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    Category II 406 MHz EPIRB with Integral GPS

    IF you have been PLAYING YOUR CHANCES OFFSHORE with out one. YOU HAVE NO FUCKING EXCUSE NOW. OR JUST HOPE your float plan is in the warm water current while you remember reading this AD, new $900.00 or something like that. When your swimming around the BUTTERFLY Bank $9,000,000.00 yours now for...
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    PV Tunas and Roosters 3/1 - 3/2

    Great report. That looks so damm good, Thanks for posting.
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    Driving South

    We got our new pasports in 2.5 weeks. And we did NOT pay for the expedited service. Just good to have.
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    Trailering to PV??

    What Bullshipper said....that last grade going down was insane. Plenty of gas all the way down. we slept in the boat parked at a gas station. 30 plus hrs for us. Getting the sticker for the boat was kinda a hassel. we had to park in a overflow parking lot then got bussed to the checkpoint to get...
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    Lobster Punch Card in the Works

    Im sure there will be more than just that.
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    Strike three, non marlin report for 8-19

    Dude....that sucks waking up early like that and thinking about going or not going. Good call on going cause you would have been bummed all day. we got a marlin three weeks ago off a kelp paddy and had no idea he was around. later Beta
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    Marina Coral 8/13, 14, & 18

    Thanks for the report, sounds like a good time.
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    Going west, Gonna burn some fuel

    Offshore Reports Southern California USA Offshore banks for pelagic species hummmm
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    209 quick day

    Good deal.....
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    Thu - Pac Voyager 1 day trip

    Cool report, weather was nice or just some green people?
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    Last year a spotter plane flew over me out side the 182 and circled around then shook wings and i put it in gear and followed him out where he was circling a BIG PADDY i stopped on that paddy and he flew off 1/2 mile away and circled again so i followed him after marking the first paddy. then he...
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    maiden voyage ***with a bonus***

    They should Write a book like some of the other's.....thats crazy. Now they are hooked for sure just like Crack.
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    8-14 oh what a difference a day makes

    man that makes for a long day, gald you made it back safe and thanks for the report
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    390, 371 not much

    thanks for the report, sux about the paddy with fish showing off on the other side....HATE THAT
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    Fishing the W-Fly Weds. 8-15

    looking forward to the report Cory
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    SAT 8-11 e-fly

    just got home, kinda tired, Fished with Josh (dctrjayyyy) tried to get Swazi to go but some quiet rumblings about a sore spot on his back and he was out. Fished the e-fly for three very nice albies then moved up the line and got a nice yft under working birds. no biat fish on that stop. worked...
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    No Love Today

    Thanks for the report
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    Triple Marlin Hook-Up

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    Wed Aug 08-East Butterfly

    Wow, that is good news.... thanks for the report
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    8/3/07 long but great day

    What a day... nice fish guys. great report.
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    PV style yellowfin pose close to home 8-3

    Hell yes.... Thanks for the call to fish TIM...damm good job guys
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    7/28 YT, YFT and a couple Albies

    DUDE you suck......... Great report freaking looks AWESOME. Thanks
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    60 mile bank albies

    Thanks for that report, always good when the boat stops to try and get the passengers on late fish. hell i wont even do that on my boat with friends........
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    7-24 ablie report

    WOW, thanks for the report,
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    Found this floating off shore around 30 miles between 181-182 area...called it into C.G. and could not leave it there as me and the wife hauled it onboard.
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    Some fun on the 181

    Very cool thanks for the report and the pics....
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    425 And Sieners 7/20/07

    Great report guys, so nice to get out there at the end of the week.
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    Rpt Weds 7-18-07 Chickens in the slop!

    WHEEEEEEW, hang on Cowboy....gotta love those days. Great report Cory
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    7/16-7/17 Albie Fishing SLOW for us

    Nice job on pulling in the bait fish, That takes alot on a charter boat when its kinda scratchy.
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    7-17 san clemente isle

    Wow nice job on the yellows...
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    one crazy day on the pond

    two fins or one??? nice report, at least you had some macks to toss. Everytime i dont make macks i see swordys and marlin and everytime i do make macks....well you know the rest.
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    7-16 371 albies Tail

    Good job, lucky guy to get out today.
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    Thresher 7/15

    Hey, Looks good Hunter. Nice talking to you in Avalon
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    Want a ride? Albie Time

    I was thinking the same thing............ BOAT FOR SALE....
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    Dude Looks like fun........... Great pics
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    Very interesting. Thanks for the Info.
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    multiple banks for the Albies 7-9

    WOW i hate those days but sounds like you made a Good trip out of it.
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    7-8 Albies 302-182

    Thats the way to do it... Nice
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    Hanna report 7-7 all alone......

    Looks like a great time guys, Nice job of the albies. Kinda bummed we did not go out on sat now. Great report as always.
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    07/07 Off the hook

    Hell TIM i think a Trade is in Order. i will give you one Melissa for One Jesus
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    07/07 Off the hook

    Nice Job Tim and Crew. Scott got his First Albi way to go.
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    The Dirty Dozen........

    SLEEP, Shit you have not been Offshore fishing in weeks you should be able to get out back to back. Good job Guys
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    182 7/7 albies

    Thanks for the report
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    7/7/7 albies on 182

    Nice Job on the kids fish.
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    7/7 chickens at the 302

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a good day
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    GOD i love that avatar. Nice fish also. thanks for the report
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    7-5 Get the Gaff BITCh

    Swazi (Tim) i will have to send you the TOPLESS videos if i post them here i will get SALUKIED OFF for sure. or i guess i could post them on YOUTUBE or something like that and link back....O well we just got home to Huntington what a AWESOME trip camping on the boat in Avalon. Gotta clean the...
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    7-5 Get the Gaff BITCh

    The wife and I are staying a few days in Avalon and decided to go fishing today. So we got onto some fish with the rest of them at the 371 and a few padddys on the way back to Avalon. Weather was very NICE, we are staying the night again. Will post more pics later. Paddys were out by the ridge...
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    7/3 Albies, BFT

    Thanks for the report
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    6-30-07 E Fly-390 Albies

    DAMMMMMMMM that looks very good. Thanks for the call for dinner.
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    Latest report in Hanna's history 6/30

    Good seeing you on the water Curtis, melissa said the only reason she flashed you guys is cause the perv (saluki) was on land far far away. Anyways what a fun time.
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    Monday 7/2 390/EFly Albies w/Geno

    "OHHH IM NOT going out unless it gets real good" I think those pics are from last year and he posted the Long Version on Craigslist. NICE JOB
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    Sunday tuna

    That is the best way to fish..........
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    6-30-07 E Fly-390 Albies

    Sorry for the late report. launched from Dana Point headed to the E-butterfly area we arrived around 430 am and it was Nasty. There were only a few boats in the area so we trolled for a few hours for nothing so we decided to move down the line to the Airplane. We almost get there and chase a...
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    Friday Albie Report 6/29

    Great report Thanks so much... the truck is running and the boat is hooked up we are OUT THE DOOR
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    Sat. 6/30 Albie hunt

    going to head out friday night as well, running down to the Airplane or 1010
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    Rpt Weds 6-27-07 Prowler Toad Tails & a few Chickens

    Dammm so close Cory, Thanks for the report with locations fished and the Good read.
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    bad wednesday

    Man thats a Hard day Thanks for the report good bad or otherwise.
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    Timing is right--

    i tried giving that speach to Swazi and he told me to @#$% off just drive the damm boat he said....
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    Albies Mon. 25th

    Glad you made it home. Nice job on the fish.
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    Long story 4days fishing!

