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    La Jolla Calico Fishing - July 8

    Dude just saw this. Beautiful fish!
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    Breakwall Area 3-19-16

    Nicely done!
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    Okuma Citrix 364PA feedback?

    I don't have the 364 Citrix but do have the 200 size. I love it and although it may not have as many bearings as the Komodo the tradeoff is that it often last longer in saltwater. Other than that cost savings is nice. With less bearings it might be a bit less smooth on the retrieve and cast...
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    2014 Ranger 240 Bahia Loaded - Reduced to $45,999.00!

    Benny's a good guy and cares for his equipment. That's great mileage for a boat like that.
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    Looks like fun Afran. I love those Angler kayaks. Thanks for posting.
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    Love that place!
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    Cool vid and nice fish Afran! Well utilized jump cuts. Hard to pull off.
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    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    Thanks guys... Yes I did mean to say "Oil your bearings". Ty
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    Okuma Komodo 273 inshore/bay reel?

    There is no doubt that the Komodo reels are very nice and hold up well. I have plenty of the 364's as well as the 200 sized models. I started using them primarily because I found that they hold up to frequent saltwater use better than any others in their class but they are also extraordinary...
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    Finally Did It!!!!

    Well deserved my friend and I will always remember that moment. By the way... The smaller of the two fish that the Sasquatch is holding up in the picture was an extraordinarily fat 6 pounder for comparison.
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    Point Loma/La Jolla 6/2

    Pretty good day of fishing!
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    Calico Bass Report

    Really BIG fish!
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    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Always great to document such important moments. Nice work!
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    New PB for the little guy!

    Awesome catch!
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    Bass Eating a Minnow Video

    Cool video. Man I miss pond fishing.
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    2001 Sea Pro 235 CC ** Sold**

    Kelvin, I know that this boat is spotless and how you take care of your stuff. Somebody's going to get a great boat here.
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    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Great work Ryan! That was an epic trip! There's one you released in there that was HUGE. The video really shows how strong those fish are down there. You can see how they're turning your board around when they strike. I bet no one noticed the seals poking around in the background, but I did...
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    3/20 New PB

    Always a pleasure to have you Moyer! Always stoked for your good ones. Next best thing to catching one yourself is netting your buddies big one and having the pleasure of screaming "Man that's a monster!" Big ones around last week for sure! I love the Baja coastline. Lots of untouched...
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    Mint - Boston Whaler 19 Outrage - SOLD

    This boat is better than advertised. I've been on it and you won't find a more beautiful or well taken care of boat. This will get snatched up quick.
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    Sucks losing the Trolling motor. Great day though considering. Way to get 'em!
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    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    I wish I did but theirs never anybody around to take one when I put it up.
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    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    Yeah, I had a cover made that helps keep the elements off of me. It's pretty neat but it does take some storage and time to deploy it and put it away. Definitely worth it though! We roll out sleeping bags and pads to rest on. We stay in either pyramid cove or seal cove on the back side. I bring...
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    Question about rods for Shogun Skiff trip

    I've been on a few skiff trips. I went last year and going again with my son this June. It's the best there is to offer for Calico fishing. I'd bring whatever you want and pack them well for travels. Things do get beat up a bit though. I prefer a heavier fast action rod for swimbaits to pull...
  24. FishSwami

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Great report Matt. Class act as always by you and Nic D. The elements and variables are just all part of the fascination of tournament fishing. It was a great tournament and just leaves you wanting more. Calico bass fisherman are a hearty group of guys!!
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    Best Bass Boat under 30k and under 60k

    As Mike D. and Nic D. said, everything's a tradeoff for sure. I've been very pleased with my new 2014 Key West 230 Bay Reef. Nice ride especially. Solid built, with a huge deck space. Storage is in the mid-range, but plenty to spend a few days at Clemente. There are many boats out there that...
  26. FishSwami

    Your Bay Boat Fuel Consumption/Cruise Speed...?

    Key West 230 Bay Reef with 19 degrees of deadrise and a 250 Yamaha Super High Output (SHO)... Around 3.2 to 3.4 mpg @ 32 to 35 mph. I can do almost 4 mpg in the low 20's and around 2.5 mpg in the high 50's. On this boat the sea state makes a huge difference in performance and fuel consumption.
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    Sunday @ Cat

    Beautiful fish buddy! Stoked for you! Looks like it may have been a double digi in the spring time.
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    Hookup to Landing Ratio w/ Weedless (MC 7")

    I wish I could be more technical about it. I'm really starting to tune it in and refine it instinctively though as I gain more experience which is really a good feeling. Each bite is different and requires a different reaction and response. This thread does an incredible job of defining...
  29. FishSwami

    "War On The Wall"

    I assume will be shotgun start together at 4:00 pm either at the bridge next to the Davies ramp or possibly at the mouth of the jetty. Just show up at the launch ramp around an hour or so early and check in with Gerry Mahieu, the tournament director. I'm sure he'll have his tent set up. Then say...
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    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    Update to my procedure... I've been experimenting with totally submerging a few reels in a bucket of water with salt away. I put them in intact with the drags hammered down. Anywhere from a few hours to overnight. Then I take the spools out and loosen drags then dry with blow dryer. I must...
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    "War On The Wall"

