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  1. ifishinxs

    Great spring fly fishing in Southern Utah

    Its just been good fishing every were this spring now heading into early summer...My problem has been which water to fish...We had a short ice fishing season although the quality of fish was outstanding.. Here's pic from one of my favorite still water locations...Fishing an indicator over a...
  2. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Lake

    Its a put and take lake..they stock thousands of trout in that lake to keep the tourists happy...its a great place to take power bait and worm was stated before lots of dead cuts and tigers due to the slot..never dig a hook out of any slot fish. If its hooked deep cut the line close...
  3. ifishinxs

    Big Bear Lake 5/24

    We call it Slam'in peach...Its all you ever need.. carolina rig with 4lb floro and you'll out fish everyone..
  4. ifishinxs

    Utah. Brian head area

    Its ice fishing time. Panguitch is fishable now. Just fished it. The creeks are iced up pretty good right now. With snow the next few days the creeks will be brutal.
  5. ifishinxs

    Bass Fishing Utah?

    I moved to Cedar in 2009 from Comifornia.. After Living, Hunting and Fishing here I fully agree...I have learned to keep my trips on the down low.
  6. ifishinxs

    Fall in the Rockys

    Wolly Bugger gone cRazy...Minus the hackle...sweet...Let us know how it works
  7. ifishinxs

    Bait tickets

    Those were the days for sure. I was just a young kid back then..The Newport Pier had no rails, just wooden benches. My mom was always afraid I would fall off the pier..Never did..My dad would send me up to get bait with a few tickets in hand a 1 gallon pail to put the Anchovies in...Good times...
  8. ifishinxs

    Carpage and Basstage

    Here in the South, the rain has pretty much wiped us out with high flows and muddy conditions. I'm waiting on fall when they shut the flows down and the rain stops.
  9. ifishinxs

    Carpage and Basstage

    Send me a PM.
  10. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah Fly Fishing Question

    Nope..nothing to see here! move along!... send me a PM...
  11. ifishinxs

    Kolob Reservoir

    The fishing is fair on the fly rod...Do your time on the water and you will be rewarded..Wooly buggers in black or olive will get you fish..If you want a nice treat drive over to where the creek enters the lake and watch the fish in full spawning mode.. If you bait fish..The normal PB and...
  12. ifishinxs

    Trout Making Red on GoPro HERO Video

    You have to love the typical SO Cal spawning grounds complete with Beer bottle. Great video footage by the way.
  13. ifishinxs

    Waldport in July

    Thanks a bunch. Thats the info I needed..
  14. ifishinxs

    Waldport in July

    Thanks guy...Any trout action in the creeks and rivers?
  15. ifishinxs

    Waldport in July

    I have a family reunion in Waldport in mid July. I plan on fishing every day..Whats happening here at this time of year? I'm trying to figure out what I need to take..
  16. ifishinxs

    One Man Pontoon boat

    I had been tossing around the idea of getting a fishing boat again. Then I started looking at these one man Pontoon boats..These look like the ticket for me..Strap an electric trolling motor on the back and I'm golden. Does anyone have a take on these small craft?..what's the one to get?
  17. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah Ice Fishing

    Looks like Minersville?
  18. ifishinxs

    Wanted to share..

    Loved it Shelly...Great reading.
  19. ifishinxs

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Here's Sam doing what he does best..
  20. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    The secret to Kolob is to fish it just prior to when the bait fishing dates start. Its really good right after the ice comes off and then again in the fall once the kids get back to school. The Seiver holds Monsters. Assay can be really good at times. I've seen trout as long as my arm in...
  21. ifishinxs


    That's what I'm talking about..Getting the boys hooked on fishing..Priceless!
  22. ifishinxs

    panguitch lake utah ice conditions????

    Thanks for the reports guys...I'll be out sometime this next week..Go Pro in hand.
  23. ifishinxs

    Kern River 12/26-12/27

    Nice fatty....That San Juan worm is always a go to when nothing else seems to work.
  24. ifishinxs

    panguitch lake utah ice conditions????

    I just got the word that the lake is frozen over and the fishing was hot Christmas eve..
  25. ifishinxs

    panguitch lake utah ice conditions????

    Its been so freaking warm this winter I haven't a clue. I just checked Minersville and its still open with a cap forming on the North end of the lake. Yankee is probably frozen over But I can't get to it now with all the snow. I may head up to Panguitch after Jan 1st and check it out..It...
  26. ifishinxs

    Great season so far!

    Its looking a little blustery up your way. ...;) It sure isn't Calfornia...HUH? I put up just over 2 cords of wood every fall now. Very Nice fish!
  27. ifishinxs

    Boise River 11/28 Brown Town

    Its been so freaking warm here this "Winter" I may head up the Mountain tomorrow and give it a shot my self. Very Nice Brown by the way.
  28. ifishinxs

    Boise Idaho Year in Review (Pic Heavy)

    Let me me know. I'm ready when you are now that this Black Friday and Cyber Monday crap are out of the way..:rofl:
  29. ifishinxs

    Boise Idaho Year in Review (Pic Heavy)

    Mecrankemate, I loved your post and pictures. Don't stop doing what you do, There are always going to be nay sayers out there. Now, once you pick up a fly rod and learn to make that perfect cast to a rising trout with a fly you tied yourself..Your world will never be the same. :) I...
  30. ifishinxs

    Boise Idaho Year in Review (Pic Heavy)

    Mecrankemate, I loved your post and pictures. Don't stop doing what you do, There are always going to be nay sayers out there. Now, once you pick up a fly rod and learn to make that perfect cast to a rising trout with a fly you tied yourself..Your world will never be the same. :) I should...
  31. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon Brown

    During your time frame everything is frozen solid...Spring time at Yankee Meadows is fantastic for kids and one beautiful place to take the family. If you want to Ice fish Pangutich lake would be your best bet
  32. ifishinxs

    How many hrs for a outboard?

    + 1 to what Bottom line said. Then consider most boat owners only put an average of 100 hrs a year on the motor and that HPDI will last a long time properly maintained. Your buyer is just trying to work you for a better price..That Cabo 216 is a great boat.
  33. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon Brown

    No, but I've seen them. I'll need to tie a few of those up this winter.
  34. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon Brown

    Most creeks and rivers here have crawfish in them..The olive wooly bugger resembles them as well as the sculpin..Its been my go to fly most of the summer. Kingston Canyon is North of Pangutich, Utah..
  35. ifishinxs

    GLoomis Blanks

    Like others have said.. Go Here: This is all the new Loomis stuff with a different name..If you have questions just shoot them an e-mail..
  36. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon Brown

    Here's a short clip from yesterday...The Go Pro is coming in real handy.
  37. ifishinxs

    GoPro Hero2 outdoor edition on sale at Costco

    I picked up the Go Pro Hero 2 a few weeks ago. (Best buy 199.00) Dennis is right about the editing part but I think I have it sort of figured out. Here's my first video I shot fly fishing in Kingston Canyon. I now have 3 battery's this should be a big help..Next on my list is the dive...
  38. ifishinxs

    They're Back

    Fun times right there!..Those carp pull like a truck..
  39. ifishinxs

    safe fishing

    The lake is super low this year since the lake hasn't recovered from the broken Dam gate..We are hoping for a heavy winter to get the lake back up to full pool. Typically we fish in 10-15 ft of water..If you have a pop up ice shelter fishing is Super comfortable and you can see to the bottom of...
  40. ifishinxs

    safe fishing

    Donny, I fish Panguitch lake a couple times a week all winter...The Ice fishing season usually starts Mid December...You have to be SUPER carefull early on as the Ice can be safe in one place and open water in another....I usually fish near the east shore launch ramp. You can always drop me a...
  41. ifishinxs

    Amercian Angler on Cows 10/23/12

    Great stuff....and I can feel their pain! ;)
  42. ifishinxs

    Mammoth Creek gives up the Browns

    The Go Pro Hero 2 cameras are being discounted right now..$199.00 at Best Buy and Amazon..I picked one up at Best Buy..These cameras are awsume.
  43. ifishinxs

    Kingston Canyon

    I fished Mammoth creek again and someone must have told the fish I was coming because I spent 2 hrs working the pools and runs for nada.. It was a brisk 22 degrees in the morning and my guides kept freezing up. I decided to bite the bullet and head to Kingston Canyon. The fishing was pretty...
  44. ifishinxs

    Mammoth Creek gives up the Browns

    Thats a great idea. I had thought the same thing but as usual my camera was at home. I fish alone 99% of the time so I'm looking into the Go Pro Hero 2 cameras. This way I can mount it on my hat, turn it on and fish.
  45. ifishinxs

    Mammoth Creek gives up the Browns

    I got a late start off to the creek. I had to run some errands and make a stop at Circle Valley Fly shop here in town to pick up a few new floro leaders and talk some fishing..After that I was pumped and ready to go.. I tied up a Olive wooly Bugger and added about 20 wraps of .20 lead to keep...
  46. ifishinxs

    Minersviller reservior

    Nice Goat! I talked to a guy at the lake. He told me that he had hooked a Brook trout in that same hole earlier in the morning that would have gone 20" but came unbuttoned..I guess anything is possible.. I'm hunting in Blue Canyon Friday on private land for Spike..I'm hoping this Front moving...
  47. ifishinxs

    Minersviller reservior

    I headed out to scout Elk again just South West of Beaver, Utah. So I took along my trusty fly rod so I could hit up Minersville after I was done. I rolled up to the lake about 0930 and find the field office closed with a fee box. I don't carry cash anymore so a $5.00 cash fee wasnt working...
  48. ifishinxs

    Okay..Mammoth Creek again

    Today I had to scout out an Area to Hunt Elk in the morning. Then fish until my right shoulder gets sore from casting. I arrived around 1130 Am at Mammoth Creek and decided to fish down where the creek meets the Sevier river. I started off with a bead head Prince Nymph. I fished a 1/2 mile...
  49. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    The Answer to your question is "Yes"..I'll fish Minersville hard this spring..I just fished the lower part of Mammoth Creek yesterday and It was really good...Olive Wooley Bugger short stripped was my go to bait. I still might fish Minersville this next week (after hearing your report) after...
  50. ifishinxs

    A Mammoth creek quickie

    My parents wanted an outting today as they are both in there late 70's and my Father just complete his Chemo therapy and is now clean. :) So I thought a trip up to Mammoth Creek and then off to Escalante and the Grand stair case and then a trip over the Boulder mountains where in order. Its...
  51. ifishinxs

    Some Rocky Mountain Fichin'

    Nice Fish!.. I'm off to Mammoth Creek again in the morning..
  52. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    Yeah, the tip on the Loomis is just crazy good. Oh, and she is HOT! I moved up from a TFO Bvk 9' 6wt. Which is no slouch. I took the clicker out of the Konic..Nothing better than sneeking up a creek only to strip some line and hear that thing making a racket. I love the drag, its very smooth...
  53. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    Local knowledge is a huge help. If you head this way again look me Up...I'll point you in the right direction.
  54. ifishinxs

    Southern Utah loop on the fly

    I got my boys off to school this morning at 0700 hrs. Loaded my my rods, waders and associated gear and hit the road..I live in Cedar City so I took the short cut and made the turn toward Hatch on the dirt road..Poked my head out on Hwy 89 and made the run over to Bryce Canyon and hung a left on...
  55. ifishinxs

    Teton River 6/24/12

    Nice trip Shelly....I need to get up to Henry's lake and then on to Yellowstone to fish the Madison..I'm hoping next springish.
  56. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Creek on the Fly

    Yeah, the beauty here is just incredible, clean air, no traffic, great people, it really doesn't get much better...My new neighbor just moved here from Ramona.
  57. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Creek on the Fly

    Yeah, you got me..RSO
  58. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Creek on the Fly

    Its been awhile since I have posted here on BD..I retired in 2009 and got out of Southern California ASAP...I now reside in Southern Utah. This last month I finally tired of the bait and lure fishing and picked up a fly rod..I have to say its brought a whole new level of excitement to the...
  59. ifishinxs

    Bassin sand hollow **VIDEO**

    I just fished Minersville last Saturday..Big trout everywhere but no takers.The week before fishing was good on Jointed rapalas. We fished for Smallies as well with not a bite. Water was still hovering around 60 degrees and the lake is at full pool. So another few weeks and that smallie bite...
  60. ifishinxs

    Panguitch Lake Ice Fishing Video

    I just saw this video..Great stuff..I fish that lake year round... As a side note....The dam didn't break!...The gate that opens and closes to allow water down the creek for irrigation was broken...The new gate is in place with a much better system than the old one. The Ice is off the lake now...
  61. ifishinxs

    Ice fishin Utah

    Rob, Try using a 1/32 jig head with a meal worm then put just enough power bait to cover the jig head. Pig in blanket is what I call it..Its deadly...4lb test floro makes difference as well. I'm glad you had a good trip...
  62. ifishinxs

    Ice fishin Utah

    Dan, I fished Navajo lake last week....I live in Cedar City as well.. You need a Snowmobile or ATV to get into the lake...The fishing was good for Rainbows and Splake... To get to the lake you have to make the drive up through Brian head when the road is clear. Then cut across thru...
  63. ifishinxs

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    The Dairy Freeze is my one stop shop on the way down from Yankee Meadows in the summer (great shakes) If you can get a Snowmobile, try and get up to Yankee Reservior and score a large Brook or Cutthroat trout through the ice..
  64. ifishinxs

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    Carlos, PM sent....great to Hear from you..:)
  65. ifishinxs

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    I fish the lake year round and look forward each season. This last fall the spillway was just crazy fishing for trout over 20 inches. Its the fish that I see over 25 inches that keep me coming back. For you guys that used to fish the lake you need to make the trip. The lake has changed very...
  66. ifishinxs

    Panguitch lake on Ice

    I retired a few years ago to southern Utah since then I have become addicted to Ice fishing..There is really not to many things more fun than pulling trout through an 8 inch hole in the ice... This photo was taken on Dec 23rd..
  67. ifishinxs

    AR-15 Stripped Lower?

