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  1. DaveR

    Riffe F.S.: Baja #5 Speargun with Riffe Reel & more...

    This great gun is now up for a new home . . .
  2. DaveR

    Riffe Baja #5 Speargun with Riffe Reel & more...

    I have a Riffe Baja #5 (Special) Plus 65". with CFN vertical reel filled with 500lb spectra, which will come with the following included in the sale:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> 1. Riffe Ice pick tip.<o:p></o:p> 2. 1 extra band. Has 4 on...
  3. DaveR

    Sierra Opener is coming up... who's going?

    I haven't done the opener in years and am thinking about going this time. I've got a few options in either joining others already going, take my camper or stay at my sisters place in Mammoth... Who's going, fishing what lake / area and how do you roll for this...? . . .
  4. DaveR

    San Onofre Wave Farm Being Considered

    An <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Orange</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">County</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> firm has federal approval to study putting many thousands of generators off San Onofre. Surfers, conservationists and fishing...
  5. DaveR

    PSO Lawsuit Timeframe ?

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the expected timeframe of this case? It would be good to know and follow as it is progresses. . . .
  6. DaveR

    Kudos to Orange Coast Hardwood Floors

    Back in early Feb, I put out a BD Hookup request to repair and refinish 1000 s.f. of Oak plank flooring in my home, and was looking for a qualified contractor, with the experience and references that was hungry for work. This had a caviat that if I couldn't find someone qualified with a fair...
  7. DaveR

    Suggestions for New Kitchen Appliances

    Looking for made in USA stuff... no Korean or Chinese shit. Quality at a good value price point would be great. Any suggestions on brands and where to shop? . . .
  8. DaveR

    Mexicans poaching U.S. waters...

    By Kevin Sieff / The Washington Post...<SMALL class=pubDate>Published: March 18. 2011 </SMALL> MATAMOROS, Mexico — The chase began after darkness descended on this stretch of ocean, where the U.S.-Mexico border cuts through the Gulf of Mexico. The shark fishermen turned off the lights of...
  9. DaveR

    Reface Kitchen Cabinets

    Looking for a hookup to redo my cabinets. They are currently white and I want to go to cherry or similar for a new kitchen look. Counter is granite to remain. I'm in Irvine. . . .
  10. DaveR

    Dana Point So. 3/06

    Headed out with a couple friends Mario & John, both architects. Picked up a scoop of dines from Jeff at the bait barge and off to points south at 6:00 am. Stopped and fished several different areas of the San Mateo Kelp hoping for WSB & bass in general but it was dead slow. Current shifted a few...
  11. DaveR

    What Red Light Cameras See OMG... . . .
  12. DaveR

    CA environmentalist Lewallen admits MLPA is a resource grab by corporate interests

    John Lewallen, a prominent North Coast environmentalist and co-founder of the Ocean Protection Coalition and the Seaweed Rebellion, applauds the lawsuit by United Anglers of Southern California, the Coastside Fishing Club, and Robert C. Fletcher against the corrupt Marine Life Protection Act...
  13. DaveR

    NJ Says Coastal Anglers Will Fish Free in Garden State Waters in 2011

    Ya gotta give it up for NJ Gov.Chris Cristie!.......Fuck the CA MLPA BS... :finger: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ February 22, 2011 - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed New Jersey's free saltwater registry bill into law today, which will...
  14. DaveR

    HOW TO GET A YOB" /><EMBED type="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" src="<a href=" target="_blank" YV_YEP.swf?ver='2.2.46"' yep http:>"...
  15. DaveR

    Lynndeva's granny years

  16. DaveR

    The Six-Legged Meat of the Future

    "Insects are nutritious and easy to raise without harming the environment. They also have a nice nutty taste. At the London restaurant Archipelago, diners can order the $11 Baby Bee Brulee: a creamy custard topped with a crunchy little bee. In New York, the Mexican restaurant Toloache offers...
  17. DaveR

    Need commercial sign in OC

    Looking for someone to paint me a sign like this example pictured below. It would be 40" W x 72" H above grade (turf). I can build it and prime it if it saves $... shoot me an email at [email protected] with your info if this is what you do, or if you know someone, have them contact me...
  18. DaveR

    Site is running scripts in IE... what's up ?

    I've got Windows XP and view the site in IE8. All too often the window freezes up and a minute later a box pops up saying something to the effect do I want to abort the scripts... so I hit the Fuck Yes button and it's all good, until the next one. This seems to happen when Time Warner Cable...
  19. DaveR

    Vampire diaries.....

    Gaauuud..... I can't stand this crap!... and GLEE too...:shithappens: Damn kid and wife won't let me watch the hockey game....:finger: OK, rant over....:rofl: . . .
  20. DaveR

    Fresh dead candy...?

    Looking to find some locally, and not the packaged frozen store stuff.... Anyone? PM me if you've got some to pass along... or post up info if you know where it can be found. Thanks! . . .
  21. DaveR

    Aqualarm 30% off Sale

    I got this as an email from them and am just posting this as an FYI: Aqualarm 30% off Cooling Water Flow category of products. I have a few of their products on my boat and they are a worthy addition. . . .
  22. DaveR

    Hook me up: Wood Floors repairs & refinish in OC

    I've got o/ 1000 s.f. of Bruce plank in clear oak, 10 years old needing about 100 s.f. of repair and then refinish the whole floor. I am not looking to rip it out either. It's either I find someone who's qualified (experienced & licensed) and hungry, or I will end up doing it... So if ya...
  23. DaveR

    Steelers' Polamalu named NFL Defensive Player of the Year

    Polamalu earned 17 first-place votes from a panel of 50 reporters and media members. Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews came in just behind Polamalu after being named first on 15 ballots. Steelers' Troy Polamalu named NFL Defensive Player of the Year - The Huddle: Football News from...
  24. DaveR

    40 years old and ugly...