    Ill be there
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    Mutant on the Sand 11/12

    Really cool beach sesh
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    Absolutely the best calico video edit I've seen. Wonderful to watch! Thanks...
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    New MC Weedless @ SCI 11/08/14

    What he said! I couldn't agree with you more John. More from SCI on the new weedless...
  35. FishSwami

    Powell rods

    What are they? Pics are unreadable.
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    Bait wrap lures

    "You do realize that in nature at depth natural bait colors are designed to blend in to the environment. Kinda like putting a ghillie suit on a jig. Colors change at different depths." Yes colors definitely change and morph as depths increase, however the pattern / graphics on a lure remains...
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    Bait wrap lures

    First off... I have become friends with Rich Whitaker, the fellow who makes the jigs. That being said... Rich approached me and my son to fish his jigs prior to our 5 day trip this summer. I too believed that there was relatively minimal benefit to color selection vs. jig action. While I was...
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    SBS Finals

    Hold 'em high as well!
  39. FishSwami

    SBS Finals

    Solid work this season guys. Always a class act. Next year should be fun.
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    San Clemente Island 10-4

    We've all had days like that there. It's not always wide open. I was at Geronimo Island earlier this year and couldn't hardly get a bite one day when there were no conditions! I've put in a good bit of time at SCI this past year and it usually pays off. As for the ride over and back... It's...
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    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    An awesome season overall guys. You're gonna be a gnarly team in the new boat.
  42. FishSwami

    Hardbaits and spotties

    Try any jerkbait etc. over the grass flats. On the right days they'll annihilate them.
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    Catalina Calico Video

    Time well spent Jazz. Nice music selection.
  44. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    Thanks again. More good times to come...
  45. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    Thanks very much.
  46. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    Had a great time and pulled off a second place finish with 22.14 pounds all Calico Bass. Started down at the IB Pipe. Fish were there but no conditions and no biters. Same story at the IB Sand Bass flats on the spawners. We headed back towards the Point Loma kelp as per the plan. On the way we...
  47. FishSwami

    New Backyard PB

    Moyer left out that it pinned itself hard to the kelp. It would have been nothing but another fish story if it wasn't for his experience and finesse. Excellent work Matt!
  48. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    Gilbert, I've used the Salt Away type stuff off and on for years. I'm not sure if it does any good at all yet. Andy, I wish somebody made a better AR bearing but I can't find one yet. Boca bearing doesn't carry any and the guy is not aware of any other than the original manufacturers.
  49. FishSwami

    2011 Triumph Skiff - SOLD***

    Agreed, This boat is bad ass. I've been on it plenty and theres 1/3 more fishing room than any other 17 footer that exist. It's also very well cared for since Nic is on the Pro Staff for the dealer. Looks like new as well.
  50. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    Thanks guys. This is all good stuff that I will try. Gilbert, I also like using cheaper reels at times, such as Citica's, on some bay trips. They have less moving parts and I think tend to break down less due to that. I just make sure to keep the drags fresh on them just in case. Andy, I...
  51. FishSwami

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    I'm frustrated to death.... I fish several of the reels that most of you use, including Curado 200/300 (all models), Citica 200, Calcutta D 200/300, Lexa 100/300, and the Revo inshore (only the older 200). I'll be trying the Okuma Komodo soon which I'm looking forward to. These are all...
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    Red eye flights

    Real nice session!!
  53. FishSwami

    Father's Day Point Loma

    Nice time with Jim and Matt. Both a class act.
  54. FishSwami

    Barret Lake PreFish April 30, 2014

    Man you guys are lucky!!!
  55. FishSwami

    More SBS Mission Bay from the Ponder's - Team Hard Snore

    Well, we started on a spot of fish we'd found and got a 3.5 as soon as we pulled up. Sweet! The fish were biting... Then some nice misses and another nice one lost. After that the crickets were pretty much chirping for the rest of the day. We ran around a bit and scrounged up two decent ones...
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    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    You guys make a great team and are gonna kick some serious butt!
  57. FishSwami

    SBS Mission Bay

    Nice, consistent work guy's. Always impressive.
  58. FishSwami

    SBS Mission Bay

    You guys always figure it out.
  59. FishSwami

    Sewer slugs

    Way to get hammered Nick.
  60. FishSwami

    Island Calico Fishing 3/9 and 3/11

    Whatever dude… Two awesome young fisherman to have along. Mix up your patterns and retrieves to find them and get a bite. Not just surface grind. Good fun :)
  61. FishSwami

    Pedestal fishing seats.?

    They can definitely be nice on a long day.
  62. FishSwami

    Sunday Funday at Whore Island...

    Nice trip. The pictures are incredible!
  63. FishSwami

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

    That place rules!
  64. FishSwami

    Tourney Prep

    1) Fish any time you can! 2)Fish every time you can! Good luck
  65. FishSwami

    Tourney Prep

    It obviously depends on each situation but as a rule I try not to stay in one spot much more than 15 or 20 minutes without a bite
  66. FishSwami

    Tourney Prep

    I fish all that I can. Maybe too much at times, although I haven't been able to fish much in prep for this Saturday. If I get lucky, I find a spot or two of fish and leave it relatively untouched for a day or two before the tournament. Very often though, things change on tournament day and...
  67. FishSwami

    SBS Mission Bay 2/15/14

    There was a time when I really thought I would never be interested in tournament fishing. Once I dove in, it only enhanced everything that I love about fishing. It's early in the season so it's still a great time to come see what it's all about. Loads of fun, friends and healthy competition...
  68. FishSwami

    Favorite Bait...