    JD machine/ Kaiser Defense is top notch stuff...They also make lowers or made lowers for Spikes Tactical and several others. Heres a good link for info at
  68. ifishinxs

    Jeep Wrangler 4.0L I6 vs 3.8L V6

    I just sold my 2007 JK..It had a Terra Flex leveling kit, Gobi rack and I ran 33 MTR's and it got 14 mpg in the city and 12 mpg on the hwy (4:10's). I loved it but the Mileage was killing me.. When the JK 2dr was stock I would get 19 MPG on the hwy. The current JK's are way underpowered and...
  69. ifishinxs

    remington under fire

    I have a brand new 700 CDL LH in 270 with the X-mark trigger and a Vortez 3.5x10x50. Its shoots 1 inch holes all day. 3 1/2lb trigger out of the box. I tried to trick the tigger and safety...I doesn't happen on this gun.. I also have an 80's model 870 wingmaster with thousands of rounds...
  70. ifishinxs

    Calstar Failure

    Perfection ring guide runs a couple bucks...Have it rewrapped for a few more dollars and call it good. Cal star replacing a rod because a guide broke off is just silly..
  71. ifishinxs

    2010 spring Break Daddy's Girl Tigerlily

    Very nice bogii! Your little girl is growing up...Mine will be 20 this year and is just finishing up her 2nd year of college.
  72. ifishinxs

    Fishing with the Mita Mafia - 10/25

    Grant, Nice job on the fish..It's good to see you had a great trip Wait till you fish with Bogii .....Now thats a good time.. Shoot me some shots with the new power on "Island Girl" I just scored myself an inland boat..2007 Jeep Sahara.."Mountain Girl"
  73. ifishinxs

    Cedar City, Utah - trout

    I just fished Panguitch Lake....WFO on trout ...Salmon Peach power bait, 4lb floro was the ticket. Just go left from the boat launch about 100 yds and about the same distance from shore. It was just stupid fishing for about 2 hrs and I left them bitting.
  74. ifishinxs


    That's kinda what I was thinking. One you fish (rod) with and the other you hang a flag (Pole) on. :)
  75. ifishinxs


    Nice going. I fished that lake with my family a few years back. We stayed in those small cabins close to the Rental boats and launch ramp.. For us it was WFO at first light slow trolling spinners. Once the sun was up that bite stopped... Then we would switch over to catching the perch and an...
  76. ifishinxs

    Heres one for ya,

    I wish everyone in this great country would always be mindfull that Freedom isn't free. We get so caught up in living that we forget the sacrifies that where made, and are made on our behalf every single day. We give entertainers great fan fair when they die. Michael Jackson was on every...
  77. ifishinxs

    Guadalupe 1st timer

    I fished the Lupe several times. 1-30lb, 2- 40lb, 1 -50lb, 1- 80/100lb. You will use the 30lb stick for bait fishing at night. It can also be used to fish light when the smaller tuna are around or when fish tuna and yellowtail on the way down. The 40lb set ups are your main stay. I have...
  78. ifishinxs

    Dale Jr. Blows another pit stop & then takes out Stremme

    I think you nailed it...Kyle Bush said the same thing. Jr's is still good for endorsements but for how much longer?
  79. ifishinxs

    1 st marbeling attempt.

    That's SWEET!!
  80. ifishinxs

    Yellowstone Vacation fishing advise...

    This is the holy grail of fly fishing with Elk watching your every cast. The surroundings are breath taking. Loads of fish everywhere. My first time I used a casta bubble and a 3 foot leader of 4lb test. Tied on a hopper and caught, rainbows and browns. All released to fight another day. Make...
  81. ifishinxs

    Tigerlily 2 advil please

    VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...You have worked long and hard and Its good to see things coming together. I can't wait to see the results..
  82. ifishinxs

    Dale E Jr. just fucked up ... AGAIN!

    Jason I Should have said that a little different. I've never been a Dale Jr "fan". But always watch his progress because I was a huge Dale sr fan. I don't have a "Favorite" driver but from what I've seen so far this year coupled with the season last year. I would say Kyle Bush is going to be the...
  83. ifishinxs

    Dale E Jr. just fucked up ... AGAIN!

    I've given up on Jr.. I'm going with #18 on Sunday...
  84. ifishinxs

    builders for custom 765L

    I just sold this one on E-bay... img][/img
  85. ifishinxs

    Help with flex coat

    I have switched to Aftcoat as well. I use the same method as Doc almost..Instead of a lamp. I use a prophane torch..SET ON LOW and wave it over the wrap as it spins. It took some practice and few scorched guides along the way but I have it mastered now.
  86. ifishinxs

    40lb bait rod choices

    765L.............That rod will cover the whole spectrum..Its rated 30-80 and fishes 40-50lb bitchen...The 765XL works better it the 30-40lb range but will fish the 50lb without a doubt.
  87. ifishinxs

    Butt glue

    Rod bond is the way to go.
  88. ifishinxs

    A Couple of Calstar 800's

    ONce again you nailed it....The reel mounted backwards did get a chuckle..
  89. ifishinxs

    Setting up 40# and 50# reels?

    I was able to do an inline slice with JB65 solid..Yeap its hollow..I had to use a small threading needle to get it open and then step up to a larger needle to get the job done..Then just spliced in a short section of 80lb hollow...Then just used the cuff connection to 40lb and 50lb mono or floro...
  90. ifishinxs

    spirit of adventure, october 6-11, 2008

    Alan, I was at the Lupe last month..Same issue with getting bit off or chewed thru...2/0 owner ringed circle hooks and No further problems...
  91. ifishinxs


    Scott, I sold my Mako on this board. I had an ad in the Boat Trader at the same time..I found that the Fishing type Internet sites returned alot more responses.. Good luck with your sale..Thats one nice boat.
  92. ifishinxs

    Big squid jigs

    Thats a smokin deal. I think I paid $5.00 a pop for those...
  93. ifishinxs

    New Rod Bench

    Ed, Did you score any of those trophys around lake Matthews..LOL
  94. ifishinxs

    Shimano TSM2 speedmaster

    Kevin, The preset feature of this reel is what set it apart from the rest. You have a preset knob( seperate form the star ) that you set. This would give you your minimum and maximum drag setting. Simuliar to a lever drag reel. Then you could back your star back to the minimum setting or turn...
  95. ifishinxs

    New Rod Bench

    That is one hot looking bench....I really like the drawer lay out...Just the thought for sitting down to wrap makes me jealous...My bench is in the garage and I have to stand up to do my rod work. In my next life I'll have my bench in the house..
  96. ifishinxs

    World Famous Fish Processing still around?

    Mike is .50 a pound and you have to baby sit your fish. 5 star at .75 a pound IS WELL WORTH THE EXTRA .25 cents a pound. I just picked up my fish this last Monday....Its perfect! and what a great location with all the comforts of home if you need to wait to have your fish cut. I live...
  97. ifishinxs

    Shimano TSM2 speedmaster

    Greg, I'm with you on the TSMII and III's they where a great reel. The drags where smooth and you could cast that reel a mile with its light spool. I caught a 106lb sail and a 30lb rooster on mine..I wish Shimano would bring that reel back...
  98. ifishinxs

    Shimano TSM2 speedmaster

    Kevin heres the scoop straight from the shimano web site. I'm pretty sure the reel your talking about is the TSMII...If not, then Steve has got you on the right track As you can see the TSMII is on the list under conventional. The Speed master VI that steve sent the link for is a different...
  99. ifishinxs

    Shimano TSM2 speedmaster

    Kevin, Good luck with parts for that reel.....Shimano likes to make reels then make them obsolete 5 yrs later. I used to own that reel..A great one it was. Then small parts would break and I could'nt get replacement parts...So I sold the reel... In your case you may be able to find...
  100. ifishinxs

    Rod REC for a Accurate 197 4.6 to 1 ratio

    Being an Avid Accurate Guy and a custom rod builder you have several choices. The 197 can fish a wide range of line classes. So Just one rod might not fit the bill but if thats what your looking for your going to have to make a decison on rod length. As you can see from all the responses...
  101. ifishinxs

    Choosing a blank SW bass

    CalStar 900XL.....DA Bomb! The only issue might be blank dia. Also Check out Loomis and St Croix
  102. ifishinxs

    Which Accurates for which line classes?

    I think you have it down...You can bump all those reels up some if needed. I just fished 80lb on the B2 665 no problem. That 270 fishes 30lb really well and would do 40lb or 50lb without a hitch.
  103. ifishinxs

    Accurate Round Knob Handle

    I installed the handle from the ATD6 on my B2 665. Way better than the knob for me..That same handle will fit the 870 as well. I'm not sure why you would change reels. Handles are interchangeable..Get one that fits your hand size and style of fishing and your set.
  104. ifishinxs

    Accurate 870 N

    Well Mike your going to have to spend the time to learn how to cast. That 870N is the shiz wiznit..Get out to the local football field or any open area. Put a couple ounces on the end of the line. Us a spray bottle to keep the line wet and have at it..Once you get good with the current weight...
  105. ifishinxs

    Braid Royal Star 5 Dat Trip September 22-27 - Second Report

    Great report Justin...I can't wait to get the rest of the photos.
  106. ifishinxs

    Which Graphighter Blank for 50lb-60lb

    I just got back form the Lupe..I used a custom 765ML with a Accurate 2B 665 loaded with 65lb solid spliced to 50yds of 80lb hollow..Top shot of 20ft of 50lb Blackwater floro...All I can say is It kicked ass. I also used the same combo with 80lb test top shot for the dropper loop fishing.. The...
  107. ifishinxs

    Braid Royal Star 5 Day w/pics

    Mike, We fished offshore the first day along with the American angler. The Shogun had marked a kelp patty a few days prior. So both boats spent the morning looking for kelp and keeping any eye out for the marked kelp. The Angler found the kelp a few miles SW of us. Once we got in the general...
  108. ifishinxs

    which is the better line?

    Jerry Brown Spectra and Izorline...For florocarbon its Blackwater and Seaguard.
  109. ifishinxs

    Braid Royal Star 5 Day w/pics

    What a Great Trip that was...My shoulders are still sore from pulling on fish. I looked at the fish talley board and as a group we kicked some butt...5 Star is just loving us. As always I learn something new and met some really great guys. It was great fishing with Justin. What a world of...
  110. ifishinxs

    I have two things to share with you

    If proposition 8 does'nt pass that could be the new California flag...
  111. ifishinxs

    Royal Star ( Braid sponsored trip)

    Justin, We'll be at the landing around 0600ish to get a parking spot and get our gear loaded in a cart...To say I'm excited would be an understatement...I scored a 106 lb YFT at the Lupe last time out and I hope to better that mark this time around.. I'll Look forward to sharing the rail...
  112. ifishinxs

    Royal Star ( Braid sponsored trip)

    Who else is on this trip leaving on Monday Sept 22nd. It looks like the timing is perfect with big fish at the Lupe and decent offshore action on the way up and back.
  113. ifishinxs


    Nice work....
  114. ifishinxs


    Man that is one sweet wrap. That has to be one of the best EVER!...Great JOB
  115. ifishinxs

    Big Game90 "LUPE" Fish

    Howard, I'm still not sure that everyone has any Idea of how great a catch this is. 40 Lb test and big sharks. Not to mention an Island that doesn't give up many YFT over 100lbs makes that catch just incredible..Congradulations!
  116. ifishinxs

    Basic..Orange and Blue

    John, He picked up the rods today and was really thrilled with how they turned out..Thats what keeps me building rods. It sure isn't for the money!
  117. ifishinxs

    Basic..Orange and Blue

    Ken, I shaped the ramp and then used some Epoxy on it..Then I was able to wrap the blue tread up the ramp without compressing the hypalon..I was happy with the way it turned out..Pretty simple stuff.
  118. ifishinxs

    boat to go on

    American Angler, Royal Star, Royal polaris, Sho Gun, Independence, Intrepid, Polaris Supreme, just to name a few.. Find one that fits your time frame and GO!
  119. ifishinxs

    Basic..Orange and Blue

    I've been building rods for this guy for years. He won't let me get to creative with his wraps. This is very basic stuff. Cal Star 800L Notice the ramp. I used hypalon. shaped it to fit then coated it with epoxy. Then just a touch up with sand paper at the transition and it worked pretty...
  120. ifishinxs

    US Flag wrap and a Black/Red Snowflake

    NIce stuff..I did a flag wrap about 8 yrs ago...Its still looks great and is still a deckhand favorite.
  121. ifishinxs

    Wife's Trolling Rod

    Once again Randy you nailed it...Very Nice!
  122. ifishinxs

    How much Spectra do I need for the Lupe?

    Chad, Mike made some good advice. I'll be fishing 100yd top shots with 300 to 400 yds of spectra backing on Accurate 2 speeds...The key is to get the fish to the boat if the Sharks are around..and I found the 2 sp reels are the real key to winning that fight.
  123. ifishinxs

    World Famous Fish Processing

    I used Mike season before last with no problems at all. I may go Five Star this next trip just to see the difference if any... I have read lots of stories like Jims and really need no part in that type of mess. I have a friend who had issues with Mike not sending some fish..He finally got...
  124. ifishinxs

    Charter Boat Help

    Joel Rawlston on the Relentless would be my pick....I plan on setting up 2 to 3 charters with him next season...Great Captain and crew and the guy catches fish. If you want Friday and Saturday you'll need to set your trip up as soon as possible.. Good luck
  125. ifishinxs

    Big Game90 "LUPE" Fish

    Anything over 100lbs is a trophy at the Lupe...Nice fish on the 40 lb..
  126. ifishinxs

    My 8 yr. old daughters calstar 195

    Ethan, I like that alot....I hear ya about your daughter..Spend as much time as you can with her as life goes by pretty fast. I just sent mine off to college when it all hit me at once.
  127. ifishinxs

    Red Rooster Labor Day Trip

    Jeff, Thanks for the report. Lost of guys heading out on 5 day trips this month..Your reports will get us all pumped up. So what was working at the Lupe? Seems to me like there are alot of trophy fish this year with the AA getting a 140 LB YFT last trip. Now your talking about a fish...
  128. ifishinxs

    Lupe on the AA 8-23 thru 8-28

    PM sent Looks like the Angler is on the fish again...
  129. ifishinxs

    Lupe on the AA 8-23 thru 8-28

    Richard, I have 6 guys on the Royal Star leaving the same day. I believe you have a couple Hemet locals on your trip as well...Maybe we can get a daily fish count going on each boat as a friendly competion going between the boats.
  130. ifishinxs


    Dam Randy that is some hot stuff..Very Nice!
  131. ifishinxs

    08/11 Oceanside to 182

    Brett we checked out the Numbers given on our way home for those YFT off north Island. Only one boat in the whole area and they where fishing a kelp patty. We fished North of the 371 for all the Small Dorado you wanted. Throw in a few Nice YT and a Bluefin and it was good stop.
  132. ifishinxs

    any info on tiburon blanks?

    I talked to a sales rep about 6 months ago. He told me that Tiburon would be shipping some rod blanks back into the USA..I would Contact Anglers Choice in San Diego and see if Luc as a line on the blanks. Tiburon blanks are a Calstar Knock-off...I believe they are made in China.
  133. ifishinxs

    Wahoo on an Overnight?

    Great news..... We always have to remember in the Ocean, there are no fences.
  134. ifishinxs

    Help me decide!

    The 665 is as good as it gets. Having said that there are lots of reels that will do the same job. The above post have given you some good alternatives. If money is not an issue the Accurate is the way to go.
  135. ifishinxs

    Rodbuilding Charter 8/24 - Quick Roll Call

    I'll be Cedar City Utah.. You guys should have a great trip.
  136. ifishinxs

    silver and black bloodydecks rod

    I was expecting the standard Raider theme....That rod is Sweet.
  137. ifishinxs

    reel choice narrowed down...sort of

    I'm following Jim's lead. Newell 332 or the 338. If you want to spend a few more bucks...Accurate 870N
  138. ifishinxs

    Fishing with Mark Franco at Diamond Valley Lake, Sunday August 3, 2008

    Mark is a great guy and knows that lake really well. Congrats on the nice bass.
  139. ifishinxs

    New action Rooster for the Baja Lovers

    Perfect as usual..Nice work Doc
  140. ifishinxs

    calstar 800xl vs 800L

    Ronny, Heres my take. I have the whole 800 series....The 800XL is a 15lb test stick. It will fish 20lb but it really likes the 15lb. The 800L is a 20lb stick that will fish 15lb thru 25lb test. I love both rods for what they do. The 800XL with a Newell 220 with 15lb test is a killer...
  141. ifishinxs


    GG 90J....and a Tady 45............LOOOOOng Distance!
  142. ifishinxs

    BD Rodbuilding Forum Charter? Thoughts??

