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  1. Spokaloo

    Boat load of rod holders

    Winter project season has landed upon us. I'm cleaning out some stuff from projects past and now is the time to capitalize. Have a total of 10 rod holders that should be in your boat. 4 are 15°, 4 are 30°, plus one 15° that's not in the wrapping anymore (used as the test model), and one...
  2. Spokaloo

    Thursday/Friday overnighter

    Hey guys, who needs crew for an overnighter Thurs/Fri? Gear is ready, sounds like the fish are in, who's ready to do the night shift on the pond? E
  3. Spokaloo

    Unknown Westport roots.

    So it turns out I have a larger connection to WP than originally known. My grandfather apparently used to spend a good deal of time, every year, over in Westport fishing. Old farmer from the dry side of the state (Dayton), but had a thing for catching fish in the big lakes over here, that...
  4. Spokaloo


    Looking to party on Wednesday out of Westport. Who's fishing weekdays? E
  5. Spokaloo

    I'm in for Thursday

    Work kept me on the beach this weekend. Apparently the whole fucking state being on fire, plus a holiday weekend, means they don't let us leave town. I'm available for Thursday if anyone's fishing. Also currently a Wed-Thur overnighter looks solid. Wife says the 5 tuna I brought home isn't...
  6. Spokaloo

    Need a 'ho for next week?

    If anyone's going to pull the trigger next week and needs a guy, let me know. Good to go for overnighters and day trips. E
  7. Spokaloo

    Moeller fuel tank *NEW*

    I thought I was going with these on the sides of the deck, and went with custom aluminum instead. BRAND NEW TANK, never filled, never installed. This tank will fit on the side OR against your transom. Extra 24 gallons for the tuna runs. Designed to be below decks, so it's airtight and meets...
  8. Spokaloo

    Anyone coming to the 'kan?

    I'm an idiot and managed to leave my tackle/ditch box at camp rather than in my car. Luckily a good samaritan has taken it in and is offering a safe home for the time being. Anyone coming over the hill that might be willing to bring it home? No rush, and I'll meet you anywhere that's...
  9. Spokaloo

    Anyone out Saturday?

    My two main rides are out for Saturday, anyone short for crew? E
  10. Spokaloo

    Beginning of the week

    If anyone decides to let the weekend chop and swell pass, and pull the trigger on Monday, let me know. I'm available. E
  11. Spokaloo

    iPhone bit me in the ass

    Well fuck... It said it wanted to be updated this morning, and what it meant was "I'm gonna crash the shit out of myself, require a restore, and lose everything". All my contacts took a dump, so if you'd be so gracious as to shoot me a text with your name in it so I can re-input my fishing...
  12. Spokaloo


    Well shit... Don't do what I did, go winterize your boat. It's gonna be cold. E
  13. Spokaloo

    Want American XtraTufs?

    So I'm as pissed as you are about the whole chinese shitification of XtraTuf boots. Talked with the purchasing people at Fisheries Supply, and they have been saying the same thing over and over to their distributor. She said we have an opportunity coming up to tell Honeywell directly *exactly*...
  14. Spokaloo

    Friday the 9th

    So I'm being told that I have to go be with in-laws this week in Westport who are coming from South Dakota. Bad news is they've got small kids so they don't want to go out for tuna. Good news is, I'm bringing my own car... Anyone need a seat filled Friday for a tuna run? I hate wasting a...
  15. Spokaloo

    Would I buy a Catamaran?

    Fuck yes... World Cat makes one helluva nice boat. Never run to the grounds at 40mph before, but I sure enjoyed it. That is all. E
  16. Spokaloo

    Anyone get a sablefish?

    Just trying to beat the bushes if anyone hooked up on sablefish/black cod this weekend. Toss me a PM if you did, I want to compare where we got them last year and where you see it this year, maybe triangulate and find a good spot to focus some effort for the DEEP water OIL mongers. E
  17. Spokaloo

    Fuel tanks and a rudder

    I'm not going to use either of these in my project, so who needs a gas tank? First is a 24 gallon Moeller saddle tank. This is BRAND NEW, never used, no fuel has been in it. Thought it was going to work, went an entirely different direction. 24 gallons, sending unit included...
  18. Spokaloo

    Looking for a trailer

    Hey all, trying to track down a trailer for the Salty Pup project. I think she's gonna be around 3500lbs, maybe 4000 when she's done, so that should give an idea of payload. Would like one of the articulating/adjustable bunk trailers, but would go with a roller trailer as well if it has lots...
  19. Spokaloo

    Osprey PH walkaround?

