worked thousands of hours to help us get the halibut season we have and I think he would be great at this position. See his letter below. Good...
  5. bitentime

    Bad Ash speaking at Sportsmans Warehouse on Feb 19th about Steelhead

    Come here Ashley Lewis of Bad Ash Outdoors speak about Steelhead fishing in the Olympics. As always we will have a nice raffle.
  6. bitentime

    2015 Ford F250 Truck and or Leer Camper Shell for sale

    Hi, Figured you guys would be surfing and might have a need for this truck and or camper shell. Would this snow stop already? 2015 F250 SRW 4x4 Crew Cab 50,000 miles Lariat 156" WB Styleside 6.2L EFI V8 engine 6 speed automatic transmission Adobe Leather interior Heated and cooled front seats...
  7. bitentime

    Lapush long shot

    Hi, Due to issues beyond my control we had to book a cabin at the last minute for the opening weekend of Halibut. We only got a one bedroom cabin. At this point its going to be very cozy. So if anyone has a larger 2 bed room that they don't need please let me know. Thanks Jeff
  8. bitentime

    Kitsap CCA meeting Feb 27 with the Coast Guard and WDFW Agent

    We are excited and honored to have two great speakers this month on Feb. 27th at 6:30 pm at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Silverdale. We will be learning from the U.S. Coast Guard Station Quillayute River (from LaPush) and from our local (Kitsap) Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agent...
  9. bitentime

    Halibut Bill on Catch Card

    Thought you guys would be interested in this.
  10. bitentime

    My new deep water rigs have shipped

    These are headed our way and going to Tacoma. Look out for them mid Feb.
  11. bitentime

    Spinning reel recommendation

    Hi, Looking to get a spinning reel that would be suitable for throwing jigs to Tuna and Ling/Rock bass. Would like to know your recommendations. Thanks
  12. bitentime

    Propane outdoor cook top recommendations

    Hi, Looking to get a simple camp style propane cooktop for canning tuna, and cooking crab outside since the smell kinda gets the wife uneasy. Also want to be able to melt some lead. I see a variety of models and price ranges out there. Also trying to consider a single or double burner. Any...
  13. bitentime

    Cool video from the Russian Weldcraft dealer

    Little rainy weather boat porn. Wish this was in English but kinda fun seeing how they rig boats in Russia. Enjoy
  14. bitentime

    Kitsap CCA discusses derelict nets and crab pots Nov 8th

    Ever wonder how they find lost pots and nets? Ever wonder why your pot is gone? Why do some pots catch better than others? If so, you might find this meeting interesting. CCA Kitsap is pleased to announce that we will be holding a chapter meeting on Wednesday, November 8th from 6:30pm-7:30pm at...
  15. bitentime

    Metal Fabrication Sales Job

    Our company is looking to hire a couple sales people to sell metal fabrication equipment. We carry high end cnc lasers, punching machines, press brakes, and other type of machines. I know that some of you are into metal fab so this might be your opportunity to see how people make stuff. Your...
  16. bitentime

    Fishing log book

    Hi, Do any of you keep a log book of your fishing days? What worked, what didn't, tides, etc.... Trying to decide if it would be helpful and should I use a digital format or paper. Please share your method and if you have a electronic format, do you use a app or excel or ??? Thanks for...
  17. bitentime

    Zuk motor trim issue

    I have had this happen twice now, first thing in the morning one of my motors fails to trim up or down. I have tried both helm stations and even the switch on the side of the motor, no movement. Then a few minutes later, all is fine for the entire day. Before this ruins a full day, any ideas...
  18. bitentime

    Patrick Walker - Speaks on Tuna

    Hi everyone, Patrick Walker from Tailwalker Charters will be speaking again that the Kitsap CCA meeting. This time its all about Tuna. Join us on June 14th, 6:00pm at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Silverdale. The store manager will be giving out discount coupons so come early and shop. If...
  19. bitentime

    Fish-N-Mate rod holder

    Has anyone had any experience with these? Thinking of adding a transom set. I fished with a guy last week that had several of them and they looked great and they are low cost. Cabelas has them for under $90. Polished marine grade aluminum.
  20. bitentime

    Construction around Lake Crescent on Hwy 101

    This will make the trip to Lapush fun for all.
  21. bitentime

    CCA Kitsap Banquet

    Still on the fence about attending the Kitsap CCA banquet on April 1? We just received an updated list of items up for the auction: Hoodsport wine tasting for 2 or 4 people at Hoodsport Winery One night stay at Alderbrook Resort and Spa Deschutes River Raft trip Blackmouth trip for 2 with Tyee...
  22. bitentime