    An Overnight trip out of Diego would be the ticket. Weekdays are cheaper. I'm not sure if you could even get an overnight charter set up this late in the game on a weekend. Its worth a shoot though...Its great Idea. You might try Mark Orona on the pacific Voyager out of seaforth.
  143. ifishinxs

    I'm back!!....It's a kaleidoscope

    That is some great work.. I love the colors..They pop!
  144. ifishinxs


    I had a charter on the Black Pearl that fished Monday...ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLday. we got back at the dock at 1130pm..We scratched away for 34 fish and its gone down hill after that. The conditions looked good but I have no Idea what the water temp was.. At this point I would stay home until things...
  145. ifishinxs

    Accurate Boss 270 Magnum

    If its new send it in to Accurate..Should be no Hich'in going on with that reel. It should be smooth. To hazard a guess without knowing exactly what your talking about. You may have an ever so slight burr on one of the gears.
  146. ifishinxs

    which accurate?

    Kenny, Good Choice. I bought my 270 years ago when they first came out. That reel has alot of sentimental value. My first fish on the reel was a 100lb est. Black Sea bass at Santa Barbara Island on 20lb. I now have mine loaded with 250 yds 50lb JB. Then I just fish what ever top shot I need...
  147. ifishinxs

    More drag on a SX 5.1

    "I thought that these reels more or less have an infinate drag." We can always wish Though. The answer is nope! Just by design it can't happen. When I first read your post I thought you where looking for more drag pressure when in fact you where just trying to get what the reel should...
  148. ifishinxs

    My 1st wrap.

    Nice job!
  149. ifishinxs

    More drag on a SX 5.1

    No matter what you do to that reel you can only get so much drag without a serious side load to the bearing. This how the reel is designed. If you want big drag pressure you'll need to go with the Accurate.
  150. ifishinxs

    which accurate?

    I have my 197 loaded with 250 yds of 50lb JB and about 50 to 60 yds of 20lb Izor. Albacore killer with 7lbs of drag. Attached to a Calstar 800L= a really nice set up.
  151. ifishinxs

    New Lo-An

    I have a charter leaving Sunday night as well....On the BLACK PEARL...Its gonna be good!
  152. ifishinxs

    Deckhand rod

    GG90J..All the qualities of glass at half the weight... Heres the one I finished up awhile back. I really like his stick so far..
  153. ifishinxs

    Long Range Boats

    Dan, I think you hit the nail on the head. I retire next year and am headed to Utah as well. The only thing I'll miss about So Cal is the fishing.
  154. ifishinxs


    I saw them on another site a few months back. Great price for a 30 or 50 series reel..No bells or whistles. Just the good stuff.
  155. ifishinxs

    help please

    Heat can age the blank if you get it smokin hot. So just get the coating hot enough so that your razor blade or box knife will slice through it easily..
  156. ifishinxs


    What are you using as a base under the diamond? very nice tiger wraps..Wha kind of guides? I think the rod is fantastic...
  157. ifishinxs

    Desert CaMO Ala black spots

    Dave, Your killin Me!
  158. ifishinxs

    Desert CaMO Ala black spots

    Jack, The guide pics came out really faded...I may try again in some different light..
  159. ifishinxs

    Desert CaMO Ala black spots

    John, I lay down the base marble first. The let it set for an hour or so..Then come back with the black..In this case once I put the black spots down they just did'nt look right so applied some heat to let things start to flow again..
  160. ifishinxs

    Desert CaMO Ala black spots

    This started out going one direction and went somewhere else. None the less its different and once again the pictures don' capture the gold hues in the marble..
  161. ifishinxs

    371-425 Friday 6-20 Albies and Yellows

    Thanks for the report. This will be a help in the morning...
  162. ifishinxs


    I like it Ken. Nice transtion to the hypalon. The black and gold is always classy..The trimar thread is a different touch and works nicely...
  163. ifishinxs

    two new jig rods paintings

  164. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    Dave, You hit it on the head...Base colors first...Heavy set and add in the black.
  165. ifishinxs

    765ml ???

    Andy, Here's option # 35. If your going to fish bait and maybe throw some Iron check this out. Go with a 14 inch rear grip and 18 fore grip. Graphite or aluminum on the seat. Normally you go with 8 inches up front and about 12 inches out back. Usually the rear grip is based on the...
  166. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    "Leopard sounds tricky, at least if you are going to try and black/white line separate the colors as you see on the real critters." Dave, This will be a tricky one for sure!..I think I have the colors I need to make it happen. Base thread color is my concern right now. I'm waiting for some...
  167. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    Bogii, Shoot me a PM..
  168. ifishinxs

    RADIO FISH 6-20-08

    Thanks for the up to date info....This just how it should be done. Fishermen sharing the info...
  169. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    I always try to come up with a name for each rod like these.. Mrs Wizard is perfect for the purple based rod.
  170. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    Nice job on the fish..I'm tied up with the Yellowtail shootout this weekend and hoping for some luck... I 've got a Leopard pattern to get started next week...I can't wait to see the neon stick....
  171. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    Dave, Ya think I got Bright Dialed in yet? I just could'nt resist I hope I have it out my system.
  172. ifishinxs

    Mixing brands of thread finish.....

    "Use toothick sharp point to make small dots of different colors or one color, and then come back with a clean tooth pick and drag them together" Thats how I do it, One guide at a time!...I'm still a Noob at this so every time I do it I learn something new.. What till you see the Leopard...
  173. ifishinxs

    Put on your Glasses

    No, Your not on any drugs! If you are this is going to trip you out. Heres a little Purple HAZE! Im thinking people will just get out of your way when you fish these sticks.
  174. ifishinxs

    new rod painting

    NIce work...You have got some skills
  175. ifishinxs

    Mixing brands of thread finish.....

    Maybe something like this This was done using aftcoat..I Layed down the base then let it set about 1 hour. Then add colors..
  176. ifishinxs

    DVL Bass and Carp 06/17

    Ole, The boys are still talking about the trip. Wade wanted to call you and go back out in the late afternoon. If that had been just you and I we would have cleaned up on some nice bass.. For those of you having a hard time catching bass at this lake. Carolina and drop shot are both...
  177. ifishinxs

    What type of finish to use?

    One more vote for Aftcoat...I used Flex coat for over 30 yrs...It always yellowed and cracked after a few years...Some of the other rod builders on the board where using Aftcoat with good results so I thought I'd give it a shot...WAY better than Flex coat..Longer pot life and a little thinner...
  178. ifishinxs

    cork tape

    Scott, that is some really nice Marbling..Fantastic color combo's...First class all the way..
  179. ifishinxs

    Twins (almost)

    I'm going to start calling you MRS. CLEAN.....Nice stuff Randy... I'm still stuck on Marble for the time being...
  180. ifishinxs

    Fishing Line

    Phil, IZOR LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is what you want... Having said that the Berkley High test is supposed to be hot stuff...I have'nt fished it yet so I have not comment..
  181. ifishinxs

    Titanium Guides

    The Titaniums will work fine...But also look at the Fuji USG's for the heavy stuff
  182. ifishinxs

    Gonna fish this one...

    Its Marblelous!!!! I'm liking those Alps guides as well.
  183. ifishinxs

    Something old (school)/something new

    Ken, That is one sweet stick!
  184. ifishinxs

    Avet or Accurate

    Rick, I started with all Accurate. Sold a few Accurates and gave the Avets a try....Then sold the Avets and went back with Accurate.
  185. ifishinxs

    Avet or Accurate

    After having both...I sold the Avets and filled in the spots with Accurate. I could go on and say why but that would cause a fire..
  186. ifishinxs

    Writing on blanks

    Bill, I use caligraphy pens. Either gold or silver...Writing on small round rods is just tough period. The fresh water blanks are even worse..
  187. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Dave, The answer to this is really simple....I had never done it before..Once I did it, I came up with more ideas for next time around.
  188. ifishinxs

    Calstar GF700H

    I guess I need to get a Pool in my back yard. It makes a nice back drop... Randy, Clean wraps and install as Usual..Nice work!
  189. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Guides are On! Pictures added
  190. ifishinxs

    New experiments with Tiger Wraps-3layers

    Doc I messed with the thread also..I went with 3 wraps on the top..I came out with a great new pattern... I'll need to take some photos..Looks simular to some of you middle picks...Great Idea with the fish underneath.
  191. ifishinxs

    Another Calstar GF7465H

    Randy, That is one sweet rod...Its really clean looking..That A thread on the heavy stick is the cats Meow...
  192. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Randy, I'm not sure what has happened. I got pretty burned out on rod building a few years back and Just stopped...Then the bug hit me again and this Marbling has really sparked my interest. It allows me to express myself and the color combinations and patterns are endless. I have to say...
  193. ifishinxs

    newell reel ???

    332 backed with 50lb spectra..Then 100 + yds of what ever you want. Wet drag the drags and your good to go. Its a great 30 to 40lb reel..After that go 533..
  194. ifishinxs

    Cord Grip Weave

    Dave, WHOLLY CRAP...That is some wild stuff right there...Cal Trans could use that rod to wave people thru a constuction zone..
  195. ifishinxs

    Brumby weave

    You have great talent..That is some sweet work.
  196. ifishinxs

    Saint Croix- in Marble

    Randy, How does the marbling hold up after a fishing season? Your work is truly inspiring..
  197. ifishinxs

    Saint Croix- in Marble

    I don't do lot of sweet water sticks. But this Drop shoot Blank is SWEET! I really wanted to hit DVL before I shipped this one off just to see how it fishes..
  198. ifishinxs

    avet hx reicpe...

    Brian, 765 M/L, Reel seat of your choice, New Concept HBSG guides, Hyapon, or Eva. The cover with X wrap if you want.. If you want to keep it light...Take Randy's suggestion and go Eva and X wrap. Again for lightness. The HD Fuji Graphite seat will do the trick. If You want to get fancy...
  199. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Dave, I'm eyeing toaster Ovens now!
  200. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Hendrix, Floyd, Aerosmith, Jefferson Starship, Stones, Yeap, I just dated myself and hadn't a clue. I just wraped the guides in black. Now I will marble just the guide wraps in the same colors. I can't wait to see how it comes out..Pictures to follow. Thanks for all the kind words. It...
  201. ifishinxs


    Very nice work...As fishermen it is our legacy. We should always remember our fathers and all of those who came before us. Maybe you can hand those rods down to some grandchildren. Write his stories down for future prosperity...
  202. ifishinxs

    GF100J in process

    That is some really nice work....
  203. ifishinxs

    I'm out of Control

    Okay, I'm sitting around and the colors hit me...Nice I have GG90J I need to get done Before the Yellowtail Shoot out...Hit the garage, mix some colors and away I go.. I should have the guides on in the next few days and Those Tady 45's are gonna fly.. Heres the colors..Base Is a Boyd...
  204. ifishinxs

    What do you think of these set-ups?

    40lb test is where you start... 50lb , 60lb then and 80lb and 100lb ..The light stuff will just sit...Unless you just want to screw around and catch bait and lady fish. So start with the JX 6/3 then maybe a HXJ with 50lb for jig fishing and bait then the HX for 60lb.. Maybe just get...
  205. ifishinxs

    Rods for Iron

    Check out the new Calstar GG90J..Its the best of both worlds..I'm thinking that rod will put At&T out of the long distance business..
  206. ifishinxs

    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    The reel can do it all....Chunk , Jig , Bait...Makes no difference..Get the 870 in the 2 speed model and you can have your cake and eat it to.
  207. ifishinxs

    avet hx reicpe...

    765L or M/L...
  208. ifishinxs

    What do you think of these set-ups?

    Looks perfect to me.
  209. ifishinxs

    New Scott Throop Rods

    The Red rod is Sick.....Blue and red..I likey!
  210. ifishinxs

    marbling and tiger

    Here ya go: Custom Rod Builders Guild - How To's
  211. ifishinxs

    Rod blanks near temecula?

    Last chance in Hemet...Megan is now stocking Calstar blanks and has most of your rod building supplies in stock.
  212. ifishinxs

    I have lost my Marbles its Pink/Green

    I hope Julie likes this..It still amazes me as each rod is so different than the next..
  213. ifishinxs

    Accurate 870 good enough for Tuna?

    20+ lbs of drag...I'm thinking its one hell of a tuna reel...I have 4 of them! The bench mark by which all others are measured.
  214. ifishinxs

    how to remove reel seat

    I think we covered this one before but......I'm losing my mind as I get really close to 50.. Heres what I have done over the years..If you just want the seat off and don't care if you save it or not...Dremel or similar power tool like Randy mentioned works great...I have had success on...
  215. ifishinxs

    Elliemays 700L rod build

    Julie wanted a play by play on her new rod. So I thought I might as well make it a "How to" for those just getting into rod building. Sorry for the picture quaility First off a picutre of the rod label..700L Heres a pic of the reel seat installed. I ruff sanded the blank first. I...
  216. ifishinxs

    first of many

  217. ifishinxs

    Calstar gg series

    I have a GG90J ready to wrap once I get everyone elses rods done.
  218. ifishinxs

    Reel seat?

    I use the Fuji HD graphite seats for 50lb and under..Aluminum above that..BUt Aluminum will cover the whole spectrum.. Other than that is all about how it looks.. The Alps aluminum seats are really nice and look great.. The Graphite seat is Lighter.
  219. ifishinxs

    rod tip glue/

    Epoxy all the way...5 min ---15 min..Makes no difference..If it needs to come off. Heat it with a lighter and give it a twist..I've all that other type of stuff( tip cement, hot glues etc) all come loose.. Sand the tip of the rod. Put some epoxy into the tip and some on the rod push into...
  220. ifishinxs

    x-shrink tube

    Ken, I have also found that as long as the x-wrap is hot you can still do some alignment before everything cools down...
  221. ifishinxs

    x-shrink tube

    Hey G-man I used a Prophane torch forever. I still use it on the finish to eliminate bubbles..I Finally gave into the heat gun when I smoked a grip with the torch. Be carefull when using the spray contact cement ( Its flamable) and using the torch..
  222. ifishinxs

    x-shrink tube

    Randy is the Pro and covered all the bases. On this rod I used Cork tape..The reason why on this blank: The rod owner has smaller hands and most Hypalon grips felt to big for him. I used 3M contact cement ( Spray can version) on the cork to keep the X wrap from slipping around once its shrunk...
  223. ifishinxs

    Blue Marblishious

    Thank you all for your comments..
  224. ifishinxs

    Blue Marblishious

    Wish I could take credit for the ramp....I had another builder who turned me onto how to make them...Once I did one I was addicted and thats how I do most all of my rods now..
  225. ifishinxs

    Blue Marblishious

    Ken, I layed down some Boyd Metalic Black as the base. Then some dark blue, Light blue, Silver and a little white..The Pictures do not how the metalic tint in the sun. I'm a big fan of the HB's also..Light and flexible..a little pricey thou..
  226. ifishinxs

    Blue Marblishious

    Again I appoligize for the Pics..This is a 765L. Set up for rail fishing at the Lupe... If staring at the this rod for awhile..Its either Cosmic or Mystic..
  227. ifishinxs

    marbling and tiger

    Marbling is done with the finish using enamel paint mixed with the FlexCoat.etc.. Tiger wrap is done with tread..Two threads side by side wrapped in one direction..Coated and then two threads wrapped over the top in the opposite direction. Then one thread is removed to reveal the tiger...
  228. ifishinxs

    First 'Marbling' failure

    Dave, You need to keep screwing things up!!!!That is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly Bitchen.. I hope to screw up really bad really soon..I'm doing a triple black with blue, dark blue, white and silver...On all the Dam guides!!!!!!!!!! this is gonna hurt..
  229. ifishinxs

    First 'Marbling' failure

    looks cool so far...Take a pic of the whole 20 inch section..I really like the colors..
  230. ifishinxs

    Someones home coming present.