    A 60 year old woman came home one day and heard strange noises in her bedroom. She opened the door and discovered her 40 year old daughter playing with her vibrator." What are you doing?", asked the Mom. "Mom I am 40 years old and look at me. I am ugly. I will never get married so this is...
  25. DaveR

    What are your off-season boat projects

    Well, it's that time of year... here's my current list of to-do's: Replace broken bilge pump Finish new bait tank lid Install new Droid phone connection to ram-mount Install raft holder Prep ditch bag per list Extend trailer, replace brake actuator and new electrical, add mount for spare...
  26. DaveR

    Anyone have solar electric system on their house?

    We are considering it mostly to cut our electricity bill down from $300.00 / month. Any recommendations? . . . .
  27. DaveR

    Volvo Penta engines ID ?

    My boat is a &#8217;77 and I bought it about 3 years ago. The previous owner couldn&#8217;t say for sure which model Volvo Penta&#8217;s these engines are, and he had no records. Apparently Skipjack didn&#8217;t issue owner&#8217;s manuals back then either, and if there was any VP identification...
  28. DaveR

    EPA Approves E15 ... don't ya just love the Obama admin ...:finger: . . . .
  29. DaveR

    Bow Anchor Pulpit (off a Skipjack 25)

    Not mine, saw this on Craigslist OC... These don't come up often either Bow Anchor Pulpit If you buy it, post here that it's been sold. . . . . .
  30. DaveR

    Marine Manufacturers and Automakers Sue EPA Over E-15 Fuel

    Thursday, January 06, 2011 - By: Ambrosia Brody, AP WASHINGTON, D.C. () — Boat builders, marine engine builders, automakers and small engine manufacturers sued the Environmental Protection Agency Dec. 20 over a plan to allow the sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol. “The...
  31. DaveR

    Any good Android Apps?

    It's amazing what they have come up with for android technology cell phones. You can use your cell with gps feature to locate just about anything, or see things differently. Relative to fishing and boating, have you come across anything special that you like? Seems to me that there should be...
  32. DaveR

    What happened to the advanced search feature???

    Am I missing it or has it disappeared altogether? . . .
  33. DaveR

    Does anyone need a Shipjack 26 Windsheild (Venturi) for $35

    Not mine, just came across this and figured someone could use it: Shipjack 26 Windsheild (Venturi) . . . .
  34. DaveR

    Looks like some are putting Ethanol on the run

    From: Article content: Ethanol on the Run A left-right coalition is emerging against this energy boondoggle. The political class inevitably invokes the moon shot or Manhattan Project as a model for every unrealistic energy goal, but for once maybe that hyperbole is apt: A left-right...
  35. DaveR

    Killin' them ol' fleas w/o killin' the damn dog?

    Danm dog's got fleas... give 'er a bath w/ flea shampoo and next day she's being tortured once again. This is a small mostly indoor family dog (like a Poodle / Maltese)...:evilimu: What do you do for best results with your dog? . . . .
  36. DaveR

    BCS Top 25 Week 9 match-ups... take your shot

    For you who think College football is not gay (unlike the very gay Chargers), take a shot and see how you do with this weeks top 25 match-ups. Just copy and past to a reply with winner AND score OR by how many points. I will do the same and post mine up predictions soon. :o <?xml:namespace...
  37. DaveR

    Children Write About the Ocean

    1) - This is a picture of an octopus. It has eight testicles.(Kelly, age 6) 2) - Oysters' balls are called pearls. (Jerry, age 6 ) 3) - If you are surrounded by ocean, you are an island. If you don't have ocean all round you, you are incontinent. (John, age 7 ) 4) - Sharks are ugly and mean...
  38. DaveR

    RFA Action Alert "Obama Administration Set To Close Yet Another Fishery"

    I'm not sure, but this seemed the most applicable board to post this to. Move or whatever if needed. Here is their message that I received via email: OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SET TO CLOSE ANOTHER FISHERY "Fishery Tale of Fishery Management Is Destroying Our Industry" (10/29/2010) - The...
  39. DaveR

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    NFL Fines, Doesn&#39;t Suspend Players After Dangerous Helmet-to-Helmet Hits - _______________________________________________________________ I saw some of these when watching either games or highlights on Sunday and thought "Holy Shit, that's gotta hurt...." There's absolutely...
  40. DaveR

    BCS is out & Sooners @ #1.... WTF???

    Hmmm&#8230;.Looks like Round 1 goes to the computers. Even though it's ranked third in one poll used in the BCS computations and fourth in the other, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOklahoma</st1:place> is No. 1 in the first BCS standings of the season released...
  41. DaveR

    At 2-4 after loss to Lambs, are Chargers done ?

    They are looking more dismal each week....:shithappens: . . .
  42. DaveR

    San Gabriel River ?

    Does anyone here know what the flows are like up there right now, both above SG Res and below Morris? Do you know of any web sites that have real time flows or live cams? . . .
  43. DaveR

    Mammoth / Bishop area flyfishing... what's working?

    Heading up for some flyfishing over the weekend and hitting some of local creeks (Hot, Rock, Bishop...) and Owen's River above Crowley. I'm excited to be getting the heck outta dodge... I know it's going to be cool & crisp in the evenings, and the Aspens should be in fall color. Anyone...
  44. DaveR

    Anyone here do Land Title Reports???

    I am looking for a professional in the title industry to provide me with a land title report for about a 200 acre parcel in San Bernardino County. If the describes you, then send a PM then I will get back with you to discuss the details. Thank you. <!-- START CLTAGS -->. . .
  45. DaveR


    Executive Order Circumvents Tired Old Democratic Process (No, I didn't make up the title of this. That is how the RFA stated it in their email release, and the following is exactly as they worded their message) (7/20/1010) Washington, DC - President Barack Obama used his presidential...
  46. DaveR

    So. OC Paddy Hoppin'

    Headed out of Dana Point yesterday am w/ super Mario after getting a nice scoop of mixed bait and after making about 2 doz Macks, with the goal of finding paddies holding yellowtail. The plan was to head out 5 miles or so then head south in search, and if we weren't finding paddies holding...
  47. DaveR

    What's this about?