    Commit to ONE bait ever... Far ALL fish... Rattletrap
  69. FishSwami

    Midnight calicos

    I'm ready for some Calico action!
  70. FishSwami

    Bass Forum Make-Over

    Matt I love your ideas. I like to soak up anything I can use to help me become a better fisherman. Any discussions, tips, articles or otherwise. I'd be glad to contribute. If you don't want to write them then just print a link here. This is an excellent format and a great chance for an...
  71. FishSwami

    2014 SBS / SWBA schedule conflicts

    Kind of bummed to see that the SWBA scheduled several tournaments on the same dates as the SBS tournaments. I'd planned on fishing the full series next season in both SBS and the SWBA. Now it seems that fishing both series won't really be a practical option unless something changes... Ty
  72. FishSwami

    SLAYING Calico Bass Video

    Dang nice job guys. See ya out there...
  73. FishSwami

    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

  74. FishSwami

    Gear ratio for yo-yo

    Everythings a tradeoff.
  75. FishSwami

    Lake O'neil Camp Pendleton

    Very nice! Do they allow float tubes on that lake?
  76. FishSwami

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    I am quite surprised at the anti law enforcement sentiment that you all are attemtping to spread. Obviously if you intentionally harass any LEO during a stop your going to make his already difficult job harder. LEO's with preconceived attitudes are few and far between as are the people who are...
  77. FishSwami

    2012 Snapshot

    Looks like a fun year!
  78. FishSwami

    Offers! Rods - Cooler seat - Magma grill - 2008 Suzuki controls - older fishfinders

    Thanks man I appreciate that! Hope you're enjoying the reel!
  79. FishSwami

    Offers! Rods - Cooler seat - Magma grill - 2008 Suzuki controls - older fishfinders

    Items updated and prices reduced. Found the power cord for the Humminbird fishfinder.
  80. FishSwami

    Offers: Cooler seat / Magma grill / Suzuki controls / cheap fishfinders / Rods

    Asking prices reduced again! Sale items updated. Also, found the power cord for the Humminbird fishfinder.
  81. FishSwami

    Offers: Cooler seat / Magma grill / Suzuki controls / cheap fishfinders / Rods

    I have the following for sale. Make offers. The only thing I'm firm on is the Crucial rod since it's pretty much in new condition. -(SOLD) Cooler seat ($175) - 7 out of 10 -(SOLD) Magma grill set 8 out of 10 with NEW rod holder mount and 2 new propane bottles ($70) -(SOLD) 18" x 3 1/2"...
  82. FishSwami

    Offers! Rods - Cooler seat - Magma grill - 2008 Suzuki controls - older fishfinders

    I have the following for sale. Make offers. The only thing I'm firm on is the Crucial rod since it's pretty much in new condition. -(SOLD) Cooler seat ($175) - 7 out of 10 -(SOLD) Magma grill set 8 out of 10 with NEW rod holder mount and 2 new propane bottles ($70) - (SOLD)18" x 3 1/2"...
  83. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    Prices reduced again 11-12. Good stuff at a very good price. I'd definitely like to move this stuff...
  84. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    My pleasure. Thanks for the good word...Ty
  85. FishSwami

    Boston Whaler montauk 17

    Torey, Can I ask where you got that fiberglass bait tank with the cushion on it? Thanks, Ty
  86. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    All prices reduced for quick sale. Prices were already good. Now even better...
  87. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    Thanks James...on the way...Ty
  88. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    The Avet HX, Super Seeker JB model, Accurate, Ulua rod, Tica reel and Avet SX reel are SOLD.
  89. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    I have a good bunch of PM's to reply to and no time this morning. I promise to respond to all of them this afternoon or evening! Thanks for your patience...Ty
  90. FishSwami

    Avets, Seekers, Accurate etc.

    NO junk here. Will ship the Avet if you pay cost Whats left will go cheap / Prices were already very good, now better... I have the following for sale in Encinitas. I have pictures available. I would cut a killer deal if someone wanted it all. If your interested in something I will...
  91. FishSwami

    OLD Whaler hull. Make offer

    Boat is officially SOLD. Thank you...Ty
  92. FishSwami

    OLD Whaler hull. Make offer

    Boat is pending sale...Ty
  93. FishSwami

    OLD Whaler hull. Make offer

    SOLD...SOLD...SOLD Approximately 18', unknown year Boston Whaler hull. Poor shape in general but appears intact overall. Sitting on unusable trailer on blocks. Unknown Evinrude motor. Must be hauled out with trailer from Encinitas location. (The stuff sitting on top of the boat looks like...
  94. FishSwami

    SBS Inshore Open!

    Gonna be good!
  95. FishSwami

    Cedros gear for the uneducated thumb...