    Doc, I have been building rods for along time. I have always looked to your work as inspiration and the bench mark by which I have always measured myself or anyone elses work.. Now that you have done such a great thing for someone else like this..It puts you over the top with me. You are...
  231. ifishinxs

    seeking advice on 50lb bait rod guides

    I like both..My preference is the Fuji. Strength is not an issue with the Alps or the Fuji. For 40 to 50lb+..I like the HBSG..For some heavier stuff I like LRSG to even the USG. I'm building a Heavy stick right now with the USG guides...80 to 100 stick as some of the long range guys are...
  232. ifishinxs

    Over wrap question

    I have found the cracking predominately in braced guides. They do not flex with the rod as well as an unbraced type guide.
  233. ifishinxs

    combo unit / which one

    None of those.....Garmin or Furuno would be the only choice for me...Garmin makes the best GPS and Furuno makes one of the best sonars..Both companys have great customer service.. I still think seperates are the only way to go...Just me I guess
  234. ifishinxs

    Installing a second VHF

    I ran two radios for years...I used a 4 battery system so I had one radio for each set of battery's...Redundancy is a good thing way offshore..If possible install each radio to a different battery bank..If you lose one you still have the other..In other words ..One Short won't ruin your whole day..
  235. ifishinxs

    Oh So PINK

    Heres my first shot at marbling...This rod was built for a friends wife for mothers day..
  236. ifishinxs

    Tiburon Blanks?

    We know they are made in China..That they are a CalStar copy/knockoff.
  237. ifishinxs

    size guides for Calstar 800m

    Okie Man, took the words (guides) right out of my mouth... You can use a 25 striper guide if you want. Most use the 20. I think its more about how it looks than anything else. I try to think of the guides as a funnel for the line to get out of. The smoother and less restrictive the better...
  238. ifishinxs

    rod for my sx

    I'm build an 800L for a guys wife right now..Wrapped up in Pink...This will match his wifes Pink Avet SX....Marblized butt wrap this thing is really PINK! 800L is a great match for the SX
  239. ifishinxs

    Reel Seat Epoxy GF700XH

    Randy, Off topic...I found the O-rings at Home depot! Hot stuff.
  240. ifishinxs

    Reel Seat Epoxy GF700XH

    I don't know Paul, I think the U-40 Rod bond is about as good as it gets.. I have used the 2 part 30 minute stuff also with great results..I have one rod with several 200lb plus fish on it using the 30 minute stuff.
  241. ifishinxs

    gel coat

    Andy since you live in Homeland. Give Innovative a call in Nuevo..They make fiberglass truck bed covers. They also do other fabrications so they may do gel coat stuff as well and if not they may be able to steer you to someone close by that will do your repair..
  242. ifishinxs

    My Johnson goes up and down!

    The Fuel pump will also cause this problem...Bad Primer bulb also... You said that you replaced everything but I still had to throw these two common problem areas out there. If these areas have been covered and you still have the problem the ideas mentioned above by the other guys should...
  243. ifishinxs

    hb guides

    Like Mark said...I use a bench grinder and taper the feet...Works perfect....The guides are awsume.
  244. ifishinxs

    Accurate 665n and 870n

    Mike, Call Accurate. I have to ask. Why would you continously turn the cast contol knob? Drag is 20lbs ++++
  245. ifishinxs

    Newell P338 for Calstar 270-8H?

    Grady, That 338 is a great reel. Its about the same size as a Penn 500. Most guys prefer the 332 for Jig tossing. Its narrower and backed with spectra makes It a great if not the best Jig tossing reel ever. I'm in the process of building a BTG90J. That rod with a 332 Newell and 70 yd...
  246. ifishinxs

    In the "Pink"

    Mud hole has the Pink seat to go with that rod...
  247. ifishinxs

    Trinidad T40N, Saltiga 30T or Accurate 870xn

    Sonny they all cast well and its personal preference at this point. It used to be that the Accurates spool was on the heavy side..It required a learning curve to get it down...But that was 10 years ago. Since then the Accurate spools have been lightened and I can fire a Jig on my Accurates just...
  248. ifishinxs

    first 5 day

    Call Tracy at the Royal Star Office about the Sept 22-27th trip. I know a few guys have backed out...Money talks..
  249. ifishinxs


    SquidCo does not have them. AcidRod has them for Pickup only due to the 9' length. I had my local tackle store order mine from Calstar...I'll have them Friday...
  250. ifishinxs

    Guadalupe Outfit

    You've got it nailed down with that set up. None of this is better but Just a preference thing for me. I will use a 765 L with an Accurate 2B 870 for 40lb and a 765 M/L with an Accurate 2B 665 for 50lb.. All set up rail rod style. Throw in a 700 M and a Accurate 270 for 30lb..and a BTG90J...
  251. ifishinxs

    #5 Calstar 7460 50-130lb

    What I like the most is that your bench is more cluttered than mine...Nice job by the way..
  252. ifishinxs

    lx spool replacement

    WOW...So I guess you scrape the washer off the old spool and glue it on the new spool... So maybe the 45.00 version has the washer and clicker gear?
  253. ifishinxs

    CalStar 700M Butt Wrap Question????

    Nice guides!!!! Put a tiger wrap on it..Easy and looks cool...
  254. ifishinxs

    Farallon Owners...

    The cabin will keep you dry..Just throw a hoop up top and your good to go.
  255. ifishinxs

    Boat choices for Southern Cal

    The Arima is well built boat but has a very shallow deadrise. So it plans easy and gets good fuel economy but rides hard in any kind of chop...I had the 17ft model and it beat the crap out of me..Go with the 24ft Skippy
  256. ifishinxs

    Flexcoat Epoxy or Stabond?

    Grady, Thats the Golf Club grip method....It works..really well....
  257. ifishinxs

    Accurate 665h help

    You don't need no stinking clamp...
  258. ifishinxs

    lx spool replacement

    Drag washers cost just a couple bucks. Lets just sell you a spool with the drag washer glued to the spool so you can't replace it. $45.00 Thats like replacing brake calipers on you car because the brake pads are glued to the caliper.. Price point is one reason people buy Avets. Come...
  259. ifishinxs

    Avet Reels on Ebay Legit ?

    I just checked it out..Its up a running as far as I can tell..There was some Avet reels listed a few days ago that may have been a scam..Looks like those listings are gone now. I have a had great luck on E-bay. You can score some good deals if your patient.
  260. ifishinxs

    Calstar Blanks

    Thanks Mark!
  261. ifishinxs

    Calstar Blanks

    I'm looking for the New Generation Calstar 690J and 90J blanks.. Anyone have a line on these yet? ...I had the new #'s for these blanks and I now I can't find'em.. Thanks
  262. ifishinxs

    FYI... wrapper wheel size increase

    Dave, Do they have those O rings at Home Depot or Lowes?...I need to up grade/update my wheels.
  263. ifishinxs

    FYI... wrapper wheel size increase

    Dave, I just build up the rod with Masking tape were the rollers meet the rod..Simple fix..And another great use of masking tape..
  264. ifishinxs

    Pole to go with avet?

    Rule of thumb: A pole is what you hang a flag on. A rod is what you fish with..LOLLOLLOL Used 700M or 700H...But maybe since your JX is the high speed model a 800M or 800H would be better suited..
  265. ifishinxs

    Rod for Calico bass and plastics

    700XL or the 800XL, ..I prefer the 8' or even a 9' stick for the bass..Longer casts and you can take up alot of slack with the long rods as well....
  266. ifishinxs

    accurate 665??

    Can I get a AMEN!!!
  267. ifishinxs

    Accurate ATD 12 or Avet EXPRO 30N

    JC Like Brian said Once you get to this size reel..Its a toss up. The 30N is a good reel as are all the Avets.. It becomes a personal preference thing at this point for most. If you can get both reels side by side and if possible take the reel apart. See how they are designed and how easy...
  268. ifishinxs

    A Little Something My Wife Wrote in Frustration!

    I hope that Queen does not get elected....
  269. ifishinxs

    Finish rod Dragon weave

    MAN!!!! I'm speechless....Very nice work my friend.
  270. ifishinxs

    What should I do with this converted jigmaster?

    I would suggest you sell it to me!...Thats one of the original purpose built Jig reels ever! high speed and narrow..Akin to the 332 and 322 Newells...Its a 30lb reel but with spectra backing it will go 40lb. Wet HT 100's and a possible bearing upgrade and that reel is a winner. Like some of the...
  271. ifishinxs

    Does anyone know what this is

    Chuck, Thanks for the insite...I couldn't remember for the life me that name of the company that made those..I remember in my teens a guy bring one of those by the local tackle store trying to sell them....The sales pitch was that the reel was better balanced in the center of the rod and the...
  272. ifishinxs

    Seat and Tip question

    Jason, I got away from Tip Sticks/glue sticks along time ago...Reason: I was fishing Mulege in 100 degree plus heat and as we where traveling out to Point Conception I looked back at my rods and noticed that the tips where spinning...I had to aline my tips then stick the rod tip in the water...
  273. ifishinxs

    Seat and Tip question

    Randy, I just goes to show you that there are always different ways to get the same end..I've been making rods for almost 30yrs..I'm not a Rod builder or expert by any means...The guy the got me started wrapping always alined the tip with the seat. So thats how I've always done it..I looks...
  274. ifishinxs

    Purple Bomber 700M Finished

    Outstanding work!....I love the color combo. Its really clean...I'm thinking A thread?
  275. ifishinxs

    Seat and Tip question

    Randy, I guess you would know..The reason it came up was that I had been to shop that has the practice of installing the tip last. I happen to pick up a completed rod and noticed that the guides had slightly moved off the spline although they were straight the guides where off center and then...
  276. ifishinxs

    Seat and Tip question

    Once I spline a rod. I mark spline. when assembling the rod. I install my grips and seat. The seat being lined up with the spline. My next step is to install my tip. Kinda like setting up fence posts. Line the seat up with the tip then place the guides inline. I have seen where some guys...
  277. ifishinxs

    Custom 23 Sea Ox ( lots of Pics)

    Bogii, Every SuperBowl sunday I remember making that run to Port Isabel/South Padre Island in bad weather to pick up that boat..What a boat it turned out to be...Who ever gets this boat is going to be one lucky guy...This boat was a total restoration from the Trailer up and Bogii went first...
  278. ifishinxs

    finished rods

    V eryyyy NICE!!!
  279. ifishinxs

    Accurate 197 reel clamp

    Jim, STOP....Your killing me..LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
  280. ifishinxs

    Accurate 197 reel clamp

    Great Point!..... Note to self : Replace standard clamp screws with torx heads...
  281. ifishinxs

    Accurate 197 reel clamp

    You really don't need the clamp on that sized reel..I would just remove the studs and go fishing..I have my 197 mounted on a 800XL with a Fuji reel seat.
  282. ifishinxs


    The rod is set up as a rail rod. 14 inches front and back of the seat..Simular to a roller guide rod...The rod is on the drier now..Once its done I'll shoot some picks showing the handles...It looks a better with the finish..
  283. ifishinxs


    Heres one I built for myself..I was looking for something different..This is a 765ML built for fishing the rail..Fuji new concept guides. X-wrap over cork..14" rear grip and 14" out back...The pictures aren't great but you get the idea..
  284. ifishinxs

    Understanding Avets?

    "Now, if they took out the stupid "bait" or cast control setting, they'd be much better reels. Anyone ever talk to them about taking that out?" Accurate added the cast control a few years back for those folks who have a hard time casting conventional reels. It must work or they would have...
  285. ifishinxs

    Thread size for triple wrapping guides?

    Jeremy, You can use A or C..You can apply the Epoxy after each wrap if you want but its not needed..Just wrap everything up and coat..Usually two light coats are best..If I think I'm hot shit and my wraps are perfect, sometimes I'll just use one heavy coat and be done..Its happened once or...
  286. ifishinxs

    700 ml

    I like that alot...As I get older doing those Diamonds sounds less and less appealing.. But they sure look nice...Great Job.
  287. ifishinxs

    Sewing machine for rodwrapping

    I built my wrapping set up with a really old singer..Its been going strong for over ten years...I even used the original singer pulley attached to 1/2 inch steel shaft that was run through two bearings. Works great... As far as your drier goes find a barbacue rotissary motor..Most turn at just...
  288. ifishinxs

    Is Avet HX 5/2 an OK substitute?

    HX will work no Problem..The Accurate will have more cajones and cost you a few bucks more..Castability issues between reels in that size reel would be marginal. He who has best thumb wins.
  289. ifishinxs

    20 shamrock pilot Tigerlily 2

    So you sold your boat for a bigger TOILET....LMAO..
  290. ifishinxs

    can i wrap d thread on top of c thread?

    Jason, Like Doc said..Rule of thumb is you can go the same or larger but not smaller. In other words C over A or D over C is no problem..No Need for CP. Come to think of it Haven't used CP in Years..Most thread is NCP...The secret for no bubbles is to use a little heat on your wraps after...
  291. ifishinxs

    20 shamrock pilot Tigerlily 2

    Your right about that.. I hope he scores on the Ocean Master....
  292. ifishinxs

    Hx review by Alan Tani - Not so Good???

    Mack, 25lb plus....You can actually crank it up to full lock if you want...870 narrow would be a fantastic jig real..
  293. ifishinxs

    Need Electronic Advice

    Anthony, Lowrance units are fine. They are geared more toward the freshwater scene. Although the unit your looking at will do a fine job. If your fishing in the salt I would be looking at seperate units. Althought it will cost more it is a safer bet. For GPS units I would look at Garmin, for...
  294. ifishinxs

    Good radar?..

    What he said! Last captain I asked told me to get what I wanted as long as it was a Furuno!
  295. ifishinxs

    Need Help with VHF Radio Installation

    Most common problem is that a common ground is used...Such as Boat a radar arch or tower..You can do this at your own risk. For your electronics you need a dedicated panel for your positive and negative power supply...If you use your aluminum boat as the common ground you will have all kinds of...
  296. ifishinxs

    Calstar 700ML, M or H for 30#,40# or 50#?