    Remodeling items

    Hi, We are in the process of doing some remodeling and have a few items for sale. After March 27th we will have a LP 36" GE Profile cook top. Works fine - $350.00. Available immediately we have a steam shower unit, worked great before we took it out - $500.00. Vanity light fixtures set of two...
  23. bitentime

    Patrick of Tailwalker Charter to speak at Kitsap CCA Meeting Feb 22

    Hi, Patrick Walker will be our speaker at the next Kitsap CCA meeting Feb 22 at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Silverdale WA. I know many of you know Patrick so you know this will be a great presentation. Patrick and his crew are passionate about salmon, tuna, and bottom fish trips. If you...
  24. bitentime

    Rob Racks, trays, new design DR weights- Fishfighter Products

    Hi guys, A good customer of mine that I sell lasers to has developed a new product line for some very cool fishing accessories. I have a couple of their products and they are top notch quality and laser cut. I have one of the new DR weights but have not yet tested it. Check them out at...
  25. bitentime

    Wallace Heater issue

    Hi, I have a diesel Wallas heater in the boat. Model 30. Its basically brand new, never really used it since day one. Still on the original tank of fuel and it reads full. For some reason the heater comes on for a few minutes then shuts off. No blinking lights, just goes off. I have reset the...
  26. bitentime

    Kitsap CCA meeting Wed Nov 30

    Hello fellow Kitsap (and surrounding areas) fisherman, The Kitsap CCA is having a meeting on Wed Nov 30th at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held in the upstairs meeting room at All-Star Lanes in Silverdale (10710 Silverdale Way NW) and we will have pitchers of beer for attendees over the age of...
  27. bitentime

    2nd Radio location

    With the purchase of my 2nd Simrad monitor they had a promotion of a free radio. So now I have two radios. Of course my first radio is installed above the captains seat but where would you recommend I install the second radio? Should it be upfront or near the back door for quicker access...
  28. bitentime

    OS boat covers

    Anyone on here with a Weldcraft, Duck, or NR offshore style boat use a custom/pre made boat cover when storing their boat? Just wondering if there is a better option than just using a giant tarp. If you know where to buy one to fit please let me know. Thanks
  29. bitentime

    Leaving boat in the water

    I have moorage year round but have pulled my boat to keep things from growing on it. My boat is Aluminum and has bottom paint but still a lot of things grow on the boat in just a few weeks of non use. If I pull the boat, say once a month and power wash, is it ok to leave it in the water? Does...
  30. bitentime

    Sinclair Inlet

    Anyone have any recommendations for fishing Chinook in the Sinclair Inlet? Is it too late or early? Where in the are is a good place to fish? I was looking at the regs and see you can keep 3 salmon. Am I reading that right? Thanks
  31. bitentime


    Finally named the boat. My wife did the design and had print it up. Say hello if you see us out there, or not. Jeff
  32. bitentime

    Oil change question

    Just finished doing my oil changes on my Suzuki's. On the first engine I made a paper funnel and taped it to the side of the motor housing to extend the stream away from the motor, didn't work too bad but did drip quit a bit down the sides. Second engine I didn't do such a good job on my funnel...
  33. bitentime

    Glad I stayed home

    Interesting read. While we all focused on Salmon, this happens.
  34. bitentime

    Front bumper hitch

    Hey everyone, Looking around my property for boat house location and a few of the best options make for tough backing. Has anyone ever put a hitch on the front of their truck to aid in jockeying the boat around? Keep in mind I have a 26ft boat. Would appreciate any input. Well most any input...
  35. bitentime

    Cuddy cabin rod storage

    Hey guys, Doing some winter projects and one issue I have is how to store rods inside my cabin between trips. Right now I just break them down in half and lay them in the front berth. Gets to be a tangled mess with other items. Has anyone devised a good way to store rods inside the boat...
  36. bitentime

    Bottom fish reels and rods

    Hello everyone, Being new to the PNW I have zero off shore bottom fishing gear. Hopefully I might find some end of the year specials. My questions mainly has to do with reels. Should I go with single speed, or 2 speed, or electric? What is the best line capacity? Can I get a rig for both...
  37. bitentime

