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  1. ifishinxs

    Great spring fly fishing in Southern Utah

    Its just been good fishing every were this spring now heading into early summer...My problem has been which water to fish...We had a short ice fishing season although the quality of fish was outstanding.. Here's pic from one of my favorite still water locations...Fishing an indicator over a...
  2. ifishinxs

    Waldport in July

    I have a family reunion in Waldport in mid July. I plan on fishing every day..Whats happening here at this time of year? I'm trying to figure out what I need to take..
  3. ifishinxs

    One Man Pontoon boat

    I had been tossing around the idea of getting a fishing boat again. Then I started looking at these one man Pontoon boats..These look like the ticket for me..Strap an electric trolling motor on the back and I'm golden. Does anyone have a take on these small craft?..what's the one to get?
  4. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon Brown

    Here's a short clip from yesterday...The Go Pro is coming in real handy.
  5. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon

    I fished Mammoth creek again and someone must have told the fish I was coming because I spent 2 hrs working the pools and runs for nada.. It was a brisk 22 degrees in the morning and my guides kept freezing up. I decided to bite the bullet and head to Kingston Canyon. The fishing was pretty...
  6. ifishinxs

    Mammoth Creek gives up the Browns

    I got a late start off to the creek. I had to run some errands and make a stop at Circle Valley Fly shop here in town to pick up a few new floro leaders and talk some fishing..After that I was pumped and ready to go.. I tied up a Olive wooly Bugger and added about 20 wraps of .20 lead to keep...
  7. ifishinxs

    Minersviller reservior

    I headed out to scout Elk again just South West of Beaver, Utah. So I took along my trusty fly rod so I could hit up Minersville after I was done. I rolled up to the lake about 0930 and find the field office closed with a fee box. I don't carry cash anymore so a $5.00 cash fee wasnt working...
  8. ifishinxs

    Okay..Mammoth Creek again

    Today I had to scout out an Area to Hunt Elk in the morning. Then fish until my right shoulder gets sore from casting. I arrived around 1130 Am at Mammoth Creek and decided to fish down where the creek meets the Sevier river. I started off with a bead head Prince Nymph. I fished a 1/2 mile...
  9. ifishinxs

    A Mammoth creek quickie

    My parents wanted an outting today as they are both in there late 70's and my Father just complete his Chemo therapy and is now clean. :) So I thought a trip up to Mammoth Creek and then off to Escalante and the Grand stair case and then a trip over the Boulder mountains where in order. Its...
  10. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    I got my boys off to school this morning at 0700 hrs. Loaded my my rods, waders and associated gear and hit the road..I live in Cedar City so I took the short cut and made the turn toward Hatch on the dirt road..Poked my head out on Hwy 89 and made the run over to Bryce Canyon and hung a left on...
  11. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Creek on the Fly

    Its been awhile since I have posted here on BD..I retired in 2009 and got out of Southern California ASAP...I now reside in Southern Utah. This last month I finally tired of the bait and lure fishing and picked up a fly rod..I have to say its brought a whole new level of excitement to the...
  12. ifishinxs

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    I retired a few years ago to southern Utah since then I have become addicted to Ice fishing..There is really not to many things more fun than pulling trout through an 8 inch hole in the ice... This photo was taken on Dec 23rd..
  13. ifishinxs

    Royal Star ( Braid sponsored trip)

    Who else is on this trip leaving on Monday Sept 22nd. It looks like the timing is perfect with big fish at the Lupe and decent offshore action on the way up and back.
  14. ifishinxs

    Basic..Orange and Blue

    I've been building rods for this guy for years. He won't let me get to creative with his wraps. This is very basic stuff. Cal Star 800L Notice the ramp. I used hypalon. shaped it to fit then coated it with epoxy. Then just a touch up with sand paper at the transition and it worked pretty...
  15. ifishinxs