    Anyone ever laid eyes on this configuration? First I've seen of it, taken down in Cali by a client of mine: Pretty sick setup for our waters. I'd love to be producing a boat similar to this for the Washington coast. E
  20. Spokaloo

    Westport dock observation

    "Wait, is that the ISO KALA coming back in after a day of tuna fishing? Man let's go ask them what they did." That is all. E
  21. Spokaloo

    Anyone coming to Spokane!

    I need to get some material to Riz for his boat project, anyone coming over the hill that can haul something similar to a sheet of plywood? E
  22. Spokaloo

    GFO, Dripless, or Flax/Teflon?

    Hey guys with the direct drives, can you help me iron this one out? I pulled the engine shaft and prop out of the little boat yesterday (thread updated later today with photos) and now have two complete assemblies to work with. Not sure if it'd be better to go with the GFO packing material...
  23. Spokaloo

    Newell reel parts

    I've got a pair of spool braces with the newell name machined on them, and a reel clamp. Black in color. I picked up some gear and it was in with it. 1 5/8" wide, no idea which reel size it's for, but if it's something like what you have, I'll send them, along with the clamp, for the cost of...
  24. Spokaloo

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    Alright, the pressure is too much, here comes the first round. Bear with me, the shop is small and I didn't know how to get the GoPro off of 130 degree, so everything is wide angle and distorted. The sweet rump I see on the way in the shop every day: Donor boat is a 1984 Malibu...
  25. Spokaloo


    Does the BD Washington community want to have a thread to watch this thing come together? Take the poll and let me know. E
  26. Spokaloo

    32' Spectre offshore pilothouse - Sold

    This is a buddy of mine's boat over here in Spokane. I've been on it, and it's quite the machine: The middle cockpit is huge and this would make for a crazy run-and-gun tuna boat, as well as an ultra badass bottom fishing setup. The aft fish...
  27. Spokaloo

    Groupon Westport deal

    Don't know if anyone here uses Groupon (my wife does), but they had a decent deal this morning: 47% off on rooms booked in July at the Chateau Westport. Deal goes through Friday, so if you want it, get on it. E
  28. Spokaloo

    LP Life Savers

    This is a huge shout out and bruthahood thank you to some seriously great guys that our crew has a debt to. For those that weren't out there, the boat that the Spokane crew saddled up with went from usable to unusable on Thursday midday. We were trailered, and started packing up to head home...
  29. Spokaloo

    Sablefish/Black Cod killers

    The Westport thread brought up some interesting comments on sablefish (which I love the taste of), and our agenda changed substantially yesterday when a buddy lost his crew so I'm going to bring him a few guys to replace his on his boat (I can do that pretty easily for those of you looking to...
  30. Spokaloo

    Westport question

    Hey I need to get a couple questions answered about Westport's halibut/ling/sablefish. Just trying to organize something for some friends of mine that want to come over and fish the other canyon (pissing and moaning about 3 extra hours to get out to the peninsula). If anyone feels like...
  31. Spokaloo

    DBC 4 person life raft

    No boat, no need for the life raft. 2006 DBC 4 person life raft. Same raft new would be $2000. Due for a repack, repack in Seattle costs $350 as of this spring. $1000 sounds about right. Images supposedly got rotated, but it isn't showing up on here. Ah well, you get the point. E
  32. Spokaloo

    A new era

    Ladies and Gents, it is done... Last night I delivered Tailgunner to her new home, and her new owner Anthony. Very cool cat, gonna definitely use the boat to the fullest extent, and will be seen fishing in the Edmonds area. You're reading the first posting of my return to boat ho...
  33. Spokaloo

    23' Pilothouse Sportfisher

    This sickens me to post, but Tailgunner is now officially for sale... Before anyone asks, the reason I'm putting her up is this: There's gonna be a little person here in about 20 weeks... Yup, I'm headed for Dad status. Finances dictate that I have to sell the boat to buy a vehicle that...
  34. Spokaloo