    Took the boat out of DP for some fishin' today, but this is not a fish report. My boat is a Skip 28 with twin Volvo 350's and 280SP outdrives. I ran about 5 miles W to look for paddies as I was headed S to the Barn Kelp. 1/2 way there I crossed paths with a large yacht so I slowed from my...
  48. DaveR

    Advise on buying some fins

    I'm looking for freediving fins and my feet are 10.5 - 11, E width. I know most are measured in length like 42, etc. Also are there any good freediving stores in So. OC, or elsewhere in OC? . . .
  49. DaveR

    World Economy Collapse explained in 3 minutes . . .
  50. DaveR

    Boating safety vs. liabilities

    As boat owners, I know most of us want to do our best to have a boat that is safe for our family and friends to enjoy.... and sure, some don't really care, but that's a different discussion. So there is the standard list of necessay safety features per USCG regs, things like PFD's, Fire...
  51. DaveR

    No Politics... but what's with the political ads???

    So we can't discuss politics here, but we have to view political ads when we come here... for Democrats no less :Dynamite: Shouldn't policial ads be banned here too, whether Dem, Repub or others? Or are there are not enough other sources of $ to keep ownership happy? What's up with that...
  52. DaveR

    Ending the Oil Spill... would this work?

    They've tried containment domes, pumping crap into the pipe, cutting and containing the leak, without much success. And they are now saying it's going to be months to fix this - and who knows what they will be saying then - but I don't see why it has to take so long. At 12K - 19K barrels of oil...
  53. DaveR

    Does anyone here make their own chum?

    Whether shark fishing or just about anything other than trolling, I like to set out a chum bucket or just chop bait and toss it. And more often than not, I've got plenty of live bait in the tank when I'm heading back... I've looked at what's out there for grinding chum, meat grinders, electric...
  54. DaveR

    Big Tits.....

    I love 'em..... :loverz:....LOL . . . .
  55. DaveR

    Makos, seals & sealions

    I love catching a Mako, and the meat is pretty tasty on the barbie, but we need these top predators to re-populate so they will eat the dogs... lord knows our government isn't going to do shit to fix the out of control dog population problem. :finger: So if you're planning on catchin' some...
  56. DaveR


    In good condition, reasonably priced and ready to shoot some pigs... :2gunsfiring_v1: PM me if you've got a worthy set up you don't want any more with the details, price and any pics. Thanks . . .
  57. DaveR

    Good speargun

    In good condition ready to shoot some pigs... :2gunsfiring_v1: PM me if you've got a worthy set up you don't want any more with the details, price and any pics. Thanks . . .
  58. DaveR

    Favorite semi-auto BB / pellet gun?

    I'm looking for something to shoot pests (no, I'm not referring to the wife and kids here either) around the house primarily. I have a pump action and need to move up. Living in a planned community, I need to use something quiet but effective, and need to shoot without pumping... Any...
  59. DaveR

    Skipjack 28 "Paddy Hopper II" gets a new fuel tank

    After a year in renovation, then a year trying to resolve fuel issues and cleaning the original 30+ year old fuel tank, I just finished up installing a new tank and putting the boat back together. What a load of work this was... 8 pretty grueling days with my helper bud Chuck lending a hand...
  60. DaveR

    Need to find a Galvanized beam for trailer extension

    I am sick of seeing the back end of my Suburban in the brink every time I launch and retrieve. The toll adds up in rusty rotors, frozen lugs, undercarriage rust... So I am going to extend my trailer tongue 36" by replacing the center beam with a longer one. The trailer is galvanized and most...
  61. DaveR

    Need two engine stands for a week

    Yup, I'm pullin' my twin GM 350's in a couple days and looking for a couple of rolling engine stands, preferrably to borrow, or even rent. I'm in Irvine. I'm thinking this kind would be best cause after they are pulled, I'll have to roll 'em up the driveway and into the garage... can't have...
  62. DaveR

    Yeah, so now it's time for a new fuel tank

    Unfuckingbelievable... after a year of working my ass off to resolve a dirty old tank and trying to save $, I find out that it's leaking. And through all of that, I've spent almost what it'll cost to put in the new tank afterall. :nutkick: This leak was not a big surprise since through the...
  63. DaveR

    Mechanical Fuel Pump (as a spare)

    Looking for a good used fuel pump as a 'just in case'....application is Volvo Penta (GM) 350/5.7L 1978-93. Shoot me a PM if you've got one for me... think cheap (it's not a must buy item). Thanks. . . .
  64. DaveR

    Fuel tank and new Racors...continued frustration So I've been battling a dirty fuel (GAS) tank for too long now, draining the tank, cleaning it out, filtering, new gas, use the boat, filters clog, new filters, Soltron, new Racors, problems again... just...
  65. DaveR

    Furuno FCV-585 Color FF w/ B164 1K ducer... no temp on display?

    So I haven't bothered to read the manufacturer's mumbo-jumbo yet, but does anyone know why my display is not showing temp when I'm in the water? The ducer does show temp on the unit specs..... . . .
  66. DaveR

    Electrical question re: fuel tanks and transfering fuel

    I recently reconfigured my fuel system to supply my twin 350 engines from the main tank (140 gallons) with the auxiliary tank (60 gallons) as storage, and an electric marine fuel pump to transfer the fuel. I decided to go this route from a related recent thread here where I discussed 3-way...
  67. DaveR

    Acetone as a fuel additive ?

    I haven't done it, but was considering doing this. According to THIS ARTICLE (and numerous other web sources), adding Acetone to your fuel in small doses can increase your mileage. One of the reasons I have considered it, is that it also removes and/or helps to break down tank varnish and clean...
  68. DaveR

    Has anyone here used Bio-Solv (green Acetone replacement solvent) ?