    Tried calling you on the raido Ross on sat but some one had ther mic stuck on 68 anyways Great trip for you.
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    Sunday 6/24 Albies

    THATS AWESOME, go get them SurfDoc
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    Albacore are at 213

    we saw three planes buzzing around sat.
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    Sat. 6-23-07 60 Mile bank,390, 371,302

    Cool report. i think i saw you guys on the 1010 sat around 8:30 am checking out that one paddy that was there. The weather was great at least on the Grady it was, Glad someone else thought the same about the weather because i was told i was not fishing in the same ocean. We moved over to the 277...
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    6-23 Albies Yellows 1010,425

    Swazi, Thanks for saying what i have been thinking. Mel was 6 for 2.
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    6-23 Albies Yellows 1010,425

    We left Dana Point at 3am ran 98 miles to the 1010 droped lines around 8 am. Picked up the Albie on a blind strike. boxed the area for a hour or so then ran toward the 277 where the water started getting colder than we liked so we turned up to the 500 and just kept going toward the 425 hitting...
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    6-23 Albies Yellows 1010,425

    We went out today Super Great Fantastic day. Weather was Awesome. Very delerious right now posting some pics. 1 25#albie 1 24#yellow 9 other yellows Wife was on fire today out fished us all.
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    6-22 Albies @ 1010

    Thanks for the Report Just the info i was looking for
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    Campo Rene, La Bocana, New Ramp in Loreto

    What a great Site, i think i read it two or three times and cant wait for the book.
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    Thanks for the report Lee, the bouy is still showing strong winds all night and still blowing as of now. Might be a good weekend for Avalon.
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    Cat report for 6-20

    Nice fish Beta looks like a fun day on the water
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    6/20/07 Long bumpy run for YT

    Man that makes for a long DAY, good to catch some fish. Thanks for the report.
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    I got my first T

    THATS FUNNY....might have to curl the tail around a little:imdumb:
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    Better Late Than Never Post

    That is a nice parting Gift............
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    Tony Reyes San Felipe Trip

    Sound like a good trip. we did a two week trip on the san andres few years back. i just showed my son those pics and he Knew the boat from the color of the yellow rail. Good times for sure. but that first night was a Killer sleeping on the boat with NO AIR....i will get the hotel like you did if...
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    6-16-07 Mako Trip

    Big Mo shows up and wont play............GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sounds like a great trip.
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    Fresh Albie

    Nice Job............great water today thats for sure
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    Paddy Yellows 6-16-07

    took my sons friend out for his first fishing trip. He kept saying he was stuck on the bottom, "Nope you are not on the Bottom trust me" pretty cool seeing a kid pull on his first yellow. My son gaffed it up and we got a few more and lost a Lot more. A nice little blue shark made his friends day...
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    Chewed up blue shark

    Humbolt Squid will attack them. Thats probably what it was.
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    06-13-07 Worse than the last episode of Sopranos!!!

    Ouchie, Great report and one Hell of a story. At least you got a fish could have gotten skunked.
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    6/8 - 6/11 on Polaris Supreme

    Sounds like a Good trip, Thanks for the Report
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    One for the team!

    Thanks for the report.... That is one of the worst decisions to have.....Run for the scales or Keep fishing. DAMMM i hate Tournys.... Maybe if i WON one i would feel diffrent.
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    Cat island 6-8-07 giant sea bass

    spyder hitch on the dropper loop.....way stronger
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    3rd day on water no T!

    hummm, 23 years old and retired....i will show you the secret after you show me how to retire at 23.
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    Josh (dctrjayyyyy) and Myself decided not to run offshore and really did not feel like doing the seabass hunt thing with 1,000 other boats so we setteled on whenever you get here we will leave. 6:30 am and we are fishing 7am first knock down and a good one is pulling drag 45 mins later at the...
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    425, 101, Rock Pile, & Islands Report 5/27

    Good Rule to have on the boat.... thanks for the report.
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    302,43,182 went lookin

    Thanks for the report.
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    First String 5/22/23

    Thanks for the report Deahhead and all
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    Good luck........things are looking better all the time. planning my weekend now...
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    Sun 5-27 points south!

    hey ross sent you a PM....i might go out sat and take a look around. How do you guys like that Marina? i was looking at them online this AM about getting a slip there.
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    MADE my Crappy monday So much Better............. THANKS
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    If you ever want to fish the Baja again...

    Sent e-mail to Ignacio Loyola Vera at [email protected] Sent e-mail to Jacinto Antonio Díaz Muñoz at [email protected] Sent e-mail to [email protected] at [email protected] Sent e-mail to Julio Cesar Peralta Gallegos at [email protected] Sent...
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    we went 0-3 today on the T's local trip today. 8 am till just after noon. Nice try.
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    Mr T on Relentless 05/10/07

    i always rig my own BOM's even if i get them with the rigging i just cut there rigginf off and re-rig it. thanks for the reoprt.
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    Catalina Thursday.... Fire Photo's

    WOW, i was just watching the live cam. cool pics. i have lived here all my life and really cant remember a big fire on catalina.
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    LORETO 4/25 - 5/7

    What fun, nice report to read while at work. Thanks i needed a break.
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    315# T on the Finatic 5-9

    Nice job Ross, hard work paid off.
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    1st Cali Mako

    Nice Mako, i just finished doing boat repairs from last years makos.
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    C-Bass on Old #7 5-2

    is that really why your butt hurts?
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    Team Applicator

    5:06 AM turn on the puter and go to check my FAV site for some fishing chit chat and what the first freaking thing i see................ THATS WRONG.. who is better looking the fish or the fisherman?
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    Rpt Wed 4-25-07, San Clemente blast!

    Thanks for the report Cory, i did the same thing three or four weeks ago at SCI not a boat on the entire island and reports of 50+ yellowtail. anyways what can you do.
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    Skippy 26 vs. parker 25 ride

    WOW i wish i had these kinda of Quality Problems tip for the day Get the GRADY... or you might look like these two Clowns.........
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    Rpt Sun. 4-22-07 at Santa Rosa & Cruz

    Nice job Cory thanks for something else to read......... damm its getting BORING
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    Tower Pads are Back and Installed

    Damm..... you two need to go fishing or something..............
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    Should I change my stock fuel filter>

    are you useing a 10micron filter before the motors?(thats the big white one from Yahama. looks like a giant oil filter)
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    mileage chart with hours

    AutoClub has them. they are free if your a member and a few bucks if not. i have a few diffrent ones from them. they are Fold up style.
  107. progress_1

    Tower Pads are Back and Installed

    got the seat and backrest pads back from the upholsterer installed them and put it all back up top. looks great and the view of the neighbors backyards are not bad.
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    Stolen Boat!

    that sucks
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    Got her home after 5 weeks of waitin'

    Looks Great, I LOVE the smell of NEW Fiberglass.............
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    Swing and a miss on Mr. T today..4/14

    Try Trolling for Yaks next time, Thanks for the report
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    Get the Chevy those Fords always breakdown or need help pulling things out of the water. I have the Raymarine and it works fine easy to use and install. 6Gs sounds kinda high for the C-80 i think thats what i paid for mine and i got the C-120, 24 mile radar, black box,1000watt ducer, high speed...
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    Mother of all wahoo!!!!

    that is so crazy it almost looks fake its so big.... One heck of a fish. Nice job.
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    Transducer/temp sending unit tip

    Gato has the good info on that one. Check your menu and make sure it is set up and on for the temp. my 1000watt ducer worked fine but did not read the temp. called tech support and after scroll thru the menu and a quick re-setting the temp was working just fine. i was happy. cause i had a...
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    New Tower for the Grady

    About Us - Saltwater Specialties here is the website his name is Tom ask for the BD discount thats what i did.
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    Just took delivery of 29' Mega Panga

    Nice ride there, that is one Big Panga Just remember this day...........LOL
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    New Tower for the Grady

    maybe some day i will get some controls....cant tell you how much that was. for now i just needed to have a place for my GUESTS to sit and while there up there they can look for paddys. this weekend im installing the 120 volt wires that will electrify the tower with a toggel switch so i can be...
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    New Tower for the Grady

    never really need a sun shade so i just went seat.
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    Isla San Marcos Fishing Report 04-08-07

    DANG that looks like fun.... post some pics of the kids winning the bikes.
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    New comfortable seats

    Those do looke very nice and comfy. one thing with the Striper i had (2004 2601) was you were either looking thru the glass and hunched a bit or looking thru the isen glass and streaching a bit. to avoid looking at the window they telescope up and down or are they fixed? looks nice...
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    New Tower for the Grady

    Got the new Tower for the Grady. part of the deal was for me to make the seat and back rest. So pulled it down this AM and started work on cutting the seat in. things went pretty well got it all done and off to the upholster guy today. he said two weeks. went with 3 inch padding for the seat and...
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    Rpt. Weds. 04-04-07 -SCI West End

    Dammm, sounds like my sunday trip, gotta love the good bottom critters at SCI thinking of running there tomorrow if i can get a crew..........
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    Went out Sharking GOT SOME!!!!!