    If you want a spinning reel I might recommend the Penn Battle series. I have one I love for calicos. If you do want to have a go at a baitcaster ( I think you'd be glad that you did) I have a suggestion for you. Try using 65 pound or better yet 80 pound spectra. It cast like a dream...
  96. FishSwami

    Catalina report

    Glad you found some...
  97. FishSwami

    Pit Stop at Cedros July 21-28

  98. FishSwami

    Catalina Calico bass

    Yes, definitely fish tight to the rocks if the conditions allow it.
  99. FishSwami

    Catalina Calico bass

    We were there for 3 days, 2 weekends ago and I think it was a bit on the slower side than it was previously and I think it's picked back up a bit over the last few days. We had luck every time we passed the rocks right at the West End for some pretty quality fish. Also very consistent at Eagle...
  100. FishSwami

    Fishing Mission

    Thats awesome!! Nice job Maddox. You are the real BASS KING! Your gonna have to upgrade Maddox an to a better reel if he's gonna pull on such quality fish :) TP
  101. FishSwami

    calico bass rod

    Maybe you could find exactly what you want used. Their are tremendous used rods out there for good prices. Furthermore, unlike a reel or something mechanical that could temporarily mask a problem, when you look at a rod, what you see is generally what you get. People sell great rods almost...
  102. FishSwami

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Insane Dylan!!
  103. FishSwami

    Fishing/Surfing trip K&M San Quintin

    The best combo in the world! The surf looks insane! TP
  104. FishSwami

    The Bolts take a beating...

    White and Chartreuse. I might have a short go on the incoming tide today if I have time.
  105. FishSwami

    The Bolts take a beating...

    Great spottie fishing this morning in Mission Bay. The Reebs Bolt thrower accounted for 26 nice spotties, 2 Corvina and 1 Halibut in about 3 hours, with plenty more lost. The best 5 went just short of 8 pounds with the average around 1 1/4 pounds all day. They absolutely annihilated the Bolt...
  106. FishSwami

    La Jolla Calicos-5/31

    Nice fish... It looks bigger than 4.6! TP
  107. FishSwami

    Okuma Cedros Coastal Rods?

    I've wanted one for a long time and finally got the MH. I typically fish the heavier rods like Terramars and I use the Cedros for lighter plastics, 3/4 and 1/2 oz etc. This filled the bill perfectly for me. Great feel and action, although it may be a bit firm for some. The reel seat feels great...
  108. FishSwami

    Best ultra smooth braid?

    It's a bit outside of the box, but I like 80 pound Izorline for Calico's on my Curado 300's. I know it's thick and it limits your line capacity but it is extraordinarily smooth, never digs in and cast like a dream. You really have to work to get a backlash in it ,and if you do it's super easy to...
  109. FishSwami

    Cedros Island Excursion

    Insane Bill!!
  110. FishSwami

    Field testing

    There is a company that sells markers just for it. As soon as I can remember who it is I'll pass it along. Also, I bet that any "Marks A Lot" type marker will do. It looks like the same stuff. Of course, they all smell strong so I'd let the smell settle a few days before using them and I use Uni...
  111. FishSwami


    Man that's a nice bunch of fish! Congratulations... TP
  112. FishSwami

    Field testing

    My son, T.J. Ponder had a chance to get a few on some new prototype swimbait colors he's been working on. The venue was North County San Diego on Sunday May 6th. A couple of buddies joined us. The first fish (pictured) he caught was a 1 pounder on the Califlauge color. The hot color turned out...
  113. FishSwami

    Steady Calico fishing

    Kelp areas north of the La Jolla MPA's
  114. FishSwami

    Steady Calico fishing

    Thats awesome. Looks like some fun Fall fishing from the picture. If you ever get out here PM me and I'll be glad to take you out. Ty
  115. FishSwami

    20 foot white likely a white not a Basking Shark

    I did! That was the first contact I made. Please read my post, "Expert opinions" just above yours. TP
  116. FishSwami

    20 foot white likely a white not a Basking Shark

    My friend and primary contact filled that bill. She is the one that first offered opinion and then referred me to what she felt is the best there is, Dr. John McCosker. He's done plenty of GWS work both here and throughout the world. Just Google his name with great white research. I think you'll...
  117. FishSwami


    I took the picture of the GW. If your interested please see post #98 on 20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla. Thanks, TP
  118. FishSwami

    20 foot white likely a white not a Basking Shark

    I took the picture and I'll contact your friend. Please see post #98 on 20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla. Thanks, TP
  119. FishSwami

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    Yesterday (Tuesday) in the mid-morning, we were drifting for Yellowtail in about 250 feet of water off of the Northwest corner of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:place>La Jolla. My friend said look at that huge fin coming up behind us. The fin and the body was...
  120. FishSwami

    Fishing condition info

    There's lots of references for this stuff but here's a few..., which links from Bloodydecks is the standard for fish reports and water temp charts etc. The following is primarily for the San Diego area but can access most other areas. Weather...
  121. FishSwami

    Steady Calico fishing

    All on 1 to 2 oz. plastics coated in Uni Butter. We did use some squid strips and lighter line now and then. No surface activity other than a few followers from the deeper water. TP
  122. FishSwami