    Looking for feedback on this: About Bio-Solv - Green Replacement for Acetone, Xylene and other solvents. . . .
  69. DaveR

    Anyone have a teak access hatch laying around?

    Need to find one for my cabin approx 8"-12"H x 18"-24"L in reasonably good condition with mounting frame. Or if you don't have one, where could I find one... other than Minnies. If you've got one for me, shoot me a PM with info including condition and asking price please. I'm in OC.... . . .
  70. DaveR

    Wanted: Spare trailer tire & wheel

    I'm looking for a spare for my tripple-axle Trailrite, size 8.75 x 16.5 preferrably with galv wheel. Even a 16" would do as a spare. Have one to part with, shoot me a PM. Thanks. . . . .
  71. DaveR

    Looking for a Simrad AP16 system

    If you've got a system in excellent working condition and you're wanting to sell it, shoot me a PM. Or if you have any recommendations on where to buy one, please let me know. . . .
  72. DaveR

    Seagull Deterrent System

    Came across this on Craigslist: Sea Gull Deterrent Device (Balboa) Date: 2010-03-19, 9:10AM PDT Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?] Tired of scrubbing “sea gull crap” off of your brightwork and canvas? We have the answer! We have developed...
  73. DaveR

    Simrad AP16 System

    Looking for one in good working condition. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  74. DaveR

    Multiple fuel tanks and switching between them

    So I've got two tanks, a 140 gallon main and a 60 gallon auxilary. Currently in order to switch them when I'm out on the pond is to stop the boat, open the engine compartment and switch the petcocks. In good conditions it's a pain, and in nasty conditions it could be dangerous. What I would...
  75. DaveR

    $50 T-top w/ E-box and launchers

    Saw this on CL- Sandy Eggo: Fishing Pole holder Looks like a killer find for someones CC... . . .
  76. DaveR

    Anyone here use AutoTether Wireless Lanyard ?

    In walking the Fred Hall last Thursday, I came across a booth showing this remote controlled lanyard system and thought it was pretty cool: As explained on the manufacturer's website: AutoTether is a wireless 'kill cord' and man-overboard sensor. The boat operator wears a small yellow...
  77. DaveR

    How prepared are you for a medical emergency at sea?

    I was thinking that my standard-issue, off-the-shelf first-aid kit likely won't do in a REAL emergency. I've seen emergency medical kits with some more serious features, such as sutures, burns, etc. Just like a condom, it's better to be prepared than not to have one when in need...
  78. DaveR

    Transducer Cable Splicing ?

    Has anyone ever spliced a t-ducer cable successfully??? I am considering buying a pigtail and doing it since I have a bad plug. The B164 ducer is new, and the cable is pulled up through the tower, splice would be at the e-box. If it can be done, any tips on not fucking it up and doing it...
  79. DaveR

    How about some of these for Squid lights?

    I am looking to do some squid lights and don’t want to over spend but want to do something effective for the best value. I could do 120v Halogens using 500w – 1000 w fixtures, but that takes a lot of inverting or a portable generator, as was covered in this discussion recently. Here’s...
  80. DaveR

    Arm for a Cannon Downrigger

    This was for a Digitrol model unit. I am in Irvine. PM me if you want it. See my other posts here for boating crap for sale. Thanks.
  81. DaveR

    Non-working Furuno 10-pin transducer

    I just need the lock down ring off of one of these for mine, since mine broke and disappeared.... let me know by emailing me at [email protected]
  82. DaveR

    Marine Alternators in Good Working Condition

    Two (2) used marine alternators for GM Small Block. They were in good working condition when removed. I upgraded to increase AMP charging due to electrical improvements to boat. I have 2 of these for sale for only $25.00 each... heck, need a cheap spare? I am in Irvine. If you have any...
  83. DaveR

    Aqualarm Engine Exhaust Overheat Detectors

    PAIR of Aqualarm Exhaust Overheat Detectors NEW One pair of Aqualarm #20250 Exhaust Overheat Detectors - New in box You can use one or both for one engine, or split them up for 2 engines. Don't lose your engine to a surprise overheat!!! :imdumb: Paid $80. (inc tax), but didn't install...
  84. DaveR

    NEW Marine Audio - stuff you need!!!

    SOLD... Thanks for looking. . ..
  85. DaveR

    Mostly NEW Boat Stuff you are in need of!!!

    I need to move this stuff out of my garage&#8230; do you need something? Two (2) Sierra fuel / water seperating filters for gas engines, both in excellent condition with new filters on them. Retail for a new one is $50. + tax at Worst Marine. Why spend so much for the same thing? Just $20...
  86. DaveR

    Squid Lights ?

    I am looking at possibly running two 500w Halogen floods off my inverter, and am running the calcs. Does this look right? Volts 120 Watts 1000 Amps 8.3333 2 x 6 Volt AGM = 390 Amp Hour capacity at full charge (per manufacturer's specs) Does this mean if I want to use up to 50% of my...
  87. DaveR

    Looking for a Furuno / Airmar 10 Pin Transducer Plugin

    In pulling my tducer cable through the tower, the 10-pin plug was damaged. Looking for a spare to splice... got one layin' around? If so, hit me up.... . . .
  88. DaveR

    Seeking advice for a new enclosure

    I am looking to put an enclosure on the Paddy Hopper II and am wondering about the right material (Eisenglass, Strata, etc.) and if I should have a full enclosure or just the front and the sides. Because I trailer the boat, the enclosure will be stored most of the time rolled up and will...
  89. DaveR

    35' of 5/16

    New... $80. Left over from the 200' I bought for my windlass. So yes, you could probably use this for your windlass too, if needed. It's G40 HT spec... top grade. PM or email me if you want it. I'm in Irvine. . . .
  90. DaveR

    What's the best website for tides, current direction, temp, etc?