    Nice T too bad about the larger model
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    La Paz Fishing Report 4/5

    Very nice fish, Thanks for the report
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    4/2-4/3 Cat. to SCI

    Nice report, i was there sunday and NOT a boat around with the same thing the yellows would pop up and sink out. anytime now
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    Don't fight it! Trip on it!

    Just thinking of how fast you got on ONE motor? prolly still passing dudes up. must have been MURDER for you.......
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    SCI report for Sunday

    Crap, i Had a full boat Mr Trini and Mr Saltiga and i was afraid you would want to take Saluki and after hearing those reports about that i figured it was safe to go it alone. Next time...
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    SCI report for Sunday

    Well after seeing counts go up i went for a quick run over to SCI. Weather was very nice for the ride over made the run in under 2 hrs that included stopping two times to PEE ( i was SOLO) anyways there was a good looking temp from Terafin on the East end so i made that the first end to look at...
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    YE OLD #7 Cat 3/30

    Maybe you guys should start a thread.... PARTNER ETIQUETTE.... slideing up on partners asking permission to jump in on partner propper approaching of partner Freaking HOMOS.......... not what i wanted to read this early in the AM
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    Recent but pics 30.03 lbs &38lbs

    DAMMMMMMMMMMM thought i was on the WRONG SITE AGAIN............
  130. progress_1


    i just follow SWAZI around and jump in, You know its just one of those things where if the fishing is good and everyone is happy then its all fun and someone sliding in on you is not a big deal HOWEVER on those days that your burning up fuel and nerves been up since 4 am and fishing hard with...
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    DickHead Boater of the Month

    Looks like the fishing is still slow.........
  132. progress_1


    Toothpaste..... sounds Yummmy
  133. progress_1

    Boat Crash at Cat...and Fulltilt is not Gay...still not 100% sure our limits for Four and i made gas money from two guys who wanted tips on new spots....i just gave up your spots...
  134. progress_1

    Boat Crash at Cat...and Fulltilt is not Gay...still not 100% sure

    It really was not that foggy last night, i had the radar on for the ride was Dark.
  135. progress_1

    Boat Crash at Cat...and Fulltilt is not Gay...still not 100% sure

    Took Vince (fulltilt) and his G/F over to Cat for some end of season bugging with Me and the Wife. Wind was blowing off the island all day very hard 15knots. Anyways made lunch and chilled for a bit then pulled up our bugs when the wife tells us to shut up. there was a MayDay call so we listen...
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    Catalina Isle Sunday 3/11

    I am heading over sat afternoon. I just PM'd you with a few of Swazi's buggin spots he is done for the year anyways.
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    PV report 2-12-----2-22 (drive down)

    DAMMM you made it fast, we towed our boat and it took around 30 hrs to PV.... Great report,
  138. progress_1

    We Whacked Em'... Triple limits in 13 pulls.

    and i was pouring concrete all weekend..... Nice job guys....
  139. progress_1

    Island Bugs 2/6

    Get back to work TIM
  140. progress_1

    For Coffee Lovers

    Kona Coffee at Mountain Thunder - Best Quality Always
  141. progress_1

    For Coffee Lovers

    My wife turned me on to this stuff called Mountian Thunder. its 100% kona. The BEST damm coffee i have ever had. i order 4 lbs every other month. It cost alot but i dont care cause Kona is the best coffee there is. I am all for that cause before we found Mountian Thunder i had a hard time...
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    Quadruple Limits of bugs w/ Curtis, Lee, Fishkiller G on 1/27

    HUMMMMMMM Looks good Guys i am sorry i did not make it but i had to go to Vista to pick up my (wifes) new Ride
  143. progress_1

    Bills Bait Receiver In Long Beach?

    Yes a few weeks ago there were 4 bait recivers tied up to his. He said he is not going anywhere, but i can just see the line in the am in a few months....worse than Dana. its going to be fun fun.
  144. progress_1


    Now that would be a hell of a ride...took me forever to get to P.V. then i had to drive home
  145. progress_1

    Bugs 1/14/07

    Good call Hurricane Gulch can be a bitch. see you this weekend.
  146. progress_1

    cat surf and turf

    Nice Job ross, i would have been there but my TWO crewmates thought it was going to be Rough and backed out......(you know who you are)
  147. progress_1

    Lobster bait

    even better to pull up 100 dollars of lobster on 10 dollars of free bait.
  148. progress_1

    Wide Open PV Tuna w/Capt. Danny Osuna

    DAMMMMMMMMMMM now that is a loaded boat
  149. progress_1

    Triple limits and video Buggin

    No back to back Josh, but you need to call me...i have a story to tell.
  150. progress_1

    Late Call From The Big Drum

    Those look tasty...nice job guys
  151. progress_1

    Stupid Buggin 1/6

    Nice Job boys, it was such a nice night.
  152. progress_1

    Triple limits and video Buggin

    not to be out done by Swazi we got our limits in TWO sets....(just kiddin) My son was home from school all week and when i got home from work (been workin out of town) the jackass had himself some very nice lunches all week with MY BUGS. so he was forced to work off his crimes.(Child Labor is...
  153. progress_1

    bug video...

    the four on the deck we gave to RBR2000 who was the Lucky Dog for the night. 14 in the tank and Josh always rechecks the bugs cause he no longer trusts my EYEBALL method as he has proven that i am not always right. Glad you all enjoy the Video.
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    bug video...

    some bug video,
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    Limits Back to Back for Two....

    Hey, Nice to see you again, i forgot the name of your boat. Have a good New Year.
  156. progress_1

    Limits Back to Back for Two....

    Well after a few weeks off the water it was time to get back out. My fishing partner Finally finished up his Masters in school and can fish again. Off we went friday night to try a few new spots. First spot worked out ok then we moved to another spot that worked very well and we had Limitsfor...
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    Catalina Lobster 12-29

    HEY That PROGRESS guy he is a asshole............ Glad you had a good weekend on the water. Happy to help out a fellow BDr. we mad the right move that night. Enjoy your dinner. Scott
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    Looking for a good afordable boat to charter in Cbo begining of Jan

    affordable and cabo fishing. let me think about that.
  159. progress_1

    San Pedro Bait Note

    Im confused, i did not read anything about Nachos?
  160. progress_1

    San Quintin 2-16 thru 2-19

    Sound fun to me....i need to check my mex boat permit i cant remember when i got it. Count me in.
  161. progress_1

    Need info on boat launch n East Cape

    There was a post a while ago with a video clip of some guys retrieving a boat with the baja wheel. it was very neat how it was done. the wheel was 13"or 14" inch rims with regular tires attached to the tounge like Bill said. except they used a solid steel pole around 20' hooked to the hitch. I...
  162. progress_1

    Tony Reyes Sportfishing

    do not get stuck with Lupe....
  163. progress_1

    K&M Offshore SURF REPORT....SQ BOMBS!!!

    Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP try this re-sizer from microsoft. it really works freaking good. in the right hand column click on imageresizer for download. it will resize all the files in a folder and keep the original ones the same size along with the duplicate resized pics.
  164. progress_1

    Pueretesitos Fishing is great (Lots of pics)

    Great Post....Gotta love it we fished we ate we slept in are sleeping bags. that IS camping for sure...
  165. progress_1

    off to La Bocana

    Post some pics as well
  166. progress_1

    off to La Bocana

    Good Luck.....
  167. progress_1

    36 year old rehab...

    That Really looks Good,
  168. progress_1

    12-07-06 Yt at The Fly

    WOW, that is one hell of a story. Nice job on the fish.
  169. progress_1

    WFO SD bay bug madness

    Nice Bugs better than Turkey....
  170. progress_1

    Shot at a BIG swordie today

    Nice Rush at least, Sure get the Blood pumping. Great read thanks for the report.
  171. progress_1

    Yep, Still there

    Hummm Turkey and Yellowtail....... Thanks for the report
  172. progress_1

    Anyone want to fish Vallarta in Dec.?

    Saluki is right on that one. Gotta get a Sticker.
  173. progress_1

    Nov.12th @ 371 = DoDo

    THAT is it the Season is Really Really over now....YOU TOOK THE LAST DODO. Poor DODO.
  174. progress_1

    Dana Point to Mag Bay...Lots of fish....

    Great Post and thanks for the Info.
  175. progress_1

    bug bait questions

    1. Slice and dice. 2. Bait CAGE. 3. Seals and anything else will be attracted to the bait. ITS BAIT. its kinda fun playing chase the bouy with the seals dragging your $75 dollar rig around. Not really. That is just part of the fishing experience.
  176. progress_1

    L.A harbor butt report for 11-10 w/pics

    Damm i thought you might make the cover Twice in a week. Nice fish.
  177. progress_1

    cabo to pv with td 19

    Good Luck tom, i told you it was a long trip. Be safe and stay smart.
  178. progress_1

    pv report 11/5-11/7

    Nice JOB, thank for the report
  179. progress_1

    What's going on down there???

    Thanks guys, This is some nice Dope.
  180. progress_1

    PV 315lbs & Marlin

    Nice Fish, Congrats on the Cow
  181. progress_1

    Economical Digital Camera for the boat?

    One thing about the Digital cameras you might want to check on it how fast they load up when you first turn them on. Depending on your price range ofcoarse. I have a SonyDSLR-A100 that you can shoot as fast as you turn it on $1,000. and little Sony Cybershot 7.2 megpixel that is a great little...
  182. progress_1

    Halloween YT Fun

    Nice Job lots of Treats
  183. progress_1

    10/28-29 Thresher and Bugs....

    It works too good at attracting well as the bugs. I think i need to go back in the Lab and modify the formula..
  184. progress_1

    10/28-29 Thresher and Bugs....

    What goes good with Bugs.....Thresher steaks....YUMMMMY went to cat fished makos for a bit before sunset Josh caught one 60# then we set up at the island for some buggin, SLOW great conditions but we ended up playing chase the bouy with the seals most of the night. We moored in Descanso (thanks...
  185. progress_1

    Dos Panchos scores on the Hooooo

  186. progress_1


    The fron side by long point
  187. progress_1


    you can make it if you want, we had a good float going and we were not even trying. we were jsut hoop netting and i was metering lots of squirts and had the floating around the boat (not in Great numbers gut then again i was not trying)
  188. progress_1

    Friday 10/6 Dodos and Yellow

    Thanks for the report, hate those days when you could have slept in.
  189. progress_1

    YFT, Dodos and Taild, Monday 10/2

    Nice fish guys way to hang in there..........
  190. progress_1

    9-30-06 Limits for Four BUGS....

    Went to the New spot. Tried the new HOT bait i have been working on for the last year. End result....over limits for four people. We remeasured and threw the "IFFY" ones back. Thanks to Josh (drjayyyy) Bdr. My wife and my 15 year old . for every legal we had two shorts. Total Harvest 28 bugs...
  191. progress_1


    Thanks for the update. nice to get a fresh report of the conditions.
  192. progress_1

    Saturday 9/23 Tuna Scouting

    I am heading out tomorrow as well if i can find SOMEONE who wants to fish........GRRRRRR three back outs. might have to go SOLO
  193. progress_1

    Skunked Thursday

    Thanks for the report, at least i got to read something diffrent.
  194. progress_1

    Carol's First dorado

    Now its Shoes and Reels......your screwed. i made that mistake...Nice fish.
  195. progress_1

    Limits + Limits 9/20/06

    Sleep WELL. thanks for the report
  196. progress_1

    Tuesday 9/19 Dodo Limits and YFT

  197. progress_1

    YFT 8-11

    Thanks for the report. and the bad news, it was nice not seeing the seiners out there. I was wondering how long it would take till they returned.
  198. progress_1

    9-9 SATERDAY 182-43-E-BFLY-302

    the weather was so good, we did 35mph all the way home for two hours.
  199. progress_1


    Damm that is one CLEAN BOAT.
  200. progress_1

    9-9 SATERDAY 182-43-E-BFLY-302

    short version: AWESOME DAY ON WATER Long: caught someone trying to sneak out of the landing early....headed out towards the 43 water was a little cool. kept going to the east butterfly got colder ran in from there and found the Fleet of overnight boats. caught some...
  201. progress_1


    Nice report, fishing solo rules.
  202. progress_1

    9/6 YFT

    AWESOME report................Front PAGE way to go..... screw the nudie beach im going FISHING.......
  203. progress_1

    9/3 Marlin & Weather

    HEY where are the BIKINI pics? damm if i dont post them i get 5000 pm's with death threats.... thanks for the report
  204. progress_1

    220 nm No Fish

    GOD i hope this changes soon, im getting tired of going to the Nudie beach with the wife.
  205. progress_1

    430# Mako

    I was going to tell you Victor i sent you some pics to your e-mail...Opps Vince.
  206. progress_1

    430# Mako

    Full Tilt your are such the perv.... Me too 25 more days...we go to the Island Gettinguglyson
  207. progress_1

    430# Mako

    He said it was over 40 mins,
  208. progress_1

    430# Mako

    got a call from Mako Matt on his SAT phone asking me to meet him at the fuel dock in Huntington Harbour. Met up at the Fuel dock to check out the catch the guys who chartered him out for the day. Nice 430# short fin Mako. Looks like it was a good day on the water again. Last weekend they got a...
  209. progress_1

    Muerte rules! 8/19

    Dammmit you were susposed to shoot of the Flares.......
  210. progress_1

    Paddie poaching 8/19

    SoundsGood to me Greg, only problem is you will have to run FAST to beat the other Paddy Poachers as most of them are VERY EXPERIENCED at what they do. Look for my Grady out there.
  211. progress_1

    Oceanside 181 8-15 Report

    DAMMMMMMm nice fish...Good job
  212. progress_1

    Maybe not Mexico related...

    Now you have done it Wait till the little guy gets to be 6'-2" eats everything in the house and loses 3 cell phones in a month. OHHH wait its YOUR kid...silly me. Congrats on the new addition. and yeah you should have not looked when the make the CUT.......OUCHHHHHH i think i held my nuts for a...
  213. progress_1

    Wife Wins Schock tourny....

    i was Kidding Dammm might not be a bad idea to help the Fuel bill.
  214. progress_1

    late report 8/12 on pl 3/4

    Nice Yellow,,,,very well done
  215. progress_1

    Wife Wins Schock tourny....

    LOL, Wrong website for that you will need to Join our other one for that.
  216. progress_1

    Resizing Pics
  217. progress_1

    Wife Wins Schock tourny....

    What a turn-around for the local banks....Slow day for us at least. We found Paddys every where but not holding, water temps dropped alot as compared to last weekend. Anyways 7:00 am start we went to the 277 found lots of paddys nothing holding 71.2 temps. head south and out,got colder, turned...
  218. progress_1

    8/10 Dodo & yts @ 182

    Nice freaking fish guys.....
  219. progress_1

    how do you fight a dodo??