    Steady Calico fishing

    Explored a new open area in North County for some nice Calico fishing over Sunday and Monday. The conditions were quite nice and we found some good fish on both days for very steady fishing. Average was around 2 pounds, mostly Calicos with some Sandies mixed in. Several 4 pounders but Benny had...
  123. FishSwami

    tommorow bass fishing

    You never know. One of the best Spottie days I've ever had in Mission Bay was right after a terrible series of rain and the water was churned to shreads. Stuff floating by everywhere. I wouldn't discourage you from going. Just look for a time with good current. TP
  124. FishSwami

    April 7th 2012 Mission Bay Tournament

    Can I fish a Paddle Board? I assume I can but it doesn't specifically mention it in the rules. Thanks. TP
  125. FishSwami

    Take 10 Seconds to Support Dan Richards

    Done... This is appalling to me. Aren't their legal checks and balances to prevent the clearly biased removal of an elected official when he has done nothing illegal or unethical? This smells...
  126. FishSwami

    Is fish dope any good?

    I respect a guys knowledge and confidence to go it on his own, but I want every edge I can get because I want to make the most of my valuable time and efforts. I spend a relative fortune on fishing. I research and buy the best equipment I can afford. I spend all of my spare time learning about...
  127. FishSwami

    Is fish dope any good?

    I use it daily and you get what you put into it. It is reliable information and when you consider what your alternative sources of information may be, you are way ahead in the game unless you already have a substantial network at your disposal. TP
  128. FishSwami

    Checkered City

    Man that's great. I'm jealous. I fished that morning starting at around 6. Right off the bat I caught 3 nice Calico's almost in a row, then fishing was tough the rest of the morning. Sounds like an epic night bite on the full moon. I wanted to night fish but didn't put it together. Nice fish! TP
  129. FishSwami

    Crucial MH or H

    I Agree with Afran. I had the old Crucial MH, which I broke. Shimano sent me a new rod (thanks Shimano :)), but the new Crucials are different and a lighter action as Afran pointed out. They sent me the new Crucial pitching rod, which they said is the closest to my old one. They have a split...
  130. FishSwami

    San Diego Bay Bass help - guide?

    Hi Ryan, It sounds like you have your stuff together and are putting the time in a worthwhile direction of learning and time on the water. Winter is a great time to target Bay Bass. I also put in tons of time on the water year round. I have 22' Center Console that I keep in Mission Bay, as...
  131. FishSwami

    2011 Bass Contest BIG BASS & Monthly Winners are...

    Beautiful fish Bill. Congratulations are definitely in order. A double digit is one thing, but this fish is colassal! The next Calico that is larger than yours may quite possibly take out the world record. Let's find some big ones this year! Ty
  132. FishSwami

    So Long, Farewell...

    I'll follow the rules and teach my son to do the same. It's just not in my nature to do otherwise. However... I am not surprised that money rules the world, but I am very disillusioned with how it ultimately dictates our system of law in the United States. This is yet another example of how...
  133. FishSwami

    MBF Mission Bay 12/31

    Ty, it was fun meeting you and your son. It is so cool how stoked he was on fishing. He reminds me of me at his age. It will not be long before he starts outfishing you. Tournaments are so much fun and have made me a much better angler. Talking with others have really made me think outside of...
  134. FishSwami

    So Long, Farewell...

    I'm dying to go especially to San Clemente. I just want to make sure I have enough gas to get around easily while we're there. I thinking maybe bring fuel containers. Even better someone volunteers their boat as an overnighter so we can buddyboat over and fish out of my boat.
  135. FishSwami

    So Long, Farewell...

    Since I was a kid Swamis has been my home away from home. When it’s on, the reef can produce world class point surf at its finest. Just a few years ago my friends Calvin Tom and Michelle Bowman introduced me to boardfishing and re-ignited my passion for fishing. Since that time, I’ve spent...
  136. FishSwami

    MBF Mission Bay 12/31

    It was a good time and you guys obviously did well on what was otherwise a tough day for several, including us. The Lawman's count and you guy's big one was impressive. I am just starting to have interest in tournament fishing. It's a whole different ballgame. I feel like I'm a pretty good...
  137. FishSwami

    MB - Hawg Huntin' - 12/22/11

    Nice fish man!
  138. FishSwami

    Show me your BASS...

    Fishlawsophy, Mighty nice bunch of fish! You guys have put some time in. That's cool that your gal digs it! Ty
  139. FishSwami


    It's a pleasure to see the folks on this board being so professional and helpful rather than the typical worthless bashing that can take place at times. I'd like to take this opportunity to add my 2 cents about Bill Hokstad. Several months ago I placed a post on this forum seeking someone who...
  140. FishSwami

    Show me your BASS...

    Yep, Hit it before it closes on Jan, 1.
  141. FishSwami

    Show me your BASS...

    I thought I'd share my PB caught on May 14, 2011. It weighed in on the spring scale around 10 1/2 to 10 3/4 pounds and 24 1/2 inches. It was a fatty. I caught it on my paddle board in the North County Kelp. The stringer was on her so I could keep it in the water while my friends could hurry...
  142. FishSwami

    dock fishing

    I'll take you fishing in the boat sometime if it works out. I keep it in Mission Bay and I fish with my 10 year old all the time. PM me if your interested. Ty
  143. FishSwami

    Spinnerbait Fishing

    Sweet... glad you got it all down. TP
  144. FishSwami

    Spinnerbait Fishing

    I'd love to see an article on how to find and read "conditions" for Calico's.
  145. FishSwami

    The Latest on the MLPA 7:00 pm. Not good news, but still hope.