    Do you have a favorite site to recommend that explains which direction the current is running (up or downhill) for the SoCal coast and the islands, along with tides, temp, swell, wind, etc? If so, please spill it here. Thanks David <*)))>< We on this continent should never forget that...
  91. DaveR

    35' of 5/16

    New, and perfect for use in most windlasses. Retails for $7/lf, so value is $245.... a steal at $100. Email or PM if you want it. I'm in Irvine. . . .
  92. DaveR

    Furuno 1622 radome

    My plastic cover is broken where it bolts to the radome, so I am looking for a replacement in good condition. If so, email or PM me using the link. Asking price and pics if possible please. Thanks. . . .
  93. DaveR

    Anyone have a Furuno 1622 radome laying around ?

    My plastic cover is broken where it bolts to the radome, so I am looking for a replacement in good condition. If so, email or PM me using the link. Thanks.
  94. DaveR

    And now to clean out the gas tanks... ?

    Moving on from my post on fuel issues (where I figured out that my issue was old gas that laquered to the tank walls and the shit has been clogging my filter / seperators... a condition unknown to me when I bought the boat...), now I need to clean out the tank walls inside to remove the...
  95. DaveR

    Does anyone sell Ethanol-free gas ?

    or is it a state mandate that all retail gasoline sales have 10% ethanol in the fuel? . . .
  96. DaveR

    Fuel Issue Thoughts ?

    Launched yesterday from Oside hoping to make the 181 / 43 for tuna, etc, but had to turn back half way there due to some kind of fuel delivery issue to my newly rebuilt starboard 350. A little history here: I bought this boat 2 years ago, did a major restoration improvement to the boat...
  97. DaveR

    Info on Volvo TAMD 31-B... know anything?

    A friend is looking at buying a boat with twins and the Volvo duoprop outdrives. What's the word on these relative to performance and maintenance? The boat is a 1988 Skipy 28' :loverz: . . .
  98. DaveR

    Replacing a VP 280 clutch cone ?

    looks like I need to pull one from one of my outdrives and put a replacement part in. Questions for those familiar and experienced: Is this easy or complicated? Do I only remove the top and shift piston, or do I need to remove the outdrive, and then pull the top assembly apart? Does this...
  99. DaveR

    Planning a June Lake camping trip... ?

    We're planning on heading up mid-month for a 3 family getaway for a short week, but haven't been up there for years. Are there any great campgrounds where you do not need a reservation, that are in scenic locations with trees, lake and/or river? I know there are plenty of fishing opportunities...
  100. DaveR

    Guest slip in SD for this week?

    I'm thinking about bringing my boat down for a few nights with wifey and am in need of a slip. It would be great to just walk to the gaslamp quarter if possible. Any suggestions? . . .
  101. DaveR

    Where to buy Solton fuel additive ?

    Preferrably in Central / So OC..... ? . . .
  102. DaveR

    Garmin Bluechart Data Card #MUS021R, CA - Mexico Coast

    Point Arena CA to Puerto Vallarta, Mex., for use with select Garmin GPS / Chartplotter units! Condition: NEW (I opened the package only to check its contents) Product ID: 14699 Product Model: 010-C0035-00 MUS021R Covers: Point Arena to Puerto Vallarta including Mendocino San Francisco Bay...
  103. DaveR

    Charging 6V & 12V batteries in the same boat

    I have 2 banks of Gel 2x6V batteries for the house and 2 banks of AGM 12V for the engines (one per engine). Additionally I have an inverter / charger, but it's not specifically made for Gel or 6V in series. After doing some research, it seems that there's no best multi=bank charger that would...
  104. DaveR

    Align twin outdrives ?

    In removing my twin VP 280 outdrives to change seals, bushings,and to correct a leak on one, they appeared to both be aligned straight back, perpendicular to the transom, and I presume that they were on correctly but don't know for sure. Disregard the flaps on one side - both outdrives...
  105. DaveR

    Volvo 280 outdrive question ?

    I've just pulled both outdrives and need to pull the steering forks to replace bushings and check the bearings, but can't seem to remove them. Here's the diagram, and the manual mentions special tools (which I don't have, of course). I'd sure like to get this done soon, and w/o running it...
  106. DaveR

    12V Macerator Pump

    looking for a good working unit to make a chum machine out of. If you've got one laying around the garage and want to pass it on for a little cash, let me know via PM. I'm in OC... no plans to head to SD, but could consider paypal / shipping depending.... Thanks.
  107. DaveR

    Want to make some bread helping me with my VP 280 outdrives?

    Of course I could go to a shop and get bf-ed for a lot of dough, but in this depression, I don't have any to just give away, so I am left to fend for myself... but I am in need of experienced help. I am servicing the drives in my twin Skipjack on a trailer, and putting in new bushings and...
  108. DaveR

    Oh shit, looks like a need a replacement 350 engine...

    Yep, fucking boats... :imdumb: Now I'm not looking to get a new one, and I have got to do this on the cheeep... but I need to do this right so I don't end up posting the same shit here again soon. So anyone have a like new one, or one in excellent running condition, sitting around and...
  109. DaveR

    WON results?

    Who fished it and how did you do? And anyone know the final standings?
  110. DaveR

    What model engines are these?

    Can you tell ?
  111. DaveR

    Looking for a Volvo 280 helmut...

    Anyone have one laying around? [email protected]
  112. DaveR

    Engine problems... aaarrrrgh!

    F'N used car salesmen! Do not EVER buy a boat from a used car salesman!!! Guy told me the Volvo Penta GM 350 engines were newly rebuilt, made 'em look real good too, and that the VP 280 outdrives were bought from a shop and installed. No reciepts, but the boat was pretty reasonably priced and...
  113. DaveR


    fucking boats... :imdumb:
  114. DaveR

    First fish on the Paddy Hopper II...