    I usually fish the American Angler or the Rooster. This year I had a big group of guys going with me and I Could'nt get the dates I wanted on the AA so I booked a 5 day on the Royal star Sept 22-27th..This is a Dennis Braid trip. I'm a big AA fan. I really like fishing with Sam and Brian...
  297. ifishinxs

    Calstar 700ML, M or H for 30#,40# or 50#?

    Nice line up Sonny. I picked up my ML blanks today at SquidCo...That at about everything else that wasn't nailed down.
  298. ifishinxs

    Calstar 700ML, M or H for 30#,40# or 50#?

    Sonny, I have all those rods. Like Drew said: 700 M/L for 30lb. 700M for 40lb and the 700H for 50lb. I will be using my 765L for a 40 to 50lb stick for my B2 870. I'm building a 765M/L for a 50 to 60lb stick for my B2 665.
  299. ifishinxs

    WD40, rod guides and corrosion

    I use Pledge on my rods after a good rinse..Great stuff... You'll get A for sanitation using simple green...
  300. ifishinxs

    Hx review by Alan Tani - Not so Good???

    All Accurates are Twin Drag..The 665 series will go over 30lbs of drag. Plenty for what your doing. Check out the Accurate web site.
  301. ifishinxs

    Hx review by Alan Tani - Not so Good???

    Phin, The Accurate B2 665 will put out over 30lbs of Drag with no handle pressure, engage easily and have complete freespool. The 665 is the same size as an LX, Just beefy. The 665N would be the same as the J/X This is right out of the manual. Page #3 Note: Because the Boss Magnum...
  302. ifishinxs

    Accurate B-665NN versus Avet HXJ?

    Having had both..Heres the pros and cons. Avet Pro..Its cheaper. Casts well Avet cons..handle binds with 18lbs of drag or more Hard to get in gear at that some drag setting. Excessive load on side plate bearing. Single drag plate. Accurate Pro...Great drag at any setting, no handle...
  303. ifishinxs

    ATD 6 or B2-665

    Sonny, The 870 puts out 25lbs + of drag at strike. So you can fish 60lb test on this reel very easy. It just becomes an issue of line capacity but with 50 to 80lb spectra backing sky's the limit. 25 ft top shots and your golden. I would think the longer top shots might be an issue just due to...
  304. ifishinxs

    ATD 6 or B2-665

    Sonny, I was going for the ATD 6 until the 665 2 speed came out. They both have the same line capacity. The ATD 6 has the preset drag system and might pull more drag..I would fish 80lb on this reel.. They are both great reels that will fish 40lb to 80lb test or more..I went with the 665 2...
  305. ifishinxs

    Just started 700MH

    You have to much time in that wrap to start over..I say keep going. Or coat the wrap and see what it looks like before continuing...I kind's like it..ITS LOUD! Thats what I like about Rod wrapping. Its an Art and your free to let you imagination run..
  306. ifishinxs

    Any tricks removing old hypolon?

    Nice... I just put some Xwrap over some old Cork grips..Looks like new and feels great on the hands..
  307. ifishinxs

    Fishing time

    Its fun to read all these replies..I say they all are Lying because I know the moment I book my next trip I'm fishing that trip in my mind until that boat leaves the dock a year later...But in reality..I don't count travel time. Unless I can drag a Lure behind the boat!:imdumb:
  308. ifishinxs

    Building rods on a Lathe

    Sam, I built my rod lathe years ago.. I don't use the carriages at all..I'm really old school when it comes to this..I still use my fingers to apply tension and guide the line on the rod. Its all in the feel for me. All my Diamonds are done by hand. I guess I should get with the program...
  309. ifishinxs

    Any tricks removing old hypolon?

    I've rebuild rods for more years than I can remember...Box knife and take your time. No need to age the blank because your in a hurry. If your lucky the epoxy or adhesive that was used will peel off with the hyp. If not shave the hypalon as close as possible to the blank. The put the rod in...
  310. ifishinxs

    Props to Alan Tani

    Dayle, If your bidding on anything from J&H Close outs forget about getting any kind of deal. His reserves are close to retail. Find a private seller or a low volume seller.
  311. ifishinxs

    jig stick

    690J young fisherman. Its a nice glass stick that will fish 20-30lb test no problem. The 90J is a little heavier and geared toward 40lb. The 900L would also do the trick The 229 will work fine for slow moving jigs. Tady 45's come to mind. The Cuda like'em slow most of the time so speed is not...
  312. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    Dan, That was beautifully stated and right on the money.
  313. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    The answer to your HX question is YES and NO.. I'll let HTA answer this one as I have yet to fish mine. Just bench tests so far. The TLD II is a good reel for the money. The handle blows though! I was just at the shop and saw another destroyed TLD 30 II. They don't do Cow Tuna. Frames...
  314. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    The answer to your HX question is YES and NO.. I'll let HTA answer this one as I have yet to fish mine. Just bench tests so far. The TLD II is a good reel for the money. The handle blows though! I was just at the shop and saw another destroyed TLD 30 II. They don't do Cow Tuna. Frames...
  315. ifishinxs

    Writing Q?

    Paint pen in Gold or Silver...Michael's has them...Takes mucho Practice..
  316. ifishinxs

    Rod for sx 5.3:1

    Your gonna here Theramar real soon..
  317. ifishinxs

    peen 500 sideplates. got any?

    I recently threw out a set after I did a an Accurate conversion for a guy..I should have known once it tossed them I'd need them...Sorry
  318. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    Brent, I'm thinking a call to Avet and I'll have one in the mail. I may screw around with the reel in the mean time. I have alot of different washer and shims laying around. I'll see what happens..
  319. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    Dan, Thanks for drag tip on the HX...I'm Off to find a washer!
  320. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    Jeff, You forgot to mention replacing the stock handle..I got blisters last time I used one..Nice reel for the money. I think I sold my last TLD 30 II for $150.00
  321. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    You can pick up the Accurate in the Mid to high $400.00 range if you shop around. The Tiagra is nice reel. I have fished one..Heres what you need to do to make it work like it should. Send to Cofe or Cal Sheets and let them work there magic.
  322. ifishinxs

    50-60lb Reel

    What dan said. But if you want small with 20lbs of drag + the Boss 665w 2 speed is the one. Then you have to decide if its worth the money... Just a bit bigger is the Avet 30N...Tons of drag, less money and plenty of capacity. If your going to fish 60lb test and up this is your reel...
  323. ifishinxs

    Calstar 700MH

    Nice!...Any Pics
  324. ifishinxs

    Intrepid 10-day, HX 5/2, HXJ 5/2, SX 6/4, evaluation

    Dayle, Let it GO!..:imdumb:..You bought a used accurate and the reel has been a pain in your butt ever since. Just Maybe the reason the guy sold it was because it was screwed up in the first place?. I'm sure Alan got the reel squared away. If not. Just Sell the reel and replace it with an...
  325. ifishinxs

    anyone hating their jx 2spd - blue?

    The only thing I hate about my JX is I'm not fishing it until the water warms up.
  326. ifishinxs

    Need rod suggestions for MXJ 6.0

    I have a 700ML. Fantastic rod for that reel. I run an Accurate 270 on mine and fish 20 to 30lb on it. My first big fish on that set up was a 100lb plus Black Sea bass at Santa Barbara Island. That MXJ with that 700ML would a sweet set up.
  327. ifishinxs

    665 spectra capacity

    Its funny you say that dayle. I was flying my sons science project Kite just last week on my Daiwa loomis combo..The kite spooled me pretty quick. We should fly kites sometime. You could fly a whole fleet. I can't come close to your arsenal.
  328. ifishinxs

    665 spectra capacity

    I have my HXJ mounted on my 700H. That will be my goto Jig stick and back up bait stick. I've fished my 765L with 50lb and it was perfect..My thought was that if I go with 60lb that it might not be quite enough rod. Maybe 765M but then I'd be going roller guides..I'd rather stick with the...
  329. ifishinxs

    665 spectra capacity

    I just picked up the Accurate 655 2 speed. The Accurate line calculator say's that it will hold 432 yds of 80lb spectra at .020 diameter.. So can anyone tell me how much 80lb spectra the reel really holds? or how much 80lb hollow spectra your running and the length of the top shot. I plan...
  330. ifishinxs

    "Nickels, Dimes and Quarters- Money in the Bank" - AA 10 Day

    Fantastic report..Your right about the A team..I really enjoy fishing with Sam...Congrats on the Cow.
  331. ifishinxs

    Shogun headed to Hurricane

    30 ft beam. Great and well seasoned crew...I don't see short anywhere on that boat.
  332. ifishinxs

    Garmin Nuvi?

    Dayle anything Garmin makes is good. The guys and Gals at SW are using the Tom Tom...Only issue has been the refresh rate when doing 100 mph..You might blow by the intersection before the up date... I would say the biggest screen you can get with a fast update time.
  333. ifishinxs

    Why volunteer when you can get PAID

    jason, I like your job discription..Same as mine.
  334. ifishinxs

    Why volunteer when you can get PAID

    Its no different than your Job Dayle..You just get shot at, spit at, kicked, punched, sued and criticized for decisions made in a mila second. know one ever says thank you! No safe foundation saves here! Nobody applaudes when you walk in restraunt or asks to pick up your tab. Some people get...
  335. ifishinxs

    Twin drag reels?

    Thanks for the links..Good stuff Heres another reel that just showed up..Dual drags..Kinda pricey Angler's Pro Shop
  336. ifishinxs

    Twin drag reels?

    Dayle, Accurate 197 already does ..If not its really close.. You can try mine anytime you want. I know, I know ...ACCUCRAP!!!
  337. ifishinxs

    Twin drag reels?

    Alan, Thats why I made the post awhile back " Hot Rod Avet"..I think the reel can be modified for maximum drag without loss of free spool and no Handle pressure. I think a sleeve or sleeves designed to engage the drag plates and keep things aligned and relieve pressure off the bearings may be...
  338. ifishinxs

    Calstar 700MH

    I have built a 700ML, M and H...All great rods. I use the ML for 25-30lb test. The M for 30-40lb test and the H for 40-50lb. As stated by the others I think the MH would be a great 40lb stick..
  339. ifishinxs

    Twin drag reels?

    The Avet TRX is close. It does'nt use the spool. It uses a pressure plate design on both sides of the spool..Picture the disc brakes on your car. This design is lighter and gets the job done and allows for plenty of drag pressure. The others use a single pressure plate design which had its...
  340. ifishinxs

    Going from 5 to 10...

    Drue, You can never have enough stuff! Having said that.. This year I will take 4 rods on my 5 day..a 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, and 80lb outfit and thats it. All 2speed outfits..That way your 40 and 50lb set ups double up for bait and jig fishing. On the 8-10day trips add the 100-130lb outfit...
  341. ifishinxs

    Going from 5 to 10...

    Find yourself a trip that fits your schedule and go. Everyone has there favorite boat. I look at the amount of anglers on the boat compared with the beam of the boat..Narrower the beam the less anglers...The Sho gun is an outstanding platform..Wide beam and slightly lighter load of fishermen...
  342. ifishinxs

    Newell P series vs S Series in casting distance

    Sorry Jay, I agree with Alan on this one. After years of Newell ownership and service the Greased HT's have been the consistant winner.
  343. ifishinxs

    Newell P series vs S Series in casting distance

    You won't notice the difference! The 332 is a casting machine...Just replace the stock bearings and grease some HT100's and your good to go..I used a 90J for my throw'in... Back that Newell with some spectra and you can throw on some 40lb.
  344. ifishinxs

    Which is the best 50# reel?

    HXJ loaded with 60lb hollow or 65lb solid spectra. Then a short 50lb topshot of your choice. That will give about 400yds of line.. Or 200yds of 80lb hollow and 100yd top shot of 50lb. 20 plus pounds of drag at strike! With 2 speeds Jig fishing or bait fishing this reel has it...
  345. ifishinxs

    Bummer! Trip Cancelled.

    Dan, I fully agree. I used fish offshore alot and would throw in a 5 day or 8 day in almost every year..I totally missed last season..I took my family on a three week trip to Utah and Wyoming. That trip cost me what a 10 day trip on the RP would cost +++. So this next year Daddy is fishing...
  346. ifishinxs

    new rod for HX

    Calstar 765M with Roller guides or Some SIC guides..
  347. ifishinxs

    I have heard it all now

    So its okay to let them go if the house is empty? The police show up and find a dead family in the house. Then its okay to shoot. Let the investigation tell who is right and who is wrong. We weren't there.. You have to remember we used to Hang Horse theives. Now the low lifes steal cars...
  348. ifishinxs

    Mag Bay Cows

    MIke, If you go to the Royal Polaris thread. You'll See Ole Fishing an Avet 30N..Perfect set up IMO..The Accurate 12 would also do the job with even more drag pressure.
  349. ifishinxs

    Mag Bay Cows

    The spectra to spectra connection is 100% percent and almost unnoticable. The 200lb spectra is for abrasion resistance and that extra margin of error when your drag is hammered with the fish at deep color... The cuff connection from spectra to Mono is 100% if crimped and glued or served and...
  350. ifishinxs

    Mag Bay Cows

    Jim, Great read.
  351. ifishinxs

    2008 F-250 PSD

  352. ifishinxs

    Diamond Valley Noob please help!!

    You need to fish that lake with someone who knows whats up our you'll have a long day.. Get with Josh at last chance bait and tackle prior to your trip.. Send me a PM for more info.
  353. ifishinxs

    who sells the most reels?

    Wrong! Its the Zebco Snoopy combo:imdumb:
  354. ifishinxs

    Check out these bad boys......

    Other than the handle not binding up and almost twice drag pressure in the same sized reel they are pretty equal. Avets cast much easier because of the lighter spool. The drags are very sufficent for the Lb line they are rated for. Cost is alot less than the Accurate..The Avets in Ex Pro line-up...
  355. ifishinxs

    fishing golf courses

    I get permission to fish my local golf course pond..The fishing is Outstanding. This from the last trip out with my Scout Troop. Thats one of the scout masters with some of the boys. They all got there fishing merit badge that day..Great stuff We had to keep a few fish to clean...
  356. ifishinxs

    Royal Star Questions

    Chad I'm on the Braid 5 day just prior to your trip. This will be my first time on this boat. I have fished the AA and RRIII several times each so the RS will be all new to me.
  357. ifishinxs

    Cost per fish ratio?

    All I can Say is: PRICELESS Its not just about the fish its about the experince with friends and family
  358. ifishinxs

    Baja Vinnies in Temecula

    I hang out at the local tackle store in Hemet.. I heard that the Baja vinnies store was closing shop...If they have a new owner that would be great news.
  359. ifishinxs

    Avet 4/0w 2 speed parts...

    Jason, Check Lowes or Home Depot..I haven't checked them out but give them a try..The Allen head cap screws are the way to go...
  360. ifishinxs

    American Angler is into the Cows

    Heres the report: Cows Today we got a taste of the "first day jitters" on the tuna grounds - not really knowing what to expect at times makes it hard to choose the right gear. Small reels with hundred pound mono and smaller hooks proved to be overmatched. After several long battles with a...
  361. ifishinxs

    BranMan getting it done....