  220. progress_1

    8/10 Fishing Mahi Mahi

    Nice Job guys, looks like a Smooth day on the water.......
  221. progress_1

    offshore in search of paddies

    Thank for the entertaining report, Remember we all started out as rookies...well some of us did. the others just wont admit it.
  222. progress_1


    Thanks for the GOOD news....
  223. progress_1

    were to find dodos from catalina

    Hell do what most do.... Just look for the stopped boats.LOL
  224. progress_1

    Brand New 20 footer 2006 triumhp CC 8/03/06

    Get a GPS... Congrats on the new boat. lets see some pics
  225. progress_1

    Briana amost killed me

    Damm that has got to be one of the scariest things to have happen.... we were night fishing out by the Turning Bouy off Long Beach with our spreader lights on and a Coast Gaurd Cutter came 20 yards off my port side doing 20 knots it sent water over my gunnals. so i know how you feel.
  226. progress_1

    Dana Pt. Dodo's 8/2

    WOW that is a GREAT day on the water... thanks for the report
  227. progress_1

    the beatings will continue until moral improves

    FULL TILT was out today....i heard he was locked up in mexico somewhere...
  228. progress_1

    What a day on the water!

    Thanks for the report, fishing solo is always an adventure.
  229. progress_1

    WFO Dodos 7/26 182, 43, Ridge, 182

    Thanks for the report, heading that way tomorrow am...
  230. progress_1

    7-26 Oceanside Dodos and YTs

    thats a great report wondering what happens on a missed gaff in the inflateable.... nice yellowtail
  231. progress_1

    On the water report

    Dammm i was going to see if you wanted to go fishing friday with me for your B-Day. thanks for the report Beta
  232. progress_1

    7/25 Limits Dodo, Limits YT

    Dammmm nice when you have to fish around the dorado to get yellows...........
  233. progress_1

    7/25 Dorado and yellows at the 182

    Thanks for the report, sounds like another nice day on the water.
  234. progress_1

    Fishin with my Grandson

    I CANT help wondering what he is thinking????? i swear that is the best freaking pic.
  235. progress_1

    7/23 Dorado on the 43

    they did hook that same fish a few times. some of the males were eating is a clip of them its funny as hell. my dam kid is getting so freaking big its scary. anyways.
  236. progress_1

    7/23 Dorado on the 43

    FLAT seas all freaking day....not one yellowtail on a paddy they were all full of dorado. some pics of the wife and son having a blast. caught lots of fish and lost as many.sat around the house till 7:20 am and told the wife GET UP we are going. i did not want to sit around in the heat and we...
  237. progress_1

    Dana pt to almost the 181, 7-21-06

    Thanks for the report, next time ANSWER YOUR RADIO....
  238. progress_1

    7-22 WFO Dorado Dana Point

    WOW Good job on the fish. 14 miles out and beat?
  239. progress_1

    7/21 43 and inside dorado and yellows

    Fished today with the Wife and neighbor Mike and another friend. Launched Oceanside into Chopppy confused seas. clean blue water 71.9. found lots of paddys with nobody home. kept on going out father till the paddys started holding. lots of yellowtails (small) released some kept. found a paddy...
  240. progress_1

    302 Report 7/20/06

    Nice fish. where is the dads fish?
  241. progress_1

    Big shark!

    I WAS THERE for that Tourny....we LOST needless to say. we caught 5 makos the first day and 5 the second got busted off on a ver y very big shark the second day. here are some pics of that shark. it went over 1000 lbs over all it was a very good tourny we had lots of fun. i wont bother with the...
  242. progress_1

    Fishing Catalina 7-11

    Welcome and Thanks for the report. nothing like Mid week Fishing at the Island.
  243. progress_1

    San Quintin tourny?

    thanks i was just about to post it.
  244. progress_1

    Rpt: 7/9 267,209,181.

    we found the Blue water at the 43 along that temp break. its still not Clean Blue water temps were 68-69 along that edge
  245. progress_1

    San Quintin tourny?

    is any one headed down for the tourny this coming up weekend?
  246. progress_1

    7-8 181 182 43 30#yellow

    Launched at Dana kinda late. first paddy 25 miles out was loaded with Yellows we had them chasing bait to the boat and tried the irons same story. off to the next one and its loaded with bait and nothing else. the next paddy was loaded with yellows that would not go at all. then there was this...
  247. progress_1

    182 and Bonito Bash InShore 7-7-2006

    Nice Job on getting the little guy on some fish....keep on taking the pics cause they get BIG FAST....mine is 6'2" now...
  248. progress_1

    Seiners are out in force!!!!

    This is a sad story, it has been the same way in the Sea of Cortez. They wipe out everything then move around the point and work there way up north. In a few more years they will have bigger and better boats with the money they make.
  249. progress_1

    302-425-371-101 Nothing

    Thanks for the report we heard a few yellows on paddys but mostly empty.
  250. progress_1

    Newport/HB Report:

    This is so good, like a jerry springer re-run. LOL
  251. progress_1

    181-182- Friday June 23

    OHHHH, i forgot to add the Help i got as well. so im crusin at 25 mph and a spotter plane (piper) buzzes me at about 200 feet then as he is off my bow tips his wings at me and flys off around 5 miles to my starboard and does cirlces real low, hell im not stupid so i gun it to him and around 1/2...
  252. progress_1

    181-182- Friday June 23

    Left H.H. went to Back side cat to buddy boat for some Seabass...looked slow so Off i went headed to the 181 found some very very large paddys the kind with 40 birds sitting. threw bait, tossed squid, chucked iron, had a few yellows chase to the boat for nothing. this went on and on. slow...
  253. progress_1

    ALbacore Wednesday 6-21

    Thanks for the report, Looks good outside,
  254. progress_1

    Rpt 2 Day Grande 6-19 & 20 BFT, Albies, Tails

    Great report Cory, from food to fustration and fish in the end. what a nice read on a wed afternoon working out here in Bakersfield, Just what i needed THanks.
  255. progress_1

    PV Fishing Prime Time Adventures 6/13/2006 COWTOWN

    Dammm i need to check this board more often....
  256. progress_1

    Beautiful Day 6/19 But NADA

    Thanks for the report, how was the water color?
  257. progress_1

    Cooter, Swazi, & M.M. get BFT, Albies, YT's 6/18

    Very nice job.. looks like a great day. waht kind of MPG are you getting with the new motor?
  258. progress_1

    14 mile bank need new crew(wife sleeping on job)

    fished a few hours on the Knoll, very slow. water 68 not the best color but not the worst. some small makos and small blues. i need a new crew mate (must look good in a bikini) all and all was very slow day with a few boats who kept trolling around our slick(i wonder why). anways thinking of...
  259. progress_1

    APOLLO 30 albies, 2 BFT 40 YT within 50miles

    Hummm, or some numbers to go with the reports.
  260. progress_1

    Fishing Friday 6/16

    Hey, i might be launching out of Dana Friday AM, its not looking too good out there as far as the bouy reports go. but i will let you guys know later today.
  261. progress_1

    Ensenada, the coral 6-23 and 24

    Ross, are you towing or piloting the boat down?
  262. progress_1

    6\13 Got A BF

    Thanks for the report, planning on heading out to fish that area on friday....
  263. progress_1

    Not a good day

    the reports are that it might lay down to 10knott winds with 4-5' mixed swell. its that Mixed swell that sucks. Thanks for your report.
  264. progress_1

    wide open 6/8

    nice job guys, looks like a great day on the water.
  265. progress_1

    Costa Rica

    Nice fish Josh, looks like a great trip.
  266. progress_1

    36/54 yellowfest for team retard

    OK, i have to confess...i was not going to say anything but i lost two pattys.. i hit the MOB and followed the Track but goddamm they just up and vanished. that has to be one of the more Fustrating things. we still got Limits. THERE I SAID IT....
  267. progress_1

    Rpt Sat. 6-03 D220 Tails and Bones.