    Buy another boat: $$$ Fix it up: $$$ and a ridiculous number of hours and headaches for a year and a half First fish on my first day out fishing this boat - a 63# White Sea Bass, caught and landed solo (everyone else had to work, or was hung over from Cinco deMayo): PRICELESS Work's...
  115. DaveR

    Twin cavitation

    Well, after renovating my 28' Skip most of last year, I didn’t get to use it til now. So now that I’m finally able to go out, it’s cavitating on BOTH drives. This boat has twin 350's with VP-280 drives and 15 x 19's, which I’ve found is the most common prop for this particular boat...
  116. DaveR

    Trailerboaters & Storage: Do you use solar charging?

    If so, what's your set up? I've got 4 banks, 2 house banks of 2x6v Gels, and 2 12v Gels for my engines. Being that my boat's usually in storage, I'd like to set up an appropriate solar charging system. Looking forward to hearing about your set up, and any great ideas and/or deals out...
  117. DaveR

    Props for a Skip 28 ?

    I bought my 28' Skip a bit over a year ago, did a major restoration last year. This boat has twin 350's with VP-280 drives and came with 15 x 17's Volvo AQ-HS props, and these are undersized. The standard model 28'er with gassers has twin 305's which is Skipjack spec, most often propped with 15...
  118. DaveR

    406 EPIRB date expired...?

    It's an ACR GlobalFix 406 and the date sticker expired last year. While I would like to just put on a new sticker LOL, I guess I need to replace the battery and have it "serviced"... but I've heard it's about $400., which seems expensive considering... Anyone go through this with theirs or...
  119. DaveR

    Best temp sensor location ?

    I've got a 28' Skip twin 350 Volvo Pentas, raw water cooled. I recently put in all new Teleflex Vector gauges and an a twin engine Aqualarm. In running my boat last weekend for it's first run of the year, the temp climbed slowly from cold to about 160, then 180 then 160 then 210 then 160... and...
  120. DaveR

    Volvo Penta 280 outdrive gear ratio ?

    So how can I find out the gear ratio of an outdrive? For example, one has a serial number PZ-NR2505425.
  121. DaveR

    Donate a Tuna and get some good Karma...

    Looking for a tuna or two to help support a group of loser friends that can't get out and catch their own. Needed by Saturday in OC. Trade for good karma or ? PM me if you're able to help out a fellow BDer and his fishing-handicapped friends.
  122. DaveR

    Steering leak fix ?

    My helm steering is leaking slowly at the back where it connects to the 2 hoses. I believe it's an older Morse Teleflex unit which has 5/16 I.D. 1000 PSI hoses and brass compression nuts. Here is a picture of the helm showing the steering console: It seems to be leaking from the...
  123. DaveR

    NEW Fuel gauges not working...?

    I've replaced all the old Teleflex with brand new Vector-series gauges, but the fuel gauges won't work (two tanks each with it's own gauge). Fuel tanks are full, and I've followed Teleflex's guidelines for testing the gauges and they do operate, but don't show a full tank when wired to the tank...
  124. DaveR

    Agree... or not ?

    It's been a while since doing my own manifold replacement work, which I am about to do, and in searching Google, I found this link on replacing manifolds by an ebay seller. I thought his recommendations differed some from what I've done in the past and from what I have seen in posts that others...
  125. DaveR

    Now it's manifolds... arrgh!

    Just when I thought I was done with my project and could get some fishing in, we noticed a leak from the center starboard manifold... shit! It's got twin 350's with Volvo Penta components, pre-'94 style w/ 280 drives. When buying the boat the seller dropped in "professionally rebuilt engines"...
  126. DaveR

    A better trailer tounge JACK ?

    Sheit, I hate Fulton trailer jacks... they only seem to last a year or two and then crap out. I've got a near new Trailrite (2004 thats only seen salt water for the first time last week and it broke at the launch ramp). My trailer is galvanized and has the thru-beam installed jack, like...
  127. DaveR

    Skip 28 shake down trip... holy crap!

    Launch the boat this morning for her shake down cruise with a couple friends in tow... all is good. Start both engines and purring like kittens, cast the lines and put in reverse... she goes forward and bumps into the boat in front before I can put in forward to actually go in reverse! That's...
  128. DaveR

    Carburetor problem ? HELP

    So I've done all this work to my Skip 28 (see here) as you may recall, and go and launch it today and cannot get either engine to start. The boat’s got new twin 350 block Volvo Penta components (1/2 hour each) which came with the boat when I bought it last year. The carbs are 4 barrel...
  129. DaveR

    I've got some nice Pompanette outriggers FS

    Oops, changed my mind... I'll be using these on my Skipjack.
  130. DaveR

    Need some outriggers, but which ones...?

    I was considering some roof-mounted 18'ers for my renovated Skipjack 28' sportfisher but a friend offered me a pair of side-mounted 24' Pompanettes (or knock-offs) for pretty cheap. I really like the Taco 350 roof-mounts but they are big $$$ and honestly the down economy is just kicking my...
  131. DaveR

    Skipjack 28... pimped and done!

    Some of you have been following my progress with this project boat. Well, I'm thrilled to say she's done! That is of course tentative, as if a boat is ever really "done". So now I'm shoping for insurance so I can launch and disappear into the blue yonder... Anyway, here's some pics of her now...
  132. DaveR

    Morse controls issue

    I installed my new MT-3 controls for the twin engine Skippy but the cables were not long enough to allow me to connect them fully w/o unbolting the whole dash which I just installed and wired all my electrical. Can the cables be removed from the connection to the VP drives then connect the...
  133. DaveR

    Draining the fuel tanks?

    Well I bought the boat a year ago now and with the redo, haven't used it yet. I'm planning on launching next week for at least a shakedown, but I really have no idea how old the fuel is and want to pump the tanks (2) dry and refill with new gas. I don't have a fuel transfer pump and don't...
  134. DaveR

    Morse steering filling & bleeding ?