    Clippercraft Pilothouse for sale

    This sickens me to post, but Tailgunner is now officially for sale... Before anyone asks, the reason I'm putting her up is this: There's gonna be a little person here in about 29 weeks... Yup, I'm headed for Dad status. Finances dictate that I have to sell the boat to buy a vehicle that...
  35. Spokaloo

    WED 7/13 Ilwac tuna run

    Anyone interested in heading out as a buddy boat? I'm thinking Ilwaco, departure time around 7am (stupid late minus tide), probably gonna be a 12 hour day on the water with how the tides are looking later, but lots of daylight to work with. Starting to make phone calls here shortly for crew...
  36. Spokaloo

    Tailgunner gets a few

    Little bit of success, little bit of failure for the Tailgunner crew this year. Wednesday: 11 hours drive time, slipped the boat in the drink at 1830 local time. Managed to get rigged and stopped to talk with buddy boat Get On Board. While there, managed to work out a slip (Thanks to...
  37. Spokaloo

    Tug is done, new project anyone?

    Basically I'm just having a little project completion gloat right now. Anyone have any ideas for a new project now that the shop is open? As close as we get to a launch mid-winter in the frozen part of the PNW, here are photos of Delivery Day: All trailered up for her trip to the show...
  38. Spokaloo

    Auburn residents: Take a look at a hull for a brother?

    Saw what looked like a completely stupid project float through CL, and wondered if anyone in the neighborhood could show up with a scratch awl or small screwdriver and look for rotten wood on a 20 foot boat for me? It is sitting over at King Salmon Marine, beat up old Clippercraft...
  39. Spokaloo

    23' Clippercraft Pilothouse

    For those who know the boat in the PNW, I am offering her for sale purely because I'd like to consolidate the fleet (own too damn many boats) and would be starting a new scratch build as soon as she sells. Clippercraft Sportfisher 23 feet LOA 8'6" Beam Volvo 3.0GL IO with SX drive...
  40. Spokaloo

    Tailgunner Long day = Long fins

    Finally the stars aligned for good weather between shifts at work, I had no plans, and after 4 guys bagging out on me from Spokane, I took my regular Matt (MDW) and his neighbor Keith (Brewoz) out for a little fun. Started hooking up with information from several sources, bouncing numbers...
  41. Spokaloo

    Open Seat: Tailgunner 9/8 Wednesday.

    My 3rd and 4th both dropped out due to some bullshit work excuse or something (I lost interest in the conversation when they say they can't go fishing) so I'd like to fill at least one seat. Matt (MDW) will be running the back, I'll be at the helm. We are going to be running low and slow...
  42. Spokaloo

    Tailgunner strikes blood

    Matt did a nice job throwing out a report, so I will just do a little from my end. Ran out on some numbers Wavedancer produced for us the evening before. 124.56 x 46.30 I believe (they are at home, I'm at work) Sounded like just shy of 40 miles, a small swell and a little wind chop to fight...
  43. Spokaloo

    Lodging at WP

    Anyone interested in splitting a room and cutting costs a bit? E
  44. Spokaloo

    Pulling the trigger. Jul 22 or 26

    Alright kids, the last little bits are going together on the Clippercraft in the next week, she's been shaken down for 10 hrs of run time with various loads up to 3000lbs, engine is bulletproof, mechanical is 100%, electrical is 100%, kill bags are on their way, radar and GPS are getting the...
  45. Spokaloo

    Highway work commencing Jul 10th?

    Looks like according to this forecasting data, the 10th appears to be the first big flush of warmth, putting a nice finger of water up our way by the 14th. E
  46. Spokaloo

    Si-Tex MDS1 or Furuno 1621/1622 radar

    Hey guys, take this opportunity to fund that radar upgrade you have been lusting after. Switch up to Broadband or digital and I will cover some of that cost by picking up your used gear. Gotta Si-Tex dome and want more power? Sell the old one to me! I am looking for either the MDS 1 radome...
  47. Spokaloo

    Furuno 1830 24 mi radar

    Hey kids, turns out this isn't going to suit my application because of the dash height on my boat, so here it is for sale. Very nice 100% spot-on unit. 3 kw, 24 mile range, 24" radome in great condition. Works perfectly, but unfortunately not the right unit for my boat. $600 obo...
  48. Spokaloo

    Neah 13-16th. No radar

    So I am headed over with The Thumb this week for the Neah show. He is without radar on his 21 Campion. Anyone out there mind if we tuck in behind them for the run out if it is foggy in the morning to the SW corner? It'd be appreciated! E
  49. Spokaloo

    PNW member headed to SD

    So my wife tells me that we are going to visit some family in the SD/Encinitas area Apr 5-10 or thereabouts. She says I have a kitchen pass for a day, whether I'm alone, or with a couple of other guys (her cousin's husband, one of the other cousins). I don't know anything about the SD...
  50. Spokaloo

    HDS-5 Or not?