    Nice report, yea i can fully relate to the close calls, that fog was very thick at times. i think i looked at the radar more than the fishfinder. its funny cause sometimes here in huntington beach when we get for and im driving my truck i catch my self looking for the Radar. if i start looking...
  268. progress_1

    302 with lazy azz 15 yeaold

    I had one on my last boat and it was the BEST. so its even worse for me cause i know what i am missing. right now im just Happy to be on the water and catch some fish. just got back from eating some of it.
  269. progress_1

    302 with lazy azz 15 yeaold

    Thanks, im getting auto pilot next.
  270. progress_1

    302 with lazy azz 15 yeaold

    launchedat oceanside around 5am. got bait. kid slept. headed to the 302 in that heavy at times fog. kid slept. stopped at a few paddys on the way with temps at 68.5 for nothing but had to check. kid slept. made it to the 302 area with some nice swell and poor visibility water 65.5 around 7am...
  271. progress_1

    need ONE for tomorrow

    launch oceanside tomorrow around 4:30 am heading south as far as it takes. call me 714 9252531 scott kinda be nice if you have a mex permit also.
  272. progress_1

    Corbetena May 29 th

    when i get a bigger truck....damm thing is HEAVY. im working on a new truck now hopefully in a month or so i will have one. Thanks
  273. progress_1

    Corbetena May 29 th

    Bill, where are the PICS.....we need to get you a Helmet CAM. how was towing the larger boat down? 10'6" is a little bigger.
  274. progress_1

    Memorial Day Yellow Tails!

    Dammm, new battery, on the water boat repairs, and yellowtails. Freaking what a Memorial Day to remember. next he will tell us he burned 2.5 gallons....your killing me. Nice Job.
  275. progress_1

    The Weather Offshore Looks Nasty

    sounds like a run to San Nicholas island is in order....
  276. progress_1

    Dana Thresher 5/20

    nice T, we were out there on Friday kept one and relesed two. Good job
  277. progress_1

    5-20 @ 302 yellows + great white

    Its okay i belive you......
  278. progress_1

    Lost my boat

    Last year after i launched my boat in oceanside my wife was parking the truck and i tied to the dock. the wife came down the gangway and we both heard a LOUD Crash. we ran to the top of the gangway to look down at a boat missing the water by 15 feet. needless to say the guy was very upset. after...
  279. progress_1

    Tshark fishing out of O'side 5/18. Never give up!

    Never use the PRE-rigged, Sorry about your fish im sure it was still fun.
  280. progress_1

    Ultra Overnight

    Very Nice.... nice fish
  281. progress_1

    Thresher love...but...

    Nice fish... i was thinking all day saterday about Makos while trolling for threshers....Damm
  282. progress_1

    Mr. T

    Nice fish, way to go, although he most likely knew what you guys served for breakfast and decided he had enough of chovies and dines and wanted some of the Goods you have in the gally. Hell if i was swimming around that cold water and spotted that nice Riviera i would be in your boat in 4...
  283. progress_1

    Got my Hardtop fixed!

    WOW. look very nice. i need a tower also...thanks
  284. progress_1

    More Thresher....

    i had two bait-o-matica's flat lined and two rapallas. it wacked the Rapalla.
  285. progress_1


    Nice job, wow you got lucky with the rebite.. way to go.
  286. progress_1

    More Thresher....

    Had to go Solo...the wife WORKS. she has a more expensive habit than i do freaking tires on that car are not cheep. We are going on Saterday...
  287. progress_1

    More Thresher.... was very interesting. i admit i was second guessing myself about going solo. 135# and passed of bags to my mom wifes dad and have a bunch for my guys at work. Dinner tonight.
  288. progress_1

    More Thresher....

    Had to give today a shot, with all the fish being taken i could not stand it anymore....Fished solo. caught on a Trinidad 40N 50# test. was kinda hard to clear the lines while hooked up it was pulling pretty hard. anyways good to get outta work.
  289. progress_1

    Got an AZZ WHOOPIN!!!!!

    Hey Ross, If you Launch off the first swell in the set and get a good rhythm going you can get going a little faster....Glad you made it back...go to work and Rest up a few days. Talk to you later this week
  290. progress_1

    Yellow & Victory at sea 5/6/06

    Great Report, wish i could get that kinda Gas Mileage...Ross is one crazy boater, its like Offshore Racing with fishing rods.
  291. progress_1

    5-6 425/371 and North again

    Great day for the water...Soon
  292. progress_1

    1.5 05/02-05/04

    looks like a job for Dective Curtis, Nice report...
  293. progress_1

    Boat load of fish on 5-3

    I was just wondering if you made it back OK, Way to go Ross, thanks for the report.
  294. progress_1

    San Diego to Cabo--- Yellowtail, Bluefin and Albacore

    im really starting to hate right about now.... great trip.
  295. progress_1

    Ensenada Threshers, bonito and more on Saturday

    Great Read, had to read it two times cause the thought to two white guys standing there ripping off squid made me laugh.
  296. progress_1

    first yellowtails first post

    Good job, now Repeat over and over and over and over
  297. progress_1

    Fishing wen looking for 2

    OK have fun Ross, i have a Bid to deliver on Wed otherwise i would make the run.
  298. progress_1

    Fishing wen looking for 2

    Ross, i think i will launch and wait around 20 mins for the 60 mile report from you. if its good i can head out, if not i can pull the boat out..
  299. progress_1

    Swing and a miss on the T's

    what a Day... thanks for the report.
  300. progress_1

    SCI Report..

    They know we all have the Weekends off... LOL
  301. progress_1

    SCI Report..

    launched 4 am Sunset Aquatic, ran to east of avalon doing 26mph in nice flat seas,picked up some squid. ran to China Point did 37 mph again very nice seas. found the Fleet but could not find any fish. it was very slow. all the overnight boats were droping hook and picking up the hook and moving...
  302. progress_1

    Freedom 4/27/06 Clemente

    When we fishing again? call me soon Josh
  303. progress_1

    Freedom 4/27/06 Clemente

    Thanks for the report, im heading there tonight.
  304. progress_1

    catalina island 4/28/06 whos going?

    was heading to SCI tomorrow, but it looks like the bite shut down. good luck tomorrow.
  305. progress_1

    Afishinado's Catalina Report - Discount Squid!

    Thank for the report, last few weekends it has been Hard to Float.
  306. progress_1

    SCI friday ?

    thinking of fishing SCI friday. launch out of Huntington Beach. anyone want to go?
  307. progress_1

    SCI 4-25 Yellows

    Great Report, thinking of heading over on Friday am. hopefully they are still on the chew. from your pic it looks like you were 1/4 way around the back side.
  308. progress_1

    SCI Yellowtail and Net fishing????

    Hummm Admire a 1000' line with baited hooks, pulled up by a Hydro wench. Or a Purse Seiner pulled along swallowing everything. I have Nothing against guys makeing a Living, Hard work im Sure.
  309. progress_1

    4-24...Santa Monica afternoon

    i just forgot all about the Yellowtail bite at SCI... Thank the Director for me...
  310. progress_1

    Rail In Tuna

    why is "TOO LONG" in Caps? should we read something there?
  311. progress_1

    the FURY in dana

    That looks real good.
  312. progress_1

    File a Float Plan!!!

    Check the Battery on your EPIRB, i just got my new NOAA sticker friday in the mail. good for another 2 years.
  313. progress_1

    Catalina Friday, 4/21 - Skunked!

    Thanks for the report, sounds like the same story the last few days.
  314. progress_1

    SWF Wants to fish with you!!

    this could get very interesting....
  315. progress_1

    Baja Report:Loreto,La Paz,and Cabo 4/7-4/16

    Great Report, what a awesome way to go, just cruise around and end up where you end up. it was nice seeing pics of places i have not seen in a few years. Thanks now i want to HIT THE ROAD....
  316. progress_1

    New lo-an

    i read they were out there but had not had any fish on the deck.
  317. progress_1

    Someone got a deal......

