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  1. gilly19

    New archery regs

    Thanks for all the insightful data driven answers.
  2. gilly19

    New archery regs

    Seems archery elk on the East side has been dramatically reduced. Anyone smarter than me know why? I’m sure for good reasons but clarification would be enlightening. Thanks
  3. gilly19

    Wounded warrior services offered

    Done. Thank you!
  4. gilly19

    Wounded warrior services offered

    This is no cost for wounded warriors, do have merc kicker for sound etc. no go fast boat but it is a willies!!!
  5. gilly19

    Wounded warrior services offered

    I would love to give back. Have drift boat and do a variety of fishing including fly fishing/instruction. The least I could do is offer a float down a local river. Would love to team up with others to support those that have given for us. Pm if interested or have connections to support such...
  6. gilly19

    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    Andre: I met u Wednesday night at the docks and gave a swim bait and hooks and talked a bunch about hunting. Glad u got into fish, had a great time and made it back safe. Good group here lots of good info. Tuna is addicting! Cheers mike
  7. gilly19

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Just walked by it at docks.... WOW! Congrats, she’s a beauty!!!!
  8. gilly19

    Westport 7/13-14

    I’m sitting in whitefish, wish I could of fished with you. Glad u got the family out!
  9. gilly19

    Spotting scope suggestions

    Once again would like your input on gear. Wanting a good piece of glass that can pack. Would love a swar but must be somewhat financially responsible. Thanks in advance.
  10. gilly19

    Wp Tuesday

    Got 3 long fins with 2 coming in the bottom of the 9th. Started 45 miles ssw, worked out and s. Very little life except for a few jumpers right of the bat. Threw bait and jigs for no love. Trolled for a while, stopped on some marks and picked up one. Kept trolling and stopping on marks but we...
  11. gilly19

    Salmon scale aging

    Not salmon but I've done many for steelhead. Seen some nice 3 salt fish which is an amazing journey for those fish! If I can help let me know.
  12. gilly19

    GPS recommendation

    This why I asked the experts! Thanks
  13. gilly19

    GPS recommendation

    Thanks for the replies.
  14. gilly19

    GPS recommendation

    What do u guys use? I solo archery hunt and would like to have an extra tool for exploring. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks mike
  15. gilly19

    2012 Davis Rock Harbor Short Cabin

    Use to fish on a similar one with a friend of Harold's out of morro bay. Those are solid boats that eat bad weather. Extremely safe and stable. Wish I had the coin. Glws
  16. gilly19

    Scotty 1101 downriggers

    More tuna gear:)
  17. gilly19

    2006 Sea Fox, 187 Center Console

    More tuna gear!
  18. gilly19

    Getting sharked out...

    We had an 8' shark with us for a while with no tuna around so I was looking for a bit of excitement and I couldn't catch it with any baits. Do blues get that big? Or possibly something else.
  19. gilly19

    2006 Sea Fox, 187 Center Console

    Good solid boat, looks brand new. Glws!
  20. gilly19

    Is everyone tracking this?

    I've used 222 on juvinille studies but never on adults. Co2 was the preferred method for adult sedation.
  21. gilly19

    Tuna Patience, Dead Bait Seminar Notes

    Sent and thank you!
  22. gilly19

    Gig harbor building insp.

    Signed some papers and looking for someone trustworthy in the gig neighborhood. Thank you.
  23. gilly19

    Have a seat? Want a seat?