    I've got a shot at a brand new HDS-5. 83/200 'ducer, new. Its going on a tuna/halibut/salmon boat (im sure everyone knows the Clipper) Its about $300 under retail, with Nautic Insight charting. Do I do it or not? I hear good and bad things, and I need to decide today. E
  51. Spokaloo

    Crosslinked Polyethylene repair

    Well through a good deal of time and effort, I did my due diligence and contacted several different tank manufacturers of PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) products, as well as plastic repair outfits, and materials handling companies. It led to two different solutions, and due to the nature of the...
  52. Spokaloo

    Okuma Catalina C25L

    Here's a reel that I need to sell to pay for other reels. Go figure right? CT 25L Level wind reel in very nice shape, just peeled her apart a couple days ago to check on corrosion and look over the drag. Shiny as new, smooth as ever. This has been a salmon and bottom fish killer like no...
  53. Spokaloo

    TLD10, TLD15, Triton standup sticks

    Posting for my buddy Ronnie, old San Diego tuna hack that's stuck up here in Spokane with me now. His words: I have some great lightweight saltwater/offshore fishing rods and reels for sale. This equipment is perfect for stand up fishing of salmon and tuna. There is a list below of what I...
  54. Spokaloo

    20' Makai aluminum commercial fishing boat

    Just stumbled on a deal from a buddy of mine down the lake here in Spokane, thought I'd see what the interest level was on the coast. <edited> 2005 Makai aluminum offshore commercial boat. Set up currently for trolling standard rods and has a welded in setup for a gas powered pot puller. I...
  55. Spokaloo

    20' Makai aluminum commercial fishing boat

    Just stumbled on a deal from a buddy of mine down the lake here in Spokane, thought I'd see what the interest level was on the coast. <edited> 2005 Makai aluminum offshore commercial boat. Set up currently for trolling standard rods and has a welded in setup for a gas powered pot puller. I...
  56. Spokaloo

    Tuna boat setup

    After browsing a bunch of threads on a spectrum of forums, there isn't a threat that definitively shows setups of various boats. Everyone has a different boat and a different setup for 3 key ingredients: Ice/fish storage (bleeding/cooling/kill box&bag) Spread/rigging...
  57. Spokaloo

    Anyone use Furuno 1830?

    Im looking at purchasing a Furuno 1830 model radar from a guy who's putting an auto-pilot capable system on his boat. Has anyone here used the unit? Any concerns or issues with it? Are parts still available? Serviceable? Thanks in advance! E
  58. Spokaloo

    29' fiberglass offshore sportfisher. Possible new production line?

    So this has come to my attention after delving deeply into Clippercraft boats (mine under construction has led to many new contacts). The molds have become available for the 29 foot Clippercraft sportfisher. The boat is a semi-V at 10 degrees, based on a dory hull. While not as deep as the...
  59. Spokaloo

    Unused Todd belly fuel tank

    Well this tank is in my parts collection and it is the wrong style for this particular boat. Makes no sense to sit on it until I get a project the right size, and Im hurting for cash for the Clipper project, so here it is: 40 Gal capacity Fits MANY applications (my boat just happens to...
  60. Spokaloo

    Sailfish tactic

    Alright some of you albie salts, I am very curious about something I've seen used on sailfish boats in the Atlantic. These big chandeliers of goodness were run off downriggers directly under the boat. They were about 6 ft forward of the transom, run down something like 20-40 feet...
  61. Spokaloo

    Scopace: IM FUCKING CURED!