    Hummm is right, thats buy one get one free. I wonder if he has any Rolex's for sale as well?
  318. progress_1

    Catalina 4-15-06

    Hey i sent you a PM back with my number. im heading out this afternoon you can call me before around 3pm
  319. progress_1

    Catalina Island 4/12

    Long Beach Carnage was there last Friday and Sat night east of Avalon.
  320. progress_1

    Catalina report...

    Check the Date on the Post....then things will make sense.
  321. progress_1

    Towing boat to PV

    Captamab1 has it right. look for what he said it will save you alot of hassel not going thur the town. i think i remember there being a KFC there at the light. what a great drive there are too many neat places to stop. im still finding those damm TOLL tickets in my truck. i gotta get back down...
  322. progress_1

    SCI for three days

    Nice pics, It was nice to see all you guys out there sat morning.
  323. progress_1

    successful sea trail

    Very nice ride.....a few more weeks and you will be chasing the right kind.
  324. progress_1

    HeatherLynn II Catalina

    NICE FISH.......i think we saw you in whites cove making squid Friday was late around 11pm...
  325. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    Report.......Just got home. we had a very SLOW trip. got lots of squid but thats about it. finished the day off as Long Point catalina. Had a very good Time nice to meet some of you guys on the water. planning on the Trip for the 15th. and the next weekend and the can only get...
  326. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    Packing Boat right now....................
  327. progress_1

    SCI activity report for 3/30 to 4/2

    (Just talked to Tom Soden out at the island the land activities planned are all enviromentalist groups counting seals, birds, plants and other things. The night activities around Pyramid Cove are cat hunting/extermination activities. This is all good for us as they cannot bomb the place with all...
  328. progress_1

    Albacore 1025 n.m. away

    Changing plans for Full Tilts SCI trip right now....Plotting a new COG. we might have to leave Thursday night instead.
  329. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    Curtis my boat is a 40 knot boat only. its if he does 50 knots he will miss the squid float we will have going....
  330. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    ok Ross i will call you friday around noon and we can meet at the ramp around 4:00-4:30.
  331. progress_1

    Weather for SCI Trip

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" background=/images/nws/topbanner.jpg border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=right height=19> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"...
  332. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    just kidding Mziadeh and Dctrjayyy, we are on.
  333. progress_1

    List for Full Tilts BD Clemente trip 3/31-4/1-4/3

    Im still in heading over to Cat to see if we can float some squid.Departing HH around 4:30 friday. i had two BD Ho's that i was going to take with me Mziadeh and Dctrjayyy but i have dumped them last minute.
  334. progress_1

    Weather for SCI Trip

    No problem, worst case you stay at cat and fish there.
  335. progress_1

    Weather for SCI Trip

    sounds good but i never did trust those forcasts. the bouy report as of right now is a little diffrent.
  336. progress_1

    Thru Hull underwater Lights Installed.

    thanks for the Feed back. this friday i will be seeing how well they work on the back side of Cat. I am going to install the second light today. i will have some pics up later.
  337. progress_1

    Thru Hull underwater Lights Installed.

    Yea they are spendy, i think he has some 35 watt and maybe a 50 watt. i will have some night pics this coming up weekend from the trip to san clemente.
  338. progress_1

    Thru Hull underwater Lights Installed.

    i got a call from my friend who had a supplier in his shop with a few "extra" underwater lights. the big Idiot i am told him to get two for me. ran home from working out in Indio all week to grab the boat and bring it over to his shop. after a few minutes to decide where to install them the 2...
  339. progress_1

    catalina 3/22

    nice job. good day out.
  340. progress_1

    Cabo San Lucas on Saturday

    just head to Squid Row and you can forget about any bad fishing...its spring break all over and its packed, should be awesome
  341. progress_1

    SCI 4/1 overnight-

    68 sounds Good to me. just checked the ten day forcast and its calling for rain on thursday....gonna have to keep a eye on that.
  342. progress_1

    SCI 4/1 overnight-

    So what channel did we decide on? and is anyone else leaving from Huntington Beach?
  343. progress_1

    Catalina report...

    The water was off color. 25 yards from island it was brown green, past 25 yards dark green. im really not sure the temps as my temp gauge is not working yet. lots of current with the wind. plenty birds working with the dolphin. any time now if the weather lays down. there has been a strong wind...
  344. progress_1

    Catalina report...

    After all this weather and storms lined up on the weekends i decided to head over for some bugs and possible c-bass. Left the harbor around 5:30pm into some light rain at the breakwall. Headed over at 33 mph all the way with some light chop and small swell. set up the nets and dropped 5. my 15...
  345. progress_1

    bait tank is in...

    Yes i did have a striper a few weeks ago. Its gone. this is the new boat hogging up the driveway. Joe moved away a while ago. You can stop by on the weekends anytime and check it out.
  346. progress_1

    bait tank is in... these are not bad...i gotta call to find out what the LOA is to verify the fit.
  347. progress_1

    thinking of bugging tonight....

    thinking of heading to the island for some bugs. any one in OC want to come along? pm with you number.
  348. progress_1

    Still Needs A Name

    Snow Flake?
  349. progress_1

    Building a Center Console, any help?

    cover the frame you made with Starboard. 1/4" should be good with all the metal work you have allready. no mess no resin or epoxy. use stainless screws and thats it. Looks like great work. that kitchen table is going to look really good with a center console. bad ass.
  350. progress_1

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    Ok JTIME5 sounds very good to me. pm sent.
  351. progress_1

    bait tank is in...

    some more pics. Your very close do you launch in Huntington?
  352. progress_1

    bait tank is in...

    thanks, im over at bolsa chica and edinger. 200 feet from Pacific Edge(marks shop)
  353. progress_1

    bait tank is in...

    finished the bait tank install. im still thinking of whether to use alum. rod holders or starboard type.
  354. progress_1

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    leaveing from sunset aquatic, huntington beach. time will depend if anyone needs a buddy boat from this area. i would like to leave around 4-5 pm friday get some sleep at cat then head over to clemente in the am. i have one Ho dtrjayyy (josh) who i think is in on my boat at least he sent me a...
  355. progress_1

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    i might have a spot if any one is close to orange county. dont wake the wife before 10 am LMAO
  356. progress_1

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    Uhhh, the safe speed. if im tired and want to get there 30 mph. i figure its safer to get there and sleep. seriously, it really depends on the conditions. if you want to buddy to san clemente anytime let me know. i can crusie.
  357. progress_1

    sanding gel coat qustion

    save the Flakes to roll up later....
  358. progress_1

    San Clemente overnight 4/1 or 4/15/06

    count me boat is all ready. im in Huntington beach 1 mile from sunset aquatic launch ramp.
  359. progress_1

    sanding gel coat qustion

    what tim said. 220 320 400 500 600 etc. also you could get it close and re-gel coat which will fill in left over swirl marks then the process starts over but with a little less removal. when your finished it will look new. got any pics of the hull?
  360. progress_1

    Pv Report 3-2

    Great report, sounds like my trip down there. what a fun place and even if the tuna dont play. man what a rush to see all that life, those big fish breaking all around gets you so pumped. i donated alot of iron around that rock. you have a split second to get those pargo turned or its over. so...
  361. progress_1


    i have the c120 and love the radar overlay, you can split the screen and view alone with chart (side by side) or view alone as full radar. it takes a few trips to get used to with all the extra information on your charts that you might not be used to. i like it alot. my radar is very sensitive...
  362. progress_1

    Silver Bullet Update

    nice ride, looks very clean.
  363. progress_1

    My New Toy

    Very nice boat, do you have the yamaha digital controls? those are great. remember the break in on the motors and change the oil at 10 hrs. i have twin 250's 4 strokes. longest 10 hrs i could not wait to push the controls down.
  364. progress_1

    Raymarine C120 DSM says "No data source"

    Hummm this could get jacked real fast, im not saying a word LMAO
  365. progress_1

    bait tank install...

    thanks Bill, seams like there is always work to do on something around here.
  366. progress_1

    bait tank install...

    yea Gato when i took the deck plate off i noticed that. they are pressure treated and that area over the tanks is sealed.
  367. progress_1

    bait tank install...

    finish pics.
  368. progress_1

    bait tank install...

    spent the day installing the bait tank and finishing up some other projects. then starting a few more damm Attenion deficet crap. got to add another gell coat to tank tomorrow am. but its all plummed new 1100 gph pump. so now its 35 gal and 55 gal bait tanks..
  369. progress_1

    My New 2005 Seaswirl Striper 2601

    Nice boat. i just sold mine a few months ago.
  370. progress_1

    New Electronics for Hanna......

