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  1. garrironman

    fly to cedros

    flying to cedros 8-24 15 to 8 29 15. flying from san diego brown field to cedros and back. this wil save about 7 or 8 hours of travel time.this will allow to bring back more than 50 lbs of fish the others will let you bring back. also have abalone dinner planned for the 4 of us. looking for one...
  2. garrironman

    Cedros Island panga trip

    Going to Cedros Island 8-24 to 8-29 -15. one person short of 4. The 3 of us like to have good time , drinking is done.Have been to one of the others, and would not go again.The other has not returned call in 4 months. There is a new operation at the hotel on the island,where the others...
  3. garrironman


    just got off phone with mike of pac. star.wsb biting off nuke plant. 50 boats. have fun boys
  4. garrironman

    blue fin tuna

    art on searcher said he saw blue fin tuna at about 200 miles south. coming home from eco trip
  5. garrironman

    ling cod

    whats the story on ling cod this season.does the opener include lings or not.if not what date. thanks
  6. garrironman

    chroming irons

    anybody out there have a place they can get some jigs chromed at cheap price. maybe other guys have same idea, and can get together and run jigs in one run thank for your help garr
  7. garrironman

    jigs for buffer zone

    can one of the pros out there give up all the good information on how ,what, and where. interested in big tuna info. what jigs what colors and sizesthanks for your help garr
  8. garrironman

    cortez or offshore

    one of the boats at seaforth landing has a 2 day trip fishing monday and tuesday for super price. if interested pm me for details. need i think 4, great deal food and permits included.
  9. garrironman

    ride to h-m landing going on 2 day trip

    will be fishing wensday and thursday on constitution on charter. looking for ride, help with gas and parking 18186932174 thanks
  10. garrironman

    50 to 70 lbs pigs pictures

    just a few pictures.
  11. garrironman

    fall of 1982 50 to 70lb. pigs

    im in fishermans spot tackle store in the valley. the owner comes over to me and tells me that the pacific queen going out on a day an a half trip that night out to the cortez bank area,im out the door an on my way. 8.45 p.m. and only 3 other pass...