    Ole scored a nice one... The fish processors are going to busy when this boat gets back in.
  362. ifishinxs

    Ad-Seg Boys

    Ole and Sean on the RP are getting some nice ones ALSO. 4 days of travel to rest up these fish should have come to boat fast..:appl: Nice fish for Sean.
  363. ifishinxs

    Royal polaris scores at the bank

    Thanks for rubbing it in Harold..We are already GREEN with envy!
  364. ifishinxs

    Tuna Sign we have been waiting for, Today!!

    Great pic of Sean... I hope those guys get in on that Wahoo action.. Iwouldn't get those Lotto numbers going just yet. Ole is the one who caught all those 10 and 15lb YFT for bait..LMAO Well, That and the RRIII is on those big fish much closer to home..Looks like the AA and RS are on...
  365. ifishinxs

    Tuna Sign we have been waiting for, Today!!

    Good news.. I can't wait for the report.
  366. ifishinxs

    how big is the newell 332?

    Its like a Penn 501...Basically a narrow 500.. When I fished Newells that was my favorite reel..Fill it with spectra and install HT 100's and grease'em up and you can fish anything from 20lb to 40lb test..Fantastic jig reel..I used to fish it on 690J with 30 or 40lb test.. I would rate...
  367. ifishinxs

    Not a Joke, police should be able to shoot!

    And people wonder why officers shoot bad guys that are threatening officers or the General public with a knife. The training video " Edged Weapons" should be shown is schools..The general public does not Have a clue what someone trained with a knife can really do..
  368. ifishinxs

    avet trx30w

    Throw it on E-bay
  369. ifishinxs

    Breaking news

    I hope its the right move. I know some guys voted against the move..Its a long ride home with pissed off guys if this gamble does not pay off.
  370. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    All right. I put the bench grinder to the screw..It worked great..I tried to take some pictures but the screws where so small I couldn't get the camera to focus very well.
  371. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Dave, I measured from the inside edge to inside edge of the spool..Looks like 1 1/8" I think your really close the amount of line per crank. I mounted this reel on my 700H..SWEET!!.
  372. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Dan, I think I'll pull the screw and grind off the 1/8" or so on the screw that protrudes into the hole and see how that works..Its not like this screw holds much.. I'll let you know..
  373. ifishinxs

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    pushing 20yrs
  374. ifishinxs

    Lakesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid e.

    Thats freaking Elsinore...The give away is No Shoes... Well, that or some Bloodydeckers wife and kids.
  375. ifishinxs

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    Dam dude, NO tags, Suspended Drivers license, Illegal u-turn...Pay the fine and consider yourself really lucky. SBSO will put you butt in jail..They still have room to keep Misd. offenders.
  376. ifishinxs

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    Jay, Sorry, I had to throw that out there..Some people watch to much CSI Miami..Or Judge Judy. (George no offense meant) I once had this Guy Slit his wrists because his buddy told him that if he slit his wrists he wouldn't have to go to court. He didn't go to court that day. He went to ETS...
  377. ifishinxs

    Any Traffic Lawyers on BD?

    Nope!!!!! 411 and get the Number to the court. If the cop is a no show then it may get thrown out. If your a no show then it goes to warrant.
  378. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Rex, I hope you never get over the impluse..Fishing and the excitement it creates gives us life!..That and an empty wallet.
  379. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Dan, Look in the holes that the reel clamp bolts go in. I have a screw protruding into the hole on the handle side of the reel? I noticed this last night. Tonight I'll break the reel down and see whats up.
  380. ifishinxs

    Fuel Surcharge Anyone?

    From what I understand. That North American holds more oil reserves that the rest of the world...The thought is " Why use Ours when we can use theres"..When the middle east oil fields are dry they will turn to the US to get oil.. We already have engines that will get 60 miles per gallon. Oil...
  381. ifishinxs

    Fuel Surcharge Anyone?

    Mark, I sold my boat 2 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall..Your right its going to be really exspensive to run your own boat this next summer. Heck its big $$$$$$$ now..
  382. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Jason, I wonder if they have any in stock right now. I was told that Avet only sent out about a dozen or so. If you look at the HXJ the serial number on mine its 12...I think some of the dealers just got a few with the next shipment in a few weeks..
  383. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Rub salt in the wound:Bawling_e 30N first.... I still have my 270 and 197..If I sell those on E-bay I can buy a SX and an MX..
  384. ifishinxs

    HXJ...Its here

    Heres some photos of the HXJ next to the JX for contrast. The HXJ will be an fantastic Jig reel and with the right spectra mono combo it will double as bait reel as well. The HXJ has already been torn down and re lubed.The drag washer has been worked with the shimano drag...
  385. ifishinxs

    I tried my SX on 11/3/07

    YEP!!! I just dusted off the machine..I need to hit Squid Co..And re-stock my guide tray and pick up some more thread...etc..
  386. ifishinxs

    I tried my SX on 11/3/07

    Dayle, Your a smuck... I wanted first shot at that crappy reel.. I can recycle that reel right onto my 800XL.
  387. ifishinxs

    Never judge a book by its cover

    My Daughter has been training in theater and Opera for the last 4 yrs and brings a tear to my eyes every time I hear her sing..This guy really took my breath away..Out Standing stuff. What is truely sad is there are thousands of peope that have been blessed with this type of talent and will...
  388. ifishinxs

    Avet vs Penn vs Okuma

    Harold, You can't be serious! If you are. I would say, go buy the Okuma's..Some lessons need to be learned the hard way. Its an evolutionary laddder and you will find that the Okuma's will do the job but you'll want something better. When you do you'll realize that Money is not the issue...
  389. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    I was told by Eddy at CabbageKey that the Clamps would be out later..He will send one once he gets them..I'm not a big clamp guy so no big deal...
  390. ifishinxs

    11/3 Diamond Valley Lake

    The trout bite has been off the hook..Fishing from the first point on your right.Then cast back toward the docks..Power worm or Mini jigs..water bobber to get you there and its on.. The swim bait bite will be going pretty soon..They stocked 20,000 baby browns two weeks ago( I mean Bass Bait)
  391. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    Rex, Just got off the phone with Eddy at Cabbagekey. My HXJ held 208yds of 80lb JB spectra with 90 yd top shot of 50lb mono. Or 300 yds of 80lb hollow with a 25 ft top shot.. Or you can go 65 lb solid'll get 300 yds of Spectra and 80 to 90yds of 50 to 60lb mono.. Either...
  392. ifishinxs


    I'm not a Uni Guy either..Albright or reverse Albright have not failed me yet. Better yet is the cuff using Hollow spectra with a crip, serve or knot..Much cleaner and 100%..
  393. ifishinxs


    Reverse albright or WormKnot is what you want..Tie up a Bimini and then wrap the bimini up your mono about 10 turns. Then stick the mono through the end loop in the bimini and then slowly pull it up tight. As you do the mono will sprial around the spectra and you have nice cean knot connection...
  394. ifishinxs

    SD fish processors

    Lets see here. Double wrapped and vaccumed sealed and completed while I waited..At .10 cents pound..Free Ice and an extra crate when I ran out of room in my ice chests..Yeah he picks up your fish at the landing also..I'll stick with World famous. Sarah is doing her best win back customers and...
  395. ifishinxs

    SD fish processors

    I paid .10 cents a POUND...I was taking inflation into account..:imdumb:
  396. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    I've got JB 80 spectra going on it..So that should do the trick.. Thanks
  397. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    Nice picture..That is one sweet reel. I hope your right on the line Numbers..I was thinking more like 200 yds of 80lb Hollow spectra and 100 yds of 40 or 50lb mono...In either case its a fish killer for sure..I hope to have mine by Friday or Sat... I haven't decided on the rod yet..700H...
  398. ifishinxs

    Health problems forces ticket sale

    Man its tempting..I just got this new Assignment....Then My wife would take my nuts and put them in the fridge...NOPE Can't do it.. You Guys will have a great time...
  399. ifishinxs

    Health problems forces ticket sale

    Harold, I'd love to fish that trip just cuz Ole is on it..Have someone pitch his bearing thrashed Newells overboard..Not the Avets or the Accurate those are someone elses. LMAO
  400. ifishinxs

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    Steve, The AA is a Class Operation All the way..Lori is great to work with..
  401. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    Can You post a picture of your New HXJ?
  402. ifishinxs

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    Ray you hit it on the head..." NO Record"
  403. ifishinxs

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    Matt, Thats what I'm talking about..Someone is hiding something or robbing peter to pay paul. The Sport fishing industry is really big business and so you have everyone trying to get there piece of the pie. This even goes for the folks wanting to process your fish..The landing gets a cut of...
  404. ifishinxs

    SD fish processors

    Mike at World famous..Without a my recommendation. It looks like his tactics are finally working..Maybe five star and Mario's will break the umbilical cord and start running their business without the landings dictating how things are done. If MIke can make money at .25 cents a pound...
  405. ifishinxs

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    Heres my take for whatits worth..The boat owners know what fuel costs. Theyalso know that it will go up percentageeach year. Which should be reflected in the price of the trip. It should not be added on to the price of the trip. There other boats in the fleet that are all inclusive with no fuel...
  406. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    Don't sell that JX 6/3. I just picked one up. I'll fish it with Spectra backing and a 40 lb top shot..Great bait and Iron reel.. The New HXJ will be an Awsume 50lb reel..
  407. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    Whats Whiffling? Do you have any Idea what the Line Capacity will be...Mono/Spectra?
  408. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    The HXJ will be out on Wed..I have ordered mine loaded with 80lb Hollow..I should have it in my hot little hands on Friday. I need a Needle kit..Wheres the deal?
  409. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    I got the word from Eddy at Cabbagekey. That it is a narrow version on the HX designed for Jigging. Now that should be a great reel.
  410. ifishinxs

    HXJ ?

    I hear Avet will have the HXJ out soon...Okay what is an HXJ.... I'm Asuming its a Narrow version.. Has anybody heard anything?? release date..ETC The Avet Web site Blows...When was the last time that thing was updated.
  411. ifishinxs

    X-1R Reel Lubricants

    I've been using it for Years..No Problems. Its right inline with Corrosion X..I use that also.
  412. ifishinxs

    Hot Rod Avet?

    that's why i went with the accurates....... I guess that say's it all.
  413. ifishinxs

    Hot Rod Avet?

    What do you think if you shimmed up a plate behind the drag washer..Would that do the trick.
  414. ifishinxs

    Hot Rod Avet?

    I seems the one main complaint on the smaller to mid sized Avet reels is binding of the handle under max drag settings..This is akin to the problem Penn Internationals had with lack of free spool when the drag was set up high. Then we had Cal Sheets and Cofe among others who through some...
  415. ifishinxs

    Avet vs. others

    I just picked a JX 6/3..I'm an Accurate guy and have been for years. All reels have issues that pop up from time to time. The Avets are designed differently than other reels, as are Accurate, Shimano, Daiwa, Tiburon, Penn..ETC. Each has its personality. I put some drag presure on my JX and...
  416. ifishinxs

    2,000 HP drug boat

    Dennis, That is just insane.. $160,000 just in Yamahas..
  417. ifishinxs

    Legendary Trip to Guadalupe

    I scored my first YFT over 100lbs at the Lupe..The trini and and 800m would be a killer..As you know now that a 2 speed outfit with 40 or 50lb is the way to go. I really like the 765L with along foregrip so you can use the rail.. I'm glad you had a great trip...
  418. ifishinxs

    40# Line?

    IZOR LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've used all the other stuff..It streaches and breaks after afew fish. Izor just keeps on going and going.. The Izor is stiff but with some practice its never a problem. I really like the XXX for the light stuff under 30lb test.
  419. ifishinxs


    Way to go guys..You could have your wedding at Yellowstone in front of Old faithfull! Then fly fish the madison.
  420. ifishinxs

    Ted Nugent interview

    Teds the best.....Straight live GONZO!!!
  421. ifishinxs

    Chinese finger trap with Sato crimp

    David, I have seen somewhere that you can just put a overhand knot where you normally put a crimp..Do you know if this works or if It would weaken the connection?
  422. ifishinxs

    i have a question about a 5 day to guadelupe

    Jason, Calico Bass at the Lupe are more of a by product. In other words caught by accident while fishing for YT or YFT..I've caught some really nice ones on the jig and dropper loop fishing.. That island would be fantastic to fish in s skiff close to shore. BUT you would be in fear of your...
  423. ifishinxs

    New HXW (Hoo-X Wide)

    Dayle, Maybe you could Ole to Buy his Own reel for the 10 day. This would be perfect.
  424. ifishinxs

    Parker vs. Farallon

    All are Fantastic boats. My choice would be the Farallon. The key to a softer ride is entry angle and dead rise measured at the transome and of course weight. That being said. The newer Radons have had the hull redesigned to give a better ride. Davis is still using old hull design with strakes...
  425. ifishinxs

    stand up tuna rod for the HX

    CalStar 765L..65lb Spectra and 50lb top shot..Or 80lb spectra and 60lb top shot.
  426. ifishinxs

    Sweetwater River in August

    Thanks a bunch. That should get me started
  427. ifishinxs

    Sweetwater River in August

    I'll be heading up to Wyoming to Fly fish the Platte and Sweetwater. I'll be around Martins cove and Independence rock area..I'm looking for info on what flies work in this area..And any personal recommendations..I'll be staying in a place called Muddy Gap for the first 2 weeks in August...
  428. ifishinxs

    New Years Dream! (Comes True)

    Bogi, Your killing me....Very nice stuff....I'm getting my ducks in a row for my Early retirement...So fishing has been on the back burner...For now I'll live through your great reports and adventures...
  429. ifishinxs

    Accurate 665 narrow

    665 Narrow. High Speed. 60lb spectra. 50lb tops shot. Awsome Wahoo set up.
  430. ifishinxs

    Review: Accurate ATD 6

    Thanks for the report.I was lucky enough to fish the Accurate 12 on my last 5 day. We used it as a wench for the dropper loop rig..Killer set up. With the New Boss series available in a 2 sp. Accurate should have the market covered on the high end side. I know that I'll be picking up the New...
  431. ifishinxs

    Accurate Steps Up!!!!

    I hear ya..I feel like I need a 870 2sp and a 665 2sp.:ele:
  432. ifishinxs

    Accurate Steps Up!!!!

    Very Nice.... I now have an 870 and 665 for sale.
  433. ifishinxs

    Accurate Steps Up!!!!

    So are these two speeded reels going to be available as a conversion for the guys that already have the reels Or do we have to buy a new reel.
  434. ifishinxs

    Accurate service rocks!

    I have had great service from these guys.. No complaints.. Now that they have the Boss 2 speeds in the works I doesn't get much better...
  435. ifishinxs

    Accurate Steps Up!!!!

    Thanks for the up date on the Boss 2 speed reels. We ( the guys on the American Angler) on my last 5 day trip where talking about how nice a Boss two speed would be..All Wishing that Accurate would make one.."Our wish has come true.". A 665 2 speed with 65lb spectra, 50lb mono top shot and the...
  436. ifishinxs

    Fish Processing: Side by Side results WFSM vs. 5 Star

    I used Mike on my last 5 day trip in Oct. on the American Angler..Mike loaded our fish in the cart, then into his van..Mikes wife escorted us to his shop. We watched as our fish where processed..Great operation..They hooked me up with Ice for the ride home..I'll tell you that its some of the...
  437. ifishinxs

    Lupe, moon phases and current?