    In a phone interview after the hearing, Bob Fletcher told me, "We were not pleased with his tentative ruling, but were encouraged after the hearing over the lively disccussion the judge had with our attorneys over our arguments in the case. We're now waiting for the final ruling."Judge...
  146. FishSwami

    Latest info on MLPA Lawsuit.......

    The latest as of 7:00 pm...In a phone interview after the hearing, Bob Fletcher told me, "We were not pleased with his tentative ruling, but were encouraged after the hearing over the lively disccussion the judge had with our attorneys over our arguments in the case. We're now waiting for...
  147. FishSwami

    Oceanside still red???

    It is still thick but I had a great Calico Bass day south of OC yesterday morning, Fish the surface with small plastics. The fish finally got hungry. Hopefully they'll stay that way TP
  148. FishSwami


    I like this idea. I coat my plastics generously and the attractant always seems to come off on the first few cast. If I kept the same amount on I would be re-coating every cast and that does get expensive. I heard about a new product that comes in something like a chapstick tube that you...
  149. FishSwami

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    2 in one night? Outstanding!!
  150. FishSwami

    I am seeking a partner for SWBA events.

    I am fortunate and it looks like I've found a solid guy to give it a shot with. Thanks ...Ty
  151. FishSwami

    I am seeking a partner for SWBA events.

    Thank you very much...TP
  152. FishSwami

    I am seeking a partner for SWBA events.

    Hi, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:PlaceName>Mission <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Bay</st1:PlaceType> since I usually fish several times a week.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> There is one issue, I do not have a vehicle to pull the boat with, so my partner would need to...
  153. FishSwami

    SUP... Black Sea Bass

    Nice catch and release any way you slice it! Boardfisher1 is an accomplished and innovative extreme angler who routinely ventures far outside by himself. He catches and releases large gamefish on a surfboard on unbelieveably light tackle. Try hooking, landing and releasing a sizable...
  154. FishSwami

    August 2011 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This Wahoo was caught by Ty Ponder on board the Qualifier 105 on August 10 at Alijos Rocks. The 45 pound fish was caught on a Sardine with a Graftech swimbait rod and an Avet MXJ reel spooled with 50 pound spectra topped by a 30 pound flourocarbon leader and a 1/0 Owner J hook which set...
  155. FishSwami

    August 2011 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    This Yellowtail was caught by 9 year old T.J. Ponder on an Avet MXL aboard the Qualifier 105 at Cedros Island, August 8, 2011.
  156. FishSwami

    The Qualifier105 is comming back home on one engine!

    We just got back this morning on the Q and it was a great trip! We only lost a few hours of fishing time which we gladly gave up so that the next would get out as soon as possible. The facts are that the bearing on one of the three engines took a dump and we came home in great time on 2...
  157. FishSwami

    Spectra digging in on baitcasters

    Thanks for all of the advice. Re: topshot length. I fish 3-6 feet, depending on the situation. I heard recently that a manufacturer ( I can't remember who) was coming out soon with a coated spectra to address these types of issues. Does anyone know what company is putting this out? Ty
  158. FishSwami

    Spectra digging in on baitcasters

    No options there on the baitcaster/levelwind...
  159. FishSwami

    Spectra digging in on baitcasters

    Makes sense...
  160. FishSwami

    Spectra digging in on baitcasters

    Well, I've heard this before and know it definitely applies for my conventional reels, but when you're casting and re-winding (rather than pre-packing) the same line off of your reel that it is digging into, it doesn't seem to apply in this case. If I'm off here, please explain. Thanks! Ty
  161. FishSwami

    Spectra digging in on baitcasters

    Hi, I fish spectra with a short topshot of Flourocarbon on all of my Calico baitcasters. Most are Curado's, Revo Inshore's, and Citicas. I've continually had frustrations and problems with the line digging into itself on the spool after I get hung up or pull on a fish. I started fishing 30...
  162. FishSwami

    Tamerack Report..Pics too!

    It's great way to grow up. It's nice that we have such an excellent place and things to do in our back yard! Nice going.
  163. FishSwami

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Absolutely beautiful fish sir. TP
  164. FishSwami

    Recommendations for fish mount replica

    I talked to Rocky. He sounds great and I think it'll work out...Thanks!
  165. FishSwami

    Recommendations for fish mount replica

    Thanks everybody. I'll call Rocky first!
  166. FishSwami

    Recommendations for fish mount replica

    Hi, Any recommendations for fish mounting / replicas would be appreciated. I've already contacted Global Fish Mounts in Florida. They were very helpful and seem to have their act together. My fish is a Calico Bass which weighed in just under 11 pounds. It was 24" long but very girthy. The...
  167. FishSwami