    Kitsap Coho Seminar

    The Kitsap CCA is having a seminar on Chehalis River Coho Fishing with Ted Schuman at the Sportsmans Warehouse in Silverdale on Nov 29th at 6pm. If any of the BD brothers would like to meet before hand at Silvercity Restaurant for a beer, let me know.
  38. bitentime

    26 Tuna in two bait stops

    Made it out on Sat with Fishchasr and Maliburay. We trolled for 3 hours with nothing. Got a tip from Duramax that the 125 line was a spot to check so we trolled west 5 more miles and then the action started. Didnt have a chance to say thanks until now. Thank you sir! The first bait stopped...
  39. bitentime

    Scotty mounting screws (yes a screwing question)

    I have a question about screwing, How do you keep from loosing the 4 downrigger mounting screws? I have already lost one in the drink and sure to have more. If you turn the unit over for storage the all fall out. I have a few ideas but I thought I would ask the experts here. Thanks
  40. bitentime

    Shurflo Bait / Washdown pump issue

    I am really confused. On my new boat with less than 40hrs of run time, the wash down pump stopped working. Tried everything and just figured maybe I left the switch on??? So since my recent Tuna adventure I decided now would be a good time to upgrade to a bait tank/wash down pump. Just...
  41. bitentime

    A lot of first this week

    My first Tuna trip My first trip to Westport My boats first Tuna My boats first break down My boats first bottom paint We made it out to Westport this week. 27 Tuna in sporty seas. Some of them near 40lbs. That was the first day. On the second day after getting ice, bait, and fuel we could not...
  42. bitentime

    Kitsap CCA Meeting in Bremerton Tuesday 7/28

    The Kitsap CCA is having a meeting at the Arena Sports Bar in Bremerton at 5:30pm. If you are in the area, stop in and say hello.
  43. bitentime

    Toilets for sale or trade - but not rent

    I have a couple good toilets to get rid of. Open to trades. They are only 7 years old, we did a bathroom remodel and upgraded. Both work great. Also have a couple mirrors and bathroom lights.
  44. bitentime

    Captain Hook - Anyone tried these?

    Was thinking about making something to avoid climbing out one the trailer to clip the boat hook. Was doing some Web research and discovered this. Anyone ever tried one of these?
  45. bitentime

    The New Weldcraft

    Here are some pictures of the new boat. We took her out on a lake test yesterday and wow was it smooth and the engines are very quiet. We topped out at 44mph on a short run. Today is the first salt test. 4 hour drive home through Seattle traffic sucked! Twin 175 Suzuki's 9.9 Kicker Simrad
  46. bitentime

    Crab pot 2nd buoy question

    Ok, went to Johns Sporting Goods and he set me up with a couple pots. I have the needed red and white buoy. I was told to add a second buoy to make mine stand out in the sea of other pots and to add extra floatation just in case. One idea was to add a boat bumper, cheap and with all the color...
  47. bitentime

    Tablet holder

    For my new boat I am getting the Simrad system with the wifi connection. So my rear helm will be a Ipad instead of a typical display. Does anyone use a tablet in their boat and if so what brand or style do you use that will hold tightly in rough conditions? Thanks
  48. bitentime

    Visit to Weldcraft

    Stopped by Weldcraft yesterday to see my new boat on the line. Very interesting to see all the infrastructure and the quality of the welds. Interesting to learn that they build 10 boats per day, of all sizes. Her a a couple pictures of my new boat
  49. bitentime

    Engine horsepower question

    As some of you know, I have a 26ft Weldcraft Offshore on order. I chose twin Suzuki 175"s. I have been seeing ads for the newer fuel efficient Suzuki 200's (they say 20% more fuel efficient). I spoke to MasterMarine today and they tell me its 20% more fuel efficient than the previous 200. So I...
  50. bitentime

    Balls, I need a pair or so.

    Hi everyone Starting to get gear together for the new boat. I am finding all sorts of downrigger balls for sale and all over the board pricing. Where is the best place to pick up a complete set?
  51. bitentime

    Marine electronics - what is needed

    Hello everyone, I am trying to put together a offshore type boat. What features should I make sure my new boat marine electronics have on it? Looking at a 26ft (DW, WC, or NR style) with rear helm. Will have radar of course but which features should I not skimp on? What about engine...
  52. bitentime

    Duckworth vs Weldcraft

    Hello everyone. First post as I am a newbie to the PNW. I have been looking at new boats and since we just moved here from the Midwest I have a lot to learn. By doing some research and attending the boat show I have narrowed my search to a 26ft offshore Weldcraft or Duckworth. I plan on...