    Desert CaMO Ala black spots

    This started out going one direction and went somewhere else. None the less its different and once again the pictures don' capture the gold hues in the marble..
  16. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    No, Your not on any drugs! If you are this is going to trip you out. Heres a little Purple HAZE! Im thinking people will just get out of your way when you fish these sticks.
  17. ifishinxs

    Saint Croix- in Marble

    I don't do lot of sweet water sticks. But this Drop shoot Blank is SWEET! I really wanted to hit DVL before I shipped this one off just to see how it fishes..
  18. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Okay, I'm sitting around and the colors hit me...Nice I have GG90J I need to get done Before the Yellowtail Shoot out...Hit the garage, mix some colors and away I go.. I should have the guides on in the next few days and Those Tady 45's are gonna fly.. Heres the colors..Base Is a Boyd...
  19. ifishinxs

    I have lost my Marbles its Pink/Green

    I hope Julie likes this..It still amazes me as each rod is so different than the next..
  20. ifishinxs

    Elliemays 700L rod build

    Julie wanted a play by play on her new rod. So I thought I might as well make it a "How to" for those just getting into rod building. Sorry for the picture quaility First off a picutre of the rod label..700L Heres a pic of the reel seat installed. I ruff sanded the blank first. I...
  21. ifishinxs

    Blue Marblishious

    Again I appoligize for the Pics..This is a 765L. Set up for rail fishing at the Lupe... If staring at the this rod for awhile..Its either Cosmic or Mystic..
  22. ifishinxs

    Oh So PINK

    Heres my first shot at marbling...This rod was built for a friends wife for mothers day..
  23. ifishinxs

    Calstar Blanks

    I'm looking for the New Generation Calstar 690J and 90J blanks.. Anyone have a line on these yet? ...I had the new #'s for these blanks and I now I can't find'em.. Thanks
  24. ifishinxs

    Seat and Tip question

    Once I spline a rod. I mark spline. when assembling the rod. I install my grips and seat. The seat being lined up with the spline. My next step is to install my tip. Kinda like setting up fence posts. Line the seat up with the tip then place the guides inline. I have seen where some guys...
  25. ifishinxs


    Heres one I built for myself..I was looking for something different..This is a 765ML built for fishing the rail..Fuji new concept guides. X-wrap over cork..14" rear grip and 14" out back...The pictures aren't great but you get the idea..
  26. ifishinxs

    665 spectra capacity

    I just picked up the Accurate 655 2 speed. The Accurate line calculator say's that it will hold 432 yds of 80lb spectra at .020 diameter.. So can anyone tell me how much 80lb spectra the reel really holds? or how much 80lb hollow spectra your running and the length of the top shot. I plan...
  27. ifishinxs

    American Angler is into the Cows

    Heres the report: Cows Today we got a taste of the "first day jitters" on the tuna grounds - not really knowing what to expect at times makes it hard to choose the right gear. Small reels with hundred pound mono and smaller hooks proved to be overmatched. After several long battles with a...
  28. ifishinxs

    Ad-Seg Boys

    Ole and Sean on the RP are getting some nice ones ALSO. 4 days of travel to rest up these fish should have come to boat fast..:appl: Nice fish for Sean.
  29. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Heres some photos of the HXJ next to the JX for contrast. The HXJ will be an fantastic Jig reel and with the right spectra mono combo it will double as bait reel as well. The HXJ has already been torn down and re lubed.The drag washer has been worked with the shimano drag...
  30. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    I hear Avet will have the HXJ out soon...Okay what is an HXJ.... I'm Asuming its a Narrow version.. Has anybody heard anything?? release date..ETC The Avet Web site Blows...When was the last time that thing was updated.
  31. ifishinxs

    Hot Rod Avet?