    Finishing up my Skippy project and reinstalled the hydrolic lines to the steering column on the console, with steering to the VP 280 twin outdrives. How do I fill and bleed, and is this with ATF or ? Input appreciated!
  135. DaveR

    need help w/ web map links (lost my bookmarks)

    F'n computers... bookmarks just up & disappeared. Please share offshore So Cal map web pages - hoping to get my boat wet for the first time soon and go get some Tuna! Thanks.
  136. DaveR

    Wiring diagram for an Icom 422?

    None found in the box or instruction manual... Anyone have the info / diagram?
  137. DaveR

    Skipy 28 project coming along... electrical

    It's been a month or so and I've made some significant progress from the last update post. (If you want to view the history covering the painting and other work, go here: Post 1 and Post 2) Anyway, the majority of the work since the last post has been electrical work and plumbing related, and...
  138. DaveR

    Do you use your IPOD on your boat?

    I want to put a mount at the helm but need to protect the unit from the weather / moisture. I'm probably going to use a RAM mount, but I'm not seeing a weather proof Ipod enclosure... Any ideas or good alternatives?
  139. DaveR

    Fabbing up some alternator brackets ?

    I recently upgraded my alternators (twin 350 engines) which meant going to 2 belts. The alternators are bending a bit toward the engine the more the belts are tightened so I want to fab some brackets to the alt brackets back to the block / manifold. I was thinking of making a template out of...
  140. DaveR

    have a Furuno radome cover sitting around?

    It's a long shot I know, but I would like to replace my old beat up Furuno 1622 radome cover with something in better shape. PM or email me at [email protected] if you have one to part with along with asking price, and pictures if possible. Thanks.
  141. DaveR

    Rebuilding a Sherwood or buy new?

    Looks like both of my Sherwood water pumps need a rebuild or replacement as the bearings are very hard to turn. I found kits with the bearings, gaskets & impeller for a "major repair" for about $135. vs new replacement for around $350. each. I found the rebuild instructions online. Are...
  142. DaveR

    help request : SD to Irvine area ?

    I've got a 12' length of SS rubrail waiting for me at San Diego Marine Exchange but no plans to be down there anytime soon. Any chance a fellow BD'er in SD will be heading north in the near future and can bring this along for me to meet up with you. A case of beer is offered too...
  143. DaveR

    Where do you buy your Volvo Penta parts?

    I have a list of parts to buy and am interested in finding a good supplier (and hopefully pay less than MSRP). Suggestions? Also, I'm in OC, although that's secondary... let's get a good thread going here for all VP owners.
  144. DaveR

    Where to buy Starboard & plastics?

    Need some materials for projects. Who has the best selection and price in OC please?
  145. DaveR

    Need to configure the best rode... your thoughts?

    I've got a Lewmar 1000 windlass which the specs say 5/16" HT ACCO Chain & 9/16" rope. For the chain length I was going to use 50', which is nearly 2x my boat length. For the rope, I've used a 3 strand rode on my last boat and wasn't very happy as it would tend to stack up. I'll likely use 200 -...
  146. DaveR

    28' Skipjack for $9000...

    Just passing it on... click here for link. No afilliation, yada, yada... $9K's a steal!
  147. DaveR

    Skipjack 28 progress update...

    Some of you will recall that I recently painted this boat that I bought last year. I've been working hard at getting her put back together with the hardware, some new, some old and it's been consuming most of my off hours and weekends... to wifey's dismay. Well to start, here's a few pics from...
  148. DaveR

    Anyone here make laminate countertops ?

    I'm looking to put a new countertop in the head, and possibly the galley. Head countertop is 3' long, 16 wide at the sink and tapers down to 7". Galley top is maybe 5 - 6' long and 32" wide or so. I will post pics later. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested and can do something...
  149. DaveR

    Where to buy wholesale upholstery materials locally (So. Cal) ?

    I am getting ready to put in a new interior and wasn't thrilled with anything at the local marine upholster's shops. I went to some fabric stores and found some great stuff in marine / outdoor vinyls, haugahides (looks like leather) and Sunbrella, but at retail $$$. Any suggestions on where to...
  150. DaveR

    The First Molded Radon Hull And Deck built by Don Radon in 1986

    The First Molded Radon Hull And Deck built by Don Radon in 1986... just thought someone here might be interested. She sure looks sweet!
  151. DaveR

    Anyone w/ a 28' Skipjack need to redo windows?

    If so, I have the weatherstripping for the sliders (channel) and mohair for between the windows. I was going to redo mine, but since the boat is looking soooo good with the new paint job, I'm splurging on new windows. I am also going to sell the 5 aluminum frame windows at $100 / slider &...
  152. DaveR

    Improving cell phone reception when out at sea?

    Anyone have one of these setups? I would like to do something mostly in case of emergency... like when my sweetness wants to see if she needs to go to the fish market for dinner again LOL OR is there a better way for around the same $ (or even better... 4 less)?
  153. DaveR

    Alternator for GM 350 ?

    What is the largest marine grade alternator for a GM 350? I am going to upgrade the smaller units on my twins to provide more charging power for my starting and house bank batteries, partially due to a new inverter installation. And a bonus question: then I need to pick a regulator for the...
  154. DaveR

    What's the best transducer for So Cal fishing

    I know some of you are big into bottom fishing (Halibut, rock fish, etc.), but I think more of us enjoy the pelagics (YT, Tuna, Dodos, WSB). And each fish targeted has different applications to a fishfinder. I do much more of the latter (pelagics) than bottom fishing, and would prefer a wide...
  155. DaveR

    She's back... Skipjack 28 progress

    I posted an update a couple weeks ago my painting the 28' Skipjack I bought last summer. After a long and exhaustive search, I ended up hiring a painter, Brad Maybury (aka "Scruffy"... just a little humor between the two of us) who's in the San Diego area. I just received the boat back from...
  156. DaveR

    Best GPS for under or around $500.... ?