    New Moon....But still check your tide charts..Mid Sept next year looks really good.
  438. ifishinxs

    Late Report - 9/11 W43 on the Island Girl

    Grant, You are the man..You make me proud...I'm off on my 5 day on 9/15 on the AA..I hope to get one over the century mark... Great job on the Island Girl and the legacy continues..
  439. ifishinxs

    5 dayer advice

    You scored on the Last chance Charter out of Hemet, Ca..Great bunch of guys...Say Hi to Josh for me..
  440. ifishinxs

    5 dayer advice

    Your very lucky to get on any 5 day trip right now..My trip leaves on the 15th of Sept and returns the 20th..I lucked out also and scored a cancellation on the angler.
  441. ifishinxs

    5 dayer advice

    I'm getting ready for my 5 day in Sept. It will be my 3rd 5 day trip.. I have it narrowed down to the American Angler. Its just a personal preference thing. Like the other guys have said look around some. I did a couple of the less expensive multi day boats years ago. It was not really that...
  442. ifishinxs

    overnight on the seahorse

    Rich, I chartered this boat last month...Outstanding Capt and crew...I would recommend this boat to anyone...
  443. ifishinxs

    292.7 yellowfin PV 2006 Tigerlily

    All that hard work paid off...Congrats on a fish of a life time.
  444. ifishinxs

    Problem with VRO Pump and.............

    Change out your VRO pump..Its 20 minute job. Very easy. Also replace your primer bulb if you haven't already. Mixing oil and gas blows big time! Thats why they invented Oil injection in the first place.. Sea Witch marine may have the pump in stock..
  445. ifishinxs

    Island Girl delivers again.... for a different captain

    Great report...Its good to see the boat won't be sitting much..
  446. ifishinxs

    Tow Vehicle?

    Stan, Get yourself an Edge, Bully dog or predator Programer...You'll pick up HP and MPG. I have an 05 DuraMax crew cab 4 x4. I'm Running an MBRP 4 "exhaust, K&N intake. Edge EZ programer. Threw on some 285-75-16 BFG AT's on some 16 x8 Extreme Alloy's..13-15 mpg around town..17-20 mpg on...
  447. ifishinxs

    1/27 Catalina w/pics

    Nice to see the New Boot DA Investigator catching something.
  448. ifishinxs


    I hit DVL on Sunday the 27, Tuesday 29th and Wed the 30th. On Sunday we worked the Marina area and the rock cove for a few hours first thing in the morning..I caught one stocker trout on a mini jig with a power worm tail..Then hooked another monster that snapped my 2lb test like butter...
  449. ifishinxs

    DVL trout

    Good point! I usually post my fresh water Reports on another board. "Fresh-One net." I'll be out Sun, Tuesday and Wed this next week..I make sure to kick down a report.
  450. ifishinxs

    DVL trout

    Bruce, I've been fishing the lake alot recently..I've caught trout on just about everything in the box. The Crappie jigs seem to work really well at times in and around the Marina and along the rock cove in front of the store. The jigs also work well in open water once you find the bait...
  451. ifishinxs

    San Diego housing crystal ball

    You got it right Shelly. I will be dept free other than my house in March..I already have the 780 score..I have put money in Defered Comp for the last 12yrs. I will retire at 53. I also refied the house for 15yrs 5 yrs ago. My house will be close to paided off when I retire..Then Off to Northern...
  452. ifishinxs

    DVL 11-11-05

    Great report..I was out last Tuesday..Lots of Gills and Some small bass on the Top water finesse baits..Also took a Nice demo ride on a 05 Skeeter bass and bay boat From AIM Marine..The large swim baits (Trout Pattern) are scoring some really nice bass..I'm sure thats what scored the large...
  453. ifishinxs

    Awesome Sports Compliation!!!

    Jim, All the Hot chicks are in Hemet..
  454. ifishinxs

    Utah-Rainbows & Cuts

    Josh, Just wait until the New Cedar Breaks Mall goes in...
  455. ifishinxs

    Utah-Rainbows & Cuts

    If you fished Panguitch then you have fished the local creeks...Epic Rainbow and brown trout fishing..Not to mention the Big Mule deer. With Elk meadows, Brian Head, Cedar breaks, and Zion near by it really doesnt get any better.
  456. ifishinxs

    Utah-Rainbows & Cuts

    Great report from God's country....I'm looking at property in Cedar city along with another area in Northern Utah... Retirement can't get here fast enough...
  457. ifishinxs

    Mice Killer?

    Cut back on the Cheese samiches..Just kinding.. They can be hard to get rid of once they set up house..Mouse traps with some Peanut butter works pretty well..A good cat would'nt hurt either..They make a trap with some sticky stuff on it that they use at the jail on our loading dock..Only problem...
  458. ifishinxs

    Diamond valley lake 083005

    Carlos, Man, it is getting addictive. 5 miles from my house to the ramp. Throw in a trip to Last Chance bait and tackle to get the scoop from Josh at 0500 and at the lake in a few minutes. Now I'm looking at a Bass boat...I'm goin over the edge... Any Bites on your ride..
  459. ifishinxs

    Do you have a plan for survival?

    Thanks for the reality check...I have 6 months supply of food for my family of [email protected] 2-55gal drums with water...Remmington 870 with a nice array of ammuntion. Colemanstove for cooking etc. The food and water are rotated so nothing goes bad.. Remember the Boy Scout Motto...."Always be...
  460. ifishinxs

    Mako 258

    E-mail Pictures first...Kid can wait..Just kidding Great boat, built tough and has some nice dead rise..Boat rides like dream..I should Know I have one.. Here is a picture with a New trailer.
  461. ifishinxs

    Diamond valley lake 083005

    Whats kicking my ass is the Rainbow trout that are comming out of this lake..I saw one that was around 8lbs....I need some Downriggers.
  462. ifishinxs

    Where's everyone

    Dayle...I was just informed I have freakin AJT Tuesday and Wed...No Fishing for me this next week...Check my Fresh water report..Thats what bass look like..LMAO
  463. ifishinxs

    Diamond valley lake 083005

    Well I hit the lake again for about the 6th week in a row... I finally hit on spot that produces some nice bass..We caught a few so I thought I share some pics and for those who fish the lake may know where this spot is..All fish where release after being photographed.. This...
  464. ifishinxs

    08/27 I acatually have a fish report!

    Nice job...I was going to Hit Diamond Valley again, but with fish at the 425..I'm all over it..
  465. ifishinxs

    8/25 390ish Report

    I just found out that the Freedom scored YFT around San Clemente Island...If they are at Clemente they are on the local banks..Just need to find'em. Nice Job on the DoDo..
  466. ifishinxs

    Public Service Announcement!

    Dayle, Paula slathers my boys down with that Copper tone stuff before a day in the sun...Poor Cody even got the bug repellant(Avon) last trip out to DVL. I thought he looked like a glazed Donut.The girl at the dock thought he smelled really nice..
  467. ifishinxs

    8-23 lower 500 fish disapero (weather perfect)

    That sucks a big one... DVL is still rocking...I'll shoot you E-mail.
  468. ifishinxs

    Party at the REDNECK fill up!

    $7,500.00 Ooooooooouch!
  469. ifishinxs

    Dead Calis at the Wall

    I don't post any type of fishing report on that board period..I've got to moderate myself or I'll just go off again. BD rules!
  470. ifishinxs

    Marlin chasing Dorado 12.5 miles off the nados

    Thanks for the great report...I was head to DVL for some trout and bass but DoDo's much Mo better.. 12 miles off at 180 would put you near the 425 spot...NICE!
  471. ifishinxs

    Bottom Paint Help

    Jack the boat up off the trailer and paint the thing yourself...Get some rollers and a brush and get it done..Bottom paint is a no brainer..If the old stuff flaking off..Lightly sand the bottom first..$150.00 and that should include rollers and brushed and sand paper if needed..I did mine in few...
  472. ifishinxs

    Coronados 8/10

    Nice post but the pink shorts got to GO..LMAO
  473. ifishinxs

    shitty season

    Compared to last year. You are correct..I'm hoping for a banner YFT/DoDo season in Sept..But then I hear that the Sieners wrapped some Metric tons of YFT recently down around the 390... Inshore fishing has been tough this year and if you look at the tuna counts from previous yrs will see that...
  474. ifishinxs

    DVL on 08105

    I blame JailBait for getting me on the Freshwater again...I fish Utah and Idaho about every year and had gotten a little spoiled on the Native trout and prestine conditons. I forgot how much fun it was to catch a pile of Bluegill... I'm keeping an eye on the Local banks and the 390...For...
  475. ifishinxs

    DVL on 08105

    I got the trout scoop from the local tackle store on Tuesday. Of course I had to buy another rod while in the store to go with my new reel..So I called the lake Tuesday afternoon and secured a rental bass boat for Wed Morning...Cody(my son) and I hit the ramp at about 630 am..The rental boat has...
  476. ifishinxs

    Nados8/4 with the wife

    Nice report. My wife gets sea sick looking at a glass of water..I hit the islands Tuesday for the slimmers. No Jello Tail to be found...I hope they start moving in...
  477. ifishinxs

    '98 200hp johnson oceanrunner rpm range

    My 1997 225 is rated to turn 5,500 WOT...Max. With three guys, Ice chest, full tank of fuel(125gal), 45 gal OS bait tank full. I turn 4,900 RPM at WOT. Cruise speed is 23 to 25 mph at 4,000 rpm at 1.5 mpg. This is throwing a 15 x 15 1/2 prop. Pushing a 1980 25ft Mako CC. 23 degrees deadrise...
  478. ifishinxs

    Radio dope 8-2

    I fished the 425 on Tuesday..I worked SE to about 10 miles below the high spot for One Large Spainish Mack on one kelp...water was slightly choppy...Lots of bait fish whales etc...water was 66.7 to 68 degrees..A guy out out the 390 had some quality YT to 30lbs on a large kelp just west of the...
  479. ifishinxs

    Pure Suicide!!!!! 7/12

    Nice fish. I headed further down the beach and found Straight red tide. I found out later that the turd rollers where just down the beach. Dam I hate it when I over shoot the fish..The Islands where dead other than some nice Calico action on the backside of South Island..
  480. ifishinxs

    7/8 Coronados to Rockpile

    Thanks for the report. I'm headed that way on Tuesday..Unless the Tuna move closer than 100 plus miles they are Now...With what we are seeing down south right now I'm really leaning toward a great late summer and Fall bite on the YFT and DoDo's..
  481. ifishinxs

    7-6 Coronados

    More important..How was the weather..I just checked the PL bouy and its showing 9 to 11 knts at 2356hrs...
  482. ifishinxs

    Navman 5100i

    I dont if this will make you feel better but On Occassion I have lost the Signal on My Garmin in the Harbor....I'm thinking the Military Ops has something to do with it...
  483. ifishinxs

    New bait tank

    Sweet install...Now the question is What kind of White tubing are you using..It looks like spa or pool hose..But that stuff is unclampable. Is it the marine Sanitation type stuff?
  484. ifishinxs

    6/4 the pattyho (short version)

    Good one Stan, Dayle is going have to find this one on his own since he's the expert at (licking his balls). While I eat some YT and Albacore from my last trip..
  485. ifishinxs

    Johnson 225 Help!!!

    Afew things come to mind...Either your vro is gettin ready to go south(check the light on the gauge) When it gets ready to die you should get a surge in power. ..Water pump not pushing enough water to keep the motor cool. I realize you said it was'nt overheating..Gauges Lie along with...
  486. ifishinxs

    M.O.W. up soon-

    No biggy, zzsdad is looking for his baby pictures but the wild animal park has been closed. :)
  487. ifishinxs

    6/4 the pattyho (short version)

    Your such a jack ass!...:spank:
  488. ifishinxs

    Bragging Rights! How much gear you got? Are you a true Tackle ho?

    I have sold most of my stuff and narrowed my selections down to the basics. All Rods are custom built by myself. 800 XL 800 L 800 M 700ML 700M 765L 765M Accurate: 197 270 870 655 Next on the list is an Accurate 2 speed.
  489. ifishinxs

    Squid Co price on avet 50 topless???

    I was just there a week ago..Can't remember the price on the reel but they are throwing in spectra and top shot with the purchase...I had one in my hand and got the evil eye from my wife so I put it back. Cool reel.
  490. ifishinxs

    6/4 - 425 / Bull Ring

    Thanks for the report..This Green water sucks....That 23ft Parker looks sweet.
  491. ifishinxs

    6/4 the pattyho (short version)

    Thanks for the report and putting in the time...
  492. ifishinxs

    Fish you haven't caught

    Swordfish without a doubt...I need a local Striped Marlin also... What the Hell, I need a new 35ft Cabo Flybridge while I'm at it!
  493. ifishinxs

    Evinrude 150 VRO?

    I have a 1997 225 Johnson VRO...Works great...Easy to replace if it does go bad...If you have any further questions shoot me some mail..
  494. ifishinxs


    A DonorCycle Helmet...I like IT!
  495. ifishinxs

    Any Honda reps?

    Thats the Guy. He hooked up our Dive Team...Thanks to Yours truly.. Now If I could Just get my LT. Off my ass.
  496. ifishinxs

    Any Honda reps?

    The Honda Dude [email protected]
  497. ifishinxs

    Albie #'s

    Bernie, I'm with you on this...Giving out the #s to help others catch fish. Then to be sold is..BS IMO...
  498. ifishinxs

    whos fishing labor day?

    Nobody in there right Mind..:)
  499. ifishinxs

    One outboard or two?

    Single Outboard!!!!!....One motor to maintain. Less weight on the transome..The reliablity of the Newer outboards are hard to beat. Find a year or two old model with low hours and save yoursself a few grand...The new 2 strokes are getting about the same mileage as the 4 strokes..So don't commit...
  500. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    Okay here is the updated version. I'm not sure why but it lost the lettering...
  501. ifishinxs

    Met a Moron @ Zooport!

    You would not have caught shit anyway...Might as well catch an outdrive and have something to pull on...LMAO
  502. ifishinxs

    dana point for private boaters? what a JOKE!