    Switched from patches to oral meds, what a difference! Got out in conditions ranging from smooth 2-4 to choppy 6-8 footers, tied lures, cut herring, fought fish, the works. Got my dosing figured out, and I am PUKE FREE! Turns out the .4mg a day you get from the patch isn't the 1.6mg per...
  62. Spokaloo

    CR 8/20-8/24 report

    We certainly picked the most volatile part of the run to spend a few days based in Ilwaco to fish. Friday panned out with a limit and a half in the boat. Ran out to the CR on reports of good ocean fish stockpiles, and the river being clogged up with the normal assortment of mania. Fished...
  63. Spokaloo

    B10/CR open seat

    Lost our third, gonna have an open seat fri to poss monday, mostly salmon, might consider running out if weather permits. E
  64. Spokaloo

    Why my wife rocks

    So Im stumbling around the house today putting in a garage door opener after shift. She comes out, getting ready to mow the lawn, and we decide to have a couple tuna loins for dinner (wasabi teriyaki marinade, seared). Wife: "Babe, we are going through that tuna" E: "Yup, good stuff. I...
  65. Spokaloo

    Buoy 10 Roll Call

    Anyone headed down to B10 for the 1.2 million fish returning this year? You will find The Thumb (Sean) and myself in the Get On Board, 21' Campion 602, fishing the buoy from the 20th to the 23rd or 24th depending on fish and weather. Will be in the transient slips in Warrenton. If the...
  66. Spokaloo

    Albie cherry popped

    So there I was, had this great big plan this weekend to take Cloud Cap out to the San Juans and get in on that salmon fishery, hearing all the great reports. Had a bunch of friends up there that were out for a wood boat get-together, which would have been party central at night. Then the...
  67. Spokaloo

    MA7 with no downriggers

    So the bride and I are either climbing Mt Adams or headed to Sucia island for a wood boat group's big party of the summer. I might actually be able to get some time in fishing, but the current boat doesn't have downriggers, or a place to put one. Anyone have any legitimate ways to at least...
  68. Spokaloo

    Cockpit depth

    Im starting the completion of a 23' clippercraft and am trying to compile a little data before the wood meets the epoxy. What is the general concensus on how deep the fish deck needs to be? I am going to make this boat self bailing, and with how the sides are laid out, the sole has two basic...
  69. Spokaloo

    Why saltwater is better than fresh

    Look at this douchebag... Hooked a bass, bass returned the favor. Couldn't get it yanked, so off to the ER we go: I couldn't risk destroying the nailbed and the nerve endings in that portion of my finger, so I had to go in and get it removed. Did a full block of the finger (which...
  70. Spokaloo

    One step closer

    Hopefully by next year Ill be offering open seats instead of asking for them: Just picked up an unfinished 1994 Clippercraft Mk 1. 23' of hull, volvo IO, and a blank slate inside so far. Im going to be pimping some of you old salts about layout and what works as far as rigging up the...
  71. Spokaloo

    Penn International 30TW

    I found a 30TW locally for $300, never been mounted. Mostly I fish salmon and inland, but Id like to get into hallies and tuna more this year and in the future. Bad idea or is this a good deal/good idea? Thanks! E
  72. Spokaloo

    Seeking Clippercraft owners

    Hopefully some of the West Coast guys can help me out here. Im looking to pick up a new 1994 Clippercraft 23 footer. Literally new, it has never been finished, its just a raw hull. Im looking for any owners that would be willing to let me talk to them about their boats, share photos, look at...
  73. Spokaloo

    Isla Mujeres sails going OFF!

    Had the opportunity to head down to the Cancun area for a week out of the snow up here in Spokane. Picked a good week too, because the high was 12 and the low hung around the 0 F mark. Hooked up with Jeff on the Obsession and headed out. Reports were moderately slow fishing around the fleet...
  74. Spokaloo

    CR Bar rules change

    Anyone getting this email? Subject: Proposed rule could close the Columbia River bar to small boats I have attached a section of the Federal Register that affects every one of you who fish in the ocean. Its official name is the Regulated Navigation Areas; Bars Along the Coasts of Oregon and...
  75. Spokaloo

    Looking for Cancun/Isla Mujeres charter in March

    I have a group of guys that are looking for some sailfishing out off of the Playa del Carmen/Yucatan/Isla Mujeres areas. Looks like a big boat will be just right for a min 4 up to 8 group, but we are flexible. March 7-10th. Thanks! E
  76. Spokaloo

    Deck hand or open seat request

    Hey guys, my asshole fishing partner decided to up and have TWINS last year (he's 41, she's 40, good idea right?) so Im in a bit of a quandary. I don't have enough boat right now to get out and get salty, so Im looking for options. I'd like to come out and be a mate/deck bitch on-call for a...