    I was looking at upgrading my Garmin GPSMAP 180 to a bigger color screen and found a few possibilities. I have had Raymarine but have heard Garmin is the way to go.... is that right? Here's what I've found, and the size of the unit is not accurate as shown: Garmin GPSMAP 298 Color...
  157. DaveR

    Project is progressing...

    I bought this Skip 28' last summer, after I sold my beloved Skip 25' FB "Paddy Hopper". This one had new engines, new outdrives, and new $10,000. Trailrite trailer and needed some cosmetic attention, a new interior and some electronics to make her worthy... and I got a nice deal. I didn't expect...
  158. DaveR

    Chandlery in SD area?

    Up here in OC, we've got Minney's... What's in the SD area for used boat parts?
  159. DaveR

    Do you know anyone parting out a Skipjack 28?

    I'm looking for a few replacement parts. If so, please email me at [email protected] with some way to contact you / them. Thanks.
  160. DaveR

    WANTED: Fiberglass swimstep and/or bow pulpit

    I'm looking to buy a fiberglass swimstep about 8'-0" wide to 8'-6" wide in reasonable to like new condition for my 28' boat. I am also looking for a fiberglass bow pulpit in same condition. Let me know if you have one or both for sale along with your asking price and pictures if possible. My...
  161. DaveR

    Cleaning up stainless ?

    What works without damaging the finish including removing rust? I've removed all of mine from the boat and want to detail it before reinstalling it.
  162. DaveR

    Installing vinyl insert rubrail on my Skip...

    I've done an install in the past with this Taco product and now need to do it again on the new project boat...same exact stuff. :imdumb: I remember it being a real pain in the ass having to work it in with a chisel / screwdriver inch x inch while beating on the rubber with a mallet to seat it...
  163. DaveR

    Making twin 350 gassers into fuel misers ?

    My twins are the usual 4 barrel Quadrajet fed and standard marine distributor. The boat's still in the project stage with a lot to be done, and one of those is to add a Floscan (Twinscan) to keep an eye on the consumption rate. Since I am sure it will be depressing, I was considering whether or...
  164. DaveR

    How to remove Morse twin engine controls?

    Anyone know? I haven't tried it yet, but I need to remove them on Sunday prior to droping the boat off at the yard for painting.
  165. DaveR

    What bottom paint for a trailer boat?

    My Skippy has old bottom paint and will be kept on a trailer 95% of the time. Since it's expensive to remove and regelcoat, I plan on having the existing bottom paint sanded and new paint applied. What's the right paint product for this?
  166. DaveR

    Need a place to paint my boat...

    Can anyone recommend a boatyard or secure yard that I can have someone paint my boat in the SD area? I'm currently pricing a paint job (top & bottom) for my 28' Skipjack. If there is a painting room available, even better. It will need 2 - 3 weeks or up to a month from start to finish, and...
  167. DaveR

    Looking for a few good... boat parts
  168. DaveR

    Using Marine Plastics

    Chances are you're well aware of Starboard marine plastics, and I've used it previously to replace exterior wood on my last boat, made cutting boards and a bait tank lid. I'm sure there are other products out there but don't know how good they are, what applications might be better or how...
  169. DaveR

    Wanted: Bait Tank, Swimstep and Bow Pulpit
  170. DaveR

    Looks like I'm a boater again... advise on painting ?

    Well, I sold the Paddy Hopper a couple weeks back and went and found a 28' Skipjack with new twin 350's / VP 280 outdrives. The boat itself is in pretty good shape for an older model, but needs to have a face lift for some sex appeal (for the wife and future resale). Here's a sistership image in...
  171. DaveR

    Friday hittin it...

    I'll be out on the hunt tomorrow with another boat and monitoring 68, 69 & 72. Feel free to shout out...
  172. DaveR

    Sweet 25 Skipjack FB

    See link below for pics and info
  173. DaveR


    Check it out: :urno1:
  174. DaveR

    Calling on ALL trailer boaters (and other boaters too)

    If you are a trailer boater that ever has, or even might have future plans of launching out of Dana Point, please go to to join the boater's group. Some here are aware, and some aren&#8217;t, that the County of Orange is in the process of seeking approvals on...
  175. DaveR

    Where can you shoot outdoors in or near OC ?

    I'd like to go shoot a new gun outdoors w/o going over an hour and paying fees (ala Raahauges). Any suggestions? <!--IBF.ATTACHMENT_29621--><!-- THE POST -->
  176. DaveR

    Anyone looking to part w/ a shotgun?

    I'm looking to pick up a new condition 12 ga. semi auto:
  177. DaveR

    Skip 262 - Volvo Penta vs. Yanmar ?

    I'm looking at a couple 262's for sale - One has a 260 hp Yanmar 6LP-DTZE ( w/ a Merc Bravo 3 duoprop, and the other a VP KAD42 w/ duoprop, both low hours. What would be the preferred engine / outdrive package? David <*)))>< 25' Skip FB
  178. DaveR

    Cat & San Clemente 6-29 - WSB, YT +

    I chartered the Dreamer out of Peirpoint and left with 5 friends and fellow dick-heads on Wednesday night around 10pm. Allan took the boat to the backside to make squid, and when we got there, the squid fleet was out in force wraping it. We did manage some good floats in 80' and filled the...
  179. DaveR

    Steyr engines ?

    Does anyone have this on their boat, or know much about them? I've heard they are a better value, less size and weight for the same HP range rather than Volvo, Yanmar, etc.
  180. DaveR

    Wanted: Skipjack 262 Flybridge
  181. DaveR

    Radar / Chartplotter set-up ?

    I’m looking to upgrade from my Furuno 1621 radar and a Raymarine entry-level unit to a 4KW radar system. I was thinking a combo radar / chartplotter / gps would do the trick but would like experienced opinions before parting with the dough… I like the Furuno 1734C color 4KW combo radar /...