    I seems the one main complaint on the smaller to mid sized Avet reels is binding of the handle under max drag settings..This is akin to the problem Penn Internationals had with lack of free spool when the drag was set up high. Then we had Cal Sheets and Cofe among others who through some...
  32. ifishinxs

    Sweetwater River in August

    I'll be heading up to Wyoming to Fly fish the Platte and Sweetwater. I'll be around Martins cove and Independence rock area..I'm looking for info on what flies work in this area..And any personal recommendations..I'll be staying in a place called Muddy Gap for the first 2 weeks in August...
  33. ifishinxs


    I hit DVL on Sunday the 27, Tuesday 29th and Wed the 30th. On Sunday we worked the Marina area and the rock cove for a few hours first thing in the morning..I caught one stocker trout on a mini jig with a power worm tail..Then hooked another monster that snapped my 2lb test like butter...
  34. ifishinxs

    Diamond valley lake 083005

    Well I hit the lake again for about the 6th week in a row... I finally hit on spot that produces some nice bass..We caught a few so I thought I share some pics and for those who fish the lake may know where this spot is..All fish where release after being photographed.. This...
  35. ifishinxs

    DVL on 08105

    I got the trout scoop from the local tackle store on Tuesday. Of course I had to buy another rod while in the store to go with my new reel..So I called the lake Tuesday afternoon and secured a rental bass boat for Wed Morning...Cody(my son) and I hit the ramp at about 630 am..The rental boat has...
  36. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    I had this designed for the Ad-Seg Guys..Its a proto type. Let me Know what Ya think...I'm looking for some Positive input from some of your creative minds...I think?
  37. ifishinxs

    Mako Boat and Trailer

    Mako boat and New Trailer I thought some of you might want to see my ride..Its a 1980 25 cc Mako. I just put a New JohnCo Aluminum trailer under it.... I designed the Side guides and had them made at the local welding shop. [
  38. ifishinxs

    Late report for the 9th

    Got in the water at SI at 0500ish...."jail Bait" left about 40 min's before I arrived and headed to the 302. The wind was blowing early and as I approached the #'s I could see the water blasting off the front of the a boat in front of me it was "jail bait"....His radio was on the Fritz so we...
  39. ifishinxs

    Nados' on the 26th(late report)

    We started out at the 425 looking for the Elusive Dodo's...We spent several hours looking for kelp. Water was 70 degrees and blue. We found several kelp with none holding anything...Then We found A decent Kelp..I got short bit on the 20lb...Then Marty gets bit on the 15lb..ITS a...
  40. ifishinxs

    ADSEG trip

    Well, the boys are meeting up at Shelter Island at 0500 on Monday the 14th. We will have my Mako(Island girl), a 25ft Davis(Jail Bait) and a 23 Sea Ox(Tigerlily) We will be on 69, 72. Give us a call. We will be fishing the 371, 425 and working toward the upperfinger.
  41. ifishinxs

    Monday 24th

    Myself and a Couple of the Adseg guys are heading out toward the inner banks on Monday......Weather permitting! We should be on the water around 0500 ish. If your in the area give me a shout on 72...
  42. ifishinxs

    Tuesday the 30th report

    I started a the 425 in the gray...Spotted some Porpoise and droped in the trolling rigs. 30sec later skip and Jack...Worked my way toward the 371. Then SW a few miles. It was like a lake, water temp was 67.5 most of the day. I Got a call of fish on some Kelp about 15 miles SW of the 302. 12...
  43. ifishinxs

    9/16 Yt/yft

    I stated fishing the middle grounds in the dark...Nothing happening so I head to the Lee of South Islands birds where up and so where the Yellowtail..Caught my firsy yellow in the set and forget it mode...!2lb fish...Run and gun till around 1000 am. I had One Newby on board. So It was fun...
  44. ifishinxs


    Give me a call on the radio if any of your are working that area on tuesday.....Bob on the Island Girl
  45. ifishinxs

    Wed the 21st-Pile driven

    I'll heading down to that area on Wed...Anyone else headed that way?.....I monitor 68 and 72...Give me shout if your in the area...I'm not hard to miss 25ft CC Mako with Tuna tower. BOB, On the "Island Girl"