    Pm sent.
  24. gilly19

    Port aransas help

    Thanks dan and james!
  25. gilly19

    Port aransas help

    Thanks greatpf
  26. gilly19

    Long shot port Aransas tx

    Looking for a quality skipper and boat for day trip to spoil my pops.
  27. gilly19

    Long shot port Aransas tx

    Anyone have a connection? Heading down for a trip with my dad. Please and thank you!
  28. gilly19

    Port aransas help

    Looking to book a "6 pack" type boat for Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Fishing with my dad for first time in 27 years. I would appreciate any feedback/help. Thanks mike
  29. gilly19

    Calling BloodyDecker's to get off your ass!!! House Bill 1229

    Just heard from my rep the bill is "dead".
  30. gilly19

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    Sent u a pm.
  31. gilly19

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    I have a 3# ball mold. Norm is stopping by before to pick up some lead and can bring it if he doesn't mind. Return we can work out. Mike
  32. gilly19

    Lead ingot

    Sold to Norm.
  33. gilly19

    Lead ingot

    70#. Talked with robodad and he says $1/# is fair so $70 it is. In steilacoom. This would look great on the end of a Thrasher Rod!
  34. gilly19

    Calling BloodyDecker's to get off your ass!!! House Bill 1229

    Done and a reply from Steve o'ban. 28th legislature distinct. Thanks for the heads up.
  35. gilly19

    Anybody have a Willie Drift boat???

    Sawyer lights, basic anchor off center stern. Would like to get one off the corner so I can have kicker and anchor on at the same time. May have to talk to you about a rear seat idea I have.
  36. gilly19

    Anybody have a Willie Drift boat???

    97' 16x54 pm me in steilacoom I love the boat!
  37. gilly19

    New 5 pin sight for my Matthews. Which one?

    I have trophy ridge and have been happy with it.
  38. gilly19

    Waterfowlers who can actually go hunting?!?

    Sent pm I think, open this weekend if interested. 530 925-0015 mike
  39. gilly19

    Eastern Wa. cow elk modern.

    Very nice. Just got back from there. No love but my first season chasing with the bow and I learned a ton.Man it was cold camping. Congrats.
  40. gilly19

    Spike down.

    Spike ok for split. True spike not ok.
  41. gilly19

    Some video!

    Very nice! Glad your plan is coming together. Still bummed I didn't get to work with you this summer but happy for your success. Mike
  42. gilly19

    Delima of sell or keep?

    25' davis rock harbor! Not many up here but amazing boat. Lots of dancing room. I miss mr. Scott's platform.
  43. gilly19

    Scratched 3

    Westport. Crossed bar at 5:30 pm. Sloppy for sure but it was bumpy all day.
  44. gilly19

    Scratched 3

    West of 125, hard work and rough water for just 3 fish. Hope others did better. Gilly
  45. gilly19


    Very nice. I hunted both days and could not close under 100 yards. My first archery and elk hunt. Mixed it up with some bulls and chased some cows. From what folks tell me, this was a successful hunt. Man it's tuff with a bow. Congrats!
  46. gilly19

    I added the heartbeat today!

    Beautiful setup! Hope to hook up this summer. Gilly
  47. gilly19

    Got your message. May go Sunday but not sure. Email me [email protected] and I'll let u know...

    Got your message. May go Sunday but not sure. Email me [email protected] and I'll let u know. Have u floated any of these rivers?
  48. gilly19's here, and the work has begun. Pic attached

    Very nice Patrick! Wife and I still enjoying the long fins from my trip with you. I'd love to take u for a float down a river when I get the freshwater as dialed as u have the salt. If u need a deckhand let me know. U r a hell of a capt. Cheers
  49. gilly19

    Floating tomorrow, looking for company.

    Glad wrap: Are u available to float a day this weekend?
  50. gilly19

    1 seat Saturday tuna

    Thanks Patrick!i had a blast today and can't thank you enough! Talk to you soon.
  51. gilly19

    1 seat Saturday tuna

    Text sent: Mike
  52. gilly19

    Open seats for tuna sunday

    I'm in. I live in olympia. Gas money and all deck duties before and after. 360 972-2935
  53. gilly19

    Floating tomorrow, looking for company.

    Will do. What time of the year?
  54. gilly19

    Floating tomorrow, looking for company.

    Floating probably cowlitz tomorrow. New to olympia. Anybody with knowledge of local rivers want to float? Gilly