    Very nice, i got the same set up four weeks ago. i finished the install and everything worked great. i have the 1000 watt transducer and i installed the high speed flairing block. i was doing 37 mph on the way over to Cat and the sounder was so clear. i really like the Radar overlay. very nice...
  371. progress_1

    OMG...32'8 x 11'6"

    LOL, im on bolsa chica and edinger
  372. progress_1

    Generator install

    Install of new gen on my new Grady White Marlin300. this was a fairly simple install due to the fact there is a spot allocated for the generator. I vented it with a Rule 4" inline blower it blows 230 cfm. i am going to add a second blower today. Boaters world has CO sensors for 9.99 they are...
  373. progress_1

    Depth Sounder/Fish Finder question

    Raymarine c-120 i just installed on my boat. i got the 1k ducer and High speed flairing block. its always fun drilling a 1-1/2 inch hole in your new boat. i got the HI DEF "black box" with it. i installed the 24 mile radar, gps sending unit, black box hi def (DSM) 1k transducer and hooked it all...
  374. progress_1

    Walk Around Question

    The eisenglass is a great thing to have if you are a year round fisherman. my last boat came with full eisenglass that snapped to the windshield (2601 striper) it leaked but would offer protrection where i would have been soaked. The one thing to consider is it is expensive to purchase later...
  375. progress_1

    New Boat!!

    Nice boat, you will have so much fun...way to go.
  376. progress_1

    Exploritory (no) Albacore Run Rpt

    Great Effort guys, what great fuel consumption!!!
  377. progress_1

    Raymarine tech Bulletin!

    Great, i am installing my Raymarine system and all was finished till i could not get the unit to turn on. after checking all leads and haveing power at the connection at the unit i took it to boatersworld and had them unplug there c120 display unit. plugged it into my c120 and it would not work...
  378. progress_1


    Very Good LUCK to You.
  379. progress_1

    33' flybridge extreme makeover

    Wow, it does not even look the same at all. 350 gallons of gas seams kinda small for a boat that size. Im sure is will look great with a new gel-coat.
  380. progress_1

    the new Progress

    Thanks guys, Robert your very close if your in GG. in im Huntington so that would work out well if you want to go offshore with me. PM me your number and i will call you.
  381. progress_1

    the new Progress

    well i droped off the old boat wed. for the Trade and the New boat is ready. the funding was susposed to happen wed. but will fund today. the new trailer is coming from texas friday. all the electronics are ready to install so i hope to be installing them on sat.
  382. progress_1

    overhead elec. box install

    I tried to figure out a way to get 2 vhf and Radar in the overhead box. i really did not want the Radar mounted by the GPS. so this is what i came up with. it looks kinda nice more of a flush mount apperence. The Boat is for sale or will be traded in by this friday to make room for the New Boat...
  383. progress_1

    Cars I should have kept

    51 chevy hardtop Bel Air
  384. progress_1

    Cars I should have kept

    My neighbor had a Superbird when i was growing up....great car. I restored this one and still have it i have thought about selling it but seeing pics like that one remind me NEVER sell.
  385. progress_1

    Goofy Pacific trailer brakes??

    you HAVE to have the Backup lights connected on your harness to the trailer or the brakes will lock up when you back up. there is a white connection at the selenoid that should release the preasure then you back up.
  386. progress_1

    just got home from PV

    we passed them out in the small town of Ixtapa for christmas. the only clean water we found was at the bank. 75 degrees and much cleaner than the rock. hopefully it will have cleaned up for you at the rock by the time you get there. are you flying or driveing?
  387. progress_1

    just got home from PV

    well the trip ended safely with over 3,000 miles driven. the toll roads were great. two and a half days towing the boat down. 5 days fishing the rock and el banco. the first day there was lots of life saw plenty of breaking tuna and a few free swimming marlin. the next day it was deserted no...
  388. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    thanks mikey, the harbormaster at paradise told me he could get me a slip at the marina across the way ( i think it was marina village) but he said it was not secure. so i really did not want to leave the boat in the water with all the gear or have to worry about anything. so i will check it...
  389. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    LOL ok thanks
  390. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    Thanks Josh and all who have given imput, i almost have everything in order. the car permit is the hold up, the finance company told me it may take up to 5 days for the letter that i need to show the Mex gov in order to get the permit. Grrrrrrr.
  391. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    we are leaveing monday the 19th dec then leaveing thurs or friday the 29th or 30th dec. im planning on three days travel there and three days travel back. with 7 days of fishing. well thats the plan. i never got your PM.
  392. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    i called C-map today and they were helpful. i told the girl the card i have and the numbers on it, she informed me that that card only went so far down south (i knew that) and she informed me of the second card i need to expand my chart down south. i gave then c-map numbers to my friend and my...
  393. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    thanks very much
  394. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    Thanks for the info. i was told that Mexico is not allowing detailed mapping of there coast line that would provide detail we are accustomed with.
  395. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    I have checked mine and it shows the area but not in full detail. no contours or marinas. its just the genral coast line. i called about a new c-map card that would give full detail and was told its not avaible . just wondering if anyone else has had the same issues. i guess its going to be charts.
  396. progress_1

    GPS charts?

    im setting up for my trip to PV and haveing a problem getting a c-map card that works down there. any ideas?
  397. progress_1

    PV cherry pop

    Thanks, i am heading down tues or wed next week my 15 year old is out of school and bringing him with me. getting the boat ready this week and gear.
  398. progress_1

    PV cherry pop

    Thanks for the report, how many days did you guys fish?
  399. progress_1

    friday night bugs

    yea over at the island
  400. progress_1

    friday night bugs

    got super hungery so went to the ocean market. water was so flat and calm 33 mph all the way. very nice night. had to dodge some boats with christmas lights and that crap. i took a one of my fellow workers it was his first time, boy did he have fun Pulling and sucker. but he will...
  401. progress_1

    Baitpump that works

    yea i was going to say why the screws with all the 5200. Looks great and if there is any pick up problems you can quickly clean the pick up, saveing lots of money on dead bait.
  402. progress_1

    PV Cow with JT 12/6-7

    Great Report. what a great time, the pics are very good.
  403. progress_1

    some boat pics

    thanks, she loves to fish here are some more pics.
  404. progress_1

    some boat pics

    front pics of the boat?
  405. progress_1

    some boat pics

    test pics of my boat with wife fishing at cat
  406. progress_1

    Watch this til you're sick of it!

    way too much time on there hands,
  407. progress_1

    Missing Boater/Fisherman

    That is really sad, i also fish alone alot.
  408. progress_1

    quick pv report from allisonboat

    Bill, scott here i was wondering how the knots i tied worked? if they failed please PM me a response if they worked well let me know. thanks.
  409. progress_1

    PV next year, anyone interested?

    I am going to be towing my boat down there. I have been looking into storing it there for a two months. If all goes well i should have my boat sold and the new boat set up by Feb.