    SUP Fishing

    I promise you, this is HARD CORE. Calvin was more like a mile offshore, hooked and landed this fish SOLO. He had this beast on or to the board four times before it took off again until he finally got a handle on it and got it released. Ya gotta respect that! TP
  168. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    Thanks for the very kind words Jorge. Right back at ya. Thanks again to others as well. I appreciate the backup. As it is, I do not feel beat up at all on how I handled the fish or what I really consider relatively minimal criticism on this forum. Like I said, I was just happy to share the...
  169. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    DP RES- Hi, I don't really understand why you draw such assumptions on how I handled the fish. I am not interested in attempting to clarify or defend anything I did. I am happy about it and wanted to share it with others. Perhaps you're drawing from your own experiences. Personally, my goal...
  170. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    Good Morning, Thanks so much for the nice words and advice from so many experienced fisherman. I've fished pretty hard the last several years and I'm pretty stoked. DpRes: Sir... As I said, I am a huge advocate of catch and release. You and your friends must have some excellent catch and...
  171. FishSwami

    Dana Point Kid Trip

    Awesome! He'll remember this... TP
  172. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    An excellent opinion sir, however, since we had the chance, the fish was also weighed carefully / multiple times on dry land and was measured and witnessed on the tape right at 24" as you'll see in the attached image. I did not weigh on the bounce. That wouldn't be right now would it? No I did...
  173. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    She couldn't get past about 10 feet down then rolled up and floated on her belly every time. We did everything including swimming her down multiple times, but it just wasn't gonna happen. I really don't mind any comments about my methods, or even if this becomes a thread about catch and...
  174. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    It definitely sucks, but what are you gonna do, not catch 'em? Did our best to handle with care, get some pics and back in the water. Tried to swim with her for over an hour. I couldn't eat her myself and gave it to a friend. I was too attached. This was the biggest Calico I've ever caught...
  175. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    No BS... Got 'em up. Thanks for the help!
  176. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    I Put the single strand stringer through the lip (not the gills) right away. Just a small hole. Should have been fine. So bummed I can't get the pics up. I can't find the a place for the attachments on the edit page. Any help would be appreciated.
  177. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    Pictures didn't come through. Not sure why and can't figure it out. This sucks.
  178. FishSwami

    11 Pound Calico

    This day of boardfishing started out slow and I was working my way in to the beach. I dropped a Megabait on an outside corner of the inside of the Carlsbad kelp. Lately all it's been good for is a few small Sand Bass. All the fish have been in the outside kelp. I got a solid hit on the bottom...
  179. FishSwami

    First Fish !

    He'll definitely be your best fishing buddy. Time well spent with Dad. TP
  180. FishSwami

    32' Scorpion center console !!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been on out this boat. It is incredibly clean, very fast, perfect working order and a shockingly good deal.
  181. FishSwami

    Fully Rigged Cobra Fish and Dive Kayak

    KAYAK IS SOLD... Tracy and Doug, So nice to meet you and the family. Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know if you'd ever like to do some fishing...Ty
  182. FishSwami

    Fully Rigged Cobra Fish and Dive Kayak

    Cobra Fish and Dive Kayak. $750.00 Fairly firm Comes with a bait tank (3 rod racks on back), fishfinder (with manual) and most accessories that you'd probably want. The primary seat is the highest quality, I paid $225 for it. Also have a second seat and two can ride facing each other...
  183. FishSwami

    31ft Chris Craft Twin Diesel Steal It!

    Hi Mick, We played some phone tag regarding the boat. I did end up buying a 22' center console. Thanks for trying to catch up with me and I wish you the best of luck with the sale. It's looks like an awfully nice boat. Ty
  184. FishSwami

    Radar and GPS for sale

    Second PM replied, Thanks, Ty
  185. FishSwami

    NEW IN BOX, Mercury 15hp 4 Storke

    Left phone message, unable to pm. Ty
  186. FishSwami

    San Diego Bay and Mission Bay, Winter Bass Action....

    Hey Lee, In fact the winter is my favorite time to fish the bays. The fish tend to stick together and once you find them, stick with those same spots. 20 fish days not uncommon. Try swimbaits on 1/4 to 1/2 oz. jigheads and go get em. A boat or kayak does come in handy. TP
  187. FishSwami

    Hi's Tackle 10 dayer in the RP

    Nice report Jason. Looks like tons of fun. I'm curious what the secrets were to keep from getting sawed off? TP
  188. FishSwami

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    Hey man, this is an excellent suggestion and I think I'll check this out right away. Thanks for the detailed info! Ty
  189. FishSwami

    Rancho Leonero 9/23 - 9/29

    Hey Slater (or anyone for advice), I'm going to the East Cape on Alaska Airlines from San Diego later this month. How'd you pack your reels down and back? I've traveled plenty with my my reels in carry on and never had a problem either way as recently as returning from Fiji this May, but now...
  190. FishSwami

    Constitution 1.5 Day

    I was there. Great trip for sure. Excellent crew and group of gentlemen to fish with. TP
  191. FishSwami

    albies 9-5-10

    Way to go Louie, Joe and friends! We set out to go in my buddys 28 Bertram, the Laura Lee on Friday night. Called it though due to wx. T Bone and I spent the night on the boat all fired up but (luckily) it was 10 plus knots even at the dock at midnight. We called it then and it was a good call...
  192. FishSwami

    Windan calico

    Nice Calico on the board. The kelp is loaded and it's a great, easy way to hit untapped territory. I boardfish all of the time. The only way to go in my opinion is with a box made by Boardfisher. It's totally outfitted specifically for surfboard fishing and it attaches to the board with ease...
  193. FishSwami

    New to Yak Fishin. Any advice?