    The Bait stituation In Dana has always sucked. In the Summer it usually rolls by the time you hit the break wall. That is if you can get any at all..At $30.00 a Scoop and $10.00 bucks to get in the gate...Just launch out of Diego. The Bros always take care of me..A tip up front and great...
  503. ifishinxs

    New Trailer Questions

    Here ya Go... The Torsion axles are great. Smooth ride and fully adjustable. Just think of them as totally independent suspension.. I also Have the Urethane bunks...Boat slides right on the trailer and they last forever. Talk with Garrie he...
  504. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    I like it alot....Thanks
  505. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    I used a local Kiosk...I did'nt much pay attention to the program that was used...Your right about about getting things to line up...It looked fine when I proofed it...Then of course the final product was slightly off.. I thought about the black also but with a tinted window I thought it...
  506. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    Administrative segregation....Hence "AD-SEG" Used for those who do not play well with others...
  507. ifishinxs

    New Ad-Seg Decal

    I had this designed for the Ad-Seg Guys..Its a proto type. Let me Know what Ya think...I'm looking for some Positive input from some of your creative minds...I think?
  508. ifishinxs

    New Trailer Questions

    Also Try Garrie at Johnco...I have one and its way ahead of any Galvanized trailer...Torsion axles and Disc brakes on both axles..And half the weight of a Galvanized unit...
  509. ifishinxs

    Late 5/3 report

    I would agree. We scored three albi's on puddling fish in between the 371 and 425...The fish where arounf the boat but due to the Fire drill with all of us hooked up I could'nt keep throwing bait.. This was one of the best days of communiction on the water I have had in a long time...Great...
  510. ifishinxs

    Yellow Tail Today

    I'll be out Tuesday myself. Weather permitting as it looks like a system is moving Down from the North.
  511. ifishinxs

    Yellowfin reported close?

    I'm also betting on the fish being a BFT. 60 degree water does not work well for YFT. No fences in the ocean and stranger things have happened. I hope that eddy holds up until Monday..
  512. ifishinxs

    Newport Harbor

    3" grubs in any med to dark colors with some flake in'em. Also the hot plastic for us has been a 3" FishTrap dark on the bottom and top with a white center. Fish the baits slow, wait for the rod to load up and stick'em.
  513. ifishinxs

    WFO Newport Harbor 4/21

    We where out Tuesday...I believe we got at least 60 fish between three guys..We fished the area across from the Coast guard station and drifted between the moored boats...Our ratio of Spots to Turd rollers was about the same as yours...Lots of fun!
  514. ifishinxs

    Albi's are still around 4/21

    Thanks for the Great report Stan...My ass is stuck here at work until Sat...
  515. ifishinxs

    Paid Some Due's

    Stan, Dayle takes a load of crap from his Friends..Well, that and the guys he drags to jail. I was down in IB last month. I saw you cruise by the pier with your boat in tow..My wife just had to hit the Shell shop?..
  516. ifishinxs

    Pacific Edge Bait Tanks

    Last year when I was looking for a new Tank for my Mako. I did the internet deal and checked both tanks out...I called PE and the guy I talked to was not interested in telling me squat..So I called Randy and he was really great to talk to and answered my questions. Then to top it off he met me...
  517. ifishinxs

    Nado's 3/28 LOL

    I saw you cruise by IB pier on Sat With the boat in Tow...I yelled out your name in Vain...You just kept driving....
  518. ifishinxs

    Mr T 3/14/05

    It was fun listening to you and Tackle man on the Radio. I was waiting for you to call out a weight on the fish...I had one fish out on my slow trolled Mac that wouldnt bite..Pretty exciting stuff.
  519. ifishinxs

    Looking for a weather report............

    I just installed my pro blaster...I'll be out on Monday..I hope this pattern holds for a few more days.
  520. ifishinxs

    Looking for a weather report............ On the water report straight from Clemente pier.
  521. ifishinxs

    Mako Boat and Trailer

    I left that up to My kids...They Named Her "Island Girl" Its AKa is "The Gun" I'm Hoping the Ad Seg guys will post pictures of their boats..."JailBait" "ZZsdad" "Tigerlily"....Jim, name your boat or its going to be Called the "Shizzo"
  522. ifishinxs

    Mako Boat and Trailer

    Mako boat and New Trailer I thought some of you might want to see my ride..Its a 1980 25 cc Mako. I just put a New JohnCo Aluminum trailer under it.... I designed the Side guides and had them made at the local welding shop. [
  523. ifishinxs

    Lizard Birthing

    I have finally caught my breath...LMAO...That some funny stuff right there!
  524. ifishinxs

    how much $$$ to get a rod wrapped?

    Before I got burned out building rods I would charge anywhere from $80.00 to $150.00 plus parts. Calstar Grafighter with aluminum seat and Hypalon, triple wrapped with Diamond wrap (simple design)..$250.00...That was a few years ago so I would say now that the price would be closer to $300.00.
  525. ifishinxs

    BD member receives great honor

    He Is A Proud owner of a New Sea Swirl...
  526. ifishinxs

    05 f200 Question

  527. ifishinxs

    3/3 La Jolla Bonies

    I'll be catching them on Monday and you'll be at work!!
  528. ifishinxs

    next tuedsay

    Depending on the weather which is looking like crap at the moment I may fish the local kelp.
  529. ifishinxs

    05 f200 Question

    So It is a Girl Motor after all! Sorry I could'nt resist..
  530. ifishinxs

    05 f200 Question

    Dayle your a weenie. Its very apparent the Motor has a shy bladder and you should be more sensitive...
  531. ifishinxs

    next tuedsay

    Stan, I'll be headed out on Monday with some of the AD-Seg boys...I'm headed to the Island for some taco meat....I need to try out my New Aluminum Trailer! If your in the Neighborhood give me a shout on 72.
  532. ifishinxs

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    When you adjusted the reverse cable you probably knocked the Intermitten shift switch. This probably knocked the carbon and crap loose and now the switch is working again...If the problem comes back replace the switch or just cut the wire and be done with it.
  533. ifishinxs

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    Its running great now...But this 1.5 mpg is killing me....One more season. I broke down and Bought a New Aluminum Trailer. The steel unit was unsalvagable. Once this rain stops I'll get some pics sent to you...
  534. ifishinxs

    johnson 225 ocean runner

    That motor has several issues but all can be overcome with some persistance and Money..The VRO/Fuel pump will cause the motor to speed up and then slow down. If you have ZZSdad with you he can continually squeeze the primer blub as you go and your set. If you you want to fix the problem you...
  535. ifishinxs

    Center Console / walk around's in the pacific

    I run a 25ft Mako CC year round out of Diego..If you Hit Shelter Island launch during the summer you'll see plenty of CC's. The Florida guys have to run quite aways out to reach the fish. Hence the High HP and Speed...I just leave in the early am. Now I just need a Motor that gets decent fuel...
  536. ifishinxs

    Install help for C80 system.

    22 pound Delta plus 30lbs of Chain....OH my BACK!...16 Pound would have been plenty...
  537. ifishinxs

    my vhf out going weak

    Check your antenna connection...The center wire is usually soldered. The coax which is the braided outter cable is sometimes just crimped. It should be soldered if not after a short time it will corode and will no longer ground...You will no longer get a signal or receive one...Unless of course...
  538. ifishinxs

    Late report for the 9th

    Got in the water at SI at 0500ish...."jail Bait" left about 40 min's before I arrived and headed to the 302. The wind was blowing early and as I approached the #'s I could see the water blasting off the front of the a boat in front of me it was "jail bait"....His radio was on the Fritz so we...
  539. ifishinxs

    182 area Sat 8-7

    Thanks for the timely report....I'll remember the wire!
  540. ifishinxs

    8/7 425/UpperFinger/Rockpile/SouthIsKelp

    Check out this sight. They show all of the spots. Just drag the tuna down to the spot and the lat and lon shows up... Thats a long trip from Pedro or Long beach
  541. ifishinxs

    8/7 425/UpperFinger/Rockpile/SouthIsKelp

    Thanks for the report....I know where not to go on Monday.....
  542. ifishinxs

    Superfreak RIP

    Thats what Years of Crack Cocaine will do to your heart....
  543. ifishinxs

    Not again- be carefull!!

    I had basil cell on the edge of my eye lid...Painfull as hell...It took over an hour to cut it out without removing to much of my eye lid. The cancer was right next to my tear ducts. Then after that I had to go in to remove more skin around the site to make sure they got it all...I make sure I...
  544. ifishinxs

    8/5 Cattle Barge

    Nice report......I'm headed that way on Monday......
  545. ifishinxs

    Any SD cops or sherrif deps here?

    It will probably scare the crap out of the locals at the park. Play some Ted Nugent (call of the wild)
  546. ifishinxs

    VHF took a shit

    Thats my exact set up. 502 with Galaxy antenna...Great system...I also have a Standard for my second system...I was at South Nados on Monday and talked with a guy south of the 238...Could'nt be happier.....All connections soldered is way to go.
  547. ifishinxs

    PL Bankers hours +

    Stan, Nice quick trip......The fish have been good to me this year. The freezer is pretty stocked. Wish I lived closer so I could do those quick trips...I was going to head out Monday again but the honey Due list needs to be taken care of....I'll be out again on the 9th for sure.....I need...
  548. ifishinxs

    Nados' on the 26th(late report)

    We started out at the 425 looking for the Elusive Dodo's...We spent several hours looking for kelp. Water was 70 degrees and blue. We found several kelp with none holding anything...Then We found A decent Kelp..I got short bit on the 20lb...Then Marty gets bit on the 15lb..ITS a...
  549. ifishinxs

    7/24 Mahi Mahi and Yellows

    I was out on the 23rd. Hooked one Dodo on the kelp around the 425...Lost it on the 15lb... Got into the WFO YT bite at south kelp around 1000am...Nice grade of fish up to 25lbs... Thanks for the report-
  550. ifishinxs

    Good yellow fishing at Coranado 7/22

    Thanks for the great report......I'm headed that way on Monday...
  551. ifishinxs

    Idaho Fly Fishing

    Nice report. I just returned from Idaho myself. I checked out Henry's fork, Island park resevoir, and West Yellowstone. Then Off to Macall and Riggins. We camped at Ponderosa State park in Mcall. I had the kids fish from the docks at Payette lake...Kids caught a some nice rainbows...I settled...
  552. ifishinxs

    WFO Albies 6/26

    That is really sweet.....I'm up here in Utah fix'in to catch bait(trout) while you guys hammer the core....Great report....Wish I was home.
  553. ifishinxs

    ADSEG trip

    Administrative segregation..Prison or Jail term used For those who don't play well with others. :spank: In this case its a group of guys who segregated themselves into a fishing group.
  554. ifishinxs

    ADSEG trip

    Well, the boys are meeting up at Shelter Island at 0500 on Monday the 14th. We will have my Mako(Island girl), a 25ft Davis(Jail Bait) and a 23 Sea Ox(Tigerlily) We will be on 69, 72. Give us a call. We will be fishing the 371, 425 and working toward the upperfinger.
  555. ifishinxs

    albacore slaughter @425 and yellows 6-3

    I guess I should have gased up a went back out...Dammmmm it!
  556. ifishinxs

    6/1 Rockpile/425/371

    Yeah, I thought you guys where never going to leave..LOL You probably saw us pull up behind you. 25ft Mako with a tower...Offshore was much better...The San Diego had talked to me earlier to get the scoop on South Kelp. 15 minutes later they pulled up just south of us along with the Point...
  557. ifishinxs

    6/1 Rockpile/425/371

    We pulled up behind the Mahalini as you guys where leaving. The dogs where really bad. We got the YT right after the Mahalini pulled away. I had the fish come up behind the boat and the dogs would shut it off. The Kelps out on the 425, 371 all held YT.. I heard the Albis went WFO on the 371...
  558. ifishinxs

    Diamond Valley

    I live in Echo Hills Estates. Its at the East end of Echo Hills golf course. Take Thorton off of State st. Go east. It will dead end into Santa Fe turn right toward the hills. Go left on Mahaffey. Im on the Corner of Mahaffey and Travis..Big Pepper tree out front you can't miss it. I've lived in...
  559. ifishinxs

    Diamond Valley

    Manny, The Folks at Last Chance are Sonja and Carl....They are some really nice folks who have lived in the valley quite awhile. They moved the tackle store from there property in Valle Vista to where it is now.. Sonja has become a pretty good rod wrapper. You need to check out the custom...
  560. ifishinxs

    Monday 24th

    Myself and a Couple of the Adseg guys are heading out toward the inner banks on Monday......Weather permitting! We should be on the water around 0500 ish. If your in the area give me a shout on 72...
  561. ifishinxs

    5/5 Newport Bay "No Bait Bass Classic."

    You guys spanked'em hard again....I think your bay fish counts surpassed the 1/2 boats out of NewPort landing... :appl:
  562. ifishinxs

    CoroNADOs 4/24

    Nice report stan! don't you hate when you zig instead of zag....I'm hitting it next week..I have New Ad seg guy to break in!
  563. ifishinxs

    LJ 4/13 Team Ad-Seg

    Carlos, It was a fun day...The weather looks to be on the crummy side this week coming up so I'll try and get out the following week....Just give me a call or stop by the house. I'm off Sat thru Tues.. That new tank is awsume!..I just had to enlarge the drain hole on the stand pipe...Perfect.
  564. ifishinxs

    LJ 4/13 Team Ad-Seg

    Okay, This trip was way over due. It started weeks ago when I went to start my motor and it quit on the side of the house. Got that fixed and then the fuel pump goes south. Then The old Kodiak tank is startin to leak. Thought I'd do a quick fix and the drain fitting breaks off...Anyway three...
  565. ifishinxs

    diamond valley lake

    I live just down the street from the lake. I still haven't fished it yet. Its the wrong time of Year for the bass. All deep on light line. The Trout bite from what I hear is decent if you have your shit together. :D I'm waiting for the spring bite.
  566. ifishinxs

    Tuesday the 30th report

    Just for info..The harbor entrance is a maze of traps...I don't know how I made though all those dam things in the dark....Take a spot light if you leave in the dark. It may save you some prop and lower end damage..
  567. ifishinxs

    Tuesday the 30th report

    I started a the 425 in the gray...Spotted some Porpoise and droped in the trolling rigs. 30sec later skip and Jack...Worked my way toward the 371. Then SW a few miles. It was like a lake, water temp was 67.5 most of the day. I Got a call of fish on some Kelp about 15 miles SW of the 302. 12...
  568. ifishinxs

    9/16 Yt/yft

    I stated fishing the middle grounds in the dark...Nothing happening so I head to the Lee of South Islands birds where up and so where the Yellowtail..Caught my firsy yellow in the set and forget it mode...!2lb fish...Run and gun till around 1000 am. I had One Newby on board. So It was fun...
  569. ifishinxs


    Give me a call on the radio if any of your are working that area on tuesday.....Bob on the Island Girl
  570. ifishinxs

    albies on the 425

    Thanks for the report.....The fish at 70 miles are out of my range. I knew they had to be closer to home...I may try the 425 on Monday if the main body of fish don't move up.
  571. ifishinxs

    7/11/03 Interesting Albie Trip

    You did better than most...Lots of folks got the big Zip, nada. Thanks for the numbers. I was going to head that way on Monday. Now I'm not so sure.
  572. ifishinxs

    Anyone heading out 7/14 or 15?

    Stan, I'm headed south on Monday...If I have a Cancellation I'll drop you a line on Sunday..:D :D :D
  573. ifishinxs

    Wed the 21st-Pile driven

    Yep, Looks alot like it. Add a big Ol tuna tower on top with a raydome and antenna's and you got it..
  574. ifishinxs

    Wed the 21st-Pile driven

    I'll heading down to that area on Wed...Anyone else headed that way?.....I monitor 68 and 72...Give me shout if your in the area...I'm not hard to miss 25ft CC Mako with Tuna tower. BOB, On the "Island Girl"