    Hey Drew - Check Private Messages aka PM's - Ty
  194. FishSwami

    Jarheads need advice

    I don't know O'side offshore but... If you like fishing inshore and you want some very consistent, simple inshore fun, try inside the harbor. The docks , grass beds, holes and channel areas are full of hard pulling fish on light tackle year round. Spotted bay bass, sand bass, the odd halibut...
  195. FishSwami

    Kayak fishing in la jolla

    How about the calicos?
  196. FishSwami

    "Legend" off Todos Santos 4.6.10

    OK, I'm going to go out on a limb here. I'm not insinuating that any of the posters here are "that guy" but... If a guy doesn't reel in when the Captain says to after a stop (especially if he's ALWAYS the last to reel in), he should expect to hear from the Captain about it. It does suck if...
  197. FishSwami

    Fishing Mission Bay "help"

    If you can, buy any type of Kayak that you can afford. Used ones without all of the bells and whistles can be found for a few hundred bucks. It will open up a world of possibilities. In MB try christmas tree grubs or plasitcs on a 1/2 ounce leadhead with a tidal movement (key factor). Try...
  198. FishSwami

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    Lets start a frenzy... Just caught limit's of 40 pounders on the blue and white!
  199. FishSwami

    STOLEN from my garage last night....

    Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Religiously lock all house, garage and car doors. Close and lock all windows. Be aware and don't trust anyone you don't know, even for a peek intro you house or stuff. A barking dog (of any size) defending his territory is an excellent deterrent. A...
  200. FishSwami

    6-DAY FIRST STRING 10/17 - 10/23

    Thanks for the nice report. Sounds pretty good. I'm leaving Monday and likely gonna be dealing with some 20k north wind for a day or two Wed and Thurs. Does it shut it down and roll things over right away? Any suggestions? Thanks TP
  201. FishSwami

    Off the Hook while On the Hook at Guadalupe

    Excellent, Thanks for the reply. Maybe it won't make a difference or better yet, maybe the winds wont show. TP
  202. FishSwami

    Off the Hook while On the Hook at Guadalupe

    I'm going to Guadalupe leaving on Monday morning. The forecast at this point looks like a low will move through socal and continue south through our fishing area. Not much weather associated with it but may have 15k-20k+ winds from the north for Wed and Thursday. Does anyone know how this...
  203. FishSwami

    Bright and Morning Star, 7 day

    I haven't fished with him yet but I know he does. TP
  204. FishSwami

    Bright and Morning Star, 7 day

    I was on this trip and I'm going again soon, The Captain is a good guy who worked 20 hours a day to find fish and bait that we would have possibly needed for the trip home. He was also good at listening to passengers, their opinions and concerns. I have done a fair amount of long range...
  205. FishSwami

    How else do YFT bite

    I second this reply. I have been fishing sporadically for a long time but have put significant time in over the last two seasons. For the most part I fish tuna with circle hooks but have gone to J hooks for certain applications (usually it has to do with the way I am pinning the bait to the...
  206. FishSwami

    Sons first tuna

    Congrats on hooking the kid up! It's a great feeling for both of you that will last a lifetime I'm sure. I've been taking my seven year old fishing all season. He caught his first Albacore, Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail and finally Dorado this past weekend. The bond I'm feel like I'm...
  207. FishSwami

    Mexican license for 7 year old?

    Thanks for the advise guys! Im on it.
  208. FishSwami

    Mexican license for 7 year old?

    Does my 7 year old son need a Mexican license to fish in Mexican waters on a private boat? Thanks
  209. FishSwami

    July 9 Blue Water Tackle 1.5 Day on the Aztec

    Short and sweet... Went on the Aztec out of Seaforth for a 1.5 Albie trip. I had my hopes up since the previous days catch was epic. Had my kid in a frenzy for the trip. We trolled, and trolled, and trolled... The boat caught 15 or so for the day up to 25 lbs. Some on the troll and some on...
  210. FishSwami

    Q-105 7day trip (6-20 to 6-27)

    Bobby, This was a great trip and I immediately signed up to go back. So did Dale, Alex and probably another couple of our friends. Maybe my 8 year old son will be ready next year as well. It was the best overall group of guys I have ever traveled with. Helpful and friendly. The rods you...
  211. FishSwami

    Pac Voyager 1.5 Colnett this Fri 12-12.

    "Winds from the south - opens the fishes mouth". Hopefully we'll be ahead of the cold front which can bring on a solid bite at times. Full moon though. Sounds like a rough ride home though.
  212. FishSwami

    Pac Voyager 1.5 Colnett this Fri 12-12.

    I'll be there with a buddy. Heard today that the trips a go. Who cares about the weather, the fish are in the sea. See ya then- Ty
  213. FishSwami

    2 For The Price of 1 1.5 Day fishing

    Tried to call PLSF at 8:30 pm and their closed. Would need to make plans right away tonight to make this sked if possible. Is this a go for sure yet? Don't want to piss off the boss for no reason! - Thanks Update...asked anyway...Neg